Michael The Guys And The Great Snapple Caper

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything L
Summary: Max & Mr Parker’s talk extended Mr Parker =GIT!
Rating: PG

“You would take her away from the people she loves because of me?” Max asked angrily
“Yes, to keep her safe” Mr Parker replied
“Away from all her friends & family, to keep her out of trouble?” Max asked in disbelief
“Yes” Mr Parker responded
“Don’t tell me, you have her best interests at heart?” Max asked sarcastically
“You’re going to deny her happiness because of me?” Max asked still astonished
“Max, you stay away from my daughter!” Mr Parker said razing his voice
“Mr Parker, she’s not a little girl any more, she’s a grown woman, & she can control her own life, please if you care at all about your daughter, then PLEASE don’t send her to Vermont” Max said before exiting the Crashdown