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Title: Time To Say Goodbye To Yesterday
Author : Jeremiah
Category : M/L Plus everyone else.
Rating: G-NC 17(Maybe)
Disclaimer: I Own nothing but tapes of episodes.
Summary : A story about friendship and love, and how it can help you over come the hard times.

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Part 1 - This is probably an R rating, it gets a little dark, but behr with me.







These are all what Liz Parker felt about her self. She couldnt help it. It was the truth. She was a mistake. She just wished that her mother did have the aborton that she told Liz about. You see Liz here is what her parents called an " Accident." She was Born to Jeff and Nancy Parker. They were one of the richest people in this country. You figured that she would be happy right? You mean how can some one not be happy with money and power and fame? You get get anything tht you wanted all you did need to do was ask. Hell her parents didnt even do that. They just took what ever they wanted and to hell with the consquences.

Now back to the reason that her parents hated her. Yes, parents are suppose to love thier children. You would figure that no parent in thier right mind could ever hate his or her own child. But But that went to hell whe you look at the parkers. They were cold and mean. They would be ruthless even. Especially Nancy. She Blamed Liz for all that went wrong in her life. Before liz was born, nancy had the chance to be come a model in europe, it had always been her dream. That and to snatch Phillip Evans. That dream also went poof. But back to the whole modeling thing. She met Jeff in paris on location for a shoot for some local campaign for a department store. Add a couple of shots of borborn, vodkad and tequella, and wham bham preggers with child. She wanted to get rid of it as she said, so did jeff, he was far to young and good looking to be a father. But it was his mother claudia that prevented the abortion. She paid Nancy over 1 million dollars just to have the child. That seemed to make her happy. For a liitle while.

When Liz was born, Claudia was there to see her grandchild even though her own father was a no show, turns out he was with one of his secataries, having a good ole time.

Yeah good ole time my ass, thank you dad!

Hell , Nancy wasnt even better. In fact when it was time to go home. She didnt even bother to take Liz home, she just Left Liz there, for Claudia to pick up. Her Parents blamed her for what they called ruining thier lives.They would take every chance that they got to remind her of that.

That is why she loved her grandmother so much, because she was the only one that cared, even gave a damn about her and now she was gone. Dead, she has been gone for almost a year now, but liz still hasnt let go. How can you say goodbye to some one, the only some one that loved you? That even gave a damn of what you ate, were you slept? Some one that made time for you , and not make you feel like worthless trash? She in the likes of her, could comprehend how her father could get a mother like that and still be a rotten son of a bitch.


Wonderful Memories.

What life is made of. Nothing but memories. They never promised her a rose garden, but she should of at least gotten a daisy. How can she ever escape all this tourtrous pain. It's starting again. All the hurt and anger.






Self- Loathing.

That is how Liz Parker felt, as she held a shot of vodka, with a bottle of valium in her other hand.

It was time to say goodbye to all this pain, it was time to say goodbye to yesterday. As her grandmother use to say.


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Part 2

Remember the feeling of being in a strange place? You are scared to death. Wondering what on earth brought you to this place. All you feel is numb. Empty in the inside , all the way to the core of your soul.





Liz was thinking about what and how she was saved from trying to commit suicide. She was sure she had plenty of valium and liquor, she thought she was a goner for sure. All her problems would of disapeared. But no, someone had to go and save her miserable pathetic excuse of an existence.

Damn them!

Damn them!

DAMN THEM!!!!!!!

The voices in her head were screaming loudly into her concious, begging to let go, just to let go.

To have peace and tranquility for at least one second, maybe even a minute?

Was that too much to ask?

Now she is stuck here in some hospital were only people who try to off them somes go. The suicide ward.

if you knew Liz Parker, a year ago, you would never believe that she would wind up here. Despite her parents from hell, Liz always remained pure and calm. She never would take this chance of almost ending her life. She loved her Life, No one lived life to the fullest then her. She knew her parents resented her, yet she didnt let that get to her. it was partal to her grandmother's influence.

But when Claudia Parker died, you could say that Liz Parker died as well.

Her sunshine was gone. Her only family that reconized her at least, was gone, and she was left alone.

That was when she let the pain of her parents resentment and hatred com in and sink deep into her once beautiful soul.

