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Title: Sabotage
Author: Morrigan Undomiel(Danie)
Rating: Well I don't know but I do know it will get NC-17 later on as we progress.
Category: AU M/L L/K
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me. They belonged to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, UPN, etc. etc.
Summary: Ok this is loosely based(well maybe not so loose) on MI:2 I mean the premise is the same but the outcome and junk are not. Plus I hope that it is better written. Ok Liz is English, Kyle is American, Max is Scottish. Liz is a theif who gets picked up by spy Kyle who asks her to help him catch her ex, Max by reuniting with him and getting information. It gets exciting as the plot thickens. It will probably have angst and murder and junk so hold on to your turbans kids.

**Author's Note**:Oh MY GOSH! You guys! Chica and Angelic both made me this beautiful cover for my fic and I love it and I know you will to and it's perfect!!

Another big thank you to them!

Chapter 1

People do odd things in life, for a myriad of reasons. Some do things for money, others for power, some for revenge. But the most powerful of all these reasons is love. It can take possession of your life. My life has been shaped by love. My desire to be with the one man who ever made me feel complete has made me sacrifice my chances of ever conducting a normal life. I have stolen for him, lied for him, and murdered for him. I betrayed the person who had entrusted me to destroy him. The crimes of my past were all for him, and my future sins will be too. And even after all this I’ve never stopped loving him.
I am a person in a world of chaos and total immorality, clinging on to the one thread of decency that is available to me. Love. It’s not as pathetic as it sounds. He’s the only thing in my life that I can depend on. The one thing that has ever made my strange and lonely life complete.
It began one year ago. I was in the city of Paris catching the sights and brooding amongst the happy Parisian couples. Being alone in the most romantic city in the world does nothing for your self-esteem, especially when you were as lonely as I was. I would mope at the Eiffel tower and drop tears in the Seine. All in all an uneventful trip. I had been recruited to go to Paris by a young Indian man who wanted me to retrieve a rare diamond necklace.
“It’s the only one of its kind”, he said in his proper Hindi-English accent, “and I want you to get it for me darling.” I hated when he called me that. I hated it so much I didn’t want to take the job, just to get away from his disgustingly sleazy ass. However, I didn’t hate his bank account, or the 500,000 pounds he was offering for successful completion, so I took the job. And that’s when my life changed. That’s when something inside of me began to be reawakened, something that had been dead for a while.
The day of the “job” I mentally and physically prepared for the fateful night in my hotel room. Which meant I bought a killer new frock and I packed my tools in my bloody amazing little black handbag. Yes this is how I prepare. Then the rest of the day I admired my red lacy mini dress, with tiny black roses twisting its way up the spaghetti straps and figured out what to do with my hip length chocolate brown hair. Up or down? Up or down? Such difficult questions. It was 5:05 when I looked at the clock, and I was putting the finishing coat of chocolate peanut butter lipstick on my small moderately pouty lips. “Yes”, I thought to myself “I still got that perfectly-timed-without-having-to–check-touch.” I smoothed the sexy lace down my small pixie like frame and admired the beautiful rose colored heels I had chosen. Ah gay Parie, what would I do without your taste? My round sienna eyes looked pleasantly on at the sight in the mirror. “Yes”, I said “Even I would shag with me.” I took one last look around the quaint accommodations in which I was staying. The wonderful view of Notre Dame cathedral was one I would certainly miss and my soft satin covered bed was one of just pure aching pleasure. I felt like snatching them but it would be too much of a hassle. “You pack light remember? You can’t be hurling queen-sized sheets down the street to the Ritz so the Bobbies can catch you. “Ah well,” I thought, “Maybe I can buy some just like these when I get paid.” I went down to the lobby and paid the clerk. I could have snuck out but no sense in burning that bridge. I might need this hotel at another time. I walked out called a cab, and mentally prepared myself for the hours ahead. It was pretty simple. A giant party was going on in the ballroom downstairs and upstairs in room 302 was a 40-carat diamond necklace complete with pink sapphires set in platinum. It was a one of a kind. It was hidden inside one of the wall panels of the Roman style bathroom locked in a very difficult safe. But I could crack it and that’s why I was hired.
I arrived at the Ritz at about 6:00. I remembered that I had to meet with my contact in Monmartre at 7:30 so there was very little time to waste. I sauntered in with the air of a queen. I walked to the front desk and introduced my self as Devin Winter. I then walked into the ballroom. The number one rule for making a successful heist is to blend in. Make yourself invisible. I could feel the stares as I walked in, from the guys and girls. “Blend, blend.” I whispered to myself. I took a glass of champagne and plastered myself against the wall. The room was cold and I shivered as Goosebumps flared on my skin. I sipped thoughtfully preparing for my next move, which was to get to room 302. Then I made eye contact with someone. Well to be more specific a him someone. He half-smiled at me before I could raise my eyebrow and look away. But there was something about him that I didn’t like, so I figured it was as good a time as any to move. I walked out of the ballroom again and headed up the stairs. I reached room 302 in about 2 minutes, which was a good thing meaning that I could get out of the hotel quickly. I picked the card lock and carefully opened the door. The room was very still as if no one had been in it for a while so I knew I was safe. I walked into the darkness and crept around the furniture. I didn’t dare turn on a light, so I stumbled around until I felt the smooth marble of the bathtub. I slinked inside and got my flashlight from my purse. I found the second tile and using my hair clip lifted the tile to expose the small safe underneath. The safe had a six-digit code and a card key lock. I got out my code breaker, this amazing thing I got from a friend for Christmas a few years back, and started to crack the code. The code-breaker was on the 2nd digit in the code when the hairs on the back of my neck prickled. I could hear someone’s soft breathing behind me and I knew that I was not alone…

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**Author's Note**- Well heres a new chapter! I hope you enjoy. Don't forget that feed back stuff! Keep my story alive!

Chap 2: Introductions

In a split second I turned around and grabbed the stranger by the coat. I took out my revolver I kept in my garters and pressed it to his temple.
“Now I’m only going to ask this once. Who the fuck are you.”
“Jesus Christ Liz! Do you know how sexy that is?!”
“Excuse me?” I whispered furiously, shocked at the nerve of this asshole.
“That thing you just did. Where you pulled the gun from your gar-“
“Are you bloody insane?! I have a gun to your head and your sitting here hitting on me?! And how the hell do you know my name?!”
The stranger sat there quietly, patiently as if calculating my next move, then before I could think he grabbed my hand that was holding the gun.
“First of all I’m not insane,” he whispered to me. Then he pushed me down with all his might into the bathtub and crushed me with his weight.
“And second I make it my business to know your name.”
For some reason, I felt very little threat from this guy, so I didn’t panic, but I was still extremely pissed my heist was being foiled by an ass hole, worse a spy ass hole.
“You’re a spy.” I spat at him hoping that the accusation would make him loosen his tight grip on my wrists.
“That hurt Liz it really did.”
“Truth hurts.” I hissed at him. “Now get the FUCK off me!”
He hesitated, probably thinking that I would kick him in the nuts the minute he got off me. Well I wasn’t about to deny that silent accusation, but I had to make him believe I wasn't going to stab him so he would get off. “Look I won’t attack you, just please your crushing me.”
He let me up slowly still holding my gun hand and then switched on the light near the tub. I got my first good look at the asshole... He was pretty cute. He had an arrogant smirk on his face and looked very amused at this point. My anger boiled up inside me, but I quickly squashed it down. I had promised. No stabbing. He was well dressed in some Armani silk thing. He was traditionally cute with warm brown eyes and well-groomed brown hair. “This guy was a jock in high school.” I thought to myself. Yet there was something about him though that grabbed me. Not totally knock me out of my stylish-yet-affordable-boots grabbed me, but still something that kept me from kicking him in the nuts. “It was his eyes,” I thought, ”I’m always a sucker for eyes.” I was lost in my thoughts when all of a sudden a faint beep was heard behind me. The safe was open. And I was caught. Shit. He looked over my shoulder and saw the open safe. He looked at me with the amused smirk on his face again.
“That’s called stealing you know.” My temper bubbled up again.
“Really?” I asked sarcastically. He smirked even wider.
“Yeah. And it's bad.”
“That’s it.” I said,rolling my eyes at him and huffing in impatience.
“What’s it?”
“I’m not going to sit here with you, you who I don’t even know, and make polite. I have a deadline and a target, but I’m sure you knew that, so if you try to stop me, I will kick you in the nuts!” Before I could move, he thrust his hand out.
“I’m Kyle, Kyle Valenti.” Was he for real! I looked at his hand. Wearily I placed mine in it.
“I know you already know, but it’s Liz Parker. Now could you explain to me, why a spy is so interested in the business of a thief?”
“I’m not interested in what you’re doing here, but I am interested in you, I need your help.”
“My help? No I don’t think so, I don’t have time for this right now.”
“What? What’s wrong with me needing your help?”
“Because whatever it involves it’s probably something dangerous and crazy and I am not a spy! I don’t run around and jump out of planes or get shot at on purpose, or blow things up! I just steal! Stick to what you know that’s what my mum always said. So how much is it going to cost me to get you out of my face?”
Before he could answer, someone opened the door singing loudly in French and stumbled drunkenly around the room. Once again, I was on my back, as he crushed me with his weight. However, this time we were pressed just a little closer. His hot breath mingled with mine, condensed my lipstick, and caused me to flush from the sticky sweaty heat. The drunk shuffled around sang another verse or two very loudly, picked something up, and then stumbled out. We sat there for another moment or two. My leg was twitching with impatience.
“Are you ever going to get off of me!” I fumed.
“Oh sorry I guess I was enjoying myself a little to much.” He pulled me back up and sat at the edge of the bath. While he stared at me I went back to the safe, feeling compelled to finish the job. Espcially since it was 6:30.
“How did you know I was a spy?”
“I could sense something disgustingly mercenary about you.”
“Hey! I really resent that!”
“Good for you.”
As our banter continued I retrieved the necklace and put it down my bra. The diamonds felt cold against my skin. I closed the safe and put the tile back in place.
“Well it’s been fun.”
“Wait! I haven’t even convinced you to help me yet!”
“That’s why I’m leaving.”
I walked towards the front door and heard him snicker from behind me. I grimaced. He knew something I didn’t and whatever it was wasn’t good.
“I wouldn’t go out that way if I were you.”
“Why not?” I asked, trying to sound calm.
“Cause spies never travel alone."
"What do you mean?" Pressing my nails into my wrists painfully.
"I have about five guys out there and their orders are to arrest you on sight. You are a thief you know.”
Before I could think, I ran at him and started to pummel him with my arms my legs anything I could think of.
“Hey relax! Relax! We can still get out of here.”
“How? You fucking wanker bastard!”
“Out the window.”
My heart stopped. I was deathly afraid of heights, but he didn’t have to know that.
“Why?” I asked him “Why did you have to bring your spy buddies?”
“Because I need your help, and I knew the only way to get it was to corner you. If I had lost you again tonight it would have taken me another 3 months to find you again. You’re a hard one to track down.”
“There’s a reason for that.” I retorted shivering with fear. He must have noticed because he got up, took hold of me, and squeezed my hands. I could feel the heat coming off him. It seeped through my body and comforted me.
“Liz look I promise, that I will keep you safe if you come with me. If you don’t come with me I can’t be responsible for what the others will do.”
“Don’t threaten me.”
“I’m not trying to threaten you, I’m trying to be honest with you. It’s either my way… or their way.” I was trapped. I had no way out.
“Alright Bond, strap me in.” He smiled wide. I felt better for some reason. While I sat there nervously, he did his spy stuff and before I knew what was happening I was hooked up to him and we were once again very close.
“Ok, Liz, just close your eyes and it will be all over ok?” My stomach churned and my palms felt very sweaty. He opened the window. I gripped my purse tight and clutched my chest to comfort my self with the cold platinum in my cleavage. I closed my eyes and the floor disappeared. I wanted to scream but couldn’t, it was caught in my chest. I felt the world flying past me and then THUD. We landed on our backs, and I opened my eyes. We were in the plants. Dear God why me? I struggled against the reins. He unhooked me and I pushed myself away from him. I got up and dusted myself off. Not looking back, I began to walk away, thinking about how I was going to get to Montmartre before 7:30.
“Well it’s been grand.” I said over my shoulder.
“Wait Liz what about our deal?!”
“Look while we flew through the air I realized exactly why I said no in the first place, cause I don’t risk my life. That was just too scary. Thanks for all the help and all but I’m not sticking around for more of your ideas on how to kill me.”
“But…look I need you!” I stopped. Needed me? He needed me. Hmm. I whirled around and slowly made my way towards him. I got about two inches away from his lips and whispered.
“Look Kyle? You couldn’t handle me. I’m a British girl with way too much attitude for you. You wouldn’t be able to control me.” He let his eyes linger on my lips and then whispered back.
“Can I try?” Whoa. He was good. My body tingled with enjoyment at our banter, heavily riddled with sexual tension.
“Alright Kyle,” I said putting a smirk on my face to show him that I was prepared for whatever he said,” As long as you give me a ride to my contact you can try me. What do you need my help for? What or who does this involve.”
I thought I was prepared. I thought I was. But nothing could have prepared me for what he said next. Nothing.
“Max Evans.”
The blood drained from my body. My smirk faded, to a look of terror. Max?

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Ok here's my Author's note

Heidi- Your not being nosey, but just be patient. You'll will be pleasently surprised.

Wench- First I love your name! It's sooo sexy. grrrr. Second, just you wait!!

And a message to you guys- Thanks for reading this! I appreciate it soo much. I was wondering if you guys could recommend this(if you feel it is recommendable) because I really want a lot of readers. Call me an attention hag, I know it's really silly but please encourage others to read my story! Thank you for all or any help. I really get self concious I just feel like I don't have anything to offer, so hearing people say they like my stuff makes me feel so good. I know I sound pathetic but that's it. I don't know how else to put it.
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**Author's Note**-Well another update, another part! I'm sorry if this is angsty. I know there has been alot of that, but well I felt like writing something full of sex passion and angst. I think my next fic might be lighter, but for right now I need to focus on this. Remember- feedback makes me write somemore! I thrive on your comments. By the way this is all flashback and memory. Yeah she's had a lot of problems so I figured I would devote an entire part to them. Oh and don't laugh at the Scottish accent. Cause it's hard to write it out, cause it sounds sexier spoken.

everyone who has replied again I say thank you cause your what keeps this story alive. Alright enough rambling.

Chapter 3:Flashback

The movies call it a flash back. You know when the scene changes to a memory of the main character as they blank out? Well that’s what happened when Kyle said Max Evans. All of a sudden, boom, I blanked. I was taken back, back to last time I ever saw Max back to the day my life changed and part of me died. I could still remember every detail. I could still taste the pina colada I had been drinking while I looked for him, I still could hear the slamming of the waves again the beach next to our house, I could still feel the cool tropical breeze as it came in from the open patio door, and I could still smell…the fear that came over me, the fumes from the car as I sped off, and I could and would always remember the smell…of blood.

