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Note: I know it’s been a while and I’m truly sorry for that…I’ve been really busy with school and things but that really is no excuse. I hope this part is up to par especially since it’s been so long coming. I hope you enjoy. Jenn *tongue* All previous parts are on the repost board. So if you’ve never read this before and you want to, or you just want to refresh your memory you can find it there.

From Part 23: (Liz’s POV)

“Isabel truth or dare,” I say trying to include the others.

Part 24: (Max’s POV)

This game just got a tad more interesting. I can’t believe Liz used to fear that she would never get breasts, that seems so unlike her, but then again she was a different person back then. I can’t wait to hear what Liz is going to ask Izzy, this game is a lot of fun. I look up and see Izzy’s frightened face, and to tell you the truth this game is a bit frightening. I mean yes it’s fun, but look at all the embarrassing stuff that’s been spilt already, I’m dying to see what other nasty secrets come out.
“So Isabel, truth or dare?” Liz asks again since Iz hasn’t answered yet.
“Um, I guess truth,” Isabel replies meekly.
“Truth,” Liz whispers. “Ok, who did you most want to be like when you were younger?” Liz asked her.
Isabel looks relieved and I can see the sigh she just let out, it was big enough to knock over the cups on the table. I wonder why Liz decided to go easy on her. I guess because she doesn’t really know what kind of secrets Isabel could be hiding so she’ll leave the gory stuff up to us.
“I used to want to be like my brother actually. He was always in control and so responsible but at the same time so giving. He was the complete opposite of me and I always admired that about him,” Isabel says causing me to blush.
“That is about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard,” Tess says breaking the moment.
“Ok, Tess, truth or dare,” Isabel says.
“Dare, definitely dare,” Tess replies.
Izzy’s got that evil gleam in her eye, I can only imagine what she’s thinking right now. I feel bad for Tess this so cannot be good. I hope Tess knows what she got herself into.
“I dare you to give Kyle a lap dance,” Isabel says laughing.
Tess’s face pales, well I guess that answers the question of whether or not she knew what she was getting herself into. Tess is so going to kill her for this one. It’s actually quite funny but I know if I laugh I’ll get reamed out so I hold my tongue. I don’t need an angry Tess to deal with.
“A lap dance?” she asks.
“Yep, a lap dance,” Isabel tells her.
We all watch as Tess tries to get herself prepared to do this. I can’t believe Izzy is being this mean. I can hear Tess taking deep breaths trying to calm herself down. I can’t even imagine what’s going through her mind right now but I’m sure she’s trying to convince herself that she can do this. You know what’s really funny? Kyle looks more nervous then Tess does.
“Well can I at least have some music?” Tess asks.
Michael reaches over Maria’s head and turns on his stereo. I have to laugh as the song begins to play on the radio. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect song, if we tried. Blow ya mind, this song is just too perfect. Tess starts swaying her hips in a very sensual manner which sort of embarrasses me, I mean this would be completely different if it was just Kyle in the room, but there’s Alex, Michael, and me sitting here not to mention Iz, Maria and Liz. But it seems that Tess has come to terms with this and is going to do this no matter what. I hope she gets Izzy back really good for this one. Kyle is sitting very still on the chair almost like he’s afraid to move which I find completely funny.
I start to snicker which earns me an elbow to the ribs. You know for a little person Liz sure can hit pretty hard. “Ouch,” I whisper in her ear.
“Serves you right. Don’t laugh you’ll make Tess nervous,” she says to me.
“I wasn’t laughing at her, I was laughing at Kyle. Look at him, he’s all stiff, no pun intended, just sitting here. You’d think he would actually enjoy this,” I say.
“If I had to give you more...its only been a I have one foot through the door and I ain’t goin no took awhile to get me here and I am going to take my time so drop that bull shit in your ear and let me blow ya mind.” The lyrics to the song come wafting over the speakers.
By this point Tess is grinding her rear end into Kyle’s crotch, and he’s finally looking like he’s enjoying this, but I think they’ve been tortured enough.
“Ok, that’s good. Tess it’s your turn,” I say. She shoots me a grateful look and sits back down next to Kyle, who jumped off the chair as soon as he was allowed to.
“Michael truth or dare?” Tess says.
“Ugh, do I really have to play this?” he asks.
“Yes, everyone else did, now come on choose,” Maria says.
“Fine, truth,” Michael says. “I don’t want to have to do anything crazy like Tess just did,” he added.
“Ok, so what was your first thought when you found out that Alex was your brother?” Tess asked him.
“My first thought. Well at first I didn’t really believe it, but then I got excited. I mean I’ve got family on this planet…that’s something I never expected to happen so it has made me very happy,” Michael says.
“Thanks man. You know I didn’t believe it at first either but the more I think about it the cooler it is,” Alex replies.
“Ok, Isabel truth or dare?” Michael asks with that tone which tells you to watch out.
“Uh, um, truth,” Isabel says.
Michael just starts laughing and I know that this can’t be good. He knows all the dirt on Iz so this is definitely going to be good. Isabel’s getting scared, I can see it on her face. She’s really worried about what Michael’s going to ask.
“Ok, tell everyone who your first sexual fantasy was about?” Michael says.
Oh man I didn’t think he’d go for the big guns already. This is going to kill Isabel. It’s almost too funny.
“Wha…what?” she stammers.
“You heard me, spill it,” he says.
“Shit,” she mumbles. “This really isn’t fair Michael. I told you this in confidence,” she added.
“Hey you made Tess do a lap dance,” he said.
“Fine, my first sexual dream was about Kyle,” Isabel said.
“What!” Maria and Liz exclaim.
Kyle is completely red in the face from embarrassment, as is Isabel. Alex looks sort of perplexed and Tess, well Tess is actually laughing.
