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OK so this is my second fanfic and after reading roswell junior I just had to do a fanfic about the gang when they were little! Cuz they're too cute!
Summary:This is going to be their life on Antar, before everyone got themselves killed! All of the gang is there Max, Liz, Tess, Maria, Isabel, Alex, Kyle, and Michael. It's mainly a fluff piece I think.......

**Part 1


Zan heard his mother calling and ran to her. "What is it mommy?" He was only 4 years old and he was much more intellegent than that.
"Your father's older brother has died, making him king!"
Zan knew what that meant, that meant that they got to go to the big palace in the city instead of the small one, that his uncle had relegated his family to, in the country.
"Have you told Vilandra yet?"his sister would be pleased he knew. She thought the country was boring and had nothing to offer, Zan knew better.
"Yes, but we must leave right away," Selene pulled her small son up,"apparently there was some discord between the king's old advisors and your father must establish his rule at once." She hurried into their house half dragging poor Zan.
Zan looked out the carriage window opposite his sister. He thought it was too loud here, he longed for the peaceful quiet of the country. He could tell that Vilandra was taking it all in, like a sponge, he laughed.
"What is so funny?" Vilandra raised her perfect eyebrows.
"Nothing really, sponges." he burst out laughing again.
"Zan stop that, behave like a young man." his mother was nervous and she wanted to impress the nobles in court.
"Yes mother,"Zan immediatly quieted. His thoughts went back to his new life, and what it would be like. He really wanted to know what the palace was like though. He wondered if it was a good a place to play in as his old house had been. The carriage had pulled up inside the gates, and the door was opened. Zan let his mother and sister out first then he stepped out before his father. Almost immediatly a servant rushed him away to be formerly attired, as he was to be introduced into court as soon as possible.
When Zan had been introduced properly, he was allowed to go and play. He wandered around the palace aimlessly with his sister for awhile until he heard children laughing. He followed the sounds of their happy squeals and giggles and found five children playing in a small garden. When they saw him and Vilandra, they immediatly bowed and curtsied.
"I'm Zan and this is my sister, Vilandra." He pointed at her.
"How do you do, Prince Zan." a small dark haired girl curtsied,"how do you, Princess Vilandra.
"Are you always going to curtsy when you see us?" Vilandra didn't like being bowed to be people, she really hated it when adults did it. She was used to her old servants at the other house doing it, but strangers bowed or curtsied wherever she went.
"Oh but we have to you-" a blonde girl was cut off as she seemingly tripped and fell falt on her bottom."Rath!!," the boy who was obviously Rath, started to run away,"How could you!!? Mother said we were supposed to be polite." She screamed running after him."I'll get you!"
"Ha! I'd like to see you try you are just a silly girl!"
"EEEEEEEE!" Maria screeched and Rath scrambled up a tree just in time. Vilandra was laughing by this point.
"What are your names?" Zan asked the dark haired girl who had spoken first.
"Oh, the one who just climbed up a tree is Rath, the one chasing after him is Zara, and these two are Aiden and Theron." She looked at him.
"And you are?"
"Oh, I completely forgot me, I am Alyssa your highness." She curtsied just like her mama had taught her to do after she introduced herself.
"Can you stop that?"
"Stop what?" she looked really puzzled, what had she done wrong?
"Curtsying, it's really no fun, I want to be friends with you all but I can't if you won't stop curtsying." Zan rolled his eyes and Alyssa bit her lip, worried.
"Ok, we can be friends then." she smiled and took his hand, she led him around the small garden describing everything that had ever grown there.
"Ooh! I know lets play tag!" Zara shouted,"thats what we were doing before!" Rath was still up in the tree, waiting for Zara to forget why he was up there in the first place.
"OK!" Vilandra instanlty aggreed. There hadn't been any children their age in the country, well except for peasants who they weren't allowed to play with on account of their being royal and all. Alyssa ran over to Rath and helped him get down from the tree, and he started to tickle her and chase after her.
"Stop it!" Alyssa laughed,"Rath is it! Rath is It!" She ran away from him.
"Fine, but whoever I tag has to be it with me until there are no more people left!" he started to chase after Alyssa, and she ducked around a huge pillar."ARGH! You are too hard to catch! He decided to get some more guys on his side so he tagged Aiden who promptly began to run after Zara, and then he tagged Theron, who went right for Alyssa. Next on Rath's list was apparently Zan, and he unsuspecting soon found himself also it. Zara had been tagged and now was sitting on the grass, trying to catch her breath, Rath had went over to her and began to tease her and she got up and starting chasing him. Theron and Aiden had since given up on Alyssa she was impossible to catch anyway. They both started to gang up on Vilandra, and Zan went off after Alyssa. He had almost got her when she slipped right under his arm and ran to the other end of the garden climbed a tree and hopped over a fence. Zan chasing after her did the same. When he had landed he noticed that he was in a big hall of some kind. With lots of places for Alyssa to hide.
"Alyssa?" he called, all he got for an answer was giggling which echoed off the walls of the large room. She suddenly popped out right behind him.
"Looking for me?" she asked innocently.
"Yes," Zan turned slowly," and now I've got you!" he grabbed her around the waist and spun her around.
"Ok OK you've got me you won!" she laughed and he put her down.
"Where are we?"
"This is the old courtroom, all the kings who have come before used to meet here, it's older than the palace itself. When the old king took over he had a new courtroom built saying this one was too old or something, but I like it." she smiled and hugged herself.
"It's so big." Zan turned a circle and looked around, he hadn't seen a room that was this big, ever. The room itself was all white, with big windows like in a church, and in the center was a long hallway of sorts, because between the windows and the hallway there were rows and rows of white pillars. At the end of the hall, there was one big throne, and four smaller ones, two on each side.
"See," Alyssa said pointing,"thats where your grandfather sat, and on his right side sat his wife and on his left his son, and on his wife's right sat your father, and next to his son, sat his one and only daughter," She ran up to the thrones and pointed at each one.
"How do you know?" Zan asked she was too little to have been there.
"Oh, my nannie told me, she took my in here once, before the bad thing and let me see. She told me what it was like before the bad thing. She said that your grandfather was a powerful king, but that he loved his people more than anything, except maybe his wife and sons." She turned around and smiled at him,"C'mere."
"What?" he asked when he got to the thrones.
"Sit here," she ordered pointing to the big throne.
"You're going to be king someday, and you will have to sit in a big throne an give orders an marry a princess an have boys an girls an then grow old and die! Thats why!"
"You say that like it makes sense," he rolled his eyes and sat down."Now you sit....there!" He pointed to the seat on his right.
"What? No. Thats where your future wife will sit." She rushed down the long hall, and turned at the entryway."Now I am going to be a visiting dignifary or someone, and .... oh ... darn I have to be introduced... well I can introduce myself." She nodded her head at this statement."I am Countess Alyssa Donella d'Lerinne. Now YOU say come forward." she wispered.
"Come forward," he said and she began what she thought was a graceful march toward the throne. When she reached it she curstied as low as she could and ended up falling, she managed to make herself tilt backwards but she still fell hard. She started to cry, almost instantly after she fell. Zan rushed off the throne and hugged her, patting her back, like his nanny had done whenever Vilandra had cried.
"It's ok, don't cry. You'll feel better soon I promise."
"How do you know?" she acused, sniffling.
"Because a king always knows everything." he stated jutting his chin out stubbornly.
"Really?" she looked up at him,"Are you sure? Cause the old king didn't know anything."
"Well a good king then." he ammended.
"Ok."He helped her up.
"Does it hurt anymore?"
"No." She smiled, and pulled him back down the long hallway. When they reached the big double doors, he helped her open them, and they ran back to the garden. They found that everyone had either sat or lain down on the grass. When Rath spotted Alyssa, he got up, grabbed her arm and started shaking her.
"Where were you!! I looked everywhere! No-one could find you! How could you run off like that!?" He abruptly stopped shaking her, and wrapped his arms around her.
"I'm fine Rath, really I am. I just went to my place." She quickly told him.
"Oh God, not you and that throne room." Rath rolled his eyes,"Nana shouldn't have taken you in there." He let her go. Zara came up to Zan and explained.
"Rath here is two whole years older and he thinks he owns Lyssa cuz she's only four. I am four too but- OH! and also because he is her brother." She laughed and started twirling with Alyssa, they grabbed Vilandra and she started twirling too.
"How old are you?" Rath glared at Zan, then stopped remembering who he was.
"Five, Vilandra too."
"Yeah, I see."Aiden chose that moment to interupt.
"Rath only turned six, two days ago, so he really isn't that much older." He smirked at Rath, and Theron joined them.
"I am the oldest,"he stated nodding his head in affirmation.
"Yeah so!" Rath glared at him." Lyssa time to go. Mother is waiting and we have to change for dinner."
As soon as Rath and Alyssa left the group broke off, and each went his own way or their own way.

OK well I hope that everyone likes this. I want to clear something up. I realise that when I started this story that Zan is four but pretend it takes them a year to get ready and to actually arrive in the city, I mean they had a whole palace to pack up right? Well thats all, feedback is always loved! Thanx

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Ok so here are their names and ages(right now)
*Helpful Hint: I get confused between the two as well, so I made Alex's other name start with an A. *big*
More is coming just give me time!
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**Part 2 Two years later…

