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Forbbidden Attraction
Author- Laura
Rating - Pg13
Catagory -M/L is there anything else?
Disclaimer~ I own nothing, and I have nothing, well after my car got messed up I got about twenty bucks in the bank and this computer.... lol
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Part 53…..I think?!

Max closed his laptop and glanced at his watch. They needed to leave for court soon if they planned on arriving on time. It was heading into the fourth week of trial and it was finally Jim’s turn to call witnesses. The DA had pulled out every doctor and forensics expert he could find. In the end though they all said the same; that it was very possible that Liz had done it but with no gun found around the scene they couldn’t be sure. And Jim would humbly stroll around the court room and always ask one question, could it be possible that the statement Liz gave also be true. That the hair was still on their from when Liz was attacked. They would concede it possible and Jim would thank them for their time and sit down.

Max rubbed his face and looked at his watch again. What was she doing up their?

“Liz!” Max shouted. “We need to leave now, or were gonna be late.”

Max took the stairs two at a time and barged into their bedroom ready to attack when he nearly fell over with laughter at the sight before him. Liz was on the floor trying every possible angle to tie her shoes, but with no avail.

Liz “You think this is funny? You try being seven months pregnant, well see how you fair!”
Max let out a laugh and sat down by her feet pulling her foot onto his leg. “Sorry baby, you just look to funny trying to tie your shoes.”
Liz “That’s it I’m buying all new shoes, and they’ll be slip ons!”

Max finished and pulled her into his arms for a quick kiss. We better get going, today’s a big day.”
Liz “This should be interesting, Maria on the stand!”
Max “A very pregnant Maria.”
Liz “She’s due in about two weeks, and she can’t wait till then.”
Max “Well I can’t wait till the DA questions Maria, I think I’ll bring some popcorn.”

Liz smacked Max on the chest “Oh knock it off, Maria’s not that bad.”
Max gave Liz a look and they both started laughing.
“Love you.”
Liz “I love you too.”
“All rise”
Judge “Be seated. Counselor call your first witness.”
Jim stood. “I call Maria Guerin.”
Bailiff “Raise your right hand.”

Maria swore in and took a seat.
Jim “Now Mrs. Guerin please tell me the nature of your relationship with my client.”
Maria “Well Liz is my sister-in-law, and also my best friend.”
Jim “So it’s safe to say you and Liz are close.”
Maria “As close as can be.”
Jim “Mrs. Guerin in your view is Liz capable of murder?”

DA “Objection! Your honor the witness is speculating.”
Jim “With all do respect Mrs. Guerin and Mrs. Evans are extremely close and if anyone would know what Liz is capable is, it would be Mrs. Guerin.”

Judge “I will allow it, but be careful with where you take this counselor.”
Jim “Thank-you. Now please continue.”
Maria “Liz is the sweetest person, she teaches in her studio two days a week and does numourus charities. She is a gentle person who wouldn’t harm a fly.”
Jim “And you know this how?”
Maria “Ever since I’ve been in this city Liz has been part of my life. It was a hard time in my life and she showed me more compassion then anyone has a right to have. I was a stranger and she excepted me with no question. That’s how Liz is.

Jim smiled at Maria. “Thank-you. No more questions.”
The DA stood as Jim sat down. “Mrs. Guerin how well do you know Liz’s family.”
Maria gave him a peculilar look. “Well seeing as I’m part of it, I’d say pretty well.”
The courtroom gave a laugh.
Judge “Quiet, Quiet in this court.”

DA “Well isn’t it true that Mrs. Evans is daughter to a once natourous Mob boss, and now her brother has taken over that role.”
DA “And isn’t it true she’s also married to a very powerful Boss? So my theory is maybe all that rubbed off on her and that all her charity work is a cover. Maybe inside she’d just a cold blooded killer like her father, brother, and husband!”

Judge “Counselor—
Maria “How dare you! Liz and her family are just wealthy businessman. You don’t know anything about them or her. Because if you had half the knowledge of her you would understand the mockery this court is making. And one last thing, if their in this so called MOB then why aren’t they in jail?” she finished with a smirk.

The court was in an uproar. The judge was banging his gavel, while the court was in an uproar of laughter and both counselors yelling objections.

When the courtroom had finally settled down the judge ordered both counselors to the bench.

Judge “Mr. Smith you will follow my orders in this courtroom or you’ll be held on contempt. Now I will let you continue with this witness, but I don’t want any reference to anyone besides the defendant. Understood?”
The DA nodded mutely.

Jim made his way to his seat sending Liz a reasurring smile.

Judge “The jury will disregard the DA’s last questionings and it will be striken from the record. Now continue.”
DA “Your honor I have no more use for this witness.”
Judge “Mrs. Guerin you may step down.”
Maria “That’s good, because I think my water just broke!”

