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Summery: AU Michael and Max are head of their mob families and enemies. Liz and Michael are brother and sister. In this story Liz is the artist of the family.
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Rating Pg-13, maybe more later
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Part 34

Liz “Maria I still can’t believe you did that.” It had been a couple of day’s sense Liz’s doctor appointment and she decided to stop by Maria and Michael’s.
Maria “Liz you know I speak my mind and when that cop guy started giving me lip-“
Liz “Brian, Maria his name is Brian. And he’s a very nice person I may add.”
Maria gave her a look. “Anyway Brian gave me lip so I gave some back.”
Liz “And you where put in jail for it.” She finished with a laugh.

Maria “ANYWAY, how was your doctors appointment? Everything okay?”
Liz smiled. “Everything is wonderful. The baby is perfect and healthy.”
Maria “I’m so happy for you.”
Liz “Hey what about you?”
Maria “Well I have an appointment today actually in like a half hour.”
Liz “Oh well I’ll go then, don’t want you to be late.”
Maria “I’ll walk you to your car.”
Liz “Is Michael going with you?”
Maria “Yeah he’s gonna meet me their he had to do meet his lawyer. So how’s Max?”
“Terrific.” Liz beamed. “Maria he’s been so great to me. Like this morning he made me breakfast and brought my vitamins for me. And when I was at my studio he called to say he loved me.” She gushed out.

Maria “So Max has been Prince charming ever since he found out, and you thought he would be angry with you.” She said with a shake of her head.
Liz “Maria everything is perfect for me right now. I’m scared I’ll wake up and it be just a dream.”
Maria pulled Liz into a hug. “Liz you deserve all your happiness, don’t even think like that.” Maria pulled back. “Besides you’ll probably be Mrs. Maxwell Evans soon.”
Liz froze. “I don’t think Max wants to marry me.”
Maria sighed. “Liz don’t think. If I know Max he most likely has your ring and is racking his brain on a way to propose to you.”
Liz “But he hasn’t even mentioned it Maria.”
Maria “Liz Hun, Max just wants to surprise you.”
Liz “Yeah you’re probably right.”
Maria “Probably? No Liz I AM right. Just wait and see.”
Liz “I hope you’re right.

“Max I’m home.” Liz shouted as she unbuttoned her coat. She hung it up on the rack, and that’s when she noticed it. The box Max had given her a month ago was sticking out from her purse. Liz grabbed it and made her way into Max’s office.

Max looked up to see Liz walking in. ‘She looks radiant’ He thought to himself. “Hey beautiful I thought I heard you come in.” Max dropped the stack of papers in his hand and made his way to Liz. How was your day? .

Liz “It just got a lot better.”
Max pulled her firmly against his hard body and rested his hands on her waist. “Let me take you to dinner tonight? I got reservations for us at Georgine’s.”
Liz smiled. “Hmm…And why should I let you to take me to the most elegant restaurant in Philadelphia?”
Max “Well because I love you so much and you have to eat, so why not?”
Liz “Well when you put it like that… Of course I will.”
Max “Good. Now go and get ready we have reservations in two hours.”

“I only have two hours to get ready!” Liz said while trying to keep a strait face. “I’ll never be ready in time.” She burst out laughing at the look that crossed Max’s face. “Kiddin’ Max.”

Max smiled and kissed her lips. He broke away and gave her a push to the door. “Go and get ready Love.” Liz started to leave when Max stopped her. “Oh Liz, bring the box I gave you ok?”

Liz gave him a curious look and nodded before leaving. Max sat down on his chair and let out a breath. He couldn’t wait for tonight to be over with. Max was being stupid and he knew it. Liz loved him he didn’t doubt that for a second, but would she agree to be his wife? God he hoped so. He would be crushed if she said no. No he had to think positive or it this would be a nervous wreck all night. Liz loved him and she was going to have his baby, and hopefully be his wife. The thought left a smile on his face.

Liz took one more glance at her appearance in the mirror. She had on a burgundy dress that ended just below her knees. She smoothed down the satin material and pushed some loose hair behind her ears. Liz walked quietly down the stairs and saw Max pacing nervously back and forth. She cleared her throat and he immediately looked up.

His breath caught in his throat as he saw the beauty before him. “You’re gorgeous.” Liz blushed. “You don’t look to bad yourself.” Liz took in Max appearance. He looked good enough to eat in his black suit pants and white shirt with his leather jacket.

Max took Liz’s hand. “We better get going.”

Max walked behind Liz; his hands resting on her waist as the hostess led them to their table. He pulled out her chair and kissed her temple before going to take his own seat. Dinner came and went with Max and Liz sharing their food and kisses.

Max looked down at his watch. “We have to go.”
Liz gave him an inquisitive look. “Ok, where are we going?”
Max just smiled. “It’s a surprise.

They quickly made their way from the restaurant and Max drove them to the river.

Recognition dawned on Liz’s face as Max led her to the bench where they had looked at the stars on their first date. Max seated her and dropped to his knees. He placed his finger on her lips. “Before you say anything let me talk.” Liz nodded her head and Max continued. “Can I see the box I gave you.” She retrieved it from her purse and handed it to Max.

