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Summary: Max POV. Max and Liz have been friends since Junior High. Max secretly pines for Liz while Liz decides it's time to spice things up in her world. It's pretty fluffy. The rest of the gang is bound to show up, minus Tess of course. And this is definitely S1 Max 'cuz God knows nobody could write for his lame ass after S1.

This is my first attempt at a fic. It's from Max's POV, which is kind of hard to due seems how I'm a woman, but I'll give it a shot.

Soft Core

"I know you think I'm totally boring Max."

This is Liz. She's obviously as clueless about my feelings towards her as I'd hoped she'd be. If she knew what I really thought of her she'd know that "boring" is one of the last adjectives I'd use to describe her. Actually I wouldn't use it at all. I try to keep concentrating on the road even though I know she's waiting for some kind of response from me in regards to her asinine statement.

"Liz, I don't think you're boring." I think you're radiant. Beautiful. Special. Amazing.

"Well, maybe you don't, but I heard Isabel tell some girls in the bathroom the other day that she thinks I'm boring. And...and that I'm a..a..prude."

I roll my eyes. "Who gives a shit what Isabel thinks?"

Liz smiles. She loves it when I quasi-insult my sister. Truth be told, I love to do it. She is some what of a bitch. I'd tell Isabel I think as much of her, but quite frankly, it wouldn't hurt her feelings. She would actually have to possess feelings in the first place in order for them to get hurt. She's always been a cold fish, but what can I say? I have to love her, she's family. But she's definitely not my home. I know exactly where my home is.

Liz. She's sitting comfortably in the passenger seat of my Jeep. We're headed to school, the top off and the wind blowing through her magnificent hair. I love this time. It's our time. It's like a ritual for us. The early morning drive to school while talking candidly about the finer nuances of our respective lives or even sometimes, the lives of our friends. Liz and I have come to dub our early morning chats as "Confession". It's highly ironic seems how I never actually confess all the things I mean to. All the things I want to. All the things I know can never be.

I hear giggling and realize Liz is still waiting for more of a response from me. "Anyhow Liz," I continue, "we both know you're not boring." I'm actually pissed that Isabel would have the nerve to talk beyond Liz's back. I mean, they're not exactly friends, but me and Liz are and that should be enough. But I know Isabel thinks that I have some weird obsession with Liz and that I need to get over it. She's always trying to convince me why I shouldn't like Liz. Maybe I should convince her why she shouldn't be such a bitch. Anyhow, I'm getting sidetracked. Liz needs some reassurance, so I try to joke with her a little, "And...well, whether you're a prude or not, well..I wouldn't know." But I want to know. Oh, I want to know so bad.

Her cheeks turn bright pink. She's biting her lower lip and she won't meet my gaze, which is probably a good thing because technically I should be watching the road. She giggles again, and I quiver inside at the sound of it. "Come on Max. You know me. You know I'm not a prude. We've done stuff before."

I just about swerve off the road killing both of us at her last words, but somehow remain calm. "We've never done stuff before Liz. Why would we?" I think my voice is shaking, and I'm hoping she doesn't notice the way I'm nervously tapping the steering wheel.

"Oh , you're right. We haven't," she says, "I must have just imagined it in one of my better dreams."

She's teasing me now. She always does this. Her favorite thing is to pretend to come on to me, like she's doing now, because I have absolutely no idea how to respond. She knows that talking about anything sex-related makes me uncomfortable and she likes to watch me squirm. Which believe me, I'm squirming. Honestly, I know she's joking , but when you're an 18-year-old hormonally charged senior in high school, who's never even kissed anyone before, who's talking about doing stuff with the girl he's been secretly in love with for years, you'd be squirming too.

Liz sees that I'm squirming and she's trying to keep from busting out laughing. Her lips tremble at the effort of concealing her delight with herself, but she gets herself under control and gets back to the topic at hand. "So, actually I've been thinking a lot about what Isabel said. I'm thinking maybe she's right." Which I think is crazy, because we all know Isabel is wrong more often than she's right. "I'm thinking something has to change."

My interest is piqued. I raise a questioning eyebrow at her, then turn my gaze back onto the road.

"It's our senior year Max. I'm tired of being just some waitress at my parents' restaurant. I'm tired of dating the guys from the Science club. I'm tired of being Miss Goody-Two-Shoes," she says. "It's time for me to do something crazy."

I silently pray that Liz's idea of "something crazy" is for her to launch herself at me. To press her slender body against mine, smother me with passionate kisses and whisper into my ear that she loves me, that she's always loved me.

My prayers goes unanswered when I feel her tap my shoulder. "Max, you okay? Did you hear what I said?"

"Yeah....yeah. Something crazy." My voice couldn't sound more strained. Gah. I'm so obvious I swear. I regain my composure. "So what exactly do you mean by "something crazy" Liz?"

She hesitates for a moment, trying to decide whether to tell me or not. Finally she decides. "Something crazy," she says with a wicked grin, "Is me getting a job at Pete's Porno Palace."

This time, I really do swerve off the road.

I won't humiliate myself by trying to continue this if you guys think it stinks.

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Wow. Thanks for all the feedback everybody. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Um, let's just say Max will probably have to tough it out for awhile...but not TOO long. And I'm sure that Liz has got an agenda of her own. Hopefully she won't get too lost along the way.