For the second time that day chaos flew around the courtroom. Michael jumped up and made a beeline strait top Maria. He put his hand on her back and helped her to the door while the bailiff cleared the way for them.
“We’ll meet you at the hospital!” Max shouted.
Michael turned and nodded his head giving a goofy smile as Maria yelped in pain.
After that court was dismissed for the day. Max and Liz drove right to the hospital right in time to hear Maria screaming every name in the book at Michael.

Max winced as they took a seat in the waiting room. “I hope to god you don’t do that.” He finished with a smile.
Liz laughed. “I’ll try but I make no gaurentees.”
Max kissed the side of her head and murmered his love into her ear.

Three hours later Mia James Guerin was born. Michael tried to protest over the middle name saying it was too boyish but Maria loved it and told him unless he wanted to have the next baby to stuff it.

“She’s so beautiful Maria, and she sure knows how to make and entrance.” Liz said as she gently held Mia.
Maria “We’ll she learned from the best. It’s so amazing Liz, it’s all worth it.”
Suddenly Mia started fussing. “I guess someone wants her mommy.” Liz said as she handed her over to Maria. “Yea I better get used to it huh.”

Liz started to yawn and Max broke his conversation with Michael and made his way to Liz. “Come on sweetheart you need to get your rest.”

They said their goodbyes and walked out of the hospital hand in hand.
Judge “Has the jury reached a verdict?”
Juror “Yes your honor. In the case Evans verses Philadelphia, we find the defendant Elizabeth Parker Guilty on all counts.”

Shouts and gasps were heard throughout the entire courtroom.

“Order, order in the court. What is your sentence?”
Juror “We sentence you to life in prison.”

Liz creamed out in protest, reaching for Max. Crying for him to make it all go away.
Max pulled away, holding the bundle in his hands carefully, he sent her a sympathetic look. “Sorry Liz, but don’t worry I’ll take care of our baby though…”

Liz awoke with a start. Sweat covered her body and she placed her hands over her stomach protectively.

“What’s wrong baby?” Said a groggy Max.
Liz “N-Nothing I just had a horrible nightmare.”
Max “You want to talk about it?”
Liz “No, I just want you to hold me.”

Max nodded, lying back down and bringing her to lie on his chest. He stroked her hair and murmerd comforting words into her ear until she fell asleep.
One week later…

Jim had finished calling his witnesses and closing remarks had begun. The DA went first boring the jury with a two hour speech on how much Liz’s background was a important factor, as well as the hair found on the body. Jim again decided to take a more direct point as he started his speech, and not dance around.

Jim “Ladies and gentleman you’ve heard a lot of testimony from both sides. And now you have the arduous task of sorting through everything and finding a truth. Now I have no plans to sit you here for hours on end and drown on about this case. But I do want to leave you with some important information. Fact, Elizabeth Evans is a charitable person who has done countless deeds and services for the community. Fact, the only evidence the prosicution has on Elizabeth Evans is a tiny hair follicle. No blood. I also want you to take in account Elizabeth’s size. Do you believe a petite woman such as Mrs. Evans could have possibly overtaken the victim, who was well over six feet? It would be almost impossible. Members of the jury I thank you for your time.”

Max held onto Liz as they stood right outside the courtroom. “You did it love, I’m so proud of the way you handled this.”
“Max you sound so sure of the out come.”
Max “Liz, Jim did an excellent job, and it be impossible for anyone to say guilty.”
Liz “I hope you’re right.”
Max gave Liz a light kiss. “I am.”

Jim “Guys they want us back in the courtroom.”
Liz paled. “They’ve reached a decision already?”
Jim “Yes. Don’t worry Liz I have a good feeling.”
Liz nodded and they made their way in.”
Judge “Have you reached a verdict?”
Juror “Yes we have your honor, in the caser Elizabeth Evans verses Philadelphia we find the defendend…

AHAHAHHAAH I know I’m evil, but I had to leave ya all wit a cliff hanger. I just want to thank everyone who has read this and for the bumps. I recently moved so the last couple of weeks have been crazy, add to that finals coming up (I know I’m still in school cause my teacher decided to strike:( ) But I finally caught my writing muse, the bitch was in my closet trying on my clothes. LoL. Anyway, I will definitely post more soon.


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Part 54

“Not Guilty”

Liz breathed out a sigh of relief as she heard the juror. She felt Max behind her and turned around crushing him to her in a hug.

“I told you everything would work out.”
Liz let out a small laugh. “Yes you did.” She closed her eyes and sighed, taking in Max’s unique sent.

Judge “Order. Order in this courtroom. Thank-you members of the jury you are now excused.”
“All rise.”

