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Title: In my Head
Author: Tina T
Category: M/L A/U
Summary: Liz moves to Roswell after something happens to her mother. She has to live with her aunt and uncle, the Parkers, and her cousins, Alex and Michael.
Disclaimer: I think I should own Roswell, but I don’t… for now. I could still save it.
Authors Note: This is my first a/u fic so be nice. Oh, and title help would be great.


Anger. One of the seven deadly sins. Well, Daddy’s going to hell. Maybe he’ll see Momma there. Well, she just lied… and yelled… and… yeah he’ll see her there.

Daddy’s motto was ”You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.” The bad thing was, he could get drunk, even by those standards. He tried lying down on the porch one night and he fell down the stairs. Don’t ask me how. I’ve got no idea. I decided that he’s a dumb ass, but you can call him whatever you want. I really don’t care.

You’d think my mom would’ve stopped him, wouldn’t ya? Well she was too busy not giving a shit. She figured, if she didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. So when Daddy drank, she’d go to bed. That way when he hit me, she wasn’t there to see it.

And I’m just now figuring this out. It’s been happening for years and I’m just now noticing how she used to slip away, and how she wouldn’t come into my room when I was bruised. It’s not like it would have mattered anyway. I was Daddy’s punching bag, and no matter where I was he would’ve found me.

Neither of my parents loved me. I tried telling someone that once, but she wouldn’t believe me. It’s true though. Daddy showed me by hitting me. He said I’d ruined his life. I made it so he couldn’t go anywhere anymore. That’s what he said, but it’s not like he was home all the time. He seemed to plan it so that he was always home just as I started to heal. Actually, he wasn’t smart enough to plan that. It must’ve just been my dumb luck.

Mom never hit me. No she preferred the nonviolent approach. (Just a modern day Ghandi, wasn’t she?) She’d yell and bitch at me whenever she came out of her room and saw that Daddy was gone. Apparently when she had me he stopped loving me. I was why he was off fucking some new toy. None of that was her fault. Nope, it was all me.

She made sure I knew that I was an accident. I was what happens when a horny couple don’t plan ahead and park too far away from the convenience store.

I’m sure she’s having her last laugh now. You see, in her will it said that I’ve got to live with her brother if something happens to her and Dad. She couldn’t leave me with Uncle Megabucks. Nope, I’m stuck with Uncle Alien, who lives, where else? Roswell.

TBC... Should I keep going?

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OK, I have a few ideas for titles now. I suck with titles so I'm going to let you vote.

I know people were telling me stuff for the seven deadly sins, but I don' thing I can come up with people for all seven deadly sins. That was just the only way I could think to start it.

Here are the titles to choose from:

acting for life

the hand dealt

the mask of liz parker (does that sound too much like Zorro?)

in my head

passive agressive

Ok, now you choose. I'll take whatever replies I get by sunday and use that title.


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ok, so we have one passive agressive and two acting for life right? Oh, and someone in my group just voted for The Mask of Liz Parker, so one for that too.

m14- you're fine. Just don't vote for all of them. I'll say 2 votes at most. Oh, and I was thinkging that acting for life would be that Liz thought that everyone was just acting, and no one showed who they really were. This is M/L I just forgot to write that. (I thought all fics were m/l!)

abbs007- I know, I rock. (Ok, I'm a loser, but it's fun to think that I rock.)

Pixie- how can you come up with so many good titles? Now, whenever I start a new fic, I'm gonna find you!:>

Anyway, here's the new part.

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<<<<<< Lookit! 75 posts!! Go me!!!

Anyway, on with the part.
Part One

Of course they had a sign. How else would they find me when I got off the plane? I only sent them my picture!

The sign wouldn’t have been so bad if it had been one of the simple signs like half of the other people in the airport had, but no. Uncle Bob (Uncle Megabucks to you, thank you very much) would’ve just sent his butler with a little sign that had my name on it.

But do these people do that? No. Every person on the plane saw the sign, and I swear, most of them snickered. I couldn’t blame them though. The thing was huge, and it even had little alien and spaceship cutouts all over it. In huge green letters it said: “We’re looking for Lizzie Kenedy!”

Lizzie? Did they think I was six? I was told these people were sane. Who lied?

“Lizzie?” What is it with them? Liz, Elizabeth, Beth; just not Lizzie. Never Lizzie.

I walked over to the sign and found four people waiting for me, two of which actually looked like they were about my age; one looked about as embarrassed by the sign as I was. He quickly pulled it out of view when he realized I’d found them.

“Elizabeth?” I nodded at the man. Thank you. At least someone would get my name right. “Hi. Welcome to Roswell. You’ve never met our sons have you?” I shook my head and looked at the boys. He had kids? Well this was just getting better and better wasn’t it? I’m sorry, but I was never one of the little girls who dreamed of having a little sibling to play with. I was happy being alone.

“Elizabeth?” I heard the man question.

“Huh?” I said, startled out of my thoughts.

“I said meet Alex and Michael.” He signaled the two boys. I nodded to the both of them, and watched uncomfortably as Alex tried to decide whether to hug me or not. Luckily he chose not. Michael just stood back and smiled smugly at his brother’s discomfort.

That was all it took for me to see the differences in the boys. Michael was the wannabe bad ass. He could’ve been a real bad ass, but I’d just met him, so to me he was the wannabe bad ass. He was probably the closest thing to normal in the whole town.

Then my gaze turned to Alex. He was definitely not a bad ass. He reminded me of a boy from my elementary school. His name was James. Total class clown. He couldn’t hurt a fly, but everyone thought he was the perfect friend, but wouldn’t ever go farther than that.

Somehow Alex managed to live in Roswell, which had sun most of the year, and he still wasn’t tan. I knew he was either a computer buff or a video game fanatic. I wasn’t sure which was worse.

“Hello?” A hand rushed past my face.

“Huh?” If you haven’t noticed, I have a little problem with carrying on conversations. Well, not when they’re in my head. Those are fun, and I always understand my jokes. In the real world things can be a little different. Doing things like retreating into your mind can make people think you’re a little odd. Well, with me it’s true, so why should I let them thing anything else.

“…to the house?” I heard my uncle finish. I just nodded. I realized that I still didn’t know his name.

We went to the baggage claim to get the one bag I had brought with me on the plane. It was supposed to last me for a couple of days while my stuff got here. After we found my luggage, which was last, as usual, we had to find the car. I hate that part of a trip. Most people hate either the landing or lift off. I don’t care about that. I just hate the walk to the damn car. Whoever picked me up always managed to find the parking space that is just close enough to make it so the airport people won’t let us borrow the little cart thing, but far enough that you have to walk for at least five minutes to get there.

By the time we got to the car I was really regretting my choice of clothing. Apparently sweaters don’t work in Roswell. Well, there goes my wardrobe.

You know, if I had really concentrated, I think I could have heard my mom laughing. If I really hadn’t cared what people thought of me, I would’ve laughed back. At least I could escape Roswell. She was stuck where she was, and I knew that if she was there, it wasn’t a happy place. Either that, or heaven’s really brought down it’s standards.

Luckily the car had an AC. So I sat and stared out the window so it looked like I was admiring the city. Really though, if anyone looked outside to see the city, they would’ve know I wasn’t paying any attention to it. I mean, there’s not much there. I did learn something on the ride home though. Anything can have an alien theme.

Even the movie theater had an alien in front. Why? I’m not quite sure. I did know that wherever these people lived, it was right in the middle of town. I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad yet.

Finally we pulled up to yet another alien themed restaurant, only this time, we stopped. I read the sign above the door that read: Crashdown. Uh huh. That’s original.

Than they say something I’d never expect. “Welcome home.”


Home? I thought as I stepped into the small room that was now mine. Apparently it had been Michael’s but since I was the girl he had to share a room with Alex so I could have this to myself. I’m sure he just loved me.

They really must have had trust in me, because my room had a balcony. With a latter. Well, you really only have to worry about people who actually get lives and have places to sneak too. How did Michael get this room again?

Jeff, apparently that’s my uncle’s name, told me I could repaint this room if I wanted. I was thinking I would since Michael had it painted an awful yellow color. More proof that he was not spending time there. No one would spend their time in a room this color. Even Michael.

I looked around the room. All it had was a desk and a hammock for me to sleep in until my bed came in. I really hate short notice vacations. It leaves problems like this. Thanks again Dad.

I dropped my bags on the floor and started back down the stairs that lead to the restaurant. Did I not mention that I live above the Crashdown? Whoops. Most people would think I’d love living over a restaurant. I mean you’d think I’d get to play with the shake machine at least. Nope. Alex made sure I knew that we got into big trouble if we were caught playing with the machinery. He actually said machinery… to describe a shake machine. Do you not see something wrong with that? Well I don’t really care if you don’t. I’m not too sure about you. I mean you are listening to me.

The other bad thing about my ‘new family’ as they call themselves, owning the restaurant is that I have to work in it. No choice. Jeff just said that I had to. It’s like my allowance. Well I never got an allowance and I know that if I’d been offered one, I wouldn’t have done anything to get it.

When I got down to the lower level where the Crashdown was, I saw my cousins sitting with several other people. Before I could turn and walk away Alex gestured to me to come over. So what else could I do? I may be a bit sarcastic and angry in my head, but I can’t let anyone else know that can I?

“Everyone,” Alex said as I stepped up to the table, “meet Elizabeth. She’s our cousin. She’s moving in with us.”

They all decided to actually look at me right then. It was really good that I was meeting them in public, because the two blondes looked like they wanted to kill me. Well, nice meeting you too Barbie.

“Hi,” I said, still standing awkwardly at the end of the table. No one said anything in reply. Fine by me. It’s not like I wanted to meet them anyway. “I was just leaving. Thought I’d check out the town. Tell Jeff I’ll be home later.”

Alex grabbed my wrist and kept me from moving to the door. “Why don’t you hang out with us for a little while? I didn’t even get to tell you who everyone was.” I looked down into his eyes and sighed. His smile doubled and he pulled me into the booth beside him. “Ok, this is Isabel,” he said, pointing to Barbie number one. She barely looked up from the table. “That’s Kyle.” He pointed to one the only other boy at the table. Kyle smiled. Well, we’re making a little progress. “And that’s Tess.” Barbie number two gave me a sugary smile that anyone with half of a brain could tell was fake.

“Max isn’t here right now,” Kyle said as he made a paper football out of the napkin, “and Maria’s in here somewhere. She’s working.” He flicked the football and hit Michael in the chest. “Score! I mean, sorry dude.” Michael rolled his eyes, but did nothing.

Another blonde walked up, this time in a uniform. As I looked at her, I felt the sudden need kick my dad’s ass. You see she was our waitress, so what she wore, I would have to wear, and it was something that I knew would have Mom rolling on the ground laughing. The devil’s probably getting a kick out of her. I’m guessing most of his… clients aren’t as happy as she is.