“I can totally understand why,” Tess replies.
“Kyle?” Alex asks.
“Well, yeah. We were in seventh grade and he was really built. I don’t know, it wasn’t even like I really liked him like that. I mean he was always nice to me whenever he saw me, I guess it was just that he was good looking,” Isabel said in her defense.
“Ok Max, truth or dare?” she asks me.
I sit and contemplate this for a few minutes. I mean should I say dare? If I do will she make me do something totally embarrassing? But if I say truth I know she’ll make me spill something embarrassing. This is a lose, lose situation.
“Truth, I guess,” I reply.
“Hmm…I can’t ask you the question that Michael asked me because we all know the answer to that one, so let me think. Oh God! Tell everyone what happened at grandma and grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary,” Isabel says.
“Izzy,” I wine.
“Hey we all told our embarrassing stories, spill it girlfriend,” Maria says.
“I so don’t like you right now Izzy. Ok, so we are at the hall where our mom’s parent’s anniversary is and our cousin Gina comes up to me and tells me that she’s had a crush on me for years. Now this alone was enough to embarrass me, but she then grabs my hand and pulls me outside, to talk she told me. Anyway we get outside and she tries to kiss me, which completely freaks me out because she’s my cousin. I tell her this and she tells me that we’re not really related since I’m adopted so this is ok. I push her away from me and walk back inside thinking I’ve escaped. My mother had to ruin everything for me by telling me to dance with her. Gina manages to lead us to a dark corner and tries to maul me right there with everyone in the room. She actually got a handful of my stuff before I managed to get away. I had to beg Izzy to protect me from her for the rest of the night,” I say completely mortified by having to tell this story.
“Oh Max, that’s awful. If I ever meet this Gina I’ll give her a piece of my mind,” Liz says.
“You just might get the chance,” Isabel says. “Mom and dad are organizing a sort of family reunion and of course we told them you’d all have to be invited as well as your parents so I’m sure Gina will show up. I hear she’s still single.”
“Ooh, I can’t wait,” Liz said rubbing her hands together.
“This so cannot be good,” I mumble.
“Ok people as much fun as this truth or dare game has been, I’m tired so I’m going to hit the hay. I don’t know who’s sleeping where but my bed is calling my name. Max you know where everything is, its all clean so help yourselves,” Michael said.
“Night Michael,” we all call.
“You coming pixie?” he asks Maria.
Maria nods her head and jumps to her feet. She and Michael have gotten much closer since this whole thing with the real messages happened and I’m really happy for them.
I get up and grab some blankets, while everyone discusses who’s sleeping where. It turns out that Tess and Kyle get the couch, Alex and Isabel get the chair and Liz and I get the floor but it’s ok…I make sure that I make it extra soft for us. The wonders of having alien powers…they are great.
We all say good night and settle down to sleep. I could so get used to this, having Liz in my arms while I sleep. It just feels so right and I can’t wait until I can do this every night. I run my fingers through Liz’s hair, it’s my favorite thing to do. I love her hair it’s so soft.
“Good night Liz. I love you,” I whisper.
“Good night Max, I love you too,” she replies giving me a soft kiss.
I close my eyes and slowly drift to sleep with visions of the future. Liz, myself, and our children dance across my mind and I can’t help but wish those times would hurry up and get here.


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Note: I’m jumping ahead like a week…I want to get to the family reunion at Max and Izzy’s house. So I’ll briefly touch up on what happened during the week and then move on. LOL. I hope you all enjoy this, and I hope I haven’t lost anyone! Jenn *tongue*

Part 25: (Liz’s POV)

Man, ever since Nasedo came back we’ve done nothing but work, and practice. My life sucks. I’m longing for school to start again just so I can get some sort of reprieve from all this practice. I know Maria, Alex, and Kyle feel the same way. Hell, I’m sure Max, Michael, and Isabel feel the same was as well. None of us are as developed as Tess, and because of that she’s the only one who’s not completely exhausted at the end of the day. She is really tired but not to the point of practically falling asleep at the dinner table.
Nasedo thought about taking Tess back to his house and keeping up the facade of her being his daughter but my parents wouldn’t allow that, and we’re both grateful. I never liked the idea of Tess living with that monster, I mean he doesn’t care for human life, well ok, he didn’t but he is getting better.
“Liz hurry up or we’ll be late!” Tess yells to me.
Rolling my eyes I put my journal back into its hiding place and climb back through my window. Tess is sitting on my bed waiting for me and I smile at her. We’ve gotten so much closer since we found out that we were sisters. You’d have never known that we were ever apart.
“All right, all right. Keep your pants on I’m coming,” I say walking over to her.
She just smirks at me. “I think out of any of us you should be taking that advise,” she says making me blush.
“Shut up,” I say walking towards the door. “Come on.”
She just starts laughing and runs up behind me giving me a hug. “I was kidding you know,” she says.
“Yeah I know,” I assure her. “I can’t help it if I’ve got an extremely hot boyfriend who makes me forget myself sometimes.”
She shakes her head at me and walks down the stairs. “Yeah I know but I don’t’ want to be an aunt just yet. I mean I’m only seventeen,” she says.
I laugh. “I’m not planning on making you an aunt any time soon because there is no way in hell I’m ready to be a mother,” I tell her.
“Good,” she says taking my hand and dragging me down the stairs. Mom and dad are waiting for us in a booth and they smile as we walk towards them hand in hand. You really would never know that Tess wasn’t always a part of our family. My parents love her and treat her just like she’s always been with us and its helped Tess a lot. She’s more open now then she was before and she smiles and laughs all the time. Living with us is definitely good for her.