*Part 2*

Dust is flying up from the desert floor. As cars go rushing past us, they blare their horns. Apparently they didn't like my sudden attempt to go off-roading. My
knuckles are white from gripping the wheel so hard and
I'm about to turn my head to make sure Liz is okay when she starts screaming.

"Max!!! Have you gone mad?!"

She's kidding right? "Me?! Have I gone mad?! I'm not the one who's gotten a job in the porn industry!"

"Jesus Max. I got a job working behind the counter at a porn shop, not a job starring in a porn video," she says. Little does she know she's already got a job starring in porn porn videos. The ones I make up in my head. What? I said I've never actually engaged in any kind of sexual behavior before, but that doesn't mean I don't think about it.

"I should have kept my mouth shut. I knew you were going to totally wig out on me about it," she finishes, a hint of anger in her voice.

She's absolutely right. She shouldn't have told me. Because I'm seriously wigging out right now. My sweet, innocent, naive Liz can not work in a place...where they It'll corrupt her. Besides, she'll never live it down at school once everybody finds out.

"Liz, I'm staying calm. See. I'm taking
nice..deep..breaths..and...staying...perfectly...calm." I sound calm. I think I look calm. I am not calm!!!! "There is NO way you are working in a porn shop. I don't care if they hired you just to mop their floors!" Liz srunches her face up & sticks out her tongue in disgust. What? What did I say? ......Ewwww....can I retract that statment? "What I mean is, I don't care if they just want you to balance their books for them, there is NO way you can work in a place like that. It's a virtual pervert's paradise at Pete's."

This time Liz gives me an accusing glare. She opens her mouth and I already know what she's going to say. "How do you know Max? One of the perverts that frequents the shop? It takes one to know one."

I turn beet red and my mouth hangs open, trying to find the words..any words. But before I can, Liz finds some words of her own, "You know Max, it's always the shy ones that turn out to be the biggest perverts." Hey, just because I have sexual fantasies about Liz Parker, that doesn't make me a pervert. Does it? I feel like I'm about to choke on my own breath thinking that
Liz thinks I'm some kind of a pervert because I'm shy, but I manage to turn the tables on her...for once.

"Well gee Miss P., you must be speaking from first hand experience. Because I have noticed that a lot of those dorks you date from the Science club are quite shy." Ha ha!! Yes!

Just when I think I had her she goes, "No first hand experience Mr.E. I'm a prude..remember? Just ask Isabel and her merry band of sluts."

I realize I don't like the turn this conversation has taken. I realize I don't really want to know about Liz's experiences or non-experiences with other guys that aren't me. I realize I don't really want to focus any kind of attention on thinking about Isabel and her merry band of sluts. I realize I need to get back to the matter at
hand. The matter being of convincing her that she can NOT work at a porn shop. It isn't her.

"This isn't you Liz. That's all I'm trying to get at. This is so out of character for you. You don't fit in working behind a counter, checking out X-rated videos for old, lonely, perverted men. It just seems a bit drastic," I say with sincerity.

"Exactly Max. Exactly. It isn't me. It's so much not like me that that's why I need to do it. It's crazy, spontaneous and totally distasteful. That's why I'm gonna do it. Maybe it'll give me a new outlook on life. Maybe I'll enjoy myself. Or maybe I'll hate it and quit. I'm just ready to walk on the wild side, prove that I'm not some goody-goody."

"You have nothing to prove to anyone Liz."

"I have something to prove to myself Max. I know it's seems completely out of left field, and it is. I know this. But I just really need your support. You're one of my closest friends. Don't you see? This could be
one of the greatest experiences of my life...I'll admit in a very twisted way, but I don't have anything to lose." Yeah, just your innocence.

I'm not going to argue with her though. She's already convinced herself that she needs to prove that Liz Parker is crazy, wild, and, God help me, a sexual being. She's 18, it's not like I can stop her. I'm just scared
for her. I'm scared of what being exposed to that kind of stuff, the kind of stuff found at Pete's Porno Palace, will do to her. Will she turn into some weird dominatrix chick? Will she end up in a "Liz Does Las Vegas" porn show? Or will she just get a small taste of what she's so desperately dying to experience? What I'm dying to experience? I don't know. But at least she has the guts to go after something she's so curious about. I refuse to berate her for that. I even envy her that.

Dejectedly I say, "Okay Liz. I'll be supportive. But please don't turn all sex kitten on me okay?" Oh my God. Did I actually just say that.What the fuck am I thinking? Of course she can turn all sex kitten on me.On me and me only!

She smiles widely and I wonder how she keeps her teeth so white. "I won't go all sex kitten..on anyone.Damn. I just want to see what it's like. Blow this boring, prude business out of the water y'know? Don't worry. It's only temporary."

I pull back out onto the main road and we finish our ride to school in silence.


"I think it's great. In fact I think it's so great, maybe I'll get myself a job there too," Maria chirps. She's walking arm & arm with me down the hallway on our way to lunch.

"What's great Maria?" I play dumb.

"Oh please Max. Liz already told me that she told you that she got a job at Pete's Porno Palace. You're so bad at playing dumb. Leave it to the experts, like Pam Troy and Missy Sheffer. Oh wait, they're not really "playing" are they?" I'm glad Maria amuses herself. "Anyhow, I think I should get a job there too. Me and Liz would have so much fun in that place."

I'm just about to tell her that I don't like what she's implying when Michael walks up. He needs a shower, and a a serious way.He might be trailer-trash, but he's still my bestfriend. And Maria's boyfriend, so that means I have to keep my nasty little comments to myself. Or at least keep them to myself until Maria's out of ear shot.

