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Mates ‘R Us – A challenge fic

Author: wenhaver (heidi)
Email: heidi⊕ or wenhaver⊕
Category: CC/AU
Rating: PG for now… I might possibly be able to work up to some NC-17 later
Disclaimer: This isn’t mine. Roswell, the characters, nothing. Even the idea for this fic came from someone else. So please, don’t sue.

Summary: This is a response to a challenge from Lizzie_Parker17. You can read the whole thing
here, but the gist of it is: Max and Liz are completely unlucky at love and dating, and at the urging of their friends, take out personal ads. All CC’s are represented. I’m going to try to keep this light and fluffy, kids.

Things in italics are generally thoughts.

Part One

Liz Parker eyed her date wearily from across the table. He appeared to be fishing for some leftover steak in his back molars with his dessert fork. Not that this dubious display was the only reason she wished she had never agreed to go on this date, but one of many, many things this man had done to annoy her for the past two hours. She checked her watch and sighed heavily, hoping the baffoon would get the hint. No such luck.

“So, Liz. Have you always lived in NYC?” her date mumbled around the fork.

God, he actually said it like NN-Why-See. Who does that?

“No, I was really born on the planet Zepock, and I have come here to take over your planet and exploit it’s natural resources,” Liz replied. It’s not like that guy had been listening to her at all, anyway.

“Excuse me?” Eric removed the fork from his mouth, and his eyes bugged out slightly.

“Oh, yes. I’ve always lived here. Well, I grew up in the ‘burbs, actually.” Liz could not make herself repeat the Zepock remark, not matter how much she wanted to.

“Really? That’s great. Maybe you could, uhm, show me around. Maybe you could take me to your favorite club, and we can go dancing.”

Liz started to panic slightly. She didn’t want the date to continue any longer than it had already, and she definitely didn’t want him showing at Club Chaos in the future. She decided it was time to try for the graceful out.

Stretching a little and stifling a yawn she said, “Oh, maybe some other time. I’m really beat. I was up at 5 this morning.”

“Oh, come on. Loosen up! The night’s still young, and a pretty little thing like you shouldn’t have to go home so early.”

He was obviously trying very hard to impress her and prolong the date, but ‘pretty little thing’ or not, Liz was not going to spend another minute in his company if she could help it. “No, I really think it’s time I get going. Thanks for dinner. Maybe we can try dancing another time.” Yeah, like when hell freezes over, she thought to herself. She smiled nicely at Eric.

“But Liz, we’ve hardly gotten a chance to talk,” Eric protested.

That’s because you have been too busy ordering drinks, ogling the waitress, combing your hair at the table and picking at your teeth to even notice that I’m here. Until I want to leave, of course, Liz thought ruefully. She the guy was good-looking, but rude, arrogant, boorish, and generally not what she was looking for.

“I know, and I’m sorry about that. But I’m beat. I’m sorry. Goodnight.” Liz pushed back her chair and began to get up.

“Wait! I’ll at least walk you home,” Eric started to rise as well.

“No, that’s ok. I’ll call my roommate for a ride home. Thanks anyway.” With that, she turned on her heel and walked away, leaving Eric half-standing at the table.

That’s it. I am never dating again!


“Oh, and then my ex-boyfriend David totally cheated on me with this trashy girl from the south side. I mean, come on! And then he thought he could be all like ‘Baby, I love you, come back’. I mean, what does he like, think I am? Desperate? Like I’d take his skanky ass back after that!”

Max tuned out the blonde’s words, and began to smile and nod where appropriate. Why had he ever let Michael talk him into this date? It was obvious that Michael had misjudged her completely. Sure, the woman had a nice rack, but that was about all she had going for her in Max’s opinion. Oh well. I might as well try to make the best of the situation, he mentally shrugged.

“So, Melissa, what is it you do for a living again?”

“Oh, I told you all about that silly. I work for the Clinique department at Marshall Field’s,” Melissa giggled.

“Oh, that’s right. Stupid me, to forget. I remember you telling me all about the latest spring line now.” Help me, help me, oh god, please help me.
Just then, inspiration struck. He and Michael and worked out a system back in college to get out of bad dates. It involved getting to a phone. Max had his cell with him, but he couldn’t be risk being overheard by Melissa. He excused himself, and headed for the restroom.