“Max? Where are you?” I walked through the hallway as the ocean breeze flittered in from the open windows. I could smell the salt and sand in the air. It was fresh and it filled me with happiness. I searched for him letting the Pina Colada in my hand numb my fingers. Him. Just thinking about Max made me warm. “Max.” I whispered “Where are you?” I walked into the kitchen, it was deserted. I knew we were alone, Isabel and Michael were in town getting supplies, and I thought that he had gone with them, until I heard the wind whisper. I always knew when he was close, he came always from behind seeping into my skin like liquid, wrapping around my body and breathing in my ear until I was deaf to everything except his voice calling to me. I walked to the back of the house where the patio windows were open. I looked out and I saw him. I smiled, he was doing his favorite thing. He loved to stare at the ocean at sunset, letting the wind ruffle through his wild Scottish hair. He loved to dream on our patio sitting on the old wicker chair and then he came to me and told me of his dreams, as we lay in our bed clinging to each other. I walked out to the patio and set my drink on a nearby table.
“Max. I knew you were here. I always know when your-“
I had been walking over to offer him a kiss when I saw him. He was staring blankly out into the ocean, like always, but something was different. Something was horribly wrong. He was covered in blood, fresh blood that was soaking into his white tank, it dripped down to his pants, it was on his arms on his hands, and he looked white.
“Max!” I rushed to his side and grabbed his arm. It was cold, so cold.
“Max are you alright?!” He still didn’t speak, I searched around his body for wounds anything that would explain all of this blood, this blood that was churning my stomach with its sickly sweet metallic smell. I realized that he was ok, he was covered in someone else’s blood. I looked in his fire amber eyes and I saw their blankness, their emptiness, like something had been ripped out of him. Finally after what seemed like hours he clicked back into reality.
“Max! Tell me what happened? Whose blood is this?”
He said nothing. He just looked at me, and I could see tears starting to collect in his eyes, and then he started to laugh. It was a mirthless laugh, one full of pain and…regret. I tried to recall where Max had told me he was going that night, then I remembered: over to Tess’s. The name made me cringe. Then I remembered that Hugh had tagged along, Max’s long time friend who was somewhat infatuated with Tess for some strange reason. Hugh had been there for Max before he had met me, and they had started out as partners. Hugh and Michael were Max’s best friends and I loved them all. But Hugh wasn’t there now. He hadn’t returned, and a feeling that my insides were out washed upon me.
“Max? Where’s Hugh? Where is he Max?” He laughed again, the same dead laugh. He looked out at the ocean.
“Hugh? Oh Hugh’s ou’ there,” he pointed to the sea, “Hugh’s gone far ou’ there.” The tears started to spill out of my eyes.
“Max, is Hugh dead?”
My chest caved in, God Max! How was he going to get through this! He had Michael yes and he had me but God how?
“Max? Honey? How did this happen? Tell me baby, please.”
Abruptly he stood up and then I saw it. It was dark like his hair and it was covered in blood like him. It was hard and cold and I saw that he was holding it so tight his knuckles had gone white. My pulse stopped.
“Max what are you doing with that gun?”
Max didn’t own any guns. He hated them. We had a large collection of knives, but of guns, we didn’t have anything, we both thought them vulgar. I looked into his eyes, his eyes that were so soulful and brooding. They could pierce me with warmth, love, desire, and raw sexual energy. His eyes could speak poetry. I looked and saw a cold glint in them as if something had crawled inside him and froze them.
“Max what are you doing with the gun.” No answer.
“MAX WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT GUN!” I had begun to tremble with fear and disbelief. This wasn’t real this couldn’t be real.
“It wasan’ accident.” He whispered. I was sobbing now, letting all my grief out. Hugh was like my brother, and he was a father to Max, the father he had never really had. Now seeing the gun in Max’s hands seeing the guilt and cold in his eyes, it made me come to a conclusion. A conclusion I prayed to God was not true. I looked at the gun and then at Max, he looked so cold.
“Liz- he was, we wer’…” As he trailed off I noticed that he was now looking at the gun and I could see his face harden with resolve as if he had made a decision about something. He looked at me again and now he didn’t just look cold, he was cold.
“He shouldna’ ha’ been there.”
Lead dropped in my stomach. Whatever had happened to Hugh, it had had something to do with Max. He was to blame. Because I had never seen him so dead. So…wrong. Fear crept in my chest, I slowly backed away towards the patio doors.
“Where are yae going?”
“You…you sick bastard. How could you Max?”
I backed away faster now as Max inched closer.
“Liz please you ha’ tae believe me.”
But I had already seen the ice in his soul. I couldn’t take it. I didn’t want to think of Max, my Max that way. I knew that I could never look at him again without seeing a killer. Why else would the gun be in his hands. Why else would he be covered in his blood. He had murdered Hugh. The resolve in his voice had told me. And it was all because of his foolish ambition, I knew it was. Because of his dream to be…bigger. It was because of his involvement with dangerous people. Because of Tess. Because of everything that had been causing us to have fights and then forgetting about them to be happy because we couldn’t bear to fight. It had finally taken its toll.
“No. I don’t believe you, I can’t take this anymore. I told you. I told that you were changing Max. I didn’t want to see. Now I do. Now Hugh is fucking dead!”
I was inside now. I had to get out. I was afraid of him. I was afraid of that gun. I had left my keys in the kitchen. With my pulse racing I rushed through the halls and grabbed them from the island near the sink. I could hear him yelling.
He sounded so desperate I almost turned around, but I was too afraid. Hugh’s blood was on my hands now. I rubbed it off on my cotton dress but it only made it worse. His blood was all over, infecting me with guilt and with fear. I could hear Max’s pounding footsteps and I ran to open the door. Before I could open it Max came at me and grabbed me. I screamed and started sobbing hysterically.
“Liz! Come on baby! You ha’ to listen tae me, I didna’ do it! I didna kill him.” Anger rose in me. He was lying to me, lying to me while he still felt cold and still had that gun in his hands.
“Liz please I need you. I need yae here with me. Just hear me ou’.” Then he buried his face in my hair and held me tight. I felt like I was suffocating. I didn’t want to believe I wanted to hug him back, kiss him, and tell him it was ok. He was sobbing now too. But I couldn’t believe anything else. I just couldn’t, cause I knew that it would happen again as long as he was involved with her. My anger returned. I pushed myself away. I shoved the door open and I ran to my car.
“Liz, GOD DAMNIT! DON’T FUCKIN’ LEAVE ME!” I whirled around to confront him.
“I am! I am! This is all wrong, horribly wrong! Your lying to me about killing him when I know you did! I saw it in your eyes!”
But I didn’t hear. I was in the car and I had turned it on. I slammed in reverse, sped around and shot off. I looked in rearview mirror once and saw Max was still standing there, crying, calling for me. I didn’t look again. I drove about a million miles, I didn’t really know, until I came to an empty beach. I stopped the car on the sand and breathed in deep. I couldn’t, my chest had collapsed. And then I started to scream. And I cried and screamed. It was in that moment I had realized. I had left my world behind.

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Loook an update!!! Hee hee
Jess- giggle
Everyone who has read my fic and left feed back. Thanks you guys! I love it keep it up(sigh, so in need of praise)

Chap 4: Montmartre>numbness>reality bites

“Liz? Liz? Hello!” I didn’t know how long I had blanked out but it was long enough for Kyle to notice. He was shaking my shoulder roughly and I snapped out of it with a gasp. He was looking at me with concern, but I knew it was just because he wanted me to trust him. I jerked my shoulder away.
“You…bastard…you fucking bastard.” I began to walk away.
“What?! What’s wrong with you?”
“Oh Mr. Spy doesn’t know? Isn’t it in your file?”
“What’s in my file?” I whirled around and came at him. Jerk!
“That Liz Parker went out with a murderer, a dangerous psychotic who left her no choice but to run away from him after she had found he was covered in his best friend’s blood with a gun in his hand!”
“You mean Hugh McConnolly?” The sound of his name seared across my heart. I had never gotten over it, just like I had never gotten over Max. I had just found a way to survive without him.
“Yes, Hugh.”
“I’m sorry Liz I didn’t know. I thought you were…you know, part of the whole thing.”
“What is that supposed to mean?” I replied my voice dangerously soft.
“I thought that you were just part of all the dangerous activities and that Hugh was some sort of obstacle in Max’s way and you didn’t car-“
“Who the bloody FUCK do you think you are?!! How dare you! Hugh was like my brother! I couldn’t breathe when I found out that he was dead! How dare you just assume that I didn’t care? You asshole! Forget about the ride forget about everything! I won’t help you and I won’t stay here one minute longer reminiscing about my past. I don’t like rehashing.”
I stormed off letting the cool night absorb me. I was growing steadily numb. “No damnit not now.” I couldn’t afford to be numb now; I had a job to do. Normally I waited until I was in my bed before I let the memories come back to me. They would keep me frozen all night long stuck in those endless days where I was happy. Then they would keep me stuck in those horrifying minutes when it was all taken away. Bastard. I could hear his running footsteps behind me.
“Liz! Jesus hear me out.” I could barely hear him. He sounded distant like the ocean did on that day. That day. It echoed in my hollow shell. I was numb.
“Leave me alone Kyle!” I managed to spit out, but it was a weak effort. I was just so tired. He caught up to me and grabbed my arm.
“Liz look I’ll give you the ride and whatever else you want if you please do this for me. It’s important.”
“Why? Why does this matter so much to you?”
“Because my partner was taken trying to bring Max and his buddies down. They have him, and he knows a lot about our investigation into your ex-friend. This was a week ago, he could be dead! But I have to try to save him, I promised him that.”
I felt a sliver of fear for his friend. Though I didn’t know him, I could only imagine what Max had turned into over these last 2 years and what he would do to him.
“Wait you told me that you have been looking for me for 3 months. He was kidnapped a week ago. What did you want me for before.”
Kyle sighed. I could tell he was hesitant to give the details of his secret operation, but I didn’t give a shit. If this nob wanted me to risk my life, I would have to know everything.
“We wanted you to help us with details into Max’s life. We knew you had been involved with him, we know everything about him. Except on the really intimate level, like his reasons for killing Hugh and even what kind of women he likes so we could have attempted our own kind of undercover work with your help. But now we need you. We have no time to prepare a girl for this and we know that….”
“What? That what?”
“He’s never fully gotten over you. In our surveillance, we’ve been able to see pictures of you on his walls. He has been overheard having conversations about you with his friend-“
“Michael?” I whispered. I didn’t want to comprehend what he was telling me but on some level, I knew that he had never stopped thinking about me. Just as I had never stopped thinking about him.
“Yes. Michael. Look can we finish this discussion in my car on the way to your contact? You’re going to be late.”
I looked at my watch. 7:10.
“Bloody hell.” I muttered under my breath. But I had really stopped caring. I was shut off to everything else now except what Kyle was telling me, and about the fact that everything I had tried to forget in the last 2 years was coming back to haunt me.
“Yes. Alright, let’s go.” I knew why I had said yes in that moment, because I felt so alone. I needed someone to protect me, and Kyle was there, cute, arrogant, pushy Kyle Valenti was there. Mr. Spy. I felt bad later for saying yes for reasons that you’ll find out soon enough, but looking into his eyes and realizing how cold I felt, I had to. We walked to the back of the hotel where his spiffy Mercedes- Benz awaited us. Well no one said spies didn’t travel in style. I observed everything from my hollowed point of view now. I decided to resort back to my old wit in order to survive the rest of the night. He let me in and we were soon speeding down the Paris streets heading for Montmartre.
“So get on with it Bond.”
“Don’t call me that.”
“Alright, Bond.” He sighed in frustration. Heh, I had him with that.
“I have reason to believe that Max has been following you and your…exploits, tracking you in a way, almost biding his time for-“
“For what?” I sounded calm. I was amazed. Maybe it was because I kind of knew this already too. I remembered an encounter with Michael in India a few months back.

* *
“What are you doing here?”
“Just umm researching.”
“Yes.” I didn’t want to ask, I didn’t, but I had too.
“How is he?”
“He misses you.”
“Yeah, he always sees you and yet he can’t be near you.” That was my first clue.
“Sees me?”
“In his mind’s eye I mean.” That was my second clue. He called all surveillance equipment his “mind’s eye”. Never fully understood that one. What can I say I pick em’ loony. But I laughed it off not comprehending then.
“Mike I think India has gotten to you.” He laughed tensely.
I had been doing so well in India. I had a tan and money and inner peace. I had thought I had finally gotten over it. Until tonight.
“Biding his time for a chance to bring you back into his life I don’t know. But I do know that I found you through him, so that means that he’s always close to you Liz.”
“Oh God.” The thought gave me shivers down my spine. Shivers of fear and excitement. His nearness although it was artificial still made my pulse race and my heart hammer. We drove along in silence for a while. I stared out into the city and daydreamed.
Max. I sighed.
“Where am I going in Montmartre Liz? Liz? Liz!”
“Oh! What?” I had drifted into another memory. One best not described to Kyle.
“Where am I going?”
“Near the Moulin Rouge, umm just across the street.”
He drove up to the corner and I could see a large well-dressed man with a tattoo near his left eye. His expression was surly and impatient. He had cruel stubble on his chin. This was Pierre. My contact. Hmmm.
“Is that the guy?”
“Wow not a happy chap is he?”
“I am 15 minutes late.”
“Yeah sorry about that.” He put his arrogant smirk on again. I really hated that smirk. I got out of the car and walked over to Pierre clutching the diamond in my breast.
“You are 15 minutes late.” His voice was a menacing growl and it stopped me in my tracks. Jesus this is the kind of people sent to pick up Hindi guy’s stuff? He sounds like he’s going to kill me.
“I know I’m sorry I just I had-“
“Shut up. I don’t care. Jus’ give me the diamants!” ‘All right French boy’, I muttered under my breath. Big mistake. He grabbed me by the hair and I cried out. Shit shit shit! I saw Kyle step out of the car his hand on his hip and I knew he wasn’t just doing that to show he was upset. I had to stop this.
“What did you say?!” he hissed in my ear. Ugh.
“Nothing it was a bloody joke!”
“I don’t like it when people mock me!”
“Alright no mocking got it! OW!” he yanked me hard before he let go. I wanted to get out of here fast. I grabbed the diamonds out of my bra and thrust them in his hand. He stretched his face into an oily smile. Oh yuck.
“Who iz that?”
“No one. Just a friend.”
“Do not lie to me bitch.”
“What is your problem with me?”
“I don’t like thieves you see. I find them arrogant, pompous and stupid. You are not exception.” Wanker.
“Alright he’s a guy I picked up ok? I get lonely.” He laughed in my ear. It was disgusting.
“Slut.” He shoved an envelope in my hand and then pushed me toward Kyle. He got in his BMW and sped off.
“Friendly guy.”
“Yeah we’re best friends.”
“It never ceases to amaze me the amount of slime that bubbles up in this town.”
“It never ceases to amaze me the amount of gel in your hair.”
“Thanks I try.”
“Just a little too hard I see.” I laughed. I had wiped the smirk off his face. I looked at him playfully. Ah that wit, keeps you alive when emotions fail you. He laughed too and locked his car.
“You want to talk a walk? I always like looking at this district.”
“Could it be all the porn?”
“Well…yes. And the pretty lights.”
“Fine. Go enjoy. I’ll just be here breathing.”
“You sure you don’t want to come with?”
“Yes absolutely sure!”
“You know…you did a noble thing.”
“Why in God’s name would I do that?”
“Well you could have told him I was a spy, but you didn’t”
“Hold on Bond. I didn’t want to get shot, that’s all. It wasn’t a declaration of my love, or an agreement that I’m going to help you.”
“Alright… But you are… aren’t you?” Whatever possessed me in that moment, I’ll never know. Maybe it was the pleading in his eyes. Maybe it was my numbness that had made everything seem trivial, but whatever the reason I said,

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brettainy- Max isn't there. So no he didn't see. But his "mind's eye" was. That's all I'm saying.

Chrissy- Does Kyle really sound that bad?*big*
Wow I wrote him evil unintetionally*wink*
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This is a quick author's note.

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dreamer4-life- This is a Dreamer story. And I just want to explain to everyone that I am having as much a hard time as you gettng through the Kyle/Liz. But it's important! Because it adds an element in my story... TORN LOYALTY!!! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHHAH...sorry.

Soooooooo I will try to post the next part this week coming up. I hope. If I don't stone me. hee he... yeah.
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Alright another update! I hope you don't stone me for this. Remember it will be Dreamer! DREAMER! I promise! I just have to have the story progress. Max and Liz will meet in the next part! I promise.

quick english slang lesson.

ricockulous- is just a bigger way of saying ridiculous.

vinegar strokes- are the last thrusts in.. ummm sex before orgasm. hee

Remember I always welcome feedback of any kind!
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Ok Chap 5!

Chap 5- Signs>a secret call>I just wanna feel

I watched Kyle walk off through the bright yet dark streets. Once again I was all alone. I wondered to my self “What the hell happened tonight?” I had gone from a simple heist to a reliving of all the things that had made me the bitter wench I was today. And I was bitter and suspicious. I still didn’t fully trust Kyle, but something told me that he was more trustworthy than some of the other charming people I had been involved with before. And secretly… I wanted to see Max again. I wanted to know what he looked like and who he was and…if he missed me. Sigh. Old habits die hard. Still I was also terrified of seeing him again. Upfront I knew the smartest thing was to never talk to him, who knew what would happen if he came back into my life. He would probably kill me or something ricockulous like that. I believed him to be completely mad at this point. Still… something called to me. It flew in the lucid breeze full of invisible messages. And one of those messages had flittered down tonight to tell me…Go.
“This is insane!!” I cried out, but no one heard me. “I don’t want this, make it go away!!!” As I called out to the angry and vindictive God in the sky, the bright lights of the Moulin Rouge glared into me. My tiny body leaned against the car for support, my heels pinched my toes as if they were scolding me Listen! they screamed. Those lights, they were so bright, it felt like staring into the sun, it burned and blinded, yet they still forced me to watch them. I laughed inwardly, the Moulin Rouge!! This is the big sign, an all-nude revue?? God that is so stupid. I thought of the movie with Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. Now there was a perfect love story. He was the perfect Christian and she the perfect Satine. Max had been my Christian, sweet, devoted, and a beautiful dreamer, so totally wrapped in the belief of love. Of course, both love stories had ended tragically like everything else in life. Still I could remember my favorite scenes, when she had gone to him and denied their love to save him and herself. And she thought it was all over, until he came back into her life the night of the play and it gave her a second chance…to…Aw hell. Aw bloody hell!! No this wasn’t the sign. The garish lights, and some movie about whores???!!! I mean love, but still it had whores in it!! Did that mean that I’m a whore?? Is God telling me I’m easy? Or maybe I’m that trippy faerie. Maybe I’m just tripping! I laughed aloud and danced the can-can in the street. God this was perfect. Well there was my sign. I must take this opportunity to try to do something. I didn’t know what, but something. I felt so numb. I sucked air into my lungs and just tried to get a handle on the moment. But there was no handle. And no brakes. Just that wall that I was about to slam into, that wall that was my future.


“Hello Jean?”
“Kyle is that you?”
“Yes. I have acquired her, you know the ex.”
“Really? How? Did you tie her up or shoot her? How dangerous is she?”
“Jean, honestly is that your answer to everything? Kinks? I acquired her with a little thing I would like to call charm.”
“Oh yeah I forgot about your…charm.”
“Sorry. So what do you think about her?”
“Well she’s something else I’ll say that. I kinda like her actually. She’s got spunk.”
“How does she feel about the whole helping you with Evans thing?”
“She freaked out. She started screaming at me. Apparently, she wasn’t part of the big evil, as you like to call it. He shot his friend and she left him, said he was turning ‘psychotic’ and she hasn’t seen him in two years. I told her a little bit about his…fixation with her. But she doesn’t know the extent of it. She doesn’t know that he was offering thousands of dollars to local scum to watch her. He has made up some sort of mission to be her “guardian angel”. Of course there’s a lot of anger there as well as we have seen in surveillance. But I don’t want to tell her any of that. I feel I have to sweeten this deal a bit. Glaze it over for her.”
“But her life would be in danger.”
“I would protect her.”
“…do you, you know like like her?”
“Don’t be an ass.”
“Oh man you do. Not again, Look you’re not 007 Kyle just-“
“Hey my personal life is none of your damn business! And I’m doing this for Jeff ok! He’s in there with that cunt! And when I catch Evans, I’m going to kill him . And if I like her and get involved with her I think it could even be a bit more revenge. I could rub it in his face right before I blow his head off.”
“So…you do like her?”
“Yeah. But I won’t let it stand in my way of getting this guy.”
“Alright that’s all I wanted to hear.”
“I better get back, she’ll be wondering by now.”
“Man be careful with her, she is still a professional thief. And that means that she’s mercenary. There’s always gotta be something in it for her.”
“Funny, she called me that.”
“Really? Hah, well spies and thieves excellent bedfellows don’t you think?”
“Very funny Jean. Just be on stand by at all times. And don’t forget to keep checking on Evans, if he breathes differently I wanna know.”
“Alright alright, it’s not like I need sleep.”
I was staring into the night sky, when Kyle returned.
“Well it’s about time, what happened you found something you like?”
“Well, maybe.”
He looked at me with intent. Uh oh. Did he mean me? I didn’t want to think about it, what ever happened happened at this point, I didn’t care.
“Shall we go?”
“Yeah let’s.”
We got into the car and drove off. I looked out the window, and sneaked glances at Kyle as he drove.
“You know I don’t have a place to stay.”
“What? Don’t you have a hotel room?”
“No. I checked out of my old one. I was planning to check into a new one tonight so I guess you could just drop me off.”
“…No that’s alright, you can stay at mine.”
Did he just say what I think he said?
“You mean sleep in the same room as you?”
I was treading with caution on this. I didn’t know if it was a good idea to sleep around the potential enemy. But as I struggled to keep my guard up, I felt it slowly melting down from exhaustion and the emotional emptiness of my current state.
“Yeah why not?” he looked at me, his eyes veiled with a practiced expression.
That was all I said for the rest of the drive. I looked at Kyle, he was hiding so much from me, I could tell, but I didn’t want to think about it. I didn’t want to think about any of this any more, I just wanted to sleep and not wake up for a thousand years, like Sleeping Beauty. Then maybe in the future a handsome prince who would love me forever could wake me up. Then I thought, as soon as I opened my eyes I would know that it wouldn’t be the right prince. As long as I was in this life, I knew there was no one else I would want to see first thing in the morning besides Max...