“Elizabeth?” Alex asked, waving his hand in front of my face again.

“Huh?” came my usual reply.

“I said, this is Maria.”

“Hi,” she said, smiling like Kyle had. I wondered if the group had something against girls who weren’t blonde. After seeing the other girls’ reaction to me, I couldn’t be sure. “Can I get you something?”

“I’m fine.” Before I could finish my sentence Michael pulled her into his lap. I really hoped they were dating, and he didn’t just like harassing the waitresses, because that could be a problem when I started.

“I was just leaving,” I said, standing up from the table. Just then someone walked up behind me, and I stepped into him. “Sorry,” I said, turning to see whom it was. When I saw him, I had to hold a gasp in. He was hot. His dark hair fell straight besides the small curl on his forehead and his eyes seemed to pull me in.

Barbie number one quickly ended the moment, though. “About time you got here Max. I’m ready to leave.”

“Alright, Iz,” he said, looking away from me. I suddenly felt a bit colder. “Let’s go.” Alex got out of the booth to let her out and she gently bumped me as she walked by so no one else could see. I guess Max was already taken. Well, it’s not like anything ever goes my way. Why should this?

“Could one of you tell me how to get to the paint store?”

“I’ll take you,” Kyle volunteered. I really wanted to refuse, but I can’t be rude now can I? Nope, they probably don’t like bitches unless they look like Barbie. Well, it’s not like they like me anyway. Most people don’t like damaged goods. Oh, well. Welcome to my life.


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Ok, the next part will be out as soon as I can re type it. Damn computer. I had the whole part typed out and I just hadn't saved all of it and I accidentally deleted it. (The enter button is too close to the shift button.) Anyway, when I tied opening the part I had saved it deleted what I had managed to save. I swear all technology hates me. I need to learn to write things first. Or I could just save after every sentence. damn it, I want to watch The Nanny. (I'm a loser I know.) I'll try to get it out tonight, but I can't be sure.

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I missed the Nanny to get this out, so you'd better be happy. Right now the votes are at 4 in my head 1 the mask of Liz Parker 1 Passive Agressive and 2 Acting for Life, but I haven't checked my email yet, so it could still change. I'll have the final results out later today. Oh,and I'm going to be starting volleyball and training in the next couple weeks so the posts might be a little slower. (Hey, I post pretty regularly, so it shouldn't be too bad.)

Your feedback is amazing. I've never gotten a whole page of feedback before. You rock!

Lady_without_a_clue- I'm back, I'm back. Yeah, I know, my Liz rocks.

Angelic- look it, in my head is winning. Fantastic... I like that. Thank you. (Feedback does wonders for my ego.)

marteloise- I'm back. Thanks for reading.

maxs silverhandprint- Awesome... I like that too. Thanx.

m14- If you liked that part, then I think you'll like the part with Pam in here. I know my fav part so far is the airport too though. And I tried to think of an ugly color, and all would come to mind is the nasty yellow that my cousin's old room used to have.

CC- I know. I told you Alex is like a copy of James only quieter. I don't think I could see him sitting on top of arcade game either (you heard about that right?) but Roswell doesn't start until they're sophmore's either so I don't know.

behrstars- cool name. Thanz for reading.

Pixie- Okay, Tess is always a bitch. At least in my mind. You really don't want to get me started on that though, and Isabel... well you'll see. Oh, and with Isabel and Max, yeah I don't really know where that came from either. It just popped into my head and wouldn't go away.

Abbs007- The only people who don't like M/L are the rebels and I really don't think any of them are on this thread, because they make me very angry, and I'm already a little crazy, so making me angry can really scare people.

Anyway, on with the part.


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Part 2

I found out that Kyle’s actually a pretty nice guy. He told me a lot about his group. It was a bit confusing. I mean, I could understand Isabel, Kyle and Tess hanging out together, but Alex and Michael didn’t seem to fit in there. I still wasn’t too sure about Maria anyway and Max… well let’s just not go there.

Apparently Kyle’s the jock. That alone confused me, because he quoted Buddha like five times during the trip. Tess and Isabel are the cheerleaders. Ooh, big surprise there. I was thinking they’d be smart Barbies. Ok, now that’s an oxymoron for you.

I was right about Alex and Michael though. Alex is a computer whiz. I asked Kyle if he thought Alex could erase parking tickets for me, and he told me he could, easy… but he wouldn’t. I bet that’s why he seems like such a goody goody. He can erase anything he does wrong. I really need to pay more attention in computer class.

After about a half an hour I chose a dark red color for my room. Kyle tried to tell me that it would only make the room seem smaller, but I didn’t listen. Bright colors don’t suit me. I’d rather live in darkness; it hides your flaws, and with me, it’s got its work cut out for it.

Even though I told him he didn’t have to, Kyle said he would come and help me paint my room after school the next day. He also told me he would bring recruits. I’m hoping that that’s a good thing, because with Kyle you never know.


School was a blast. Everyone loved me. I am totally lying. Roswell High is like hell’s waiting room. How do I keep getting back to hell? Oh yeah, Mom keeps laughing. Well, I think I may have stunned her for once.

As always every school has it’s bitch. I was being hopeful when I said it was Isabel. Nope. She doesn’t come until after Pam Troy and her minions.

I don’t think it’s fair that one school should get so many Barbies. Wait, that’s not true. I don’t think that MY school should get so many Barbies. I mean, at least Isabel and Tess looked mostly real, but Pam… I think she’s forgotten the meaning of the word.

I really think she’s proof that in breeding must be stopped. Either that or crossbreeding. Maybe she was a poodle human mix. She seemed to act like a dog around Max, at least.

This is probably confusing you though. I should start at the beginning. Where would that be? Lunch of course.


I have no friends, but I have a very nosey cousin. Because of this, I had to sit with ‘the group’ again at lunch. I would’ve been fine with that, except Kyle’s the only one I’m even okay with and he sits with his football buddies. Stupid Buddha loving jock.

I had been warned continuously by Maria about avoiding someone named Pam Troy. At first I thought Maria was just over reacting and trying to make me gain some of her enemies. When I met Pam, I had to agree with Maria.

“Um, are you new? Because everyone knows that’s my seat.” I turned to face the voice sitting beside me just after I saw Max’s face fall to focus on the table.

Well, instead of answering her I decided to search the chair. She stood there at first, until she figured out that I wasn’t going to be answering her anytime soon.

“What are you doing?” she asked, looking at me oddly. I’m crazy blondie; your stares can’t hurt me.

“I was just looking for your name. I can’t find it, so you must be mistaken. You better keep looking though. These chairs all look alike. It could be hard to find yours.” I turned back to my lunch to see Michael, Alex, Max and Maria snickering. I just kept my straight face.

“Listen. I’m not someone you want to piss off. I think you should move.” You know, I think you’re wrong. I do want to piss you off. I think it’ll be finny. Let’s find out.

I tried to look defeated as I motioned for Maria to move down a chair. She looked at me like I was crazy. She knew I was winning. Even still, she moved down for me. As soon as she was back in her seat, I stood up and pushed my chair back towards Pam. She waited for me to get out of the way, but instead I grabbed Maria’s old chair and sat back down. Maria quickly scooted back towards me.

“What are you doing?” Pam asked rudely while looking at the chair.

“You said you wanted your chair back. There it is. Now could you please go away? I’d like to eat my lunch.”

“You heard the girl,” Maria said, shooing her with the hand. “Shoo.”

Pam looked stunned for a moment, but chose to leave anyway with her minions in tow. Remind me to shoot myself if I ever turn into one of them. I should have the puppies following me. Yeah, uh huh, that’ll happen. Right around when hell freezes over, right?

I turned to find Maria laughing her ass off. When I looked at the rest of the table I realized that they were all laughing too. Even Isabel had managed to crack a smile. God if this was entertaining them, I really did not want to be here.

“You go girl. I don’t think I’ve seen Pam shut up since school started.” I smiled, feeling my cheeks grow slightly warmer. Blushing is bad, I scolded. I don’t blush. Since when do I blush?

I turned away from Maria and found myself looking right at Max. His mouth was curved up in a smile and his eyes twinkled. I couldn’t help wonder what his mouth would feel like on mine. And there’s that damn blush again. Go away!

I still didn’t like when the bell rang, making Max turn away from me. I quickly got up and threw away my lunch, hoping no one had noticed my varying shades of crimson. When I turned around I collided with a familiar chest.

“You like getting run into don’t you?” I had to ask.

“Only when it’s you,” he teased. I blushed again. Why the hell was I blushing? He had a girlfriend. He had one of the blonde peppy girlfriends. Why would he want me?

“Liz,” he asked, a trace of amusement on his face.


“I asked what class you had next.”

“Sorry, I was off somewhere else for a second. Um,” I pulled my schedule out. “Next I have Biology. Why do they have a subject that involves slicing dead animals open right after lunch?”

Max smiled. “That hasn’t been a problem so far. I have Bio next too. I’ll take you.”

I nodded. What else could I do? Like I said, I’m only bitchy and annoying in my head, that way only I have to hear it. See Mom, why couldn’t you try that?

Max started walking away so I followed, happy I wouldn’t be walking around the halls aimlessly like I had with most of my other classes. I was starting to realize that Max had a lot of my classes. First it was PE, and then, History, and then English. Now we had Bio together. Someone must have thought we would get along. Actually, most people hate me, so someone probably thought he would too. That would make more sense with my life.

When we got into the lab I saw that everyone was split into pairs. “You can come sit at my lab,” Max said, noticing my gaze. “I’m the only one without a partner. Mrs. Green didn’t think I needed one. Science is my subject.” Oh, and you thought you should say this now, when class is starting so that I can’t talk to you about it. Good job Max. That’s a good trick. I’ll have to remember that. I’ll try it on you first.

“Good afternoon class,” the teacher started. “We have a new student. She looked down at a piece of paper on her desk. “Elizabeth Kenedy.” She looked at the class and found me. “Elizabeth?” I nodded. “Why don’t you come up and introduce yourself?” You just did that didn’t you? Still I went up.

“Hi.” I looked at the teacher to see if I could go back to my seat.

“Where are you from?” she asked.

“New York.” A couple kids perked up at that. “Just outside the Big Apple.”

“Interesting. Now you may return to your seat.” I sighed involuntarily. Almost every one of my teachers had done that, with the exception of my PE teacher, but I think that was just because he was an ass and didn’t notice me.

What I did learn during Biology was that Max and I are a really good team. We finished everything before most of the class read the instructions. Well at least I couldn’t expect loads of homework from Bio.

The rest of the day was pretty boring besides the death glares Pam kept giving me during math, but I really don’t mind being my bitchy self to people who piss me off, so I just glared back. I think she’s a little scared of me now, because she left me alone for the rest of the day.