“Alyssa?” Zan had been looking everywhere for her, but she was nowhere to be found, everyone had already given up because no-one could ever find her. She was the best at hide’n’seek. Zan sometimes managed to catch her, but everyone told him it was only cuz she let him, he was beginning to believe them. Alyssa’s parents were nobles from another court and the tradition between Antar and Belvine was that each court had a family placed there, apparently they were very high up nobles because Alyssa was going to be tutored with his sister Vilandra, Zara would have gone as well except that she didn’t live in the actual palace but in one of it’s many connecting houses, and she was only in the main house about twice a week. Zan knew that this made her really mad, and he resolved to ask his father to ask her parents to move to a closer house, they could live in the one across from where Alyssa lived, Alyssa’s house was the closet of any of the kid’s to the palace. Aiden’s house was in the military quarter because his father was the general of the King’s army, and Theron lived with the scribes and mages because his father was a diplomat and was so often away in foreign countries that it was too much to have a house just for the two of them, when Theron was mostly alone anyways.
“Zan!” he heard a teasing voice call,” I am over hereeeee…..” He heard her running and he followed the sound of her footsteps, then he couldn’t hear or see her anymore, she had just disappeared. He found himself at the door to the old courtroom, her favorite place to hide. She liked it because no-one could ever find it. Things especially rooms had a way of changing, Rath who knew about the room could never manage to find it. Vilandra and the others didn’t even have a clue about it or where it was.
“Lyssa,” he called out, knowing full well that he if pretended surrender she would come out,”everyone is done, I found everyone you can just come out now.” He tried to coax her out.
“I don’t think so Zan!” he tried to follow her voice but the echoes made it impossible,” I know that trick you pull it everytime, and this time you are going to pay the price for tricking me!” By that time she had already switched places and he knew that if he sat down on the ground and waited she would get bored and come out. He was seven after all, his own tutor was amazed at his ability to take in information and apply it. He sat down and waited, she came out from behind a pillar.
“Tell me a story, about my grandfather, please,” he politely requested, her nannie had told her thousands of stories about the old king. His favorite was the one about the king meeting his queen and then falling in love with her. Rath called him a sissy and told him it was a girls’ story, but Zan didn’t care.
“Ok,” she sat down and leaned her head on his shoulder,” Which one?”
“Anyone, I don’t care.”
“Ok, so the king at the time was your great-grandfather and he had to fight a lots of war to get his kingdom to stay in one piece. He was very brave and fierce and people loved him for his fierocity, one day after the kingdom was all fixed up. The kings wise and noble advisors told him he had to get a wife or else he would have to give his kingdom to his bad brother. So the king went on a quest to find himself a wife, he took one servant with him, and one day while he was getting some water his servant took off with the horses and all the money. They were so far away from his kingdom that he couldn’t do anything at all except try to work for some money to buy a horse and ride home. He went to a house that was nearby and asked if they needed anyone to give them a hand, and even though he was in disguise the old man that owned the house could tell that he was rich simply by the quality of his clothes. He accepted the young man’s offer to work and told him to go help his daughter to get firewood from the forest,” Alyssa took a deep breath and went on,” The future king worked there for three whole months never ever giving up, he knew that he would go home soon, one day the old man and the girl sent him to town and when he got back they were gone. They had left him enough money to buy food and one horse. Now this would have been a good thing but the prince had just told the girl that he loved her and wanted to marry her the day before, and she had told him that she loved him too but that she couldn’t marry him. He had been sad by this but he said ok if that’s what you want, and she said yes it is. Now he was so mad that he went looking for the girl in the woods, he knew that she would be there, he didn’t know how but he surely knew. He found her one day next to a river, but she looked different. She was dressed in all silver and she even had on a crown. The young prince recognized this crown as the crown of the Fair Ones or fairies, he still loved her and begged to marry her, she told him that marriage between the Fair Ones and human kind was strictly forbidden. He begged her and begged and finally she told him that if he really wanted to wed her that he would have to perform three impossible tasks, he said yes at once. She told him that he had to find a blue apple and pluck it from it’s tree and bring it back to her, a blue apple but there isn’t any such thing he told her. She said there was and that he had to find it if he loved her. The young man found the apple after a year and brought it back to her. She smiled and told him his second task was to find a flame that would never burn out no matter what the circumstance was, he went off and found it after another year of searching and brought it back. She thanked him and told him that the third task was the most difficult of all and that was he had fall in love with an ugly woman, you see the fairy was very beautiful even in disguise. He told her that he loved her, and she told him that if he really truly loved her that it wouldn’t be her beauty that he loved but her good heart, he protested saying that he did love her heart, not her beauty she told him that he must complete this task. He told her that he would do as she asked, she told him that only if he truly loved the ugly woman would she come to him, for the Fair Ones can see into your heart and know if it’s true love or not. He promised that he would try. So he went to a town and began asking of it’s occupants the mothers seeing him as handsome and single began foisting their daughters off onto him, but he refuted them all. He noticed a girl working in the pub, she was perhaps the ugliest and kindest girl in town. He knew that his heart was with another but he decided to talk to her, and once they started talking they talked all night long and well into morning. The young man promised to come see her the next day and did so every day for a year, after a year had passed he had completely forgotten his first love, and the ugly barmaid became the most beautiful creature in the world to him. He loved her with all that he was, and he told her who he really was, and then told her he loved her and asked her to marry him. She said nay it is not I the barmaid that you fell in love with, it is I the Fair One Arianna that you truly love and with that she transformed into her true form. The young man was astonished it was you the whole time he asked. Yes it was I she said, I wanted you love me for my heart and not my beauty and he assured her that he did, and they rode back to his kingdom on her wings, and lived happily ever after.” Alyssa sighed and closed her eyes.
“Hhhhhmmmmmm… I don’t know…” Zan started to say.
“What don’t you know?” Alyssa’s eyes were still closed or else she would have seen Zan’s disbelieving face and understood what he didn’t know.
“I think that story isn’t true.” Alyssa opened her eyes and sat up
“What and why not?” She stared at him, glared is more like it.
“There isn’t any such thing as the Fair Ones, that’s why,” Zan rolled his eyes, he didn’t expect a little six year old to understand, she wasn’t old enough yet.
“There is too!” Alyssa was on the verge of tears, of course there was such a thing her nana had told her so and besides it was a true story all of Zan’s family had magic in them everyone knew it.”You don’t even know what you are talking about! ZAN!”
“Yes, Yes I do, I am older and I think that I know a make believe fairy tale when I hear one.” Zan had stood up and looked down at Alyssa, he patted her head,” When you get older you will understand the difference too.”
“No I won’t!! BECAUSE I know the truth when I hear it, and I also know a mean, rude, stupid, arrogant, POO POO head when I HEAR ONE!!” Alyssa promptly burst into tears and ran out of the room shouting,” I HATE YOU ZAN!! I WILL NEVER EVER FORGIVE YOU!!!”
“Alyssa! WAIT!! I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!” Zan ran out after her. She was already turning around the corner, Zan followed her. When he had caught up to her, Rath had already put his arms around her and was rocking her back and forth.
“Ssssh, ssssshhh, it’s ok Little One. I know it’s true and so does everyone else. There there don’t cry please don’t cry.”
“He was so mean! It was worse then when you cut my dolly’s head off and Nana had to sew it back on,” she sniffled a little,” at least Nana could fix it. Nobody will ever be able to fix me!!” she wailed.
“Yeah, well, we’ll see about that,” he noticed Zan standing there and shot him a “You’re-dead” look,” he won’t get away with making my baby sister cry! I don’t think so! Zara’s here and she brought presents with her from the East, so you should go see her she is waiting for you.” Rath gently nudged his sister towards the wing where Zara was, and she walked away. In about three seconds he was on top of Zan trying to punish him or kill either one. Zan was finally given a reprieve when Aiden and Theron pulled Rath off of him.
“You can’t punch him!” Aiden was appalled at Rath’s behavior,” he’s royalty.”
“Yeah so?” Rath was out of breath.
“Do you want to get pulverized by someone else?” Theron questioned Rath rolling his eyes.
“No, guys it’s ok, I deserved it, I made Alyssa cry.” Zan slowly got up, nursing his bruised ribs.
“YOU WHAT!!?” Aiden was furious,” WHY I OUGHTA!!” Theron had to hold him back.
“My feelings exactly,” Rath smirked, Aiden, Alyssa and Zara had always been very close. Aiden felt it was his duty to protect the two girls, Rath knew he would agree with him.
“Zan you are a lucky man,” Theron gave Zan a dirty look,” one lucky man. If these two didn’t finish you off, I certainly would have been there to finish the job.” He shook his head.
“I know, listen guys I plan to make it up to her you’ll see, I’ll make it better I promise.”
“Yeah you better, or your sister will be the one on the throne not you.” Rath threatened,” And if you EVER EVER make my sister cry again or hurt her in any way. I’ll make sure you’re the one hurtin’ buddy that’s for sure.”
“Ok, so lets go see what Zara brought for everyone,” Aiden said, in his mind Zan was already forgiven. He had looked so sad when he had said that he had made Alyssa cry, whenever Alyssa got upset about something Zan was the one who made it all better. He had really gotten upset whenever Alyssa cried, he had wanted to make all her tears go away. Aiden remembered when Alyssa had fallen and hurt her knee, Zan was so mad at the fact that she had fallen that he kicked the tree that she had fallen from and hurt himself in the process. Even then he completely ignored his hurt and made sure that Alyssa felt better, he had not let her climb up anything for almost three months, it was a pretty funny sight: Zan running after Alyssa everywhere to make sure that she didn’t climb up a tree, and when she did Zan would go right up after her and make her get down. Aiden laughed silently at the memory.
“Yeah, no sense beating you up, Rath did a pretty good job on his own,” Theron joked, he had been thinking about how Zan and Rath had started waging war as to who got to be Alyssa’s protector. Between the two of them Theron wasn’t quite so sure as to how Alyssa managed to do anything at all, much less all the trouble she caused around the palace. Oh well, he sighed and the three of them walked to the wing where the girls usually played at when Zara first arrived. When they got there, the girls already had Zara’s gifts on, she had brought them beautiful eastern attire, she was telling them how that was what all the nobles wore in that court. Zara’s parents were also diplomats like Theron’s but they took their children with them when they traveled they thought it was educational.
Zan thought that Alyssa looked like an angle the material of the dress was filmy and flowed around her making her look like she was wrapped in a cloud. Alyssa’s dress was white, Zara’s dress was light green and Vilandra’s dress was red, her favorite color.
“OOOH! I brought outfits for you too!” Zara cried upon seeing them, she handed them each a different color outfit. Rath’s was dark blue, Aiden’s was like a rich green color, Theron’s was black and yellow, and Zan’s was gold and white. They were the outfits that the noblemen in the East wore, Zara explained. Alyssa looked at Zan’s face she could tell it was going to be really bruised up and every time he moved in a certain way he winced. She moved toward him, worried and concerned, when Vilandra held her back wisely.
“Remember, you have to make him sorry.” She winked at Alyssa.
“I think he is sorry enough! Don’t you think Lannie?” Alyssa hissed at her.
“Yeah, but if you forgive him right away, he won’t be really sorry and he won’t ever say sorry for making you sad. I know my brother and he is mean and he doesn’t ever apologize to me unless Mother or Father make him.” She giggled at this and started dance around the room with a pretend partner until Aiden took her hands and danced with her. Rath went over to Zara and (not teasing for once) bowed to her and they began dancing. Before Zan could ask to dance with Alyssa, Theron got to her first he winked at Zan over her shoulder before expertly twirling her around.
Zan had been trying to make it up to Alyssa for weeks, he followed her around and did almost anything and everything for her, but he never said one word of apology and while he thought that he was showing her by his actions how sorry he was she kept getting madder and sadder at him. Finally Zara stepped in, she didn’t like Zan and Alyssa to be fighting it made the whole group fight.
“You have to TELL her that you’re sorry.” She stated very firmly in her best imitation of her mother.
“What are you talking about I tried, but she ignores me.” Zan sighed and looked down at his feet.
“She isn’t ignoring you, she is waiting for you to SAY sorry.” Zara rolled her eyes, boys were so ignorant and stupid sometimes it amazed her.
“So all I have to do is walk up to her and say sorry,” Zan was floored he didn’t know it was that easy.
“Yeah, but you have to really mean it.”
“Oh I do believe me I do.” Zan ran off to find Alyssa, and Zara sat back on her heels quite satisfied with herself.
“Alyssa!” Zan yelled when he saw her. She was in her favorite little garden reading a book, granted it was a picture book, she was still very interested in it.
“Listen, Alyssa I am so sorry I made you cry and I promise I will never ever do it again.” Zan said all in one big breath, and then he waited for her reaction, kneeling in front of her, he waited. He began to start again thinking that she hadn’t heard him, when she looked up and smiled and threw her arms around him.
“I KNEW IT!! I knew you would say sorry! I told her so! She said that you wouldn’t say sorry unless your mama made you and I told her you would!!” Alyssa couldn’t have felt better, she was friends with Zan again. Zan hugged her back, relieved that she had forgiven him.
After that Alyssa and Zan became all but inseperable, wherever he was she was, and wherever she was he was. Usually it was Alyssa following Zan around, but Zan wasn't complaining. Another year passed and Alyssa just grew more and more clever and adorable with each day, the queen was absolutely enchanted with her. Zan's father never did move his court to the old courtroom, but rather kept it where it was, so Alyssa and Zan could go and play there still. Zan never could convince Alyssa to sit next to him, no matter what he said, she was determined that he would marry a beautiful princess, who would be a good queen. Zan's lessons got more intense as he grew, he had to be modeled into a King after all. He was now forced to go to court at least once a week to learn politics, when this started Alyssa was considerably upset, being as how she followed him everywhere, she couldn't follow him there because protocol demanded that she treat him according to his station. Zan wasn't happy about it either, he thought it was all too formal, he missed his playmates especially Alyssa. So when Zan was in court, Alyssa went to her own private lessons with Zara and they learned the most ridiculous things, like how to walk with a book on your head, all Alyssa could think was why would you want it on your head when you were supposed to be reading it. They also learned their proper titles and everyone else's as well. They were too young to really get into proper court behavior and they, like their parents before them, learned how to behave very early on.
One day after a court session, that had Zan almost comatose, Vilandra suggested that they go into town. Alyssa was all for it, she jumped up and down and squealed her Mama never let her go to town, but if Princess Vilandra wanted to go....
"YES!"she grabbed Vilandra's hands,"Yes! Lets go! I never get to go shopping!"
"Oh my Gosh! We should there is a new man from Perjey there, and he sells all kinds of things! Like perfume!"
"Ooh! Really!?" Vilandra was already half way to go ask her parents when she remembered that she wasn't allowed to go out alone anymore neither was Zan. They needed a bodyguard whenever they left the palace.She sighed," We can't go, everyone will know who we are and then it won't be fun because we will have to use royal protocol."
"I KNOW!" Alyssa was brilliant and she knew this idea was quite possibly her best yet."We should go in disguise and take some money with us! Then no one will say anything to us and we can SHOP!" She hugged herself and jumped up and down.
"Uuummmm......" Aiden didn't like to trick people," Are you sure Alyssa? It doesn't seem right to me, my father would get angry if he knew...."
"So, thats why we go in disguise!" Zara was all for it," What do you think Lannie?"
"I like it!" Vilandra grinned," I know where we can get really good well really bad clothes. Come on!" She lead Alyssa and Zara away. She tossed a coment to the boys in passing," We can just go without you! Ha! We don't need you anyway."
"Naw," Zan was already shaking his head no." You can't go if we don't go." The girls were already planning what they would do once they got out, they completely ignored him." Alyssa!" She turned around, still in Vilandra's grasp," You can't go without me!!" he chased after her and tried to pull her away from Vilandra.
She pulled away from him,"I am going with or without you!" She stuck her chin out and went into Vilandra's room to get the clothes that they were going to wear.
"ALYSSA!" She slammed the door in his face. He turned around,"I guess we had better follow them, in case they try to get themselves into trouble." The guys all nodded their heads and they ran to get into their own disguises, they had to hurry, so that they would beat the girls and know where to follow them.
Everyone had changed, well the guys at least, and they were waiting for Vilandra,Alyssa, and Zara to come out. When Vilandra's door opened out stepped three little peasant girls. They rushed through the palace, with the boys at their heels, unbeknownst to them. When they reached the garden that was closest to the wall, the climbed a tree and hopped right over the wall first Alyssa then Zara then Vilandra who had a little trouble, but made it over. The boys followed, and the day began. The girls shopped and shopped and shopped some more. Then they found the booth from Perjey and stopped there to get a special scent made for them, the guys had followed and been immensly bored the entire time, they were all wondering why they had come in the first place it wasn't dangerous to the girls so far. Zan was adamant that they stay with them just in case. Rath aggreed for the sake of his baby sister and Zara. Aiden wanted to protect Vilandra, he had named himself her protector, when they were younger and he intended to continue the job. Theron had no clue as to why he was here, although he knew his job mostly consisted of keeping Rath, Zan, and Aiden calm enough that they didn't upset the girls in the process of protecting them.
The girls finally finished with the perfume man, paid him and clutched their bottles to their chests, Zara's was dark and purple, Vilandra's was yellow with jade swirls, and Alyssa's was alternated between light blue and light green depending on the way the light hit it. The boys couldn't smell them from here but they knew the girls were pleased. The girls started to walk home, seeing as how it was getting dark and all the shops were closing. They turned circles a few times and finally went north, when they had walked awhile they realized that north was wrong and tried to choose another direction. They went back south, and asked a man where the palace was, he pointed towards the west laughing. They went in that direction, they kept going and it kept getting darker and darker. Now they were worried and scared. They kept having to turn because the roads would end or go the wrong way. Zara realized that they had no clue where they were going and her eyes got a big and she looked like she was on the verge of tears. Alyssa stopped dead in her tracks eyes wide, and looked around, they were in a really dark road, she didn't remember this road from before.
"Lannie?" She asked her eyes getting bigger and bigger by the minute.
"I don't know," Vilandra turned a small circle, she had no idea where she was. Zara began to cry it started out really small and quiet then turned into a wail, Alyssa tried to shush her saying it wasn't right they were big girls and could take of themselves, she would see soon they would be home, she knew. Her eyes said another thing entirely, she was scared she was terrified in fact, every time she heard a noise she quickly turned in the direction it came from, fully expecting that thing to happen where kids dissapeared from the street with out a trace, she didn't know how but she knew that something came and took them away. She wanted to go home right now. Suddenly someone jumped out and grabbed Zara.
"NO!" Alyssa started to run away, but someone else had grabbed her by the waist and held her, she noticed that Vilandra was also being held too."Let me go! You can have all of my money! I don't want it! I WANT TO GO HOME!" She started screaming, loudly. The person who had grabbed her put their hand over her mouth and spoke into her ear.
"I told you not to go with out me!" the voice was laughing, it was Zan Alyssa knew in an instant. She relaxed and let him hold her, the fear she had felt ebbing away, she always felt safe near Zan. She now could tell that Rath had Zara and that Aiden had Vilandra. Theron was there too, laughing silently seeing as how Zara was screeching at Rath that she would make sure he went to prison for a long time.
"It's me Zara." Rath said, and Zara turned in his arms and hugged him, she started crying again."There now don't cry! You're safe now, we know the way back home! Stop that!" Rath look exsasperated.
"I am just," she sobbed," so happy to see you!" Rath patted her back akwardly.
"Zan." Alyssa had managed to turn herself until Zan only had one arm around her and she had one around him. They walked side by side towards the palace.
"hhmmmm...." Zan waited for her to finish.
"Could you piggy back me? I am tired," she yawned," I want to go to sleep." Zan smiled and helped her get up. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and was alseep in about a minute. Zara seeingthis decided that she wanted one too, and Rath was less than thrilled to oblige.
"You way a ton!' he complained," God, carrying a cow on my back would be easier. Stop FIDGITING!" He didn't put Zara down. Vilandra had decided that she was too dignified for that and plus she was too old anyway. She walked on her own with her nose in the air.
When they finally got home, it was to very angry and upset parents who looked like they were going to explode when they saw them. Alyssa's father took her gently from Zan, and held her tight. She smiled, and snuggled into his chest.
"mmmm Papa," she sighed in her sleep. Her mother looked like she wanted to throttle Zan, she blamed him for this, Alyssa was after all her baby, she had three sons then came Alyssa and she wasn't about to let some foolish boy ruin her for good. Vilandra looked tired but resolute, and she explained how they got bored and how the boys followed them and rescued them and made sure that they got home safe. When she was finished the parents decided that the boys had probably had enough punishment keeping track of their girls. So they would only punish the girls tomorrow, right now was time for sleep.
Zara's parents took Zara's hand and led the sleepy but awake girl away,Theron trailed behind. He had moved in with them about six months ago. Rath took his mother's hand, and led them all home. Aiden's father led Aiden away, telling him that if he ever left the palace with out his previous knowledge and permission he would be lucky if he left the house in a year. Vilandra and Zan's parents just shook their their heads and said that they would deal with them in the morning.