“Are we ready?” my dad asks.
“Yup. We’re all set,” I say excitedly.
“Yeah, Liz can’t wait to see Max. I mean they’ve been apart now for a good fifteen hours so they have to be going through withdrawals,” Tess teases.
“You’re just jealous,” I retort laughing.
“Yeah right. Why would I be jealous? I’m dating the star quarterback,” she says back making me laugh. She’s got a point.
The ride to Max’s is filled with laughter, singing, and lots of shut ups. Tess, mom, and I are driving my dad nuts with the singing, causing us to laugh hysterically every time he tells us to be quiet. But what makes us laugh the hardest is when he finally gives up and joined in the singing. It is a wonderful family moment.
Finally we’re at Max’s. I’m a little nervous about being here; I mean I’m going to meet his entire family. His aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and well, just everyone. I’m so afraid that I’m going to make a complete ass out of my self and embarrass us both, but he has been trying all week to assure me that I could never embarrass him but I know differently. I certainly can and I’m praying that I don’t.
We walk to the door and Tess rings the doorbell. I reached for it but my hands were shaking so badly I pulled them back silently begging Tess to do it. She knows how nervous I am so she shakes her head and rings the bell.
The pounding of feet can be heard running towards the door which is thrown open seconds later. Isabel is standing in front of us smiling. “Thank God you’re here! I was starting to go insane and so was Max. Michael’s here already, but he just got here so that’s why we were going nuts. There has only been family here so far and boy do we need you guys,” Isabel rambled.
I’ve never seen her talk like that and it’s scary. She sounds a lot like Maria. Freaky, they’ve definitely been spending too much time together. “Well lead on. We’ve come to rescue you,” I say.
She smiles at me. “And trust me we thank you. Oh, by the way, Gina just showed up like two seconds before Michael so it’s a good thing you got here. She has already gone up to Max three times and she’s only been here for like four minutes,” Isabel tells us.
Hearing the name Gina sets my blood boiling, and the fact that she’s gone up to Max three times already makes me even madder. That girl is going to know before today is through just who Max Evans is in love with, and that’s a promise.
Isabel leads us through the house to the back door. I see Max and Michael playing with some little kids and my heart swells. “Who are the kids?” I hear Tess ask.
“Oh they are my Uncle Bobby’s kids. The little girl in Max’s lap is April, she’s three I think, and the two little boys climbing on Michael are Justin and Joshua. They are both five, they’re twins obviously and they are really adorable. But I think if you asked Michael he would tell you differently,” Isabel explains.
The three of us ditch my parents who walk right over to Mr. & Mrs. Evans while we walk over to Max and Michael. Max looks up the moment we begin walking and I smile at him. He smiles at me too and gets up, still holding April, and meets us half way.
The minute he’s standing in front of me he hands April over to Isabel before giving me a hug. I breathe in his scent and calm down. Just being in Max’s arms calms me down and I know that I can handle anything that’s thrown my way today. He leans down and gives me a soft kiss before pulling back and taking my hand.
April is fussing and reaching for Max so he takes her back into his arms. She settles down immediately. I smile at him and he has this really happy look on his face, which makes me smile even more. He looks so cute holding his little cousin and I can’t help but thing about how he would look holding our children.
We continue to make our way over to Michael and sit down when we reach him. He’s managed to calm the boys down enough so that they aren’t climbing all over him but running around him instead. Max shakes his head snaking out and arm to capture one of the boys. They both start to laugh and stop running. They sit down with us and smile. “Who are you?” one of them asks me.
“I’m Liz, who are you?” I reply.
“I’m Justin. That’s my brother Joshua. You’re really pretty,” he says.
“Thank you,” I say. “Are you having fun?”
“Oh yes. I love coming to play with Cousin Max and Cousin Isabel. We always have lots of fun. They are just so funny. How come you’re holding Cousin Max’s hand?” Joshua asks me.
“Well, little man, she’s my girlfriend,” Max says.
“Really. Do you kiss her?” Justin asks Max.
I giggle a little bit. I can’t help it the way he asked Max was just too cute. “Yes as a matter of fact I do,” he says.
“Yuck. Kissing gives you coodies,” Joshua says jumping up. “Tag, you’re it!” he yells tapping April on the head.
She climbs off of Max’s lap and toddles after her brothers. “They are too cute,” I say. Max smiles at me nodding his head, he really loves them you can see it in his eyes.
“So Max, are you going to introduce me to all your friends?” a sugary voice says from behind us.
I see Max cringe and I assume that this is the infamous Gina. We all stand up and turn towards her. I count to ten to control my raging emotions. I don’t need to have like an accident and have my powers go all crazy or anything. I need to be level headed here. Max squeezes my hand gently trying to calm me down as well. I know he can feel what I’m feeling, over the past week our connection has gotten a lot stronger and we can sense each other’s emotions when we’re touching or really close to one another.
“Gina, this is my best friend Michael, I think you’ve met him before,” he says pointing to Michael. “This is Tess, she’s a very good friend of both Izzy and I,” he explains pointing to Tess. “And this is Liz, my girlfriend. She and Tess are sisters,” Max says.
“Max!” Maria yells from the door. “The party can start because we are here!”
That’s Maria for you, and let me just say I love her dearly. I so need her right now. I mean don’t get me wrong Isabel, and Tess, are wonderful in the support department but there’s just something about Maria that makes everything better.
She, Alex, and Kyle come walking over towards us. “Oh, and these people are Maria, Kyle, and Alex,” he says pointing to each one in turn. “They are really good friends of our too. Guys this is my cousin Gina,” Max tells them.
Maria looks right at me and I can see the amused look on her face. “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend,” Gina said. “I was hoping we could do something after this party.”