“Liz I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you at Michael’s. You’re perfection from your silky hair to your beautiful chocolate brown eyes. The way you walk into a room and just seem to glow. I’ll never be able to live another single day without you, and I don’t ever want to.” He placed the box in her hands. “Open it.”

Tears sprung in Liz’s eyes as she removed the paper and outer box to reveal a velvet jewelry box. She opened the box and gasped. There was a gold band with three sparkling diamonds in the center.

“Elizabeth Parker Guerin will you marry me?”

Liz “Yes.”
Max slipped the ring on to her finger and picked her up and twirled her around, reveling in the shriek she gave out. He stopped and gave her a passion filled kiss that left them both breathless.

Liz “Max I can’t believe you’ve had me carrying around my ring.”
Max smiled. “Well I didn’t want to lose it.”
Liz giggled. “What would you have done if I lost it? Then you would’ve been in trouble.”
Max “Nah, I knew you wouldn’t.”
Liz “Max I think you can put me down now.”
Max “Not a chance, I love the feel of you in my arms.”
Liz “Max let’s go home.”
Max “I’ve got a better idea, why don’t we spend the night on that yacht over there.”

Liz “Are you serious?”
Max just walked over to the dock with Liz in his arms and boarded the boat. He walked through the entertainment area and back to the master bedroom, which was illuminated by candles.

Liz “Max I can’t believe you did this for me.”
Max “Why not, you deserve this and so much more Liz.” He gently lowered her to the bed and ran his hands through her hair. “I promise to spend the rest of my life making you happy and loved. You don’t deserve anything less. I love you, so much it hurts.”

Liz “I love you to Max, now make love to me.”
Max grinned. “I think I can handle that.”

They spent the rest of the night showing each other their love for one another, until they collapsed in each other’s arms.

Here’s the thing. There’s moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you’re gonna be. Sometimes they’re little subtle moments, sometimes there not. Bottom line is even if you see them coming you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asked for their life to be change, but it does. So what are we helpless, puppets? No the big moments are gonna come you can’t stop that. It’s what you do after words that counts. That’s when you find out who you are. -Whistler ~Becoming BTVS

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Part 35

Liz snuggled closer to Max’s hard body as she awoke.
“Good morning beautiful.” Max said as he stroked her back.
“I love waking up like this.” Liz replied while planting kisses on his broad chest.

Suddenly she stopped and her face fell to her ring finger. “I still can’t believe I’m going to be Mrs. Evans.” She said in a quiet tone.

Max “Well believe it because I want to marry you as soon as possible.”
Liz “Me too, no more wasted time apart.”
Max pulled her closer to his body and tightened his grip on her. “Yea, no more wasted time. So how about next week?”
Liz gave him a doubtful look. “Uh uh. I’ve dreamed of my wedding for a long time and I want time to plan it to perfection.”
Max “Fine two weeks.”
Liz “Six weeks.”
Max “Liz you’re killing me here.”
Liz “Fine a month.”
Max sighed. “Alright a month from now we get married.”
Liz gave out a giggle. “I can’t believe it, in a month I’ll be Mrs. Evans.”
Max “I like the sound of that.”
Liz “ Let’s see we have to get my church, a list of people, a reception hall, and my dress! What do you think about an afternoon wedding?”

Max “I think whatever makes you happy is just perfect.”
Liz “So if I decided to have us get married at the water docks wearing lobster suits that would be okay wit you?” she smirked.
Max “Hey if that’s what you want…”
“Max!” Liz said in an exasperated voice.
Max “How about this, you handle the wedding details and I’ll handle the honeymoon.”
Liz thought it over for a minute. “Okay, but I’m still going to ask for your opinions since this is your wedding too.”

Max kissed her head. “Good, now how about we get a head start on our honeymoon.” He said while wiggling his eyebrows.

Max walked into his study with a permanent smile plastered on his face. He had just dropped Liz off at her studio and chuckled as he thought about it. Max had tried to convince Liz to skip work and come home and spend the day in bed. But she was adamant about her class she had to teach.

Alex “What’s so funny?”
Max “Jeez Alex you scared me. I was just thinking about Liz. ”
Alex “Well from the smile on your face I’m guessing she said yes.”
Max “That would be correct. On December 24th Elizabeth Guerin will become Elizabeth Evans.”
Alex walked over to Max shaking his hand and pulling him into a brotherly hug. “Congrats Man. You and Liz deserve each other.”
Max “Thanks, but I do have one more thing to say, well ask.”
Alex “What?”
Max “I was wondering if you’d be my best man?”
Alex “Max I’d be honored.”
Max “Thanks.”

Alex “Before we get to business, Isabel asked about Thanksgiving. She said she wouldn’t mind having it again.”
Max “You know what Alex, every year Isabel does it. Well tell my sister this year to come here.”
Alex gave him a look. “You sure about this?”
Max “Yea, I’ll invite Michael and Maria. It’ll be nice.”
Alex “Ya know if someone would have told me five months ago that you and Liz Guerin would be engaged, and you and Michael sitting at the same table for Thanksgiving I would have laughed in their face.”

