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This is a repost of a story that I had lost but refound and am going to finish.Much Thanks to Janie girl for helping me find it. Even if you have read it before please read it again as I have changed some things and tweeked it a bit! Hope you like it and will be glad to see it thru to the very end!

Title: Worlds Apart
Rating: PG
I do not own Roswell or any of the characters that go along with it.
Summary: This story revolves around Max and Liz. It is not based at all on the show, in fact the shooting and the Crashdown do not even exist. All the other characters are in this story though but will be introduced as they come on the scene. Max, Isabel, and Michael are aliens living in Roswell but they have been able to effectively live their lives in secrecy. Things are pretty normal until Liz returns home. I do not want to give my story away but I will mention that Max and Liz will be together in this story after some hurdles that they must overcome.

Chapter 1

Max smiled to himself. He was not totally sure why but he had volunteered to pick up his younger step-sister from the airport for his step dad. She was flying in from London. He knew exactly what she would look like too, she would be dressed in an old pair of faded jeans and a oversized tee shirt, probably not tucked in and all stained up. She had very long dark brown hair that she always wore up in a ponytail and brown eyes that were usually looking at the ground. Liz Parker or Lizzy as he had always called her was like a little sister to him and incredibly annoying little sister. His mom had married her dad 4 years ago when they were just teenagers, Lizzy was only 15 at the time he was 17. Max liked his step dad he was a nice enough person and great for his mom he had to admit. Lizzy was a bit of a pain to be around she really did not like the fact that her dad had remarried to his mom. He always thought that somewhere deep down inside she probably resented his mom for taking her mothers place. Liz's mother had died when she was young so it had always been just her and her dad. Lizzy was not anything like the girls he was used to seeing around, even Isabel his sister was so much more refined and well, so much more like a girl. Lizzy was just such a tomboy that he had gotten use to thinking of her as a little brother trapped in a girls body, which made her that much more annoying. She used to follow him around like some kind of lost puppy dog. IT really use to drive him nuts, she was always around pestering him. Isabel and Lizzy didn't get along at all they hated each other from day one, probably because they had absolutely nothing in common. It was not long after the wedding; a few months actually that Lizzy had gone to her father and asked if she could go to London to live with her Aunt. That was the last he had seen of her. It was strange though after she was gone he missed her a lot. Even though she was annoying there was something about her that had gotten under his skin.

This was to be Liz’s first trip home to America. Max was back home visiting his mom and sister for the summer when Jeff had mentioned needing someone to pick up Lizzy from the airport. He had so many meetings that he had to go to that day he just couldn't break free from his busy schedule. Max had volunteered, he liked to help Jeff out when he could, besides it might be a kick to see his little brother again, Max thought as he stood in the airport terminal.

"So I checked they said the flight was on time and that passengers should be getting off in about 10 minutes." Michael told him. Max looked up at Michael and shook his head. They were best friends and had been for a long time. They first met at the orphanage that he and Isabel went to before his parents adopted them. They shared a common bond the three of them that they had never told anyone else about not even their parents. Max’s memories were vague at best but he did remember that night perfectly, the night that he and Isabel had emerged from the pods. They knew right away that they were different, not human. They found out later at the orphanage that Michael had emerged from the pods too, only moments before they had but in fear he had run off. He had hidden in the trees and watched as the Evans picked up Max and Isabel in their car. They decided to keep their identity a secret not wanting to put themselves or the people around them in any danger. Michael had been adopted about the same time as Max and Isabel by a wealthy family. He had everything he could ever have wanted material speaking, except for love. The Gurins weren't the real lovey dovey types, so Michael was always somewhat withdrawn from people. He was closest to Max and Isabel. They were his family.

"Well she should be real easy to pick out, she is the only girl that will be dressed like a guy." Max told him.

"Really so is she a feminist then or what?" Michael laughed.

"More like or what. I don't know she is just like this incredible tomboy or something she never liked doing anything with Isabel, she always wanted to hang out with me or my friends. The only reason you two did not meet was because that was the summer that you went with your parents to the Bahamas. Even her best friend here was Alex Whitman, you know that computer geek we went to school with." Max told him.

"OK so she has long dark hair but dresses like a guy, got it." Michael told him as they both laughed.

Liz sat nervously in her seat shifting around uncomfortably. "Liz just calm down, it’s going to be ok. It’s been 4 years and you've changed a lot thanks to my incredible taste and fashion since."

"Yeah Maria your right, I have absolutely nothing to worry about. I am so glad you decided to come with me it helps a lot. I just don't think I could face Max Evans alone right now." Liz told her.

"Are you still completely head over heals in love with him?" Maria asked.

"Oh I don't know Maria. It all seems so strange to me now. I mean I still remember it but it’s different since I have been away. Remember all the dreams I told you I use to have when I was a kid about living on another planet and that was my real home. My dad sent me to a therapist for a while he told me that it was all make believe you know. I invented this place because I missed my mom. And well the truth is my dad was not really around too much so I was alone a lot. He worked a lot of hours especially after my mom died. Things changed so drastically for me when I first met Max those dreams grew in their intensity to the point were I could not tell what was real or a dream anymore. The images grew more vivid and disturbing. It was one of the reasons that I knew I had to leave that I knew I had to go live with my Aunt after Max, Isabel, and his mom moved into our house. It was the only way to remain sane you know. I guess I am just worried that it could all start back up again." Liz tried to explain as she smiled at her best friend. Liz had met Maria her first day at the London finishing school her Aunt had arranged for her to attend. They had hit it off right away. Liz was grateful to Maria she had helped her out so much. Maria had taken Liz under her wing and helped her to really discover the beautiful young woman that was blossoming underneath the tomboy extorter. Maria grabbed her hand and almost drug her off the plane, "Come on Liz your not the same person you were 4 years ago, look at you besides you haven't seen your dad in 4 years aren't you at least a little excited about that?" Maria asked her.

"Yes, I am, ok let’s go." Liz told her as she picked up her bag. Maria smiled at her as they walked off the plane. "I'll go find out about the bags you go find your dad." Liz smiled and took in a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh, "Ok here goes." Liz said aloud as she walked into the airport. Max scanned through the passengers one by one as they came off the plane trying to see the awkward petite girl who had left Roswell 4 years earlier. He did not see anyone who looked remotely close to her. A beautiful young woman caught his attention though. She was perfect; she had long soft brown hair that hung loosely down around her shoulders. She was wearing a pale blue summer dress that accented her figure perfectly. The petite brunette had caught Michael’s attention too, "Wow now that is one gorgeous little number wonder if she is hanging around Roswell this summer." Michael leaned over and whispered to Max.

"It wouldn't matter if she were you wouldn't have a shot with a girl that hot." Max told him jokingly. "Besides you’re not that lucky when it comes to girls and dating."

"Yeah well neither are you." Michael told him.

Max hit Michael on the arm and shook his head, "Yeah right." The truth was he could have had just about any girl that he wanted in Roswell but he just wasn't that interested in them. He didn't know what he wanted the only girls he had been close to were Isabel and Lizzy and she didn't count really. But now Max could not take his eyes off this young woman; he stared in total disbelief as she began walking towards them. Max swallowed and hit Michael on the arm, "She’s coming over."

End of part one

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Well here is the second chapter to my little tail!

Max! Hey it’s so good to see you! Gosh it feels like it has been forever since I last saw you! Liz cried out excitedly as she hugged him.

Max shook his head and looked over at Michael in confusion.

“SO, what are you doing here anyway? Were is my dad?" Liz asked as she stepped back away from him and gently brushed the hair from her face.

Max shook his head and pulled back to take a closer look at the young woman now standing in front of him. "Oh my Gosh, Lizzy it is you! I totally did not recognize you. You really have changed so much. You look, well you look..."

“Different?" Liz laughed.

"Yeah very different." Max told her unable to take his eyes off her.

"Oh well you’re the same, dark hair, dark eyes. Just like, I remember. So where is my dad, why didn't he come to pick me up?" Liz asked looking around for Maria.

Max just stared at Liz as she began looking around the airport. She was so incredibly beautiful nothing at all, as he remembered. Gone were the tomboy clothes and boyish mannerisms. This could not be his Lizzy the one he had always thought of as an annoying little brother trapped in a girl’s body. Max shook his head as he heard her ask, "Max, did you hear me? How come my dad isn't here everything is ok, isn't it?"

"Oh yeah, yeah your dad is fine. Work is just keeping him busy. He asked me to come and pick you up so here I am. If your ready we can go get your luggage and I'll take you home." Max told her as he placed his hand on the small of her back. Liz shivered a little having Max this close to her she could feel some of those old feeling stirring inside of her again. “Calm yourself Parker, keep your cool.” Liz thought to herself.

It was Michael's voice that got both of there attention, "Umm, Maxwell, remember me?" Max turned back to Michael and laughed, "Oh, yeah this is my friend, Michael, sorry this is my little..." Max stopped not quite sure what to call her now. Sister hardly seemed appropriate since the feelings he was now having for her were anything but sister and brotherly emotions. "This is my, oh heck this is Liz." Max finally got out.

Liz gave Max a strange look and laughed a little, "Gee Max that was a nice introduction thanks a lot." "Hello Michael I'm Liz, Max's step sister.

“Nice to meet you. You look nothing like Max said you would, he had me thinking that I was looking for a real tomboy.” Michael told her. Max hit Michael in the arm and gave him a dirty look.

“Oh really, just how did Max say that I would look? OH let me guess, faded jeans, raggy old tee shirt, and a baseball cap, am I close?” Liz asked in a teasing voice.

Michael laughed and nodded his head in agreement. Liz smiled at Max, “Well don’t be to disappointed with how I look cause I still have those faded jeans and the baseball cap too!”

Max shook his head and tried not to look as uncomfortable as he was feeling, “NO Lizzy I am not disappointed with how you look really, you look great, but not that you wouldn’t look great in your jeans, cause you would, I mean you do, or you did, you know before.”

Liz and Michael both began laughing at Max as he tried to explain. Max just shook his head, “I give up you look great, honestly. Really.” Max told her.

Liz laughed, “It’s ok I know I wasn’t the most fashion conscious teenager, but I’ve grown up and well here I am.”

Liz turned around just as Maria walked up and joined them, “this is my friend, Maria, and she is going to be staying with us this summer too."

Hi, Max, Liz has told me a lot about you." Maria smiled.

"Hey" Max smiled back, "Nice to meet you."

Michael shook his head and smiled at Maria, "Well ladies if your ready the jeep awaits."

Maria laughed, "So you two are our ride home, is everything ok with your dad Liz?"

"Yeah Max just said that he had to work as usual. So Max was roped into having to come fetch us so we would not be stranded here at the airport." Liz explained to her.

"I wasn't roped into coming to get you, I actually wanted to come." Max told her.

Liz laughed and shook her head. "Now I know your lying, you never wanted me around I use to annoy you. In fact you use to call me the worlds biggest pest remember."

Max cringed at her words and the memories came flooding back to mind. He really had been a jerk to her at times. "Really Liz I wanted to come and get you today believe it or not I missed you." Max told her in all sincerity. He really had missed her; it was strange even though he always thought of her as an annoying pain once she was gone he missed her not being there. He had not really realized how much she actually meant to him until after she left.

Liz looked into his eyes and smiled she had missed him too more then he would ever know. "Thanks Max that's nice to know. Makes coming home that much easier."

"So how was life over in London, did you like living there?" Max asked as they walked out to the jeep.

"Oh yeah it was wonderful. I really loved it. So I heard that you are finishing up your senior year of college this fall then it’s off to med school right?" Liz asked trying to make small talk.

"Yeah, I was going to take some classes this summer and graduate early but it was really important to mom that I come spend some time so both Isabel and I are staying here for the summer too." Max explained.

"OH my dad didn't mention that to me." Liz told him with a frown on her face.

Max felt a little disappointed he was kind of hoping that she would not mind him being around this summer. "Sorry Liz is that a problem, I mean us being here." Max could not help himself he had to ask.

