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You Make Me Happy Part 1

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 1
Liz's POV

September 23rd. Journal entry one. I'm Liz Parker and I just moved to Roswell. This is not fuckin' good! I mean, Come on! Who would want to leave New York for Roswell? It's just a town where all these crazy people think Aliens crashed in. I left all my friends. My parents are such assholes... They think moving me to Roswell will make me a better daughter... Yeah right... Moving me to Roswell will just make me a worst daughter.

New York is fun. Roswell is boring. New York has drugs. Roswell has no drugs. New York's population is maybe a billion people. Roswell's population is maybe 50 people. New York is home of all the thugs and punks. Roswell is home of all the Aliens and insane people. I mean listen to this! What would you choose? A place where you can be free or a place where everybody knows you and says Hi? I wanna be free! Ugh, this airplane smell makes me wanna barf!

I close my journal and stuff it in my bag.


"It's Liz, Jeff"I said.

"You call me dad"

"Hell no... Jeff "

He mumbles something about how I can be his daughter. I ain't your daughter Jeff. I was just raised by you. I don't consider you my dad... I consider you as a foster parent who is so cornball.


"It's Liz, Nancy"I said once again.

"Why do you have to be like this Liz?"

"Cause I wanna?"I said, rolling my eyes.

"Can you at least try to fit in or be nice?"

Fit in? Be nice? I ain't your little girl Nancy... You can't lecture me about this shit... I wanna be who I wanna be and I like it that way...

I nod my head no. I watch Nancy frown and go back into her seat. I open my backpack and take out a canister. I unscrew the top and take a sip. Yum... Vodka is the way to go! I watch a stewardess come by. I quickly screw the top back on and place it back in my backpack.

"Liz, would you like me to buy you anything from the shop?"

"Yeah, buy me a carton of cirgerettes and two bottles of beer"I said.

My dad is now pissed off...

"I thought you quit smoking and drinking"

"Well, I guess you never heard of the word Lying"I said, pissing my dad more.

"Roswell is not like New York"

No shit!

"There are only good people there... You'll be the outcast if you don't be nice and good"

I am an outcast already!

"Nice and good ain't my thing... Bad and being a bitch is my thing"I said.


"Now, are you gonna buy me cigarettes and beer?"I ask.


"Then don't talk to me"I said.

I turn on my CD player, music starts to play.

I cannot take this anymore
I'm saying everything I've said before
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I hear the less You'll say
But you'll find that out anyway

Just like before...

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breathe
'Cause I'm one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break

I find the answers aren't so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear
All these thoughts they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Nothing seems to go away
Over and over again

Shut up when I'm talking to you

*~Linkin Park -- One Step Closer~*

Gotta love Linkin Park...

"We have chicken and beef. Which one would you like?"asked the stewardess.

I want drugs!

"Beef..."I said.

"What would you like to drink?"


"Orange juice and can I also have a tomato juice?"


Have you ever tried orange juice mixed with beer? Or have you ever tried tomato juice with vodka? They taste so good! So she hands me my food and my drinks and leaves. What a phony bitch... First class people are always treated better than other classes. I roll my neck in circles and I hear my neck crack. God, that felt good!

"So what did you get?"

"Do I know you?"I said.

"No... So what did you get?"

What is wrong with this girl? She has long blond hair, big pouty lips, light green eyes, about my height, and her body is almost like mine only hers is a bit bigger than mine.

"Beef?"I said.

"Oh cool... I got beef too"

She is hovering over me! Jeez...

"Where you going?"

"Uh, Roswell?"I said.

"So am I!"

Duh! This plane is going to Roswell!

"I"m Maria DeLuca"

"Nice..."I said.

"So you got a name or are you like those Gothic people who are mysterious?"

Gothic? She sayin' I'm gothic... No, you didn't!

"Liz... Just Liz..."I said.

Might as well say something to get her off my back...

"So, you moving to Roswell or are you just here for a vacation?"


"Cool... I went on a vacation and now I'm coming back"

I nod my head like saying Cool but I was really saying was Like I care! So I watch her talk her head off... Does this girl have a switch button?!?

"Do you always talk to strangers?"I ask.

She looks at me weirdly and then smiles.

"No, I had a feeling that you were moving to Roswell and I thought I could show you around the town and we can be friends"

I have enough fuckin' friends!

"Whatever... So are there any cute guys there?"

I may be a bitch but I love cute hot sex magnet guys! I watch this Maria girl stare off into space.

"Are you listening to me?"I asked.

It's so rude to not respond when Liz Parker is talking!

"Yeah I am"she said.

"No, you're hearing me but you're not listening to me"I said.

"Sorry... It's just that hot guy over there is making me drool... We went camping together"

"So did you guys like do it?"I ask.

It's 21st century. Everybody has sex nowadays.

"No... I want to but he's the type of guy who has a stonewall around him. You can't get through to him"

"You gotta catch his attention... Show a little cleavage... Flirt with him... Comment how good he looks and how you want to eat him up"

It always work for me...

"I can't do that!"

So I'm talking to a shy girl here? Jeez... Everywhere I go, there is this shy girl who talks to me. What am I? The girl who's everyone's best friend?

"Yes, you can"I said.

"You think so?"

"You got a tank top on?"


"Take off the sweater, take off the bra, and put on some make-up and you're done"I said.

"Thanks! You're such a good friend!" she squealed.

Friend? When did I say I was your fuckin' friend? I smile and act like I didn't care about the friend thing. I watch her walk over to the guy she was drooling over. He ain't so bad but he ain't my type.

I watch them talk back and forth. Then a smile appears on the guy's face. I watch the guy whisper into Maria's ear and she giggles. I told you it always work! I watch Maria walk back to her seat. She was practically jumping the whole way to her seat.

"It worked!"she mouthed, smiling ear to ear.

"Told you"I said.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"she said.

Then she quickly hugged me. Ugh, I don't hug. I tried getting out of the hug lock but she was too strong for me so I patted my hand against her back.

"I owe you one so big!"she said.

I shrug my shoulders. She lets go of me now and sits back in her seat. I open my food and took a bite. I quickly spit it out... Cold food sucks! I pulled out a diet bar and ate it. I grabbed my vodka and poured it into the orange juice and into the tomato juice. So I drink too much alcohol, who cares? If I die, what a way to go!

"This food is so cold"said Maria, spitting her food out.

I hand her a diet bar.



She is so not my friend but she thinks I am so I'll just go along.

"So you made a new friend?"

Fuck you Jeff!

"She ain't my friend... She thinks I am but I ain't so back off ok?!?"I said, growling.

I see him frown. Yes, I made Jeff frown! I love making them miserable.

"Do you like your food?"

I show him the diet bar.

"Aren't you too skinny to be eating a diet bar?"

"Yeah so?"

"You're not eating right Elizabeth"

You calling me Elizabeth again?

"It's Liz! I eat what I want! I do what I want! You can't tell me what to do so fuck off!"I said.

Yep, Jeff turns around and ignores me. Good! Ignore me bastard! I don't care!

"Liz... Be nice to your father... He just wants to help you"

"I don't need help Nancy... I don't need help from either one of you so stop it"

"But you're our daughter... We have to help you"

"I was your daughter when I was 9 years old. When I turned 10, I stopped being your daughter so I wasn't your daughter a long time ago and I say again, I don't need your help"

She turns around and ignores me too. I don't care... I don't feel guilty... I'm dead inside... I don't have a conscience... Which is good cause I don't have this stupid thing telling me this is wrong and this is bad and making me feel guilty. I'm so dead inside...

"Can I sit next to you?"asked Maria.

"Fine"I said.

She moves and sits next to me. I move my chair back all the way till it was very near in touching the chair behind me. No one is sitting there now so might as well make a good use of it.

"Smart move"

"Well, I'm smart ass bitch"

She does the same thing and we lie there, staring at the ceiling. Boring... Boring... Boring...
I press the stewardess button. That phony bitch comes.

"How many more hours is this flight till we arrive in Roswell?"I asked.

She looks at her watch. What a cheap rolex! I know it's a fake cause I use to sell fake rolexes.

"About 16 hours"


She looks at me weirdly and walks away slowly. What? Do you want a fuckin' tip or something? I close my eyes and tried to go to sleep. Soon, Maria and I fell asleep.

Hey! I'm back in the fanfic business! Feedback if you want me to continue, Please? Pwetty Pwease with a naked Max Evans and Jason Behr and Zan covered in chocolate fudge with a cherry on top? *happy*

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You Make Me Happy Part 2

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 2
Liz's POV

So I'm standing in the Roswell airport right now... Damn! It's so tiny! The population is 50! I walk around. The guys are ok... I see them staring at me. Their eyes look at me up and down. So they notice the new girl is hot?

"I got us some cappacino"said Maria.

"Thanks"I said.

Wait... Did I just say thanks? Liz Parker never says thanks... Damn, Roswell is changing me already... I'm not gonna let it change me... I'm still gonna be bad thug Liz.

"Those guys are so stupid... They think because they are jocks, they can get any girl they want"

Well, they can't get me...

"They are ok but not my type..."I said.

"So Jocks ain't your type?"

"Oh they are, just the hot built dark haired mysterious guy is my type"I said.

"So you waiting for him or are you playing the field?"

"Definitely playing the field!"I said.

Liz Parker settling down? Not yet... Not until I find my soulmate... Not yet...

"How about you?"I asked.

"Playing the field also but I wouldn't mind settling down with Michael"

"So his name is Michael?"I said.

"Yeah... Isn't that a beautiful name?"

"It suits him"I said.

I don't like that name so much... Oh well...

"It does, doesn't it?"

I smile at Maria. She is totally head over heels in love with this Michael guy. Will I ever be in love? Love? When did I think about love? Damn it! I'm changing again.

"So how are you doing baby?"says this jock, in a Joey voice. (From TV show Friends)

"So I guess you are a big fan of Friends..."I said.


"The voice you just did is from a TV show"I said.

"It is? I created this voice"he says.

I just wanted to laugh. He's such a stupid asshole.

"So whatever... Wanna go out with me?"he asks.

He puts his hand on my arm. I quickly pull away from me.

"Get away from me you necromanic!"I scream.

"Necro-what?"he said.

Thank you NY for teaching me that word! *Necromanic (I think that's how it's spelled) means A person who fucks dead human bodies *

"Don't touch me... Don't get near me... Don't even talk to me... You no good wanna be jocky"I said.

"I am a jock, you Bitch!"he screams.

"You a jock? Ha ha ha! Wait, you serious? Damn! What did you do to get on the team? Suck on the coach's dick?"I said, laughing.

His face turns full blown red like a fuckin' tomato. A really large ugly red tomato. I watch his hand move up and it quickly comes down towards me. He was gonna hit me! And I just met him! He was gonna hit me! No one is hitting me! I went to block his hand but then a hand grab the guy's hand.

"Stay away from her or I will have Coach James kick you off the team"said this strong sexy voice.

I felt like my knees were weak... They were like Jell-O!

"I'm sorry Max... So sorry"he said.

"Did your mom ever taught you not to hit girls?"he said.

I watch the guy run away to his Wannabe jockey friends. I slowly turn around and gasped loudly at what I saw.

"Are you ok?"

"I'm fine..."I said.

"Name's Max"

"Liz"I said.

He had dark brown hair, medium dark brown bedroom eyes, built body which showed very clearly through his clothes, and he was just a God!

"I never seen you before... You new?"he asked.

I nod my head. I couldn't speak. My throat was so dry. He stares into my eyes with those eyes of his. I felt my knee collapse. Then I was in his arms. He had caught me from falling.

"You ok?"

"Just a bit shaken up"I said.

"Max!"I hear a voice scream.

I watch Maria run to Max and they hug each other. So they are friends, I see.

"How are you Max?"

"I'm fine"

"So I see you met Liz"

Uh duh! Wasn't he just talking to me a while ago?


"Liz, this is my best friend Max who's here to pick me up right?"said Maria.

"I'm also picking up Michael"

"He's gonna be in the same car?"

I watch Max nod his head. Then Maria started to scream and jump with happiness. She grabs my hand and starts to spin circles. I stare at Max with a Help Me! look on my face. He laughs at me and stops Maria.

"Thanks for saving me"I said.

I roll my eyes and think My hero...

"Anybody would do the same"he said.

"But they didn't..."I said.

That was true... Those people would just watch me get hurt and not care... Bastards!

"I guess you were lucky I was there"he said.

"I guess I am..."I said.

Yeah right...! Me lucky? Yeah right! I run to my parents and quickly mumble about a friend driving me home and grabbed my stuff and ran back to Max.

"So where do you live?"

"Oh... I live in the new restaurant called the Crashdown Café"I said.

"Oh you do? I can't wait to see it and eat there... I'm kind of tired of Chinese food"he said.

I love Chinese food! I laugh anyways. Maria drags me to Max's jeep and he drove me home. We said our Good-byes and they left. I got Max's, Maria's, and Michael's phone number.

"So I see you made new friends"said my parents, smiling.

I stuck my middle finger at my parents. They quickly frown and shuts up. Better!

"I'm only acting to be their friends so I can make them bad and so they can drink and take drugs with me"I said.

I quickly walk upstairs to find the best room.

"ELIZABETH PARKER!"yell my parents.

I laugh. My new room has a bathroom and a balcony. This is good... Good room... My own private bathroom... My own private balcony where I can sneak out and write in my journal! Watch out Roswell, here I come!

Good? Ok? Bad? Feedback Please! *happy*

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You Make Me Happy Part 3

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 3
Liz's POV

Ah... First day of school. This sucks. This sucks big time. My parents kept trying to talk to me about corrupting my new friends. They ain't my new friends. I don't need anyone but me. I walk to school. I already got lost about twice but I soon found my way... I walk to the Office. I stand against the counter and watch the lady walk around like crazy.

"I'm new"I said.

"Wait"she said, holding her hand up.

Oh, hell no! I swiped the cup of pens and pencil off the counter. It crashes to the ground with a bang. The lady looks at me with a shock look on her face.

"As I said before... I'm new"I said.

"Ok... Name?"

"Liz Parker"I said, rolling my eyes.

How many new students are going into this school today? One! I'm the only one!

"Hold on"

I watch her grab a file and walk into the Principal's Office. She comes back out. She points to the door. I walk past her with a scoff and walk into the room. Ew! The principal is so ugly! Dude! Like look in the mirror!

"Hi Liz! I'm Mr. Malloy"he said, smiling.

I watch him reach his hand out. What? You want a handshake? I don't do handshakes. I do those fists thingies. I look at his hand and look back up at him. I had this 'I'm not 5 years old' look on my face. I watch him frown slightly and pull his hand back.

"Not a people person are we?"

"Oh I am... Just the bad people"I said, putting on a fake smile.

"Well, I assigned you the most smartest and responsible person to show you around the school and we also managed to find a person who has the whole same schedule as you"

I hear footsteps and there was Max standing in the door.

"You said you wanted to see me?"asked Max.

"Yes,... This is Liz Parker. I need you to show her around school"

"We've met"he said, smiling at me.

"Oh that's good!"

Shut up asshole! The bell rings. I walk out of there with Max by my side. I followed Max to his locker. He had an empty locker next to him. So I took it and used it.

"You done with your unpacking?"

No! This is my second day here in Roswell. No, I'm Superwoman and I finish unpacking in one hour!

"No..."I said.

"Oh ok..."he said.

I followed Max throughout the whole day. The teachers are lame. They actually take attendance! I thought only substitutes do that. The bell rings. It's lunch time. Yes! I'm starving like shit...

"Liz!"said Maria, hugging me.

I'm not the hugging type! I pat her back again.

"How are you?"she asks.

I'm fine... No wait... I'm not fine... I want to die because I hate my life right now and if I can't kill myself, I feel like running away... I feel bad... I feel sucky... I feel like a freak!

"I'm fine"I said.

I pull out a pie and began eating it. They talked and talked. I just sat there listening.

"I need a break"said a voice.

Great... From what I can see, she's popular.

"Isabel, Liz"said Max.

"Liz, Isabel"he said.

Why do they say that? We hear the name already... Don't gotta say it twice... It's very annoying...

"Hi!"she said.

I smiled and turned away.

"Rude much"she said.

Oh so these Roswellians to talk back. Should I talk back?

"Isabel is my sister"said Max.

Great... So is Max popular?

"Hey guys... Who's the newbie?"said a male voice.

Newbie? What weird words people say...

"This is Liz, Liz, this is Alex"said Maria.

"Where are you from Liz?"asked Alex.

"New York?"I said.

"Wassup?"he said, trying to act all New York.

I laugh. I take out my bottle of orange juice. The orange juice filled up half of the bottle. I look around and take out my silver canister. I unscrew both bottles and pour the beer into the orange juice.

"What are you doing?"asked Michael.

"Drinking?"I said, with my eyebrow raised up.

"You're not allowed to drink on school property"he said.

"Well, they don't know that, do they? If you wanna tell on me, go tell. See if I care..."I said.

He looks away with a hurt look on his face. Oh well... I get up and walk away. I can't stand those people. They are so annoying. They gotta be the good kids, don't they? They must do something bad in their life! But I doubt it... They are so good that they won't even kill an ant! Wait... not even an germ!

I sit on the grassy ground and lean against the tree. I sit there, drinking. So I'm a bitch, I know... They think I'm mean but I'm a bitch! A bitch is supposed to be mean and anyways... I chose to be this way and I like it! The bell rings. Damn fuckin' bell...

I sit up and walk to the next class. So I have... English now... I find my way to English class all by myself and grab a seat. Max walks in and sits down next to me. The teacher comes in and quickly starts to write on the board. I raise my hand. She's not gonna turn around anytime soon...

"Yo!"I said, loudly.

She turns around. Finally!

"Yo? That is not English young lady"she says.

Is she talking back to me? I'm not taking shit from a teacher.

"Yo is English if you talk slang and anyways... if you haven't notice since you were too busy attached to the board like it was your sex toy, I'm new"I said.

I hear snickers and laughs and giggles. Good... Laugh all you want... You will be laughing your way throughout the school year.

"New?"she says.

"Yeah new... N-E-W... New"I said.

"I will not take this tolerance from you"she said.

"Then don't but who's stopping ya?"I said.

Max looks at me with a 'Just Quit It Now' face. I roll my eyes. Don't I just love to roll my eyes?

"What is your name?"she asks.

"What's your name?"I ask.

"I asked you first"she said.

"I asked you first"I mimicked in a high pitched voice.

"Fine! Detention for you!"she screamed.

"Oooo.... I'm so scared"I said, rolling my eyes.

"Two day detention"she screamed louder.

"Why not give me a week detention? Not like I got any plans anyways"I said.

"Fine! One week detention!"she said.

"Oh yay!"I said, sarcastic.

She looks at the the attendance.

"Elizabeth Parker"she whispers.

"Call me Liz"I said.

"I'll call you whatever is on this section sheet"she said.

I stand up and grab the attendance. I cross out Elizabeth and wrote down Liz in a bright red pen. I slam the paper back down on the desk and sit down. I made a hand gesture saying Go Ahead. She so hates me right now... Yay!

She writes my name down on the corner side of the board. I laugh loudly. That is so kindergarten!

"Oh... I'm so scared because my name is on the board... Oh what shall I ever do?"I mocked.

She rolls her eyes and hands me a Detention slip. Then she continues writing on the board.

"Liz... Why did you do that?"whispered Max.

"Cause I wanna? She was getting on my nerves anyways"I said.

That wasn't true... I just love pissing teachers off. Max smiles at me.

"You're so brave... I like that"he said.

Is he flirting with me? He is, isn't he?

"There are other things about me besides brave"I said in a sexy teasing voice.

I see his Adam's apple bob up and down. He quickly looks at the board and writes down what's on the board on his loose-leaf. I snickered. The bell rings. I grab my things from the locker and walk to the Detention Hall. I hand my pass in.

"Wow, One week! You must have done something really bad!"said the old man.

"I got her pissed"I said.

"I never liked her"he said.

"She's such a bitch"I said.

"I know... A phony bitch"he said.

Wow... Not all old people are so bad after all... He scribbles something on my slip.

"Give this slip to your teacher next week... You don't have to come to detention... You're free"he said.

I smile.

"Go on! Live life!"he said.

He's not a bad guy... I walk out of the school and walk home. My parents are decorating the café. Ew... Did I just step into the Twilight Zone? I can hear the theme song in my head...

Dun dun dun dun!

"How's school?"asked Nancy.

"It was great! I managed to get a kid to cut his wrists"I said.

She frowns. Score! I walk up to my room and lock the door. I unpack my things and decorate my room. I pull a chair into the balcony and sit down. I grab my journal and a pen.

September 25th. Journal entry two. I'm Liz Parker and today sucked. I started school and it sucked like shit. I got detention for like one week but then this old guy let me go. He wrote on the slip that I completed my one week detention. Nice old dude... So this is my first journal so I'll just write whatever I feel or think or whatever... I act like a mean bitch... I know I do... I like it but I have to. I don't like people getting near me... It's not so good. Back in New York, I had friends and boyfriends. My friends all got me into drinking and drugs. I liked it but then one day, I nearly died and I still hanged out with them!

My boyfriends all wanted me for sex. One tried to rape me. One tried to abuse me. The other one just wanted sex. Oh well... I'm a virgin. Weird huh? I'm a bad girl and I'm a virgin. I make up stories around having one night stands so I don't be the outcast. New York really wreaked my life but I don't see how. My parents worry about me but I just don't care. I just want to do whatever I want.

I met this guy named Max at the airport. He is a God! I like him and I think he may be my type but is he just like the other guys I dated in the past? Oh well... I'm not gonna even try it with him... I just don't want to get burned... I've been burned too many times... I don't think I can get burn just more time... If I do, I think I might just die... Have you ever wondered if there was a soulmate out there for me? I wish there were. Some people would always say they found their soulmates but then they would break up and date other people. Maybe I have one but I doubt it. I'm too ugly and too bitchy to be loved by any man anyways... I mean who would want me?

They might just want me by my looks and by my body. Typical guys... I just want to be loved but I'm too afraid to let anyone in... Just like I don't let my parents in... I hate my life... I might as well kill myself...

Feedback Please? Pwetty Pwease? *happy* I might get Part 4 out a little bit later than I got out this part... That's because my brother who's 15 years old got beat up! He lost his front big right tooth! They stitched it back and now he gt a X stitch above his tooth! Ouch... Some spanish kids took my brother's friend's jacket and they fought to get it back. They also used a scooter and slammed it into my brother's back... My parents are like so pissed at him right now... So please try to understand I'll get Part 4 out a little late... Feedback Please! :\

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Sorry! I know... I should have Part 4 out by now... My mom just placed me into a tutoring school! Arg! I have to go Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday! And the bad thing is... I have 6 classes in these 3 days all together! 2 class per day. So it's 6 classes and 6 different homeworks! I just got back from tutoring school right now... ::yawns:: I'm so tired... I'll try to have Part 4 come out next week! I promise! Sorry again... :(

Kylie a.k.a. Little Liz

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You Make Me Happy Part 4

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 4
Liz's POV

I wake up with the sun shining in my face. Damn sun... Go away! Today is Saturday. Yay! Wait... hold that Yay... I'm starting work today... I got a job at my parent's café. Of course they would tell me to waitress! I'm their daughter and they own the place. If you were the daughter of the owner, you have a great chance of working there!

I take a shower and found a uniform on my bed. Fuck no! This is the uniform? This is so ugly! I put it on anyways and put on the headband. I walk out and see people sitting in the booths, waiting to be served. My dad is the chef but he needs someone to be the chef so he's stepping in temporally. My mom is at the register. I walk up to a booth.

"Welcome to the Crashdown Café.... How may I take your order?"I ask.

"I'll have the Saturn Rings and a Sigourney Weaver burger"

"Do you like any drinks with that?"I ask, scribbling the order down on the pad.

"I will have a Blood Of Alien smoothie"

I scribble and walk away. I place the order on the counter of the window to the kitchen. My dad grabs it and starts to cook. He fixes the food and places the food on the counter. I grab the food and hand it to the customer. This is suck a fuckin' boring job... No fun!

I hear the bell ring and I look up. There comes in my 'friends'...

"Hey Liz! Nice Place!"says Maria.

Nice place? More like barf place!

"Hey Ria... I guess so..."I said.


"Nickname for ya"I said, checking my nails.

"Hi Liz"said Max, staring at me.

"Hi..."I said, staring at him.

I look away and see my parents looking at me.

"What?"I said.

They look away. Better look away! I turn back to the gang and watch them seat themselves.

"We shouldn't have come here"said Isabel.

"Why not?"said Max, staring at me.

"Aliens creep me out"said Isabel.