"Hey," Michael says.

"Hey," I say.

"Yeah whatever," Maria says and walks off in a huff. Obviously her & Michael are having another love spat. Which is only a daily occurance in these parts.I decide I'd rather not talk about Maria & Micheal's fight of the day, so I bring up the hot topic of the hour instead by saying, "So Michael, did you hear what Liz did?"

He replies, "No what? Did she finally figure out that you're her number one stalker?"

Michael also thinks I have an obsession with Liz that I need to get over. I still think he needs a shower and a haircut.

I roll my eyes, say "fuck you" to him in my head, and then say, "It's way better than that. She got a job in a porn shop. Can you believe that?"

"Sweet," he replies flippantly, "free porn."

That wasn't quite the reply I was hoping for. Let's try this again.

"Yeah, sweet Michael. It'll be even sweeter when we get twice as much free porn when Maria starts working there with her."

Suddenly, Michael's not so flippant about the situation anymore. And I think I'm going to get the response I was hoping for.


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I'm glad you guys are all enjoying this. Sorry that it's kind of slow at first, but look for things to start to heat up in parts 4 & 5.

*Part 3*


Michael grabs me by the collar of my jean jacket and starts screaming in my face. Literally, in my face. Whew. Mentos Michael, the fresh maker.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me! There is no way in hell Maria is setting foot in that place as anything other than a customer!”

Well, I was hoping for more of a response, and I got it. It’s just not the exact response I was looking for. He needs to let go of my jacket…and now. I don’t want him messing it up; it’s Liz’s favorite jacket, she loves the way I look in it, she told me so. Something about it being a chick-magnet. Yeah, real chick-magnet. I don’t think attracting Pam Troy, the county’s easiest conquest, or Paul Hayes, Roswell’s only out-of-the-closet homosexual, really counts. Besides, I’m not wearing the damn thing for Pam or Paul.

Thankfully since I’ve stood here not really saying anything, Michael has let go of my jacket and has now resorted to mumbling to himself. “She’s doing this to get back at me. It’s about not washing the sheets, I just know it. She’s still pissed about it. She’s not really going to work there. She just wants to make me mad. I don’t see what the big deal is, you only have to wash them like once every few months. Geeesh.”

I’m puking. Hello? I don’t engage in extracurricular activities with others between my sheets and even I know to wash them at least every two weeks. Sometimes more often depending upon the extracurricular activities between my sheets that I engage in with myself. But that’s not the point here. The point is: Michael is a disgusting pig.

“You’re a disgusting pig Michael.”

“Don’t try to change the subject Maxwell. This is about Maria. This is about her overwhelming need to drive me absolutely insane. This is about some god damn sheets!”

Okay. I’m done playing this game with him. This conversation was suppose to be about Liz. This was not suppose to be about Michael’s nasty, funky sheets. I just added that bit in about Maria because I wanted to get his full attention. I know Maria will never get a job there. Even she’s not that spunky. She only told me that knowing that I would tell Michael and thus making their latest love spat even more dramatic. Drama queens, both of them. They so belong together.

“Focus for a minute Funk-Master,” I say. “Maria is not really going to get a job there and you know it. She’s just trying to prove a point.”

“Her point being?” Michael questions.

God he’s so clueless sometimes…well, most times. “The point being that if you want to disregard her feelings, as exampled by not washing the sheets when she asks you to, then Maria will do the same thing and do whatever she wants regardless of your feelings. Oh and PS- the thing with your sheets, that’s atrocious Michael, and this is coming from another male perspective. ”

I don’t know exactly what part of what I said pissed Michael off, but he’s steamed. “Giving me advice in the romance department huh Max? Cause you’re sooooo good at controlling your own love life. Oops, sorry, forgot; you don’t actually have one. Oh and PS- the thing with pining for Liz from afar for years, that’s pathetic Maxwell, and this is coming from another male perspective.” He turns and walks off in the other direction.

Now I’m pissed. I want to go after him and punch him. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve wanted to punch him either. I start to imagine my fist connecting with his big, fat nose when the first shrouds of doubt enter my mind. Not doubts about punching him, but doubts about myself. Maybe he has a point. Maybe my pining from afar really is pathetic. But he doesn’t understand, no one understands. I can’t just go blabbing my mouth to Liz about my feelings for her. I’m pretty sure I’m in love with her, but what if I’m wrong? What if I just think I’m in love with her because I haven’t given anyone else the slightest bit of a chance? Who am I kidding? Now I’m just trying to convince myself that I’m not in love with her, that way I won’t seem so pathetic. My real fear is that she’ll tell me, Sorry Max, I want to be just friends. Just friends, what kind of crap would that be? Well, it wouldn’t be any worse than what we have now, but I’d die of humiliation if I poured my heart out to her and she didn’t reciprocate. The whole unrequited love thing doesn’t really work for me. Yeah, I realize that’s what’s happening now, but the fear of having her actually confirm it for me is what keeps me from confessing to her. At least in the world I live in now, I still have my daydreams and hopes. If I confess the truth to Liz, my world might change; change in a way that I won’t be able to endure.

“Yo Max. What’s up Michael’s ass today? He just passed me in the hallway and was mumbling something about sheets.”

I’m glad Alex has shown up at this exact moment to distract me from getting lost in the fears that crowd my mind. “Hey Alex. Y’know , usual Michael and Maria stuff.”