That was know the Liz Parker , who is tied to restarints on her hospital bed.


God she is so beautiful.

How could someeone as beautiful as her want to take her own life?

That was mystery for Max.

All his years as a pyschitrist, he seen his share of rich kids gone bad.

But this one was suppose to turn out diffrent.

He Knew Liz Parker.

He Loved Liz Parker.

No, Take that back He LOVES Liz Parker, still to this day.

Max Evans and Liz Parker grew up together in the small and dusty town of Roswell, New Mexico. He has know this beauty since the third grade. When he stepped off that bus, and saw that long silky hair and that angelic face. He knew he was too young, but he knew that she was the one.

Of course , he being the shy one that he is, he was never brave enough to talk to her, but to watch from afar. He was quite happy with that. It was better to see her, then not at hall. Then one day as they entered thier sophmore year of high school, everything changed.

It was during their lab for biology, that it happened. They were lab partners , much to the young Evans delight! And they were suppose to match the right chemicals, but Max and Liz matched the wrong ones, and Kaboom! A fire started out, everyone was rushed out of the building. Thier teacher was pissed! But all Max and Liz could do was laugh at the situation.

"That was so funny!"

"I know , But Our teacher dosent think so."

"You have a nice laugh."


"You Have a Nice Laugh, I said."

"Thanks, so do you."

"You should do it more often."

"well, I might think about it." Max replied.

"And quite being so shy!I wanted you to talk to me since the third grade!"

As Max was remembering the memories that he cherished so much, he wa brought out of it, by the look on his patients face.

And all he could say was what was from his heart.

"I am going to make you smile again, Liz Parker, I am going to make your dreams come true."

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Part 3

How did she get here? how was she stuck in this kind of place? Oh wait that is right, she tried to take her own life, so now she is here to try and become a more safer and healthier person. That is what all the doctors and nurses have been telling her.

What a bunch of crap.

How did I get so lost? How could I let myself go down this road of self destruction.

Because your worthless.

No Im not!

yes you are!

NO! Stop it!

Poor pathetic baby!

Shut up!

Make me.


Nice come back. Bitch.

Get out of my head!

Your Parents dont love you, hell they never wanted you.

Didnt matter, I still had my grandmother!

The key word is that you HAD your grandmother, see the hag died,leaving poor little lizzie all alone!


The voice in Liz's head laughs...

Shut Up!

Laughing continues.

SHUT UP! SHUT UP ! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The doctors come rushing in to see what was the matter, they came to find a poor and confused soul trashing around her bed, telling some one to shut up.

"Man that poor delusional girl." A nurse said.

"Were is Dr.Evans?" Dr. Benton asked, know that this patient is Evans, he didnt want anything to do with it, he said he hated working with wackos.

Just as he knew he was being talked about, Max came into the room.

"What is wrong? What is happening to Miss. Parker." Max asks trying to hide any emotion he has towards Liz. Liz after all is his patient, and he didnt want the gossip rumor to go around.

"Are you blind! Evans, this girl is so wacked, probably beyond repair." Dr.Benton, said the last part in a laugh as the other nurses started to laugh as well.

"SHUT UP ! I will not have any of you talk about MY patient like that, my good, you are all suppose to be in the proffesion to help people, not to beliddle thier problems, Now I want everyone to get the HELL OUT OF HERE!"

The nurses just stood there in shock, they couldnt believe tht Dr.Evans would yell like that! They just left the room.

Dr. Benton, feeling alitlle ego abused, fired back.

"What is the matter , evans, too attached, I never pictured you to get off on a patient before. And this? Are you sure you want to get in this THINGS pants?"

Dr. Benton didnt know what was coming to him.

"DONT YOU EVER TALK THAT WAY TO OR ABOUT LIZ EVER AGAIN,GOT ME ASSHOLE!" Max was furious , nobody talks that way to Liz, his liz like that. And gets away with it. Max never hit some one, lets just say he made an exception when he decked Benton.

"NOW , GET YOUR ASS of the floor and get out of my face, and if you ever come near Liz again, I will make sure you never work at a hospital ever again, not even a free clinic! got that?" Max layed a message to the fallen doctor.

Benton was pissed no one talks that way to him, and the last thing that happens will be that Max Evans will pay. He left the room.