I watch Max and Michael stare at Isabel. Aliens creep her out? I love aliens. I walk to the Jukebox and press the code number of a song.

"So what are you ordering?"I ask.

"Blood of Alien smoothie and Hot Fudge Blastoff"said Max.

"Same"says the rest of the gang.

Freaks... I put down the order and gave them their food. I grab a beer and sit down next to Max. I didn't sit there on purpose... The only seat empty was next to him. I put the beer down.

"We didn't order beer"said Alex.

"But I did"I said.

I put the cap against the table and banged down on the cap. It fell to the floor. I look at my parents. Their backs are turned around. Perfect... I take a long long sip of beer, finishing half of the bottle.

I hear clapping. Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... Then my beer was taken from me. I watch Maria try a sip. She makes a face.

"Oh my God! That taste so bad!"said Maria.

"You have to get use to the taste"I said.

"Let me try"said Alex, taking a sip.

"Want?"I said, looking at Max, Isabel, and Michael.

"No?"I said.

I watch them look at each other. What? Do they gotta decide all together?

"No thanks"said Max.

Fine, your loss... I finish the bottle and went back to work.

Long boring hours passed by. I walk to the cashier and started doodling on an alien pad. On the corner of my eye, a guy walks up to me and he hands me his bill. I grabbed his money and gave him his change. I continued doodling and then I realized he's still standing there. I look up and realized it was Max. Had it been hours already? I look at my watch. Where has the time gone?

"Did you want anything Max?"I asked.

"Yeah... I... um...Would you.... Would you-"he stuttered.

He's asking me out. He's asking me out! I watch him take a deep breath.

"Wouldyougooutwithme?"he said, quickly.

Woah boy! Too fast... Now please report but sssslllloooowwwlllyyy....!

"Cha wha?"I said.

"Never mind..."




What a weirdo...!

"Liz... Did Max happen to ask you a question?"said Maria.

"I'm not sure..."



Something fishy goin' on here...




Bitch... What isn't she telling me? I know she's got a secret... I could see a sweat about to form. Her eyes looking everywhere besides me. She was a bad liar...

I said my goodnights and walked into my room.

"So what did that guy say?"asked my Mom, peeking her head into my room.

"Get the fuck out!"I scream.

She disappears. I lock the door and take off my pants and my bra. I walk to my bed and plop down onto it. I turn on my radio and listen to the music play. Soon, I fell asleep.

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You Make Me Happy Part 5

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 5
Liz's POV

"Stop... Stop... No... It hurts... Stop! No! Please!"I scream in my sleep.

My ex-friend, Lucas, was the worst boyfriend out of all my boyfriends ever. He abused me so bad that I ended up in the hospital every time he hits me. On the day, I broke up with him, he tried to rape me but then I put my kung-fu moves on him and ran. I would have horrible dreams of him hurting me.

I felt someone shaking me and I quickly woke up.

"STOP!"I scream.

The person pulls me to their chest and I bang my fists against it.

"It's me Max, Liz"said Max.

Max? What are you doing here? I start to cry. I was hot and sweaty. My body was sticky and slick with sweat.

"It's ok... It's ok... I won't let anything happen to you..."he whispers into my ear.

He's comforting me. Comforting me like no one has even comforted me. Well, this is the first time someone comforted me. I sob into his chest, making his shirt wet.

"I'm sorry"I said, wiping the wet spots.

"It's ok... Are you ok?"he asks.

"I will be... I will be..."I said.

He pulls me to him more, calming me. He kisses my forehead and whispers comforting things into my ear.

"Thank you"I said.


"What are you doing here?"I ask him.

"I just wanted to come see you"


I look at my clock. 6:30am...

"It's 6:30 in the morning"

"Oops... Sorry"

"It's ok... Thanks for... you know"


I hear Max's stomach rumble. I laugh.

"Let me guess... No breakfast?"I said.

He nods. I fix myself up and made breakfast for Max and I.

"How was it like live in New York?"

"Hard... Rough..."


"It's a violent city... Almost everyone I know there is either a thug or a druggie"


"I had to kinda learn how to fight, steal, and protect myself ya know?"


So we talked and talked for hours till it was time for school. We actually had many things in common. He drove me to school and we just talked the whole day long. Even during lunch! He sat next to me by the tree and we just talked and talked like there was no tomorrow. It was nice to talk to someone. I was spilling my feeling, my thoughts, my secrets, my everything to him... It was like he opened something a part of me that I never knew about and I was freaked out by it...

"Liz honey... Your mom and I decided that if you cause trouble, even one tiny little trouble, we're sending you off to Vermont..."


"The Winnaman academy. It's an all-girls boarding school... I filled out all the paperwork, and the application was accepted. So all I've got to do is write a check and put you on the next plane"

Asshole! How can he do this me? I'm gonna run away.

"Well, you can't send me to boarding school if I run away..."

"We're not gonna let you run away this time..."

He glares at me. When did my dad become so bold? I glare at him back. I stick my middle finger in his face.

"Fuck you!"

Then I left. I didn't know where I was going... I just walked... Walked away from this stupid mess. Then it started to rain.


I sat down on a bench, letting the rain pour down on me. It seemed as the angrier I got, the harder the rain pounded on me... Then I felt the rain stop hitting me. I look up and saw Max. Now he was the one getting wet.

"You ok?"he said, sitting down next to me.

I place his jacket over our heads so we can share.

"I'm fine... Just gotta get money and run away from this hellhole"


"My parents... They think they can control me. They said if I cause trouble, they're sending me away to some all-girl boarding school in Vermont... Assholes"I said.

I sneezed.

"Do you want to stay over at my place for tonight? You can wear Isabel's clothes..."



"Ok... whatever..."

I got up and followed him to his place. It was nice... Bigger than where I lived. He gave me some of Isabel's clothes. All tight clothes. What a slut! I slept on Max's bed while he slept on the ground in the sleeping bag. I watched him sleep and soon I fell asleep...

What do you think? Feedback please? Pwetty Pwease with a naked Jason Behr, Max Evans, Zan, and F. Max covered in chocolate fudge with a Strawberry on top? xP

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You Make Me Happy Part 6

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 6
Liz's POV

I yawn. I'm a bit tired and a bit energized. I looked over and saw Max missing from his sleeping bag. Then I hear the door open. It was Max. He was covered in soil...

"I'm never going near a lawn mower when it looks like it wants to explode"

Ah... so that's what happened... I laughed.

"Breakfast is downstairs... I'll be right down after I get all this soil off of me..."


I got up and went downstairs.


Shut up, you slutty bitch!

"Oh... these are yours? God, they're tight... Don't these clothes rip everytime you wear them? You know... cause you so fat and stuff"

She screams and rolls her eyes at me. I double roll my eyes at her and walked past her.

"Bitch"I gibed.

I hear her screech and walk upstairs with a bang with each step. Fat bitch...

"Why was my sister so mad?"asked Max.

He was dressed a fresh new clean grey shirt with black jeans.

"I dunno... Something's always got that bitch mad"

He looks at me and sits down. He grabs the orange juice and gulps it all down quickly. Can anyone drink that fast?!? I grab my orange juice and drank half of it. Yeah! And what? I love competiting... It's just so fuckin' fun!

"So are you going to go home today?"

"I dunno... Why? You want me to leave?"

"No No! It's nothing like that... I just wanted to know... Maybe you should call them so they don't worry about you"

"No thanks... Let them worry about me cause I don't care"

"Why do you have to be so heartless?"

"Why do you keep asking questions?"

I saw the pain look in his eyes. Ouchie...

"Look... Sorry ok? I just... I have issues and I need to deal with them by myself"

"I should be the one saying sorry... I did ask you questions about your life and stuff"

And you should also say sorry for lecturing me! Can it Parker! Arg...

"Morning Max"

"Morning dad"

"Who's this pretty lady?"

Pretty? I think you need glasses old man...

"This is Liz"

That's my name, don't wear it out!

"I'm Philip, Max's dad"

Duh! Didn't Max called you dad? I'm not stupid ya know!

"Hi... I'm just here visiting Max"

Visiting my ass...

"Morning Honey, Max, and ?"

"This is Liz... She came by to visit Max"

Ain't I a great liar?

"I'm Diane... It's very nice to meet you"

Same here... NOT!

"It's very nice to meet you too Ms.Evans"

"Please, call me Diane... I feel so old when someone calls me Ms.Evans"

Cool D...

"Why don't we find that book you wanted to see?"said Max.


He said bye and grabbed my hand. He ran up the steps with me running behind him.

"Sorry about that"

"It's ok... My parents are the same but mine might be a little more cornball than yours"


"Never mind..."

Jeez... They don't even know what Cornball means? It's like a phat word!


I pull my sweater and look down.

"Oops..."I said.

Max laughs and scratches his head.

Feedback if you want me to continue!

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You Make Me Happy Part 7

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 7
Liz's POV

Isabel nearly killed Max when he found out that he gave me her tank top. It's just a tank top bitch! I rub my eyes and climb up the ladder. I jump and land on the balcony floor. Oh sweet ole' room... I hear footsteps and voices. I hid behind the door and placed my ear right next to the door.

"If you hadn't told her we're going to send her to Vermont, she wouldn't be missing!"said Nancy.

"We should have just sent her to Vermont..."said Jeff.

"Why does she hates us so much?"

"Are we such bad parents?"

I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through my hair.

"This is not her first time running away..."said Nancy.

"Don't you think I know that!"said Jeff.

"No need to scream! She's not here you know!"

"I can scream even though she's not here!"

"It's all your fault! I told you not to tell her and I disagreed with sending her to vemont!"

"Oh, it's my fault now?!?"

"How can you even think of sending our baby girl to Vermont?"

"Don't you get it Nancy! She's not out baby girl! She never was! She was never even our daughter!"

Then I hear a slap sound echo through the halls. Way to go Nancy!

"How can you say that...!"

"What kind of father are you!"said Nancy.

"The kind who will do anything to keep this girl from getting in trouble!"

"If you send her to Vermont, she will hate you for the rest of her life! Don't you get it? She hates you already for doing things you did to her"said Nancy.

"WE do what it takes!"

"We? There is no we... It's just you..."said Nancy.

Then I hear footsteps and doors slamming. I should have brought my video camera! This was something I would pay to see. My parents fighting... I'm so coldhearted! Yeah! I climb out of my room and walk around Roswell.

It's night now... Time goes by fast! I must have seen the Crashdown at least 10 times! You just turn right and you're back at the same position you were before... God, Roswell is so small! I feel my stomach growl. It was either I was hungry or my intestines were cleaning themselves. I stare at my stomach. I'm hungry! I walk into a 7-11 and bag of Dorritos.


I turn around and see this guy. Curly brown hair. Muscular. Part ugly and Part cute.

"Do I know you?"

"I'm Sean"

"Ugly name..."I said.

I paid for the chips and walked out of there. He follows me outside.

"You think my name is ugly?"

"Didn't I just say back there that your name was ugly?"

Jeez people! Listen!

"What's your name? Your name could be ugly"

"It could..."

"So what's your name?"

"My name is... Soy estupido"I said.

I turn around.

"Well Hi Soy estupido... Wait... HEY!!!!"screams Sean.

I snicker.

"You think you're so smart huh?"

"Well, I did make you say you're stupid"I said.

He's fuming now.

"Who do you think you are?"

"The smartest bitch in the galaxy?"

"You bitch!"

"Thanks! What a nice complement!"

Then I punched him in the eye and kneed him in the groin. He grabs his groin and falls to the ground.

"Don't mess with me..."I growl.

Sorry for the short part. I'm getting writer's block now but don't worry. It'll disappear in a couple of days! xP Feedback Please!

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You Make Me Happy Part 8

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 8
Liz's POV

"Wait... I'm confused. Explain this to me again"said Max.

"You push and pull it out"I said.

"Aren't you going to help me?"


I don't want to help! This was the man's job.

"OK... I tried pushing and pulling... It's not working"said Max.

"You're so weak"

"I'm not weak! It's not my fault the damn thing is too tiny for it!"said Max.

"It's not tiny! It's just a bit tight"

"Same thing... Do you think something may be stuck in it?"

"Whatever and NO!"I said, rolling my eyes.

"Come on... We'll do this together then ok?"

"PUSH PULL!"we both shout.

"It's ain't working! I told you it would be too tight!"

"Hey! It's not my fault!"I screamed.

"Hey! I'm not the one who got that big size"I said.

"Liz...."he glared.

I stick my tongue at him. He rolls his eyes. I let out a laugh.

"Let's try this again..."I said.

"Push and Pull..."

"Push and Pull..."

Then the door opens. Several heads peek in. Max and I fall to the ground, opening it sucessfully.

"Oh my god!"said Maria, covering her eyes.

"Are you guys decent?"asked Isabel, covering her eyes also.

In fact, all of them were covering their eyes. Michael, Alex, Maria, Isabel, and one unknown person. Actually, this one unknown person is not covering his eyes. He's interested! PERVERT! I have no idea who he is...!

"What are you guys talking about?"said Max.

He so dumb! I can't believe they were thinking that! You all are PERVERTS!!!!

They open their eyes and see us on the floor together. Their eyes move to the drawer on the floor.

"You guys were thinking we were doing it?"I said.

They nod, nervously. Roswellians have perverted minds. It's a start I guess...

"They think... we... um... were... doing it?"stuttered Max.

"Yeah... Why? Are you uncomfortable with the idea of us doing it?"I ask.

His adam apples bobs. He's nervous!


"So you want us to do it?"

"I-I... um... N-Y-hummina hummina...."

I laugh.

"I'm just joking with you! Anyways, If I want to do it with you, I would flirt with you till you get the hint"I said.

Then I winked at him, leaving the room. He just stands there with his mouth open in shock.

Sorry for another short part! I promise to make Part 9 a lot longer than this one! I promise! Now all you need to do is give me feedback! So Feedback please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 9

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 9
Liz's POV

The wink was a flirt, right? Oh whatever... I roll my eyes as I listen to my dumb English teacher talk about proper English. I let out a sigh of boredness. Then she calls out my name.

"Elizabeth Parker!"

"Liz Parker..."I said, softly.

I'm so tired. My eyes are barely open!

"Whatever!"she said.

"Now that's not proper English young lady!"I said, waving my pointer finger at her as if I was her mom.

"You are very close in failing this marking period"

I plop my elbow onto the table and placed my head on top of my hand.

"Ooo! I'm so scared!"I said, rolling my eyes.

I yawn. I'm so very tired. I stayed up all night talking to Max about shit, shit, shit, and did I mention shit? I feel Max nudging me with his foot. I know he's just looking out for me but I don't need anyone looking out for me.

"Go to the principal's office now!"

"Can I go next week?"


I grab my stuff and pat Max's back. Then I left. I walked to the Principal's office. Then I saw Michael sitting in boredom as the Principal talked his head off. I walk in and just sit down, dropping my things on the floor. I roll my head in circles and then stop at Michael.

"Hey spaceboy"


"What you in for?"

"Kicking the vending machine and stealing the chips, you?"said Michael.

"Nice... Talked back to a teacher"


"Elizabeth Parker... Who sent you in?"said Mr. Malloy

"It's Liz and my stupid English teacher"

"Please don't use the word stupid to Miss Jetson"

"So that's her name? Wonder what's her first name. Stupid Jetson?"I said.

"Young lady! Please!"

"Is she from that cheap ass corny cartoon, The Jetsons? I want to see her die in space!"

"Excuse me!"said Mr.Malloy.

"You don't know her name?"asked Michael.

I nod my head no.

"You've been here for at least two weeks"

"I only remember the important names"I said.

"What's my name?"


"No, my real name..."


Would you quit it already! You're annoying me!

"Elizabeth I-"

"Shut up Mista and It's Liz for the final time..."

"Don't make me suspend you!"

I could hear my dad's boring voice saying, "Liz honey... Your mom and I decided that if you cause trouble, even one tiny little trouble, we're sending you off to Vermont..."

I roll my eyes and scratch my head.

"You have problems Liz... So I'm going to send you the Guidence Counsler"

He scribbles a pass for me and hands it to me. I roughly snatch it from his hand and said my bye to Michael and left. I walked and then knocked into Max. I hold his arm for support but that just made us both fall. I felt Max turn around while we're still in air and I heard the loud smack as he hit the floor. I smacked into his chest. Ow... Fuckin' shit...!

I open my eyes and look at Max. He had the wind kicked out of him.

"You ok?"he asked.

"I should be the one asking"I said.

He smiles. I got off of Max and helped Max get up.

"Do you know where the Guidence Counsler is?"

"I'm actually going there myself"

He led me and we both sat down. I gave my pass in and she stared at me with her teal eyes.

"Liz Parker?"she said.

"That's my name, don't wear it out"I said.

She was about 20 to 26 years old. Her clothes were ok. She had glasses that kept falling down her nose. She walked to her metal cabinet and took out a file. Then she dropped it onto the floor. She did it on purpose!

"Max, Would you be a dear and pick that up for me?"she said.

He agreed and bended down to pick the files up. I watch her eyes stare at Max's butt for a moment. I took a look. Nice ass Max! I cleared my throat. Her eyes quickly look at me.

"Liking the view?"I said.

She quickly composed herself and looked out the window. Max placed all the files on the desk. He sits down besides me.

"Thank you... Now Liz, I'm Miss Topolsky"

Topolsky? Damn! Roswellians have the weirdest names.

"I understand that you have a problem"

"Yeah, so?"

"Would you like to tell me about it?"

Ok... Time to lie now.

"Well, Max here is my bitch. I'm in a gang called the Dupes. I smoke weed. Actually, I do all the kind of drugs there are. Like cocaine and ecstasy and shit like that"I said.

She had this stunned look on her face. I make my thumb and pointer finger a circle and pressed them against my lip. For people who don't know that sign, that's the sign of smoking weed. *I think that's correct...*

"Liz... We need to get you serious help"

"Why? I have a good life. Especially when Max is my bitch"

I look at Max and he has this embarassed look on his face. His ears are red. I run my fingers through his hair and smile at Miss Topolsky.

"Now let's not use the word Bitch. Use the word boyfriend"

"He ain't my boyfriend"

"Ok... Then you use Max only for sex?"

Max swirms in his chair.

"Yep... Lost my virginiry to this boy. GOD! Have I told you how good in bed he is? He's the BEST! He just keeps going and going and going and going... Like that Energizer battery!"I said.

Miss Topolsky's eyebrow rises up like the Rock from the WWF. Haha! This is so funny!

"Would you like to try it out with him? I could lend you him for an hour. You won't regret it"I said.

"No, thank you"

"Come on! I saw you checking out his ass!"

"Excuse me? You got me all wrong"

"Do I?"

Max covers his face with his hands.

"Aww... Don't hide that cute face of yours. Show Miss Topolsky a good time"

"OK! OUT! OUT! OUT!"shouted Miss Topolsky.

She looked like she was going to burst like a volcano. I grab Max's hand and leave but before I left, I had to say something to Miss Topolsky.

"Your loss..."

I laughed so hard on my way out. Max just had this stunned look on his face.

"Come on... It was just a little fun"I said.

"Little fun? I just found out that she was checking out my ass!"said Max.

"Well, you do got a cute butt"I said, smacking his ass.

He jumps and his face turns red.

"Come on Maxie Pad"I said.

"Maxie Pad?"

He groans and follows me to the gym. We sit down on the benches and watch the jocks play Basketball. The cheerleaders do their regular routine. Stupid blondes! *No Offense!*

"Don't you know how to pass the ball, you idiot?!?"I scream.

Max pulls me back down on the benches.

"Quiet...!"he whispered.


"They pick on me"

"Wait, they pick on you? Well, fight back!"

"It's not that easy!"

"Come with me"I said.

I led him to the floor.

"Stay here"I said.

I pretended to drop my pen across the room. I strutted my stuff. I hear whistling. I bend down slowly and pick the pen up.

"Hey sexy! How about giving me your number?"

"Ah... NO!"I said.

"How about giving me a little something?"

"In your dreams and why would I want to give you a little something? You got nothing! All you got is a shriveled up penis"I said.

"Now this man has the best penis I have ever seen. He's got at least 10 times bigger than all you guys put together"I said.

Max is maybe about a 9 incher. Those guys must be a 6 to 7 inches. Haha! Shriveled up penis! The cheerleaders gasp. They look at Max like he was their last meal. Back off sluts! I grab Max and gave him a sloppy wet kiss on the lips. His eyebrow wiggle up and down in shock and then he responds back to my kiss.

Wow! He's a pretty good kisser! Then I felt his arm wrap around my waist, bringing me closer. Oh shit... I didn't even realize what I did! I just kissed Max! And still kissing him! Oh shit! I kissed Max! I KISSED MAX! FUCK!

Is this scene too corny? Crappy? Sorry! Feedback Please! *happy*

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You Make Me Happy Part 10

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me! I also don't own any poems in this fanfic that I use so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 10
Liz's POV

I pull away from Max. I could hear my breathing pounding in my ear. The bell rings.

"Um... So let's go to class"I said.

I walk quickly and I hear Max's footsteps behind me. Oh my god... I quickly touch my lip and just dazed off. Without even realizing it, I was home in my bed, writing in my journal. I just had an urge to write this down!

October 1st, 2001. Journal entry three. I'm Liz Parker and today I kissed Max. I didn't even realize what I was doing! I just grabbed him and kissed him to help him! The next thing I knew, we were like practically making out in the Gym. Oh my god! Was I making out? Ok... I have to bounce. I'm going to sleep early. I got this stupid rhyming thing to do for ELA tomorrow. Bouncin'...

I quickly brush my teeth and wash my face. I jump into bed and fall asleep.

I soon woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock. I shut the alarm off and move out of bed. I take a look at my clock and I realized I was late! Oh shit! I quickly brush my teeth and tried to put my clothes on. I grab my schoolbag and I was out the door. I ran all the way to school and once I got in, I went to the bathroom and washed my face quickly. The bell rings.

I walk out and head for ELA. Damn it! I have to put up with stupid Miss Jetson. I walk in and she takes a look at me.

"What?"I said.

Don't mess with me in the morning. I'm very grouchy in the morning. You do not want to mess with me. I will fuck you up when I'm grouchy. I quickly sit down and think of a short rhyming poem. I need a very short one. Then my stupid imagined light bulb goes Bing! I quickly write down my stupid poem and I sigh in relief and relaxation.

"Hey"said Max.

"Oh hey"I said.

God, this is so weird.

"Did you do your Math homework?"I asked.


"Can I have it?"


He takes it out and hands it to me. I stuff it into my binder and smile him a thanks. The late bell rings. Miss Jetson starts to write down the Aim on the board.

"Now... Everyone take out your homework from last night. Now, who would like to go first?"asked Miss Jetson.

I look around and nobody raises their hands. I raise my hand.

"Miss Parker..."she said.

I looked at my paper and checked it over quickly.

"No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks
When the teacher rings the bell
Drop your books and run like hell"

My class laughs, including Max! Miss Jetson is clearing her throat and telling the class to settle down.

"Now that's not very nice"said Miss Jetson.

"So? At least it rhymed!"I said.

The class kept reading and reading. The bell rings and I yawn.

"Liz... We need to talk"said Max as he grabbed my arm lightly.

"Ok"I agreed.

He drags me to the Eraser Room. Oooo... The Eraser Room!

"Look... About what happened yesterday..."said Max.

I think this Eraser Room has some kind of magical power. I had this big urge to kiss Max right now.

"I didn't mean to kiss you. It was nice and all but I was just helping you out ok?"I said.


I opened the door and left. It wasn't just nice. It was great. Actually, it was beyond great! I can't describe it because I really can't. I decided to cut school for the rest of the day. I needed a break. I had to admit it though... Max is cute. But I just don't feel anything for him. Or do I? Stop kidding yourself Parker.

I sit down on the grassy floor in the Park. This was where Max offered me to stay at his place. I just sat there the whole day, just thinking. I needed to clear my mind. My mind is a mess. I have quotes and angry rock songs floating through my head. Soon, day became night.

"Hey... I've been looking for you"

I turn around and saw Max. I smiled. How the fuck did you find me? I grab his hand and he leads me to his jeep. I fall asleep on the way to Max's. He carries me up the stairs and gently lies me down on his bed. He dressed into his sleeping clothes and went to unroll the sleeping bag. I grab his arm and held it like it was a teddy bear. He couldn't really sleep with his arm up in the air so he slept next to me in the same bed. What? We didn't do it, ok?

I woke up with his arms hugging me. I snuggled into him and just went back to sleep. It's took early for school. Wait... Today was Saturday. I have to work at the Crashdown. Fuck Crashdown. I haven't even gone home for at least a week or two. Max hugs me tighter and pulls me closer to him.

"Max?"I said.

"Mmmm?"said Max.

