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Title: Come back to me
Author: ~Sarah~Behr~Evans~
Category: M/L maybe some of the others
Summary: It takes place after destiny that's all I'm going to tell you. You have to read it to find out. HAHA
Disclaimer: I don't own anything of Roswell. Maybe a couple of posters a bunch of cds that had music from Roswell on but that's it I swear!


Dear Max,
I can't take it anymore knowing that you love me and that I love you but also knowing you have a destiny that I can't be appart of! So I'm going to say goodbye for now maybe when I'm older I'll be able to handle this and come back. I do have to say that the night in the overturned truck whan we said, "I Love You" to each other for the first time was the best night in my life and that I don't regret a thing! I hope that for what I'm doing you can forgive me. Don't think that you know everything that is going on because you don't and I hope that when you do find out we can still be friends! Please pursue your destiny I don't want to be the end of your people! I want you to know that I still love you and always will because there can never be another you!

always with love,


Part 1 teaser

Right after Liz left in a Cabin in Checota, Oklahoma

Dear Journal

When I left Max and Roswell I was two monthes pregnant with Max's child. I couldn't let that interfre with his destiny and I knew that if he found out he would never let me go again. I really love him and because of that I can't not let him ever see his child it wouldn't be right. So I have decided that when his son or daughter is 3 years old I will let him see that baby. I told Maria that after I left for two days to that I will call and tell everybody. I just hope that they understand and that they won't come looking for me. Because I really love this place and I think that I'll stay here!

Two days Later in the same cabin.

I just have to finish the number okay here it goes.

"Hello Max..."

Tell me what you think I don't really know if I should continue so feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Dude sorry for posting two of them I didn't mean to do that!
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I'm so sad it looks like nobody wants to read my story!
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Hey thanks so much for all of your feedback though I hope that I might get more but I am new to this whole post my own story on boards normally I just read other peoples I never posted a story so thank you to those who left feedback and I wanted to tell you the new part should be out today most likely ok?! Alrightly then bye.

Thanks so much everyone