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Title: Buried Fears
Authors: Juliette and Leah
Rating: Pg-13
Disclaimer: We don't own anything, so don't sue.
Summary: Liz is sent to live in Roswell, New Mexico after a devastating event.
Note: Feedback is a necessity, good or bad, for us to continue our fic. Also, does anybody want to be a beta reader for us?

~*~ Part 1 ~*~

Driving to Roswell, New Mexico.

I'm Elizabeth Parker, and I believe everybody in this world has at least one over-powering being afraid of death, paranormal things and aliens. What I'm trying to say is this: if nobody had a fear, we would all be bland. I mean, even those people in the movies have to have fear, otherwise there wouldn't be a storyline. I think if there was no such thing as fear, the world would be in total chaos. But why am I telling you this? It's not like a piece of paper could talk back to me.

Liz sighs and taps her pencil on her journal entry page.

You Know what the worst thing is? When fear goes too far...when fear is all we know...when we don't enjoy all the happy moments we are offered...when walking outside, the only vibe you feel is fear...when fear consumes every portion of your life.

Liz stops writing and puts the end of her pen in her mouth.

Do you want to know my fear? The fear that surrounds my every moment...that is the center of my soul...that I think about day and night, between the seconds within every minute. My fear surrounds me like nothing I have ever heard or read, much less felt. It consumes my life by making all of my decisions. I can't escape this ever-lasting fear.

Liz is pulled out of her thoughts as she arrives at the Crashdown. Her Aunt Beth comes out to greet her.

"Liz, honey! How are you? How was your flight and ride here?" Beth asks while embracing her.

"I'm as good as I can get," sighs Liz. "The flight and the car ride were long but manageable," she adds, smiling faintly.

"Right, stupid questions. Well let me show you your room so we can get your things unpacked, and you settled in," Beth says excitedly.

Beth retrieves some of Liz's luggage, and proceeds to enter the Crashdown.

*Great, I'll be living on top of an alien themed restaurant, could it get any better? Liz thinks to herself.*

Liz walks over to get the rest of her luggage, and follows her aunt into the restaurant. Liz is sitting on her bed above the Crashdown, while Beth is standing by the door.

"I'll leave you to yourself to unpack everything. God knows you don't want me hanging over your shoulder," Beth says.

Beth turns to walk out the door, but stops abruptly.

"Oh, Liz by the way, I was wondering if you would be able to help me with the Crashdown because I'm low on staff, and I only have about three waitresses; Maria, Courtney, Sophia, and two cooks working at the moment. Maria is a sweet girl, she will show you the ropes," Beth says sweetly.

"Okay, but I'm not promising you much help, I've never waitressed or anything before," Liz replies.

Beth proceeds to speak to Liz to arrange the plans for attending her new school tomorrow. After finishing their conversation, Beth leaves Liz alone for the night. Liz decides to unpack her clothes and shoes, since those are the most important possessions she brought with her. After stashing everything in her closet that seemed to be more compacted then the one she had in New York, she laid on her bed, sprawling herself out. Liz sighs as she glances around the room, her attention brought to an unmarked box in the corner. Liz walks over to the box and opens it. Pulling out a picture of three people, she begins to cry.


"I'm sorry Liz, you have to believe me when I say that." Jeff Parker says.

"Right, Jeff!! You can't take care of me because you're not 'stable enough' to even take care of yourself. I thought you were better than that...stronger than that, but I was wrong. And you send me to her sister, who is her family, going through the same amount of pain as you...who has even had more hardships in her life than you could even think about. I thought you loved me more than this Jeff, but you have proven my beliefs in you to be truly wrong!!!!" Liz says with tears trickling down her face.

Liz begins to shake as her father stumbles through words in his head.

"Liz, this change will only be temporary, I promise. Then you'll be able to come back home, and everything will be as good as new for us," Jeff Parker says.

"You expect me to come back like I never left? Is that it? Well, you're wrong! If I go, I am NOT coming back to this house or to you again. I thought we were going to be into this together,” Liz says, growing angry with him.

Liz rushes to her room, not giving her father a chance to speak again. She throws herself onto her bed, face down in her pillow, and weeps as if she were dead also.

End of flashback

Should we continue or not?

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Note: Feedback is a necessity, good or bad, for us to continue our fic. Also, does anybody want to be a beta reader for us?

Pixie and ItsLikeChemical
Thank you girliez for posting the first feedback to our story. We weren't sure whether or not our story was good enough to post...*sad* BUT, we decided it must be, and here is part 2, dedicated to both of you! *big*

~*~ Part 2 ~*~


While I was living in New York, most people who knew me would say I had a pretty good life. Unfortunately, none of those people really knew that I hid behind a wall.


"Liz honey, will you please sit down? Your father and I have something very important to tell you," Nancy says.

"Okay," Liz replies. She glances between her mother and father, a worried expression on her face.

