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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters (although I wish I did!) Yadayadayada
Category:M/L, I am a pure dreamer!
Summary: Read on to find out *happy* Heehehe
Author's Note: Wow two new stories in one day! Well I hope you like it guys, just to let you know it's AU. There are no aliens. So let me know what you think, and you know feedback has this weird effect on me and makes me write quicker!

Part 1 Max's POV

I am so pathetic! I know it, Michael knows it, Iz knows it I wouldn't be suprised if the whole school knew! Now I would tell you why but I first I figured I should tell you something about myself. I'm Max Evans, 18 and have one sibling; my twin sister Isabel who is dating my friend Alex Whitman. I live in a small town in New Mexico called Roswell. Well I'm sure you've heard of it. I live with my parents Dianne and Philip Evans and my best friends are Michael Guerin, and Liz Parker. Now Michael is dating Liz's other best friend and my 'girlfriend' Maria DeLuca! Now if that isn't confusing for you, I congratulate you. So why don't I move onto the part when I'm pathetic.

Since I could remember I have loved Liz, my best friend. She is for lack of a better word, perfect. Long, luscious brown hair, deep brown doe eyes that just draw you in, perfect figure and the warmest personality. I could talk for hours about Liz, as my friends well know which is why I am classed as pathetic. Liz brings a sense to the word love, without her I'm sure I would cease to exist. But of course as these things go, this girl who makes my insides tremble has no idea how I feel. Doesn't know how much I would give just to kiss her once, hold her in my arms and claim her as mine. Liz and I... well we have the perfect friendship, well to her anyways. We know each other inside out, leaving out my secret passion for her of course!

You're probably thinking, hey why doesn't he just go for it? You never know what might happen. Believe me I have come close so many times, but things have always come in the way. For one thing her infatuation with the quater-back of the football team, Kyle Valenti and two her sister, Tess Parker. Tess, is the complete opposite of Liz. Blonde, blue eyed, curvy and the wrost personality. Unfortunately Tess has a crush on me, or should I say complete an utter stalker obsession with me. It's downright scary. She never leaves me alone. I know she jealous of Liz and I's friendship, and probably being younger by eighteen months doesn't help either. But she just won't leave me alone. And another thing that doesn't help is that Liz is always trying to get me and Tess together, complaining in the cute way she does, that she thinks we would make the perfect couple. I think Liz has probably got the message now, she hasn't brought the subject up for a while.

Anyway back to a subject that doesn't creep me out. Tess is so deranged, I don't get why Liz can't see it! But there you go. I love Liz. All my friends know, even my parents know. But Liz doesn't, and she probably never will do unless I stop helping her trying to get Kyle. Being the best friend I am to her, I am willing to help her with anything, even this. Maria thinks I'm so stupid, and that I should tell Liz. But I can't. She thinks of me as a brother, a best friend, but never anything more. But I can't help but wonder could she?

* Okay next part probably won't be a POV, but I might make it into an alternating Liz and Max POV fic. Who knows? Anways plz plz leave feedback, as I love to know what you think! Dia xxx *

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Hi! Well I just needed to ask you guys a quick question. Do you think I should alternate between Liz and Max POV, or just return it to a normal fic? I wasn't sure which one to go for, so whichever one is more popular will be it! LOL So let me know what you think, and thanks for the feedback as well. *happy*
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Okay guys, thanks for all the great feedback, and just to let you know that this story is gonna continue to be an alternative Max and Liz POV, as request *happy* Also I hope to have a new part up by Wednesday, because then I'm going away to my brother's graduation. I would have posted this weekend but I was ill yesterday, and today my family is down, and I had only time to write this measage to you guys. Once again thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming *big*
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isclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters (although I wish I did!) yadayadayada
Category: Mainly M/L, I am a pure dreamer! *happy*
Summary: Read on to find out! Heehehe
Author's Note: hey guys, thanks for all the great feedback. I am so sorry I haven't replied yet, I feel awful *sad* I also wasn't sure if I was going to continue this, but you guys changed my mind *happy* So its gonna be alternating Liz and Max POV's. So hope you enjoy, and plz plz leave feedback as you know it makes me write quicker!

Part 2

Liz's POV

So today was another typical day at school. I got up, I had breakfast and went through the daily torture of school yet again. However I must admit swooning over Kyle all day while he practiced football, made my day much much better. So except for the visual pleasures of Kyle, the only good thing was that I had biology with Max. Now Max... he's my best friend along with Maria, and I love him to pieces. He's always there for me, and we know each other inside out. I've been trying to get him together with my little sister Tess for ages, but Max is really obstinate about it. Never mind I can tell there's someone special who he likes, but he'll never tell me. He's always so reserved about it, he's kinda shy which I think is so sweet of him.

You know Maria asked me the weirdest question today. Why have I never gotten together with Max? You know, it's weird thinking about it I've never seen Max that way. For the whole time of high school I've always liked Kyle, well liked is too lighter word to put on what I feel about Kyle. Maria calls him a poodle, but I see him as so much more. God how pathetic do I sound? I mean I can't even talk to him, and I very much doubt he knows whom I am. But Max... well I'm not doubting it, Max is very good looking. Tall, well built, deep amber eyes that draw you in and adorable dark brown hair with bangs that fall across his forehead. He has the sweetest personality and is very smart. He's all a girl would ever want, but he's just not what I want. Now try explaining that to the most stubborn girl in the world, who would love more than anything to get her best friends together. Don't get me wrong I love Maria like my own sister, but sometimes she can just get a bit too much.

Anyway I got home soon after school, and had to immediately start my shift at the Crashdown, where I live. I know, I know! My parents own an alien themed restaurant. But it does have its perks. For one, Kyle and his friends often come here and I have free visual sightings for at least an hour. You know I must sound really obsessed with him don't I? Oh well, everyone tells me I am so who am I to disagree. Oh not now. Agnes our lazy ass waitress is coming over. She mumbles something about taking a break, and she skulks off through the back no doubt to have a smoke. I don't know why my dad even hired her! Oh my god, I've just realized. I have to wait on Kyle. No one else is here. Why? Why? Where's Maria when you need her. Did I ever mention that I have a panic attack whenever I go near Kyle, let alone talk to him. Oh this is gonna be interesting.

I walk over to them slowly, and surprisingly none of them even notice my presence by their table. I stand there, and rattle off my "Hi I'm Liz, and I'll be your waitress today. What can I get you?" I cringe inside of me at my speech, as I hurriedly write down their orders on my pad as they randomly reply. Never once looking up form my pad just like the five of them, I scurry off as soon as the last order's been placed, and breathe a sigh of relief. But did that stop me from eavesdropping into their conversation? Nope. Standing behind the counter getting their drinks ready I hear Matt say something about a party at the old Soapbox factory. Watching Kyle intently, I inwardly jump for joy as he nods his head and smiles. Looks Max and I are gonna be going to a party tonight, and who knows who we might even casually bump into there?

Okay I hope you guys liked it, if you did plz plz leave feedback *happy* Thanks to everyone who'd left feedback already Dia xxx
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Okay guys, I'm sorry I haven't updated yet but with the end of term I've been busy *sad* Just to say I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I'll be away for 2 and a half weeks, and won't be able to update. Sorry and also could you guys keep me bumped up *bounce*? Thanks sweeties, and thank you to all of you who left feedback *happy*

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