"You're a good friend"


"Why are you my friend?"

"Cause I am and your funny and smart and very unique"


Smart? Unique? Funny may be true but smart and unique? Woah...

"Nite"I said.

"You mean morning"

"No, I mean nite"

I shiver and snuggle closer to Max. His body was so warm and my body must be cold. He pulls the blanket and wraps it around us.

"Max... Are you going to ever wake up?"said a voice.

Max and I peek our eyes open. We see Michael climbing in through the window.

"Hey guys..."he said.

"Morning Michael"said Max.

"Spaceboy"I said.

"What's taking you so long?"asked Maria as she peeked her head inside.

"Hey Liz!"she giggled.

"Huh?"I said, falling back asleep.

I don't want to wake up. I'm too tired. I'm too comfortable to move. I feel Max plop his head back onto the pillow. I hear the windows close and Michael and Maria's voice got more distant. Anyways, what the fuck were they doing here anyways? Max kisses me on my temple and falls asleep.

So what do you think? Was this part too corny again? That poem was not mind. Whoever it was, credit to you! Feedback Please! I beg you! Feedback please!

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You Make Me Happy Part 11

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 11
Liz's POV

"You could almost say that Max is your guy best friend"said Maria.

"Dunno... I guess so..."I said.

"You could also say that I'm your girl best friend"

"I dunno about that"

"Excuse me?!?"screamed Maria.

Finally! I'm rubbing off of someone!

"Just kidding... Jeez... Don't be so cornball"I said.

I see Max and he sits down next to me.

"So what are you guys doing?"he says.

"Maria here says that you are my guy best friend"

"Well, am I?"

"I guess so..."

Why am I saying he's my guy best friend? Well, in these last couple days, we hanged out together. We saw movies together. We ate together. We played together. We talked together. We did everything together so I guess that makes him my guy best friend! Oh whatever...

"Well well well... What do we have here?"said Sean.

"What's your name again? All I remember is your name is ugly!"I said.

"Bitch..."he growls.

Sean moves closer to me and then Max steps in between us.

"Back off Sean"said Max.

"Back off Maxwell"

Their noses were almost touching each other. I pull Max away and walk with him to class. Jeez... Guys love to fight, don't they?

"I hate that guy"

"Same here"I said.

"If he ever bothers you, just call me and I will break his nose"

Is my Max saying that he will break someone's nose? Oooo! When that time comes, it's a Kodak Moment! I give him a smile and then I just listen to the teacher talk about nonsense.

"Ok, people. Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon. Created in the millisecond after the Big Bang. These simple molecules are the basis of all possible life forms in the universe, present and unaccounted for...or, so we think"said Mr.Seligman.

What the fuck is this teacher talking about? Big Bang? Molecules? Life forms? Unaccounted for? What the fuck? Is this geek language? I scratch my head and pretend to understand. Ugh... BORING!

"Would Liz Parker, Max Evans, Maria DeLuca, Alex Whitman, and Kyle Valenti please go to the flag pole for an important meeting"said the annocement.

Max looks at me with confusion. I just shrug my shoulders. We grab our stuff and went to the flag pole. I see spaceboy smiling. I get it all now...

"Smart spaceboy"I said.


"How did you pull it off?"I ask.

"Ms. K will read anything you put in front of her..."he said.

"What's this important meeting?"asked Maria.

"You are really slow Ria..."I said, rolling my eyes.

Her eyebrow move in confusion and then she realized what was going on.

"Hi... I'm Kyle"

"Liz"I said.

"Why didn't you call Isabel?"asked Max.

"Max! She's a freakin' party pooper! Anyways, she thinks she's too perfect to cut school"said Michael.

"Finally! Someone hates Isabel! There is a god!"I said.

I laugh and so does Michael. He puts his arm around my shoulders and walk with the gang to Max's jeep.

*Back at Astronomy Class...*
Isabel's POV

I wonder what this secret meeting is. Why wasn't I called? All my other friends were called. I'm Miss Popular! I'm Miss Perfect! I should be called! I'm gonna get those people who dared not to call me to this secret meeting!

"The conceit that alien life forms would be like us in any essential way would be, uh, the wishful thinking of a lonely planet that once believed it was the center of the universe. So, we're going to combine hydrogen, liquid oxygen, and carbon today. Obviously, I don't expect any of you to create life here in third period science."said Mr.Seligman.

God, this is so boring. Oh well. My nails are so dirty. I'm going to need a manicure after school. Ooo! I'll ask Pam Troy to go with me... Wait... She's doing it with Paul tonight. Stacey is doing it with Simon tonight. I guess I'll go alone. I know! I'll spend time with the manicure lady! I open my schedule book. Yes! I look down on the big red circle. I am going out with Paul tomorrow and Simon the day after that.

"Hi"said a voice.

I look up and saw a curly blonde haired girl.

"Hi"I said.

"I'm Tess"


I could tell this was a great start to a beautiful friendship!

No Offense to people who are offended by this fanfic! I even wrote it in the Author's Note above! I don't hate Isabel but this is how she is in my story! Uh oh! Tess is in Roswell! ::gasps:: ::roll eyes:: Feedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 12

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 12
Liz's POV

So Michael took us to the desert to hang out. Wow... Desert is so fun. I roll my eyes. This Kyle guy keeps trying to talk to me. I have no interest to talk to him. He's just one of those stupid jocks. I remember him from somewhere... Oh My God! He's that pervert that didn't cover his eyes when Max and I were trying to pull out the drawer! PERVERT! Whatever...

Michael still has his arm around my shoulder. Not that I care but I don't like Maria glaring at me! She keeps on glaring at me and throwing these dirty looks at me. No one glares at me! SHUT UP PARKER!

Great... Maria is angry with me. I look at Max. He's so stiff. He keeps clenching his jaw once in a while. I move away from Michael and sit next to Max. I place my hand on his shoulder.

"Hey... You ok?"I asked.

I knew what's up but I asked anyways. Ain't I stupid?

"I'm fine"he said, not looking at me.

Look at me when you're speaking to Goddess Liz Parker!

"Are you sure? You look like you're going to explode in anger"

He does! Oh fuck... I look at the sand and the wooden stick. I pick it up and started to doodle.

"I said I was fine!"he snapped.

Did he just fuckin' snap at me? No one snaps at me! OH, SHUT UP PAKRER! I look down and not met his eyes. I shouldn't feel anything so why do I feel bad? I didn't do anything! Arg... I stand up and tell Michael that I'm leaving. I didn't say anything to Maria or Max because I don't think they want to speak to me. GOD! Michael is just a friend! Jeez... Those two needs to chill out. Take a chill pill! That is so dorky Parker...

I just start to walk down the desert road. Max and Maria don't even care where I am going. They won't even look at me so they don't even know that I left. I kick rocks and sand while I walk. My legs hurt. They feel like they are bleeding but they're not. I somehow made it back to the Crashdown. I climb up the ladder and lock the door. I jump into bed and take my shoes off, lying down. My feet are are red and in pain. I'll just sleep it off. I close my eyes and fall asleep.

Next Day...

I woke up and found my feet still in pain but not as much as yesterday. Well, at least it's not that bad. I grab a diet bar and ate it. I har the phone ring.

"Hello?"I said.

"Hey, it's me Kyle"

Duh! Who else has that voice? I roll my eyes.

"What do you want?"

That's me! Get-right-to-the-point Parker!

"I was wondering do you want to go out?"



"Next monday?"


"Next tuesday?"


"Is there one day you can go out with me?"

"Um... Let me check my daily planner... Hold on..."

I put the phone down and just check my nails. How Isabel-like of me. I let him wait for a minute. I pick up the phone.


"Can we then just go out and grab some coffee? As friends?"

As friends? There is no such thing as friends. You either go out cause you're in love or go out cause you have a crush on that person. That's what I believe in. But it is free coffee... Very tempting... Free coffee...

"Fine... Just coffee and I'm out of there"

"Great! Pick you up at 4"

I open my mouth to speak but he hanged up on me! I open my mouth in shock! I dial *69. I got his number and called him.


Then I hanged up on him. Now, that felt good! I love getting back at someone! I look at the clock. 2:00pm. Arg... Just two hours left till this stupid free coffee thing guy comes over. Why did I say yes? I could just make me own coffee. Wait... Jeff and Nancy doesn't know I'm here. Darn it... I'm not going to tell them. Let them worry... What the fuck do I care? I turn on my laptop and go online. I lok at my buddy list and see Maria's on. I im her.

PaRkErBiTcH6: Hey Ria.

I get no answer. Two minutes passed. Still no answer.

PaRkErBiTcH6: u dere?

No reply.

PaRkErBiTcH6: r u angry at me?

No reply.

PaRkErBiTcH6: I dun't lyk him Ria... He's all urs

PixieFairyMD: Don't lie.

PaRkErBiTcH6: Finalli! U talk... I ain't lyin'...

PixieFairyMD: Really? I swear, if you are lying, I will kill you

PaRkErBiTcH6: Chill chica... I ain't lyin'...

She signs off. I have an urge to call her and hang up on her but I restain it. I hear the doorbell ring. I look at the clock. 4:00pm. I quickly sign off and climb down the ladder. I pull Kyle away from the door and hide in the alley.

"What are you stupid?!?"I scream.

"What??"he says.

"My parents don't know I'm here!"I growl.


I roll my eyes. We went to Starbucks and got ourselves coffee. Kyle paid. We walked all the way back to my house, slowly. We just talked about school, friends, jocks, and shit like that. We finally made it to my place. I gulped down the last drop of my coffee and threw away the cup. He throw away his.


I opened my mouth to say bye but then he grabbed my face and kissed me. I put my hands on his chest and try to push him away. I look at him. His eyes are closed. His lips pressing against mine.

I see Max walking towards at me and then he sees Kyle and I. His smile fades away and is replaced with a frown. He turns around and walked away, quickly. I finally used all my energy and pushed Kyle away. I wiped my mouth with my hand.

"Are you crazy?"I screamed.

"What?"he said.

He's so stupid. Quickly, I ran to Max but lost him. I smack my head. I don't like Max... I really don't! Then why do I feel like shit?

Do you like this part? Want me to continue? Feedback please?

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Thanks for the feedback guys! *happy* The sentences in italic is Liz's conscience!

You Make Me Happy Part 13

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 13
Liz's POV

Quickly, I ran to Max but lost him. I smack my head. I don't like Max... I really don't! Then why do I feel like shit? I walk to the park. Max always find me here. I don't see him. I sit down on a swing and begin to swing back and forth, slowly.

I really messed up this time. I think he came here to be good best friends again and then he sees Kyle kissing me. No... He thinks we both were kissing each other. Yuck... That kiss was horrible! I've had better.

Who's the better kisser?


You know who Lizzie...


It's Max... Max Evans... He's the better...


Isn't he? He's the better! Isn't he?!?


Isn't he!


He is, Parker... Don't deny it! You like him! You've fallen for him!


Stop denying yourself Parker... You know you want to kiss him again. You know you want him.


Then why did you flirt with him? Why? Why did you kiss him in the first place?


You're scared. You had bumpy relationships in the past. You're scared... Scared that it might happen to you again. You're afraid to love.


Can't you see he loves you too? Can you see he's fallen for you too? You know I'm right. You want him. You love him. You love everything about it. No matter how cornball he is...!


Let him in... Let him... You won't let anybody in. Not even your own parents. Nor your own friends in New York! You can have a fresh start! Let him in! Let them all in! You won't regret it!


You're a stonewall. You're a brickwall. You're a concret wall. You're a tilewall. You're a big giant wall. You think nothing can break it down. Let him break it down.


You've been waiting for your soulmate all your life... Max Evans is your soulmate. You may have known him for a while but you know he's the one for you!


Listen to me Parker! It's not too late! It's not too late! Fix this! If you won't let him in, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. You'll grow old and be a mean old hag. You'll live with many homeless cats. And when you die, they will eat you! Do you want to become a mean old hag? Do you want a happy life instead? What do you want?!?


I bang my hands against my head. This little voice was annoying me. It's making me cry. I bang my hands harder against my head. Harder and harder. This voice has to stop talking. None of it's true... None of it... NONE OF IT! I fall down to the floor and cry harder. I make my hands into fists and bang them against my head.

"STOP VOICE! STOP IT! NONE OF IT'S TRUE! NONE! LEAVE ME ALONE! STOP IT!"I scream, banging my fists against my head.

Then I felt someone holding my hands back. I look up and saw Max.


I quickly move my hands away from his grasp and wipe my tears. Damn voice... Making me cry. Cry in front of Max.

"Hey Max..."

"You ok?"

"Five by Five, why?"

His eyebrows move in confusion and then he scratches his head.

"Come on... Let's go"he said.

He reaches his hand out to me for me to grab. I just stood up, ignoring his hand. What gives him the right to be angry at me? What gives him the right to run off if I'm with another guy? WHAT GIVES HIM THE RIGHT?!? I shake my head back and forth quickly and for a long period. Max stares at me like I'm a loco person. I'm not loco... *Loco - Crazy (In spanish)* I'm a human who has issues. Yeah, so? I have issues! Deal with it!

We walk to the jeep and he drives back to his place. I sneak into the house through his window. I decided to sleep on the floor today. I decided to sleep on the floor for a while. A couple of days. Or months. Or years. Oh well...

Next Day...

I wake up and found him coming out of the bathroom.

"Morning"he said, smiling.

I guess that smile means everything that happened is put behind us. I guess that means we're cool. Good! I really don't sleeping on the floor.

"Mornin"I said.

I run my fingers through my brown hair. I walk up to the bathroom and brush my teeth.

Tess is in town... Can you guess what's going to happen? Maybe nothing will happen! Maybe something will happen! Thanks for the feedback guys! I'm so proud of my story! lol... Merry Early Christmas! xP Feedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 14

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 14
Tess's POV

"Do you want something to drink?"

"Ok..."I said.

I twirl my finger around my blond hair.

"Don't forget the extra sugar!"

I watch Isabel laugh and then walk away. I decide to look around the house. I open the first door I see. There I saw a hot hot guy in nothing but a towel. I felt myself get wet. I stand there for second, enjoying the sight in front of me.

"Oh shit!"said the guy as he saw me.

"Sorry!"I said, leaving the room.

I close the door and then lean against it. Wow... That was one hot sexy guy!

"Are you ok Tess?"asked Isabel.

"I'm fine... So who's that guy in that room?"

"That's my brother Max"

Max... Isabel's brother... Max...Umm... I want him! I'm going to get him! He's mine!

Liz's POV

I come out of the bathroom and saw Max putting on his shirt quickly.

"Are you ok?"I said.

Max jumps in shock. His pants was put on, twisted. His shirt unbuttoned. He looked like a mess.

"I-I'm fine"


"You sure?"

"Yeah... "

I walk up to him and correct his pants. He looks at me and smiles.

"One of Isabel's friends scared me, that's all"

Isabel's friend? Ooo... Let's me see this friend of Isabel's. I nod my head ok and go outside. I open Isabel's room and saw this ugly girl lying on Isabel's bed.

"Who are you?"I said.

"Excuse me? I should be asking who you are!"said this girl.

She looked like a Gerbil! A very ugly fat gebil!

"I asked you first"

Her lips twitches and she looks on the ground. Then she looks up.

"I'm Tess Hardling, You?"

Rude much?


"Last name?"

"Don't got one..."I said.

"Isabel never mentioned a Liz"

Isabel never mentioned a gerbil!

"Isabel never mentioned a Tess"

"I'm Isabel's sex slave and also Max's"I said.

Her eyes look like they were going to pop out of her sockets. Pop out! Pop out! POP OUT DAMN EYEBALLS!


"Did you not know? Isabel is a lesbian and I'm Max's bitch"

She coughs and scratches her ugly head.


This gerbil-Tess girl's mouth drops down. Tsk... Tsk... Tsk... Max... Max... Max... You can sound so perverted even though you don't mean to.

"See? I'm Max's bitch"I said, leaving Isabel's room.

I walk to Max's room and sees him pulling the drawer. I moved him away from the drawer and just kicked it hard. The table jumps. I put my hand on the handle and pull. It slides out. Max smiles and kisses me on the cheek.

"Liz! How can you tell Tess that I'm a lesbian?"shrieked Isabel.

I look around. I saw Tess right behind Isabel.

"Oh come on honey! You don't have to lie!"I said.

I grabbed her face and gave her a kiss on the lips. Yuck...! I pull away and she has this pale scared shocked face. I smile and kiss her on the cheek.

"Now wait for your turn... It's Max's turn now..."I said.

I close the door and let out a small laugh. Max's nose scrunch up. He's freaked out. I give him a kiss on the cheek and mess up his hair.

Like it? Hate it? Thinks it's ok? Feedback Please?

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Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad to you all! *happy* Hope you have a Holly Jolly Christmas! Thanks for all the feedback guys! I'll try to post Part 15 tomorrow! And once again,

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Aw hell! I'll just post Part 15 right now! I was gonna post this tomorrow but Think of this as my Christmas gift to all you readers! *big* Merry Christmas again! Feedback Please?

You Make Me Happy Part 15

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 15
Liz's POV

I should've taken a picture of Isabel after I gave her that kiss. Now Tess won't even come near nor talk to Isabel! I love making her life hell! It's so fun! I yawn and scratch my head.

"Is there a Liz Parker in here?"said a man in a Police Officer clothes.

Uh Oh! What did I do now?

"That's Liz Parker over there!"I said, pointing at Isabel.

Isabel opens her mouth in shock.

"W-What?!? I'm not Liz Parker! I'm Isabel Evans!"

"Don't lie Liz! I just don't feel like sticking up for you anymore!"I said, trying to restrain my laugh.

"E-Excuse me? O-Officer... That's your L-Liz Parker there! I'm I-Isabel... I-Isabel E-Evans"she said.

Stuttering is not a good sign. One thing I learned from New York. If you stutter, you're lying! I saw it happen to a kid.

"Stuttering is not good Liz. If you keep saying you're Isabel and you keep stuttering, they will know you are lying!"I said.

Then I pretended to cover my mouth in shock.

"I wasn't suppose to say that, was I?"I said, innocently.

"Come with us Miss Parker"they said, grabbing Isabel's arm.

Wow... Cops don't carry pictures arounds, do they? Haha! Isabel is getting in trouble!

"What's your name? We would like to contact you from time to time"

Um... Name... Name? Think of a name Parker! Maria? No... Nancy? No... I GOT IT!

"My name is Tess Hardling"I said.

Tess was a good name. She's new in town. They won't really suspect her...

"Your name is Liz Parker! Not Tess Hardling! I'm Isabel! Not Liz Parker!"screams Isabel.

I watch her try to get away from the cop's grip on her arms.

"Jim never told us Liz Parker was crazy!"he said, trying to hold down Isabel.

They drag her away with her screaming like crazy through the hallways. I crack my knuckles. I walk to homeroom and smile. Ahh... Ain't I just a bitch? I sit down next to Max.


"Hey... Why was my sister being taken away by the police and why was she screaming?"

"She's loco man...!"I said, spinning my index finger near my head.


"Crazy! Loco means crazy! She's crazy Max!"

"So you had nothing to do with it?"


He smiles and looks at the teacher. God, he's so cornball!

Then why are you with a cornball friend?

NO! Not again! SHUT UP!

You're falling for him, aren't you? Aren't you?!?


I'll leave you alone when you answer my questions!


Right back at ya!

GREAT! I'm fighting with my own mind here! Now, I'm the loco one... I smack my head really hard with my hand. The voice stops. Better...! I smile.

You can't get rid of me that easy!

I groan in frustration. Go away you stupid voice...

I know... The little voice and Liz talking makes her seem that she's really crazy but she's not! That's just her conscience. We all have that so you understand. If your conscience is not like this, then... Uh Oh! I must be crazy! xP Feedback please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 16

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 16
Liz's POV

I swear I'm going crazy! Arg! Even since that day at the Gym, I got the whole Roswellian guys asking me out or hitting on me. Damn it... If I hadn't kissed Max that day, this would have never happened. The guys. None of this would've happened.

But it did...

I dig my nails into my wrist. Pain can be so fun. Sometimes it's a way out. Well, for me it is... I love pain. I've been introduced to pain since I was first born. No...! Before I was born! My ex-boyfriends. My family. My friends. Everyone I know even including Max. I don't know how Max brings me pain but I just have this gut feeling that Max will bring me pain. I don't know why. I don't know when but soon. Whatever... I'm going crazy again...

"Liz! The Evans are having a party!"shrieked Maria.

Party? No thank you...

"So? It's just a stupid cornball party"

"No! Diane and Jeff ain't home for this week! It's just Max and Isabel!"


"They're having a party! Everything will be there! Everyone will be there!"


"Count me in!"

I'm so going to have fun in this party. And to make Isabel's life a living hell! There better be some beer there!

"So when is this party?"


Yes! Oh fuck... I see my parents talking to the Principal. Great, he's either talking to them about me going to Vermont or they are looking for me or they are just here to have a nice friendly cornball chat.

"You better not come to my party"said Isabel.

"Why? I practically live at your place!"

"If you ruin this party, I will ruin your repetation so badly that Max won't even want you as his friend"she said.

"Ruin it for all I care. I will someway somehow find something to get back at you! I don't give a damn if Max doesn't want me as his friend... I don't care!"


"FINE!"I scream into her face.


"Eww... Take a breath mint... May I suggest a Tic Tac?"I said.

She tries to slap me but I dodge her with my arm. I twisted her arm behind her back.

"Don't ever try to hurt me... You will not win... You will lose...!"I said.

I flinged her arm roughly and then I just walked to the Evan's. Thank god, school is over now! I saw Max behind squished by the gerbil girl against the wall. His face has a sign that says 'Kill Me Now!' My hands turn into a fist. I unfist them and tap the gerbil's shoulder. She turns around.

"Yes?"she says.

"If you don't mind taking your ugly furry paws off my bitch, beat it!"

"Your bitch? Yeah right... That was a lie"

"Max?"I said, my eyebrow rising up.

"I'm her bitch"he said, nervously and smiling and lying.

I smile a fake smile and grab Max out of there.

Tess's POV

"You'll be mine Max Evans. Whatever it takes to make you mine!"I said under my breath, smiling wickly.

Dun dun dun! Eek! The gerbil is new in town and causing trouble already! What's going to happen? Eek! xP Beware next part! Everything will change! ::eek:: Does anyone know how to put an image on a webpage so I can post something on this board? I made collages for this fanfic but dunno how to put it on a webpage! Feedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 17

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 17
Liz's POV

I wore my tight leather pants with a tight black tank top which I stole from Isabel again. God... How can she wear these things? I feel like my breasts are going to break this tank top and spring free!

Have you seen the girl's rack? How can she even get into this without tearing it? How? Is she some kind of alien? Can she wear it and then tear it and then fix it with a wave of her hand? Get real Parker!

I take a look at my crappy Baby-G watch. It's 9pm... Great time to enter the party! I walk in front of the house and open the door. I saw people jumping up and down to the music. At least they have kinda good taste in music. I grab a drink.

Ooo! Someone spiked the punch. I saw Michael with a silver flask in his hands. I smile and roll my eyes. He looks at me and lifts up the flask as if he was saying 'Cheers!'

This party must have started at least one or two hours ago. What took me so long? Well, my parents saw me and tried to talk to me but I just kept dodging them for at least an hour. It was like football. You see these guys come at you and you just run like hell!

I walk up to Max's room. I turn the doorknob and it was locked. I knocked on the door. No answer. What the fuck? I leave the house and walk into the backyard. The curtains were closed. I saw a tiny gap. I looked through the tiny gap and gasped!

I felt my eyes water but I held the tears back. I look to the side and to the dark starry sky. Fall back into my eyes you freakin' tears! Liz Parker don't cry. Don't cry for anyone! Why should I cry? There's no reason I should cry.

I look again to see that my mind wasn't playing any tricks on me. It wasn't. This was real. This was fucking real! Great...

Maybe Liz Parker was just not meant for happiness. Maybe she was meant to die old and bitter.

How could this be happening to me again?!?

What could have happened? What made Liz cry? Sorry for such a short part! I'll post the next part this Saturday! Feedback please?

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posted on 5-Jan-2002 6:11:32 PM by MLDreamer69
Author's Notes: I'm sorry to hear people saying that if Max is with Tess, they will stop reading this fanfic. As you know, I'm writing this as I go. I have no outline nor plan on this story so anything could happen as I write it. So I am sorry if a UC pairing comes up and I do not have it written in the category or author's notes. If you scroll down, you will see I wrote the UC category thing. I am truely sorry but I just want to say that if there is a UC pairing, it is not permanent. It will slowly go back to its true pairings. (Ex. Michael and Maria) I am truely sorry. Another thing I want to say is the UC pairing will not be shown. They will say they are together but you will not see any mushy loving and if you stop reading this, You'll miss the many great parts ahead. Sorry...! I will understand if you stop reading this because of some things in this fanfic that you do not like. If you are still going to continue reading this fanfic because you love it so much *happy* , After Part 18, Scroll down because I added a Bonus Part 19! *happy* Buh Bye!

