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Part One

Liz Parker sat in Tess’s kitchen.
It was so warm as they sat there making dip.
Tess’s house was beautiful and warm, not like Liz’s.
She sighed quietly as she dipped her finger and tasted the dip.
“Liz,” Tess Harding shrieked “If you eat any more there’ll be none for tonight.”
“Oh there’s heaps here,” Liz replied dipping her finger again.
Tess reached across the bench and grabbed it away from her.
“Hey,” Liz sulked.
“Oh Liz pull your lip up,” Isabel Troy smirked.
Liz stuck her tongue out at Isabel, who was sitting at the end of the bench.
“Liz go home, I don’t want you at my party looking like that,” Tess said pointing at Liz’s face.
Liz ignored her.
“Please Liz, if you don’t go now you won’t get back in time,” Tess said looking at Isabel.
“She’s right Liz, go now,” Isabel agreed.
Liz sat quietly.
“I’m going to have nothing for the guests,” Tess sighed.
“Tess, they’re all going to be too busy dancing with you to eat,” Liz replied, reluctantly getting up from the bench.
“Parker, it’s 5 O’clock now get going,” Tess exclaimed.
“All right,” She grumbled, but did the opposite and sat back down at the bench.
“Liz,” Tess sighed “Isabel why won’t she leave?”
“I think she loves us too much,” Isabel answered.
“DeLuca, you still haven’t told us how many people will be here tonight,” Liz said.
“Oh um about thirty,” Tess replied.
“Thirty,” Isabel repeated “Half football players.”
Liz eyed Tess “How is cheerleading?”
“Fine, okay thanks for asking,” Tess replied not looking at Liz.
Liz exchanged a glance with Isabel.
“Good, so do you ever get to talk to any of the football players?”
“No, not often,” Tess replied fussing at the bench “Sometimes they shout at us.”
“Sop you don’t talk to any in particular.”
“No, not really,” Tess ripped a paper towel off the roll.
“Tess isn’t there a football players locker right next to your’s?” Isabel asked slowly.
“I don’t know, I guess,” Tess replied.
“Yeah, the kind of tall, kind of dark haired guy,” Liz said looking at Tess.
“Yeah with the number 69 jersey,” Isabel said.
“But not really bright huh?” Liz smirked.
Tess swept past Liz and picked up her bag handing it to her.
“Oh thanks Tess,” Liz said sarcastically.
“Please leave, cos I don’t want to be late,” Tess said.
“Ok,” Liz said reluctantly “I’ll seeya soon then.”
“Yeah and he’s actually number 15,” Tess stuck her tongue out at Liz and shut the door behind her.
“Right,” Liz smiled and walked off down the road.

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Part Two

After Liz left, Isabel stayed a while and then went home to get ready aswell.
Tess ran upstairs to her room, trying to think if everything was ready.
Tess glimpsed herself in the mirror as she passed her bed.
She was kind of short, with curly blond hair and a decent sized bust.
She had always battled with her weight.
Her mom’s head appeared around her door.
“Everything ready honey?” Lynn Harding asked.
“Yeah pretty much mom,” Tess replied “Liz ate all the dip though.”
Lynn smiled “You must be pleased Liz was allowed to come tonight.”
Liz and Max. I’m ecstatic. “Sure,” Tess said “It’s been a while.”
“How is she?” Lynn said with a slightly concerned look.
“She’s fine,” Tess replied.
“I’m glad,” Lynn said heading back out and down the stairs.
“So am I,” Tess whispered into the mirror.

Liz hurried along the sidewalk, she didn’t want to be late for Tess’s eighteenth.
She didn’t want to miss this, she had already missed so much.
Liz sighed slightly thinking back.
Dancing…dancing….no Tess….drinking….
Liz shook her head.
‘Don’t do that.’
She reached her house, and standing at the door she looked at it.
The house was untidy and the paint was peeling away.
Boy was she from the wrong side of the tracks.
She walked inside and went to her room.
A while later she found herself staring at her reflection.
She really looked at herself.
My skin is too pale, my hair too dull, blah.
Liz had not been to a party by herself for over a year.
‘But I am now’.
Liz paused looking at her reflection.
She’ll say I have too much make up. Too much mascara, too much eye shadow, just too much.
But I cannot go to Tess’s with no make up, cos then they’ll see me.
Plain Liz.
Plain, plain plain Liz.
But I guess I don’t look too bad now.
The red shirt is allright, looks nice. But the pants, far too tight - she’ll never let me wear these.
But a party! And Tess even said there might be some boys that Liz didn’t know.
Imagine that.
Liz had gotten to know boys when she started partying at about fourteen. She drank and danced with them and her fake ID. She looked nineteen and twenty. Most of the people she hung out with were out of school. They were all from Liz’s side of town.
She shook her head again and bit her lip.
The metallic taste filled her mouth.
I just have to get her to let me go, I have to go tonight.
I cannot let Tess down, cannot leave her alone again.