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Title: The Wallflower Society
Author: Pixie
Summary: Yet another one of those best friends first fic. I know I know. SO shoot me already. Liz's POV M/L Basically the gang are wallflowers. You just have to read it really.
Disclaimer: Wish I did but I don't.
Authors Note:This fic may really suck. It flits around a lot and the characters may be changeable and weird. Each part doesn't really connect in my mind but tell me what you think anyway.


Friday Night.

Rick Burns’ post game party.

Naturally we went. We always are present for such social gatherings.

I you look closely, amidst the throng of people, you’ll see us.

Pass the cloud of smoke where Sparky Jones and company are talking philosophically about nothing after lighting up a joint.

We call them the “Junkies.”

Dodge around our wonderful host and the rest of the jocks that are currently picking fights by the keg. Oh and look. Brent Kern just puked. Delightful.

We call them the “Jocks” when they’re sober and “Drunks” when they’re…….well….drunk.

Now, you see Tess Harding and Mindy Fairways orchestrating a game of Spin the bottle on the pea green carpet? Those are the “Populars” and ‘NO’ that’s not us.

Behind them, against the tacky floral wall paper.

Yeh, that’s us.

Present at all events but not quite there.

If you ask anyone on Monday morning if we were there they shake their head.

We are the ones that don’t “mingle”.

We are the ones who don’t smoke or play games.

We might have a drink now and again but mostly we just stand leaning on the wall and look menacing.

We give dirty looks to the passing freshman.

We, my friends, are the Wallflower Society.

That may have sucked. The other characters will be introduced later on. Anyway I know this entire fic bits the big one but hey! Some one might like it so I'm willing to give it a go.

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Venus Star: Yeh its M/L. Glad you like this.*happy**happy*

Damn I should have posted Part 1 with the Prologue but my brain has ceased functioning.Anyhoo here it is.

Part 1:

“Good party.”

Michaels tone is flat. This is how he starts most of our party conversations.

He rarely says anything otherwise.

He became a part of our society in 5th grade when he was given to new foster parents.

Obviously they liked him because he’s standing next to me right now.

He plays bass in our band.

Interestingly named ‘Pickle Juice.’

Maria said she thought of it while getting her right ear pierced for the 7th time.

Then she had wanted to call it ‘Infection’ after her ear went green.

I poked her ear and said “How about ‘Antiseptic’”.

“Yeh it’s just swell.”

I’m not sure Isabel knows how not to be sarcastic.

She started in 6th grade and no one ever bothered to question why. It suits her I think.

Alex glares at a passing freshman who quickly looks down and rushes off to the bathroom.

“That’s 8. Bring a whole new meaning to scared shitless.” Alex grins.

He keeps a tally. It’s sick.

Ironically if they knew how bubbly he actually was they wouldn’t run away.

“Does anyone else think Ed Harding does crack?”

Maria laughs at Isabel’s comment before taking a sip of her lukewarm drink.

Silence returns.

Most of our conversations at parties are like this.


Best word ever.

I turn to Max beside me.

He’s in his thought provoked mood.

He can sit for hours on end and not say a word then BAM! He comes out with a whole bunch of thoughts and contemplations.

It’s one of the things I love about him.

Wait I didn’t say that. Never mind I’ll get back to that later.

He’s about to say something. Best friends can always tell.

“I think I should have brought my camera.” He makes a small gesture to the Populars where Pam Troy is groping her new boy toy Chad Williams. I didn’t realize Spin the Bottle could get so perverted.

We all stare.

“Yeh it would look great in your portfolio.” Alex agrees.

You see Max is a photographer. A good one so when he says “I wish I’d brought my camera” He’s very serious.

I continue to stare at Max until Maria elbows me in the stomach.

She gives me a weird quizzical look and jerks her head towards Max.

In friend language that means:

“What’s going on with you and Max?”

I bring my eyebrows together like I don’t know what she means and then raise them in alarm and shake my head profusely making a weird scrunched up face.

In friend language that means:

“Huh? Oh my god! Me and Max?? No way! Gross!”

Note to self: Don’t moon over Max when Maria’s around.

She has ‘love radar’ she calls it. It came after she got her heart tattoo weirdly enough.

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First of all Thank you to all of you who left feedback! This part just sort of introduces the characters. In a word it sucks but there ya go. It's all rushed and annoying. I've been going through the parts trying to make them better and not so crappy but it's a tough job.

Anyway here is:

Part 2:

Here’s a little profile of our ‘society’.

I met Max in 3rd grade along with his sister.

Max and me clicked immediately and have been best friends ever since.

Enter stage left Maria Deluca.

Setting: 4th grade.

She was wacky and bubbly and fit right into our group of misfits as did Michael when he graced the scene in 5th grade.

Alex was the last to arrive in 6th grade.

Both his parents were transferred with their work although none of us can guess why as they are always on business trips anyway.

We are all so different it never ceases to amaze me how we get along so well.

Max is quiet and thoughtful.

He’s my best friend. He’s so compassionate and warm.

He takes amazing photographs that not only capture emotions but the atmosphere as well.

His smile can light up a whole room and……..ok I’ll stop but only because I now feel like a love sick fool.

So anyway, Isabel, his twin, is the complete opposite.

Sarcastic and loud but we wouldn’t have her any other way.

As of yet her only hobby is dancing.

Somehow ballet doesn’t match her personality but she excels in it anyway.

Michael told her she’d do better on the womens rowing team.

Isabel punched him. Hard.

Understandably Michael doesn’t make comments like that around Isabel.

Or Maria for that matter after Isabel taught her how to swing a damn good punch.

Isabel’s main interest is Alex though.

Those two are so in love we often have to get the hose out.

Max and Isabel are the only 2 in our group not in the band.

Maria is our lead singer and most colorful of our group.

No. Seriously. She has a lot of tattoos.

Let’s see, a butterfly on her ankle, an eagle on her right shoulder, a heart on her lower back, a daisy on her hip and a ying yang on her wrist.

Newest one to date.

Alex say’s every band needs and interesting lead singer and Michael, her boyfriend, and our bassist, thinks it’s sexy.

We can’t help but notice he hasn’t ventured to get one himself though.

Plus it makes me nauseous to think of how far they’ve actually gone so I’ll stop.

Personally I don’t know how they manage to stay together.

Maria’s bubbly while Michael is…… stolid.

While Maria is out taking her yoga class or doing her aromatherapy thing Michael rides his motorcycle or paints with me.

The only time I’ve seen him show emotion towards me is when he paints.

Both him and me are artists and often do projects for our art class together.

We are much better friends than he lets on to the rest of the group.

He thinks he’s tough but he has a lot of pain regarding foster care.

His therapist say’s he has abandonment and separation issues.

I say ‘damn straight.’

Alex is the founder of our band and lead guitarist.

He has a tattoo as well.

It’s a ying yang on his wrist to match Maria’s.

They got them together.

Maria say’s they are ‘tattoo buddies’ now.

I say ‘twisted’.

I also think that getting a tattoo on your wrist is in the same league at cutting them but no one listened to me.

Alex is fun to be around. He has a twisted sense of humor which Isabel swears is a result of breathing in to much of Maria’s incense.

Last and probably least is me.

Mousey, plain and quiet.

I don’t have tattoos or multiple piercings.

My claim to fame is that I won first prize in an art fair at school.

And not to put myself down further but it was in 6th grade when the standard is who can drawn the bestest house with the prettiest flowers that are disproportional to the rest of the house.

I’m the drummer for our band and most people probably don’t think I’m that quiet.

I’m a confusing person really.

I can sit at the back of the class and look like I’m about to chew someone’s head off when really I’m thinking about how fun it was to go swimming or something.

You should also know that I need a 12 step program to help me get over Max.

It’s very bad form to fall in love with your best friend of 9 years.

Even worse when your friends catch on.

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Hey I come bearing a slighty better Part 3. I know I should be putting my energies into Paris Blues but I can for the life of me think how to start it. Writers block in my path.


Part 3:

It’s 12.10am but my creative juices are running high so I’m working on Michaels and my joint art project.

It’s a painting/collage of a photo Max took of Maria on a swing.

It’s blurred a bit so all the colors are meshed in this beautiful way.

We plan to give it to her for her birthday.

It will also double up as an A for art class.

Max is at my window.

I can’t see him because the curtains are drawn but my best friend radar can tell.

I go over to the window, open the curtains and unlock the window before he has time to knock.

He gives me a heart stopping grin before climbing in.

I walk back over to the painting and continue as per usual.

“What brings you over Max?”

I already know but I’m trying to keep my mind off of how amazing he looks.

He shrugs and answers nonchalantly.

“I was bored.”

I smile. He smiles. We both know the reason he came over.

“Couldn’t sleep either huh?”


I know Max like the back of my hand. Better even considering I don’t spend large amounts of time talking to my hand.

Max always comes to my window when he can’t sleep.

He’s come over so many times since 3rd grade that in 7th my mom bought me a new bed with a pull out mattress for him to sleep on.

It’s weird when a guy sleeps in you bedroom and in the morning your mothers asks:

“Max couldn’t sleep again?”

While smiling.

Quite unnerving.

But our group has had a lot of co-ed sleepovers.

We are close and none of our parents seem to care that there are 2 couples in our group.

They have too much faith in us.

Max’s mom stopped calling to make sure Max was at our house a few years ago.

Nowadays it seems that Max comes to my room more often than not.

4 day’s this week he’s said he ‘couldn’t sleep’.

I’m beginning to doubt the legitimacy of his insomnia because once he’s in my room he falls right to sleep.

He say’s he’s more comfortable in my room than his.

I say ‘Yeh go figure. Maybe that’s because you’re never in your room.’

Watch me roll my eyes.

Tonight he goes down and lies on my bed.

I can tell he wants to talk to so I stop painting and go down and lie with my head on his chest.

Trying in vain to ignore the soft beating of his heart and….STOP!

Ahem. I’m a tough girl. None of this mushy stuff for me thanks.

Anyways I know Max wants to talk because I know Max better than the back of my hand.

But I already explained that.

“Do you think it’s possible to love someone for a long time and then one day just…..realize it?”

We ponder his question for a moment while his hands run through my hair.

I say ‘Yes’ because I think that I loved Max all along but I never knew it until now.

Of course I don’t tell him this.

“Me too.” He smiles.

Then he frowns a bit.

“Liz, whatever happens. Whatever paths we choose to take I just want you to know that you’re my best friend and I love you.”

“I love you too Max.”

Of course I love him too. Just in a different way than he meant it.

“Good. I would never want to lose you as a friend.”

Twist the knife a little deeper why don’t you.

Just in case my heart isn’t mangled enough.

He pulls me in for a horizontal hug and we stay like that for a long time.

A long time being all night.

“Nu-night Liz.”

“Nu-night Max.”

The dialogue we’ve had for years.

9 to be exact.

We never did say a plain ‘Goodnight.’

It was always ‘Nu-night.’

9 years……..We’ve just started our junior year.

My mom say’s people change most this year.

I’m not worried though.

That’s what she said last year.

I know we’ll all be friends at the end of it all.

And Max and I will be just that little bit closer.

I know because it’s happened every year.

But I don’t need to explain myself now.

I just want to enjoy being in Max’s arms.


No don't go!!

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LOL You guys are soo great. About Max liking someone else? Well I haven't written anything about that yet but ya never know. I don't have plans for how my fics go. I go with the flow. teehehe thats rhymes.


Part 4:

Do you ever get the feeling that there’s some conspiracy against you?

I do.

I can’t help but feel that feeling that everyone is standing in my blind spot laughing it up because they know just what I’m thinking.

And if I turn around?

They jump right behind me again.

You know what I’m thinking right now?

I’m thinking I’m such a bloody idiot for getting myself in this situation.

This situation being me and Max lying awake having this in depth conversation about how people are so closed off nowadays.

All I can think about though is how much I wish he’d touch me.

Crazy right?


I used to not care that Max was 3 inches away from my face but now since I have these feelings for him I worry that if my other friends find out they’ll join the conspiracy against me.

Maria suggested the sleepover so naturally we are at her house.

She said ‘We haven’t had one for 2 weekends’

We said ‘Yeh and most people our age never have one you dork.’

Mean aren’t we? But it all just flies over our head.

I told Isabel to fuck off yesterday and she didn’t even notice.

The things TV teaches you. Watch me shake my head in mock shame.

At all sleepovers Max and I are the last to go to sleep. Coincidentally we are the only 2 that drink coffee like a drug as well.

Isabel does for “social” purposes. Yeh Isabel and that what my mom said about cigars.

I look over at Maria and then scan the rest of the room.

I shake my head disapprovingly.

“Just as I suspected.” Max’s says.

“Out like a light at midnight.” I say.

I stare for a while at the floral curtains.

I say “I see a rabbit.”

Max say’s “You saw that last time. Find something else.”

“Ok how about that duck right there.”

“Oh yeh. See that motorcycle?”

“Yep. It’s next to the elephant right?”


You’d think I wouldn’t be able to carry on a conversation with Max now that I love him.

Not true though.

You don’t get nervous around someone you’ve known for 9 years.

Even if you do love them. I may be panicked and slightly sweaty but nervous? Not me.

I didn’t just say that did I?

Gah. Next thing you know I’ll be drooling over Max’s muscles.

“I took a picture of Michael and Maria being nice to each other.”

“No way!” I say rolling my eye’s.

He laughs and deep throaty laugh.

“Yep. It’s definitely going in the portfolio.”


I suddenly don’t feel like laughing anymore.

I look over at the 2 sleeping couples and sigh.

I want to be them.

Not that I want Michael or Alex. Euw! I just want what they have.

“Feeling a little left out?”

“Yeh a bit.”

If Max and I had a normal relationship I would lie.

But there’s no point in me lying to Max. He’s knows when I do.

“Don’t worry Lizzie. You’ll always have me.”

I roll my eyes in the dark.

“Ooo lucky me! Now I feel better.”

“You should.”

We both laugh knowing Max doesn’t do flirting well. Even if it is pretend.

“Don’t tell them though. It’ll ruin me.” I say.

“Don’t worry I wouldn’t betray you like that.”

And the way he say’s it makes me want to curl up and die because in a way I have betrayed him.

He thought he had a friend not some love sick girl fawning over him.

Maria would say she knew it all along.

Michael would ask if I was joking then tell me I’m an idiot.

Isabel would say ‘Yeh and I’m the Pillsbury dough boy.’ She tends not to believe that Max is desirable in any way.

Alex would tell me to go for it. Risk it and await the outcome.

I say I would rather keep Max as a friend even though I know that if he knew he’d still be my friend.

You don’t just break a 9 year friendship over some school girl crush.

It’s normal that I would have a crush on Max.

I mean he’s always there for me when I’m upset.

He makes me laugh.

He’s everything most girls want in a guy. So it’s normal that I have a crush on him.


“Do you like reindeer?”


“Santa Claus is my hero.”

“That’s nice Max.” Add escaped yawn here.

And off we are into the dream world.

Is that a brussel sprout?

Thought so.

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This is rather a flimsy piece of fic. Not really any point to it except I needed the "conspiracy" to grow.

