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Title: “A future of the past"
Author: icelebrity
Rating: starts out as pg-13 or R at some point it'll be nc17
Summary: ok yes It's ANOTHER EOTW fic but it's different! It's kinda like a prequill of it. Basically it's my interpretation of the future that M/L will never have due to the events of the end of the world. Its about the Future that Future Max knew. It starts right after they “cement" their relationship and goes to where Max leaves to go back to the past (or maybe I will continue it from there!) (note: one thing that is included is that fact that every1 knows that the congresswoman died….but the gang never went to copper summit so just pretend that harvest never happened….just note that people know that she is dead)
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell yada yada yada
Feedback: it would be nice.

NOTE: this is an old fic that im picking back up and rewriting. I hope you guys like it. I thought it was a real interesting concept at first, to see the life that Max and Liz never had. If you guys dont like it ill go back and focus on celebrity, so let me know what you think
Part 1

“Mmmmm" Liz Parker stretched as the morning light hit her naked form. Waking up feeling the most content she had since she could remember, Liz looked over and saw the angel lying next to her. She turned on her side, propping up her head with her palm, so she could study his fantastic features.

Even with his hair rumpled making him look like a shaggy dog, and just the slightest bit of droll hanging out of the left corner of his mouth, he was still as adorable as ever. Her face creased in concentration as her eyes roamed down his body, transcribing every micron. She sucked a deep breath in when her eyes came to rest on his chest. With such a beautifully formed body, Liz could only wonder how a 17 year old could be so well built.

Liz then let her eyes drift to the lower part of his body, the part that fascinated her the most. Looking for the first time in the light, Liz wondered how he had ever fit into her. She smiled as she stretched her body out once more, trying to wash the sleepiness away. Her eyes came back to rest on his face. His lips had turned up and a smile was plastered on his face. A sly smile. A sexy smile.

He was awake. Sneaky little Bastard.

“What? Look but no touch?" he chastised.

“I thought you were asleep! I didn't want to wake you," she said as she began to become self-conscious of her naked form.

“How could I sleep when your eyes were roaming my body," he teased as he lazily rolled over and kissed her slowly. It was a newfound form of intimacy, very new.

“Max…we…we made love ... I mean….do you regret…" she stuttered as she suddenly felt a surge of fear run through her at the thought of Max regretting what had happened last night. What if he still wanted Tess? What if he thought this was all a mistake? What if What if What if.

“Shhhhhhhh Liz," he responded, placing a finger over her lips.

Liz, daring to, darted out her tongue and sucked on Max's finger just as they heard a voice, “Liz? Lizzie? Its 11 am! Come one you don't want to sleep your whole weekend away do you?" her father called out.

“Shit!" Max swore softly as he looked at his watch that confirmed it was indeed 11 am.

“Liz? Are you in there?"

“Ya, Dad I'm here. I guess I must have just over slept or something," she called back as the scrambled up to grab some PJ's and slip them on.

Just as she heard the door slowly open she ran into bed and pushed Max onto the floor on the other side, safe from her dads view. Max landed with a loud THUD but Liz tried to cover it up by coughing loudly.
Her dad slowly opened the door, “can I come in."

“Ya….ya sure dad," she responded a little too eagerly as she rearranged herself to be sitting Indian style; it was time to have a one on one pow-wow with her dad. Well, more like one and a half on one.

“Well I wanted to talk to you about something…..'

“Sure dad shoot!" she said trying to hind the anxiousness in her voice.

Meanwhile on the ground, Max was holding his breath. As he lye naked on the floor, he prayed to god that Mr. Parker didn't catch him, and take him out back to shoot him for doing the things to his daughter that only he had done. Things Mr. Parker would kill her for, should kill him for.

Could this get any worse? Max panicked as his mind took over. What were you doing here? It asked him. You should have never been here in the first place! You should have left early this morning! What if Mr. Parker catches you, he'll probably NEVER let you see Liz again! Did you ever think of that? He mind asked him. I couldn't leave her this morning; she would have felt used, hurt, and alone. I love her and I don't want her to be alone, his heart spoke.

As Max was having his inner conflicts, Liz continued to talk to her father.
“So what your saying is that since my job at the Congresswoman's office is um….no longer happening, your making me come back to work at the Crashdown?"

“Look Lizzie," Mr. Parker began, using his pet name for Liz, "no one is forcing you to work back at the Crashdown again, I just think its good for a young person to have a job, and you do know that we are short a waitress since you left….."

Liz smiled; her dad could be such a pushover sometimes. She would be on his good side again if she did this favor for him. “I wasn't complaining, dad, just clarifying. I'll work at the Crashdown again….it will give me a chance to see Maria more anyway….." she drifted off as she began to think that this might to be to her advantage, Max could come in …and stair and her! She laughed. It would just be like old times, old times before, before…destiny.