Max waited till the judge exited before jumping over the divider and giving his wife a proper hug and kiss. He held her in the crook of his arm as he shook Jim’s hand and gave thanks.

Jim “It was my pleasure. I’m just glad everything work out.”
Max “If there’s anything I can do don’t hesitate.”
Jim “Thanks, but seeing the way you treat Liz is reward enough. Liz your dad would’ve been thrilled to see you with a man who cares so much for you.”

Liz wiped at her tears as she gave Jim a hug. “Thank-you for everything”
“No problem sweetie.”

Maria “Lizzie!”
Liz broke away from Jim and faced Maria.
Maria “Come here I’m next.”

Liz and Maria gave out a squeal as they hugged. “This is so wonderful, I just knew everything would work out for you.”
Liz “Me too.”

After about a dozen more hugs Liz and Max finally made it out of the courtroom and to their car. Max gave Liz one last kiss before helping her into the car and buckling her in. He made his way to the other side of the car and got in, taking her hand in his as he started the car.

Liz “I think I’m going to start the nursery today.”
Max “Yeah?”
Liz “Uh huh, I mean ever since Mia came it’s kinda be like a wake up call. I mean in two months our baby will be here.”
Max smiled. “I can’t wait. And now that your trials over and everything worked out. It just makes it all seem so much better, you know?”
Liz “I kept putting off doing the nursery because I was scared I’d never get to be part of the baby’s life.”

Max “Oh Liz, honey lets not even think about that any more ok?”
Liz shook her head as she wiped at the few tears that had escaped. “Ok.”
Max “I have an idea, why don’t—
“Max look out!” Liz screamed as a car blew the red light and headed strait into them…
Michael and Maria ran down the hospital corridors and headed strait to Max who had his head in his hands.
Maria was in hysterics. “Max, Max what happened? Where’s Liz?”

Max lifted his head, not even bothering to wipe the tear tracks on his face. Maria gasped as she saw the gash on Max’s forehead.
Michael “Max what happened?”

“We where heading home and this car ran a red light, it hit us from the backside of the passengers seat.” Max said in a quiet voice.
Maria “What happened to Liz?” Tears streaming down her face.
Max “I immediately called out to Liz but she was slumped over her head on the dashboard and she just wouldn’t wake up. The ambulance came and then they took her through those doors and haven’t come back.”

Maria embraced Max. “She’s gonna be ok, she has to.” Max lost it and started to sob.
“I can’t lose her, god please make her alright.”
It seemed like hours before the doctor came through the doors. “Mr. Evans?”
Max shot up like a rocket. “How my wife?”
Doctor “Mrs. Evans sustained a concussion. It’s mild, but in her condition we’re monitoring her and the baby closely. Also a fractured wrist and some bruised bones.”
Max “How is the baby?”
“The baby will be fine. I’ve contacted Liz’s doctor.”
Max “What did she say?”

“We feel that with Liz’s history it be best for the remaining two months that she have bed rest.”
Max nodded. “That’s fine, is she awake?”
The doctor nodded. “And she’s been asking for you”
Max gave a small smile. “Can I see her?”
Doctor “Yes, but not to long she does need her rest.”

Max slipped into the room and saw his love laying on the bed with her eyes closed. She had a bandage over her left eyebrow, and her left wrist was in a cast. He gabbed the closest chair and pulled it close to her bed taking her hand in his.

“Max?” Liz said in a groggy tone.
“Shhh. Rest honey.”
Liz opened her eyes and gave Max a weak smile. “Nothing can ever go smoothly huh?”
Max “Don’t say that.”
Liz inspected Max and gave out a gasp at the gash on his head. “Max you need a doctor.”
Max “I’m fine, I’m more worried about you right now.”
Liz “Well except for being sore, and a little hungry, I’m fine. Oh my god, how’s the baby?!” She asked in almost a frantic tone.

Max “Calm down Sweetheart. The baby’s ok, but you need to keep calm. And the only way to keep you stress free is bed rest my love.”
“Max.” Liz whined out.
“Hey now none of that. The doctor said bed rest and that’s what you’ll do.”
Liz raised an eyebrow. “Getting authoritative our we?”

Now it was Max’s turn to whine. “Liz please, for once just listen to me.”
Liz laughed “As long as you’re asking and not telling.”
Max gave a chuckle. “Your as stubborn as Michael, you know that?”
Liz “Well he is my brother.”
Max “Hmm…”

Liz “So when do I get to leave this horrible place?”
Max “Tomorrow if everything checks out.”
Liz “Max I’m fine. Tomorrow I’ll be able to go home. So don’t beat yourself up over this. It wasn’t your fault. It was an accident.”
Max “I know. What makes it worse is I can’t blame the woman in the other car because it wasn’t her fault ether.”
Liz “What happened?”