Liz looked at him startled by his question, "OH No, Gosh Max I am sorry that must have sounded just awful I was just worried because I didn't tell dad that I was bringing Maria home with me and I don't want Isabel to be uncomfortable having to share a room with the both of us. I'm glad your going to be here, really glad." Liz smiled at him as he helped her into the back of the jeep. Michael shoved the last of their duffels under the seat then climbed into the passenger side next to Max.

"Well actually you won't have to be sharing a room with Isabel didn't your dad tell you that they moved? He sold the house about a year ago and got a lot bigger place." Max told her as he drove. He looked in the rear view and could see by the expression on Liz face that her dad had not told her.

"Sold the house, he sold our house." Liz asked meekly. "No he did not mention that to me." Liz answered back. Max looked back again and saw as tears formed in Liz's eyes, but she hurriedly brushed them away. He felt bad for her; it bothered him to see her look so sad. Liz sat quietly the rest of the way to her father’s house that is what it would be from now on she knew. He had sold the only place she had ever thought of as home and did not even tell her about it.

Maria leaned over and pinched her, "Hey it will be ok maybe we can go see your old house latter ok?" Liz smiled at Maria and shook her head.
"So Michael, are you studying to be a doctor too?" Maria leaned forward and asked.

Michael shook his head, "NO Maxwell is the brain, and I’m just the artist. He'll be saving lives while I am starving trying to get my first show." Michael told her.

"Well I would love to see some of your work. Really I am not just saying that to be nice either." Maria told him.

Michael nodded his head, "Sure anytime just let me know. What about you, I heard you guys graduated last year right?"

“Yeah Liz is in school studying to be a chemist, I am done with school though. It is not for me, I have decided to try to pursue a singing career much to my mother’s horror. Liz and I share a flat on the out skirts of London it’s really a nice place." Maria told them.

"You don't have an English accent I mean you sound like your American were you born here in the US?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, my mom married a very wealthy business man when I was 12 and we moved to London not to long after that. I am trying to talk Liz into moving back here to the US with me, I so want to live down in LA." Maria explained.

"Well this is it, Mom made sure to have the movers be really careful with all of your old stuff. It's all set up in your new room. It’s a really nice place Liz I think you will like it. There is a lot more room and it even has a pool in the back with a Jacuzzi. Michael and I helped your dad put it in just last fall." Max told her trying to be positive. Liz just shook her head and smiled. It could have been the Windsor Castle itself and it would not have matter to Liz. Her old house was home it was where she had spent those few precious years with her mother before her death. Liz did not expect anyone to understand that though.
Michael helped Maria out of the jeep and then grabbed the bags and carried them in. Liz climbed out of the jeep and stood staring at the huge house before her. IT was beautiful and there was more space she could see that but it still was not home. She let out a heavy sigh and followed Max and the others into the house. Max leaned over and whispered softly into her ear, "Just give it a try and if you like later I will take you for a ride to see the old place?" Liz shook her head and smiled, that made her feel better. Max was a lot more thoughtful then he used to be Liz thought to herself.

Liz smiled as Diana came out to greet her. "Oh my gosh Liz you look so beautiful and all grown up. I cannot believe that it’s you. Isabel come down here Liz is home." Diana called to her daughter. Liz looked up the staircase as Isabel came down. She looked the same as she always had perfect. She smiled sweetly at Isabel and then held out her hand to Maria.

Liz smiled, "Oh I'm sorry this is Maria a friend of mine. Maria, this is my step mother Diana, and this is Max sister Isabel." Maria took one look at Isabel and knew why Liz wanted to leave so badly. The girl was perfect; she could understand how hard it would have been for Liz to live around her especially in high school.

"So I am so anxious to see my room, Maria and I can share a room if you don't have the extra space." Liz asked her.

"OH no we have plenty of space you can both have your own room." Diana told her.

"Why don't you guys grab your swim suits and come down to the pool after you unpack your things." Isabel offered.

"Ok Isabel that would be great will be down in a few." Liz told her.

Diana grabbed Liz hand and pulled her up the stairs, "Sure come on I can show you to your rooms, now I know that this place is bigger then the last house Liz but I hope you will feel at home here." Max stared at Liz as his mother pulled her and Maria out of sight. Isabel let out a little laugh, "Max stop staring she's your sister for gosh sakes."

"Step sister Isabel technically that makes her fair game." Michael told her.

"OH please don't you encourage him, Max she is Jeff’s daughter, his only daughter I might add so just keep telling yourself that and stay away from her. Besides you both know very well that there are other reasons to stay away." Isabel told them in a huff.

"I don't know Is, her little blonde hair friend is pretty cute." Michael teased.

Isabel shook her head, "Boys and their harmonies this is going to be a very long summer."

Liz looked around the room it had all her old things but it did not seem familiar at all. She smiled at Diana and thanked her for taking such special care with her room. "Liz honey I know this is probably all really strange to you but I really do want you to feel comfortable."

"Thank you Diana, its very kind of you, I just wish that Dad would have said something to me about selling our old house. But this is wonderful really." Liz told her trying to sound cheerful.

"I'm sorry about that Liz you know he just gets so busy with work that he forgets. Anyway, right through here is your bathroom. It connects to Max room so just make sure to lock both doors when you are in there. He is so use to having it to himself I just know he'll forget to knock even though I have reminded him a thousand times." Diana told her.

"Maria your room is down here next to Isabel’s. Let me show you." Diana told her as she led her out of the room. Maria poked her head back in and smiled at Liz, "I'll be right back." Liz began unpacking her duffle. She grabbed her swimsuit, and headed towards the bathroom. It was the sound of Max voice that stopped her; she stopped in front of her window and looked down to see Max sitting at the edge of the pool staring up towards her room. She was sure that he could not see her through the curtains. They were too thick and the sun was shinning to bright a reflection against the glass pane. Liz took in a deep breath and smiled to her self, he had not changed not one bit he was still so handsome, as she had remembered him being. She couldn’t believe how much of an effect he still had on her, it wasn’t something she could fully explain, it was just that it seemed as if some unseen force was pulling her towards Max Evans. She tossed her whole piece back on the bed and began rummaging through her bag for the bikini that Maria had talked her into buying. Liz looked down at Max one last time then headed into the bathroom.

"Hey girl are you ready yet, and let me just say you better be wearing that fabulous suit that I picked out for you or else." Maria told her as she plopped down on her bed. Liz emerged from the bathroom in the tiny white bikini much to Maria's delight.

"Perfect you look perfect! Liz don't you ever let anyone tell you that you’re a boy trapped in a girls body again." Maria smiled at her.

"Really does it look ok" Liz asked as she ran a brush through her hair and pulled it up into a ponytail.

Maria threw her pillow at her and laughed, "Girl you got it going on, truly. Now let’s go make a lasting impression on that step brother of yours." Liz slipped her little bathing suit cover on and allowed Maria to drag her down the stairs and out to the pool area.

Thanks for all the kind remarks really super of you!
Anyway that’s the end of part 2 BYE for now

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Hi all
Part 3 has arrived hope you like it. Thanks for the replies!

Michael’s head shot up when he saw Maria walking towards the pool with. Maria was hot. She had on a skimpy blue two piece and Michael was enjoying the view. He was right she was cute, he thought to himself. He loved the way the sunlight played off her blonde hair giving it just a hint of gold running trough it. Normally shy and withdrawn around girls it felt himself wanting to take a risk and reach out to this one.

Max was standing at the table with his back to Liz and Maria. He was talking with Isabel when they approached. "Hey Liz come on over here, mom put out some sandwiches and sodas if you guys want.” Liz walked over towards Max and Isabel while Maria sat down on the edge of the pool wading her feet in the cool refreshing water. Liz stopped just behind Max, she was taking off her swimsuit cover as Max turned around and caught glimpse of her. His mouth dropped open as he accidentally allowed the glass he was holding to slip out of his hand and shattered to the ground.

Isabel hit him and whispered, "Real subtle Max, you can stop staring now, remember she is your sister, your sister for gosh sakes." Isabel smiled at Liz and stepped over the glass and pulled her along over to the food. "Come on Liz you'll just have to ignore Max he startles easy, didn't know you were there. So how was your time in London you have to tell me all about it?"

Liz followed as Isabel pulled her across to the other side of the pool and away from Max. He just stood there still staring at Liz she was beyond beautiful. How had he missed it before? Everything about her attracted him to her. Even the silly ponytail she had pulled her hair up into now looked absolutely perfect to him, and it wasn’t just the physical stuff either, it was more then that. He felt drawn towards her in a way that he just didn’t understand. Michael jumped up and walked over to Max, "Earth to Max come on snap out of it."

"Oh Michael, did you say something?" Max asked as he finally forced his gaze away from Liz.

Michael knelt down and began cleaning up the broken glass, "So she doesn't look so much like a boy trapped in a girls body any more does she Maxwell?"

"No, Michael she doesn't." Max told him as he let out a heavy sigh.

"Don't you start bugging me, I know that I can't be with her, you just remember what ever you were about to tell me applies to you too."

"I have no idea what you’re talking about." Michael tried to pretend innocent.

"Yeah right like your eyes didn't just about pop out of your head when you saw Maria in that little blue number just now." Max told him.

"Maxwell you must be imagining things I have no idea what you are taking about." Michael told him as he finished picking up the glass. "Now stand right there for a minute so I can fix this glass and we can all save ourselves from hearing your mom freak out about another broken glass." Michael told him as he waved his hand over the pieces of glass repairing it instantly. "There that’s all fixed, come on lets go swimming." Michael told him as he ran and jumped into the water. Max watched as Liz and Isabel walked over and sat down next to Maria. Michael was already in the water trying to convince Maria and Isabel to come in.

"No the waters just to cold, I'm not use to it yet." Maria warned him.

Michael smiled; he grabbed her arm and pulled Maria into the water screaming the whole way. Isabel jumped up before he could catch her, "Michael Gurin you are the biggest jerk that is so rude."

"Hell the only way to get use to the water is by actually getting into the water." Michael told her as he chased after Maria to duck her head. Liz watched as her friend played around in the water with Michael. She knew Maria just loved all the extra attention. They did make a cute couple Liz thought to her self.

"Liz you better be careful he’ll be after you next." Isabel warned her from the lawn chair she was now sun bathing in.

"Nope, I’ll leave her for Max." Michael yelled back. Just then, Liz looked up and saw Max heading straight towards her. She didn't know what to do, her heart was racing a mile a minute and she felt like she couldn't breath. Max sat down right next to her on the ledge of the pool. Liz shuddered a little as his bare skin brushed up against hers.

"So you want to go swimming." Max asked her.

"Do I get a choice in the matter?" Liz asked nervously.

"OF course I'm not a bully like Michael." Max asked staring at her again. His eyes scanned every inch of her bare flesh. She was gorgeous, her soft skin was so tempting to him, he wanted to reach out and kiss her. Had he actually just thought that about Lizzy, scruffy tomboy Lizzy. Max shook his head he had to get a grip he thought to himself.

Liz looked at him, "Is everything ok, you look a little deep in thought there?" She asked him.

"Oh, no I’m good, just thinking about how much you've changed that’s all. You really grew up while you were in London. So much about you has changed." Max whispered softly, then he reached up and tugged just a bit on her ponytail, "Well some things are still the same." He laughed a little as she pulled her head away from him.

"Well I got rid of the old jeans and the stained up tee shirts but I had to keep my ponytail at least." Liz teased him.

Max smiled and whispered into her ear, "I totally approve of your ponytail Lizzy."

"You know that you’re the only one who calls me that, everyone else calls me Liz?" she told him.

"I'm sorry does it bother you? I can stop, it’s just to me you'll always be my little Lizzy." Max told her.

"I totally approve of you calling me Lizzy, Max." She whispered back. Her heart was pounding so hard she couldn't control the excitement she was feeling at being this close to him and she loved the fact that he called her his Lizzy. Max smiled at her. Liz loved his smile it always had such a strong effect on her. "Ok time for a swim” she thought to herself. Liz stood up and walked over to the diving board she walked to the very edge and dove in. The water was a little cold but to Liz it felt really good. She swan up to behind Maria and plunged her head under the water.