"Your father and I thought it best not to tell you about this, because we believed it would end up being nothing. Turns out we were wrong," She sighs. "You know the weekends I have been spending with your Aunt Beth in New Mexico?" Liz nods. "I told you that I was helping her because she was going through a hard time. Well she was, and I was helping her, but I was also receiving treatments.... Liz, I have Leukemia." Nancy says.

"What? Cancer! How long have you kept this from me? Didn't you think I had the right to know?" Liz screams.

"Yes honey, you did. It was me...I thought I was doing the right thing by not telling you," Nancy implores.

"You're better though, right? I mean, you've been doing treatments, so you're fine. It's not like your dying, right?" Liz says trying to reassure herself.

Nancy looks at Jeff for a moment, then back at Liz and begins to cry.

"I...I...I'm sorry..." Nancy stutters.

"I think what your mother is trying to say is that the doctors have tried all they can Liz. The treatments weren't enough...the cancer kept spreading. Liz, mom is.............. dying. They're giving her a month at the most," Jeff says answering for his wife.

"What? No! This is all a big mistake! There has to be something else the doctors can do," Liz cries.

"I'm sorry Liz, the doctors have tried everything they can. Your mom and I have accepted it, and now you need to. Your mom needs you right now. We are a family, and we will get through this together. Nothing will split us apart," Jeff says calmly.

"How can I accept this? It's only been a few minutes since you've told me! How long did it take you to accept it?" Liz remarks sarcastically.

Liz cries endlessly while she hugs her mother.

End of Flashback

You know, now that I really look back, nobody really ever knew me...nobody really ever cared. My own father lied and now we are millions of miles away from each other. We're not a family anymore. I'm completely and utterly alone; but is this really any different from how my life was before? Sure I had friends, plenty of them, but were any of them my real true friends? Someone who I would actually call my best friend? People just wanted to be around me because I dated the school's football quarterback. He was popular, so that made me popular. So, as you can tell, my friends weren't really friends. I see them as leeches trying to climb a social ladder with the brand name popular written at the top. They never knew the real, true Liz. The only person they knew was the fake Liz, the Liz that I am ashamed to know, and to have been. Friends; I don't think I've ever really had a true friend. Someone to giggle with and do embarrassing things with is something I've always wanted. I know this is stupid and girly, but isn't that just about what every girl wants? But I hold myself back; I don't let people in, because when you do, you take a chance. It involves a circle of lies, betrayal and deceit. It leaves you standing alone once again, but broken even more than the last time.


Early in the morning, Liz is sitting in the Crashdown, where Her Aunt Beth forces her to eat something before she heads out for school.

"Hey Liz, you know Maria just walked in to get her schedule for the week. I could ask her if she wouldn't mind giving you a ride to school,” Beth asks.

"No, that's okay. I'll be fine...the bus is fine," Liz replies.

Just then, a blonde girl walks out of the back of the Crashdown, and begins to approach Beth and Liz.

"Hi Mrs. Parker. Hey, you must be Liz. Mrs. Parker said you'd be coming to live with her for a little while," Liz nods.

"Do you need a ride to school? I would hate to have to take the bus," Maria asks.

*Think Liz: say no. Don't put yourself in car with someone you don't have a hard enough time keeping up a conversation with your own father and aunt. Say no.*

"Okay, sure, thanks. I would really appreciate it."

*Damnit! I need to work on saying no. If I can't even say no to a complete stranger then I definitely have a problem. *

"Great, come on let's go. We wouldn't want to be late for another day in hell," Maria remarks.

"Maria!" Beth says, stunned at Maria’s choice of words.

"Sorry Mrs. Parker, but it's true," Maria replies. "Well, we better go or we will be late. See you later, bye!"

"Bye you two. Liz have a good day at school,” Beth shouts.

"Bye," Liz replies.

*Okay think. Liz say something. Anything. How about how's the school? No. No. What am I thinking? That's stupid. Okay. Okay think. *

Liz is pulled out of her thoughts when Maria begins to speak.

"So what brings you here to Roswell?" Maria asks.


* What can I say? I mean I don't even know her. Let's just say, ‘Hey, I'm Liz, my father sent me here because he is a no good jackass who says that, "I just can't handle you right now honey.’"*

"I really just needed a change, new scenery, so I'm trying it out here with my Aunt for awhile," Liz replies.

"Oh, wow. That's cool. I wish my mom would let me try it out somewhere else, get a taste of real life. This town has nothing except fake plastic aliens, and the loonies who actually believe in them and the crash. You don't have an alien obsession do you? Because if you do, I don't think we will be able to be friends. I'm sick and tired of aliens, aliens, aliens and more aliens. Sorry, I just get a little angry, you know when you're around something 24 hours a day, you can't just wait to get away? Well, that's how I feel about aliens, and if you live here you'll never escape,” Maria blabbers.

Liz laughs.

"No, no it's ok, and I don't have an obsession over aliens or anything, so don't worry," she adds.