“Come on, come on, pick up!” he muttered, listening to the phone ring.

“What?!” Michael’s voice was harsh on the other end of the line.

“Michael, you gotta help me. I’m on the date from hell!”

“You’re out with that blonde chick, Melissa, right? The one with the boobs?”

“Yes, that one. And I swear, if I have to listen to her talk anymore, I am going to jump in front of a bus!”

Michael laughed. “You know, Maxwell, you’re not supposed to be talking to her…”

“Yeah, whatever Michael. Now, get me out of here. I’m at Tuto’s Pasta. You know the drill.”

“Well, if you sure you don’t wanna….”

“Michael! Just do it!”

“Fine, fine. Give me 10 minutes.”

“You have five.”

“Ok, whatever. You owe me, man.”

“Thanks, Michael.” We’ll talk about who owes who later, buddy

Five minutes after Max returned from the restroom, and five minutes after Melissa started complaining about her ex-boyfriend Allen, their waiter approached their table with a cordless phone.

“Excuse me, Mr. Evans?”


“We have an urgent telephone call for you.” The waiter handed Max the phone.

“Yes? (pause) Oh, no! No! (pause) Of course, I’ll be right there!” Max hung up the phone and handed it back to the waiter. “Can I get the check, please? There’s been an emergency.”

“Of course. Right away, Mr. Evans.” The waiter moved quickly to get the check.

“I’m sorry Melissa, but my grandfather has been rushed to the hospital. They think he’s had a stroke! I need to go,” Max said, being careful not to look too relived.

“Oh, Max, that’s horrible! Do you want me to come with you?” Melissa asked, obviously not really interested in spending the rest of the night in a hospital.

“No, that’s ok. Why don’t you call up one of your friends and try to salvage the night? I’ll call you a cab.”

“Well, if you really don’t mind…” Melissa began.

“No, of course not. Ah, here’s the check.”

After seeing Melissa into a cab, Max hailed one for himself and headed home. A million people in this city, and I can’t find one with even half a brain he thought disgustedly.


Liz unzipped her knee high boots while leaning on the door to the apartment she shared with her lifelong best friend, Maria DeLuca. With a sigh, she headed to her bedroom to change. She flung her black skirt and cashmere sweater over the back of a chair, throwing her black Wonder Bra on the pile seconds later. Grabbing comfortable draw-string pants and a tank top, Liz went to her bathroom to wash her face.

Barefoot and infinitely more comfortable, Liz joined Maria on the living room couch. Maria, having heard Liz come home early, already had the ice cream, spoons, and chocolate syrup ready. Liz flopped down onto the couch, pausing to tie her long dark hair up into a haphazard ponytail before grabbing a spoon.

“You want to talk about it?” Maria asked.

“Not really. Typical date. Typical nightmare. I’m just glad it’s over. I’m 28 years old, ‘Ria. I’m getting too old for this.”

“Ah well. At least you still have me!”

“Thank goodness for that. I’m so glad you decided to stay here until after your wedding. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Oh, it’s no big deal. I like living here, in the middle of the city. Doug’s place is too far away from everything. Besides, my mom would go ballistic if I moved in with a guy before I was married. And keeping my mom from going ballistic is one of my goals in life.”

“I completely understand that. How are the wedding plans going, anyway?”

“Eh, not much progress has been made. Between my shifts at the diner, and rehearsals, and Doug’s new work schedule, I hardly get to see him. And when I do see him, he never wants to talk about the wedding. If I wasn’t completely sure that he loved me, I'd start to worry.”

“Oh, Maria, he adores you. He’s just really focused on his career.” Liz patted Maria on the knee. “Everything will come together soon. Do you have plans to see him soon?”

“Well, nothing official, but I’m planning on heading over to Doug’s house tomorrow morning to surprise him with breakfast in bed. He’s been working so hard lately since he got hired by that new 4-star place, I think he’s enjoy food he didn’t have to prepare himself.”

“Tomorrow morning, eh?” Liz cocked her eyebrow skeptically at Maria. It was a well-known fact that Maria was not exactly a morning person.

“Maybe more like tomorrow noon-ish, for brunch in bed,” Maria laughed easily. “Well, in the meantime, we get to have these great girl’s nights in.”