“Liz” I could hear a voice with a deep sexy timbre whispering to me. My eyes were closed, as they should be at 6 in the morning. But I smiled tiredly as the body next to me moved closer and wrapped their arms around me.
“Liz open yae eyes. I want tae see yae.” I opened my eyes and could see Max’s face looking down at me while his hand idly stroked my naked body underneath the covers.
“It’s early. Too early Max.”
“It’s too early fer this?” He bent down and plundered my lips with his. His kiss was passionate and soft. His hand teased my breasts until they peaked in anticipation. He then kissed both one after the other, using his tongue to flick at the buds. I moaned softly and wrapped my arms around him.
“Mmm you always know how to wake a girl up.” I looked at him mischievously.
“Heh. You always know how tae get a boy up.” He moved my hand to his jutting erection. I shivered slightly. Then began to scream with laughter.
“Max! Stop tickling me! Ahh!” he growled and picked me up at the waist so that I was hanging on his shoulder.
“We’ve got tae take a shower!” He bounced his way to the bathroom. I giggled the whole way and then slapped his ass. It made a resounding smack!
“Ahhh Jaesus!” I laughed loudly. He swung me around and placed me down, and went to turn on the shower.
“Are you coming with me?” I giggled.
“ I wouldna’ leave yae alone fer a minute.” I hugged him tightly and kissed him.
“I love you Max Evans.”
“An’ I love yae Liz Parker.”
“Liz you can take the couch.” I blinked. Where the hell was I? Reality slowly came into focus and I saw that I was in Kyle’s hotel room. Had I really blanked out for that long? Kyle looked at me curiously.
“Sorry I was somewhere else. Ok. Couch. Right.” I wondered around the room while Kyle scrounged up blankets and pillows from the maid’s linen closet. His room was smaller than I expected but still no less luxurious. Plush couches, lavish carpets, and huge windows exposing the beautiful Parisian night were just some of the things that impressed me. Just as I thought, Mr. Spy liked to live and travel in style. Geez he really did have a serious Bond complex.
“You know Kyle I just want to say, despite it all, thank you. I mean I know I shouldn’t trust you but I have to give you the benefit of the doubt, you haven’t turned a gun on me yet.” Kyle sighed. I could tell he was tired. I felt a pang of guilt. I knew I should probably give him some slack but it was hard in my current position. To be told to walk back into the life of a man who I hadn't seen in 2 years. A man who had once been my everything and now terrified me. It was alot to handle.
“And I won’t. Look Liz, I don’t expect you to believe me but I need you. I need you to go back into Max’s life and find my friend and partner. Without you he has no hope. And you may not like this but it has to be done. Please. I want him back.” Kyle slumped down on his bed and stared at the floor. My conscience pricked. Kyle talked about his friend as Max had about…Hugh. If I did this and trusted him, then maybe I could save a life, something I had been too late to do with Hugh. Maybe. I felt so numb, but a tiny spark of hope ignited in me, I could do something good for someone and get some closure in the process. I sat next to Kyle and felt the sudden urge to comfort him. I put my arm around him. He looked at me and then tension between us was palpable. God I wanted so much to just lose myself in someone tonight. And he was here, ready and maybe willing. I was reminded of a song lyric in a musical I had heard once. It was something about a girl who fought vampires and was possessed by some demon that made everyone sing. It was weird as all hell but one lyric the girl had sang seemed to ring true now. She was singing to some hot blond with a fake Brit. accent:
“This isn’t real, but I just want to feel.”
And that line seemed to fit me perfectly. This wasn’t love, and it probably wouldn’t ever be, but I just wanted to feel something anything. God what I have become? Meaningless sex with a complete stranger and potential enemy. In all rules of my world’s society, it would be taboo. But fuck it. Fuck them. I was tired of following accordance. For once, I wanted to stop being suspicious of everything and just act. So I did. As Kyle looked at me with his warm brown eyes focused on my lips, I slowly closed the distance between us and kissed him. It was soft at first, and tentative, but then it became deeper and hungrier. I could feel that he needed something too. I wrapped my arms around him and ran my fingers through his hair. Crunchy full of gel, not like Max’s wild untamed- NO stop it! Don’t think about him. I kissed him hard and fast. I began to unbutton his shirt. He began to remove my straps from my shoulders to get my dress off me. He pushed it down until my bra and bust was exposed. I ripped his shirt off and flung it somewhere. He ripped my dress off and flung it down. We moaned and kissed, groped and licked. It was quite enthralling. We lay down on the bed and he rolled on top of me. He kissed me some more as I ran my hands over his slight but muscular body. I felt him fumbling for something and saw that it was a condom. Boy scout. I pressed him to me and he licked my neck in smooth circles.
“Kyle!” I was dying for it; I needed it right now.
“Kyle please I need it now!” I needed to feel something; I needed to feel anything. He managed the condom and plunged into me. I gasped loudly. It felt so good, someone inside me filling me for that moment.
“God Liz!”
“Kyle uhh…please I need it!”
He moved frantically with a delicious rhythm, and my body sang with pleasure. Faster, harder, faster, harder, I was building to a peak that I had needed for a long time. Finally, with the last vinegar strokes I could feel my body vibrate with orgasm. Kyle followed suit. I was covered in a sheen of sweat and I was breathing hard. It felt wonderful for those few precious minutes.
“Kyle…thank you.” He looked at me, puzzled but didn’t say anything. He came off me and went to the bathroom. When he reached the door, he stopped, turned and looked at me strangely.
“Your welcome.” He closed the door.
I lay down on the bed, not feeling to move. The air was heavy now with the scent of sex and sweat. Had it gone by so fast? My eyes grew heavy and I began to drift off. The last thing I felt before succumbing was a gentle kiss on my forehead and some one crawling in to the bed next to me and tucking the sheets around my body.

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Author's Note

Gagnes Girl and B4echstarrynite oooh I didn't know I was going to get grrs on that last part
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But I promise pleasant surprises will await you, in the next part.

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I hope this makes everyone happy. I worked very hard. Sorry it took a while. Alright this has some things that I know will put a smile on yo' face! All the Brit slang has definitions in paraentheses.(sp?) So with out further adooo

Chap 6

It was morning. I knew because of the sick feeling in my stomach, that feeling that I had made a mistake. But I hadn’t. I had wanted to sleep with Kyle. I just didn’t want to now. I regretted it. And I didn’t. He had made me feel something. And that was worth a lot. I knew that he would become a blind spot, especially because of his vulnerability over his friend, but he was a blind spot I could handle. I knew that I would never fall in love with him. He wasn’t Max and no one would ever be. Sigh. I opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling. I counted the seconds of thick silence where I could just hear my soft breathing, and his deep inhalations. Then I heard him stirring next to me. I wanted to get out of bed but before I could he rolled over to me. His eyes were sleepy and he said in a yawn.
“Hi.” He smiled at me. And not with the smirk, but with a genuine smile. Uh- oh.
“Hi.” I smiled back at him, wearily. He kissed me lightly on the forehead, as he had the night before and got up. He dragged himself to the bathroom and closed the door. I sat up. Oh god what was I doing! This wasn’t right, I was using him! But then again, he was using me, so why should I care. Because he was using me to get his friend back and I was using him to get an emotional response in life. God I was pathetic. Yet he hadn’t said no, and he seemed quite eager. I grappled with my morals a few minutes longer before deciding to let it go, what good would it do to argue it. I had done it, it was done. I just had to deal with the after shocks. I got out of bed and stretched my limbs. I wanted to take a shower, I felt so sticky but I didn’t think there was another bathroom. Suddenly from behind the closed door as if he had read my mind:
“If you want to take a shower, there’s another bathroom in the next room.”
Next room? There was a next room? I thought this was it. But sure enough, as I searched the room I found one of the curtains was hiding a door. I opened it and my mouth dropped open slightly. Jeez I had just been in the bedroom! A huge posh living area had been revealed to me, with more huge windows that reached the high ceiling. The room was decorated in the beautiful style of Revolutionary Paris. I giggled, I still had an eye for decorating. ‘Well I should, after I spent all that time decorating Max and I’s- NO! Don’t think about him. Thinking about Max right now gave me huge butterflies in my stomach and made my mouth get very dry. I walked around until I found the bathroom. It had a Jacuzzi bath and a beautiful glass shower. ‘I could definitely get used to this.’ I had brought my dress with me since it was the only thing I had. The check was still in my purse, and as soon as I cashed it, I could get some new clothes. I turned on the bath and saw an array of bath salts and soap in a little cupboard. As soon as it was ready I slumped down inside the hot water and breathed in deep. The steam felt so good in my lungs. As I bathed, I started to smile. It grew wider as I splashed about and let the hot water melt off the memories of the night before. I was starting fresh and it felt good! The deadened feeling was gone and I felt like everything was new. And it wasn’t because of Kyle, or our torrid night. It was because of the possibility of Max coming back into my life. That I might be close to him again. Now don’t get me wrong I was still terrified. I wondered what it was going to be like knowing all that had passed between us. Would he be angry or glad? What would I do? Would I be able to be around him and function properly? Would he be suspicious of me just walking back into his life so unexpectedly? Of course, he would, he and I were the same entity, and any unexpected surprises made the both of us very wary. So…would he hurt me? The butterflies returned at that thought. This was going to be a new Max for me, and I couldn’t be sure of anything. I got up and dried off using one of the big thick fluffy hotel towels. I wrapped it around me and walked back to the bedroom. Kyle was waiting for me, only in boxers. He smiled as I entered. My hair was clinging to the back of my neck and I was dripping on the carpet.
“Hey. You showered.”
“Yeah. So did you.”
“Do you want some breakfast?” My stomach rumbled in response.
“I guess that’s a yes.” He laughed.
“Can I just have fruit, and a bagel?”
“Yeah sure.” As Kyle used the phone to order room service I slipped from my towel and began to dress. I could sense him looking at me, and it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I gave him a small smile.
“What is it?”
“Well I noticed…”
“You don’t have any other clothes.”
“How astute of you.”
“Well there’s a big store in this hotel, if you want to cash your check and go shopping.”
“Ok thank you.”
An awkward pause followed our words. I looked down at the floor, he coughed nervously. It hung in the air and we dressed in silence, both of us avoiding each other’s gaze. The discomfort between us now was unsettling. We had to work together and a chasm wouldn’t help.
“Look Kyle I don’t want last night to affect our future.” I said, deciding just to lay it out. “You want me to do this thing for you and I think that’s already asking a lot, so to ask me to have an intimate relationship with you would just be too much.” I stopped abruptly not wanting to go to deep into this. As long as he agreed, that was all that was important. He eyed me with an incredulous look on his face.
“Excuse me! I didn’t make you say yes, and I didn’t kiss you first.” My temper began to simmer. I wasn’t expecting that.
“Would you have taken no for an answer? Mr. Jump- out-of-buildings-call-the-cops-on-you Valenti! I didn’t have much of a choice! And you know what you were just as eager as I was last night. You could have said something but you didn’t. No you and your little Bond complex-“
“What???!! Bond complex! I have a Bond complex?”
“Yes you bloody well do. And last night you probably were just so in character you must have heard the theme song in your bloody head!”
“Look I didn’t sleep with you because I think I’m all 007-ish. I know you think I think that but I don’t.”
“I don’t think you think, I know you think.”
“I KNOW you think I think that way, but I really don’t. And here’s another thing I know you think I think nothing of your life, or your safety, but in truth I think-“
“Stop saying think!”
“Alright. I th- I th- I am very committed to keeping you safe.” I laughed cynically. I couldn’t believe his nerve. Committed to keeping me safe? Yeah right.
“If you really were, you wouldn’t send me alone, into the arms of that crazy man. You would have found another way.” We were nose to nose now as our anger raged. We were both breathing heavily and staring each other down. Both of us had way too much pride. We both wanted to be proven right. The sparks around us bounced around in the air and I swore I could almost see smoke coming out of both our ears. I was enjoying this. I hadn’t had an argument like this in a long time, not since Max. God, did he ever leave my thoughts? I had to admit this fight was nothing compared to the tempestuous battles that had occurred between Max and I, when we fought you could see lightening in the sky and thunder roared over the land.
“Would it make you feel better if I said I didn’t want you to do it?”
I started in surprise at his outburst. He looked at me intensely and the emotions coursing through his eyes made me nervous. He was already very attached, and I…I don’t know. I didn’t want to hurt Kyle, and I cared for him in some strange way, but I still felt, uneasy. ‘If you felt uneasy why did you sleep with him’ I scolded myself. ‘Because it felt right at the time’ I argued back. Still it had to be made clear, we couldn’t keep doing this. We would both just keep falling deeper and deeper. And we couldn’t do that. There was no way that I could become attached to Kyle while he asked me to reunite with Max. Because I knew that I had to devote myself to Max again to help Kyle. That meant sleeping with him and doing whatever else was necessary, and in the words of Satine, “The jealousy would drive him mad.” My eyes softened and looked at him with concern.
“Kyle, look all I’m saying is that we can’t get involved. There are things that are going to have to be done, things I’m going to have to do, that will cause a problem if you become too attached. We can be friends Kyle, but anything else might be dangerous. Besides, to be honest, I don’t think anyone can ever come in my life and make me feel the way Max mak- made me feel.”
I couldn’t tell him I still loved Max. He probably already knew but I just couldn’t say it. I could see that his temper had cooled down and he had an exasperated look on his face.
“I’m not asking to love you Liz. I thought we had something going, it’s true, but I wouldn’t let it affect me. I told you to feel better, because I wouldn’t want anyone to do what you have to do. This is dangerous and very risky. And I don’t want you to do it especially because of how awful your last experience with him was. Also…there is something about you Liz, something that makes a man want to protect you, the way that you have strength yet vulnerability. I find myself falling in that trap, but I’m telling you I want Jeff back, and I’m sorry but I won’t let anyone stand in my way, and that includes you.”
I had to admit I was a bit embarrassed. I had totally blown my importance to him out of proportion. I should have remembered, men like him knew how to detach themselves completely, he even beat me in that department, and I had had the deepest of pain and two years to accomplish that feat. His stance was determined and he eyed me with worry and reassurance. I slumped on the bed and covered my face in my hands. Damnit, what was I doing? I could feel his hand on mine and I looked up. He was smiling at me, and he was about to say something when a loud knock startled us.
“That would be breakfast.”
After we ate, we went down to the bank to cash my check and go shopping. It was therapeutic, shopping especially knowing that I could buy almost whatever I wanted. Whenever I was on a job, the minute I got the money I went to all the shops I could and went crazy. I didn’t just buy for myself, I bought for my sister Maria and my friend Alex who I knew would kill me if I came home empty handed. I chuckled at the memory of the two. They had kept me alive after the whole Max thing. Especially Maria as Alex had been in the States and far away from the whole thing. In fact, he never knew Max, Isabel, or any of them. He was going to meet them that summer, but of course, things didn’t work out. After my two hour spree (when Kyle couldn’t take it anymore) he decided I should go meet his partners who were close to where Max was, which was on the out skirts of Australia, on a large front of private beachfront property. This meant of course that I had to buy luggage. Another hour. Then pack. Another hour. By the time we got on the plane, the sun was setting, and it was almost if a chapter of my life was ending. While I looked out that tiny window, and stared at the pinks and fiery oranges slowly melting to the darkness which would soon engulf Paris, I felt a lump in my throat. I had no idea what was going to happen and it scared me to death. God if only everything hadn’t changed, if only I was still with Max, everything would be all right now. I would be happy, asleep next to him while he snuggled closer to me, and sub consciously kissed me.
“Please fasten your seatbelts.”
I closed my eyes. It was all starting now.