Max “It’s funny how things change. But I love my life right now, and I wouldn’t change it for all the money in the world.”
Alex “Well your life’s about to get even batter.”
Max “Pierce?”
Alex “Yea, his trial is set for two weeks.”
Max smile left his face for the first time since he had gotten home. “Alex I want him locked away for life.”
Alex “Don’t worry he will be. Max relax, we set this up perfectly there’s no way he’s getting off.”
Max visibly relaxed. “Okay.”

Maria “Ya know I hate to tell you this but… I told you so!”
Liz giggled. “I know, and for once I’m glad your right.”
Maria “That good huh.”
Liz “I haven’t been this happy in a long time.”
Maria “So when’s the big day?”
Liz “Christmas Eve, and Maria would you be my maid of honor?”
“I thought you’d never ask.” Maria squealed as she threw her arms around Liz and gave her a bone-crushing hug.
Liz “So I take that as a yes.”
Maria “Of course, I mean did you ever have any doubt?”
“No.” She said laughing. Liz looked down and took on a serious tone. “Maria I want Michael to walk me down the isle, do you think he’ll do it?”

Maria “Liz he wouldn’t have it any other way.”
Liz “Where is he?”
Maria “He’s in the office, why don’t you go in and tell him the good news. I’ve got a couple of errands to run. So give me a call and well start shopping for dresses!”
Liz “Ok, that would be great.”
Maria “Bye.”
Liz “Bye.”

Michael sorted threw a stack of papers and gave out a frustrated sigh. Just then a timid knock came from the door. “Yeah, come in.” he said gruffly.

Liz “Well it looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”
Michael gave a small smile. “Sorry I’ve just got so much work to do it seems endless right now.”
Liz “Well it’s a good thing I’m here to give you a break.”
Michael “Yea, now come over here and give your brother a hug.”

Michael engulfed Liz in a tight embrace. “It seems like forever since I last saw you. How are you doing? I heard you went to the doctor, everything ok?”
Liz pulled back and took a seat across from Michael. “Well I went to the doctor and she gave me a clean bill of health, though she’s a bit worried about my back further along in the pregnancy.”
Michael shook his head in understandment. “Well I’ll have to make sure you take it easy.”

Liz “I don’t think that’ll be a problem. Max is already protective as it is. I thought living with you was bad.”
Michael “Sorry kiddo, you aren’t getting any sympathy here. Evans better keep you safe.”
Liz gave Michael a pointed glare. “Anyway, Congratulations Maria told me the good news. So how does it feel knowing you’re going to be a daddy in six months?”
Michael gave a smile. “I’m so excited. It’s crazy to think Maria and I are going to be parents.”
Liz laughed. “Yeah that is a scary thought. That poor kid!”
Michael “Well all I know is if it’s a girl and has Maria’s vibrant personality god help the world.”
Liz laughed. “Then I hope you have a boy, cause the world’s not ready for another Maria.”
Michael just laughed.

Liz “Michael I have something I have to tell you.”
Michael “Why do I not like the sound of this.”
Liz “No it’s good news. Max asked me to marry him, and I said yes.”
Michael “I was wondering when Evans was going to get his act together. Another couple of days and I would’ve had to go and beat some sense into him.”
Liz “Michael!”
Michael “Hey no sister of mine is going to have a baby out of wedlock.”
Liz “You know if I didn’t love you so much I would be angry with you right about now.”

Michael “Seriously Liz I’m happy for you. Max for some odd reason makes you happy, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted for you. It’s good to see the sparkle in your eye back, it suits you.”
Liz had tears in her eyes as she hugged Michael. “Thank-you, you don’t know what it means to have say that. But I have something to ask you.”
Michael “What’s that?”
Liz looked up. “Will you walk me down the isle?”
Michael smiled. “I’d be honored to.”

Here’s the thing. There’s moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you’re gonna be. Sometimes they’re little subtle moments, sometimes there not. Bottom line is even if you see them coming you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asked for their life to be change, but it does. So what are we helpless, puppets? No the big moments are gonna come you can’t stop that. It’s what you do after words that counts. That’s when you find out who you are. -Whistler ~Becoming BTVS

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Part 36

Liz felt a pair of warm lips on her neck as she lay on the couch flipping threw a bridal magazine Maria gave her. “You know my fiancé is going to be home soon.” She felt Max smile on her neck.

Max “Well then will just have to be quick.”

Liz turned and took Max’s lips in a sweet kiss. “Finished working?”
Max “Yea, I’m all yours now.”
Liz “I like the sound of that.”

Max went around the couch and sat down, bringing Liz on his lap. “How was your day?” He said while nuzzling her neck.
Liz “It was great. I stopped by my brother’s house and talked with him and Maria. Oh Max Michael’s going to walk me down the isle!”
Max gave Liz a squeeze. “That’s fantastic.”
Liz “And guess who’s also pregnant?”
Max “No…”
Liz “Yup. Maria’s due in May.”

“I don’t think this world is ready for a pregnant Maria Guerin.” Max said with a laugh.
Liz “Laugh all you want Mr. Evans, but when I’m seven months along and as big as a house and snapping at you for everything you do we’ll see who’s laughing then.”

