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Title: One Door Closes
Author: Bockers
Category: M/L AU
Rating: Yet to be seen
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Liz POV Liz ran away from here home two years ago. She now has an opportunity to start a new life. One with happiness and love.
Did I mention that this was my first fic and that feedback good or bad would make me the happiest

Have you ever just wondered what your funeral will be like? Seriously, I mean how many people will show up, what will they say about you. See I’ve been thinking about weird things like this a lot lately. When you’re a girl on the run all sorts of thoughts pop into your head at the most inopportune moments. The one that I’m thinking now is “What the hell am I doing in Roswell, New Mexico?”

Okay so here’s the deal, I’m Liz Parker, I’m seventeen and two years ago I ran away from home. Ever since then life’s been what I like to call shitty. I’ve taken odd jobs here and there, made quick friends so that I could get a couch to sleep on and have done several things that I’m not too proud of.

But I’ve done it alone without anybodies help. My entire life my parents told me that I would amount to nothing and they’re probably right but the thing is that this shitty life that I started for my self two years ago is like living the high life compared to living with my parents.
That’s beside the point though; the point was “What the hell am I doing in Roswell, New Mexico?” It started it out as some friendly invite from some guy I meant through my travels. Alex said that he had a couch I could crash on at his parent’s house; he said they were completely cool with it and they didn’t care at all. I had told Alex I would be there in a few weeks. Cut to two weeks later where Alex is telling me he got me this job at a local café and that his parents had set up a spare room for me to stay in. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s appreciated, but I guess they didn’t get the memo. I’m independent Liz parker I do what I want when I want and I answer to no one. Oddly enough though as I get off at the bus station in Roswell the only emotion that I feel is hope. For what I’m not sure, but I’m willing to give it a try

Author’s Note: This story will eventually include max in it but I just wanted to give Liz’ background in the beginning. Hope you enjoy

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Title: One door closes
Author: Bockers
Category: M/L AU
Rating: Yet to be seen
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Liz POV Liz ran away from here home two years ago. She now has an opportunity to start a new life. One with happiness and love.

Part 2

You know that saying, every time one door closes another one opens. Well when the doors to the bus shut, the door to my happiness opened. I feel like I have just entered my dream world. Waiting at the bus station are Alex and his parents, who may possibly be the sweetest people that I have ever met. Right away these people that I have never met are welcoming me with open arm. My god Alex’ mom even hugged me. So I’m sure you’re asking yourself what happened to independent Liz well she just got her first hug in two years.

“Liz we’re so happy that you’re coming to stay with us. Alex says you’ve had some rough times lately.”

“Yeah thanks for having me, I really appreciate it” And I do. I’ve ran from the memory of a horrible family for so long that this just seems like a dream come true.

Alex is staring at me with this big grin “So Liz, we were thinking, maybe you should start school while you’re here”

What was I saying about I do what I want, when I want, “Yeah maybe I should.”

So this is how it started. I was just some girl trying to make it on her own in Arizona, when one day by chance I meet Alex. He was in town visiting relatives and came into the restaurant where I worked and started making small talk. We spent the next three weeks hanging out until he had to go back to Roswell and now I’m sitting in a car heading to my new home agreeing to start a brand new life.

“You know there are test’s you can take to figure out what grade you should be in”

“What” Apparently I’ve been spacing out.

“You know when you start back to school, just cause you dropped out as a freshman doesn’t mean you have to go back as a freshman.”

“Yeah Liz we can call the school tomorrow and look into getting you enrolled” Alex’ mom is staring at me from the front seat.

“Yeah…Okay” This must be what normal feels like and strangely enough it doesn’t feel so bad.

We’re pulling up to a two-story house in this neighborhood that looks straight out of The Brady Bunch, any moment I’m waiting for a group of kids to jump out and start singing sunshine day and who knows I’m in such a good mood I might even join them.

Alex and his dad are carrying my bags into the house. I’m pretty sure as we’re walking through they’re giving me a tour, but I can’t hear a thing. I think there’s a good possibility I’ve just gone into shock. Oh my god I just walked into the room that I’ll be staying in, yep I’ve definitely gone into shock.

“So this is your room while you’re here, what do you think?”
“It’s. It’s perfect, thank you so much Alex” Good Lord this is my second hug in two years.