Max “Her brake failed and she couldn’t stop.”
Liz “I think we should just be glad no one was killed.”
Max nodded. “I want you to sleep. I’ll go tell Michael and Maria you’re ok.”
Liz and get checked out by a doctor.”

Max chuckled. “Yes.”
Liz “Good.”
Max leaned over and kissed her forehead as she closed her eyes.

“She’s ok.”
Michael and Maria gave a sigh of relief.
Max “I’m going to take her home tomorrow, but she’ll stay over tonight so they can keep a good eye on her.”
Michael shook Max’s hand and told him they talked to him tomorrow, as Max went to look for a doctor.

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Part 55

“Max I’m fine, would you stop.” Liz gave an exasperated sigh as Max fluffed her pillows while asking her for the hundredth time if she needed anything.

“I just want to make sure you comfortable.”
Liz gave him a glare. “I’d be better if I was up and doing something, not lying here like some beached whale!”
“Liz you know—“

“Yes I know what the doctor said but Max listen to me. I’m fine, except for my wrist I am perfectly fine.”

Max wanted to laugh at the look his wife was giving him. She had her arms folded across his chest and was sticking her lip out slightly giving him a pouty look. Any other time he might have caved, but with everything that had happened he as determined.

“Liz you don’t have much longer on your pregnancy and—
“Max it’s two months! How can that not be long.”
“Liz it will fly by I promise. I’ll make a deal with you. Next week if you feel better, I’ll help you start the nursery.”

She wanted to say she felt fine now but held her tongue. “Fine. But what am I supposed to do for the time being? I’ll be all by myself with nothing to do.”

“Liz if you need me just tell Vinny or Nick, they’ll be right outside your door.”

Liz wanted to protest further but decided against it. It was useless anyway. She turned on her side away from Max and buried her head in his pillow.

Max heart nearly broke as he heard the sniffles coming from his wife. “Sweetheart, now don’t be like that.” Max crawled into their bed and spooned her back resting his head on her shoulder.

“Just go.” She croaked out.
“I’m not leaving you like this, now turn around so I can see your beautiful face.”

Liz kept her back to Max. She was not going to make him feel better while she was stock in this bed. Uh Uh, no way, no how.

Max smiled as an idea came to mind. “You know I think we have some of those home baked chocolate chip cookies you like so much, and gee look what time it is I think Rosie is on.”

Liz let out a laugh and turned to Max. “No fair that’s cheating.”
“Ah Mrs. Evans I never said I played fair.”

Max cupped her cheek giving her a chaste kiss. “I’ll send them up. Now you behave. I’ll be back later to check on you. Oh and Maria said she was gonna stop by today, so expect her soon. K?”

Liz nodded and Max leaned over and kissed her lips again groaning when she deepened it. He pulled back and leaned his head against hers. “Love you.”
Liz “Love you too.”
“I swear to god Nicholas if you don’t stop harassing me I’m gonna….”
Liz heard a deep laugh and Maria give out a shriek as she walked into the room slamming the door promptly on Nick’s face.

“That man is so AHHH! He just likes to get on my nerves on purpose. To rile me up and ruin my day. He’s just like Michael sometimes.”
Liz chuckled. “Hey you didn’t bring my niece?”

Maria paled and ran to the door flinging it open to reveal Nick holding the carrier.
“Don’t say a word.” She seethed.

Nick laughed as Maria slammed the door, waking a sleeping Mia. Maria sighed.
Liz “Let me hold her.”

Maria handed her over and Liz settled her down rocking her back into a fitful sleep.

“You’re a natural.”
Liz smiled “Thanks, but when my baby gets here I’m sure it will be a different story.”
Maria “So how are you feeling you gave Michael and I quite a scare, not to mention you obsessive husband.”

Liz groaned. “I’m fine really. I just bumped my head and bruised my wrist and Max acts like I’m paralyzed with no hope of ever walking again. He treats me like glass.”
Maria “Well with everything that’s happened can you say you blame him?”
Liz “Maria accidents happen and luckily no one was seriously hurt.”
Maria “Yea but Max loves you so much. I mean anyone can see how much he adores you.”

Liz smiled. “I mean on one hand it is kinda nice to have him dotting over me, but I hate being copped up in this room in this bed.”
“Well it doesn’t look like it’s so bad.” She said gesturing to the remains of cookies and remote in Liz’s hand.
“But what am I supposed to do now when you and Mia go and it’s just me? You know I can only take so much TV”

Maria “Well I did bring you something…”
Liz saw the evil glint in her eye. “What?”
Maria “It just so happens I have this bell from when Michael was sick last year. You remember when he kept ringing it ordering us to get him things.”