“Don’t let Alex hear you call it that! You’ll hurt his masculine pride!”

“Oh, we can’t have that!”

The two girls lapsed into silence as the late night movie came on, occasionally spooning more ice cream from the large pail they kept for just such nights. After a particularly long series of commercials, Maria sat bolt upright.

“That’s it, Liz!”

Liz looked at her friend strangely. “What are you talking about?”

“That commercial. The one for Mates ‘R Us! You should take out a personal ad!” Maria bounced off the couch, and began scrounging around on the side table for a pen and notepad.

“Are you out of your mind? There are a lot of crazy people in this city.”

“And what better way to weed out the loonies, but to go through a dating service! Think about it, Liz. You get to screen people before you even meet them. That way, you’ll get an idea of what they’re like, if they can hold a conversation. And if all goes well, you can meet them in a nice, safe, public place. It’s perfect!”

“What’s perfect?” A masculine voice asked from the doorway.

“Alex!” Liz jumped up to hug her other best friend. “Maria was just talking about another one of her crazy ideas.”

“Hey, it’s not a crazy idea. I think Liz should sign up for a dating service.”

“You know, Liz, that’s not a bad idea,” Alex replied after a few moments. “You couldn’t do any worse than you have been doing already.”

Liz smacked Alex on the shoulder. “Thanks for the vote of confidence. You can’t really think this is a good idea!”

“Why not? What could it hurt?”

A bottle of wine, the rest of the ice cream, and a video later, Liz had consented to place an ad with Mates ‘R Us, a telephone dating service. “I’m so going to live to regret this,” complained Liz as Maria and Alex tried to come up with a suitable ad.

“How’s this?” Maria finally asked.

SWF, professor, 28 seeks NS SWM for stimulating conversation, sound friendship and potential for romance. Good table manners a bonus

Liz laughed until tears ran from her eyes. “It’s perfect! Just perfect. That will net me Mr. Right for sure.”

The three friends collapsed into a heap of giggles.


“What am I going to do Iz? I’m sick and tired of wasting my time with these…. Bimbos!” Max sighed into the phone.

“I think you’re trying too hard. You need to stop looking for love, and let it come to you,” Max’s younger sister tried to sound as wise as she could.

“You think that’s what I’m doing? Looking for love?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I think. Max, you see families every day in your clinic. Some of those kids are sick, but you see these loving, happy families all the time too. You just want some of that. It’s only natural.”

“(sigh) Maybe you’re right, Iz. Stop looking, huh?”

“Well, either that, or start looking the right way.”

“Really. And what’s the right way?”

“I don’t know. Take out an ad with a dating service. Screen some of these women before you go out with them.”

“A dating service? I’m not that desperate.”

“It was just a suggestion, Max. Take it or leave it. I better go, I have a call first thing in the morning.”

“Alright, thanks for listening. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Max.”

The next morning, Michael sat at Max’s kitchen table, drinking coffee and reading the paper. “I talked to Isabel last night. Sometimes I think she’s losing her mind.” Max said, spooning sugar into his second cup of coffee.

“Really. What’s she done this time?” Michael asked, without looking up from the paper.

“She thinks I should take out an ad with a dating service.”

“Why not?”

“What?” Max exclaimed, nearly spitting hot coffee out all over the table.

Michael looked up from the paper. “Take it easy, Maxwell. I mean, what could it hurt? Here, take a look at this – Mates ‘R Us. It’s a telephone deal. You leave a message on the phone system, and chicks listen to it. If they dig you, they leave a message. You check your messages, and call the ones you like back.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound too bad. And at least it wouldn’t be published in the paper, or anything like that.”

“Do it. If nothing else, it might be good for a laugh.



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ok. I am shamelessly bumping my own fic. please, feedback people.... *big*

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Here's a short part before I head out for the day...

Part 2

Maria hummed softly as she parked her car, and started up the walk to Doug’s house. It was a huge house, with grand columns in the front and an Olympic-sized pool in the back. He used to be a pro football player, until a knee injury his third season had taken him out of the game for good. While he had managed his money wisely, he know that it wasn’t going to last forever, so he went to school for culinary arts and was now an up-and-coming chief. Maria’s car had been a gift from Doug, so she’d have a way to get out to his place without risking the subway late at night and then taking a cab the rest of the way.