The second the scumbag doctor left the room , Max could feel his anger sither down a little as his attention refocused.

"Liz, dont worry I will be here to make sure you will be fine, I will guarentee you that."

Liz was still in her little world, but slowly but surely she was coming out of it.

It was dark, yet he could still feel some light on her face, as she slowly opened her eyes, she could see afigure, but couldnt make it out.


"Who are you?"

"It's Me."

"Me.Me who."

"You know."

Liz slowly getting near coherrant, and she could see the reflection.

It was Max Evans.

The person, that she was so in love with , back in school, that she couldnt see straight.

he was here, and he was a doctor, her doctor.

Life sure has a funny way of turning around and kicking you in the ass.

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Part 4

I still cant believe that I have here in my arms my dream girl! the one that I have fantasied about since well since forever! We completed a night of beautful and passionate lovemaking. It took my breath away. The way that we felt when we joined as one, they way are souls seem to call out for each other. The way that we called each others name out when we orgasmed. I just love the way that her little hands seem to caress my body, the way that she moves her hans, It is an increadble feeling that I wish could stay forever. I just love to look at her sweet face when it is in middle of a orgasim, they way she cries out in pleasure, And to let me be the one that put the look on her face. The.....

Max woke up from his dream in a cold sweat. He had always dream't about what it would be like to Make love with Liz Parker. he had them since he was in High school. He always had dreams about her, but it wasnt till he reached puberty that he had THOSE kind of dreams about her. And now that she is back in his life, he plans on never letting go. Sure they werent even a couple , Well at least not until he knows that she is all better. She had always defined Perfection to him. The way she was with other people the way that she wa basically everyones confort when they needed it. Now she is suffering and Max plans on making it up to her in ways that she would never know.


Liz still couldnt believe that her dream guy was her doctor! She always thought that they would meet again under diffrent situations. Not as a patient in a metal ward and not as her doctor. God how embarresing! He must think that she is some wacko, who couldnt even keep her life in order! Now why would he want to be with some one like her, She want good enough for anyone to love her. She was Trash, She was beyond repair. No one would want someone that had to be admitted to a hospital because that person tried to kill theirselfs, No way he wouldnt want to be with me. Liz was pulled out of her thoughts, when some one entered her room.

"Hello Liz, how are you ?" Dr.Benton asked, not Really caring about what her answer would be.

"Why would you care." liz replied she heard everything that Benton thought about her.

"I really dont, but I have to check on all the patients so I could get a raise, and that promotion so I could get the Hell out of this wacked out joint for losers like you." Benton said with an icy tone.

"You came, you saw, you can leave!" Liz said with bit of an attitude. Not liking the little snot of a doctor.

"Well arent you just pleasent, you little bitch!" Benton said, he didnt like anyone giving him an attitude especially these screwed up patients.

"Sorry , I just dont like you, you piss me off." liz said back.

"Well that is fine you worthless Bitch! So I was just curious since you are going to be here for a long time, How are you going to pass your time, since no one wants to be around damaged goods like you." Bento said cruelly.

Liz was about to come back with a nasty coment on her own, But Max beat her to the punch, when he came to the door. he heard what Benton said and he was pissed, no one talked that way to Liz like that and got away with it.

"She is coming home with me you Asshole! So Why dont you just go and try and find some of that hair that is missig from your bald little head, all right Mr. Clean!"

Benton was furious! But he just left saying to Max.

"Have fun with your little whore!" Bento just stormed off, before Max coould deck him.

"Max! Dont worry about him."

"No One should talk that way to you!" max said with a sound of protection in his voice.

"Thats alright, Max Im used to it by now, Believe me he is not the first one to say something like that to me Max, I am use to it."

"You should never be use to it Liz!" Max said as he was saddened by the fact that Liz did seem to be use to being a puching bag.

Remembering what Max told Benton, Liz asked." Max. I am going home with you?"


"Max, No I cant...."

"Liz, your coming home with me, and that is final! Doctors orders!" Max joked. He tried to make ;iz smile which he did. It was a lovely smile, one that he wants to see everyday.

"Well since you put it that way." Liz smiled. Loving the way that the feeling max is making her feel.She hadnt felt that way in a long time.