Max Evans was alone tonight. At least he thought so. Michael and Is had gone out, Tess had thankfully stopped bothering him and all of the guys had gone into town. No it was just he. He was glad, he liked being alone, and it made him feel calmer. When he was with people, it was a constant reminder that, she wasn’t around. He still thought about her when he was alone, but at least he could be unhappy peacefully without the stares or the goading from Tess and his family. “Time to move on!” they told him “You can’t mope forever.” Well fuck em’. They could all go to hell. He didn’t want to move on. He wanted her back. For one to see her again and tell her he loved her and to take her in his arms, and two to strangle the life out of her for leaving, without even waiting for an explanation. At first he tried to look at it from her point of view, but was continually blinded by the pain of seeing the fear in her eyes when he had confronted her.
“Shae shoulda’ known.” He said aloud. Yes, ‘Shae shoulda’ known’. He walked to the back of the house and went out on the patio. He used to sit out here watching the ocean dreaming about his future. Now instead he thought about her. He was so angry at her, yet he knew that he would do anything to have her here right now, laughing and sitting next to him, running her fingers through his hair, and whispering in his ear. He shuddered at this thought and clenched his fist. Tears welled in his eyes, and furiously he punched them away. Self-abuse had become his new friend. In the beginning he would sit alone and just slam his fist into his leg, crying, hoping, she would be back. As things progressed it had turned to drinking and several times drunk off his Scottish ass he would be known to cause a racket. Disgusted at himself, he got up and went back inside. He made a beeline for the liquor cabinet and poured himself some good scotch. He held the glass to his lips for a few seconds inhaling his poison and then gulped it down with a loud grunt and a sob. He stood there and let it wash over him, the warmth blossoming in his chest the light feeling in his head. This was good. He went to pour himself another when a loud knock was heard at the door.
“Who thae fuck is tha’!”
“It’s a mind’s eye.”
“It’s the guy you hired in Paris.” Max laughed and slurped down the next shot. He stumbled towards the door. He would not have gotten drunk off the two shots of Scotch yes, but the bottle of vodka he inhaled an hour earlier might have done the trick. He opened the door and grabbed the man. He pulled him to kitchen and shoved him on a seat.
“Sit down have a drink.” It wasn’t an offering, but a command. The man quietly took the shot and proceeded to explain himself.
“Look you hired me in Paris to watch the chick Liz Parker right?”
“Well I’ve come with a report and some news.”
“If your ass flew all thae way down to Australia tae tell mae abou’ this, it ha’ beatter be goo’.” The man eyed Max wearily. He knew that Max Evans was not a man to play with and he swallowed a lump of fear.
“Well first she just acquired a large sum of a money for a job she did two days ago. I was watching her from the outside of the hotel where her acquisition was, when all of a sudden she burst through the window and flew down into the bushes. She was accompanied by a man-“ Max snarled and picked the man up by the collar. He slammed him down on the table and put his hands around his throat.
“Man! Wha’ thae fuck do yae mean by man?” Though the man was now shaking with fright, he proceeded as much as he could.
“Meaning he- he- she- she got up and I saw the guy and it was Kyle Valenti.”
Jealousy consumed Max. It ripped through him and anger roared in his gut. Kyle. Kyle had gotten to her. He slammed the man down in the seat.
“FINISH!” he growled at him.
“Umm well after they went and got her money, they went back to Kyle’s hotel room. And-” Max cut the man off with a loud scream of frustration. The man cringed.
“GOD HIS HOTEL ROOM.! HIS FUCKING HOTEL ROOM!” Max threw the bottle of Scotch on the wall, dragged his fingers through his hair. He looked at the terrified man sitting on the chair gripping the shot glass as if it were the Jaws of Life. He eyed him as if he was the cause of all his misfortunes, yet still he knew that he wanted to hear the rest of the story.
“Go on.” He said through gritted teeth.
“Ok so in the morning they went shopping for two hours, Kyle didn’t buy anything, but Liz bought a whole bunch of stuff, then they bought luggage, went back up to the hotel room (he revealed this detail with a cringe), came out all packed up, and checked out.” The man took a small breath. Max glared at him.
“Tha’s it? Tha’s what yae came all thae way from Paris tae tells mae. I oughta’ kick yae blood ass!” Max grabbed the man violently and threw him against the wall. Shielding his face with his hands the man stammered out.
“No-o-o w-w-wait! There’s more! They got on a plane to Australia! They are coming here! I saw them and I got on the same plane. They are here right now! They’re here in Australia!” Max froze. She was here? So close? She hadn’t been this close to him in two years. She had gotten out of Australia as fast as possible knowing that he would find her. But she hadn’t any idea that there was no where she could hide, because he would always find her. Now she was here, and he could see her maybe, maybe. He picked up the man on the floor and took him to his room. He paid him the $3,000 he was promised and then promptly shoved him out. The man stood out side the door in shock for a minute before leaving.
Max paced his room, letting his mind overflow with the possibilities of the new development. He would kidnap her! Yes he would just find her, and in the dead of night…no that really wouldn’t help to gain her trust. Did he really want her trust? Yes he did, he wanted her to believe him, about Hugh. Pain filled him at the name of his lost friend. Well he had lost one loved one and he wouldn’t pass an opportunity to get back another. Excitement curled in his chest, and wide smile broke out on his face. She was here! He went to the kitchen to get a drink when he stepped on a large manila folder. He picked it up and opened to reveal photographs. His smile grew even wider for they were of Liz. The guy must have dropped it when he threw him against the wall. He poured the photos onto the kitchen’s island and began to examine each one. God she looked so beautiful, she had let her hair get long. He absorbed each photo growing even more aroused and hungry with each one. His mouth slacked a little as he saw a close up of her face, her lips looking so inviting and her eyes done in that smoky way he had always liked so much. He used to tease her about them being her ‘heroin addict eyes’ but he had always loved them. He had loved to have her walk around their bed room naked wearing nothing but high heels and those eyes…
He had been holding his breath. He let it out with a ragged exhale. Jesus Christ he couldn’t wait to have her back. It was going to kill him. She left him so peaked that his skin became sensitive to touch. At that moment his leg brushed against the counter and he cried out. See? He looked through more of the photos hoping that the guy had taken some of her in her hotel room, when his hand stopped on a new set of photos. He began to grit his teeth and his jaw clamped. It was Kyle and she. He looked through the set and saw Kyle smirking at her while she stared at him with an annoyed expression. This did not give him any relief.
Kyle Valenti was the thorn in Max’s side. He had been hunting him forever, just waiting for the right moment to strike and bring him down. That’s why he had kidnapped his friend and partner he wanted Kyle to come after him so they could have the showdown he knew the both of them were itching to have. He also wanted the valuable information that he knew the ass that was locked up at Tess’s place had. But Kyle had crossed a line with Liz. No one touched Liz. Max realized that he couldn’t trust her now. She had willingly joined with Kyle. Kyle didn’t have any other cases and the history of he and Liz would be common knowledge. Now he was using her against him knowing that it would be his one weakness. He gripped the picture of them together until it crumpled in his hands. His rage threatened to consume him. Then he laughed bitterly. He realized that there was no need to try to find her. She would come to him and he would be ready.


After we left the airport, Kyle and I drove endlessly down to the location of his buddies. Being in Australia again was like coming home. I had so many memories here. I mean I loved my hometown Reading, but this place held so much of my history. We were heading to a hidden location in Melbourne since our house was somewhere off there. Wait I mean Max’s house, it wasn’t mine anymore. Sigh. After an hour we finally pulled up to an abandoned building that was in pretty good condition. Kyle parked in the back and we walked up a rickety staircase. He knocked on the door and a large man filled the doorway. I looked up, Jesus! He was about 7’ tall!
“Hey Kyle. Ooh who is this?” He had a thick Aussie accent. He smiled at me laying on a large amount of what I assumed was charm.
“Jean, this is her. Liz.”
“Whoo…hello Liz Parker. I must say the surveillance photos do not do you justice, come right in come right in. “
“Uh Thanks.” I went through the doorway as fast as I could avoiding his stare. Kyle chuckled behind me and followed. I walked into a room that was covered in surveillance equipment. Cameras, TVs, and computers were everywhere. ‘Kyle had quite a little operation’. Another man was sitting at a computer typing furiously. He was quite a paradox to the other man now leering at me. Ugh. He had curly brown hair and a slight build, while Jean was large and very Australian. Blond sun kissed hair blue eyes big smile that sort of thing. The curly haired man turned around and gaped at me. He didn’t say anything, just sort of gawked. I didn’t understand why. I was only wearing jeans and a peasant top. I didn’t understand why either of them was looking at me as if I was the messiah. It was irritating.
“Alright I’m tired of all the staring! You Jean knock it off before I knock your nadgers! And you whoever you are-“
“Sean. I’m Sean uh Ms.Parker.” He gave me a weak smile.
“Alright then Sean, stop.”
“Kyle I like her! Your right she has got spunk.” I whirled around and glared at Jean and Kyle, my arms crossed my foot tapping in impatience.
“Alright I’ve come here to your little peeping tom club Kyle, and we’ve made introductions, can we please just get on with this!” Kyle was laughing at Jeans quip but quickly stopped when he saw the sour expression on my face.
“Uh ok. Come over here. Ok Liz this is a map of where Max has his operations. See here’s his house on the private beach-front/half island thing here.” I stared at the map with a half smile on my face. I knew all of this already of course but I didn’t mind being told again. I liked knowing that Max hadn’t left the place we had made together.
“Yeah. We put it there cause it was secluded yet not completely remote. We were lucky to get that spot actually.” I looked up and could see the three men looking at me. Sean was typing something again while sneaking peaks out of the corner of his eye, Jean was staring down my cleavage (ugh!), and Kyle was giving me another one of his reassuring smirks.
“No that’s ok, anytime you have the slightest amount of info just tell us. It could help.”
“Ok. So look here now, see these warehouses, well this is where his current partner Tess is located. She has her own operations, but they’ve been working together for a long time now. Her outfit is a lot larger than Max’s, but I think they have been working together to maybe form some sort of merger. This is where Jeff is I know it. ” Kyle went on but I had stopped listening when he said Tess. I was having trouble breathing normally from the anger I was experiencing right now. I couldn’t believe it. He had gone to Tess after all. After what happened, after Hugh he still worked with that bitch. That whore who I knew had been using Max from the start. She hated me and I didn’t mind because I hated her right back. She had been trying to separate Max and I from the minute we first met her. I remembered the fights I would have with Max about her. She was salt in the wound. I was half crying, half boiling as I stared at her spot on the map. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jerked my head up to meet Kyle’s worried glare. I couldn't say anything. I managed to choke out.
“Umm can I have a minute, by myself out side?” I was squeezing my palm with my nails to keep from snapping. Kyle looked scared. He looked over to Jean who quickly looked away and then Sean who dipped his head back to his work.
“Uh yeah.” I stalked my way out of the building and went to the empty alley. Then I let it all go. I screamed in rage and frustration, flinging every curse word I knew at her and his head.
“FUCKING SLUT BITCH CUNT! YOU WHORE YOU FUCKING WHORE! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! GODDAMNIT MAX! GODDAMNIT!” I kicked at trash on the floor, I picked up rocks and through them against the wall. I pretended the wall was Tess and I began to pound it with my fists until they were raw. Tears were streaming down my face and I angrily dashed them away. I picked up a pipe and began to rag on a broken down car. I slammed it down on the windows, on the hood anywhere it would make a dent.
In an instant I felt a pair of strong-arms grab me and stop my pugilistic encounter with the car. My hair was tangled wildly around me and my top was falling randomly off my shoulder. Beads of sweat were gathered at my forehead and it took me a moment to come back into reality. When I did, I saw that it was Kyle who had grabbed me and was now trying to get the pipe out of my hands. I could see Sean and Jean staring at me in awe while I struggled to resume normal breath. Sean looked terrified and Jean looked…aroused. This pissed me off.
“Jean stop fucking staring at me! I SWEAR! I WILL KILL YOU!” Sean turned his head in fear but Jean just kept staring with a big smile on his face. I narrowed my eyes at him and he finally turned to talk to Sean.
“Liz calm down will you! God what’s wrong? Is it Tess?”
“Oh how astute of you! Yes if you must know it is Tess.” I spat the last word.
Kyle looked at me for a minute and then wisely kept his mouth shut and didn’t ask anymore questions. We went back upstairs in silence, while Sean and Jean wearily backed away from me. I couldn’t prevent the small smile that broke out. I was glad I had intimidated them. Now they would listen to me. After everyone filed inside, we waited a minute or two for me to calm down I guess and then began again.
The meeting lasted all night long and by morning, everything was explained to me. Kyle had said that Max wanted me back, and would come to my rescue if I were in trouble. So the plan was that I would be arrested for a minor infraction, then all we would have to do is wait for Max to pick me up and I would be in. Kyle had placed a small tracking device in my foot that would be undetectable by anyone but Sean, Jean and he. I was to report any strange activity, any change in his routine whenever contacted by Kyle.
“There is a plan in the works”, he told me, “I think it may be the perfect opportunity to get him and Jeff.”
“When do you think this is going to happen?”
“Maybe in a month or two.”
“A month or two! You mean I have to stay with him and pretend for two months! I don’t think I can do it Kyle!” He grabbed my hands and held my chin so that I would look at him.
“Yes you can. I will do anything possible to help you. I will keep you as safe as I can. You can trust me ok Liz?” I held his gaze, and tried to find my security in his eyes.
“Alright. Kyle can you promise me something?”
“When you get Max, can you get Tess too. For me?”
“…I’ll do my best.”
The week went by quickly and before I knew it, it was time for my arrest. It was a little amusing, knowing I was going to be put away for pick pocketing. I hadn’t done that since I was a teenager. But I didn’t complain. Kyle went through all the normal procedures, down to fingerprints and made sure that my mug shots were spread around so that any Max spies would know that I was in trouble. As I posed for my side shot Kyle bobbed his head from behind the camera.
“Don’t you ever feel guilty that you steal from other people?” I was amused at that question.
“No. Most of the people I steal from are criminals anyway. I’m just giving to other criminals who are offering money.” He looked puzzled. I laughed.
“It’s ok Kyle don’t try to think about. I know your moral boy.” The look on his face made me burst out with the Flight Lieutenants (giggles). After my shoot, Kyle drove me to the prison. My stomach was alive with butterflies and my hands were shaking. What was going to happen? I had no control over anything right now. I wondered if Max knew I was here.

“Max NO. Wae’re not getting her!” Michael Guerin raked his fingers through his already messy hair. He was stressed. A mind’s eye had just come to tell them that Liz was now arrested for pick pocketing. This was preposterous, because Liz was the best thief he had ever known. It was a set up plain and simple. Max and said that she was talking to Kyle Valenti, and this smelled like a Kyle Valenti thing to do.
“Can’t you sae? If wae get her wae’ll be as good as dead!” Max whirled around and stared his friend down. A nervous Isabel sat watching the exchange biting her fingers.
“Do yae ever stop yae Frank and Pat (chat)? I’m thinkin’.”
“If you think I’m goin’ to risk my Irish arse you caen forgaet about it!”
“Michael! Shut up!”
“Tha’s enough yae two.” Isabel stepped between them, worried that her brother would cause trouble.
“Is I wanna go get haer.”
“But! -”
“Michael. Max I jus’ don’t know.”
“Look I’ve saen this coming. Yae can trust mae. I promise. I just, I want her back guys. Even if I can’t trust haer, I just want tae see haer face please guys. Let me do this.”
“What if shae’s a spy? What then Max?”
“I’ll handle it Mike. I promise. But I need yae tae go get haer.”
“I flippin’ knaew it.”
“I’ll stay here with yae Max.”
“Alright Is.’
“Mike take two of the guys go there pick haer up. If yae notice anything, call mae.” Michael stormed out, leaving Max and Isabel alone. Is looked at her brother with worry. Max turned around, and headed for the liquor cabinet.

I had forgotten how long I had been in jail, but all I knew is that I wanted out. No wonder I had never let myself get caught this was awful. I tried to think of the plan and stay calm. It wasn’t working. I sat limply sweat trickling down my brow. A/C was not a luxury in this prison. I waited for three hours, before anyone came for me. Finally I heard a familiar voice.
“I’m haere to get Liz Parkaer.”
“Who are you?”
“Michael Guerin. Relative through maerriage.”
“How do I know that huh?”
I could hear the two men whispering to each other and I knew that Michael was backhanding (bribing) him. Finally, I could hear footsteps and the fear in my stomach made my heart feel like it was in my throat. I saw Michael and I smiled nervously. The bailiff let me out.
“She’s all yours mate.”
“Thanks.” Michael said disdainfully. We walked outside before we said anything to each other. Michael looked good. He had gotten a tan and some muscles and his hair wasn’t half-bad.
“Hey Liz.” He looked at me cautiously, as if not knowing what to expect. I hugged him tightly.
“It’s good to see you again.” And it was. He felt a bit taken aback, but then quickly wrapped his arms around me.
“You too.”
We went to my hotel room to pick up my luggage and he took me down to the docks. We got on Max’s cruiser and headed for the house. My stomach was twisted in knots. My heart was pounding. I tried to let the sun and ocean calm me but it was no use. Much too soon we pulled up to the house. I could see Max standing there, waiting for me. Isabel was close behind him. Several guards also stood there. I gulped.
“Come on Liz. Laets go.” I grabbed Michael’s hand and walked with him towards the house and towards Max. I couldn’t breath, it felt like my chest had collapsed. I felt like I was going to faint. Inch by inch, step by step I got a little closer, until finally I was right in front of him. At first, I just stared like a deer caught in headlights. Then after a minute of his scrutinizing glare I managed a:
“Hi…Max.” He looked at me. I couldn’t read his face, never had been able to really. I didn’t know what to expect. He had changed, well he looked older and more tired, but other than that, he had stayed the same. The same dark messy hair, the same amber fire eyes. The same cute ears and the same lips that I had loved to kiss. He just looked…world-weary. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever. I could feel the heat pouring off us in droves, I stood rooted to the spot. Until suddenly he grabbed me and kissed me in front of everyone. At first I was frozen with fear and then I realized, wait no I have to pretend as if I want this I’m undercover. I began to return the kiss, little by little getting more relaxed. As I kissed him, I felt my body responding. My arms wrapped around his neck I pressed myself a little closer to him. Soon it took no effort at all and I was using my tongue to tease his. In fact, I was enjoying it, and I wanted more. An alarm clicked in my brain. Oh God, I wasn’t faking this. Oh no.

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Chap7 Meet and greet>sleeping arrangements>don't you want to see it on?

