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Title: Sensual dance lessons !!!
Rating: PG - 13 but not for long
Category: M/L and a little M/M and I/A
Summary: Liz and Maria are best friends and they're gone take dance lessons, because of the cute dance teachers.And those dance teachers are : Isabel, Max and Michael !!! No aliens in this fic, just love and dancing !!
Disclaimer: I don't own a thing

Note: This is my second fic, if there are mistakes, you'll have to excuse me. And don't forget to read my first fic: "LA Lakers vs. Love"

*Part 1*

“Maria, do I have to?” Liz pleaded. Maria may be her best friend, but taking dance lessons with her was getting a bit much.
“Yeah, Liz, come on ! You’ll love it! Have you already seen the dance teachers ? I think not otherwise you would be jumping to go dance. Please, Liz !!!!! For me !” Maria begged Liz, she even had her puppy face on, she knew Liz couldn’t resist that.
“Fine, just for those teachers. I hope for you that they’re HOT !!” Liz started wondering how they would look. She imagined a dark haired muscular guy, with a body to melt for and eyes where you could drown in. Weren’t fantasies beautiful ?
“Thank you, thank you, you won’t regret it. I promise. Now let’s go.” Maria was happy, she was gone be a student of one gorgeous teacher and she had her best friend with her to share it with. With those thought Maria grabbed Liz’ hands and dragged her in the dance studio.

When they looked around, they saw all young girls, who were probably there too for the teachers. Word must have gotten around. Maria and Liz sat down and a tall blond woman stood in front of the room.
“Welcome all, I’m glad that that there are so many of you. I’m Isabel Evans and I’m one of the teachers here. I’ve been dancing since I was little, of course I needed a dance partner so I dragged my brother along. That’s one of the reasons he’s a teacher today too. So may I produce to you, Max Evans, a very talented dancer who won last year’s national championship.” Isabel introduced her brother. When he entered the room, all the girls started clapping and whistles were heard around the whole studio.
Liz saw Max and was immediately lost. Maria was right, the guy is a HOTTIE !!!!!
She looked him over from head to toe and when she looked back up, she saw him staring right back at her.
Damn, who was the babe sitting in his class. She was the most gorgeous girl he had ever met.
He had met many girls before, but this one was special, he could tell.
He was pulled out of his thoughts by Isabel poking him in the side.
“Oh, sorry, hello everybody! I’m glad that you’re all here and I’m looking forward to working with all of you” especially, you, cute brunette, he mentally added.
Isabel started her next introduction, but Liz was to busy with Max to hear any of it.
Max couldn’t keep his eyes from the girl who had captured her heart.
He wondered if she was in his class? He would love to see her dance. Damn, this might become a great job after all.
Soon Michael joined Max’ side and gave a little welcome speech. After that, the two guys looked at each other and knew they had made the right decision !

Should I continue?
I hope you enjoed it !


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Ok, looks like you're all looking forward to the next part
but I'm gone take a little poll !!!
What do yo uwant liz and maria to do?
1) act like they can't dance and fall over their own feet
2) show some kick ass dancing, where the guys only can look at !!!! ;)

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Hey everybody,
I didn't have much time to write,
so the next part is really really short
but it's better then nothing right?

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I could be better. But I'm just concentrating myself on my fics now. It's my escape from reality, which I desperately need.
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*Part 2a*

“Well, in three months, we’re gone present a show and some of you might get their chance to join. First, we need you to dance freely today, so we can see in which category we can place you and with which teacher. So I suggest you all do a little warm up and when you’re ready we’ll play some music !” Isabel informed their students and then went off to talk to the other teachers.
“Liz, this is our chance !!” Maria quickly said.
“Maria what are you talking about?” Liz was confused.
“Liz, if we do our dance today, then we’ll be selected for the best group and we’ll end up with the hotties as teachers !!!!” Maria explained, it would be so great to get taught by those guys.
“I’m not sure, Maria!” Liz was doubting, their dance wasn’t just any dance, it was the DANCE !
“Liz, do you want to get thrown by blondie over there or hottie over there ???” Maria just asked a simple question, she knew Liz couldn’t resist.
“You’re right, let’s do it !” Liz smiled. She was gone make that guy crawl !!!!

Hope it is something good?


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I've written another part,
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*Part 2b*

When the audition began, they were teamed up two by two.
Liz and Maria were of course together.
It was almost time for them to go in front, so they took of there blouse and showed a lot of skin !!!! They were gone give everything of themselves for this audition.
Max and Michael’s eyes were huge !!!!! They couldn’t believe the sight in front of them.
The two chicks, they liked had just stripped half of their clothes.
And that wasn’t everything yet. The tune of Britney Spears’ “I’m a slave for you!” filled the room. The girls knew the whole routine of this song so they started moving around.
They came to a stop, a feet away of the guys. The guys’ mouths had fallen open from the first second that Maria and Liz had started dancing.
The girls smiled at the boys, then the looked at each other and winked.
It was show time. Liz moved in front of Max, looked him straight in the eyes and she started touching herself where Max could only dream of. There heads were only centimetres from each other. Max just had to lean forward to touch her lips. He didn’t !!
It took every bit of control in him to hold back.
The same thing happened to Michael and Maria !
When the song almost came to an end, the girls leaned a little closer so the guys could feel their breaths on their lips. Suddenly the girls pulled back and turned around and walked back to their places. They were welcomed by a great applause from their fellow students.
Max and Michael weren’t able to do anything, they were frozen against the wall.
Those girls had turned them on, like nobody had ever done before.
They had seen many girls dance for them, but those two…….. WOW !!!!!!
There wasn’t any other way to describe them.
When the girls finally were able to look at the guys again, the laughed at the sight in front of them. Their plan had worked.
The girls looked at each other, proud of what they had accomplished. They gave each other the high five !!
When Max and Michael saw the whole class looking at them, they ran out of the room.
They were a little bit embarrassed but at the same time, they felt hot !
“Man, we’ve got to get them !” Max said to his best friend.
“I know ! Those two better get ready for some payback. No girl makes me so hot and walks away then. No way !!!” Michael replied.
Michael and Max started thinking about a plan to get back at the girls.