LOL you guys are so great giving me all this feedback! I don't deserve it but it makes me smile! *big*

Anyhoo here is part 5. Like I said no deeper spiritual lessons to be learnt! I got one: Don't be blatantly obvious that you like someone if you don't want people to figure it out.

Yeh I know I know stick to my day job. Oh wait I don't have a day job. Well then I won't drop out of school. God..........babble much?


Part 5:

This morning I have the feeling that no matter what happened right now all will be fine because I’m with the people I love most I the world.

We are sitting around Maria’s breakfast bar watching in awe as milk dribbles down Alex’s chin.

Michael’s not much better.

He doesn’t become coherent until about midday so he’s only answer in grunts.

“Want eggs Michael?”


“I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Good to know Michael has mastered the art short sentences.”

That’s Isabel. The sarcasm is a dead give away. She’s worse in the morning when she’s grumpy.

There is a minor problem though.

Did I say minor? I meant Major.

Maria has kind of noticed that I am hanging onto Max’s every word.

Now I am being drag to the bathroom by a zealous Maria.

I sigh because I know that Maria is like Alex with Angel Food cake once a secret starts to spill.

She’ll pester me until my leaking secret becomes a rushing torrent.

“Ok Spill.”

She say’s with one pierced eyebrow raised.

“Spill what?” I say feigning confusion.

I may as well prolong the inevitable.

“Don’t you play dumb with me Liz Parker. I saw how you were looking at Max. He could have been talking about a piece of lint he spotted one day and you still would have found it interesting.”

I have to say Maria’s a sweetheart most of the time but when a pixie like girl with that many tattoos and piercings gets mad it’s a little frightening.

“I would not!” I say defending myself.

Maria gives me her ‘Oh please’ look.

“O.K The thing is I think I like Max.”

“Honey you’ve been friends with him for like forever. If you didn’t like him it would be kind of strange.”

I wish Maria wasn’t so brain dead. It would make confession a hell of a lot easier.

“No Maria I like him as in love like not like like.”

Her lips curl into an O while she contemplates my news.

The she smiles brightly.

“I always knew you too would get together!”

Didn’t I say this would happen?

“Maria you can’t tell anyone!”

“I won’t I won’t. You know me.” She zips her mouth closed.

“Yeh exactly Maria. I’m serious this time. I can’t lose him.”

“Oh honey don’t worry you won’t. I just might have to give him a little push in the right direction.”


“Kidding! This is turning into a repeat of Alex and Isabels “Curvy” incident.”

“It is not! I haven’t knocked you unconscious……Yet.”

I say glaring to get my point across.

“Don’t worry Liz. If it that important to you I won’t say a word.”

“Shhhh.” She whispers putting a finger over her mouth.

I just hope she can keep that promise.
Yeh yeh yeh boring I know but I had to do something!
Dare I ask for feedback?

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Okie dokie guys. This is the second time I've posted today but it doesn't feel like it cos it was 1 am when I did. Anyway this is a none plot progressing part. Actually all my parts are like that but never mind. Pretend I didn't say that.

Anyhoo enjoy..

Part 6:

You wouldn’t believe the lack of costumers here.

It’s a Wednesday night.

Our slowest night.

It’s the night everyone realizes it isn’t the weekend anymore.

It’s the night where wives stay in and cook, trying to be the good little homemakers they think they can be and where friends go to other friend’s houses for dinner or emergency study groups.

Apparently my father forgot that Maria and I do actually have other friends or he wouldn’t have sentenced us to the Wednesday shift.

I see and old lady pass by and look in the window.

Maria gives her a pleading look and the lady hurries past with her head down.

“Great Maria you scared another costumer away.”

“I know. I just wish that fat Mr. Johnson would walk in right now with a large group of nomads that have been starved for a few weeks.”

She looks up blissfully as if it were a wonderful daydream.

I stare a fly buzzing near my face.

Is it just me or is he taunting me?

The little bugger. Haha literally.

See how retarded I become with nothing to do?

My brain has atrophied.

“Shoo fly don’t bother me, shoo fly don’t bother me.”

My song is interrupted as the door bell rings and Maria and I look up sharply.

It’s a timid looking man with small round glasses.

“Excuse me but could I have a take out menu.”

“Oh of course! Are you ordering??” Maria asks in her best “I’m a perky waitress” voice.

“No thanks. I just want this for later in the week.”

“Oh come on! You have to be kidding me. The only fucking costumer and he doesn’t want to fucking order! What’s wrong with you man?? Don’t you people fucking eat on Wednesday’s??!”

Oooooookay. Maria gets a little edgy when her energy has no release.

The poor man has gone rather pale and it looks like he might pass out.

“I…I….I’m sorry??”

I take pity on the poor fool. He didn’t know that Maria gets this way on Wednesday’s.

“It’s okay sir. You can leave. I apologize for my colleague. It’s that time of the month you know?”

I raise my eyebrows in a ‘you know what I mean’ kinda way.

It isn’t really her ‘time of the month’ but I can guarantee he’ll be out of here before you can say: ‘Oops am I leaking?’

True to my word his eyes widen. He nods hurriedly, accepting the apology, and just about runs out of the diner.

“That’s just great Maria. People are gonna be swarming in here after they here you cussed out a sweet old man.

“I’m sorry okay? But did you really have to tell him that it was my time of the month?”


She’s not listening anymore though because the light on the wall just flickered and it’s about the most action we’ve had all night besides Maria bout of Tourettes Syndrome.

“I swear Maria I will kiss the next person who walks into this diner.”

The doorbell rings and guess who it is?

Max & co.

Anyway I never break a ‘swear’ so I rush up and grab the lapels of his jacket and say in a melodramatic voice.

“Thank you Max! You’ve save my life!!!! I could just kiss you!”

He grins at me.

“Please do.”

WHOA! I didn’t mean it seriously.

I let go of his jacket and take a few steps back.

“Come on Liz he’s just messing with ya.” Michael slaps Max before going over to Maria.

“No I’m not.” But he’s still smiling which could mean he is.

In any case I choose to believe Michael because it’s less likely to give me a heart attack.

We are staring at each other, though Max looks like he wants to say something.

Maria rushes in and saves the day however.

“So Max, you bring a starving army?” She asks hopefully. She’d probably be saying something else if she’d seen the scene earlier.

Breathe a sigh of relief…….now.

“No just Alex.” He laughs.

“Yeh bring on the whale blubber.” Alex smiles. Maria looks confused.

Isabel pokes him hard in the chest before saying.

“It’s a good thing you don’t gain any weight honey or I’d dump you quicker than a ton of concrete.”

“Hey! No need for that. I have high metabolism.”

He puffs his chest out proudly and Isabel rolls her eye’s.

“Well sit down sit down.” Maria ushers them over to their regular booth.

“What’ll ya have?”

She really shouldn’t bother asking. They come in here enough for her to know they always order the same thing.

Isabel has a Lunar Tuna Salad with a Blood of Alien Smoothie.

Michael has a Will Smith with extra cheese and a Sprite.

Max has a Comet Burger with fries and a cherry coke.

Alex generally has everything on the menu but mostly he just indulges in an Asteroid Belt with Men in Blackberry pie and a Moon rock Shake.

It’s forever imprinted in my brain.

When I’m hundred (I’ll let you know I’m planning to live that long) and senile that’s gonna be the one thing I remember.

So Maria takes their orders and even though we would normally rush we take our time giving in the order and getting the drinks because they will most likely be our only costumers tonight.

“Shoo fly don’t bother me, shoo fly don’t bother me.”

That pesky fly keeps landing on Alex’s food. Should I tell him that flies puke whenever they land on food?

Nah. I’ll tell him after he’s enjoyed every last bite.


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Eccentric One- I hadn't thought about a Max POV but it could happen. I am liable to change my mind at any point.

teeehehehe I'm a very strange person.
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LOL I'm glad you all like being spoiled but honestly I wouldn't post these many parts if it weren't for my guilt over not having any new Paris Blues.

Ugh Max's POV screwed me over and now I can't think what to write. I have to make it work!!!!

Anyway just so you know I'm not being mean to people who wear certain clothes in this part. It's all Liz's character so get mad at her. *big* Hope no one is too offended!

Anyways I have to go write Paris Blues or I'll never get anything done.

Ya never know I could have it out later this evening! But don't hold your breathe OK?

Part 7:




Yep I’m hitting my head on the table.

Maria say’s I’ll loose more brain cells this way.

I say: Therapeutic.

The whole gang will be arriving in a minute.

Maria overheard Tess Harding talking about a party she was throwing so naturally we are heading over there to spend some quality time with Tess’ mother’s badly wallpapered walls.

Until then I must remain calm and allow myself not to think about Max.

So SHHHHHH I’m busy losing brain cells and you’re disturbing me.


Let the fun begin.

Max is here. Stupid bastard is the only one who ever calls me Lizzie.

He’s not a stupid bastard. I’m just trying to get myself NOT to think about how wonderful he will look.

My door opens and ‘yep’ there he stands

Perfectly ruffled in jeans and a worn out T-shirt and of course no Max Evans original would be complete with a nice set of holes.

Yeh, OK so I know it’s not exactly “fashion icon material” but ‘hey’ the boy could wear a mini skirt and he’d still look gorgeous.

I’m not one to talk. Here I stand in holey baggy grey cords and some maroon ¾ length shirt that I personally don’t remember ever being bought let alone washed.

My mother must have though because the color has severely faded.

Oh well. Us ‘wallflowers’ don’t bother putting on pale blue mini shirts and T-shirts that say “HOTTIE” in fiery letters just because it some party.

And anyway there are a number of reasons why I would never wear that combination in the first place:

A) Baby blue and Orange. Can you say colorblind? One word: Clash.
B) Most of the girls that wear those shirts are butt ugly. It’s just asking for ridicule.
C) I would not be caught dead in whatever store they bought it in so naturally I don’t own such clothes.

Most of my clothes were too big when they were bought and now 3 years later just about fit and have the perfect amount of holes so that I don’t feel uncomfortable.

Oh who am I kidding? I need my “oh so girly” mom to take me shopping and transform me from a badly dressed ugly girl into a well dressed ugly girl.

And she would you know. But I don’t ask her because I would rather be comfortable that fashionable.

So here I am playing Fashion Guru in my head and Max has made himself comfortable on my bed.

I swear. I should just switch rooms with him. He spends more time in my bed anyway.

God I wish that didn’t sound so sexual.

Anyhoo I can hear Maria arguing with Isabel as they come up the stairs so I’m saved.

Not really sure from what. I love being alone with Max. No worries here.

“God Maria I just said that if you wanted a ride you should ask Michael and not me. I didn’t imply anything sexual.”

“Well how was I supposed to know? You’re always being so god damn sarcastic I can’t tell when you aren’t.”

“Or maybe all that Cyprus oil crap was inhaled to quickly causing you to go off the deep end and assume I would ever want to touch your skanky body like that!”

Maria huffs loudly not and glares at me. Maybe because I’m laughing or maybe because I’m giving Isabel the thumbs up.

Max laughs his low rumbly laugh and we sit in silence for a while waiting for the others.

“I’m sorry Maria.”

Max and I exchange glances. It’s normal for us to apologize to each other after arguments but Isabel being the one that is the first?? That’s just plain freaky.

“I’m sorry too Isabel. I’m all PMS-y or something.”

“OOOKKKKK time for me to leave.”

Max pretends to be uncomfortable when in fact he listens to me bitch about periods all the time.

“Oh come on Max. How many times have you gone down to Walgreen’s to buy me tampons huh?” I question.

His face turns bright red and Isabel stares incredulously.

“That’s just fucking great Max! You won’t even buy me a lipstick but you buy Liz fucking TAMPONS!!!!”

Maria is cracking up and I can’t help but agree with her completely. The looks on Max’s face is priceless and I don’t think he’s gonna be able to answer.

“What’s all this about tampons?” Alex comes into my room with Michael looking confused and frightened.

Maria take a deep breathe before saying:

“Isabel was screaming at Max because he won’t buy her lipsticks but he is willing to buy Liz tampons.”

She cracks up again.

I look at Isabel who is still glaring around the room at any males who may challenge her.

Group rule #1? Don’t mess with Izzy.

Michael looks at Max for a really long time before flicking his wrist and making a whip sound.

Alex improvises on that by promptly telling Max that he’s whipped.

Personally I love how cute he looks when he’s embarrassed but he’s throwing me looks of despair so I decide to save his drowning ass.

“Come on guy’s. I know that Alex asked Michael to go buy him condoms yesterday so tampons are really no different.”

It’s wonderful watching them both look desperately at each other and then Maria and Izzy.

Watch them explode.

“Alex. You are either cheating on me or you think by some miracle I will sleep with you. Either way DARLING I’m going to hurt you badly.”

Uh oh cheerios. I don’t want Alex to die and he will by the sounds of things. Izzy only uses her calm voice when she’s really pissed off.

Michael looks to Maria for a reaction but she just shrugs confirming to me that they are indeed sleeping together.

Notice the level of surprise. Those 2 are hornier than horny toads. Hehe great analogy Liz. Keep up the good work.

Alex gives me a look that clearly says: ‘Thanks a WHOLE bunch. I owe you one’.

Funny. I didn’t know looks could be sarcastic.

Well you learn something new everyday.

Plus I think he’s still a tad miffed about the fly thing. Psh…..I don’t know why he’s so mad. It’s not like you can SEE the microscopic piles of puke.

Feedback please?! I really do love it.
*big* And everyone? I really suggest you go read roswellianprincess16's fic True Destiny and it's sequel A New Beginning. The first one is good and I haven't read the sequel but I'm sure it will be just as excellent (if not more so ) than True Destiny. *big*

Smiles for you all!

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Okie dokie. Here is Part 8. lol I'm running out of pre-written parts. I'll have to start using my brain again! AGH!!

Anyway here it is. Hope you all like it. No plot really. Just a party.

Part 8:

You can hear the throbbing music before you even see Tess’s house.

We walk in a pack making sure not to step on the drunks passed out on the immaculate lawn.


Michael kicks one for good measure.

“Michael do you even know that guy?”

He shrugs.

“Nope. Do you?”

Standing in the front doorway you can survey the scene nicely. You have to know where everyone is if you want to be invisible.

Drunks, Jocks, Junkies, Populars. Oh look at Sparky coming my way. It’s a bit early to be stoned but Sparky here doesn’t understand the meaning of “taking it slow.” The drugs have rotted his brain.


“Hey baby, how about you come with me and we can take a trip to the stars!” He looks up a glassy finish appearing on his eyes. Are those tears? Oh god.

He probably thinks he’s being suave.

Everyone else thinks he’s stoned. Oh wait. He IS!

“Not if you were the last weed smoking pimp on earth.”

A dazed and confused look passes over his eyes and then he passes out at my feet.

Watch me swoon.

Max grabs my hand and leads me through the crowd to a nice quiet wall.

Oh Laura Ashley wallpaper. Faaancy!

For some reason I don’t feel like being at a party tonight.

I can’t imagine why. Maybe it’s because Linzi Thomas has been following us flashing Max cute little smiles since we arrived.