Liz couldn’t hold in her laughter. “Oh my god, I remember. You finally went up stairs and told him if he rang that bell one more time you were gonna shove it so far up his ass it come out his nose!”
Maria smiled. “Hey it worked didn’t it?”
Liz nodded still laughing. “You know Max is gonna kill you when he finds out you gave this to me…”
Alex walked into the study to see a pensive looking Max.
“Hey man, how’s it going?”

Max sighed. “It could be better.”
Alex “Well think of it this way Liz got off and in two months you’ll be discovering the joys of parenthood.”
Max cracked a smile. “True my friend, very true. Ok back to business now.”
Alex “Well every things been quiet.”

Max “Really.”
Alex “Yea, my guess is everyone was waiting to see how the trials came out before making any noise.”
Max nodded. “So what about now, I mean who’s been sniffin Pierces territory?”
Alex “No one. Hansen’s kept his nose clean, as well as Donato and Mirabelli. And Michael obviously.”

Max “That’s good. But I waiting to see who makes the first move and how. I mean if any of them are smart they ask for a meeting and we divide from there. But someone might get anxious and start taking what’s not theirs. “
Alex “Who do you think will try that?”
Max “Donato and Mirabelli are old family. So I can guarantee they’ll do the gentlemen thing and wait, but Hansen’s younger and not too bright. But we wait and see.”

Alex “Why don’t you just call the meeting?”
Max “I want to see who’s really loyal and who’s just plain greedy.”
Alex nodded taking in Max’s plan. “So—

Before he could start a loud bell could be heard from the upstairs.
Max “What the hell is that?”
Alex “Hey man this is your house.”
Max gave him a dirty look and high tailed it upstairs.

He barged into the master bedroom only to see Liz holding onto a large brass bell shaking it for all that it was worth.

“What the hell is that?” Max panted out.
Liz smiled. “This is a present Maria gave me.”
Max just rolled his eyes and groaned as his wife gave out a laugh that made him think she was a she devil…

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Part 56

Three Weeks Later

Ring Ring Ring

Max sighed as he heard the familiar sound of the bell Liz had go off. For the last two weeks she had been making life hell for him. Every two seconds she would call him up for something different. He had even painted her toenails the other day. But he was putting up with it because he knew how much it killed her to be lying in bed all day. This had to stop though.

Max pushed himself away from his desk and heard the chuckle of his friend and business partner Alex.
“Man has she got you doing tricks, never knew she had it in her.”

Max “I swear to god next time I see Maria…”
Alex “You’ll thank her profusely for the bell.”
Max muttered something under his breath before making his way upstairs to see his wife.

He opened the door to see Liz shaking the bell as if her life depended on it.

“Took you long enough. Can you get me some chocolate milk? But this time easy on the chocolate. Last time it was like drinkin syrup.”

Max let out sound that sounded like a cross between an ape and lion.

Liz looked up at Max and started laughing. “Max darling am I getting on your nerves?”
Her voice dripping sacasim.

Max rubbed his eyes. “Liz enough.”
Liz “Then let me out of this freakin bed.”
Max “You can’t”

Liz nodded. “You know what screw this.” She threw back the covers and stood up giving Max a triumphant smile.

Max let out a throaty laugh. “Elizabeth Evans get you butt back into bed before I come over there and put you in it myself.”

Liz raised her eyebrow daring Max to keep his promise. Max had had enough and made his way over to Liz. Shock was clearly written on Liz’s face before she took off ducking Max’s hands.

Max froze putting his hands in the air. “Alright you win. Just stop Liz.”
Liz was so caught up in her mini triumph that she didn’t see Max slowly making his way to her before it was too late. He scooped her up into his powerful arms and dropped her unto their bed with an oomph.

Max leaned over Liz holding her hands above her Liz’s head, effectively pinning her down. “Now Mrs. Evans I believe its time for you to listen to your very smart husband and rest!”

Liz gave Max a coy smile; rest was the furthest thing from her mind. “Sure honey what ever you say.” She said while running her foot over his groin area.

Max let out a strangled gasp and glared down at Liz. “Liz no we can’t.”
Liz nodded but continued her ministrations. “LIZ” Max whined out.

He grabbed her foot freeing one her hands, which Liz used to her advantage, Grabbing his tie and pulling him down for a searing kiss. Max pulled back and started to lift the hem of Liz’s T-shirt.

Liz wanted to give a sigh of relief that Max wasn’t going to protest. She needed this so much…
Max and Liz lay silently in their bed enjoying the aftermath of their lovemaking. Max looked down at Liz who was fighting hard to stay awake. “Rest Love, I’ll be back in a bit.” Liz nodded already slipping into sleep.