I had forgotten about saying I was paining my room until I went to the Crashdown and found a bunch of people waiting for me. I had actually planned on bailing on it for a few days. Who knew; maybe I would adjust to the yellow. It would’ve been easier.

What I didn’t realize was that Kyle had meant he would bring a small army when he said recruits. He had one of his football buddies named Paulie, Michael, Maria, and Max. Apparently Paulie had replaced the Barbies for the day and Alex was tutoring someone.

You have to understand that the room I was given is fairly small. The only good thing about it is the balcony. Six people were not needed to paint it. Together it took us a little under an hour to paint the whole thing and that was only because Michael and Maria started a small paint fight and Paulie decided that instead of painting he wanted to pretend he was doing something worthwhile but really hit on me the whole time. He was really lucky I was in a pretty good mood that day or I would have been forced to shut him up, and there are only two ways I know to shut guys up. One I wouldn’t ever use on Paulie, because I’m pretty sure he would enjoy it, and the other involves extreme pain to his… area.

When we were done we went downstairs and hung out. Somehow I ended up between Paulie and Max in the cramped booth. Slowly I noticed that Paulie was inching closer to me, and he must have thought I was calling him to me by sliding closer to Max, and in turn pushing Max against the wall. Finally, when I was really close to using one of my special methods (and it was not the one Paulie would have liked), Maria cut in.

“Paulie, you think you could move over so Max and Liz aren’t so cramped up against the wall. I think we could fit someone else on the end of your side.”

“Yeah, why don’t you scoot down,” I said, pushing him away. Max moved off the wall, and I felt his thigh settle beside mine. He had no where to move, and all I can say is I wasn’t pushing him away. And here comes that damn blush.

TBC... Feedback?
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Ok, I can't acess my email, but I'm going to post the results of the title poll anyway. There's 4 for In my Head, 2 for Acting for Life, 1 Passive Agressive, and one The Mask of Liz Parker. The new title is In my Head.

I don'e have a new part yet, but it should be out soon. (Cross your fingers!)

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Hey guys. I'm really sorry the next part is taking so long. Usually I post faster. Anyway, I'm just having a little case of writer's block. I keep getting ideas for new stories and they keep bothering me, and they have kidnapped my muse for this story. (Did you get all of that? I tend to get a bit confusing.) Besides that I've spent the whole week (almost) coming up with a routine for my fire dancing, (You think I'm crazy now right?) and I've been practicing a lot so I won't hit myself. Anyway, I'm really trying to get something new out, and I've got about 3/4 of the chapter written. I'm hoping I'll have the whole thing out by next week. Cross your fingers.


PS You guys rock. I never get this much feedback.
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Guess what? I was forced to go on the computer to check my email and I have an extrememly slow computer so I decided I would work on this for you and I finished part 3. Aren't you glad? I thought so.

abbs007- someone who understands me. We should all ban against rebels. it's a nasty discusting thing. Ech. Oh, and Max and Isabel are brother and sister in this.

marteloise- I'm back!

m14- I am a very sarcastic person, only usually the sacrastic answers come to me about 10 minutes after I've said something really stupid. I think Paulie will pop up a few more times. (he's in the next part too.) Oh, and I love Kyle, but I refuse to put him with the gerbil. It's just not right. oh, and fearless rocks.

angelic- I know, I loved the title too. and the angelic thing in your signature is 2 cute.

Anyways on with the part!
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Part 3

Reality’s a bitch ain’t it? I was having a really good time, just enjoying sitting with Max…. and everyone else. Whoops, did I forget about them? My bad. Anyway, I can’t ever have one nice moment, can I? No of course not. I was always thinking that it was my parents who were keeping me from being one of those normal happy teens. You know the ones that piss me off so much now. Well, it turns out that it wasn’t just my parents. Isabel had something out for me too. Of course, I couldn’t blame her. I had been getting a little close to her boyfriend. Still, what a bitch.

“Max,” Isabel said, walking up to our booth. She didn’t even look at anyone else. “I had Tiffany give me a ride here after practice ‘cause I thought you’d be here. Are you ready to leave? I want to go home.” What? I almost choked on my ice. They lived together? No way.

I pushed Paulie out of the booth and let Max out. He said good bye and left. “You know, I have to go too,” Paulie said. Honestly I was a little disappointed. I was hoping I would get to cause someone pain. I deserved it. Instead of replying I just nodded and climbed into my booth.

Maria looked at her watch and stood up. “I have to work. Yippee! See you guys later.” Maria stood up and walked away.

“So…” I said, uncomfortable with the silence. It had always bothered me. It’s better to ruin the moment than to sit in silence. “Max and Isabel live together?” I asked, not to casually.

A smile passed over Kyle’s face, but before he could answer Michael did. “Yeah.” He looked at Kyle, but I couldn’t see his expression.

“Isn’t that a little odd, especially for their age?”

“Not really. Actually, it’s pretty common.” Where the hell had I moved to? Did some one forget to mention the time travel along the way because last I checked seventeen-year-old couples did not live together? That only happened years ago when girls got married at 13.

I hate Roswell. I hate my life. And I hate cheerleaders.


Everyone always told me that I would feel better if I talked to someone. No one ever believed me when I told them that I do. It’s just not a someone. It’s a something. I talk to the three headed monster that lives in my closet.

I really hope you knew I was lying. Otherwise, I may really have to look into counseling. Seriously though, I talk to a bear. A teddy bear, and I swear I’ll cause sever pain to anyone who repeats that.

It’s a fairly small doll, so I took it with me on the plane. Now it’s sitting in my closet so no one will find it. I decided to pull it out and tell it all about my life in Roswell.

I grabbed the tattered bear and a blanket and climbed out my window onto the balcony. I sat down and started talking.

“Hey Peter.” Did I forget to mention that my bear’s name is Peter Rabbit? Please don’t ask. I wouldn’t tell you anyway. And again, if someone finds out, I’ll hurt you. “I hope you like Roswell. I swear there is something wrong with adults who believe in little green men. It’s like the tourist trap for the clinically insane.

“I think it’s pulling me in. I mean it won’t help a crazy person to be surrounded by people like them. Now I think I’m getting friends. I don’t want friends. If I get friends then I have to let someone in. I can’t let anyone in. I mean, even my parents didn’t love me. How can strangers?” I pulled the bear closer. “I just can’t let them in. I won’t.”


I didn’t know what to say to them. How could I talk to Max after I had pushed up on him like that and then found out he was living with his girlfriend? I keep forgetting about her. Either way, I didn’t know what to say so I used the only method I knew would work. Avoidance.

At lunch I decided I needed to cram for a nonexistent math quiz, and I came into every class I shared with someone I knew just as the bell rang so I could sit in the farthest seat I could get. My only problem was Bio. I knew Max would ask about my disappearances, but I didn’t know how to avoid him. I thought of ditching, but I hear that’s bad during your first week and I want to make a good impression. You know me; can’t have anyone seeing me for real. That would be bad.

“Liz,” Max said as I sat down. Just then the bell announcing that class was starting rang. I was hoping that would stop Max, but it didn’t. “Liz.”

“I need to pay attention Max. Could you please be quiet?” I whispered back.

“You know this shit better than me. You don’t have to pay attention. You can listen to me for a second.”

I twisted my head so my hair blocked the teacher’s view of me. “Fine.”

“Why weren’t you there at lunch?”

“Because I wasn’t. Next question.”


“I had to study for a math test. Is that good enough for you?”

“No. Your math class doesn’t have a test.” How did he know that? Damn it, what do I say now? You can help any time now you know.

“How would you know?”

“Isabel’s in that class and she didn’t tell me about it. I always know when she has tests. She makes me help her study.”

Stupid Isabel. Why did he have to talk about her? “Fine. I didn’t want to sit with you. Happy?” When all else fails, tell the truth. Damn, why’d I have to remember that now?

“No. Why didn’t you want to sit with us?”

“Mr. Evans, Miss Parker, would you care to share?”

“Not with you,” I said. I heard the class go “Ooh.” Why did I say that? That was supposed to be a thought. Uh oh. This is what happens when you forget to step out of your head occasionally.

“Excuse me? I think you’ll need to speak with me after class Miss Parker. And you too Mr. Evans.”

Max nodded and sat silently until the teacher turned away. “Thanks,” he whispered.

“You should learn to leave people alone. I’m just teaching you a lesson.” Now I just need to learn how to teach people a lesson without involving myself in the punishment. Then I’ll be all set.

I refused to talk to Max for the rest of the class. By the time Bio was over, I had almost forgotten about staying after. Of course, Max grabbed my arm just in case and pulled me to the front. Thanks Max. This is just where I need your help, because I can’t get to the front of the class on my own. Uh huh.

As soon as we got to the front Max dropped my hand and I tried to hide my disappointment. I didn’t like him. I couldn’t. He had a girlfriend. Why could I not comprehend that?

“Miss Parker, Mr. Evans,” Miss Barnes said. “You are two of my best students.” I tried not to scoff. Two of her best students? Try the top two. And it’s not like there’s a close third either. I think third would go to Brian Johnson, and he made a potato clock for his science fair project last year. “And I think you need to realize that that doesn’t mean you can slack off during class. I don’t need any back talk or rudeness.” She looked directly at me when she said that. What? Was little Lizzie being bad? So sue me.

“Do you understand?” Max and I nodded. What did you think I had suddenly grown a backbone? Have you learned anything about me yet?


Normally getting out of school is the best part of my day. I don’t even get that anymore. You see, Jeff has me working now. I’ve got my little antenna headband and all. I bet if the aliens were real they would come here just to laugh at the waitresses.

I really wish I knew how to cook. I wouldn’t even have to be that good. I mean, Michael can barely turn on the grill and he’s a chef. Wait, that makes him sound to dignified. He’s a lunch lady. I mean… what the hell do you call a guy who cooks food? Why am I wasting my head time thinking about what to call Michael? Seriously, there’s something wrong with me.

Anyway, I got to the Crashdown after school and found Jeff waiting in front so he would catch me. If only Max wouldn’t have been such a jerk by making me forget that I was supposed to start work today, I would have climbed up the latter to my room. This is all his fault. Why can’t he just go away?

Somehow, Maria found this all very amusing. I came out and she smiled and pulled me out from hiding behind the employee door. “You look cute Liz,” she said. Yep, just about as cute as you do, I’m sure. Only even that’s not true. Maria is pretty. I’m… well I’m me. Doesn’t that explain it all?

“Ok,” Maria said, pulling me back to the real world. Damn it. I was happy where I was. “You have the tables from the door to where Max is sitting. Just write down their orders and give them to Michael. You just have to get drinks. It’s pretty simple. Well, not at first, but it get easier.”