"So Come on lets get you ready and I will take you to our home."

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Part 5

Liz still couldnt get over the shock that Max brought Her to His House. Life is sure full of surprises. it has been about a week since they left the hospital, and things were going great. Liz was staying in the guest bedroom next to Max's room. It was a quaint and comfy room. The only thing wrong was that it was NEXT to Max's room. That little tidbit didnt help to stop the fantasys that she was having. The ones thta she dreamnt about having a future with Max. To even go as far as what It would feel like to Make Love with him. But Then she would have to remind herself that it wasnt going to happen. That it was that , only a fantasy. Why would max want damage goods.

Yep. It was only a dream that couldnt come true. OOne that she couldnt help but dream about. Max has been so kind to her. To Her! Imangine anyone besides her grandmother being kind to Liz Parker. Liz is still in shock about that. She has never felt as taken care for as when she is with Max. Her grandmother would be so happy for her that a wonderful person came into her life and is helping her.

Her parents sure as hell wouldnt. When she was in the hospital they never came to visit. Not even one card to see how she was doing. Well that was fine. They could go to hell as far as she was concerned, she had no parents. Liz was just sitting in her room thinking to herself about her troubled life. And she was also thinking about how Max came into it and changed everything that she had believed in. She use to believ that No one would care about her. She thought that she was just everybodys trash that would just get thrown away. But When max showed her kindness, and compassion she knew that she was wrong. Even though max only cares for her as a friend, Liz was going to do everything that she could to repay him for the kindness that he has shown her. that was when she got her idea.


Liz was in the kitchen. She was going to make him dinner. She was going to make Max a special dinner to repay him for all his kindness. It seems small to all what he has done for her, But it is a start. liz had just put the water on for the spagetti. the bread was done along with the salad. The needs alittle more season in it she thought. After the noodle were done she decided to go get Max. he came hom a little bit ago and went up to his room. Thank God he didnt find her in the kitchen or that would ruin the suprise! Now all she has to do is go get him. Let him like it at least! liz thought as she went up to his room. the door was open , she didnt know what to do? Should she go in? He wouldnt mind now would he? So Liz having made up her mind went into max's room getting him for dinner.


Max was startled to hear his angels voice. But happy none the less.

"yeah Liz?"

"I have a suprise for you, can you come out?" Liz said as she was talking to the bathroom door.

Max was really curious to see what she had for him. He was a bit giddy that she would get him something. Maybe she has feelings for me like I do her? No..why would a beautful angel like herself would be intrested in something like him. His curiosity got the best of him. He opened the bathroom door. although he was forgetting something.

When she first saw his gorgeous body, all she could think was WOW! He does look like an adonis! His perfect chest with the six pack, his long powerful legs. she was getting a little hot and bothered, but she liked the view. It looked like he just got out of the shower. his body was still slick with moisture. His hair was a little mussed up from drying it with the towel. He looked increadbly sexy at that moment, alll Liz could think about at that second was what it would be like to throw him on the bed and ride him like there was no tomorrow,, Bet his cock would do wonders for my... LIZ! get your mind out of the gutter. Liz was turning bright Read as she had naughty thoughts about Max.

Max brought her out of her spell,wondering what it took to make her look like that. She looked so cute all flushed and all. He was wondering what was she thinking to make her look like a tomato.



"Why are you looking like a tomato, are you ok?" His protectiveness came out. He couldnt stand to see Liz hurt.

"Max, forgetting something?"

"What?" Then it dawned on him.He Was completely naked! Naked in front of Liz! OH MY GOD! kept running through his mind. Now it was his turn to get all embarresed and read as a cherry.

"Oh....My ....GOD! sorry liz, I will meet you downstairs ." max ran back into the bathroom.

all Liz could think at that moment was too bad.

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Part 10

Through out dinner, there was silence. Neither Max and Liz spoke too caught up in what took place in his Bathroom. But for two diffrent reasons all together. Liz was still thinking about what a gorgeous body he has. And of what she would like to do. But then Liz put those thoughts right out of her brain. There was no way that a guy like max would even consider getting with trash like her. Max was thinking about how Liz would think of him. It mattered to Max what Liz would think, she was the only person that he cared about for an opinion about himself. He still couldnt believe that she saw him naked! how embarressing! She must think bad about him now. Why wouldnt she? I mean come on what kind of impression is that! A phone call brought him out of his thoughts. he wnt to pick it up.