"Elizabeth Parker you are so going to pay for that." Maria called out to her.

Just then Diana came out the back of the house with someone. "Liz someone here to see you."

Liz pulled her self out of the pool and headed over for her towel. She could not tell who it was standing next to Diana. Max watched as Liz got out of the pool her body glistening as tiny beads of water ran off her golden bronze tanned skin. She even looked good to him soaking wet, he decided that a plunge into the cold water was exactly what he needed. He kept telling himself she's my step sister; she's my step sister, as he ducked his head completely under the water trying to regain his composure.

Liz watched as her visitor came into view, suddenly she let out a shrill scream and went running across the yard, "Maria, oh my gosh Maria hurry its Alex." Maria turned around to see Liz jumping into Alex arms. She got out of the pool and ran soaking wet up to him hugging him tightly and getting him completely wet in the process.

"Ok, ok, I'm happy to see you guys too. So how was your flight tell me all the gruesome details of having to fly first class." Alex asked them as walked back over to the pool. Isabel, Michael, and Max were all standing up next to the pool waiting to be introduced. Max took note of the way Alex still had his arm around Liz shoulder. He knew Alex had always been her friend but suddenly he found himself feeling very jealous of the closeness that he seemed to have with Liz.

"I don't know if you guys remember Alex Whitman or not. This is Isabel, Max and Michael." Liz told him.

"Alex I remember you were the guy that was always messing around with the computers and stuff right?" Isabel asked him. Alex just nodded his head politely. "So how do you know Maria?" Isabel asked.

"Oh Alex has been over several times to visit with me he and Maria met then." Liz told them still hanging onto Alex arm.

"Yeah Alex and I have grown pretty close over the last four years ugh?" Maria teased him. Alex pulled Maria into his other arm. Max tried to sound casual as he asked, "So you flew all the way over to London to visit with Liz you guys must be good friends."

"Very good friends, beside what sane guy wouldn't fly across the ocean to see these two beautiful girls." Alex teased them. Isabel smiled and offered them all a place to sit down. Max watched as Alex sat down on the grass and Liz sat down right next to him. Maria took the spot on his other side. Liz did not even look back at Max she was so caught up in Alex. What was wrong with him, what did he care if she was more then friends with Alex, Max thought to himself? He didn't care, he decided he could care less. He grabbed a towel and went to sit down by Isabel and Michael.

"Max your looking a little green today could it be jealousy perhaps?" Isabel teased as she grabbed sodas to take over to Alex and the others.
"What’s to be jealous over its just Alex and besides as you keep reminding me Liz is my step sister and that makes her off limits doesn't it?" Max snapped at her.

"OH I don't know Alex has changed a lot, I mean he's not the same geek computer nerd he used to be. He actually looks hot, I mean just look at the way he has filled out. Besides as I remember back in high school he was always really sweet. I think it says allot that he went all the way over to London to see her too, I mean he must really care about her. Ya know I might actually even be interested in Alex myself but it seems that he is pretty busy with both Maria and Liz at the moment." Isabel told him as she walked off.

Michael sat down next to Max and shrugged his shoulders, "You don't think there is anything going on between them do you?"

"I don't know, and I don’t care, come on I've had enough swimming let’s go." Max told Michael as he headed toward the house. He couldn't help the intense feelings of jealous that were churning inside of him. Liz looked up and met with Max gaze as he walked by, he seemed a little annoyed she thought to herself before turning her attention back to Alex.

Ok all thats part three. Sorry can't post them quicker have to share the old computer and all but thanks for the replies. I will have more tommorrow.
much love bye

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Part 4
Hi here is part 4.

Isabel listened for a while as they shared stories about their times in London and all the fun they had shared. She smiled sweetly and got up to go inside the house. "Well I better get inside I have a date later and I want to get ready for it." Isabel told them. Alex did not even look up at her until she reached out her hand towards him, "It was nice to meet you again
Alex, sorry if my computer geek remark before was harsh I didn't mean anything by it."

Alex took her hand in his and smiled, "No problem, it was good to meet you again Isabel." Alex told her then he went back to talking with Maria and Liz.

Isabel stopped at the doorway and turned to watch the three friends a moment longer, she could not help but feel jealous. More then anything, she wanted what they had, to be human, to be normal. Her whole life she was afraid to let anyone other then Michael or Max get to close and she missed out on the fun and exciting times that the three of them seemed to share. She never had
any real girl friends; not anyone close at least even her own mother had no idea who they really were. The guys she dated never lasted more then two dates and she never really had any intention of getting close to any of
them. She wondered secretly if maybe just maybe she might be able to let Liz in. It would mean so much to her to be able to have a girl to confide in and share stuff with. Isabel let out a heavy sigh; maybe, just maybe she could finally have someone to share with besides Michael and Max.

Alex leaned over to Liz after Isabel walked away, "So how are things going, really?"

Liz smiled at Alex and shook her head, "There fine Alex, actually Isabel has been pretty dissent and Max has been really nice."

"I'm glad, maybe things will be better this time around. I am sorry I did not tell you about the house. I knew that your dad sold the old one I just didn't have the heart to tell you. I admit it, I am a total coward." Alex confessed to her.

"OH its ok Alex, you know my relationship with my dad has always been a strange one, I mean he will buy me anything I want. He will go on and on about how much he loves me but he never has any time for me. I was hurt at first that he didn't talk to me about selling but I'm ok now really." Liz told him.

"And what about you Miss De Luca, what about this guy Michael, seemed like you were pretty friendly splashing around the pool there." Alex teased her.

"Oh Alex give me a break I just met him, I have not formed any kind of opinion about him as of yet." Maria told him trying to sound serious. Alex and Liz both gave her a surprised look which caused her to bust out
laughing, "Alright, alright...I have formed an opinion about him. He's cute and I think that this summer has real possibilities."

"Well he seems interested enough ugh." Alex teased her.

"You think so, it was kind of hard to tell, I mean I know he liked the way I looked but he kind of held back a little I thought." Maria complained.

"Well if you want to know for sure you know who to go to just have Liz work her magic and see what his feeling inside." Alex told her.

Liz pulled away and shook her head, "No! No! I am not doing that, I have not done that in along time and I am not going to start doing it again now.
Besides you both know that it makes me feel like I'm intruding into peoples private lives." Liz warned them.

Maria smiled and laughed, "Yeah well dugh! Liz that’s why its so fun come on lets see if you still can do it, try it out on old Alex here, tell me what he really feels about Isabel." Maria pleaded with her.

"No I'm not going to be your lab rat besides, I already know what I feel about Isabel Evans. She was Roswell Highs biggest Ice Queen I don't need Liz to read my inner most feeling on that." Alex told them both. "Liz have you ever tried to connect with anyone else, I mean like when they didn't know you were doing it."

"Yeah there was this one time, but it didn't work. It was before I moved to London. IT was when Max first lived with us, I wanted to know what he thought about me because I had been having all those really wild dreams
about him, any way I snuck into his room real late one night and I connected with him you know like I do. I saw all these strange images of him and Isabel walking in the desert as little kids but that was it. I could not get
any images of how he felt about me. I figured he was probably dreaming or something. Any way I don't like doing those things it’s to freaky you know
so lets just change the subject." Liz told them both. Maria and Alex could tell that Liz was getting uncomfortable talking about her special abilities
so they dropped the topic and began talking about other things. Liz spent most of the afternoon just hanging out with Alex and Maria they were her very best friends and she loved to be with them, but a part of her couldn't
help but wonder why Max had left the way he did before. The afternoon had flown by; Alex glanced at his watch and hugged both girls goodbye as they
headed back up towards the house. Liz was hot and tired she decided to head in for a shower while Maria walked Alex to his car.

Liz mind was still filled with thoughts about Max as she stood in the shower letting the hot water run down over her body. She just stepped out of the shower when Max came walking in through the bathroom door. Liz jumped
startled to see him standing in the doorway. "Max! Oh my gosh! I forgot to lock that door. Get out, oh my gosh get out! Your suppose to knock!" Liz cried as she grabbed for the towel her cheeks burned bright red with

Max took one look at Liz standing there only completely naked and turned his head away. "Oh Gosh Lizzy, I am so sorry I didn't know you had come in. I thought you were still down with your boyfriend and Maria." Max told her as he pulled the door shut trying not to open his eyes. He could not believe he had forgotten to knock. She sure did look good all wrapped up in that bath
towel he thought to himself. How could he have been such a stupid idiot? Max banged his head against the door, “as if it wasn’t going to be hard enough
not thinking about Liz in that bikini now he had the image of her standing naked burned into his mind.”

Liz buried her head in her hands oh this was so humiliating she would make sure to lock the door from now on. She went into her bedroom and yelled, "The bathroom is all yours now Max I'm out." Liz pulled on her jeans and her favorite pink tank to. She was brushing and drying her her hair when she heard a knock on the other side of her bathroom door.

"Yeah, its open." Liz yelled out.

Max popped his head inside cautiously, "I just wanted to tell you again how
sorry I am that I walked in on you. I thought you were still down in the
pool with Maria and Alex and I didn’t really see anything."

"Really, because I was completely embarrassed at first but if you swear that
you didn’t see anything then lets just forget about it.” Liz told him.

Max smiled at her, “I swear.” He lied not wanting her to feel awkward around
him. “I am still sorry though.”

“Really then don't worry about it ok." Liz told him as she got up and walked
towards him. Max loved the way her hair looked when she wore it down around
her shoulders. He stood by her bathroom door for a few more minutes not
really sure what he should say. Liz stopped in front of him, she leaned in
close and whispered in a very seductive sexy tone, "Oh and Max, Alex is not
my boyfriend, he's my lover."

Max shook his head not sure if he had heard her correctly. "What?"

"Alex, before you said he was my boyfriend. I just thought you should know,
he is not my boyfriend that is so high school. He's my lover, we are all
lovers!" All color drained from Max face as she continued on, "He's Maria's
lover too the three of us have a thing going on, have been for a few years
now. It’s just about sex though were all still open you know to who ever
else comes along" Max just stared at her in shocked disbelief.

"What did you just say, I mean, I must have misunderstood you?" Max asked
her trying to hold down the incredible tidal wave of anger and jealousy that
was about to over take him.

Liz smiled at him playfully and started laughing, "Max, I am teasing, I was
teasing you. Gosh Alex is just a friend he always has been you know that. Besides there is only one guy I have ever wanted to be with and he doesn't even know I exist." Liz told him in all honesty.

Max let out a huge sigh of relief, "I knew you were just kidding I was just going along with your little joke."

"Yeah sure you knew, you were as pale as a ghost trying to figure out if I was serious or not. Don't worry Max you don't have to play big brother I'm a good girl I don't do things like that. Maria and I are going out to get some pizza you want to come with us?" Liz asked as she slipped on her shoes.

Max smiled. "Sure I'll go call Michael see if he is up to it. Hey, wait aren't you going to hang around and have dinner with your dad? You haven't even seen him yet."

Liz looked down at the floor trying to hide the pain that was in her eyes, "No I am not going to hang around to see my dad. He called awhile ago and left me a message that he would be busy working late and then he has some dinner function that your mom and him are obligated to go to so he will see me latter. I am here all summer after all." Liz tried not to reveal the pain that she was hiding in her heart.

Max knew right away though that it bothered her, he looked into her eyes and smiled. "Ok then it'll be the four of us, Isabel already has a date so she won't me able to join us."

"Well I don't mind if you don't mind, I mean I know I can be a pest and all." Liz teased him.

"OH no, I said I was sorry about that, really I don't consider you a pest Lizzy. Please tell me that you forgive me for all my past stupid, immature behavior?" Max pleaded with her.

Liz smiled at him, “I forgive you, besides you have been so sweet to me and Maria today that it more then makes up for it.” Liz told him as she leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“You better go call Michael, and hurry up I'm not waiting around for you forever." Liz warned him as she headed down the hall to Maria's room. Max watched as she went, he wondered who she had meant when she said there was only one guy that she ever wanted to be with and he didn't know she existed. Probably some stupid English guy that was not even close to being worthy of her he thought to himself.