“Oh God Max you don’t seriously want in Linzi’s pants do you?”

Don’t you love Maria? He voices exactly what I want to say.

“Please. Linzi Thomas? Do you have no respect for me?”

Well thank you Max for clearing that up.

Everyone’s mouth curl in an ‘O’.

Max puts his arm around me and I lean on his shoulder.

Silence hangs for a while until an unfamiliar voice dissipates it.

“Are you going out with Liz Parker?” Linzi Thomas’ voice is incredulous.

My god Linzi! I know! Like, who would want to go out with me?

If she hadn’t been in my play group I would swear that she was a Valley girl.

“Excuse me but did we invite you to talk to us?” Isabel asks.

Linzi looks taken aback. Bet the poor girl isn’t used to so many people giving her evil glares.

“Ummm well I just came over to ask Max a question.”

“Well you’ve asked now go away.”Max waves his hand in a shooing motion.

Max isn’t being mean. Max is never mean it’s just that these people should know by now that you don’t talk to us.

A sigh of relief is released in my mind. I’m glad that Max doesn’t like Linzi. Not that I would think he would. I mean she’s not his type. What is his type? Am I his type? Should I shut up now?

She giggles.

“But you haven’t answered silly.” She rolls her eyes like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

Max imitates the giggle.

“And I don’t plan to.”

Fluttering eyelashes from Michael and a few snorts from Alex and Linzi rushes off.

Probably to tell the world what bastards we are. And that Max and I are going out.

But that’s their problem not ours.

“Great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts. Mutilated monkey meat chopped up birdies feet. French fried eyeballs rolling up and down the street. Swimmin’ in a pool of blood.”

Isn’t Alex a great singer? I bet Michael regrets teaching him that song.

Yep yep yep. A regular Frank Sinatra.

“That was superb Alex.”

“I heard that Bonny Freeman is going out with that dork Billy Tucker.” Maria is a gossip queen.

It doesn’t matter that none of us know who the hell Bonny Freeman or Billy Tucker is.

“Yeh and Lambchop married that Skunk from Bambie, what’s his name, oh ‘Flower’.” Coming from Isabel that actually makes sense.

We ponder.

We ponder some more.

We ponder a little bit more and 10 minutes later:

“If Lambchop and the Skunk had a baby would it be a Skunkchop?” Maria furrows her eyebrows.

She’s not being funny. She seriously wants to know.

We agreed a while ago that our parents all had a joint “Lets drop our kids on their heads” party when we were small.

It would explain our group general craziness and my state of lust for Max. Or was it love? They’re both so different.

“Probably. It would probably be a black and white stinky sheep too.” Alex adds.

Maria raises her eyebrows.

“Yeh that would be cool.”

A chorus of Yep’s echoes around the group.

1 hour and 3 short conversations later the party is over. And are we disappointed? Maybe. We don’t often get to have meaningless conversations while other people throw up at our feet.

Yep that’s a night to remember alright.

Whew. I’m wiped. Being a party animal is tough.

posted on 26-Jun-2002 5:40:56 PM by Pixie
Ok I don't want to get in trouble so I'm gonna add a little disclaimer here:

I totally forgot that Bob Dylans son already has a band called the Wallflowers! AGH!! So I don't own them or the rights to their songs.

In fact I may change the name of Alex's band. Any suggestions?

I was thinking Kaleidoscope Eye's but that was gonna be the name of my next fic (hehe I haven't written it but I know what its about).
(It will have nothing to do with a book by the same name.)
Anyway suggestions would be welcomed!*bounce*

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I'm back again. After this it may be a while until I can post again so enjoy it while you can! LOL I've run out of parts to post so I have to start writing again.

Anyway I've decided that I'm just gonna call the band Pickle Juice. I'll change it in the other posts soon.

Anyway here it is.....

Part 9:

I would find some way to start this off in an amusing way but the truth is it’s just band practice and whichever way you look at it it’s hard to make fun of something you and 3 other friends are passionate about.

Anyway so the Mr. Jensen, our Principal, allows us to some in twice a week to the band room and practice.

Max and Isabel are watching us like they always do. I have no idea why.

They aren’t in the band. We don’t force them to be here.

Maria keeps looking at me then looking at Max and winking.

I wish she’d stop. She’s gonna get eyelid burn with all that winking.

All they way here she was insisting that the only reason Max comes to watch us is because of me.

All they way here I was thinking I should never have told Maria while hitting my head repeatedly on the window.

I could have strangled myself with the seat belt if I had really wanted but then I remembered Alex wanted to practice our new song so I decided not to.

So that, my friends, is the story of how I found myself to be here sitting on the schools rickety stool behind a well used drum kit.

Alex and Michael can just bring their guitar cases but I can’t very well bring a full drum set to school can I?

I’m currently mesmerized by the twirling of drum sticks in my hand.

Round and round and round and round and round and round and………..



“Sorry if we interrupted you but we are starting now.” Maria gives me a fake smile.

Without even looking I can tell Max is trying not to laugh.

“Shut it talentless boy.” I say with a mock glare.

“I am not talentless! I can do tons of things.”

“Oh yeh? Like what?”

“Ok guy you to can bicker like children later but right now a have a song to play.” Good ol’ Alex. Keeping us on track.

“Yes daddy.” Max bows his head solemnly.

God he’s cute.

Whoa unruly thoughts have escaped. Call back up!

Alex begins to play and I go with the flow. The rhythm that all 3 or them produce in unknown ways.

I could close my eyes and do this. So I do.

And when I open them at the end of the song? I find a pair of eyes looking straight into mine.

A look that goes beyond the cornea and retina. It goes beyond the nerves that send messages through my body. Ordering me what to feel.

It shivers through me down to my soul and beyond that. Whatever is beyond that I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure Max Evans and his stare does because whatever is beyond my soul is what he’s looking at.

You know when you hear the first few keys of a song and suddenly your nose tingles and your eyes water because the frequencies they are hitting are in total sync. That’s kind of what I’m feeling now. That weird sensation of perfect harmony. Everything in balance.

A balance that is rudely torn away when Max blushes and glances down and then pushed to the ground and squished into the gravel when I see Maria’s triumphant ‘I told you so’ look.

And for once I wonder if she is right.

Harmonies can’t be forced. If one key doesn’t want to be harmonized they won’t. You can’t force them.

I look at everyone else in the room.

Oblivious to the life changing moment I just had.

Maria and Alex are conversing about how to improve the song. Michael is eating something and Isabel is reading the Bell Jar.

I look at Max with my eyebrows drawn together.

His staring at his feet obviously in deep thought.

I glance around the room one more time looking for some evidence of what has just occurred.

It’s like in movies where everything is spinning and some melodic tune is playing and then it all just……stops.

Gone as if it had never come.

Maybe I imagined it?

I look at Max and find my eye once again locked with his.

He gives me a small smile with I return.

Nope. I didn’t imagine it.

I’m just not sure Max totally realized it.
Feedback please!!

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Thankyou for all the feedback! I love you guys.

Angelic- All in good time. But first I have to cause some conflict and I doubt anyone is gonna like it! Don't hate me though!*big*

Anyway here it is:

Part 10:

“So are you 2 gonna get together now?”

“God Maria, for the 50th time now. NOTHING has changed!”

She rolls her eyes and waves her hand in dismissal.

“Puh-lease! I saw the whole staring contest at band practice just now. You could just explode with all the sexual tension floating around.” Her eyes bulge at the “explode” part. She looks REALLY creepy.

And anyway she should know it’s not sexual tension. It’s just old fashioned home grown tension.

Excuse me while I ignore her now.

I will busy myself by tying teeny knots in my hair until she shuts up.

Damn. They don’t stay.

Note to self: Stop using conditioner.

“Liz. Let’s face it. He wants you, you want him so just go hump in a motel somewhere and leave us in peace.” Her hand gestures are making me want to rip them off.

I wonder when I became such a violent minded person.

Maria say’s she is blunt and direct.

I say she is crude and vile. A direct result of spending too much time with Michael and the “sweet folk” down at MoJo’s, the local tattoo parlor.

“God Maria. Do you hear what you’re saying?? You’re telling me to go have sex with my best friend of 9 years because I suddenly need a lobotomy due to my untimely crush on Max.”

Yeh. It makes sense don’t it.

“Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

Okay enough of the fun and games.

“Maria. I can’t lose him. Not because of some dumb crush. I can’t lose him. Never.”

She takes her eyes off the road and looks at me.

“You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Yeh.” Nod nod.

At least she understands now.

She nods solemnly and then directs her attention once more to the road.

She doesn’t say anything again until we reach my house.

She was probably thinking of how odd it must be to be me.

I know I think about that everyday.

So now I’m in my room spinning around on my desk chair.

I feel sick and dizzy but this is fun.

Michaels here somewhere. Probably battling it out with my mother for reign of the fridge.

We were painting but he got hungry. The boy has the appetite and taste buds of a dump truck.

Anyway I lean back on the chair and look up at the ceiling. Michael and I painted a night time sky on my ceiling a few years ago.

It’s very peaceful.

Spinny spin spin.

Sicky sick sick.

Clicky click click.

Wait? What?

I look over to my window where the sound is coming from.

Oh it’s just Max.

Taking a picture of me.

“What are you doing Max?”

“Taking a picture of you. Duh.”

“Well I knew that Max but why? You’ve finished your portfolio.”

Ok So I’m a bit paranoid or something because he takes pictures of us all the time at lunch, in the park etc but even so………..

“I know. This isn’t for my portfolio and you just looked really beautiful.”

Melty melt melt.

I’m having a hard time breathing but that should be no problem because dying now wouldn’t be so bad.

He gives me compliments like this all the time. Occasionally we lapse into this weird flirting thing that cracks Michael up.

Shake head and pretend you didn’t hear.

“Oh ok.”

We look at each other for a few seconds and I find myself tense awaiting another one of those…..thingys.

It doesn’t come but Michael does. Sipping a juice box.

It paints quite a funny picture.

“Hey Liz you’ve got no more juice.”

“Yeh that’s because you drank it all Mr. Big-tough-juice box drinker.”

“Hey! Oh hi Max. What’s up?”

I flash Max a big smile before saying sarcastically:

“Didn’t you hear Michael? Max got amnesia and now thinks my bedroom is his.”

Michael raises his eyebrows at Max.

Max glares back in a warning tone.

Is there something I’m missing?

“Riiiiiiiight Max. Just remember me and Alex are watching you.”

His eyes widen.

“Don’t you dare say a word Michael.”

Now I’m really missing something.

I should probably state my thoughts in the form of a fact finding question. How does that go again? Oh right:

“Guy’s, am I missing something?”

They both snap there attention to me.

Michaels eyes are wide and he takes a looooonng sip of Hi-C whilst looking back and forth between me and Max.

“Nope. Nothings missing. All thoughts accounted for.”

Uh huh sure Max.

Oh well. Our group can’t keep secrets anyway so I’m bound to find out.

Oh maybe there’s a sex scandal involving Maria and Michael. Cool.

Michael goes back to the painting and carries on while taking loud sips of his drink.

Max makes himself comfortable on my bed.

I wonder: Since when did my room becomes the “guys” hang out place.

Then I think: Oh right. 9th grade when I beat Tommy Hardford at burping the alphabet.

Oh well. I find myself more comfortable in the presence of guy’s anyway.

Not more comfortable in the “I’m a slut trying to get in your pants” way but more in the “Hey guy’s. Nice car what kinda engine is that?” way.

Well not exactly like that but you know what I mean.

I’m a guy’s girl.

Insert shrug.

It’s kinda nice everyone just sitting here. Doing there respective things.

Me painting, Michael painting, Max smelling my pillow.

Wait just a damn second. Back up.

Max is smelling my pillow?

Insert incredulous: WHY??!?!?

Appartently Michael has noticed to because:

“Maxwell what the fuck are you doing?” And so elegantly said too.

Max looks up blushing.

Yeh I’d be blushing too if I got caught smelling my best friends pillow.

“Ummmm nothing.”

“We talked about this Max. You can’t keep behaving the way you are.”

2 things are going through my mind write now. The first one being : They’ve talked about pillow smelling before? And the second being: Since when did Michael start being the one in charge?

So for about the 50th time tonight I think: Am I missing something?

And the answer is ‘YES’ in big fat chunky letters glowing in a neon fashion specially designed to catch my attention.

The words have stop but they exchange glares which in friend language tell me they are having some sort of non-verbal fight.

They carry on until I clear my throat and attempt to break the argumentative silence.

“So……..guys…….. Sleepy dust are the boogers of the eye.”

They look at me.

For a looooooooong time.

Well, at least I got their attention.

And the conflict begins here boys and girls.......But don't worry it will have a good ending.

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m14-glad to see you're back!*happy*I was beginning to think you'd given up on me after part 9 and no reply! What can I say? I live for your feedback.

LOL Ok I have written a Part 11 which I may post tomorrow. But truth be told I'm thinking about scrapping it because it wasn't quite the direction I wanted to go.

Now don't be scared but..............theres gonna be this girl.........and thats all I'm gonna tell you but have no fear because the conflict will not a be a large one. More of an inconvinence and all around confusion causer.

I know that sucks when people get wrong ideas and stuff but bear with me.

Now I've already said WAYYYY to much but I hope this has un-confused some of you.

And if not? Well enjoy panicking.*big*
posted on 29-Jun-2002 2:46:02 PM by Pixie
Ok people! I am here with Part 11! I kept it pretty much the same but changed a few things that were un-nessecary and just added to the awfulness of thw situation.

Anyhoo I am adding a girl into the mix but no fear! Everything happens for a reason right?

Part 11:

Not only was I confused after last night’s fiasco but it certainly didn’t help that come Monday morning Isabel and Alex kept giving me strange looks.

So lunchtime rolls around and I find myself beginning to worry.

Michael is mad at Max because he smelt my pillow?? It just doesn’t make sense.

And Alex is giving Max warning looks? That doesn’t make sense either.

God why did Max have to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong.


“Liz I found THE guy for you.” It’s funny when Isabel say’s it because although she’s smiling her tone is very flat and un-interested.

It’s another new development due to Max’s curious nose.

Isabel has become my personal Cupid.

She prefers to be called Blind Date Coordinator.

She say’s it’s more “professional”.

“Isabel I already told you! There is no guy on campus you could get me to date!”

She waves her hand in the air.

“Oh I know but would you say ‘No’ to a COLLEGE guy?”

Wink wink. Nudge nudge.


“Oh.” Her face falls.

Apparently Isabel doesn’t like associating with people of her own age and began hanging out with a bunch of college intellectuals when we were unavailable.

We sit down at our regular spot under the willow tree.

I eat my fruit roll up and Isabel picks lint off her Metallica shirt.

Max comes to join us with a huge smile on his face. He’s looking right at me.

I’m terrified.

“Max I found THE person for you!” Again with the flatness. And a sympathetic look in my direction.

My heart lurches and I think: Whoa. Déjà vu. Let’s hope it’s not the same guy.

“Isabel we’ve talked about this.”

Fuck! Why has everyone been talking about stuff and how come I don’t know about it!

