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Date: June 18, 2002
Rating: M/L mostly PG-13, few parts R/NC-17
Summary: Max Evans: the newest hottest singing sensation around. He’s good-looking, a great dancer, and he’s got a voice sent down straight from heaven. He’s stealing the hearts of millions of girls every day. But there’s only one heart he wants: Liz Parker’s. Can the two survive in a world fit for a CELEBRITY?
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I’m poor in the world of Roswell. Oh, and lyrics are from *N SYNC’s “Celebrity”


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!PART 2!

If I wasn't a celebrity
Would you be so nice to me
If I didn't have G's like every day
Would you still want to be with me?
If I couldn't buy you diamond rings
And all those other expensive things
Would be so into me
If I wasn't a celebrity

“Ahhh! It’s Max! Oh migod!”

“Look over here!”

“Oh migod! He’s staring right at me!”

“He’s so hott!”

Max Evans smiled a gorgeous smile and waved to thousands of adoring fans. He made sure to wink at several of them, just like his agent, Victoria, had told him to. Glancing around, he laughed when he saw a girl covered in writing. He could only make out a few words: Max Evans is the best and Will you marry me. Geez, some of these girls were really crazy.

Without warning, he was suddenly pushed backward with an amazing force. In a daze, he saw the face of a cute girl, probably around the age of 15. She was hugging him and kissing his cheek. Stunned, he remembered what Victoria had said. “Don’t move, don’t push her away,” he repeated in his mind. Silently, he prayed for someone to take her off of him. She planted a big, wet kiss on his lips before she was finally pulled away by his body guards.

Recovering, he noticed all the stares, wondering what he was going to do next. He just smiled and gave a thumbs up, continuing to the hotel. Entering the privacy of the hotel, the cheering and yelling was shut out. He breathed a sigh of relief.

“Max! Sweetie! Great job with that psycho girl!” Victoria rushed over and gave him two air kisses.
“It’s all thanks to you,” he smiled.

She laughed. “Oh, Maxie! You’re just too sweet!”

“Is Liz here yet?”

“Ugh, of course: Liz. Nope, she called and told me to tell you that her plane was a little late so she’ll be here probably an hour later than expected.”

His face fell. After a day of gruesome press meetings and fan encounters, all he wanted was to curl up with Liz.

“Oh, cheer up, honey. She’ll be here soon enough. Why don't you go upstairs and change and go swimming or something? When Liz gets here, I’ll tell her to join you in there.”

He nodded. “Sure.” Exhausted, he got up and walked into an elevator. Sighing, he leaned against the mirror of the elevator and combed a hand through his hair.


He walked to his suite and collapsed onto the expensive couch. He rubbed his temples, missing Liz. He hadn’t seen her for two weeks because he had been touring Europe, promoting his new cd. They had talked on the phone almost every night, but it just wasn’t the same. He had been fidgety all day, waiting until the moment he would return to the hotel and see Liz, but she wasn’t even here! Forcing himself to get up, he walked to the bedroom and changed into a Polo swimming trunk. He snuck a peak outside and smiled wearily at the sight of thousands of girls still waiting out there, hoping for him to come out again.

Needing to relax, he quickly went to the indoor pool, settling into the Jacuzzi. He closed his eyes as the heat rose and soothed his headache.

“Max,” a voice as harmonious as a harp whispered in his ear.

His eyes snapped open and he smiled brightly at the sight of Liz. She was dressed in a red bikini which brought out the chocolate brown of her eyes and accented her soft skin. She smiled and after he turned around, she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a long kiss.

His heart pumped rapidly and he felt dizzy. The softness of her hair intertwined in his fingers, the satiny feel of her cheek, the soft, breathy moans she was making made him crazy.

Gasping for breath, she pulled away. Her lips were swollen and her eyes glazed. She smiled again and climbed into the Jacuzzi, settling in next to him.

“I thought you’d never get here,” he confessed, wrapping his arms around her tiny body.

She nodded and kissed his neck. “I missed you so much!”

He chuckled. “I missed you too, like crazy.”

She laughed and pulled away slightly. “I saw your entrance into this building.”

His eyes bulged. “Uhh, what did you see exactly?”

She raised her eyebrows. “That girl kissing you.”

He blushed. “I didn’t mean for her to! She just came out of nowhere and it was a small peck! It didn’t even last a second! I’m-“

She giggled and placed a finger to his lips. “Shhh. I know. So how did the meetings go and stuff?”

“Same as usual. They asked the same questions, still trying to find out who you are.”

She smiled and gently pulled him between her legs. She began to massage his shoulders.

He moaned. “That feels so good.”

“I know,” she laughed, “Keep going.”

“Well, I still wouldn’t tell them and so they finally gave up. And then I met with the fans, they asked about you too. Oh, and I must have gotten about 50 marriage proposals!”

She leaned down to his ear and whispered, “I guess that means that I better get you a big fat engagement ring, one with a scientific track device on it so that I’ll know where you are all the time.”

He laughed. “That reminds me. How’s the job at the lab going?”

Liz was a student at Harvard and a part-time scientist at the labs there. “Great! The other day, one of the newer interns mixed the wrong chemicals together and there was an explosion! It was the funniest thing!” she laughed and hearing her laughter made him laugh too.

He stopped and turned around, wrapping his arms tightly around her once again.

“Hey! I wasn’t finished with your massage yet!”

“Who cares?” He leaned down, capturing her sweet, luscious lips with his own. They continued to kiss, lost in their own world. Her hands rested on his well-muscled chest while his caressed her cheek and shoulder. His assault on her lips drove her senses wild. Slowly, he moved to her neck, nibbling on the tender skin there. She moaned and her hands were lost in the smoothness on his hair.


Reluctantly, he pulled away.

“Sorry to interrupt this little love fest of yours, but Max, dear, we need to talk about your outfit for tomorrow,” Victoria said, clearly not sorry. Liz always felt as if Victoria was purposely trying to separate her and Max. She knew that Victoria didn’t want her with Max.

“What’s he doing tomorrow?”

Victoria gave Liz a cold, hard look. Seeing that, Max threw a possessive arm around Liz. Squeezing reassuringly, he said, “I have to make an appearance with Tess.”

Liz’s blood boiled. She usually wasn’t a jealous person, but she couldn’t stand Tess. Max was like the King of Pop while Tess was like the Queen. Everyone thought that Tess and Max should be together and Liz knew that Victoria was always trying to persuade Max to dump her and go for Tess.

Max, sensing her jealously, gave her a quick kiss, much to the distaste of Victoria. Victoria wanted to throw up, watching Max and Liz together. “What is he doing wasting his time with her? She’s so plain and not Tess. He and Tess would definitely make big news… and money.”

“Don’t worry, Liz.. It’ll only be for a little while. Plus, everyone knows I’m with you,” he smiled.

“Yeah,” she said unconvincingly.

“Oh, stop being so childish, Liz! You’re not afraid that Tess will steal Max away, are you?” Victoria asked, a devilish smile on her face.

Liz frowned and started to get up.

“No, Liz!” Max grabbed her arms and dragged her back to him. “I want you to stay,” he pleaded.
“How can I resist you?” She sat back down, content in his arms.

“Anyways, she’s going to be dressed dressy casual, so you have to be too. Black dressy pants with a nice blue silk shirt. How does that sound?”

“You’ll be even more handsome than you are now,” Liz teased.

Max blushed and leaned down to kiss her.

“Stop it! You two make me sick! Well, Max, darling?”

He nodded. “If Liz likes it, then it’s fine.”

“Oh, you and Tess are going to be so adorable together! She’s wearing a gorgeous white sundress and-“

“Not to be rude, Vic, but I really don’t care.”

“I know and it’s a shame. You and Tess would be so perfect together!”

Tears welled up in Liz’s eyes. Max said sternly, “Vic, that’s enough. I don’t care what you think about me and Tess. We will never be perfect for eachother. Everyone knows that Liz and I are meant to be.”

She scoffed and walked out.

“I’m sorry, Liz. She’s been getting extremely pushy about Tess lately and every time, I’ve told her shut up, but-“

“I know. I miss the old days, when our biggest problems were what we were going to do on our date every night.”

He laughed. “Remember how we used to spend every second of every minute of every day together? We were inseparable.”

She sighed. “Yeah and now we barely ever get to see one another.”

He joked, “Just the burdens of dating a celebrity, huh?” Then, on a more serious tone, “You know what I promised you in the beginning. If this ever gets to be too much for you, all you have to do is tell me and I’ll drop it. Being with you is more important to me than fame.”

“Max, I don’t want you to go tomorrow,” she said, ashamed at herself for saying it.

He nodded into her hair. “I know, but it’s important. Everyone, not only Vic, is telling me that I need to be seen with Tess more often, that she’ll make my career last longer. I know she wants to be with me, but I’ve told her millions of times that I’m already with you.”

“That won’t stop her from trying, will it?”

“No. Liz! I have a great idea! Why don’t you come with me tomorrow?”

She pulled away and placed a hand on his forehead. “Are you coming down with a fever? I can’t go! Then everyone will know who I am!”

“Who cares? I want them to know. I’m tired of having to keep you secret!”

“Are you sure about this? You can’t take it back. Once they know, they know.”

Max and Liz had decided to keep her hidden and away from the media for one main reason: Max didn’t want to put Liz in the spotlight like that. He knew how much it sucked to always be followed around by the press and to not have any privacy and he didn’t want that. Liz didn’t care and had tried to convince him of that, but he wouldn’t listen. Honestly, Liz wanted people to know about her, about how she and Max were totally in love and how no one would ever come between them, even if he was a celebrity and all now. She wanted to show her ownership.

“We’re going to let the world know tomorrow about Liz Parker.”

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!PART 3!

Something happens when you look at me, I forget to speak
Something happens when you kiss my mouth, my knees get so weak
Could it be true, this is what God has meant for me
'Cuz baby
I can't believe
That something like you...
Could happen to me
Something like You


Max looked Liz up and down, once again entranced by her beauty. She’s wearing a soft, pink spaghetti strap tank top that made Max itch from wanting to touch her and a matching black frilly skirt that went down to her knees and had a slit up to the thigh, teasing Max because he knew what was under there, but he couldn’t get to it.

She smiled, thrilled at Max’s response. She had been hoping, when she bought this outfit, for that kind of reaction.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” she smiled, running into his arms.

Still stunned, he wrapped his arms around her and leaned down. But before he could catch her lips, she pulled away and said, “Sorry, Max, but I can’t have you messing up my make-up, now can I?”

He looked at her as if she had just sprouted alien antennas on her head. “You’re not wearing any!”

She laughed and raised herself up on tip-toes, her lips playing with Max’s in a sweet game.

“Ahem. The people are waiting,” Victoria stated before she quickly walked out.

Liz pulled back and smiled innocently. “We mustn’t keep the people waiting, huh?”

“No. We mustn’t.”

“Max!” Max and Liz both turned to see a blond bimbo running towards them. Ignoring Liz completely, she threw herself into Max’s arms, giving his cheeks kisses, staining them red with her lipstick. Shocked, Max had let go of Liz’s hand and placed his hands on Tess’ hip.

“Hey, Tess,” he pushed her away gently and wrapped a possessive arm around Liz. “Tess, this is Liz. Liz, Tess.”

“Hi, Tess. It’s nice to meet you,” she said politely, sticking her hand out.

Tess looked down at it with a look of disgust and snobbily ignored it. Instead, she smiled her plastic smile and squealed like a pig, “Oh migod! You’re Liz! Like Max’s Liz!”

Liz, unable to resist, put on a ditzy smile and squealed too, “Oh migod! You’re like so right! I am Max’s Liz!” Her smile was fake.

Max laughed. He loved Liz’s sense of humor! Tess, in her own little world, just tilted her head side to side, not noticing that Max and Liz were making fun of her. She turned, gave Max another kiss on the cheek, much to his dislike, and bounced away.

“She’s unbelievable,” Liz laughed. Max grabbed his sides, laughing uncontrollably. Liz giggled at him and began to tickle his sides, at the little spots on his rib cage where he was the most ticklish. She had found that out when they were five and in kindergarten. They were playing with blocks and she had said something, making fun of him, and he didn’t like being teased, so he started to tickle her and she fought back, attacking him in those special little places.

“Max! They’re waiting!” Victoria yelled.

Max and Liz froze, like they were caught by the principal during school hours or something. Max straightened up and Liz threw her arms around him. He laughed again and wrapped his arms around her. She got on tip-toes and moved her mouth closer, but Max leaned away. “Liz Parker, I have people waiting for me. If you start this, I won’t be able to stop,” he warned, his eyes shining with laughter.

She placed her hands on either side of his head and pulled him to her, kissing him deeply. They became lost in the kiss, hands touching, moans escaping.

“Max Evans! You get your tiny ass in here right now!” Victoria screamed.

He pulled away, gasping for breath. Breathlessly, he said, “I’ve got to go.”

Reluctantly, she let him go. She yelled, “I’ll have you know Victoria, Max’s ass is not tiny at all!”

Max blushed and walked into the room, red as a fire engine. The second he entered, everyone clapped and some even whistled. He took his place next to Tess, who immediately grabbed his hand. Making sure people noticed, he roughly pulled away, a smile still plastered onto his face.

Tess was speechless. No one had ever resisted her. And she wanted Max badly, but noooo he just had to be the one to not want her. “I have to have him,” she thought to herself.

Cameras flashed everywhere, pictures snapped.

“Max? Are you and Tess truly good friends?” a reporter from Roswell 5 news called out.

He nodded, hating himself for lying. “Ever since I’ve been in this business, we’ve known each other.” At least that wasn’t a lie.

“Maxie and I are like the best of friends!” Tess squealed.

“Max, what does your secret girlfriend think about this? Especially with all of the rumors floating around that you and Tess are together,” a reporter from New Mexico 9 news asked.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?”

The whole room quieted. They couldn’t believe that it would be possible that Max Evans’ secret love would finally be introduced and known to the world.

He grew nervous. “I’ll be right back.” And much to the surprise of everyone, he ran out of the room, leaving Tess to stand there, smiling nervously. She knew that everyone would easily take a liking to Liz. Liz was like perfect. Although Tess didn’t think that Liz was as pretty as herself, she did know that Liz was fairly pretty, really smart, and a lot of fun. The three things guys like Max liked the most.

“Liz!” Max screamed, frantically looking for her.

“Whoa, Max! Where’s the fire?” she laughed.

He grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards the room.

”Max! What are you doing?” She stopped and forced him to look at her.

“I kind of mentioned that you’re here and that I was going to, that you were going to come out and-“

“What? But I, I look horrible!”

He laughed. “Liz, you always look perfect. Come on, let’s not keep them waiting.”

Nervously, she started to walk towards the door. Max noticed that her hands were sweating. Not wanting to make her anymore nervous, he wrapped his arm around her waist, drawing her close.

Liz could hear the noise in there, the commotion. Everyone was waiting for her. She was so thankful for Max’s warm arm around her. She was sure she would faint if he wasn’t there. With her heart pounding, she and Max walked through the door.


Nobody talked, nobody moved. They all just stared at the beautiful, petite brown haired girl standing next to Max. The top of her head reached his chin and his arm was wrapped possessively around her. It was clear to everyone that they were madly in love.

“Everyone, this is Liz Parker. The love of my life,” Max announced.

She smiled, a gorgeous, white-toothed smile that lit up the whole room. Immediately, everyone clapped and started to cheer. Cameras flashed as everyone struggled to take pictures of this Goddess.

Max squeezed her hip reassuringly and they both let out a sigh of relief. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, much to the delight of all the picture-takers, “See? I knew they’d love you. You’re perfect.”

She smiled again and whispered back, leaning close, “I love you, Max.”

“I love you too.”

“How about a kiss for the cameras?” Victoria suggested loudly. Although she didn’t like Liz, she knew that a kiss would definitely bring more media attention to Max and right now, that’s what she wanted the most.

Everyone cheered and Max raised his eyebrows questioningly. Liz didn’t nod or answer, “yes.” Instead, she pushed herself up on tip-toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. Passionately, she kissed him. His arms snaked around her waist, pressing her body against his. Their tongues danced as everyone cheered.

“How did you two meet?” someone called out.

Breathless, Max pulled away and smiled. “Our parents are best friends and live next door to eachother. It was just fate. We were born on the same day and laid next to eachother in the hospital’s nursery room.”

