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I know, I know... I already have 2 fic'z going on but I just had this idea and I had to post it! I hope you guy'z enjoy it! Please, I NEED FEEDBACK TO CONTINUE!

Title = Then... The Flashes Came
AU M/L, M/M, A/I, K/? {Bitchy Tess}
Author = Kylie A.K.A BehrFanatic007
Rating = PG-13 - NC-17
Disclaimer = I DON'T OWN A THING!
Summary = Liz just moved to Roswell, she is a spoiled and sarcastic {sumtimes} bitch. Her father is a multi-millionare and her parents aren't to fond of her. When she gets to Roswell, she shakes things up a bit. LOTS OF GERBIL BASHING!!

Then… The Flashes Came
Chapter 1
Hi! I’m Liz Parker! I just moved to Roswell from Michigan! Yeah, I know, it is a big change for me! But, I’m really glad I’m here. I have met so many nice people! I really think I am going to like it. Yeah, Right. I didn’t think you would buy it. I hate Roswell with a passion and I have only been here for 5 hours and I am already plotting my escape. I feel like this little town is ripping at my brain, forcing my to loose my city style and become just another hick. Well, it ain’t gonna happen! Don’t I just scream ‘Perky’! Well, I really do have a love for life. Ha! I am so sarcastic, I crack myself up. Anyways, back to my story.
Okay, I moved from my life in the ‘ghetto’ to a little town full of aliens. Okay, maybe I didn’t live in the ghetto, but I have sure as hell been in it. You see, back in the day, before I came into my dear parents life, back when they were happy, my father opened a small window business. Well, for years, nothing changed, except for the ‘small’ aspect and me being born. Soon, it became the largest window company in Michigan. He picked the cheesiest name ever, Wallside Windows. Any who, he had hundreds of crews that went around downtown to install windows into the citizens of Detroit’s lovely homes. Well, soon after his window business became a hit, he wanted more. He began to buy many houses in Detroit for small amounts of money from auctions, hiring people to fix them up, and then selling them for about triple the price he bought it for. Quite a cycle he had going on there. He was bringing in much more money than my family needed, but I wasn’t complaining. I lived off Prada and Gauchi, Dolce and Gabbana. I was {and still am} a spoiled brat. But, I think that is how my parents want me. They hand me a credit card and I am outta their hair for a couple hours. It didn’t take me long to get myself a beautifully expensive wardrobe.
We lived in a huge house in Fowlerville, a small town a couple hours or so from Detroit. My dad bought a couple hundred acres of land and had our mansion built. I had my own floor. Being an only child, my dad sometimes felt guilty that he never cared about me. So, he thought that all he had to do was take me to work a couple times a week for my entire summer and he would win my love. Ha! I guess he thought that I would enjoy getting up at 5 in the morning, dressing in awful, dare I say it, ‘Work’ clothes, and running around Detroit in a cube van. Well, needless to say, I dreaded it. I swear, there are more bars than people in Detroit. But, I didn’t mind. My dad certainly knew how to pick out the hotties. It seemed that 99% of his crews consisted of Men under the age or 24 that would just love to hook up with the boss’s daughter and inherit a multi-million dollar business when the time came for it. But, I was never really into it. I admit, I did have quite a fun time. A little time making out in the closet with those lucky few, flirting with them right in front of my father, letting the poor boys feel special. Little did they know, they were just one of many, and I never got serious with any of them. Actually, I never had a serious relationship with anyone. I was always solo, and that is what I told them. I couldn’t have anyone cramping my style. I was a one-woman show. If they wanted a little somethin-somethin, give me a call. Only one rule, no strings attached.
Well, owning a multi-million dollar window business and contracting business in Michigan was still not enough for my father. After hours of paying someone to think of a way for my dad to make even more money, the great plan was made. Wallside Windows was now expanding to different states, the first on being; you guessed it, New Mexico.
So, here I am, sitting on the porch of our new house in Roswell, watching the moving guys put all of my stuff in our house. I have to admit, I really like our new house. It may not be as large as our other one, but I still have my own floor. I am supposed to supervise the moving people, while my mommy and daddy finish up all of the stuff that needs to be taken care of in Michigan. In other words, they sent me here a month in advance so they could have a little peace. Fine by me, I can fend for myself just fine.