Max couldn’t breathe. He could only explain this strange phenomenon with two words: Liz Parker. That was the only explanation, the fact that her soft beautiful lips were touching his for the first time in two years and her body was close to his making him vibrate with happiness. He had to breathe sometime though, and after about two minutes of torture he pushed her away and gasped for air. He noticed she looked odd, as if she was struggling to detach herself from him. Anger filled him. He had to remember, she was most likely working for Kyle and as much as he would have loved to, he couldn’t believe that she had come back to him because she wanted to. He felt an ache in his heart, but quickly suppressed it. ‘This was better than nothing’, he thought bitterly.
What was he thinking? He had cut off our kiss abruptly and was staring at me in a discomforting fashion. He saw right through me I knew it. My stomach was about to take off and fly away from the amount of butterflies that were rippling inside it. ‘Two months of this.’ I thought to myself. I’ll never survive. I gave him a weak smile and he smiled back, though I noticed that it didn’t reach his eyes. I had to say something soon, at least for my sake.

“It’s good to see you again. I…missed you.”


She missed me?’ Max thought trying to hide his true emotions. ‘Maybe she was just saying that.’ His hopes diminished again. ‘Yes, she was.’


I wasn’t just saying that I missed him, I meant it, though I could tell that he wasn’t convinced. We stared in to each other’s eyes for what seemed like forever, both of us contemplating the serious issues and struggles between us. Max didn’t trust me. I didn’t trust Max. This was a bad situation. I looked at him a few minutes more before hearing someone clear their throat loudly behind us.

“Ah- hem!” Isabel Evans quipped. “Hi Liz, it’s nice tae sae yae again.”

I looked over Max’s shoulder to see the beautiful smile of gorgeous Isabel Evans. She could have been a model, if she wasn’t a very well known hustler and manager of Max’s affairs. She was kind of his personal crime secretary and we had worked very well together. We had been good friends in fact. I returned her warm smile, noticing that she hadn’t changed a bit. The same long blond hair, the same beautiful brown eyes, it was nice to see a friendly face. I walked over to her and gave her a warm hug.

“Hi Isabel. How are you?”

“Oh yae know, still thae Ice Princess when it comes tae business.”

“Just business?” She laughed. I felt a little safer.

“Alright, alright yae got mae, not just business. But I’ve always baen nice tae yae though.”

“That’s because I don’t have a penis.” We both laughed this time.

“Well it’s good tae have yae back. Things ha’ baen…different since yae left.” She hugged me again, gripping me close. Discreetly she whispered in my ear.

“I understand why yae left, but Max ha’ not baen doing well since tha’ day. Please help him.” I looked at her in surprise and saw the worry in her eyes. I hugged her a little tighter.

“I’ll talk to you later.”

We broke apart and she nodded. I turned to Max again and winced slightly. This was wrong what I was doing, but it had to be done for Kyle. I owed him that. Max grimaced at me and picked up my bag.

“Well le’s get yae inside.” We headed up the walkway to the big beach house. Though my heart was racing it was good to see my old home. I checked out the surroundings and noticed all the security around. Max had gotten paranoid in my absence. We went in the house and walked through the open hallways. Isabel and Michael soon separated from us and I noticed that the guards had stayed outside. That meant that it was just the two of us now heading to…Max’s bedroom! My stomach churned as he opened the door. Just thinking about Max and bedrooms…stop it! No no! Must concentrate on mission. I walked in and my eyes immediately went to the bed. I saw that the sheets were rumpled and that the pillows were scattered everywhere. It always looked like that right after we had- No! Stop! Mission mission! Max dropped my suitcase on the bed and sat down. I spied a chair in the corner and sat on that. I wanted to look at him, but couldn’t, I would just see Max on the bed. Sexy naked Max on the bed. No! Stop! Wait…sex?? The bed looked rumpled from…sex. Oh god! I became nauseous. Was he sleeping with Tess. No that couldn’t be possible, I mean no, it couldn’t! But it could. It really could be possible. I mean why not he worked with her. I felt my heart break in my chest. The wound that was Tess Harding never seemed to go away. It was a scar that could never heal, and I wondered if it ever would.

“Liz?” I looked up startled.

“Why don’ yae unpack? I looked to my suitcase. So I was sleeping in his room. Would he sleep with me? I tried not to shudder at that thought.

“Oh…ok.” I went to the bed and began to take my clothes and other things out. I was surprised everything I had bought fit in there, but I had managed somehow. As I pulled out my clothes, I reached my underwear and blushed profusely. I tried to hide them in my jeans but since he was right next to me, I didn’t think it would work. When I finished unpacking, I went to the empty drawers and shoved everything in quickly. I could feel him watching me the whole time and I tried to ignore the fact that it had become very hot. I turned around.

“All done.” He smiled at me. I could tell it was fake.

“Good. I want yae to try something on fer mae Liz.” I looked at him in surprise.

“What?” He picked up a bag from the side of the bed and presented me with a very skimpy red dress.

“I thou’ yae could wear it sometime whaen wae go out fer dinner or somethin’.”

“Oh…ok. I’ll try it on.” I headed for the bathroom when I felt his strong hand grip me, not too gently. I turned and saw the rage and fire in his eyes. It scared me.

“NO. Try it on here.”

“But Max.”

“HERE.” I winced. “It’s no’ like I haven’t saen yae before Liz. Wha’ have yae go’ tae be ashamed of?” I swallowed back tears. He was doing this on purpose. He was humiliating me. He was still mad at me, I could feel it coming off of him. I held my head up high trying to convince him I was not embarrassed. I slowly slipped off my shirt exposing my braless breasts to his hungry gaze. He walked to the other side of me and I thanked God for small miracles. Now he wouldn’t notice the tears trickling down my cheeks. ‘Is this what whores feel like?’ I went to unbutton my pants with trembling fingers. This pain felt like no other. It was the pain that the man, whom I loved so much, felt like treating me as if I was a common whore. I slipped the pants off, taking my underwear with it. I held my breath and turned to face him. His mouth had slackened in my undressing process and I swore I could almost see drool coming down his chin. His eyes were alight with all consuming passion and need. Still I could feel the unhealed scars between us. His passion was angry, vengeful. I could feel some sort of love emanating from him, but it was masked with unbridled rage. I went to put on the dress when he swooped me up into his arms. I shook with fear.

“Don’t you want to see how it looks?” I pleaded desperately.


He plunged his lips on mine. I had no choice but to submit. I wasn’t going to pretend like I didn’t love every minute of it, but I wanted it to be so different. I didn’t want him to fuck me in anger. I wanted him to make love to me, to whisper the soft caresses in my ear. He threw me down on the bed. No chance of that happening. Without words, with out emotions, he stripped himself of his clothing and joined me in the bed. He began to kiss me again and then moved his hands all over my body making me arch in response. He broke our kiss and looked at me almost guiltily, as if he knew that this was wrong, but then his eyes hardened again and he kissed me roughly on the neck.

“Go’ Liz I missed yae so much.”

I was surprised when he said that. I didn’t know he cared at all. Then again I had never been good at deciphering Max.
He moved his hands down to my thighs and squeezed them roughly. The feel of Max touching me drove me crazy and I groaned loudly. I ran my hands on his hard body, panting from all the heat between us. He slid his hand in between my legs and began to rub my clit.


I jerked and spasmed at his ministrations. He licked my collarbone and I dug my nails into his back. He chuckled deeply.

“I knew yae missed mae too.”

He moved his mouth down to my nipple and sucked urgently. I could feel the sensation all the way down into my bones. He shoved his fingers in me and slid them in and out. I could feel my juices dripping onto his fingers all over his hand. I was hyperventilating trying to get him to stop, but he wouldn’t budge. This was wrong…no…stop. We couldn’t just make up like this. There was so much still lingering, plus the fact that I was going to turn him in to the FBI in a month or two sort of put a damper on any permanent make ups. Still I could enjoy one night of this right? One night of perfect pleasure pretending everything was normal. As he slid another finger in me I decided ‘Yes. Yes I could.’

He increased the pace of his fingers and I saw beads of sweat break out on his forehead as he licked me all over. I lay back and moaned loudly arching my back to let his fingers gain deeper access. When he moved his mouth down to where his fingers were and began to lick, I lost all control. The feeling of my orgasm came crashing down on me and I blacked out for a split second. I screamed so loud I swear the whole house must have heard me. He lapped up the liquid between my legs and off his fingers and kissed me lightly.

“Yae taste so good, like spices.” His hair fell damply over his amber fire eyes, and he smiled sexily.

“Yae want some more?” I looked at him. I didn’t think I could take anymore.

“How about I do something for you?” His eyes lit up with need. I kissed him slowly letting my tongue tease his lips. I moved my hand down to his jutting erection and stroked it slowly.

“Lizzzz. Jaesus.”

I continued to stroke him and licked his chest eagerly. He ran his fingers through my hair and moaned with his lips on my skin.

“Liz. Liz.”

I started to move downward, so that I could repay him the favor he had given me, but he dragged me up and crushed me underneath him instead.

“No. I want you know.”

Pinning my hips down with his hands he slowly slid into me and stayed still for a minute. I had forgotten how damn good this felt. I had forgotten how good Max made me feel. I was ready to remember now.

He began to slide in and out of me caressing my neck with his lips. I could barely move. Every nerve in my body was humming as he moved in me.

“Ma-ma-x! Uh oh god oh god!”

He slid his fingers up and down my sides tickling me and quickened the pace of his movements. He moved his mouth to my ear and whispered

“God I forgot how good yae are. I forgot how good yae taste Liz. God uh…I love this Liz. Yae feel so good wrapped around mae. Yae feel so good when I’m in yae Liz.”

I screamed wildly, unable to take anymore of his words. He bucked his hips and moved faster. I wrapped my legs around him and forced him even deeper into me.

“Oh…god…oh…god…oh…Max! MAX! FUCK MAX!”

Still it wasn’t over. He wanted to take me higher, higher than anyone could ever take me. He kissed me, massaging my lips with his while his hands moved under me to my lower back so that I would take even more of him. I tried to wrap my legs even higher as his sweat trickled down his forehead and dripped on my chest. It was the most exhilarating feeling of my life. He never closed his eyes. Instead, he kept them focused on mine, so I could see every emotion in them. They danced like amber flames, sometimes so deep they were golden. I ran my fingers through his hair and grabbed it, trying to gain some control in the situation. But the pain didn’t phase him, in fact it seemed to drive him on. He kept going and going, increasing his pace faster and faster until our bodies felt melded together. Then an earth shattering sensation ripped through me. I screamed so loudly that I became hoarse. I kept screaming.



He came after me and I could feel his release. Both our bodies shook violently in climax and we panted as if we had been running for an hour. It took us 10 minutes to recover. We both held each other in silence. Finally he rolled off top of me and gathered me in his arms.

“I missed yae.”

With that, he fell fast asleep exhausted. I noticed sadly that he hadn’t said I love you once, but I couldn’t complain. I hadn’t either. I rested my head against his chest breathing in the scent of him and tried to forget that there was a tomorrow.

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LOOK who UPDATED!! Hee hee. I hope this makes you all very happy. And then you get drunk Max in next part. I didn't bother with a certain blond bitch's Aussie accent since I have no idea how to write it. So just imagine she's from Steak and Kidney(Sydney) Alright I won't jammer on.

Chap 8 morningafter2>look who's here for breakfast!>happy reunions

Max stirred in the early dawn. He was filled with the scent of cinnamon and sex. ‘Mmm spicy’ he thought. His arms were wrapped around warm flesh and his face was buried in chocolate hair. ‘Mmm Liz’. He heard her snore softly and felt her shudder at his touch. Max smiled with the secret knowledge that she still wanted him. Even if she didn’t love him, even if in the end she betrayed him, she still wanted him. Kyle could never change that. He watched her as she slept, his eyes roaming around her face. She looked so innocent he could almost trust her. He could almost let go of the past and tell her what he really wanted to say.

“I love you.” He whispered.

Almost. He sighed in relief she was asleep. He wouldn’t tell her he loved her, not while she was here to hurt him. Well he could hurt her back and he would. He just had to be himself. Well the self he was now, and she would feel exactly what he felt. Hurt, betrayed, angry. She would suffer. Max gave himself a mental kick. He hated this! He didn’t want it to be this way; he wanted to be with her as it was before. When everything was perfect she had looked at him and wasn’t scared but reassured that he would always take care of her. That was all gone now. Like his dreams and heart, it had washed out into that sea of pain they were drowning in. Max lay back and reached for the pack of cigarettes on his night table. He lit it up and dragged in deeply. He held the smoke in his lungs and let it burn before releasing it out a whoosh. Max didn’t want to be here when Liz woke up. He jumped out of bed and dressed quickly flicking the still burning cigarette into the ashtray as a symbol that he had left. Anyway, he had things to do; he couldn’t stay here all day with her as much as he would have loved too. Max frowned. ‘Why couldn’t life be perfect.’ He thought to himself. After one last look back at her sleeping figure, he quietly left leaving the door open.

Max made his way down the hall to the kitchen where he saw Isabel and Michael making coffee and staring at the little blonde Aussie chatting away incessantly while she helped herself to whatever she wanted. He could tell they were both not at all happy about this. The blonde looked up from her toast and saw Max. He groaned inwardly as she gave him a big grin

“Hey Max.” Max walked over to the coffeepot and helped himself, without giving her a second glance.


“Oy? Is that all you have to say?”

“Aye. Tha’s all I have tae say a’, wha’ time is I'?”

“I’s 10.”

“A’ ten in thae mornin’.”

“Well I just thought you be a little more excited to see me.” She pouted.

Michael and Isabel smiled at each other. Excited wasn’t the word.

“We’ Max is ae little tired aftaer last ni’. Aren’t yae Max?” Isabel teased.

Max turned sharply and glared at Isabel. She gulped and quickly shut her mouth. Michael took a step backward to avoid the fireworks.

“Why? What happened last night?”

“Nothin’. Stop askin’.”

“But I only asked once.”

“Tha’s why I asked yae tae stop.”

“Oh alright. It can’t be as important as our meeting today.”

“O’ no. I’d say it hadda screaming importaence.” Michael quipped.

Max glared at him now with a look that promised ‘I’m going to kill you.’ Isabel and Michael were almost dying of laughter at the puzzled but irritated look on Tess’s face.

“Le’s go tae thae office shall wae?” Max pushed.

“Oh ok.”

“Michael, Isabel will yae bae joinin’ mae and Tess?”

“In ae mini’” they choked.

When Max and Tess left Michael and Isabel burst out into screaming laughter. They couldn’t wait until she found out it would drive her mad!

Max and Tess made their way down the hall to Max’s office. It was on the other side of his room a little further down. They walked quickly wanting to get to the matter at hand. They passed Max’s room and his open door a little faster. Then Max heard Tess’s gasp and knew that she had saw. Damn.

Tess’s eyes were rewarded with the sight of Max’s tight ass as they walked to his office. ‘Mmm.’ She thought. He looks good in that leather. They passed his room and she looked inside. She sighed to herself. If only she could be in that bed sleeping next to him. Then she focused on a shaped that was stirred underneath the sheets. It was a girl. A GIRL! She froze. She watched as the figure turned around to face her. The girl had…brown hair. Oh my god. No. No it wasn’t, no it couldn’t…was it? The blood had drained from Tess’s face. Her knuckles went white. Her eyes narrowed in jealousy and rage. LIZ.

Max watched turned to see Tess looking extremely pissed at something or someone. When he saw she was looking in his room he knew exactly who. ‘I knew I should have closed that door.’ He grimaced and then prepared to face the beast.

“Uh Tess, don’ yae think wae should bae movin’ along?”

Tess was panting like an enraged bull. He could see smoke coming out of her ears. She looked at him and put on a false sweet smile.

“Is that Liz in there?” she gritted.



“Well, le’s go.”

“No. Wait I want to say hello.”

“But shae’s sleepin’.”

“Oh she looks like she’s going to wake up at any moment.”

“But Tess-“ Before Max could finish Tess had walked into the room and gone after Liz. He eyes shimmered with anger. He didn’t want anyone to wake her up, especially hell beast Tess. God when she was angry she could cause so much trouble. Unlucky for her Liz was ten times worse. Oh she would get it.


“Lizzz, wake up. It’s an old friend.”

‘Hmmm Max.’ I thought. I didn’t know what time it was but I still felt tired. ‘Must be from last night’ I thought happily. I stretched in the bed and felt my bones crack into place. I opened my eyes hoping to see Max still in bed but I was greeted by a pair of ice blue eyes and I knew it wasn’t Max.

“Oh God. It’s tomorrow isn’t it.” I groaned to myself.

I didn’t want to wake up. I tried to close my eyes hoping it was all a dream and Max and I were still asleep curled in each other’s arms but all I heard was.

“What? If you mean it’s morning then yes it’s tomorrow. You can’t sleep all day girl!”

My eyes shot open. Only one person could be that rude and bitchy. Tess. I sat up using the sheets to cover my still naked state. My eyes narrowed dangerously as I saw Tess sitting at the edge of the bed with a cruel sneer. She backed off a little when she saw my face.

“Hello Tess.”

I sounded groggy but I tried not to. I had to keep my wit’s about me when I was around her.

“Hello Liz. It’s…nice to have you back.”

She looked absolutely green with envy and I smiled with that happy knowledge.

“It’s nice to be back. Everyone has made me feel sooooo at home.”

I looked at Max as I stretched my limbs in a cat like manner and purred my last remark. There was nothing like showing Tess my happiness to make her want to scream. She stood and went rigid.

“You look tense Tess. You should try to relax, all that stress gives you wrinkles before your time you know. Oh…hmm I think I see one.”

“Oh you shouldn’t worry about me. Haven’t been wearing a bra I see, you know that’s really not good if you want to stay perky and your already slipping.”

This was boring. I really hated the stupid banter we passed between each other, especially since Tess was so unoriginal sometimes, but I would never back down. It was weakness for her if I did. I looked over to the door and saw Max standing there looking thoroughly amused at Tess. God he was so beautiful. His smile was perfect. I stopped paying attention to Tess and stared at Max. I had had him last night. All to myself. Now I had to face reality that I wasn’t even close to having him again. Or was I? He looked in my direction and my heart sped up. He scrutinized me for a moment and then turned back to Tess wearing a bitter frown. Damn. This wasn’t going to be easy.