You Make Me Happy Part 18

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might be UC Pairing but not permanent!)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 18
Liz's POV

I watch Max make-out with Tess in his lap. That slut! *Before you click this story closed, just keep reading! It will get better! TRUST ME! This is a ML fanfic, not a MT! Please leave feedback and read! Don't make me cry... PLEASE!* No one does this to me. I bite my lip so hard that it bleeds. I turn around and run away. I won't let the tears fall. I won't. I won't. I will never let the tears fall. Never. Never ever! I'm not even with him! Why should I be crying? I wipe my tears.

Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain...

Why am I crying? I don't like him. I really don't!

HI there!


So you don't like Max?

I don't like him! OH! I know how you appear. You appear everytime I ask myself if I like Max.

Ding Ding Ding! Sam, tell her what she's won! And you do like Max!

Shut up!

Max and Liz sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes a baby in a baby carridge! * I don't know if that is right... This was a old childhood tease joke *

Fuckin' asshole... Don't you know that I just saw Max make-out with Tess?!? THE GERBIL!


You better shut up!

I'm stronger than this Parker. You don't even know if you like Max! Why should you care? He's not yours. He's your best friend for God's sake! I lie down on my bed and just bury my head into my pillow.

Can't breathe... Too little oxygen. I move my head to the side and saw the boombox. I pressed on and grabbed my journal.

October 7th, 2001. Journal entry four. I'm Liz Parker and I just don't write in here very much. I mean, what's the point of having a journal if you don't write in it? Today was a horrible day. A fucking horrible day! I saw Max making-out with Tess. Tess Hardling. She's a gerbil. A friend of Isabel's. I'm so pissed but why?Max didn't cheat on me. We're not even together! Arg...

This sucks... Fuck... I don't get it. I don't even know myself! I don't like Max, do I? I felt like shit when Kyle kissed me. Yes, Kyle Valenti kissed me! Eww... I felt like shit... Then Max and I became friends again. Yes, we fought. Then he makes-out with someone. I just saved him from that gerbil! Now I feel mad and jealous. Arg... If I don't like him, then why am I having these feelings? I have problems man...

I need to see a shrink. I haven't been talking to Maria nor Alex nor Michael. I have been spending most of my time with Max. Now there is no more time with Max. Now it's just time for myself. New policy Parker! Care for only you! Nobody else. Only hang out with yourself! Nobody else. Do what you want! Don't let anybody tell you what to do. Just be with yourself!

All I need is me. Nobody else. I'm a stonewall. I'm a cementwall. I'm a brickwall. I'm a metalwall. I'm a woodwall. I am wall. I will and forever stay a wall. Don't let anybody break down your wall. I am a strong wall. Nothing will get past the wall!

I have this voice in my head. It kept saying that Max won't hurt me. He loves me. He wants only me. Now it's just not true. Max did hurt me. Max does not love me. Max does not only want me. Apparently, he also wants Tess Hardling. He just wanted to get into my pants. Did our talks and jokes and laughs mean anything to him? What the fuck am I saying? Arg! I'm becoming a mushy whiny puppy. Arg! No puppy. No whining. No mushy. Just Liz Parker, the wall. Nice name!

Liz Parker, the WALL!



You are calm. You are strong. You are at peace.

Shut up budda! *No Offense!*

Arg... I'm going crazy. I'm fine. I'm ok. I'm still Max's friend. I have no right to tell him who to be with. I have no right. I don't like him. It's ok Parker...

Sorry for this bad bad part! I am not that mean to make Max have sex with Tess! I cringe thinking about it and I also cringe writing this part! Hey, this is better than Max having sex with Tess, and making her pregnant! Please feedback! It will get better! I promise!

Keep scrolling my friend! *happy* *bounce*

You Make Me Happy Part 19

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might be UC Pairing but not permanent!)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 19
Liz's POV

So I walk up to Max's window and knock on the window. I wonder if they did it. I'm actually ok with this. I'm not feeling anything like I was in New York.

No answer...

I knock again. Please don't tell me they did it. Just think about it! Max and I sleep on that bed! I guess now I'm going to be sleeping on the floor. I don't think the gerbil will like it very much if I'm sleeping with her boyfriend and I do not want to sleep on a bed where people had sex on! I hear a click and watched the drapes move.

He wipes his eyes and smiles. He had sex.

"Hey"he said.

I smiled a bitter smile and climbed into his room. He offered me a hand. I refused to take it. He did it! I mean, he touched her with those hands! Yuck...

"So have fun yesterday?"I asked.

"Uh... yeah"

Knew it...

"So you and Tess are together?"

"I don't know... Kinda..."

He's not sure? What a cornball...

"Did you guys do it?"

"Huh? Oh... No..."he whispered.

Yes! Why yes? Arg... Remember! You don't like him so don't care!

"Coolies"I said.

Coolies... My word... I created it... I like this word and this is my word! *I did actually create this word xP * I yawn and wipe my eyes. Sleeping on the grass floor is a not a very good sleeping place. (The Park) I stretch my arms and bend my back.

"So where did you sleep last night?"

Should I lie? Yeah...

"At this guy's crib"


I look at him. His jaw is clenched so tight, I could see the bones and lines on his jaw. His body is stiff. What gives him the right to be jealous? He's got a girlfriend now.

"Some guy I met at a club...

"What happened to your lip?"

I touch my lip and remembered that I bit myself.

"The guy got frisky"

I see his fingers curling back as if he wanted to punch someone. Don't punch me!

"So where did your girlfriend go?"

I watch him clench harder at the club word and then he frowns when I ask where his girlfriend went.


Home? Ha! She's probably living in the sewers! I scratch my head. I grab a towel.

"I'm gonna take a shower now... Bye now"

I shut the bathroom door before he gets to respond to me. I strip off my clothes and turn on the water. I shampoo my hair. Look at me! I'm shampooing! So cornball Parker... Now I'm rinsing. Now I'm soaping my body. Now I'm rinsing. Look how grown up Parker is! I roll my eyes.

I step out and wipe myself with the towel. Then I look for fresh clothes.

"Fuck..."I cursed under my breath.

I seemed to have forgotten my fresh clothes outside. I wrap myself with the towel and walk up. The coast's clear. I go through Max's drawer. I seemed to have ran out of fresh clothes for myself. Then I hear the door open. BOOM! I fall to the floor.

"Liz!"shouts Max.

He quickly runs up next to me and looks at me with concern. Don't look at me like that. My head throbs with pain. I grab my hand and rubs my head very fast and hard. My hair messes up.

"Are you ok?"

"Five by five"I said.

I clutch to my towel even more. I felt the cold air hit part of my breast. I quickly cover myself more and just walk to bathroom with my fresh clothes. Damn clothes! I quickly put on the clothes and walk out. Max's gone. I leave his room throughout the window and just start to walk. Where am I going? I dunno...

Arg... Life sucks...! I see Isabel talking to her popular slutty friends. I walk by her slowly and look at her. Then I let out a scoff and looked away. Just keep walkin' Parker...

"Are you going to take that from her?"asked Pam Troy.

"No..."said Isabel, nervously.

Yeah! Be nervous! I hear her heels clicking as she followed me.

"Liz... No one scoffs at me"

Fuck you... I ignore her and just wave my hand at her signaling 'Whatever!'

"H-Hey y-you b-bitch!"said Isabel, stuttering.

I stop and turn around.

"Did you just call me a bitch?"I said, appearing to be angry.

"YEAH!" she shouts, happily.

She thinks she got to me. I look at her.

"Thank you"I said.

Then I turned around and left. She gasps. Who da bitch? I am! Baby I am! Then I hear more clicking. Does Isabel really want to try again? She will just lose!


"What?"I said, bitterly.

"Why are you so angry at me?"

Why am I angry at her? Oh yeah... She's popular. Let's just make a long story short. Popular kid tease Ugly bitch kid.

"I hate the likes of you"

"The likes of me?"

"The popular groupie"

"I may be popular but I'm not the kind of popular people you know"

"Are you?"I said, turning around.

She walks a step back.

"Look... I just want to forget the past and become friends"

What the fuck? Am I in a barney twilight zone here?

"Friends? No..."

"Look... I just want to be friends. Is that so much to ask? You're friends with Maria, Alex, Michael, Kyle, and even Max. Can you at least be my friend since they are also my friend?"

"Why? So I can't make fun of you anymore? Is that the reason why?"

"NO! NO! God! Don't make this harder than it already it!"

"Harder? HARDER? Do you know anything that is harder than this? HOW ABOUT SEEING MAX WITH HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND?!?"I scream.

Then I cover my mouth. That... That statement meant that I like Max. That I'm jealous. FUCK! Now she's going to use this secret on me.

"You like Max?"she asks, in confusion.

"No"I said quickly.

Too quickly. I quickly turn around and walk away. Isabel follows me. Is she like lost or something? She actin' like a fuckin' lost puppy!

"You like Max!"

"No I don't"

"I won't tell"

"Even if I did like him, I appreciate you didn't go tell your slutty friends and spread it around"

"I would never"

"Yeah right..."I said, rolling my eyes.

"Be my friend and I help you get together with Max"

"You're too desperate man... You got enough friends"

"They aren't my real friends. I'm tired of being this cold-hearted ice queen. I wanna hang out with you guys"

"Hang out? Fine... Diss each one of your friends and I'll be your friend"

"Fine, I will"

Wow... She's actually going to diss her friends.


"YOU'RE FUCKING MY BOYFRIEND PAM?!?"screams Angela, pissed off.

I stop. I hear a slap. SCORE! Now this is an interesting show.


"YOU BITCH!"screams Stacey, all red-faced.


"I don't have a dildo!"whispers Angela, nervously and scared.

And this kept going on. Isabel finally stopped and took a breath. Her throat must hurt by now.

"F-... Friends?"she said, gasping for air.

Well, she did diss each one of her friends. Fuck... I should've told her to do something harder! I should've told her to kiss some old dude like a teacher or something... But Parker girl keeps her promises and never breaks them! NEVER! I ain't like that...

"Friends"I said, hating to say that.

She shakes my hand and smiles. I roll my eyes. Why am I being friends with another cornball? Oh God, I'm the cornball magnet! I have too much cornball friends! DAMN...!

No offense to people who were offended by this fanfic and No offense to those people who had their names in this fanfic being used as a bad guy! NO OFFENSE! Feedback Please? xP

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Just a bump! I posted this yesterday but it seemed that Jenn's board was messing up on me so I don't think you guys read this! Remember, Feedback Please? *bounce*
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Oopa... Double Post! Sorry! *sad* *bounce*

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Author's Notes: I posted Part 20-22 before but when I came to check my fanfic, It only have Part 19 posted! Bur? Lol... xP Well, Here is Part 20-22 again... If you read this already, Part 23 is right below these parts! *happy* ENJOY!

You Make Me Happy Part 20

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 20
Liz's POV

October 8th, 2001. Journal entry five. I'm Liz Parker. He didn't fuck her! He didn't fuck her!!!! Oh My God! I dunno why I should care but I just do. Maybe I care for Max cause I think of him as a brother. Ok... I just cringed. Well, whatever... He didn't fuck her! Thank god! Do you know he can get rabies that way? God... Human fuckin' a gerbil? Yuck... Ok, I'm shivering now. Isabel begged me to be her friend. I told her to diss all her friends. She did. Now I'm her friend. Great... I should've said something harder than that but then I don't really see Isabel as the kind to diss her friends. Oh fuck.. Bouncin'...!


I fall to the floor, startled. Today is my Falling to the Floor day.

"You ok?"

I put my hand to the sign saying 'One minute'. I get up and regain the air that was kicked out of me.

"Five by five"I said, breathing heavily.

Max helps me up. Arg... I don't need help! Then I hear a squeak. Little tiny squeaks. Then I hear scurrying. Little tiny running steps. I hear whiskers twitching. What the fuck? Max and I begin to look on the floor around us.

Then I saw something run past our feet, quickly. Max screams and jumps on the bed. I just stood there, amazed. I grab Max's transparent garbage can. Then I saw it run by me again.

"What is that?"

Can he just say 'What the hell is that?!?' ? Why does he have to speak so politely? God, His parents are not even in the room! The thing runs by me again. I watch slowly. My eyes glued to the floor. Then I saw the thing pop out of Max's bed. I quickly slam the garbage can to the floor. Then I moved back. It was a gerbil!

Oh my god! Max has a girlfriend whose a gerbil and now we have a gerbil loose in the house? The world is being invaded by gerbils! Run everybody! Ahhhhhh! Run or die! Ahhhhhh! Kill the Gerbils! Kill the Gerbils! Leave our planet you furballs! Ahhhhh! It's attacking us...! Oh, what a world! What a world! What a world!

I roll my eyes at my cornball act. Max gets off the bed and looks at the gerbil.

"You're such a pussy"

"Pussy? How am I suppose to know it was a gerbil?"

"A gerbil is almost like a mouse. They're both furballs! Anyways, if it was a mouse, I bet you would jump and scream anyways"I said.

"Awww... What a cute gerbil!"said Tess, coming into Max's room.

Gerbils think alike. Amazing...! She kneels down and looks at the gerbil. Her ass sticking up in the air. It took all my energy to keep my foot from kicking her ass. I can see it all now!

I kick her ass and then her head hits the garbage can. Then the gerbil jumps into her mouth and Tess starts to run around the house like a crazy lunatic with a furball in her mouth!

I snicker at that movie in my mind. I start to laugh like crazy. I laughed so hard, I fell down onto the bed. I'm still cracking up. Hahahahahahahahahahhahhahaha! Hehehehehhehehehhe! Hahahahhahahahhahahahahahaha! Ok... Calm down Parker... Hehe... Chill.... Haha... Ok... I'm good. I wipe my face and let out a small short laugh. Now that was funny! The gerbil scratches the insides of the garbage can, trying to find its way out. I feel sad for it, NOT! I watch Isabel comes into Max's room.

"Hey Liz!"

"Hey... hehe..."I said.

"Tess... Please stop wearing those hooker clothes. I don't want to see you everytime in those clothes. Just thinking about it makes me gag! So Liz, What's so funny?"

I smile. I didn't even tell Isabel to make fun of Tess but I guess a deal is a deal. Can't believe she still remembers. I laugh at her joke and then I make my index finger say 'Come here'. She comes toward me. I whisper my little movie into her ear. She starts to laugh like crap. I crack up again. Our faces both red. Tomato red. I put my hand on her shoulder and walk out of Max's room.

"Bye Max... Bye Gerbil-Tess"I said, waving bye.

I walk into Isabel's room for the first time. I'm still recovering from my laugh attack. Isabel's room is filled with Make-up, CD, Poster, Papers, Stickers, Magazines, and etc. Not a bad room.

"So what do you think of my room?"

"It's cool I guess"

"What band do you like?"said Isabel.

"What do you have?"I ask.

"Um... Dido, Remy Zero, Lifehouse, Linkin' Park, Plumb, Matchbox 20, The Wallflowers, No Doubt, Madonna, Nine Day, LFO, and etc."

"Um... Put Plumb on"I said.

I watch Isabel put the CD into the boombox and the CD starts to spin.

You know it only breaks my heart
To see you standing in the dark alone
Waiting there for me to come back
I'm too afraid to show

Oooo... I like this song.

"Are you really my friend or are you just lying?"

"Hey... A deal's a deal"

"Ok... I kinda don't like making you my friend because of a deal"

"Hey, that's life"

If it's coming over you
Like it's coming over me
I'm crashing like a tidal wave
That drags me out to sea

"Why do you call Tess a gerbil?"

"Cause she looks like one"I said.

"That's kinda true..."

And I wanna be with you
And you wanna be with me
I'm crashing like a tidal wave
And I don't wanna be
Stranded, stranded, stranded, stranded

"Do you like this song?"

"It's otay"I said. *Otay is my word! xP *

I can only take so much
These tears are turning me to rust
I know you're waiting there for me to come back
I'm too afraid to show

"Want to sleep in my room tonight?"

"Fine by me"

I miss you, I need you
Without you, I'm stranded
I love you so much so come back
I'm not afraid to show

*Plumb - Stranded*

I watch Isabel pull out her sleeping bag. She drops a pillow and a blanket on it. I sit on the sleeping bag and just sit there. I can hear the crickets crick! Can you hear it? Oooo... Listen...

Crrriiiicccckkkk Crrrriiiiicccccckkkkk

"So..."I said, breaking the silence.


We look at each other and smile.

Corny? Bad? Good? Was that Tess kicking movie funny? It's funny to me! xP Feedback is what makes me keep on going with this story! Fedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 21

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 21
Liz's POV

I slept well. We talked. Talked and talked about nonsense. I kept having that Gerbil movie play in my mind. Haha! It was just so funny! So the prom's coming soon. Arg... Amazing how time flies by! I roll my eyes.

"So do you have a dress yet?"asked Isabel.


"Why not?!? The prom dresses are all going to be gone!"


"You're not going?"

"Why should I?"

"It's your prom Liz!"

"So? It's just this stupid party where people dress up just to see who is King and Queen"

"Liz... That's not it... It's like your last party before you go to college! It's the prom! Some people say it's also for losing your virginity... But it's the Prom Liz! Are you crazy in not going?"

"Look... I don't go with dresses... I'm not that type of person"

"Well, I'm going to make you one"

"Excuse me?"I said.

Isabel didn't even respond. She just ran out of the room, asked her dad for a credit card, and came to her room. Then she dragged me out of the room and into the jeep.

"I'm taking you shopping!"

"Shopping? I hate shopping!"I whined.

I really did hate shopping.

"Oh My God! How can you hate shopping? Ahh! I can't stand a person who hates shopping!"she said, driving the jeep to the mall.

I rub my head. What did I get myself into?

Isabel dragged me to all the stores in the mall. The mall was huge! When I say huge, I mean HUGE! I carried about 20 bags in my hands. Tiny bags. Small bags. Medium bags. Large bags. Extra Large bags. This is like a convention of the size of bags! Isabel got me shoes, dresses, shirts, pants, make-up, and etc.

"I don't want these things!"I shouted.

"Come on Liz! It'll be fun and you can catch Max's eyes with these clothes"

"No thank you"

"Come on!"

She dragged me up to her room. Now here was torture.

"Ow... Ow... Fuck!"I screamed.

"Shut up!"

"How can I shut up when I am being tortured here?!?"I screamed.

"No offense Liz... But when was the last time you plucked your eyebrow?"

"Before I was born?"

"Never?!? Oh my god...!"

What was the big deal? God... It's just eyebrows! Little short hairs above your eye. That's it! Ow... Ow... Ouch... Fuck! I'm in serious pain right now. Isabel is now dressing me and lecturing me how to be a lady.

"I don't want to be a lady... I'm a the bad bitch remember?"

"In every person, there is a lady whether they like it or not"

"Whatever..."I said.

Isabel forced me to put on tight TIGHT black pants with a extra tight black tank top!

"Isn't this kinda like what I wore on your party?"

"It's totally different"

Is it? I look at it. Tight pants and tight tank top. It's the same to me. In Isabel's eyes, you see beautiful different clothes that has different colors and style. In my eyes, I just see clothes.


Arg... I'm being pushed out the door by Isabel. Then BAM! I smack into Max. I grabbed him and we both fell to the ground with Max on top of me.


"If you wanted to be on top, you should've asked"

I let out a laugh. Then I kinda felt weird. He's staring at me like he never saw me before. I move out from under him and stood up. He stands up too.

"Uh... Nice clothes?"

Shit... Damn you Isabel! Now you got Max on my case! He's got a girlfriend, remember?!?

"Ok..."I said, turning around and jumping back into Isabel's room.

Max's eyes move in confusion.

"He has a girlfriend!"I said.

"He doesn't like her!"said Isabel.

"He kissed her didn't he?"

"He was stupid then"



I felt like slapping the shit out of her! Ugh!

I know... Crappy part, right? Feedback Please? I promise the ML couple will be getting together soon, I hope. xP Feedback!

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You Make Me Happy Part 22

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 22
Liz's POV


I turn around and saw my cornball parents. Fuck... I began to turn around and walk away from them.

"Liz... Serena's dead"

I stopped dead in my tracks. I felt sadness wash over me. I turn around.

"What?"I whispered.

"Serena's dead... She was being mugged and the theif shot her..."

I felt my eyes water up. I haven't spoken to Serena ever since I left New York. Who is Serena? Serena is my best friend. The person who stuck up and watched out for me. She brought me into the world of rebellion. She taught me all the curses, the talk, the walk, the moves, and even the fighting. She even taught me how to drink and smoke. She is why I am like this and I thank her for that.

Now she's dead. This was something I never thought I would hear. How could she be mugged? How could she be shot? How could she be dead? I know Serena and she would've quickly put her karate moves on him! How could she be mugged? She has pepper spray with her. How could she be shot? She could've kicked the gun out of his hand. She can't dead.

I felt tears fall down my face. The cool water splashing on my red hot face. My eyes turn blood shot. I saw my mom walk to me and hug me. I didn't hug her back. I just stood there, crying and shocked. This can't be happening... Why is this happening to me? Why are these things happening to me? First Max and Tess. Now this. Does God want me to kill myself? Does he want to torture me till I die? Till I break down? Till I cut myself?

I felt my dad drag me back to my room. I don't want to believe Serena is dead. She can't be dead! I picked up my phone and dialed Serena's mom in New York.

(718) 767-9981

Riiiiinnnnnnnnnggggg! Riiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggg! Riiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggg!

"Hello?"whispered a voice.

"Mrs.Gomez? It's Liz"

"Hi Liz... Serena's-"

"I heard..."

It's true!

"I'm sorry"

"It's not your fault Liz"

"How could it not be?"

"It's not... There was nothing you could do"

"If I hadn't moved, none of this would've happened"

I would've never met Max, Maria, Michael, Alex, Kyle, Isabel, and Tess. The gang...

"Oh Liz... Are you coming to her funeral?"

"Of course I am..."

"Serena had a secret will... I didn't know about it but she wants all her stuff to be given to you"

"Everything?"I squeaked out.

When did Serena have a will?

"Yeah... Can I keep a picture of when she was a baby and a somewhat recent photo?"

"Sure... sure..."

"Serena should be glad to have a friend like you"

I smile. I always like Serena's mom. She was cool, not a cornball like my parents.

"Thank you"

"Well, I have to get starting on Serena's stuff... Bye... It was nice to hear from you"

"Ok... Bye"

I hang up. Oh god... Serena's dead! I bring my knees to my chest. I let the tears fall down freely. I kept crying and crying till my eyes were blood shot and my nose was puffy and red. Serena's was dead. Now she brought me pain. And she was my bestest friend in the world...


"I'm going to Serena's funeral"I said.


Nancy called me Honey. I don't care. Serena's dead. I lie down on my bed and then I felt Nancy stroke my head. I would normally slap her hand away and call her a child molester but I just needed comfort. Just for now. Serena's dead.

Couple of days later...

I look at my ticket.


I walked down the aisle, dragging my bag with me. I find 42A and sat down. Then I look out the window. I didn't tell the gang where I was going. I guess I could kept this to myself. Serena's dead. They don't know who she is. They don't know how much she meant to me. It would be too painful for me to talk about it. I don't need any more pain right now. I'm already dealing with pain right now. I watch the stewardess do that saftly thingie and walk away. The plane slowly moves. Then the engine roared. It went on top speed and then we were flying into the air. Higher and higher by the second. I hug my pillow closer to me and close my eyes.

Max's POV
Crashdown Café

"Mrs. Parker?"I asked.

"Yes?"she replied.

"Do you happen to know what happened to Liz? I know she hasn't come home in this past month but do you have any idea where she is cause I don't?"

"Um... Uh... Liz is just going to disappear for a while. She'll be back next week"

"Where did she go?"

"Just somewhere... No need to worry Max, she's ok"

I nod my head. Where did Liz go? What happened? I turn around and walk away.

"Where's Liz?"asked Isabel.

"I don't know"I answered.

Isabel's POV

Please don't tell me Liz left because of Max and the gerbil! Please don't tell me that! Should I tell Max? No... I don't even know where's Liz and why she is gone. Don't jump to conclusions Isabel! Don't... Great! Now I'm talking to myself!