Max pulled her in for a passion filled kiss. He broke away and rested his forehead against hers. “Impossible, at seven months you’re going to be so beautiful and you won’t be asking for anything because I plan on giving you anything and everything you’ll ever want or need.”

Liz had tears running down her cheeks. “Max what did I do to deserve you, you shouldn’t even be with me. Oh my god, you’re just with me because of the baby!” She made a move to get off of Max but he quickly grabbed her waist and sat her back down.

Max “Liz sweetie, you know how much I love you. Baby or no baby I would’ve married you. And it’s me who should wonder how I got your love and affection.”

Liz went to wipe at her tears but Max beat her to it placing both hands on the side of her face and swiping away the tears with the pads of his thumbs. “I’m sorry Max, see it’s already started my hormones.” She finished with a small smile.

Max “Don’t apologize baby, I know you’re going to be a little crazy with your emotions. And that wasn’t so bad. One down, a couple more hundred more to go.”
Liz laughed “Oh god I hope not that many.”
Max “Now that’s what I like to see, keep showing me that beautiful smile.”

Liz laid her head on Max’s shoulder, just reveling in his affection.
Max “Hey I was talking to Alex today, and I told him we would have Thanksgiving here. I was thinking we could invite Maria and Michael too. What do you think?”
Liz “That’ll be perfect.”
Max “You’ll get to meet my Mother.”
Liz “Your mom’s coming up from Virginia.”
Max “Yea, we always spend the holidays together, though normally they’re at Iz’s house. But I figured this year we should spend the holidays with our whole family.”

Liz ”Max does she know we’re engaged? Or that she’s going to be a grandma?”
Max sighed. “No, I just didn’t feel right telling her over the phone. I mean she knows about you, and how I am absolutely in love with you. And with all the things that where going on at the time, it just wasn’t right.”
Liz “I understand.”
Max “You know the holidays were always such a lonely time for me. I mean I would spend them with family, but Isabel had Alex, and my mom would be fussing over Colin and hassling me over when I was going to get married and have grandchildren.” He smiled and rested his hand over Liz’s tiny stomach.
Liz “I know what you mean. Every year Maria tries to cook Thanksgiving dinner but always ends up burning the turkey, or undercooking it as she did one year.” Liz laughed as she recalled her journey to the hospital for food poisoning. “Michael always ends up ordering Pizza. And the next day he’ll make the most mouth watering Thanksgiving dinner you’ve ever seen. You know Michael could have been a chef, he’s actually really good around the kitchen. But I always felt like I was missing something, someone. ”

Max “Well this year will be different for both of us, I know I have the love I’ve been dreaming of.”
Liz “I love you so much Max.”
Max “That’s good because I’d be lost without you.”

Maria walked into the living room to see Michael lying on the couch reading the Daily News.

Maria “So did Liz talk to you?”
Michael “Uh huh.”
Maria “And?”
Michael “I agreed.”
Maria “Of course you did, did she say anything else?”
Michael “No.”

Maria sat down on Michael, crushing his paper in the process.
Michael “Maria! Can’t you see I’m reading the paper.”
Maria “Can’t you see I’m trying to have a conversation?”
Michael folded his paper and sat it down next to him and crossed his arms over his chest. “Ok you’ve got my full attention now.”
Maria “Well Liz just called and she invited us to Thanksgiving at her and Max’s. Though I did have Thanksgiving planned out already. I found these great recipes online; there’s this apple pumpkin pie that sounds great! ”

Michael “You know I think we should just go over Liz’s. I mean this is her first time living away, so you know…”
Maria smirked. “You just don’t want to eat my cooking.”
Michael “Well I would like to actually have thanksgiving on thanksgiving, and not make our annual trip to the hospital.”
Maria “Stop exaggerating, you only had to go to the hospital once!”
Michael gave her a pointed look. “Sweetie, I love you. But when it comes to cooking you should just stay out of the kitchen!” He finished with a chuckle.

Maria smacked Michael on his chest. “We’ll see who’s laughing when we have dessert, because I volunteered to make it.”
A pained expression crossed Michael’s face. “C’mon Maria, you know how I feel about pumpkin pie. Just do me a favor and go down to the bakery and order a couple.”
Maria “Nope. I want to show you that I can cook, and am pretty damn good at it!”

With that Maria left with a huff. Michael just shook his head. “There goes thanksgiving pumpkin pie.”

Here’s the thing. There’s moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you’re gonna be. Sometimes they’re little subtle moments, sometimes there not. Bottom line is even if you see them coming you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asked for their life to be change, but it does. So what are we helpless, puppets? No the big moments are gonna come you can’t stop that. It’s what you do after words that counts. That’s when you find out who you are. -Whistler ~Becoming BTVS
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Part 37A

Liz “Max, what time do you have to pick up your mom tomorrow?”
Liz’s breath caught in her throat Max walked into the bedroom clad in only a pair of boxers.
Max “Her flight comes in at ten, but with the holidays we probably won’t be home till about eleven, eleven thirty. ”
Liz took a calming breath. “And Isabel, Alex and Colin are coming over about that time. Maria said she and Michael would be here around twelve.”