“Liz! Are you listening to me?”

“No I’m not. I’m sorry.” Tess glared at me before plastering on a grin.

“No that’s alright. I just wanted to say that Max and I have to get back to our very important business in his office so I’ll leave you to sleep off those circles under your eyes.”

Tess and Max headed out the door and I saw Max look back, cringe, and shut the door.

I wouldn’t have taken Tess seriously. I would never take her seriously, if I didn’t know how dangerous she was. And Max had given me that look. That look saying it had all been a mistake last night. I knew it. I didn’t want to be awake. I got up slowly and went to the shower. I let the hot water run and I stepped into it feeling the steam coming off me. ‘We didn’t even use a condom last night’ I thought. Well I was on the pill so it didn’t matter. Unless Max had been sleeping with Tess, then I had to worry. Who knew where that girl had been.

“I hate this.” I whispered to myself. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about it. I had a job to do and I didn’t want to let Kyle down. It was time to start getting control.

Max sat behind his desk as he watched Tess pace around like a caged tiger.

“So Liz is back.”


“Well I’m surprised.”

“I’s none of yae business so yae don’t need tae bae surprised.”

“Alright alright.”

“Shall wae ge’ on with I' then?”


Max and Tess went over the merger they were planning to make with one another. Max wanted to gain some more control and Tess convinced him that this was the perfect opportunity. Michael and Isabel joined them a bit later having reluctantly left the kitchen to face Tess. They wanted to show the underground their new merger but knew it would take a big operation to show everyone that their power had doubled. Isabel suggested a large smuggle with everyone working together to prove the point. Everyone agreed and began planning the event that would take place 2 months from now. After 3 hours, Michael and Isabel said they wanted to go main land to see what was hot. This left Tess and Max alone again.

“Well Max I’m going to go home.”

Max looked up to see Tess packing up. He eyed her faux worried expression with disinterest.

“Max…I hope that you don’t let Liz wrap you around her finger again.”

“I though’ I said no’ tae talk abou’ I'.”

“I know. I just want you to remember though. She left, no abandoned you, after Hugh’s death. She wasn’t there for you Max. She even thought you killed him yourself.”

The vein in Max’s temple throbbed in anger. He shot up from the chair with a growl.

“I know! Ok! I know that.”

“So don’t let her do it again.”

With that Tess walked out and left. Max stalked around his office kicking at the desk and throwing things. She had to bring it up. She had to bring up what Liz had done. It was always an open wound. It ripped and tore at him. With a mangled cry he burst through the door nearly knocking it off it’s hinges and stormed down the hall to the liquor cabinet.

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Hello! I am updating again! Aren't we all happY? I hope you like this part. Drunk Max too the rescue. And plus be aware there is more to his story than meets the eye. It's not as simple as you think! Muahahahahhahhahha. Ok then

Chap 9- Whiskey>Deja vu>Revalations

A bottle of whiskey, one scotch, and a bourbon later Max Evans could barely see his way around the house. He stumbled around feeling like he was going to be sick. He staggered aimlessly searching for everyone. Michael and Isabel had come home an hour ago and quietly locked themselves in their rooms to avoid aled up Max and Liz was unknowingly still in their room thinking of her next move. But she was soon to be alerted to Max’s current state.

“Michael! Isabel!” Max yelled loudly. The house shook with the echo of his deep timbre.

“Whaere yae! Hellooooooooo! Is anyone there?”

Max made his way down the hall to his room bumping into random objects. He tripped into a large vase and it broke with a sickening crash in the silent house. Liz looked up from the book she was reading.


Sigh. What was I going to do? I had been in Max’s room the whole day, I hadn’t bothered to eat or go out, and I had sat here thinking about what I was going to do next. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t think of anything but Max. Max and last night. Ohhhh last night. It was more than I could bear. I already felt my craving start again. I haven’t mentioned that have I. Well see…when I was with Max before I developed an obsession. With having sex with him. I couldn’t get enough. It was every night every moment I could spare. It was his scent for the most part. I got a whiff of his cologne or his after-shave and I lost it. Once I attacked him a supermarket and we did it in the bathroom. I couldn’t control myself then, and I wasn’t sure I could now. And that was not going to be helpful to my mission. I dropped the book after I had found myself staring at the same sentence for five minutes. I sighed in frustration.

Then I heard Max yelling.

“Michael! Isabel!” I looked up. He sounded drunk. Was he drunk?

“Whaere yae! Helloooooooooo! I’s anyone there?” Then a loud crash echoed through the house.

I got up to investigate. I opened the door carefully and peaked my head out. There was no one there. Then Max popped out at me. I yelped in surprise.


“Yae think wae should warn haer tha hae’s sloshed?”

Michael thought for a moment. He put down his cards and played with the poker chips. Isabel still wore her poker face. She had asked it only as a passing question, like “How’s the weather” or “How about them Yankees”.



They went back to playing but they both had one thing on their minds.

“It was going to be interesting.”


“Max! Are you ok?”

“I’s all your fault.”

“What’s all my fault?” His breath was full of liquor and his eyes were glazed over.

“Are yae dumb? This I’ yae fault! Mae! The way I am right now. I started drinkin’ caus’ a’ yae.” He slurred his words heavily and it made it even harder to understand his thick Scottish.

“Well that was a silly thing to do now wasn’t it? Really getting aled up cause of me?”

“Yae left! Yae bitch. Yae abandoned me.” I tried to ignore his harsh words but it didn’t work. I got angry. I forgot to care that he was drunk.

“Don’t call me a bitch Maxwell Evans! You are the one who killed your best friend.”

He stumbled towards me. I nervously took a step back. He picked up the book I had been reading and gripped it tightly.

“I didna kill HUGH! My Go’ woman ho’ maeny times do I have tae tell yae!”

For a moment, I faltered. Maybe he hadn’t. Maybe just maybe. But he had had the gun in his hands. He had the cold look in his eyes. Plus he was drunk, that didn’t help his case.

“I don’t believe you.” He scoffed.

“Tha’s a news flash.”

“Max I think you should lie down and go to sleep.”

“Don’ tell mae wha’ tae do. I’m perfectly fine!” He threw the book across the room. I took another step back. I was beginning to feel scared. I had never really seen Max this drunk.

“I am going tae make yae understand! I didna do I’! I didna!”

In a flash he swooped over to me and grabbed my shoulders. I screamed loudly. I was brought back to that day when I had tried to get to the front door but he had stopped me.

“Max get the fuck off me!” I pushed him away and he fell hard on the floor knocking his head on the night table.

“Oi fuck! Tha’ hurt!”

“Well you deserved it. You’re scaring me.”

“Well tha seems tae be all I’m good at, besides fuckin’ yae.”

Max struggled to get up and wobbled on shaky legs. Jesus he was pissed. I couldn’t believe it. This is what he had turned into? Drunk and angst ridden? Well it was my fault. That I had to admit. Sometimes I regretted leaving. Ok always I regretted leaving. I should have stuck with him. But you weren’t there. None of you saw what I saw, felt what I felt. You would have left too.

“Max please just go to bed!”

“NO! I’m tired o’ people telling mae wha’ tae do! I’m mae own man!”

He smiled lopsidedly in triumph before puking into his waste basket. I cringed. Walking to him I knelt down and stroked his back as he continued to retch until the basket was almost full. Then he fell on the floor and looked up at the ceiling.

“Well tha was fun.”

I picked up the full basket of puke and dumped it in the bathtub. I turned the shower on and watched it go down the drain. I was surprised at my own resilience to the sickening smell. ‘Getting stronger than you think Parker.’

I washed out the basket and turned off the shower. I walked out to see Max still lying on the ground a dreamy look on his face.

“I knew I could depend on yae.” He slurred. He beckoned me over with his hand and reluctantly I lay down next to him. He still smelled like alcohol, possibly even worse than before.

“Liz…I wish yae would believe mae. I’m tellin’ yae the truth, no matter wha yae think.” I rolled my eyes.

“Alright Max I’ll give you a chance. What happened? Tell me the truth.”

He sighed contentedly as if this was all he had wanted to hear. He wrapped his arm around me and strangely, I felt better that way. I snuggled closer to him.

“I still remember I’ all. Hugh and I went out tae Tess’s. I thought hae wanted tae go with mae cause hae had a crush on Tess. I’ was funny really. Wae got tae Tess’s place and wae was jus’ talkin’. This was when yae know Tess kept houndin’ mae tae join her. But I wouldn’ for you. I would do anything for you.”

Max became silent at his last comment and I looked up at him. His eyes were glistening with unshed tears. I felt a pang of guilt.

“So…so wae got there and she started talkin’ like she loves tae do. God Hugh made I’ so convincin’ right down tae the final moments. Tess stopped talkin’ and then…Hugh pulled out a gun.”

I sat up. I didn’t know what to think of this story, but at the word gun I knew something was strange.

“Max Hugh had a gun? But he never carried one around us.” Max looked at me. For a moment, I thought I saw him hold his breath when he looked in my eyes but I dismissed it.

“Not one wae knew abou’. But yae hae ha’ a gun. And hae pulled I’ on Tess and said:
‘Max don’ believe anythin’ this bitch has tae say. Yae can’ trust her. Le’s ge’ ou’ a here.’
Sae hae had been watchin’ her the whole time wae thou’ hae jus’ liked her. Hae knew things abou’ Tess hae said, things tha’ hae didna want mae tae get mixed up in. Hae said tha’ she would betray me. I believed him. I told Tess the answer wou’ always be no and wae started tae walk ou’. God if wae had known.”

Max stopped abruptly. His voice sounded thick with pain. But I had to know what happened.

I believed him. I believed him and the guilt was beginning to burn inside of me.

“Max tell me what happened? Tell me! Please tell me what happened.”

I wasn’t unaware of the similarities between our situation right then and what our situation had been the last time we had seen each other. This was the conversation we had never had, but should have. If I only hadn’t been so scared. So as I asked him “What happened”, I wondered if I really was ready to know.

“They…came ou’ from nowhere…shot Hugh when hae tried tae pull ou’ his gun…”


Max remembered it all. It played like a horrible movie in his mind. The day he had lost everything.


“HUGH! Nooooo!” Max fell to his knees as his friend was shot down. His friend, his mentor, his surrogate father.

He heard the shouting in the background dimmed down like the volume on a speaker. He saw Tess and her gang shooting at the gunmen and missing them all. He looked at Hugh. Blood gushed out of multiple wounds in his chest. He coughed and blood spurted out of his mouth like a gruesome fountain. Max could barely see from the tears that stung his eyes.

“Hugh! Oh God Hugh jus’ hang on! Hang on. Yae’ll be alrigh’.” Max hugged him close not caring if the blood seeped into his clothes.

“M…ax.” Max looked Hugh in the eyes and watched as the life was slowly drained out of them.

“Don’…lose…Liz…never…join…Tess…Michael…Isabel…take…care.” Hugh’s eyes fluttered for a moment. He tried to continue even as he took his last final breaths.

“I…love you.” He was gone. Max took a ragged breath.

“No Hugh wait! Wait please wait! I need you!” He screamed.

The gunfire was beginning to die down. Soon it stopped. Tess gave a few quick commands to her men before walking up to Max. She saw Hugh’s body clutched in his arms and said nothing. She heard his heavy sobs. She smiled. Bending down close to Max’s ear she stroked his back lightly.

“I’m sorry Max.” He didn’t look up or pay attention to her. She frowned.

“I had no idea they were here. It was an ambush. Probably some rivals of mine.”

“Hugh…is dead.” Max choked out completely blinded by his tears. “Hae said no’ tae trus’ you. Hae said I’.”

Tess moved closer to Max and put an arm around him. Max cringed slightly.

“I don’t know why he said that Max. I just want to help you. If you worked for me I could help you find the ones who did this and stop them. If you worked for me I could give you power. I don’t think Hugh-“

Max screamed in rage and lunged at Tess. He gripped Hugh’s gun in his blood stained hands and pressed it to her temple. His other hand went to her throat and squeezed cruelly.

“Don’ yae ever speak ill o’ him understood?” Tess managed to choke out yes as she watched Max’s eyes become as hard as diamonds. They glittered with anger.

“You don’ care abou’ nothin’. I jus’ lost Hugh and already yae’re on mae, askin’ mae tae join you again. But I won’ Tess I won’. I never would. For Hugh, for my family, and for Liz. She’s all I need tae get through this. I don’ need you. So stop comin’ after mae Tess. Or the next time, I will use this gun on you. I’ll finish wha’ Hugh started.”

Max went back to Hugh’s body and with much difficulty heaved him up on his shoulders. Tess called for two of her cronies to help Max but he glared at them and they backed away. Tess narrowed her eyes until they were slits of anger and jealousy. She wanted Max. She wanted him to work for her. Damn that bitch.

Max took Hugh’s body to friends he had on the mainland. He asked them to hold his body until he could bury him properly. They agreed with grim nods and gestures of comfort to Max. But he heard none of it. He went home and went out on the patio. He would wait for Liz. He knew she would come, soon she would come. Then everything would be all right. He still had the gun gripped in his hands and stared as Hugh’s blood ran down the barrel and rolled off on to the white tile.


Max finished his story and became silent. I couldn’t…I didn’t know. I was wrong. Max had never killed Hugh. If I had listened, I wouldn’t be in this position now. We wouldn’t. I couldn’t process this information. I sat up and looked at Max. Each tear that fell from his eyes stabbed me in the heart.

“Max why did you join Tess again?” Max turned to me a different expression in his eyes. It was an anger that I couldn’t help but feel responsible for.

“None of your business.”

“It is my business, you could be killed! Jesus look what happened to Hugh Max! I mean she allies herself with dangerous people and then when they betray her it’s only everyone else around her that gets hurt! Why did you do it? Why?”

My outburst surprised myself. I did care. I could never stop.

Max tore himself away from me and stood up. He walked to the bed and sat cracking his knuckles in agitation.

“She was there when no one else was.” He looked at me sharply.

“ She gave mae wha’ I needed. Power. Control. Some sorta feelin’ tha’ my life was in my hands.”

I shut my eyes trying to hide my emotions from him. I didn’t want him to see my fear.

“Now people, answer tae mae and they do wha’ I want.” He narrowed his eyes and they glittered dangerously.

“And they know no’ tae get in my way.”

I swallowed nervously. He was treating me as if I was his enemy. My foot twitched with the knowledge of the secret that was hidden beneath my skin, the secrets that I had ready to use against him. All he needed was concrete evidence on me, and I would be through. I didn’t doubt it for a second. I had to hide it all away.
But now the nagging doubt was creeping upon me. If he didn’t kill Hugh, then maybe, my reasons for helping Kyle were all wrong. Maybe I couldn’t help Kyle anymore, because this information would make me too vulnerable to Max again. I wouldn’t be able to turn him in when the time came. I had to tell Kyle about this, I had to pull out of this mission. I couldn’t do it. It was too much for me. It was too much to see Max and then have to betray him knowing that he might not be as bad as I imagined him to be. Yes he still worked for Tess, but that was none of my business. He didn’t want it to be. I just wanted to get away from this. I didn’t want to get mixed up in his world again, because I knew that I would get lost in it. And the Max I knew was buried under emotional scars and alcohol and I didn’t know if I had the strength to battle with them. I would have to talk to Kyle tomorrow.

“Lizzzzz.” I looked up startled. Max was swaying on the bed a clumsy smile on his face.

“Yae want a repeat performance of last night?” Oh. My. God. Did he just ask me for more sex? Why sure I would love to- I mean NO! I couldn’t. He was all messed up.

“Not tonight Max.”

“Aww come on. Yae know yae want tae.”

I stood and mustered up my strength. No means no. As much as I wanted his hard chest pressed against my aching bre- No! Stop it!

“Max no! I want you to get to bed.” Max grabbed me and pulled me down to him.

“No. Yae will kiss mae. Now.”

The finality in his voice told me I had no choice. He pressed his lips to mine and I almost melted. I say almost because I could still taste the alcohol on his breath and a faint trace of vomit. Not too pleasant. But still it was Max’s lips on mine, caressing me, holding me, snoring…

I opened my eyes to see Max fast asleep. I pushed him down and he fell on the bed completely out. I giggled a little. He looked really cute. I wondered for the millionth time why life couldn’t be perfect as I wrapped a blanket around him.

I went to the bathroom and pulled out my cell. It was the perfect opportunity to call Kyle and arrange to see him. I heard dial tone for a minute before a groggy male voice whispered:




“It’s me Liz.”

“Liz are you ok?” His voice sounded more alert.

“Yeah I’m fine. Everything has been going alright.”

“Has Max accepted you? Is he suspicious?”

“Yeah he’s…accepted me. I think he might be a little suspicious though.”

“Hmm well that’s to be expected.”

“Look Kyle. I need to see you.”



“Tomorrow! Could this wait until a little later when you’re more settled in?”

“No. I have some important news and I need to talk to you about it. You have to arrange a meeting for us."

"Please.” I could sense that Kyle was grappling with my request and I waited patiently.

“Alright. Come to mainland tomorrow, say you want to go…shopping or something and I’ll be there. I’ll find you.”

“Ok. Thank you.”

“Your welcome. Oh and Liz?”


“Hang in there.” He hung up. I slowly lowered the phone from my ear. I looked up and saw my reflection in the mirror. I heard his response echo in my head.

“Hang in there.”

“Yeah right.”

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Jeez guys! I'm am really sorry.
I just updated my other fic and I realized how behind I was for all of them. I apologize a trillion times.

I am writing now. I have some ideas but mostly it seems I've reached a tiny block on this fic. But don't worry I'll get over it. You will get a new part in the next 2 weeks. I'm going to be honest because dude I'm a slow writer. But for me its about quality than quantity...yeah. Ok then.