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*Part 3*

After a couple minutes Isabel came looking for the guys, the lesson for this week was almost over and she wanted all the teachers to say goodbye to their new students.
The guys filled Isabel in on their plan because they needed her help !
“I’m out !” Isabel immediately said once she heard all the details !
“Oh, come on Iz. Do it for us !” Max was begging his sister, he even used his puppy eyes.
He knew no woman could resist them !
“Max, if I do this once then, I’ll have to do it every time we get new students and you guys like two of them !” Isabel explained, she had seen the faces of her brother and Michael.
She knew that the girls had gotten to them, but when she heard the guys’ plan.
She was afraid she would lose the best two girls in the whole group.
“Iz, this is a one time event ! We can’t just let them get away with it, you have to understand that !” Michael replied.
Isabel looked at both guys and then just nodded.
“One time !!!!” she made the guys clear.
After that she left and went to thank the audience, the guys stayed behind !
“Well, I would like to thank everyone for showing up. You did all great ! And I hope to see you all back here next week. I hope you all have a great week. Bye !” Isabel said politely goodbye to everyone.
When she saw Maria and Liz at the door, she called out to them.
“Hey Britney- girls !!!!” she found it funny.
Maria and Liz turned around and walked back to Isabel.
“Hey, you two were very good on the dance floor !” Isabel complemented them.
“Thanks, I’m Liz and this is Maria.” Liz presented themselves.
Looks like the girls’ plan had worked ! Although they found it too bad that the guys had left, but it was expected. Come on, every girl in that room were looking at their pants !!!
Liz had to giggle when she saw it before her eyes again.
“ Anyway could you two stay a little longer ?” asked Isabel.
“Sure!” Maria said quickly, a little too quickly but she hoped that Isabel wouldn’t notice.
“Great, Maria you can come with me and Liz you stay right here !” Isabel started giving orders, she just hoped that the girls wouldn’t ask questions about why they were separated !
Liz just stood there looking at the door where Maria had just walked through, when she suddenly felt her pressed against someone’s chest !
“Do you know why the Lambada is the forbidden dance ?” Max whispered in her ear.
Liz shivered when she felt his breath against her face, she slowly turned around.
She gasped when she saw Max completely.
Max was just wearing tight black jeans, no shirt. Damn, what a chest !!!!!!!!!!!
Liz immediately started fantasizing about how it would be to be surrounded by those strong arms.
She was snapped out of her thoughts by the tunes of the Lambada.
Max had put his hands on Liz’ hips.
He was slowly moving his hips in little circles and he made Liz do the same.
Soon Liz got the hang of it and they started moving closer to each other.
Max had his arms around Liz’ waist while Liz wrapped hers around Max’ neck.
Their bodies were moving against each other like they were made for each other.
Liz had putted one of her legs behind one of Max’s and then she started leaning backwards.
Max slowly leant forward and had a tight grip on Liz’ back so she wouldn’t fall.
Their faces were merely millimetres from each other.
They were breathing into each others’ mouths. It got a little too hot for Max so he backed away quickly. He pulled Liz onto her feet again and started spinning her around.
When she finally stopped, she felt a little dizzy and quickly lost her balance.
Of course she fell right into two strong arms. From now on, she would love fainting !
When she woke up and opened her eyes, she was welcomed by the two most beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen.
“Are you alright?” Max softly asked, he hadn’t count on a fainting Liz.
“Yeah!” Liz shortly answered. She started to get up but was quickly pulled back on Max’ lap.
“You should lie down some more. You were a long time out.” He was really concerned about this cute little brunette !
“Max, I’m alright !” Liz stated, although she wanted to stay in his arms.
“Well, you weren’t a few minutes ago, you got me scared there for a little while.” Max confessed. He wasn’t used to confessing his feelings towards someone but with Liz it came easily !
“I’m sorry if I scared you, it wasn’t my intention.” Liz quickly apologised, she knew that Max cared for her, she saw it in his eyes !
“Well, it definitely wasn’t my intention to get you to faint !” Max joked.
“What exactly was your intention, Max ?” Liz looked him straight in the eyes, she knew he had been up to something.
“Well, if you hadn’t fainted, I would have left. So you would know how it feels to be left wanting. But when I took my first step backwards, I knew something was going wrong and I just froze. I was just in time to catch you from falling onto the ground.” Max explained.
He looked at Liz, he couldn’t hide his smile. Although his plan had failed, he was happy with the result. Besides he wasn’t sure if he would have been able to leave.
Liz slowly got on her feet, Max quickly followed her. She still wasn’t so stable so she stumbled against Max.
Max had his arms around her in a second. Liz was pressed against him, she was drawing little circles on Max’ chest with her fingers. When she finally looked up, she couldn’t hold back and their lips started to get closer every second.
She wrapped her arms around Max’ neck and pulled him closer.
Their lips met and sparks flew all around the room.
Max licked Liz’ lips and Liz immediately opened up to Max.
When they broke off the kiss, they were both in a daze.
They were still looking into each others’ eyes.
“Thank you for catching me !” Liz smiled at Max.
Max also started smiling. “Thank you for fainting !”

Sorry, no striptease !!!!
But that doesn't mean it won't happen later on !
I hope you liked it


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