“I know Max. I know OK? I am reminded everyday. All I’m saying is give her a chance!”

“I don’t WANT to give her a chance Izzy. You know what I want and you’re being inconsiderate by suggesting this!”

I sit and listen in rapt attention.

Ok ok. So my mind keeps drifting off to thoughts of A Muppets Treasure Island but I’m trying really hard to pay attention. Honest.

“Michael and Alex think it’s a good idea too Max! You can’t spend your whole life as some angsty hermit in some gross wet hole. You have 3 choices right now Max. Go for it or spend your life wishing you did OR you can take up my offer with this girl! Right now choice 3 seems best even if you do plan to do the other 2.”

Max sits defeated. He looks at Isabel for a long time who is strangely wearing a softer look on her face.


Heck I don’t know anymore. My world has been tossed like a salad and it seems I got left on the outside of everything.

I can see him biting the inside of his cheek. A nervous habit.

He looks at me for a second then turns to Isabel again and lets out a sigh.

“Your right Izzy. But just so you know I am planning to do number 1. It just has to be the right time.”

Isabel looks relieved. Max looks sad and I know for a fact I look confused and heart broken.

The man of my dreams is agreeing to go out with another girl. Not that he belongs to me but it hurts.

“So what’s her name?”

Ugh another nail in my coffin.

“Her name is Indigo Delaney, Vicky’s sister and total opposites, and we are meeting her tonight at the park.”

Oh god. Let that be a ‘we’ as in brother sister ‘we’ and not ‘we’ as in group ‘we’.

“You mean our entire group?” Whoa is that me speaking?

Obviously so because suddenly it’s like Isabel realizes I’m here.

“Yeh, You know we were all gonna go to the park tonight. I invited Indigo.”

“I can’t come!” Whoops shouldn’t have sounded so eager.

“Why not? You could 3 hours ago.” Isabel is confused. Join the club.

“Because I …………….have to bake with my mom!”

Max looks at me. He looks upset.

“Why are you lying to me?”

My eyes soften. He’s sad.

Oh god what do I do?

I scoot closer to him mentally banging my head against hard objects.

I lied to my best friend.

Our group is becoming this tangled up bunch of half truths and secrets.

And why? Because Max Phillip Evans smelt my fucking pillow.

“I’m sorry Max. You’re right. I am lying because the truth is I was uncomfortable with you meeting someone because then you won’t spend any more time with us……….ME any more and don’t want that.

There goes me adding another half truth to our rapidly growing pile.

And strangely he looks relieved? Happy? Hopeful?

But Max believes me because it is after all a half truth.

So he half believes me.

“God Liz. That won’t happen. Remember? Whatever paths we choose to take I just want you to know that you’re my best friend…..”

“ and I love you.” I finish for him.

“Don’t worry Max I know.”

He looks pained again.

He pulls me into a fierce hug.

“I’d never abandon you Liz so don’t even think it.”


My voice is small and quiet.

Partly because I’m about to cry, partly because I can’t breathe in his death grip and partly because my heart isn’t use to this kind of torture.

Push and pull. Hope and devastation. Joy and sadness.

My life has become this one big heap of confusion and I’m the one left to sort it all out because every has started lying and keeping secrets.

Maybe my mom was right. This is the year everyone changes the most.

I don’t know. Like I said my life is confusion.

One thing is for certain though.

I hope Max doesn’t let go.
I know you hate me now but feedback please!

posted on 30-Jun-2002 7:04:32 PM by Pixie
Hey people. Soory about the delay. I was going to post this morning but it wouldn't let me.

But now I am!

So here is part 12. It's kinda boring. Sorry! *happy*

Part 12:

The rumor mill is churning like mad.

So I accompanied Maria to MoJo’s because I needed answer and I needed them now.

It’s so weird here.

She hugged this biker dude on her way in. Then he shook my hand.

It’s all very strange. Not what you expect.

Everyone has been really friendly. The head guy is gay.

I think.

With all the “Dahlings!” going around I would think this is a tea party not a tattoo parlor.

So Maria is sitting in this dentist type chair while a man with 8 lip piercings draws a sun/moon thing on the nape of her neck.

“Maria you have to tell me if anything strange is going on! I mean Michael and Isabel sure know and Alex was giving me strange looks all day.”

If I have to stab her with the needle I will.

“Honey I honestly don’t know anything. Isabel gave up telling me secrets AGES ago remember? After that little homecoming situation.”

“Ok but help me figure this out. 1) Michael gets pissed when he catches Max smelling my pillow. 2) Alex is giving me weird looks which I assume are related to Max’s curious nose. 3) Isabel is trying to set Max up with this girl Idaho or something and Max expressed resentment and sadness at this. 4) I asked Alex about this and he denied knowing anything about the pillow thing but thought it was funny and wouldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes. And 5) You and me are the only ones that don’t know. You don’t know because you tend to blab and there would be no reason for me not to know so that means they are trying to keep a secret from me!”

Deep breaths. Don’t forget to breathe. On planet earth it’s nessecary.

“Hey chica slow down!”

That’s Maria right?

No. Actually it’s 8 lip piercings man.

Yeh I’m as shocked as you are.

“Yeh listen to Marco. Hey Marco. What do you think about Liz’s situation?”

“Well honey! First of all it’s pretty damn obvious why they are hiding this from you! This Max kid likes you! It’s as plain as the bolt in my nose! Honey, he smelled your pillow? Walk up and smell the stale drool on that pillow Dahling! It’s a matter of time before he comes and tells you he loves you!”

Maria nods in agreement as if he has just said something very wise.

I know for a fact my nostrils are flared and my eyes are bulging.

This couldn’t get creepier if it tried.

I need to get out of here.

“I need to get out of here Maria. I’ll see you tonight.”

With that I grab my back pack and rush out of there as quickly as possible ignoring the “Ta ta Dahling!” from the guy in leather at the counter.

I shudder and walk quickly towards my house.

A few things are going through my head: That place smelled, they’re all gay and does Max really like me??

The last one is plaguing my mind as I walk down Saturn Blvd.

It kinda makes sense I guess.

I mean there are 2 reasons why I would smell Max’s pillow.

1)Because he smells great

and 2)……….Wait. There’s only one reason.

But does that apply to Max?

Maybe something smelt weird.

But that still doesn’t explain everyone else’s weirdness.

I need to think.

Thinky think think.


Ok so thinking didn’t really work because my brain pulled a muscle and it hurts.

I figure I may as well just wait and see what happens.

I considered rushing over to Max’s house and asking him if he liked me but that’s not very reasonable.

What if he didn’t?!

Tornadoes would form, earthquakes would shake, volcanoes would erupt and I’d sit there looking like a goon while everyone in the conspiracy laughs at me.

I should be thinking “GIRL POWER! Go for it! Nothing can stop me! I’m a woman hear me roar!”

Instead I sit like a limp noodle thinking “Fuck it. I’ll sit and wait till something happens. I need a juice box.”

I plan the possible scenarios for tonight in my head.

In my head there’s about 3 things that could happen:

1) She’s ugly and smart and Max hates her.

2) She’s pretty but dumb. Max hates her.

3) 1 or 2 but with opposite results.

I’m most terrified about 3.


But you have to be prepared right?

Trouble is I don’t know how to prepare to meet someone I never met.

I think about borrowing a skirt from Isabel but then remember she only owns Korn and Metallica shirts.


I could borrow one of those floral dresses from Maria and get all dressed up.

Nah. Not an option.

Everyone will know I’m trying to hard to impress Max.

Plus I’ve never worn a dress in my life and I’m not about to start because I’m jealous Max is finally getting a girlfriend.

But god! What if she’s beautiful! It’s most likely she’ll be the opposite of me!

I picture a big busted Tess Harding in my head and cringe.

Don’t want to see that again. Mentally impairing.

But anyway I think I’ll dress up as myself.

If Max doesn’t like me the way I am then he doesn’t like ME.

That is if he even likes me.

So I pull on my battered baggy cords and a scarlet tank top.

Normal me looks pretty horrific but that’s how I look everyday so *shrug*.

Walking downstairs and out the door hoping nothing goes badly and my heart doesn’t get trampled on too much.
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So I know I promised that you would get to meet Indigo but I can't do that.

I did try honestly. I've been writing trying to get the whole part out but I feel sick so I'm just going to give you what I've written. It's really short I know but it's the best I can offer right now.

No point in writing fic when you head is all mushy. Apologies if this is really bad. My hearts not in writing right now.


Part 13:

Walking down the stairs to the Crashdown I feel an ever growing sense of dread.

Then I am viciously attacked at the bottom of the stairs by Maria.

I would have screamed but her hand is clamped tightly on my mouth.

I bite her hand and she releases.

“Ouch! No need for that!” She’s whispering.

If I wasn’t so busy wondering why her lotion tastes so gross I would care.

I’m about to say something when she places a finger over her mouth.

“Shhhhhhhhhh.” Her eyes are wide. I think they may pop out.

“Why?” I mock whisper.

She winces. Maybe her eardrums have been broken?

Too many ear piercings and who knows what can happen?

She bends and flexes her index finger towards the door a few times dramatically.

“They’re in there.” She look terrified.

“Who is in …OH! THEM.”

She nods in agreement. Our eyes are both wide.

“Is that all you can say Liz? ‘Oh’.”

“Well yeh. It’s not like she gonna eat us.”

She looks blankly at me for a while.

“Huh. Guess I overreacted.”

“Just a tad.” I say making my thumb and index finger about a millimeter apart and squinting my eyes.

“Yeh well,” She looks me up and down, “I half expected you to come begging me for a dress or skirt or something to show Max what he’s missing.”

God. Sometimes my friends can be so shallow. Excuse me while I enlighten her.

“Maria. This IS what Max is missing. Or not missing or whatever. I’m not going to wear a dress for the first time in god knows how many years just because Max might think I suddenly look prettier and go “Oh Liz. NOW I love you. I just didn’t realize it before because you weren’t wearing a dress.” Honestly Maria do I look like an extra from some happy go lucky teen movie? I think not.”

Once again with the blank looks.

“As much as I admire you self respect Liz you could’ve at least put on some lipstick and eye shadow.”

This coming from the girl with green eye shadow and bright red lipstick and enough foundation to make her look like an oompa loompa.

I love her. Really I do.

“I don’t own eye shadow.”

It’s very true. If you were to look in my makeup bag you’d find semi-tinted Vaseline. In fact you wouldn’t even find that because I don’t own a makeup bag. But it is in my pocket so I guess that counts.

“Well borrow mine.” She rolls her eyes to the ceiling probably asking God why he gave her such a fashion challenged friend.

Borrow hers? Hmm I have a choice of orange, red, green, purple and turquoise.

Sorry but no thanks.

I give Maria my “Hell no.” look and she backs off.

“Ok. Ok. But be cool.” She takes a deep breathe and walks through the doors. I don't know why she's so panicked. It's not the love of her life going on a date with some unknown girl.

I roll my eyes to the ceiling asking God why he gave me such a mentally challenged friend.

Deep breath.

Then I walk through the doors preparing for the worst.

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Hey guy's. I wanted to get this out quickly so I haven't really had time to edit it or make sure it doesn't suck.

Hopefully it isn't too bad!!
Part 14:

I manage to walk through the door without throwing up which is a total bonus.

I spot the whole gang plus a girl who I assume is Indigo standing by the counter chatting.

Now I know what you’re thinking. ‘Woohoo! This is the part of the story where she tells us what a whore this Indigo girl is and how horribly fake she acts.’

I hate to disappoint you all but the closer I get the more I realize that she is the total opposite.

She’s beautiful to be exact.

She’s standing next to Max and matches his height. Better than my 5”4 stature.

Her hair is short and blond but not fake. She’s au natural.

She has obviously mastered the evil art of make-up with her face perfectly done up with eyeliner and black eye shadow.

The worst thing is she fits perfectly into our group with her brand new red Dickies and Vans. And it appears she stole Michaels Korn shirt.

My heart is dropped from a 50 foot building and I wish I had bothered to do something nice with my hair.

This sucks guys. This really sucks.

She’s amazing. She totally looks the part of Max’s girlfriend AND she’s a college girl. I mean, what high school guy in their right mind wouldn’t want to go out with a college girl?

I’m crazy if I think I have a chance.

All my vain hopes of her being a total skank are dashed. I should have known. She is Isabels friend and Isabel wouldn’t touch a whore with a ten foot pole.

Never the less I don’t feel so comfortable with walking over there.

It’s not too late to run back up stairs and fake the Black Death right?

“Hey Liz!”

Damn and I was so close. I turn around and am immediately enveloped in a bear hug.

It’s Max. He smells really good.

“Umm Max you can let go now.”

He releases me and backs up a bit blushing.


He’s so adorable when he’s sheepish.

He takes my hand and leads me over to the rest of the group.

Isabel gives me a look and Maria winks.

“Indigo this is our friend Liz and Max’s best friend of 9 years.” Isabel introduces.

“It’s so nice to meet you! Max has told me a lot about you.” Shit. And her smile is like the god damn sun.

I’m kinda stunned and confused but being the clam collected, not to mention funny, person that I am I calmly and coolly carry on the conversation.

“Oh really. Did he tell you how he used to beg me to play Pretty Pretty Princess with him?”

Indigo laughs.

Max just looks at me.

“Hey I’m not the one who’d throw a fit if she didn’t get the crown.”

Oooo nice comeback Max. I’d retaliate if I wasn’t drooling on my shoe.

“Ok lets go before we get back on the whole tampon thing.” Maria knows just how to let things slip.

“Tampon thing?” Indigo is confused. Heck I’d be confused if I was in her shoes.

“Oh yeh! Max buys Liz tampons.”

“MARIA!” I all but shout.

Max is flushing bright red and I have a feeling my face is clashing with my outfit.

His hand tightens around mine.

It feels so …………warm.

“Maria. I swear to god girl, I’m gonna cut your tongue out.” Michael is taking her hand and dragging her out the café.

Indigo is just staring at me with a look of ………….interest?

Euw. NO! Not THAT kinda interest.

Soon enough though we are all heading out the door and walking to the park.

I feel very inadequate walking along with Indigo and Max. Nice conversation and all but I feel like they are towering above me.

It’s ok. My attention is caught by Max’s hand intertwined with mine.

He hasn’t let go since he grabbed my hand in the Crashdown and I can’t say I am disappointed.

His hand is very pretty. Smooth but masculine.

And his arm is pretty too. Strong. Like you can’t wait to have them wrapped around you.

Ok so I’m delusional. Since when have guy’s body parts been “pretty”.

I’m losing it.

“So where are we going exactly?” Indigo asks.

“Oh it’s this really nice place in the park. Right by the gazebo where the trees have white Christmas lights on them all year. Liz and I really like it there. It’s beautiful.”

I look up at Max to see him looking down at me.

I smile.

It is a magical place. Our group has been going there most nights since the beginning of high school.

It’s strange walking along with Max and Indigo.

Max keeps looking at me while answering Indigo’s questions.

And like when she asked where we were going.

Did you notice how he brought me into the topic even though our WHOLE group loves it there?