Everyone laughed and someone else asked, “Have either of you dated anyone else?”

They both shook their heads. “We’ve known that we were meant to be since forever,” Liz said, still shining from Max’s kiss.

”Are you two planning on getting married?”

Excitedly, they both nodded. “It kind of already seems as if we’re married. We even finish eachother’s sentences-“

“-like married couples do,” Liz laughed.

A lady dressed in a gray suit stood up. “I just want to say that I’m really excited to finally find out who you are. You and Max are perfect together! So cute!” she gushed.

Liz blushed while Max just stood prouder, his chest puffing out. Laughing, she poked at it. “Max Evans, don’t get too cocky.”

“Awwww,” everyone sighed.

“Anyways,” Tess stepped up, “Liz and I are like awesome friends too! She’s like the best!”

Liz rolled her eyes and Max kissed her forehead, glad to have the attention not focused on them. She smiled and whispered, “It worked out better than we thought, huh?”

He nodded. “I already told you they’d love you.”

”How could they not? I’m a loveable person,” she joked.

“I can see the headlines now.” He moved his hand in front of them like a headline. “Max Evans’ secret love interest finally revealed! And she’s better than he is!”

She laughed and kissed him on the chin. “Damn right!”

“Max!” Tess and Victoria screamed.

Max and Liz jumped away from eachother guiltily.

“We’ve only been calling you for like ever!” Tess exclaimed.

“Sorry, I guess we just forgot where we were,” he confessed. Everyone except for Tess and Victoria laughed.

“How do you feel about Tess, Liz?” the same reporter from before asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, how all these rumors are spreading around about them dating.”

“I’m fine with them, as long as Max knows that he’s mine,” she said possessively, grabbing his hand.

“She’s quite the dominatrix isn’t she?” Max teased.

“I wouldn’t call me that!” she warned.

“Or what?”

Everyone watched, entertained by their adorable bantering.

“Or I’ll tell everyone about that time when we were six and we did the talent show together!”

He blushed and immediately, everyone demanded, “Tell us! Tell us!”

“Liz,” he warned.

But she just smiled. “As I said, were six. We had signed up for the talent show and our parents decided that it would be best if we sang ‘Old McDonald’ because Max was just so great at making animal noises.”

Everyone laughed and Liz couldn’t help the giggle that escaped from her mouth. Max continued to stand there, embarrassed beyond belief.

“Well, so we performed and it was the cutest thing ever! We still have it on tape! Max was great, mooing and quacking like a pro. Then, towards the end-“

“That’s definitely enough!”

She pushed him aside. “His pants tore! He started crying and we never did get to finish the song. Max has vowed since then never ever to make another animal noise again.”

The laughter was uncontrollable. Everyone could just imagine little Max singing on stage, barking and then having his pants tear.

“But of course, I have managed to get him to make a few noises for me,” she said hintingly.

Max blushed even redder and threw his hands over his eyes. “I cannot believe this is happening,” he groaned.

Liz giggled and removed his hands. She pulled his head down and kissed him soundly.

“Don’t you just love me?” Liz asked sweetly.

Even though she had just embarrassed him beyond belief, he couldn’t lie. “More than anything.”

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I love teasing people *happy*

!PART 4!


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sure, I'm sorry, I didn't know

"In a World Fit for a Celebrity”

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!PART 5!

“I don't want to leave,” Liz complained, wrapping herself tighter into Max’s arms.

He sighed and inhaled the wonderful scent of her hair. It smelled like strawberries and he knew that her scent would be with him until the next time she visited. “I don’t want you to go either. I’m going to miss you,” he confessed, kissing the top of her head lovingly.

She nodded into his shirt. “I’m going to miss you too. When’s the next time you or I can visit?”

“I’m not sure, but I’ll call you tomorrow after I talk to Vic about it.”

“She’s probably going to say ‘never’.”

“Liz,” he scolded gently, “you know she wouldn’t.”

“I’m not sure anymore. Ever since everyone found out who I am, she seems to hate me even more. She keeps telling me that Tess would be better for you and that if I really loved you, I’d let you go so that you could be with her,” her voice cracked.

“If you really loved me, which you do, you would never leave me. You know Vic, she can be a bitch, but she’s a great agent. She knows how to do everything right. Please don’t let her get to you. She’ll learn to accept you soon.”

“Liz, your limo’s here to take you to the airport. Max, your limo’s here to take you to the FNL studios,” Victoria announced.

“I know. I’m just saying good-bye to Liz.” He turned back to his sweet Liz and kissed her.

“Friday Night Live huh? You’re becoming such a celebrity!”

“They want me to do a skit of two and then I’m going to perform.”

“Really? I’ll have to make sure to watch it!”

“You better!”

She kissed him and with a squeeze of his hand, she walked out the back doors to the limo waiting for her.

“Come on, Max. You’re going to be late!” Victoria screamed.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” He walked towards the door and just as he was about to go out, Victoria turned to him and surprised the hell out of him.

“I did tell you that Tess is going to be there right?”

He stepped back, his eyes wide. “What?!”

“Oh, I thought I told you! Oops, it must have slipped my mind. I’m so sorry, honey.” He could tell she wasn’t sorry at all. “But you don’t mind right? Plus, you and Tess are so cute together!”

He glared at her. “Vic, I’d really appreciate it if you told me about this next time. You know I can’t stand her. I have to like get ready in advance for like 2 weeks!”

She looked guilty. “Here’s the script.”

He took it from her, eyeing her warily. He began to read and then dropped it as if it was on fire.

“What the mothers?! Are you crazy?! There is no way on Earth I am going to kiss that Barbie!”

“Maxie! You have to! It’s in the script!” Victoria whined.

“Liz will kill me!” He paused dramatically. “I’ll kill me!”

“It doesn’t have to mean anything. Please, it’ll be good for your career!”

“I don’t care! I’m not doing it! There’s no way you can make me!”

She tasted like plastic and lipstick. Max did his best to fake, wanting desperately to go and vomit. He finally could pull away and she was smiling like the idiot she was. Everyone was clapping. The two turned towards the stage, and holding hands, bowed. The curtains closed and Max immediately ran backstage to gurgle down some water.

“Maxie! That was so great! You’re such a great kisser!”

He didn’t say anything. Just continued to wash her germs away with more water.


Finally, he pulled away, after drowning down his second bottle of H2O. “I hate that name.” He walked away and began to prepare himself for his performance. He started warming up his lungs and began to sing.

He was interrupted by clapping. “Max, sweetie! You were wonderful!” Victoria came by and gave him two air kisses. “I could see the fireworks between you two!”

“I don’t know what you saw, but they were not fireworks!”

“Whatever you say…”

”No, I’m serious. I’m never doing it again.”

“Right. Go sing, sweetie. It’s time.”

As he walked to the stage, he began to pump himself up.

He sang, his beautiful voice dazzling the audience. He sang with so much emotion, so much feeling that some got tears in their eyes. He closed his eyes, images of his Liz filling his mind. He faded and everyone clapped as the song ended. He smiled and left the stage, dying for water.

“Max! You were wonderful!” Tess ran up to him and hugged him.

Although he hated her, he was in such a great mood that he didn’t immediately push her away. “Thanks.” After every performance, he was filled with this great feeling of accomplishment and relief and excitement. It was one of the best feelings in the world.

Liz cried into her pillow. Max had not told her about kissing Tess! She trusted him and he hadn’t told her! She began to cry harder, punching another pillow, pretending it was Tess’ ugly face. Images of his kissing that fake bitch made Liz see red. Tess was everything Liz was not. Tess was gorgeous and had a great body, every guy’s fantasy. Liz was just a brainy nerd. She never could understand why Max would want to be with her and not Tess. Max could get any girl he wanted. Whenever Liz was down, she would try to convince herself that Max was only with her because it was routine, it was the way things were, but she remembered his smile for her, that look he gave her, and knew it wasn’t true.


Liz picked up the phone half-heartedly. “Hello?” she managed to get out between tears.

“Liz. I’m sorry, I didn’t know about it until you left! Vic told me right-“

She hung up. She didn’t want to talk to him right now.

The phone rang again.

”Leave me alone, Max!”

And she hung up again.

The third time, she didn’t even say anything, just picked it up and put it back down again. She knew that she was being mean and immature, but it was hard not to be when she was hurting the way she was. Ever since Max had become a celebrity, she had to share him with the rest of the world. Everyone in his “celebrity” world thought that he should be with Tess.

She sighed. “Maybe they’re right,” she said aloud.

Five minutes passed and Liz thought, “Good. He’s finally gotten the hint.” But in her heart, she was still crying. She wanted him to call back, even if she wasn’t ready to talk to him. It would mean that he cared and wanted, no needed for her to know.

“Liz?” her roommate and best friend, Maria knocked. Maria and Liz had been best friends since they met in middle school. They both decided to go to Harvard and since they were both rich, they decided to share a nice apartment together near campus.

“What?” she yelled.

“There’s something downstairs for you, chica!”

She sighed. “Coming!”

She got up from her soft, comfy bed with the beautiful pink, orange, yellow, and white plaid sheets and matching pillows and the canopy overhead. She padded through her large, matching room and opened the door. Walking down the hallway, she found Maria smiling on the couch.

“Well?” she wiped away the tears.

“Open the door.”

She did… to find a weird guy standing there, holding the most gorgeous roses ever, her favorite. They were the colors of her room and smelled delicious. She gasped.

“Miss Parker?” the guy asked.

She nodded, unable to take her eyes away from the bouquet.

“These are for you.” He handed her the flowers and a card. With that, he walked away.

She stood there.

“Liz! Get your butt in here and let me get a closer look at them!”

Liz closed the door and Maria squealed. “They’re beautiful! Who are they from?” She sniffed them, sighing at their fragrance.

“I don’t know. But there’s a card.” She opened the card up and began to read, tears brimming her eyes.

My Sweet Liz,
I’m sorry about the whole FNL thing. I didn’t know that I was going to be doing it with Tess until Vic told me… seconds after you left. If I had known, I wouldn’t have agreed to it.
The kiss meant nothing, no matter how it looked on television. Honestly, the whole time I was thinking about how hard I was going to have to wash my mouth to get the horrible taste out.
Liz, please don’t be mad at me. I don’t know what I’d do if you were. I love you and you mean everything to me. I need you.


“I should have known! Michael would never do anything this sweet for me!” Maria had been dating Michael, Max’s best friend for about four months now. They loved eachother, but Maria was the romantic type and Michael, well, he was the exact opposite. His idea of a romantic date was McDonald’s and then making out at his apartment.

“I have to go call him!”

Maria nodded and offered, “I’ll go put theses water.”

“Thanks.” Liz ran to her room and grabbed the phone. She dialed his hotel room number and he picked up during the first ring.


She smiled. “How’d you know?”

“I didn’t. I was just hoping.”

Her heart melted. “Max, I’m so sorry for acting like such a baby! I shouldn’t have ever-“

“No, I’m sorry! I should have called you right after I found out!”

“Do you forgive me?” they asked at the same time. They laughed and again, at the same time replied, “Of course.”

“Max, I really am sorry. It’s just that, Tess is so, and everyone, I couldn’t, I was just-”

He chuckled. “Yes?”


“You have nothing to be jealous about, Liz.”

“I guess I know that.”

“No, you do know it.”

She laughed. “Yes, sir.”

“Soldier, what are you doing now?”

“Talking to you.”

“No duh. Besides that.”

“Staring at my ceiling, cuddling with Maxie Bear.”

“Sometimes I envy that bear.”

Maxie Bear had been a birthday present from Max to Liz when she turned eight. She’d had him ever since and he was still in great shape, even though Liz slept with him whenever she was at home.

“You should. How do you think I keep warm?”

“Obviously not with me. Although I do remember last winter when we had that stupid idea of camping out at the Desert. You were complaining about being cold and I remember exactly how I kept you warm that night,” he said huskily.

“I miss those nights. When we could have sex whenever and wherever,” she whispered, knowing the effect she was having on him.

“Yeah,” he said, reminiscing. “And it was great sex too.”

She laughed.

”Whoa, hold on a minute, Vic’s calling.”

A few moments later, he came back and said sadly, “I’ve got to go, babe. My flight is in two hours and I’ve got to get packing.”

“Ok. I love you.”

”I love you too.”

Liz hung up and walked to her full length mirror, studying herself. She had to admit, although she’d never be as beautiful and perfect as Tess, she liked herself for what she was. She wasn’t too thin, but she was still skinny. She wasn’t gorgeous, but not plain. She sighed and turned on her stereo, hearing the familiar tune of Max’s new single on the radio.

“Max Evans was on FNL tonight! Did you all see it? He and that delicious Tess Harding really got it on, steaming up my television set. Whoo! Liz Parker, you better keep an eye out on your man before Tess snatches him away!”

Furious, Liz turned it off and turned on the cd section instead, letting Max’s sweet voice take away the anger and instead, replace it with calmness.

She flopped onto her bed. Turning towards her night table, she smiled at the large picture set in the center of the table, facing the bed. It was Liz’s favorite. It was of Max and Liz snuggling right after a kiss, totally entranced with one another. Their foreheads were touching and he was cupping her chin, smiles on both of their faces. Maria, being the photographer she is, had taken advantage of the perfection of the moment and had taken the picture. Liz and Max hadn’t found out until the picture was developed and enlarged and given to them as an anniversary present.

She gently fingered the picture, tracing Max’s face. Sometimes, she just missed him so much, especially right after a phone call, his voice filling her ears, yet he was thousands of miles away.

“He hasn’t called in a week! A week, Maria!” Liz cried hopelessly, digging into her Ben and Jerry’s double fudge vanilla ice-cream carton.

“Liz, come on. He’s busy, you know that. He still loves you!”

“He talks to Tess more than me!” spooning another large bite of ice-cream into her tiny mouth.

“He can’t help it! It’s part of the job!”

“I hate his job. A celebrity,” she said bitterly.

Maria grabbed Liz’s hand, which was ready to eat more. “Liz,” she looked at her seriously. “You’ve got to stop. Why don’t you call him?”

“I have. But every time I do, I just get his answering machine and he never calls back!” Tears formed in her eyes and she leaned her head onto her best friend’s shoulder.

“Liz, I’m sorry, I really am, but sweetie, he can’t help it if he doesn’t have time right now. He is starting his tour of Europe and it’s got to be time consuming and-“

“He’s supposed to love me!”

“Liz! You know he does!”

Liz just continued to eat her Ben and Jerry’s. “Is this really double fudge? I mean, do they like measure it and then add double that?”

“Ummm.. I’m not sure.”

“No, I bet they just make it like thicker or something so that it seems like it’s more. You know, looks can be deceiving. Everything could look all right, but it’s really not,” she lifted a spoonful up and showed it to Maria, “Ironic, isn’t it?”

“That’s it!” Maria walked up, leaving a very startled Liz. She picked up the phone and dialed.

“Who are you calling?! I’m having like a major breakdown right now and you’re going to use the phone?!”

Maria ignored her and finally said, “Max! I’m so glad I caught you! See, I, no you, no we, have this really big problem.” A pause. “’What’ you ask? Liz. Yup, ya know, that girl you’ve known all your life and who you loved like crazy. Remember her?” Another pause. And then, “Yeah. Well, she’s not doing so great. She’s been moping around for the past week and right now, she’s stuffing her face with a carton of double fudge vanilla ice-cream. Yup, DOUBLE FUDGE. Uh huh. She was just complaining about how much she misses you and how you haven’t called in a week. Yup, can you believe that?! So I told her that you still loved her, you do don’t you?” She ignored the shocked expression on Liz’s face. “Of course! I knew it, but she’s a little crazy and was doubting it! Well, anyways, she told me that you haven’t been returning her messages. Is that true?” She paused dramatically. “Don’t give me that ‘I’m busy, I’m on a world tour’ crap. Would you like to talk to Liz? Because her mouth’s almost touching the floor and she’s gapping like a fish. You would? Great! Here she is now!” Maria smiled defiantly and threw the phone at Liz. “If you need me, I’ll be in the dark room, developing some of the photos I took, trying to ease this headache.” She walked away.

Liz just stared at the phone. Suddenly, realization dawned on her. Max was on the phone! She grabbed it and said eagerly, “Hello?”