Liz knocked on Maria's door, "Hey are you ready Maria?" Liz called to her through the bedroom door.

"Yeah, Liz come in a minute." Maria called back to her. Liz walked in and saw Maria standing in front of the mirror all her clothes scatter across the bed. "So what do you think this outfit or no?" Maria asked.

Liz shook her head, "Maria its just pizza pick something and put it on I'm

"I know, I know, but Alex said that if I wanted to after we get done eating we should come over to this club he is playing at and he will let me sing a few songs with his band. I so want to go Liz tell me your up for it." Maria
begged her.

Liz smiled and shook her head. "Do you know where this club is at?"

"Yes! It’s a night club here in Roswell called The Alien Shack, Alex gave me the address, so we can go?" Maria asked her voice full of excitement. Liz nodded her head and Maria let out a scream and began jumping up and down. "OH thank you Liz this is going to be so cool ok now help me pick out something to wear."

"I might have something if you want? I didn’t mean to eve’s drop but I may have something that will be good for night clubbing" Isabel asked from the bathroom doorway. Liz turned to see her stepsister standing in the bathroom doorway with a beautiful silk cream-colored dress in her hand.

Maria screamed as she ran over to her, "Its perfect, I love it. Are you sure?" Isabel just nodded her head and handed the dress to Maria.

"That was really nice of you Isabel thanks." Liz told her a little shocked by the gesture.

"Don't be so surprised Liz, I'm not always a witch." Isabel told her smiling.

Liz shook her head, "That’s not what I meant, I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings just then.”

"It's ok Liz most of the time I am a real witch so I kind of ask for it." Isabel told her. Liz did not know what to say thankfully she didn't have to say anything as Maria popped back in the room looking absolutely beautiful. "So feed my ego I’m waiting for praise here, come on." Maria told them both
as she twirled around.

"You look really great." Liz told her.

Isabel smiled, "You do Maria the color is perfect for you."

Maria smiled. "Ok five more minutes I promise."

"So what is with your friend Alex, does he have a girlfriend? I mean is he seeing anyone right now?" Isabel asked. "I only ask cause I might have this friend who is available you know if he does the whole blind date thing that

Liz laughed, "No I don't think Alex would be to interested in any blind dates."

Isabel looked noticeably disappointed, "Oh then he is already seeing someone is that it?"

"OH no he is not seeing anyone, he just had a really bad blind date experience once and I think he has taken a vow or something never to go on another blind date again." Liz told her as Max walked into the room.

"So Michael will meet us at the pizza parlor in about twenty minutes." Max told her.

"Max I hope you don't mind but after pizza Maria and I are going to go hear Alex band play at this club, do you want to come with us or do you want to take separate cars?" Liz offered.

Max smiled at her, "No I'm up for it. Its been awhile since I've been to a night club it might be fun."

No one noticed as Isabel waved her hand across the phone. She picked it up as it began to ring. "Oh, really yeah I'm sorry to hear that. Sure maybe we can do it another night, yeah thanks for calling me." Isabel said into the phone just loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Isabel is something wrong?" Liz asked.

"Oh that was my date seems I have been stood up. I guess I will just hang out here tonight alone." She told them.

Liz grabbed her hand, "No come with us, I promise it will be a lot of fun and who knows maybe you'll meet someone special at the club. Please come
with us?"

Isabel smiled and shook her head, "Well if it means that much to you I will come let me just go change."

Liz looked at her jeans and tank top then she headed towards the door, "Maybe I better go change too."

Max grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards him. Liz stopped her body almost touching Max as he smiled at her and whispered; "You look perfect besides I love you in pink. Wear it for me?" he asked her. Liz just smiled
and nodded her head as Maria walked out, "Ok I am ready."

"OK you two go down to the car and I'll wait for Isabel." Max told them as they headed down the stairs. A few minutes latter Isabel emerged from her room stunningly dressed as usual. Max smiled at her, "Ok so what gives
Isabel I saw the little trick with the telephone so why the sudden interest in coming with us?"

"Well Max after seeing the way you've behaved around Liz all day I just figured maybe I better tag along and make sure that you keep your distance.
Max I know you are attracted to her but she is Jeff's daughter you have to think about that. Even if everything else were normal for us it would still
be an awkward situation." Isabel lectured him.

Max took in a deep breath and let out a little sigh he knew she was right, but this was so hard for the first time in his life he was really attracted to someone and she had to be his stepsister. This was so unfair. "Ok I will be the big brother and nothing more." He mumbled to himself.

“Good then lets go have some fun for a change.” Isabel smiled at him as she pulled him along by the arm.

Well Thats the end of part 4
I hopeyou are liking this story, if it is getting boring let me know. I am open to hear your opinions!
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Hi all here is part five

Max tried to pay as little attention to Liz as he could all evening but she was so beautiful he felt as if he were being drawn to her by some unseen force. Michael obviously enjoyed Maria’s company even though he tried to pretend as if it was no big deal. He knew Isabel was watching him so he tried to be on his best behavior. They got to the club just as things were getting going. Alex band was actually pretty good Max had to admit. He liked them a lot. Max had resisted the temptation to ask Liz to dance several times. He watched as Isabel, Maria, and Liz danced to some of the faster songs. Liz was perfect he could not help but feel turned on watching her body move to the music. He looked over at Michael who was trying hard not to stare at Maria. After the song ended, Alex called for Maria to come up on stage and sing a few with them. Max watched as Liz walked over to him and grabbed his hand, "Ok Maria promised me a slow number so you have to come dance with me."

Max looked at Isabel then he nodded his head, "No I'd only hurt you I'm not that great of a dancer just ask Isabel she can tell you. She had more then her fair share of crushed toes trying to teach me."

Liz looked hurt and flashed Max a smile that made his heart melt, "OH come on you owe me this for all the times you called me a boy trapped in girls body." Liz told him

Max got up just as the song began to play, "Oh you had to bring that up again ugh? Play on my guilt, ok one dance." Max told her. Liz let him wrap her into his embrace. This was like a dream come true for her. His arms felt so good around her; she could not believe Max was actually dancing with her. Suddenly without warning, she connected with him and images filled her mind, she saw herself in Max arms they were dancing in a large bedroom in front of a roaring fire. Music was playing softly in the background as their bodies swayed in perfect rhythm. He was holding her close and then he leaned in and captured her lips with his. Liz felt her heart began to race as images of Max kissing her and caressing every inch of her body filled her mind and flooded her senses. His mouth left hers and he made his way down her neck and across her bare shoulder, Liz felt as if she were on fire. This was unlike anything she had every experienced before when she connected with another person. She was not only seeing what Max was thinking she was actually feeling what he felt for her. Intense desire began to spread throughout her entire body as a soft moan escaped her lips. Liz felt weak and leaned in closer to Max in an effort to keep her balance. The sensations that filled her body were incredible. Finally, the song ended and she pulled away from Max, her head still light from the passion that she felt. Max took one look at Liz with his dark eyes smoldering and smiled, “Well was that the worst dance of your life or what?” he whispered softly.

Liz tried to compose herself, “No, um actually it was really great. Thank you,.. for the dance I mean.” Liz stammered.

Max led her back to the table so they could rejoin the others. “Actually I’m feeling kind of hot so I’m just going to step out side for a bit of fresh air.” Liz told them as she headed outside of the club. Max stared after her as she left. Liz leaned back up against the wall and closed her eyes to think. She wondered if what she saw during their dance was Max thoughts or just her wishful thinking on her part. She had after all been completely in love with Max Evans from the day they first met. So it was entirely possible that she had fantasized the entire thing, for all she knew Max may have been thinking about pink elephants! Liz shook her head and let out a small sigh. Still, she couldn’t believe how real it had all seemed. Her body reacted to Max in a way that was almost scary. Liz lowered her head down into her hands, “Ok Parker don’t start this again, don’t start imagining things that aren’t there that’s why you left to begin with remember.” She told herself.

Maria watched as Liz headed out the front door. When she finished the last set with Alex she headed out to check on Liz. “Hey Liz is everything ok? You look a little frazzled.”

“Oh Maria I’m fine just a little hot in there, so you were so magnificent. You have the most beautiful voice I love to hear you sing. Everyone loved it really.” Liz told her.

“Think so? Really do you think Michael noticed me tonight at all, he has been a little bit distant?” Maria asked her.

“Oh my Gosh Maria he couldn’t take his eyes off of you, I mean it all night he has been staring at you, why don’t you go ask him to dance or something.” Liz told her.

"I don't know it feels a little strange asking him to dance, don't you think if he wanted to dance with me he would ask?" Maria asked her.

"Who knows maybe he is shy just go back in and ask." Liz tried to encourage her. Maria smiled at her then headed back inside. Liz was about to follow her when Max came out. "So I thought maybe you got lost." Max asked her as he walked up next to her.

"OH it was just really stuffy in there, so what did you think of Maria’s singing I mean I couldn't tell if you liked it or not?" Liz asked him.

Max smiled at her. "I thought she was really good. I enjoyed our dance too, a lot."

"Really that’s nice to know. I liked it too. Liz told him awkwardly. She could not seem to get control of the nervous feeling that was turning her stomach upside down at the moment.

“What did you like, Maria’s singing or our dance?” Max asked as he took a step closer towards her. Liz shifted nervously, feeling unnerved by how close he was, “I like Maria’s singing she’s great and the dance was nice to.”

“That’s good like I said I don’t really dance all that well I didn’t want to step on your toes or anything.” Max smiled at her.

Liz took a step away from him trying to regain her composure some, “So what were you thinking about then, I mean when we were dancing you had this kind of far away look on your face. I thought maybe I was stepping on your toes or something.” Liz asked trying to be coy.

“No, actually I was thinking about you, I was thinking about how much I wanted to kiss you just then and I was wondering if you might be thinking about it too.” Max asked her as he took her in his arms his voice barely above a whisper, his mouth only inches away from her own. "Do you want that Lizzy, do you want me to kiss you?"

End of part 5

THanks again for reading this.
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New Part 6

Liz looked into his deep dark brown eyes, she couldn’t stop her body from trembling, “Max I want to be with you but I’m afraid, I mean there are so many complications that could come up and well there is this whole part of me that I haven’t even told,…”

Max did not wait for her to finish her statement instead he captured her mouth with his in a deep and passionate kiss. She had said that she wanted to be with him too that was all he needed to hear. Liz heart began racing as she wrapped her arms around Max neck and pulled him even closer to her. A warm and electrifying sensation spread through her entire body as their kiss intensified. Suddenly images filled Liz mind, she saw stars flying past her at an incredible speed as if she her self were flying through space. She saw planets in a galaxy that was not anything like that of Earths. The images suddenly changed and she saw Max holding her, tears streaming down his face, as she lay dieing on the floor. He was pleading with her not to give up not to leave him but the pain that raked across her body was just to much to bear and she breathed her last. The emotions that Liz felt, fear, panic, and intense sorrow all washed over her like a flood as she pushed Max away and put her hand up to her face trying to understand what had just happened, what she had just seen.

Max saw the look of complete shock on her face and misunderstood, “OH Gosh Lizzy, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to. Dam that was a mistake I hope you can forgive me I thought you were feeling what I was I am sorry for misunderstanding.” Max told her then he made a quick retreat. Liz stood there frozen staring after him not really sure what to say she wanted to run after him and tell him that she was feeling everything that he was feeling but if she did then he would want an explanation for what had just happened between them and she wasn’t sure what to tell him. If she told him about the flashes and her special ability to connect with people, he would think she was a freak. Dam Liz stomped her feet on the ground she did not want to blow her chance with Max she really cared about him. After several minutes, Liz walked back into the club with the others and headed towards Max she wanted to try to explain things to him somehow.

“Max I wanted to talk to you; I wanted to explain what happened.” Liz started off, feeling a little awkward trying to talk to him in front of Michael.