Part 3 or not??

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Thank you very much for your feedback. It is much appreciated.*big*

FYI: Part 3 should be out before Friday. We just need to finish the ending to part 3. Keep the feedback coming! *big* It helps us move along faster.
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FreeFall- Yeah she just called him Jeff because she was mad at him.Thanks for the feedback, and thank you so much for being our beta reader, we really appreciate it!! .*big*

LoopSied- Thanks for the feedback.*big*

Jeremiah- Thanks for the feedback.*big*

LuckyStar- Yeah we were posting the story on Smutwell also. Thanks for the feedback!*big*

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~*~ Part 3 ~*~

"Before I show you the main office, I’ll introduce you to some of my friends." Maria says.

"Okay," Liz replies.

They walk up to a set of lockers where two boys are standing, talking to each other.

"Hey guys, I want you to meet someone," Maria announces, pointing to Liz.

"The skinny computer looking nerd is Alex," Maria teases, "and the other guy is Kyle."

"Hey! What’s up with the name-calling? You didn’t even call Kyle anything. That’s not fair Ria!"

Alex whines jokingly, but then smiles at the nickname Maria hates so much. Maria gives him an angry glance.

"Did I mention he whines?" Maria asks, a smile on her face.

The bell rings.

"Oh sorry, we have to go. I have to show Liz where the main office is. Bye!" Maria rushes, pushing Liz in the other direction, giving her just enough time to wave good-bye.

"Bye!" Kyle and Alex both shout.

"Okay. Here is the office. I’d come in with you, but if I’m late to my class again my teacher will call my Mom. I have skipped his class quite a few times. Sorry, I’m blabbering. Here’s the office. I'll see you later," Maria says. She starts to walk away, then stops abruptly.

"Oh, hey if you want, if we don’t see each other before lunch, me, Alex and Kyle sit at a table outside. It’s by a big tree, you can’t miss it, there's no other tables around it either," Maria offers.

"Okay, thanks. I guess I’ll see you at lunch then," Liz responds.

"Bye," Liz and Maria say in unison.

Liz walks into the office unsure of herself. "H... Hi, I’m Elizabeth Parker, I’m new." Liz says timidly.

"Okay, well let me get your schedule, I’ll print it out for you," The woman responds. After Liz receives her schedule she begins to walk out of the office. "Wait a second Miss Parker," The woman calls, "let me find someone to show where all your classes are located, we don’t want you wandering around the halls like a lost puppy," She adds.

Just then Kyle walks into the office. "Hey Mrs. Biggs, Mr. Sullivan wanted me to tell you that the copiers in both of the teacher workrooms aren’t working." Kyle smiles. "Hey Liz," he adds.

Liz smiles back at him.

"Okay Kyle. I'll be sure to call the repairman," Mrs. Biggs tells him. "Hey Kyle, while you're here, do you think you could show Miss Parker where her classes are?" she adds.

"Sure. No problem," Kyle replies.

Liz hands him her schedule, and they walk out of the office.

"Hey thanks, you got me out of Chemistry," Kyle says, making a sour face at the mention of Chemistry.

"It was my pleasure," Liz smiles. Kyle smiles back at her, then looks down at her schedule.

"Cool, you have Chemistry first period with me. Maria has it too; she usually skips the class or sleeps through it though," Kyle sighs.

After Kyle shows Liz the location of all of her classes they walk to Chemistry. Entering the classroom, they walk over to the teacher.

"Mr. Sullivan, this is Liz......I mean Elizabeth Parker. She's new," he explains.

"Oh, okay," Replies Mr. Sullivan. "Let me see," He pauses and looks around the classroom. "There is an empty seat between Mr. Valenti and Mr. Evans," he observes.

Kyle walks to his seat, Liz following several steps behind.

"Okay," Mr. Sullivan continues, "once you get your lab papers, read them carefully; you will be doing this lab without any of my help. I want to see what you all have learned so far."

Liz represses a grin as some students grumble and others sigh.

"Miss. Parker, if you need any help don’t hesitate to ask me," Mr. Sullivan tells her. "Okay, you all know the rules; four to a group," he states.

Liz looks between Maria and Kyle, hoping to be partnered up with them. She exhales a sigh of relief as Maria and Kyle nod their agreement.

"Hey, Evans you want to be in our group?" Kyle adds.

"Sure, thanks," Max replies.

Max turns his head to look in Kyle’s direction for the first time, his gaze immediately focusing/fallins on the new girl. He finds himself suddenly pulled into a trance.

"Hey, Hello!" Maria shouts, waving her hands in front of Liz’s face. Liz shakes her head and turns around to look at Maria.

"Sorry, I went off into another world," Liz blushes while stealing another look at Max.


After third period, Maria and Liz are walking to the lunch tables outside.