Maria walked over to one of her tables and left me to face all my classmates who decided that this was the place to be after school. What is wrong with this town? The Crashdown was not the kind of place that most people would go to after school. In New York they all went to the Starbucks that was down the street, but apparently Roswell hasn’t been infested with coffee shops yet. Come on Starbucks. I have faith in you. You can take the Crashdown’s customers. Really, it’s ok.

Just then I noticed that Maria said that Max was in my section. Well isn’t this just getting better and better. I seriously think Maria did that on purpose. I’m really not liking her right now, but what can I do? So I went over to Max’s table.

“What do you want?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be nice?” he asked.

I plastered a fake smile on my face. “Welcome to the Crashdown Café. I’m Liz. I will be your waitress. What can I get for you?”

“Much better. I think I’ll have a cherry coke and some Men in Blackberry Pie.” He didn’t even look at the menu.

“You know the names? Do you really come here that often?” I had to ask him. I mean, who really remembers all of the names.

“I don’t know all of the names. That’s the only thing I order. It’s all I can remember. I may have a reason to come in more often now though. I think I like the help.”

I blushed and hoped he didn’t see. “So how would you like your pie? Is in your lap ok?”

“Only if you clean it up,” he replied. Ok, I pretty much walked into that one, but his smirk still pissed me off.

“You might regret that,” I said, starting to back away. “I bite.”

“Who says I don’t like that?” I rolled my eyes and spun around to face the counter and get his drink. I pinned his order on the… well, I have no idea what the fuck it’s called but it’s the right place okay?

When I turned back around I almost decided I should take the chance of being thrown out and just forget about working. Do you want to know why? I had just figured out why Maria gave me the section she did. You see, when I looked up I saw who was in my section. I’ll give you two guesses. Too late. Paulie and Pam. Will you remind me to thank Maria later?

I plastered no my own fake smile and walked back to Max’s table to give him his drink. “Your food will be out in a minute,” I said, stopping only for a second. Then I turned and walked towards Pam’s table. The way I saw it, the faster I served her the faster she was gone.

I went through the same routine I had with Max. First the cheesy smile. “Hello. I’m Liz and I will be your server today. What can I get you?”

“I’ll have an alien blast,” Pam said, refusing to look at me. Good girl.

“I just want a milkshake,” Paulie said. “And I want you to share it with me.”

“Sorry, that’s not on the menu. I’ll be right back with your milkshake.”

“Come on,” Paulie said, grabbing my arm. “You can take a little break, can’t you?”

“Nope. I don’t think so.” I was really close to using one of my special methods on him. You remember those right? Well, Paulie was about two seconds away from learning about one of them. “Will you please let go of my arm now?”

“Nope, I think I’ll keep you here.” I spared a look at Pam who was smiling. I think she liked seeing him harass me. I really hated her. Payback’s a bitch though, and she had something coming to her. I’d teach her for laughing at me.

“I think she said she wanted you to let go,” a familiar voice said. Damn him. I wanted to open a can of whoop ass on these two, but no. Max the savior had to come to my rescue.

“What’s it to you Evans?” Paulie asked, still gripping my arm tightly. I tried to pull away but those damn football players are strong, and I’m just not.

“Liz told you to let her go, and I think you should listen to her.”

“Aw come on Max,” Pam said, sliding out of the booth towards him. “We were just having some fin with Lizzie.” What the hell? I thought we were over this Lizzie thing.

“Well, why don’t you two have fun on your own, and I can go back to work. Now will you please let go of my arm?” Paulie obliged and I walked away, not even waiting to thank Max.

TBC... I was thinking I might have a m/l scene coming up. Either that or... I'll just keep that one a secret.

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Lookit, I have another part out already. It only took me a day! Go me!

Shama- glad you found me. Hope you stay. Oh, and I love your quote
Why do boys like SMART girls?...


roswellluver- you may have to wait until part 5 for that. there's a little m/l in this part, but not as much as I wanted. Sometimes the characters just won't listen to me. That's ok though. It's an m/l fic. the scenes will come eventually.

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here's the part.

Part 4

Okay, now I’m pretty sure you think I’m a bitch right? Either that or you think I’m crazy. Well, I’ve already told you that I’m crazy so that’s a given. You may be wondering why I’d been avoiding Max though. I mean, you probably assumed that Max liked me. Well you’re forgetting about one thing. Isabel. Also know as Isabel the Bitch. See how creative I am? Actually I use that name for Isabel and Tess and Pam. I can’t wait to see who else wants to join them. Paulie may be next.

Anyway, I was trying to explain to you why I’m not a total bitch. Max already has a girlfriend. He’s the one who’s being an ass. I mean he seems like the perfect guy and all, but look at how he acts when Isabel isn’t there. That’s not very boyfriendly, now is it? Plus he’s living with her so you know they have to be somewhat close. I mean, he’s at least doing her. Okay, I did not want that image. I really need to stop talking to you.

Anyway, after the whole scene with Paulie and Pam, Maria agreed to trade sections with me. I think she figured out that if she didn’t her, Paulie, and Pam would be hobbling home. Do you see how nice I am? At least I warned her.

After “the incident” the rest of my shift went quietly. Apparently Maria takes the area that only the elderly sit in, so I didn’t have many problems with being hit on. Well there was that and the fact that Maria had thrown Pam and Paulie out. Damn it, why couldn’t she have let me do that? Hello, helpless victim here.

I think I’d finally learned how to tune out Mom’s laughing. You see, I know my ensemble alone would have been enough to have her rolling on the floor laughing, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear anything, so either I had learned to tune her out or the devil had decided to gag her. I think the second option was my favorite. Then I could picture Mom tied to one of those burning chairs with an oily rag in her mouth while minions poked her with those trident things that the sea king in The Little Mermaid had. She would be trying to scream and her face would be varying shades of red and purple, partially from screaming so much and partially from all the heat from the bonfires lit around her. Have you noticed that my imagination gets a tiny bit out of control when I think of pain coming to my mom? Good, then you’re keeping up.

After my shift I decided I would hang out up on my balcony and check out the stars. It had only taken me one night to realize that by the time the stars were visible Roswell was almost entirely dead. The good thing about that was it was perfect for star gazing, which was almost impossible in New York. The bad thing about it was I didn’t know what I would do during the summer when only losers are staying at home. Actually, it would only fit if I stayed home. Still I really don’t want to spend my vacation helping Alex set up some new computer system.

Just after I sat down I heard something at the bottom of my latter. I really felt the urge to run, but I decided to wait and see who it was. If you didn’t already guess this, I would be the really stupid person who dies first in a horror movie. Generally it’s a blond, but I managed to get the dumb blonde gene without the perks of being blonde.

When I saw a head appear over the edge of my balcony I wished I had run. I’ll give you two guesses. Nope it wasn’t Paulie. Not Pam either. Wow, you’re not very good at this game. Well, that’s okay; I wouldn’t have guessed that Tess would be standing on my balcony either.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, a hint of bitterness creeping into my voice. I couldn’t help it. Tess was not someone I wanted to be left alone with. Tess was not someone I wanted to be left in a bright crowded room with. Why would I want to see her standing on my balcony late at night? I was not stupid enough to think she had come over to tell me how sorry she was about being a bitch to me when we meant. Nope, she wanted something, and I was pretty sure that once I had heard what she wanted to say I would want to push her off of the balcony. Hell, I already wanted to push her off of the balcony.

“I came to talk to you.” She glared at me through her obviously fake midnight black lashes. Here’s a tip Blondie: real lashes aren’t the size of your thumb.

“I prefer talking during the day. Why don’t you come back then?” I really wanted to turn around a make a big exit by climbing back into my room and slamming the window, but I did not want to have my back to Tess.

“This won’t take long. I just want you to know that we’ve all seen what you’re doing with Max. We don’t like it. He won’t ever be yours so don’t even try. You don’t want to piss us off.”

I really wanted to laugh, but I thought that might be mean. Actually, no, I thought that might piss her off. Unlike Pam, I didn’t want to piss Tess off on my dark balcony. I had a feeling she might hurt me. Not that I couldn’t take her; I just didn’t want to have to deal with the rest of them. I don’t think my “new family” would like to hear that I had just kicked the little Pamela Anderson wannabe’s ass. It might make a bad impression. Still, I’d have fun.

“Hello?” she asked, her high-pitched voice doing awful things to my eardrums. “Are you even listening to me?” Even the deaf can’t tune you out Tess. Trust me.

“Yes Tess,” I said, mocking sincerity.

“Well do you understand? Stay away from Max.” Gee Tess, that was confusing. I don’t think I understand. Oh wait, I’m NOT a moron. What about you?

“I think I get it,” I said, unable to hold in a tint of sarcasm. Apparently Tess didn’t hear it.

“Good.” Tess just turned around and climbed back down my latter. Right then I promised myself that the next time I heard noises on the latter, I would hide out in my room and lock the window.


I was really getting good at the whole avoidance thing. After my run in with Tess, I decided against sitting with ‘the group’ at lunch. I had decided that Isabel had sent her to warn me about getting closer to Max. Wow, someone actually thought I was a threat. In an odd way, that made me feel good. Do you see how insane I am? Normal people don’t think that way.

Anyway, I went through the same routine I had done the day before, only this time no one questioned me. Max assumed I was still mad at him, I think. Maria and Alex didn’t know what was going on, but I only have one class with each of them, so they weren’t a big problem. Michael didn’t care anyway, and Isabel and Tess knew why I was avoiding them.

I was obviously being stupid by thinking that just because Max didn’t try to talk to me during bio, which was the only class I sat next to him in, he wouldn’t talk tome after school. Apparently he actually paid attention when the teacher told us not to talk. Sheesh, some people just don’t understand that the teachers only give advice. Well, it kept him off my back, so I was fine with it.

Unfortunately that also meant that he wanted to talk to me after school. I guess he hadn’t noticed that I was working.

Jeff had told me to get home early on the days that I worked so when everyone came from school I would already be on the clock. That meant that when I went to chance into my glow in the dark costume (It was not a uniform. Uniforms are decent. These were not.) there was no one in the restaurant, but when I came back, Max was sitting in the exact same place he’d been the day before. Yay!

Since Max was sitting there of course I didn’t want that section, so I told Maria to trade me… again. For some reason she decided she would be nice and listen to me. Unfortunately, Max didn’t get the hint. He just followed me. Is it wrong to hit customers who refuse to stay seated? I mean I know the sign at the door says seat yourself, but I think they meant to go some place, seat yourself and stay there.

I didn’t think Maria would trade sections with me again, so I decided to try and make Max move away.

“Weren’t you sitting over there?” I asked, skipping the intro.

“Yesterday I was,” he answered sarcastically.

“You know what I meant. Why’d you move?”

