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Title: Naughty Treats Continued...
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Note: Do all you remember Pussycat's Naughty Treats back when she first wrote it I wrote a peice to continue it. Note this was my first smutt peice ever so if it's awful then just keep that in mind. I wrote this back in Dec 31 2001

If you don't remember the story read it here first viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=16909&sr1=#post16909

After checking on they’re crying babies and finally putting them to sleep, Max and Liz went to their room and took a quick shower removing all the sticky concoctions of each other’s bodies once done they dried themselves off and walk out. Once they reach the foot of their bed Liz stops them wrapping her arms around her husband and rubbing her damp hot little body all over his rough and rapidly hardening one, She begins seducing him all over again with words.

“You know that was wonderful, incredible really what we did down stairs you must have been planning that for a long time now…”

“Mmmm hmmm…” Was Max only response to busy to say anything else as he nuzzled her neck while his hands rubbed her back and squeezed her tight round bottom as she continued to rub her body into his.

“You know you’re not the only one with fantasies I went online and bought us some umm toys for us to play with, I didn’t think I would ever gather the nerve to umm to tell you about them but after what we did down stairs I think it’s time, that is if you wanna?” Liz asked shyly not quite able to look him in the eyes while she said it.

“Really…” Max sighed his eyes lighting up immediately at the possibilities, tipping her head up so that her eyes met his he continued “… Liz you’re my wife, my lover, my best friend everything I could ever want and more, with you I’m open to anything.”

“You say that now cause I haven’t even told you what I’ve been thinking, I gotta warn you it could get umm quite umm kinky, I dought you would… no I know you’ll say no.” Liz replied softly.

“I dought that, but why don’t you tell me so we’ll know for sure.” Max answered.

“I can’t.” Liz replied burring her face in his firm chest. Grabbing her head with both hands he gently forced her to look at him again. Kissing her lightly on the lips he whispered “Yes Liz you can.”

Helpless and completely unable to resist him she brought his head down and whispered her fantasy into his ear turning brightly red at her words, his breath hitched in his throat at her words a bright light of hunger lit his eyes when she finished and only one word left his mouth.


“Are you sure?” Liz timidly asked clearly still unsure of herself, taking one of her small hands he dragged it to his very hard and pulsing member currently stabbing her stomach, her hand automatically curled around it gently squeezing.

“Would I be this hard, this aroused if the idea disgusted me, I’m yours Liz, do with me as you wish, darling.”

Clearly seeing the truth of his words Liz’s shyness slipped away and was replaced by a wicked light in her eyes, and smile to her lips, the sight of which made his hard cock leap in her hand. Liz bent down and lightly kissed the large mushroom of his penis with her mouth, his whole body shuddered at the contact. But to his disappointment she quickly got up and stepped away from him.

“You stay right there I’m going to get our supplies…” she ordered, turning around she sashayed to their closet bending over to pull out a step they keep to the side for Liz to use for those hard to reach items. Groaning at the sight of her tight ass in the air like that, Max fought the almost uncontrollable urge to walk right over and take her from behind as he pounded hard and deep into her just the way she liked, instead he did what he was told and stayed put, grabbing his own member and started pumping his hand up and down while he waited for her to return.

She came back with a medium sized plain white box. Which she put on the bed opening it she dug out a small rubber looking Dildo like object he had never seen before, with the object in hand she walked to the dresser and fished out a tube of lubricant they kept there, with both in hands she walked back to him.

“Are these for me?” He sweetly asked.

“No these are for me, don’t worry I have bigger and better toys for you.” Liz purred. She placed the items in his hands and took his now shiny cock into her mouth whole giving him one hard suck before releasing him completely. His whole body trembled in pleasure. “For now be a good boy and lubricate my back door and well use your imagination for the other.” Liz smiled and winked at him.

“Yes, Ma'am!” Max eagerly replied. Placing both her hands on the bed Liz arched her back pushing her tight arse in the air and spread her legs. Max knelt down behind her till he came face to face with her beautiful fragrant pussy. Unable to help himself he buried his nose and mouth in her snatch and began eating and sucking the beautiful nectar from her dewy lips. Liz was all too happy to have him there and she rocked back and forth in his face in rapture. Stopping before he got to carried away he opened the tub of jelly applying a good amount onto his finger he began to push his finger into her ass, not an easy thing to do since they were both virgins when it came to this type of play and he didn’t want to cause any pain.

Once he had her nice and luped up he took the small dildo, which was a fraction of the size of his very hard cock and gently began to insert it into her small anus the dildo’s small ridges helped in the penetration and before long the Dildo was completely in. Liz breathed a small sigh of relief there had been a couple moments where it had felt a bit uncomfortable but thankfully there had been no pain, probably because of the Dildo’s small size. Now all she felt wonderfully full and a little decadent. Slowly standing up and enjoying the feel of the Dildo’s movement as she body moved. She turned and faced Max, and with her arms urged him to get up once both were standing Liz tipped up on her toes and kissed her hubby.

“Thank you baby. That feels wonderful, now it’s your turn. Bend over Baby.” Liz seductively whispered.

