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Author: Liz
Rating: Pg-13 (for now)
Disclaimer: Not mine, never mine, how much does that suck?
Summery: A alternate universe fiction where nothing on Roswell has happened. Max and Liz do not know each other, but Liz and Alex do. Isabel is still Max's sister. There is no aliens.

Part 1

Liz moaned irritatedly, slamming her hand on the alarm clock on the bedstand, knocking it to the floor. She pulled the bright flowered comforter over her head, and buried her face in the pillow. It was a sad attempt at shielding her eyes from the filters of light peeking through the blinds.

A shrill ring came from her bedside again, and she moaned again, tossing over to her front, her eyes half open. Liz reached out blindly, pulling the phone from the receiver. "What?" She mumbled into what seemed to be the mouthpiece.

"Good morning,!" Came his cheerful voice.

"Oh god…" She murmured, and plunking the phone back on it hook, and rolling over. There was no way that he was doing this to her. Not on a weekend, not on a summer weekend for that matter. Not ever, he could just piss off, and let her sleep.

The ringing came again. Slowly she rolled back, pushing the speakerphone button absently. "Go away," Liz moaned. "It’s---" she opened her eyes to look at the clock on the floor. "7:00 in the morning! On a weekend! On a summer weekend, Alex. Sum-mer. I need sleep, it makes me live, it keeps me young and pretty…Why the hell are you waking me up?!" She babbled.

"We’re going for breakfast, remember?" He replied. She could detect the smile in his tone. He was over there, sitting in his room, fully awake and dressed, smiling at her. The thought of this drove her blood level up.

She sat up, and reached for the blinds, pulling them up to look into his room. She blinked against the sudden sunlight streaming into the room, lighting up the bright decor. When her vision was fully there, she saw him sitting in his window alcove, smiling. That bastard. He was wearing a navy blue t-shirt, and a pair of jeans, looking very much the picture of awake. It was something that was just depressing in the morning.

Liz looked down at herself. She wore rumpled pink polka-dotted pj pants, and a matching pink cami. Her hair was an chocolately brown mess, pillow-head at its best. "Alex," she began, sighing. "When I agreed to go to breakfast with you, I assumed you meant at a normal time. A time in which included the numbers 10 and 30. Not a 7, don’t you know sevens are completely evil?"

"And where’d you hear that?" Alex asked, his eyebrows raising in amusement.

She sent him a dirty look, "Where The Heart Is, good book."

"Never read it."

"You should try it, then maybe you wouldn’t be doing crazy things like waking people in the middle of the night!" She whined, slumping back against the pillows.

Alex shook his head. "I’ll be over to pick you up in a half an hour."

"Ale---" She started to process, but it was no use. She would be arguing to the dial tone, because he had hung up. He sent her one last tormenting smile, then pulled his blinds down. Liz banged against her window angrily, then swung her feet out of bed. That guy was so irritating.


I know that was really short, but I'd thought I'd post it to see what everyone thought before I went on with my story. Dont worry, it's all leading up to when Max and Liz get together. And no, there's no Alex/Liz romance, I swear!

And for the readers of And So We Meet Again... don't worry, I'll update that soon as well!

Leave me feedback, I'd really appreciate it!

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Thanks guys!

I'm so glad you like it, I really just wasn't sure about this story since I get a little wrapped up in And So We Meet Again and stuff...

Now that I've heard your responses, though, I suppose I will carry on with this. It'll be fun to write something different for a change.

Thanks again, keep any thoughts or comments coming...

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Chrissy ~ don't sweat, Liz and Alex are purely platonic pals. I don't write them as anything else! *happy*

Oh, I'd kill anyone who'd wake me that early! *L* I wrote the cutest scene for this story, but then there's that whole pesky idea that a story must include plot, and there shouldn't be any plot-holes. So damn, I can't skip to the "Liz and Max meet" part. Damn. *sigh*

I'll post more to this story and And So We Meet Again..., soon!

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Check it out, they'll be a new part of this fic by the end of this weekend, I'm feeling inspired, so maybe I'll do it before I go out tonight

Thanks for your feedback! I see a lot of readers from my story. Thats so awesome. Anyway, I'll be working on both fics for the next little bit today, so a part may come soon...