Liz will be coming back to Roswell soon after I write a couple of parts of her in New York. The ML will be together soon after maybe 5 parts? Or more! xP Feedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 23

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 23
Liz's POV

So I'm in New York now. Cars honking. Teenagers stealing, cursing, drinking, and smoking. I walk down the streets. It feels good to be back home. I almost forgot the smell of New York's poluted air. I smell gas and hot dogs. The sky's so dark and clear. Not a cloud in the sky. Plenty of stars. I see the boys looking at me, up and down. I catch their eye for a moment and look away as if I disapproved.

I was so not able to do that in Roswell. The guys will just chase after you in Roswell. Guys in New York would feel hurt and go home. I call out for a Taxi.

"TAXI!"I screamed, holding my hand out.

A yellow Taxi stops in front of me. I open the door and got in. I told the hindu guy Mrs.Gomez's address. He stopped right in front of her house. I threw money at the guy and got out. I feel the wind blowing my hair, making it fly everywhere. I walk up the stairs and pressed the door bell.

The door flew open.

"Liz Parker!"said Mrs. Gomez, hugging me.

I hugged her back.

"My... You've grown!"

I smile her a thanks and followed her into the house. She showed me the boxes of Serena's stuff.

"You can sleep in the guest room"


I walk into the guest room and dropped my bags onto the floor. It hasn't changed a bit since I left to Roswell. I sit down on the bed, indian style. I close my eyes and just breathed in the smell. I remember Serena and I use to jump on this bed when we were little. We would giggle and hit each other with pillows. We had great times together. I close my eyes and let the tears fall once again. I wiped my tears and thought I couldn't stand to be in the room right now. I walk down the stairs quickly and out the door. I stuffed my hands into my leather jakcet and just began to walk down the street.

I take out my crumpled money. I stare at the 5 bucks in my hand. I stuff it back in my pocket. I walk to the familiar club I had gone to everynight when I lived in New York. I hope the bouncer remembers me! I walk up to him. He stares at me.

"What? Are you special? GET IN THE BACK!"

I stare him with a face that said 'I'm not taking this crap from you'

"Aww... You don't remember me Ethan?"

"I see over 100 people each day... And how do you know my name's Ethan? The only people I told were Serena and Liz"

I cringe at the name Serena.

"Ethan... I am Liz"

He looks at me curiously and then had a great big smile on his face.

"Hey hun!"

"Hey"I said.

He hugged me and moved me towards the door.

"Have fun!"he shouted.

I walked into the club. People jumping and dancing to the loud music. I walk up to the bar and asked for a Bloody Mary. Yum... I grabbed my drink and told the guy to put it on Liz's tab. I was Liz but I own at least a million dollars there! I gulped the whole thing down quickly and sat down. I moved my head to the side, making my neck crack. Then I felt a pair of arms wrapping around my waist.

"Dance with me"

I got off my stool and walked out to the dance floor, not looking at the guy. Well, I couldn't look at him since he won't let me. Then he twirls me around.


Uh Oh! Doug is in town. Does he pose a threat to our dreamer couple? Feedback Please!

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Author's Notes: Ok... Here's the Scoop or 411, as some of you say, on Doug Shellow...
He was Liz's Ex-boyfriend in New York. He's an archaeologist at some university.
*Doug Shellow was on Roswell - Check: Season One - Blind Date*
I know Doug worked in the University of New Mexico but he works in California in my story...

You Make Me Happy Part 24

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 24
Liz's POV

Then I felt a pair of arms wrapping around my waist.

"Dance with me"

I got off my stool and walked out to the dance floor, not looking at the guy. Well, I couldn't look at him since he won't let me. Then he twirls me around.



"Oh My God! I thought you were in California!"

"Yeah well, I took a vacation since I am the boss now!"

"Oh My God!"

Ok... I'm in an 'Oh My God!' mood now... Doug was working as a archeologist at this university. Then I heard he got a job at this great big rich company. Now he's boss! Wow... He wasn't one of the bad boyfriends. He was actually one of the good ones. Sweet, Kind, Caring, and etc. I wonder why we broke up...

"How are you?"

"I'm fine, you?"

"Five by five... So why New York?"

"Thought I visit you but then I found out that you moved"

"I moved to Roswell"

"New Mexico?"


"Tiny Roswell? Alien town? Has a population of 50 people?"

I laugh. He has almost the same mind as me.



He smiled and twirled me around.

"Still got it I see"I said.

He smiles and laughs.

"I missed you"he whispered into my ear.

I close my eyes as I felt his hot breath hit my ear. Max has a girlfriend now. Why can't I move on?

"I missed you too"I whispered.

He then grabs my face and kisses me. I held onto him. There we were. Just kissing on the dance floor. Don't I move fast?

Max's POV

I feel Tess kiss me on the lips. Why am I with Tess? I love Liz... Then why Tess? I push Tess away.

"Not tonight"


Then she cuddles with me. I smell her cheap perfume. Uh oh... I'm allergic to cheap perfume!

Liz's POV

I move in a more comfortable position. How can I? I'm in a car for god sakes! I felt Doug's hand massage my back. I felt his lips slide down my neck. Sucking and licking. I'm gonna have a hickey... Great! Shut up Parker! He moves back to my lips. He taste so different from Max. Doug tastes so normal. Fresh breath. But Max... He taste so good. His breath is beyond normal. I can't describe Max's taste, smell. I just can't. It's something once you get a whiff of, you quickly get addicted. But Doug... All I can taste is fresh toothpaste breath and I smell a gallon of men's colonge which I may say stinks!

Then I heard


That brought me back to reality. He was unzipping my pants! Then I pushed Doug off of me. I sat up and quickly put on my sweater. I zip my pants.

"Liz? What's wrong?"

"I can't do this... I'm sorry Doug"

I got out of the car and walked away. I hear Doug call my name. Damn you Max! I'm not even with you! You ruin my life! I hear my cell ring.


"Liz?"said Maria.

I stop walking. Maria? I really don't want to talk to her right now. I then just hang up, not replying. I look at my watch. 11:30pm. I should really be getting back to Mrs.Gomez's. The funeral's tomorrow and tomorrow I'm leaving. It's only a short quick trip.

I walked back to Mrs.Gomez, finding her asleep, clutching Serena's photo to her chest. Tissues on the floor and pouring out of the trash bin. I grab another grocery bag and began to fix the mess. After I was done, I went to bed.

So Doug is not a threat...! So he's out of the picture now. Don't worry people! Max and Liz are soon going to be together. Feedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 25

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 25
Liz's POV

So I'm sitting on the metal seats, wearing black. I watch the Priest talk and talk about Serena and how she is in a happier place now. God, I hope that's true. Everyone stood up and threw roses onto Serena's coffin. I cringe at that word.


I threw my rose and realized something. My rose was the only white one. Everyone else's were red. I guess they don't know Serena like I knew her. They should know that Serena's favorite rose was white just like mine. I watched as they lowered her into the soil ground. I blink back the tears. I stood up and left. I got into the Taxi that was waiting for me. Another hindu guy drives me to the airport.

Before I knew it, I was inside the airplane. How time goes by when you mourn for someone... I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Couple of days later...

I wipe my eye as I began to walk out of the airplane, dragging my bag beside me.

"Hey Honey"


I watched as a sadness washed over them.

"Welcome back home... Liz"


I walk past them and got into the car. They also got into the car and began to drive back to the Café. As I got inside, I saw the gang sitting in one of the booths, eating. I gave my dad my bag and pulled up a seat.

"Hey guys"

"Liz!"they all said, shocked.

What? Did they think I died?

"Where have you been?"

"What do you mean? Didn't Nancy and Jeff tell you?"

"Tell us what?"

They didn't tell my friends! Friends... Their my friends! Oh my god... I have friends...

"I went to New York"

"What for?"asked Max, concerned.

You concerned for me? Be concerned for your girlfriend!

"I was meeting an old boyfriend"I said, lying.

I saw Max's jaw tighten, his fist clenching. He's jealous. Don't be jealous Max...

"Oh... Are you guys getting back together?"he said with a tint of jealousy and anger in his voice.


"And why not?"he asked.

I felt weird. The whole gang was staring at me.

"So what's there to eat?"I said, changing the subject.

But what I really wanted to say was, 'Because I like you Max', But I didn't say it. Everything was back to normal. For now... I want to go back to New York. I like Roswell and my friends and all... But I belong in New York. It's where I was born. It's where I grew up.

I stood up and walked up to my parents.

"I want to move back to New York"I said.

They look at me for a minute and said Ok. OK? That was it? Why didn't I ask months ago!

"Why don't you go to college in New York and come back to Roswell to live?"

So that was the catch... Should've known there would be a catch!

"Fine"I said.

I was moving back to New York! Yes!

"Guess what guys?"I said, walking up the the gang.


"I'm moving back to New York!"

All their faces fell and was washed over with frowns. The biggest frown I saw was Max's.

Oh no! What will become of Max and Liz? Liz is moving back to New York! SORRY about the short parts guys! My family is having problems and it's really messing up my life right now and I can't really think of what else to write (Writer's Block). Feedback Please?

I made some collages for this fanfic but I don't know how to put it on a website so I can put the picture here so please e-mail me at CrashdownGirlR⊕ if you want to see it! Please put in the subject line "I WANT MY YMMH 3 COLLAGE!" Thanks! *happy* Feedback Please?

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Author's Notes: The italic below is (*In Order*) Liz's acting and after that is Liz's mind talking otay? Don't forget the feedback! Without you guys, There is no You Make Me Happy fanfic! *happy* Enjoy!

Now, Scroll down to read Part 26! *happy*

You Make Me Happy Part 26

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 26
Liz's POV

A month later...

So I'm in my prom dress now. My hair's wavy. I look at myself in the mirror. Is this how Liz Parker looks like in a dress? Scary...! I can't believe I'm in a dress...


What the fuck is wrong with me? God... I hear the doorbell jingle...


What the fuck? Oh yeah... We don't have a doorbell... We have a bell that rings everytime someone opens the door... We don't even have a doorbell for the backroom door! But who's going to go into someone's house/restaurant in the alley? Might as well get mugged then...!

I grab my stupid black purse and walk down the stairs. There I saw Max standing in his tux. Max found out that Tess was going to the prom with Sean. Can you believe it? Max and Tess are a couple and they should go together but for Tess, being the slut and gerbil that she is, she went with Sean. Something about Prom Queen should go with Prom King. So Max and I didn't have dates so we just decided to go with each other. This is so weird!


"Hey... You... Look... Beautiful"he choked out.

I smile at his nice comment. He took out a corsage from behind his back. I gasped. I literally gasped! It was beautiful. So very beautiful. He takes it out of the plastic box and puts it on my dress. I smile him a thanks and off we went.

Max's POV

God... She's so beautiful in that dress. Please don't let anything horrible happen tonight! Please help me god! I'm so nervous around her. I'm sweating here! Please deodorant, Work! WORK! Damn cheap ass brand... Never ever buy a bootleg brand name called 'Righty-O Guard'!

Liz's POV

So... Prom is boring. Kyle Valenti and Isabel Evans were voted as Prom King and Queen. They danced... And danced some more... Then a kiss on the cheek... Then they were off with their other dates...

Big whoop...! And I thought Prom Queen (Tess) should go with Prom King (Sean) . What a slut! She just want to do it with Sean! Get some nookie in a motel or behind the garbage can...

Max and I just kept dancing. He was a much better dancer than Doug and all my other boyfriends. I can't believe I let Doug kiss me that night! What was wrong with me? Now I think about it and I just cringe everytime I picture him kissing me!


I can also shudder. Want to see me shudder? Here...


Ain't I da bomb? God... I'm pathetic!

Max was a complete gentlemen. He didn't take me to a hotel room. Nothing happened... That made me sad... Why?

No nookie!

Not even a goodnight kiss on the lips! He gave me a kiss on the cheek... Not my ass cheek! God, You're so perverted! My face cheek... Jeez... I'm really pathetic, ain't I? I'm talking to myself again... Jeez... I roll my eyes and clicked my tongue. After that, he just left in his old wored out jeep.

God, He's fine! What made think of that hot comment? Oh yes...! His ass....

Another month later

So I was accepted into New York's finest college. Finest? It's a fucking crappy college with dorms...! Nothing new... I mean, Colleges are suppose to have dorms right? So what's so finest about this one?

I was really going back home! Here I am sitting on another cold metal chair in my Graduation gown. I made my hair wavy and actually wored a dress again! I listened carefully and heard my name. I stood up and walked onto the stage to get my diploma. I said my thanks and gave Mr.Malloy a high five. What? He stuck his hand out! So I high-fived him! He stares at me weirdly and confused, still having his hand up in the air. Cornball...

Then I walked off the stage and sat down. I watched Maria give out the speech. Maria got lucky. She got to make a speech. I would go up there and give a speech. Not really a speech but advice. Like Use Protection Kids! Then soon everyone was throwing their hats in the air. Unfortunately, Alex threw his hat up in the air and his hat hit him on the head.

Poor Alex...

Isabel rubbed his head, kissing his head. Yuck... That sight makes me wanna gag...

Ok... So... I'm leaving Roswell to go to New York this week.... Can't wait...! I'm so happy... Nah...

Who are you kidding Parker?


Shut up you idiotic rotted mind...! I don't need your fuckin' help!

Why ain't I happy? I should be happy right? Cause I'm going back home right? Where I belong right? I should be happy... Yeah... I should happy right?


Hey You! You're suppose to be helping me! You're my mind! My brain!

Oh... Now you want me help?

Fucking ass...



If you want me help, Stop giving me the attitude


Now bow down to me and say I am your master and You're my bitch!

Fuck no! Hell no!

Fine then... I won't help you!

Fine! See? I'm getting on my knees now... You are my master and you're my bitch!

Fine! Be that way!

Haha... Hehe... OK... Haha! Ok... Chill Parker... Fine... I'm sorry... You are my master and I'm your bitch

What? I can't hear you!


Better... Now... You're sad because you're leaving someone behind... Someone special!


Not telling you!

You're suppose to be helping me!

You never said that I had to help you figure out who... You just wanted to know why you're sad

Fine! I'll figure it out by myself! Now who am I leaving?

I gasp. I'm leaving Max...!

Sorry to jump through time so much! I know... Very short... My family is still having problems... My parents might divorce... :( They're weird... One minute, They're fighting and the next they're happy! Are all parents like this or is it just mine? Damn... And I thought my friend's, Anna, family was messed up! xO Thank you for all the people who were concerned about me! *happy* So Feedback Please?

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Author's Notes: The italic below is Liz's mind talking otay? Feedback ok?


You Make Me Happy Part 27a

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 27a
Liz's POV

I didn't need to see my parents cry or need them to hug me so I left early in the morning without a word to anyone. I really don't... They understand. They know I'm leaving today. What's the use? I really hate people crying... People crying on me and hugging me...


I walked to a highway where there were many Taxis around. I sat on a fence, waiting to see a Taxi that was available. Then I saw a jeep pull up in front of me. That jeep looks so familiar... Oh My God! That was Max's jeep. Why is he here so early in the morning and how does he know I'm here? I look at my watch.

7:30 AM

What the fuck?

"Hey Liz"

"Hey Max"

"How did you know I was here?"

"I... I went into your room and saw you were gone... And I knew you didn't have a car and you would be taking a Taxi... So I remember this place and came here..."


"Don't go..."


"Don't go back to New York?"

"After I finish collage, I'm coming back... Anyways, I'll come back for holidays"

"It won't be the same without you"

"I know... I'll write and call"

"Liz... It's not the same as seeing you everday"

"I'll send pictures?"


"Max! I'm going back to New York! There's nothing here for me!"

"Nothing? What about Maria? Isabel? Michael? Alex? ... Me?"

I stared into his eyes. He was in pain. His eyes pleaded with me.

"Look... Ever since I came here, Nothing's changed... Life here went as normal as before... I didn't change anything"

"You know that's not true"

"I do too..."

No you don't! Listen to Max!


"Don't go Liz... Don't go"

"Why? Give me one reason why I should stay in Roswell Max... Just one reason"

"I... um... uh..."

I saw a Taxi availible but it was miles away.

"You better quickly tell me cause I see a Taxi"

Max looks behind him and sees the Taxi.

"Look Max... If you have a reason why I shouldn't go, just tell me. If not, just let me go to New York"I said.

I know I was being mean.


The Taxi was closer. He looks at the ground for a second and then looked at me. I saw something change in him. The pain in his eyes disappeared. His face unreadable. Wait... Is that lust I see in his eyes? Nah... It's just my eyes...

"I think it's better to show you then tell you"

"Huh? Look... I have no time to go anywhere right now. My flight's in an hour"

I jumped off the fence and began to walk past him. He grabbed my arm. He pulls me to him. My body pressed against his large built body. His eyes staring right back at mine. My eyes moved down his face. Passing his perfect lips. His strong neck. His built chest. Down to the dusty sandy dirty floor.

"Liz...."he said, using his index finger to lift my chin up.

"Please don't..."I begged.

His fingers rub against my cheek. His skin against mine.

"Don't make this harder than it already is Max"

He stares at me with his eyes.

"Harder? Do you know how hard it is for me to know that you're leaving?"

"Hard for you? Ha! I was dragged here by my dumb parents! I was torn away from New York! I belong there! Not here! I'm leaving my new friends... My life is hard"

I was tempted to say something about... her... um... her death...

Serena's death? Is that what you're trying to say?

I ignore my mind.

"Forget New York"

"I can't...."


Is this because of Serena?


It is, isn't it?

It's not...

I'm you... I'm your mind... Brain... I know...

You don't know shit...

Serena's dead Parker!

Don't say that...

Forgetting about her death isn't going to help you...


You know I can't stop... Face it... Serena's dead... She's dead... D-E-A-D!

STOP! STOP IT! No... Please....

Parker... You're destroying yourself this way... Destroying everything around you...

I'm not leaving because of Serena... I'm not!

If you leave, You will regret it...

I won't... I won't... I won't regret it... I won't... I just won't...

I stared at Max. His face still unreadable. I felt tears stinging my dry eyes. My throat dry. My lips dry too. I lick them. His eyes moved away from my eyes and dropped to my lips. I lick them again, moistening them.

Then he grabbed my face and kissed me. I felt him move closer to me, his fingers running through my hair. I wrapped my arms around his neck. God! He taste so good...! I felt his tongue caress mine. I shiver at his caress. I felt his hands caress my face and neck. He was so gentle. I barely felt his kisses.

I had to stop... I'm leaving to New York... I'm not staying here... There's nothing here for me... Nothing... Get away from him Parker!

I gathered all my energy and strength, and moved away. His face is now in pain. A Taxi stops right next to me.

"Lady! You going to airport?"

I looked at the driver and back at Max. He had tears in his eyes. His eyes begging me to stay. I looked away and threw my luggage into the trunk.

"I'm sorry Max..."I whispered loud enough for him to hear.

I opened the car door and sat inside. I slam the door and not looked at Max. I couldn't. I can't. I know I will cry if I saw him. But it's too late... I'm already crying... You can't see it on the outside but I'm crying in the inside. The car began to drive away, leaving Max crying.

There's one more section to this part! See the Part number? 27a? That means there is a 27b. So chill otay guys? Feedback Please?

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Author's Notes: Hey guys! Part 27b... The one you guys been waiting for... *happy* I wrote this yesterday at like 2am so if it sucks a bit, SORRY! :( I don't mean to do it so late but I just wanted to finish it and have it out today... I would've posted it sooner today but I went to the library in Flushing. They had a book sale... It sucked!

Then later, I ate at a vietnamese restaurant with my two friends. I bet some of you are skipping this note to find out what happened right? *happy* It's ok... I know no one wants to know about my life... Just want to read my stories... It's ok, I understand... *happy*

ENJOY! *happy* Feedback...!

You Make Me Happy Part 27b

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 27b
Liz's POV

I paid the driver and stepped outside. I checked in. I walked through the gate, giving them the ticket and letting my luggage be checked. I bought those stupid one dollar carts. Waste of money... I hear my flight being called. All I hear is the word Roswell... The rest is muffled by the people crying and screaming.

I throw away the hot coffee in my hands and walk towards the gate. I hand the person my ticket. They insert it through the machine and out comes the stub. Just like a movie stub only larger...

I rub my eyes and head. This was the right thing. It was. It really was. I show my ticket to the lady. She points where my seat would be. I walk without saying a thanks and found my seat. I stuffed my duffelbag under the person in front of me's seat. That's all I'm carrying.

What? So I'm a girl... But not a girly girl who has to have everything with her at all times! Jeez... What do you take me for?

I lean my head against the cold plastic... wall? No, Plastic shield for the window? I have no idea what the hell this thing is called and I don't give a damn. I close my eyes, letting my mind wander and dream.

Flashback of the Past
New York...

"Hey Parker..."said Serena, walking towards me.

"Hey Gomez"I said, smiling.

"Pa-lease... I hate dat name"

"I hate mah name too"

"Fine... I call ya Liz, Ya call me Serena"


We shake hands on it. She puts her arm around my shoulder.

"So we off to see Ethan?"

"See him hun? We just there for the par-tay!"said Serena, jumping.

I laugh and pinch Serena's arm. She laughs, running her fingers through her long black hair.

"Rememba... Don't let a guy ever seperate us at da party"

"Neva..."I said.

"Hey... What if ya meet a guy in... where ya movin' again?"

"Roswell"I huffed out.

"Yeah... Dat place... What if ya meet a guy dere?"

"So what 'bout him? He nothin'..."

"Chill Liz... U see da guy of your dreams... Take him and neva leave him"

"Wha? Who are ya and what hab you done wit mah Serena?"

She playfully glares at me and pinched my waist. I jump, laughing.

"Listen Liz... Take him and neva leave him... Ya can't always find your soulmate... It hard ya know..."

"If this is about Lucus..."

"Dis has nothin' to do wit Lucus... Promise me otay?"

"Are you ok?"

"Look.. Find him and forget 'bout me"

"Forget you?"

"Yeah... I ain't worth it... We go out seperate ways in our lives..."

"Serena I-"

"Promise me"

I stared at her. What the hell is wrong with her?


She hugs me and then walks away. I stand there, shocked. Then I run to catch up with her.

"So... Got your ID?"

Everything now was back to normal... What the... I flash her my ID. She smiles and takes off her jacket, revealing a black tank top that said 'DO ME'... I looked at mine. Just a plain black tank top... She rocks!

I gasp, waking up. I see people staring at me in suprise.

"Serena?"I said, confused.

"Chill Liz... U see da guy of your dreams... Take him and neva leave him"

Never leave him...

"Promise me"


Promise... Promise... Promise!

I get up, grabbing my duffel bag. I run off the plane just as the doors were able to close.

"Miss! Miss!"yells the stewardess.

I ignore them, running out of the gates and out of the airport. I drop to my knees on the floor, slamming my duffel bag onto the ground. I start to cry.

I was about to break a promise with... Serena... I was this close... Max was the guy of my dreams... Serena was right... My mind was right... I left because of Serena... Serena was right to take my dream guy and never leave him.

What have I done? To Max? Will he forgive me? I swallowed the bile back down. I slowly get back up and walk to a pay phone. I shoved in the quarter and dialed.

Rrrriiiinnnnnggg! Rrrriiiinnnngggg!

"Hello?"said a tired grogy voice.

"Maria? Can you pick me up?"

"Um ok... Where?"


"Airport? How can you be at the airport? Your flight ain't for another 5 hours!"

I winced.

"I lied..."

"What?!? You lied to me? Your best friend?!?"

Look, I don't feel good about it either ok? Shut up Parker... You need a ride home and that someone is anybody but Max... Don't screw this up... Not over the phone... At least face to face...

What am I thinking? It sounds like I'm going to break this friendship with Maria.. Uh uh... Hell no! I'm not breaking this friendship... God, I sound crazy don't I?

"Please Maria... Pick me up... Please?"

Then a click. She hanged up. I had this incrediable urge to call her and hang up on her. But I'm not going to do that... It will be a waste of a another quarter.

Is she going to pick me up or not? I hung up and sat down on the sidewalk. I buried my head into my knees and waited.

40 minutes later...

I'm so tired... I guess Maria's not coming... I screwed up, didn't I? I just screw up everything in my life, don't I?!? First it was Max and now Maria.... Great... I need to get better people skills... A lot better... I so need to see those friend magnets... If I can find one... That I didn't beat up already.... I sigh and bury my head into my knees.

"You're so lucky that you're my best friend"

My head snapped up and saw a angry Maria. She came... She sat down next to me.

"Were you really going to leave without saying Goodbye?"

I nod with tears in my eyes.

"I'm sorry"I whispered.

She hugs me. Hmm... Just like Serena...

"Look at me... A sad crying puppy"


"Never mind... Thanks for picking me up"I said, wiping my tears.


