New Destiny
summary:something happens to Liz after destiny
author notes:Instead of going to Flordia for the summer after destiny she stay with a cousin in Dallas, and Liz's parents bought Liz a car before she left.Think black convertible.

Liz drove and drove fast she had to go to Max. She was scared and in pain but most of all she needed him his warm amber eyes, those strong arm that held her and protected her so well. Liz was crying tears streaming down her face hands mared with third degree burns and saying one thing as a mantra to stop the pain "Max"

Liz stop by the side of the road by the "Welcome To Roswell" sign in too much pain and to tierd to drive, she picked up the phone painfully dialing the number she knew by heart.
(Liz smiled at his voice.)
MAX:Hello is anyone there.
LIZ:Max(her voice was below a whisper)it's Liz
MAX:Honey whats wrong are you alright
(she had to smile even though all the pain he called her honey)
LIZ:(cough)Max I need your help
Max:(totally freaking out now)Liz are you still in Dallas whats wrong?
LIZ:Max I'm by the sign outside of Roswell please come it hurts really bad(crying)
MAX:I'll be right there I promise do you need me to bring anybody else(talking while getting dressed )
LIZ:(still crying)no just you,I love you Max
MAX:(tears in his eyes)I love you too, I'll be right there