"So, I know it’s not my place to pry or anything, seeing that I have only known you for a couple hours, but I'm pretty sure I saw chemistry spark between you and Max Evans in Chemistry, no pun intended," Maria teases lightly.

"Well, he is cute," Liz defends, blushing furiously.

I knew it!" Maria shouts excitedly."I think you should totally go for it," Maria adds, just as they join Kyle and Alex at their lunch table.

"She should go for what?" Alex asks.

"Oh, Max Evans," Maria says nonchalantly. "There was definitely something sparking between them today in Chemistry," she adds.

"Yeah, Evans was tripping over his own shoes today. He almost burned our whole experiment because he was looking at you, Liz," Kyle says.

"No he wasn’t," Liz denies.

"Yeah he was," Maria and Kyle both smile.

"Hey, if you want Parker, I can pretend that we are together to keep him from looking at you," Alex smirks.

Maria smacks him on the back of the head.

"Hey, hey it was just an idea. You don’t have to kill me over it," Alex whines, while rubbing the back of his head. "That hurt," he mumbles.

The bell rings and the group breaks up to go to their next classes.

"Hey Liz, so do you like hanging around Alex, Kyle and I?" Maria asks.

"Yeah, you guys are definitely a laugh," Liz giggles.

*This is the most fun I have had since.....*


"I'm glad I took a day off work to spend with you, Liz," Nancy smiles.

"Me too, Mom. We haven't spent much time together since you received all the new work," Liz says, remembering all the lost time between them.

"Well, honey, just don't think about that right now. Today is a day that we can be together and have no worries what-so-ever." Nancy says matter-of-factly.

Just then, Nancy and Liz pass a store, and glance at each other. Without saying a word, already knowing what the other is thinking, they redirect their route and head into the store.

"That looks terrific on you, Mom!!" Liz says, smiling at her mom.

Her mother looks in the mirror and frowns.

"I'm too old to be wearing this hip stuff that you wear, Liz! I don't want people walking around asking us if we're sisters," Nancy jokes with Liz. "Especially since they would say I was the prettier one...I wouldn't want your feelings to get hurt," Nancy adds, chuckling at the horrified expression on her daughters face.

"Ouch, Mom. That hurts, right here," Liz says while pointing to her stomach. Both girls burst with laughter and then decide to go grab Milkshakes at the Dairy Queen down the street.

End of Flashback

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Shama,Lucky Star, FreeFall, Alexandra86 and goddessgurl5000 thanks a lot for the feedback.*big*

~*~ Part 4 ~*~

Well, my first day at Roswell High is officially over, and it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I didn’t have to sit at lunch alone, and I even made a couple of friends. I talked mostly to this girl Maria Deluca, which was cool because she works at the Crashdown, where I live now and where I will be working soon. Maria is a really nice person. She drove me to school, and even went as far as to introduce me to her friends Kyle and Alex. In all my classes I have at least one of them in it, so I'm never feeling stupid sitting all by myself, without someone to talk to, I hate feeling like that. With them there it definitely made my day much better. I never feel lonely when they are there. It’s weird, I know that I haven’t known these people for over 24 hours. But I mean in my old school I could have a billion people around me and I felt so alone, so lost. But having Maria, Alex and Kyle I feel like a void in me has been filled, and I don’t think in my whole entire sixteen years on this planet have I ever laughed as hard as when those three are around. They even have nicknames for me. Maria calls me Lizzie, and than she’ll call me Beth to annoy me. Alex calls me Parker, and Kyle calls me Liz, or Lizard. Hey, I know they’re not the prettiest names in the world, but they’re my nicknames. Hehe mine. Ok, I know I’m a little weird, ok very weird but nicknames are special to me. I mean your not going to call someone Lizzie just because, it’s like a step towards a friendship of some kind. Oh, but I haven’t told you the best part of my day yet. The best part of my day was meeting the cutest guy any girl will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Max Evans. Or as Maria would say "Hottie Mic Max." I know it’s cheesy but hey, I’m a high school girl with a crush, I’m allowed to be cheesy.:0) And it’s not like the name doesn’t fit him. Max Evans is a hottie, pure and true. Ok I don’t really know him very well, I mean the only words I said to him today were in chemistry and they were ‘Do you have the prongs?’ Hehe but at least I talked to him. I had a hard enough time trying to ask him that and I had an actual excuse to talk to him. Anyways I know that I don’t know that much about him except what Maria tells me. She apparently has a crush on Max’s best friend Michael. At lunch today even Kyle said that Max was tripping over his shoes because he was looking at me. Yeah right, no guy has ever, and will never trip over their own shoes for little old Parker. Anyways enough about Max Evans :insert dreamy sigh:, I guess moving here wasn’t such a bad thing. Maybe Roswell will bring a new light to my life.


"Oh my god!" Maria shrieks running towards Alex, Liz and Kyle’s lunch table.