**Ok y'all feedback is cool with me! I just hope that everyone is happy with this part, and if anyone has any ideas at all I am open to suggestions because after this big a part my brain is tired*big* I think that I will go take a nap now(*yawns) but you should all go read my other fic A New Destiny, I think that its very good. but I could be wrong so you should all tell me! te he he*big*
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Helpful Hint** Yes, Tess will be in this fic, after much drama and agnst for our dreamer couple but she will be in it. Just later when the kids get older, don't worry I am a dreamer, Max and Liz or Zan and Alyssa will totally end up together in the end.
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**Part three
OK, so now the kids are all a couple years older. Note to the wise: the kids will eventually grow up, I just can't take it, they're so cute!they grow up so fast!!!WAAAH!!
So here is a breakdown of their ages once again:
Zan:12 and 13
Vilandra:12 and 13
OK, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave me much needed feedback, you have inspired me to continue this story(you always do!). I wanted to let y'all know that Tess will be either in this part, or the next. I know, I know well don't worry she doesn't cause too much mischief yet (sorry Tess fans, but she gets hers in the end).

"Vilandra!" She turned to see who it was that was calling her name, it was Aiden, she smiled and waited for him to catch up to her.
"Where are you going?"
"To the outer gardens." They started to walk side by side.
"Oh, why?"
"I don't know, I just felt like it. Zan is with father in court, Zara is away, Theron went with her, and Alyssa is with her mother getting new gowns for the next year, and Rath is hiding from the chancellor, so I got bored and decided to take a walk."
"Oh, and you didn't want to talk me?" He looked hurt.
"No, I couldn't find you! I looked everywhere."
"Oh, good I was in town."He grinned.
"You! ... uh!.. never mind."She rolled her eyes.
"Hey, Whats this?"He had stopped at immense double doors.
"I don't know I've never seen that before." She pushed them open. She walked into a beautiful white room, that she had never seen before.
"OH!" Aiden gasped,"I know what this is it's the old throne room, that Alyssa talks about all the time."
"Oh really? I thought she had made it up." She smiled,"Guess not, huh?"
"If she did make it up...... how come Zan says he's been there too?"
"Think about it, Zan knows what happens when you tell Alyssa something is make believe especially if she's already got it in her head that it's real." She giggled,"Besides, he can't ever dissapoint her, he never could."Aiden smirked.
"Good point, well at least we know it's real and not a figment of her imagination, except I never thought it was."
"It's amazing, just like she described it. When she told me about it, I thought it was too good to be true, but she's right it's everything she said it is." She studied the paintings that hung between the huge windows, they were large and most of them were family portraits. She figured that they were her ancestors, she walked all the way around the room until she came to the last picture. It must be my grandfather and his family, she looked closer, she saw her grandmother. Wow, she really was beautiful, she thought, and there is my uncle, he looked cruel and snobbish even as a kid... She studied the girl in the picture, she looked like a fragile china doll, all blue eyes and blonde hair, what happened to her? Then she looked at her grandfather, he looked stern but kind and gentle all at the same time, he had secrets she could tell. She looked at her father last, he looks so unhappy, he was holding onto his mothers hand and he was looking at her, not to the world like the others. He looked like a little lost boy, Vilandra wondered why, ok no she didn't but she couldn't understand how his brother could have been so cruel. She got upset just thinking about it, it had just this long to rebuild the kingdom and help the peasants of the poverty that they seemed to be stuck in, they were still rebuilding parts of the kingdom, her father wanted to build schools for all the children. Aiden took her hand, and they studied the painting together.
"He looks unhappy,"Adien commented.
"The small boy, and the girl too now that I mentioned it."
"That boy is my father."
"No way!" Aiden leaned in closer.
"Yeah," Vilandra frowned.
"Well, he has completely changed." Aiden tugged her hand and pulled her away from the painting,"Lets leave and go sit in the garden."
"I propose for your son's 13 birthday that we have a ball, and invite people from the surrounding countries to join in the celebration." Zan perked his head up at this, a party for him. What about Vilandra?
"Yes... Yes, see to it, Caldrias," his father said absently.
"Right away, Highness." Zan could tell his father was as bored as he was, but he couldn't help asking a question.
"Father, what of Vilandra, we WERE born on the same day." he leaned over and wispered into his father's ear.
"Son, someday you'll understand," his father wispered back,"Court had been dismissed for the day." He stood up and walked out, and Zan followed.
"Father you can't have a party for me and not her! She'll be furious, and sad."
"Zan women are inconsequential, you'll see."
"No they're not Father, I can't believe your attitude, you weren't like this before........" Zan trailed off seeing the murderous look in his father's eyes.
"If it's so damn important that your sister have a party then go find Caldrias and tell him so!" His father boomed, and quickly walked away from Zan.
Zan ran to find Caldrias and tell him of the modification in the plans, Caldrias quickly aggreed saying he should have mentioned that as well, and rushed off to make some more important plans. Zan walked off to find Alyssa and remembered that she was away. Zan sighed and turned down a large corridor, he opened one of the doors not really thinking about where he was going, and realized that he was in a ballroom. Granted, it was one of the smaller ones, used for private parties, and dance lessons, it was still a ballroom. He went in and walked over to the windows, this room had a great view of the city, and lots of sunlight came in. Zan stood there lost in his thoughts and didn't hear the other person enter.
Alyssa had just got back, and she couldn't wait to tell Zan how much fun she'd had. She had run first to his room and when she hadn't found him, she looked in all the gardens. She had given up figuring that court must still be in session and noticed the door to one of the rooms ajar, she had went to see why, and found Zan standing there. She studied him for a moment, he had grown a lot over the past years, he was already almost two heads taller than her and he was starting to develope muscles in his arms and chest. She noticed that he had grown very handsome as well, all the other girls in court commented on it at least once a day, she rolled her eyes, even her mother had said that he was going to be a very handsome man, and told her that she was lucky to have caught him. Alyssa had laughed at this and told her mother that she had caught nothing, without a net to catch fish how can you? Her mother had laughed at this and told her that she would see, someday she would see. Alyssa had rolled her eyes and left her mother sitting there. Now she wasn't so sure... she wondered where her eyes had been these past years, had Zan always looked this good? No, he must not have, if I am just noticing it now she decided. She thought about what her mother had said. She decided to ignore the direction that her thoughts were going. She tiptoed in behind him, and covered his eyes.
"Guess who?" she tried to mask her voice, Zan knew it was her, he always knew.
"Alyssa."he took her hands down from his eyes and she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him.
"Hello," she said shyly. He turned around and held her there for a moment before speaking.
"Did you learn anything new?" She asked him that everytime she saw him.
"Yes," he grinned to himself.
"Oh, really what?" She looked up at him.
"I learned that when I am in a ballroom with a pretty lady I should ask her to dance." He grinned again.
"I don't see any lady,"she looked around.
"I am talking about you." He took her hands and twirled her around the room. They were interupted by Rath, who chose that moment to enter.
"Zan! Hands off the sister! Touching is not allowed!" He called across the room, Zan and Alyssa blushed and stood still about ten feet apart from each other.
"That's better," Rath strode up to Alyssa and draped his arm around her shoulders. Rath didn't like Zan and Alyssa spending so much time together. It was fine when they were kids, but now he knew that look in Zan's eyes even if Zan didn't know it yet. He also could tell that Alyssa would be looking at Zan the same way and Heaven help them all. He also knew that he felt that way about Zara, and thus avoided her at all costs.
"So what were you two doing?" He raised his eyebrows.
"Just dancing." Zan met his eyes, Rath was glad that they hadn't been alone much longer. He wondered how long it would take for the two of them... He laughed.
"What is so funny Rath?" Alyssa asked him.
"Oh nothing, I was looking for Aiden and Vilandra, have you seen them?"
"No, Mother and I just got home. Have you seen her yet? She bought some things for you"
"Probably some frilly something or other, that I'll have to wear even though I'll end up looking like a girl." Rath preferred the casual clothes that he wore around, to the fancy dress clothes he had to wear on special occasions.
"Well..." Alyssa couldn't say anything, she had her own experiencex with her mother.
"I think I'll be leaving now, if you'll excuse me." Zan dismissed himself and walked out. Rath and Alyssa stayed where they were.
"How do you feel about Zan?"
"What kind of a question is that?"
"The kind I want an answer to."
"I don't know... I like him, I guess."
"You guess? What do you hate him?"
"NO! I just don't know! OK!?" She walked out the door.
Oh no, Rath thought, it has already started. Great now what? He was going to have to follow her around 24/7.
"ZARA! You're back!" Alyssa ran to her friend and hugged her, Zara and Theron had been gone almost a month. Zara had grown up, she now had a way of carrying herself that made her more elegant some how. She still had the same eyes but her face had changed and yet it was still the same.
"You've changed," Alyssa pointed out.
"I think so. I got a chance to do things that weren't allowed here, it was good for me." she smiled," although there is nothing quite like home, Theron has grown too." Alyssa nodded and studied him, he was taller and more filled out, and had a funny look on his face but he still looked the same to her. He had always been her good friend, and she had known him so long, that she never noticed when he changed or grew.
"So? How are you? We all missed you, Vilandra got bored of me, I think. We have had practically nothing to do for a month, and the Queen and mother kept forcing more lessons on us."
"Heh heh, I will have to liven this place up a bit."Zara smirked,"and I have the best way to do it." Vilandra had trotted up to them, she smiled and hugged Zara.
"I am SO glad that you're back!"
"I know, Alyssa told me how bored you were."
"YES! but not with Alyssa there was nothing to do here without you, neither of us could think of anything to do, "she giggled. The girls began hatching their next plan.
Rath scowled at the trio of girls and Aiden walked up to him.
"Whats wrong, Rath? Zara making you mad as usual?"
"NO! Don't talk about her!" Rath scowled more, if that was possible. Theron and Zan chose that moment to walk up to them.
"Who shouldn't we talk about?" Theron looked at Aiden.
"Zara, I think Rath's sweet on her." Aiden smirked.
"Really!? Zara?" Theron asked. Rath kept scowling and scowling.
"I am not! You all are crazy! What about you Aiden? Huh Huh, tell me you don't like Vilandra." Aiden shrugged, he wasn't going to deny it, he did like her.
"My sister? You like my SISTER?" Zan looked incredulous,"Boy are you going to be sorry, she's trouble."
"You're saying that about your own sister?" Theron shook his head.
"Yes, I've had to live with her for 13 years, you can have her Aiden." The boys laughed at this when they heard Alyssa squeal with excitement.
"The CITY!"
"Yeah we can sneak out at midnight tonight," Vilandra giggled.
"It's perfect, we can stay out and watch that new play, that starts at one, and there are a ton of nobles visiting!" Zara glanced at the boys to make sure that they had gotten their attention, they had. The three girls laughed, and ran down the hallway. Part one of their plan was already in motion.

**Sorry y'all guess Tess is coming in the next part sorry. Thank everyone again for the Feedback
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I have decided to call this part 3b, because my mother interupted me before!! so this is part 3b! yeah, 3b, right ok so start typing!