“Oh, you mean the usual over-dramatic fights and pissy attitudes? Glad to know some things never change.”

Some things never change. I hope he’s right…and wrong.

“So Liz and the porn shop huh?” Alex wiggles his eyebrows at me as he says this. I sheepishly grin, shrug my shoulders, then put my hands in my front pockets. I don’t feel like talking about it at the moment. Alex senses this and I’m even more grateful that I have at least one quasi-normal friend, aside from Liz. But given her new place of employment, I think she technically doesn’t fit under the “normal” category anymore. I’m sure the rest of the student body will feel the same way about Liz once Isabel catches wind of all this. Isabel has a big mouth in case I forgot to mention it. But the school gossip is the least of my worries right now.

I remain silent, pondering my pathetic existence.

Alex says, “I feel ya dude. Let’s just go get some grub. But Max, just one thing I want to say before we go consume what this school considers food. Try not to worry too much about this thing with Liz’s new job. Besides, it just might work to your advantage.” He winks at me then continues down the hallway chuckling to himself.

I’m not quite sure what he meant by that last part, but I’m willing to let my imagination run free for awhile.


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Whoa, ya'all are so nice about leaving feedback that I'm just had to leave another update.

Okay, so I said things are going to heat up, & they will, but think slow simmer. But I promise I won't drag this out forever. There has to be a few bumps in the road along the way, but the road, thankfully, isn't too long.

Neo: just for you girlfriend I'll try not to make Max be a complete idiot for too long. But cut me some slack DUDE, it took his ass 9 episodes before he even kissed Liz, so you have to give me at least that many parts. SFOL!!

Part 4

The last bell rings, signaling that the school day is finally over. I’m stuck spending extra time in class because I can’t seem to locate my Trig book. I finally find it, cram it in my backpack and make for my locker. On the way I find Liz standing alone at her locker as the hallways have already emptied out. It’s obviously a Friday. She’s staring right at me, meeting my gaze, her eyes not blinking. It’s kind of unnerving the way she’s looking at me, but at the same time I can’t help but get a rush from it.

I walk up to her slowly. “Hey Liz, you need a ride?”

She finally lets her gaze drop and if I’m not mistaken, she’s eyeing my crotch. She does a once over, caressing every inch of my body she can see with her eyes. Her eyes, there is something in them I’ve never seen before, but before I get a chance to decide what it is, she looks back up at me. She looks so…so serious. “Yeah Max, I do need a ride.” Her tone is low and husky, and the word ‘ride’ hangs on her lips for a moment. She closes the distance between us and rests one of her small hands on my chest. I’m breathing so hard that I can see her hair ripple gently every time I exhale. She licks her lips and says in a seductive whisper, “I need a ride in the worst way.”

Then suddenly she attacks. She’s got a handful of my shirt in one hand and a handful of my ass in the other, all the while her lips are mauling mine. Without a doubt, this has got to be the best feeling in the entire world. I’m taken back by the sheer force that she’s thrown herself at me with and it takes me a minute before I’m able to react. I’m just about to throw my arms around her and attack her back when she pulls away and stares at me. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go.” Her tone isn’t low and husky anymore, but irritated. And I’m totally confused.

“Go? I thought we were going somewhere,” I say using my boyish charm. I can’t believe that I’ll admit to myself that I possess any kind of charm whatsoever.

“Well, we aren’t getting very far just sitting here now are we?” she replies.

Wow. She totally wants me. I can’t believe this is happening, and as horny, err.. happy as it makes me, I think this is moving kind of fast. I mean, we just kissed for the first time like five seconds ago. I better slow this train down.

“Exactly how far do you want us to go Liz, because I don’t…”

She cuts me off before I can finish my thought. “What exactly is wrong with you? How far do I want us to go? How about the 4.25 miles it takes us to get to school?”

Uh oh.

See what happens when you let your imagination run free. You find yourself in these really embarrassing situations.

It takes me a second to get my bearings, but then it registers in my fat head where I really am; sitting behind the wheel of my Jeep, parked in front of the Crashdown. I’m picking Liz up for school and apparently my imagination decided to go for a run when she took too long to get down here. Not a totally bad thing in itself, but it is a bad thing when you let your fictional mind bleed over into reality. I can not believe that just happened. How am I supposed to fudge my way out of this one?

She’s starring at me like I just grew a third eye.

“Oh sorry. I was asking about how far you wanted us to go for..for lunch today,” I say. Oh that was real smooth

Liz looks unconvinced, but she must not really be interested in the truth because she goes along with my very un-clever lie. “I didn’t realize we were having lunch together today, but that sounds great. I’ve been dying to try out this new place next to my work. Ugh. Her work. I had almost forgotten about that whole thing. “It’s this really quaint little Chinese restaurant. Actually, chicken chow mien sounds really good right now.”

“Yeah okay, we’ll go,” I reply lamely. I am such a tool.

She just smiles as I start up the Jeep and head out for another day of pure hell.
Once again we’re cruising down the highway, our ritual morning commute. Neither one of us is saying much. I’m going over in my head all the events that have taken place since Liz started her new job two weeks ago. It’s been two weeks. In that two weeks the only thing that has remained constant is the fact that my imagination is still running free. As you may have already noticed.