Max walked up to Liz and engulfed her into a hug. “Sweetheart calm down. Everything’s going to be great.”
Liz sighed. “I know, I’m just a little nervous meeting your mom. I mean what if she doesn’t like me or something?” She buried her face in his chest, knowing how ridiculous she sounded.

“Babe my mother’s going to love you, believe me when she finds out she’s going to have another grandchild she’ll be even more ecstatic.” Max said in a comforting tone.

Liz “I’m sorry, I just really want her to like me. I mean we’re going to be married in a little less then a month!”
Max “Liz my mom knows how important you are to me. She wants to meet you.”
Liz took a calming breath, something she had been doing a lot lately. “You’re right I need to relax, god I’m never like this. It’s like I’m a totally different person.”
Max smiled. “Let’s get you to bed sweet, you need your rest.”
Liz “You’re to good to me.”
Max scooped her up and deposited her on the bed. He lay down beside her and pulled her into his arms. Liz fell asleep almost instantaneously. Max lay awake though, fingering a piece of her hair and watching her intently. “How I ever got someone as beautiful as you to love me I’ll never know, but I’m never going to give you up. That I can promise.” He kissed the top of her head and joined her in sleep.


Liz woke up to the sex sight of Max. She looked at the clock and saw they had a few hours till they had to get up. She licked her lips as her eyes raked over his exposed sculptured chest. A wicked grin passed her face as she straddled Max. She kissed a trail of hot openmouthed kisses up his chest while grinding her hips into his rapidly hardening member.

Max snapped his eyes open and was pleasantly surprised at his position. “Liz—

Before Max could finish Liz silenced him with a hungry kiss that left him breathless. She kissed a path to his ear while moving her hand down to his arousal. “Do you want me Max?” She asked in a low husky voice while fondling him.

Max “Oh God yes!”
Liz moved her head down to his nipple and bit down hard, while squeezing his sensitive sacs. He gave out a low hiss as Liz continued to torture him. She moved back to his ear. “Tell me what you want Max.” She increased the speed of her strokes on him.

“Fuck Liz.” He gasped out.

Liz stopped her actions and licked Max’s collar bone thriving in the shutter he gave. “I’ll think about it.” She whispered seductively.

Max had enough of Liz’s playing and flipped positions with her. He found her opening and slammed his member into her. He grabbed her thighs and bright them up to his hips while continuously thrusting into her. All that could be heard where Max’s grunts and Liz’s cries of pleasure. Max moved his lips to Liz’s ear, “Tell me who you love.”

Liz “You Max, always you.”

He slammed into her one last time and they both came while screaming each other’s names.

After their bodies cooled down Max rolled off Liz and she curled up to him like a kitten. Max worried that he might have been to rough with her, but he looked down at his love and saw she had her eyes closed and an immense smile on her lips he knew she was ok.

Max “That’s what I a wake up call!”
Liz opened her eyes and looked up at Max. “What can I say I saw my soon to be husband looking sexy as hell and I couldn’t help myself.” Her smile never leaving her face.
Max “I’m not complaining.”
Liz looked at the time. “Max we have to get up, you have to go and get your mom and I have to finish dinner.”
Max sighed. “I don’t want to get out of this bed.”

Liz laughed at him. He was pouting like a little boy. “Max we have the rest of our lives to be in bed together.”
Max “Ok, but only because I love you so much and my mother will kill me if I’m not there to get her.”
Liz “That’s the spirit.”

Liz opened the oven and inhaled the wonderful smell of thanksgiving turkey. She quickly closed the oven after basting it and checked her watch. Max would be home in Two hours. Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabel would all be here in a half-hour. Everything was going smoothly…

Michael and Maria arrived at Max’s house a little while later.
Maria handed Michael the pies she had baked, and knocked on the door. She turned to Michael and pointed her right in his face. “Listen good Michael there are two rules you will follow. One be nice to everybody. And two no shop talk. Comply with these rules and I might reward you.” She finished with a smirk.

Michael “What kind of reward?”
Maria leaned in close and kissed him senseless. Michael was stunned and almost dropped the pies quickly recovering in time to save them.
Maria “That kind.”
Michael grinned. “Ok.”

Alex opened the door seconds later and with a relieved look pulled Maria inside.
Maria “Alex what’s wrong?”
Alex “Liz. We got here about five minutes ago and she was sitting in the kitchen crying her eyes out while the fire alarm was going off.”
Maria “Oh my god. Where is she?”

The three made there way to the living room and saw a sniffling Liz being comforted by Isabel.
Michael pulled his sister in a hug. “What happened Lizzie?”
Liz “I was doing really well, dinner was almost done when I realized I forgot the cranberry sauce. So I went and got it out and opened it, and then I got nauseous. I ran to the bathroom and left the pots on the stove on burning the vegetables and sides. Now thanksgiving is ruined and your mom’s going to hate me Isabel.” She finished her rant by crying into Michael’s shoulder.

Michael rolled his eyes and wanted to laugh but thought better of it when he remembered Maria’s threat.
Isabel “Liz my mom’s going to love you, and dinner can be fixed.”
Michael “Yeah remember all the times Maria messed it up?”
Maria “Hey!”
Liz looked up and laughed with the rest of the group. She looked at her watch and gasped. “I have to finish dinner, they’re going to be home soon.”
Maria “I’ll help you Lizzie.”