“You moved too. That is your section.” He pointed to the other side of the restaurant.

“Nope, I go back and forth. You see, you were sitting over there, and I came over here. Now you’re sitting over here, so what do you think I’ll be doing.”

“Waiting on me like the wonderful waitress you were yesterday,” he replied.

“You’re not too bright then are you?” I asked. I really just wanted him to move away. I didn't want to have to put up with another one of Tess’ tyrants. They were fairly boring. “If I moved away from you just a second ago, why don’t you think I’ll move now.”

“Because you know just as well as I do that Maria won’t switch you again. You’re stuck over here now.” He smiled in triumph.

“I could always switch with Agnes,” I answered. I knew the hag wouldn’t switch with me, but I was hoping Max wouldn’t.

“Agnes will not switch and you know that too. Now will you please stop starting these stupid conversations and tell me why you’ve been avoiding us?” Why don’t you ask your girlfriend?

“Sorry I can’t chat. I’m on the clock. Now, if you won’t go back to your seat I guess I’ll have to take your order. What do you want?”

Max actually opened the menu then and looked at it. “I think I’ll need a minute to decide.” I turned and walked away without another word.


What I didn’t realize right away was that Max had an amazing amount of patience. He waited for an hour and a half for me to go on break. The only reason I couldn’t throw him out was because he took so long eating, that he always had food. He spent the first forty-five minutes nursing a cheeseburger and a cherry cola. Then he ordered another cola and said he needed to wait and see if he wanted anything else. Finally he decided that he wanted ice cream, which I think was an awful idea since he was trying to waste time. The whole thing was melted before he finished it. It was really sad. I could only think of one way to get rid of him, so I took a break.

“You have five minutes,” I said, plopping down in front of Max. “I’m timing.” I turned my eyes away from his amber gaze and to the clock on the wall behind him.

“Why had you been avoiding us?” he asked, reaching across the table to bring my eyes back to his. I didn’t want to look into his eyes. There was too much emotion. It could make me question things, and I didn’t want to question things. I was fine with how they were, so instead of focusing on his eyes I focused on his nose. He had a really cute nose. Ok, my brain is going in the wrong direction here. I can’t focus on his nose. How about… I just decided to focus on the back of the seat behind his head.

“Ok, now that’s not fair,” Max said, drawing me out of my head with the deep tones of his voice. “You only gave me five minutes. You can’t stall through that.”

“I can do anything I want,” I answered, regaining some of my flippancy. “It’s my game.”

“Well, are you going to answer my question sometime in the five minutes?”

“Maybe. I have to think about it.” I paused. “I don’t really like that question, so I’m going to pass.”

“No fair. You can’t pass.”

“No, you can’t pass. I can do anything. I told you, this is my game.”

“Well then what will you answer?”

“I’ll answer that question.”

“Ok, then answer it.”

“I just did.” I smile and looked at the clock. “Oh, look, you’re time’s up. Maybe we’ll play again sometime.” I got up and walked away from the booth in one swift motion, not listening to Max’s pleas for me to return.


Call me stupid, but I decided to try the whole star gazing thing again. I mean, I couldn’t get two psychopathic blondes two nights in a row. That was like getting hit by lightning twice when you’re standing in the exact same place. It doesn’t happen. Ok, so it does, but it’s rare. Well, this was one of those rare occurrences.

I had made the balcony into a miniature room in the couple days I had been in Roswell. Everyone had told me that it only rains for two weeks in January in Roswell, so I had several blankets and pillows piled up in the corner by my window. I had moved everything away from the latter after Tess’ visit. I really didn’t need to be sitting right there if someone decided to climb up the latter and jump on me.

Anyway, I was sitting on my pile of pillows with one of my thin blankets pulled up to my thighs reading one of the books I had brought with me on the plane, (You know reading is cool. Everyone likes reading, they just don’t tell you. It’s a big conspiracy!) when I heard the latter creaking again. This time I did what everyone in the horror movie except for the blonde would do. I ran into my room and locked the window.

After a few seconds I heard someone land on the hard brick floor of the balcony and I peeked out through the window. When I did, I really wished I hadn’t.

Standing right on my balcony, looking right back at me with his deep amber eyes was Max Evans. Then I did the only thing I could do. I walked out of my room and hid in the bathroom.

TBC... I swear I will have a big m/l scene soon.
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Hey all. I'm back... but I don't have a new part. I have about half of it written, so it won't be too much longer, but I still have to type it. I'm hoping to finish it and have it posted in a little over a week or so, but no guaruntees. (I totally spelled that wrong didn't I?) I have volleyball tryouts coming up, and if I make the team I have practice daily until Oct. Anyway, that's basically all I was saying.

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Well, I tried to get another part out, but it's taking a while isn't it? Well, I thought so. I have half of a chapter done, so I'm sending out part 5a. Part 5b should be out soon. I already started it, but I have to go through and check it and type it and blah, blah blah... This is an M/L part, though, so hopefully that will make up for the lack of M/L.

DreamingAngel- Great name. Here's the M/L.

Shama- Thanks.

roswellluver- Well, we can blame Michael for making her think that they are dating. It wasn't me. Really!

OK well here's the part...
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OK, here's the part.

Part 5a

Ok, so the only thing I could do wasn’t very productive. It kept me from having to host another round of 20 questions. That, by the way, is a pointless game. Actually, I’m sure it’s very helpful to people who aren’t playing with me. Well, what fun is life if you can’t make it a hassle for everyone else? I mean, come on that’s what it’s all about. Sheesh, you cannot tell me that you didn’t know that. Where have you been?

I had been waiting in the bathroom for what I thought had to have been a long time. I really need to get a watch. Then I might have realized that I had only been hiding for about fifteen minutes. I really don’t have any patience.

Max, on the other hand, does. I had forgotten about that, unfortunately. When I walked back into my room I found Max sitting in my hammock reading my book. Hello, that’s mine. Wait a second. Didn’t I lock that window?

“Um, I know I locked my window,” I stated as soon as I walked into my room. I know I could have run again, but that didn’t seem to be doing much good. The only other thing I could think to do would be to go get Michael or Alex, but I really think they would just be laughing. Then tomorrow I could watch them pat Max on the back. Um, I’ll pass.

“Yeah, I, uh, unlocked it,” he stated simply. Nope, I’m sorry, that’s not a good enough answer. Try again.

“How would you have done that? Generally you can only unlock things from the inside.”

“I have my ways.” Suddenly an image of one of the TV burglars with the credit cards flashed into my mind, but that couldn’t be right. Max Evans could not know how to open a window with a credit card. Hey, maybe he had a dark side. Wow, you learn something new every day.

“Most people would call that breaking and entering,” I retorted. “Why are you here Max?”

“You ran away from me earlier, so I thought I would come when you couldn’t run. You said you’d give me five minutes, so will you please answer at least one question that is not this one?” Max smiled at me and I couldn’t help but nod. Wait, I didn’t want to do that. Turn back time. I want to throw him out. Damn it.

“Why have you been avoiding us?”

“Don’t you ever come up with new questions?” I really did not want to be in this conversation. Damn Max Evans and his amber eyes and his stupid smile. Why won’t he just give up?

“Only when you answer the old ones. So are you planning on doing that ever?”

“Maybe eventually,” I said, still stalling.

“Quit wasting time. I want to know your answer.”

“Look,” I said, turning away from him. “I’m not one of you. I’m not part of your group, and I’m not trying to be, but somehow you have managed to make me feel bad about not sitting with you. What, did Pam reclaim the chair since I wasn’t there? Please tell me you’re a grown boy and can handle her on your own.”

Max looked slightly embarrassed, but quickly covered it. “That’s not what I was trying to do. If you don’t want to hand out with us that’s your choice. I just thought you fit. I’m sorry.” Max got up from the hammock, somehow managing to land on his feet, which was a skill I still hadn’t mastered, and turned to the window. “I’ll just leave you alone then.” His deep amber eyes turned back to me and he locked me in his gaze. “That is, if that’s what you want.”

Why did everyone else have a look that I can’t say no to when I have nothing? People have no problem turning me down. Where did I get a heart? It sure as hell isn’t hereditary. Neither of my parents had a heart. Either way though, Max was using his look, and I couldn’t say no. Damn him, I was almost out of this whole mess.

He turned away from me and started towards the window, using silence for his answer. “Max, wait,” I said, really hating the sentimental me. Is there a way to have that part of you removed? I heard lobotomies are good. Maybe I could try that.

He turned to face me, but I couldn’t look into his eyes. They held more emotion than anything I had ever seen in my parents. I didn’t know how to react to them. “What is it Liz?”

I sighed. “It’s not that I don’t want to hang out with you.” Why was I doing this again? Oh yeah, I’m an idiot.

“Then why are you avoiding us… Why do you keep avoiding me?”

“Max… just… don’t go there, ok?” I tried to think of anything I could remember that would help me get through something like this. My family had no emotion. Where was I supposed to learn how to cope with this? Where did I get my emotion? God, Roswell is just making things difficult.

I think Mom’s gag fell out, because I can hear her laughing again. It’s quieter this time, almost like even she can’t break in here, but I can hear her. She’s laughing because I don’t know what I’m doing. She’s laughing because she never taught me these things. Yeah well Mom, I don’t think you ever had guys who look like Max does coming to your room in the middle of the night so why don’t you shut up? Could someone get off of their ass and put the stupid gag back on? Oh wait, my mom could probably scare the devil’s minions. She probably ate her guards. I think she’s trying to prove that even Hannibal can’t be confined to hell.

Do you see the little world I have going in my head? You find me a little disturbing now right? Well maybe there’s room for you somewhere in here too. Do you want to find out? I didn’t think so.

I think now would be a good time to jump back into that awful thing we call reality. Yeah I thought you’d agree.

“Fine Liz,” Max said, stepping closer to me. The temperature seemed to start rising. “I won’t push you. I’m not going away though. You had your chance to get rid of me. Now I’m here, and I won’t let you keep everything locked up forever.” He closed the distance and laid his hand on my cheek. Instantly heat spread through my body. “I’ll be here for you Liz, just as soon as you’re ready.” His voice had dropped to a whisper and the hairs on the back of my neck were starting to tingle. Little shivers ran through my body like electricity as I saw his face move closer, slowly blotting out the crimson room around us. I knew that if I wanted to stop this I had to move, but I couldn’t. My body refused to listen, and all I could do was wait.

And then his lips lightly brushed over mine and I let my eyes drift closed while I refused to think about anything outside of my room.

TBC... Feedback?
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I'm back with the second half of part 5.

roswellluver- yeah, I like Max being persistant too. It's better than him being a pushover.

shama- thanks.

