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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters (although I wish I did!) yadayadayada
Category: Mainly M/L, CC
Summary: Read on to find out Heehehe *happy*
Author's Note: Okay guys well here's a new story that I had an urge to write. It's kinda depressing, and R for language but it will get better. Hope you like it,I'venever written a POV fic before so don't be too harsh on me and you know feedback has this funny effect on me that I write quicker! *happy*

Prologue: Liz's POV

Alone : a. single, solitary -adv. separately, only

What would you do if someone told you they were alone? That there was no one in the world who knew their name or cared about them. That they were just a person living on this earth, waiting for the end? I don't know about you but I'd probably seriously worry about that person's life. But some people wouldn't. Some would walk on by, ignoring the depths of pain and despair that were being screamed out to them. They would walk off, trying to tune out the pain you heard in their voice, so they could go back their perfect lives, and care fuck all about you.

Well I'm here telling you. I am alone. No one cares, least of all me. But wait I should probably tell you I know of one person who cares about my well-being. But not because they want to, or love me. Because they're paid to. That's right, the only person who cares about me in this shit hole called life is a social worker. How depressing is that? Well not much I can do about it, after all I'm not of a legal age! No, I obviously can't take care of myself because I'm 16. Nope, so instead this fucking excuse for a human being is tossing me into a strangers home, so I can feel like family again. Well I tell you, if that's what 'Miss Wallace' thinks is going to happen, she wrong. I will never feel like family again. Never feel like I belong. Because my family, where I belong were ripped out from me. Taken from my bloody heart, so it was ripped to shreds and could never be re-built again.

That's how screwed up I am. If a year ago you would have told this to me, I would have laughed sweetly at you telling you it was all nonsense. Well a lot can happen in a year; and a lot did happen in a year to little Lizzie Parker.

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Author's Note

Okay guys, well I'm not sure if I should continue this. I'd love to know what you think, as I'm not too sure about it. So let me know *happy* Just a little note if I do continue it it'll get less depressing LOL
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters (although I wish I did!)Yadayadayada
Category: Mainly M/L, CC
Summary: Read on to find out! Heehehe *happy*
Author's Note: Okay guys, thanks for the great feedback LizParkerEvans4evax, Pixie, believer_evans, SweetLilDreamer, behrstars, ILYMEFOREVER, LegalAlien and JaneLane , you guys rock! *happy* Okay well here's the new part, once again R for language.

Part 1

So perhaps I should tell you why I'm in this fucking damn situation? I mean surely it must be pretty serious for me to be moving to a small, dreary town in the middle of nowhere, with fucked up strangers right? Well maybe I should start with 6 months ago. One night on the way back from our holiday, me and my family oh that's right I had a family, were driving back to our house in Washington. Me and my twin brother, Jason had the not the best relationship, what should I say he was a typical ass-hole? Only now do I relaize how much a part of me he was. He made me whole, and it's like part of me's missing. My heart aches for him, my soul aches for him, but he left anyway. Sorry back to my lovely tale of why I am bloody well alone.

Well driving along the highway, I was sleeping leaning on Jason's shoulder, with my dad driving. We were nearly home, and we were all so exhausted. All I remember clearly now, is the fucking loud honking noise and bright lights heading staright for us. Sitting up, I started to scream as the stupid, moron of a lorry driver ploughed right into us. That's when it all went dark, and everything I loved were torn from me. The next thing I remembered was lying on the cool, hard surface of the highway, flashing blue lights surrounding me. A man was saying something to me, but everything was so hazy. I slipped back into unconsciousness then, and I was for a month. The next thing was I was lying in those hospital rooms, machines beeping next to me and a fucking tube shoved up my nose. I had been in a coma; suffering from internal bleeding. My mum and dad, had...died on impact. My brother though, he was a fighter. But it was all a waste. He died anyway two days later apparently.The driver was drunk, stupid bastard. He went to jail for life. When they told me, I just was numb. He deserved it the dick. He had taken my families life, so he should have his taken away. I didn't get to say goodbye, be held in their arms one last time, to tell them I loved them. I even missed their fucking funerals!

I haven't gone to their graves. I couldn't. The place is so morbid, and give me the creeps. I like to remember them they way they were, not laying stiff in a wooden box in the ground! There's no one for me anymore. My mum and dad were both only children, and my grandparents died when I was younger. I have no other excuses for relatives. So guess where I'm going? Wait a minute, have to look at this shit piece of paper to tell me where I'm going to be living. The.. Guerin's??? What a shitty name is that?! Oh well, better make the most of it, after I probably won't be around much fucking longer. Who'd want to stay on this shit-hole, if all you've got to live for is a family who feel sorry for you, and want to make it better but know they never can? No one; least of all me.