“NO!” Liz and Michael shouted at once.
Maria gave them a look.
Michael “I’ll help Liz, otherwise we’ll be in the hospital again.”
Maria “Once! That happened once.”
Michael helped Liz up and they made there way to the kitchen.

Alex turned to Maria. “Don’t feel so bad, the only reason we have a good thanksgiving is because Isabel knows a really good caterer.”
Isabel “Hey!”

Max drove home glancing at his mom and smiling.
Mrs. Evans “So Isabel tells me you and Liz are really close.”
Max squirmed in his seat. He didn’t mind answering questions about him and Liz, but he wanted to tell his mom with her. “Mom I’m going to be honest, I love Liz with all my heart. She’s just this amazing person that keeps on suprising me.” He chuckled at the memory of earlier in the morning.
Mrs. Evans “She sounds like a wonderful woman.”
Max sighed. “She is mom, I know you’ll love her.”

Diane was very intrigued by Liz Guerin. From what Isabel told her it was love at first sight for the two. And she could already see the changes in Max. Gone was the quiet boy who rarely smiled to this happy, not a care in the world man. She could already see herself with a daughter-in-law soon.

Here’s the thing. There’s moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you’re gonna be. Sometimes they’re little subtle moments, sometimes there not. Bottom line is even if you see them coming you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asked for their life to be change, but it does. So what are we helpless, puppets? No the big moments are gonna come you can’t stop that. It’s what you do after words that counts. That’s when you find out who you are. -Whistler ~Becoming BTVS
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I was gonna post on Friday but I had homecoming, and that gave me a good laugh. (Think of Bring It On the football team in the movie, well they would kick our ass. We lost like 56-14) But I worked all weekend and I’m just now getting to post so, I’d love some feedback. PLEASE.

Part 37B

Max helped his mother out of the car and took her arm while leading her to the house. He opened the front door and went to the living room where he heard voices.

Isabel “Mom!” She scrambled up from the floor where she and Maria had been playing with Colin.
Mrs. Evans “Izzy!”
Isabel pulled her into a crushing hug that was only stopped by a tugging at Diane’s pants. “Grandma!”
She pulled back and scooped up little Colin. “How’s Grandma’s favorite little boy?”
Colin giggled as she twirled him around in the air.

Max looked over to Isabel and mouthed, “Where’s Liz?”
Isabel motioned to the kitchen.
Max nodded, and watched as Isabel made her way to the kitchen.

“MOMMA!” Alex shouted as he grabbed Dine into a bear hug.
Mrs. Evans laughed. “Alex, how’s my favorite son I didn’t give birth to doing?”
Alex released his hold on her and gave Diane his trade mark thumbs up. “Very good.”

Just then Isabel walked back in the room with Michael and Liz trailing behind her.
Max “Mom I’d like you to meet Michael and Maria Guerin.”
Mrs. Evans “It’s a pleasure.”
Maria “Like wise.”

Max walked up behind Liz putting his hands on her waist. “And this is Liz.”
Liz stuck out her hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Diane ignored the handshake and pulled Liz into a hug. “I finally meet the Liz who’s won my son’s heart.” She turned to Max. “You didn’t tell me she was this lovely.”
Liz blushed profusely.
Max kissed Liz’s cheek and hugged her to him.

Liz took hostess role. “Mrs. Evans can I get you something to drink?”
Mrs. Evans “I’d love some tea, but please call me Diane.”
Liz smiled. “Diane, cream and sugar?”
Diane “Please.”

Max released his hold on Liz as she got up and made her way towards the kitchen. Diane watched as Max got up and followed Liz. She turned to Michael. “So your Liz’s brother?”

Michael was startled to have Mrs. Evans address him. “Um, yeah all her life.” He finished with a smirk. Maria hit him upside the head. She turned to Mrs. Evans. “You’ll have to excuse Michael not even charm class has helped him.” Everyone laughed.

Liz almost dropped the teacup in her hand when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her stomach. “Max! What are you doing in here?”

Max turned her to face him. “You didn’t think I’d let you do everything by yourself. I’m here to offer you my services.”
Liz gave him a coy smile. “Hmm… Now what can I have you do for me?” She said with an amused smile.
Max gave her a stunned look. “Ms. Guerin get your mind out of the gutter, I was simply implying that you could use a big strong man to help you carry in the drinks.”
Liz “You’re right, why don’t you go and send in my brother.” She tried to keep a strait face as the shock hit him.

Max quickly recovered. “Oh you think you’re funny do you Ms. Guerin.”
Liz gave him an innocent look. “Mr. Evans I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Max “Maybe this will remind you.”

Before she could react Max started tickling Liz unmerciful. “MAX! MAX!” She shrieked. Max “Who’s the strongest, devastatingly handsomest, man you know?” “You, you are.” Liz managed to get out between laughs. Max gave her his patent smirk. “I know.” He continued his onslaught until Liz dropped to the floor bumping her head on the way down.