OK, here's the part...
posted on 31-Jul-2002 8:04:04 PM by goddessgurl5000

Okay, so now you’re caught up. What? Did you think I was telling my story from some far off never never land? Sorry folks, I’m still living this nightmare.

Well, you probably also thought that since Maxie kissed me last night we’re just the cutest couple now, right? Wrong. Hello, whose life is this? Did you forget? Have we not gone over my nonexistent luck? I’m sure we have; you just must not have been paying attention.

I was actually having a good time last night. That’s not a common thing for me. Gee, and you must’ve thought my life was just a blast. I’m so sure. Anyway, I was doing good right up until Max disappeared back out my window and left me to think about everything. Everyone says thinking is a good thing. They encourage us teens to use our minds. Don’t listen. They’re lying. Nothing good ever surfaces when you think. Why do you think I’ve never had therapy? An hour of going through and thinking about my problems? I don’t think so. I can just bitch about them to you, and then I don’t have to pay a hundred bucks an hour.

As for good days, I think mine are gone. I thought yesterday was bad, but that was mostly last night. Today, the morning’s out to get me too. You see the Parkers have two cars. One is for Nancy and Jeff and the other is for Michael, Alex, and I guess now me to share. Well, at least I’ll be sharing it when I get my permit. Yes I am old enough, thank you. I’m almost 17. What? I lived in New York. We had subways. You don’t need to drive. Driving makes you late because there is no parking. Look, it was a well thought out plan. I know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, either Michael or Alex drives to school. Yesterday was Michael’s day. Guess who drives today? Yep, it’s Alex. When Michael drives, no one talks. Well, someone might try, but you would be wasting your time. No one can beat his Metalica CD. If you manage to get loud enough, he turns it up. I mean, the car’s just a little red VW bug (a new one), but they must have replaced the stereo, because I know that car doesn’t come with that sound system. It’s not possible.

When Alex drives though, he only plays a tape of his band. I would say that I think they’re good, but he never plays it loud enough for me to hear. Now I know my hearing hasn’t been very damaged by Michael’s music because he’s only driven once since I’ve been here, so I can still say I have good hearing. I swear, you can whisper over the music. If we went over a bump I think it would be enough to push the music off. In the relative silence Alex likes to talk. I still haven’t figured out why he and Maria are so cheery. Even in the morning. It’s a little scary.

You wouldn’t believe that I really don’t hate Alex right now would you? I don’t. He’s just… well, I don’t know how to finish that and help my claim at the same time, so you can fill it in. Anyway, this whole thing does have a point. I just want you to understand that now that I’m at school, I’m not a happy person. I really wish everyone would just pretend that I had a hangover every morning, and they would just shut up and go away. Yes, I know that was mean, but I told you, this has not been a good morning.

It’s not getting better either. Guess what the first thing I see when I get out of the car is? Oh, you give up. Ok. Max is driving into the parking lot and Isabel is sitting in the passenger seat. I really hate her. She can’t even give me the illusion that she’s having a bad day. She can’t act like her and Max are fighting and help me figure out what the hell happened last night. Nope, she’s got her big cheerleader smile on her face and she’s laughing.

She’s not the only one. My mom seems to think it’s pretty funny too. I guess she chewed through her rag. And she didn’t choke on it either, damn her! She’s really liking that I have to watch Max and Isabel enjoying themselves so much. Some mother she is.

Great, now Max and Isabel have decided to come and chat. Yay, that’s just what I want to do right now.

“I’m leaving,” I tell my cousins. “See you later.” I walk away without waiting for their response. I’m pretty sure I can hear feet behind my, but I’m not really stupid enough to turn around. I’m stupid enough to wait for some psycho killer all alone on my balcony at night, but I won’t turn around and face whoever’s chasing my in broad daylight during school. Yep, I’ve got my priorities set.

Unfortunately, my stalker is fast. Just as I get to the door Kyle appears beside me. “Oh Kyle,” I say. “Good, I thought you were Max. Oh and don’t do that ever again.” I told you that I like Kyle right? Not that way! He’s like the anti-Max. He’s steady and reliable and sweet.

“Hey Liz,” he says. He smiles. It’s not bad. He’s pretty cute. “Not that I don’t get the whole, ‘Max Evans: Pain the Ass Extraordinare,’ is there a specific reason you’ve joined the club?”

I scrunch up my nose. “Eh, not really. He’s just being Max. Do I need another reason?” I smile as I hear Kyle’s deep laugh. “So why’d you chase me over here? I think the bell’s about to ring.”

Kyle looks down and I take the opportunity to look back at my cousins. I find Max’s deep amber eyes looking back at me. He doesn’t even turn away when I catch him. He simply raises his eyebrows and goes back to his conversation.

I turn back to Kyle as he looks up. “Liz are you doing something tomorrow night?”

Huh? Where did that come from? Did I miss something here? I’m pretty sure I didn’t zone out of the conversation for that long.

“Uh,” I say awkwardly. I just have a way with words, don’t I? “I don’t think so,” I say finally. What was I supposed to say? I’m sorry, I’m too busy obsessing over the guy I hate. Yep, then I sound totally normal. Well, who knows; maybe I’ll have fun?


I have to work on Fridays. Apparently Jeff thinks that he can force those living under his roof to take the shifts no one wants. Either that or he can already tell that I’m not going to have enough of a life to need to have Friday’s off.

I could take having to work Fridays. I can handle that, but Jeff has me working the breakfast shift on Saturdays. I don’t even know why they call it the breakfast shift. I mean, no one chooses to get up at 7:00 in the morning and go have breakfast on a Saturday. If they have to get up, they aren’t going to waste an hour coming here and being attacked by the florescent waitresses. They can save a half-hour by buying a neon green suit and serving their own food.

Even Maria doesn’t have opening shift on Saturdays. She starts at like 9 or something. Michael doesn’t have to get up until the lunch shift. (I really think Jeff did that so Michael could do anything on his weekends. Pun intended.) Well, I’m supposed to be downstairs serving the one elderly couple that comes in at 7. It’s 7:15 and I’m just coming down the stairs. Don’t worry; I left the diners in good hands. Well, I left them with a waitress. Agnes will be fine.

I walk into the restaurant to find Agnes taking the couple’s order. Well, I finally know that her legs work. Generally she’s just sitting on her lazy butt behind the counter. Hehe, not today. I walk behind the counter and sit in the chair behind the register. Agnes walks back to give Jose the order and glares at me on the way. Come on Aggy; I thought you’d like the workout. You always complain about your ass going numb. Here’s your solution.

Basically that’s how the next hour and a half went. No one likes sitting at the counter when they are with someone and the elderly just don’t like them at all. I’m not sure a few of them could have gotten up.

I would have totally gotten over the whole, ‘I have to be a bitch today because I didn’t get my 12 hours of sleep,’ thing if Maria had taken the day off. No I haven’t developed some new hatred for Maria. I do have an ongoing rivalry with her escort. (Nope. Michael is still sleeping upstairs. How do I know? Every once in a while you can hear him snoring.)

Max walks up and sits at the counter. I thought he liked the booths. Well, at least Blondie didn’t come.

“Don’t you ever eat at home?” I ask him.

“No one does,” he tells me. “My mom has this need to test ‘specialty’ foods on us. Let’s just say Greek and German are two cuisines that should never clash.” Ok, wait one second. Isabel lives with him and his mom. Um, insert EWWWWW here.

“Well, maybe you could get her cooking classes. I hear home cooking is the best.”

“Well, this is your home cooking right?” Don’t remind me. “So I am having home cooking.”

“You believe that,” I tell him, rolling my eyes. “I’m assuming that you did come here to eat, so what do you want?”

“Haven’t we gone over the polite waitress routine?”

“I got up at 6:30,” I tell him. “This is the nice waitress routine. Would you like me to act normally, or will you order?”

“Some people just aren’t morning people,” he mumbles with a smile. “I’ll have chocolate milk and waffles.” I write down his order and put it on the spiny thing before I get his chocolate milk. When I put it in front of him he looks at it but doesn’t drink it.

“Is there something wrong with the milk?” I ask when I realize that he’s going to stare at the milk until I do.

“Got any Tabasco?” Tabasco? In milk? I reach under the counter and hand it to him. He pours the red substance into his milk until it turns slightly pinker. I cringe as he takes a gulp.

“What’s that taste like?” I have to ask. He pushes it towards me. I eye the glass suspiciously but I refuse to turn down a challenge so I pick it up and take a quick gulp, hoping if I swallow it fast enough I won’t taste it. It doesn’t work.

I gag and reach for the water sitting on the counter and swallow half of it before I think I can breath again. Max laughs.

“How can you drink that?” I ask, setting the water near my seat at the register.

“It’s good,” he tells me. “Your taste buds are just too sensitive.”

“More like, I have taste buds. You must’ve burnt yours off.”

“Order up,” Jose calls. I walk over and pick up Max’s waffles only to put them back down in front of him. He dumps more Tabasco on it.

“Ech!” I mumble. Max just laughs.

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hello all. I'm sorry I didn't post the new part. I was planning on posting it today, but I left my disk at home and it has all of my stories on it, and my home computer has decided that it doesn't like the internet. Anyway, basically this means the next post will be when I coame back to the library next week.

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ok, and this is where you all yell and throw things at me. Really, I did not mean for it to take me so long to post. (and now I'm giving you the false hope that I have a new part with me.) Seriously though, at some point next week (I don't know when) my uncle will be giving us a working computer, and I will be back online. Sorry, I can't post tonight. I have to finish an english story (and she wouldn't accept FF) so I don't have time (plus I forgot the disk) but I swear I will have a new part when we get the computer. And I promise I will post here first too, because I'm getting more fb from you guys than anyone else. Luck you! :>

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Well, I promised that you guys would get an update first, and I'm keeping my promise. First off though, this part is dedicated to my wonderful cousin because without her I would still be on the phone with customer service. Now I'll start me feedback replies.
Before that though, I just have to say that you guys are really awsome. This is the most feedback I get and I think it's great. Also, on a completely unrelated subject, do any of you do fan arts? Because I was thinking that it would be really cool if this could have a fan art with it. I would try to make it, but right now I'm making one for Secrets on Earth. Anyway, I'll move on now.

roswellluver- I say poor me too, because I found the tabasco in one of my cubboards and felt the need to try it to get the more realistic effect (only I tried it in Mr. Pibb) Let's just say if I ever want to burn off my taste buds off, I'll swish some of that around.

roswell_luver_buffy- I love this Liz too. The real Liz never learned the joys of sacrasm. It's a crime!:>

elc- there is a method to my madness, I swear. Well, at least there was at one point. I may have gotten caught up in the madness and lost it. Let's see if it's still here somewhere. (Did you get any of that?)

angelfire- As I said, at one point there was a reaon for my madness. I think I lost it, but don't worry, I can make a new one. As for Max and Isabel, you didn't think I could keep it up this long did you? Well it will all come out soon. (when it will be posted though, all depends on schoola nd my computer.)

sweetygirl- thank you! I like it too. :>

Lady_Without_A_Clue- I think I got that. I'm not sure. Well, it all boiled down to "Post soon" right? I'll assume it's a yes.