"Alex you will never believe what I just heard," Maria says, hyperventilating and smiling from ear to ear. "I was just in the bathroom and Isabel Evans and some of her friends walked in and they were like blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, but then one girl said ‘Have you seen Whitman this year?’ and another girl was like ‘Yeah, he is looking hot!’ and someone else said ‘No, he’s looking awesome!’ and then I heard Isabel Evans tell them to back off because Whitman was hers!"

Trying to hide his excitement "So, what’s the big deal? We already knew I was a stud," Alex says, showing off his muscles, or at least what muscles he has.

Kyle and Maria laugh at him.

"What’s the big deal? Alex!" Maria shouts, "You have had a crush on her since, well since you were born."

"Yeah Alex is like obsessed with Isabel," Kyle explains to Liz, just in case she didn’t understand the jumble of words that were coming out of Maria’s mouth.

Maria finally sits down at the table, and then fiercely starts tapping on Alex's shoulder trying to get him to look behind him.

"Look I have come to a decision, she is out of my league, and I’m not going to cry any more tears over her," Alex jokes and then turns around to see what Maria wanted to show him. He is immediately face to belly with none other than Isabel Evans.

"Hey," Isabel says.

"Hey," they all reply back.

"Hi," Alex finally gets out.

Isabel smiles at him at then focuses back on the group.

"Well as you guys probably already know, I’m having an end of the school year party, and I wanted to invite you four personally," she says as she hands the invitations to them. "I hope to see you guys there," she says then walks away.

"Hi," Maria says trying to imitate Alex, "I’m Alex. You might have seen me around, you know, worshiping you and all."

"Hey," Alex says trying to defend himself, "What about you, you have a crush on that rebel without a clue. Or a cause. Michael Guerin. He is like a bum!"

"Well at least he isn’t a miss prissy," Maria defends back.

"Well at least," Alex begins but is cut off by Kyle.

"All right children, how about we all calm down," Kyle intervenes.

Maria and Alex glare at him.

"Well I better go, you know, get some lunch or something," Kyle says getting up right away.

"I think I'll join you, if that's okay," Liz says getting up looking at him for an answer, Kyle just nods his head.

"Look what you did, you just scared Liz away," Maria accuses.

"No you’re insistent babbling slash bubbly self drove her away," Alex counters.

Both Kyle and Liz laugh as they walk away from the two fighting friends. Everyone outside could hear the two bickering.


"Hey Liz can I come in?" Beth asks.

"Yeah," Liz replies.

"Kyle, Maria and Alex are down stairs waiting for you. They said you guys were going to a party," Beth says. "I didn’t know you were going anywhere tonight."

"Oh, sorry, I didn’t even think, is it ok?" Liz asks worried, "I’ll be back before eleven," she persuades.

"No it’s fine, just next time tell me in advance please, and you can stay out later than that. I know you are responsible, and so is Maria," Beth smiles, happy that Liz has already made friends and good ones at that.


"Hey want to dance?" Alex asks, smiling at his unknowing victim Liz.

Both Maria and Kyle start laughing.

"What?" asks Alex, "I can dance," he proclaims.

Kyle takes Liz’s hand and leads her to the dance floor. "You’ll thank me later when you see Alex dancing," Kyle smiles.

Kyle begins to laugh and tells Liz to look behind her. She turns around to find Alex and Maria dancing like Robots, while doing the Macarena. Turning back to Kyle she says "Thanks for the save," Kyle just nods and they begin to dance again with the biggest smiles on their faces.

A few dances later Maria grabs Liz away from Kyle.

"Hey, we have to go to the bathroom," Maria says to Kyle not giving him time to answer back.

Then Alex comes up to Kyle and begins dancing with him. "To much man, too much," Kyle laughs walking away.

"Sorry to drag you away, but you know the saying ‘girls go to the bathroom in groups’," Maria smiles. "Would you mind just waiting outside the door I won’t be long, I just saw Michael and I want to fix my make-up."

"No problem," Liz smiles.

"Thanks," Maria says closing the bathroom door.

Liz was about to turn around, away from the bathroom door when the door behind her opens up and hits her in the face, knocking her down.

"Oh my god! I’m so sorry, this hallway is way too small," Max apologizes while helping her up.

"Oh, don’t worry about it, I think I’ll be ok," Liz replies.

"Your the new girl right? Liz Parker? Chemistry class?" he asks.

"Yeah, Max right?" Liz replies trying to stay cool.

"Ok Liz I’m ready," Maria says as she opens the door, pushing Liz on to Max.

"Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt," Maria smiles.

"Oh, no Maria," Liz begins.

"I knew you two would hit it off," Maria interrupts. "Hey you even admitted he was cute."

"Maria!" Liz blushes.

"Hey there you two are," Kyle says, walking up to them with Alex behind him.

"Hey Evans," Kyle greets. Max nods back at him. "What are we doing standing around the hall?" Kyle asks.

"Max and Liz were," Maria says but is cut off by Liz.