She helps me get up and she drives me to Max's house. I stare at it. I remained seated in this seat, still.

"What are you waiting for? Go!"

"Do you think he will forgive me?"

"You didn't do anything wrong"

"Yes I did... I broke his heart..."

I hold in my breath. I could feel my lungs burning. My eyes had a sting. My body numb.

"He's with... G-Gerbil girl"

"Liz... Babe... He loves you! Trust me... Once he knows you feel the same way, he'll dump her ugly ass!"

Feel the same way... Do I feel the same way? Do I love him? Love Max? I suck in some oxygen. Yes, I do. I feel the same way. I love him. I love Max. I do...


"Anytime chica..."

I walk out of the Jetta. Maria driving away. I walk around the house and stopped at Max's window. He was doing his pull ups. I watch his back muscle flex with each movement he makes. I bite my lip and tap my warn knuckles against his window.

Tap! Tap!

He stops, his legs hitting the ground. He turns around. He stops, staring at me as if I was a ghost. I know what he's thinking... He's thinking that I was suppose to be gone. On my way to New York...

Well, I'm not Max... I'm not...

He walks slowly and opens it.

"Hi..."I said, quietly.

He doesn't say anything. Say something Max!

"Look... I'm sorry..."I said, looking on the floor.

Max is still not talking.

"I'm sorry for leaving you and not caring... I'm sorry ok? I'm going to stay in Roswell... I'm sorry for being so mean to you... I came to my senses when I was on the airplane..."

"Liz I-"

"Shh... Just let me finish ok? I didn't realize what I was leaving when I was about to leave. You were right... I was leaving you guys behind... Especially you... I came to my senses when I was on the airplane that... I... That... That I love you... Can you ever forgive me?"

My eyes look up and found him staring at me. What? Why aren't you saying anything back? Hello? I said I love you here! Hey! Shut up Parker... You broke his heart ok? Let this sink in...

What is he thinking? His face is so... emotionless... again... Please tell me he forgives me.

He grabs my hand and helps me into his room. I trip on the ledge. He catches me before I fall. I stare into his brown eyes, drowning in them.

I wanted to feel his lips against mine. I needed them against mine. I quickly kissed him, feeling his soft lips against mine. I felt him open up and so did I. Soon our tongues were in a duel. He pulled me to him. I could feel his warm body against mine. My breasts pressed up against his bare chest. My hands caressed his strong bare chest, feeling the muscle and skin under my fingertips. I moved them to his arms, squeezing as I go.

"I'm glad you came back... For the gang... For me... I love you..."he said, breaking the kiss.

I gave him a quick kiss, leaning my forehead against his. I close my eyes for a minute. Inside of me was little 5 year old Liz Parker jumping. He loves me! He loves me! He loves me! I'm jumping in my imaginary bed. Ok... Stop that... I open my eyes and stare into his.

"I love you"

He kissed me again, pulling me down onto his bed. This is where I belong. This is my dream man. Roswell is where I belong. Not New York. This is my new life. I have new friends here. I have a boyfriend that actually loves me and is not like my other boyfriends.

And I have one person to thank...

Thank you Serena Gomez....

Sorry if this is crappy... This part was actually something else but I decide to change it... Like? Their together now... *happy* Happy? I told you I would make them be together soon... Now Feedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 28

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 28
Max's POV


Why didn't her voice seem to squeak when I first met her?


I cringe at the voice. I bite my lip and scratch my head.


My ear! Is it bleeding? My fingers slowly crep towards my ears. No wetness... No blood... Thank God...

"Yeah?"I whispered.

"Are you even listening to me?"

The voice sents a shock of pain down my spine.

"Uh... Yeah"

"Yeah? What was I talking about then?"

Oh shit... Um... What was she talking about?

"Um... You... Uh... Were... Um... Talking About... Uh... Um..."

I'm so busted now. Then a imaginary light bulb appeared and it turned on. Jeez... Too much cartoons....

"You were talking about how this saleslady totally ignored you for this older richer lady"

She smiles. Eww... Her teeth are so yellow. I'm so trying not to laugh at the piece of spinach logged between her two front teeth. I just came over here to break up with her but Noooooo! She drags me into he room and starts to talk about some shit I don't care about!

"I want to break up"I said.

Saying that was like Music to my ears. There...


"I want to break up"


How stupid can this girl be?

"I don't think we should see each other anymore. I don't think we should be together anymore. I don't want to date you nor kiss you"

Did she understand that?

"Max... Why?"

Why again?

Because you love Liz, you idiot!

I smile at the thought of Liz.

"I love someone"

"Who?!?"shrieks Tess.


"That bimbo?!?"


I let out a sigh of relief. I've been wanting to say that this past week. I wanted her to stay away. Far from us! I watch Tess's eyes tear up. Her fat lips quivering.

"Pa-leaze! That won't work you gerbil"

She then huffs and puffs like the Gerbil she is. Then she leaves the house. Thank god!

Liz's POV

I step out of the bathroom and saw Max come into his room.



He hugs me to him and gives me a nice long kiss. I let out a small moan.

"Aww... Ain't this cute?"said Michael, standing by the door with his arms crossed.

I roll my eyes.

"What do you want?"asked Max.

"Nothin'... I'm just hangin'"

"Well, hang somewhere else"


For some weird reason Max looks like he was gonna pounce on Michael and punch his lights out. His hands clenched into a fist.

"You got a problem with me?"shouts Michael.

"Yes, infact I do!"

"Yo! Chill guys... What da hell is goin' on?"

"Nothing"said Max.

"Nothin'"said Michael.

I roll my eyes. Guys and their fighting. I push Michael out of the room and stare at Max.


"What? EXCUSE ME! You were gonna punch his lights out!"

"No, I wasn't..."

"Max, You aren't a very good liar. I am but you're not"

"I have this gut feeling that he likes you"

"Me? Me? Max, check your gut! Michael doesn't like me! I think of him as a brother and he's just watchin' over me like a brother in return"

"A brother? How can he be like your brother?"

Arg... Do I really have to explain this to him? He's not that stupid, is he? I scratch my head and rub my eyes.

"Bad Tough Rebellians stick together. Now I am a bad tough rebellian and so is Michael. We stick together! We're family"

"But what if you bad tough rebellians end up together?"

"Is this what this is about?"

I watch Max scratch his head and lets out a sigh.

"Max... I'm no going anywhere. Remember! I stayed in Roswell for you. I stayed in fuckin' Roswell for you!"

I cursed! Wow... I roll my eyes. Arg...


"It's ok"

I hugged Max and gave him a kiss.

"I just get jealous that you might leave me when I just found you"

I smile. He can be so sweet...

"Don't be. Remember, You're the only one for me"

I hope so... Just don't turn out like the other guys I've dated in the past... Please don't turn into them.

Max kisses my temple and buries his head into my hair.

Arg, I don't think I like this part. I don't like the way I wrote it. What do you people think? Michael does not like Liz. He thinks of her as a brother. Remember! Bad Tough Rebellians stick together! Sorry for the short part! I'll try to make Part 29 longer ok? Feedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 29

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 29
Liz's POV

"So you wanna go to New York for vacation?"

"New York?"said the gang in a chorus.

OK... Freaky!

"Come on! I'll be the tour guide! New York's fun!"

They look at each other, thinking. Are they deciding together again? Ugh...

"I'll go"said Max, smiling at me.

I smile back.

"Come on guys! Liz was living in New York before she came to Roswell. Why don't we just see how New York is?"said Max.

They all look at each other again and then they nodded with a smile on their faces.

This is so scary. It's like they're all twins and they know what each other is thinking! Mah Ga! *Mah Ga - My God*

"So when do you guys want to go?"

"NEXT WEEK!"shouted Michael.

Next week?

"Well, I want to be with the people like me"

I laugh.

"You'll fit in"I said, talking to Michael.

I felt Max squeeze my hand. I give him a smile and kissed his hand. He puts his arm around my shoulders. He's so scared of losing me. Jeez...!

"Is it true that New York has strip clubs on every corner?"joked Alex.

Isabel smacks his head.


Next Week

My friends's are loaded right? They all got first class tickets like me... Do they live in a mansion? Ooo... If they do, Watch me reck something and have them not care at all cause they can geta new one of whatever I reck!

"Do you need money? Credit Cards? C-Con-Condoms?"


"What do you need? Clothes? Water? Food? Hotel number? Motel number?"

"Nancy! Chill!"I shouted.

I watch Nancy put a hand on her chest.

"Sorry... You're going to New York for the vacation!"

"I'll be back but I dunno when I'm gonna leave though..."

"You're leaving me!"

"Nan... I haven't seen you once when I came to Roswell and I left like a couple of weeks ago"

Because of... I feel my heart tighten. I can say her name. I can do it. You're very strong Parker. Come on... Just say her name... Serena... The name makes my heart ache even more.

"That was different"


"I need money and credit cards"I said, smiling.

Nancy smiles and reaches for her wallet. Wow, Is she really going to give me money and credit cards?

"Here's some money and a credit card"

"Thanks"I said, grabbing them quickly but Nancy wouldn't let go of them.

"Liz... I trust you. Don't go crazy with the credit card and money. If you use them all up and have no more money, don't call me asking for more and I'm not going to pay up if you spend over $100!"

"Chill Nan... I got it under control"

She lets out a sigh of relief and hugs me. I pat her back with one hand and the other hand, trying to push her off of me.


"Bye Lizzie!"said Nancy.

"Have fun"said Jeff.

I load my stuff into the cab.

At the airport

"Hey Liz!"

"Hey Ria"

"You ready?"

I look at the coffee cup in my hand and nod.

"Did you check in yet?"


I felt a pair of arms on my shoulders.

"Cotton Candy?"

"Don't mind if I do"

I took some cotton candy and stuffed it into my mouth.


"Don't mind if I do"

Then I watch Michael nearly spit out the coffee. I laughed.

"What the hell?!?"

"Oh, Did I forget to tell you? I didn't add milk nor sugar in it"

"You're trying to kill me, aren't you?"


I move away from him and punch his arm. Then I turned around and banged into someone.

"Oh hi Max!

"Hi Liz"

I watch him put his arm around my waist and gave me a kiss on my nose.

"Get a room"said Michael.

I roll my eyes.

"Got everything ready?"


I hear my flight being called. I watch Max grab my stuff and his stuff.

"I can carry my things"

I'm not handicapped you know!

"It's ok... I'll carry them for you"he said, giving me a kiss.

He just likes to kiss me, doesn't he? Every since we got together, He's been kissing me every second! Not that I mind though... I mean, Who wouldn't want to kiss Max Evans? Not me... Uh Uh! We walk into the airplane and sat down in our seats. The pilot speaks and the stewardesses perform that stupid saftey act. The seat belt sign goes on with a bing!

The airplane begins to move on the ground like a car and soon it sped up. I hear the engines roaring and the airplane beginning to take flight. It flew higher and higher into the sky. I felt my ears pop. The airplane shaking. I felt the vibration on my ass. Then slowly, the airplane's butt flew up and it was straight in the air.

You can masterbate like that...


I hate planes. You could die while still on the ground. You could die while taking off. You could die while in the air. It seems that you could die just being on the airplane!

"What would you like?"asked a stewardess.

Um... Let's see... What should I get?

"Can I get an extra pillow and blanket and a cup of scotch? No wait, Make that two cups of scotch"

I watch her laugh.

"Nice try"

"Excuse me? Are you saying that I'm not 21 years old? Well, I never!"

"Fine... Can I see your ID then?"she asks, curiously.

I pull out my wallet, carefully showing her the big pile of money and the credit cards. Don't give them money but flash it so it makes you seem 21. I look a little bit like I'm 21 anyways. Yeah right...! I don't look that old! I look young. Beautiful young. I roll my eyes at my stupidity. I pull out my fake ID and give it to her. She studies it and looks at it carefully. She looks at my ID as if it was a evidence to a murder! What the fuck?

"I'm so sorry Miss Parker"

My ID worked! Like always...

"You better! I think you should look at ID before you judge!"

"I'm so sorry. You look so young"

"I'm still very angry at you but I will take that young thing as a comment. Aren't moisturizers and make-up a miraculous things?"

"So sorry... I'll be back with your things"

"You better be! Chop chop! Hurry up!"

I used my hands to shoo her. I watch her scurry away, leaving my ID on my table. I grab the ID and kissed it. I look at Max and he's staring at me with his mouth wide open.

"I... Uh... Um..."

"All in a day's work"I said.

I grabbed my brown paper bag and took out a stack of laminated cards. I stood up and looked at the cards. I handed Max, Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex, and Kyle one.

"What's this?"asked Isabel.

"Fake ID"I mouthed.

"Ohhh..."they murmered.

"Use it carefully and don't lose it. You will need it a lot in New York"

"Why?"asked Maria.

Arg! They don't have fake IDs in Roswell? These people gotta get out more!

"Clubs, Bars, and etc."I said.

"Ohh..."said Maria.

I sat back down in my seat.

"These look so real"said Max, examining the ID.

I laugh and push him a bit. I watch the stewardess come back with my things. She gave me my pillow, blanket, and scotch. I offered Max a scotch. He nods his head no. I drink my first cup of scotch slowly. I look out the window and saw clouds. Nothing but clouds.

Hours later

The sky was black. Pitch black. Not a cloud in the sky. I don't think I can see the moon on my side. I yawn and rub my eyes.

"You want to sleep?"asked Max.

"Yeah but I can't sleep on planes. I'm use to lying down but I got someone behind me"

Arg... I want to lie down and sleep so bad.

"Wait..."said Max.

He pulls up the arm chair and pulls me between his legs. Our feet somewhat sticking out of the path.

"Lie down like this"he said.

I smile and give him a kiss. He holds me to him and kisses me back. He taste good. He's such a good kisser.

"Good nite"

"Night"he said, kissing my temple.

::Yawns:: I'm so tired. Sorry if this part sucks too... I think my parents might actually get a divorce cause my mom thinks my dad is having an affair! I don't know what to think... Arg... Feedback Pwetty Pwease?

I posted another fanfic today. It's only one part. It's called Leaving You. Here's the link:
Feedback Please!

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You Make Me Happy Part 30

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 30
Liz's POV

"We will be arriving in New York in 10 minutes"said the pilot.

I let out a cough and yawn. I pat my stomach. I could still feel the nasty food taste in my mouth from the airplane meals. Yuck... Can't they ever have good food to serve?

I look out at the dark sky. I see bright lights from New York. The seat belt signs goes on again with a bing! The airplane shakes. The airplane's front turns down so the butt's in the air.

I watch the tv screen play this stupid airplane landing in New York. I hear the sounds of the wheels coming out and the wings moving. Then boom! I felt a thud. We were on the ground. Slowly, the brakes come on. The airplane stops and then slowly drives towards the gate.

"So we're in New York"said Max, nervously.


Everyone stands up and grabs their stuff. We just stood there, waiting for the doors to open and for us to leave the airplane. The whirring sounds which means the doors are opening. We slowly walk towards the exit, saying bye to the stewardesses and the pilots.

"Remember lady! Look at their ID's before you judge!"I said to that stewardess who said I wasn't 21.

I'm such a good liar!

"Um... OK... Uh Thanks... I'm s-sorry again"she says, nervously.

"YOU SHOULD BE!"I shout, walking away.

I walk out of that stupid long white tube thingie. I smell fresh air.

"Bathroom!"screams Alex as he ran towards the bathroom, dropping all his things onto the floor.

I let out a laugh. Minutes later, he came out, looking happy and relieved.

"Why didn't you just go on the airplane?"

"I forgot?"

I laugh.

"You didn't forget... You were too talking and sleeping with Isabel"said Maria, pinching his cheeks.

Alex turns red. Literally... He turned red... It started with his ears and redness just flooded throughout his face! Damn tomato...

"You owe me big"said Michael.

"Why?"asked Alex.

"I had to carry all your things that you dropped on the floor"

"Michael... I only had a suitcase and a duffelbag. Why are you also carrying two extra duffelbags?"

I watch Michael look at the tags attached to the zipper of the bags.

"Isabel, Maria!"shouted Michael.

"What?"they both said, innocently.

I let out another laugh. We all walk towards the exit of the airport. I called for a taxi and told them my Grandma's address. Apparently, Grandma Claudia said something about Venus being in the morning sky at some place. She lent us her place to stay. At least it saves us money!

We arrived at her house and I pushed in the key and turned. I quickly run upstairs towards the biggest room in the house and dropped my stuff onto the floor.

"My room!"I screamed.

I saw the gang run throughout the house, looking at each room.

"My room!"yelled Michael and Maria.

"Hey buddy! This is my room!"

"Excuse me? I got here first!"

"I got here first spaceboy!"

"It's mine!"


"I hate you!"


Maria lets out a scream and walks back into the room. More shouting...

I hear Alex and Isabel yell "My Room!"

"Can I share with you?"asked Max.

"Sure"I said.

Duh! Where else are you going to sleep? All the rooms are taken! Jeez...

He walks past me and drops his stuff on the floor next to mine. He closes the door and pulls me down onto the bed with him. He kisses me and then slides down my neck.

"Mmmm... So sweet... Like strawberries"



I laugh as I felt him tickle me.

"Max! Stop! Maxxx!"I scream, laughing.

"I love it when you scream my name"said Max, growling into my neck.

I slap him on the arm and roll my eyes. Now, Max is being perverted.

"Liz! Can you believe this? In every room, there's a bathroom!"said Maria, barging into my room.

I smile at Maria.

"Oh shit... I was interrupting something, wasn't I?"said Maria with a frown.

I look at us. Max and I were on top of each other in bed.

"UH YEAH!"said Max.

Wow... Max with a attitude... I like... No! I love...

Michael appeared behind Maria. He covers her mouth with his large hand, pushing her back into their room.

"Don't push me!"

"Don't bother them!"

"You're such an ass!"

"Stop being such a princess!"

"A princess?!?"

Then a loud smack.

"Fuck! You got a good leg for a girl... Ouch..."

"Come On! I only kicked you in your knee!"

"Which I think is now bruised!"

"Stop being such a baby!"

"A baby?!?"

Then a thud. A Clatter. Now more shouting.

Max and I look at each other with a 'What's Going On In There' face...

"Now where were we?"asked Max.

I tap my finger against his head.

"Oh yes... The tickling attack!"said Max, tickling me.

He then quickly kissed me, stopping his attacks. I let out a moan through the kiss.

"Love you"he said, kissing the tip of my nose.

"Love you"I said, feeling Max's hot body against mine.

Next Day

So we're on the subway, riding towards Manhatten.

"The floors are so dirty and the subway smells"said Isabel, scrunching up her nose.

"Welcome to New York Iz"I said.

Another nickname for my cornball friend.

"Oh shit!"shouted Maria, covering her eyes.

"What?"I said.

"What the hell? Oh Ew!"said Isabel, covering her eyes.

"What?"said I and the guys.

"Look over there!"said Maria, covering her eyes and pointing in disgust.

I look where Maria pointed at. I let out a laugh.

"It happens"I said with a smile.

Max quickly covers my eyes with his hand. I let out a laugh and take Max's hand off my eyes. I saw Alex hugging Isabel. I saw Michael laughing and talking to Maria which ended up with Maria hitting him on the arm. I look at Max and frowns.

"New York is disgusting"he said.

"Not all of New York... Just some"

"I don't like that fact you see that in New York"

"Don't worry..."I said, giving him a kiss.

The subway stops at Manhatten. We get off. I take one last look at the disgusting man. He was masturbating in the subway!

God... Another junkie... Put on some pants man! And you got nothing so what's there to show? Jeez... Max got bigger than you!

I know... Disgusting ending for this part! Sorry...! No offense New York! xP This actually happened to me in October 2001. I was going to Flushing and boom! There was a guy masturbating right in front of me! Eww... ::crings:: OMG! I'm up to Part 30! Eek! xP This part sucked right? Again? Jeez... I'm losing my touch now... I was suppose to go to Connecticut this week but I stayed. Why? For you guys of course! I don't think it would be fair if I was having a little bit of fun and you guys left here, waiting for me to post another part... I'm too nice! *happy* Feedback if you want me to continue!

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Author's Notes:
Hi people! *happy* I know some of you read my story, Leaving You, and some of you never read it or haven't gotten to it yet. If you haven't read it yet, Please still read this note! I am thinking about making a sequel for Leaving You.
[ viewthreadforum=dreamer-fanfiction&id=71549 ]

Question is: Should I make it into another One Parter Sequel or You want Parts?

When I hear your opinions if it's a One Parter or Parts, I will write up a new part as quickly as I can. I'm still going to write You Make Me Happy and Leaving You

If you guys read the Sequel, You might be confused so I'm telling you now. Read Leaving You before you read the sequel!
[ viewthreadforum=dreamer-fanfiction&id=71549 ]

Leaving You will stay a one parter! The sequel is still unsure!
Oh yeah... You might want to break out the tissues... It's quite sad!

Thank you for your time! *happy*

*~Kylie a.k.a. Little Liz~*

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Hey guys! I know... Another author's note! But this one is a good one! *happy* Did I forget to mention that Part 31 is NC-17 ? Oh Oh! Guess who has sex! Is it Max and Liz? Or is it Michael and Maria? Or Alex and Isabel? Oh, Who could it be? lol...

I'm starting to have writer's block... Ugh, So I'm sorry if the parts started to suck and not be so great as the first parts in this story... Please understand with everything going in my life. This story. Roswell, of course. My parents. My brother and his new girlfriend.
[ <~ My parents aren't fond of the idea of him have a girlfriend. ] School. Friends. So if parts suck, Remember writer's block and these things too! *happy*

Oh yeah! Please consider joining EverythingRoswell [ Link under this note ]! If you don't like it, Just unsubscribe! It's just that easy! *happy* [ Says the same thing below... lol ]

Feedback on this Author's Note Please? *happy* Bye Bye!
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WOW... You people don't read the Author's Notes. Oh well...

ENJOY! Feedback Please? *happy*

You Make Me Happy Part 31 NC-17!

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 31 - NC-17
Liz's POV


"Hey hun!"

"Who are these people?"

"They're my friends.... Can they come inside? Pwetty Pwease?"I begged.

He looked at me.

"Wazz Up my man?"said Alex.

Ethan raises his eyebrow and looks at me. I laugh.

"In...."he said, pointing at the entrance of the club.

The gang walks into the club. Loud music banged against our ears.

"We're not 18 yet!"said Max.

"So?"I said.

"Live a little! Have fun!"I shouted over the music.

The gang had already started to dance on the dance floor. I look at the DJ and smile.

"Dance?"Max offered, holding a hand out.

I accepted and began to dance with him. I had to admit... Max was pretty good dancer. Then I heard one of my favorite songs!

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!"I screamed at the song.

I woke up in a dream today
To the cold of the static / and put my cold feet on the floor

I grinded myself against Max and I felt him grind back. His hands on my back.

Forgot all about yesterday
Remembering I'm pretending to be where I'm not anymore

"Who plays this?"yells Max.

"You don't know?!?"I yell back.

A little taste of hypocrisy
And I'm left in the wake of the mistake / slow to react


"Oh My God! It's Linkin Park!"I yell over the music.

Even though you're so close to me
You're still so distant / And I can't bring you back



It's true / the way I feel
Was promised by your face


"What?!?"I yell.

The sound of your voice
Painted on my memories

"Linkin Park Rules!"I scream.

I felt Max's hand graze my ass. I smile and rub my heat against his.

Even if you're not with me
I'm with you

I watch his adam apple bob up and down. He slides his hands up and brushes his thumb against the side of my breasts. I gasp.

You / Now I see/ keeping everything inside
You / Now I see / Even when I close my eyes

When did Max get so brave? When? Someone please tell me! He should've been braver when we first got together! Or when we first met each other!

I hit you and you hit me back
We fall to the floor / the rest of the day stands still

I then leaned back till my head was at least on the same height as my ass. Then I felt his hot lips sliding kisses from my neck and down between my breasts. This is so like Dirty Dancing... I like. No. I love!

Fine line between this and that
When things go wrong I pretend the past isn't real

I stood back up and suck his earlobe into my mouth. I hear him moan.

Now I'm trapped in this memory
And I'm left in the wake of the mistake / slow to react

"I want you"I gasped out.

He looks at me and gives me a kiss. I felt myself get wetter than ever.

Even though you're close to me
You're still so distant / And I can't bring you back

I grab his hand and lead him towards a door. I pull out a key and unlock the door. He pushes me inside and locks the door.

No matter how far we've come

He quickly lifts me up and pushes me up against the wall. He kisses me with such hunger I feel like I could pass out.

I can't wait to see tomorrow
With you

*Linkin Park - With You*

I feel his hands on the buttons of my shirt. He fumbled with them and lets out a sigh of anger. Then he just ripped my shirt apart, sending a few buttons flying through the air. He growls happily seeing that I wasn't wearing a bra.