“Ouch” She said while rubbing her head. Max got down on the floor with her, concern etched into his face. “Are you okay? I’m sorry baby.” Liz rubbed the sore spot on her head. “I’m ok.”

Max started to gently message her scalp. He gave her a sweet kiss that soon turned heated. Max cradled her head and moved her so that she was lying on the floor with him hovering over her body. They continued with their passion filled kisses. Liz moved her hands to the button on Max’s pants quickly unfastening it and pulling down his zipper.

Max felt Liz’s hands on his sensitive flesh and almost came on the spot. “Liz.” He hissed out. She looked at him with her big brown eyes and he knew he would render anything she wanted. “I need you inside me.” She said in between kissing him.

Max pushed up her skirt and tore down her panties. Liz pushed down his pants over his hips and Max quickly entered her. Max gave a smile at the sigh that escaped Liz’s mouth. He bent his head and took her mouth with his demanding entrance to her mouth. He stopped when Liz started rocking her hips and Max took the hint giving long, hard fast strokes.

“MAX… Harder… Yes!”
Max silenced her with a hard kiss slanting his lips over hers. He kissed a trail to her ear. “You have to be quiet baby.”
Liz nodded, biting down on her lip.

Max felt the beginning of his release but was determined not to cum till Liz did. “Liz look at me sweet” Liz looked at Max’s amber eyes and saw the desire running threw them. Her head fell back in ecstasy. Max covered her scream with his mouth. He let go shooting his seed into her.

Max rolled over bringing Liz to rest on him, both panting for breath. Liz spoke first.

“I can’t believe we just did that.”
Max turned his head. “I know with all our family right out in the living room, they could have walked in on us at anytime.”
Liz gave him a wicked grin. “Up for another round?”

Maria looked down at her watch. “Jeez, what’s keeping Max and Liz with the drinks?”

An eerie silence feel over the room. A loud moan was heard from the kitchen. Isabel, Maria, and Alex covered their lips trying to suppress the urge to laugh. Mrs. Evans was to stunned to do anything.

While Michael turned beat red. He didn’t know what to do. It’s not like his sister wasn’t sleeping with Max she was pregnant for godsakes. But damn he didn’t want to have to be in the same house when she was!

“Maybe someone should go get them.” Alex got out between laughs.
Michael gave him a scowl. “Why don’t you do the honors Whitman.”

Before Alex could answer Max and Liz emerged carrying a tray, both looking disheveled.
Alex “So what took you so long?”
Both Maria and Isabel smacked Alex over the head.
Liz turned her head down hoping to cover the blush she was wearing.

Max “We couldn’t find the tea bags.”
Maria “Oh, well you might want to get the lipstick off your face.”
Max wiped the back of his hand over his face that was now bright red.

Liz wanted to get down on her knees and thank god when the timer went off signifying dinner was done.

Here’s the thing. There’s moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you’re gonna be. Sometimes they’re little subtle moments, sometimes there not. Bottom line is even if you see them coming you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asked for their life to be change, but it does. So what are we helpless, puppets? No the big moments are gonna come you can’t stop that. It’s what you do after words that counts. That’s when you find out who you are. -Whistler ~Becoming BTVS
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K here’s the last part to thanksgiving. I know the story is kinda getting tedious, but fear not we still have a couple of more twists and turns to go. Sorry for the lack of updates, but working sux. A warning, never ever work retail in the holiday season, now that truly sux.

Part 37C

Food was passed around and idle chitchat was made. Max and Michael sat at the head of the table with their significant others sitting to there right. Mrs. Evans sat across from Liz with Isabel sitting next to her. Alex sat next to Liz and Maria.

Max cleared his throat. “Before we eat it’s custom to give thanks.” Everyone nodded their agreement and Max took hold of Liz and Diane’s hand. Everyone followed suit and bowed their heads.

As Max said grace Liz opened her eyes and smiled. Never would she have thought that she’d be spending thanks giving with the Evans, Whitman’s, and Guerins. ‘I wouldn’t trade this in for all the money in the world’ Liz thought. She finally had the family she had been missing.

Max “………And I would like to thank god for the two special gifts god has given me, I will treasure them with my life. Amen.” Max gave Liz’s hand a squeeze and kissed her cheek whispering I love you in her ear.

Diane watched this all with amusement and curiosity. What did Max mean with ‘two gifts?’

Maria “Okay enough of that you two, we don’t need a repeat of the kitchen, some of us are starving!”
Liz ducked her head in mortification. While Michael just shook his head with mirth.
Max “Here Maria have some more stuffing.”

Diane “Liz this is really delicious.”
Liz “Thank you Diane. But I can’t take all the credit Michael helped me after a mishap in the kitchen this morning.”
Diane “Well I haven’t tasted anything this good in a long time.”
Michael “Well with the cooking skills Maria has Liz and I do most of the cooking.”

Maria gave Michael a death glare.
Diane “Don’t worry Maria, as Max and Izzy can account to I’m not so hot in the kitchen either.”
Max laughed “That’s putting it mildly.”
Liz stood up and gathered up the dishes. “Can I offer anyone some coffee and pie?”
A unanimous yes was heard around the table.

Max jumped up as Liz grabbed a couple more dishes. “Liz, why don’t you leave these, we’ll have pie in the living room.” He finished in a tight voice.