Max did not really look at her, “There’s no need really, umm here is the keys to the car I’m going go stay over with Michael tonight so I’ll just see you later ok.” Max told her as he headed for the door with Michael.

“Max wait really I want to…” Liz tried to explain but it was too late they were out the door. Maria came up behind Liz and wrapped her arms around her, “What happened Liz, are you alright?”

Liz turned to Maria and just shook her head. “No, but I don’t want to go into it in front of Alex and Isabel so we can talk when we get home ok?”

Maria lifted Liz chin up and smiled, “Yeah lets go sit back down at the table, Isabel is dancing with Alex.”

Liz looked out at the dance floor and saw Alex and Isabel dancing to a slow song. “I thought he said she was the ice queen, and he had better things to do then waste his time on her.” Liz asked as she sipped on her coke.

“Well maybe he decided to turn up the heat and see if he can melt her ice.” Maria told her as they both broke out laughing.

Isabel leaned her head against Alex shoulder and closed her eyes for a moment. He is tall, dark, and way good looking she thought to herself. He seemed so self assured so self-confidant not at all the geeky shy guy she knew when they went to school together. She liked this more mature version of Alex Whitman she admitted to herself. Alex looked over at Liz and Maria and saw them making faces at him; he rolled his eyes and shook his head. Isabel lifted her head to look into Alex eyes a little startled by the sudden movement. “Everything Ok?” She asked seeing the strange smile on his face.

Alex looked over in Liz and Maria direction nodding his head; “Those two are going to give me hell for dancing with you that’s all.”

“Why would you say that, what’s wrong with dancing with me?” Isabel asked a little offended.

Alex smiled at her, “Because they are going to read way more into it, its going to be like so Alex when’s the wedding.”

Isabel laughed, “Well actually I was thinking June weddings are so over done we’d have to wait until August or September at least.”

Alex shook his head, “Oh yeah I agree totally then we can have a nice fall ceremony outside and it won’t be so hot.” Isabel laughed and leaned in closer to him. Alex tried to stay focused he had a huge crush on Isabel Evan since they were both in grade school together but she had always treated him like the nerd that annoyed her. He did not want to get all caught up in that again no matter how beautiful and charming she was at the moment. After the music stopped, Alex walked back over to the table with Isabel and sat down next to Liz. “So where did Max and Michael go?”

“Left, I guess they got tired of our company, any way Alex it looks like it’s just you and us three ladies for the rest of the night.” Maria teased him.

“Umm ok I can live with that, any one want to dance?” Alex offered as a fast song began to play.

Both Maria and Liz jumped up and grabbed Isabel along with them, “Come on Alex we’ll all dance with you, every guy out there is going to think your such the stud!” Isabel laughed as the three of them pulled Alex out on to the dance floor and began dancing around him.

“Ok Maxwell spill it what happened out there. First you and Parker are all tight and close on the dance floor then you spend a few minutes outside and boom were out of there?” Michael asked his friend as he pulled up to his house.

“Nothing happened, I just wanted to leave that’s all.” Max told him as he walked into the house.

“No way that’s not going to cut it I just left a totally hot babe for you, who by the way I think likes me so come clean what happened?” Michel told him

“Fine you what to know what happened, I kissed her and she freaked, happy.” Max told him.

“Freaked? What do you mean freaked?” Michael asked him trying not to laugh.

“I mean freaked like as in, Oh gross my brother is French kissing me, Freaked!” Max snapped at him.

“That’s pretty brutal man. Forget about it, her loss, come on lets put in Brave heart get Wilson to bring in some junk food and forget about it.” Michael offered. “She’s just a babe theirs a few million more out there just like her.”

Max just nodded his head and sat down on the couch as Michael put in the DVD and buzzed Wilson to bring in the usually cherry cokes with Tabasco sauce and chips. He shook his head, how could he have been so wrong. He thought she wanted him to kiss her but the look on her face when she pushed him away said it all. She was totally appalled by what had just happened between them. Dam the first real girl that he has any interest in and not only is she his stepsister but he repulses her. Way to go Max he thought to himself. What bothered him the most was that their weren’t a million girls out there just like her, she was the one he wanted, that he had always wanted why didn’t he see that before?

Liz sat down on her bed and kicked off her shoes. She still wished things had gone differently with Max but she had ended up having a lot of fun with Isabel, Maria and Alex.

“Liz can I come in a minute?” Isabel asked a she popped her head through the bedroom door.

“Oh sure come on in, I’m still up.” Liz told her as she changed into her tee shirt and sweat shorts.

“Liz I just wanted to say that I am really glad your home. I know that we didn’t get along that well when our parents first got married but I am really looking forward to getting to be good friends.” Isabel told her.

Liz smiled at her, “Thanks Isabel that is so sweet of you, I’m really glad you came with us tonight we had such a good time even if Max and Michael left early.”

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun. It has been a long time since I just cut loose like that and had fun, I tend to be really serious most of the time.” Isabel told her truthfully.

“Well Maria and I are going shopping tomorrow if you want to come with us. We both purposely left most of our wardrobe at home so we could shop for new stuff here.” Liz told her.

“I would so love that, thanks for asking me. Well I will let you get some sleep goodnight.” Isabel told her as she left the room.

Liz got into bed and snuggled down inside the covers. Liz was just about to sleep when she heard a soft knock at her door. “Come in Maria. “ Liz called out to her.

Maria crawled into bed next to her, “OK, so I know your tired and so am I but I have to know what happened with you and Max tonight.”

Liz shook her head and sat up, “ok when we were dancing I connected with him and I had these intense visions of him and I together.”

“When you say together do you mean together, together?” Maria asked her.

“Yeah, anyway it was really intense, I swear to you Maria it was like I felt it everything the passion, the desire, it was beyond anything I have ever felt before.” Liz explained to her.

“Ok so all that means is that Max has the hots for you in a major way why is that so bad?” Maria asked confused.

“Because I wasn’t sure if I was seeing what he was feeling or if it was just me again and my very over active fantasies where he is concerned.” Liz explained to her.

“So why didn’t you just ask him what he was thinking about you know make small talk.” Maria asked her.

“I did later on when he came out side and we were talking then he kissed me.” Liz told her.

Maria sat up, “OH my gosh how was it?”

“It was wonderful and totally hot at first, then I started having these really strange visions and that’s when things went horribly wrong and he misunderstood the whole thing.” Liz told her as she pulled the covers up over her head.

“What visions, what were they?” Maria asked her.

“Well they were of stars and planets; it was almost like I was flying through space or something. Then it changed, it was really scary Maria. Max was holding me and I was dieing, he was really upset and crying and begging me not to leave him and all. IT was just too real you know, I just felt overwhelmed with fear and sadness and pain. IT was so intense I ended up pushing Max away from me and he thought I didn’t want him to kiss me.” Liz told her. “I so probably just blew my chances with him.”

“NO you didn’t this is totally fixable will think of something ok. Trust me I am the queen of telling a guy what he wants to hear we can fix this ok.” Maria told her as she got up and headed to her room. “Don’t freak on me this is fixable.”

“Yea but Maria even if it is what do you think that whole vision was, I mean it was really creepy?” Liz asked feeling unnerved by just the memory of it now.

“Come on Liz you’re not saying you think that Max has some deep dark side that wants to like hurt you?” Maria asked in disbelief.

“NO, of course not, in the vision he was upset that I was hurt, he kept telling me that he loved me. The truth is the whole thing may of come from somewhere inside of me and have nothing to do with him at all.”
Oh Maria I really care about him so much do think I am making a huge mistake?”

“NO way, you and Max are meant for each other I just know it and I am always right about this kind of thing so you just lay back rest your pretty little head and I will help you fix this ok.”

Liz shook her head and laid back down she only wished she were as sure as Maria was.

End of part 6. I hope you are all liking this story. Let me know what you think?
Much love BYE

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Hi all
I hate to be a nag but I was just wondering if you wanted me to keep posting to this story or if perhaps you have all gotten a bit bored with it? Please let me know as I don't want to waste space at the board if no one likes it.
Much Love Mikale
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I will be posting more this afternoon for anyone who might have interest!
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IT will be posted at about 2:30

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Sorry to long to get this here hubby has been playing video games and being a bit buggy about the computer! Any way here is Part 7

Liz woke up looked at the clock, it was already past 9:00 no point and trying to catch her dad, he probably had left hours ago. She wondered what time Max would be home she was anxious to talk with him and clear thing up between them. She rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. All she could think about was that kiss that Max had given her she wasn't really sure how to explain what had happened but she really cared about Max and she hated the fact that he thought she was not interested. Liz stepped out of the shower and grabbed the bath towel off the rack. After drying off, she wrapped herself up in the towel and began combing her hair. Standing at the mirror she looked over at Max bedroom door, she wondered what his room looked like. Without even thinking, she opened the door and walked in. Everything seemed pretty much the same as it did at their old house; Max was incredible neat for a guy. She walked over to his dresser and looked at the family pictures that he had on display. There were photos of Isabel, Michael and his mom. She was surprised to see one of her there as well. She was standing with her dad at the old house. She looked awful dressed in and old stained up tee shirt and dirty jeans. Her hair was a disaster Liz thought to herself. Liz was deep in thought she did not hear the bedroom door open as Max walked in. He stopped and looked around the room wondering if he had gone into the wrong room by mistake.

"Umm Liz, is everything ok? I'm in the right room aren't I?" Max asked trying not to look at her.

Liz was so embarrassed, she had wanted to see Max but she didn't want him to catch her snooping through his stuff, "Oh Max I am so sorry, this was really rude of me coming in here, I was just a bit curious about the house and I was taking a look around. I should have asked first." Liz explained as she headed for the bathroom door.

Max smiled and motioned towards her towel, "You always look around the house with nothing but a towel on?"

Liz looked down at the towel that she had wrapped around her, "Yeah, I mean no. The truth is I was in the bathroom and I just got curious about your room so I came in here. I am really sorry." Liz told him suddenly feeling very awkward and like she was 15 again.

Max closed his door and walked over to the dresser, "Were you looking at the pictures?"
Liz nodded her head; "Well actually I was looking at the horrible one of me when I was younger. It is so awful you should through it away.

"I don't know I kind of like it. Besides it brings back a lot of memories for me of when we first met." Max smiled.

Liz walked back over to the dresser and stood next to Max, "Max I wanted to explain what happened between us last night..."

"You don't have to its ok, I just got my signals crossed no big deal lets just both forget about it and pretend it didn't happen ok?" Max told her as he slipped off his jacket and walked over towards his bed.

Liz heart sank she was hoping he would at least give her the chance to tell him what had happened. "Ok if that’s what you want, I'll just go now." Liz told him.

"Liz I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings just then, the truth is the whole thing is kind of embarrassing for me and I would rather not relive it that’s all." Max told her trying not to sound irritated.

"All I wanted to say was that you didn't get your signals crossed I wanted you to kiss me. I wanted that more then anything, I still do but if you would rather just forget about it then I understand." Liz told him as her eyes filled with tears.

Max wasted no time in crossing the room and grabbing a hold of Liz. He turned her around and searched her face trying to understand. "If that’s true then what happened why did you pull away from me like that, why the like of horror on your face?"

"Max I was just over whelmed that’s all, I was shocked at how intensely your kiss affected me, and I was scared. I really care about you but there are a lot of other people involved." Liz tried to tell him as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

Max pulled her a little closer to him, "I know this is strange because of our parents but every since I saw you step off that plane I felt drawn to you Lizzy. I felt like some how you and I just ..." He tried to tell her not quite sure of the words.

"Fit?" Liz offered.

Max smiled "Yeah exactly, look I know that their are a lot of reasons why we should stay away from each other but I don't want to. I want to be with you. I want to kiss you like last night over and over again.

Liz wrapped her arms around Max neck and whispered softly, "Since that’s what we both want what are you waiting for?

