Fate’s Season 4

Episode 1: Riding in Cars with Liz

Author: Fate
Disclaimer: If I owned it, do you really think that I’d be writing this?
Author’s Note: Hey, look, it’s another fic... okay, I just had to write this, I’m really not all too satisfied with the way things ended... so here I am to write a season four... *happy*


(Liz’s voice over as the little van travels down an isolated highway.)

We’ve been on the road for weeks now. (zooms in on van) My husband... husband... I love that... Max and I are great, as for Isabel and Kyle... I know that Isabel misses Jesse, and Kyle misses Jim. (zooms in on Isabel looking out the window, then Kyle also looking out the window) It’s hard sometimes, I miss my parents, I’m sure we all miss the people we left behind...

Michael and Maria have this great relationship right now. (zooms in on Michael and Maria holding hands and looking into each others eyes) Sometimes I catch them in the most intimate moments. They have the most intense look in their eyes and they’re always touching each other in one way or another. Whether it be driving, sleeping, or walking... And all I can do is look at Max with the most sincere smile on my face. Yeah, there are tough times... but we’re good. Definitely good. (zooms in on them joking and laughing.)

(Fades out... opening credits)

Michael is at the wheel driving with one hand on the wheel and holding pinkies with Maria as she sleeps in the passenger seat. Isabel is asleep on Kyle’s lap as he strokes her hair, in a daze. Max and Liz are sleeping on each other, Liz, enveloped inside Max’s arms.

Suddenly Liz jolts up gasping for air, grasping her stomach.

"Liz? Liz, what did you see?" Max asked frantically.

Maria opens her eyes and looks behind her to see Liz breathing heavily.

"Ava..." Liz finally managed to gasp out.

"Ava? What about Ava?" Isabel asked.

"I don’t know, I just saw Ava running," Liz answered.

"Are you sure you saw Ava?" Kyle asked.

"I don’t know, I mean purple streaks and piercing are pretty hard to miss," Liz said sarcastically.

"Well, what did you see?" Michael asked.

"She was running and she kept looking back, almost as if she was running from someone," Liz said rubbing her forehead as Max rubbed her shoulders.

Suddenly there are more flashes of Ava turning around and then raising her hand, a scream, and then Ava running again.

Liz sucked in her breath and tenses up, Max held Liz close as he whispered how everything was going to be okay.


Jim threw his keys to the nearest table top and took off his deputy hat. He walked towards the fridge and as he was reaching to open the door, a picture caught his eye... Kyle.

He touched the photo lightly with his fingertips.

Suddenly a frantic knocking beat on his door. Jim turned and ran to the door.

"Alright, alright, hold your horses," Jim said, opening the door. He stopped short when he saw who was at the door.

"Amy," Jim barely whispered.

Amy stood there, shaking, tears flowing freely down her eyes.

"Why didn’t you tell me?" Amy finally said, revealing Liz’s diary in her arms.

Jim took a deep breath and stood aside.

"Come in," he said, solemnly.

Amy took a step forward into the lonely house. "What happened to my baby, Jim? What happened?"

Jim took a stop towards Amy, pulling her to his chest, comforting the grief-stricken mother. Amy sobbed, soaking his deputy uniform, she needed to hear the truth, she couldn’t believe what the diary had told her.

How do you tell a mother that her daughter, her only child, her everything had run away, never to be seen again? How do you tell her, her worst nightmare without killing her? How do you mend a broken soul?


Amy and Jim sat at the dinner table as she kept crying.

"I never got to tell her that I love her," Amy said. "I’ve been away so much, I’ve neglected my own, baby, God, Jim. I’m an awful mother!"

"Amy, don’t you ever think that... ever," Jim said pulling her into another comforting hug.

"You’re not an awful mother, Maria knows that you love her and she loves you, too," Jim said soothingly, stroking Amy’s brown hair.

"Oh God! Jim... Kyle... I’m so sorry, Jim..." Amy said finally realizing that Jim had also lost his everything. Jim looked at Amy and they embraced each other for the loss of their children.


Michael drove down the highway when suddenly a person shot out of the middle of the road. Michael quickly stepped on the brakes hard forcing everyone to fling forward.

"Ava?" Maria gasped, seeing the Tess duplicate standing in front of the van with the headlights shining on her.

(Commercial break)
"So you’re tellin’ me that those bastards are chasin’ me cuz of my stupid dupe who blew up a base and managed to blow herself up into freakin’ pieces?" Ava asked with her obvious New York accent.

"Pretty much," Liz said.

Kyle stared at Ava, she looked too much like Tess for him to trust.

"Oh, that’s great," Ava said sarcastically. "Where you guys headin’?"

"Anywhere," Max said.

"Well, in that case, ya’ all can drop me off in the big apple," Ava said.

Michael stopped the van and glared at Ava.

"What?" Ava asked.

"We’re not droppin’ you off anywhere, Ava," Michael said harshly.