Liz gave him a strange look. “Ok.”
Max gave her a relieved smile and kissed her cheek. “You want some help?”
Before Liz could answer Diane jumped in. “Max why don’t you let me help Liz.”
Max turned to Liz who gave him a smile. “Um sure, if you want to…”
Diane “It’ll give Liz and I a chance to get to know each other.”
Liz walked into the kitchen and immediately was flustered. She was in the kitchen with Max’s mom when not an hour ago were Max and her making love in.

Diane watched as the tiny girl ran around the kitchen looking everywhere but at her. “Liz I think we need to talk.”
Liz almost dropped the plates in her hand. She nodded her head and they sat on the barstools.

Diane “Liz I just want you to know that I’m grateful my son has someone like you in his life. It used to worry me that he would never find his soul mate. But when I saw you together, and that sparkle in his eyes I just knew it was fate.”
Liz pulled Diane into a tight hug. “You have no idea how much that means to me. I love your son with all my heart.”
Diane “And I can see how much he loves you.”

Liz wiped at the tears in her eyes and Diane gasped.
Diane “So I guess you should call me mom now.”

Max was startled to say the least. It reminded him of when he was a boy and his mom yelled at him. Next she’ll be telling me to go to my room. “Mom?” he asked in a questioning voice.

Diane “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you where engaged!” She finished with a smile pulling Max into a hug and kissing his cheek. “I’m so happy for you” She whispered in his ear. Diane pulled back and clasped her hands together. “Well this calls for some champagne.”

Liz set the pies down on the table with the coffee and handed Diane the champagne. Liz passed out the pumpkin pie while Mrs. Evans poured the champagne.

Maria “Everybody dig into the pie I made it!”

As Maria spoke everyone spit out their pie gagging.
Alex “Maria what did you put in this?”
Liz “It’s awful.”
Maria “What? It’s just your basic pumpkin pie with apples.” She mumbled the last part.
Michael “Maria you didn’t.”
Alex “This tastes like something Isabel would make.”

Michael got up and left the room, everyone giving him a look as he left. He returned a minute later with two boxes. “I had a feeling Maria might try something like this. So I brought back up.”
Liz walked over and gave her brother a hug. “Thank-you Michael!”
“You know I just wanted to try something exotic and new, and all I get is grief!” Maria ranted.
Mrs. Evans took pity on the girl. “Maria don’t feel bad, who do you think Izzy inherited her cooking skills from?” She finished with a laugh.

The group dug into their pumpkin pie giving Michael compliments on his cooking.

Mrs. Evans “Liz here’s your champagne.”
Before Liz could take it Max took it from his mother depositing it on the table. Mrs. Evans gave him an odd look.
Mrs. Evans “Max being a bit over protective our we? I mean if I didn’t know any better…”

Diane watched as Max pulled Liz onto his lap. “Mom Liz and I have something to tell you.”
Liz “We’re going to have a baby.”
Diane jumped up and hugged them both. “Oh my god, that’s wonderful. I’m so happy for you both. I can’t believe I’m going to be a grandmom again!”
Liz smoothed on her lotion and thought about the day’s previous events. Sure it wasn’t your conventional family, or desert for that matter but it was perfect. Even Maria’s Apple-pumpkin pie.

Max walked in from the bathroom, and leaned on the doorframe just watching Liz. ‘She’s exquisite, one of a kind and all mine.’ Max thought to himself. It amazed him how much his life had changed, and all because of this tiny goddess.

Liz turned and smiled at Max. “Is there any particular reason why you’re staring at me?” Max made his way to her. “Do I need a reason to look at my girl now?” Liz raised an eyebrow. “I don’t see your name on me.” She said in a playful tone. Max smirked. “Well I’ll just have to look for it.”

Max swung her up in his arms and deposited her on the bed, and hovered over top of her. He framed her face and kissed her nose. “Now what happened today?”

Liz gave him a peculiar look. Max “Alex told me I should thank my sister and Michael for helping you.” Liz tried to look down in chagrin, but Max was having none of it. “Liz tell me what happened.”

Liz gave out an annoyed sigh. “Max it was nothing, I just got upset and they helped me.”
Max “Why did you get upset baby?”
Liz looked up into Max’s eyes. “Because I thought I ruined dinner.”
Max “Why would you think that? Dinner was wonderful, my mother was even impressed by your cooking.”
Liz “I know, but I burnt some of the food when I was rushing into the bathroom to throw up after I smelled the cranberry sauce.”
Max had to bite down his smile. “So you ah, got upset figuring you ruined thanksgiving dinner and that my mother would hate you.”
Liz gave him a menacing look. “Don’t laugh at me.”
Max “I’m not sweetie.”

Liz bit at the corners of her lips trying not to laugh, but failing miserably. “God I’m so pathetic.”
Max “No you’re not, gorgeous, intelligent and mine yes, pathetic definitely no.”
Liz “So now we’re back to this mine thing, possessive aren’t we?”
Max “When it comes to you, hell yes.”

With that Max swooped down and covered her lips with his in a passionate kiss, encoring their earlier time in the kitchen.