Title: The real World
author: roswell_chick101

I don't own roswell or real world and have no connection to either show. (like you didn't know that)

summary: Liz gets the chance to go on the real world before she leaves for college while she is really excited she is also leaving her best friend Max ,teflon babe Maria ,Alex ,Isabel and Micheal in roswell.

Quick note: this is AU no aleins ,no Tess (show wise) No Baby .

Hi I'm Liz and I'm really excited about being on the real world I live in a very small town called roswell ,so Flordia is gonna be a very big change .Plus I'm leaving all my friends so - Oh wait is that um I think yeah yeah

Liz: hi !

Brian: Hey! I'm Brian

Liz: Liz they hug and laugh

Brian: so do you have the key

Liz: no do you?

Brian: no

Lindsay: hey guy's I'm Lindsay

Liz: I'm Liz

Brian: I'm Brian you have the key?

Lindsay: no

Danny: (in a funky voice)I got the key I got the Key the

anthor car comes up

Sara: hey guy's I'm Sara I'm eric

they open the door the house is huge right by the ocean

Sara: lets pick room's!!

Liz: oh wait theres a note

Danny: Dear real world we hope you enjoy your home we done somthing different this season we've picked who you're going to room with but first things first confessional booth upstairs to you're right you all report for work in two day's now Liz and Sara you have the room upstairs Brian Danny The "mystic room belongs to you and Lindsay and Eric you have the future room .

Danny :well thats it lets get unpacked .

Sara in confession

I don't know what it is but Liz seems so school girl I mean she's 18 I'm 21 I don't know somthing tells me that were not going to get along

Danny in confession

Liz Oh my could a girl get more hot?
She's so pretty If I were to hook up with anyone it would be her.

Eric in confession

Liz somthing about her is just like calling me to her
I can't wait to get to know her.

Liz in confession
I'm scared I don't know what it is Sara scares me

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