“Yeah I do. We’ve been dating for just about a year now. Gee, I would love to hang out after the party but we’ve all got plans,” Max says.
I stand on my tiptoes and kiss his cheek. He smiles down at me thanking me with his eyes. I couldn’t help it; I just had to drop the subtle hint that Max is completely off the market.
Gina glares at me and I stare right back at her. I’m not intimated by her and I want her to know that. She’s not going to get to me, and she is definitely not getting to Max at all today, not alone anyway. I’ll make sure of that.
I guess she realized that she wasn’t going to scare me with her evil glares because she walked away leaving us all alone. Thank God! That’s all I can think right now. We all sit down and I try to stop my hands from shaking. I can’t and Max notices this and takes both my hands into his.
“Liz, you know I’d never go for her. I didn’t all those years ago, and I won’t now,” he assures me. “It’s you I love. Your who I’ve always loved.”
“I know and I don’t doubt that, but I swear if her looks could kill, I’d be dead a million times over right now,” I say. “I didn’t know she was so pretty,” I add as an afterthought.
“She’s nothing compared to you. In fact if you were to both stand next to one another she’d look like a hag,” Max tells me.
“I have to agree,” Michael says making me smile. I love those two boys, more then anything, well ok; I love Alex, and Kyle just as much as I love Michael but anyway.
“Please Lizzy, you are so much more pretty then Gina. I mean she wears too much makeup and it’s all the wrong color,” Maria says.
“Yeah, and she can’t dress,” Isabel adds.
“I know did you see the sandals she had on? They totally didn’t match her outfit, and hey, she’s got buck teeth,” Tess added.
I love my friends they really are the best. My shaking stopped and we all walked around to meet some more of Max and Isabel’s relatives. April ran up to us when we walked past Max’s Uncle Bobby, and his wife Kathy. They are both really nice people, which explains why their children are so sweet.
April walks up to Max and I and holds her hands out to me. “She wants you to pick her up,” Max says amazed.
“Why do you sound so amazed?” I ask him.
“Well, she never goes to strangers. It took two years for her to come to either Isabel or I. This is amazing,” Max exclaims.
I just smile. I love that this little girl found me trustworthy enough to hold her. We pass Gina on our way to Max’s grandparents and she shoots me another dirty look. She steps up to us and stops in front of me. I stand there and wait to see what she was going to do. Everyone in the back yard stops what they are doing and turns to us. I can’t believe she is going to start something in front of all these people.
“Hey April! Want to come with cousin Gina. We can get some cheese doodles?” Gina asks reaching for April.
The little girl looks at Gina and sees her reaching for her and then flips out. She starts screaming and clinging to me. I wrap my arms around her holding her close to me while stroking her hair.
“It’s ok, you don’t have to go. I won’t let go,” I whisper in her hear calming her down a bit. She’s not screaming anymore but she is still crying.
“I think maybe you should just leave April alone,” Isabel snaps walking up to us. “You scared the poor child half to death. You know she doesn’t like strangers and she’s never gone to you. What made you think this would be any different?” Isabel asks.
“Well, she went to her!” Gina screeched pointing to me.
I backed away from her trying to calm the baby down. She was starting to calm down and as soon as Max walked up to me and touched April’s head she stopped crying all together.
“Hey sweetie. Are you all right?” he asks April.
She nods her head. “The bad lady scare me,” she hiccupped.
Max looks up at Gina and shakes his head at her. “You know she is afraid of you,” he says.
“Well, I thought maybe since she’s older it would be different. How the hell was I supposed to know she’d flip out like that?” Gina says.
Kathy walks over to April and me. “Hey sweetie, mommy’s here. Thanks for handling that so well Liz,” she says to me.
“It was no problem,” I say handing April over to her mom. She starts to fuss again and reaches for me. Kathy looks at me apologetically and I smile at her.
“It’s ok, I don’t mind holding her. That is if you don’t mind,” I say.
“I don’t mind. Are you sure it’s ok?” she asks.
“Yeah it’s fine. I know she loves Max so if my arms get tired I’ll just hand her over to him, or I’ll bring her back to you,” I say taking the baby from her arms.
She nods her head and turns to get her boys. Bobby is calling for them and she rolls her eyes before walking away mumbling how men can’t handle anything. Her parting statement makes me laugh and Max and I walk over to his grandparents.


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Part 26: (Max’s POV)

I still can’t believe April went to Liz that is great. I mean I know that Liz is the gentlest person on the planet, and it makes me smile that April realizes that. I love that little girl almost as much as I love Liz, and to see the two of them getting along is great.
My heart almost sopped in my chest though when Gina stopped in front of Liz. I’d never heard April scream so loud in my life. She was really scared, and I don’t blame her. I mean Gina is just a scary witch.
I take Liz’s hand after Aunt Kathy hands April back over to Liz. She mumbles something about men not being able to handle anything and walks away. I chuckle at her as she chases after her boys. I guess that’s how she stays in such good shape. Josh and Justin are a handful that’s for sure.
Liz looks beautiful carrying little April. I can almost picture what she’s going to look like carrying our children. That thought makes me blush and smile. I feel an elbow nudge into my side.
“I know what your thinking girlfriend and get that thought out of there right now. Neither one of you is ready for that,” Maria says laughing.
I smile down at her. “I was just picturing how beautiful Liz would look holding our children. I wasn’t planning on doing anything to remedy the fact that we don’t have any yet trust me. I’d like to finish high school and college first,” I tell her mater of fatly.
“That’s good to hear girlfriend,” she says turning back to Izzy.
“Come on lets to help your Aunt Kathy catch her boys,” Maria says grabbing Isabel’s hand. They grab Tess and start running towards Josh and Justin. I can’t help but laugh at the three of them. They look so happy and carefree.