"Nothing," Liz blushes.

"Nothing my ass," Maria jokes.

"Really nothing happened, when you opened the door you pushed Liz and I caught her before she fell on the floor. That’s all," Max says, speaking up for the first time.

"Sure," Maria says not believing him, "well Alex the dance floor awaits."

"Hey Max do you think I could make a request to the DJ?" Alex asks before Maria can pull him away.

"Oh no way Whitman, we don't need any requests from you," Kyle smirks. " Remember our freshman homecoming, Alex was the one who asked the DJ to play Wannabe, by the Spice Girls," he says turning towards the group.

"Hey, whoever said the Spice Girls didn't have class? For your information their songs were beautifully written," Alex says standing up for himself.

"I dunno, it wouldn't hurt to ask," Max smiles "Just no Spice Girls, okay. I think Isabel would freak.”

"Deal," Alex says walking to the DJ's table.

"Well Kyle since my dance partner has left me, would you mind," Maria says holding out her hand. "I think Max and Liz want some alone time."

"Okay," Kyle agrees.

Just then the song "Baby's got back" comes on.

"Oh My God!" Isabel screams. "Why did the DJ put on that song, I gave him a list of the songs he could play, I know that wasn't on it," Isabel says to herself as she passes the group.

"I like big butts and I can not lie, You other brothers can't deny, And when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist, And a round thing in your face, You get sprung." Alex sings along while pulling Liz and Maria onto the dance floor.


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Lucky Star, BeccaPrincessofRoswell and
behrstars: thank you soo much for you're feedback!*big*

Teaser to Part 5

“Excuse me, Alex. Do you mind if I steal Liz from you?” Max shouts over the music.

“Sure, dude. Just make sure she gets back to me later,” Alex teases.

Max walks around Alex and Maria until he comes upon Liz. He reaches out and grabs her hips to turn her around. A startled Liz turns around and smiles when she sees it’s Max. Max reaches for her hand, and Liz follows his lead. He moves his hands to the lower part of her back, and Liz wraps her hands around his neck, feeling totally care-free. Their bodies sway as one to the pulse of the music.

The pathway is broken
And the signs are unclear
And I don't know the reason why you brought me here
But just because you love me the way that you do
I'm gonna walk through the valley
If you want me to

'Cause I'm not who I was
When I took my first step
And I'm clinging to the promise
you're not through with me yet
So if all of these trials
bring me closer to you
Then I will go through the fire
If you want me to

It may not be the way I would have chosen
When you lead me through a world that's not my home
But you never said it would be easy
You only said I'll never go alone

So when the whole world turns against me
And I'm all by myself
And I can't hear you answer my cries for help
I'll remember the suffering your love put you through
And I will go through the valley
If you want me to

“Let’s get out of here,” Max whispers in Liz’s ear.

Liz just smiles and nods her head in agreement.

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Lucky Star- Thanks for the feedback!*big*

Part 5

“Excuse me, Alex. Do you mind if I steal Liz from you?” Max shouts over the music.

“Sure, dude. Just make sure she gets back to me later,” Alex teases.

Max walks around Alex and Maria until he comes upon Liz. He reaches out and grabs her hips to turn her around. A startled Liz turns around and smiles when she sees its Max. Max reaches for her hand, and Liz follows his lead. He moves his hands to the lower part of her back, and Liz wraps her hands around his neck, feeling totally carefree. Their bodies sway as one to the pulse of the music.

The pathway is broken
And the signs are unclear
And I don't know the reason why you brought me here
But just because you love me the way that you do
I'm gonna walk through the valley
If you want me to

'Cause I'm not who I was
When I took my first step
And I'm clinging to the promise
you're not through with me yet
So if all of these trials
bring me closer to you
Then I will go through the fire
If you want me to

It may not be the way I would have chosen
When you lead me through a world that's not my home
But you never said it would be easy
You only said I'll never go alone

So when the whole world turns against me
And I'm all by myself
And I can't hear you answer my cries for help
I'll remember the suffering your love put you through
And I will go through the valley
If you want me to

“Let’s get out of here,” Max whispers in Liz’s ear.

Liz just smiles and nods her head in agreement.

-Outside the party by Max's car-

"Thanks for coming outside with me Liz. I was getting pretty hot in there," Max states as he admires Liz's beauty in the moonlight.

"No problem Max. My feet really needed a break anyway," Liz replies, silently wondering why Max is staring at her.

Max moves closer to Liz on the hood of his car. Liz looks at him and he smiles to reassure her. He cups her chin in his hand and whispers in her ear how beautiful she is. She blushes ever so lightly as Max brings her to him. They're lips meet shyly at first, growing more bold as the time passes by. Suddenly, Liz pulls away.

"Jeez. I don't know what just happened. Well, I do, but Max, we just became friends, and I just moved here," Liz states simply while looking into his eyes.