The moving people are whispering when they think that I am not listening. One guy said that I was hot. Another quickly informed him that my father was extremely rich. Yet another agrees with the first guy. When I turn my head toward them, they all go quiet and puff out their chests like manly-men. Wow, their buff bodies are overtaking me. Yeah, right.
I might as well go inspect this town. With a sigh, I get up from my perch on the couch and walk right past the men towards town. I couldn’t help but add some friendly advise. “IF YOU BREAK ANYTHING, YOUR ASS IS GRASS!” I scream down the street without looking back. Well, Watch out Roswell, Here I come.

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Chapter 2
So, I was walking around this great town, when I came upon this lovely restaurant. It has, like, the cutest, like, name ever, Crashdown Café. While strolling down the streets in this town, I have come to one conclusion. They are all alien obsessed. This whole town is just one large tourist trap. So, when I was walking past the Crashdown, my hunger took over me, which is very rare. You see, sometimes, I ‘forget’ to eat. When I told my mother this, she shipped me of to a shrink. So, after a lot of thought on the subject, I have come up with an explanation. I think way too much. When I start to ponder something, I will not let it go until I have completely figured out all aspects and angles of it, in the process of which, forgetting to eat. Then I realized that I had pretty much proven myself right, because while I was thinking about my bizarre problem, I had skipped breakfast and lunch. How strange!
The moment I waltzed into the Crashdown, I almost hurled. It was like a scene from a teen movie playing out before my eyes. In one corner, there was a flock of jocks {wow, that rhymes!}, probably looking at dirty magazines. In another was an old couple, shaking their heads in disgust at the jocks. So, I decided that I would sit at the counter, which involved passing by the jocks. When doing so, whistling could be heard through out the café. If it hadn’t been for the old couple, I would have given those jerks a piece of my mind.
I grabbed a seat at the counter, next to a tall blonde. She looks like a model, probably a cheerleader. She probably wears Abercrombie and is never seen in the same outfit twice. She probably has her fingernails and toenails painted the same shade of bright pink her boyfriend is over with the jerk-off’s looking at dirty magazines. Then, she turned her head to look at me.
“Hi, I’m Isabel Evans! I may look like your average Cheerleader that has fucked every jock at Roswell High, but I’m not. I am a sarcastic bitch that has no friends! Who are you?” She asked with mock cheer and blonde innocence.
“Well, Hi Isabel! My name is Liz Parker, my dad is a multi-millionaire and I am also a sarcastic bitch! What luck!” I replied, tilting my head to the side, looking like a lost puppy.
She smiled at me and offered me her hand to shake. I took it with ease. I already liked this girl, and I had just met her. She was like the good-looking version of me.
“Oh, so you are that girl that has everything that you could ever want.” She stated, still smiling brightly.
“Yep, that’s me! I am a spoiled, cynical bitch. I just moved here and I already can’t wait for college when I can get out of this town.” I answered, grabbing a menu off the counter.
“Amen.” She replied, as a waitress walked over to us. Now, this girl was classic. She had on light blue dress on, and alien apron and a headband with little antennas sticking out of the top. She looked embarrassed out of her mind, so I decide to take it easy on her.
“Hi, I’m Maria and I will be your waitress today. Would you like to start off with a beverage?” She asked without looking up, all the while Isabel was mocking her, whispering everything Maria had said. I couldn’t help myself from bursting out laughing, and Isabel quickly joined in. Upon hearing our laughter, Maria’s head shoot up, giving us both a ‘fuck off’ glare.
“So sorry ‘Ria! You are just to funny when you are working!” Isabel exclaimed, batting her eyelashes at Maria.
“Don’t call me that Isabel. We are no longer friends. You are a worthless bitch and just because I love your brother dearly, it doesn’t mean I have to put up with you. I can not believe that you have the nerve to call me Ria after what you did to poor Tess!” She added curtly.
This made Isabel shut up. Her smile faded and she began staring at the table. A smug smile came over Maria’s face. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Even though I had only known Isabel for 5 minutes, I felt protective of her. She had accepted me, before she knew I was worth millions. This Maria bitch was going down.
“Well, Maria is it? I don’t think it would be smart to treat my friend Isabel like that. Whatever happened to Tess, I am sure she deserved it. Now, scamper off before you regret showing you face around here. You got me?” I stated evenly, a smile spreading across my face.
