Eye of the Storm

By: MoonLily
Rating: PG-13
Category: AU M/L Romance
Summary: Liz Parker has just moved from a fast-paced life in LA to a seemingly boring existence in small town Roswell, New Mexico, the infamous alien-themed landing site of the rumored 1947 UFO crash. But everyone knows it was just a downed weather balloon…right? Enter Max Evans, the local dark-haired hunk with a perpetual air of mystery about him and friendly resident alien. Do sparks fly between the two? You bet! But wait! There’s more! Isabel Evans, Ice Queen Extraordinaire, and Michael Guerin, Rebel Without a Cause (or a Clue), always seem to be in exactly the wrong place at the wrong time. Toss in Liz’s new friends, Hurricane DeLuca and Dodgeball Whitman, and what do you get? A fun frolic of a first season romance!
Author’s Notes: As you can probably tell from the summary, this story will be a light-hearted Dreamer fic. In other words: Skin-less, Nasedo-less and, of course, Tess-less! Enjoy!


Roswell. Most people hear the name and instantly think of the small New Mexican town using a downed weather balloon in 1947 as a claim to fame. Lame? Definitely. Everyone knows that it was nothing more than a tourist trap.

Liz Parker was no different. So imagine her shock when her parents announced that they needed a change of pace from the Los Angeles city life and opted for running a café in Roswell, New Mexico. After all, who in their right mind would willingly leave L.A. for Roswell?

However, Liz had no choice but to resign herself to what seemed to be a boring life in an alien-themed town. Ah, seemed. That, dear readers, is the key word. For little did the unsuspecting Miss Parker realize that she was in for the surprise of her life. And in none other than the aforementioned small town of Roswell, New Mexico.


Of course, this is just the prologue and summary of the story. But I wanted to know if anyone was interested in reading more before I wrote a first chapter. Please tell me!

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