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Name: Learning to be Fufilled

Author:Brittany A.K.A briterz_8

Disclaimer: I dont own nothin!just kidding I own all my sports equipment,
after that I dont have anything.

Catagory: M/L with u/c for the first part but goes to c/c.

Rated: R for languge violent refrences and mild sexuality.

Authors note: Ok this will be my second attempt at posted fan fic. First one
didnt go so well ( and my sister deleted half the story and I didnt want to
rewrite it)

Summary:its about Max and Liz having a dughter then Liz gets kidnapped. Two years later
they still havent found (still looking mind you) Liz and Max is trying to raise
their daughter alone. Anyway tell me if you want me to keep writing it.

Everyone has to be lonely at one point or another to truly understand what being completely content is.

Everyone has to be sad at one point or another to truly understand what being joyful really is.

Everyone has to be unhappy for even the briefest moment in time to be reach that point of ascension into the world of bliss.

You ask me how I know this? How I came upon this knowledge? I could tell you that I am infinantly wise, and was born with this sacred information. I won’t though, cause that would be lying. I learned it. Some children are
blessed to know these things bye ways adults are oblivious to. Unluckily for me though I wasn’t a child when I learned.

And I had to learn in a way that would tear most people apart.

Are you ready to hear my story? I suppose I should start by telling you its a bumpy uphill road, and those who walk it, walk the walk of the damned. You could say that it has smooth long downhill slope after the endless hills, but you would be fucking exaggerating

TBC.......? Maybe, tell me what you think please leave feedback.

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Author’s note: Sorry if I didn’t tell you this before but this is post grad. OK
the uc are just in the very very very beginning. The only u/c is Kyle and
Isabel and I sort of like that relationship so tell me if you think it should be
K/I or go Back to I/J and find Kyle a sweetheart. But like I said no need to
worry. Anyway, I think I changed the title of the story on accident but I like it
better so now this is called Learning to be you didn’t know
that. OK so ‘means thoughts and ~ means flash back, simple enough right?

So here is part one.

Part One

“Bethy, sweetie daddy needs to give you your bath so we can go to
Auntie Ria’s party” Max shook his head. Sometimes his little girl could play
hide and seek really well. But today he really needed to find her. He knew if
they were late Maria would kill him and probably adopt Bethany. ‘Okay Max
dont go there.’ He didnt know what he would do if he ever lost his little Beth.
All of a sudden a dark head of his little angel appeared out from behind the
refrigerator. ‘how the heck did she get back there?’ “NOOOOOO
BBAATTHHH” Max stooped down and snatched her. “What if daddy
promises to get you an ice-cream?” Beth seemed to consider this for a
moment “ Wocky Wode wif tobacee sawce?” Max smiled down at his
beautiful daughter. Every time he really looked at her he could see a little
more of Liz. “Yes, you can get rocky road with tobasco sauce.” Beth smiled,
jumped out of his arms and headed to the bathroom. Max could of swore he
heard her whisper “ice- cweam, ice- cweam, I gonna get ice-cweam.” He just
laughed and rolled up his sleeves to give her her bath.

Max rang the doorbell to Michael and Maria’s home. A blonde haired
little boy answered the door. “ Hi uncle Max, hi Bethy” Max smiled at his
nephew. He remembered when Maria found out she was pregnant with him 6
years ago.

~ AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH Lizzy!!!!!!!!” Maria was hyperventilating.
“What am I gonna do? Ohmygod WE ARE GONNA BE ON THE RUN
FROM THE FBI WITH A BABY!” Liz looked at maria and understood her
mood. “Goodness, Maria are you pregnant?” Maria hardly heard her and just
kept on babbling. “What am I gonna tell Michael, What would my mother
say? I am only 19 years old, we have only been gone a year, we just found a
place where no one seems to be looking for us? Oh God, what if they do start
looking for us again, we can’t travel the country with a baby!” Liz looked at
her best friend. “Sweetie you really need to calm down, freaking out like this
isn’t going to help. First we need to tell Michael.” Michael was out with Max
looking for jobs. They had found a town right outside the capitol of
California that seemed about the same size as Roswell and looked nice to
settle down for a while. That was about 3 months ago and there was no signs
of anyone looking for them in Placerville. “Yes you are right Lizzy, lets wait
for the boys to get home, and-” Maria looked at the two men who had walked
into the small kitchen of their apartment. “No need, are you sure Maria?”
Michael asked with hesitation. “Yes goddamnit I am sure Spaceboy!” Liz
walked over to Max and whispered “Maybe they should settle this by
themselves.” Max and Liz tip toed out of the room and out the door into their
own apartment. Well into the night Max and Liz heard Michael and Maria
debating over the situation. But they never heard anything about aborting the
baby, that brought a smile to their faces. No matter what they knew neither
Maria nor Michael would give up that child.