Max bit back a laugh and gave her a sweet kiss on her forehead before retrieving his clothes and making his way downstairs.

Alex looked up in surprise. “Do I dare ask what took you so long?”
Max gave a blush before ignoring the comment and making his way to his desk. “Anyway, Alex I’ve been thinking and I need your opinion on something.”
Alex “Yea?”
Max “I’ve decided to go legit.”

Alex dropped the documents he was holding and turned to Max giving him his full attention. “Are you serious Max?”
“Alex I’m dead serious. I’ve been thinking lately and it’s time I do the right thing. I want my kid to grow up and be safe. I want Liz to not have to look over her shoulder every time she leaves this house.”

“Max I understand, but this is something that can just be done. You know as well as I do what can happen.”

“Alex I know, but I have been thinking this out and I have a plan.”
“Well don’t stop you seem to be on a roll.”
Max smiled. “First it’ll be a bit easier with Michael at my back. But I also have a lot of shit on other families. So if I make a promise to keep everything to myself about them, and they in return leave me and my family alone then it has to work.”
Alex nodded. “It’s still gonna be tough Max. But you got my support.”

The two men shook hands.

Liz walked around the nursery pleased at what had been accomplished. The furniture was all moved in and Liz had just finished the final touches on the decorations. Stars, moons, suns and clouds adorned the walls all in soft pastel colors.

She felt two strong arms wrap around her waist and she smiled.
“What are you doing out of bed? I thought we had this argument already.”
“I was just finishing the border.”

Max nodded bring his head to rest on her shoulder. “It’s beautiful Liz. You really out did yourself.”
Liz smiled at the compliment and nodded her head in agreement. “Now all we need is our baby to get here.”
“Yea, but we can wait. It’s not to long now anyway.”
A week later

“Lizzie the nursery is gorgeous.”

Liz smiled up at Maria as she held Mia. “Thanks Ria, so where is my brother at he said he was gonna stop by today?”

“He’s downstairs talkin with Max and Alex. So how are you holding up hun? I know this must be tough.’
Liz sighed. “Yea it is. But let’s just say if Max wants me in bed he finds ways to exhaust me.”
Maria let out a laugh. “Girl you are too much.”

Liz “God I can’t believe how much she grew in a month and a half.”
Maria “Oh I can. This girl eats like her father, and throws little temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her bottle. Don’t ya sweetie.”

Max and Michael walked into the room both with serious expressions on their faces.
Maria “Hey did somebody die?”
Max “No, not yet anyway. Maria I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my wife that wonderful present.”

Maria let out a laugh. “I thought you would like it Max.”
Max rolled his eyes, as Michael stood there with a curious expression on his face.
Michael “What has Maria been up to now?”

Liz “She gave me your sick bell.”
Michael looked to Max and laughed.

With all the commotion going on little Mia woke up in a fuss.
Liz “I think someone wants her daddy.”
Michael took the baby gently rocking her until Maria handed him a bottle. “Here it’s your turn to feed her.”
Michael sighed before sitting on the bed and feeding Mia.

Liz “You’ve got him trained.”
Maria “Huh I wish! I still can’t get him up late at night when she cries.”
Liz “Here Maria take the bell, I’m sure you can get him up now!”
Maria laughed slipping the bell into her purse before Michael could protest.
Maria “You know I’m hungry too, Michael come on lets go.”

Michael and Maria left leaving Max and Liz to themselves. Liz wiggled her finger signal Max to come closer.

“And what does my beautiful wife want?” Max said lying down next to Liz.
“Just a kiss, please.”
Max “Well since you did ask so nicely…”

The kiss started off sweet before turning very steamy. Max pulled back groaned. “We can’t Love I have to go and run an errand.”
Liz gave let out a groan. “Fine just go.”

Max pulled Liz to him in a crushing hug. “Don’t be like that Sweetheart. I love you and I’ll be back before you know it.”

Liz nodded giving Max a peck on his cheek.
Max “That’s all I get?”
Liz “Think of it as an incentive to get home.”
Max “Alright.”

A little while later Nick walked in carrying a glass of milk and Liz’s vitamins.
Liz “God not you too.”
Max “Sorry Bosses orders.”
Liz nodded taking the pills and downing them with the milk. “There happy?”

Nick nodded making the move to leave.
Liz “Wait Nick stay. I mean we haven’t really talked like we used to.”
Nick took a seat on the edge of the bed. “Yea since everything happened.”

Liz “So how are you?”
Nick “Actually Liz not good. There’s something I have to tell you. I’ve been beating myself up over this and…”
Liz “Go on Nick, you know you can tell me anything.”