Alex smiles as he pulls away from me “My parents said we can have dinner at the Crashdown tonight, that way you can see where you’ll be working.”

“The Crashdown?” sounds kind of trippy

“Yeah you know Roswell? Aliens? It’ll be fun; it’s where everyone hangs out. You’ll even get to meet Maria. She works there and her boyfriend’s parents own it. That’s how I got you the job. Now hurry up and get ready so that we can go.”

Alex closes the door as he leaves the room and the way things are going it seems that when I open the door to this place called The Crashdown it will be an experience I won’t forget.

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Part 3

If you could see my face right now you would see a look or complete horror and udder disgust, if you could see Alex’ face right now you would see one of total amusement. So you’re wondering what has him laughing and me ready to run back to a life on the streets. It’s my brand new work uniform it’s green and silver and if I make just the slightest bend the whole world gets to see all of my goodies. Remember when I said that I had done a few things that I wasn’t proud of; well add another check to that list as soon as I put this outfit on.

Besides the hideous uniform the crashdown does look like a somewhat interesting place to work. There is alien stuff everywhere you look and once we sit down to eat I notice that all of the food is sci-fi themed.

“Hey here comes Maria you have to meet her, you’ll love her” When I turn to see who Alex is looking at I spot some girl with a look of pure anger. She comes stomping to the table.

“Alex go tell Michael if he doesn’t get his ass to the grill right now and start cooking he will be one waitress short tonight.”

“Hey Maria good to see you too, have you met Liz?’

“I’m serious Alex I will hurt him before the night is over…Hi Nice to meet you I’m Maria… Now go Alex.”

Alex gets up and walks over to some guy sitting at the counter and Maria slides into the booth where Alex was sitting.

“So Liz you’re the new waitress right, Alex tells us you have tons of experience you’re gonna need it around here ESPECIALLY WITH THE PAIN IN THE ASS COOK, THAT’S RIGHT MICHAEL I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU.”

Well she sure is animated. Alex comes walking back to the table “He says he’s on a break”

“A BREAK MY ASS YOU’VE BEEN SITTING THERE FOR FORTY MINUTES.” She’s getting more upset by the second “Alex go tell him…” Alex interrupts “Maria you go talk to him you’ll just start screaming at him anyway. Maria stomps away as Alex yells “Hey when you’re done come back and take our orders.” Maria calmly turns around and flips him off.

Okay so working here is definitely going to be interesting. Maria alone will be entertainment.

“So what do you think, fun huh?” Alex is looking at me with a goofy grin

“I guess, I’ll have to see when I start working”

“Michaels parents said that you could work here full time until the end of summer and then when school starts you guys can work out a new schedule”
“Wow so I guess I’ll be staying here for quite awhile.”

“Liz there’s no pressure here or anything, me and my parents just thought it would be a nice change for you”

‘Don’t get me wrong Alex I appreciate it. It’s just new to me. I mean making long-term plans and all. Before I met you I couldn’t tell you what I was going to be doing the next day and now all of a sudden I have this instant family.” It’s kinda like seamonkies just add water and you have a pet.

“That’s not a bad thing Liz some people might even call it good.” I just stare at him for a minute before he says “Okay Michael and Maria are still fighting so getting food doesn’t really seem like an option, I’ll take you across the street to the UFO center and show you where I work.”

“You never told me you worked at a UFO center,” I say with a smile

“Yeah well that information is strictly on a need to know basis” I can’t help but laugh at the corny joke. “Come on Max is working you can meet him.”

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Part 4

If you could see my face right now you would see one of total amusement, if you could Alex’ face right now you would see one of complete horror.

“This is where you work?”
“Hey don’t laugh it pays the bills”
“Yeah sure but what about your self respect.” If I were drinking anything right now it would be coming out of my nose.
“That might hurt if I didn’t know that tomorrow you’ll be wearing alien antennas’” Well that that got me to shut up in a hurry “Not so funny anymore is it?”
“Yeah yeah just give me the tour.”

Alex is walking me through the UFO center pointing out different things here and there. He stops to show me info about the 1947 crash and the whole time all I can think is someone please put me out of my misery. Alex is a great guy and all but if he show’s me one more alleged alien artifact the cops will have to be called.