Hide your face forever
dream and search forever

I let out a loud moan as I felt his hot mouth on my breast. I bite my lip as I felt him taking it deeper in his mouth.

Have you ever been for sale?
when your isms get smart

I rip open his shirt and lick his nipple. I unzip his jeans and pull his jeans along with his boxers all in one swift motion. God, he was big! I was right! He was 9 inches! Wait... Could it be 10? Is that even possible?!? He was hung like a horse... Or maybe bigger than a horse... Oh fuck...

oh so selfish and mindless
with that comment in your eye

I unzip my jeans and Max pulls it down. He roughly pulls my thong off my legs and then tries to get his wallet so he could get the condom.

"Max... I'm on the pill"I groaned out.

He looked at me and smiled.

Do you think that you are hard?
really harder than the other

Then I felt his fingers burying into my womanhood. I arched my back and threw my head to the side. I felt his fingers slide in and out. I grabbed his face and felt his tongue caress mine.

man you're acting cold
if you are not in charge

Then he removed his fingers. I let out a whine of sadness from the loss of his fingers.

Don't split your mentality
without thinking twice

He then plunged into me, breaking my barrier. I felt tears sprang from my eyes. I bite my lips in pain.

your voice has got no reason
now is the time to face your lies

"Liz... You're a...?"

I nod my head. Tears running down my face.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

I felt his fingers wipe away my tears. I smile at him and kissed him, hard and fast.

Open your eyes, open your mind
proud like a god don't pretend to be blind

I began to move up and down on his shaft. I felt the pain disappear and it was replaced with pleasure.

trapped in yourself, break out instead
beat the machine that works in your head

Max took the hint and began to pound into me. He plunged in and out of me, banging me against the wall.

Will you offer me some tricks
if I ever need them

I felt my back smack against the wall. I heard the music and moans pounding in my ears. I could hear the smacking of our bodies hitting each other. I let out a scream as I felt him pound into me harder. Harder and Harder.

would you go into that room
if I call 'em

In and Out. In and Out. In and Out. In and Out. In and Out. In and Out.

Do you think that you are better
really better than the rest

His hand lifted my leg so it was wrapped around his waist. He buried his head into my damp hair. I heard him gasp and groan into my ear. His hot breath on my face.

realize there's a problem
I know that you can give your best

He placed his other hand on the wall. I wrapped my arm around his neck. My other hand digged its nails into his shoulder.

"Liz... I'm..."

"I know... HARDER...."

Have you ever had a dream?
or is life just a trip?

I cried out in pleasure as I felt him pound back into me, my back smacking against the wall.

a trip without chances
a chance to grow up quick

I felt him grab my breasts and rubbing his thumb against my nipples.

"AHHH... MAX... UH! MAX... MAX!"I scream out.

Open your eyes, open your mind ...

Then I felt his fingers on my clit. He rubs it quickly and hard.

Hide your face forever
dream and search forever

"AHHHHHH!"we screamed as we both came at the same time.

night and night you feel nothing
there's no way outside of my land

I let out a purr as I felt his hot seed explode into me, making me come again.

Open your eyes, open your mind ...
*Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes*

Max holds me in his arms and placed me down on the clean bed. I felt his manhood move out from me. I let out a cry. He kissed my temple and spooned me. There we both fell asleep.

"There was a bed in here?"I gasped out.

"I didn't see it"he said with a happy joking smile.

Ok... They had sex! Happy? xP I'm not a very good NC-17 writer so Sorry! Feedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 32

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 32
Max's POV

I woke up and looked at the beauty that was in my arms. She's so beautiful. Last night was beyond great. Way way beyond! I pull back her brown silky hair and stared at her face. I could just see those brown eyes behind her eye lids even though they were closed.

I kinda thought she wouldn't be a virgin. Not that I was hoping that but I thought that. She was living in New York! But I'm glad... Glad that I was her first. Her only first. I'm glad I was able to share this with her. Yes, Max Evans is a virgin also! But last night... It almost seemed as if Max Evans wasn't a virgin! I am da man! I'm da man!

Liz's POV

I slowly open my eyes, adjusting to the bright light. I move my body back and it hit something warm. I turn over and saw Max smiling down on me. Ok... That's kinda creepy yet so sexy. I brush his bangs off his eyes. He leans down and gives me a kiss.

"Good Morning"I said.

"A Good Morning it is"

Max brings my body close to his. I feel his penis brush against my thigh. I gasped. He laughs and growls into my ear.

"I love you"he said in his sexy husky voice.

I shiver and smile more.

"I love you too"

"Why didn't you tell that you were... a virgin?"

"You never asked"

"So if I asked if you were a virgin and you would answer me?"



"Yes... So Max, Are you a virgin?"


I frown. He had sex before? Explains why he was so skillful at sex!

"Not until last night I wasn't" *I keep thinking that sentence don't make sense...*

I smile. He was a virgin. Stupid... He just had sex last night! I roll my eyes.

"Really? Oh my god! You were... It seemed like... Last night, it seemed to me that you've done this before"

He gives a hearty laugh.

"I know but I was a virgin last night. No practice... "

"Mmmmmmmm..... That's good to know"

"It's good to know that you were a virgin! I thought you weren't a virgin!"

"Why would you think that?"

"Well, You did live in New York"

He had a point... Amazing how I was still a virgin and I was living in New York! Jeez...

How did I live in New York and still have my virginity intact?

Then I heard a beep and a buzz. I watch Max get out of bed, looking for his jeans. I smile and enjoy the sight that was in front of me.

Oh my god! That was what I was having sex with? Oooo... He seems to look more sexier with the light than the dark. I just couldn't tear my eyes away from his butt. Nor his... *cough* penis *cough* .....

I'm so immature...

"Enjoy the view?"he said, turning his head around.

I quickly blushed and looked out the window. Ow... Sun light hurting my eyes... I'm blind!

"Just like Ms.Topolsky"

I started to laugh. I was like Ms.Topolsky.

The whole butt-staring and the looking out the window thing.

"Hello? Oh hi Maria... Uh... We're fine... No... MARIA! It's none of your business! Get your mind out of the gutter! Maria... Maria... MARIA! Bye..."says Max.

I plop back down on the bed, closing my eyes.

"Maria's waiting for us at your Grandma's"

I get up and grab my clothes. I wince at the pain between my legs.

"I never thought my first time would be up on the wall"I said.

"I always thought my first time would be in bed"said Max.

"There was a bed here"

"I didn't see it"he said, kissing me on my temple.

I tie my hair into a messy bun. Max grabs my hand. Our fingers laced together. We walked out.

Ow... Ow... Ow... Does Max see I'm limping here? Limping here in pain?

He seems to read my mind and puts his arm around me.


"Morning Ethan"

"You were...?"

"Yeah... I have to go now... Bye Ethan"


That was weird...

"How did you know Ethan?"

"Ser-.... A friend introduced me to him"


It still makes me sad to say her name. She was my best friend! Max and I took a Taxi home instead of the subway. I don't think we both need to see another masturbating guy. We found the gang sitting on the steps, waiting for us.

"Hey"I said.

"Where were you guys?!? Do you know how worried we were?!?"yelled Maria.

"Chill mom..."

"Chill Mom?!? You guys scared the shit out of me! You could've been dead! Robbed! Kidnapped!"cries Maria.

"We're fine Maria!"

Michael hugs Maria and covers her mouth with his hand.

"Maria... Quiet"growls Michael.

Maria stops struggling and quiets. I let out a laugh.

"I'm starvin'... Let's get something to eat"

Max wraps his arms around my waist and followed me. The gang followed.

"So did you guys... do it?"asked Alex, wiggling his eyebrows.

I roll my eyes. I love to roll my eyes! It's so cool and fun! I'm such a kid.

"What do you think?"said Max with a attitude.

I let out a tiny gasp. When did Max talk like that? I'm rubbing off of him! Yay!

We arrive at McDonalds. Alex is ordering and Isabel is helping him carry the food. We grab a booth and pulled up some chairs.

"Do you know how long those lines are?"gasped out Alex.

"These food must be very greasy cause it's too heavy to be food!"cried out Isabel.

I grabbed a french fry and threw it into my mouth, laughing.

"Parker...."whispered a voice.

I froze. I became ice. My body still and rigid.

I remember that voice. It was the voice of one of my worst boyfriends. This boyfriend abused me. Abused me so bad that I had to go to the hospital everytime he hits me.

I cringe at his voice.

I slowly turn around and tried to smile but it was no use. You could quickly tell it was a fake smile.

"H-Hi Lucus"

"Hello Parker"

"How are you?"

"Uh um... Fine, you?"

I squeeze Max's hand without noticing. I was so afriad.

"So where have you been Parker?"

"Just somewhere"


I could feel my body heating up. I'm sweating! Shit....

"I"m Max....."said Max, sensing that I was scared of this guy.


"Liz's boyfriend"

"Ah... Got a new boyfriend Parker? When you have a boyfriend already?"

"I broke up with you"I said, turning around not wanting to see his face nor body.

I could still feel his eyes burning holes into my small head.

"No you didn't"

"I left you"I squeaked out.

I'm so scared... Parker is never scared... But when it comes to Lucus.... I'm scared so badly that I might actually pee in my pants right now.

"That's not a break-up"

"Fine... I'm breaking up with you now"

"I'm not gonna let you"he said, grabbing my hair.

I cried out in pain. Lucus's tongue sliding across my cheek. The next thing I knew was Max punching Lucus. Lucus must've flew over a booth and he slammed into it. The booth turns over.

"Don't touch her"growled Max.

Lucus gets up as if nothing happened. He laughs an evil laugh.

"I can touch her whenever I want to! She's my bitch!"

I cringe at his voice.

The next thing I knew was Lucus's arm firing at Max's face. He ducks and punches Lucus in the stomach. He falls to the ground, holding his stomach.

"You're just lucky you have your bodyguard here"

"I'm her boyfriend! Not You! I never ever want you to come near her nor touch her! Not even breathe on her...."growls Max as fire seemed to burst out of his eyes.

"Let's get out of this place"said Michael, grabbing the food.

Everyone but me grabs their food and stuff it into a bag. Max kicks Lucus in the stomach. I watch Max kick Lucus a dozen times. Then I grabbed his arm. He looks at me and kisses me.

"You stay away from her you hear?"

"F-Fine Man"said Lucus as he coughed up some blood and a broken tooth.

Max hugs me protectively and quickly walks out of there.

Going back to New York was a bad idea. I had forgot about Lucus. I wanted to forget about him. He ruined my life. Damn you Lucus!

Sorry if this part is crappy. I'm not happy about this part! Arg... Thanks for people telling me that they like it and I should like it too... *happy* Feedback Please? It will get better, I promise!

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You Make Me Happy Part 33

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 33
Liz's POV

"Liz... You ok?"

Damn Lucas... God, I want to kill that son of a bitch! Chill Parker... Forget about him... You forgot about Lucas in Roswell and you can forget about him again in New York... Chill...

"Fine..."I growled.

"Come on... Let's get a drink or something"

I stood up with Max and walked with him, out of the house.

"There's a bar on the next block"said Max.

"How did you know that?"

"I was looking at New York while being in the Taxi when we landed here"


Max wraps his arm around my shoulders, bringing me close to him. I close my eyes as I felt his soft lips kiss my temple. We show our ID's to the bartender as we walked in.

"Bo's Bloody Mary Mix"

I just love Bloody Marys...

"Jello Shooters"said Max.

I looked at him with a shocked face.

"I don't drink but I know the drinks"

"Oh... And you never decide to tell me that?"

"You never asked"

He was pulling a 'Liz' on me. I let out a laugh.

"Cancel my order Bartender!"I cried out.

"Cancel?"said Max.

"I'm sharing the shooters with you otay?"


The bartender sents down cups of Jello Shooters. Max grabs a cup and quickly gulps it down. He shakes his head from side to side and lets out a sigh. I laugh at him. I gulped mine down. Yum... Ooo...

"Hey, Is Michael afraid of a Carrot and Blood?"

"No, Why?"

"I want to see if he's really the big bad tough rebellian"

"And how?"

I whispered it into his ears.

"Isn't that a little kiddish?"

"Ain't I suppose to ask that? I don't care. I just want to do something to forget about... Forget about Lucus ya know?"

That bastard....

"I know"

"How are we going to do this?"

I whisper the plan into his ears as we left the bar, finishing our jello shooters.

"Wicked..."said Max.

"My word!"

"Who said so?"

I tackled him into an alley. Max pushes me up against the brick wall.

"This seems familiar"teased Max as he kissed my neck.


Remember our first time doing it?

Yep, the wall! Jeez...

First I was Liz Parker, the wall and then I was knocked down.

Then I was doing it up against a wall.

And now Max and I are making out up against a wall!

Was it with me and the walls?

Arg... Another bad part... Can you guess what Liz is doing with the carrot and the fake blood? Liz got over Lucas very fast because she's been through the same thing in her life and she's very strong. Don't worry... Lucas won't be coming back! *happy* Feedback Please!

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You Make Me Happy Part 34

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 34
Liz's POV

Back in Roswell...
Seven Days Later...

"Is it supose to be so wiggly?"

"Yeah..."I said.

I cut a long hollow hole inside the carrot and stuff a small plastic bag of fake juicy blood. I stuck pins into the bottom end of the carrot back onto the rest of the carrot.

"What time should they come over?"

"Um... In like half an hour"

"That's it?"

"Yeah... Now shh..."

I grabbed a large napkin and scrunched it up and placed it over the carrot.

"You got the scissors?"

Max holds up the large scissors.

Half an hour later...

"Why are we here?"asked Michael, bored.

"Liz is going to show you a trick"said Max.

"A trick? I'm not 5"



Ding Dong!

Isabel opens the door and saw Gerbil girl.

"Ahhhhh!"screams Isabel, slamming the door close quickly.

I let out a laugh.

"Ok.... Presenting the Amazing...! Me... Whaeva... *Whaeva - Whatever* Michael... Since you're so bored, make sure this is my real thumb"


"Feel it!"


"To see if it's my thumb!"

"Hell no!"

"Feel the fuckin' thumb!"I screamed.

Michael stood up and touched it.

"It's your thumb..."he said with no emotion in his voice.

Jeez... Did he have to make this any harder?

"Now... I'm going to place my thumb under the napkin"

The carrot is totally covered from everybody's eye. I'm holding the carrot so the carrot looks like my 'thumb'.

"What is this trick suppose to be?"

"I'm gonna cut off my thumb"

"Yeah... Like you're actually gonna cut off your thumb"said Maria.

"Just watch... If you know I'm not going to cut my thumb, then just watch ok?"

Maria ties her hair.

I wiggle the carrot as if that was really my thumb. It looks like my thumb.

"Michael, would you kindly hold the tip of my thumb?"

He grabs my thumb .

"Max... would you mind say the black magic words?"

What? Would you rather I say Magic without the black? What's the fun in that? Max murmers some words unknown to any language. Basically it's Gibberish....

"Now, here we go"I said.

I hold the scissor to my thumb .

"Don't move Michael!"

"Just do it already... You're not going to cut your thumb off"

"So? If you know, could you just participate!"

"Why! It's a silly trick!"

"I hate you!"


"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you!"I scream.

Then I snipped my 'thumb', quickly. I did quickly to look like I did by accident. Blood stated to squirt out. I start to scream, holding my 'thumb', bleeding. Blood went flying, hitting everyone except me and Max. Michael's eyes widen as he realized I cut my thumb and he was holding part of it.

"AHHHHHHHHH!"he yells, trying to fling the thumb away from his fingers.

Everybody starts to scream. He keeps flinging but it doesn't seem to want to fly off. I continue to scream like a lunatic in pain. Michael finally flings it away. It flies in the air. Then the door opens and I see Gerbil girl.

"What's go-"

She was silenced when the thumb flew into her mouth.


Tess starts to scream and trying to spit out the thumb . Fake blood all over her. Max and I fall to the ground, laughing like crazy. Tears are running down our faces. The thumb flies and hits the wall. Out comes the carrot from the napkin.

"Wait... That's a carrot"said Alex.

"LIZ! MAX!"screams Michael.

We stop laughing and wipe all the tears away. We stood up from the floor.

"You big bad tough rebellian..."I gasped out, laughing.

Michael starts to run after us. Max and I start to run all over the house. Now we got the whole gang behind us. Michael slips on the stairs and he falls down the stairs on his butt, quickly. Maria runs to him quickly and comforts his ass.

Max and I just crack up again and kiss each other.

I know... You told me to go easy on myself but you have to say this part was the crappiest. Right? Sorry, I ran out of ideas. If you want to try that trick, Try it. It actually works. I got it from my brother's magazines, Maxim and Stuff. Ugh, Guy magazines... Feedback Please? Even though it was crappy? Next part will be a lot better and it will be NC-17!!!! Life's been busy for me. I took a lot of tests today and well, I might move to Connecticut after this school year! Feedback so I know you want me to continue with this fanfic?

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You Make Me Happy Part 35 NC-17

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 35 - NC-17
Liz's POV


"My mom could be home any minute"

I close the door.

"Fuck her..."

I push Max onto the bed and climb on top of him. I just love being in control, don't I? He sits up and I straddle him. I place a kiss on his lips and then dragged them down his strong neck. I hear him growl and groan, then he flips us over so he was on top of me.

"If you wanted to be on top, you could've just asked"I giggled out.

Am I giggling? Jeez... He unbuttons my shirt, placing a kiss on the skin he sees under my shirt. I pull his wife beater over his head and pull down his pants and boxers all in one swift motion. I help him take off my pants. He then plunges into me. We both let out a groan of pleasure. I flip us over so I was once again sitting in his lap. I began to ride him, his hands helping me. I feel his lips on my neck and breasts.

He grabs my hair and roughly pulls my lips to his, fusing our lips together. As I ride him, he plunges into me hard. I bite my lips and then I let out a scream. Then I felt my orgasm wash over me, making my body buck violently.

"LIZZZZ!"screams Max, silently into my hair.

Then we both just collapsed on the bed, falling asleep forgetting that Max's mom was gonna come home soon.

Max's POV

God, I love her... She's so beautiful... She's like my own personal angel that was sent down from heaven and is only for me... Only for me. What possessed me to go out with Tess? What the hell was I thinking? I knew I liked Liz... I just never thought she would like me back.

I kiss her temple and buried my face into her, falling asleep.

Diane's POV *Max's mom*

La... La... La... La... La....

"I'm home!"I yell.

No answer.

I shrug my shoulders and grabbed the laundry basket in the bathroom, bringing it into the laundry room. I stuff the clothes into the washer and poured the detergent. I sat in the kitchen, reading my latest issue of Martha Stewart.

Oooo... I have to try that recipe tonight! I just hope Philip, Max, and Isabel like it! They all seem to love my cooking so much! I'm so proud of my cooking skills. You know, I had no cooking talent really. Then Isabel got me this subscription to Martha Stewart and I just had to try it out. As I started the recipes, they like it. It's not really my recipe but at least I cooked it all by myself right? I make the greatest food!

Oh stop lying to yourself Diane...! I laugh at myself. My cooking taste horrible! I have no idea how they like it! I pretend to like it since they like it so much. Eating these recipes makes me want to throw up in the bathroom! How can they like it when I hate it?

I walk to the washer and pull out all of the wet clothes, putting them into the dryer. I turned the dryer on. We have orange juice right? Now, I need to drink orange juice or anything when I eat dinner. It's the only way to wash down those disgusting foods! Must have drinks. I sit back on the chair, reading the magazine for about an hour. I walk to the dryer and pull out the clothes.

Fold... Fold... Fold...

I run my finger through my hair and get back to my laundry folding. I look at Max's clothes. Max should be folding his own clothes by now... Ah, If only I was a mean mother, which I'm not! The things I do for my kids. My beautiful special kids. Isabel's out with her new friends, Maria and Alex. Alex's a nice kid. Tall kid.

I wonder where's Max. I haven't seen him this past week. I miss him. In at night and Out in the early morning. Mmmm... I put everyone's clothes, neat and folded, back into the laundry basket and carried it upstairs. I took out my clothes and Philip's clothes, placing them into our drawers. I carried Isabel's clothes and placed them in her bed.

Isabel's room is so... neat. I had a messy room when I was a kid. Ah... Those were the good days but now these are the great days! I grabbed Max's clothes and opened the door. I looked at his bed and just freaked out!

"AHHHH!"I scream.

I watch Max and that girl wake up, looking at me in horror. I quickly turn around and walking away, forgetting about Max's clothes which were now on the floor.

Liz's POV

"Shit!"I mutter, putting my clothes back on.

I must've fallen asleep.

"I can't believe my mom found me like this"

"I can't believe your mom found me naked in bed with her son!"

"I'm so dead..."

"I'm dead! If she tells my parents, I'm so-... Wait... My parents think I'm not a virgin already anyways so they think I had sex before... Um.... You're so dead Max!"

Max gives out a small laugh and gives me a kiss.

"I have to talk to my mom"

"I'll go out the window"

I give him a short quick kiss and I was out the window.

Diane's POV

My son's having sex! I just caught him naked with a girl in bed! My son's having sex! And he didn't have his... talk yet! Oh Jeez... I told Philip to tell him when he turned 16! But Nooooo! Philip had to go all nervous and scared on me! MY SON'S HAVING SEX!

Max's POV

"Mom?"I said, peeking my head into the kitchen.

I saw her sitting in a chair, reading the Martha Stewart magazine. Oh no... Please don't tell me she's going to cook tonight! Can we order Pizza for dinner? Quiet Evans!

"Yes?"she squeaked.

"I... um... I don't know what to say"

"Honey, sit down"

Please don't tell me she's going to give me the talk. I thought Dad was suppose to give those talks. Yes... Yes... Yes...! I haven't had the talk yet. What? This is my first real girlfriend. Liz says Tess doesn't count cause she's an animal. I sit down across from my mom.

"How long has this been going on?"

"I have a really hard time talking to you about this"

I'm squirming in my chair! I feel my body heating up and my palms all sweaty.

"What's this girl's name?"


"Liz what?"

"Parker... Liz Parker"

"She's that Parker girl? The one whose parents own the Crashdown?"


"She looks like a very nice girl"

Isn't she going to like forbid me to see her again or something? Not that I want that to happen but isn't this what a parent will do when they find their son or daughter having sex with someone?

"She is..."

"When did you meet her?"

"Um... W-When she first came to Roswell"

"Oh... Did you start dating once you met her?"

"Moooommm..."I whined.

"Don't Mom me! I have the right to now who's this girl you're dating and how did you two meet!"

Bad move Evans... To keep your parents from screaming at you is hard...

Number One, Never whine.

Number Two, Don't say something stupid.

Number Three, Don't talk back.

Number Four, Don't storm out on them.

Number Five, Don't scream at them and curse at them.

Number Six, Don't ever ever threaten them.

There's more but what do I know?

"We didn't start dating... We started to date after I broke up with someone else"

"You were dating someone before Liz?"

"I wasn't really dating... We were together for a couple of days and I broke up with her"

"Then you started to date Liz?"

I nod, my adam's apple bobbing up and down quickly.

"Ok... Your dad will talk to you tonight"

No forbidding? No screaming? No go to your room? No punishment? Who are you and What have you done with my mom?

"That's it?"

"That's it"

"Don't I get a punishment or something?"

"No... This was bound to happen sooner or later unless you want punishment"

"NO NO! I'm fine! Thanks!"

I slowly stood up and walked to my room. Uh Oh... My dad's going to give me the talk tonight. Jeez... Isn't it a little too late now since I already... you know...?

LOL... xP Max didn't get the talk yet. Wow... Part 35! I didn't expect to write so many parts, not that I mind! Unless you people mind...? No Feedback, No Story.... So Feedback Pwetty Pwease?

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You Make Me Happy Part 36

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L, (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 36
Max's POV

"So... Your mom tells me that you're... having... um...."


"Yeah... I don't understand why I gotta do this! Didn't they teach you this in school?"

"They did"

"Then what's the purpose of talking to you about this? Here's some condoms. I guess we're finished here"

Oh god... This is so embarassing. I hear footsteps. Oh god... It's mom!

"So Max... Here's how you put on a condom"said Philip, demenstrating with the carrot.

Was is it with me and carrots?

"Follow along"whispered Philip.

I nod my head. My mom walks back downstairs. We both fall onto my bed, letting out a relieved sigh.

Liz's POV

I wonder what's Max doing right now. Oh well...

"Hey! You stole my boyfriend!"screamed Tess.

I'm not in the mood for this right now. I punch her in the face and walk away. I look back and saw her holding her nose. Die Gerbil!