You will get a new part, I haven't stopped working on this. I mean this was my first serious fic that I actually kept going with and didn't stop. I remember the first fic I ever wrote and it sucked ass. This is a vast improvement and it's like my baby kinda. I won't stop.

I'm still saying sorry.

Luv ya! Danie.
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HI GUYSS!! Look an update!!

And I must say Nicoletta and Elena thanks for making the feed back so hilariously interesting.

I hope you guys like this part, I know it's been a while.

Chap 10- Bookshop>backstory>cigarette smoking man

I convinced Max to let me go. His hangover must have
been big enough to cloud his judgement. He sent Isabel with me and before I realized it we were on mainland in Melbourne. I decided to check out the local bookshops in hope that it would be easier for Kyle to find me.


“Huh?” Isabel eyed me questioningly. I had been somewhere else all morning, it was no wonder she was a bit wary.

“Wha’s on yae mind?”

“Oh nothing. Umm I was just thinking about checking out those bookstores up the apples and pears.”


“Stairs Isabel. I think you would be use to my English by now.”

“Yae Brits were always ae puzzle tae mae.”

I let out a small laugh and left her, waving over my shoulder…

She shouldn’t trust me.

I had a feeling she didn’t.

I reached a tiny shop and saw it’s close-set columns of books. Perfect. I walked inside and waited for Kyle.


“Do you have visual mate?”

“Yeah Jean I do.”

“Alright go for it, I’ll be here watching the hot blond. Damn those are some legs what I could do-“



“O.K. Here I go.”


When something goes wrong, I’m the first to admit it, the first to admit it, the last one to know.

Fresh books sat stacked neatly in alphabetical order. I leaned against one pile listening to the Annie Lennox rendition of “Something so Right”. I was absently reading from a book of poetry I had just stumbled across, when my eye caught a passage from something called “Second Thoughts in Columbus, Ohio”:

I find it strange that we search
Our whole lives for love
As though it were the
Final treasure
The solemn purpose of people
In movies and magazines.
Yet when it comes to your door one morning with calm eyes to deliver itself
You realize it alone is not enough.

You are before me, sweet man,
And I am thinking Aren’t I supposed to give up everything?
Aren’t I supposed t be brave
And abandon
Each dream and aspiration
And yield utterly to this
Elusive beast love,
To your soft belly and companionship?

Aren’t we supposed to
Have a piece of land – and children! –
That look like you, and cook
Soup and bread and sing
Each other songs before sleep
And absentmindedly count the stars
From our front porch as we pray
For each other’s keep
And pretend forever is a word known
Not only by the heart?

I read the passage three times dissecting every line and wondering how the hell it knew me so well. I looked at the cover. Jewel’s a night without armor. I hugged it close to my chest and felt for money in my pocket. When I was sure that I had enough I opened the book and began to read my life again, the pain and passion that was poured into each page by my unlikely muse. I was ripping through “Compass” when a voice hissed at me in the musty silence. I jumped and shut the book quickly.


“Yeah it’s me. Don’t turn around.” I rolled my eyes and opened the book again, I didn’t think it would be quite normal if someone caught me talking to myself.

“What did you need to talk to me about?”

This was it, the moment of truth. My palms suddenly got very sweaty.

“...Max. Told me something last night.”

“Which was?”

“He didn’t kill Hugh Kyle.”

He was quiet. I knew he was scoffing at me at that precise moment, and then he laughed to rub it in.

“You don’t actually believe him do you?”

“Yes I do.” I looked down. The pages that a moment ago had held such meaning seemed blurred and unfocused. I had to make him understand.

“Yes I do believe him. I should have believed him two years ago.”

“God Liz he’s lying to you!! How could you just let him do this! Blind you with what you had.”

I winced, but felt the comment was deserved.

“Kyle you don’t understand...I believe him because I remembered something that I had forgotten that day. Max never lied to me. Even when everything went wrong when the world was fucked up...Max never lied to me. And that day, I should have seen past his pain, past the overwhelmingly incarcerating evidence against him, and looked through his eyes.”


“Yes I know it sounds weird I can’t explain it, but I should have. And now, the truth is out. Hugh wasn’t killed by Max. He was killed in front of Max. And I left him all alone.”

My eyes welled with tears, they slipped out and splashed on to parchment like paper, magnifying the lines

“It’s been too many nights of being with, to now be suddenly without.”

I remembered the feeling. It made me so sad. My heart constricted in that way when you ache. I could feel the gag in my throat and it was cloying, bitter and sour at the same time. It was all taken away from me.

“You can’t blame yourself for it Liz.”

I leaned heavy against the shelf and gripped the book with white fingers.

“Yes I can.”

There was more silence from Kyle’s end and I figured he was thinking of something uplifting to say. I opened the book to read, and was grabbed by Kyle suddenly and held tightly. The book slipped and fell with a dull flutter on the floor. Kyle’s eyes bored into me with a look of disgust and mistrust.

“Does this mean I have to pull you out?”


“Are you not gonna be able to do this because of your feelings towards your old fuck partner!”

His voice was threatening to become a shout and I was worried about the clerk, but Kyle did not seem to notice or care. I looked at the violence in his eyes and I wondered if his hands would curl around my throat next. Or perhaps a gun to the head.

“He was more than just my fuck partner! Haven’t you been listening?” He shook me, a sort of half-angry, half-annoyed shake, to bring me to my senses.

“Yes I have been listening and frankly I don’t give a shit. You made a mistake with this guy, you ran out on him all right to bad so sad you get over it. But this isn’t about you and your little friend. This is about my partner. That’s what this is about. So I don’t give a fuck what your issues are, just know that I am depending on you for this, and I am tired of you being little miss indecisive. Isn’t that what got you in this shit in the first place? Cause you couldn’t decide to be loyal to your boy!”

The sting of my slap seemed loud in the quiet shop. I felt the hot tears burning my cheeks, steaming on my lips. My voice was a harsh husky whisper.

“You-don’t-know…what the hell you’re talking about. You don’t know the half of it. You don’t know the pain, the suffering. My life was destroyed in a matter of minutes. And I had to pick up and start from scratch by myself. There was no one there to help me, I had no money, I had no friends, I had no one. The only people I had were Maria and Alex, and they were both far away, totally unknowing of the whole situation, and that’s how I wanted it to stay. You wanna see proof, the proof of my desperation?!”

I turned my wrists toward him and showed the two tiny silvers of scars on both my wrists.

“I had gotten myself high as a kite in a cheap hotel, and then amazingly, with great precision, I slit my wrists, vertically, just the way it should be done. I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel anything. The maid found me and they dumped me at a hospital with the bill in my jacket pocket. The doctors said twenty more minutes of bleeding and I would have died. I’m surprised I heard that. I was really out of it. They kept me for a month and made go through psychological evaluation. During that month, I overdosed on my meds twice, and tried to jump off the building. I didn’t see any purpose, I didn’t see anything but the remnants of my ruined life, splayed out in front of me like shattered mirrors reflecting back my own failure. I hated myself, I hated everything. They were going to keep me, they thought I wasn’t stable enough to be on my own, and honestly, they were right. But I couldn’t take it anymore, it was too easy for Max to find me. So I decided to escape one night. I figured, I had to start out on my own again, I couldn’t hide away and wallow in my own self-pity forever. I planned it out, it was easy seeing as how they had no idea at what I was capable of.”

I took an unsteady breath. Kyle let go of me and ran a hand through his hair unevenly, trying not to look at me. I continued without word from him.

“The night I escaped, you know who was there waiting for me?” He looked up and I saw his eyes light with recognition.

“As I jumped down from the window and felt the first breath of freedom I ran into Max. He had been waiting outside the hospital for the whole month I was there, coming in the morning and then in the night, just waiting for me to do exactly what he knew I would do. Do you know what it’s like to finally gather up the courage to fight off your old wounds and try to move on, only to come face to face with the cause of all your pain? Well I went hysterical in the middle of the street. I screamed as if I had seen the devil himself. I’ll never forget Max’s face. He looked upon me as if he didn’t even know who I was. I picked myself up and ran away before the hospital guards could find me, but that was the last time until now that I saw Max. I recovered, I got stronger, and I learned to forget.”

Kyle looked down, shame writ on his face. But I didn’t care. He needed to trust me, and he needed to learn that.

“So next time you want to question my loyalty to you, remember that story, remember what I had to go through to, what I had to forget, and know that I will get your friend back for you. You just have to be patient. But you also have to know that…”

“That what?”

“That Max isn’t as guilty as you thought. He was betrayed, not the other way around, meaning that there is still some good left in him. Maybe I could use it to our advantage.”

Kyle suddenly looked haggard and I felt guilty. I ran my fingers idly on his cheek. I felt the day old stubble across his lips and brushed my thumb on the cleft in his chin. He smiled.

“What you doing that for?”

“You looked like you needed some comfort.” I felt badly for Kyle, he was just desperate. It wasn’t his fault he had been mixed up in this stupid business, he was only trying to do his job. I felt his rough hand comb through my hair and trail down my shoulder. Something in that small gesture caused me to do something that I knew was wrong. I closed my eyes, leaned my face in, and pressed my glossed lips against his dry ones. The kiss deepened, only slightly and then broke with a bit of awkward silence. We smiled at each other, comforted for the moment.

“So why did you contact me just for this?”

I looked down. It was my turn to show shame.

“Because I was shaken Kyle. For two years I held this view which I thought I knew to be true, but now it’s all wrong. I could have avoided all of this you were right. And I needed-“


“I needed some reassurance that I could still help. I needed it from you.”

I felt like a liar. I didn’t need reassurance. I needed a reminder. I had needed Kyle to remind me why I was going to betray the perfect man in two months. I had needed strength from Kyle to look Max in the eye and lie my love to him. And Kyle had given me that in droves. So I felt better. A little.

“Alright I better get out of here.”


“Can I still contact you if I need to?”

“Always. But next time can we make it a little bit more of an emergency?”

I laughed tensely. “Yes, ok.”

“Alright. Bye Liz. See ya soon.”


I slipped from behind the column and made a beeline for the clerk. I bought the book and walked out to find Isabel. I only hoped she hadn’t wandered far.

A thin man walked out of the tiny bookshop, lighting a cigarette even before he stepped out the door. This had been a most eventful trip. His employer would pay well to know the information he had just gathered. He watched the tiny brunette meet up with her blond friend. He smiled. Her little secret was going to get him a lot of money.

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Robyn- Yes Liz is still helping Kyle. He wants his friend back. (Oh god I forgot his name, in my own fic!!) *shy* He is vengeful against Max, because he thinks he's a bastard and no one messes with Kyle's partners. See?? I hope that's clearer.
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Thanks Robyn
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HAH! I'M UPDATING! I'M SOO HAPPY! ::sniffle, sniffle::

Ok here I am with a new part, I can't remember the chapter of the last part, but here I am anyway.

I think this is going to suck. But that's just me.

Sorry if it's short.

Here ya go.

Part??? Sailing home

Isabel and I traveled home on the boat with a satisfied quiet. I felt better, and she had bought new shoes. All was ok on this ship.

If only we didn’t have to get on the mainland. It was filled with burdensome problems, and men who used your soul as their own personal target practice. I didn’t need it. And I’m sure Isabel didn’t. Well, actually I wasn’t sure what Isabel needed. We hadn’t caught up yet. I felt guilty, she had been one of my closest friends. When Maria was far off in Dublin having a much-coveted normal life, I was here in Melbourne scaling walls, and maxing out my credit card at wig shoppes. Isabel helped me through it all. Then when I ran, I never did get to say goodbye.

“What have you been doing with your life Is?”


“Well you know, since I’ve been- uh away…what’s changed with you?”

She looked off into the bay, something obviously dancing on her mind. Her blond hair whipped in the breeze swirling around her in a tornado. It seemed to mirror the emotions that swept her face.

“Well, Ah uh, ah’ve baen busy ah guess. Life’s baen pretty much th’ same, except fae yae no’ baeing here.”


She smiled, a smile that urged me to drop the subject, but I was never good at picking up subtle hints.

“Well have you been dating anyone?” I smiled enthusiastically.

“Nae. Ah haven’t hud time tae.”


Why was this so hard? That oh so comfortable silence had turned awkward. Maybe it was the fact that I left her all alone with Max’s grief and wasn’t there to comfort her in the wake of her best friend’s death. For the millionth time, I kicked myself.

I figured there was no better way to start clean than to just apologize. Maybe I couldn’t apologize to everyone yet, but I had to atone with Izzie, I didn’t want a drop of bad blood between us, even if I was going to betray her. If I could have the sweet moments, I was going to have them now.

“Isabel I’m sorry.” She turned puzzled. She furrowed her brows together, a trait her brother also had, from the parents they didn’t know.

“Fer wha’?”

I looked at her with conviction in my eyes.
“Just, everything. Everything I’ve done. I’m so sorry.”

There was silence as she looked at me. Her eyes glistened with a faint emotion that I couldn’t discern. But if felt like relief, at least to my hopes it did. She smiled.

“Thank yae.”

Your welcome felt wrong to say, but I said it anyway.

Isabel turned to me and pulled her hair up.

“Ah’ve really not been daeing much. Just sortay pissin round daein Max’s dirty work if yae ken. Organizing, and arranging. Ah swear that house would gae tae pieces if it weren’t fae mae.”

“That’s how it was when I was around.”

“Yea, and that’s how ah think it’s gaeing tae stay.”

I chuckled. Isabel and I had been the leaders of that house, making sure they weren’t off without their heads. We always moaned on about how they were like 24 year old children. I missed those times. I missed everything.

“Is, remember you said you wanted to talk to me about something? About Max? You wanna talk now?”

She lost her smile. It dripped off her face slowly as she contemplated her words.

“Liz, hae drinks. Hae drinks sae much now that ah almost have tae consider it a business expense. Jaesus…ah can’t believe ah just admitted that. Hae doesn’t pay any attention tae what’s gaeing on aroound him and Tess is there every step of thae way just coming at him and... Things are just sae different now. Ah mean Michael seems like a side character in Max’s life, even though hae’s his best friend. Ah think he reminds him tae much of the old times, with Hugh. God, what ah wouldnae dae fae normal right now Liz. Some sort of feeling that ah don’t have tae watch myself 24 hours a day. It’s hard Liz. That’s just…it’s hard.”

I didn’t know what to say. What could I say? I knew things were different, but I didn’t know that they were so hopeless. Izzie looked so tired. Her eyes lined with worry as she relayed the destruction of her family. How many more lives was I going to destroy? Why couldn’t I fix anything?

I watch the waves smack against the boat and touched the little sprays of water with my lazy fingers dangling over the side. My hair trickled and twirled on my shoulders…I wanted a drink.

I whispered more to myself than Isabel.

“What makes you think I can help Max through that? I just make it worse, I make everything worse.”

I felt a cool hand on mine. I turned and Isabel looked at me forcefully.

“That’s shite and yae know it. Yae don’t make anything worse. Yae make it sae much better. Look ah know it doesnae seem that way right now, but believe mae, ah know. Hae hasnae been this alive in a long time. Whatever yae’re daeing, keep it up. Please. Ah think what wae all need now is a strong sense of normal. It’s been three years and wae haven’t recovered yet, that’s not a good thing. Yae make it better Liz. Fae everyone. It was sad Hugh died yes, but when yae left, it was like thae happiness had been taken away. Ah know that’s a lot of responsiblitiy on yaer shoulders, but yae have tae dae it. Yae cannae not. Hae’ll fall apart, hea’ll die Liz. Ah know it. Ah can sae it.”

As I looked into her pleading eyes I realized she was right. How could I not? How could I not bring back the things that I had taken away from him so long ago. It was just so unnerving to know that with every action I was a liar, that all the trust that Isabel was so willingly giving me, was so undeserved. I wouldn’t be really fixing things, I would just be sort of calming them down until the day when I turned around and said “Well it’s time for me to have a normal life and for all of you to suffer. I was so afraid. I was so ashamed. But I had to help them. Just like I had to betray them. I had to do these things For Kyle. For Isabel. For Max. For Michael. For Hugh. And ultimately for myself.

I looked up and saw the shore approaching. I didn’t see anyone out but the guards.

“We’re here.”

Isabel looked at me poignantly for a moment longer, as if to make sure I promised. The motor ground to a stop and the crunch of the sand against the hull told me: I was home…whatever that meant.

I was home.

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Ok then. *big*


I helped Isabel tie the boat up and headed to the house with nothing in mind but getting some sleep and eating a massive amount of chocolate.

The guards eyed me suspiciously and I tried to ignore them. They really bothered me. When had this placed turned into the penitentiary?

“Wae’re home!” Isabel plopped her keys down at a nearby glass table and massaged her back.

“Anyone here?” I yelled timidly.

“They are probably oot somewhaere gaetting pissed.”

I headed towards the kitchen where I planned to fix myself a really big ice cream sundae. I offered to Isabel and she happily accepted plopping down on one of the tropical red couches in the sitting room.

“Don’t forgaet lots and lots of chocola’!”

I laughed and didn’t watch where I was going. I stumbled on the first step and fell right into a hard body.

Right into Max.

I landed on my side and cried out loudly. Max turned around with a confused look on his face. I went to pick myself up and felt his arms around me, pulling me on my feet.

“Liz! Are yae ok?”

“Yeah Is…I’m just fine.”

Max smiled, not saying a word, his eyebrows lilting playfully over his eyes.

I cleared my throat nervously and went to the island to make the sundaes. Max turned to watch me, leaning against the doorframe for support. He flipped his hair lazily and eyed me as I scooped vanilla ice cream, covered it candy pieces, whipped cream, cherries and then heaps of chocolate sauce. I poured the chocolate on generously and I glanced up to see his eyes light with mischief.

He walked over to me and my heart beat faster. I continued on my task, trying to act casual, but failing miserably. He wrapped his limbs around me and my knees grew weak. Though the cool afternoon breeze was floating through the house, I was sweating, beads trickling down my forehead.

“Ah’d like tae sae yae wearing nothin’ but that chocola’ sauce.”

I moaned softly and leaned back against him. But as quick as he was there he left, going into the bedroom.