"I am so sorry Liz. I don't know what over came me. I just think you're so beautiful and intelligent and so perfect for me," Max replies while glancing away from Liz's over powering stare.

"Oh hell," Liz whispers as she grabs Max and begins kissing him passionately.

Before Max and Liz know it, the party begins to die down. Maria, Kyle, and Alex are walking toward them. Liz quickly jumps up and grabs Max.

"Get in the driver's seat Max," Liz demands while she rushes to the passengers side of the car.

"I think we had enough to drink tonight Max," Liz smiles. "But, I don't regret what happened. I'm just not ready for a serious relationship right now, ya know, since I just moved here and everything."

Max lets his hand roam over Liz's cheek, and pushes her hair behind her ear.

"That's no problem Liz because I understand. Is it okay if we got out as friends? I have a really good time just being in your company," Max replies.

"That would be great Max. I have a really good time with you too. You're the closest person I have to a friend right now," Liz whispers as she glances at Max.

"How about tomorrow night? I could be at your house at 7:30, and I could take you around and show you the sights. How does that sound?" Max asks.

"It's perfect Max," Liz smiles.

Max leans over and gives Liz a quick peck on the lips.

*This is going to be a really weird friendship.*

Kyle, Maria and Alex walk over to Max's car.

"Hey, you ready to go Liz?" Maria asks, winking at her.

"Actually, do you guys don't mind if I get a ride home with Max?" Liz asks.

"No," Maria, Kyle and Alex say in unison.

Everyone laughs. Max winks at Liz, and she smiles back.


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~*~Part 6~*~

“Thanks for agreeing to give me a ride home Max," Liz says as Max puts the car into drive and leaves the party.

"It's my pleasure Liz, really it is. It gives me an opportunity to see where you live so I can pick you up tomorrow," Max replies.

Max turns on the radio and flips through the stations. He stops when he hears Majandra Delfino's voice blaring from the speakers.

"You know this is Maria's sister, right?" Max says while pointing to the radio.

"No, I didn't know Maria even had a sister. We're pretty close, but we haven't had a lot of time together to really get to know one another," Liz states simply. "Wow, she has a wonderful voice. Where did she get it from?" Liz turns and asks Max.

"Maria taught her when they were younger. Maria always knew Majandra had it in her. But, Maria had to stop teaching her because she thought it was better to send her sister to stay with their aunt...until their mother's drinking was under control again," Max rambles. "Shit. I shouldn't have told you all of that. It was not my place to," he says as he hits the palm of his hand on the steering wheel.

"It's no problem Max. I'm glad you told me. I promise I won't mention it to Maria," Liz says as she moves her fingers in the motion of a 'X' over her heart.

*I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with a horrible past. I could really relate to Maria.*

"What are you thinking about Liz?" Max asks as he places a finger on her cheek to turn her toward him.

*Great...what do I tell him? Oh, by the Mom died from cancer? Yah right. Think fast Liz!*

"If our friendship is promising, then you'll find out Max. And I'm using the word friendship loosely," Liz says seductively as she places her hand on Max's leg.

"It will be as promising as you'll allow me to let it be," Max whispers in her ear.

*Ha. This flirting thing isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. God, look at Max's chest...and his eyes...and his..*

"So, you're gunna pick me up tomorrow night, right?"

"You better believe it. Dress comfortably. I'll have a lot planned for us tomorrow," Max informs her.

"Hehe. Okay. Thank you for the wonderful evening Max. I had a great time, and I can't wait for tomorrow."

Max puts his finger to Liz's lips. He brings her closer to him as he leans in. Their lips meet like something they both feel is a natural everyday occurrence. Liz hasn't kissed a guy in a long while, and it certainly felt good to be in someone’s arms. Max lets his hands roam down Liz's back and across to her stomach. At the same time Liz moves her hands over Max's chest, feeling his six pack. Max pulls away. Liz leans in for one more sensual kiss, and beings to open the car door.

"See you tomorrow, Max"


Liz watches Max pull off from inside the Crashdown before she walks up the stairs and opens the door to her room.

*I need to write in my journal now, before I forget anything.*

Liz flips on the lights, startled by the intruder standing before her.

"What the hell are you doing here in my room?! Who let you in?" Liz screams.


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~*~Part 7~*~

"Sean, get out now," Liz screams.

"Come on, I drove all the way down here and your not going to let me stay," Sean says giving her a puppy dog face.

"Listen I can't," Liz says. "I can't do this. I can't see you, it's too much."

"Yeah, well maybe you should think about other people Liz," Sean says. "I miss you baby."

Sean goes to hug Liz and she pushes him away.

"I missed you so much," Sean says.

"Liz, are you okay?" Beth asks. "I thought I heard voices."

Liz pushes Sean into the bathroom.

"No," Liz says opening the door. "It was just my music. Sorry, was it too loud?"