**Part 4b
The boys lurked outside Zara's bedroom, it was 11:58.
"Where are they?"Zan whispered.
"Gee, like we would know." Theron hissed back.
"Hey no need to get mouthy!" Zan glared at the spot where Theron was, being as how it was too dark to see anything.
"Boys, boys lets behave. We are on a mission here." Aiden didn't want a full scale massacre on his hands, he figured between the three girls there would be enough trouble. He sighed and turned to Zara's door, he had seen the girls go in, and he had been there ever since, no-one had come out yet. Suddenly the door opened, letting out a stream of light that illuminated the whole hallway. Alyssa stuck her head out, pretending not to notice the boys, and walked out. She smiled to herself, and proceeded to walk down the hallway. She heard some hurried whispering and whirled around pretending to be angry.
"ZAN! RATH! AIDEN! THERON!" She yelled at them," What do you think you are doing?!"
"Lyssa listen to us..."
"Well, you can have one with us!" Rath crossed his arms over his chest. Alyssa faced down the boys who had by this time come out of hiding.
"I WILL NOT HAVE A GOOD TIME IF YOU'RE THERE!!" She turned on her heel, and walked to the designated door way.
"ALYSSA! This is not a CHOICE!! COME BACK HERE!!" Rath yelled.
She shook her head, and waited. The boys rushed down the hallway, Aiden stopped dead in his tracks.
"Where is Vilandra? and Zara?" Rath heard this and looked around realizing they weren't there he confronted Alyssa.
"What is going on?"
"NOTHING." She started to open the door, Rath grabbed her hand and stopped her.
"Oh, yes I am!"
"Lyssa," Zan interupted,"it's not safe in the city, we can't let you go alone."
"Yes you can." Alyssa rolled her eyes.
"No, no we can't." Zan argued.
"FINE," she gestured towards the door," then lets go." She stood back and waited for the boys to go through first.
"BOO!" Vilandra and Zara jumped out, and dumped two buckets of cold water on the boys. Alyssa jumped up and down giggling histerically. The boys screamed, and jumped about two feet into the air. Zara was laughing so hard she almost peed in her panties. Vilandra was shaking with laughter.
"Serves you right, for New Years!" Vilandra stuck her nose in the air. On New Years Eve there was going to be a big party, and it would be Zara and Alyssa's first because before they were still too young to go. The whole week before it was all they could talk about. The big night came, and they noticed the boys walking into the garden. Zara suggested that the girls follow, so they did. When they got to the garden, they couldn't find the boys, so they looked for them. They were still looking when four bushes jumped out and started chasing them. Alyssa ran right up a tree, Zara was so scared that she started to cry, she didn't moved just stood there and wailed, and Vilandra ran away and screamed. The boys laughed for weeks about it, privately because when Alyssa went up the tree Zan freaked and it took him almost two hours to convince her to come down. When she did, she stomped on his foot, hard, and walked away. Zara stopped crying long enough to hit Rath and Theron upside their heads. Vilandra came back and just looked at all of them scornfully. It took about three weeks for the girls to forgive them. Little did they know then......
Alyssa stuck her tongue out at them, she grabbed Zara and Vilandra's hands and they danced around the boys teasing them. Then they ran away leaving them cold, wet and angry.
"C'mere I want to tell you something." She didn't move from her place against the wall.
"Zan are you still mad about last night?" She looked like a deer that had just been backed into a corner.
"Last night? Nah, all is forgiven, I just wanted to tell you something." He had his hands behind his back, but she didn't notice and came forward. He leaned up to her, and dropped a snake down the back of her dress.
"ZAN!!! EEEEEEEE!!" she hopped around, trying to get the snake out."I GET YOU!!! HOW COULD YOU!!! EEEEEEEEE! GET IT OUT!! GET IT OUT!!! EEEE!" The snake finally wiggled it's way out of her skirts. Alyssa watched as it slithered into a corner,"WHAT IF IT WAS POISONOUS??!! STUPID!" She pushed his chest, and he stumbled backwards, he was about to fall so he grabbed out, and he grabbed Alyssa and Alyssa fell with him, landing on top of him.
"OW! Get off me Alyssa."
She huffed,"I'm TRYING but my skirt's all tangled." She looked at him. He looked back, the skirt was forgotten. They just stared at each other, Alyssa got a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach, Zan had gotten used to that feeling around her. They stared at each other for a few moments, when Alyssa broke the moment by shaking her head.
"Sorry," Zan looked sheepish.
"About what?"
"The snake."
"Oh, it's forgiven." She got up and helped him off the ground.
"Right, so Vilandra and I are going to have a big ball, it being our 13th and all. Are you going to come?"
"Of course, I wouldn't miss it!"
"Yeah! I mean thats good! I mean I hope you'll be there, I mean I know you will, well I don't KNOW I mean you could get sick...I'll see you there," he grinned.
It was the night of the ball and all the nobles were there. Everyone was dressed in their best, and the King had just made a speech about how Zan was officially a man today and how proud he was of him. He also mentioned Vilandra and how ladylike she had become. Alyssa thought it had been a very boring and long speech. She looked radiant, she was dressed in a peach gown, with red ribbons trimming the hem. The peach color went really well with her dark hair, which was twisted up high. Zara was wearing a light green dress, with a blue undergown, the dress was the exact color of her eyes and looked perfect. Vilandra had gone through about 30 gowns before finding one that she liked which was a dark red, with a small train in the back. She liked it because it set off her features beautifully. She had to stand on the dias that had been erected for the royal family. She had just been introduced to a princess from Belvine, Alyssa's kingdom, her name was Ava Gabrielle Antionette the third or somesuch. Vilandra didn't like her, actually she didn't like the way she looked at her brother. This girl was.... was.... too much. Besides, it's not like you can have him, he was taken from the beginning, she rolled her eyes and received a dirty look from her father. She stopped and nodded her head in acknowledgement of the princess, Ava. The girl grinned at Zan, and waltzed away. When the introductions were finally finished, she rushed off the stage to find Aiden, he had promised to dance with her and she wanted her dance! Zan of course made a beeline right for Alyssa, but he was intercepted but Ava, who whispered something in his ear and Zan turned and led her onto the dance floor.
"So, Prince Zan.... Do you have any romantic interests here?" She asked him coyly.
Zan coughed,"Ummmm I don't know, maybe." This girl acted way too old for her age, how old did she say she was 13, like him. Hhhhhmmmmmm.
"Oh really?" she raised her eyebrows, she was having a hard time keeping this princes attetion his eyes kept scanning the crowd for someone. She could tell when he found her, his expression changed to a completely adoring one. She wished he would look at her that way, wait forget that way, she wished he would look at her period, she noticed that he had started to scowl. She turned to see what he was scowling at, and noticed a dark haired girl in a peach dress, laughing at something the fellow she was dancing with had said. Aaaah, now she understood, well she would make this prince forget all about the gorgeous dark haired girl.
"Prince Zan?"
"hhhhmmmmm?" He was still scowling at the couple.
"WOULD YOU LOOK AT ME?" she didn't mean to snap like that, ok well she did, but still it was really humiliating, at home everyone thought that she was beautiful, they called her an angel with her blonde her and big blue eyes she looked like one. So why wasn't he LOOKING AT HER!!!!?
"What?" he snapped his head away from the girl and her partner, and looked at her. That's better.
"I was asking you if you liked it here or in the country?"
His eyes wandered back to the girl, damn she would have to work harder."I thought that I liked the country more, but there are some good things about this palace too." Like that girl who you won't stop staring at, she thought.
"May I cut in?" He had somehow got her over to where the couple was dancing and was already taking the hands of the dark haired girl. Her partner turned to Ava.
He bowed," Shall we Princess?" he held out his hand waiting.
"Might as well," she sighed and rolled her eyes, this didn't go un-noticed by Theron but he said nothing.
"I didn't quite catch your name, Princess."
"Ava, my name is Ava."
"Good name for a princess."
"You didn't tell me yours sir."
"Theron, no sir just Theron."
"Why were you dancing with him?!" Zan said into Alyssa's ear.
"He asked me."
"SO! You should have been dancing with me!"
"You looked pretty occupied, Zan and besides I don't belong to you exclusively!" she snapped.
"Yeah WELL!" Zan huffed, suddenly he stopped dancing and dragged her out to one of the small verandas.
"ZAN!? What are you doing?" He stood there for a second looking at her. She looked down at her dress.
"Is there something on my dress?"
"Oh." He was staring at her, she blushed, she wished he would stop but she also wished that he would never stop. What was going on in her head? He suddenly grabbed her shoulders and kissed her. At first she couldn't do anything, then she began to kiss him back. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before, it was her first kiss, and it was earth shattering. It was sweet and tender, and passionate and firey all at once. When they broke off, Zan didn't let go of her, he just held her and she was content to rest her head on his chest and think about the kiss.
"Thats better,"Zan said to no one in particular.
"What?" she asked, not lifting her head.
"Something was wrong?"
"Yeah, but I didn't know it until now," he rested his chin on her head and they stayed like that for awhile until Alyssa spoke.
"I'm leaving tomorrow."
"Oh, where are you going?" Zan thought that she had meant shopping or something.
"For how long?" he still didn't get it.
"For a long time, forever? I don't know!"
"WHAT!?", he got it now."You can't leave! I don't want you to!"
"Regardless of what we may or may not want to do. I have to go, since the Princess is here, my family is not needed, and when she returns another family will come."
"NO! You can't go!"
"But I have to." tears were running down Alyssa's cheeks, and she tore away from Zan and ran into the garden.
"Alyssa!" Zan ran after her.
"No. No. It's all wrong! All wrong!" she didn't know which way to go. Zan grabbed her by the waist and turned her around.
"I will wait for you."
"No no all wrong I'm wrong."
"I will wait for you. Do you understand?" he tipped her chin up, making her look him in the eye.
Zara and Rath had been dancing all night, Rath was so enchanted by Zara that he hadn't even noticed when Alyssa and Zan had dissapeared.
Rath hugged Zara really tight," I have to tell you something."
"Yeah what?"
"I am going home tomorrow, for I don't know how long."
Zara pushed away from him,"WHY?"
"I don't know, my parents, my king..... I don't know."
"I don't want you to go."
"Zara, will you wait for me to come back."
"Always, Rath always, now lets enjoy tonight and dance until we can't anymore." Zara held her tears in, knowing it would be better for everyone if she cried privately in her room.
Zan held Alyssa and rocked her back and forth."Don't cry Alyssa. Please, don't cry."
"I'm not," she sniffled.
"Oh.Ok." he accepted that,"Alyssa even if you don't come back, I will come and get you. I promise."

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Ok, so this is what I want to I am going to divide each part into tow parts one part will be Zan and the other Alyssa, because they are each going to have their own seperate problems and what not. There will also be the letters......(OOH! A mystery!) Well, it's a mystery no longer, the letters are going to be like the pov's except ya know Zan to Alyssa and vice versa and same thing with and Zara, and those will be entirely seperate parts from the regular story. So those parts will be labeled c, instead of a or b and they will conicide with the regular story! Does that make sense? I sure hope it does! Well this is going to be 4a okey dokey? I would like to thank everyone who has read this fic and liked it, and I would like to let everyone know that I apprieciate all the positive feedback. So thank you guys!!!

**Part 4a
Zan walked around the palace dejectly. He was so sad, he missed Alyssa and Rath too. It had been a week since they had left, and the only people who seemed happy, well person it seemed was Ava. She kept trying to spend time with him, he knew the group was annoyed by her. Aiden thought that she was hiding something, and Vilandra thought that she had no fashion sense, Vilandra missed Alyssa a lot too. She didn't have anyone to get into trouble with, with just her and Zara it was no fun, Alyssa had been the brains and logic behind the group.
Zara of course felt like she had lost a big chunk of her heart, ok so she was only twelve, but still her best friend since they were like two was gone, and the boy who she thought that she might love was gone too. She really hated Ava because Ava kept trying to weasel her way into the group, but nobody seemed to want her there except Zan. Zara wondered what the heck was going on with those two, she knew that he was head over heals with Alyssa but why was he being so nice to Ava? Aiden just wandered around, Vilandra and he sought a lot of comfort from each other.
They would take longs walks in the garden, and talk about anything but Rath and Alyssa. Aiden felt like he had lost his sister, in a way he had. He didn't know what do, the whole group seemed listless and depressed. He wondered how long they would keep going like this. He thought about going to his dad and the other grown ups and asking them to bring Alyssa and Rath back, but he knew they would say that they had to learn to deal with change so he kept his mouth shut. He didn't trust Ava she was too happy, she was after Zan he knew, and he, like the rest of the group felt that Zan was totally off limits.
Ava couldn't stand it anymore. She was sick of all these people with those depressed expressions on their faces. She wished they would just get over it already. It's not like those two died, she thought. I mean come one they will come back when they are old enough! God, she wished that they could MOVE ON! Even Theron, whom she had thought was cool, was all mopey dopey. Whatever, these people are such losers, except for Zan she thought, I'll make him forget her.
One day Zan came to a decision, and he got the whole group together.
"I know that we miss them," he started,"but we have to grow, and that way when they come back, it's to something worthwhile."
"What do you mean worthwhile?" Zara looked hurt," Aren't we worthwhile enough already?"
"Yes, but look at us, it's like we can't go on without them. When they come back, I want us to have grown, and changed, I know that they are going to change, and if they come back to us like this, do you think they'll still want us?" Ava snorted, at this remark.
"Yeah, Zan is right," Aiden nodded his head," We are going to be fine without them, they are important to us, but we can't let ourselves fall apart. Just because we don't show it doesn't mean we'll miss them any less or more than before."
"I agree," Vilandra said," Things have to change, we aren't going to all always be together forever, and we can't always expect to be."
Zara sighed," I guess you're right, I'll try." She smiled,"Besides Alyssa would want us to be happy."
"Theron," Zan asked him," What is your opinion?"
"Maybe all those sessions in court really did help you, O'fearless leader."
Zan rolled his eyes," I'll take that as your agreement, Good, then it's settled. NO more sad, depressed people, we are strong and we will show it to everyone."
"Yes." the group was unanimous.

**4b About three years later......
"Yes, mother?" Alyssa looked up from her book.
"That young man is here to see you!" her mother winked.
"Oh, mother send him away, I don't want a beau." Alyssa had grown up just beautifully, she was no longer all skin and bones, she had curves that filled her out. She was still very skinny, but she was also taller. She had changed a lot though, she didn't cause any trouble to her parents, except when it came to men. Rath had also grown up quite nicely, he was 17 and he looked like a man already. He had proved himself over and over on the practice field, and he was going to be knighted next month. All the girls loved him and he liked the attention but he never kept any one girl around for very long, he said that they got annoying but Alyssa knew the truth.
"Darling, I am NOT sending him away, you should just visit with him you might like him."
"Fine, mother. I'll visit with him," She sat up and straightned her pink dress out.
"Good, I'll send him in."
"Good afternoon, Lady Alyssa." He kissed her hand.
"Good afternoon, Lord Jared. I trust that you are well and that your family is too?"
"Oh, yes they are very well, as am I,"he lead her to the couch, and they sat,"Yes I recently went hunting and caught a deer. It was my first, the men all said that it was a great accomplishment..." he started a very long monologue about how great he was. This was the reason Alyssa couldn't stand him, all he did was talk about himself. His hand rested on her leg and started to inch it's way up, oh and that was the other reason she didn't like him, he tried to grope her. She stood up and went to the window.
"I knight you, Rath Darion, may you protect this kingdom with you life for now and until the day you die."
Rath stood and received his cloak, signifying his knighthood. He looked out and saw Alyssa clapping for him, he knew she wanted to cheer and whoop, but he also knew that the manners that had been ingrained in her since birth wouldn't permit it. He walked down from the dias, and bowed to his king, and went to stand next to his father.

**Ok, so the next time I write it will be a letter part!
That's all folks.

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Here is one part of 4c, Zara to Alyssa

Dear Alyssa,
I can't believe that it's been over a year since you left. Princess Ava is a nightmare! You wouldn't believe, the other day she actually said that she was glad that you were gone, that she got a chance to be with us! Can you believe that? And she told Vilandra that she knew that YOU couldn't hold a candle to her, do you know what Lannie did? She laughed right in her face and told her it was more like the other way around. Then the wench, she stands there and she is about to slap Lannie, which would have had dire results being as how I was in the room! Then Zan walks in, and she sees him and burts into tears, and of course it's all tears and sniffles and Zan, Oh Lord his face was so funny! Here she was hanging on him, and he was trying to push her off! It was fantastic! So, Lannie and I came up with a plan to make her pay! There was this big fancy dinner to celebrate something or other, some anniversary, well we had red soup to start, you know the one you hate, because if you get one drop on anything it's permanent, well. Lannie has to sit next to HER and when the maid was pouring the soup for PRINCESS Ava Lannie stood up and ran out of the room! Soup was everywhere! Mostly on PRINCESS Ava, it was hilarious. I ran out after her, and she was laughing so hard that she was crying. The Queen of course, completely ignored everyone and ran out behind me and she thought that Lannie was really crying and told her not to worry that she would make sure that no one blamed her. Lannie almost double over from that. The really funny thing is that PRINCESS Ava's face got redder than the soup! It was almost purple, she was so mad. She just started screaming, like at the top of her lungs. She went on and on for an hour, OH and her dress was WHITE! Anytime anyone came near her she picked up a plate or something and threw it at them! I mean she acted like she was three or something! I mean the Queen couldn't stop staring! Aiden and Theron, to add insult to injury, decided that she needed a little color, and threw in the green sauce from the chicken? You remember it? Aiden told her that he had thought it would wash out the red. Theron said that he thought green and red were good colors for her. She stomped her foot and walked out!
Everyone here misses you terribly! ESPECIALLY Zan! He moped about here for a month, maybe more! He pines for you! I know you are thinking I am crazy, and that he has forgotten you, but not true! He PINES for you! I think that he is wasting away with out you! Other than the PRINCESS Ava incident the month has been utterly uneventful. Do you know that she insists on us calling her PRINCESS? YES! Do you know that she slapped a chamber maid the other day? Do you know why? Well, the maid said that she was going to go and get Lady Vilandra's things and she asked if Lady Ava would like hers to be cleaned as well. Then PRINCESS Ava walked up to her and slapped her, and told her that she was only to be addressed as PRINCESS. It took Lannie and me an hour to calm the poor girl down. She was in hysterics. Do you want to know something else? Lannie says that she puts cloth, where her cleavage should be! She says that it's all fake, and that PRINCESS Ava is flatter than a floor board.
How is Rath? Is he doing well? I remember you said something in your last letter about knighting in the next two years or so? Well, give him my greetings, or perhaps I'll give him my own! Darling, until then Aviento!

Part 4c Zara to Rath
I trust that this letter finds you in good spirits and health. I am well, and the weather here is simply divine. I am learning a great deal, while you are away.
GOD! What is that? Our new tutor was standing over me, he has moved on to poor Lannie, her handwriting is TERRIBLE! I can't believe him, he won't even let us write our own letters he says that there are some things that must not be said in letters. He says that my writing is too informal, HOW DARE HE? My writing is perfect as always! Alyssa told me that you were going to be knighted within the next two years. Is the training hard? Do you have to sleep in a barn? Aiden, Theron, and Zan had to sleep in the barn as part of their training. Their trainer said it made strong men, and now they have to spend one night a week in there! With the horses! And the goats! And the sheep! AND THE COWS! Oh! GOD! I went in there once, to give them all extra blankets and pillow, it smelled so AWFUL! I almost retched! Not that you wanted to know that, but since I've already written it down, no point in crossing it out! Are there many girls where you live? I was just wondering because Alyssa has never mentioned having any female friends, or male for that matter. Well, that is all I have to say for now, I will write more later I hope!