Now remember early how I thought that opening the doors to the crashdown was going to be an experience, well I was little off because just across the street from the crashdown the doors to the UFO center opened and my world started spinning.

Suddenly Alex walked away and right up to the cause of my dizziness
“Hey Max hows to going?”
“Alex what are you doing here, I thought it was your day off”
“It is, I told you about the friend who’s staying with my family, I just wanted to show her around she’s gonna start working at the Crash tomorrow.”

“Hey Liz come here I want you to meet Max.”
Okay I can do this I’ve seen attractive men before “Hi I’m Dizzy… I mean Lizzie…I mean Liz, My names Liz.”
Oh God He’s laughing at me “Hi I’m Max, it’s nice to meet you.” “Yeah you too.” See I can be cool.

Who knew independent girl from the streets would crumble so quickly. You would understand though if you saw this guy Dark hair, dark eyes, built like a god. Now I’ve never been a very religious person but I could definitely see myself worshiping him.

Authors note: Okay this is super short but I just wanted Max in the story

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Part 5

When you’re a girl living on your own with no one to protect you the first rule you learn is to never trust anybody and granted I’ve pretty much thrown that rule out the window all day long, but I refuse to falter just because some good looking guy is smiling at me. I mean come on I’ve been around guys before I can handle myself. He’s probably just like every other man I’ve ever met and only wants one thing, but I’ve resisted temptation before and I can do it again.

“Hey Liz didn’t anybody ever tell you that staring is rude”
Note to self: kill Alex
“Sorry he just looks like someone that I met in California.” That sounds believable
My god look at that neck, I could just bite it.
“So Max, Liz is really excited about working at the Crash, we’ll have to make sure we stop by tomorrow to check up on her…Hey Max didn’t anybody ever tell you that staring is rude.”
“Sorry she looks like some girl I met in New Mexico.” Okay maybe it wasn’t so believable
Hey did Alex just say he was staring at me he did didn’t he? Well what do you know I am good. That’s right, go me. Okay why don’t I just simmer down now? I need to remember I trust no one, well no one except Alex, his mom and his dad but after them not a single soul.
These little talks that I have with myself are really detrimental, I just realized I missed everything that Alex and Max just said and now they’re both staring at me.
Oh but max is smiling again “It was really nice to meet you Liz, I look forward to seeing you in your uniform tomorrow.”
“I look forward to you seeing me out of it.” WHAT oh bad Liz bad Liz
“Well that sounds good too”
“Come on Liz let’s go” Thank you Thank You Thank You Alex

So I’m walking out of the UFO center feeling like a complete idiot and to think I was the one making fun of Alex when we walked into the place. He’s laughing at me now, mostly because he’s never seen this side of me before. When we were in Arizona I took control of every situation. I was strong and assertive now look at me one day in Roswell and I’ve gone soft. Maybe this is something that I’ve needed all along. You know something constant and solid, a new home, people that I can turn to.

“Are you crying?”
”Because it’s okay if you are”
“But I’m not… so”
“So…you want Max to see you naked.”
“Shut up”
“I’m just saying, how very slutty of you.”
“I didn’t mean anything by it okay, I mean come on I want you to see me naked too.”
“What, Huh, I mean”
“I’m kidding Alex calm down”
“Yeah I knew that, I didn’t want to see you naked anyway”

We made it back to Alex’ house but not before stopping somewhere and getting something to eat seeing as we missed dinner at the crashdown. Alex’ mom was waiting on the front porch when we got back.

“So Liz what did you think?”
“Everything The Crashdown, Roswell”
“It was…Different. Luckily I adjust easily to different.”
“Well good, I hope you like everyone. Did Alex introduce to everyone?”
“Mom it’s taken care of. She got the full tour. Give the girl some breathing room.”
“Thanks Mrs. Whitman everything seemed really nice. I’m just tired and ready to lay down” I leave Alex and his mom outside and walk into the house. As soon as I lay down it all hits me. This is my new home. I finally have a family, one that genuinely cares. I don’t even know these people and they have shown me more support in a few hours then my own mom and dad did in fifteen years. So I’ve made a decision starting tomorrow as soon as I wake up I’m vowing to start a new life for myself I will be the new and improved Liz Parker. I’m shutting one door and preparing to open another. So here goes nothing.