Nick “Liz I’m responsible for everything that happened to you, the kidnapping everything.”
Liz smiled. “Nick you did what you could don’t beat yourself up over this.”
Nick “NO, I made a deal with Pierce Kyle was just a pawn I used.”
Liz “What? Why?”

Nick “Because I’m your brother Liz. Half brother to be exact.”
The tears where streaming down Liz’s face. “I don’t understand.”
Nick “Liz your father was involved with my mother before he married you mother. It was arranged for you parents to get married. But your dad never broke it off with my mother. I was born and that’s when he wanted nothing to do with my mother or me. Don’t you see I was his first born I should have been head of the family, not Michael. Liz I’m sorry I never thought it would have turned out like that.”

Liz started thinking about all the past times they had shared. He had always been like a big brother protecting her and watching out for her. Making a descion she snapped her head up to look at Nick. “Go, you have to go.”

Nick “What?”
Liz “You have to leave Philadelphia, no leave the country. Go off to another country and start over. Here take my savings and withdraw as much as you need.”
Nick “Liz I don’t understand.”
Liz “Nick if they find out what you did they’ll kill you. And you’re my brother and I can’t see this happen anymore. So please just go and never come back.

Nick “I’m so sorry Liz.”
Liz “Just go and be safe and happy and forget all about this place.”
Nick took the card and gave Liz a quick hug. Before exiting the room.

Vinny walked in curious. “Hey where did Nick run off to?”
Liz “He went to my studio, can you get me Max. I really need him.”
Vinny nodded going to call Max’s cell…

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Part 57 Conclusion/Epilogue

Max walked into his house with a smile plastered on his face. He had done it. Finally, he was free. No more looking over his shoulder and wondering if today could be his last. He walked into the kitchen and dropped his keys before making his way up to the bedroom that held the most dear and precious thing to him. When he got upstairs he saw a panicked Vinny, and no sign of Nick.

Max “What happen? What’s wrong? Where’s Liz?”
Nick “Thank god your home. I’ve been calling and paging you. Something’s up wit Liz.”

Not needing to here anything else Max pushed past Vinny and made his way into the bedroom. The sight that greeted Max tore at his heart. Liz was curled into a ball, and little sniffles could be heard.


Liz turned to Max, rubbing at her tears. “Hey.” Max made his way to the side of the bed, kneeling before her. His hand stroked Liz’s face coaxing her into calming down.

“What’s wrong baby?”

Liz shook her head vigorously refusing to meet Max’s prying eyes. Instead, she pulled at his arm motioning for him to join her. Max slid in behind her wrapping his strong arms around her.

“Shhh. It’s ok, whatever it is I promise it’ll be okay.”
Liz woke first a smile adorned her face as she felt Max’s hard chest beneath her. Her smile slipped from her lips as the reality of what happened yesterday came crashing back. Nick was her brother. Her half brother that almost got her put away for life. Liz was so caught up with her thought she didn’t see Max open his eyes.

Max rubbed his hands up and down Liz’s back, effectively snapping her from her thoughts. Liz looked up into Max’s amber eyes.

“Now are you ready to tell me what’s wrong?”
Liz sighed. “Yes.”

Max pulled her up so their heads were even with each other’s. “Go on Love.”
Liz “Before I start I want you to make me a promise. I want you to promise me you’ll wait to hear me out. Don’t interrupt or go rushing off.”
Max nodded whirly. “Ok.”

“Nick is my brother, my half brother to be exact. My father had an affair. He cheated on my mother.”

Max’s eyes widened in surprise. “Does Michael know?”
Liz “I’m not sure.”
Max “God Liz I’m sorry.”
Liz “There’s more.”

Max “Go ahead sweetheart.”
Liz “Nick was behind everything. He used Kyle and Pierce to get to you and Michael. Nick was jealous of Michael because he had everything Nick should have had. He wanted revenge.”
Max made a move to get up. But Liz held him down. “Max you promised.”

“Liz how can you expect me to just sit here and take this. Nick is a problem that needs to be taken care of.”
Liz “I thought you would say something like that. Max Nick is gone.”
Max was taken back. “What do you mean?”
“I gave him money and told him to leave and never come back.”

Max stood up and paced the room, furious. “Liz how could you have done that? Do you see that he could come back at any time and hurt you? What about Michael and Maria, maybe one day he comes back and hurts them.”

“He wouldn’t do that.” Liz sobbed out.
Max raised an eyebrow. “Because he almost put you behind bars, or have you forgotten everything he’s done?”

Liz “You would have had him killed Max, I couldn’t let you kill my brother.”
Max “God would you listen to your self. Liz he hated you and Michael—
“No he didn’t he— Before Liz could finish she turned as white as a ghost and fell to the bed.