“Liz? Are you all right?”

She giggled nervously. “Yeah. I mean, yeah.”

“I’m really sorry I haven’t been calling you back. It’s no excuse that I’m busy, but I haven’t had time to breathe let alone-“

“It’s ok, really.”

“No, it’s not. I should have been more considerate.”

“No, I should have been more understanding. I’m really sorry. I’ve just been so lonely.”

He sighed. “I know. So have I. I can’t wait until I’ll be home again.. or at least home in your apartment. I’m really looking forward to this two month break I get.”

“So you’re really coming?”

“Of course, that is if you still want me to.”

“You know I do!”

“Great! I hate to end this short, but I’ve got to go. Rehearsals are calling.”

Her face fell. “Oh, ok. Well, don’t work too hard,” she teased, trying to cover up her disappointment.

“Why? What do you have planned for me?”

“Let’s just say that I plan to work you very hard when you come.”

He laughed. “I love you, Liz.”

“We’ll see about that. I love you too.”

She hung up, feeling better than she had in the past week.

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!PART 6!
“Aren’t you going to eat, Liz?” Maria asked, staring suspiciously at her best friend.

Michael had taken the two girls out for an expensive dinner, trying to please Maria and cheer Liz up.

Liz looked at her food blandly. “I’m really not that hungry.”

“Really?” she said, eyeing Liz skeptically.

Liz nodded. But the truth was that Liz was on a diet. Max was supposed to be here in less than two weeks and she wanted to look her best when he came.

“I’ll eat it!” Michael offered, reaching over to grab her food, but was stopped by Maria’s firm grip on his wrist.

“No. Liz hasn’t eaten in like two days, she’s going to eat it!”

Liz glared at Maria. “I said that I wasn’t hungry, just let it drop, Mar.”

“No! You’re starving yourself! Don’t think that I haven’t noticed!” her voice rose.

Michael placed his hand in between them “Whoa, girls, can we not do this here?”

“Whatever. I’m done,” Liz said.

“No you’re not! Liz, if Max found out about what you were doing, he’d freak!”

“Well Max isn’t here, is he?”

“Is that what this is about?” She continued when Liz remained silent, “Look, Max will be here in about a week and a half, come on! Don’t tell me you can’t even last that long! You’re so pathetic! He’s just a guy!”

Liz stood up, her nostrils flaring. “Don’t call me pathetic! How would you know anyway? You’re always complaining about Michael and telling me how lucky I am. If you had a guy that loved you the way Max loves me, you wouldn’t be able to live without him either!” She stomped away.

“I can’t believe her! Who does she think she is to speak to me that way? To speak about you that way?”

Michael grabbed her arm, silently calming her down. “Look Maria, she’s going through a tough time right now. She doesn’t mean what she says.”

“And how would you know?”

“I can tell. She’s in love with a celebrity, Maria. She has to share him with everyone and she ,herself, never gets to see him. She feels as if she has competition from everyone trying to steal Max away from her, all these models and singers like Tess. She’s insecure.”

Maria stared at her boyfriend in shock.

He smiled. “See? I’m not that insensitive!” Then he burped loudly to prove it.

“Liz, we need to talk!” Maria shouted through Liz’s door. She could hear Max’s voice blasting in the room. She sighed, she knew that whenever Liz was feeling down, she put in Max’s cd.

The door opened all of a sudden and Maria, who was leaning against it, fell and landed on her face into Liz’s white carpet.

“Maria! Are you ok?”

Maria groaned and got up. Her heart broke as she studied Liz. Liz was usually pretty thin, but this was unbelievable. Her cheeks were hollow and there were heavy bags under her eyes. Her face was pale and tired.

“Liz! Look at yourself!”

Liz placed her hands on her hips. “What do you want? If you’re here to yell at me again and call me pathetic, I think that you’d be better off spending your time at the toilet.”

“Liz, I’m sorry about all the things I said before, I was just worried about you.”

“Mar, I’m a big girl. I know whether I’m hungry or not.”

“Liz, you’re starving yourself, I’m your best friend, I know it. Stop it.”

“I’m not starving myself! Fine, I’ll admit it, I am going on a little diet, but that-“

“Little?! Liz! I can barely recognize you! You’re so thin, it looks like you’re sick!”

“Great! Now I look sick? What next, huh Maria? I’m ugly too?”

“Elizabeth Parker! What is wrong with you?”

Tears streamed down Liz’s face. “Do you how hard it is for me? To have to be compared to people like Tess, people who want to take Max away? I can never ever be as perfect as them. The sad thing is, I’m only fighting with myself! Max is never here to comfort me anymore. I could die and he wouldn’t find out for weeks because he’s so busy off in other countries, traveling around the world, meeting tons of gorgeous girls. I look at myself every day in the mirror and you know what I see? This fat, ugly, useless, failure of a girlfriend. How a I supposed to make Max happy if I can’t even make myself happy? How can I make Max want me when I’m this big?”

“Liz, Max loves you for you. He tells people all the time about how much you mean to him, about how gorgeous you are. He loves you so much that he can’t stand it. Please don’t do this to yourself because you’re not only hurting yourself, but the people that love you. People like me and even Max. When he comes and sees you like this, what do you think he’s going to do? He’s going to drop everything, give it all up.. for you. Because he loves you that much, because you’re that perfect to him. He promised you in the beginning that he’d do this for you and he still means it. But I know you, and I know that you don’t want to take it away from him, so honey, Liz, please stop doing this to yourself and get back to your normal self.”

“Mar, you don’t understand.” She sighed.

“Liz, I know, you’re right, I don’t. But I do understand that you really don’t want to do this.”

“How am I supposed to win Max back if I don’t?”

Maria cautiously walked over and hugged Liz tightly. “Liz, you don’t have to win him back. He’s still yours, you never lost him. You don’t need to lose any weight. And plus, you wanna see big? Look at this big tub of lard!” she grabbed at her stomach and pinched the little fat that was there.

Liz giggled softly. She leaned her head on Maria’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. I guess I was just being stupid again.”

Maria laughed. “You, a Harvard girl? NO WAY!”

The two girls laughed some more and with stupid grins, walked out to the living room.

“Mar? I’m really sorry about the whole scene at the restaurant. I’ve just been a little sensitive lately.”

“Nah really. You have so many mood swings, I’m beginning to wonder if you’re like pregnant or something!”

Liz grinned. “I doubt it. I haven’t had sex with Max for like ever! Rugh!”

Maria laughed deeply. “Liz, would you mind if I went with Michael back to Roswell for a month? Summer’s almost over and I kind of want to-“

Liz nodded. “I understand completely. When are you going?”


“So soon?!” Her eyes widened.

“Yeah, it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing.”

“I’ll miss you!”

“I’ll miss you too, chica!”

“Who’s going to make sure that I don’t starve myself?” Liz asked, half seriously, half jokingly.

“Liz, please, be careful with yourself. Max will be here in less than two weeks and I know he doesn’t want to come home to a toothpick.”

“Yeah. I’m gonna go call him now!” She hugged Maria and ran to her bedroom. Sitting down at her desk, she dialed Max’s cell phone number.


She smiled. “Hey, Max! I’ve missed you so much! How-“

“Liz, I’m really busy right now, but I’m glad you called. I have really bad news. I won’t be able to have a break after all. Vic wants me to head over to Asia to promote my cd before the tour here. Sorry. I’ve got to go. Tess is here for another ‘appearance.’ Love you and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.”

He hung up. Liz just stood there, trying to understand the blurb of words and his voice flowing through her mind.

Maria was wrong. Liz had lost him… and she had to get him back.

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!PART 7!

God, he missed Liz. As he stared at her smiling face in the picture, Max’s heart clenched and he felt like crying. The past few weeks had been even more stressful and tiresome. The only reason he was still alive was that he had been clinging onto the fact that he would be with Liz in less than two weeks. But no. Vic had to go and change his plans, so not only does he not get any rest, but he also doesn’t get to see his sweet Liz. Liz who he’s been missing ever since her last visit, Liz who could make all of the headache of the past weeks go away.

He sighed. “What is she thinking about right now? Me?” he wondered. He couldn’t seem to get that nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach to go away. Something was wrong, but he didn’t know what it was and it was starting to scare him.

Glancing at the shining blue digits of his digital clock and against his better judgment, he picked up the phone and dialed Liz’s number.

He was about ready to give up after the fourth ring, but Liz’s beautiful voice rang in his ears.

“Hello?” she answered groggily. It was two in the morning! Who the hell called this late?

“Liz? Hi, it’s me, Max,” he said nervously, for no apparent reason at all.

“Max! You silly goob! I can recognize your voice by now,” Liz smiled. Max! It was her Max on the phone!

“Goob?” he laughed. Instantly, all the tension and frustration he had been feeling disappeared as he talked with Liz.

“Yes, goob. It’s my new favorite word.”

“What does it mean?”

“That I love you.”

He smiled into the phone. “I love you too.” He paused. “Liz, is everything ok?”

“Yeah! Of course! Why? Is everything all right with you? They’re not working you too hard are they?”

“No, I’m fine. It’s just that I have this horrible feeling in my stomach and-“

“How many times do I have to tell you to stop eating so much sugar? It always makes you feel sick.”

He laughed. “I’m so sorry, Mommy. But I was going to say that I was getting a little worried that something was up with you.”

“Please don’t ever call me ‘Mommy’ again.”

He couldn’t stop laughing.

“I mean, if you want, we can play that game next time, but-“

He laughed harder. Finally, he spoke. “I haven’t laughed this much since the last time I talked to you.”

“Wrong-o. Last time we talked, our conversation consisted of hello’s and a quick ‘I-have-no-time-for-you-Liz’ speech. There was no laughing then.”

Although she was joking, Max knew that she was hurting. “I’m sorry about that; I’ve been busy.”

“It’s ok. But when you do come, I expect to be showered with gifts and lots of attention.”

He laughed at the seriousness of her tone. “But of course. Only the best for my Liz.”

“Damn right.” She yawned.

“Am I boring you?” he asked, feigning unbelievable shock.

She giggled. “I’m just tired. Will you sing me a song?”

His heart sped up. It was one of their secrets. Ever since he could remember, he had always serenaded Liz to sleep whenever possible. Lately, he had been so busy that he never got to sing her to sleep anymore. “What should I sing?”

“That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You.”

He smiled. That was her favorite song. Clearing his throat, he began.

I'm sure you've heard these words before
And I know it's hard for you to trust them once more
You're afraid it all might end
And a broken heart is scared of breaking again
But you've gotta believe me
I'll never leave you
You'll never cry long as I am there
And I will always be there
You will never be without love

When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever
When lies become the truth
Oh you’ll know then baby,
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop loving you

His melodic voice brought tears to her eyes, yet calmed her into relaxation at the same time. His words rang true and within a few moments, she had fallen asleep, his sweet voice in her ear.

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!PART 8!

She blinked. Once. Twice. Stretching, she can’t stop the yawn that escapes. She stops mid-stretch.

“What is that sound?” she thought to herself. Curious, she moved to the source. Her phone? She held it to her ear and nearly cried out. It was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. It was Max breathing.

“Maxie.. Maxie baby?” she hummed softly.

She heard him stir slightly.

“Max.. wake up for me, honey.”

He yawned. The sun hit his face in strong rays and he groaned as he grabbed for his pillow. Covering his face, he could swear that he heard Liz.

Wait a minute. That was Liz! Throwing the pillow aside, he quickly picked up the phone. “Liz?”

He heard her laugh and nearly melted. “Are you laughing at me?”

“No. I’m laughing at the other guy I had fallen asleep on the phone with.”

“Him again?! I hate that guy. He always has your attention,” he said, his voice pouty.

“Max, of all people, you should know who’s always the center of attention.”

“Who?” he asked innocently.

She giggled softly. “Well, all I know is that he’s supposedly really stuck up and rude. I heard that once, his girlfriend had called him after weeks of agonizing separation and he said one thing: ‘babe, how handsome did I look last night?’”

“Whoa! When did that happen?”

She laughed. “It never did.”

“Liz! You scared me there for a moment. I thought I might be getting a young case of Alzheimer’s!”

She giggled, her gaze landing on her clock. “Oh migod! I’ve got to go, Max! I promised Kyle that I’d meet him for lunch and it’s already eleven!”

“Kyle?” his voice held a tint of jealousy. Kyle had been friends with Liz almost as long as Max had known her. He knew that Kyle harbored a secret crush on her and although Kyle was a great person, he wasn’t someone Max wanted Liz being around when he wasn’t there.

She smiled. “Max, you have nothing to worry about. I love you.”

“I love you too, but you know Kyle’s liked you since-“

“He knows that I’m with you.”

He sighed, not wanting to argue with her. “Yeah. Just make sure you remind him of the five bodyguards I have. Five STRONG bodyguards who’ll kick whoever’s ass I want.”

She laughed, reveling in the fact that he was jealous. “I’ll make sure of it. But I’ve really got to go. Maybe we’ll talk tonight?”

He nodded, then realized she couldn’t see. “Of course. I’ll call you around seven…. You’ll be home by then right?”

“I might not. Kyle did mention something about dinner and a movie.”


“I’m just kidding.”

“Liz Parker, you better be prepared for punishment next time I see you!” he warned.

“Is that a promise?”

“You never cease to amaze me, Liz.”

“I try.”

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!PART 9!

Why don't you be my girlfriend
I'll treat you good
I know you hear your friends when they say you should
'Cuz if you were my girlfriend, I'd be your shining star
The one to show you where you are
Girl, you should be my girlfriend

“Wow, you look great, Liz, as usual,” Kyle smiled, seating himself across the booth from Liz.

She smiled brightly. “Thanks! You look great yourself.”

Guiltily, she caught the flirtatious tone in her words. Scolding herself, she immersed herself in the menu, hiding her frown.

“Liz,” Kyle said, moving her menu away from her beautiful face. Once again, he caught himself admiring the absolute perfection of the girl sitting in front of him.


“How are things between you and Max?” he had been waiting to ask her that, praying to hear that things were over, yet he knew they weren’t. Max and Liz had been together since forever and everyone thought that they were perfect for each other and honestly, although he hated to admit, it, Kyle believed it too. It was just that he wanted a chance, a second to be with Liz, something he never had because there was always Max. Everywhere. All the time.

She swallowed, knowing that that question was coming. She smiled. “Great! Actually, he called last night and he sang me to sleep and I guess himself because the next thing we know, it’s morning and we’re still on the phone together!” she laughed.

Kyle laughed too, instantly feeling the little green jealousy monster on his shoulder. He wanted to fall asleep with Liz on the phone too! “That’s nice. I was just beginning to wonder though. It must be hard with him always away. A beautiful girl like you shouldn’t have to be alone.”

He was sweet, but Liz’s heart didn’t fall for that line. She was at a loss for words, not knowing how to respond.

Thankfully, the food came at that moment, so she didn’t have to answer.

“Mmm, this is delicious!” she gushed.

“Yeah, that’s why I brought you here. I knew you’d like it. Most girls would take one look at Benny’s and leave.”

She nodded, completely understanding. She had been a little hesitant at first too. Benny’s was probably the oldest establishment here. But not only was it old, it was also small and kind of dirty. But the food definitely made up for it.

“That’s what I love about you the most, you’re so open to trying things.”

She blushed. Love. He shouldn’t have said that.

Yeah. Just make sure you remind him of the five bodyguards I have. Five STRONG bodyguards who’ll kick whoever’s ass I want.

“Liz, I just wanted to let you know that-“

“Kyle, please don’t. You know how I feel about Max and how he feels about me,” she cut him off.

He nodded. “I know, but come on, Liz. You have to admit that you’re lonely. That’s not the way you pictured love to be is it? Just because Max is such a big celebrity, that doesn’t give him any right to leave you alone and-“

“Kyle, there are things that you don’t understand about that. Max promised me in the beginning that if it ever got to be too much, that all I had to do was tell him and he’d drop it. All of it.”

“And why hasn’t he?”

“Because I haven’t asked him.”

“And why haven’t you?”

“Because although it can get lonely sometimes, I love him and I know that this is what he wants to do.”

“What about Tess?”

“What about her? He hates her and everyone knows that Max and I are together and that Tess doesn’t have the slimmest chance with him.”