"Isabel. is that you? what is up?" Max spent the next few minutes catching up with his sister. He managed do that and still keep his eyes on the Beauty that was before him. Everytime he looked at her he managed to fall even more in love with her. His sister's estatic voice brought him back to were he was.

"No Isabel! you cant do that. It is just not Right...I know...Yeah...But it is still not Right!Ok. I love You too. Goodnight." Max said as he hung up the phone.

"What was that about?" liz said her curiousty peaked.

"That was just isabel giving me some news."

"What News?"

"Remember Tess Harding?"

"You Mean the Tramp that was stalking you during high school?"

"Yep, the same one.Well It turns out that Tess died."

"Oh Man! That is a shame, I mean I didnt like her but I dont wish them dead. How did she die?"

"Typical Tess fashion. I Guess she was trying to impress her new lover and when she when to pick up her curling iron, she fell into the toilet head first, getting electicuted. Her curling iron was in the tub. And isabel wanted to throw a huge party celebrating the end of the gerbil."

Liz knew it was wrong. to laugh but it was funny. She never pictured Tess to be a real smart one and that just proved it. She couldnt hold it back. She laughed. she laughed until tears sprung to her eyes.But then she noticed that max started to laugh to. they laughed till they could calm down.The rest of the night was a breeze. After cleaning up dinner, Max had Liz go into the living room and they watched a few movies. Both feeling pretty Relaxed with each other. After that thet stayed up and talked about old times. Max had never felt this happy. He finally is here with the girl that he loves and nothing could ruin it. He spoke too soon. There was a knock at the door. Max want to the door to find out who it was daring to interupt his time with Liz.

To His suprise their was two police officers there.

"Can I Help you?"

"Are you Max Evans?" One of the officers spoke.

"Yes, I am . Is there anything you want?" Max was curious to know what they want. He has Liz hidden behind him, trying to protect her if anything seems to happen.

"I am afraid I am going to have to take you down to the station for a few questions." Officer Henders spoke.

"What! Why? I mean I didnt do anything wrong! What is this about?" Max was alarmed to what was going on. Liz just clung on to Max, afaid to see what happens next.

"It is about Eric Benton's Death."

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Part 7

It had been a night from Hell.First finding out about Tess's death, then Max being taken down town for questioning about Benton's death. Which was turned out to be nothing but one of Benton's tricks to frame Max. But now benton is in Jail and he lost his license. Leaving Max and Liz totally exhausted. All they wanted to do was to go home and get into bed. Liz could not believe what taken place tonight. There was no way in hell that Max could commit such a crime. It was not in his soul. Max was a sweet caring and loving man. Sure he could get angry and he gets into fights, Like the time that Benton was harrassing her in the hospital. But that was to protect her. Just another thing that made her love him even more. Liz turned to see Max was just sitting on the couch looking into space, obviously thinking about something.

"Penny for Your Thoughts?" Liz asked. She wanted to see if she could help Max, Like he had helped her. She couldnt bare to see him down.

"Sorry, I didnt mean to zone out there..It's Just I was thinking about Benton. He was a complete and utter asshole , But I wouldnt even think that he could go so low and try and frame ME For his murder. I mean he is really sick." Max getting his feelings off his chest.He never trusted Benton, but he would never what kind of person that he really was. All Max is sure is that he was Glad as hell that he got Liz away from that sick son of a bitch. No telling what he would do if he was left alone with Liz that much longer. Just the thought of him doing something to HIS Liz It just made him sick to his stomach.