Assilem_1 - You should always want a new part. It means that I'm doing this right. As for Liz, her thick headedness is like her funniest trait... well, that and her uncontrolled dead mother. I like her too. As for Tess, when has she ever been normal? (Ok, so that's not what you said. I just wanted to bring it up.) It will all come out in time. Even the Max and Isabel thing.

Ok, now onto my unusually short part (three ish pages. I generally go for 5.) Well, the next part may make up for it. Cross your fingers!
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Part 6

Kyle called when my shift ended and told me he’d be over to pick me up at 6 so we could get burgers before the movie. Now it’s just about six and I’m just getting out of the shower. I’m not a very punctual person.

I hear Nancy bring someone upstairs and then I hear Kyle’s deep voice. Aren’t guys supposed to be late?

I pop the door open and push my head out a little bit. “I’m almost ready,” I tell Kyle. “You can wait downstairs if you want. I’ll be down in a sec.” I wouldn’t force anyone to sit and chat with Nancy and Jeff. It can get pretty bad.

Kyle smiles and nods before I close my door. I hear him go downstairs as Nancy comes up to my door.

“Do you need any help?” she asks.

Nope, I think I’ve mastered the whole dressing myself thing. “I’m almost ready,” I say instead. I hear her turn away and go back to my hammock. My bed’s supposed to be here next week, so I have all of the clothes I brought scattered over the hammock. I really can’t believe how much fit into the little suitcase I brought.

I grab a light brown tank top from the top of the pile. It’s one of the only ones I have. I’m not really good with sleeveless. It’s not as pretty when your arms are several different colors. Trust me, I know.

I toss the shirt over my shoulder. Next I grab a tan calf length skirt. Quickly I pull it on. Then comes a pair of blue jeans. Well, those are pretty useless, now aren’t they? They go over my shoulder. Next I get to a black ¾ sleeve shirt with flared sleeves. I pull it one quickly. Then I grab my white tennis shoes and my watch. I look at the time as I put it on. It only took my 5 minutes. I walk down to get Kyle and I find him in a booth with Max, Isabel and Alex. Maria’s waiting on them.

Kyle looks up and sees me. “Hi.” I’ve got to admit he looks good in his jeans and T-shirt.

“Hey.” I look at the table and find Alex with a huge smile on his face as he looks between Kyle and me. I turn to Isabel and find her glaring at me, as usual. You know, I think she may need some help. Yep, a crazy person is telling a cheerleader to get help. Sure, people are going to buy that one. I turn to the last face at the table and find that Max won’t look at me. He seems to think the table is incredibly interesting, because he’s staring at it like it just grew a head.

“Ready?” Kyle asks me. I nod and look away from Max. He puts his arm over my shoulder and we leave the Crashdown.


Apparently Kyle still thought that I was a normal girl, because for our date he took me to one of those movie theaters where all they play is the REALLY old stuff. (Roswell has no Starbucks, but they have a black and white theater. Uh huh, they know how to make the big bucks.) Kyle decided on Phantom of the Opera. (I really don’t think he knew what he was getting into, because he fidgeted through the whole movie and I think he fell asleep once. I couldn’t tell. It was really dark and I had been up since 6:30. You do the math.) Anyway, I really think that I would have like the movie, but, at least for our showing, I had to read the freaking dialogue. What the hell is that? I mean, isn’t that why parents (by that I mean normal ones, meaning not mine.) say that movies make you lazy and are a waste of time? Well they should just get subtitles.

Another thing about subtitles is you can’t watch what’s happening. Well I can’t at least. I mean, how do you read what their saying (over really loud symphony music, none the less) and then watch what their doing? You can’t. It’s impossible. That is why I think there should be a ban against subtitles. They ruin movies.

Ok, now I think I should bring you back to the present. Kyle asked me if I wanted ice cream and I (stupidly) said yes. No, it’s not that I don’t like ice cream; I mean it’s just about the best thing on the planet. It’s just that there is no Ben and Jerry’s in Roswell either. All they have is the Crashdown, so guess where we’re going.

Before I know it we’re at the Crashdown. We get out and take the booth that Kyle and everyone always seem to sit in. It’s in the far back corner. The only one who doesn’t always sit here is Max, and I really wish he would because I never get this section.

“So, how are you liking Roswell?” Kyle asks. I see one of the waitresses walking away and assume Kyle ordered.

Then I realize that I’m supposed to answer him. I’m not sure what to say. If it were M- someone else, I would have said something that boiled down to “Get me the hell out of this town before I am forced to destroy anything with little green men and anyone who gets in my way!” but Kyle seemed to like it here, so I wasn’t quite sure how to phrase my answer and not make it a complete lie.

“It’s not a real thought provoking question Liz,” Kyle told me. “Don’t worry; I won’t cry if you don’t like it here. I’m a big boy.” I can’t help the image of Kyle breaking down crying that enters my head. It’s actually really funny. I mean, Kyle’s a big guy. It’d be like the rock crying because his socks didn’t match. Yes, I know that had nothing to do with this, and I said it because I wanted to, and since this is my story I can say whatever I want. So there!

I finally decided to answer Kyle. “Let’s just say that it’s been different.” And there is the understatement of the year! Different is how you could describe a move to anywhere but Roswell. Roswell is like a world all in its self where nothing is right, but no body knows. It’s like stepping into an alternate plane of existence. I’m starting to think that everyone has just gone crazy from the heat. I mean, come on, aliens? Who needs a reality check now?

“Liz?” Kyle asks.

“Yep,” I say, trying to cover the fact that I have been paying no attention.

“I asked how you’re liking everyone.”

Everyone? Um, gee, let’s see. Barbie number one (also known as Isabel) has just made me feel so welcome. Yeah, that could be totally true in Roswell, but I’m from the real world. Death glares and avoidance don’t generally mean that she wants to be my new BFF. Then there’s Barbie Bitch (Tess). She kind of reminds me of a poodle. (Look at the hair; you’ll see it.) Alex, well, we’ve been over him. Michael actually seems the most normal to me. I don’t know why, but it’s true. I think that Maria has somehow stolen the freaky hyper ness that only Barney has, and is now some super-human scary being. Then there’s Max, and well, I don’t know what to think of him right now. All I know is that I shouldn’t be thinking of him right now. Why? Oh, because I’m on a date. With Kyle. Who asked me something. About Max? No, about all of them. Ok, I’m back now.

“Well, I don’t know you all that well yet. I don’t want to make any snap decisions.” And what were those words coming from my mouth just now? Total BS. I live by snap judgments. It makes things more fun.

Kyle either can’t read my bluff or is good at pretending he can’t because he drops the subject. Who knows? Maybe he just wants to be nice. Well, that would be something new.


Just after I get back to my room after telling Kyle goodnight someone starts knocking on my door. I plop stealthlessly onto my bed. Well, whoever’s out there definitely knows that I’m back now.

“Come in,” I say. Surprisingly it’s not Jeff or Nancy at my door. It’s Alex. “What’s up Alex?” I ask, wondering if there is a reason for my cousin’s visit. Generally, if he’s home he’s in his room, or trying to explain something about the business computer to Jeff or Nancy, which, by the way, I was told are not for our use. And by our I mean Michael and me. Alex can do anything. Michael can do nothing. I’m somewhere in between.

“I was just wondering… did you have fun with Kyle?” Alex is so uncomfortable; it’s almost funny.

“Why?” I ask. I’m still not getting this whole sibling thing. Caring about someone else’s wellbeing is way beyond me.

“I was just wondering. I thought it might be easier to get out of you.” Alex smiles. You know, he’s really hard to get angry at when he’s right there.

“Liz?” he asks. I nod. That’s probably not the first time he said my name, but oh well. “I was just thinking that you might like a tour of the town. You should know where things are.” There are things that aren’t on this street? There are other streets? There’s really enough got a tour? Wow, you learn something new everyday.

I look from Alex to my window where I can see the darkened sky. “Now?” I ask.

“No of course not,” Alex asks, acting like it was the most obvious thing in the world. How should I know that Roswell didn’t’ have a ritual for late night tours? They have teenagers living together… with parents. What can’t I expect?

“We can go tomorrow,” Alex tells me. “If you want to, that is. You have the day off right?” Do I? I think I do. I nod. Wait, how did Alex know I had the day off? Wait, scratch that. I forgot who I was talking about. Well yippy do; I get to spend a day out with Alex. What ever will we talk about? Never mind, I don’t want to know.


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New part this weekend!! I promise

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*peeks out from behind corner* Is it safe? *looks around* No rotten flying fruits. *steps out and is impaled by tomato* Ok, I deserved that. I know I said that I would post last weekend, and I really thought that I would be able to, but there were some technical difficulties, due to halloween, and so I couldn't. But I only have like 16 days of school total this month, so I should have some more time to write... I hope. Anyway, I do have a new part now... Does that make up for some of it?

Oh, and before I move on to feedback replies does anyone know how to post a picture that isn't from off the internet? Like one that's in my hard drive, and can I not make it a link? Did that make sense? Well I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks

roswellluver- well I couldn't make them a good couple, now could I?

Cass of th Netherworlds- thank you!

Wow, that was short... Well, a new part seems to bring feedback... maybe I should post that. Hmmm... Here is is.*big*
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Part 7

I should have known that Alex wouldn’t forget about showing me around, but hope isn’t a bad thing, right? Well either way he didn’t forget, so he’s waiting for me in the car. So, why did I say yes again? Oh yeah, I remember! I have no life to keep me occupied. Damn Roswell. Damn all of Roswell!

Did I mention that my mom has come back, full force? Yeah, I really think that this is why she sent me to Roswell. It was all planned out. I would be her entertainment in hell. Hell, pretty soon the devil might join in with her. I know he’s given up on trying to beat her.

Alex honks the horn, his polite way of telling me to hurry it up. Alex pulls the car up to the door as soon as I walk out. Apparently the 10 feet to the car was just too far for me to walk.

“So where are we off to?” I ask. I’ve got nothing better to do, so I might as well know where I can hide in this town.

“I’ll just show you some of the tourist traps. Some are worth seeing; some are only good when you’re stoned, so I won’t ever expect to see you there.” The words kind of surprise me because they come from Alex. I mean, he would tell me not to get high, but saying that something is better when you’re high… it just doesn’t sound like him. Michael maybe, but Michael might know from experience. “Sound good?” Alex asks me. I nod. I think I know what he was talking about. “Good.” Alex puts the car in gear and points across the street.