“I heard that-“

”They’re going out. I’ve heard it too, but so what? I knew coming into this that there would be rumors like these. For a while, I was jealous and sometimes, I still am. It’s hard when the one you love is spending so much time with the one person you envy the most.”

“Don’t I know it,” he muttered, clearly referring to his situation with Liz and Max.

Guilt struck her once again. On impulse, she covered his hand with her own. His eyes widened in hope, but she just shook her head.

“Kyle, you’re a great guy. You’ve been my friend for so long and I love you… but as a friend. I know you have these umm feelings for me, but I love Max and Max loves me. I’m sorry, but please, let’s not ruin our friendship because of this.”

He nodded shyly. “Yeah, you’re right. I guess I’m still just kind of resentful that I never got a chance with you. It was always Max and I guess it’s always going to be Max, huh?”

She blushed slightly at the truth of his words. “Yes.”

He took a hold of her hands and held them in his. Looking straight into her eyes, he said, “Liz, just promise me one thing. Promise me that no matter what, you’ll always be happy.”

The sincerity of his words brought unexpected tears to her eyes. “With Max, I’ll always be happy.”

He nodded somewhat sadly, his eyes dropping to the tabletop.

Then, he looked up and smiled slightly, his grin lopsided. “You know, the guys and I have always been jealous of Max. Since the beginning, he had found his true love, someone to be with for ever. Although we would never admit it before, all we really wanted was what he had: true love. Everyone thinks that he’s got this great life because of his being a celebrity and all, but the people that knew him before he became famous know that he’s got a great life because of you. He’s not only a celebrity, but he’s got you. Max Evans is one lucky man.”

“Damnit! I’m so unlucky!” Max complained, his fingers massaging his temples. He punched the fine leather of the limo he was riding in. “I hate my life!”

Victoria rushed over and placed a smooth hand on Max’s muscular arm. “Maxie, honey, calm down! It’s just a few extra days in Asia, that’s all! And a performance or two with Tess, but please, Maxie, it-“

He shook her arm off roughly. “I hate it when you call me that!”

Her eyes widened. “But Liz calls you that all the time!”

He looked at her, rolling his eyes. “Liz is the only one who can call me that.”

“Max, what’s wrong? Why are you acting like such a child?” she asked like an annoyed mother.

He looked at her incredulously. “I want my Liz!” he pouted. Again, he took his frustration out on the poor seat.

“I cannot believe you’re acting like this!” she yelled. “You can’t have Liz all the time!”

He didn’t answer her, just continued to beat the life out of the seat.

Victoria knew something was up. He had been a little down the last couple of weeks, but that was it. Now, all of a sudden he was crying and throwing a hissy fit like a little baby! “He must have talked to Liz last night! Damnit!” she screamed at herself. She had been quite successful in keeping Max so busy that he had no time whatsoever for Liz. She made sure that Max spent as much time with Tess as possible, hoping that he would take a liking to Tess, but so far, nothing of that sort happened. Actually, if anything, he just kind of hated her more. She was doing the best she could to get Max and Tess together, but no matter how hard she tried, he just kept on missing Liz even more.

She sighed. She couldn’t have her most valuable star all sappy and depressed, pining after some normal girl. If this kept up, he wouldn’t perform as well as he should! She had to do something.

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lol you guys are just TOO funny!
I don't like Vic or Tess either, but give Vic some credit! She's going to do something actually NICE in this part *happy*

Thanks so much to everybody for all of the FB! It was overwhelming

Can you shrink me and put me in Max's pocket so I can whisper into his ear exactly what to say to that witch Victoria??? Please!!!!!!!!!!

*big*LOL*big* I'd love to try, but I doubt it'll work... but maybe Max will have a little fairy Godmother named ISLANDGIRL5 soon. hmmmm

And Michael is just so... Michael its great! Can't wait to find out what happened with Michael and Maria in Roswell... hehe they are just the two that I could see coming back from a month long vacation and being like "Hey guess what everyone... we are married!" LOL. Well I hope it goes that great for them while they are away.

*angel*that's great! But I'm not sure if they're ready for that yet...

Anyways, here's the awaited
Part 10

“Vic?” Liz asked, not able to believe that that was Vic on the phone.

“Yes, hi, Liz. How are you?”

She swallowed. “Fine. Is Max ok? Has something happened?” she asked, suddenly extremely worried. Why else would Vic call her?

“Oh, calm down. You and Max, geez. Nothing’s happened, but he’s not fine. Did you two talk last night or something?”

“Yea, we went to sleep on the phone together after he sang and-“

“Right. Well, that would explain the way he’s acting.”


“He’s been acting like a baby! He’s been complaining all day and I think I’m going to tear my hair out!”

“Why?” Liz asked, unable to picture Max like that. He had always been reserved and knew how to control himself.

“Because he misses you! Can you believe that?” she laughed, a throaty, scratchy laugh that sent shivers down Liz’s spine.

Liz’s heart melted. “Awww.”

“Look, I’ll be honest with you. You know that I really don’t like him going out with you. You know that I believe that Max should be dating someone just as much of a celebrity as he is, someone like Tess. But oh well, he seems to be just so infatuated with you! I need a happy star and without you, he isn’t. So, I was wondering, would you like to come and visit Max in Asia tonight? Maybe you could stay for a month or something, before summer break ends. How about it?”

Liz was speechless. Since when did Vic want Liz visiting? But a whole month, wow. That would be longer than she had ever been with him since he became a celebrity.

“I, well, yes!”

“Good, hurry. There’s a car waiting for you outside and the guy should be up to take your bags any minute now. Oh and Max’s jet is waiting for you at the airport. Hurry!” She hung up.

Liz stood there for a few moments, not yet comprehending. All of a sudden, like a lightbulb going on, she slammed the phone down and scrambled around her large room, trying to pack her suitcase. A few moments later, she heard the doorbell ring.

“Shit! Not yet!” she screamed, running to the door. She opened it and smiled at the chauffeur there.

“Hello, Miss Parker. How are you today?”

She nodded. “I’m fine, thanks.”

“Bags?” he questioned, taking in her rumpled state.

She giggled. “Vic just called, but I do have one bag packed. Can you follow me?”

He nodded and followed her into her room. Carefully, he picked up the suitcase and walked out, “I’ll be right back!”

Liz barely heard him. She was still trying to find her red dress that Max loved. “A ha!” she yelled as she spotted it in her closet. After gathering some more things, she found that she had filled up two more suitcases. Finally, after the chauffeur brought those down, she grabbed her purse and ran down to the car.

She gasped. It wasn’t a car! It was a limo! Her cheeks flamed as some onlookers watched her curiously. Finally settling into the limo, she turned on Max’s cd and stared out the window. After a while, she noticed that they were on the highway. Slowly, she fell asleep.

Nervously, she twiddled her thumbs. Sitting alone in a foreign country where she could not speak their language, she definitely couldn’t sit still. She had been waiting in the lounge area at Tower Records for hours now.

“Poor Max. He’s been out there all day!” she thought to herself.

More than anything, she just wanted to go out there and snatch Max away, but she knew she couldn’t do that. It would be wrong.

Just as she yawned, the door opened. Startled, she looked up… and screamed. Smiling brightly, she ran to the figure at the door and jumped into his arms. Burying her face into his neck, she gave him little kisses.

”Oh, Max! I’ve missed you so much!” she cried as he laughed, swinging her around and around.

Putting her down and without letting her go, he asked happily, “What are you doing here?”

She didn’t answer, just wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply, her lips playing in a soft tune with his. His hand found its way to her hair and lost itself within it. His other hand held her hip firmly.

Reluctantly, she pulled away. Gasping for breath, she finally answered that question he asked eons ago, “Vic brought me here.”

His eyes bulged out considerably. She giggled and replied to his silent question, “I was just as surprised! She told me that you were being a bad boy and that I had to come and make you behave.”

Her eyes twinkled with laughter and Max felt his heart skip a beat. Mesmerized by her beauty, he ran a finger along the side of her face.

“You’re so beautiful.”

She smiled even more brightly and hugged him close.

It was at that moment that the both of them noticed all of the cameras snapping away and the hungry reporters staring at them. They both blushed, unable to believe that they everyone had just witnessed that whole thing!

Giggling, Liz pulled on Max’s hand and the two of them ran towards the door and into the limo. Collapsing against him, Liz laughed and inhaled the wonderful scent of her man.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Liz!”

“Was it true what Vic said? Were you really acting like a big baby and whining because you missed me?”

Slightly flushed, he nodded. But honestly, he wasn’t embarrassed, why should he be? He loved this girl.

She giggled again, causing Max’s heartbeat to accelerate greatly. She snuggled closer to him, her finger playing with his. “I’m going to be here for a whole month too.”

She giggled again when she heard his gasp of surprise. Immediately, she could feel him lifting her up and shifting her into his lap.

“Liz, are you being serious?” His eyes searched hers, wondering if she was telling the truth or just horribly teasing him. But all he saw there when she nodded was complete honesty.

His smile widened then. “A whole month? Ahhh!” Unable to contain his excitement, he swooped down and gave Liz another loving kiss. “What will we do? There’s so much here in Hong Kong! Ugh, but we’re only gonna be here for another three days. How about we go out to eat? It’s-“

She cut him off, laughing. “Max, right now, all I can think about is spending the rest of the month in your arms. I don't care where we go or what we do as long as you’re by my side the whole time.”

He smiled into her warm chocolate eyes. “I can assure you, Miss Parker, that I intend not to let you out of my sight for a moment.”

She gave him a soft peck on the nose and maneuvered herself that her head was resting comfortably in his lap. His fingers wove themselves into her soft hair and he sighed loudly. She giggled and looked up at him.


The corners of his mouth lifted slightly. “I never would have thought in a million years that it would be Vic who would be the one to bring us together.”

Liz smiled up into his eyes. “Maybe there is a good side to her after all.”

He feigned utter shock. “Vic? Good? No!” he cried disbelievingly.

She laughed and smacked him on the thigh playfully. “Right now, I think you should be nice to her and give her a little credit at least.”

“Yeah,” he leaned down agonizingly slowly, “after all, she brought you to me.”

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!PART 11!

She took my hand, we never said a word at all
We started grinding, Shorty had me up against the wall
Ask me about tomorrow, you know that I don't care at all
I just got caught up, when she had me up against the wall

you know we don't care at all
Just get caught up when you're up against the wall
We don't, we don't care at all
You know we don't care at all
Let me see you up, up against the wall

“Max,” she moaned, her hands tangled in his rumpled hair.
He smiled into her neck, but didn’t stop. He just continued to give her immense amounts of pleasure. Nibbling on her neck, he pushed her up against the wall more passionately, his body pressing flush against his.

Liz’s body hummed with need. She ached for his touch, her lips for his kiss. The fast beat of the music in the background and the sweaty bodies gathered closely together in the dance club heightened her need. She groaned and grabbed at Max, urging him to go lower. But he wouldn’t. Through the loud music, her scream of frustration was unheard to the others dancing, but was loud and clear to Max.

He kissed his way back up to her ear. “What does my baby want?” he rasped.

Gasping, she didn’t notice the dozens of Japanese gawking at them like they were a free porn movie. “I want you,” she moaned, digging her nails through his expensive shirt into his soft back.

That was exactly what he wanted to hear. Without a warning, he picked her up, tossing her over his shoulder as if she was a duffel bag. Ignoring the amused expressions on everyone’s face, he nipped desirably at her round bottom.

“Max!” she screamed, “Put me down this instant!”

And he did. Onto a soft leather couch. Before she had time to breathe, he pounced, attacking her neck with quick, hard bites. She arched into his body, not-so-silently begging for his love. With every amount of control he could muster, he denied her what they both so desperately needed. Her fingers coiled into his hair, pulling ferociously. He could feel strands being yanked out and knew he’d find bald spots tomorrow, but at this moment, he didn’t give a damn.

Forcefully, she pulled his lips up to hers and kissing him fervently, began to unbutton his shirt. With it halfway undone, she couldn’t wait any longer, thrusting her delicate hands, massaging his toned chest. He groaned and kissed her, forcing his tongue into her willing mouth.

His hands moved to her shirt, preparing to remove it, when suddenly, a large hand smacked down on his shoulder and yanked him up. He landed roughly against another couch, the back of his head hitting the wall behind him and immediately covered his throbbing head. Suddenly, all was black.

Liz gasped and sat up quickly, adjusting her clothes. Frightened, she stared up at the large, muscular guy who had separated her and Max. He was about Max’s height, a little taller and was very handsome, his Japanese features soft and in perfect proportion.

He stared back at her, taking in her beauty, an amused, but lustful expression on his face. Her heart began to pound from fright as he moved closer, his arms reaching out for her. Suddenly, he covered her, his lips searching for hers. His alcohol-tainted breath caused her stomach to turn over.

“Max! Max!” she cried, using all of her strength to push against this stranger.

The man’s hands held her head still as the rest of her body flailed in all directions. He started kissing her neck, making his way down to her neck. She fought harder.

Max could hear her screaming even through the blackness. Forcing himself to wake up, he nearly fell over again as he saw a big guy all over his Liz. He saw red. Furious, he yanked the man up, only to find that the man was taller by four inches. But Max didn’t care. This guy had tried to hurt Liz. In all his fury, Max lashed out and began to punch the guy, actually enjoying the sound of his fist coming in contact with the guy’s jaw. He beat the guy furiously until he felt Liz’s small hands pulling at him and heard her voice pleading for him to stop and come to her.

Exhausted, he turned around and fell into Liz’s loving embrace. They stayed wrapped up in eachother, his arms wrapped protectively against her, her tears soaking his shirt. He murmured his apologies in her ear, his tears mingling with hers.

During this commotion, onlookers had watched, excited by the fight, but the owner had called the police and was waiting anxiously for their arrival. He noted that the couple were one of the handful of Americans that were present.

“Damn Americans. They must always cause a commotion,” he cursed silently.

Finally, the police came and after the owner pointed the couple and the Japanese who had been beaten, the three were ushered into separate cars.

“No! I want to be with Max!” Liz cried, tears staining her delicate features.

The Japanese officials just looked at her curiously and proceeded to put her in the car. But she didn’t make it easy. She started screaming and flailing her arms, desperately trying to escape to an equally frustrated Max.

“Here,” the lead officer said, handing Max over to her. Her eyes widened and before they could take him away again, she threw her weak arms around him and held him tightly. He carried her into the police car and sat her down in his lap. Stroking her hair, he explained, his voice weary, “Liz, they’re taking us to the police station. But don’t worry, we’re not in trouble. The head officer, he speaks English so I told him what happened, about how that monster tried to-“ his voice cracked and she squeezed his hand. “And we have to go give them an account of what happened and then everything will be all right.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she cried.

He shook his head. “If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. They’ve let me call Vic, she’s coming.”

That was when Liz finally looked up. “No! This will only make Vic hate me more! I’ve gotten you into trouble and-“

“You did not get me into any trouble, Liz. I love you.”

She nodded somewhat shyly, “I love you too.” She looked away for a moment, then stared at his through teary eyes. “Max, that man, he, I was so scared and-“

He looked at her lovingly, “Liz, if you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to. Whenever you’re ready, ok?”

She nodded. “I’m ready to tell you, but only you.”

He listened patiently as she continued, his fingers absently playing with hers. “He tried to kiss me and he smelled like alcohol. And he scared me and I tried to fight him off,” her voice cracked, “but I couldn’t. And so tried to call you, but you didn’t come and I got so scared.” It was then that she broke down once more and started to sob, her body trembling.

“Liz, he threw me so hard that I blacked out. If I hadn’t, I would have been there for you in no time. I’m so sorry.”

“Oh, Max. You have nothing to be sorry-“

“Come. We are here,” the officer said, leaving the door opened.

Max took Liz’s hand and they stepped out of the vehicle. Cameras flashed and reporters rushed up, asking millions of questions, some in Japanese and others in English.

“Max Evans, what happened tonight?”

”Liz, did Max really kill a man tonight?”

”Was it true that Tess had sent that man to get you?”

Liz hid in Max’s embrace and the police officers formed a barrier around them, protecting them from the media.

They entered the safety of the police station and was led to a interrogation room. They were seated and Liz, still shaking, pulled Max to her.

The officer looked at them and decided it was best to keep them together. He cleared his throat and said in his heavily accented English, “Please tell me what happened at the club.”

