Title: Flying home
Summary: Liz Parker has lived her whole life on a military base with her father, a major. All her life she has trained with her father, learned to fight and defend herself, in all sorts of methods. But her father wants her to be something she is not. She doesn't feel happy anymore. But one day she runs.
Rating: PG-13

Flying Home

Dear Journal,
It seems the days have gone by fast, the way life used to revolve around me,
seems to be desolving, for all I see is disaster swarming aroun me, pain enveloping me.
I wish I could run from it all, so many times. But the only things that hold me back
are the people that I love, even the one that I hate.
But I know it's time, I left this dreadful place, and went somwhere new,
become a better and different person. Someone who I know will not let me down and
wont let her life be wrecked like mine.
A numerous of times I have felt that I was falling in to a never ending pit
that I am drownding in this place, the place I call home, and I know it is time to leave
this place and clense myself. So tonight, I am sneeking through the night and
heading to the airport, I have lots of money in my account, so no worries there,
Its time I live, for me and not everyone else.

Yours Truley,

P.S. E.P.S. is Elizabeth Anne Parker. To who finds this first,
Im Liz Parker and all I know is that Im happy.

*tongue* This has been created by JESS ( AllAboutEyesS09)