I stop in front of my smiling Grandparents. I smile back at them hoping that they will love Liz as much as I do. Their opinion means a lot to me and I love them so much. I tear my eyes away and look at Liz who is tickling April. April is giggling and she has the biggest smile on her face and my hear swells even more. I touch Liz’s shoulder and she looks up at me smiling. I nod my head in my grandparent’s direction and she blushes slightly.
“Sorry, I didn’t even realize that we stopped,” she says smiling.
April turns her head towards where Liz is looking. “Gamma! Gandpa!” she screeches climbing out of Liz’s arms.
Liz let go of April and my little cousin jumped into my grandpa’s lap. “Grandma Cindy, Grandpa Frank, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend Liz,” I say smiling and taking Liz’s hand to step forward.
“Hello sweetie. It’s nice to meet you,” my grandma says standing up to give Liz a hug. My eyes fill with tears as they hug and I can see Liz’s are too. I know she’s sad because Grandma Claudia is no longer with us.
“Thank you, but the pleasure is all mine. You’ve got a very special grandson,” she says singing my praises making me blush.
“That we do,” my Grandpa says standing up pulling Liz into a hug as well.
“Do you mind if we sit with you for a bit?” I ask them.
“Why would you want to do that? Go have fun with your friends,” my Grandma Cindy says.
“We don’t mind besides I’d like to get to know you some,” Liz says plopping down on the grass in front of my grandparents pulling me down with her since I’m still holding her hand. I start to fall and she lets out a squeal as I fall towards her. I quickly let go of her hand and try to catch myself. Liz has to lie back so I don’t hit my head on hers and I catch myself leaving only inches between us.
“You two, there are young children around! Save that stuff for later!” Michael yells from across the yard. I know every one is looking at us and I blush about ten shades of red. Liz’s cheeks pinken and I’m going to kill Michael at practice tomorrow.
I slowly pull myself up and then offer my hand to Liz helping her off the grass. She looks down at the ground and I place my fingers under her chin lifting her eyes to mine. She reluctantly looks into my face and I smile my little half smile at her.
“I told you I’d end up embarrassing you,” she whispers close to tears.
“Liz, sweetie, I’m the one who fell, and it was Michael’s big mouth that embarrassed us. I promise tomorrow he’s going to pay for that,” I tell her kissing her nose.
“Max! Your grandparents are right there,” she says blushing again.
“It’s ok dear. I’ve never seen Max this carefree before. He’s always so serious, it’s a welcomed change,” Grandma Cindy says as April climbs into my lap. April kisses my cheek and then kisses Liz’s cheek before settling down in my lap. She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.
“So Liz, what do you want to do when you get to college?” Grandpa Frank asks.
“I want to study microbiology. One day I’m going to be a microbiologist,” she says.
I smile at her. That’s my little scientist. I don’t know if I could love her more then I do at this moment.
“Grandma Cindy! Grandpa Frank! How have you been?” Gina’s annoying voice penetrates our little haven.
I can almost see my Grandma Cindy cringe and I feel Liz stiffen next to me. I reach over and rub my hand over Liz’s back comforting her.
“Gina. It’s nice to see you again dear. How was Europe? Grandpa Frank and I are doing well,” Grandma Cindy replies.
“Europe was great! I went to some really cool parties and met Prince William,” she rambled.
April started to wake up and I so don’t want another screaming fit. “Um, Grandma, Grandpa,” I start. “Liz and I will be back later. April’s waking up and well, I’m just not in the mood for another yelling fit.”
“I understand Max. Liz it was nice meeting you. We’ll see you later,” Grandpa Frank said winking.
“You can bet on that,” Liz said smiling.
I carefully pick April up trying not to wake her and Liz and I start walking back to my Uncle Bobby and Aunt Kathy.
“April fell asleep while we were talking to grandma and grandpa. Would you like me to put her down in my room?” I ask Aunt Kathy.
“Would you? That would be great. I’ve got the monitors here so I’ll be able to hear if she wakes up,” she says pulling the monitors out of her bad.
Liz takes them smiling. “I’ll hook them up and then bring you back the one,” she says.
“You are such a dear. Max, she’s definitely a keeper,” Aunt Kathy says.
“I know she is, and trust me I’m not letting her go, ever,” I say turning around only to bump into Gina. God, can’t this girl just leave me alone? We are RELATED!
“So Max, how do you know this thing between you and Liz is forever?” she asks nastily.
“Because she’s my soul mate,” I say without hesitation.
“If you’ll excuse us Gina, we’ve got to put April down for her nap now,” Liz says sweetly.
Gina glares at her, which pisses me off beyond belief. I want to yell out that Liz was my WIFE in my other life but I can’t and it sort of pisses me off as well, but I can’t risk exposure. Michael, Maria, Kyle, Alex, Tess, and Isabel come walking over. They really are the greatest friends in the entire world.
“Look, sweetheart, why can’t you just leave them alone?” Maria asks in her typical Maria fashion.
“I’m not doing anything you pain in the ass,” Gina hisses.
“Hey watch it. You aren’t related to me, and my little pixie here could take you no problem,” Michael says. “I can be really nasty myself if I want to. I’m only holding my tongue because I don’t want to disrespect Max and Isabel.”
“Michael, I do appreciate your gesture, but I can handle myself,” Liz says smiling. “But, don’t go too far, I need you close just in case,” she adds winking.
Maria burst out laughing and Liz and I walked towards the house. “Where are you going?” Maria called.
“To put April in Max’s room. She needs her nap and Gina keeps coming over almost waking her up. Max and I don’t want her to start crying,” Liz explains.
“Well hurry up chica. Josh and Justin want you to play tag with us,” Maria says.