Max nodded and answered, “Liz and I were on the couch and-“

“What were you doing?”

“Umm,” he appeared slightly embarrassed, “kissing.”

“Ok. Go on.”

“And then all of a sudden, the guy pulled me back and threw me against the other couch and my head hit the wall and I blacked out. A few moments later, I woke up when I heard Liz calling me and I saw,” he gritted his teeth, “I saw that bastard all over her and I got furious, so I grabbed him and punched him and I kept beating him until Liz stopped me.”

“Liz, please tell me what happened in your own words.”

Liz shook her head and whispered, “I can’t.”

“Please. We need to know if he is telling the truth.”

“Max never lies.”

“Ok, well the guy who attacked you, he is in jail now and will be for a long time for attempted rape. Whenever you feel like telling us what happened, please do not hesitate. We want to make sure he doesn’t do this again.”

She nodded and was about to speak when the door flung open and there stood a very furious Vic.

“Vic!” they exclaimed.

“Max Evans! I am about to wring your neck! What in God’s name did you think you were doing? First sneaking out and then going to a club without your body guards and then nearly killing a man! Have you lost your mind?!”


“I cannot believe you! I thought bringing Liz here would calm you down and knock some damn sense in to you! But I was wrong! You’re a celebrity now, hon. You have to watch your every move and if you keep making these mistakes, your career will be over before you can say, ‘huh’!”

“Vic! You’re not listening! Liz and I had to get out, we needed to be alone. That guy tried to rape Liz! You think I’m going to stand for that?”

“This would never have happened if you had broken up with Liz when I told you to! She’s worthless! Why do you need a failure like her when you could have Tess? God damnit! I’m tired of fighting you! If you don’t get your act together, it’s over. Your whole career will go down the drain and I won’t be there to pluck you out!”


“Fine! Your car’s waiting!” She stormed out of there, fuming.

Angry, he stood up and despite his rage, pulled on Liz’s hand gently. “Come on, let’s go.”

After they shook hands with the officer, they headed back out to the press and didn’t answer a single question. When they got into the car, Liz, although still shaken, pushed Max onto his stomach across the seat and began to massage his aching muscles. She knew that he was still angry, at both Vic and the guy who had tried to hurt her. She wanted to let him know that she was fine, that there was nothing to worry about, but she decided to wait until he said something first. She didn’t have to wait long.

“It’s been a long day, huh?”

She smiled and continued to soothe his shoulder. “Yeah, a really long day.”

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!PART 12!

“Oh migod! It’s all over the papers! Shit!” Max cursed, his fist banging on the night table.

Immediately, Liz rushed out from the bathroom. Not noticing that she was naked, she wrapped her arms around him.

“It’ll be ok, Max. Your fans still love you.”

“This is exactly what Vic said would happen! Now I’m in for it!” he sighed, inhaling her wonderful scent, suddenly forgetting the newspapers.

He pulled away and she noticed the laughter in his eyes. “What?” she asked, frowning.

He laughed and held her tighter around her waist before responding, “I was just thinking about how BEHR this room is,” he said, emphasizing on that one word.

She looked at him confused. Then, her eyes widened and she screeched and tried to run into the bathroom. But was easily stopped by Max’s strength.

He started laughing at her feeble attempts. “I’ve got you now, babe!” Then, he heard the panic in her voice, the desperation. Startled, he let go of her. Ever since last night, she had been somewhat quiet and reserved. She didn’t joke around as often. He watched her as she slowly turned around, praying that he wouldn’t see that she was afraid of him.

But when she turned around, he didn’t see any fear at all. Instead, he saw her luscious lips curved up in a devilish smile and her eyes mocking him.

“Poor Maxie… he can’t even keep a hold on his girl,” she laughed, gracefully avoiding his entrapping arms. She smiled mockingly at him and before he could blink, sprinted to the bathroom and locked it, collapsing against the door. She giggled at him pounding through the door. Quickly, she pulled on some clothes and climbed on top of the sink which was right next to the door. Without notice, she unlocked the door. Less than a moment later, Max came charging in…right past here.

”Liz?” He heard a thump and turned around to see Liz’s sweet behind running out of the bathroom. Without blinking, he ran out and saw her lying on the hotel bed, her arms lazily behind her head. She even had the nerve to yawn!

“What took you so long?” she asked, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

He smiled, but didn’t answer. Instead, he jumped onto the bed next to her and enveloped her in his arms. “You really scared me there for a moment,” he admitted as he looked up at her, brushing a strand of hair away from her flawless face.

The corners of her lips lifted slightly. “I’d never be scared of you.”

He nodded slightly and rested his head on her flat stomach. She stroked his head as they watched PTV.

“On PTV News today, pop celebrity Max Evans had a little trouble in Japan last night. Here’s Lily Bancock with more. Hey, Lily.”

Immediately, Liz felt Max tense. She placed a reassuring hand on his back and began to lightly rub.

“Thanks, Joe. Well, it seems as if Max Evans and his girlfriend, Liz Parker, had a dispute with a Japanese citizen last night at the Sun Club in Tokyo. Although the police won’t give out the exact details, PTV went undercover and knows most of it. Last night, Evans and Parker were supposedly engaged in sexual activity in the more private parts of the club when a large, built Japanese man flung Evans back. Evans was knocked unconscious, unable to help Parker who at that time was fighting off the man’s sexual maulings. However, after a few moments, Evans was snapped back to consciousness after hearing Parker’s screams. It is said that at that moment, Evans started to attack the man and Parker eventually stopped him before the man was killed. No charges were placed on Evans, but the man who had attempted rape is now in jail and is suspected to be there for a long time.”

It was then that Max turned the tv off.

“Max?” Liz asked quietly.

He turned and looked at her, his fingers brushing across her face. She closed her eyes and moved her lips to his palm. He sighed as he watched her beautiful face.

“I love you.”

She didn’t answer, just continued to enjoy his touch.

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It was my 15th birthday yesterday *happy*

!PART 13!

“Mmmmm, I love it when you wear that red dress,” Max smiled as Liz stepped out of the bathroom.

They were going to a formal party at the US Embassy in Japan. Max was going to perform his newest single as an opening and then the two of them would have the rest of the night to just enjoy being a couple, something they really missed doing.

“I know, that’s why I brought it,” Liz smirked.

“Wait!” he thrust out his index finger, “There’s something missing!” Leaving a confused Liz, he ran to the closet they shared and began to rummage through its contents. “A ha!” he screamed and found his way out. Smiling brightly, he held out a long black shawl.

She raised her eyebrows questioningly. “And…?”

His lips curved into a sweet smile and walking over to her, laid the shawl across her bare shoulders.

“Max! It’s hot out there!” she scolded him.

He laughed. “So? I don’t want people staring at your beauty. You’re mine.”

She shrugged it off and the shawl landed softly on the carpet. “You think I’m going to run off with some old men?”

He leaned down and picked up the shawl, but not before giving her a wet kiss on her visible thigh. Smiling at her gasp of pleasure, he wrapped her in the shawl once again and held it there.

Pouting, he bargained, “If you love me, you’ll keep it on.”

She sighed again and giving him a quick kiss on the chin, said, “Only because I love you.”

His arms were wrapped tightly around her and she snuggled into him, enjoying his warmth and masculinity. Their bodies swayed slightly to the soft music as others danced around them. There was no need for words for they both knew what the other was thinking at that moment. That life was perfect.

Suddenly, she felt him lower his head, bringing his sweet lips closer to hers. Without thinking, she slowly tilted her chin up. Their lips mere millimeters away from eachother, they stared into eachother’s souls. Liz felt dizzy from his nearness, the chocolaty warmth of his eyes, the pounding of their hearts beating as one. It was as if nothing existed in the world at that moment except for the two of them

The others at the Embassy stared at them, smiling tenderly.

“Look at them, George. They remind me of us when we were that age,” General George Hank’s wife, Margaret said softly.

Her husband nodded. “Only difference is he’s rich and I was as poor as a man could be.”

Margaret chuckled. “I remember when you asked my father for my hand in marriage and he laughed.”

“Of course. He didn’t want his wealthy daughter to be married to a man who couldn’t pay for bread on the table.”

“But you sure did prove him wrong, darling. You went out there, joined the army and became a well-respected man.”

“And then he was more than willing to give me your hand in marriage.”

She sighed happily and looked back at Max and Liz. “I sure hope they have it easier.”

Max could sense Liz’s need to feel his lips on hers, but he wanted to tease her, to make her beg for what only he could give her. Slowly, a devilish smile appeared on his handsome face and he pulled away, resting his chin on her soft hair.

Liz’s eyes snapped open. She looked at the man of her dreams with love and pleaded in a whisper, “Max, please.”

Playfully, he shook his head. Her hand tightened on his arm as she attempted to reach his lips. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, he touched his lips to hers. She moaned softy and drove herself further into his protective embrace, her shawl slipping and displaying her soft skin. His hand cupped her delicate chin, his thumb caressing. Suddenly, he heard her stomach growl. Laughing, he broke the kiss. Seeing her red cheeks and her downcast gaze made his laughter boom.

“I think someone’s hungry,” he laughed, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

Her cheeks grew redder as he led her to their table, holding her hand tightly. Being the gentleman he was, he pulled out her chair for her and she smiled gratefully. Eyeing the delicious food waiting for him on the table, he quickly sat down.

“’Well, well, well, if it isn’t the famous Max Evans.”

Liz looked up and nearly choked on her escargot. Justin Timber, the Justin Timber was standing right here, smiling at her! Liz had been a fan of *N CRUNK’s since forever!

Max laughed and stood up and the guys embraced. “Hey Justin. How’s the solo career going?”

He smiled and Liz nearly died. His smile was really that dazzling! “Great. I had worked with Nelley on ‘Work It’ and we just released it as a single last week and it’s already made it to #1 on ARL on PTV!”

Max shook his head. “What else would you expect? You’re the man!”

Justin slapped Max on the back and directed his attention to Liz. “Well, who’s this beauty over here?”

Max walked over to her and helped her out of her chair. Wrapping an arm possessively around her, he apologized, “I’m sorry I forgot to introduce you, Justin. This is my girlfriend, Liz. Liz, I’m sure you know Justin.”

She smiled brightly. “Of course! I’m a big fan!,” she gushed and Max felt a stab of jealously in his gut.

The corners of Justin’s mouth lifted and with his soft hand holding hers, he gave her tiny hand a kiss.

She blushed wildly. She could not believe that this was happening! “Wait till I tell Maria!” Liz thought excitedly.

Max cleared his throat. “Hate to be rude, dude, but Liz and I haven’t gotten a bite to eat the whole night and-“

“No prob. I’ll see you,” he looked at Liz, “later.”

Liz watched him walk away, his wonderful butt in perfect view. Sighing, she collapsed into her seat. She glanced at Max and giggled nervously. “Let’s eat.”

“You like him!” he accused, a smile playing on his lips.

“Maybe. I’m a fan.”

“You don’t act like that around me and last time I checked, you were a fan of mine.”

“Max! You’re different!”

“How so?”

“You’re the Max who wore Barney diapers, who proposed to me when we were six, who I shared my first kiss with, you’re just… Max.”

“Humph.” He crossed his arms and sank in his seat.

“Max Evans, stop being such a baby,” she scolded, amused at his behavior in public. If Vic was here, she’d kill him!

He shook his head. She smiled and sat down in his lap. His eyes widened in surprise. She leaned down and kissed his forehead, his nose. Cupping his handsome face in her hands, she whispered in his ear, “If you stop, I promise I’ll start acting like a silly teenybopper around you too.”

He laughed and growling, covered her mouth with his.

She pulled away and put on her best ditz face. “Oh migod! Max Evans just kissed me!” she gushed loudly.

He rolled his eyes good-naturedly and pulled her close for another one. She resisted. “Oh migod! Max Evans is like gonna kiss me again!”

He threw his hands up in surrender. “Ok, ok, I prefer the old Liz.”

“What old Liz?” she asked, her hair bouncing.

He smiled, tracing a lazy finger along her face. “The Liz who always tried to steal my Barney diapers, who accepted my proposal, who bit my lip and made it bleed during our first kiss… that Liz.”

She smiled demurely and her cheeks reddened considerably. “What’s so great about her?”

He looked her straight in the eyes. “She’s the girl I love.”

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Whoa. Sorry guys. I'm going to be quite busy for a few days, so I can't promise a new part for a while.. but it should only be a short while.

But for now, what would you guys like to see happen in the story? I've got some ideas, but I'm not sure of them.

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I know you all will LOVE this part.
!PART 14!

“When can we get married?” Max asks, the question loud in the silent night.

The two were in the garden at Max’s apartment in L.A. They were still supposed to be in Asia, but after what happened in Japan, Max firmly told Vic that he needed a break. A long break with Liz. Reluctantly, she had agreed, knowing that it was for the better anyways. He needed a break from the media so that they could forget about that little incident. Max’s arms were wrapped tightly around Liz, who was leaning back into his warm embrace.

Liz’s heartbeat picks up slightly, just like it always does when Max mentions their future together. It always made her dreams more real. She giggled nervously. “Whenever we’re ready.”

“I think we’re ready now.”

“In a way, I agree with you, but in a way, I don’t. I know that I love you more than anything and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, yet I still have school and you still have your celebrity stuff to deal with. It’ll be hard, but I’m not saying it won’t be worth it, because it will, but we’re always busy and don’t have much time.”

“Yeah,” he sighed, somewhat dejectedly.

Almost like a whisper, he heard her say, “And when we are married, the first thing I want is to start a family with you.”

“Couldn’t you wait a few years, or just until you get out of college?” he teased lightly, nuzzling her soft neck.

She moaned softly at the familiar sensations coursing through her from Max’s nibbling. “I could try.”

He relaxed. “If I proposed to you right now, would you accept?”

“Of course. We’re already engaged anyways. Or don’t you remember?”

“I do, but well, that was when, it was different then.”

“How? We both loved eachother and knew we were meant to be. Even at age six.”

He chuckled quietly, pulling her closer to him.

“Sometimes, when I’m away from you, I wish that I could just turn back time and never have tried out for that audition.”

She turned and looked up at him. “What? But your singing means everything to you.”

“Not even close. You mean everything to me.”

A few moments of comfortable silence passed. She sighed at the familiar pressure of his lips again on her neck. “It’s strange.”

“What is?” his words somewhat muffled by her skin.

“How some people search their whole lives looking for what we’ve always had.”

He pulled away slightly and turned her upper body towards him. Cupping her chin, he teased tenderly, his eyes twinkling, “Yeah, I guess we got just lucky, huh?”

“Vic, I need to talk to you about some things,” Max whispered seriously over his cell phone.

It was around 1 a.m. and Max was standing outside in the garden where he and Liz were just a few days ago. After making love most of the night, Liz finally got tired and fell asleep. This was the only chance Max had.

“Why are you whispering, Maxie?”

“Liz is inside sleeping and I don't want to wake her up.”

“What is this all about? It’s 1 o’ clock for God’s sake!”

“I know. Look, Vic, I’ve already talked to my family and Liz’s family about this and our friends and I’m sure of what I’m going to tell you I’m going to do. I don’t care if you don’t agree or won’t support me, but this is my decision and I can’t wait any longer.”

“Is something the wrong, dear?”

Max wiped his sweaty hands on his boxers and took a deep breath. “I’m going to propose to Liz tomorrow night.”

“You’re WHAT?!”

Max jumped and held the screaming phone away from his ears. He could hear her yelling and disappointment washed over him. He knew that Vic didn’t like Liz much, but he thought that she’d be supportive in this, that she’d want for him to be happy.

“Vic, I love her, so much and I can’t stand this anymore.”

“You’re not ready! Your career’s not ready!”

“I don’t care about my career!”

”How can you say that? You live to sing and perform! I see, Liz planted this idea in your head didn’t she? She forced an ultimatum on you, didn’t she? That little witch! She doesn’t want what’s best for you, she just wants your mon-“

Max’s anger flared. “God damnit, Vic! Liz loves me! Unlike you, I knew her before I became a celebrity and she loved me then! I’m going to propose to her no matter what and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

She scoffed, “And you think she’s not going to find out? Oh, right, all of your family and friends just showed up out of nowhere… hmmm..”

“She thinks they’re coming for a large reunion since we haven’t seen them for a while.”