Pretty strange if you ask me.

Almost like he wants to make it clear I am with him.

But I’m not.

Oh no I’m getting a head ache again.

This really bites ya know?

I keep getting confused because Max doesn’t make things clear.

We can’t lie to each other but we sure can confuse each other.

But even so with the sun going down its wonderful walking with Max.

If we were a couple I imagine we’d be going to some cozy restaurant.

It would be lovely.

I rest my head on Max’s shoulder and notice that he looks down and smiles at me when I do.

Maybe he does like me?

Ha not likely. I’ve rested my head on Max’s shoulder before. Heck we’ve slept in the same bed more often then we sleep in separate beds.

Just because I am delusional doesn’t mean anything has changed.

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Thankyou for all the feedback guys! you are wonderful!!

michaela- what would I do without my stalker? I have no clue.

Oh and Isabel does know that Max likes Liz but she doesn't know that Liz likes Max. But she's probably catching on.

Anyway I would write a part right now but theres a cricket up in the vent and it's driving me absolutely crazy!!!

I'm so serious I may go climb up in the vent and KILL it.

I'm not violent I swear!

hehehe. Urgh!! I need to write Paris Blues!!! I'm putting it off because I have no clue what to write as of yet. I know the ending scene and thats it!

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FINALLY I am back! This part may make you feel the need to hurt me badly (especially at the end). But I think you should know the next part will be a whole lot better. Let just say everyone makes mistakes right?

LOL Now that I've totally confused you on with the festivities!

Oh and I put an authors notes in Paris Blues you may want to read. It regardes my absence, a sequel, and a new fic.


Part 15:

It’s dark when we reach the park.

The fairy lights set a magical mood and I snuggle into Max’s shoulder a bit more.

“You’ll love it here Indigo.” Maria say’s.

You can tell everyone loves Indigo. She’s one of those people that doesn’t put on acts around other people. She’s completely loveable.

I regret saying anything mean to Tess. Maybe I hadn’t called her a whore so many times Max would like me.

In short I’m the opposite of Indigo. While she’s charming and tall I’m unsociable and short.

We may wear the same type of clothes but hers are new while mine, well, lets just say I pulled these pants out of the hamper. I’m not sure they’ve been washed yet this month.

Totally gross but that’s the way I live.

Anyway Alex is currently telling Indigo one of his “famous’ jokes. They’re all dirty and end up with large amounts of people naked in the same bed because of a misunderstanding.

Alex say’s they’re an ice breaker.

I say it breaks the ice they smushes it into a muddy sludge.

I see the gazebo up ahead and our wonderful tree.

“Wow guy’s this place is beautiful.”

“Yeh it’s a regular wonderland.” Isabel is being sarcastic again. I don’t know why. She loves this place just as much as we do.

I’m not interested in delving into her strange psyche right now though. I’m busy claiming my spot under the tree.

Everyone has their own special little spot. God I sound like someone from Sesame Street.

Anyway Isabel and Alex sit side clutching each others hands in this little nook in the tree.

Alex calls it his “Tree Cave.”

Alex was a cave man in his past life.

Or so Maria say’s.

Sure explains how he is magnetically drawn to cave like things.

Euw. That sounds very disturbing when you think about it.

Maria always sits in between Michaels legs with his arms wrapped around her and I always lie down with my head in Max’s lap.

I consider changing my position but if Indigo is going to be a part of our group there’s a few things she must realize.

One of them being Max’s lap is damn comfy there’s no way in hell I’m moving.

But then, I think sadly, when Max starts dating and falls in love with Indigo he’s not going to want his best friend in his lap. He’s going to want to snuggle with Indigo under the stars.

Ugh, and I’m going to have to watch pretending it doesn’t affect me.

Could my life get any worse.

So we are all sitting/lying under this tree having a grand old time of it.

“Did anyone else think Charlie Horse and that dog from Lambchop were “together”?” Indigo questions.

See I told you. Perfect for our group.

“Would have been a bummer for Sherrie Lewis had they done a sex scene.” Michael adds.

“Michael you are so…..”






“Well yes but NO! You’re so SICK.”

Michael grins and pulls Maria tighter to him.

“You know you love me.”

Maria rolls her eyes.

I close my eyes and fight sleep.

Max’s hands are weaving themselves through my hair making it very hard to find a conscious thought.

I look up at him and smile.

He smiles back. That adorable half smile/grin thing he does.

I don’t know how but it makes me melt everytime.

I feel set of eyes on us and know its Maria grinning like a freaking Cheshire cat

I feel another set of eyes on us and know its Alex fighting a smile.

I feel another set of eyes on us and know its Michael shooting warning looks at Max.

I feel yet another set of eyes on us and know its Isabel squinting with a look of something that I can’t quite point out.

And just when you think no more people could be looking at us like a circus freak show I feel another set of eye’s on us.

Using my phantasmagorical powers of deduction I can safely say it’s Indigo.

Say it with me now: ‘How DOES she do it?!’

Yeh, I know I’m gifted.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see she’s looking at us with curiosity.

I hear Isabel groan.

“Max DEAR, remember the little talk we had earlier?”

Now all eyes on her. It’s quite amusing watching so many people confused like this.

Ducks in the ‘Duck Crossing’ chorus ‘What IS she talking about?’

I heard them.

“Ummm yes.”

It must have been a long talk to get Max sounding so frightened.

But then again Isabel does have that tendency.

“Well then. Why don’t you and your FANTASTIC memory go and take Indigo on a walk around this beautiful park.”

Whoa now I’m scared. Her eyes are bulging and her teeth are grinding.

You can hear them if you listen closely: squeak squeak.


Yeh I’d be scared to Max. Scratch that. I AM scared.

He looks at me apologetically then leans down to kiss me on the cheek.

“Sorry.” He whispers.


His head snaps up at Isabel’s screech.


I honestly don’t know why she’s acting so crazy.

I sit up so Max can get up.

I would like not to and scream ‘Don’t go with her! I love you!’

I know what Isabel is doing. Every couples starts out with a nice long walk in a moonlit park.

Well maybe not but this couple is going to and I’m going to have to see it when they come back all……….couple-y.

I think I will throw myself into the pits of despair and depression.

I watch them walk off and although I’m please to see he isn’t taking HER hand I know it’s only a matter of time.

I stand up and brush the grass off my ass.

“I’m gonna head home guys.”

Maria looks at me sadly.

“Okay honey. Don’t worry about it.” She throws a glare in Isabels direction and I begin walking off.

“Isabel I can’t believe you did that!”

I can hear her beginning to tell them about me loving Max but at this point I don’t care.

They have secrets I don’t know about. Why not throw one more into the pile.

This sucks.

I don’t want to have to watch the man of my dreams get all cozy with another girl.

I mean it was bound to happen but why with someone so nice and pretty.

If she was a whore I could hate her.

Even worse now there will be 3 couples then me. The short scruffy little outcast.

At least when Max was single we could flirt in a friendly way with each other and I could sit on his lap.

Now I’ll be left out of everything. They’ll want to go couple-y places and I won’t be able to.

Max won’t climb through my window and into my bed ever again because he’ll be over at Indigo’s apartment. With NO parents!

We won’t hang out so much because he’ll want to do things with Indigo.

All in all this entire situation stinks.

I feel a tear drip down my face.

I let them flow freely because although I’m not a girly girl I’m not afraid to cry.

Heck I’ve probably ruined most of Max’s shirts with all my crying, but yet he continues to wear them without washing.

Whats up with that?

Max doesn’t wash his shirts as much as I don’t wash my pants. I can’t imagine how bad our hygiene must be.

At least the other guys clean their clothes regularly.

Our hygiene must be horrific.

Oh well. Max will probably start washing his shirts now that he has a girlfriend to impress.

He won’t wash his shirts for me but he’d wash them for Indigo I bet.

Personally I think he’s adorable with his scruffy shirts and wrinkle pants.

Now he’ll start wearing NEW clothes which of course he’d look just as gorgeous in.

But he won’t be MY Max any longer.

I’ll still love him because he’s Max but still.

I have a feeling things are about to change.

Hopefully not in a way that destroys my heart.

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hehe just thought I'd comment on the general dislike for Isabel.

It's funny that you all hate her so much. I can see why considering it's Liz's POV but I don't think she's intentionally being a bitch.

The way I figure it she's sick and tired of seeing Max pine over Liz so she does him a favor. Granted it's not a very good one but ......yeh.

And she doesn't want to see her friend get dissed which is why she's making him take walk with her.

Personally I still kind of hate her but thats becasue I cannot write *shrug* LOL If I could you may not hate her so much.

Anyhoo thats a trip down my twisted thinking. Hope ya enjoyed it.*big*
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Ok guy's I'm back again. This time I have crept into the world of other characters POV. This really sucks I know but bear with me. It's gonna get better. (I hope)

So this is Indigo's POV Hope you like!


As I walk away from the group I realize this thing with Max isn’t going to work.

In fact I knew it wouldn’t work in the Crashdown.

Don’t get me wrong.

Max is cute, smart, funny and kind. Just about everything you’d want in a man.

But apparently I’m not everything he wants.

When I was introduced to him in the Crashdown I felt nervous energy coming off of him and he kept checking the door.

Then this girl, who I now know as Liz, comes through and he bolts like a spooked horse to hug her.

That was probably the point at which I knew Isabel had set this up against his will.

Don’t think I hate Liz. Because I really don’t. She’s sweet and funny and it’s pretty damn clear that his affection is reciprocated.

I don’t think either of them realize this though.

It was quite adorable how he held her hand the entire time. I knew they were best friends but ‘Whoa’ can you say sexual tension?

Liz was kind of quiet throughout though. Probably upset that Isabel wants Max to date.

Isabel is my friend but I think she was a little harsh to Max. The boy is 16 or 17 for god sakes. I think he can make his own decisions.

I would hate for my brother to set me up. I’d probably kill him.

I see a park bench a little ways off and go sit down on it.

“I think we need to talk Max.”

“Ummm OK.”

I think I need to set him straight.

“I like you Max but I don’t think I can date you.”


I could laugh out loud right now. He’s quite amusing when he trying to hide is utter joy.

“But I think I know someone who would like to.”

His face falls. He glances around. Probably looking for a good exit route.

Damn parks that don’t have emergency exits.



His head snaps up.

“Liz? My Liz?” His eyes are wide and the hope is just about pouring out of them.

“Yeh. Come on Max. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed the way she looks at you.”

“She looks at me?”

The confusion is evident, like he never dreamed she would look at him.

“Oh yeah. You guys have it bad for each other.”

He just smiles at me.

“Isabel is gonna kill me.”

“Why doesn’t she know you like Liz?”

“Well she does. Actually both Michael, Alex and her know I love her.”

Whoa now that’s something I didn’t expect him to say.

“You LOVE her?”

He smiles shyly and nods.

“More than anything.”

“Wow. So why did Isabel set you up?”

“I guess she’s sick and tired of me pining after Liz and just thought she’d help me get some realistically.”

“Oh. She seemed a tad harsh back there.”

“You noticed too? God I’m so embarrassed but you’re her friend and I guess she didn’t want me to hurt your feelings.”

He looks at me sadly questioning whether I am hurt.

I pat his back.

“Don’t worry Max. I knew there was no chance for me back at the Crashdown when you rushed over to hug her.”

“Oh good.” His face fills with relief then goes concerned again.

“Was I really that obvious?”

I laugh.

“Afraid so buddy. Look Max I would really like to be a part of your guys’ group. You are all such nice people.”

“That would be cool. If you don’t mind hanging out in random peoples houses by tacky wallpaper.” We stand up and begin to head back.

“Sounds delightful Max.”


As we near the tree I can see Isabel pacing like crazy. She turns her head and sees us.

“OH MY GOD MAX!!!!!”

“Uh oh.” He whispers under his breathe.

I stifle a laugh.

“I’m so sorry Max. If I had known I would NEVER have forced you to take a walk.”

“Known what? Wheres Liz??”

“SHE LEFT!” Maria screams!

And old couple walking past give us evil old people glares and shush us.

Max is looking really worried now.

“Why? Where?”

“Calm down. Maria and Isabel are a little over excited because Maria spilled the beans on Liz liking you and now Maria is pissed and Isabel feels guilty. Liz went of in to her house about 10 minutes ago. If you run you can catch up.”

I never figure Michael to be the calm rational type but you can’t judge a candy bar by its wrapper right?

“Okay. I’m gonna go. WAIT! She told you she likes me?!”

If his smile were any bigger I’d need sunglasses. And it’s night time.

“Yes Max! Now go!”


He stands looking back and forth for a while with a smile before he runs off in the direction we originally came from.

“Well,” Maria say’s, “It’s about to get interesting.”

We all nod and look towards the direction Max ran off to.
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Okay first of all I am so grateful for all the feedback! It makes me so happy! Best part about my day!

Probably shouldn't have said that because it makes me sound like a loser but the hey!

So I really want to get more of this out to you before I leave on Friday for england.

The next parts should be good if I don't crap them up.

It's all in my head so far and I wouldn't trust my head as far as I could throw it so fingers crossed it will turn out okay.

This next part is about Paris Blues. Actaully I just copied and pasted my note from there to here:
Okay guy's I had an idea.

I've been stuck with this because although I don't want to let the story go I think it would be best to just have my ending scene and be done. Otherwise it could drag on forever in a boring manner.

But since I am a people pleaser I thought I should end this story and then start with a new plot line in a sequel. It may sound stupid considering I could just go with another plot line in this story but I think I could do a better job if Paris Blues is out of the way. Clean slate as it were.

Plus it means I can get a part out to you sooner! YAY!

LOL I probably won't be able to start the sequel until the new school year as I'm leaving next week but still I think this would be a better idea.

Also depending on how The Wallflower Society pans out I'm thinking of starting a new fic. It'll be sort of based on the book 'Brother in the Land.' which I read 2 years ago.

If anyone has read it it won't be completely based on it. Basically the only similar things will be a nuclear explosion. Probably won't even have a brother.

That fic (if I do write it) won't be out for AGES though because I need to re-read the book to gather some facts.

Anway I hope this all can clear up some concerns and what not.

Please feel free to reply or b-mail me with any input.

Help is always appreciated.
Same is true for this fic cos I'm sure not all of you read them both.

Anyway I hope everyone is enjoying their vacations! Or if you english kids aren't out yet then have fun when you do!

Thankyou so much guys!

*sniff* I'm getting all teary eyed now!

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hehe I am well aware this is the part you have been waiting for. I am also aware that I cut it off abruptly causing you to probably hunt me down afterwards.

lol A little suspense never hurt anyone though right?

This part isn't all that funny I'm sorry to say. But here goes nothing.


Part 17:

I’m still crying when I get home. Luckily mom and dad are out somewhere for the evening so I didn’t get the ‘bright light in your eyes’ interrogation.

Since facing the world………..or the dust mites under my bed seems like a difficult task right now I am making a fort.

Yeh yeh. But before you start laughing this fort is pretty damn cool.

I pulled my chair out from under my desk and draped my duvet over it so it make a very nice tent.

It kinda glows from the outside cus I put my lamp underneath.