"Yeah, But Now he is Away in Jail were he belongs! And now he cant hurt anymore people." Liz said trying to reassure Max. It wasnt his fault that he didnt know what kind of sick and Twisted Person Benton was. Liz had plenty experience with awlful people and she didnt even see this one coming. How could Max? No I have to make him fell better.So Liz did only what she could do, she pulled Max into a hug and comforted him. To say that Max was surprised was a true understatement, But one that he was not going to complain. Here he was in the arms of his dreamgirl and he wanted nothing more to show her how much She means to him. To Take Her to His Room and Make love to her. But max quickly pushed that thought out of his head. There was no way that he was going to take advantage of her! She didnt want nothing but friendship from him, and he was Going to be the Best Friend that she ever had. He would protect her from all the creatures in this world that would dare and hurt her. No One was going to get to her. It was his job. He was going to make her smile. Her beautful smile. Max was clinging on To Liz Like she was a lifeline. Didnt She Know that by just such a simple gesture that she made him fell all better. That without her his world would be nothing but Cold and lonely. Max pulled out a little from the hug and looked into her brown eyes. Her beautful eyes. It was one of the many features that he loves about her. Liz could feel the warmth of his eyes. His Golden brown eyes. naturally she looked down to his lips. Wondering what it would feel like to kiss him. To Put caution to the wind and fell what she so desperatly wanted. max licked his lips without realising it, he was leaning toward her slowly and slowly. Liz was doing the same, moving forward, doing what they so wanted. the thing that could bring them some true happiness.As they were about to give into their desiree. A Knock at the door brought them to reality. Liz couldnt believe what almost took place! how could she let that happen. She was so ashamed and embarresed. She looked at max and made a quick apology.

"I am sorry..." liz said as she tooked off. leaving a equal fustrated Max behind with his lonely thoughts. How could he do that! Now what kind of Man is He? Max didnt have time to answer as he opened the door.

Finding a Angry Nancy and Jeff Parker.

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AN: I apologise for the whole benton part. I realised that it made the whole story go out of whack and it wasnt what I wanted the storyline to go. This story is going to be angsty, a lot of it in fact, bUt I didnt want to go that route with the whole murder thing so I wrapped it up as fast as I could. So please stick with me, I just hope I can make this story good.
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Part 8

"What the Hell are you doing here?" Max asked with a bit of venom in his voice. He knew how hard and horrible they were to his Liz. They had no Right to be called her parents.

"We hear our So called daughter is here. We are here to take her back." Nancy Parker said in her usual icy tone. She refused to let her Mistake of a daughter make a fool of herself and cause her some
embaressement. Liz had always been a shame to her and the whole family. Why didnt I just have an abortion? Nancy thought silently to herself.

"There is No way in hell that I am going to let her go with you. Even I Really don't have to do anything, liz hates you and what you did to her." Max said. not believing the nerves of these people. How can parents be so cold and distant to their own child?

"You have no say in that, Mr. Evans. She id our daughter and we will put here back , for the help that she needs." Jeff Parker said for the first time. Not knowing that Liz had walked up behind Max.

Nancy saw Liz and went to to grab her to come with them, only to be stopped by Max.

"I wouldn't do that if I were You." Max said with pure hate. Liz never saw Max get so angry. But she wasnt afraid. She knew that he would do anything to protect her. It just made her love him even more. Max pulled her back, Not even letting her parents being able to touch her. He made her feel safe. Even with staring her past Right in the face. it was a first.

"How DARE You, young Man! You have no say in this matter! Liz is coming with us!" Jeff parker said as he grabbed Liz and dragged her to the car.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Liz screamed as she tryed to get free. Max was trying to get to her, that was when Nancy hit Max over the Head, knocking him down in pain. Nancy rushed to the car were her husband and daughter were.

"Go!" Nancy yelled at Jeff. They didnt have Much time. They had to get back to the hospital. well to get liz back, Or they could kiss the 50 grand goodbye. Liz brought Nancy out of her thoughts.

"Why are you doing this?" Liz asked. Why would her parents want her after what they done? time after Time they proved that they didnt want her.So why now? They must have an ulterior Motive.

"Shutup!" Nancy screamed.God that brat could be so annoying! Nancy would be glad to get rid of her for once and for all.

"Yeah, just shut the hell up and enjoy the ride." Jeff said with a smirked. how he would like to spend the 50 Thousand. all he had to do was do away with this brat.

Liz was scared out of her mind.Just praying that Max would get to her in time. Knowing that what was about to happen would be bad." Please Max...come save me." Liz said as her silent prayer. Whatever her parents had in store for her. It was not Good.

AN: I know it is short. But I will update tonight!

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AN: I will continue this If People will Read it. I feel bad for all the wonderful Readers that were left with nothing so I will finish it if that is what you guys want.
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