He had been after Maria to quit waitressing for over a year now. She, however, wanted to make her own way. After all, she had landed all those parts in off-Broadway shows by herself and now had a small but important part in a brand new Broadway musical. Being a waitress paid the bills until she got her big break, and she wasn’t about to ask anyone, even the man she planned to marry, for help.

Of course, it helped that Liz had inherited the apartment from her grandfather several years ago. She hadn’t wanted to live by herself, so Maria happily moved in with her. It was a nice, old apartment in an upscale neighborhood. The building even had a doorman. The only person besides Maria and Liz that could just go up was Alex. He had a key, and they had known him since second grade. Anyway, rent was almost non-existent which helped Maria stretch her budget a little further. Doug had to work very hard to get Maria to accept the car, and it was only after Liz and Alex both agreed that she would be safer did she give in.

Now she was on her way to surprise her man with breakfast – well, brunch – in bed. She hadn’t seen Doug in over a week, and had missed him terribly. She felt slightly apprehensive about her upcoming marriage. What if it’s always like this, and I never get to see him. What’s the point in all this? As quickly as the thought came, Maria squashed it back down inside of herself. This was the man she loved, and she would make it work.

Using her key to let herself in, Maria headed for the master bedroom. She could see Doug’s sleeping form still laying on the bed, and a tuft of his blonde hair sticking out from under the covers. Hrm, I need to get that boy a haircut. He looks like he’s getting shaggy. Setting the coffee and pastries she had brought on the dresser, Maria walked quietly over to the bed. She wanted to surprise him by kissing him awake.

Gently, she began to pull back the covers and whisper “wake up, sleepyhead”. What actually came out was more like “wake up, slee—EE! Who the hell are you?!”

Maria jumped back when she realized the person she was about to kiss senseless was not, in fact, her beloved Doug. Instead, she came face to face with a small blonde woman, with a look of anger and confusion on her face to match Maria’s.

“Who the hell are you? And what are you doing in my house?” the blonde screamed.

“Your house? This is my fiancé’s house, you bitch,” Maria replied.

“YOUR fiancé? No, this is MY fiancé’s house.”

Maria held out her left hand. “See the ring. Mine. Now, get dressed and get out!”

“I don’t know what kind of cheap knock-off that is, because here’s my engagement ring.” The blonde mocked Maria’s movement by holding out her own left hand.

Maria gasped as she looked down. The blonde soon echoed her. They were wearing exactly the same ring.

“Look,” said the blonde. “I think we need to talk. Why don’t you go sit down, and I’ll put on some clothes.”

“Where is he? Where is that bastard?! I’ll kill him!” The full reality of the situation had finally dawned on Maria. While she didn’t know the full details, she knew enough to know that she had been played. Majorly. Doug had probably never planned to marry her, or this other girl. And who knows how many other women had exactly the same rings on their fingers.

“Sit down. Relax. He’s gone to some culinary conference somewhere. Well, that’s where he told me he was. Who knows where he really is? At any rate, he’s not here.”

Maria sank slowly into a nearby chair and tried desperately not to hyperventilate. She wished she had never given up carrying a vial of cedar oil with her at all time. She could have really used some. She was barely aware when the blonde, now dressed, took a seat across from her.

“So, I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Alexis.” The blonde offered her hand in greeting.

“Maria, and as much as I’d like to say I’m glad to meet you, I just don’t think I can in this situation.”

“No, I completely understand. So. How long have you been seeing Doug?”

The girls told each other their stories over the coffee and pastries Maria had brought. Maria had been dating him for a little over 2 years, and Alexis a little over a year and a half. The only reason Doug had been able to keep them apart for so long was their hectic schedules. Alexis traveled a lot, and Maria was either performing, rehearsing, or waiting tables.

They both looked up when they heard the squeal of tires in front of the house. Doug had come home. Instant fury could be seen on both woman’s face as they started down the stairwell to the foyer. Doug was about to have an interesting homecoming.

Keys jingled, and the front door swung open. “Hi, honey. I’m home,” Doug said cheerfully, looking up. The sight of both Alexis and Maria before him made his jaw drop and his face turn red. “Ladies, I uhm, see you’ve met each other,” was all he could stammer.

“Yes, Doug. Maria and I have been having a nice conversation for the past several hours.”