Let’s take inventory shall we? In the last two weeks Maria and Michael have gotten back together. Michael finally caved and washed his sheets. Praise the Lord, it’s a miracle! Alex has been trying to recruit some of the local talent, I use the word 'talent' loosely, to try to form a garage band. I don’t even want to know what he plans on calling his band. And the latest and greatest is that Isabel finally caught wind of Liz’s newfound desire to become a mistress of porn. Actually Isabel didn’t find out until last Friday, which is also another miracle, but once she did find out, the news and thus consequent gossip spread faster than Isabel’s legs on a first date. Just kidding. Isabel at least waits until the third or fourth date. By 5pm the following day, you couldn’t walk down the street without hearing someone saying something about Liz. I even heard some parents discussing it at church on Sunday. Do these people not have lives of their own? But I’m not surprised, I saw this coming.

None of that is really important. What is important is taking stock in what Liz has been doing, or not doing, in these last two weeks. Actually, I haven’t really been privy to anything that she’s been doing because the only time I really see her anymore is on our morning rides to school. What she has not been doing is not spending time with me. But what I do know is that one major thing has changed about her; she’s dressing differently. Her shirts keep getting lower while her skirts keep getting higher. I’m not complaining; just whining about the fact that I’m not the only guy in school that has noticed. She’s also taken to being pretty quiet on our drives in. Looks like I’m not the only one refusing to confess anymore. She’s also not been available the past two Saturdays to do another of our ritual favorites; watch chick flicks and eat way too much popcorn. I know… chick flicks, but you’d endure it too if you got to spend your Saturday evenings with a beautiful woman. Anyhow, I listen to the Counting Crows when I’m sad, so of course I watch chick flicks. And I enjoy them thoroughly. I’ve missed her these last two weeks. I want to tell her as much, but I don’t. I also want to tell her that the top of her pink lacy bra is showing with that plunging v-neck t-shirt she has on, but I don’t. Sometimes there’s just things better left unsaid. Like not telling her I can see her pretty bra being one of them.

I’m silently berating myself, thinking maybe I really have become a pervert, when Liz leans over and whispers in my ear, “Penny for your thoughts.” Her lips are about half an inch from my right ear and she’s put her hand on my right thigh to support herself. I can feel her warm breath in my ear all the while the erotic smell of vanilla and cinnamon wafts into my nostrils. I try not to show any outward physical reaction, oh say like my erratic breathing or tightening jeans, to her close proximity, but I can’t help but tense up at the thought that she couldn’t pay me enough to tell her my thoughts right now.

She’s teasing me again. How is it possible to hate being teased but love being teased all at the same time?

My response is too quick and too loud, “Nothing. I’m not thinking about anything. I swear.”

She leans back over to her seat, removing her hand from my thigh as she goes. “Could have fooled me Max. You look like you’re very deep in thought.”

I am deep in thought. In deep thought wondering what it would have felt like had she actually just leaned that extra half an inch into my ear. In deep thought wondering what it would have felt like if she would have just raised her hand up my thigh about a good six inches. In deep thought about how the hell I can be sitting here thinking these things when I haven’t even kissed the girl…yet. See…I’m still hopeful.

“Actually, the truth is Liz….I…I was just wondering how your new job is going.” Diversion, wonderful tactic.

She turns towards me again, puts her hand on my shoulder in a friendly way, and says, “I was wondering when you were going to finally get up the nerve to ask me.” Too bad I can’t get up the nerve to ask you something else.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” I reply, “You know how I get about talking about sex stuff. I was too embarrassed to ask. Well, actually too embarrassed to hear about it I guess.” But I’m definitely not too embarrassed to think about it

“Max, I think maybe Isabel had it all wrong before. You are the prude and I am the adventurous one,” Liz jokes.

I give her a small shove on the arm. She just giggles.

“Seriously Max, it’s not as bad or embarrassing as you think. It’s actually quite more interesting than I thought it would be. It’s not just kinky sex stuff in there you know. There’s also a lot of, um, well, how should I say this, uh, educational stuff, soft core there. Not everything is freaky and weird, some of its even romantic if you ask me. I thought the kind of products that were in there were going to make me uncomfortable, but I’m actually pretty comfortable now. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable at this point is the occasional customer run-in.”

I don’t want to think about Liz being so comfortable with all the little sex toys and gadgets that place sells. Well okay, so I kind of want to think about it. I try to cover my conflicting emotions by asking, “Customer run-ins. Like what?”

Big mistake. Shouldn’t have asked.

Liz gets all excited and animated suddenly. “Oh my God, you’ll never believe what happened to me the other day. So some lady comes in, she’s probably in her mid 30’s, and she walks in literally carrying a dildo in her hand.” Did Liz just say the word “dildo”? She did. And she said it with ease. Like it’s something that comes out of her mouth everyday. Sorry, no pun intended. “She comes walking up to the counter and starts waving the thing in my face. I thought she was going to poke one of my eyes out with it! She’s screaming about it not being big enough and do we have any bigger models and she wants a refund blah blah blah. Meanwhile, I realize I’m totally staring at the thing, I can’t stop staring at it thinking the thing is absolutely humongous. Now I don’t know if I was staring because I thought it was big or just the mere fact that that’s as close to seeing an actual penis that I’ve ever come, aside from the shit they show us in health class.” Well, well, well, looks like it is still Confession. “I can’t believe I’m telling you this Max.” She’s turning an adorable shade of pink that matches her pink lacy bra. She looks good when she’s blushing. Liz continues her story, “but the woman finally catches on that I’m completely enthralled with her dildo and she asks me if I know anything about them. Well, of course I don’t. I told her I would get the manager to come help her and answer any of her questions. You know what the lady did? She asked me how old I was. I told her I was 18 and she told me that at my age I should have some experience with a dildo, or better yet, the real thing because it’s obvious that I haven’t had any experience with either. I was mortified. How was I suppose to respond to that?”