I know ‘Only you can prevent forest fires’ but I don’t think my lamp is about to spontaneously combust.

Now placed underneath my little tent thing with a box of fruit roll ups and 10 juice boxes I plan to stay here for a long time.

Fruit roll ups are very nutritious. Of course living on them will probably cause bowel troubles but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I sway my head from side to side while munching on a rollup and singing.

“I learned the truth at seventeen
That love was meant for beauty queens
And high school girls with clear skin smiles
Who married young and then retired

Yeh I know that’s not how it goes. Well the mmmmmmmm bit anyway.

How about I just skip to my favorite part.

“And those of us with ravaged faces
Lacking in the social graces…”



Teehehe I didn’t saaaaaaaaaay that.

Whoa I think my fruit roll up diet is affecting my speech.


A hand lifts up the corner of my fort and a head peaks in.

Not any head.

Max’s head.

Fully attached to his body I might add.

I hope.

“Hey Max.”

I will not let his presence affect me in anyway.

“Inventing lovers on the phone
who called to say come dance with me..”

“Are you singing Janis Ian?”

I nod solemnly.

“Yeppidy do da.”

His brow furrows.


“So wheres Indigo? You know Isabel will kill you if you left her to die in the streets.”

My fatal attempt at humor.

It really didn’t work because Max is just looking at me with this weird expression on his face.


Probably for my mental health.

Ok. New plan.

“Care to join me?”

I hand out an inviting looking rollup. Finest in the box. He won’t be able to resist it’s sugary charms.


He crawls into the confined space.

“Nice fort.” He say’s honestly.

“Thanks. I made it myself.”


We sit in my tent in silence for a really long time.

Max keeps looking at me.

He looks like he might attack any minute.

Uh oh! Shit I know why he’s here.

He gonna tell me how great Indigo is. And how he doesn’t want their relationship to ruin our friendship.

“Liz I have to tell you something.”

“I know….”

“When I was walking with Indigo…”

“Max it okay….”

“She told me that I should talk to you……….”

“Max really it’s okay……..”

“So I got up the courage to come over here……..”

“You don’t have to say anything….”

“After I heard you ran off……”

“Max. I don’t need an explaination…..”

“To tell you……..”

“I’m happy for you both….really…….”

“I love you.”

“Oh course you do! She’s beautiful and funny and has the best …WHAT!?”

He smiles at me in a nervous sort of way.

“I….I..I love you.”

I stare at him for a really long time with my eyebrows higher than the frickin Empire State building.

Finally my eyebrows relax before furrowing.



“Why would you want me Max? Look at me? My clothes haven’t been washed since god knows when, I don’t have pretty makeup on, my hair is flat and boring, I’m short and…”

He grabs my shoulders.

“Liz…..You’re perfect.”

I bite my lip and look at him sadly. How can he think that? I’m nothing but perfect.

He leans slightly closer moving his arms from my shoulder to my waist.

“I love your soft hair and your beautiful browns eyes. I love how cute you look when you wear wrinkled clothes or you haven’t brushed your hair. I love that you never wash your clothes and that I can tell you anything. I love that you’re my best friend and I love you.”


Feedback? hehe(tentative laugh)

posted on 9-Jul-2002 12:43:31 PM by Pixie
hehe you guys are the best! So much feedback I'm blown away.

One question: Where'd my stalker go?

Anyhoo I hope this doesn't disappoint. You may be upset they don't kiss but I want this to be more realistic.

Part 18:

Overdosing on roll ups is a bad thing and probably the cause of me sitting like a goon while Max looks at me expectantly.

Then for no apparent reason I burst into tears.

“Oh Liz…” He pulls me into a hug from where I start babbling incoherently in a snot bubbly kind of way.

Ok it isn’t that bad but I can’t even guess what I’m saying so how the darn heck is Max?

“In huve houw hoo.” I manage to sputter out before a new wave of tears comes.

“Hey……shhhh….it’s ok. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said…”


Well that was pretty clear. Kudos to me for the lack of snot bubbles.

I pull away and look into his eyes.

“Please don’t say that Max.”

He pulls me back into the hug.


After a few minutes I realize I still haven’t said anything.

I pull away again.



“I love you too. Wrinkled shirts and all.”

He smiles at me in this ……….happy……..kind of way.

Great use of my vocabulary. I’m trying to describe a beautiful moment and I use the word HAPPY????? Gah. Juice box withdrawal can really get to ya.

“Good.” He says “Cus I’m not ironing anytime soon.”

I laugh although I could say ‘Way to break the mood.’ But we don’t need a mood because we are bestfriends.

Bestfriends that love everything about each other. Perfect or un-perfect.

I yawn.

He yawns.

“Do you think we should go to sleep?”

“Good idea.”

So we lie down in my tent and he wraps his arms around me.

We’ve slept like this before but being “together” so to speak makes burying my face in his neck all the more sweeter.

I’m about to fall asleep.

“Do you think your parents will still let me stay the night?”

“I don’t know……what’s up with your insomnia anyway. You always fall straight to sleep when you’re in my room.”

He blushes in the dark.

Best friends can tell remember.

“I don’t have insomnia. I just like……sleeping in your room.”

I laugh and kiss him on the cheek.

“You’re too cute. Should have told me that though. I wouldn’t have minded.”

He laughs.

“When did you start loving me?” He asks.

“I don’t know. I think maybe I always loved you but didn’t exactly realize it.”

“Oh so when did you realize it?”

“End of last year. At Michaels house when I sprained my ankle and you insisted on carrying me everywhere including the grocery store. I still can’t believe you managed to carry the lump that it me.”

He strokes my hair.

“You’re not a lump. You’re perfect.” He whispers.

I blush in the dark although I’m sure he can tell.

“So when did you know you loved me?”

“First time I laid eyes on you. You were sitting on a bench playing with glitter Playdoh and I thought ‘She’s beautiful’.

Whoa. I didn’t realize he loved me for so long.

“I hated that Playdoh you know. I dislike all sparkly things.”

He laughs and hugs me tighter.

“I know.”

“Because you’re my bestfriend?”

“Because I’m your bestfriend.”

“Are we together now?”

He thinks for a minute.

“Yeh I guess we are.”

“Cool.” I say as I snuggle further into his arms.

This is all I imagined it would be. And more.

“Nu-night. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Liz, Santa isn’t my hero anymore.”

“Oh? Who is?”

“The Easter bunny.”

“Oh. Ok.”

Then we drift to sleep the last thing I think being ‘This is the best day of my life and we haven’t even kissed yet.’
Feedback!! Sorry it's so short!!!

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You didn't think I would leave with giving you something to do for 4 weeks did you?

Make it last. It's all your getting for month! LOL


Part 19:

It’s funny how even though your personal has changed in this amazing dramatic way the world around is still pretty much the same.

For example I woke up this morning to find that, much to my dismay, the tent had caved in providing a nice blanket over Max and myself.

So I’m lying there thinking this is the best morning of my life and who comes into my room?

My mother.

And what does she say?

“HONEY! You guys must have been so uncomfortable one the floor. Why didn’t you sleep on the bed?”

Never mind the fact the fact that I’m lying ON TOP of MAX. Or that my leg is bent over his in a rather suggestive position.

Honestly I think my mother must have had some really bad acid trips ‘back in the day’.

So for about 2 minutes I’m lying on top of Max and we are looking at each other really confused as my mother runs around my room picking up clothes and mumbling about saving money on Tide because I never wash clothes.

When she does finally leave with a cheery ‘There’s pancakes downstairs’ I just look at Max.

And laugh.

It’s ridiculous.

Even more ridiculous is that Maria calls us in the middle of breakfast rambling about a food and bug spray.

When I get her to calm down I am able to extract the information that I may need.

This is shortened from it’s original text to format your screen:

“Hey Liz. My dad bought a new BBQ. Do you guys want to come over? Is Max at your house? Bring mustard.”

I ignored the last question, say we’ll be there at 11 and hang up.

What? My Rice Krispies weren’t going snap, crackle and pop anymore. They were going squelch, squish and flop.

“Who was that?”



“We are going to a BBQ at her house.”


It’s very nice eating breakfast with Max.

Of course there have been many occasions where breakfast was consumed in his presence but now with us being “together” I imagine we are a couple in a brand new home eating breakfast before work.

Mmm humm my fantasies are really explicit aren’t they.

“Do you think we should tell them.”

“We don’t have to. They will already know what with Maria being all…….freaky and the fact that I ran off while Isabel and Maria were screaming “GO GET HER!!”.

I nod along.

That’s probably a good thing that I won’t have to tell them. I’m not good at confrontation although I do want the entire to know that Max Evans and Liz Parker are in love.

I just don’t want to do it myself.

We both went to sleep dressed so I figure there’s absolutely no reason to change.

While we are up in my room not getting changed Max pulls my arm and leads me to the bed so we are sitting side by side.

Reeeeeeeeeaaaly closely.

I give a funny little shiver when he looks directly at me and he squeezes my hand a little bit tighter.

“You don’t regret last night do you?”

I look at him like he’s grown a third eye which probably is not the best way to look at someone who is questioning your love.

I lift my other hand up and touch his cheek.

He kinda………closes his eyes and he leans against my hand before opening them again.

“Max I meant everything I said last night. EVERYTHING. And I’m pretty sure I’ll mean it the rest of my life.”

He smiles and breathes out a long kept sigh.

He hugs me.


We hug for a lot longer before he asks:

“Do you think you’ll still love me when I’m like 80?”

I laugh a bit.

“I’ll love you when your 90 and still haven’t wash your shirt.”

I’m serious too.

I know we haven’t been together for that long but I’ve also known him for 9 years and possibly loved him for that long so I know enough to know that Max is it for me.

He’s the one.

The one that can make me smile not matter what, can comfort me the most terrible of situations and can just sit with me in comfortable silence.

And he never cleans his clothes. *Insert dreamy sigh here*

He’s perfect.

He laughs a bit at my last comment and hugs me again.

“And I’ll love you when your 100 and can’t get out of bed.” He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

“EUW!! Max that’s gross. Do you know how wrinkly and gross I’ll be at 100? I don’t even know if people that age can even do that!”

He laughs.

“Your right it’s kinda disgusting.”

“You think?!”

After a moments silence………

“I’ll love you forever Liz.”

I smile softly. This really IS the best day of my life.

“I’ll love you forever too.”

“When do you think we should get married?”

Don’t laugh. He’s serious.

You have to be really quiet now cus it’s almost likes he’s proposing to me and we haven’t even kissed yet so Shhhhhhhhhh.

“Umm. How about after college?”

He nods.

“OR we could do it after high school.” He smiles like a little boy who’s asking for candy and is afraid he won’t get it.

He’s so cute.

“Why so early?”

He gradually leans closer.

“Because I want to be married to you for as long as possible.”

Watch my heart melt and do all sorts of crazy gymnastics.

No wait don’t. That’s gross.

He leans really close and kisses me ever so softly on the lips.


I feel like jumping up and down and screaming for joy.


He looks at me shyly and I smile brightly.

“We should go.”


Still linking hand we get up and walks downstairs and out the door.

I can feel my mothers questioning but happy looks in the back of my head.

But you know what?


This is THE BEST day of my entire life.

And it can only get better from here.
I'll see you guys soon! Sooner if my house has internet access in england!!!

BON VOYAGE! To all of you who may go away on vacation!!!
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Well I am not back from vacation but I do have a dodgy internet connection. I hope you like this extremely short part. It kind of sucks because I was desperate to get a part out so this has no plot or coolness to it but there ya go.

Also I am offically allowed to go see 15's. (For people in the states it's just a movie rating.)


Part 20:

I’d like you to imagine what’s going to happen when Maria opens the door and sees me and Max holding hands.

I can’t hear you imagining……..That’s better.

Okay your vision probably went a lot like this.


Me: Hi.

Max: Hey.

Maria: OH MY GOD!! I told you Isabel!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you guys. It was so obvious you liked each other. It was inevitable. Don’t you think Alex?

Hey that’s how mine went too!! Realty was probably feeling a bit left out and decided to follow suit.

Congratulations all around for the new couple.

Well that is if you count Michaels grunt of happiness.

So anyway it turns out Michael knew all along that Max liked me but didn’t want us to date because our group could fall apart.

Big strong Michael is a friend dependant softy. Hehehe.

Frickin’ hilarious really.

This BBQ was really a great idea.

And I’m not just saying that because I’m deliriously happy. Honest.

I don’t think Max has left bodily contact with me in the 3 hours we’ve been here. Even during the ketchup fight Alex started.

Maria’s jealous because Michael can’t even sit next to her quietly for 5 minutes.

I would gloat but Cloud 9 makes me a nice happy kind of person.

Yeh I was shocked too.

Maria’s dad is a devil on the BBQ. Flipping burgers like there’s no tomorrow.

He would look like a really tough guy if he wasn’t seen show tunes.

Maria’s mom is like the perfect hostess.

Obviously she believes we are dehydrated or she wouldn’t keep offering sodas.

The most surprising thing over all is that Indigo is here. I though she would hate me but she, Max and I get along really well.

I feel bad for stealing her prospective boyfriend but Maria assures me Indigo thought it was really obvious we liked each other and was the one to suggest Max run after me.

I think us girls should team up and find her a boyfriend. After all Max might not have come to me last night had she not done what she did.

The sun has gone down now and we are all lying on a few picnic blankets in her back yard. Marias mom and dad are sitting on the porch watching us.

But not in that stalker kind of way.

Some CD is playing and the atmosphere is very………quiet and tranquil.

I’m nicely snuggled up to Max using his arm as a pillow. Every so often we kiss.

I feel like a couple in a movie. The kind of movie where half the time they are just lying in bed awake. Touching, kissing.

You know what I mean right?

Anyway on with the story.

“Do you ever feel alien. Like we aren’t meant to be here?” Isabel asks looking at the starlit sky.

“Yeh.” Everyone breathes.

“I wish I could just fly away from here to another planet where it’s just us. We could all survive together right?” Michael is in one of his moods.

“Sure. We only need each other.” I’m sure Max was addressing the entire group but he was looking at me.

“Only each other. Man cannot live on bread alone right?” I echo.

“Right.” Everyone breathes.

“Together forever?” Alex asks looking at each of us in turn. Even Indigo who is already so much a part of our group.

I smile and pull Max tighter to me.

“Forever….I like the sound of that.”
see told you that sucked. Oh well. What can a girl do? Its better than nothing right?

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Well thanx guys! You are to nice to me. Anyhoo in case you give one iota I thought here would be a good place to mention that I have started a new fic called 'Tea For Two'. My sort of ........therapy for writers block.

Check it out.

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It's moi! Better internet connection which means better parts. I honestly didn't expect to get a part out. I was going to write a few lines and leave it till tomorrow but what can I say? The words kept pouring out.

Now I'm really really bad and the action-y part of romance. Like kissing etc so bear with me. As a 15 year old whose never been kissed lets just say its hard to describe things you haven't experience.

Anyhoo this part is much much better than the last I hope.

So here it is. Part 21.

Part 21:

“You have a really cool stomach”

“Excuse me?”