"No," Beth says, "it just sounded like someone was in here. I'll leave you alone. I'm really glad you have made some friends here in Roswell, and that guy I saw dropping you off early, Max Evans, is a really nice guy. I hope you two hit if off," Beth smiles while leaving the room.

"What the hell was she talking about?" Sean asks. "Why did a guy drop you off?"

"He was just giving me a ride home from a party," Liz says. "Plus it doesn't matter if I was with some guy. We broke up before I left.”

“We didn’t break up,” Sean says. “You left before we could do
anything,” he says with a devilish smile.

“Well, when I saw you and Pam Troy in my bed together, I thought that was the breaking up point,” Liz says.

“Listen that was a total mistake,” Sean says. “She seduced me.”

“Get out now,” Liz screams. “I don’t ever want to look at your face

“Listen Liz, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t stay in this relationship to get nothing out of it,” Sean says moving closer to Liz. “I needed to have some fun, and Pam gave it to me. Now its your turn.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so Sean,” Liz says going to open her door.

“Yeah, well you never really were that smart,” Sean says grabbing her.

“Get the fuck off of me,” Liz screams.

“Liz, is everything okay?” Beth asks, opening the door.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to bother you again, but I thought I heard voices,” Beth says looking around the room.

“It’s okay I’m glad you came to bother me,” Liz smiles. “I was trying
to get my TV to work but I don’t know how to plug in all the cable stuff.”


“Hi, is Max there?” Liz asks over the phone.

“Yeah. Hey this is Isabel, I hope you liked the party last night,” Isabel says. “I wish I could figure out who requested “Baby’s got Back” though. I can’t believe someone would try to ruin my party like that.”

“Sorry, here’s Max,” Isabel says.

“Hey! What’s up?” Max asks.

“Nothing much, I just wanted to call because I can’t come to your little tour tonight,” Liz says. “Beth wants me to spend a little time with her tonight. Catch up on the aunt and niece stuff. Sorry.” Liz says apologizing.

“Oh, that’s okay. Some other time then,” Max says, disappointment evident in his voice.

“I’m really sorry,” Liz says. “I really wanted to work on our friendship a little more,” she smiles.

“Yeah, me too,” Max smiles happily. “Another time definitely.”

“Well I have to go. Maria suggested to my Aunt Beth that I should get a
job,” Liz sighs. “So I am now luckily the newest employee to the Crahsdown,” Liz says sarcastically.

“Maybe I’ll stop by then,” Max teases. “I heard the new Waitress is kind of a hottie.”

“I don’t know,” Liz says. “I guess you’ll have to see for your self. I
got to go, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Bye,” Max and Liz say in unison.


Liz hated lying to Max. He really didn’t know that she was going to spend time with her ex boyfriend, Sean, and not really spend time with her aunt or work at the Crashdown. Liz had come, in the little time that Sean was here, to disrespect him. After all, what was that whole molesting thing about?

“You’re all mine tonight, Lizzie,” Sean says while his hands roam her
body. “I’ve been waiting for this for so long.”

Sean moves forward to kiss Liz. She thought that it would be alright. After all, she did still have some feelings for this guy. They had been dating for 3 years before she left. Liz pushes Sean back, startled.

“You’ve never done that before,” Liz says as she tilts her head.

“Done what?” Sean asks in response.

“Be so aggressive and stick your tongue down my throat,” Liz says growing annoyed.

“Baby, I need to get all excited if you want me to screw you,” Sean replies to Liz as if he was talking to an incompetent person.

“Sean, I don’t want to be ‘screwed’. I want to have ‘love made to
me’,” Liz says raising her voice a little.

“I’ll make love to you if you want, Liz,” Sean coaxes Liz.

“No Sean, you can’t. We’re finished now, remember? You can’t make love
to me if we’re not in love,” Liz states matter of fact.

“Liz, you need to get over yourself. Stop being the bitch that you always were when you were back home. I thought that you were going to come here and get over all your problems! You know, open up. But I guess you’re still that stupid stuck up bitch that you were after your mother died,” Sean says while grabbing and pinning Liz on the bed.

“GET OFF ME SEAN!” Liz screams. “And don’t you even bring my Mother into this conversation. It has nothing to do with her. How do you expect me to act?”

Sean put his hand over Liz’s mouth, but that didn’t make a difference
because Aunt Beth was tapping on the door again. Sean jumped up and ran out onto the balcony. Liz quickly wrapped the blanked around her since Sean had destroyed her shirt. She looked out the window and saw him climbing down the emergency throw down ladder.

“I’m really sorry about bugging you. You know that I’m not really good at this Mother thing, but you keep scaring me with all the screaming. I swear it sounds like your voice,” Beth says with a concerned look on her face.

“It was my heavy head banging music. Don’t worry, you’re doing a really
good job at the Mother thing,” Liz says with a smile.

“Its good to know that you think that,” Beth says while she closes the door.

Liz didn’t want to be alone right now. She ran to the phone and started

TBC...Feedback please!

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