“That,” he says, “is the UFO museum. Max actually works there. It’s hilarious, but don’t ever say that when you’re over there. The owner, Broody, you’ll see him talking to Maria at the Crashdown probably, is very into this. He believes what his displays say. I think right now the highlight is their display proving that Elvis was an alien.” I look at him skeptically. No one believes that stuff… Wait, I keep forgetting that I’m in Roswell. “I kid you not,” Alex tells me, pulling onto the street. “But the really sad thing is how many people believe.” What did I tell you? Think hard… it’s been a while. Can’t remember? Ok. I told you that I had moved to a town of crazies. They follow this stuff religiously. I mean a museum? For aliens? Yeah that’s normal. Uh huh.

“There is the movie theatre,” Alex says, pointing to the alien themed building. Seriously, it’s sad. The ticket both is even an alien head. You feed it your money and it spits out your ticket! (Well, I think that someone is inside, but that triggers even more disturbing images.) “It’s not that great of a theatre. Mostly things get here a couple weeks late, but it’s only a couple bucks.

“Then on you’re right,” Alex says, continuing his tour guide routine, “is the old time theatre. This is where they rerun old black and whites. Occasionally they play something like Casablanca in color, which I recommend by the way, but that’s not too common.” You know, Alex is the only guy who can pull off recommending Casablanca and not sound gay. You’ve to give him that something for that.

“So,” he says as the only things on the street become super markets. “How’ve things been going?”

Damn! Well, you’ve got to give him credit. It’s taken him a whole *gasp* ten minutes to ask! He’s getting better.

“Fine,” I say, not particularly wanting to pursue the conversation.

“So how do you like everyone?” Cant’ they confer before asking me the same questions? This would be so much easier.

“I don’t really know you guys that well yet.” Standard answer. In a week that will be imprinted on my brain. I’m going to hear the work like and that’s just going to come out. I swear.

“Go ahead and ask. I’ll tell you anything. Call me the fool. I know all.” I look at him oddly. “You know how kings had fool?” he asks me. I nod. Duh! “Well the fools knew pretty much everything that was going on. It’s like Ruthie on 7th Heaven.” You know what’s scary. I watch enough 7th Heaven to know what he’s talking about. I nod. “So ask away,” he tells me again. How about I pass? Skip me; come back later.

“Is everyone going to be okay with that?”

“Yeah,” Alex says. You don’t know that. “Stop being a baby. Just ask.”

Who is he calling a baby? I don’t think so. “Fine.” Now I need a question. And I can only think of one thing. “Why are you and Maria so perky?” I pause and then raise my eyebrows. “Its drugs isn’t it?” And then I regret that because I don’t know how Alex will take it. Surprisingly he laughs.

“The day Maria puts drugs in her “temple” as she calls it, is the day the world ends. And I think that I can forgive you for calling me perky… maybe. I’m not sure about Maria though. Anything that can be associated with cheerleaders that is directed at her is considered a threat to her. It is her mission in life to take down all of the “damn Pay Troy wannabe clones” that have stolen her seat at the lunch table numerous times. Isabel and Tess excluded of course.”

“Speaking of… do you guys know that girls come with hair that isn’t blond?” I had to ask. I mean I should know if my cousins are in some all blond-girls only cult, right?

Alex laughs. Then he takes on a shocked look. “There are? No way! Then he points out beside me. “Senior Chow’s: good food.” Then I remember the reason for out trip.

“You know what; you’re not going to learn anything like this. I’m just going to give you my review, ok?” I nod. “All right, let’s start with Michael. In case no one told you, and I though you should know in case you thought that he was proof that we had tainted blood, he is adopted.” Well apparently no one else thought that I would like to know that. “He was, like six, and Mom decided that I would like a broth my age, so I got Michael. Let’s just say, I wanted a sister.

“Well, my mom had also thought that I should have friends who were girls, just because that was so common. She assumed that I would make guy friends on my own and made sure that I spent a lot of time with Maria. Her mom used to baby sit me, so we’ve been stuck together for way too long. Well when Maria got hormones she fell for Michael, hard. Finally I just told him to ask her out, but she doesn’t know that so keep your mouth shut, ok?” I nod a smile on my lips as Alex explains the past decade and a half of his life. “Well I’m an amazing matchmaker, which I would like kept to yourself too, and they are still together.”

“So where do Isabel, Max, Tess and Kyle come in?” I had to ask.

“Well Max and Isabel were Michael’s best friends, so when he started dating we blended, and Kyle was the guy friend that I did mange to make, and his dad adopted Tess, so we all make a big group. Oh, and there is UFOnics: Roswell’s only club. Very fun. Kind of.” He points out the window towards a big building on his side of the street with a ship crashing constantly over the door.

“So,” I say, not really wanting to ask my question but forces to by some morbid curiosity. “When did Max and Isabel start dating?”

Alex takes his eyes off the road to look at me oddly and then asks me, “What do you mean? Max and Isabel aren’t dating. That’s like illegal… not to mention gross.”

“What?” And here I am, officially confused.

“They’re brother and sister.” And that was not what I was expecting. Now why was that not what I was expecting? Oh, I remember… someone lied to me. Who was that now? The man who is about to die? How did you know?

“Alex, let’s go back.”

“But we aren’t done,” he tells me.

“You can show me later.” Surprisingly I’m having fun with Alex. I just have to take care of something. “Please take me back. He nods and turns the car around. The whole ride back I fume. Yep, Michael’s going to die. Finally we pull up to the Crashdown and I see Michael talking Maria behind the counter. I think about just slapping him right then, or dragging him in back with me, but considering the fact that he is about 3 times my size, I choose not to.

“Michael,” I say, “a word?”

“I’m on duty Liz,” he tells me.

“Uh huh, you seem really busy talking to Maria. Come with me.” Finally he follows me in back. I spin around as soon as we’re through the door, making Michael jump back into the wall. I wave my finger in his face. “You are such a… a … jerk!” I say, not thinking of anything else to call him.

“Uh… why?”

“Why?... Why?” Yeah, it official; I have lost my mind. Shut up! Shut up! Why won’t you listen! “That was a mean, sick, cruel thing to do to the new girl.”

Mom thinks that this is just freaking hilarious. I bet she saw this all coming. You could have given me a little heads up you know! But you couldn’t do that, could you? Nope, this is just another form of amusement for you. That is so sick and twisted…

“Liz I’m going to need a little bit more than that,” Michael tells me. I have to wonder about anything else that he told me since he can’t remember telling me about Max, but then again, Michael doesn’t generally talk to me.

“Hmmm, what could I be talking about?” I say sarcastically. “Maybe it has something to do with you telling me that Max and Isabel were dating.” His mouth twists into a smile and I almost slap him… really.

“I never said that they were dating.” I opened my mouth to protest, but he cut me off. “I told you that they were living together, which they are. You interpreted it yourself.”

I glare at him. Because honestly, I’m not sure what to say. He’s obviously not scared though, because I can see him holding back laughter. “What the hell was I supposed to think Michael?” I ask him, forcing myself to keep a full 3 and a half feet between us, knowing that if I get closer I’m going to slap the damn smirk off of his face. “Did you think that I would just guess that they were siblings? Because that’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone tells me that people are living together.”

And then he starts laughing. Really hard. I’m not quite sure what set him off, but it’s Michael… I’m not sure of much with him. All I know is that right now, I really don’t like him. Without really knowing what I’m doing I step up to Michael and shove his shoulder… hard. Well, hard for me. And since he’s laughing, guess what? He falls flat on his ass, which only makes him laugh harder.

I seriously consider kicking him as I storm out of the back room to find Maria and Alex just about ready to run in. “What happened?” Maria asks, looking at the door behind me.

“Michael had a little accident,” I tell her. “He slipped on his ego.”

Maria smiles. “Well, I can’t say that it’s uncommon, but I should go back and help him up.” She breezes past me. I can tell that Alex wants to say something, but instead he just sits down at the counter again and starts nursing a soda that I hadn’t noticed before.

Then we hear Michael yelp from in back. Alex’s eyes widen as he looks at the door. “Poor guy,” he mutters. Then he sets down his glass. “Maybe we should go.” And I think that that might be a good idea, since Maria obviously knows now, but it’s just too finny. I mean, it’s not often that you hear someone like Michael yelp out in pain. It’s very amusing, let me tell you. Especially knowing that it was Maria that made him do that.

Just as we turn to leave before they can catch us, they catch us. Maria comes out the back door, holding Michael by his ear no less, and stops in front of me. I can’t help but smile. Why don’t I have a camera?

“Michael has something to tell you,” she tells me. Michael looks to her from where he is perched over so she won’t rip his ear out, but she doesn’t even glance at him. When he remains silent she gives his ear a tug so he hunches over another inch or so. “Don’t you Michael.” It’s not a question. And I can honestly say that I will do my best to never piss Maria off.

“I’m sorry,” Michael says. Maria tugs on his ear, signaling that he’s not finished. “My joke was not funny. It was mean, and I shouldn’t have done it.” He looks at Maria and she sighs as she releases his ear.

“I’m really sorry about him Liz,” Maria tells me. “We are trying to figure out exactly when it was that he lost his heart, but we’ve come up inconclusive. We’re not sure he really ever had one.” And then I know that they are not a normal couple. I do like Maria a lot more now… maybe she’s not so… Maria all the time.

And then Alex comes back into the picture. “Um, ok, what?”

“Michael thought it would be funny to confuse poor Liz, and make Roswell look scarier than it already does.” She shot him an angry glance. “He told her that Max and Isabel were dating.”

“I did not!” Michael said. Maria looked at him and he sighed angrily and turned his back on all of us, mumbling something about us being humorless over his shoulder before he walked back to the kitchen.

“So he’s why you thought they were dating? I should have known. We don’t let him talk to the freshmen anymore because of something like that. He had half of the class convinced after you dissect the frog in biology, you had to eat it. It wouldn’t even have been that bad if he hadn’t told them that they were changing the gas they used to put the frogs out and now it could be toxic. Then he decided to put frog pictures all over their hallway. Let’s just say, Michael isn’t allowed in that hallway anymore.” I could hear Michael laugh lightly from the grill until Maria looked back at him.

We all look to the door as the bell rings and Isabel, Max and Tess come in. Yeah, can you tell that I don’t want to be here? I quickly push myself through the back door, ignoring Michael’s snicker and up the stairs to my room. I know they’ll all know about Michael’s joke soon enough. Wouldn’t it be better if I weren’t there? Um, yes… In fact, I don’t really want to be in the house, in case, you know Alex or Max decides to come and have a talk with me. They’re the ones who seem to like to talk to me in my room. Which is just where I happen to be. I look over to the window, and I see the balcony, latter and all. And without another though I climb down the latter and go for my own tour of Roswell.

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