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Title: Imperfect World
Summary: Post- EOTW. Future Max isn't the only visitor from the future. After he disappears, the Granolith sends in six people from 20 years into the future. The six, not out to save the world, but to change everything about their world. Fix their world up and have their dreams come true. But is it possible to have ALL your wishes come true?
Author's Notes: Yeah this is what suffering from temporary insanity is.... Oh yeah, I don't read a lot of fics so if it's already been done this way before... just tell me OK?
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Roswell isn't mine.


Date: October 2020

The tombstones are mocking me. They stand there with the names engraved on the stone. Stand there looking so cold and lifeless. So empty. Stand there reminding me that they've left me.

One by one they died. Piece by piece the walls all came tumbling down. Caving in on me. Burying me into a place I'm going to be stuck in. But not for long.

My hand traces through the words on the tombstone. The words that do not sum up her life. No words can ever be capable of that. They slide along slowly as I mumble the words to the air. Saying it to no one, but myself.


He comes through the cemetery at a quick pace. Eyes clouded in worry. As if I'm going to die the moment I cannot be seen anymore. As if somehow I'll just croak if he doesn't keep me by his side. Always with his arm around my shoulder. Always with his eyes on me like a hawk.

"I'm not a child!"

But my words fall on deaf's ears. He can never listen to a word I say. Withdrawn is what he is. Withdrawn from this world because the only thing he can focus on is his one goal. His only goal at the moment. No rhyme or reason has ever entered his mind anymore. As long as he makes sure I'm around him. As long as he thinks I'm safe, he doesn't care.

"You could've been hurt! We don't know how many skins are still out here! We know some of them escaped when we destroyed their base!" He yells at me. Golden brown eyes clashing with dark ones. His filled with worry and anger, mine are filled with stubbornness.

I can take care of myself better than anyone can ever imagine. I have a destiny that only some can dream of. Even the heir to the throne can't compete with what I've got.

"Taylor, I'm fine damn it!"

He already has his arm around my shoulders. Never hearing a word I have said. Leading me back to the house that contains too many memories. Leading me back to my prison. Home. Prison. Who would've thought the two would be the same?

Not for long though. This place will all be gone soon. Will disappear as soon as I get to the chambers. As soon as I fix everything. As soon as a new timeline gets put in its place.

Chapter 1 *Serena's POV*

Date: October 2020

I remember being a child. Going through the same neighborhood I'm walking through now. Saying hello to everything in sight. The stop sign. The street lights. The house. It was all a game to me.

It's different this time. I glance up at the house. The small house that holds my life. The house that contains pieces of me and I start walking towards my destination.

Goodbye house

The stop sign at the corner is almost smiling at me. Proud that I'm going to change this whole world. Proud that I'm about to make it all better. Make everybody's dream come true.

Goodbye stop sign

My strides are long and quick. The ground beneath me rocky. I make sure to watch where I'm going. I'll be there soon. I'll be there to complete my destiny.

I turn to stare at the street. The black asphalt the place where my childhood was spent on. Riding my bike. Playing games. Just sitting there and talking about nothing. About the future. About what I wanted to be when I grew up. Who would've though it would come to this?

Goodbye street.

I reach the outskirts of town in a matter of minutes. We lived close to the end of town. I stare up at the sign and smile. An alien on a UFO is the picture on the large sign. I keep walking into the desert.

Goodbye Roswell

The door to the chamber isn't far anymore. So close that I can reach it. Close enough for me to picture it all. The family. The type of conventional family everybody dreams of. I can picture all the happiness. The new memories we will create and I smile.

I'm doing a good thing.

Goodbye desert

I place my hand on the door. The silver hand matching with my own. The door opening slowly. The anticipation too much now. I can almost feel the new life coming into being. Feel it all shift around me.

"Serena!" They're all making there was towards me. The looks on their faces all filled with worry.

How can they be worried? Why are they worried?

"You can't do this." He reaches me first. His brown eyes filled with concern as he stops me from going. Arm around my waist as he rests his chin on my head. I can feel him about to loose control. His body beginning to shake. His heart thundering in his chest.

No! They're going to stop me from doing this!

"Why not?" I try not to cry because it would show I'm weak. And I'm not. I'm stronger than all of them put together. I'm like my Mom. Strong til the end. Firm in her belief.

"There's just no... reason." He whispers. Holding me tighter and I can feel him loosing logic. Can feel his mind shifting. Telling him that I'm doing the right thing because I am. They have to see.

"You're Mom? Don't you want her to be happy Mason?" I ask quietly. A tear dropping as I remember my own mother. 6 feet underground in a white coffin Taylor and I had bought.

He holds me tighter as a thunder of footsteps come from behind us. He's loosing his resolve quickly. Loosing it as he pictures his mom. His mom at home asleep in a bed too big for her. Curled up in a fetal position crying herself to sleep. Mason wants to do the right thing for her. I know he does.

"This won't fix anything!" Taylor argues as he reaches us. Pulling me away from Mason and glaring at me fiercely. Doesn't he know it can fix everything!