“We’ll be right back!” I call walking through the door. We pass my mom and Mrs. Parker on the way though the kitchen. I give my mom a kiss on the cheek and continue past her to my room. After I place April on the bed I wave my hands over it changing the sides so that they are those bar things that keep the kids from falling out. Liz hooks up the baby monitor and we had back outside.
My mom and Liz’s mom are still in the kitchen and we smile at them. We are just about to the door when my mom’s question stops us.
“Is Gina still giving you a hard time Max? I mean I remember her trying to get with you a few years ago but I thought she was past that,” my mom says.
My jaw must be on the floor by now. I can’t believe my mom knew about that. How come she never told me she knew? “Yeah, she’s still trying but I don’t want her. I never did, it was always Liz I wanted,” I say. “She’s trying to mess with Liz too, but I won’t allow that, and neither will Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle, Tess, or Alex.”
“Well, I can certainly take care of myself and the only reason I haven’t slapped the bitch, sorry, is because we’re here and I don’t want to make a scene,” Liz says making me smile.
“Well, don’t hold back for our benefit, besides not to many of us like Gina. She was always a conniving little worm,” my mom says smiling.
“Thanks, but I promised Max I wouldn’t embarrass him today and I won’t do anything physical unless she tries to hit me first,” Liz says.
“That’s my girl. But if she does try something take her down,” Mrs. Parker says laughing.
Liz and I smile at our moms, they are so strange, but we love them. “Ladies, is the chicken almost ready for the grill?” Mr. Parker asks. “Oh hi Lizzy, Max. Um there are too little boys asking about you too,” he says.
“Oh Max! Josh and Justin. Sorry guys we’ve got to go. We’ve got a date to play tag with the cutest little boys on the face of the Earth. Well, ok they aren’t as cute as Max was when he was little but it’s close,” Liz says giggling. She grabs my hand and pulls me out the door.
We are laughing as we rush outside. Justin and Joshua see us right away and jump at us. I catch them both before they knock Liz down. “I’ll be right back, I’ve got to give you mommy this monitor so she will know when April wakes up,” she says placing small kisses on their foreheads.
“Ok, but hurry back,” Justin says smiling. Josh tries to wipe the kiss off and Liz laughs. “You know that only rubs it in,” she teases.
“I know, I wanted to rub it in, that way it will always be with me,” he smiles.
Liz walks away laughing and hands the monitor back to Aunt Kathy. My aunt says something to her, which I can’t hear because I’m too far away but it must be good because Liz is laughing. That makes me smile. I’m so happy that my family is accepting her, and well how they are accepting all my friends! It’s a very joyous day for me.
Michael and Uncle Matt are talking about God knows what, and Tess and Kyle are actually talking to my grandparents. Isabel and Alex are chatting with my Aunt Samantha, she’s from NY, and she’s into fashion design. That’s what Isabel wants to do with her life and Maria is playing with my cousin James. He’s about ten and he seems to be falling for Maria. I’m going to have to bust Michael’s chops on this one. He better watch out James just might try to steal her away.
“Why don’t you go see what’s taking Liz so long? I’ve got to talk to Michael really quick. Then we’ll round everyone up and have a nice big game of tag,” I tell Josh and Justin.
“Ok,” they say happily jumping out of my grasp running over to Liz.


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AN: It’s been like forever and I’m sorry! I have been a bad author, but I have to blame Real Life on this because School has been kicking my ass with homework. The semester is almost over and I’ll have more time to write so never fear!! Enjoy this LONG overdue part! Jenn

Part 27:

As I put Josh and Justin down on the ground they rush over to Liz. I laugh as they start to pull on her arms. She topples to the ground laughing and pulls the two of them onto her lap tickling them. They are laughing hysterically making me chuckle. I walk over to Michael and say hello to my Uncle Matt.
“Hi Uncle Matt, how are you?” I ask him.
“Hey Max! I’m good. So when do I get to meet the girl who captured your heart?” he asks me.
“After our game of tag, I promise. We promised Josh and Justin that we’d play with them, and well you know the boys, you can’t keep them waiting too long or else,” I tell him laughing.
“Yeah, they are very demanding but cute as hell,” he replies.
“Yup. Um, I’ve got to steal Michael here for a bit, it’s time to play,” I say.
“No problem. I’ll talk to you both later,” Uncle Matt tells us as we walk away.
Michael and I start to walk over to the swing set to meet everyone else for the game of tag. Kyle and Tess were walking towards us after saying good-bye to my grandparents and Josh and Justin are helping Liz up off the ground. I smile at her and she waves before rushing over to us.
“Hey Michael, I think you might want to go and get Maria. My little cousin James seems to be really taken with her. You better watch out he’s smooth, and so cute,” I say laughing.
“Max, you can be such an ass you know that right,” he said smirking. “I was playing with James before. He’s a cute kid, and yeah he likes Maria, he told me I was lucky because she was my girlfriend.”
“Aww, that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard,” Liz gushed kissing my cheek.
“Yeah James is a cutie,” Isabel said. “OK! ALL LITTLE KIDS OVER HERE! WE’RE GOING TO PLAY TAG!”
“Jeez Izzy, ears!” Michael complained placing his hands over his ears trying to block the sound of Isabel’s big mouth.
“Oh shut up,” she complained laughing.
All the kids came running from wherever they were hiding and stopped in front of us. “Are you guys going to be playing too?” James asked hopefully.
“Yes we are little man,” Maria said ruffling his hair stopping next to Michael. He kissed her forehead and she smiled leaning into him.
“Ok, Liz and Max are it first!” Josh yelled. “You guys count to fifty and we’ll all hide.”