4c Zan to Alyssa(OH YEAH)
Dear Alyssa,
How are you? Have you met anyone new? I am stuck here in the palace, Father doesn't even let Lannie or me into the city. He had heard rumors that there are assasins on the loose. I can only hope that there aren't any. I am learning how to be a knight. It is the worst training you can imagine, I have to sleep in a barn! The SMELLS! I am sorry, I didn't mean to be disgusting. The girls are learning how to ride on horses, Zara is very good. She has already beat Aiden and Theron in a race! I think that Lannie is having some trouble, she says that her skirts get in the way. Zara usually takes hers off and rides in her underwear! At first it was really embarassing to be out there with her, then she told us that she has to wear about four layers of clothing, and that she still had three layers under what she was wearing. It made Aiden and Theron feel better, but not me. It's still her underwear! Do you have to wear that many layers? Princess Ava, doesn't like horses she says that they smell and that they are disgusting beasts. Zara asked her if she planned to ride about in a carriage for the rest of her life. It was pretty funny, everyone was laughing until she stomped her foot, and started crying. I felt bad for laughing, but sometimes she is just like a prissy girl. She is ten times worse that Lannie ever could be. Are you learning to ride on horses? Maybe, if you learned how, when you come back we can ride together? Or if you haven't learned maybe I can teach you?
I went riding alone yesterday, and Princess Ava followed me. She gets on my nerves a lot, I try not to let her, but she does. Everytime I turn around she is there! I can't ever get away! I hope that you come back soon! And then I can get away, maybe for a little while. Well, I miss you and I hope that you will write me back.

**Alyssa to Zan
Dear Zan,
Of course I would write you back! I know that I haven't written very many letters, but my mother always gets so angry when I do. She says that I shouldn't dwell in my past and that I should move on. I told her that it wasn't my past and that it was my PRESENT and FUTURE. She just huffed and walked away. I think that I am going to have to wait until Rath turns eighteen, before I can return. Oh well, only two more years left then I can come home! I miss every one so much!
Rath doesn't have to sleep in a barn as part of his training but he does have to clean it up! It is the most funny sight, to see him picking up horse poo! I laughed so hard the first time I saw him doing it. He saw me and told me that if I didn't stop he would put some in my bed. I still have to check my bed before I go to sleep. I do know how to ride though, my father taught me. I agree with Lannie that the skirts are a hinderance, but I don't think my father would like it if I took them off! Zara! She is crazy! My mother is calling me she wants to go shopping, that is all we do go SHOPPING! I am going to go crazy here! Well, I will be home soon! Give my love to Aiden and Theron, and to Zara and Vilandra, and don't forget yourself!

**Rath to Zara
Thanks for the letter, it was funny. I hope that Zan is behaving himself, because if he does anything to hurt my sister...... Well, thats all.

**Alyssa to Zara
Dear Zara,
I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! I hope that you haven't gotten into too much trouble, while I am away! Mother has been an absolute beast, she insists that we go shopping at least once a day. It's not like there is really anything else to do, but still.... she could read a book. All the men here are beasts too, all they do is talk about themselves! I mean honestly, How many times must I be expected to listen to them go on and on about how great they are? Zan told me about you and horseback riding. Zara, how could you? In your UNDERWEAR? Did you think that no one would notice? Well, court is quiet, without Princess Ava to lead it, nothing really ever happens. Is she really as bad as you say she is? Are you sure that Zan doesn't like her? I know that her parents are talking marriage..... I don't want him to get married or engaged, don't tell him I said that! I wouldn't want him to think that I was still hung up on him. I am sure that he has moved on. Just not to Princess Ava.
Well, Rath has told me to put his letter in with mine. Here it is. It doesn't look like he wrote very much. At least he wrote you back! That's a good sign, besides none of the girls here could even hold a candle to you! At least thats the way Rath sees it! Well, I have to end this letter now, because I have the sinking suspicion that Mother is on her way here, and if she catches me! OH! Well, that's all
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Ok here is Part 5:The Return!!

"What?" She looked out of the window of the carriage for what had to be the thousandth time.
"Stop fidgiting!"
"I am not! Shut up Rath!"
"Oh, like you're so much better, you would jump out and push the carriage if you thought it would get us there any faster!"
"I WOULD NOT! I have patience and squirming around in my seat isn't going to make it go faster."
"Ok, you have looked out that window like a hundred times!"
"No, thats you."
"I am going to ignore you now." She wiggled around and looked out the window again.
"Be quiet Rath!" It was going to be a very long trip........

Alyssa sighed they had finally reached the palace, but she wouldn't be able to see Zan-no her friends until she had changed and Rath and her presented themselves in court, she sighed and changed into one of the gowns her mother had forced on her before she left. This one was pale blue with small puffed sleeves and a train. Her mother told her that this was the best one to wear, because of the train, Alyssa had rolled her eyes, but here she was wearing it.
"Are you ready?" Rath gave her his arm.
"I am, what about you?"
"Oh, I'm as ready as I'll ever be." They laughed and walked into the court room, the young boy who called out names looked at them, and Rath fed him their names.
Zan sighed and rolled his eyes, he had been here for an hour already, and court hadn't even filled up. People were still being introduced. He leaned his head on his hand, and sighed again. Princess Ava had been especially annoying today, and this morning she kept hovering over him. He rolled his eyes and waited for all the nobles to present themselves to the throne, and back off.
"Lord Rath Zeldron d'Lerinne," Zan's head snapped up, and he looked at the end of the room, and sure enough there was Rath, Zan's smile couldn't have been any bigger." And his sister, Lady Alyssa Donella d'Lerinne." Zan's smile got bigger.
Alyssa walked with her brother towards the throne, keeping her eyes trained on the ground. Rath bowed and stepped away, Alyssa curtsied and looked up. There was Zan and he was smiling from ear to ear. She smiled too, and backed away. He looked so grown up and handsome. What was she going to do? She had also noticed Princess Ava hovering near his arm, and thought that they were ingaged. She stood next to her brother, and he could see how sad she was.
"What's wrong?" he whispered in her ear.
"Zan's engaged."
"To who?" Rath rolled his eyes, the only person Zan was going to get engaged to was standing right next to him.
"Princess Ava."
"Hahahaha!" Rath burst out laughing,"he hates her."
"How do you know?"Alyssa frowned at him.
"Alyssa, no one likes Princess Ava."
"Still......" she looked back at Zan and Ava.
"No, not even." Rath ended the conversation there, and began scanning the room for Zara. When he found her, his whole face changed, which did not go unoticed by Alyssa, who nudged him.
"You found her."
"I don't know what you're talking about." He was still staring and Zara was staring back.

Zara couldn't believe it! She was so glad that HE had come back, when she had heard his name she thought that she had hallucinated, but nope there he was. She grinned, and Aiden asked her why she was smiling.
"They're back." She pointed at Rath and Alyssa.
Aiden wanted to let out a big yell, he had missed his adopted little sister, and one of his best friends. He elbowed Theron, who was next to him.
"Look who came home."
Theron looked and there she was, she was more beautiful than the last time he had seen her. Maybe he had a chance now, and he would be able to...... Unless Zan changed his mind again and went for her. He glanced at the throne, and saw Zan staring at Alyssa, and Ava sending her death looks. Well, well it would be interesting to see how that turned out. He smiled he knew that there would be a big showdown he only hoped he was there. Personally, he hoped Zan got Alyssa, he had gotten to know Ava since she had arrived and he thought that she was a fabulous person. Except, that she wanted Zan, other than that she was wonderful.
Court lasted for another two hours, and when it was over Zan ran up to Alyssa and wrapped her in his arms like he wasn't ever going to let go.
"Hello, I missed you too." Alyssa smiled.
"You're back," he still hadn't let go of her. He wanted her to stay there forever.
"Hey!" Rath interuppted the couple," As much as I am glad that Alyssa is happy, you need to let go of her." Rath stared Zan down. Zan let go of Alyssa, but he kept her right at his side, with his arm around her shoulder.
"Rath!" Zara yelled and threw herself at him, he caught her and whirled her around.
"Why didn't you come sooner?" Zara slapped his arm as soon as he put her down.
"I couldn't," Rath said rubbing the spot that she had hit.
Zara rolled her eyes and hit him again."Stop that Zara, maybe I shouldn't have come back."
"Kidding only kidding." Rath gave her his puppy face.
"Fine." Zara leaned on him, and grabbed his arm. He rolled his eyes but he didn't shove her away.
"Alyssa." A cold voice interupted their renunion, Alyssa turned around.
"Princess Ava," Alyssa started to curtsy, but Zan stopped her and sent Ava a death glare.
"Zan," Ava pouted," I was wondering where you went."
"I didn't go anywhere, Princess." Zan squeezed Alyssa closer to his side. Now that he was 17 he fully intended to make sure that he ended up marrying Alyssa when he turned 18. He knew they could get married now, but he wanted to get to know her again.
"Princess, don't you have to go somewhere?" Vilandra walked over and put her hand in Aiden's. It had taken Aiden a full year to get up the courage to ask Vilandra to marry him, and when he finally did it, she said yes. She became very possesive of him, and they were rarely seperated, they were holding off the marriage until Zan found someone and married her. It didn't look like they were going to have to wait much longer, considering the way Zan and Alyssa were looking at each other.
"I think you do." Vilandra sent her an icy glare, she was famous in court for being cold and harsh, but her close friends knew that she wasn't. Princess Ava couldn't take it, and she walked away mumbling under her breath.
"Finally." Vilandra turned to Alyssa,"I am so glad that you're back, Zan is such a lost boy with out you." She clasped Alyssa's hands in her own.
"Well, it's true Zan." Vilandra smirked. Zan turned bright red, and Alyssa turned back to him and pinched his cheeks.
"Did you miss me?" she cooed. He looked down at her, thinking that if she kept it up he was going to have to take her some place to show her how much he missed her.
"Oh, yeah did he ever." Aiden rolled his eyes.
"Shut up Aiden." Zan never took his eyes from Alyssa.
"Alyssa," Theron bowed," I bow before your beauty," he joked.
"Oh, good sir, I bow before yours." Alyssa bowed back, and they hugged.
"How are you?"
"I am well, and I missed you."
"Don't worry, I missed you too." They pulled apart and Alyssa went back to Zan's side.
"Well, now that everyone has greeted Alyssa it's my turn!" Zara hugged Alyssa,"I think that we should go and have a girls only reunion!"
"I agree." Alyssa reached out her other arm for Vilandra, and the three girls walked off arm in arm. Zan couldn't wipe the dopey look off his face, he grinned and watched Alyssa walk away. Everytime he thought of her he grinned more.
"Zan, I know what you're thinking and you better stop it right now!" Rath nudged his back.
"Yeah, yeah I know your sister."
"That's right."
"Ok OK everyone is a big strong man, lets go hunt or something." Aiden tried to calm everyone down as usual.
"Yeah, huntings good." Theron interjected. The men went off to do their thing, while the girls were doing theirs, and everyone completely forgot about a certain princess who went to her room, to plot a way to get a certain prince. Nobody suspected what was going to come next.

OK OK I didn't want to leave y'all hanging... but I DID! So let me know what you think. A new part might not be coming for awhile, so I don't know.
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LOL! Thank you guys for all the great FB! I know I haven't updated in awhile, I really had PLANNED to add a part each day, but the best laid plans usually go to waste! But here it is Part 6!

**Part 6
Ava paced up and down the length of her room. What was she going to do? How was she going to get rid of Alyssa? She could order her to leave, but she didn't think Zan would like her if she did that. She had to make Zan hate Alyssa! Then she could order her to go home, and Zan...... Zan would be all HER!! She gave a little screech of impatience and stomped her foot. Like he should have been since the beginning! Her whole life she had been told that she would marry a prince from Antar and that he would be wildy in love with her. It was Destiny her mother had told her Destiny! She and Zan belonged together, she just knew it. If that stupid whore Alyssa hadn't gotten in her way! Well she would pay, they would all pay! Except for her Zan, when he was hurting from Alyssa she would be there to comfort him. She suddenly thought of something that would tear the young loves apart. She let out an evil giggle, and proceeded to call in her most trusted servant.
"Cover your eyes," Zan put his hands over Alyssa's eyes.
"Where are you taking me?" She giggled.
"You'll see," he covered her eyes with a scarf."Can you see?"
"No," Alyssa bit her lip and smiled.
"ALYSSA! You have to tell the truth," Zan moved it around a bit," If you don't tell the truth, my surprise will be ruined!"
Alyssa pouted and reached out to him," But Zan...." He took her hands and led her out of the room.
"No buts or you'll ruin it."
"Zan," Alyssa trailed along behind him." I can't see what if I trip or fall?"
"I won't let you."
"Where are you taking me?"
"You'll see." Zan laughed at the expression on Alyssa's face.
"I want to see now!"
"When did you get so impatient and demanding?" Zan stopped,"I might not let you have your surprise now."
"No NO! I want it I do!" Alyssa jumped up and down."I'm sorry will you forgive me? Please say yes, say yes!"
"How do I know that you're really sorry?" Zan teased.
"OH! I promise I am! I won't ever be impatient or demanding again."
Zan snorted, and led her on.
"What? I won't be."
"Ok, if you say so." Zan laughed again, and Alyssa giggled.
"Are you sure you can't tell me where we are going?"
Ava watched the two walk away, she wondering what Zan was doing. He probably had some romantic surprise planned for her. It SHOULD have been her! She turned away from the laughing couple, and back to her servant.
"Are you sure that you can do as I asked?"
"It's not too unpleasant a task my lady. I don't think I'll have any trouble fullfilling it." The man's eyes had an evil glint in them, that Ava liked.
"Good, then everything must go according to plan."
"We're here." Zan opened a door and led Alyssa through.
He took off her blindfold and waited for her eyes to adjust and take in what he had to show her.
"Zan! It's beautiful,"her eyes got all big and teary.
"Don't cry Alyssa, please don't cry." Zan rushed over to her and took her in his arms. He wiped away the tear that had formed at the corner of her eye.
"I'm not crying,"Alyssa looked up at him. He raised his eyebrow at her.
"Ok, well I am but not because I am sad because I am SO happy!"
"Oh well in that case."
"I missed you," he said looking down at her. She looked back at him and she could see the change in his eyes, the mood had changed.
"I missed you too," She laid her head on his chest and listened to his steady heartbeat. He titled her chin back up, and stared at her.
"Do I have your permission to kiss you?" He looked at her lips. She couldn't say a thing, he wanted to kiss her.
"I thought that you found someone else....... and that you wouldn't want me. It's been-" He cut her off.
"How could you think that? I have only and will only want you, YOU ALYSSA. Just you."
"Oh," She smiled,"then you have my permission to-" he didn't let her finish before his lips were on hers. The world exploded when their lips met, and his kisses had started this aching feeling that was way down in her body. It was pure electricity when they touched, this must be what heaven is like Alyssa thought. His tongue gently traced her bottom lip, seeking entrance deeper and fuller. She gave a little sigh and opened her mouth, his tongue came in deeper and danced with hers. When they finally broke apart, breathless, they couldn't say anything. Alyssa laid her head back on his chest and tried to catch her breath.Zan's chest was heaving up and down, and he laid his chin on her soft dark her. His hands started playing with the baby hairs on the bottom, but it wasn't enough, he wanted to feel her hair running through his fingers. Within seconds he had the elaborate hairdo undone, and was playing with her long dark hair.
"Thank you," Alyssa was the first to speak.
"For what?" he was still occupied with her hair.
"For this," she drew back slightly,"For fixing the throne room, for making it better, for taking me here, for everything." She looked at the throne room. The walls had been repainted and they were a gleaming white. The marble floors had been cleaned until they were shining like brand new, and all the paintings had been taken down, and cleaned. The whole room looked brand new.
"You're welcome." He looked down at her, amazed and awed by her.
"Oh Zan," she sighed and laid her head back down on his chest.
"Oh Zan, What?"
"Are you going to kiss me again?"
"Do you want me to?"
"Very much." That was all the invitation he needed.
Rath stared at Zara, trying to understand what she was talking about, but all he could do was look at her. She had gotten so much older, and prettier. Where the hell had he been? He watched her face change as she talked, he liked her best when she was angry her eyes sparlked then.
"Rath are you listening to me?" She glared at him.
"Yes, of course. Why wouldn't I be?" He tried to play innnocent.
"Then what was I saying?" She raised her eyebrows. Rath shrugged."UGH! Don't any of you ever listen?"
He smiled, all he had to do was not listen, and she would get angry. He liked her all firey and angry, she made him want to....NO! Rath this is Zara you've known her since she was four, you CANNOT think that about your sisters best friend.Bad Rath, although as he looked back at her, he wasn't sure how long he could hold off, with "his sister's best friend" excuse. Everyday she was becoming less and less like his little sister and more and more like a full grown woman. Speaking of his sister, where had she gotten off to? Oh, Lord Zan was missing too. How was he going to make sure Zan didn't do anything inapropriate if they kept sneaking off. He was about to go look for them when a servant came in to announce dinner.
Zan and Alyssa ran into the dining room, where the group had assembled. Vilandra had told the servants to wait to serve them until Zan and Alyssa arrived. She smirked when she saw their appearane, Rath was going to be SOO angry, she almost laughed out loud. Zara grinned taking in their rumpled clothes and Alyssa's hair, and the two of them were holding hands! Zara's day couldn't get any better! She had to put her two cents in.
"Alyssa, wasn't your hair up before?" Alyssa cheeks turned pink. Zan looked at her she was so pretty when she blushed.
"How did your hair get down like that?" Aiden inquired catching on to Zara's game. Rath was boiling at the other end of the table. Now it was Zan's turn to blush. He led Alyssa to the table, and pulled out her chair for her. When she was comfortable, he sat down next to her.
"Zan," Rath glared at him," If you hurt her I WILL KILL YOU. Got that?"
"MMMHHMMMM" Zan nodded his head obidiently.
"Why didn't anyone tell me we were eating in here!?" Ava's WAY too perky voice intruded upon them."And Zan why didn't you SAVE the seat next to you for me?" She pouted and glared at Alyssa.
"He was already saving it for someone ELSE!" Zara didn't trust Ava as far as she could throw her. She knew that Ava must have been planning something, she had been throwing herself at Zan for the past four years. She wouldn't give him up so easily.
"Oh, well thats fine, I'll just sit here across from him." She smiled and sat down, thinking that once she was Queen, Zara and anyone else who helped Alyssa would be eliminated. She looked over at Zan and Alyssa, who were both glowing, she could practically feel the happiness radiating off of them. Well, they won't be happy for very much longer, she thought with a smirk, and began eating her soup.
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Ok, LOL! I just had this part all typed and then I clicked a funny botton! AAAH! Well, I wanted to thank everyone who gave me FB! THANK YOU!! I am SO glad that you like this story!! AHH! (*giggles) This part might seem a tad odd, because I just had 8oz. of Angel Sweet Gelato, and for those of you who don't know! It's better than ANY and EVERY ice-cream you've ever had! It'll blow your mind! Well, I am a little too happy!