* Sorry if that was kinda depressing, I promise it does get better. And sorry if anyone's name is Guerin, I'm not saying anything about your name! *happy* Dia xxx *
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Author's Note

Hey guys! Thanks for all the great feedback *happy* Just needed to say that I hope to have a new part up by Wedneday, because after that I'm going away to my brother's graduation. I would have posted over the weekend, but I was ill yesterday, and today all my family is down and I just had enough time to escape to write this! LOL Just to let you know Max will be introduced into the next part *happy* Once again thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming please! *big*
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Rswell characters (although I wish I did!) Yadayadayada
Category: Mainly M/L, CC
Summary: Read on to find out! *happy*
Author's Note: Hey Guys! OMG I am so sorry for taking soooooo long to update when I said I would sooner. I feel really awful *sad* But thanks for all the feedback Shama, Roxygurl182, MoonLily, Pixie, ILYMEFOREVER, NATEVANS, behrstars, ItsLikeChemical and jeremiah . Oh and in answer to your question Rozygurl182 yup the Guerins are as in Michael Guerin. So here's the new part, and I hope you like it. Plz plz plz leave feedback as you know it makes me write quicker *big*

Part 2

"Liz? Liz? Oh for Christsakes Liz we're here! Get your lazy ass up". I smile menancingly at my social worker, isn't she lovely?I grin at her, as I sweetly smile as I take off my headphones blaring out Nickelback and say in my most sarcastic voice. "Oh I'm soooo sorry I wasn't listening. For a moment there I thought you might say something interesting, but no. All I can hear is your whiny pathetic voice going blah blah blah!" I start laughing hysterically at my own humour (how sad huh?) and grab my backpack off the seat and slam the door of the fucked up rusty car.

Pushing my sunglasses up into my hair, I turn to look at the dump I have to stay in. "You've got to be kidding me! I have to stay here? In a alien themed restaurant. Oh god these people are whacked!" I yell turning to Miss.Wallace. People walking by are staying at me, but do I give a fuck? Nope, but obviously she does judging by the colour of her face. I could have fun with this! "You fucking bitch. I am not staying here, I'd rather sleep in your house than here! I mean come on, you're kidding right? No one in their right mind would stay in this shit hole." I scream at Miss. Wallace, or should I call her Olivia. I snort at my own thoughts as she drags me through the glass doors into the restaurant, burning crimson red. Yup mission complete!

She brings us up to a halt in front of a man and woman, and I can already guess who they are. I don't knwo why she even bothered to introduce them. "Liz? These are going to be your foster parents. Jake and Sarah Guerin. Now they've gone to a lot of trouble to have you here, so you're gonna be nice. Right?" I smile tightly as she adds pressure to my arm, already losing the blood circulation. Grinning, I bash my eyelids at them and tug my arm from the witch. "Of course I will! I'm sure I'll behave just fine, don't you?" I ask her, eyes glinting with anger. She should of known better than to piss me off, and I count almost pulling my arm off as a serious reason. I can tell she's scared of me, I can see it in her eyes. I don't know why she does this job or even took my case, she's such a fucking wimp! I laugh and turn to look at my so called 'parents'. God what a pair of losers! I can tell I'm gonna love it here!

Ooooh but maybe I will. Who the hell is that? My eyes catch onto a guy moving towards us, around the same age and he is hot! Tall, well built, spiky brown hair and brown eyes. He is gorgeous. I smile at him as he comes to stop in front of me, and watch as he takes me in. He smirks slightly, and turns to the fucking weirdo's in front of me. Oh no! Please god no!!! I listen intently for the words I'm dreading. "So mum, dad is this her?" And there they are! He is gonna be my... my foster brother. Typical, bloody typical! I glare at him, at his reference to 'her', and I start to boil. What is it with everyone thinking I'm not important huh? I can't stand it anymore.

"Hey moron! I do have a name. My name is Liz Parker, and I'm guessing yes, I'm 'her'. And if you ever call me that again I'll fucking kick your head in." By the look on his shocked face, I can tell I caught him by surprise. I laugh in his face, and whisper into Miss. Wallace's ear before I sit down in a booth "I'm so sorry!" Kicking my legs up onto the booth opposite I wait impatiently until some waitress comes up. And oh my god! She has the most funny uniform on ever. A little gren dress with silver antennae and a silver alien face apron. Oh it's a classic. I smile as she rattles off the usual waitress talk, and I look her over. Probably the same age as me, doesn't look too bad. Not especially like your typical cheerleading, supericial girls. God I wish I could beat the shit out of those girls at my old school. They were so fucking annoying, thinking their the best and walking round with the head's up their ass'! Oh well I'll probably get the chance to do it here, seeing as though these Guerin people are gonna 'keep' me, as if I'm some crappy christmas present you keep just to keep everyone happy. Well tomorrow's a new bloody brilliant day on this earth, and my first day at Roswell High! What fun. No doubt I'll keep the gossiping bitches going for a while. Gotta have a purpose somehow!