“All right,” I say grabbing Liz’s hand. Where’s base?” I ask.
“The fence over there,” Justin said pointing to the portion of the fence with my mom’s party decorations on it. A paper grill. I had to laugh but at least it’s a small portion.
“OK, then just this part right here, the part with Aunt Diane’s decoration is the base, not the whole fence, so no cheating,” I say walking to the fence.
Liz and I hide our faces and start to count really loudly so the kids can hear us. I can hear them all giggling while they run and hide, and I can’t help but smile.
“You are amazing with kids,” Liz whispers to me as I continue counting.
“Thanks,” I reply. “They are too cute I love them so much. It just sucks that I don’t get to see them all that often. Although there is one person I’m glad that I don’t get to see more then like twice a year.”
“Yeah I can imagine why. She’s so annoying,” Liz tells me. “READY OR NOT HERE WE COME!” she yells.
We turn around laughing and see the smiling faces of so many people. Liz’s parents are laughing with us as we run all over the yard trying to catch the kids and our friends. I can tell Michael really wanted to throw up a shield as I rushed towards him and Maria screeched as Liz caught her.
“OK! Michael and Maria are it!” Liz yelled causing the kids to come out of their hiding spaces.
We continue to play the game until everyone had been it at least once before the kids got sick of the game. They went about their own business playing whatever it is kids play nowadays. I can’t remember being that small, so I can’t remember what we played. Although I was never a ‘normal’ child so I don’t think I played things that normal kids played.
I sat down at an empty table and the rest of my friends joined me. We were laughing and talking just enjoying the day. “FOODS DONE!” my father yelled causing Michael to jump up quickly with Kyle right behind him.
The rest of us raised an eyebrow at them. “What we’re hungry!” Kyle defended them and we all laughed.
Liz started to get up and I joined her. We all walked to the food table and grabbed some chicken and salads. My mom made her potato salad, which despite all her failures with Martha Stewart recipes, is really good. My mom can make a mean potato salad. After we filled our plates we sat back down at the table and started to eat.
“Well, well, well, Liz it seems you can pack away a lot of food. How do you stay so skinny?” Gina asked coming up behind us. I really want to turn around and slap her but I cannot hit a girl, it’s just wrong.
I see the look on my mom’s face she along with the rest of my parents just joined the table and heard Gina’s question but I know Liz didn’t see them because she turned towards my cousin to answer her.
“Well, Max and I have a very vigorous relationship so I have to keep my energy up!” Liz ground out nastily. “I exercise stupid how do you think I stay so slim, and I have a fast metabolism!”
“Yeah sure, whatever,” Gina said smiling. “But I’m sure your parents appreciate the news of how intimate your relationship with Max is.”
Liz’s head snapped around to face our parents and she looked really pale. Her dad was looking into her eyes and she shook her head no and he visibly relaxed and smiled at her. I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath until I let it go and faced my cousin.
“They already knew,” I say playing along.
“Gina why don’t you go take a walk,” Maria bit out with a hard look in her eyes.
My cousin huffed off and went to sit with her parents. I pulled Liz close to me and whispered how sorry I was that she had to put up with her.
“Max I knew she was going to be here and I wanted to keep her away from you because well, she’s just plain evil so don’t worry about it,” she assured me. I kissed her forehead and went back to eating.
“Oh guys! We so have not crossed that barrier yet trust me,” I assured our parents.
“We know which is why we didn’t say anything. We know how close you are, and hell we know that you will not be waiting until you get married but we also can tell you haven’t done anything yet,” Mr. Parker says smiling.
Thank the Gods for some small favors! I don’t know how they can tell but I’m not going to complain. We continue to eat in comfortable silence just listening to all my relatives talking and laughing.
“My Uncle Matt wants to meet you so I’m figuring we should head over by him after lunch,” I tell Liz.
“That’s fine with me,” she says smiling. “I want to meet everyone!”
I have to laugh at her enthusiasm. “I want everyone to meet you so I guess it’s a good thing you feel the same way.”
We clear up our stuff and head to my Uncle Matt’s table hand in hand. “Uncle Matt, this is Liz, the keeper of my heart,” I tell him. He’s as big a romantic as me.
“Ah! Finally. The woman who was able to capture my nephew’s heart, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Uncle Matt said holding his hand out to Liz.
She took it readily and shook it. “The pleasure is all mine, and actually I think Max deserves the credit here. He stole my heart and made me the happiest girl on in this universe.”
“Well then how about you two sit and tell me the story of how you met?” he asked. I looked at Liz and she smiled. Of course we won’t tell him about my healing Liz but my family already knew about the shooting in the Crashdown and that I was there, my parents told them when it happened so it was ok to tell him some of the details.
“Well last year I was working in my parents restaurant, the Crashdown, and two customers were fighting and one pulled out a gun and shot. I fell to the ground and Max rushed up to me to make sure I was ok, and he helped me. I was fine but really shaken up and he calmed me down, it was love at first actual meeting. I mean we had been lab partners since the beginning of the year but we hadn’t actually talked to one another,” Liz explained.
“Yeah I was just checking to make sure she was ok. I had a crush on her since the third grade and I actually thought she got hit, but she didn’t. I would have died if she had gotten hurt,” I confessed.
“How romantic,” Uncle Matt said. “That is definitely is one to tell the grandkids one day.”
Liz blushed at the mentions of grandkids and smiled shyly. We talked with Uncle Matt a little bit longer and then went off to talk to my Grandparents again.
“Hey you guys!” Grandpa Frank called as we walked up to him.
Michael and Maria were sitting there with Alex and Isabel. The four of them were talking with my grandparents. “Max, sweetie your friends are just so nice,” Grandma Cindy said.
I smiled at her and kissed her cheek. “Thank you.”