The look that Maria sported after my little spiel was classic. The undeniable shock made my brighter-than-heaven smile even larger as I pulled Isabel to the door. I threw a ten-dollar bill on the counter. “That should take care of my friend here!” I called as I dragged Isabel to the front door and pulled out my cell phone. “Yeah, I would like to be picked up please. Um… The Crashdown Café on Main street. Yeah, thanks.” A short 5 minutes later, my limo pulled up, causing Maria to gasp. “Oh yeah, I’m Liz Parker, nice to meet you!” I yelled to her as we pulled away.
When I glanced at Isabel in the car, She was smiling at me. “Thanks Liz. It means a lot to me that you would stick up for me.” She whispered, her serious side coming out.
“No problem.” I answered, and my stomach growled. “Shit, I didn’t get anything to eat in there.”
“Oh, do you want to come to my house and grab a bite to eat? It is the least I can do for you helping me in there.” She asked, her beautiful features shining at me.
“Sure, just tell duke your address.” I accepted gratefully, pointing toward the limo driver. About five minutes later, we arrived at her house. “You can go back to the house, I’ll call when I am ready to leave.” I told Duke, my limo driver.
“Sure thing Lizzie.” He answered and drove away. Duke was the only person on the planet I let call me Lizzie. He had been driving me everywhere my heart desired since I can remember, so I didn’t care that much if he called me Lizzie.
I glanced up at Isabel’s house and smiled. She lived about 3 blocks away from me. He house wasn’t nearly as big as mine, but it was a nice size. She led me u the walk toward her front door. When we both reached the front door, she stopped and took a deep breath. Glancing at me wearily, she sighed.
“We are now entering hell on earth. Please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.” She stated in true flight attendant fashion.
It couldn’t be that bad, could it?

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quick note = 1) I know I said that Maria and company were going to be nice, and they are, just later in the story. They will see the light...
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Note to Candyz - When Maria said that she 'loved Isabel's brother dearly', It is just in a friendly way. She is still with Michael, Who will be introduced in the next chapter {Ithink...} Isabel is with Alex, and Kyle is their friend. Michael, Max and Maria are really popular, and Max is currently involved with Tess... but that won't last for long. FEEDBACK PLEASE!
Part 3
So, we walked into Isabel’s house, as quietly as humanly possible. I guess she doesn’t want anyone to know that she is home. I wonder what could be so bad about her family. Could her parents be really overprotective? Or maybe it is her brother, the one that Maria ‘loves dearly’. Whatever it is, I’m sure it can’t be that bad.
When the lights in the kitchen flipped on Isabel winced. She walked into the kitchen guiltily, like a little kid that had just been caught eating bleach under the kitchen sink. I followed behind her, and we waited.
“Well, dad left this morning, left us a note saying he would be back in about a week.” A voice said from the kitchen table. My head snapped up, searching out the owner of the voice. There, in his boxers, sat the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen. He had dark hair and matching eyes, an AMAZING body, and a perfect smile. This must be Isabel’s brother.
“Great. Max, this is Liz, Liz this is my brother Max.” Isabel introduced, probably thinking that I would forget all about her and swoon over Max all night. Well, she was wrong.
“Hi.” I answer nonchalantly, not moving from my spot next to Isabel. She looked at me, obviously surprised. I just smiled, and stayed where I was.
“Hi.” He replied sounding very interested. Yeah right buddy. You do not have a chance. He was probably a jock; his girlfriend was blonde with a huge rack, the opposite of me.
I don’t say anything, causing Isabel to smile brightly at Max, like she had won me. I was laughing on the inside, keeping my face blank and unreadable. Glancing around the room, trying to look bored, I snuck a peak at Max. He was staring at me, his eyes narrowing slightly, like he could see right through me. Then… My stomach grumbled.
Trying not to show my complete embarrassment, I glanced up at Isabel. She just smiled at me, and walked farther into the kitchen. I followed behind her closely, and glared at Max. He just smirked at me, leaning back into his chair. Not being able to pass up this opportunity, I quickly gave his chair a kick, sending him flying to the ground. He stared up at me, looking completely shocked. Poor baby! He had never been blown off before! Smirking, I glanced back up at Isabel, who was grasping her sides in laughter.
“What… (Giggle)… would you like?” She asked, still laughing at the sight before her.
“Um… Do you have any Salt and Vinegar Chips?” I asked, trying to ignore Max, and failing. I snuck one last glance at him, and his eyes were once again narrowed. Then… The doorbell rang.
When Max showed no signs of moving, Isabel sighed. She headed toward the front door, giving him the finger as she pranced out of the kitchen.