“You’ve had this all figured out, haven’t you?”

“Yes. I didn’t want you to give me a chance to back out of it.”

“Max, I think you’re making a mistake.”

“The only mistake I’ve ever made was not proposing to her sooner!”

“Think about all your fans, the money. It’s not going to come back once you’re taken! You’re throwing your career down the-“

“God! That’s all you care about! Money! And Fame! No wonder you don’t have any real friends or someone that loves you! You’re too much of a cold, heartless bitch! You don’t care about anything but yourself. I’ve been so blind! Everyone’s seen it but me. Well, it’s too bad for you now, Vic, because I see it, I see it. But what I don’t want to see ever again IS YOU! You’re fired! Good-bye, Vic,” he hung up.

Almost immediately after he had slammed the phone down, Max got a nagging feeling that maybe he had acted too rashly and hadn’t really thought things over. Vic had been good for his career, yes, but she wasn’t someone he could confide in anymore. All she cared about was Max’s money and fame… oh and Tess. Things hadn’t gotten that much easier for him since he became a celebrity, if anything, it had gotten worse. He didn’t get to be with Liz anymore and it tore at his heart. But he had to admit that he loved singing to the crowd, the bright smile on their faces when he performed. All of that he loved. He wasn’t ready to give it all up yet, but he was even less ready to give Liz up.

Tip-toeing, he snuck back into his room. After closing the door, he turned… right into Liz.

“Liz!” He prayed to God that she hadn’t heard his conversation with Vic.

She looked at him, concern etching her dazzling face. “Is something wrong?”

He shook his head furiously, hoping that she still didn’t suspect a thing. He had been so careful; he didn’t want it to be ruined right now, the night before the proposal. When he had told Vic about planning everything, he had meant it about not wanting her to persuade him to wait. But more than that, he didn’t want to give Liz a chance to say ‘no.’ Not that he felt that she would turn him down or anything, but he wanted it all to be perfect and for her to say ‘yes’ without a single doubt.

She frowned and stepped closer, grabbing his sweaty hand. “Don’t lie to me, Max.”

“I’m not.”

Momentarily, pain flickered in her eyes. She didn’t buy it, yet she didn’t know that he was lying for a good reason. Since as long as he could remember, he had never lied to Liz before, just once, but she saw through it right away. She trusted him completely and he treasured that.

“Liz, please,” he pleaded, sweeping her tiny frame into his arms. He carried her over to his bed, laying her softly down onto the satin sheets. She sighed, letting him know that she was going to let it drop for now. “Go to sleep, Liz. We’re going to have a big day tomorrow with everyone coming over.”

She nodded, pulling him next to her. She turned and climbed, leaning over Max. She propped herself up on her elbows and Max’s heartbeat picked up as Liz’s silky hair fell over him, surrounding him like a halo. She smiled tenderly and kissed him softly on the nose. He sighed loudly and Liz giggled. Making herself comfortable, Liz rested her head snuggly onto Max’s toned chest, her fingers absently feathering across his body. She smiled when she felt his long fingers intertwined in her hair.

Max’s eyes closed. This was the way life was meant to be, him and Liz. Always and forever.

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!PART 15!
“Isn’t there anything I can do?!”

Max had gone out for a few errands and had insisted that she stay home and just relax. But Liz, being the active person she is, couldn’t just sit outside and sunbathe. When she had walked into the kitchen and had seen Teresa, one of Max’s oldest maids, cooking with the other cooks, Liz just knew that she had to help. Ever since she could remember, she had loved to cook. It was just the smell of the food, the skill needed to cook it just right that sent her perfectionist side alert.

Teresa shook her head and looked sympathetically at Liz. “Senorita, just let me and the others handle it. Senor Max told us that we were not to-“

“Oh, I don't care what that short-up says!”

Teresa’s eyes widened. No one had ever spoken against Senor Max’s wishes. She could not disobey him!

Liz smiled and nearly laughed at Teresa’s appalled expression. Max’s servants weren’t used to it now, but they’d better learn. Max may be their boss, but she was his. She reached over and washed her hands. Giggling, she started to toss the salad, adding in some cheese here and there.

“Oh, Senorita. You must stop! What if Senor Max comes in and sees? Ay, caramba!”

“Relax, Teresa. Max won’t be mad. And if he acts rude, I’ll just give him a spanking.”

“Oh!” the old lady exclaimed.

Suddenly, Liz squealed as she felt familiar arms wrap around her waist. She trembled as Max’s hot breath covered her ear. “What was that about a spanking?”

“Oh, Senor!” They both turned to see the reddened maid turn and exit the kitchen, shaking her head and mumbling things in Spanish.

Liz laughed and returned her attention back to the salad.

He nipped at her neck. “I thought I told everyone that you were not to touch any food.”

“You did.”

“Then why,” he stilled her hands, “are you tossing the salad?”

“Because,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Because what?” he gave her hands a quick squeeze.

“Because I wanted to do something. You had left me all alone, bored as can be. What else could I do?”

“Liz, you were supposed to lay back and relax, tan by the pool, walk around my room naked, stuff like that.” Relax for tonight.

She laughed, so infectiously that he started to laugh too. Quickly, he let go of her hands and turned her around. He drew in a sharp breath as he took in her beautiful features.


“Hi,” she smiled, giving him a small kiss.

She wasn’t all that surprised to find him greedily responding. His hands held her face prisoner as he sent her senses into overdrive. Gasping, he pulled away.

His voice was husky. “You think you could let Teresa handle that salad and maybe you and I could go toss our own salad upstairs?”

Just at that mere thought, her knees gave out and she floated gracefully into Max’s waiting arms. Chuckling, he yelled, “Teresa!”

Just as she came in, he scooped up Liz’s warm body. “Can you please finish the salad, Teresa? It seems as if Miss Parker here is having some trouble standing up.”

The woman nodded, scandalously shocked at the obvious lust in their eyes, the way Senor Max’s hands were touching places which were quite indecent.

Max smiled and proceeded to carry his lovely Goddess upstairs. He placed Liz on the bed, leaning down to capture her lips. Just then, there was a knock at his bedroom door.

“Go away!” he yelled, his cool tongue sending shivers down her spine.

“Sir, your parents and Miss Parker’s parents are here.”

“Damn.” He sat up and pulled Liz into his arms. “It looks as if we’re going to have to finish this later, hon.”

She pouted. “We’ve managed in five minutes before.”

He laughed at the mischievous gleam in her eyes. Nodding, he grabbed her head gently and their tongues quickly tangled.

“Max Evans! Open the door this instant!”

The two of them sprang apart from one another, staring guiltily into eachother’s eyes. Straightening their clothes, they hurried to the door and unlocked it.


“Liz! My little princess! I missed you!

The next couple of minutes were full of hugs and kisses. Both sets of parents hadn’t seen either Liz or Max for months and they desperately needed to spend some quality time with their children.

The six of them went downstairs and sat in Max’s spacious living room. Both mothers couldn’t stop their excitement about the proposal hidden. Their eyes gleamed with uncontained content and Liz noticed, oh she noticed alright, but didn’t know what to make of it.

Liz shook her head, but couldn’t clear her head of the insane notion that something else was going on here.

“Everyone, if I can have your attention please.”

This was it. Max had been prepping himself up for this solitary moment for so long now. Everyone quieted and turned towards him, their eyes shining from excitement. He looked down and smiled sweetly at his darling Liz, whose eyes held absolute confusion, yet an understanding of some sort, as if she knew that this moment would change their lives forever.

He took a deep breath (he was going to need it) and said, “First of all, I would just like to thank you all for coming. I know it must have been quite hard for some of you to come tonight, but I’m more than happy that you did. As you all know, you were invited here for a special reason, a very special reason.”

He paused, setting his love-filled gaze on the love of his life. Staring into her very soul, he leaned down on one knee, the two of them in clear view. Taking her left hand, he shook slightly.

Liz could only hope. Her eyes brimmed with ecstatic tears as her wonderful Max began to speak.

“Elizabeth Claudia Parker, since the day I was born, I have been in love with you. Your smile dazzled me into believing in angels, your stunning beauty took my breath away, and your unrelenting love kept me going through all nineteen years of my life so far. We shared our first steps together, our first words. Our parents must have been upset that our first words were ‘Max’ and ‘Liz’.”

Everyone laughed and Max continued, his eyes never leaving Liz.

“Liz, even when I proposed to you thirteen years ago, I meant it. I knew that I would always love you and that we would be together forever. Our love was written in the stars and I know we were even together in past lifetimes. I can swear to you that there have been times in which I saw you in another time period.”

Liz giggled softly. A single tear rolled down her cheek and Max lovingly wiped it away with his calloused thumb.

“In the past couple of years, things have gotten slightly harder for us. You’re always working at the lab and I’m always on the road. Yet, I feel as if we’re more in love than ever. I’ve even gotten to the point in which I can’t sleep at night without you curled up beside me. What I’m getting at is, well, I love you, Liz. I love you more than life itself and you mean everything to me. And I want to spend the rest of my life bound eternally to you.”

Liz gasped. Pulling out a small black velvet box, Max opened it, presenting a gorgeous, shining diamond ring perched proudly inside. The large diamond shimmered and little specks of turquoise winked at her. Sliding the cool symbol of love onto her finger, Max’s eyes too brimmed with tears.

”Elizabeth Parker, will you make me, Maxwell Evans, the happiest man alive and agree to be my wife for now until the end of time?”

Liz stared deeply into his eyes. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out. The tears flowed freely down her face as she struggled to voice out her eager answer. He stared at her, waiting patiently, knowing this moment would be engraved in her precious memory for ever.

“Now would be the time to say something, Liz!” someone called out.

The corners of her luscious lips curved upward and she finally found her voice. Nodding, she exclaimed, “Yes! Yes, Max, I’ll marry you!”

A smile broke out across Max’s face as everyone clapped and cheered. Standing up, he wrapped his arms tightly around Liz and leaned down, capturing her lips with his. Her hands raked through his hair as she lost herself in the sensations coursing through her body.

Liz thought she might burst from the happiness she was feeling. With the people she loved most here to experience this moment with her, Liz knew that nothing could ever touch the absolute perfection of this very moment.


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!PART 16!

“Oh, Liz! I’m just so happy for you!” Maria exclaimed, hugging her best friend and soon-to-be-Mrs. Evans.

Everyone but Michael, Maria, and Max’s and Liz’s parents had gone home. The parents had just gone up to bed and Michael and Max had so kindly went outside for some basketball, leaving the girls time to squeal over Liz’s engagement.

“Thanks, Mar! I was just so surprised! I had no idea it was coming and in front of all our friends and family too!”

Maria giggled and the two of them flopped onto the bed Maria and Michael would be sharing which was on the bottom level.

Liz propped herself up on her elbows. “I can’t believe that everyone knew!”

“It was so hard keeping my mouth shut! Max didn’t even tell me until a few days ago!” She let out a laugh. “He told Michael that he didn’t want me ruining the surprise! As if I can’t keep a secret!”

“You can’t!” Liz laughed, tossing a small pillow at her best friend.

The girls began to pillow fight, feathers flying everywhere, squeals and screams erupting. Liz jumped up on the bed and smacked a laughing Maria right on the head. Maria attacked Liz with a large pillow and the two girls laughed uncontrollably. Weak from the laughter, they pitifully hit eachother.

All of a sudden, two pairs of large hands grabbed at the pillows, wrenching them away from the unsuspecting girls. Liz and Maria’s eyes widened and immediately, their hands flew to their faces in defense as Max and Michael bombarded them with the soft object.

“Stop!” They both cried, giggling like teenagers… teenagers in love.

With a nod of agreement, both guys threw the pillows to the side and straddled their loves, tickling the girls unmercifully.

“Max! Please!” Liz cried, screaming in sweet agony.

“Michael!” Maria yelled, her arms flailing.

“Ouch!” For a split second, Michael stopped his attack, fingering his stinging cheek which Maria had punched accidentally a few milliseconds ago. But he quickly got over it, leaning down and continuing to torture his sweet bella.

Max laughed as he watched his fiancée squirm underneath him. Even with her face red and puffy from laugher, she was still the most beautiful thing in the world to him. His fingers found her most ticklish spot and she congratulated him with an extremely loud shriek.

“Do you give?” he asked, his fingers still sending her into oblivion. Her head moved from side to side, but from saying ‘no’ or from his tickling, he didn’t know. So he inquired again. “Liz? Do you give, baby?”

She yelped, “No! I’ll never give in to you, Mr. Evans!” Her eyes flashed with rebellious amusement as she struggled against his strong grasp on her. Somehow, she managed to get her hands free and she began to pound on his chest, secretly copping a feel here and there. How could she resist?

He snorted at her feeble attempts to hold him off. A little too easily, he caught her thrashing arms and held her wrists to his body. Staring deeply into her eyes, unaware that Michael and Maria were watching them, amused, he asked, his voice husky and low, “Do you give?”

She swallowed, lost in Max’s sensuous eyes. Silently, she gave him her defeat, nodding her head slightly. A smile broke out across his face as he leaned down, his lips playing a melodious tune with hers. He released her hands, to find them almost instantly in his hair, tracing his face.

To her surprise, he pulled away. She gave him a confused frown, but he just smiled his heart-breaking smile.

“I think I love you, Mrs.-soon-to-be-Evans.”

Her heartbeat picked up rapidly as she whispered, “I think I love you too, Mr. Evans.”

“Oh you guys make me sick!” Michael exclaimed, his face contorted in mock disgust.

“Oh, Michael, stop!” Maria scolded at her boyfriend’s retching noises and immature tactics.

Max and Liz laughed as Max stood up and offered his hand politely to Liz. She smiled as she accepted his offer.

All four heads turned at the knock at the door.

“Come in.”

Mary’s, one of the younger servants, head appeared and she nervously stammered, obviously enamored at Max’s presence. “Uh, sorry to interrupt you, Mr. Evans, but there’s a phone call for you.”

Max looked at her incredulously. “At midnight?

Liz quickly replied, “He’ll take it.” She noticed how Mary had reacted to Max’s comment, the frown appearing on her face and Liz could tell that Mary felt stupid, and she pitied her.

“Oh, ok. Line 3.”

“Thanks,” Max replied, walking over to the phone as Liz walked over to Michael and Maria. As Max talked on the phone, the three of them took out cards and began to play poker on the bed.


“Max! I just wanted to say congrats on the engagement!”

“Vic?” Nut-uh. It couldn’t be!

“Of course! I’m so happy for you and that darling Liz. And I’m awfully sorry about earlier and I know we both overreacted, but-“

“Vic, I still mean what I said earlier.”

“But you just possibly can’t!”

“But I do,” he sighed. “Look, Vic, you’ve been great to me and to my career and I’ll never forget it, but I also can’t forget the bad things you’ve done. You’ve never accepted me and Liz and hurt her too many times. You tried too hard to break us up and to get me with Tess, even though I made it perfectly clear that I would never love, or even like Tess. But last night was the final straw. When you didn’t support me in my decision to propose to Liz, I knew that you didn’t really care about me or my happiness at all. All you cared about was the money and the fame, well, sorry, Vic, but no more for you. I’m through with you and I mean it.”

“But Max!”

“Have a nice life,” he slammed the phone back into its cradle, seething. Suddenly, he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder. Turning around, he gathered Liz into his arms. Breathing hard, he smothered his head into her hair, smelling it’s wonderful fragrance. She pulled back slightly, her eyes searching his face. “I’m fine. I promise,” he assured her.

She smiled unsurely and tugged on his hand, laughing, breaking the ice. They walked over to the bed to join Michael and Maria. Max pulled Liz over him, and they laid like that, playing poker, with Max cuddled up behind Liz and Liz snugged up next to him, all night.

“Mmmm,” Liz moaned, her arms stretching over her head. After a short yawn, her eyes fluttered open and she grinned.

Max was still sound asleep next to her, his arms wrapped securely around her fragile body. His behr chest rose slightly with every calm breath. A small lock of hair fell across his smooth forehead and Liz quietly brushed it aside, the sunlight catching onto the large diamond on her finger.

Liz smiled, remembering his sweet proposal last night. It had been a pleasant surprise, extremely pleasant. She hadn’t suspected a thing and when he got onto his knees, she had felt dizzy and light-headed, only able to focus on Max. And just like Max, it had been perfect.