After that night of arguing they never heard any controversy over the
baby again. Well you could call it a controversy when they decided the
names, but we wont go there. A surprisingly short 5 months went by till Ryan
Maxwell Guerin was born.~~~~~~

Max shifted Beth on his hip. “Hey Ryan, Happy birthday Buddy.
Where are your mom and dad?” Ryan spied the present under Max’s arm,
and moved out of his way. “They are outside, where you were supposed to be
oh around 15 minutes ago.” Ryan pulled the present out from under Max’s
arm and ran off. Max laughed and thought ‘why if it wasn’t his birthday.....’

He and Beth walked out to the back yard patio. Maria saw them and
walked up to Max. “My, my, my look at you Bethany, you are getting so
big!” Bethy smiled and told her aunt. “Aunty ‘Ria, you just saw me
yesterday!” Maria laughed and held her ever growing stomach. “Sorry chica,
I guess the baby made me forget.” Beth put her hand on Maria’s tummy and
formed a connection. She squealed when she found out it was a girl. “ Oh
Aunty Ria did ya know it was a gurl?” Max and Maria both looked in shock
at his little angel. “Angel, how did you know that?” Beth smiled, shook her
head and whispered “she towld me.” Maria looked wide eyed at Max “Do
you think?” Max didn’t know what to say. “After the party can we have
everyone get together and have a talk, I have something else I need to tell
everyone anyway.” Maria looked at the others. “Yeah we will have a meeting
after the party.” Max nodded his head. “Daddy, can I go pway with da oder
kids?” Max set Beth down “Yeah sweetie but dont leave the yard, okay.”
Beth kissed his cheek “Okay daddy.”

Max walked over to Micheal and Kyle “Hey guys.” Micheal looked up
from where he was working the grill. “Hey Maxwell.” Kyle stopped talking
for a minute about his garage to greet to his long time friend “Hey Max, how
are you?” Max smiled at his friends. He could tell they were worried about
him. “I am fine. Hey Kyle, where’s Izzy?” Kyle smiled, “She is at the doctor,
she should be here soon.” Max knew that smile, “Kyle, is Isabel okay?” Kyle
laughed “Yup, she is better than okay.”

The only adults at the party were Micheal, Maria, Kyle, Isabel, Max
and two other parents, but there were around 10 or 11 children. After
presents and cake the party was over. Maria knew she was good “I have to be
the best mom in the world, I mean look at this party. It was perfect if I do say
so myself.” Micheal rolled his eyes “Maria, did everyone ever tell you that
you are conceited?” Maria kissed his cheek, “Only you a couple times,

Once everyone was gone beside the 5 adults, Beth and Ryan the
meeting started. “Ryan honey, will you take Beth up to your room and play?”
Ryan stood up straight and stared at his cousin. “Play with Beth, she is only
two.” He put up two fingers just to prove his point.” Maria smiled “Yes and
you are only 6, plus if you take her you guys can have ice-cream.” Beth
perked up at this from her position in her dads lap. “Do I get ice-cweam no
daddy?” Max looked at Maria. “Do you have rocky road ice cream?” Maria
nodded her head. “Yes Angel, you get ice cream.”

After the children were gone everyone sat around the kitchen table
with cups of coffee and tea for Isabel. Micheal looked at Max “So what is all
this about Maxwell?” “Well,I think, no I know, Liz tried to contact me.....I
think” He barely whispered.

TBC.......?what do you think. Oh can any of you guess whats up with Isabel?
(it is pretty easy) But it can change if you guys dont want K/I. LEAVE
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“Well,I think, no I know, Liz tried to contact me.....I think”
He barely whispered.

Part 2
A chorus of ‘whats’ and ‘how do you know that s’and even a ‘are you
serious?’ came from the stunned group. Max held his head in his hands and
loudly whispered “SHUT UP” Everyone fell quiet quickly after that. They
were all was silent for a moment until Michael asked “How do you know
that?” Max closed his eyes. “Last night while I was sleeping I saw her, but It
didn’t look like her. Before any of you ask, I will always know when it is Liz.
Anyway, she was in a brightly lit room with lots of weird colors. There were
others there with her, and she had a crown. But she looked so unhappy. It
was so weird, cause I thought it was just a dream till she looked right at me
and said help.” Isabel looked at her brother a little skeptically. “This sounds
an awful lot like a dream Max.” Max glared at Izzy. “It wasn’t a dream, you
ask me how I know, well I cant tell you, I guess you will just have to trust
me.” Max whispered with conviction. Isabel looked like a chastised child.