* Okay, I hoped you liked it and I just have a quick question to ask you. Do you think that Michael shouldn't take any **** from Liz, or do you think he should try to be nice on the orders of Maria? Well let me know what you'd prefer *happy* Thanks, and leave lots and lots of feedback! LOL *big* Dia xxx *
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Okay sorry but a shameless plug to say.....
look out for my other stories Without a Trace and In The Arms of a Dream Girl! Both dreamer stories, and to let you know WaT is also on the Repost board *happy* So check them out! Dia xxx


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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters (although I wish I did!) yadayadayada
Category: Mainly M/L, CC
Summary: Read on to find out! *happy* Heehehe
Author's Note: Hey guys, here's the new part I hope you like it *happy* To let you know, the result of the poll is that Michael is nice to Liz on the orders of Maria! Thanks for all the feedback, and plz plz lots more as you know feedback has this weird effect on me that I write quicker!

Part 3

So here I am in my new life, thinking to myself it is exactly the shit hole I thought it would be. I sigh depressed, and sit down on my floral bed-spread. Floral, are mean come on! These people are such losers. Honestly though could my life get any better? I have to live in the desert, with fucking weirdo's who decorate room with crappy floral prints and a 'brother' who looks like he has the prospect of being a complete dick! Woohoo, I am so happy to be here. Looking down, my suitcase lays open at the foot of my bed, the only possessions of mine scattering the room my various photos of my family. I lay back, and capture my favourite picture. It was of me and my dad when I was about six. Him and I were playing in the park, and I had fallen asleep in his lap. So as I lay sleeping, my dad brushing the hair out of my face, unknown to us my mom took our picture. She thought it was so lovely, she got it bloody-well framed and set in balck and white, and for as long as I can remember it always lay on her dressing table.

I had the best relationship with my dad. He was my world, my knight in shining armour. But he was gone, along with the rest of my family. Just like Emma had done all those years ago. I snuggle down deeper, and I remember back to the very day she had died. I was seven when Emma, my best friend died of Influenza. Even now I remember the exact date, 25th April 1993 and the words my dad told me that have echoed around my head since they day he was ripped from this shitty thing called life.

I was lying down on my bed, crying after finding out that Ems had died, when my dad silently tiptoed into the room. He sat down gently next to me, and began whispering those words which have stayed with my nine years later.

Don't cry Lizzie, don't cry. Do you know where Ems is now huh? She's sitting up there in the sky on a fluffy white cloud. Smiling down on you, watching you, never leaving you. Ems will love you forever, and is in a place where love encirlces everyone. She can look down on everyone she loves, and make sure they're never alone. And you know why you'll never be alone? Because she's in your heart, and always will be. And up there... she's an angel, but when she sees you crying it makes her heart sad. Tears will fall down her rosy cheeks, and her golden wings will droop. She doesn't want you to be sad, and she knows you will love her and miss her every day, until the day when you are joined together where the sun shines and the moon glows. When you both sit on the clouds, and sing and laugh together watching over everyone you love. You know, and I know you are very sad, and we all are. But remember Emma, sitting up there... for she will always, always be there for you."

My memory makes my head spin with my sadness, and wish so much I could crawl into my dad's arms and cry, and so he could whisper to me "Everything will be alright" But he can't, and all I have left are those words he once told me. My knight in shining armour has gone, he will no longer save my days. No one can, and I will never let anyone else. These people... the Guerins. They will never be my parents. They never know me like my family did. And I will never love them as much as did with my real family. For all I have ever known, is in my heart with me forever, and no one can touch it. I won't let anybody fucking touch it. If I don't let them in, my heart won't get broken and my tears will no longer fall. IfI don't love them, they don't love me and they will never have left like my family and Emma. For all I have left now are my tears, and I don't think I'd survive if another person I loved, was ripped away from me again and once again I was left alone.

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Okay guys, I'm sorry I haven't updated yet but with the end of term I've been busy *sad* Just to say I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I'll be away for 2 and a half weeks, and won't be able to update. Sorry and also could you guys keep me bumped up *bounce*? Thanks sweeties, and thank you to all of you who left feedback *happy*

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