Max heart was beating so fast he didn't know what to think he leaned in and captured Liz beautiful lips with his own, kissing her felt so right. He couldn't believe she actually felt the same way about him as he did her. Liz felt the connection between them instantly; she pushed her body closer to his as their kiss deepened. She wanted this for so long to be with him like this, her body began to tremble with pure pleasure and excitement. Max could fill his own excitement growing as he slide his hands down across her back. He didn't want to stop their little morning make out session but he knew he had to, "Liz, umm, you need to go now." Max told her in a ragged whisper.

Liz looked at him her own cheeks flush with excitement. "I'm sorry Max did I do something wrong?" Liz asked not even trying to hide the hurt in her voice.

Max looked at her standing there in nothing but a towel and had to fight the incredible urge growing inside of him to through her on the bed toss away the towel and make lover to her. "No, no it's just that I am suddenly very aware of the fact that we are alone in my bedroom and your wearing nothing but a towel so you should go and we can figure this out later ok." Max told her as he backed away from her.

Liz smiled; she liked the idea that he was having a hard time keeping himself under control. “SO Max, is my being in here dressed only in a towel making things hard for you?" Liz teased him as she wrapped her arms back around his neck and began spreading tiny kisses all around his month. Max felt his desire growing and his resolve weakening. He pulled Liz into his arms again and began kissing her along the nape of her neck. Liz moaned softly as Max began caressing her back and down her bare shoulders. He laid her back down on the bed, as their kiss grew deeper. Liz knew that she had unlocked a deep and hidden passions in the both of them, she knew things were moving way to fast but she couldn't help herself the connection between them was so intense so strong she couldn't think of anything else but being in his arms. Suddenly her mind was filled with images of Max making love to her. They were standing underneath a water fall naked locked in each other’s arms. Liz pulled Max shirt off and began caress his stomach and shoulders, her own desire being pushed forward with the vivid images playing out in her mind. She pulled him closer to her as their tongue’s battle for control in their passion filled kiss. The towel shifted between them and revealed Liz’s beautiful perfect breast to Max view. His eyes smolder with passion and he leaned down and kissed one then the other, driving Liz crazy with pleasure. "Oh Max,… Max." Liz moaned out his name as his traced tiny circles around her breast with his tongue increasing the pleasure she was feeling. Max felt his desire growing he knew he should stop but she was so perfect, so beautiful it was as if some kind of raw instinct had taken over making him loose all control. He had never felt like this before this incredible burning that was searing through his body demanding of him to take her, to make love to her right then and there. Liz arched her back allowing him even more access to her body. Max hands caressed and explored every inch of her abdomen and lower still. She could control herself no longer, she pulled Max head back up to hers and looked into his dark brown eyes, "Max, make love to me." she pleaded with him. Max looked into her eyes and realized that he was completely in love with her, some how in the short time, the incredibly short time that they had spent together he had lost his heart to her completely. This was no summer romance or fling he wanted to be with her forever. "Liz, I want that more then anything but we can't. You’re so beautiful and I could loose myself in you completely but this is happening to fast. Your to special to me I don’t want to do something in the heat of the moment that you might end up regretting later" Max told her his voice barely above a whisper. He covered her back up with the towel and tried to gain his self-control. Liz cheeks were flushed and her eyes still revealed the passion that she was struggling so hard to gain control over.
Liz held on to him not wanting to break the connection between them completely, "Max I'm not usually like this I mean, I've never even been with anyone before... I don't know what is happening to me I just...its you, I mean some how it’s because its you, I just need you to know that." Suddenly she felt very embarrassed realizing he had not taken his eyes off of her face.

Max gently kissed her lips, "Liz,...I know exactly what your trying to say, I'm feeling it too, you don’t ever have to be embarrassed or afraid with me. We are going to work this out and be together but we have to take this slow and we have to think things through ok." Liz smiled and nodded her head. Max got up and helped Liz to her feet he watched as she disappeared through the bathroom door. He sat down on his bed still unnerved by the affect that she had on him. He had never experienced anything like that before, and the realization of how deeply he cared for Liz was the biggest shock of all for him. Then there was always the question of how she felt to, she had admitted that she was still a virgin and yet she was about to let him make love to her. She must feel something for him Max thought to himself. Reality quickly invaded his thoughts though as he began thinking of what Isabel would say and what about his mom and Liz’s dad they were not going to be happy about this at all. Max lay back on his bed and pulled the pillow over his head.
Liz was still trembling as she closed her door to the bathroom. She could not believe how close she had just come to giving up her virginity to Max. What ever had come over her was beyond anything she had ever experienced it was beyond anything she could describe. She knew that she wanted more then anything to be with him to feel his body next to hers, to touch him, to kiss him, to make love to him. Liz shook her head feeling that same deep desire burning inside her again, "No Liz, Max is right. We have to take things slow, what was her father going to say about her and Max being together?" Liz thought to herself. She hurried to get dressed and was just about to knock on Max door again when Maria and Isabel came walking into her room, "Liz you better be ready because we are ready to hit the stores." Maria told her jokingly.
Liz looked at the door then back over to Maria and Isabel for a moment, "Yeah ok just let me grab my purse and we can go." Liz told them deciding it would be better to wait and talk with Max when they are alone.

Hope your still enjoying this
Much love
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New part 8

Maria and Isabel were having a great time going through all the different shops but Liz’s mind was still on Max. She was still amazed at how close she had come to giving up her virginity to Max. She used to dream about being with him, she knew she was still in love with him. When she was in England she had, convinced her self that what she felt him was nothing more then a high school girl’s crush but that was not the case. Now that she was back and spending time with Max her feelings for him were stronger then ever. She could not help but think about what happened between them. What if Max was only interested in a summer fling, what if he did not have the same feelings for her that she did for him. Liz tried not to think about it. "Liz are you listening what about this one?" Maria asked her as she held up a powder blue tank top in front of her.

Liz smiled and shook her head. "That is perfect; it really brings out the color in your eyes too."

"Yeah she's right, it will look really great with that skirt you bought now you just need some sandals and your all set." Isabel told her.

Liz walked over next to Isabel, “SO see anything worth buying for you?” Liz asked.

“Oh I am not sure; I really have a hard time buying clothes.” Isabel told her honestly.

“Liz laughed, “Are you kidding you look great in everything.”

“Thanks that’s really sweet of you to say. I know that it sounds really shallow but I do feel really uncomfortable in my body sometimes, I mean I don’t want to stand out in the crowd I want to be normal, like everyone else you know?” Isabel tried to explain to her.

Liz wrapped her arm around Isabel shoulder and smiled, “Well I hate to tell you this but with a gorgeous body like yours your always going to stand out in the crowd. Well at least when the crowd is filled with guys.”

Isabel laughed, then she thought about Alex he hadn’t noticed her to much, she wished he would. Liz looked down at the top is Isabel hands, “Oh buy this one Alex would defiantly noticed you in red.” Liz told her without thinking.

Isabel took a step back and looked at Liz intently, “What did you say, how did you know that, that was exactly what I was just thinking, it was almost like you read my mind or something.”

Liz looked over at Maria realizing the mistake she had made and laughed nervously, “Oh I just meant, well its just that, well seeing the two of you dance together last night it was just really obvious that you like him right Maria?”

Maria shook her head, “Oh yea sure I mean we were talking about that just last night how easy it was to see that you were interested in Alex.” Maria told her trying to help cover for Liz.

“Isabel smiled and laughed, “Really, I guess I let my guard down a bit. I know I never paid any attention to Alex before but now I see him differently, you think he might be interested in me at all? Because he didn’t seem all that interested in being anything more then friends”

“Well we could see that you like him but you know how guys are, maybe lower that guard down just a little bit more around him. I know he is interested trust me.” Liz told her.

“I say go for it that’s my motto. Besides if he doesn’t take notice of you in that little red number then he must be blind.” Maria told her.

Liz laughed and shook her head in agreement, “Trust us Isabel Alex will like the red and he like it even more on you, I bet by the end of this summer the two of you will be a couple for sure.”

“Thanks that means allot to me, I going to go for it.” Isabel told them as she headed for the cashier.

"Perfect were all set then, and this is what I am going to wear this afternoon when Michael picks me up and takes me to see his art work." Maria whispered to Liz.

Liz glanced down at her watch and then back over to Maria, "Well if we are going to make it back in time for you to meet Michael and for me to meet with my dad then we had better hurry over to the shoe store."

Isabel laughed, "Don't worry I will make sure your home on time, come on I know the perfect place to shop for shoes."

Max watched as Liz and the others pulled up into the driveway. He had to laugh as he watched Liz and Maria struggle with all of their packages. Knowing Isabel, they had probably spent a small fortune this morning. Max walked out through the front door to help them, "Hey Liz I have a message for you from your dad he said to tell you that he was sorry but that he would not be able to make your lunch date this afternoon. He said to tell you he would be home early to take us all out to dinner."

Liz shook her head trying to hide the disappointment that she was feeling. Max looked into her eyes and at once a wave of sadness washed over him. He knew that she was trying to hide the hurt she was feeling because he was feeling it too for her. It was strange but he knew exactly how Liz was feeling at the moment and it made his heart break inside. Max smiled at Liz and she brightened up a little.

"Hey Liz, I will cancel with Michael and stay here and have lunch with you instead." Maria offered.

Liz stopped walking and turned to Maria, "No, you will do no such thing, I will be fine. Max is here and Isabel so you go have fun." Liz told her.

Isabel shook her head, "Actually I have a nail appointment this afternoon but I can cancel if you want me to."

Liz shook her head, "No its ok really I am fine, this always happens with my dad its no big deal. He told me when I first got here he would be really busy for the first few days with work so it’s ok really. Max if you have plans you can keep them too, I think I will just relax out by the pool and catch some sun."

Max did not say anything he knew how sad Liz was really feeling on the inside. He just smiled over at her and carried her packages up to her room.

Maria looked back at Liz, "Ok then I am going to go get ready I'll see you later on then for dinner. Hey should I see if Michael wants to come to dinner with us?"

"Yeah, and why don't you call Alex too." Isabel told Maria as she walked into her room.

"Yeah sure that will be fun, but you have to promise and to wear the red top." Maria told her just before she closed her door.

Max was standing just outside of Liz bedroom door, "So do you want me to go fix us something to eat for lunch. I am not that great a cook but I think I can throw something together."

Liz smiled at him, "No Max thanks really, I'm not feeling very hungry I'm just going to go and get some sun."
Max nodded his head and handed Liz the rest of her packages. He turned around to see Isabel standing in her bedroom door way with a disapproving look on her face, "Max just remember what we talked about ok. It's not just about her being Jeff’s daughter there is other things to consider to, just keep that in mind ok."

Max shook his head, "Isabel I care about Liz but I'll be careful I know what I am doing."

Isabel shook her head and headed into her bedroom, "yeah ok Max just be careful please."

“I will. Isabel answer a question for me, besides Michael and me have you ever been connected to anyone else in such a way that you knew what they were feeling. I mean like you not only knew what they were feeling but you felt it too?” Max asked his sister.

“No Max I don’t even have that kind of a connection with you or Michael. I mean I can since when you’re upset or hurt, but I have never actually felt what you feel. Why are you asking?” Isabel asked him almost afraid to know the answer.

“I just wondered it’s no big deal Isabel I told you I know what I am doing.” Max told her.
“Max I think something happened this morning with Liz that maybe you should know about, when we were shopping Liz was standing next to me and well I was thinking about this well about buying this top and she knew it, I mean she said exactly what I was thinking. She made really light out of it but you don’t think that some how we are projecting our thoughts on to people or something do you?” Isabel asked him.

“No it was probably just a fluke. Any way you better go that nail appointment won’t wait forever.” Max reminded her. He watched has she closed the door, then he leaned up against Liz door. The truth was he did not know what he was doing, not really. He was not thinking with his head he was thinking with his heart where Liz was concerned. He could not explain it there was some unseen force drawing the two of them together some uncontrollable need he was feeling to be near her. Seeing her look so sad before about her father was so frustrating for him, he wanted to wrap her in his arms and wipe away the sadness but he knew that it was not that easy. Max headed down stairs he still wanted to talk with Liz but decided it might be better to give her some time alone.