Unexpected tears welled up in her eyes. She had always been happy with Max, but this morning, she was even happier. She could remember clearly all the people who had doubted their love, all the people who had laughed in her face when she told them that she and Max would make it to the end, even if he was a celebrity.

Silently, she wiped at her tears, not wanting Max to see them.


She turned toward the unexpected voice. The corners of her mouth lifted at the sight in front of her.

Max looked like a model straight out of GQ with his soft brown hair tousled all over and his satin sheets twisted around his bare torso. His face was etched in concern and she hated being the cause of it. Snuggling in closer to him, she kissed his chin.

“Good morning.”

“Morning. What’s wrong, honey?”

She giggled. “Nothing. Everything’s perfect.”

“Tears,” he mumbled, his thumb wiping all traces of the tears she had cried away.

“Not sad tears. I’m never sad when I’m with you.”

Finally, she got a smile out of him. He sighed and kissed her forehead.


“Hmm?” he closes his eyes.

“Can we have an outdoor wedding? Not a big one, but not a small one?”

His eyes spring open as he stares at her. “Whatever you want. It’s your big day.”

“It’s yours too,” Liz laughed.

“Oh yeah.”

Giggling, she playfully smacked him on the chest. “Or do you want a big one? With the media and all?”

He shook his head furiously. “No way! My wedding day is something I am not going to share with the rest of the world.”

“What about our honeymoon?” Her eyes twinkled with amusement.

“I think we could give up some of it for the porn industry, what do you think?”

Laughing, she punched him harder and flipped so that she was straddling his chest. “Porn, huh?” she asked, nibbling at his neck.

“Yeah, hot and heavy,” he moaned, his hands weaving themselves into his fiancée’s thick hair.

Afterwards, Liz trailed a lazy finger along the line of Max’s strong jaw. She shivered, remembering the way he had nibbled at her tender flesh and how she had fallen apart into a million pieces.

“It’s all going to be perfect, isn’t it, honey?” Max’s voice broke the relaxing silence.

Liz lifted her head, a question mark on her face. “What is?”

“Us. Our future. Everything.”

“I hope so.”

“What is it that you dream of at night, Liz?”


He frowned. “I’m serious.”

“I’m serious too,” she smiled, then continued, “A modest house with a white picket fence and a large yard. Our kids running around with our Golden Retriever.”

He chuckled. He should have guessed. “Where do you want to live? Back at home? Near Harvard?”

“Wherever’s best for your career.”

Serious, he cupped her jaw in his large hand. “Liz, my career will only last a few more years, but you, you and us, we’ll last for ever.”

“Well, I do kind of like it here in L.A.”


“Yeah. I like the sun, the palm trees, all the stuff that’s not in boring Roswell.”

“Roswell. Home sweet home.”

“What do you dream about?”

“You,” Max mocked. Then on a more serious tone, “I kind of have in mind a large house, a mansion of some sort. With a pool, tennis court, basketball court, the works. Enough to keep our kids occupied while we lock ourselves away in the bedroom.”


He chuckled. “I can hear them now. ‘Grandma, Mommy and Daddy won’t come out and play with us!’”

Liz laughed. “How many kids do you want?”

“It doesn’t matter to me. As many as we have. Although I know for sure I want at least one girl and one boy.”

“Ah, yes. Hailey and Trevor.”

He stared at her, in shock, his cheeks red. “You remember?”

“Of course.”

In the past, when they were little kids, they would play “house” and every time, Max would name their “kids” Hailey and Trevor. It didn’t take long for little Liz to figure out that Max was in love with those names. Not that she minded because she was in love with them too.

He groaned. “I can’t believe I ever played ‘house’.”

“Even then you loved being a father,” she laughed.

“I hope they have your eyes. I love your eyes. So beautiful,” he admired, staring deeply into them.

“They are not. They’re plain and brown, nothing like yours. Yours always reminds me of chocolate. Mmm.”

His eyes crinkled from laughter as he moved closer to kiss her. “Chocolate’s your favorite, right?”

”Actually, I was beginning to rethink that. I’m starting to like water better, so blue, so enticing.”

“I can always get contacts!”

Liz giggled, unable to stop as Max’s fingers began to tickle her sides. “Stop! Stop!”

“What’s your favorite again?” he demanded playfully to know.

“Chocolate! Chocolate!” she hiccupped.

Smiling with triumph, he stopped and kissed her lovingly on her adorable little nose. “Good.”

She sighed, relaxing under his embrace. “You’re too cute for your own good, you know that?”

“Just the way you love me.”

“Also in music news today, PTV has discovered something that will break millions of hearts. Pop celebrity Max Evans and his long-time love, Liz Parker, are now engaged. Our sources say that the proposal occurred two nights ago at a family reunion at Evans’ house in L.A. No date has been set for the wedding as of yet. Stay tuned for more.”

Max shut the tv off and sighed. Couldn’t he make one damn move without the rest of the world knowing? He had wanted to keep the engagement a secret for a little longer, just until he and Liz were both ready. But no, damnit, they found out. Damn those “sources.”

At the sound of Liz’s laughter, he walked towards the back door. Shielding his eyes from the bright sunlight, he made out her thin, yet curvy body tanning by the pool. Next to her was Maria, who was having suntan lotion wiped onto her back by Michael.

Walking over, he couldn’t resist taking in more of her luscious body. “Hey.”

“Hey, Max,” Michael and Maria greeted while Liz just smiled and moved her sunglasses up to her head.

“Hey, Liz,” Max teased.

“Oh, it’s you,” she said, her eyes twinkling.

“Me,” he said, scooping her up and sitting in the chair. Placing her in his lap, he let his hand wander over the expanse of skin.

“Max!” she scolded. “Behave yourself!”

“I can’t. You bring out the beast in me,” he nipped at her neck.

“Get a room!” Maria shouted in mock disgust while she and Michael were having their own touch and feel session.

“So, it’s all over the news.”

“What is?” Michael asked, his words muffled by Maria’s neck.

“The engagement.”

“Nut uh!” the three cried out in shock.

“Yeah. It was on PTV.”

“Oh, Maxie, I’m sorry,” Liz said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He chuckled. “There’s nothing to be sorry for. I’m fine with it, I just kind of had wanted to announce it.”

“Yeah, I know, baby.”

“Come swim with me.”

Smiling, she gave him her consent. “Come on, Mar. Oh God! Michael, get off of her!”

“Hey! She’s enjoying it just as much as I am,” he replied, offering Maria a hand.

Liz rolled her eyes and was about to reply when all of a sudden, Max threw her over his shoulder and began to walk towards the pool. Her eyes widened as she shrieked. Kicking and punching his back, she screamed, “Max! Stop! No! Max! Put me down!”

“My pleasure.”

She let out a yelp as she landed into the freezing cold water.

Max laughed and jumped in after her as Michael and Maria made their way slowly in from the shallower end.

Swimming, he sank deeper until he reached her. Together, they went up and Max held her close, not letting her do what she wanted the most: to beat the hell out of him. Suddenly, both of their eyes widened as they surfaced.

Liz felt the air nip at her exposed flesh and screamed, dunking back underwater, and attempting to tie her bikini back in place.

Max couldn’t breathe, he was laughing so hard. Diving back in, he stopped her fumbling hands and tied the strings tightly for her.

As she surfaced, her face red, and not from sunburn, she grabbed Max’s head and dunked him.

His arms flailing, he grabbed for her waist and tickled. Immediately, her grasp let up and swimming, he dragged her over to the shallow end where Michael and Maria were.

“Don't worry, we didn’t see a thing,” Maria laughed as Michael held her.

Still blushing, Liz went under and began to swim laps, but was stopped by Max. As she surfaced, she was thrown up and she used Max’s head to steady herself. Straddling his head, she noticed that Maria was doing the same thing with Michael.

“Three!” Michael shouted as he charged towards Max.

A moment later, the girls met and they began to chicken fight, squealing and screaming every second. Liz grabbed Maria’s arm and pushed with all of her might.

Maria’s eyes widened and she let out a single wail before she went flying backwards into the water.

“Yes!” Max screamed, sticking his hand out for a high five.

Liz slapped his hand and laughed as Maria surfaced, sputtering out, “That wasn’t fair!”

“Losers weepers!”

“Liz!” she warned, suddenly appearing in front of her and before Max and Liz knew it, Michael and Maria had pushed them down into the water.

They came up spitting out water, smiles on their faces. “This is war!” they yelled.

From the window, Max and Liz’s parents looked down on the foursome and couldn’t hold back their smiles. With the sun shining, everyone laughing, and the diamond on Liz’s finger dazzling, everything was the way it should be.

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More MAX AND LIZ CUTENESS just for you *happy*

!PART 17!

“I think I’m in love,” Liz gushed, dramatically collapsing onto the bed.

Within seconds, Max plopped down next to her. “I know you’re in love.”

“Yeah, Justin is so perfect!”

Liz had been watching music videos on PTV and Justin Timber’s new single came on and Liz couldn’t resist voicing her thoughts aloud.

Wrapping his arms around her, he gave her forehead a kiss. “If I didn’t know that you were wearing my engagement ring and not his, I might be jealous.”

“Well, thank God. We wouldn’t want little ‘ol Maxie feeling jealous, now would we?”

“Not unless you wanted Justin’s body parts hung out on display.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Which body parts?”


She laughed, loving the way she could always get a reaction out of Max. “You know I love you.”

“Sometimes I wonder…”

“Oh, dear. We can’t have you uncertain about my love for you, now can we?” she asked, chewing softly on his neck.

He moaned. “No, but how are you going to erase all these doubts?

“I’m going to make you go out of your mind.”

“Mmm, sounds fun.”

“It will be. Tonight is going to be all about you.”

He shook his head, his fingers intertwining in her hair. “It’s going to be about us.”

“The two of us.”

(Ya) see, I toss and turn when I'm alone
And I just can't wait till you get home
Waiting for your call
'Cuz tonight we're gonna do it all
Girl, it's just the two of us
'Cuz I'm thinkin bout you day and night
And I just can't get you off my mind
When you get a minute baby, I was thinkin we could hook up
It's just the two of us (the two of us)
'Cuz in a room full of people, you're the only one around
And nothing in this world could ever bring us down
Baby I'll be there, telling you I care, this I swear
Girl it's just the two of us, the two of us

“So it’s official then? You and Miss Parker are engaged?” a reporter from News 1 ½ asked

Max nodded, his mind wandering towards his sweet Liz who was waiting patiently for him just through those doors.



Another reporter stood up. “When did this proposal happen?

“Two weeks ago.”

“How come you kept it a secret for so long?”

“I had wanted to keep it quiet a little longer, but the day afterwards, PTV somehow found out and announced it. After talking it through with Liz, we decided to just give time for things to mull over and then announce it.”


Before they could ask any more questions, Max stated firmly. “It’s been a pleasure, but I’ve got a fiancé waiting for me and if you’re engaged or married, you know how fiancés can be.”

After a quick laugh, Max exited wondering how in God’s name they could have so many questions. He had been there for an hour and they were still going!


She turned around and he caught his breath. It seemed as if she got prettier every day. She did.

Smiling, she ran to him and he caught her easily. “How’d it go?”

He pulled away, sneaking a quick kiss. “Fine.”


He leaned down and captured her lips once again, his lips playing softly over hers.


Slowly, they pulled apart.

“Hey, Jack!”

Jack Handleman, the head of Rive Records and Max’s record label, and Max hugged. Smiling, Jack took Liz’s hand and gave it a polite kiss. “Congratulations on your engagement, Liz.”

The corners of her mouth lifted and she replied, “Thank you.”

“Max, about Vic-”

“Please, Jack. We’ve already talked about this.”

“I know, but she’s the best we have and she was good for your career. I know she’s not the nicest person, but she’s not paid for that. She’s paid to make you a success and she has! Consider her one more time. If you say ‘yes,’ we’ll let her know the good news, but make it clear this time that she is not to interfere with your personal life and that there are to be no more surprise appearances with Tess.”

“Well, I don’t know. I mean-“

Liz nodded, “It’s fine.”

Both men looked at her, shock etched in their faces.


Liz turned to Max. “Max, Jack’s right. Vic was so good for your career. If it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t be the celebrity that you are today. She taught you everything. I know you’re still upset with her for the way she handled you and me, but like Jack said, under the new contract she won’t be able to meddle in our affairs. There’s nothing holding you back anymore.”

Max sighed, defeated. He turned to Jack and said, “She said it.”

“Great!” Then, he turned to Liz, an admired look on his face, “You, Liz Parker, are one hell of a woman.”

“Don’t I know it,” Max mumbled.

“You just have to wear a white dress! Oh, Liz, you would look just darling in it,” her mother gushed, eyeing her daughter with love.

“I agree. And it must be tight-fitted and low cut. You have such a beautiful body.”

Blushing, Liz replied, “Thanks, Diane, but I don’t know…”

“Max will just die! I can see him now, fighting off the urge to throw you in bed.”


“And a white veil would strike him harder, right Nancy?”

“You said it! He is your son. Now, about the shoes..”

Liz sat back in the large, white living room chair, appalled at their discussion. They were horrible! This wedding planning had only been going on for two days and already, Liz was tired. She and Max still had to finish the invitation list, which was rapidly growing larger as every moment, they both seemed to remember someone else that they had to invite. By the looks of it, they’d have thousands of people at the wedding.

“Liz, do you want a long flowing dress with a train or just a long dress that touches the floor and ends there?”

Looking at the two ecstatic mothers, Liz smiled to herself. They were acting as if it was their wedding, not hers! But she knew that her mother and Max’s had been planning and craving for this day since the two became friends all those years ago. She remembered how her mother had told her about how when she and Nancy were teenagers, they dreamed of having two kids that would eventually marry one another. Well, their dreams came true.

“I don’t know. I guess I’ve kind of always a long dress with a train and someone holding it for me.”

Their eyes shone with delight. “That’s what we wanted too! Now, Liz, what kind of flowers?”

She knew the answer to that one. “Roses.”

“Roses?” Nancy looked at Diane.

With a wary expression on her face, Diane turned to her soon-to-be-daughter and explained, “Liz, sweetie, roses only come in so many colors. And most of those colors are dark like red and black.”

“No! There are those really pretty orangeish, pinkish ones!”

“Liz, maybe roses aren’t that good of an idea, sweetie.”

“But Mom!”

“Liz, be reasonable. It’s just that-“

“Roses sound perfect.”

All three heads turned towards the door and all shone as their gazes landed on Max, Liz out of love and relief, the two mothers out of pride.

”Hey, honey,” he greeted Liz, walking over to her and giving her a small kiss on the forehead. Gently, he maneuvered her so that she was sitting in his lap. “How’s everything going?”

Exhausted, she leaned her head on his firm shoulder and closed her eyes. “Fine, I guess. We were just discussing which flowers to have.”

“Yes, Max. Please tell that headstrong daughter of mine that roses are too dark for the light and sunny wedding we have planned,” Nancy pleaded, trying her best to coax Max.

“Nancy’s right, dear. Carnations would even be better!”

“Mom, Nancy, I think roses are a wonderful idea. Liz loves them almost as much as she loves me. And about the darkness, well, we can always pay to have them dyed.”

“Oh! That’s an even more wonderful idea! Dying them would give us the perfect colors!”

“Why, Max, you’re brilliant!”

Once again, the two mothers turned away and began chattering about some new subject.

“Yes, Max, you are quite brilliant,” Liz laughed half-heartedly, leaning back far enough to pout her succulent lips and beg Max silently for a kiss.

He complied, cupping her soft chin in his large, calloused hand. He tilted her chin up and moments before his hot mouth covered hers, marveled at how the sunlight streaming through the large windows shining around her beautiful face made her look like an angel.

Somewhere in the background, somehow Liz managed to hear Nancy proclaim loudly, “Definitely tight-fitting and low-cut!”

Blushing furiously, Liz pulled away and ignored the obvious desire in his eyes. Turning to the mothers, she asked, her cheeks still pink, “So, who’s going to design the tables?”

Her mom immediately spoke. “Liz, remember how we watched that celebrity wedding thing on PTV or PH1 and there was that guy who had designed in advance some tables for that Pamela girl’s wedding? Well, Nancy and I thought that maybe we could ask him to.”