Oh god. Several hours? They know everything by now! What am I going to do? They’ll kill me. Doug thought frantically.

“Oh, and did you find something to talk about?” stall, man, stall. Doug began inching his way towards the door.

“Not so fast there, Douglas. I think you owe us an explanation!” Maria moved the rest of the way down the stairs and behind Doug, blocking him in.

“Ah, well, you see, girls…” Doug began.

“You know what, you bastard? Forget it. I don’t want to waste a single moment more of my time on your or your lies. Coming, Maria?” Alexis swept out the door, with Maria trailing behind her. They both stopped in the doorway, and as if they had planned it, removed their engagement rings and threw them at Doug.

“I’ll send someone around later today to get my things, Doug. Please, do us both a favor and never call us again, ”Alexis turned to walk away, and Maria paused only long enough to slam the door in his face.

Doug stood there, dumbfounded, as the door closed and two diamond rings clattered to the floor at his feet.


Liz heard Maria’s sobs long before she saw her friend come through the door. She doubted the whole building had been spared. “’Ria, honey, what’s wrong?” Liz asked, putting her arm around Maria and pulling her to the couch.

“Doug…. cheated… me…. broke…. up!” was the choked response, and then a fresh deluge of tears began.

Liz grabbed the phone as quickly as she could, and dialed the number for Galaxy Video. “Alex, what time do you get off work? We need chick flicks and ice cream, STAT. Doug and Maria broke up. (pause) Great. we’ll see you in 45 minutes.” Liz hung up and gathered Maria into her arms.

“Shhhh… everything will be alright, Maria. Everything will be fine.” She continued to stoke Maria’s hair as they waited for Alex.


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Totally short part before I run out the door.... and yes, I am going to attempt to write some nookie for this story eventually. Keep your socks on kiddies! Oh, and please, keep the feedback coming! *happy*

Part 3a

“You want I should teach him a lesson?” Alex mimiced an Italian accent as he pounded his right fist into his left palm.

“Men are bastards.” Maria blew her nose again, then looked up at Alex. “Except you. You are the one man who should not be herded into a large pen and shot.”

Alex looked to Liz with concern and more than a little fear. ‘Do something’ he mouthed over Maria’s head.

“Look, Maria. Doug is scum. Lower than scum. You can’t blame yourself for his actions.”

“I’m not blaming myself. But, god, when he came home and I saw him, I just froze. I wanted to kill, maim, mutilate, and I just stood there. What had I done to him that he needed to hurt me like this?”

“Maria, honey, he was using you and who-know-how-many other women to stroke his own ego. You have such a big heart, and he took advantage of that.”

“But I just stood there, Liz. And… and how long would this have gone on if I hadn’t decided to surprise him? How long would I have been dupped like that?”

“I don’t know. But I think it would have come out soon, anyway. You would have started pressing him to make wedding plans, and he obviously couldn’t.”

“I just wish there was some way to know if there were other women out there he was taking advantage of."

“Ah! I have a plan!” Alex exclaimed. “We’ll take out a full-page ad in Times. Everyone will see it, and even if there’s not other women, no woman will want to touch him after that!”

“Oh! That’s so mean. So evil! I LOVE it!” cried Maria.

Liz grabbed a pen and paper, while Maria looked for a photo to include with the announcement.

Are you dating this man? Are you wearing this ring?”
(insert photo of Doug and photo of ring)
You should know you are being scammed.
This man was engaged to at least two women at the same time
Women of New York, beware!
Call 555-7843 for more information.

“There. How’s that ‘Ria?” Liz asked.

“Terrific. Doug is finished in this town.”

The three agreed to split the ad three ways, knowing that it was a pricey revenge but worth every penny.


“So. Placed your ad yet, Maxwell?” Michael asked, sitting on Max’s couch now. Max sometimes wondered why Michael even bothered to keep a place of his own considering he was never there.

“Nope. I have no idea what to say.”

“Well, I’ll help.” Michael offered.

“Uhm, no thanks. You’re the one who set me up with that twit Melissa.”

“I don’t know what your problem with her was. She was totally hot.” Offended, Michael actually put down the remote control and stared at Max.

“She had no brain. No substance.”