This boy was a trip. He continued to stare at me, as I stepped in front of him completely. I tilted my head to the side, and offered him my hand. He took it hesitantly, pulling himself off of the floor.
Before I knew what was going on, he pulled me to him, crushing our lips together. I pushed at his firm chest, trying to get away from him. But, I was staring to enjoy the feelings that erupted inside on me. Wrapping my arms around his strong neck, I began to respond to his fierce kisses. His hands traveled down my sides, quickly pulling me completely against him. My legs wrapped around his waist, and he turned so that my back was pressed firmly against the fridge. His hands were pulling at the edges of my light blue tank top, as his mouth slowly traveled down my neck. Suddenly, a high-pitched voice filled my ears painfully.
P.S - I THINK I AM GOING TO START WRITING BEACH SIDE LIFE AGAIN,IF I CAN FIND THE THREAD! The Search thing isn't working for me, so If anyone else can find the link, THAT WOULD BE GREAT! Thankz

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PREVIOUSLY = "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING MAX!" {or sumthing to that affect... lol, I'm 2 lasy to look, it'z like 2:30 in da morning...}
Chapter 4
Well… talk about ruining the mood. Now, if there is anything you need to know about Liz Parker, it is that I HATE when someone interrupts important matters, such as the one at hand. Max has stopped kissing my neck; actually, his has completely stopped everything. He has his head buried under my chin, with his hands right where he left them, entangled in my bra clasp. Grumbling, I open my eyes to take care of the idiot that got in my way.
There, in all of her blonde glory, stood a gerbil look-alike that was about to run like hell if she knew what was good for her. Pushing Max aside, I walked slowly and purposefully towards the little bitch. Let the games begin.
“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!” She screeched at me. I covered my ears, wincing at her annoying voice.
“Where is the Aspirin when you need it?” I mutter, still clutching at my head. I raised my eyes to take in this brainless blonde.
“ANSWER ME BEFORE I…” She continues to holler, causing me to loose my nerve.
Grasping her neck with both hands, I stare at her with all of the menacing attitude I could muster. “If you value your life, I suggest you quiet down.” I whisper, releasing her neck from my grip.
She stared at me, obviously a little scared. She is twisting her hands together nervously.
“Now, I am Liz Parker, the newest addition to Roswell, New Mexico. Who are you?” I state calmly, keeping eye contact.
“I’m Tess Harding, MAX’S GIRLFRIEND! What the hell do you think that you are doing with MY boyfriend?” She finishes, staring me down with hatred. Well, if there was anyway to make this chick angrier, well, I found it! Before I could help myself, I burst out laughing in her face. I laughed so hard that I began to cry. Isabel walked up next to me, and she began to laugh. Tess just stared at us, that is until she proved how stupid she actually was to us. Standing there, with her hands on her hips and her eyes bugging out of her head like a fly, she began to laugh. Her once annoying voice turned into an annoying laugh. She was giggling, her high pitch voice making her sound like a munchkin.
Isabel and I did the first thing that came to us, we began to laugh harder. Max finally made his appearance, blushing bright red of embarrassment because of his stupid girlfriend.
“Tess… I um…” Max began, trying to think up an excuse.
“Oh! Hi Maxi!” She screeched, grabbing at him and pulling his head to meet hers in a sloppy kiss. How stupid was this chick? She had just caught her boyfriend making out with another girl and she greeted him like everything was normal! Isabel and I both turned our heads in disgust, making horrific gagging noises.
Tess looked down at us, her ugly face scrunched up in confusion. “Are you okay?” She asked, blinking her eyes a few times.
Before Isabel and I could react to this dense gerbil, Max led her to the door. Tess seemed to forget that Max had just cheated on her, giving Max another wet smooch. Shooing her out of the door as quickly as possible, he turned back to us, his face still flushed in humiliation.
Smiling to myself, I couldn’t wait to hear what kind of excuses he was going to think of. Before he could speak, we heard pounding on the front door and Tess screaming. She must have remembered what she was shrieking about in the first place. Groaning, Isabel quickly grabbed two cherry cokes out of the fridge and a large bag of salt and vinegar chip. “Lets go up to my room before Tess makes her appearance.” Isabel suggested.
Taking one last glance over my shoulder, I found Max staring at me, a longing look coming over his features. Winking at him and blowing him a kiss, I replied. “Sure. See you later Max.” And we were gone.

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