Her eyes wide, she shrieked, “But that’s so expensive! I could design a table just as good and it wouldn’t cost a-“

“Liz, money’s no problem. You know that,” Max stated.

“I know,” she moved so that she was still sitting in his comfortable lap, but in a position that made it easy for her to see her fiancé, “but I just don't feel like spending so much on one day.”

“It’s not just one day, babe! It’s our wedding day!”

His eyes were dark with sudden pain and Liz felt horrible for putting it there. Didn’t Max know how excited she was for this day? How she wouldn’t care if they got married in an Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas with no one there but their family and Maria and Michael?

“I know it’s our wedding day and I’ve been waiting for it since before I was born, but do we need all that to show eachother how deeply we’re in love? No. Money’s just a material factor in life; it can’t touch the love we have. We also don't need it to show our friends and family how much we love eachother. If they don’t know, then they shouldn’t be invited in the first place.” Staring deeply into his warm eyes, she continued, “I love you so much that I hurt when I’m away from you. I lie awake and watch you sleep and know that life’s only perfect because you’re in it. I would be happy even if our wedding consisted of going to a courthouse and exchanging our vows in regular clothes in a small room with nothing but a podium. I only need you to be happy.”

“Oh, God, Liz,” Max cried, burying his face into her neck, inhaling her sweet fragrance. “I love you.”

Tears stinging her eyes, she held him close like a little baby. “I love you, too.”

Nancy and Diane watched silently, tears streaming down their faces at Liz’s beautiful vow and the obvious love between them. Their two children reminded them of their loves.


All four heads turned towards the door. Mary stood there, nervously twiddling her thumbs, completely”>enamored by Max’s presence once again.

Seconds ticked by and Max asked politely, not wanting to embarrass her, “Was there something you needed to tell me?”

A blush immediately crept onto her face. “I’m sorry. I, uhh, Mr. Evans, there’s-“


Her cheeks reddened more. “Umm, Max,” she said his name cautiously and somewhat in fascination, like a little girl practicing her first big word, afraid to make a mistake, “there’s a phone call for you.”


“Miss Abel, sir.”

“Victoria?” all four gasped.

Still blushing, Mary nodded.

To Liz’s dismay, he scooted out from under her and walked toward Mary. Glancing back with a heart-stopping smile, he said, “I think I’ll go take this in another room.”

Liz giggled and spoke with feigned desperation, “Please come back soon! Don’t let me here with these two over-zealous moms too long!”

His face etched with fake shock, he replied aghast, “Never, my love! I will be back soon!” and dramatically hurried away with Mary’s love-stricken eyes staring after him.

Liz felt a blast of jealousy surge at her and immediately felt disgusted at herself for feeling it. Liz was not one to get jealous, and especially not over a young maid who adored Max like all the other teeny-bopper fans out there. But then why had she felt it?

Because you don't like being hit with the reality of his celebrity status.

The answer hit her harshly. Was his celebrity status really bothering her? Was she just denying it or ignoring it for hers and Max’s sake? She always had felt threatened by Max’s fame, threatened that some beautiful supermodel would fall in love with Max and that’d he love her and leave Liz, threatened that Tess might take her place in Max’s heart.

Tess. Why was it that whenever she considered his celebrityness, that Tess’s name always popped out of nowhere? Tess hadn’t bothered her in weeks, yet she still felt vulnerable to her beauty and perfection.

“Liz! Liz! What’s wrong?”

Snapping out of her thoughts, Liz stammered, “Nothing. Nothing’s wrong.”

Both Nancy and Diane walked over to the pale female and gave her quick little squeezes. Her mom said quietly, “Are you sure? You’re all pale and you seemed out of it a few moments ago.”

“You scared us half to death,” Nancy agreed.

“Honestly, I’m fine. I was just a little shaken. Maybe it’s from being tired or-“

“Liz! What’s wrong?”

Almost instantly, Liz felt Max’s strong arms wrap around her and she buried her face into the crook of his neck gratefully.

“I just need some rest,” her voice was muffled against his hot skin.

“Come on then, sweetie.”

Willingly, she let Max scoop her up and carry her out of the living room. Lovingly, he brought her to the bedroom and laid her down carefully. Brushing her hair away from her perfectly-formed face, he gave her a quick peck on the nose. He smiled slowly at her and began to undress her, leaving her in only her bra and underwear.

“Rest,” he ordered, tucking her firmly in.

With amused defiance in her eyes, she sat up and pulled him to her. “I’m not tired.”

“What?! But you said you needed to rest. You were so white, I was so scared.”

“I’m ok. I just thought of some things that scared me a little.”

“What things?”

She shook her head firmly. She wouldn’t let him know of her stupid fears and thoughts. He would be hurt and she knew it. He hated it when she doubted their love.

Holding her tightly, he asked softly, “Was it about the wedding? Are you still upset about having a big wedding? If you really want, we can-“

“No.” She smiled, perking up considerably. Standing up, she quickly retrieved the laptop on the black desk. Plopping back down onto the bed, she smiled and stated simply, “Let’s look for houses.”

He stared at her, bewildered by her sudden change in mood. She was such a puzzle, yet he knew her inside out. Was that possible? He shook his head, emptying it of everything but the beautiful woman sitting next to him, so close it felt as if they were melted together as one.


Her eyes shone with devious laughter. “Of course. I’ve decided that I really like my things big.” Winking, she ignored his horrified face and leaned in closer to him, smelling his musky scent and swimming in it.

No way. He would not let her get away with that. Decisively, he cupped her face into his hands and nipped at her ear. “How big?”

“The biggest,” she moaned.

“That’s good because that’s all you’re going to get. Nice, big things.”

Slowly, she writhed her way out of his hold. Her eyes demanding, she pleaded, “Max, make love to me. Help me to forget everything but you.”

“How could I do anything but?”

And then, words became too much. It suddenly didn’t matter that they had a large wedding to plan, that they needed to find a house to live in. All that mattered was the fact that they loved eachother. And that was all that counted.

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!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!
!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!
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!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!
!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!
!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!

!!!! AUTHOR'S NOTE!!!!

Hey everyone!
I was going to post a new part today before I left for my week-long vacation to Myrtle Beach...
But I decided to be evil and not *happy*
So if you want it, BEG


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After being gone for a couple of weeks... I'M BACK! Yeah! Go celebrate *happy*
I've been writing occasionally and good news, I'm almost starting to write the actual wedding! It's beautiful and I know you'll enjoy it.. but you'll just have to sit here and wait a little while *happy* Yes, I know, I'm evil. But don't you just love me?

!PART 18!

“Lower!” Nancy and Diane demanded politely, but eagerly.

“You guys, I think this is low enough,” Liz whined, a blush creeping onto her light cheeks as the elderly seamstress sighed in frustration.

“It’s not! You have a wonderful body and it’s about time you flaunt some of it!”

It was a nightmare. What had gotten into the once sane heads of these ladies? Liz had been standing up like a mannequin on display for too long. The three of them had gone out bridal shopping. After searching thousands of shops, they finally came upon this one: La Casamiento.

It was a beautiful store, shaped like a Spanish home. Liz immediately fell in love with its exotic and dazzling dresses. Nancy and Diane, however, were a little more cautious and only approved of the store once they found out that it did custom dresses and tailoring.

This morning, the three of them, along with Maria who was now out with the guys shopping for tuxedos, had spent hours designing the perfect dress. And for once, Liz got exactly what she really wanted. The dress was beautiful and she could only hope that it would be made that perfectly. It was a modern kind of dress, with thin diamond-studded straps holding it up. It clung closely to her body and slowly flared out, leaving behind a long silky train. Diamonds were scattered around everywhere, but in impeccable places and Liz couldn’t keep her eyes off of the drawing they did. The dress was simple, yet extravagant, one that would hold in people’s memories for ever. One that would make the long wedding ceremony and reception dinner exceedingly long for the groom. They had even designed a matching garter belt, stockings, and exquisite pieces of lingerie. Liz was finally thrilling and thriving in the excitement, her eyes sparkling with fervor.

“Lower? That is quite improper for a lady,” the seamstress scolded.

Nancy’s hands flew up, uncaring. “Please don't argue with us. Diane and I know exactly what we’re doing.”

A snort of anger flew out of the seamstress and pity overwhelmed Liz. It was unfortunate for the seamstress that her store was so divine that it caught all three of the women’s attention. Liz would pity anyone forced to deal with her mother and Diane. Poor souls.

While the seamstress worked, the three females chatted vividly about the wedding.

“We got that guy from the show, Liz! Did we tell you?”

“What?” Liz’s eyes widened in disbelief. She hadn’t thought it was possible, but didn’t want to break it to the two eager mothers. “How?”

“When we mentioned that it was Max Evan’s wedding, he was more than thrilled. He immediately agreed and even for a lower price than usual. It turns out that his daughter is madly in love with Max and would give anything to meet him. So we arranged a time for the two to meet and invited him and his whole family to the wedding!”

“Liz, you are one lucky girl.”

Before she could reply, a deep voice spoke, “She sure is.”

Shocked, all four females turned and all but the seamstress shrieked. Liz’s hands instantaneously flew to her dress, attempting to cover it and both mothers jumped for the shaken girl and stood in front of her.

“Get out!” they all screamed.

Diane walked over to her son and ushered him out. “What in God’s name do you think you were doing, young man?”

“I, uh, didn’t know it was such a crime to visit my fiancé while she was trying on the wedding dress for our wedding!” he cried, exasperated.

“You are not supposed to see her in the dress before the wedding! You’ll ruin it all!”

“Ruin what?”

“The surprise, the exhilaration of it all.”

He sighed. “Mom, you’re crazy. I can’t believe-“

“How’s it going?”

Mother and son turned around and smiled at Michael and Maria. Diane spoke quickly, “It was going fine before my sweet idiot of a son walked in and caught a glimpse of Liz in the dress!”

“What?!” Maria’s eyes were wide and she flew out of Michael’s warm grasp. Together, Maria and Diane made their way inside, but not before giving Max stern instructions not to ever step foot in the store again.

“They’ve lost it,” Michael muttered as he watched Maria walk away.

“Tell me about it. I’ve been craving Liz all day and-“

Michael groaned. “You really didn’t have to tell me that.”

Shrugging, he continued, “As I was saying, I was yearning for my sweet Liz all day and so I thought I’d go in, steal her away, and have my way with her. But the second I stepped in and said something, they all screamed and covered her and my mom practically dragged me out by the ear!”

“Women. Can’t live with them-“

“And you definitely can’t live without them.”

Chuckling, they approached a small café and decided to stop and have a quick drink. Max noted though that he only had an hour left before he would have to meet up with Vic at his house. As they were ordering, they were interrupted by a loud squeal. Turning around quickly, Max was stunned when a girl about the age of 12 or so jumped into his arms and began kissing his face madly.

“Oh migod! It’s Max Evans! Oh migod! I like love you! Oh migod! Ahhh!”

Several long seconds later, she was pulled off by an equally frightened Michael and set down in a chair. All of a sudden, Max was surrounded by everyone, some asking for autographs, others proposing, and some even starting to strip. After quickly stopping those girls while they still had clothes on, he smiled. Sitting down at a large table, he began to sign autographs while Michael headed out back to the house to inform Vic that Max was going to be a little late. While walking out, he noticed that Max’s now known presence had caused quite a commotion. A line was even beginning to form outside of the café! Michael shook his head. This was way too much.

Back in the café, Max’s hand was already getting tired from signing all those napkins, but he would never turn away from a fan.

He graced one woman who had to be about 30 or maybe even older with his heart-stopping smile. “What’s your name, ma’am?”

“Molly, but hell, you can call me anything you want.”

His laughter filled the room. Signing the napkin, “Molly, thanks for being such a great fan. Love, Max,” he smiled once more and handed it over to her.

She accepted it and smiled, a smile that would have dazzled most men, but was ineffective to Max. She then handed him a piece of paper. With a wink, she said, “Call me.”

Max was stunned beyond belief. Did she not see the love for Liz he had in his eyes? Did she not read the papers or watch the television to find out how in love he was with his fiancé? Nothing could ever make him cheat on Liz or hurt her. She meant too much to him.


He froze. It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t be. Dread weighted down his heart as he looked up. It was.

“Oh, hi, Tess.”

“Maxie! I’ve missed you!” she rushed over and too enthusiastically gave him air kisses.

Oh, great. Now I’ve got to spend time with this witch.

With a fake smile, he returned back to fans, completely ignoring the famous blond next to him.

Desperate for his attention, she gushed loudly, “Oh migod! Congratulations on your engagement! You and Liz are like totally perfect for eachother! I’m so happy for you!” She threw her arms around him and Max politely pushed her away.

“Thanks. What are you doing here?” he asked, still signing napkins for the lot of people waiting.

“I was shopping for like some clothes and when I saw this line, I just knew that you were here! And I definitely couldn’t resist stopping by and saying ‘hi.’”


As he turned away from her, Tess felt the anger boiling within herself. How dare he? No one had ever resisted her beauty. No one but Max. And worst of all, for a tiny rat of a girl named Liz. What was wrong with him that he could not see how much better Tess was than Liz?

“Max? Max!”

Immediately, Max’s head shot up as he zoned onto Liz’s delicate face nearing him. She was radiant, so incredibly beautiful, his heart hurt. Standing up, he was greeted by her running straight into his arms. Laughing, he swung her around carefully and after settling her back down onto firm ground, kissed her softly, suddenly unaware of the numerous amount of people staring at them with dreamy faces.

They were too lost in one another to notice the loud clapping in the background. After a long day of separation, the two had almost gone insane. Interlocked in eachother’s arms, soft moans escaped.

“Ahem. Ahem!”

At the loud, persistent interruption, they reluctantly pulled apart…to stare into Vic’s amused, but irritated face.

“Hey, Vic,’ they both said, Liz’s head leaning onto Max’s broad chest, close to his heart.

“Hi. Now, Max, we’ve got some important things to discuss and-“ she stopped at Max shaking his head. “What?”

“I can’t. I have fans waiting.”

They all turned at the sudden cheering. Ignoring Vic’s astonished expression, Max sat down, dragging Liz into his lap. With his arms around her, his attention focused on the fans once again. As the hour passed, it seemed as if people were starting to come in not only for Max, but for Liz too. She was suddenly more interesting than the pop celebrity of all time. But Max didn’t mind as long as it helped Liz to see how perfectly wonderful she was.

“I just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of yours, Max. And congrats on the engagement. You and Liz are so perfect together!”

“Thanks,” they both laughed.

“Could I have your autograph too, Liz?”


The girl nodded. “You’ve become like this idol to us girls, kind of like a princess. We think it’s so great that you and Max are so in love and that despite the fact that he’s this pop celebrity, you two have still made it. It’s like watching a fairy tale unfold!”

Tears brimmed Liz’s eyes and Max, seeing them, quickly gave her a soft kiss on the neck. Liz had always been extremely emotional when it came to their love. Sensing that she was unable to answer, he smiled and thanked the girl.

Hours later, Max kissed Liz on the forehead, aware of his weary sweetheart. It was getting late and Liz was worn out. But she didn’t want to stop Max and ask for him to take her home, she didn’t want to disappoint his fans.

“I’m really sorry, you guys, but Liz and I are getting tired and it’s getting late. As you all know, Liz and I are getting married and we have so much to do in preparation for it. Maybe we could continue this tomorrow.”

Everyone nodded and noise erupted. Vic had previously called Max’s security guards and they now escorted him and Liz to his car. While driving home, Liz’s head drooped and leaned dependently onto his shoulder. Driving slowly, he couldn’t wait to get home and get Liz into bed. She was so tired and it broke his heart to see her so vulnerable. The wedding plans were definitely taking their toll on her, on both him and her.

Without any difficulty, he carried her out of the car. She leaned into him, automatically crawling closer. Quietly, he walked into the house and winced at the loud noises going on. He looked down and was relieved to see that she was undisturbed by it. Carrying her to his bedroom, he “shhhhed” everyone who came out to speak to either of them. After silently closing the door, he placed her gently onto the satin sheets.

Just as he was walking out the door, he heard her moving. Turning around, he watched as her eyes blinked open and a small yawn slipped out. It was at that moment that she noticed him. With her smiling at him, Max strode over and tucked her in again, telling her to stay put this time. Sending him a weak smile, she fell soundly asleep as he watched.