“Especially your belly button…’s really cool.”

Pardon me while I stare at Max as if he has 5 eyes.

He’s lying on his stomach poking mine while he looks as if it’s the greatest thing known to man.

Now I do have a pretty great stomach but lets be honest does Max sound like he’s on dope or does he sound like he’s on dope?

Yeh that’s what I though too.

“Ummm Thanks?”

He smiles widely.

“Your welcome.”

He kisses me quickly on the lips then blushes and looks away.

He’s so adorable.

He actually came to my window tonight and shyly asked if he could stay the night.

I laughed because as I’ve already said a million times Max practically lives in my room and here he is asking.

I mean the boy has clothes in my closet and a toothbrush in my bathroom.

Of course I told him he could come to my room as much as he wanted and he brightened up quite a bit.

The thing about Max and my relationship is that it hasn’t really changed that much. We haven’t even really “made out” yet. Apart from that amazing kiss before the BBQ we haven’t really done anything more than a peck on the lips.

But you know what?

Who needs to rush? I’m not dating Max because I’m some overly hormonal teen. I’m dating him because he’s sweet, kind, generous, adorably shy, (feel free to step off the one way express to LaLa Liz Land anytime), sensitive, my bestfriend and just because I love him.

“I think we should kiss.” I say as if I were discussing the weather.

“Really?” he replies equally disinterested.


“Well okay then if you think we should.”

“I think we should.”


“I know.”


“Well what?”

“Shall we?”

“Shall we what?”



“Yeh kiss.”

“O right! That.”


“We definitely should.”

“What are we waiting for then?”

“I don’t know.”

And then I just kind of sit there like a fat toad and look at his arms.

I watch as his strong warms hand creep towards my face and my eyes slide up to meet his.

He breathes out and I lean forward just a bit to persuade him.

So then we just kind of stay like that for a minute and just when I’m thinking he doesn’t want to kiss me and I start backing away he swoops down and touches his lips to mine.

His hands release my face and moved down my sides and around my waist so that we can come even closer to each other.

I love the way his lips fit perfectly on mine and the way it all seems so familiar even though it really isn’t. I love the way he holds me close but ever so gently as if I might break.

I love the way he treats me like this precious beautiful thing when all I really am is this plain, badly dressed mess people occasionally shout ‘Hey you! Yeh you in the ripped pants!” to.

I’m nothing special but Max acts as if I am.

I’m still not 100% clear on why he chose me over tall exotic Indigo.

Anyway back to the kiss.

Dreamy sighs all around.

I never thought I could be the swooning type but god, just the way he looks at me makes me weak in the knees.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss and then……

‘Holy crap that’s gross!’ followed by a crash.

Thankyou Michael for your excellent timing and sense of general direction.

I would like to take this time to shamelessly plug my two new stories Tea For Two and MoonTide. They aren't bad really just not as good as I hoped they'd be. I'd love constructive criticsm on any of my fics. Really you can say what you think just not terribly mean things.

I have decided I may want to be a writer and where do you start? By getting people I've never met to comment on my writing of course! *big*

Seriously though it would help out a lot. Not just one the plot front but how well it's written etc.

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Before I begin a few notes.

'Never been kissed' people of the world unite! heh had to get that out of my system.

Wench On A Leash: in your first reply to this fic you recommended the book Perks of Being a Wallflower. So I went out and bought it! So far it's great! So thankyou for that! Everyone else should really read it!

I would like to thank m14 for being my stalker. she's very good at hunting down my new fics even when I did not alert her. Also NewYorker18 for being a fellow jolter!

And of course everyone else for being their special selves and for being so nice to me and my fic!

And now...........

Part 22:

Max groans and leans back on the bed his arm still around my waist.

“Thanks Michael.” I say smiling widely.

“No problem.” Michael groans while he pulls himself up off the floor.

Then he kind of just…..stands… the middle of the room looking at us.

I nod my head slowly waiting for him to come to some kind of conclusion.

He looks around a bit before declaring.

“Liz you really should think about re-painting your room. This midnight blue does nothing for the…uhh,” he waves his hand about absently, “Feng Shui of the room. A paler blue would be better.”


Mr. Manly Michael comes over and interrupts what could possibly be the best moment of my life so far to talk about decorating tips?

“When did you become gay Michael?” Max asks out right.

Michael’s pissed now and to avoid my beautiful Max’s face getting scarred I must say something witty.

“Michael I would like you to get out so me and Max can start kissing again.”

Well there really is no point in being witty with Michael. He won’t understand it.

“Liz there will be plenty of time for all your gross kissing stuff later. Right now we need to finish that painting.”

Oh now he decides we need to finish it. What happened to ‘I have some uh…..stuff….to do with Maria.’

“Michael it’s like, 11pm. Can’t this wait?”

“Nooooo it can’t. You do want a present for Maria that she will cherish the rest of her life don’t you?”

He challenges me with those freaky blues eyes Maria loves so much.

“Yes but,” I pout “But I want Max to kiss me again.” I whine.

Max looks half shocked and half excited puppy, but without the wetting itself part.

I really don’t know why I am being so forward.

I bet Michaels cringing under his manly man exterior.

Ooooooo IDEA! What’s the one thing you should say to a brotherly figure you want to leave you alone?

Watch and learn dear friend.

“And I want him to touch me on my….”

Michael shrieks his girly shriek and rushes to clamp his hand over my mouth.

“I will leave if you swear never to finish that sentence in my presence again.”

He retracts his hand and I smile broadly.

Best friend radar tells me Max is looking like a deer that not only got caught in the head lights but then ran into a tree whereupon he saw a deer hunter pointing a rifle right between his eyes.

Michael runs out of my room quicker that Superman on caffeine and I am left alone finally with Max.

Big humongous dreamy sigh.

“Liz…” he starts warily.

I laughed and crawl up to where Max is sitting.

“I was just getting him out of here.”

Max looks noticeably relieved but also, dare I say, disappointed?

“We’ll have plenty of time for all that stuff though being as we are going to be together forever.”

Hearing Max say things like that just makes my heart do crazy things like you wouldn’t believe.

He leans down and kisses me.

“I love you Liz.” His forehead leaning on mine.

“I love you too Max.”

It’s just indescribably wonderful to be able to say that without panicking he will take it the wrong way, and it’s equally wonderful to hear it from him without being depressed because I think he means friendship love.

Absolutely amazing.

The only thing I regret is the number of times we’ve said those words in this room all the while not knowing what the other really meant.

He kisses me again although not so quickly this time and he deepens the kiss.

It’s breathtaking the way he kisses. The way his lips feel on mine, so soft and affectionate.

He’s just so…..cuddly…….like some blanket you want to snuggle into.

And he’s so warm when he hugs it almost makes my heart ache. He completely surrounds me and I feel small but in a nice way.

It’s so difficult to describe.

I can’t really begin.

It’s quite a gift, you know. To have your bestfriend, the person you can share all your secrets with, also be the person you share your entire soul with.

Max pulls the covers up over us and as his arms come around me I snuggle deeply into them.

“Nu-night Max.”

“Nu-night Liz.”

But nothings changed you see. It’s just gotten a hell of a lot better.

posted on 14-Aug-2002 2:30:19 PM by Pixie
Well people I know I haven't posted anything (in any fic) for quite some time now.

I'm very sorry! Partly because I was busy packing and partly because rattlebox is right. When will I know its over?

Very true. But I didn't want to pull out any of the overly used cards either (they have something sticky on them and I'm not quite sure what it is.....) so I think I have a way to end it without serious plot line usage (becasue lets face it when have my fics ever had a plot? lol).

There will probably be a couples more parts and I could have had one out today but I lost my disk that I was bringing over forom England. Ergh.

As for MoonTide? Well that was a mistake. I'll be the first to admit I wasn't at all ready to post it. I had a vague idea and I went for it without planning ahead in the slightest. Unless I can fix my mistakes and find that damn disk then that will probably never be heard of again.

Tea For Two is going to finish quite soon becasue I have a clear ending in my mind and if I carry it on too long then it will get quite boring.

I'm very glad those of you who read Imaginary Girl enjoyed it. At the time of it's writing I was very proud of it but when I went back and read it I was like 'AHHH wheres spell check when I need it?'

So considering after that I will have no fics I suppose I should think of something else to write. I have a few ideas but mostly I lurk in the challenge threads waiting for something to inspire me.

So yeh. 1-3 more chapters of this and then I can put it on a nice shelf somewhere.

So I shall see you soon! Ta ta!*big*

P.S Can anyone tell me why Jessica_01 left? It's so sad!*sad*

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Ok I'm posting this now even though I can't change the title thingy. It won't let me for reason!

Anyway are some careful consideration I've decided I may continue this beyond the afore mentioned 2 parts even without a strong plot line. But just maybe.

Anyway hope you like this part!(Special thanxs to JBehrsGurl to quoting me and making me feel special and to the rest of you for bumping and being so patient with me!)

Part 23:

Maria loved the picture.

Her exact words were:

‘Fucking hell! That’s so fucking amazing!! But what was I thinking when I put on that fucking green and orange shirt?’

Alex lamented not purchasing the gift package to that place downtown where they teach you how not to swear like a sailor.

But seriously now she did love it.

Once Michael got his act together and stopped getting his creative ‘urges’ at 2 am we actually managed to finish the painting.

Maria loves everything you give her.

She loved the guitar case from Max, the purple hair dye from Isabel, and the certificate entitling her to a free tattoo from the place with the tea partying bikers from Alex.



“Take off your shirt Liz.” Michael demands.

I shrug.

“Ok but only if you take off yours.”

“Max if you would just hurry up then I can get Maria to take off hers.”

“Whatever Isabel but I’m warning you your shirts off next.”

Before you ask what kind of strange teenage orgy we are about to participate in I’ll just confirm that this is in no way related to ‘Girls Gone Wild’.

We are just experiencing the joys of non-gender defining t-shirts.

Probably a good thing no one can see us anyway though because 6 teenagers in the same room with their shirts off are bound to look a tad suspicious.

In the end though I’m wearing Michaels, Michael is wearing Isabel’s, Isabel is wearing Maria’s, Maria is wearing Max’s and Max is wearing mine.

Alex is still wearing his because no one else wanted to wear the Care Bears shirt that used to be white and now is kind of……….not.

He takes un-washed clothing to a whole new level.

At least when I do clean my white shirts I have the brains to use bleach.


We are heading to the park now because Indigo is there and Isabel and Maria found her this ‘perfect’ guy they want her to meet.

His name is Josiah. He’s a surfing Aquarius who likes long walks on the beach and home cooked meals.

At least according to Maria. She got quite defensive when I said ‘home cooked meals’ was most likely just a nice way of saying ‘momma’s boy’.

So we are all walking down whatever space related name the fine citizens of Roswell chose for this road, whilst pretending to be interested in Alex and Maria’s babbling.

From the looks on everyone else face it has to be something to do with………..I know this one……nearly got it!.........GOT IT! The un-hygienic fashion in which the cafeteria food is cooked in. More specifically the ‘Lemon Surprise’ from the way Isabel’s eyebrow creases sporadically.

Like I always say: Lemon Surprise. SURPRISE! It’s not lemon.

Lucky for me I can block out this fascinating conversation by concentrating really hard on Max’s cuddly hand.

Dear god. I actually used the word cuddly in reference to Max’s hand.

Since when have hands been cuddly??!!

I need help.

It’s quite nice walking in the dark with him though.

I can tell he’s looking at me most of the time and even though I love him I’m quite tempted to lead him straight into a lamp post.

I think I’ll be nice though because he keeps leaning down to kiss me.

“What’s that for?” I ask smiling curiously.

He shrugs.

“Because I love you.”

“Oh.” I try to look uninterested but as soon as he looks away I’m grinning like the love sick idiot I am.

“HA! Caught ya!”

“Who me?”

“Yes! I saw you smiling.”

“Why young man would I be smiling because of YOU?”

He grabs my hand and our arms swing ahead of us and then come back. Forward. Back. Forward. Back.

“Because you love me.” When did my shy quiet adorable friend become so……..obvious?

“You??! I think not. I mean you haven’t even changed your trousers this week.”

He pulls me to a stop and drags me into him before wrapping his arms completely round my waist and kissing me sweetly on the neck.

“You know you love it.” He whispers seductively in my ear.

I try to think of a retaliation but, dammit, he to darn sexy to ignore.

“Maybe just a little.” I scrunch up my nose and kiss him quickly.


Hand in hand we continue walking until we come to the picnic bench Indigo and who I can only assume is the famous Josiah.

He’s actually quite good looking but lets be honest, Max is like 300% hotter.

And he’s all mine.

Insert immature 7th grade giggle right…..about…….here.

“This is my boyfriend Michael, Isabel, Alex and those two holding hands are Max and Liz. Please just ignore them if they start making out under the table. Their like rabid dogs in mating season. They just keep kissing and kissing and kissing and…”

Maria is cut short by Alex’s hand coming down over her mouth.

“And please ignore Maria when she keeps talking and talking and talking.”

“Whatever Alex! I so do not talk too much! I mean have you heard Allison March? That girl is like a frickin’ tap. She was talking the other day and….HEY! Are you even listening to me?”

She pokes Alex who is now seated across from Josiah and having a nice chat about car engines or something equally mind-numbing.

He turns around to face Maria.

“I’m sorry were you talking to me?”

Maria’s beetroot….I mean head is expanding greatly in size and darkening in color.

Luckily handy dandy Michael is here to kiss her and bring the grotesque swelling.

We all sit at the bench and have nice happy conversations.

(Note: There was no serious make out-age between me and Max. Expect for maybe when Isabel was comparing prices of hair dyes……..and when Indigo was teaching Michael to make origami with leaves………and then when…. You know what? I lied. There was a lot of making out.)

At about 2am when we are all too tired to talk (Yes that includes Maria surprisingly) we all get up and walk together out of the park.

And I don’t think I was the only one to notice Indigo and Josiah holding hands, or the little kiss before he left to go down his road.

Maria was beaming in the moonlight.

It looked really scary.

I would not have been surprised had she pulled out a knife and killed us all in murderous glee.

Isabel was quite excited too and I think I heard Alex giggle but it could have been Michael.

Max and me? Lets just say we had some un-finished kissing to attend to………till 5am.

feedback please!

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posted on 2-Sep-2002 10:40:40 PM by Pixie
I am well aware this part could do the unbelieveable and give it some plot! But maybe not I'm thinking about it. This part really does suck I just wanted to get something posted so I post this knowing I could do better.


Part 24:

“Liz I hate to say this but you look like an overgrown Tinkerbell on acid.”

Hey thanks Maria. No really, you’re a real pal.

Unfortunately she’s quite correct.

I’m prancing around Isabel’s room in her ballet shoes and pink tutu that she used for a show like 3 years ago.

Every now and again I’ll do a charming little leap in the air.

Too bad Izzy lost her fairy wand. That thing was awesome……….

I honestly don’t see why Alex is looking at me so weirdly. I mean where’s the fun in always wearing normal clothes?

I tell you where. Nowhere. That’s where. And that’s where theres a lot of where.