“So why are you youngsters sitting here talking to us old folks? You should be out having a good time,” my grandma said.
“We are having a good time,” Michael replied surprising us all. “Besides you’re not old.”
“Thank you sweetie,” Grandma Cindy said.
We talked for a little bit about things that we wanted to do when we got out of high school. Liz told them that she wanted to go to Harvard, but the more practical thing would be to stay closer to home, Michael talked about wanting to be an artist, while Maria said she wasn’t exactly sure yet, but probably some type of business stuff. Isabel gushed over fashion design, and Alex was going on and on about computers. I told them that I wanted to probably be a doctor.
“Ah, you’re not going to follow in your father’s footsteps and become a lawyer?” Grandpa Frank asked me.
“No, law bores me actually. I want to help people in a different manner,” I explained.
“Well then doctoring is the way to do it,” Grandma Cindy said.
“Ok, well we’re going to help mom and dad clean up. We’ll come back in a little bit,” Isabel says getting up. The rest of us follow her and head over to our parents.
“What can we do to help?” Liz asks my mom smiling.
“Well, not that we’re expecting you to do anything but if you’d like can you bring the salads into the kitchen so we can cover then and put them in the fridge?” she asks her.
“Not a problem,” Liz replies grabbing the Potato salad while I take the Macaroni salad. We place them on the counter and I look for the lids. After I find them we make room in the fridge and put the salads in there.
My mom passes us as Liz and I go back outside. We grab the chicken and bring it inside for my mom. She and Mrs. Parker have Ziploc bags out so they can put the chicken in and they smile at us.
“Thank you. You guys have been great, now go have fun!” my mom says pushing us out of the room.
Liz and I walk back outside and look for our friends. I spot Michael and Kyle sitting on the swings while Tess and Maria are playing with Josh and Justin on the ground in front of them. The four of them look so cute with my cousins. Josh runs up to Michael and pulls him off the swing making him sit down on the ground before climbing into his lap. I can tell Josh I getting tired, he’s rubbing his eyes and snuggling into Michael’s arms. Maria smiles at him and kisses his cheek.
Liz and I start to walk over there when Gina blocks our path. I groan wondering what the Wicked Witch of the West wants now.
“Gina, could you please move. We’re trying to reach our friends,” I say as politely as I can. She moves without causing a scene, which I’m thankful for but she shoots Liz a nasty look before we walk away. That girl is really starting to get on my nerves.
We join our friends and just talk about what we want to do after the barbeque. We decided on a movie, The Fast and the Furious, and Tess and Isabel were squealing about how hot Paul Walker looks in that movie. Kyle, Michael, Alex, and I roll our eyes causing Liz and Maria to laugh.
“I’ll be right back. I’ve got to use the little girls room,” Liz said getting up. I watched her as she disappeared into the house before turning my attention back to the others. I missed Liz already and all she’s done is walk into the house. I’m definitely whipped.
Maria gasps and I look at her questioningly. “What’s wrong?”
“Liz, and Gina, by the doors!” Maria said jumping up. I turn my head around and see the two of them in a heated argument. I can’t tell what they are saying but Liz is pissed.
I jump up and start to walk over to them when parts of their conversation hits me.
“What gives you the right! Max is mine!” Gina screamed.
“Please! You’re related. He doesn’t think of you that way and if you keep it up he’s not going to want to even associate with you on the cousin level!” Liz yelled back.
“Why you little Bitch!” Gina screeched reaching back to slap Liz.
My heart stopped. There was no way I could reach them in enough time. I was too far away. I could hear Justin yelling for him mommy and daddy, but that didn’t register in my brain too clearly. The only that that I could focus on was Gina’s hand moving towards Liz’s face.
“LIZ!” I yell out trying to warn her but it’s no use. Liz sees the hand at the last second and can’t move out of the way fast enough and the slap landed right on her cheek. I could see the look of fury pass over her features.
Gina reached back to hit her again but this time she closed her fist. My heart stopped again and I tried to reach them but I couldn’t but this time Liz was prepared. She caught Gina’s hand before it connected with her face and punched her instead. That’s my girl.
I finally reach them and pull them apart. Gina is seething and struggling to get out of my grasp. “Don’t you touch me! I hate you!” she yelled.
“What a pity,” Michael says sarcastically from beside me. I notice Aunt Kathy with Josh in her arms and I realize Michael came running after me to make sure I kept my cool. I’m grateful because the way I’m feeling right now I could just pop Gina one in the face myself.
“I told you not to mess with Liz. You’re lucky I told Alex and Kyle to hold Maria because she’s ready to come over here and tear your face off,” Michael said in a deadly tone. I watch Gina gulp and look to where Alex and Kyle were actually holding Maria. She was yelling at them, probably telling them to let her go, while struggling to get free.
“I suggest you make your way from this party because I don’t know how long I can keep her away from you,” Michael added.
“Bring it on! I’m not scared of HER!” Gina yelled. “I can take her in a heart beat, and I’m not leaving this is MY relative’s house.”
“Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Michael said walking away.
“Come on let’s go inside so I can look at your cheek,” I say to Liz. I want to heal it so badly but I can’t until later. I don’t want anyone to get suspicious.
We walk inside and I grab some ice and a towel and hand it to Liz. Her cheek is red and a small bruise is forming. Later after everyone is gone I’ll heal it but for now I can’t do much. I place my hands on the back of her head and concentrate. I don’t want to leave any marks on her cheek so I placed my hands under her hair. I concentrate on the pain and take it away. She kisses my lips softly whispering thank you when we hear April crying. I rush to the door and yell to Aunt Kathy that since Liz and I are inside we’ll get her. She yells thank you and Liz and I rush upstairs.


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