“Thanks honey. Can you start tonight?"

“Come on dad it's a Saturday! I have plans," Well I will have plans…with Max, she thought as she smiled inwardly to herself thinking of what those plans would be. "What do you take me for, a high school nerd?" that's what you used to be, before last September... before the day my life began.

“Liz, you know we need extra waitresses for the Saturday night rush," he began seriously. Already her first day back on the job and she wasn't focused. He had to admit to himself that if she hadn't of quit last year, he would have had to fire her. Liz had just become a totally flake. It wasn't right to set that kind of example to the rest of his staff.

“Alright Dad, fine," Liz relented and let out a huge sigh of frustration. No nook nook for you, Liz, a voice in her head teased.

“Oh My God," Liz gasped in a panicked voice. That was Max's voice, she thought. What is Max's voice doing in my head?

“WHAT? What is it, Liz?" her dad asked franticly.

“Oh umm, nothing Dad," she said quickly, trying to cover up her outburst. “I thought I saw a huge spider on the wall, but it was just my imagination. I'm so hungry since I slept through breakfast and all, I think I'm getting a bit woozy and I saw black spots everywhere," she badly lied, searching for anything to explain her sudden outburst.

“Ok Liz, get dressed and come downstairs." He wasn't going to let her get off that easy. It's always something with her these last few months, her Dad though. Ever since that Max boy dumped her. He has been nothing but trouble.

“Yeah, sure dad," she replied in a daze. How could you be that stupid? It probilly wasn't even Max's voice. When you dream, you hear his voice and you don't go freaking out and think that Max is dream walking you.

As soon as her dad left the room, Max tentively climbed up on the bed next to Liz, but not before grabbing his boxers; if she was clothed, he was going to be to.

“Liz?" he softly questioned. What had happened?

But she didn't answer. The only response Max got was silence as Liz stared off into space with a blank expression in her eyes.

TBC……ok It gets better I PROMISE!!!!!!! Pleaaaaaaaaase gimmie feedback!!!!!!


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glad you guys liked it heres a new part

Part 2

“Liz? Liz? What's wrong?" Max questioned softly, as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

It seemed silly now, to tell him. As if he would think she was crazy. The whole thing was crazy. This was crazy. Life was crazy. And she loved it. Craziness and all.

Oh what the hell. He knows me in and out. No point in hiding anything now. Look at what all the lies has gotten us.

“I could hear you, Max," she whispered. “I could hear you in my head. That's why I made up the stupid story about seeing black spots. I freaked out. Then I thought maybe I was imagining it but.... but, no it sounded like you were TALKING in my head. Am I crazy? Otherwise, is that possible?"

Slowly he asked, "so what did the voice in your head say?"

Embarrassed, she answered in a low voice, " 'No nook nook for you, Liz.' That's what the voice said."

"Well," he began, grabbing her hand. "I can say one thing, you're not crazy. When your dad came in and told you to work tonight, that was the exact thing I was thinking."

There, it's that simple. Simple little explanation. As if anything was ever simple in a town called Roswell.

Wow. There's the understatement of the year.

Seeing the distraught look on her face, Max responded the only way he knew how.

“God, Liz The only thing I can say is that I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to make you do anything you weren't ready for. I love you and I am willing to wait for you for forever….forever. This, this link must be from what we did last night. I messed up, Liz. It's not safe. For me and you, I mean, look what it's done to you."

There Max went, into overload. Being overprotective sure was a busy job.

She could see it in his eyes. He was reliving the moments this past week that had brought them here.

The mariachi band. She had been so close to going down the fire escape ladder and talking to him, but her dad had come to see what the noise was about. How he had begged her to go with him to Gomez. How she just kept saying no and walked out of the room. And how he didn't know for an answer.

Max had feared this from the minute her set foot outside his room last night. Tickets in hand, he had knocked on her window, only to find her crumpled in the corner of her room. With tears streaming down her face she flung herself at him, wanting him to tell her it was going to be all right.

“Max…..I'm tired of this, tired of pretending I don't love you I…..I'd die for you."

Max's thoughts snapped back into the present as he felt Liz's hand stroke his cheek.

“Max, what are you thinking about?" she asked quietly, still stroking his stubbly cheek.

“About last night Liz, about how foolish I was….."

I was, no I AM madly in love with you. And we finally consummated that love.

“Shh…." She motioned as she placed a finger up to his lips. Seemed like she really liked putting her finger there.

“I didn't mean to freak out, Max and I don't want you to EVER regret what happened between us, I don't. I just heard your voice in my head, Max. It was like you were talking to me….I could hear what you were thinking. It's like all of this is happening to quickly, I mean your mine again, Max. My Max," she rapidly spoke and tried to explain, hoping to stop any ridiculous thoughts of doubt she was sure were now running through his head.