I’m sorry, does she expect me to be able to respond in any way to what she’s just told me? I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this nonchalant use of the words “penis” and “dildo”. Like we just throw those words around in everyday conversation. “Oh hi Max, how is your penis today? My dildo is doing just fine.”

My mouth is opening and closing, nothing coming out of it. I don’t know what to say. Well gee Liz, sorry you have no experience with dildos or penises, but if you ever want to up your I.Q. in that department, I just happen to have in my possession at least one of those coveted items. I’ll let you experiment with it for free. Uh no, I think I’ll tuck that particular thought away with the others that I hide.

In the meantime, we’ve pulled into the school parking lot. Now that we’re at school, I’m hoping I won’t have to give her a response.

Liz hops out of the Jeep, grabs her backpack, turns to me and says, “You coming?”

Are we still talking about sex stuff or does she mean school? Good God ya’all. I am corrupted!

“Of course,” I say grabbing my backpack while also heaving a sigh of relief that she’s dropping the subject…for now anyway.

We’re walking side by side into the school when we pass Pam Troy and Kim Rhodes. Pam glares at Liz then turns to Kim and says loud enough for all of New Mexico to hear, “What a slut.”

Liz pretends that she didn’t hear it, but I know she did. I stop dead in my tracks and take a few steps towards Pam so that I can tell her that she’s the reason why the term “slut” was invented, but Liz grabs my arm. I look at Liz and she’s shaking her head at me. Then she turns to face Pam & Kim, leans over like she’s going to whisper in my ear, but says as equally loud as Pam did, “ She’s totally right you know. But she’s just jealous. After all, I’m the one that gets to spend all my free time with the mysterious and handsome Max Evans. Must suck for her knowing that I can have a piece of you anytime I want.”

Then she actually pats me on the ass. My eyes are blinking rapidly because I want to make sure I’m not daydreaming again. I’m not.

Liz links her arm through mine and we continue walking towards the double doors that lead to the fifth depth of hell.

Pam and Kim stay behind, wide-eyed, and I’m sure, as shocked as I am.


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I'm truly flattered by all your feedback. Thanks to everybody who has responded to this story. I was afraid it was going to flop. But as long as you guys keep reading & responding, I'll keep writing.

Okay, so I feel like I need to answer a few questions.

Eccentric One: Liz's work day story about the dildo is true. She didn't make it up.

Phaedra: The jeep scene with Liz leaning toward Max and resting her hand on his thigh; totally real.

Neo:Apparently because I'm still having anything to do with anything Roswell-related after the atrocities that were S2 & S3, (oh and the biggest atrocity currently being JB), I must still have issues. Know the name of a good therapist? Hugs & Smoochies to you Mrs.Modine.

Oh and as for the disbelief at Max being 18 & never kissed a girl, well, he is shy and he has been pining over Liz for awhile now, but that doesn't mean he hasn't had the opportunity to kiss other girls....he just chooses not to.

I decided to post part 5 right away because it didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped. Plus it gives a little bit of insight on some other matters. So if you guys just hang with me through part 5 and be real nice(ie. leave some feedback after this sucky part), I'll post part 6 tonight, which IMO is sooo much better.

I'll shut my trap now & just give it up already.

Part 5

As soon as we get through the doors and out of eyesight of Kim and Pam, Liz drops her arm from mine and quickly turns on her heel to face me. I can feel my face burning up. Hopefully my eyeballs are still in their sockets.

“I’m so sorry Max, but I just didn’t want her to get the best of me y’know? I realize the entire school is gossiping about me, but it’s one thing for people to talk behind my back and quite another to blatantly say shit to my face. But I guess I give Pam credit for having the guts to semi-say something to my face. Anyhow, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I am sorry. But damn, did you see the look on their faces?!”

With all sincerity I reply, “It’s okay, really. It was actually kind of exhilarating to watch you stand up to those hussies.” I’m lying through my big, fat teeth. It was exhilarating to have her touch me in such an intimate way. It was exhilarating to hear her refer to me as basically her property. It was exhilarating to see Pam and Kim pretty much piss their pants.

Liz throws her head back and laughs in a way I’ve never heard or seen her do before. Her hair is bouncing all around her shoulders, her cheeks are flushed again, and the sparkle in her eyes is making me wish I could make her laugh like that more often. But I’m not a funny guy. I never have been. Or at least everyone tells me. Everyone says I’m too serious, too guarded. Whatever. I can be funny…just not outwardly.

“Max, you’re the best you know that?” Liz says as she leans up and gives me a quick peck on my cheek. It’s not any surprise she gives me a chaste kiss on the cheek, she does it all the time. But one of these times I swear I’m going to turn my head real quick, and sneaky like. Boo-Yah! Right on the lips baby. She’ll never know what hit her.

Liz turns to head off for class, but glances over her shoulder at me and says, “Remember, we have a lunch date today.”

I nod, smile, then head off in the opposite direction. But not before I watch her continue down the hall, making a mental note of the way her hips sway as she walks. I watch her until she turns a corner and is gone. Does she have any idea how attractive she really is?