Liz changed and headed down to the pool. She felt really tired, she knew it wasn't just being physically tired she was a lot more disappointed then she wanted to admit about her dad. She wished that they were closer but then they were but since her mothers death they weren't close at all. She missed the way things use to be when her mother was alive they were so happy. She knew her dad had taken her moms death hard and that was why he had thrown himself into his work so much. She always felt so lonely growing up and her fathers all work lifestyle only added to her loneliness. She lay down on the lawn chair and began sunning herself by the water. She closed her eyes and tried to think about other things. The visions of her and Max together kept creeping back into her thoughts. Liz rolled over on to her stomach and continued sunning herself in the warm afternoon sun. She thought about Max and the intensity of their time together early that morning. She felt a little self conscious around him now. She didn't want him to think she was some kind of easy girl ready to jump into bed with him. She could not believe how she had behaved so wanton, so out of control. Liz closed her eyes her thoughts still centered on Max. She could barely keep her eyes open as the hot sun beat down on her back relaxing her even more. Images of her as a little girl began to fill her mind as she lay sleeping. Liz saw herself playing in the yard under the large oak tree that was in their back yard. Her mother came out to sit with her in the shade of the tree. Liz crawled up and sat on her moms lap and rested her head against her shoulder. "OK mommy is going to tell you the story about the handsome prince and how the young brave warrior princess had to rescue him."
"OH mommy is this story about true love; I like that one so much." Liz asked her mother.
"Yes my darling this is the one about true love. Now it all began a very long time ago on a far away planet call Antar. There was a handsome prince who lived and his name was," Nancy Parker began retelling the story to her young daughter.
"Zan, his name was Zan mommy." Liz chimed in.
"Yes, that’s right,...his name was Zan. Now Zan was a very handsome young prince but he wasn't a very nice one." her mother told her.
"That’s right mommy, I remember he was mean and nasty but Windermere saves him with a heart that is true and a love that is everlasting." Liz explained.
"Yes my darling that’s right you are remembering very well. I am so glad because one day your prince will come again and you must save him." Nancy Parker tried to explain to the young innocent child that rested against her shoulder.
"OH I will mommy I promise tell me more, tell me about the evil one that tries to destroy their love mommy." Liz urged her mother to continue. The images changed and Liz found herself standing at a gravesite her father weeping quietly as they lowered the coffin into the ground. She was dressed in a tiny black velvet dress and a black satin ribbon in her hair. Liz remembered this was her mother’s funeral as sadness began to wash over her.
Max stood above Liz watching her sleep. Her back was already a bright red; she must have forgotten to put on sunscreen he thought to himself. He knelt down and looked over her back and shoulders she was going to be miserable later he thought to himself. He quietly called out her name to make sure she was asleep. Then Max held out his hand over her back, he concentrated and a connection between them was made. As Max began healing Liz, he saw images of her childhood with her mother, how close they were and the special bond that they shared. Then he saw Liz at her mother’s funeral and he felt the pain she went through, the sorrow she felt. The scene changed again and he saw himself and the way that Liz felt about him. He suddenly felt as if he were intruding into her private thoughts so he with drew his hand and the connection was broken. Max looked over her back and shoulders and the sunburn was healed perfectly all that remained was a gorgeous tan. He nudge Liz on the shoulder trying to wake her up, "Lizzy, hey wake up, you better put on some sun screen or your going to burn.' He whispered softly into her ear. Liz sat up with a bit of a start, "Oh Max, oh it was awful; I was at my mother’s funeral. I remember it so well I must have been dreaming about it again."
"Oh Liz I'm sorry. It is all over now, your ok. I did not mean to frighten you." max told her as he sat down next to her.
Liz shook her head, "No its not you it was just that I was dreaming about my mothers funeral and it was upsetting that’s all. Is everything ok?" Liz asked him.
"I saw you out here from the house and you looked like you were starting to get a little to much sun." Max tried to explain.
Liz looked at her back and she was getting a dark tan good thing Max had come along she thought. "Here would you mind putting this on for me." Liz handed him the lotion. Max smiled and began applying it over her back and across her shoulders. Liz felt her heart beat faster as soon as Max touched her. She pulled her hair over to one side so he could apply the lotions all over. Max felt the same desire spark inside of him as soon as he touched Liz. He couldn't think of anything but her at that moment and wanting to make love to her. He dropped the lotions down on the ground then he got up to his feet. Liz looked up at him a little surprised, "Max is everything ok?"
Max shook his head, "I'm just a little hot I think I will get a cold drink, would you like one?" Liz nodded her head and watched as Max headed into the pool house. She got up and followed him. "Max I think we should talk about this morning. I just want you to know that I don't usually act like that, I mean I don't even kiss on the first date let alone do what we did." Liz told him feeling very self-conscious.
Max grabbed a couple of sodas out of the fridge and handed one to Liz. "Liz, I never believed that you would. I do not usually attack like that either, what happened between us was beyond anything I have ever experienced that’s why I stopped. I didn't want to do anything that either one of us might end up regretting later on."
Liz looked into Max eyes, "So what now, I mean what about us?"
Max pulled Liz into his arms and looked deeply into her eyes, "Well, I know what I want. I want to be with you, but I don't want to pressure you at all. If this feels wrong or if you’re uncomfortable just tell me and I will stay away. I care about you Liz and I don’t want anything to mess up the friendship that we have either."
"No Max, I want us to be together the connection that we had before I felt it too and I want that. What about our parents what do we tell them, they are going to freak out." Liz asked him.
Max pulled her closer to him; "Maybe we should keep this between us for right now. I mean the truth is we don't know where this is going to lead and that way if things don't work out then no one will be hurt or upset."
Liz turned her head away. She closed her eyes her heart racing she wanted to tell Max that it was already to late for her that she was completely in love with him and had been for years but she just smiled and shook her head. "Yeah, ok Max I think that is best, but we have to agree that no matter what happens between us we will remain friends ok, if things don't work out then we don't let it get in the way of our friendship agreed?"
Max leaned down, his mouth just inches away from hers, "Yes, that’s exactly how I feel too." Max whispered to her just before he kissed her. Liz wrapped her arms around Max neck and pulled him close to her. She could feel his heart beating as their two bodies pressed together. He was feeling it too, she knew it, the wild uncountable desire to be with each other, it was consuming them both. Max thought about what she had said about staying friends with her but he knew it would never work, in his heart he knew that he could never go back to being friends or a big brother to her not now. He was in love with her completely. Even now after he had told her that they should take things slow, he wanted to make love to her. He felt his heart racing and his body tremble as Liz slipped her hand under his tee shirt and across his bare chest. He felt so drawn to her, instantly his mind was filled with images of the two of them together making love. Liz saw the same things as she caressed and explored Max stomach and chest. Max lowered his mouth down across her neck and shoulder. Liz slide Max shirt up over his head and pressed her body close to him as he captured her mouth with his in a deep and passionate kiss. Liz head was spinning she knew she should stop that this was all happening to fast but she couldn't help her self she loved Max more then anything and she wanted to show him, to express that love in a way that mere words would never be able to. "Max, oh Max. This is crazy we haven't even gone out on a date or anything yet." Liz moaned softly. Max continued kissing her pulling her closer still causing wave after wave of pleasure to wash over Liz body like a flood.

"I know, I just can't seem to stop. It’s crazy but it’s like this is how it was always supposed to be between us." Max told her in a ragged whisper. Liz held on tight as Max scooped her up into his arms and carried her over to the sofa in the living room of the pool house. "Lizzy I want you more then anything I want to be with you. I can't explain it I've never felt this way for anyone else before."

Max lay Liz down on the sofa; she looked up into his eyes trusting him completely. "Max I feel it too. It’s like you've become a part of me some how. Like every nerve in my body is tuned into you, begging for your touch, for your kiss." She told him as she pulled him down on top of her.

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Chap 9

Liz looked into Max eyes; she couldn’t believe how much she wanted him. She pressed her body closer to his her mind filled with images of the two of them together. She moaned softly as Max trailed soft tiny kisses down her neck and across her chest. Suddenly Liz was very aware of just how little clothing there was between the two of them. Liz ran her hands up across Max shoulders and through his dark hair, loving the way it felt. She knew she should stop that things were getting terribly out of control but she loved Max and being with him was something she had always wanted. Liz moaned out his name softly as Max ran his hands down across her stomach making her body come alive. Liz arched her body forward pressing her hips tightly against his. His own breathing was labored, he was struggle to keep control himself when in fact all he wanted was to loose himself in her completely. Feeling Liz body, her bare skin touching his, her hands caressing him it was enough to make his heart race and head spin. He knew where this was leading and more then anything he wanted to let it go on but somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that if he did he could chance loosing Liz all together. The realization of what she meant to him hit him suddenly like a ton of breaks and he pulled back a bit. Max stopped kissing her and stared intently into Liz eyes; in them, he saw the same passion, the same desire, and the same love that he was feeling. He ran his fingers gently through her hair; suddenly he was over whelmed with the emotions that she was feeling. The connections they were sharing was unlike anything he had ever experienced in his life. He realized that they weren’t just her emotions that he was feeling but rather his own love and desire for her. Had he really just thought that, it was true he was completely in love with Liz, his Lizzy. He pulled back a little more, without even thinking he smiled at her, “Lizzy, I love you, marry me?” Max asked her.

Liz tried to slow her breathing her heart still racing from the passion in their kisses, “What, what did you just say?”

Max smiled at her then he kissed her more gently on the lips and whispered, “I love you, I think; no I know that I always have loved you. I realize that now. That’s why I haven’t been interested in other girls, it’s because you had already taken my heart.”

“Max this is crazy I can’t marry you up until three days ago you thought of me as your pestering little step sister. You don’t really mean what your saying we both got caught up in the moment in the summer heat, that’s all.” Liz told him shocked at his words. She looked at him in all seriousness; she was afraid, afraid to trust, to believe that what he was saying was true, she wanted it so badly.

Max sat up realizing that at least for the moment they needed to talk some more, he wanted to be with her to make love to her but he knew in his heart once he made that kind of commitment to her he would never be able to let her go again. He had to be sure she felt the same way. He pulled him self-free of Liz embrace, “Lizzy that is not true I realize that now, I think the reason I always pushed you away before was because I was so freaked about the fact that I really wanted you around. When you left for England I missed you, I thought about you all the time, that’s why I kept that picture of you on my dresser, Liz I even take that picture with me to the dorms. Trust me, I love you Liz Parker, I love your smile, your kind and giving heart, your inquisitive mind, heck I even love your ratty old ponytail. I know it sounds crazy, it even sounds crazy to me but I am in love with you I want to be with you not just for now but for ever.” Max told her as he leaned in and brushed the hair away from her face and gently caressed her cheek.

“Max what you just said you can’t possibly mean it, I mean just 10 minutes ago we agreed to keep this all a secret in case things didn’t work out now you want to marry me?” Liz said trying to take it all in.

“Lizzy I know that I love you and I know you love me I felt it.” Max explained.

Liz just sat on the couch staring at the floor not sure what to do or say, “Max I’m really confused right now, I do care about you I do, but marriage that’s such a big thing.”

“What we were just about to do is a big thing too Liz, think about it you were going to give up your virginity to me. If I hadn’t stopped Lizzy you and I would have made love. Look Liz I know I am in love with you and I know in my heart that you love me, so why can’t this work?” Max pleaded with her to see things his way.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me, I’m confused, Max when you kiss me its like you have some kind of power over me. I need to think, to clear my head. You were right before we need to take things slower. I don’t even live in the country; you’re still in medical school. No this is all going to fast. What would my dad say and your mother I’m sure she would just be thrilled to here we were getting married.” Liz ranted at him trying to stay focused. She looked at Max and felt herself getting lost all over again in his big brown eyes. “No, Max don’t look at me like that I mean it. It was a good thing we stopped you were right it would have been a mistake.” Liz kept telling her self as she paced back and forth across the floor.