“Anyway I will look further into that later. But there is something else
that Bethany did today.” Maria whipped her head up at that. “You guys, she
formed a connection with the baby.” Michael thought about that for a
moment. “Wait, she should be more than 100 percent human.” Max let out an
exasperated sigh. “No shit shirlock.” everyone perked up at Max’s comment.
They all new why though. In two weeks time would be the anniversary of
Liz’s disappearance. It wouldn’t be so god awful if it wasn’t the day after
Bethany’s birthday. They turned their attention back to Max. “We all know
that Beth shouldn’t have any powers at all. I mean Ryan hasn’t shown any
signs of powers, has he?” Maria looked at Micheal. “No, he hasn’t.” Max
was very confused. “How is my baby having powers when both the other
children dot?” Maria noticed a tear slide down Max’s cheek. She spoke up,
“unless anyone else has either a suggestion, or something to share with the
rest of the class, we are free to adjourn this meeting.” Isabel looked down to
her still flat stomach. “Well, I don’t know how important this is know, but I
am pregnant.” Kyle smiled smugly. Maria dropped her jaw. Micheal almost
spit out the coffee that was in his mouth. Max, well Max looked like
someone had just kicked him in the gut. “Of course that is really important
Isabel!, Oh Chica even its only gonna be for 2 months, were gonna be
pregnant together.” Isabel laughed. “Well we arent exactly sure how long I
will be pregnant for. Tess was pregnant with Zan for one month, you were
pregnant with Ryan for 5 months, and Liz was pregnant with Bethany for 3
months.” Max looked down quickly, and Izzy covered her mouth. They all
knew it wasn’t smart to bring up Liz in front of Max, it could get him
depressed for weeks. “I could connect with the baby and try to figure it out.”
Isabel looked up at Max and smiled. No matter how he felt, he was still
willing to help everyone out. If only he would get help for himself. “You
would do that Max?” Max looked up from the spot on the table he discovered
was very interesting. “Of course I would Izzy!”

Max walked over to her and placed his hands on her belly. As soon as
he started to make the connection he had an idea. “Wait a minute.” He ran up
the stairs and grabbed Bethany from the room. “Angel, how would you like
to see Aunti Izzy’s baby?” Bethy squirmed in her fathers arms “Can I daddy?
Can I?” Max smiled at her anxiousness. “Of course you can sweetie.” Max
and Bethany walked out into the kitchen and Max sat Beth by Isabel. “Okay
honey, can you do what you did with Ria’s baby today?” Beth put her hands
on her aunt’s stomach “I can try daddy.” She opened the connection and say
a little boy.

She talked to him ‘hi baby I am your cousin. I will be there when you
come to meet us. I wuv you.’ She closed the connection and was sitting back
with her family. “You gonna have a boy Auntie izzy!” Max looked at his
daughter. “Do you know how long it will be till he is with us?” Beth seemed
to think about this for a minute. “I tink it will be tree months.”

Isabel felt her eyes brimming with tears. As much as she wanted this,
she would never forgive herself for doing this to Jesse. She loved Kyle, but
she was still married to Jesse. Kyle felt like a little boy at Christmas. “Are
you sure Beth?” Beth looked at her uncle Kyle, and let out an annoyed breath.
“Of ‘tourse I sure. You really are silly untle Kyle.”

Max smiled at his little Angel. “Sweetie it is time to go home now.”
Maria stopped him. “Max can I talk to you for a minute?” Max set Beth
down inbetween Kyle and Micheal. “Can you wait for daddy for a minute?”
Beth looked at her two uncles “Yup!”

“Max you dot look well.” Max looked straight at Maria. She could see
everything he would never ever show Beth, or really anyone for that matter.
“Well, how do you feel Maria?” He asked sarcastically. “ Max you have to
stop, it is okay to break down, you miss her, it is only natural.” Max glared at
Maria. “No, I have to be strong for Bethany.” He said with defiance. “Do you
realize how hard it is for everyone, you arent the only one that lost her
goddamnit! The rest of us did to!” Max looked like he was going to cry at
any second. Maria knew it was working. “Shit Max, I lost my absolute best
friend. It would only be better for Beth, Max. Jeez, have you even told Her
anything about Liz.” Max sobered up quickly at the sound of Beth’s name. “I
dont need this crap from you Maria. Its past Beth’s bedtime, we need to
leave.” Maria tried to grab his but she couldn’t move fast enough cause of the

Max stormed out of the kitchen. His mood almost went away when he
saw Beth sitting in Micheal’s lap while Kyle ticked her. Sometimes thats all
he had to do, and it was like everything else in the world would float away,
and all that would matter would be his daughter’s happiness. Other times he
looked at her and it was like he felt terrible for not being able to give her a
mother. But he realized he would have to be able to be both. “Come on
Angel, time to go home.” Beth looked at her dad. “Otay daddy One setond.”
She went up to Isabel and put her little arms around her. Beth kissed her
cheek. “Bye antie Izzy.” She leaned down and kissed Isabel’s tummy. “Bye
baby.” After giving all her aunts and uncle kisses they left.

TBC......? Well tell me what you think. Please leave feeback