Well, if Liz didn’t know how attractive she was before, she definitely has to know it now.

I think the entire varsity basketball team is surrounding her. They’re standing in what can only be described as a pack, all vying for her attention. It’s lunchtime, and we’re supposed to be going to that new Chinese restaurant, but I’m thinking our plans are about to change.

I walk closer to the pack, seeing the Alpha-Male, Kyle Valenti, with his arm around Liz’s waist. Since when are they even acquaintances these days? They broke up at the end of Freshman year after a short dating stint, and to my knowledge they haven’t exchanged words since.

As I get to the outer ring and fight my way to the center, towards Liz, I hear Kyle.

“Well, it’s good to know you’re still available Parker. I heard otherwise today from a reputable source.”

Liz laughs, “Well your source wasn’t entirely reputable Kyle, not that I believe for a second any of your sources would be. I know what your “sources” are like, remember?.” She laughs again, “Anyhow, I am available, but not entirely available.” She does the hair flip that drives all men wild and continues, “Specifically, I’m not available, for say, you. I’ve been there, done that. Wasn’t impressed. Don’t need a repeat session.”

At this, all the guys erupt with laughter. Kyle tries to play it down by laughing it off. He does a terrible job. He then slinks his way to the back of the crowd, and eventually out of it and is off with his tails between his legs. That’s right cheese-dick, keep walking. What movie did I just steal that quote from? Oh right, ‘The Sixth Sense’. I love that movie. I love that movie because Liz and I saw it together in the theater. She would practically jump in my lap during all the scary parts, if just wasn’t for those damn arm rests. I curse theater seating!

After pushing another four or five guys out of the way, I’m finally able to come face to face with Liz. “I thought we were going to lunch together?”

“Oh god Max, I’m sorry, I completely forgot. I already told Darren I would go to lunch with him,” she says. Just then Darren steps forward and takes Liz’s hand like he’s claiming this land Liz for himself.

What the hell is this shit? Rude much? She makes plans with me, then forgets, then makes plans with Darren Dipshit, but then has the nerve to still cancel on me after discovering we had a prior engagement? I’m pretty sure I should get the lunch date seems how I had first dibs.

Oh god. Now I sound like a Neanderthal. Liz isn’t my personal property. I’m just disgusted, and a little more than irritated, that she would ditch out on me. She’s already ditched out on me the last two Saturdays. But whatever. I’m becoming more of a wuss everyday, so I’m not even going to point out her inappropriate behavior.

“Whatever Liz. I’ll catch you later. Have a good time.” With that I push back through the crowd and head to the quad.

I’m enjoying my lunch, ALONE, when Maria comes out of nowhere and sits down next to me.

“So, you and Liz huh? I’ve always thought you’d make the perfect couple. Was it her new job that finally made you take action? The idea of her, and her being surrounded by all that porn, her soaking it in, becoming…educated…more risqué, you just couldn’t resist any longer could you?” She’s talking so fast, I can hardly keep up. “I’m just so glad I don’t have to keep it all a secret anymore.”

What?! Aside from the part about her thinking Liz and I make the perfect couple, I am supremely pissed right now. I would start shouting at her, but I never shout….at anyone. “Michael told you?! He told you I’m in love with Liz? Damn it! I told him not to tell anyone. NO ONE is supposed to know. I’m going to kick his ass. Shit, even Isabel has been able to keep her flapping jaws shut for all these years. When I get my hands on his greasy ass…ugh!!!”

Maria hesitates then says, “Yeah Max, Michael told me. Awhile ago, but don’t be mad okay? I promise I won’t tell Liz."

“Yeah you won’t. You’re best friends. You tell each other everything. Liz probably told you about that time Sophomore year when she caught me kissing my own hand. I was practicing in case I actually ever got the chance to kiss a girl "a girl" being Liz, and she totally caught me, literally red-handed.”

Maria bursts into laughter. “Actually I never heard that one. But thanks for sharing. I will, however, give Liz hell for not sharing that particular piece of information with me. Seriously though, I’m not going to tell her about…you know.”

I roll my eyes and then begin to busy myself by wallowing in self pity.

“I’m serious as a heart attack Max. I won’t tell her. You have my word. I cross my heart, hope to die, and stick a needle in Michael’s eye.”

I laugh despite myself. I believe her. I know I can trust her. Just like I knew she wasn’t really going to get a job with Liz. I know my secret is safe….for a little while longer anyway.


I’m still mad about Liz ditching me for lunch come sixth period. But then I let most of the anger subside when she throws her arms around me and gives me a big hug after the last bell rings.

“I’m sorry about lunch today. I’m sorry about this morning. I’m just sorry,” she says.

I can’t be mad when she’s giving me her best big, brown doe eyes. “You’re forgiven. I’m over it.” Ha. Another lie. This is becoming a habit for me lately. “It’s fine. Anyway, did you have a good time with Darwin.” Darwin. Hee. I crack myself up.

She doesn’t correct me when she answers, “It was pretty lame. The guy thinks so highly of himself. He’s also seriously deluded. He thinks that just because I work in a porn shop that must me I’m a porn star. Why can’t men make the distinction? There is a difference.”

“I know that,” I say.

“You do because you’re a decent, caring, sensitive guy Max. But the rest of the male student body seems to think my student body is up for grabs given the job I’m in.”