He was teasing me.


I joined Isabel in the sitting room.

“Thanks Liz. Are yae okay? Ah heard a loud bang.”

“Oh yeah I’m fine.” I winced as I sat down.

I had hurt my self, but it wasn’t anything serious. I just couldn’t feel my right side. That’s all.

We ate quietly savoring each bite. Jeez what chocolate could do for the senses. It helped clear my head, and I thought of the next item on my agenda. I had to watch Max.

Kyle told me that anytime he took me anywhere, even if it was to the market, I was to watch him. Max didn’t go anywhere unless he had too. I felt angry at the fact that he would use me to conduct business, but then I remembered that I was also here to use him, so it really didn’t matter did it? All this betrayal, it made the soul so tired. The constant lying and deceiving. Why would anyone want this life? Why did I choose it? I needed to stop asking myself these questions.

I wondered where Max was. Probably still in the bedroom waiting for me. I pursed my lips in a confident manner. Well I wouldn’t get sucked in. I was going to sit here and eat my sundae, covered in chocolate smooth as the skin around his thighs….
NO! Keep it cool Parker keep it cool.

Isabel saw right through Liz. As she swallowed a sweet maraschino cherry, she watched her out of the corner of her eye. Her mind was preoccupied with none other than one Mr. Max Evans. She wanted her to go after him, and she was getting tired of the nervous twitching.

“Liz! Just gae if yae want tae gae! Good god girl, what’s wrong wit yae?”

I looked at Isabel. I didn’t know I was so transparent. God I had to work harder at hiding my emotions. They could give me away at any time.

Still Isabel had given me permission to leave.

“Are you sure?”

She stared at me exasperatedly.

“Yes! Bloody hell!”

I stood slowly, walked to the kitchen, washed my bowl, put it away, and then dashed for the bedroom.

Right outside the entrance I slowed and peeked inside.

I could see a few of Max’s clothes strewn about on the floor. T-shirt, pants, boxers…whoo. Boxers.

I leaned my head in some more and choked on a gasp in my throat.

Max was completely bare in the bed!

Now that didn’t shock me in the way it would shock, oh a twelve year old virgin, but it did shock me as a 24 year old horny sex depraved thief.

I needed Max.

But I couldn’t have him.


I pushed the door open and strolled in, pretending not to notice anything.

Max smiled. God there she was. His heart scampered into is throat. He didn’t have a full understanding of what he was doing, but he felt like teasing her beyond control. This is why he now lay in all his glory upon those Moroccan Red sheets.

The usual pang of distrust and hurt surfaced, which he ignored.

Liz turned to him and gave him a shy smile. Gosh what a smile. It ached inside like a ghost haunting only him.

His hands clenched the bed sheets and he suddenly felt very silly. He went to pull a cover over himself, when she stopped him.

He was frozen, he didn’t know what to do now that the game had gone to her side of the field. He decided to just smirk and raise one curious eyebrow. He watched in agony as she pulled her shirt off slowly, exposing slight hints of flesh until she was before him topless.

What was I doing? My shirt lay on the floor and there was no turning back. Max twitched on the bed and I knew that I had set him off.

I didn’t know what to do.

He still hadn’t said a word, which unnerved me. He looked so goddamn confident and cool, how was that possible.
After I discarded my shirt, I saw that I had two choices. I could either run away or join him on that bed. My heart and my mind screamed run, but my body just crawled right next to him and pressed my chest against his, rubbing my breasts over his strong solid flesh.


“Aye?” he groaned the word more than spoke it. I didn’t want to stop, more than anything in the world, but it just didn’t feel right.

“What are we doing?”

“Ah don’t know.” I began to kiss his adamantine chest and suck gently on it grating my teeth over a nipple. His presence was working its way into me and I found myself not even trying to deny him.

“God Liz! Stoap!”

He pushed me away and I sat up quickly. I breathed heavy with disappointment and relief. Max’s eyes held the haggard look of suppressed sexual desire.

“Max why did we stop?”

“Ah, ah dunno. Ah just-“

He struggled with himself, and I did too. God there were so many things I wanted to tell him. Anything everything. I watched him as he thought, furiously, with his hair falling over his golden eyes. My mind traveled just as fast.

“Max just say it.”

“Ah’m- gaeing to get a drink.”

He gathered himself up bending over for his pants, I jumped from the bed and pulled them from him before he had the chance.

“No! No more drinking. You’re going to talk to me.”

Max growled.

“Liz. Ah want tae git a drink. Give ma pants back.”

I almost cracked up. Here was Max standing buck naked trying to seem intimidating. But this wasn’t funny. He had to stop drinking. I felt responsible and I didn’t want to cause him anymore pain. Ha. Right.

I swallowed my words.

God this was so hard. I was a walking contradiction. Completely in love with this man and his family, yet so willing to hand them over to another man who wanted nothing but revenge. I hadn’t even found out about his kidnapped friend yet. I just needed to-

“Liz! Give ma pants back now!”

“No. Not until you promise you won’t go drink.”

There was no time to think about it. Not when I was dealing with Max.

He took a step towards me. I could hear him gritting his teeth in frustration.

“Liz. Ah. Want. Tae. Have. A. Drink.”

“NO! Max you can’t keep doing this to yourself! And if you go and get drunk don’t you dare try to get me to sleep with you! I won’t help you drown.”

He burst out in a bitter laugh. He reached for his boxers and slipped them on still chuckling to himself.

“What’s so bloody funny?”


“How so?”

“Yae trying tae convince ma that yae care? God Liz ah see through yae! Ah see through it all! Yae’re with Kyle! Yae’re here tae take ma out! Yae didnae want tae come back here. Yae don’t give a shite about mae! So fek yae Liz! Ah ken everything! God why Liz? Why? Didnae wae love each other? Didnae ah make yae happy?”

My heart slid to the floor. Max stood pitifully, humiliated and exposed. His eyes narrowed with accusation and sorrow.

“I’m not working with Kyle Max. I don’t -even know who that is.”

My voice shook with fear, it was all coming apart and I hadn’t even been here three days. I knew I couldn’t hide from him.


Max rushed over to the night table where he pulled out a large manila folder. Pictures spilled out. Pictures of me and Kyle. His grin was maniacal. He flailed his arms around him spreading the pictures around on the rumpled sheets.

“What are those! Whae is that? Ah know yae know him!”

Play it off Liz play it off. But how was I supposed to play it off when tears were tottering on the edge of my eyelashes?

Isabel sat reading in the living room. Michael was jacking up points on the Play station in the TV room.

Knock Knock.

“Ah’ll git it!” Isabel yelled across to Mike.

“Ah wasn’t gonna get it anywey!”

Isabel rolled her eyes and went to the door.

A pencil thin man hung like string in the doorway his cigarette yellow smile bright in the late evening shadows.

Isabel frowned.

“Cannae ah help yae?”

The man smiled sending a wave of nausea down Isabel’s throat.

“Yes. I would like to see Mr. Evans.”

“Well ah take care of his affairs. Whae are yae and what’s yae business?”

“I have some…information. About one Ms. Liz Parker.”

Isabel found herself getting angry. She couldn’t believe this. After Liz had come back he was still spying on her? She had gone with her today wasn’t that enough surveillance?

Isabel flashed a fake smile and put up her Ice Princess defense.

“Ah’m sorry but wae won’t bae needing yaer services anymore.”

It was the man’s turn to frown.

“But the information I have is very important. I think that Mr. Evans would want to hear this.”

“Max he was at a job I was doing. I didn’t even know him. He hit on me and I…I went back with him to his hotel room. I felt alone that night. But- but I don’t know why I have to justify that to you!”

Max’s eyes darted crazily in his skull. She did sleep with him. She did. God I’m going to kill him! His jealousy flared into pure ire. He wanted Kyle dead.

I knew I shouldn’t have told him that, but it was better that than the truth. I couldn’t mess this up. I couldn’t keep messing everything up. I looked him in the eye so he wouldn’t think I was lying.

“Please believe me!”

Max’s eyes burned into mine.

“Why were yae arrested here in Melbourne then? Yae were all thae way in Paris and stole a 12 million pound necklace yet yae came down here in Melbourne and gaot picked off for thae simplest crime? What yae expect ma tae believe yae just gaot sloppy?”

I couldn’t answer straight away. Shit shit what was I going to do?

Max grabbed his pants from me and pulled them on not bothering with his shirt. He made for the door. I was losing and it was costing me everything. Again.

My thoughts look like freight trains speeding into each other. I could only hear their deafening roar in my ears.

“Fae the thousandth time No! Yae’re not seeing Max!”

The man was angry now. He had info, he needed money. He thought it would be a simple transaction. But this bitch was in the way.

Isabel stood vehement blocking his entrance. She knew he only cared about the money and she was disgusted at the way he was so bent on getting it.

The thin man made a decision. He ground his hands into fists and squared himself.


He pushed past Isabel and made for Evan’s room. He’d been here before and still remembered the way.

“Michael! Someone has broken in tae our fekin house!”

Isabel lunged for the thin man but he slipped out of her hands easily. He ran for the door. He would just show himself to Max and he would let him stay and give him his money. He needed that money. His life depended on it.

Max went to the door. He turned back to me and I felt guilt overwhelm me.

“Max! Please don’t leave! Just talk to me!”

“Why did yae git caught?”

“I was upset over YOU! I came here because I missed you and I needed to be close. I wasn’t planning to see you. It just happened.”

“Yae havenae been close tae this place in two years, why now?”

“Because-because, I felt guilty for sleeping with Kyle whoever he is. I hadn’t slept with anyone since I left you, and I- I felt guilty.”

Max scoffed. But I could tell he was thinking about it.

I was getting to him.

“ Ah may believe yae. Lemme see how ah feel after a whiskey.”

Max opened the door quickly as if to make sure I wouldn’t close it on him. I screamed as I saw a man go down in the hallway, followed by the sound of more bullets and shouting.

Isabel reached for the gun at her hip and pulled it out on the man now running for Max’s door.


Michael joined her with his gun in his hand.

“Now turn around.”

Before he could, one large burly guard who had heard the commotion came plowing through gun prepped for a kill. He saw the intruder reaching for his clients door, took aim, and fired. The blast echoed in the house and the man went down, his blood splattering on the wall.

Isabel gasped.

She hadn’t seen the guard.

The thin man was dead.

And whatever he had to say about Liz went with him.

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I know I'm pathetic

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Max stormed his way to his sister’s side. She could say nothing.

“What’s goaing oan? Whae is this?”

Isabel didn’t know how to respond. She looked to the guard who was checking the dead man’s pulse. Seemed no need to since his brains were dripping out of his head. She looked at Max. He looked extremely pissed off and confused. She found her voice. She didn’t want to make him mad. She knew what happened when you made Max Evans mad.

“Hae is- uh hae was looking fae yae. But ah didn’t trust him. Sae ah didn’t want tae let him in.”

Max turned on his guard who was leaning casually against the wall. He grabbed him by the throat and squeezed. The surprised guard’s eyes bulged and fear closed in on him.

“Why thae fek did yae let him oan tae thae property? WHY?”

“He-said-he worked for you sir-I-we-didn’t know!”

“Why didnae yae call Isabel or maself out and have us talk tae him outside? Yae put ma sister at risk….

He looked at Michael,

…ma mate…

he glanced at Liz

…ma girl. Thae next time, yae ask ken. Or ah’ll make sure yae never walk again. Understood, Tom?”

“Yes sir. Won’t happen again.” Max’s hand loosened from Tom’s neck and he slunk to the floor.

“Ah’m giving yae one more chance, tha’s it. Now git out of ma sight.” Tom rose with as much dignity as he had left and walked out to join the other guards.

Max walked to his sister.

“Yae alright?”


He looked her up and down and made sure she wasn’t lying.

“Yae sure?”

“Yes! Aye, ah’m sure.” He looked to Michael.

“Ok. How ‘bout yae?”

“Max, ya know I’m grahnd.”

“Why weren’t yae out here takin’ care of Isabel?”

“I got out here ahs fahst ahs I possibly could.”

“Next time make it faster ken?”

Michael grimaced.

“Aye. Next time fahster. Sure no problem. I’ll just hop oan the Flahsh’s goddahm bahck! Meybe fuckin’ take ah ride on mah hover crahft eh? Jesus Mahx I did the best I could.”

Max stared Michael down with aureate eyes. Michael glared right back. They were two cords pulling on each other waiting for one to snap.

“Next time. Faster.”

Max turned away from him and went to check on the corpse. Michael shook with humiliation. Isabel placed a tentative hand on his shoulder.

“Look Mike, just-“

Michael shoved her hand away and stormed out not bothering to listen or close the door behind him.

There was nothing I could say. I saw the body on the ground, I saw Max, and that was all I could see. I was nervous, terrified actually and I didn’t know why. But I knew it had something to do with this now non-person lying sprawled on the white tile.

“Isabel, tell mae why hae was here tae sae mae?”

Isabel looked at me and I felt my heart in my throat.

“Something about Liz.”

Max snapped his head up and turned to me.


“Yes Liz.”

Max looked to me. His face held no affection just a stony eyed curiosity, one suitable only for your enemy. It felt like he was asking me what the hell I was doing to his life.

“Yae ken this bloke?”

“N-n-no.” I stumbled over my words like a child caught with her hands in the cookie jar. He made me feel so low, how could someone make you feel so low…

He narrowed his eyes.
“Yae sure?”

“Yes.” I braced myself against his hard countenance for a small moment before collapsing back into jelly. He stole all my strength. He eyed me over again and turned to Isabel who was trying to gather herself.

“Did hae say anything else? Did yae try tae find oaut why hae came ‘ere?’

“Aye Max ah did. But hae was might insistent oan seeing yae. Ah couldnae stoapped him. Hae wouldnae tell mae what hae wanted.”

“That’s thae full way o’ it?”


Max sighed, running a bloodstained hand through his hair. He looked down and grimaced when he saw the man’s body fluid was still in his hands. He got up, shuddering a tad before composing himself.

“Alright. Dump thae boady. Burn it or whatever and get rid of any evidence, ken? Ah’m goaing tae take a shower. We’ll discuss this later, right?”

I could see Isabel paled at the thought she would have to handle the dead man, but she swallowed and turned to Max with composure.

“Yeah. Sure.”

I looked at Is and there was a moment of awkwardness. She glared with suspicion. I smiled slightly, trying to reassure her but the damage was done. She walked off seeking one of the large men outside the house. The breeze flew in from the open door and chills trickled up my spine. I knew that it wasn’t just from the cold. I shut the door and went back to the bedroom where I could hear the splatter of water against shower tiles. Max had strewn his clothes on the floor and they were covered in blood. I picked them up, placed them on the bed, and then carefully folded them before I put them in the hamper.

Everything seemed so much easier when I organized things and kept them in control. The thin thread that was my sanity held on stronger when I compartmentalized and prioritized everything. That way nothing is a surprise. It would seem strange to think that way in my line of work, but it had worked well for the length of my career. Except that things kept getting in the way of my categorized world. First it was Max. I wasn’t supposed to be with him, I told myself that I wouldn’t get involved with anyone while I was thieving, but yet I found him and I couldn’t stop the inevitable chain of events that surrounded us. When I found out he was a thief it made it better, and a whole lot worse. It seemed to drag me deeper in to the whole world of what I was trying to eventually escape. But I loved him, correction, love him. He was everything to me and he carried the balance of our world in his hands. I gave everything I had to him. Then it happened. The day Hugh died. I had shifted my plans to accommodate Max but it was too much for me to conceive, all the pedestals I had put him on fell and he toppled with them and I just couldn’t take it. I knew we were both criminals and it seems a little odd to hold a criminal on a pedestal, but it was different. We were noble criminals, just trying to make a living and hurt as few people as we could. We stole from those who had already stolen and we worked for ourselves.

Obviously it was all different now. There was no more us against the world, no more careful planning, no dreams no hopes. It all had to be rebuilt and I really didn’t feel like exerting the effort if I was going to just tear it all down again. I imagined the future day when I would do it. Will Kyle be there? Will Is and Michael? What will Max do when he finds out it was all in vain, everything that is going on now. How will he feel when he realizes he could have stopped it tonight with a simple bullet to my head? How will he feel? How will I feel-

“Something wrong?”

I jumped and saw Max wrapped in a robe drying his hair with a towel. He seemed to have calmed down with the hot shower. That was usually his method. It was sad that alcohol was now on his list of mood relaxers. I cracked a small smile and shifted in the bed.

“No. Considering I just saw a man get shot in the head I’m right as rain.”

“Ah thought yae were used tae blood. Yae know-after Hugh?”

I hid my sadness from him.

“You never get used to blood Max, or at least I never will. I’ll never get used to any of it.” I whispered painfully.

Max knew she was vulnerable to him and he ignored it. Until she said that. It made him think of Hugh. He remembered that she knew the truth, and she was living with it now. He couldn’t help but feel bad for her. Sure she ran out on him and ruined his life, but she was also Liz. And Liz was more than his pain. Even if he sometimes wanted to throttle her to death, she was still more. She was everything to him and he missed her. He missed her voice and the way everything seemed to make sense when she was taking charge. He wondered if she still had that quality or if it had died with their happiness.

He sat next to her on the bed breaking the silence only with the soft creaking of the bedsprings. He hesitated and clenched his fingers into fists, then placed an arm around his girl. He blinked the anger and hurt away. She was always his girl.

I felt his long arm on my shoulders and the small gesture almost made me break down. I was still his girl, I couldn’t believe it after everything I had done. I leaned into him resting my head on his shoulder and breathed in his scent, freshly washed and warm. Max if only I could tell you I would tell you everything. I let the tears slip down my cheeks and thought bitterly ‘It’s alright, one day when it’s too late, you’ll tell him, and then maybe you get to say goodbye.’

I nuzzled into him closer and he squeezed tighter. Life would be good if we could make up for it in hugs.

Life would be good if we had the chance to start over.

Life would be good…

But it’s not. I pulled in closer. I could never get close enough.

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