"And a ugly nose it is"

I kept walking, hearing her scream in pain and in anger. Ain't I a bitch?

"Hey Liz"

I turn around and smiled.

"Hey Alex"

"Haven't talked in a while"


"It's ok... I'm busy with Isabel and Maria"

"Two girls? Two ways?"

He gives me a friendly glare and smiles. I give out a small laugh.

"Not like that you perverted girl"

"Thank you"I said in a royal polite tone.

I saw him holding a book in his hands. I tried getting a good look at the book but he kept moving his hands, I could barely make out the title.

"What cha got there?"I asked, curious.

He flips over the book, the cover shakes making a flapping noise.

"Oh Jeez... Not you too?"

He laughs and nods his head. Arg...!

"And I thought you were cool..."I said, saracastically.

"I am cool... I just wanted to read it cause I heard it was good"

"It's just about a boy in a magical world"

"Well, I like it"

"Ok... Whatever"

I take one last look at the Harry Potter book. What's so good about it? I started to read it once cause I found it on the grassy floor of New York. Can I say BORING?!? * No Offense to Harry Potter fans! I love Harry Potter too but I needed something to use! *

"Hey Babe"

I felt a pair of arms slip around my waist, bringing me close to their hard body. I tilt my head to the side and saw Max beaming a smile at me.


He took my lips and kissed me. I felt my knees go weak. Like mud in water. Like jello. They ain't stable. Just wobbly. Max holds onto me as we continued to kiss.

"Get a room please..."said Michael, walking up to Alex.

We break apart. I bite my lip and Max scratches his head. I rolled my eyes and led Max to a somewhat secluded area.

"So what did you parents say about... you know... us in your... bed...?"

I'm not nervous. Just wanted to talk slow... Very slllooowww....

"Well, My dad gave me the talk today"

"The talk?"

You mean The Talk? The sex talk? Today? He just got his sex talk? Damn! He must've been a really goodie two shoe to get the talk now! He's seventeen for god sakes! I got mine when I turned thirteen!

Thirteen.... Wow, That was young.


I started to choke on my own saliva. This is too hilarious! And this is too... SAD! Jeez... Thank god I moved to Roswell before it was too late! If not, I bet you my life that Max wouldn't get his talk till he was going to get married!

I just stared at Max with my mouth wide opened, my eyes wide.


"Nothing... I just can't believe you got your talk now... At this age!"

Max laughs a fake laugh at me and tickled me. Then I tumbled to the ground, laughing till my stomach gave me pain.

Sorry for the boring part... Got writer's block! Arg... The conclusion is near. There are only about 4 or 5 more parts to go! No Feedback, No Story.

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You Make Me Happy Part 37

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 37
Max's POV

I walk down the street. My hands tucked into my jacket pockets. I cracked my neck, staring at the street floor. I look at my watch.


Mom and Dad's going to kill me.... Oh well.

"Hey Max"

I looked up. I was this close to start running away but she grabbed my arm.

"Um Hi Tess"

"How are you?"

"I-I'm good"


"Aren't you going to ask how I was?"


She looks at me and then starts to laugh. What the hell just happened?

"Oh God Max! Haha... You're such a joker"

I wasn't joking though....

"You know Max.... I like you and I know you like me"she said.

Her hands roam my chest. I take a step back. She takes a step towards me. We repeat this step till I was literally up against the wall.

"Don't try to fight it Max.... You like me. I like you. Why don't you ditch Liz and have some fun with a real woman?"

"Didn't I tell you to stay away from us?"

"You know you didn't mean that.... It was all an act..."

"And why would I act?"

"You're afraid to be with me...."

How stupid can this girl be?

"I am afraid of you"

"Haha... Give up the act already Max! I love you"

Love me?

"We only knew each other for a very short time and I don't love you"

"Liz ain't here you know.... Just come with me"


She presses her body right against mine. I quickly move away from her but she stopped me by her hand. Ok... This is scary. I'm a guy but I don't hit or shove girls. I'm sorry but I'm just not that kind of guy. I'll do it to guys but.....

"If you really want to be with Liz, At least just have a one night stand with me"

"A what?"

"One night stand... Just tonight be mine.... I'm so hot for you Max...."

Oh god... I feel bile rising in my throat.

"I'm wet for you"

"But I'm not"

She then smiled me this smile that said Whatever. Now come here lover boy! .

"Tess Stop It!"

She then wrapped her arms around my neck, clinging tightly. She presses her ugly lips against mine. I try to push her off. Or anything to get her off. DAMN! I place my hands on her arms. She won't give in. I then place my hands on her waist, trying to pull her away.

"Tess St-"

"Mmmmm........"she moans.

Then she was ripped off of me. I wiped my lips with a tissue and then threw it to the grassy ground.

"Get off of him!"yelled Liz with fury.

"Excuse me? Why don't you stay the hell away from us?"

"Excuse me? Max is my boyfriend!"

"Not anymore! He's mine now"


Tess smiled evily at Liz and then cupped my manhood. I jumped away.

"Ahh Yaa Ahh!"I screamed out.

She giggles.

"Well, He's only afraid because we haven't taken our relationship to the next level yet..."

"For your information, Max and I already have sex"

Liz smiled at me and then cupped me in my manhood. I stood there with a slight smile on my face.

"You see Tess... This is mine"said Liz, rubbing me.

Oh god...

"This is mine too"said Liz.

Her hand traveling towards my butt. She pinches it.

"And this too"

She rubbed her breasts against my chest.

"And this"

She kissed me on the lips.




We began to run away from Tess. I grabbed Liz's hand and led her to the UFO Center. Oh did I tell you? I work here and I have a enterence key card. No one was here this late. I sat down her down on the desk in the office. I needed to kiss her and so I did. I needed release. Her touching me got me so... So horny!

She begins to rock her body against mine. Her heat against mine. I felt my penis grow and strain against the jeans. I fumbled with the jeans and shoved them down her silky legs. I felt Liz shove them down my legs only more rougher. I climbed on top of her and began to squeeze her perfect breasts.

I entered her in one quickly swift motion. Feeling her hot tight walls around me. I felt like I could burst right there. I began to push out of her and thrusted back in. She cried out. I repeated this. I felt her walls tightening me like I never felt before. It was tighter than all the other times.

Oh god.... Thank you for giving me this wonderful creature.

I lifted her legs and rested them on my shoulder. I felt myself sink in deeper. She grips the edges of the desk. Her fingers turning white. I pounded into her. Drilling her. Harder and Deeper. Then I bursted my seed into her hot passage. I held her tightly and she dugged her nails into my shoulders. A scream escaping her mouth. I groaned as I scrunched up my face. I collasped on top of her. Her legs moving off my shoulder and rested to the side.

"Can.... We.... Ever.... Have.... Normal.... Sex....?"

"Normal sex?"I said.

We were both out of breath.

"Missionary.... Sex"

"We will.... Soon...."

Blah. Sorry if NC-17 sucked. The conclusion is near! Now there is about 3 more parts left! Feedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 38

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 38
Liz's POV

"OH MY GOD LIZ!"screams Maria.

Something's up...

"What?"I said, quickly.

She whispers something.

"What? I'm sorry... I didn't catch what you just said"

She whispers again. I can't hear.


"Michael and I did it last night!"shouts Maria.

She quickly blushes and ignores people's stares. I snicker.

Ain't I bitch? What? I really didn't hear but I was trying to make Maria scream her secret out.

"I can't believe I just did that"mutters Maria.

"I can't believe you had sex"

She glares at me and lets out a sarcastic laugh.

"So how was it?"

"It was so good! Beyond good! I literally saw stars flash before my eyes!"

"That's how it is with me and Max"

"You guys had sex?"

"MARIA! We had sex in New York"

"NEW YORK?!? And you didn't tell me? What kind of best friend are you?!?"

Best friend... I'm so sorry Serena... Maria is my new best friend. But she will never replace you. You will always be the Number One best friend for me... Even though you're.... Even though you're not here anymore...

"The kind of friend who doesn't tell her best friend everything"

"That's so mean!"

I laugh.

Max's POV

"Just look at it! Tell me which one is bigger please? This one or.... This one?"

I watch Michael scratch his eyebrow.

"Why ask me? I don't know nothing about this! Ask Isabel!"

"Isabel blabs it out and then the whole town will know!"

"Arg... How do you know?"

"Trust me... I know... I'm her brother!"

"Just tell me... Which one is bigger? And prettier?"


His eyebrows move up and down.

"That one"

I stare at it.

"That one?"I said, pointing at it.


"You sure?"


"Damn Michael... Don't gotta scream at me"

Maria's POV

Liz said something about getting a ice cream. I walked by myself down the street. Then I stopped.

Oh my god! Is that Max and Michael? Are they in a....?

Oh my god! I quickly run across the street and went inside.

"Hey guys"I said behind them.

They quickly jump and look at me with a scared look.

"Is that a...? My god! It's so..."

I was speechless.....

"Beautiful?"said Max.

"No... Huge... And beautiful of course"

"Don't tell anybody Maria! Please! Keep this a secret!"said Max with a scared look on his face.

"I won't... Cross my heart, Hope to die"

I got to stop listening to Alex's words of promises.

"Michael is helping me choose... Which one do you like?"

"Oh... Hard choice..."

I grabbed them and brought it up to my eyes. I stared at it until my eyes burned and blurred.

"This one"

"See? I chose that one too Maxwell"said Michael.

Max glares at Michael. He takes them out of my hands and began talking to the man.

"I can't believe this is happening..."

"Yeah..."said Michael, sighing in boredom.

Men... They don't understand a thing!

Hey guys... Can you guess what Max, Michael, and Maria are doing? The ending is coming near! There are two more parts left. Feedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 39

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 39
Liz's POV

Entry Six. I'm Liz Parker and I can't believe this. I actually had a dream about me marrying Max. We were kissing and then he just breaks the kiss. He gets down on his knee and shows the ring to me. I started to cry and I accepted.

Then I woke up. I actually saw myself living forever with Max.

Oh god... What if we do get married and stay together forever? Am I up for that?

Yes, I am. I love him. I truely do. All the other times I thought I was in love with my ex-boyfriends... They were just a fake. I didn't love.

You know, I always, my whole life, I seemed to always known that someone was out there for me. That was the love of my life. My soulmate. I've always seemed to be waiting for someone.

Waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet. Someone to love me like I should be loved. Like I was the damsell in distress. I was waiting a knight to rescue me.

I'm the damsell. Er... Princess? Max's the knight. He saved me.

I then found him. In Roswell, New Mexico. In tiny Roswell. I remember when I first came here, I hated this place. I talked about how small it's population was. I even compared it with New York. I even hated some of the guys here. I hated this place.

I don't know what to think now. I never expected to find a new love here.

New? No... True Love. Never... Never...!

I always thought that I would move back to New York and find my love there. New York is just filled with players.


I do love New York but I've been hurt there so many times. Too many times. I nearly gave up love when I was in New York. Figures why I'm always cold hearted.

No... I was.

I think I love this small place. Roswell that is. I think I love Roswell.

Why? Why?!?

Are you kidding me? Because I found my love in Roswell. I began to feel again in Roswell. I began to love again. I began a new life in Roswell. I got away from everything in my past and started fresh here.

The Roswellians didn't bother me or called me a freak. I would beat them up but they didn't do those things to me. They didn't know me. They knew nothing about me so there was nothing to diss about me.

I never talked about my past. No one knew about my bad love life. Roswell and the Roswellians accepted me. Except the Gerbil but I don't give a damn about her! I got a good life here...

Mostly, It's because... Because of Max. He taught me how to love again. He didn't taught me. He showed me. He showed me what love was like.

Why did I ever wanted to go back to New York? What was I thinking?

Roswell is my home now. My new home. In my new home with Max. With Max Evans.

Elizabeth Evans.

Oh that sounds good! But I don't like to use the name Elizabeth.

Liz Evans.

Perfecto! This sounds good right? Oh fuck. I'm one of those girls who use their crushes's last name and replaced it with theirs.

But this wasn't a crush. This wasn't puppy love. This was love. True love. Trust Destined Love.

I love Max Evans.

I know... Very short part! Sorry! Next part is the CONCLUSION! EEK! :( The conclusion part will be long and it will follow with a Epilouge otay? Feedback Please?

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You Make Me Happy Part 40 Conclusion

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L (Might have UC pairing but not permanent)
Rating: R for language, and whatever Rated R is for. (Maybe NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: If this story offends some of you, I'm sorry! Liz was never shot. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are not Aliens. No one knows Tess yet until later in the story. Alex never died. Liz never met Alex, Maria, Kyle, Jim, Max, Isabel, and Michael.
Part 40 - Conclusion
Max's POV

I could feel my hands sweating. Tonight's the night.

Oh god... Please don't let me faint or something...

God... I feel my stomach churning with butterflies.

Oh Jeez... I could see the sky turning black. I pace around in my room, getting ready.

God, I'm so nervous!

I saw the world spin before my eyes. I sit down and close my eyes. I lie down and breath slowly and calmly.

30 minutes before...

I drummed my fingers against the table as I heard the phone ring...

Riiinnnggg! Riiinnnggg!

The phone clicks.


"Liz? It's me"

"Hey Max!"

"Can you meet me at Ernies at 9?"

"9? Ok... What's going on Max?"

"You'll see. Exactly 9"




I hang up and sighed. The easy was done. Now for the hard part. Getting ready...

Present Time...

I check myself in the mirror. Oh Shit! Am I growing a pimple on my nose? I look closer.

Oh thank god... I wipe the red dust off the mirror. Good...

No pimple...

No cuts...

No scars...

No nothing...

I look at my watch. The bright red numbers showing on the screen.

8:45 PM

I checked my pocket. I smile. I pat the object in my pants, smiling. Tonight's the night! I walk out of the bathroom, sitting back in my table.

Liz's POV

Ok... 9:00... 9:00 pm... I look at my watch.

8:50 PM

10 more minutes and I'll walk in. I check myself with my tiny little mirror. I stand right next to the door and sigh. I'm actually wearing nice make-up this time. I'm also actually wearing a tiny black dress. Not long dress... Right on the knee dress.

Oh god... Why am I so nervous?

Chill Parker... Just Chill...

I popped a Tic Tac into my mouth. I love this one and a half calories mint! I pace around, wearing my black high heels.

Is Parker dressing like a girl? Yes she is... OH MY GOD! IT'S A MIRACLE!

I roll my eyes and bite my lip. Tonight feels special. I don't know why. It just does. Something big is going to happen tonight. I clutch the small purse in my sweaty hands. I look at my watch again.

8:54 PM

Damn you time!

Why are you going so slow? I'm going to break this stupid watch!

Who the hell created time anyways? If there wasn't time, I would be inside this place already!

Arg... I listen to the ticking of my watch and the sounds of nature.

I play with my hair. I had an incrediable urge to tie up my hair but I restrain it.

I click my heels against the cement floor quietly.

8:58 PM

Only 4 minutes?

What the fuck is wrong with this clock?

Is it slow?

Is it too fast?

Is it broken?

Move you damn fucking arrow! Oh Jeez...

8:59 PM

I wait.

The arrow isn't moving. It's not moving! It's not moving! AHHH! No... Not now you stupid watch! Come On! Please don't bail on me now!

I love you watch... Don't bail on me now... I love you so very much... I won't ever bang you against the wall... I'll treat you like a person... A person I love...

I kissed the watch.

Tick Tock...

The arrow moved!

9:00 PM

Thank you watch! For not bailing on me! I knew you loved me too!

Oh god. I'm paranoid! I'm crazy!

Oh whatever.

I opened the door and steped inside. Light flashed on me. This place look expensive.

"Welcome to Ernie's Miss, How many will be joining you?"

"I'm meeting someone"

I walk past them and search for Max. Then I saw him. Max spots me and stands up. I walk up to him and smile.

"Liz... Hey... You... Look... uh... Beautiful"

I blushed. I'm blushing? Holy shit!

"Um thanks... You look great too"

I feel so nervous. I gasp. There were candles everywhere in this restaurant. The scent of Vanilla filled the room. I smiled. He pulled out a chair. I sat down. He pushed the chair back in and sat down himself.

"Do you like this place?"

"Um, I love it"

We ordered food and wine. I feel guilty that Max is paying for this. The food seemed so perfect that I didn't want to eat it. They made my shrimps into little hearts. Hearts? Ok... The food looked perfect but the shrimp hearts are just tacky...


Stop being so rude and mean... Enjoy tonight...

The waiter comes and clears out emptied plates. He poured us more wine into our glass. I took a sip and placed it back down on the table like a polite lady. Jeez... I'm going crazy...!

The food's too perfect to eat. But then I will starve if I don't. I don't want to eat but yet I want to. Did that just make any sense?

"Um... Liz.... There's something I've been meaning to ask you"

I stared at him. I bite my lips. Could it be.....? Nah....


"Well, I.... Um... God, this is hard"

"You can tell me anything Max... Just spit it out"

Polite girls don't say 'Just spit it out' . Well, I'm not a polite girl and I need to say on somewhat bad thing so I won't go crazy and explode into a maniac!


I watch his hands move into his pockets. He took something out. I can't see... He got out of his chair and went down on his knees. He popped open the box and there was a diamond ring. It seemed to sparkle at me. It seem to cry out to me for me to wear it. It was crying out for me.

Could it be....? YES!

I gasped and placed a hand on my chest. I felt my eyes tear up like a waterfall.

"Will you marry me?"

He stared at me with those brown eyes. They were so deep with love. I choked back a sob.


He took the ring out of the box and slide it on my finger. I quickly hug him to me, crying. I heard clapping and cheers. Everybody in the restaurant was smiling and clapping. I cried more and laughed. I let go of Max and gave him a long sweet romantic passionate kiss.

"I love you Max Evans"I whispered, biting my lips.

"I love you Liz Evans "he whispered back.

That sounded so good. Liz Evans. Elizabeth Evans. It really sounded good together. Ms. Liz Evans. Ms. Elizabeth Evans. Thank you god... For giving me Max... Thank you...

I kissed him again and held onto him, crying. He held onto me, smiling.

"Did she say yes?"asked Alex.

"Yeah, Where were you? She just said it!"

"I had to go to the bathroom"


"Hey! It is not my fault I have a bladder problem! Anyways, I drank coffee which makes me have to go more"

"Whatever"said Isabel, flicking her hair.

"She.... said.... YES....!"cried Maria.

Michael hugs Maria.

"Michael, Why can't you be romantic? Don't ask me to marry you but why don't you take me to this kind of restaurants?"


"Yeah?"she said as she sniffed.

"Shut up. You're ruining the moment"

The Epilogue
5 years later...

"Anna Maribell Evans!"I cried.

That's my daughter. You have no idea how much it hurts to give birth to her but... When I saw that tiny thing in my arms, I forgot about the pain and just felt love for this baby, my daughter.



Oh god, It hurts like shit! FUCK!

"One more push Elizabeth!"yelled the doctor over my screams.


"I'm here honey"

I squeeze his hands. I can see the pain look on his face as he tried to comfort me.

"Come on Liz..... Oh God! I can see the head!"

"She's out"


Her small cry filled the air. I dropped my legs onto the bed in exhaustion. I felt Max's warm lips on my sweaty forehead.

"I love you"

The nurse cleaned up the baby and handed her to me. It's tiny mouth opened as if it was yawing.

"Hi Anna Maribell Evans.... I'm your momma"

"Hey baby I'm your daddy"



She was so cute. Maria got it all on tape. All of it.

"Oh! This is so exciting!"cried Maria as she taped the birth.

She walked from side to side, trying to get every moment.

"Say hi to the camera!"

"Hi!"chorused Max and I.

"The baby is so cute. She looks like you two!"

Max sticks his large finger out and caresses the baby's soft cheek. Slowly, the baby's hand began to move. Her tiny baby fingers wrapped around Max's index finger.


I heard running steps and the chair moving. I looked and saw my daughter at 2 and a half years old. She sat on her tiny chair and began eating her toast.

"Momma?"said Mari.


"Howie you get dese worrds on mahh toasst?"

I look at the toast. It had Linkin Park Rules! on it... I laugh... I still love them! Alex knew how much I loved Linkin Park so he... Well, he made it. As a wedding present. It was also a joke too. He's so good in these stuff.

"Hey Liz! Here's your wedding present!"

"Ooooo... What is it?"

"Open it"

I ripped it open as Max ripped open another present.

"A toaster"I said as I pretended to put on a fake suprised face.

"And not just any toaster"

"Um ok.... Thanks!"

"Liz.... When you toast the bread, It says Linkin Park Rules!"


"You like Linkin Park and this way, It can be a present and a joke!"

"Alex! How can you give her a toaster? With words on it?"yelled Maria as she slapped Alex on the head.


Then we all laughed.

"Thanks Alex. I love this present!"

"Well, Uncle Alex made this special toast machine and when the machine toasts it, they press the words onto the bread"


I heard running steps. I look at the stairs. Max was running down the stairs just like Mari. Like father, like daughter. Wait... Isn't it the other way around? Like father, Like son? Oh well...

"Morning honey"

"Morning hun"I said, recieving a kiss from Max.

"Worning daddi"giggled Mari.

"Morning precious"he said, kissing her forehead.

I stare at Mari. When I look at her, It was looking at myself when I was a kid. But the only difference is... She had Max's beautiful brown soulful eyes. Well, I have brown eyes too but they seem to sparkle and you can quickly tell it was Max's eyes instead of mine.

"I love you..."

"I love you too..."I said, hugging my husband, Max.

Did I tell you about our wedding? We got married after we finished college and then waited one year to set everything up. What? We barely had enough money in college! Now we have more than enough.

Isabel is such a planner freak. She did my whole wedding! I think the only thing Max and I chose were my wedding dress, his tux, and the invitation cards.

"We have to get roses, daisies, and lilies!"

"Isabel! This is my wedding"


"Oh! I got the perfect idea for a cake! And I already organized the seating"


"Yes Liz?"

"Is your sister always a...."


"I was gonna go with Scary and Freaky but yeah....."


The wedding was beautiful. Everybody was crying. We had fun.

Came in. People sat. Music played. Walked down the asile. Talk. Talk. Gave rings to each other. Talk. Kissed. Toast. Dance. Eat. Dance. Eat. Talk. Bye!

Did you know Michael and Maria got married a month after we got married?

"I hate you Michael. You're so annoying! And you have bad table manners! And you're not rom-"

"Marry me"said Michael, getting on his knees and showing her the ring.


"What?"said Maria in confusion.

"Make me the happiest man on Earth and Marry me!"

"I..... um.... Wow.... Um ok.... YES!"she cried as she hugged and kissed him.

"Now you can scream at me forever about my table manners and I can annoy you"said Michael.

How about Alex and Isabel? They're getting married in 6 months.

"Isabel...."said Alex, squirming on the bench.


"What do you think about marriage?"



"I'm not sure what to think"

"Will you marry me Isabel Evans?"said Alex, staying still with a pale color on his face.

She nodded quietly and hugged him while tears ran down her face.

"Hey.... Don't cry babe. You're ruining your make-up"he said, joking.

They kissed.

These past months were fun. But Max and I had the most fun when we were on our honeymoon! Yeah baby!

Sex... Sex... Sex...!

I think we wasted..... *counts using fingers* I lost count. Let's just say we used a lot of condoms.

Wink Wink!

"Max!"I hissed after love-making.


"We're out of condoms"I said, holding up the ripped empty box.

He scooted down the bed and took out a bag. He dumped it on the bed.

"We got more"

I turned the bag upside down and boxes of condoms fell onto the bed.

I'm old now and I still act like I'm young. What can I say? Rebel Liz Parker still lives in me and will never go away and I won't let her. She is what made survive through my tough times. She's a part of me. She's me.

The End....
It had to come to an ending sooner or later... Hope you guys enjoyed this fanfic! Look out for more of my fanfics! *happy* [ Leaving You - viewthread?forum=dreamer-fanfiction&id=71549 has a sequel now. Well, it's in process right now. It's gonna be posted in the same thread. Maybe posted today later or tomorrow! *happy* ] There is no such restaurant named Erine's in Roswell... I just used the name from a restaurant in Manhatten, where my father used to work at. Feedback Please? I really want to know what you thought of this last part cause I hate the way I wrote it.... Bad? Ok? Good? Beyond Good? Speak your mind... I won't get hurt... Feedback Please? *happy*

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This is another last note. I would like to thank all the fans out there that made this fanfic possible. I would like to thank:

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Thank you! I'm glad you guys loved my fanfic so much and thank you for giving me confident in my own writing. *happy* God Bless You All! HAPPY EASTER! Goodbye. *happy*

-- Kylie a.k.a. Liz (CrashdownGirlR⊕

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