“Liz? Liz! What’s wrong baby.”? Max rushed to her side mentally beating himself up for fighting with her.

Liz started to return to her natural color, much to Max’s relief. “Liz what happened?”
“I’m ok now Max, my blood pressure just shot up.”

Max “Come on I’m taking you to the hospital.”
Liz “No Max I’m fine. Really.”
Max pushed Liz back down so she was resting. “Max we have to talk about this.”

“No, it’s done and over with. We can’t change it.”
Liz shook her head. “You have to promise me something Max, promise you’ll leave this Nick thing alone. I know he won’t come back, I swear he won’t.”

Max saw the earnest look in Liz’s eyes begging him to let things lie. “Against my better judgment, I promise.”
Liz closed her eyes and smiled. “Thank-you Max.”

Michael and Maria walked hand in hand into the living room and took a seat across from Max and Liz.

Michael “What’s this all about? I get this creepy message saying to come over right away.”
Liz and Max exchanged looks before telling the whole story…
Maria sat there with a dumb founded expression. “I can’t believe this. Nick is your brother!”

Liz watched Michael’s reaction. “You knew Michael, didn’t you?”
Michael turned his head down. “Yea I knew.”
Liz “What? How?”
Michael “Dad, he told.”
Liz “Did Mom know?”
Michael “No she didn’t.”

Liz sighed. “I don’t know whether to be angry at you or what…”
Michael got up and walked over to his sister engulfing her in a hug. “Liz he didn’t want you or mom to know, he knew it would brake both your hearts.”
Liz pulled back and wiped at her eyes. It did, but Nick had always been like an older brother. I can see dad in him. I just never put it together.”
One Month Later

Liz awoke with a start. She looked over at the clock it was just after three. Liz nudged Max who sprung up out of bed, and automatically reached for his pants.

“Vanilla with hot fudge?” Max mumbled out.
Liz wanted to laugh. “No, but you might want to grab my overnight bag and call the doctor.
Max still half asleep replied. “Why?”
Liz “Because my water just broke.”

Max was fully awake and rushed around grabbing things as he went before rushing out of the room, forgetting Liz. She laughed and counted to ten before he ran right back in.

Liz “Forgetting something?”
Max grinned sheepishly and helped Liz out of bed before picking her up and taking her.

*~~Three Hours Later~~*

“God this hurts, I can’t believe you did this to me!” Liz screamed out.
Max wanted to scream out himself as Liz clawed and grabbed at his hand.

Doctor “Come on just one more push.”
Liz “I can’t it hurts too much.”
Max “Sweetheart I know you can do it you’re the strongest woman I know.”
Liz bore down and gave an agonizing scream a few seconds later a small wail was heard. Liz fell back unto the bed and started crying as their son was placed on chest.

Liz “He’s so beautiful.”
Max was too choked up to say anything, instead he kissed Liz hard. “I love you, thank-you for our son.”
Max sat down on Liz’s hospital bed. She had been moved to a private room. Max had just finished talking with Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex. Showing off his son like a proud papa.

Liz opened her eyes, smiling up at Max. “Hey. Everyone go home?”
Max nodded. “Yea they all send their love.”
Liz “I can’t believe how perfect Luke is. Our son, can you believe it?”
Max just shook his head. “I have a present for you.”
Liz started to look around the room. “What is it.?”

“You are looking at a completely ligetamite business man.”
Liz felt like crying for the fifth time that day. Instead she threw her arms around Max revealing in the perfection her life had become.
A high pitched wail was heard over the baby monitor and Max woke up quickly shutting it off and making his way into the nursery.

“Hey buddy, what’s wrong.” Max said lifting him out of the crib and onto his behr chest. Almost immedialy he began sucking on his chest. “Ah, now I know. Sorry Luke Daddy’s not gonna give you want you want.”

Luke started crying realizing he wasn’t getting what he wanted. “Ok we’re going to get mommy. Shhh. Don’t cry.”

Max walked into the master bedroom and Liz was already awake. “Sorry I tried but apparently I don’t have what he’s looking for.”

Liz laughed. “Give me my son.” Max handed over Luke to Liz as she opened her shirt. Luke latched on and Max and Liz laughed.

Max “What I wouldn’t give to be him.”
Liz leaned over and kissed Max. She gave a yelp. “Well he has your mouth.”
Max blushed. “Well he has your eyes and temper.”
It was Liz’s turn to blush.
Liz “I love you so much, thank-you for making my life complete.”
Max “I should be the one thanking you. I love you, and I promise to spend the rest of my life showing you.”

Before the could kiss they were interrupted by a cry.
Max “Luke we have to talk about your timing…


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