"Yes it will!" I begin to argue. Glaring at my older brother with the same fierceness he's giving me. " I can change it! I can make Mom come back to life! I can make... Max... stay on Earth instead of screwing it all up. I can make him become my Dad!" I scream. Beginning to go into hysterics. But the desert swallows up my voice. It disappears into the emptiness that is the desert.

And they all stare at me for a moment. A pause that would've stretched out into eternity. All their eyes on me wondering if I've lost it. But I haven't. I can put two and two together. My logic just as good as my mother's.

I bolt for the chamber. Run in there before any of their hands catch me. They scramble after me, but I'm faster. Quicker because I'm determined to change all of this. The crystal in my hand is shoved into the base and the Granolith comes to life. It lights up as it recognizes me. I'm its keeper. Its protector. Its master. It knows immediately what I want to do. What I have to do. And it lets me because I'm its chosen.

"Serena! No!" Taylor screams lunging at me as I step into the contraption. But he doesn't reach me. Instead he's sucked inside too. In this bubble that you can barely move in. A bubble that will take me to my freedom. I smile again. Wider this time.

One by one they're all sucked in with me. One by one they all come for the ride. They all come to help. And suddenly I can feel it all move beneath me. The ground. This world. My life.

Goodbye world. Goodbye life
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Kitcat26- Yeah Serena's mom is Liz, but shhhhh you're not supposed to find out til later *wink* *happy* So the confusion is a good thing or a bad thing? Thanks for the feedback!

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Disclaimer:Don't own Roswell

Chapter 2

Date: October 27, 2000

It sends us back through time. Back to the beginning. To this world before al of us.

We hurtle through time and space. Through the hole in time that the Granolith has created. For me. For us. For the world. Events of my life fill my vision. Milestones in my life. These moments that created me. Made me what I am at this moment.

The pictures are just blurs. The sounds nothing, but a loud crackle of static. I feel like a viewer in my life. Nothing, but a bystander. On the outside looking in, but I can feel.

I can feel the emotions that I had felt in those moments. The joy when I had triumphed. The sadness, that emptiness that set in when I lost a loved one. When I lost my parents. The confusion that attacked in those moments that were many. Moments when life showed that it was anything, but fair. How it just couldn't be fair.

But I know I'll change that. I will. It won't come down to choosing safety or happiness. It won't come down to choosing which people I can save and which ones I can't. I can save them all. I have to.

And then the visions change. There's nothing, but white that surrounds us. The only sound I hear is a loud rumble of thunder. A deafening sound. A roaring in my ears before land forms beneath my feet and my vision clears.

There's desert around us. Desert that is oddly familiar yet at the same time it's not. It seems more peaceful. Its memories not yet filled with war and corpses. Peaceful without the wind blowing through. Without the wind whispering of what its seen. The violence. The deaths.

The night sky is illuminated by stars and galaxies of far away. One of them is mine. Taylor's really. One of them is the planet that Taylor will rule. Will be king of one day. And he'll be a wise king. I know it.

"We made it!" I can't help, but laugh at this. We actually made it. On our way to making a better future. One where there'll be happiness and peace. One where a war between 6 planets will not be known. A war that almost kills the entire human race.

I start walking. Towards nowhere really. Wherever my feelings lead will be where I'll start this mission.

"No! You're not going anywhere!" Taylor screams walking after me. His eyes filled anger. All of it directed at me, but there's also fear. I can feel it. His fear beginning to grow. Eating him up inside. Tearing him apart. What does he have to fear? " We're going back! You're going to make that damn machine take us back..."

I let the words drift away. Let it all go in and out. He doesn't know. He doesn't understand. He doesn't want to understand that it can all be better.

"Serena!" He yells grabbing my arm and glaring at me. His dark eyes, so much like Mom's, filled with anger and fear. Both emotions trying to overpower the other. Fear beginning to win the battle.

"Taylor, c'mon we're here!" I smile. The smile growing wider at all the thoughts entering my mind. The memories we can create. That house with a white picket fence around it. A dog too. A family needs a dog. A pool in the backyard. And Max... no Dad... he'll be Dad this time. He won't leave.

"Listen, we can't just change anything because you want it to change!" He sighs. Frustration clear in his voice. He bends down to my height. Looks me right in the eye this time. " What if this time around you get killed along with the rest of them? What if this time around the world dies?"

He feels it too. Him bending to my will. Loosing his resolve just like Mason did. His mind shifts and he glares at me.

"Stop that!" He looks away running his hand through his raven hair. His hand trembling. I wonder if he's scared. Scared that I have the power to change his thoughts.

"I didn't mean to do it." I whisper quietly. Not knowing what else to do. Not knowing the words to say. I had gone into his mind without his permission.

I close my eyes.

I'm a monster now.

I run towards nowhere. Just straight. Anywhere leading me away from them. I don't listen to their screams. To their pleas to stop. I'd changed his thoughts. Changed it just so he would listen.

What does that make me?


There's a car just a few feet away. A car about to hit me and all I can do is stare. Watch it's light get bigger. Listen to the tires screeching. Listen to Taylor and Mason and Alex and Charlie and Ellie screaming.

I can't scream. I can't move. The driver just watches me as he stops. Watches me and I watch back. Not moving. Barely breathing. My legs about ready to give way.

Seeing the dead come back to life is paralyzing.
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