Wait. What?

Never mind.

Ooooo a crown. Funky.

Isabel’s closet is one of those great places where you can find everything she ever had in her entire life.

Dude! I just found a Polly Pocket!

I swear I would live in Isabel’s cupboard if Max could fit in with me.

“Liz seriously now, how old are you?”

I know this one!

“Um….I think 17…..Maybe.”

“Yeh well Liz. That’s about 10 years to late.”

“To late for what?”

“Dressing up.”

Ha. Alex is just jealous that I fit Isabel’s old clothes and he doesn’t.

“I think she’s sexy.”

Maria belches.

“Max that’s sick! Only you would find obese Tinkerbell over here sexy.”

“I can’t help it!”

Max is really cute when he defends himself. He does the shoulder shrug thingy and blushes. I would go over right now and jump on his lap.

That’s actually not such a bad idea.

I go over to where Alex, Max and Maria are sitting on Isabel’s bed and straddle Max.

He smiles widely and kisses me begging me to open my mouth. And, hey, who am I to refuse the boy.

“EUW!!! Next thing you know Max will start having sex fantasies about Peter Pan!!” Maria scrunches up her face.

“Actually Maria I had a sex fantasy about Peter Pan. I was one of the lost boy’s and then Isabel was…”

“ALEX! I REALLY don’t need to be hearing this.”

“Ok ok. Sheesh. It wasn’t like it was anything near as gross as your sex fantasies Miss “Michael and I had sex during My Little Pony”. God Maria. Little 2 year olds watch that show.”

Silence follows which is usually a sign that Maria has been sufficiently thrown into embarrassment.

I tear my face away from Max’s wandering lips to see what’s happened. Who’s killed who?

Both Maria and Alex are just sitting there……looking at me and Max.

This is about the time I realize me and Max were making out on his sister’s bed and how unbelievably weird that is.

“Hey. Something wrong?” Max is looking innocently confused at Maria and Alex.

Maria shakes her head and waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

“No no. Nothing’s wrong. Please. Do carry on your little mating ritual.”

Max hugs me to him protectively.

“Hey. There was no mating thank you very much. And anyway, it’s nothing you don’t know about right? I have it on good authority that our little Maria over here is the only one in this room to have lost her virginity.”

Max raises a challenging eyebrow.

Maria huffs and her eyebrow rings wiggles.

Makes me shudder. Blurg.

Max smiles and looks at me.

There are a few more minutes of resigned silence from Maria and a few more minutes of Max and me looking at each other before Isabel rushes into the room with Michael hot on her heals.

“Oh. My. Lucky. Charms. You will so not believe what happened!” Isabel say’s in between breaths.

“What happened bunny lump?” Alex goes over and wraps one arm around Izzy.

With all the exchanged looks of confusion I think we are all thinking the same thing: BUNNY LUMP?

As in a lump of bunny? As in a bunny cut into lumps? As in Isabel is a lump of bunny?

Everyone else sees the sickness in this right?

Euw euw euw. I’m gonna have nightmares about bunny lumps now.

Overlooking Alex’s weirdness we turn to Isabel waiting for her to answer.

“I heard Benjamin Greystone and Alicia Hart saying that Chloe Bradford is going to ask MAX out!”

Maria cracks up and ends up tangled in a skipping rope that I found in Isabel’s closet while Max looks around at everyone’s amused faces.

“What’s so amusing about that? I am quite the stud muffin you know.”

“Dear, dear brother. On the Stud Muffin scale you are the rotting blueberry that everyone picks out of their muffin and throws away.”

Ahhh my poor baby. Isabel can be so cruel.

“Hey. I happen to think Max is extremely stud muffinly.”

Max smiles at me and we share a kiss.

“Thanks Liz.” He whispers.

“It’s the truth Max.”

“Ok guy’s. I hate to break this very sweet moment but all I’m saying is your going to have a determined Chloe Bradford to deal with along with her motto of ‘I’m a sexy bitch and I always get what I want.’”

Oh right.

Please do a slightly nervous laugh here.

THAT Chloe Bradford.

I tell no lie! Feedback ??

posted on 3-Sep-2002 6:04:08 PM by Pixie
You like me! You really like me!! lol

m14! A SONG??!! FOR ME??!! I'm so .............tearful. I'd like to thatnk the academy and my sister for telling me my poem about ferns was strange and to my uncle for the inspiration of the the bunny lump part.

lol Seriously now. My uncle gives all of his neices and nephews nicknames. My sister is Abigail B. Bunnylump! Lets see.....mine is Pippietta J. Longstocking my cousin is Jebidiah Q. Butterhorn.

Anyway my family can be pretty weird but we enjoy ourselves so............butterhorns to you!!

Guy's.........*tearful pause*..........It means so much when you guy's quote me! And it's extremely helpful in getting me to see the way in whcih you see my comments. Sometimes I'm like 'I WROTE THAT??!' then I feel sick.

Now since I am effectively bumping my own fic I feel bad that I ahve nothing to give about a poem? I have alot of poems. lol they aren't very good but I'll give you one anyway.

(this is one of my less good ones)


I wrote a poem for you today and then crunched it into a little ball
And put it safely in my pocket
Because I knew you wouldn’t love it but I loved it all the same

I wrote a story for you yesterday and then ripped it in two
And put it safely in my pocket
Because I knew you wouldn’t read it but I loved it all the same

I drew a picture for you today and then tore it into four
And put it safely in my pocket
Because I knew you would laugh at it but I loved it all the same

I wrote this letter for you today and then folded it carefully
And put it safely in your locker
Because I knew you wouldn’t listen but I loved you all the same.
hehe now I can bump without shame! lol Good thing I have alot of poems then right?

posted on 3-Sep-2002 6:18:34 PM by Pixie
Does the board not want to bump this to the beginning? How terrible! *faint*
posted on 8-Sep-2002 4:07:01 PM by Pixie
Oh deary me. I feel so bad I haven't posted a new part and haven't even started writing one. *sad* lol Mostly because I don't know what to do with Chloe. Damn my spontaneousness (??)

Anyhoo I have another (fairly) good reason as to why I haven't posted and that's becasue I'm starting a new fic. If it comes out ok then I'll post it but I'm trying anyway. *wink* It's gonna be M/L AU becasue I can't write anything else *happy* and was kind of inspired by Tracy Chapman's song Fast Car. Not necessarily the lyrics so much (but kind of) but more that I'm trying to recreate the feeling I got from the song in a fic if that makes any sense whatsoever.

Tea For Two is gonna come to an end whenever I get the chance to write more of it. Accidently I found the PERFECT poem for it and now I wish I'd found it before because it's just soooo perfect. I'm not gonna tell you what the poem is called or who it's by because I'm saving it! teehehe.

Anyway go download or listen to the Tracy Chapman if you'd like. It's a really great song. One of those songs that makes you feel like your soaring or something like that. I can't describe it but you get goosebumps and everything. lol The Wannadies song You And Me Song does the same.

lol I'm so weird.

Here's another poem to make the long spaces between posting slightly boring. Fell free to post any poems of your own. JBehrsGurl poem was so ..........emotional. lol It was great!!!!!!! Thankyou!!


Out in the open air I lift my head and let it touch my face
Because yesterday you touched my face and it felt wonderful.
And I wouldn’t want to let it go.
Because feelings like that aren’t like the air
That comes and goes
The feeling you gave me shook me to my bones
And I crumbled and was blown away by that same air
That pushed out of your lungs and onto my skin
That made me feel so alive.
It must be that the air loves me
To treat me with the same kindness you treated me with
To breathe the air upon me
As if your breath
Were here.
You must have talked to that wind
For it to know me inside and out
As I breathe it in
As I breathe you in.
And yet perhaps you are the wind.
Although I hope you do not come and go
As the wind does.

posted on 23-Sep-2002 10:19:39 PM by Pixie
You must have thought I disappeared right off the planet right? Well I haven't. I am so sorry to say I have nothing to give you right now except a whole bunch of excuses.

Right now I am desperately trying to pool my creative energy into a novel or short story I can hopefully enter in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Also I wouold like to create a painting or something to enter in this gallery place. Plus I have a paper due on Friday and an art project. And I'm trying to write something that could be considered a memoir of my dads death and there are just so many thing I want to do and I can't get my brain around it all.

I know you all are after my blood right I honestly would love to have a new part out for this. Really I do. Who knows... I might have something out this week but since I'm staying with my cousins it's looking like next week will be my big updating week.

Sorry bout that...Anyway my sincerest apologies to you. I'll be off now thinking up a good plot line for my novel. I would love any ideas!!! *gets down on knees and begs*

posted on 14-Oct-2002 11:48:47 PM by Pixie
Oh I know I've been a bad girl......very bad.. But I'm sorry!!!!! (puts and whines for a few moments)

I was sick last week but despite some wicked cramps I'm dandy this week. I ahve an exam on wednesday but shall we hope for this weekend? Maybe even tomorrow if I get my sorry act together.

OK thats all from here! (OFTG will probably have an update sooner because I'm not so insistent on making it 100% perfect)
posted on 12-Nov-2002 5:03:13 PM by Pixie
Honest to God I want to post something for this!! I swear!! But I have ....nothing. I have major writers block on all my current fics but sooooooo many ideas for new ones.

I'm so sorry guys!!*sad* I know I'm being a pain. It's been like 2 months since I last posted for this that I can't even remember what the last chapetr was ABOUT!!!!!

How crazy is that?

Anyway thankyou everyone for bumping and being o wonderful. And a special thankyou to JBehrsGurl who seems to have a special talent for dubbing bumping songs onto other famous tunes. (And if you really want to do a coverpage that'd be great!!)


So anyway I have a few hours before I have to babysit lets see If I can come up with a chpter for somethig. Or even a new fic?!
posted on 12-Nov-2002 5:50:55 PM by Pixie
Oh Yeah baby. Look who just wrote a chapter in under 30 minutes!!

Hell yeah!! lol too be fair it's not the best I could do but it will have to work for now right?? Also it's a tad short but I hoping since I wrote it so speedily and it's a few months since my last post you might be too occupied to notice. *sad**wink*

lol Anyway here it is:

Part 25:

Despite the fact that no one else seems to know who the hell we are, Chloe Bradford (aka. Stupid Ugly……..Dumb Person) makes a direct beeline to our spot under the tree at lunchtime.

To be honest I doubt that she has a thing for Max because it looks more like she wants to hurt people….badly.

She stands there for a few minutes while we eat our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches pretending we have better things to do than acknowledge her presence… Which we do.

It’s around the time Alex is making a huge deal out of yawning and admiring what a beautiful day it is that Chloe gets pissed.

“Hi Max.” She snaps out.

You can hear the breaths being held waiting for his response and the breaths being let out when he looks up, tilts his head to the side, looks at her for a moment and then goes back to eating his sandwich.

“Hey Glowy.” Isabel smiles.

“It’s Chloe.” She snaps. Oooo cat fight. This could be really interesting.

“Uh huh. Whatever. All’s I know is Justin told Katie who told Kimberly who told me that your peroxide covered hair is really luminous in pool lights.”

Bear in mind that Isabel knows no Justin’s or Katie’s or even a Kimberly and it’s debatable whether there are any in our grade at all.

While Chloe bites her lip and taps her foot anxiously trying not to whip out a mirror and poke at her hair we sit in an intimidating row with our cocked to the side smiling at her.

Oh yeh. She’s gonna get nervous.

Max who’s been silent the entire time suddenly looks up and in a really exasperated voice asks:

“Can I help you? Did you take a wrong turn at the nerd table?”

Now what you see and experience next may be strange and sometimes frightening. Mostly because I am sitting on Max’s frickin’ lap.

“Well Max. I actually came over here to let you know you’ve been allowed to come with me to tomorrow’s party.”

I know what you’re thinking : ‘Allowed him to come??’ but wait, it gets better.

Being the gentleman he is, Max politely tells Chloe he’s going with his girlfriend, me.

“Chloe I’m going with my girlfriend, Liz.” See??

Now watch:

“Who’s Liz?” And she say’s this while looking around.

I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she is partially blind and doesn’t see my fat head in front of Max’s. Whatever.

A few minutes pass where we all look at like she’s from another planet before Alex cracks up.

“Honey, Do you see the girl in his LAP!?”

She studies me for a moment.

“Yeh.” With total Valleygirl-ness too. It’s great.

“Well that’s Liz.”

“Oooooh.” She’s really knows how to draw out the ‘o’. “Sorry sweetie I didn’t see you there.” She does whatever cute little smile works on everyone else and all I can think is : ‘Oh she did NOT just call me sweetie.’

Breathing out sighs of relief that the girl finally has understood we try to resume consumption of the nutritional objects packed for by our mothers.

And yet the girl still stands there. Completely mind-boggling. So much so that it’s Michael who has to speak for the rest of us.

“Uh. You can leave now.” He say’s waving her away.

“Sure whatever.” I for one don’t appreciate her snippy tone but I’m willing to let it slide…….and not just because my fruit roll-up is missing in the caverns of my bag and it’s causing me distress.

“So Max. The offer stills stands.” She does a little wave and wink at him before walking off shaking that ‘thang’ right in our faces.

“Well she won’t be once I knock her off those cheap high heels.” Maria glares.

Ooh I think I’ve spotted the roll-up.

“Come here you little piece of fruity goodness.”

“Uh Liz?”

Got it!!

“Yeh?” I ask, looking up to see their questioning faces.

I grin sheepishly.

“Lost my roll-up?” I say holding it up.

Just I as suspected …..looks of complete understanding.

Et voila! Feedback please??!!

posted on 30-Dec-2002 6:54:54 PM by Pixie
Right people! You'll never believe this but.................I've decided to get my damned act together!!!! Shocking I know. Anyhoo Elena has been the greatest bumper a girl could have and I haven't even properly thnked her yet!

Elena, this is for you: THANKYOU!!! (I'm no good at coloring and enlarging things so this will have to do!) Ooooohh covers??!?!?!? This is me really excited!
*big* lol

And of course you can still be a stalker Jessica! Honestly.....what kind of uno questiono is that?

Anyway, to be honest I can't even remember what I put in the last post. I have a terrible feeling I did the obvious and added a "complication" in the form of a popular girl who suddenly likes Max. And I try to stay away from those too. Dammit. Oh well. If any one of you delightful people would like to give me a possible solution of how I can kept myself and the characters out of this royal mess I put them into then please do! In fact I'm begging you!!!

Well anyway I'm coming back from merry old england on the 5th it turns out and since it is unlikely I will have history homework I think we are gonna be shooting for next week people! It might be really terrible. I've been having freaky dreams lately and I'm panicked about going back to school for various and sundry reasons all of which have something to do with the horrors of mis-scheduling.

Aaaaaaannnyway...I don't have much else to say except thankyou to everyone who didn't give up and carried on bumping this pathetic fic even though I don't deserve it. Especially since Elena has written/is writing her ultra ultra ultra hilarious festive fics! I have no clue how I'll begin to live up to those kind of standards.

Also I must add my complete distaste for dial up modems and this computer in general. Thankyou ladies and gentlemen! I'm off!!!