Max grabbed her arm and pulled her into his embrace, he whispered softly “Lizzy I love you, I know that this doesn’t make any sense but I know we belong together. It’s like I have been waiting my whole life for you and I didn’t know it until now.” Liz felt her head begin to spin and her heart race at Max touch. She had to stay in control she had to listen to her head and not her heart. There was still so much that Liz didn’t understand the strange visions, the ability to connect with people and all the dreams she had as a child about living on another planet. What would Max think if he knew about that she wondered? Max began kissing her softly on the neck, “Lizzy tell me that you love me too, I know you do I can feel it, but I want to hear you say the words.”

Liz tried to pull back just a little she shook her head, “No Max your wrong I,… I don’t know what I feel. I need to think, to…” Liz tried to tell him as he continued kissing and caressing her. Liz body reacted of its own accord and she felt herself slowly loosing control again.

Max whispered softly into her ear, “Tell me Lizzy, you know its true admit it. Tell me you love me as much as I do you and that you want to be with me not just for the summer but forever?”

Liz pushed her body closer to his the desire from before now rekindled, “Oh Max, I ... I do love you.” Liz told him in a breathless whisper. Max heart raced at her words he knew it in his heart but he needed to hear her say it too. Max lips covered Liz in a deep and passionate kiss. This felt so right he felt like his whole life he had been waiting for someone and now she was here. He knew there were a lot of things that he had to work out but he was going to make Liz Parker his wife that much he knew for sure.

Liz pulled back from him and looked him in the eyes, her heart racing, her breathing ragged. “Max I admit it I do love you, I always have but that doesn’t change anything things are happening to fast I need time to think ok. There are things we need to say; at least things I need to say to you about me and it may end up changing everything.” Liz pleaded with him.

Max let go of her, he watched as she turned and walked toward the door. “Lizzy nothing that you can say will change how I feel about you, I am sure about this, I will give you the time you need but know this I will make love to you and you will be my wife one day that I am sure of.” Liz stopped, she turned around and stared into Max eyes, and she knew it was true too some how she knew that he meant it. Without saying, a word Liz ran over to Max wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Then she broke free from him and ran up to the house leaving Max smiling after her.

I really am grateful for the feedback. I am glad to know what you are all thinking of the story.
Much Love
Bye for now!

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My goof Sorry!

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Ok here is an all new part, completely new as it has never been posted before. I really hope you are enjoying this story. I am a bit insecure about my writing. Oh and in this part the text that is in a different font is to emphize that it is Liz dream/memory Thanks
Much love

Maria stood in front of Michaels painting, her mouth open wide, “These are so good. Michael I mean it these are really good.

“Think so, my parents think its time for me to grow up, stop all this playing around with my art and get serious about my future.” Michael told her in the most serious tone he could manage.

“Oh my gosh if you stop working on your art then you will be wasting your life. Look at this one, this speaks to me so much, I actually feel what this girl is feeling.” Maria told him. “Not very many artists can make you feel their work Michael you are really good.”

“Yea well this doesn’t pay the rent so I need to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life, at least that’s what my parents think.” Michael told her as he led her to the balcony of his apartment. Wilson had set up lunch for them; Maria smiled as he pulled out her chair. “Thank you.”

“So Michael this is a really nice place you have here.” Maria told him as she looked around.

Michael smiled, “Yeah well the rent is cheap.”

“Did your parents have this place built on for you or was it always apart of the original house?” Maria asked.

“No actually they did add on for me about a year and half ago. This works out better for us all, they still have me close by so they can nag at me and I have the space I want to work, everyone is happy.” Michael told her. He watched Maria closely she was beautiful but he couldn’t tell if she was for real or just another chick looking to get her hands on his trust fund. “So how do you like being back in the USA?” Michael asked her as he poured Tabasco sauce all over his steak, potato, and salad.

Maria laughed a little watching him. Michael shook his head, “What so funny?”

“Oh it’s nothing its cool that you have a food fetish that’s all.” Maria told him

“Yeah, why is that cool?” Michael asked her.

“Well it’s just that I have a food fetish too, I love ranch dressing mixed with hot mustard on everything.” Maria told him.

Michael smiled, “Sounds interesting, so when you say everything what do you mean? Are we talking French fries and burgers, or serious stuff like ice cream and chocolate bars?”

“Definitely burgers and fries.” Maria told him as she made a face.

“See I win then because I like Tabasco sauce on everything especially ice cream and chocolate bars.” Michael told her.

“You win hands down.” Maria told him as she ate her food.

Maria smiled at him, “So do you want to come to dinner with us tonight. Liz’s dad is gong to take us all out.”

Michael shook his head, “Sure I’m up for free food.”

“Well I just thought it might help Liz too relax a little. Her and her father have this whole history and she is freaking out about it I can tell.” Maria told him.

“Max never mentioned that, what’s the trouble why the conflict between them?” Michael asked.

“It’s been going on for a long time actually since her mom’s death. Liz was pretty young when her mom got sick. Her death hit both of them pretty hard. Liz said that he spent more and more time at work after Nancy died, so they just really grew apart. Don’t get me wrong she loves her dad and all but it’s like they come from two different worlds.” Maria explained.

“Yeah that’s ruff.” Michael told her as they finished eating. “So what about you what is your story?”

“My story, well there’s not a lot to tell. My dad took off when I was a little kid leaving me and my mom to get by on our own for the most part. Then when I was about 12 she was remarried to Jim Valente. He is a really great guy and he makes my mom really happy. I actually have a step brother his name is Kyle. He and Liz dated for a while but not anything to serious at least not on Liz part. Kyle still has a thing for Liz but she is totaly head over heals with Max." Maria told him without thinking.Realizing what she had just said she slapped her hand over her mouth. "OH my gosh, I was so not ever suppose to say anything, please promise me that you won't say anything, I swear if Liz knew I told you that she would be so ticked at me."

Michael laughed at her, "Don't worry Max is pretty deep with his feelings for Liz too so now you know my sercret were even."

Maria smiled at him, " Anyway back to me, not long after my mom got married Jim got transferred to London and we have been living over their ever since. It’s been pretty cool but I miss the United States so I am hoping Liz will move back with me. Hey maybe things will work out for her and Max and she will want to make the UAS her homeland again.” Maria told him

“I can't think of anything I would like better." Michael told her in all sincerity. Maria flashed him another smile, he liked to see her smile. "So no real plans for your future either then, no big career planned.” Michael asked her.

“OH I didn’t say that, I want to be a singer I have for a really long time it’s a dream of mine but my parents are like yours as a matter of fact I just got the Maria you have to start thinking about your future speech just before Liz and I came here.”

“Well if last night was any indication of your talent I would say you have a shot at it. Life’s to short to get caught up in the 9 to 5 routine I say go for it.” Michael told her as they headed back inside.

“Thanks Michael that’s really nice of you.” Maria told him as she walked back over into his apartment. “Hey, how about you draw me?”

“No you would hate having to sit there in the same position for so long.” Michael told her.

“Please I would really love it and I promise to do exactly as you tell me.” Maria told him.

Michael had a mischievous smile on his face, “SO if I draw you, you promise to do exactly as I say no questions asked?”

Maria shook her head, “I swear.”

“OK sit right here. “ Michael told her. Maria allowed Michael to potion her on one of the big chairs next to the window. “Ok now all you have to do is slip off your top and were all set.” Michael told her.

Maria’s mouth dropped open and she stared at him in disbelief. “What did you just say?”

Michael busted up laughing, “I’m kidding really I am totally kidding. Just get comfortable and relax. I hate sketching people who look like they are posing just try and look natural, and don’t move around to much.

Maria smiled at him; she laid her head back against the oversized chair and tried to be very still as he began drawing her. Michael couldn’t help himself he was smiling at her she was so pretty and so open. He liked that about her how trusting she seemed to be. “You have really great features, and gorgeous blue eyes.”

“Thank you they are my mother’s eyes.” Maria told him trying not to move.

“Just relax this is going to take a little while.” Michael told her as he continued sketching her.

Liz ran into her bedroom and slammed the door shut. She couldn’t believe what had just happened between her and Max. What was happening to her? She couldn’t seem to stay in control around him at all. She lay down on her bed and started crying, she was so confused. Thoughts of Max kept entering her mind. She wanted to tell him everything but she was terrified of what he would think. If she only had some kind of answers for herself then maybe things wouldn’t be quite so complicated she thought. She closed her eyes and willed herself to think of something else but that didn’t work out to well. It wasn’t long before she drifted off to sleep. Thoughts of Max still remained on her mind.

“I can not believe this is real, I can’t believe I am standing here with you.” Liz whispered softly.

“Happy?” He asked her as he continued caressing her soft skin with his lips. Liz moan softly and turned around in his arms, “More then I ever imagined possible.” She spoke is soft whisper.

He captured her lips with his. He pulled her closer to him and pressed his body against hers. “You are so beautiful, I love you more then I ever thought I was capable of loving another person.” He told her his heart pounding in his chest. Liz slid her hands underneath his robe and ran her hands across his bare chest. “No regrets, I mean about marrying me even though there were those among your family who advise against it?”

“None, knowing you has made me a better person. Don’t ever doubt that our love is stronger than any force in the universe, trust in that. Our marriage and the peace it has brought between our planets and our people is a good thing, it’s the right thing.” He told her as he stared intently into her dark brown eyes. Liz shivered at the intensity of emotion in his voice. She knew he meant it but she felt insecure and hearing him say it made her feel safe. Liz leaned up and kissed him, a deep and passionate kiss leaving no doubt of her love for her new husband. Max scooped her up into his arms and carried her over to their bed and laying her gently down upon it. Seeing the anxious look in her eyes he leaned down next to her and whispered into her ear, “Don’t be frightened, I don’t want you to ever be afraid to be with me.”

Liz shook her head, “I’m not afraid, it’s just that I’ve never, what I mean is… I do not have any experience, with a, with a man. I don’t want to disappoint you.” She stammered in her embarrassment trying to find the right words to say.

He smiled at her and began gently caressing the back of her neck and softly kissing her lips. “You could never disappoint me, not ever don’t you see were connected to one another, it’s as if our two hearts now beat as one. I love you.”

Liz whispered in husky voice, “Show me.” As she lay back on the soft pillows pulling him along with her. He slide her dressing gown up over her head revealing her soft silky skin amazed at her beauty. Liz blushed, but all concern was soon wiped away by the look of desire burning in his eyes. She pulled his mouth down to hers as the passion that they felt for one another could no longer be contained. He left a tiny trail of kisses down across her neck and then to her soft delicate breast. Liz moaned and arched her body closer to his as he caressed her. She slid her hands down across his back and pushed her hips up to meet his wanting to be closer to him, to feel all of him against her. Without hesitation she pushed the robe down off his shoulder so there would be no clothing to act as a barrier between them. He caressed her stomach allowing her to enjoy the pleasure each knew sensation caused as his hands freely explored every each of her body. Liz thought she would die from the ach that was building inside her the ach that only the sweet release of knowing him completely could bring.>

Liz tossed about in her bed her body reacting to the images that filled her mind as she slept the passion that had over taken her body. Her heart was racing, her breathing ragged as she heard herself cry out his name in the throws of their passion, “Zan” She cried out as he took her. Startled Liz sat up in shock and shook her head trying to shake the haze of the dream out of her mind. She was fully awake now and trembling, unnerved by what she had just experienced. She got up and stumbled over to the mirror, shocked at seeing her hair a disheveled mess and her face flush she looked around her room, all was as it should be. Could it just have been a dream when it seemed so vivid when it seemed so real? She was afraid what was happening to her she had to know she had to find out what this was all about, and how could it be that Zan a character in a childhood story was exactly like Max, her Max.

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July 13th.
I have another part to post but I am not sure if I should. Has this story gotten boring. If you have some suggestions that you think might make it better let me know? I just don't want to keep posting if no one is reading it though.
Thanks Mikale
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Thanks so much everyone for the support. I do have the next part ready to post but I have to proof it and I had a accident and my right hand is in a mess. I cut my index finger and am in a splint and badages:-( I am trying to get me handsome hubby to type some corrections and help me with the proofing. He was after all kind enough to type this for me;-) ANyway I will have the next part up by Sunday!
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