Part 7
"Felaran!" Ava screeched, for her servant!
"Yes, my lady?" He snapped to attention.
"I was thinking about our plan, and I THINK that it would be best if it was to take place tommorrow! I am SICK of them! The pathetic twit! She isn't good enough for MY Zan, he deserves better, he deserves ME!" She turned to him and dared him to challenger her.
"My Lady, I haven't had time to-"
"I DON'T CARE! If you make it tomorrow I'll give you double!"
"It would be my pleasure to serve you." He grinned thinking of the amount of money he would receive.
"Good, now get out of my sight!" Ava turned back to the window."worthless pig," she muttered under her breath. She watched as the group led by Zan and Alyssa went out on horses. She could just picture Vilandra's whining and rolled her eyes.(A/N not that she's any better...) She smiled thinking of all the things she was going to do with Zan once she got rid of that slut once and for all........
"I hate horses!" Vilandra whined,"Why do I have to go?"
"Don't think of the bad things about them, try to think of the good things." Aiden smiled at her.
"There are no good things!" She cringed at him.
"Yes, yes there are you just have to think of them."
"But... can't we just go back to the palace and enjoy a nice book?"
"Don't you want to go on the pinic with everyone else?" Aiden raised his eyebrows at her.
Vilandra pouted," FINE."
"OH! I JUST GOT AN IDEA!" Zara was so excited she almost fell off her horse."Lets race to the waterfall!"
"No nuh uh! I don't think so, racing is dangerous and besides it'd be too easy a win."
"I think it's a great idea,"Theron sided with Zara, and received a death ray from Rath," But I also think that we should have a little wager on this race."
"Oh, really, and what might that be?" Zan said turning to him. Theron shrugged.
"I KNOW! The loser has to swim in the pond..."
"Oh," Alyssa perked up," thats not too bad-"
Zara cut her off," NAKED!"
Alyssa's eyes got as big as saucers," Are yo-you k-kidding?" she choked out.
"Nope," Zara grinned.
Rath rolled his eyes, Theron interjected saying he liked it and to count him in.
"I don't know," Alyssa bit her lip.
Zan leaned over and whispered in her ear," Scared you'll lose?" he teased. She shot him a dirty look and said,"I"m in."
"Me too," Zan said grinning. Thinking of ways to make Alyssa lose. He couldn't think of any good ones. He sighed, oh well, it would still be pretty funny to see who lost.
"I don't think so, I am not doing it. AND I forbid Alyssa to do it too." Rath shook his head.
"WHAT, just who do you-" Alyssa started, but Zara interuppted her.
"What scared you'll lose Rath?" she raised her eyebrows looking coy and smug. Rath hated that look.
"I don't want to!" Vilandra whined from the back.
"Well, we won't we'll just make sure it's fair and stay behind," Aiden smiled at Vilandra. He is so wrapped, Rath thought, if I ever get like that shoot me.
"Ok," Vilandra smiled benignly at everyone.
"Well, now that that's settled, we are all just WAITING on Rath." Zara looked at him.
"Fine, lets do this."
"Ok," Zara's face was set with determination," READYSETGO!" She yelled and took off. Alyssa wasn't too far behind, considering she knew what that look meant.
"HEY! COME BACK! CHEAT!" Rath started off, a little behind Zan, who had bolted off after Alyssa probably. Rath rolled his eyes.
Alyssa bit her tongue and urged her horse forward, quickly passing Zara. She was glad that she had been taught to ride by her father, he had taught her well. Zara saw Alyssa passing her and glared at her, so Alyssa stuck her tongue out. She threw back her head and laughed, she loved to race, she loved the wind in her hair.
When Zan saw Alyssa throw back her head and laugh like that, he nearly went crazy with want. He urged his horse on faster, intent on catching up with Alyssa. He quickly passed Zara, who stuck her tongue out at him in passing, and tried to quicken her horse's pace.
Stubborn horse, Zara thought, Oh well at least I am still ahead of Rath and Theron. Theron was laughing to hard to do anything anyway. She rolled her eyes and glanced back, she smirked at Rath, who glowered at her.
Stupid girl, what is she thinking? She should pay attention to the front, instead of looking back her to gloat. She had annoyed him ever since he had admitted to himself his attraction for her. Blonde haired Pixie.
Suddenly, Zara's horse bucked and ran to the right, like a crazed animal. Zara screamed and grabbed on the reins trying to make it stop.
"HELP!!! OH MY GOD! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!" She screamed Zan and Alyssa were too far ahead to hear."PLEEEEEASE! HELP!" She was hysterical, her horse was tearing through the woods like a crazy animal, what was wrong with it? She knew why she hated horses now.
Rath heard Zara scream and saw her horse take off, and abruptly took off after her. Shouting to Theron,"Go and get Zan, I don't know what's wrong with the horse!" He charged after her."ZARA! I'M COMING HOLD ON!"
Theron tried to hold in the laughter, Rath, the liar, he did too care about Zara, look at how quick he took off after her. He didn't mean to be cruel, but he knew that Zara would be ok, and that Rath would do exactly that, which was why he had brought his slingshot with him..... He laughed and urged his horse on, more quickly, he didn't want to lose after all.
"HELP MEEEEEEE! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!! OH MY GOD!!! HELP PLEEEEEEASE, DEAR GOD! AAAAAH! THATS A TREE!!!" Zara's horse bucked and she fell off, the crazy animal took off into the woods.
"ZARA!!!" Rath was right there, shaking her."Please don't die!!" Did he have tears in his eyes? Maybe she should wait this out."Please don't die! I haven't even had a chance to...." he cradled her against him, and buried his head in her hair.
"Had a chance to what?" she was slightly breathless, after all she had just gotten the wind knocked out of her.
"ZARA!" He pushed back, then pulled her tighter to him.
"Finish what you were saying." She pulled away from him, even thought being in his arms had to be one of the nicest experiences of her life. He grabbed her and hugged her again.
"I'll tell you if you tell me how you feel about me."
"No, I am not saying anything until you do."
Zara stood up," OH, WHAT NOW THAT I AM NOT AT DEATH'S DOOR YOU'RE NOT GOING TO TELL ME!" She yelled and started to walk away. She had got about two steps before, she pressed a hand to her forehead," I feel so dizzy," she started to fall and Rath rushed forward to catch her.
"I am not telling you anything, you jerk." She said right before she passed out.
"NO! Zara wake up!" he patted her cheek,"WAKE UP!!" He patted harder and harder until she started to come to."I'll tell you if you wake up" He promised looking at her. She came out of it slowly.
"What- Why- how... Where am I?" She said shaking her head trying to clear the fog.
"You fell off your horse, and fainted."
She stared at him hard," OH! I remember you PIG! Let go of me!" She tried to push him away.
"No, did you hear my promise when you were coming to?"
"It went like this,"I'll tell you if you wake up""He smiled at her.
"Ok, then go ahead." She waited crossing her arms.
"What I was going to say was that you can't die before I have a chance to tell you how much I care about you."
"You c-c-c-care?" her green eyes welled up.
"Of course I do, now stop crying." He said gruffly.
"I......I.... don't know what to say."
"Thats a first."
"What?" he asked exsasperated.
"I can't believe you just said that! I thought that you cared! What was I thinking! God, I must have been-" He cut her off by kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. He couldn't stop kissing her, he knew that this was exactly where he belonged. Well, maybe he could do without the dirt, the forest and the whinnying horse, but being in Zara's arms was enough for him.

Hope y'all liked that! I won't be posting another part on this for about a week! Or three days... it depends! Well, let me know what you think! I was thinking of changing the title of this fic, to The Hidden Truth, Let me know what you think!

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A/N this is it! The start of my three day break! YEAH BABY! I am leaving in an hour! Oh, sigh! I am so sorry to leave y'all but here is a teaser for the next part! I know I'm wicked but still better than nothin!

"Zan, will you walk with me in the garden?" Ava asked coyly knowing that hey decoy had already started his mission, the key part of her plan.
"Ava," Zan said distracted," I am looking for Alyssa, I have to tell her something important."
"What?"Ava put her hand on Zan's arm,"You can tell me, I won't tell anyone,I promise." Ava smiled, as innocently as she could.
Zan reached into his pocket and took out a blue velvet box. He opened it and showed it to Ava, she gasped, inside was a ring, with a diamond in the center, surrounded by two blue sapphires!
"I am going to ask Alyssa to marry me tonight," Zan said, nervously.
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I am back! Long story LOL! But I am going to post a new part soon, maybe not till tomorrow or late tonight!
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OK! LOL thank you everyone for all the bumps and FB! Keep it coming! It makes my day! Ok, so here is the new part! OH BABY OH BABY! If you are a serious dreamer you might want to get your kleenex handy, becuase this part is a tear jerker(*sheepish*) sorry!

Part 8:

Ava walked alone in the garden with Felaran, ok so she wasn't really alone but for all intensive purposes she was.
"Are you sure you want to do this my lady?"
"YES! Of course I am sure! Would I be paying you this outrageous price if I wasn't?!" She snapped at him,"So it's going to happen tonight, after dinner."
"Yes, I will do as you asked, but I am not sure..."
"I don't think Zan will appreciate your actions if he ever finds out the truth," the man scrunched up his face waiting for Ava to react.
"Well, he isn't going to find out is he?" She looked at him menacingly.
"NO. Not from me!" the man walked away, knowing that if he stayed any longer he would be sorry.
"Finally! Blathering idiot! No-one would dare to accuse me of anything once I am queen, and then our two kingdoms will unite and be one, it's the perfect fairy tale." She sighed and went off into her own little dreamworld.
Theron paced nervously, what was going on? What was Ava planning? He had to warn Zan. Suddenly the culprit herself came out of her bedroom humming. He tried to hide, but she saw him.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" She screamed at him.
"Nothing!" Theron answered too quickly, making him look guilty, he flushed.
"Oh really?" Ava raised her perfect eyebrows,"What did you hear?" her expression turned deadly.
"Nothing! What are you talking about I didn't hear a thing?"
"Oh I see, so you didn't here me talking about my plan."
"Nope, so if you don't mind .... I am going to go for a walk ...." Theron tried to edge away from her, but she caught his movements.
"GUARDS!"Ava called, loudly. The men came running,"This man was plotting to kill the prince, take him away at once!"
The guard stared at Theron,"But m'lady this is Lord Theron one of the Prince's best friends." He didn't think that the man was a traitor.
"Are you calling me a LIAR?" Ava screamed.
"No, m'lady, we'll take him away at once." The guard gestured to his men and Theron was taken away.
"That's what happens when someone gets in MY way." Ava giggled and pranced down to dinner.
Alyssa wore white, and she looked like an angel. This was one of her finest dresses, she had never ever worn it. Zan had told her tonight was going to be special and so she had worn this dress. It was stunning. It was an off the shoulder dress that was tight until her hips and then it flowed out from behind her. She had adored the material, and her mother had ordered a dress from it. Zara and Vilandra came in, Zara had worn a light green gown with a long train that she kept picking up and throwing over her shoulder and Vilandra was dressed in red, her favorite color, her dress was held up by nothing no straps, sleeves, nothing. Her mother had hated it but Vilandra had adored it.
"Oh" she breathed when she saw Alyssa standing in front of the mirror. She was so pretty, how was Zan going to keep his hands off of her.
"You look divine, darling, simply heavenly!" Zara exclaimed.
"Yes, I agree, we should really get down to dinner." Vilandra smiled and the three of them went down to dinner. They were dining in the gardens tonight, and it was the perfect night to do so. There was a clear view of the stars and the moon cast an earthreal glow everywhere.
Dinner was served and everyone enjoyed very much. Zan was too nervous to eat, he kept casting nervous glances at Alyssa watching her movements. Whenever she caught him looking at her she would smile blush and look down at her food. Zan was captivated and everyone noticed, but not everyone liked it. Aiden and Vilandra held hands underneath the table, they thought that no-one noticed although everyone did. Zara and Rath kept holding staring contests in which they were in their own little world, and whether they thought people noticed was not an issue because more often than not they were staring at each other. It was a wonderful night. During dessert a servant came with a letter for Alyssa, she read it quickly and put it in her pocket continuing on with dessert. Zan questioned her with his eyes but she shook her head, meaning it was umimportant. Little did they know how important it would become.