“Who cares about substance. She was built! She was primed. Man, I have no idea why you didn’t score with that.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that I’m looking for more than a one night stand here? Cheap sex is easy to come by. I’m looking for someone with a brain. Well, a nice body would be nice, too.” Max admitted, grinning sheepishly.

“All right, fine, Mr. Sensitive. Put that in your ad.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that would go over well.”

“Seriously Max, just, you know, refine it a little first.”

“Fine. How’s this?”

Michael looked at what Max had written out. “Perfect, man. You’re sure to score with that line.”

Max glared at Michael. “I’ve said that I’m not just looking to score.”

“Whatever, Maxwell. Whatever.”


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Hey guys....

So, I have been warring with a particularily tenacious inner ear infection, and have wanted nothing more out of life than some cookie dough, law&order re-runs and for my antibiotics to kick in for the last 1.5 weeks.

Whining aside, I just updated "An A.." today, and am planning on getting a new part for this out in a day or so. So keep your knickers on, it's a-comin'!

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Ack, ack. Ok, so I promised a day or so. I was wrong. Here's a short part to appease the masses. I'm finally getting back into the swing of this fic. It just wouldn't come there for a while.

Part 3b

A few days after the ad ran in the Times, Liz and Maria sat at in the living room listening to the phone on speaker mode. The voicemail box Maria had rented was at capacity, and the two friends were attempting to sort through all the messages.

“Ok, so far we have 2 women in denial about their ‘sweet, loving boyfriend Doug’, one other fiancée, 30 in the ‘how dare you print some filth like this’, 6 marriage proposals, and 154 ‘you go, girls’,” Liz said, reading back from the tally sheet she had been making.

“I know. Two more girlfriends and another fiancée! Where did he find the time for all of us?” Maria rolled her eyes and flipped her hair back. She was still hurt and upset by Doug’s betrayal, but somehow the absurdity of it all could still make her smile.

“Ok, well, there’s only two messages left. Then we’re finally done. How about some lunch?” Liz asked, stomach growling.

“Sounds good. Ok. Second-to-last caller, you’re up!” Maria started the message.
“Hello, this message is for the woman who took out the ad warning other women in the city about her former fiancé. This is Gloria Goodman, executive producer of ‘Wake Up New York’. We’d like you to appear on our show. Please call my office to discuss this possibility further. Thank you.”

“Oh my God! ‘Wake Up New York’! They want me to be on TV!” Maria leaped off the couch and began to prance around the room in excitement.

“That’s great Maria. You had better make sure they really want to hear your side of the story, and don’t just try to make you look foolish.”

Maria stopped prancing. “Oh, you’re right. Well, you have to come along too, then. You can make sure to stop them if things get weird. You’re good at that sort of thing. And besides, it was your idea.”

Liz frowned. “I’m not sure, ‘Ria. This is your story.”

“No way! It was your idea, and I need your support. Please, please, please!”

Giving into Maria’s pleading and puppy-dog eyes, Liz agreed. “Fine, fine. I’ll go. If they’ll let me, that is. Now, why don’t we celebrate with some food before I waste away!”

Maria laughed and she and Liz collected their things. They left the apartment in the best mood either had been in since the morning Maria had found out about Doug.


Max yawned and reached for the coffee pot. Last night had been brutal. One of his patients, a 2 year old girl, had gotten very sick very quickly. It had taken all of Max’s skill to reduce her fever and diagnose the problem. It had meant a very late night that was both physically and emotionally draining.

Ignoring his usual morning paper, Max reached for the remote control. He didn’t think he felt up to using higher brain functions, and decided to catch the morning news on TV instead of in the Times. ‘Wake Up New York’ was on the first channel he flipped to, and Max left it there while he went to retrieve his toast from the kitchen.

Returning to his sofa, Max saw that the morning show was running a special segment on the girl who had taken out that huge ad last week slamming her ex-boyfriend. Max had seen the ad, and thought it was both funny and juvenile at the same time. He was about the change the channel to CNN when his hand froze solid. There, sitting next to the blonde with the ad, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Her long, dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and her large brown eyes were shining with love and pride and she laughed along with the host and the blonde. Even her laugh was beautiful. She moved her head, and her ponytail swung out behind her. Max imagined pulling the rubber band out and running his hands through her hair. In his mind, it felt like silk.

“Why can’t I meet a woman like that in this city?” he asked himself darkly.


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