“Liz, are you sure? Because I don't know if I can….if I can take you…." He breathed deeply, “you pulling away from me again." He shuddered at the thought of her saying no, again. All those late nights lying awake in his room would be nothing compared to more late nights with the knowledge of what it was like to have her in his arms, to do things only he had done. To be inside her. To be the only one for her.

Slowly his mind faded out thinking about the night before once more.

“I'm tired of pretending I don't love you, Max. Look what it's done to me!" she exclaimed, pointing to her pale complexion and messy appearance. “I know I said I wanted to stay away, Max, but I can't I just can't!" she shrieked, as she began to cry hysterically, as he wrapped his arms protectively around her, trying to shield the burns of the earth from her form.

She locked her eyes on his and stared into those deep pools, the ones that had greeted her the day he saved her life. The ones that had revealed the truth of his silent obsessionist love for her since... well since forever. Then she spoke softly at first, "you're my world, Max. You're the reason I'm alive. You're my reason for living."

“Max…Max!" her voice snapped him back once again to the present, a place where he'd rather not be.
“Max you have to listen, listen to me, Max. DON'T EVER DOUBT MY LOVE!"

She paused to plant a kiss, a soft and passionate one on his quivering lips. He was so strong, so muscular on the outside, so delicate on the inside.

I am a rock. I am an island.

"You saw how I was last night and even though I was very…upset, everything I said was true, Max. With out you I am a mess and you are too. You didn't force me into doing anything I didn't want to do, I love you, Max and my love is unconditional. It'll never be broken, and it can't be touched……" he voice trailed away as he held his head in her hands, staring deeply into his eyes.

Jumping up suddenly, Max grabbed his clothes and proceeded to get dressed. He then threw Liz, hers and she sat there for a second confused.

He had suddenly changed from a shell of a man to a bouncing ball of energy.

“Come on Liz get dressed, we're going out," he exclaimed as her rapidly went around the room trying to clean away any traces of the mess they had created last night.

“But Max, where are we going? We can't go my dad, he wants me downstairs remember? And I'm wearing my Pj's."

Grabbing her hand, he pulled her behind him as he started running out to her balcony. “Then we'll just have to be really quiet and sneak out her said mischievously. And I can fix that," he exclaimed, running his hand over her body, changing her attire to a jean skirt and a red, lacy tank top. He rarely saw her in skirts. Then he did the same to himself, clothing himself in a leather jacket and a pair of jeans.

So Max likes to play dress up? I'll have to remember that.

As the wind whipped through her hair sticker to her lip glossed lips, Liz followed him down her balcony into the alleyway below. Max reached up to catch her and as she jumped into his arms her began to tickle her.

“AHHH Max stop!" she screams as she starts laughing uncontrollably. “You know I am ticklish stop! STOP!!!" she continues, as she laughed pure joy. Pure joy for the first time in over a year.

“Liz? Lizzie is that you out there screaming? Are your okay? IS SOMETHING WRONG?!" he father yelled as he stuck his head outside the back door of the Crashdown.

Thinking quickly, Max ran out of the alley to the immediate left and pulled Liz along. “Max!" she breathed out as she continually laughed. “Ah ha" she laughed. “Max, what if he had caught us?" she exclaimed breathlessly as they continued to run down the road.

Max smiled as he stopped and turned to look at her. “But he didn't, did he?" Max asked with a mischievous grin one his face that he saved only for her. Max quickly swooped down, and lifted her up at her waist, spinning them both round and round in circles.

Look at those biceps go.

Still spinning he said, “This is how I feel when I am around you, Liz. It's Like the whole world is spinning around me, everything is blurry in the background but you're the only thing that's clear, the only thing that I can focus on. You make my world dizzy and clear, all at once. Clear because I KNOW what my destiny is, I know I've found my true happiness. In you."

How could he say such things?

“Max I…" she began, what were the right words?

“Liz let me finish," he begged slowly. “That night on your roof, when I told you I needed space, I was just so scared, so scared that the spinning would never stop, that I wouldn't be able to focus on anything but you, Liz," he continued as he put her down, stopping the spinning.

Looking her deeply in the eye he began again, “look Liz it may have scared me then, but it doesn't now," he said seriously. She knew he meant it. "This is what I want, what I've always wanted since the moment I saw you…since the day I saw into your soul and you saw into mine, that day I felt like you understood me, like no other person had. And last night…..I think we….meshed….became one blissful being for a short moment. I love you Liz Parker and I'm not scared anymore. I just only wish that I hadn't of caused us both so much pain, that I…"

“Max," she silenced him, with tears of joy running down her face. “Ditto," she replied, stealing Michael's trademark reply that Maria had always told her about. She had nothing else to say. Max had stolen all her worlds.


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