When everyone had finished his or her dessert, Alyssa quietly excused herself and headed into the gardens. Zan got up to follow but Ava stopped him.
"Zan, will you walk with me in the garden?" Ava asked coyly knowing that hey decoy had already started his mission, the key part of her plan.
"Ava," Zan said distracted," I am looking for Alyssa, I have to tell her something important."
"What?"Ava put her hand on Zan's arm,"You can tell me, I won't tell anyone,I promise." Ava smiled, as innocently as she could.
Zan reached into his pocket and took out a blue velvet box. He opened it and showed it to Ava, she gasped, inside was a ring, with a diamond in the center, surrounded by two blue sapphires!
"I am going to ask Alyssa to marry me tonight," Zan said, nervously. Trying to get past Ava.
"Oh Zan please" she pleaded,"It's very important."
Zan sighed,"Fine."
"Oh,"Ava was almost giddy with joy at what she was about to do. She led him down the same trail that Alyssa had taken.
"I don't see what was so important that you couldn't say in your letter, What news of my mother?" Alyssa said, exsasperated.
"Everything I am going to say is of the utmost importance my lady." Felaran bowed low.
"Go on!" Alyssa urged him.
He took her hand and kissed it, she tried to draw away but he wouldn't let go."I am in love with you."
"What?" She pulled on her hand trying to get him to release her.
"I have been since I first saw you."
"Listen, I am very sorry but I love someone else, if you could please just let me go." She pulled on her arm as quick and as hard as she could but he still wouldn't let go.
"With whom?" He took her other hand, and kissed it too.
"With Zan, I am in love with Zan, PLEASE let me go!" She wondered if he could hear the desperation in her last plea, he had been ignoring her requests to let her go.
He heard the desperation, and he also heard Ava and Zan approaching he waited until he knew that they could see him and Lady Alyssa then he pulled her to him and kissed her. He made it look as passionate as he could, he had released Alyssa's hands and she tried to push him away, but he was so much stronger and bigger than she, still she pushed.
Zan had been tuning Ava out for the last ten minutes, when they reached a clearing and he saw a man and ALYSSA in a passionate embrace. He let out a roar like a wounded lion and charged at the man. Ava grinned watching the scene with glee.
How could she? Zan didn't know what to think. I thought she loved me. I thought she cared about me. HOW DARE HE!Who does he think he is. He can't touch her. What if she's touching him? I LOVED her, I would have given her everything. WHY? Didn't she love me at all? Those thoughts and others were running through his head as he pounded the man, he kept hitting and hitting until he felt something pulling on his arm. He stopped and turned around it was her, she was shouting at him.
"STOP IT!! YOU'll KILL HIM!!" She stopped yelling when she realized that he had noticed.
"What you don't want me to hurt your LOVER?!" he spat out at her.
"What?" her doe eyes welled up," You think he's... you think I would....? I didn't..... he wanted...... I never...." She looked up at him.
"I TRUSTED YOU! You never wanted me, you were only after my throne like every other woman I've ever met!" He shouted at her, he felt like his heart was breaking in a million pieces, he had thought that she loved him, and then he had caught her mid-kiss with ANOTHER man. No wonder she had been so good at kissing him, he was merely practice for when she went back to her lover.
She stared at him, the tears rolling down her cheeks, she shook her head," Zan! I didn't, you have to believe me I didn't he said he loved me and then-" By this time the others had heard the commotion and come running in. Just in time to hear Zan throw out another insult.
"I don't want to hear anymore, you're no better than a common whore!" He bit out. Zara's hand flew to her mouth in shock, Zan would never... but he had. Rath felt his fists clenching and unclenching, he was going to..... Aiden had never heard Zan use language like that and with Alyssa! He felt Vilandra's hand reach for his and he took it. Her hand was like ice, What was Zan doing, What was he thinking? Oh no! This must be Ava's doing, she vowed that she would get to the bottom of this.
Alyssa's eyes got even bigger if that was possible, and she let out a huge sob, before she reached out and slapped Zan, hard. Everyone watched in utter horror as Zan stood there, and did nothing as Alyssa sunk to her knees, sobbing. He turned away, and came face to face with Rath. Who punched him, right in the nose.
Zan just looked at him,"I never want to see her again. Do you understand?"
"OH I understand, I understand completely, but remember one thing PRINCE Zan that when this is all over and you realize what an ass you were, I STILL won't let you see her." Zan looked at him for a moment then stalked off in the direction of the palace. Rath went over and picked up his sobbing sister.
"Are you alright little one?" He asked her tenderly, titling her so that her head rested on his chest. She didn't say anything just kept crying, she felt so limp to him, like she was dead. Ava decided to beat a hasty retreat, but Vilandra stopped her.
"I know it was you! And I intend to find out how you did this! You won't get away with this Ava," she threatened.
"What?" Ava wrenched her arm away from Vilandra's grasp," Just because I am not all broken up about it, doesn't mean I caused it. You had better watch what you say to me Vilandra," Ava was terrified that Vilandra would see through her lie, so she walked after Zan as quickly as she could.
Zara and Aiden rushed forward to see if Alyssa was.... something, they didn't know what.
"Alyssa? Darling?" Zara took one of Alyssa's cold hands in hers. She shook her head," He didn't mean it, he didn't know what he was saying, don't worry he won't let you leave. He LOVES you! I know he does." She tried to convince Alyssa, Aiden just stood there, he didn't know what to do. He wanted to yell and yell and yell until he had no voice left to do it. He didn't understand how Zan could hurt her so badly, he didn't understand why Zan hadn't let her explain.
"No... no... " Alyssa shook her head," He hates me, and he won't ever love me again, he thinks.... he thinks!" She let out another sob, and fell back onto Raths chest.
"Ssssshh sshhhhh, it's alright little one, it's alright, we're going home first thing in the morning, then you can forget all about him, you don't need him in your life." He carried her back into the palace with Aiden, Vilandra, and Zara right behind him. He laid her down on her bed. She had cried herself to sleep, and kept letting out little sobs, even in her sleep.
"Zara," he said quietly, not wanting to wake her.
"Please pack her bags, I am going to go pack mine, Aiden would you go and tell the stables that we need a carriage at the most earliest convinence?"
Aiden nodded and left.
"Vilandrra-" he started but she finished for him.
"I'll help Zara pack, and I'll change Alyssa's clothes." He nodded and left the room.
"What are we going to do?" Zara mumured as she took Alyssa's gowns out of the wardrobe and loaded them into a trunk.
"What can we do, you mean." Vilandra sat Alyssa up," Would you hand me a night gown, Zara? Thank you."
She unbottoned the back of Alyssa's dress, and handed it to Zara.
"Arms up. There's a girl." Vilandra pulled the nightgown over Alyssa's head. She laid her back down, and pulled off her petticoats, shoes and stockings. Vilandra had Zara help her pull the covers back and tuck Alyssa into bed. She stood up and began, picking up the bits and pieces that were lying around the room, putting them into trunks. The girls worked silently occasionaly looking at the girl on the bed and sighing. What was to be done? Nothing, there was nothing that they could do and they felt helpless.

**** At dawn the next moring, Rath came in and had the servants take out Alyssa's things. Aiden and the girls came with him. The girls put on Alyssa's robe and slippers and Aiden carried her out to the carriage. She was still asleep, and they didn't want to wake her she would be able to change at the first inn, they stopped at.

Zan watched from his window as the carriage pulled away, he couldn't believe she was gone. He had wanted it this way, he thought to himself as he turned from the window, he picked up the box lying on his dresser, and opened it, tracing the outline of the diamond ring.

****DON'T WORRY!! This is a dreamer fic, but I had to have something or else there wouldn't be a plot line now would there!
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Hey everybody!! I know that y'all are thinking what was I thinking? I honestly don't know! Actually I just needed some DRAMA!! It was getting to happy for me!! (J/K) But really I thought that Ava deserved some happiness I mean I am going to doom her to a life of UN-happiness so she should have some joy to think about!(KIDDING!!)
Yes, but back to the subject here is part 9, I think that this fic may end up being a 10 part fic! Depending on how long each part is......(sigh)

Part 9:One year later......

Zan waved off his advisors with an air of boredom and disgust. It was all the same the peasants always wanted the same thing, more food, better treatment, more money, less taxes, more land, What else did they want from him, for him to go out and plant their fields himself!? He hated being King, his father had died about three months after Alyssa had left, and his mother followed a month later, being unable to live without his father. He had no-one save his sister who wouldn't speak to him at all. Aiden was still furious with him, not even for hurting Alyssa but for aggreeing to marry Ava. Yes, he had agreed to marry her, what other choices did he have? Some other princess from another kingdom, No. He settled for Ava, and he waited for word on Alyssa. Zara had taken it upon herself to tell him exactly what she thought of him.
"Zan!" Zara's eyes flashed with anger."How could you?!"
"How could I what? The evidence was right in front of my face." He turned away from her to the window, fingering the ring.
Zara sighed,"Zan, you didn't let her explain, she-"
He cut her off," Zara what did you want me to think!!? That she was innocent, devoid of all bad intentions, that PRECIOUS little Alyssa wouldn't ever think of something like that!" He yelled at her.
"NO!! YOU want to know what I think ZAN? Hmmmm... DO YOU?" She was yelling back, and Aiden and Vilandra had entered the room as well."I think that you're a coward, you were too scared! HMMMMMMM, Which is worse Zan? That she could betray you? Or that YOU thought she did? Because I SAW her after you were through with her and DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU DID TO HER!! YOU SELFISH PIG!!! YOU HURT HER MORE THAN I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!!!! AND LOOK AT YOU, YOU ARE ABOUT TO MARRY THE MOST UNCARING UNFEELING WOMAN GOD EVER CREATED AND FOR WHAT TO UNITE YOUR PRECIOUS KINGDOM? IT'S WORTHLESS HAVE YOU BEEN OUTSIDE, IT'S ROTTING AWAY WHILE YOU SPEND MONEY ON THAT.... ON THAT.... WORTHLESS BITCH!!!" Zara took a deep breath after saying that, and continued on," Zan you know what? You two deserve each other, she the conniving little whelp and you the aroggant bastard! You don't deserve this kingdom, look what you've done with it! It's falling apart, look at you! YOU'RE falling apart, you've lost touch with reality Zan, you're alone, you're sister can't stand to speak to you, Aiden once one of your best friends despises you, and Theron.... Theron is gone! To Lord knows where! Probably to avoid you! You took them away," Zara slashed at the tears that were forming in her eyes," YOU sent the only woman you ever loved away, and you forced the ONLY person I could ever love away too! I hope you are proud of what you've done to us Zan!!" With that she ran out of the room sobbing, and calling back," I am going to HIM, you may feel that you don't need her, but I NEED him!"
****End Flashback***
Zan shook his head to clear the memory, he had watched Alyssa leave that day. She had seen him watching her from his window, and looked at him with an unreadable look.
Ava walked in, and he took a moment to appreciate her beauty. He felt something for her, he knew it was only lust and that after he had her it would fade and he would have to seek comfort elsewhere. He also knew that she understood this and accepted it. Ava smiled at him, and mouthed the word later. Later was right, later he would be able to take out all of his frustrations on her.
**Ava's POV
She stared at him, in the year since Alyssa had gone, he had become cold and harsh. She didn't mind that, but she wanted him to care for her. She knew that he wanted her, but he wouldn't want her after she was his. She hated him for it, for not being able to get over Alyssa's "Betrayal". She smirked at that thought, nothing Zara had said that while ago had made any difference to him, he still thought that she had betrayed him. Well, it didn't matter now because Ava had won. She was betrothed to Zan, and nothing was going to stop her from walking down the aisle! NOTHING! Not that stupid wench Vilandra or her betrothed Aiden. She knew that Vilandra was very close to finding out her secret, she had almost found it too! Good thing that Ava had managed to kill that particular "slip-up" She couldn't afford any more hit and misses, so she had gotten rid of all her other servants, no she hadn't killed them, that would be suspicious, she had sent them home, and hired others. These others were loyal to Zan and therfore Vilandra, but that didn't matter since they knew nothing. She smiled looking at the ring on her finger, she turned her hand and admired the way the jewels caught the light. It wasn't the same ring as the one Zan had planned to give Alyssa. This one was a ruby, one ruby. She didn't mind too much, because once she was Queen she could have all the jewels she wanted. But it still stung, knowing that she was his second choice. She wondered what her father would say, he would say that she had to live with it, and live with it she did. She had convinced Zan to move court back to newer throne room, there were too many reminders of Alyssa there, in the old throne room. Everyone had been most frustrated that week, first moving in the old throne room, then out. She didn't care. She sighed, releasing her thoughts and turned to Zan. He was approached by a page, not even a high page, one of the lowest pages, the ones who didn't attend court until they had completed their training. What on earth was he doing in here? She glared at him, daring him to come closer. He met her icy blue eyes with his clear gray ones, and came forward.
"A message for you sire," the page, Mikas, bowed.
"Thank you ?"
"Mikas, sire,"
"Ah yes, thank you Mikas." He dismissed the boy, and opened the missive. Ava leaned in, and tried to read it over his shoulder. He snapped it closed and turned to glare at her. She lowered her eyes, submissive.
"Court dismissed," He looked at her one final time, silently warning her with his eyes, that she was tresspassing. He got up and walked away from her.

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Part 10

Vilandra wandered aimlessly. Over the past year she noticed how Zan was becoming more and more cruel and less and less like the boy that she had known before. He had grown up, but not really, she thought. He still acted like a little child. Well, a little child that ruled a kingdom with an iron fist. She remembered the day that she had told him about Zara and Rath's marriage. He had gone into a fury, he didn't come out of his room for three days!
Vilandra ran into the dining hall early in the morning, with no regard for anything at all,"ZAN!! ZAN! Guess what?"
"What?" Zan asked listlessly stirring his broth.(A/N broth?)
"Zara and Rath got MARRIED!" She was practically jumping up and down she was so happy.
"WHAT?" Zan boomed standing up and slamming his hands on the table,"DID I TELL YOU ABOUT MENTIONING THAT NAME?" Ava jumped back, she had never heard Zan yell like that. Ok, well she had but only once, not she was scared then, but she was scared now.
Vilandra just stared at him, tears in her eyes.
"Zan...." She said her voice wobbling.
"Nothing! I DON'T want to hear about it! YOU can't go galvanting off all over the country and expect me to care about you!"
"What are you talking about?!"Vilandra asked getting agitated.
"I am talking about ZARA, your best friend! And HER!" His eyes turned gold with some unrecognizable emotion.
"Oh, and somehow, just because "THEY"," she mocked him,"left, that means it's ok to forget about them!!"