Max as asked bent over and assumed Liz earlier position. Taking the lubrication from his hand Liz kneeled like Max had done until her lips came into contact with his hanging balls and just like Max had teased her, she to began sucking and nibbling his tender flesh playing with his testis with her tongue. Max moaned with the pleasure she was giving him, his hard cock stood even more erect with each teasing stroke of her tongue after an indeterminate amount of teasing Liz stopped and began working the lubricant in his anus taking the same care he had shown her it wasn’t easy at first but once she got finger in his tight ring of muscle she made sure she caused no pain.

Max was in heaven he had never done this before but he was comfortable in his own masculinity so completely enjoying the experience nor was he shy about showing his pleasure whenever Liz stroked a particular pleasurable spot he moaned his enjoyment, though not load enough to wake their babies. One she felt he was lubed up enough she got up and walked to the bed toward the box where she removed two more items placing the box off the bed she laid down in the middle wiggling around so as to make the Dildo in her butt move around enjoying the feel of it moving around.

Once she was comfortable she beckoned to Max with her finger seductively speaking at the same time. “Come here Max I want you on your hands and knees, your cock in my mouth and your face in the pillows.”

Max gulped down at her words but with all eagerness followed her directions, he couldn’t believe they were going to be doing this that his sweet little Lizzie was giving him orders and playing these kinky little games. In high school she had had such a hard time being comfortable naked and voicing her desires out loud but now those days were long gone and boy was he a happy man, she was so beautiful his heart constricted each time he saw her, he blessed the stars above each time they made love for giving him such a heavenly creature, she was his home, her body his temple, his alone to worship and love. Sometimes he felt sorry for all the other men who would never get a chance to get even a small taste of her, but never sorry enough to share her. She was his, like he was hers and there would never be any other for either of them.

Once Max was in position she took one of the items she had taken from the box, a cock ring, big enough to accommodate his monster size and placed it on his very swollen member, careful not to hurt him in the process.

“What the…” Max asked surprised though he made no move to stop her.

“Shhh, don’t worry it’s just a cock ring, I just don’t want you cumming to soon, don’t worry I’m only going to tease I won’t torture you with it, at least not to long.” She replied. Then she took the 2nd item a large silver metal Dildo, which she placed at the opening to his ass. Since the Dildo she was going to be using on him was much longer and thicker then the one in her, she used the powers she developed as a side effect from his healing of her that long ago day at the Crashdown, to ease the Dildo in to his puckered opening. Making the experience one of the most erotic moments of Max life.

Once it was fully in she started pushing in and out in a nice steady rhythm ensured to drive him crazy, Which it currently was, Max was moaning and groaning in pleasure into the pillows of the bed bucking his ass back and forth in time with her thrusts once their rhythm was established she then took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him hard. Which only made Max’s rocking harder each time the Dildo pulled out her hot mouth would envelope him, when the Dildo was pushed in she would release his penis from her mouth completely. The Dildo went in so smoothly it’s slickness felt so good, not as heavenly as when his cock was fully sheathed inside his Liz but then nothing could ever beat that feeling but this was a good 2nd best as any.

She kept her rhythm slow and steady keeping him in that position for close to an hour, since he had cummed in the kitchen earlier and before that in this bed it was easy to keep him from wanting to cum to soon, And Max was having the time of his life he had never felt so good in his life and his pleasure was feeding hers if Max could have reached her pussy he would notice how sopping wet it was brought to such a point by the pleasure she was giving him. Max was groaning and moaning so much his voice was becoming hoarser and hoarser as Liz went on and on the sound of which was music to Liz’s ears.

But when Max could no longer control his bodies trembling and hold his position above her, Liz reluctantly pulled out his Dildo and rolled him on to his back, taking in the site of his heaving chest and trembling legs clearly loving the site of his glorious nude body, she took pity on him and carefully removed the cock ring, once off she threw it over her shoulder placing both hands on his chest she lifted herself over him and effortlessly guided his shaft into her body, muffling his moan of pleasure over the way her hot and sopping wet little body so snugly enveloped him.

Completely out of control by this point his hands roughly grabbed her waist and began slamming his body in and out of her, Liz completely loved his wild treatment and rode him just as hard arching her back and flinging her head back in wild abandonment, Max muffled his cries in her breasts which he was biting and sucking as best as his breathing would allow. Liz made no cries she had no breath to make them all that escaped her mouth were heavy pants and endless sounds of “Yes...Yes…Harder…Harder...” Plus the feeling of the Dildo still deeply embedded in her own ass gave her the feeling of double penetration, which further fueled her arousal.

But it couldn’t last, the intensity they were going at couldn’t go on forever and when they came, the came together Max shot wads and wads of hot cum into her, until he had nothing left to give, and yet Liz’s body continued milking him for more.

They collapsed on the bed a heaving tangle of arms and legs it was virtually impossible to tell where one ended and the other began, so tied together they were. Loathe to part, completely sapped of all energy they allowed their bodies to cool.

“God, that near killed me.” Max said a good half-hour later his voice utterly hoarse it sounded like a frog croaking.

Liz giggled in response and lightly teased him. “I’m sorry baby, I though you were enjoying yourself, I guess I’ll have to contain myself and never do it again.”

“Oh no, One way or another I’ll survive.” Max croaked.

“My Hero! You know I have all kinds of other toys in that box?” Liz teased.

“God Help me!” Max groaned.

“God, or Me?” Liz naughtily asked.

The End.

Note:This was only one part.

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