Maria finally spoke up. "We might as well, Michael, seeing as we really have no place to go anyway."

"Why? So you can see Billy again?" Michael seethed.

"God, Michael... NO, it’s not so I can see Billy."

"Why else would you want to go to New York for?"

"Because it’s nice there?"
"Oh sure, and who did you stay with while you were in New York?"

"In a freakin’ hotel, Michael, why are you bringing this up? What the hell is wrong with you?"

Ava looked at the intense interaction between Michael and Maria and turned to Isabel. "Are they always like this?"

"Actually, it’s been a while since they’ve bickered," Isabel said, shrugging. "Strangely, it’s kind of comforting."

"God! Guys! STOP! Just drop Ava off in New York! The sooner we go there the sooner she leaves," Kyle screamed at the bickering couple, "I don’t care if this is your sick twisted way at foreplay. Just go!"

At Kyle’s outburst Michael and Maria quieted as Michael went on driving.

Max and Liz looked at each other.

"Foreplay?" Liz suddenly asked, the van erupted in laughter... except for Michael and Maria who just stared straight ahead, still feeling heated from their argument.


"My turn to drive," Liz giddily said.

Maria grabbed Liz before she could reach the wheel. "Oh, no no no no, babe, do you remember the last time I let you drive the jetta?"

At that moment Max and Michael began to cough.

"... but you said I was good..." Liz said with her big doe-eyes shining.

"Not that good..." Maria said back.

Max and Michael began to turn red from coughing.

Liz smacked Max "Shut-up!" she shrieked, her cheeks red from embarrassment.

Michael couldn’t hold it in anymore as soon as he started to laugh so did Max.

"I’m sorry, Liz, but I trust Kyle with making dinner more than I trust you to drive," Max said jokingly.

Liz turned ruddier, she couldn’t be THAT bad of a driver, could she?

"Wait, I want to hear the story," Kyle said.

"Yeah, if her driving is worse than Kyle’s cooking, then I definitely want to hear this," Isabel said.

Maria laughed as Liz turn more red than humanly possible.

"Okay so one day, I was driving the Jetta to help my mom run one of her errands," Maria started excitedly. "Apparently, it was some heavy stuff so we asked our macho-bonehead-boyfriends... errr... at that time friends’... to come with us."

"Okay, so there we were with the radio blasting and I realized I had run out of gas, we see a gas station... blah blah blah, Liz asks me if she could drive," Maria said.

Max and Michael were still trying to keep their laughter under control, each taking deep breaths.

"Okay, so I look at Liz like she’s crazy, no you have to understand, in my whole entire life, I have never... never... seen her drive, so I shrugged and I let her take control," Maria let out a little giggle, "Never going to make that choice again, that was the singly most stupidest decision I’ve ever made, no offense, chica."

Liz just turned away, burying her head in Max’s arms.

"Should you guys tell it or should I?" Maria asked her cheeks flushed from laughing so much. The guys just looked at her and started to laugh again.

(flashback in a gas station as Maria keeps talking.)

"Alright, so I’m thinking, this is Liz, perfect Miss Lizzie Parker, I’ve got nothing to worry about right? Boy, was I wrong..."

(Maria’s voice fades out.)

Maria gets into the passenger seat while the boys in the back put on their seatbelts.

"Okay, Liz, you know how to drive right?" Maria asked, unsure of her best friend.

"Uh... yeah, I know how to drive," Liz said perkily trying to convince herself that she could, I mean, it’s easy right? You just stick the key into the keyhole and turn, and then press the accelerator and brakes, right? Right.

Liz took a deep breath and started the engine. She let out the breath when she released the parking brake and put the gear in drive. She looked at Maria nervously and then stepped on the accelerator.

They zoomed forward causing Maria, Michael, and Max to fly back in their seats. Nervously Liz turned the steering wheel.

"Wrong side, wrong side!!!" Maria screeched as a Liz almost ran into an oncoming car.

"Brakes! Brakes!!!" Max screeched from behind.

"As I walk through the valley, of the shadow of death..." Michael began praying, with his hands gripping the seat.

Suddenly Liz stepped on the brakes, putting the car into a screeching halt, right before they hit a pole. The force of the stop caused all four people in the car to fling forward.

Maria held onto the door and slowly looked at Liz, while breathing heavily.

"That was... good..." Maria said, afraid to hurt Liz’s feelings, "But I think you should lay off of it for a while okay, babe?"

Liz looked like she was on the verge of tears.

"Oh, babe, no, don’t cry, it was really good... I just think for the sake of the car, I should drive back, okay?" Maria said soothingly, glaring at the guys to dare them to say anything else.

Michael and Max looked deathly pale, well that happens when you see you’re life flash right before your young lives.

(End of flashback as we hear laughter.)

Everyone was basically on the floor all laughing. Even Liz, who still had her head buried in Max’s chest started to laugh.

(Fade out.)

Stay tuned for scenes from next times episode of Roswell.

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