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**From Part 10a:
"What are you talking about?!"Vilandra asked getting agitated.
"I am talking about ZARA, your best friend! And HER!" His eyes turned gold with some unrecognizable emotion.
"Oh, and somehow, just because "THEY"," she mocked him,"left, that means it's ok to forget about them!!"

"STAY OUT OF IT VILANDRA," Zan warned his voice deadly calm.
"NO, I won't Zan, look at yourself you are an empty shell, you aren't even half the man you were before!"
"Before what, Vilandra?"Zan asked clenching and unclenching his fist.
"Before she left, before you hurt her! All you could think of then was yourself and that's all you'll ever think about again!"
"Vilandra.." Ava started to interupt.
"NO!"Vilandra whirled around to face Ava,"YOU are the reason this whole thing happened!! YOU'RE the reason he's like this!! YOU wanted him and you got him. Look what you've done to him! Did you honestly think that he could ever love YOU?? Of all people? I sure as hell hope not! You took HER away from him, because you wanted him to love you!" While she was screaming all this, Zan got angrier and angrier, Ava's face turned ghost white.Vilandra took a breath and continued on,"Do you realize that when you took her away you took him away too!"She let out on a sob,"You took away my brother!" She ran out of the room, crying.
Zan turned to Ava,"We won't be getting married as planned."
Ava's face must have shown her shock, if it could look anymore shocked after Vilandra's outburst. Vilandra had been holding her tongue ever since....
"Oh, darling!"Zan rushed to her side,"I didn't mean we won't be getting married we'll just have to hold it off for awhile." Ava smiled shakily.
***End Flashback***
Vilandra noticed that her aimless wandering had brought her to the dungeons. Hmmm, I haven't ever been in the dungeon before, she wandered in.
"MY LADY!" A guard jumped up from his seat and bowed. She inclined her head towards him and continued on, she had a feeling that the missing piece of her proof was in here. The guard followed her doggedly.
"M'Lady I can't let you continue any further!" She rolled her eyes and turned to him.
"And why is that?" She asked making her tone as haughty as possible.
"M'Lady there are things that aren't fit for someone of your status to see!" He exclaimed. She looked down her nose at him, sending him a scathing glare.
"Are you implying that I am WEAK?" She asked.
"N-n-no, m'Lady!"
"Good, then go back to your post," She turned on her heel and walked on. God, the guards were so annoying! She had come to the end of the hallway, and now it was either right or left. She went left and walked on, it was awful in here. There was so much blood and gore and FLITH, she could barely breath from the stench of it. She heard a voice that she recognized, was that? No, it couldn't be, he went to the country. She hurried to where the voice was coming from.
"OH MY GOD!" She exclaimed kneeling down.
"Vilandra! You found me! Thank God!" The thin, frail man rasped out.
"You're ill! Who did this to you?" She held his hands in her own, his were like ice."GUARD!! COME HERE!! AND BRING YOUR KEYS!!" She yelled.
"Oh, Vilandra, you have to stop her!"
"Stop who?" Vilandra asked, confused."Theron what are you talking about, don't strain yourself! Wait until you are better!"
"Finally," She spat out at the guard.
"M'Lady why did you want my keys?"
"To let this man out," she sighed imperiously.
"Oh, I can't do that M'Lady, he's a prisoner!"
"I can SEE that, and I PRINCESS Vilandra am ordering you to let him out! NOW!" She bellowed. The guard hurried to open the door.
"Now, come on," she said gently to Theron,"Put your arm around my shoulders and I'll help you get out."
Theron was well again, but he hadn't gotten a chance to tell Vilandra what he had found out. He had quickly noticed the quiet change in her and Aiden's demeanor. He had watched, something was wrong something was very wrong, he knew exactly what it was, that stupid woman had carried out her foolish plan and succeeded.
He walked quickly to court, was announced, causing a group intake of breath, everyone thought he had gone to the country to never return. Stupid lying, .... he thought.
"Your highness, may I speak with you personally?" He bowed low, Zan had changed. His face was hard and cruel. His eyes were different too, what would Zara have said?Oh, yeah they were lifeless, pretty accurate description.
Zan nodded, what the hell was Theron doing here? What did he have to tell him that couldn't wait until later. Theron came up to him, and whispered the whole story in Zan's ear. Zan's face slowly changed, his face was still hard and cruel but as Zara would say the life was back in his eyes. He knew what he had to do, well first he had to get rid of that lying piece of trash, that had been calling herself his fiance, he was going to win Alyssa back, he silently vowed to himself.

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Part 11

Alyssa stood staring out at the sunrise. She loved sunrise it was something she didn't get the chance to see very often. Her mother kept her on a tight leash. But she never skipped a chance to see one. She loved the beauty and miracle of the sun coming up every morning. It was so peaceful, and that time between day and night felt so full of oppurtunities, that Alyssa actually managed to feel truly at peace. She watched the sun come up over the horizon and turned back to her parent's country house. She watched as the house seemed to wake up. Today was a busy day, it was only three days before the wedding, and Alyssa's mother wanted everything to be perfect. She had been seen critizing a servant for even the slightest error in procedure. Alyssa smiled, thinking of how she had been at Rath's wedding, she had been much worse, because Rath's bride had been STAYING with them in their house. She had been anal about every little detail. She was better this time because only the reception was taking place there. The wedding was going to be held at an old missionary chapel, that the groom's family owned. Alyssa frowned at this, and thought of what had taken place so long ago...
"He-he-hello?" A dripping wet Zara stood on the doorstep in the pouring rain."May I sp-p-peak with Alyssa?" She didn't pay any attention to the emaciated, sickly looking girl in front of her.
"Zara?" The girl asked, her face confused.
"Yes, how did you know my name?"
"Don't you remember me?"
"ALYSSA!?" Zara's mouth dropped open.
"Yes!" Alyssa pulled Zara into a warm embrace. And the two giggled. Then Zara sobered, and pulled back studying Alyssa.
"You are much too thin! I am going to fatten you up!" She laughed.
"Oh, don't worry about me! Rath! Rath is going to be so happy to see you! He is just a big grouch without you!"
"Really?" Zara's eyes lit up, she wasn't sure if she would be accepted, because of.... everything.
"Oh yes!" Alyssa turned towards the grand staircase,"RATH!! YOU HAVE A GUEST!!" She winked at Zara.
"WHAT?" Rath voice was heard yelling back.
"CHILDREN! Stop that screeching, I have a migraine!"
"That's Mother, don't worry about her, she'll love you once she knows that you two are going to be married." Alyssa grinned. Zara sputtered.
"Who's getting marri- ZARA?" Rath, tripped on his way down the stairs.
"Rath!" Alyssa rushed over to help him up."Way to make a good impression on the woman you're going to marry!"
"Wha-wha who- whe-ne-de" Rath stuttered angrily. Zara's mouth was opening and closing like a fish's.
"You'll see,"Alyssa winked, and turned to Zara," Are you going to stay with us?" Zara smiled, she should have known that Alyssa wouldn't hold anything against her.
Rath didn't know what to say, he didn't want HER staying with him, but Alyssa already looked better than she had in months, and who was he to stop a good thing. Besides if SHE stayed with him.. THEM! Us, not them, don't think that Rath! Oh, God Alyssa was right he would end up married to the spirited vixen before him. He sighed, oh well it wasn't too bad. HA! Who was he kidding, it was GREAT!
Alyssa watched as the two just stared at each other, and giggled.
She smiled remembering how good she had felt then.
"EEEEEEEEE!" She jumped about two feet in the air when she felt two arms go about her waist."CHRISTIAN!" She turned around and playfully slapped his arm.
"What has got you so happy this morning, beautiful?" He whispered in her ear.
"Oh, nothing really." Christian leaned in closer, getting reading to kiss her neck, she shrugged him off, frowning and turned to face him.
"We are going to be married in three days and you still won't let me touch you!" He exclaimed, angrily.
"I'm sorry, Christian, I just can't..." She looked at the ground. He pulled her into a hug.
"I know, it'll be better after we can get away from all this."
Alyssa didn't comment, thinking of how much better she had felt in another man's arms, one who didn't love her anymore.

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"M'Lady?" The servant asked hesitantly.
"What! Can't you see I'm occupied?" Alyssa snapped. The wedding was tomorrow and things still weren't ready! She couldn't believe her mother had decided to take a "health" day today!
"There's someone here to see you." The servant girl wimpered.
"Oh, I am sorry Jana, I didn't mean to snap, this wedding has me at the end of my patience." Liz grinned at Jana,"Let them in. I hope it isn't another singing telegram from Christian." That was another problem, her MIA fiance. He had to leave on urgent business he said, and told her to do whatever she pleased with the wedding plans. Whatever she pleased, what a joke. She sat down, she couldn't believe the mess that she was sitting in. There was garbage everywhere, people were already sending their gifts. This wedding was too much. She wasn't prepared for this, plus there was still the gifts to be given by the people in attendance.
Alyssa stood up to greet the newest arrival. She stood speechless at the sight before her. It couldn't be... It wasn't. Not on the day before her WEDDING, to ANOTHER man! What was he thinking? Was it his goal to permantly destroy her life?
"Alyssa?" He looked at her, with remorse in his eyes. Well it's too late for regrets now, isn't it Zan. She ran out of the room.
"Alyssa! Wait! Please!" Zan charged after her, he should have known that she would have moved on with her life. He couldn't believe she was getting married. He hated himself, he hated the other man. He felt like ripping his throat out. How could- Now wasn't the time, he had to get to Alyssa, it was his last chance he needed to see her, to touch her, to just be near her. He found her in the garden crying.
"Please, please don't cry darling," He knelt down in front of her.
"Don't..." she whispered through her tears.
"Don't what?" He hated to see her like this. He knew it was all his fault he had to make it better he had to."Please tell me."
"Don't call me darling." She shook her head," I- I- you don't love me!" She started crying harder.
"Yes, yes I do!"
"NO! ZAN! YOU DON'T! YOU pushed me away! You got engaged to her! How can you say that to me!!!?" She stood up. He followed her.
"I can't, I know I don't deserve-"
"That's right you don't deserve anything but what you have!" She was angry now, but the tears wouldn't stop pouring down her face.
"I know, but please Alyssa. Let me say what I have to say. I know you don't..." He looked at her imploringly.
"Fine." She sat down again. He decided that he should remain standing.
"It was- then... and he- I- she..... I guess that wasn't very clear," Alyssa snorted," Let me try again. I reacted very badly, I was jealous, Alyssa of that man. You see I didn't understand how REAL love works, how it's supposed to be. I was so angry that I just lashed out, and I am SORRY. I will regret it until the day I die. I swear it. I know the truth now, either way. I know that the whole incident was orchestrated by Ava, she wanted me that bad. She even trapped Theron in MY dungeon, for all the time you were gone. I didn't find out that I was set up until Lannie found him. I know that I didn't even give you a chance to defend yourself but what would you have done in my position? Oh, I know that you would have stayed and tried to find out why. But you left, I guess I wanted you to stay and fight for me, but you left. She was there to comfort me, and I let her. She fed off my anger towards your leaving. Alyssa without you everything is wrong. My life is WRONG. I know that I don't deserve anything, but I am begging you to please take me back. You don't have to come back as my lover, if you came back as a friend I would accept that with a thankful heart. And if nothing ever came of that friendship then I would still get up every morning and thank the higher powers that you were in my life. I just need you to be near me, I am not the same man you knew, I've changed. I didn't realize it. Everyone tried to tell me, but I wouldn't listen. I was a fool... Before you answer. Let me tell you what happened with Ava." Alyssa stood up prepared to leave."No WAIT! It's not what you think, the minute I found out what she really was, I sent her packing. I didn't want anything like her in my kingdom. She is here, with her mother. We aren't engaged anymore, I suspect that we never really were engaged, at least not like she would have wanted. I don't know what to say to you to make you come back to me. Please, if you ever felt for me at all, please consider it."

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OMG! Sorry Sorry! Computer troubles, what more can I say! I am apologizing profusely in advance if this part is mega crappy but as someone is bound to say there are a few bad apples in every barrel. *happy*

"Zan, I don't think that I can come with you." Alyssa looked a her feet, which had suddenly become fasinating.
"Is it about your marriage to whats-his-name?" Zan hated the man, he couldn't help it, he was jealous.
"Yes, that and .... other things. I just don't think I have it in me to be your friend, how can you expect me to?" Alyssa looked up and met his eyes. Zan was almost devasted by what he saw there, dissapointment.
"Please, Alyssa, I swear that I will ask nothing of you, but what you're ready to give me. You don't have to give ME anything, just say that you'll come. Vilandra misses you, Theron misses you, and I know Aiden misses you. Please say that you will come. You can even bring Rath and Zara with you. Mother and Vilandra missed Zara terribly after you left." Zan tried to smile.
"Oh Zan," Alyssa sighed and went back to studying her feet."
"Alyssa please don't say my name like that, listen here's what you can do, you can send word to your- to him, that you are putting the wedding off, not indefinetly just temporarily while you get used to the idea of being with him. And then you can stay at the palace with me-us and let your mother finish planning."
"Zan the weddings tomorrow, I can't cancel, I want to marry Christian, please I'm very glad that you know the truth but just because you say you're sorry doesn't mean that you are. I need proof, and other than your words I have none."
"Oh Alyssa let me prove it to you, please come home with me and let me show you how much you mean to me." Zan tilted her chin up and looked into her eyes,"please."
Alyssa stared at amber eyes that she once knew so well, he was so different now, how could she even know if they would work out together. NO, Alyssa you musn't think like that you are with Christian, and he loves you and wants to take care of you, but you don't LOVE him. She sighed,"Yes Zan I'll come with you.. BUT on one condition, you promise me that after one month I get to come home and marry Christian just as I planned."
Zan couldn't contain his smile, he would have given her the moon if she had asked for it."Yes anything you want DARLING ALYSSA!" He picked her up and twirled her around in his arms.
"ALYSSA!" Zara came running up into the garden."What. is. going. on?" Rath was right behind her.
"OH" Zara stopped midrun and stared at Zan.
"Zara what do you think you are doi- OH" Rath stopped short and stared Zan down. "What are YOU doing here?"
"I came to see Alyssa," Zan raised his chin.
"Well you saw her now you can leave." Rath gritted his teeth he wanted to punch the jerk, but Zara had made him promise no random acts of violence until AFTER the wedding, he didn't know how RANDOM punching Zan would be....
"I AM leaving and Alyssa's coming with me."
"Um that where you would be wrong, she isn't going anywhere, she's getting married in case you didn't know." Zara glared at Zan, how dare he order Alyssa around, this wasn't his kingdom and Alyssa wasn't his subject.
"No Rath, Zara it's ok I agreed to go, the wedding-it's just too much for me right now, and it makes me feel awful to say it, but I'm not so sure that I am ready. Please say that you'll come with me to visit Vildandra Aiden, and Theron." Alyssa begged Rath to understand with her eyes.
Rath grunted, Zara nodded her head in agreement.
"Come on Lyssa let's go and pack." Zara pulled Alyssa up to the house.
Rath turned to Zan, "You hurt her again and I really will make you pay" Rath followed the girls up to the house,"Mother isn't going to like this one bit,"he muttered to himself.

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