“Well, there are the exceptions aside from myself. Alex for one, Michael for another. Then there’s also Paul, y’know, since he’s gay,” I joke.

She laughs. She laughs in the way that I’ve been dying to see again. I’m the one that made her laugh like this…for the second time today. See, I told you, I can be funny.

Her laughing dwindles down and she gets a serious look on her face. “I want to make today up to you Max. How about we do our traditional Saturday night on Friday night too. I don’t think I can handle anymore dates this weekend.” So that’s why she’s been ditching out on me for the last two Saturday nights. Who the hell are these guys that are taking her out and why haven’t I heard about it until just now? “Two nights of popcorn and chick flicks with you sounds heavenly at this point.”

“Sure. Sounds great,” I reply.

At this point, I’ll take what I can get.


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As promised....

Part 6

Finally it’s Friday. The day I’ve been looking forward to all week. Well, actually it’s not today I’m looking forward to, but tonight. Chick-flick night with Liz.

I’m walking towards gym, getting ready to round the corner when I hear Maria in a worried voice.

“I just don’t think you should lie to him Liz. This whole thing could totally backfire on you. I just hope you know what you’re doing.”

“I know what I’m doing,” Liz replies confidently.

I step around the corner because I don’t want to feel like I’m eavesdropping on them, even thought that’s exactly what I was doing.

“Hey Max.” Maria’s worried tone is still there.

“Hey Maria. Hi Liz.”

“Max, hi,” Liz says, “I wanted…Aahh..aaah…choooo…”

She sneezes right in my face.

“Sorry,” she says.

“Bless you,” I reply then turn away from her and laugh. What? It just struck me as funny.

“Max, I need to talk to you about tonight,” Liz says.

“Look at the time,” Maria says looking at a nonexistent watch on her wrist, “gotta run. See you guys later.” Then she disappears.

I look at Liz, “What’s up? You want me to bring the movie for tonight?”

“Actually, I’m gonna have to cancel. I’m not feeling so hot today.” She still looks hot even if she isn’t feeling it. “I feel like I’ve told you sorry more times this week than is humanly possible, but I really am. I hope you’re not mad.”

“No, not at all. You obviously don’t feel well. Sounds like you’re getting that cold that’s going around”

“Yeah..yeah. I’m just gonna curl up under my blankets and hopefully sleep it off after work tonight. But I’m sure I’ll be feeling better by Saturday. So do you still want to do it Saturday night?” Hell yeah I want to “do it” Saturday night. Yes, I am now 12.

“Tomorrow night sounds great. If you’re feeling up to it that is.”

She sneezes again.

I say, “You sure you don’t want me to come over tonight and cook you some chicken soup or something? I could even make you some hot cocoa if you’re a real good girl…tuck you in under those blankets to make sure you stay nice and warm.”High five for me! I didn’t know I knew how to flirt!

She smiles. “Oh really. You’ll tuck me in huh? Maybe I can just curl up with you instead of some stupid blankets. I’m sure you could keep me warm Max.”

This time I smile. Have I mentioned that I love it and hate it when she teases me?

But before I can come up with an equally witty response to keep our flirtatious banter going, she says, “Thanks for the offer, but I’m just gonna go straight home after work and sleep. Chicken soup and cocoa don’t even sound good.”

“Okay then, well call me if you change your mind. And get better. And call me tomorrow to let me know what the plan is,” I say still smiling.

“I’ll do that,” she says while heading off to class.

I didn’t see Liz the rest of the day at school. Bummer.

I did, however, see Darren Dipshit again. He was blabbing to some of his jock friends about how Liz is a dick tease, but he found that specific quality to be even more appealing. Then he said, and I quote, ‘It’ll just make the victory more sweet when I finally do get in her pants’. I was about ready to knock some sense into the guy when Joe Miller said to him, “Whatever dude. You had a lunch date with her, not a sex date. You’re never getting in Parker’s pants. She might be playing herself up with this porn shop thing, but she isn’t one of the skanks you’re used to “dating”. Besides, as far as even getting the chance to get in her pants: get in line. I happen to know one guy who’s already at the front of the line.” Then Joe chuckles and I’m about ready to go over and bust a move all over his ass, but Isabel walks up to me whining that she wants a ride home.


I’m overwhelmed with joy to get to be in the presence of her royal heinous on the way home. I turn the radio up as loud as I can just to drown out her whiny, annoying voice.

Needless to say, it was the longest five miles of my life.


I come home to find that my mom has left a list of chores for me to do. The list is longer than my….nevermind. I spend the rest of my late afternoon making my mom very happy.

I mowed the lawn, granted I missed a few spots when I kept swerving around with the mower because I was imagining what Liz would look like running through the sprinklers on my front lawn in a string bikini. But after re-mowing the lawn, I then got to take out the garbage, clean the bathrooms, do my laundry, and help my dad repaint the tool shed. That is what I call a wild and crazy Friday night.

At 10pm I’m exhausted. I flop down on my bed and eye the telephone on the nightstand. I wonder how Liz is doing. I decide to give her a call. The phone rings four times then the machine picks up. I hang up without leaving a message. She’s probably asleep and I don’t want to wake her by blathering into her machine.

I lean back on my pillow and I am asleep before I even have a chance to come up with anymore daydreams involving Liz and water.

Saturday morning, 9am, Liz calls. She says she’s feeling much better; she sounds better. I’m supposed to meet her at 9:00 tonight because she doesn’t get off until 8:30.


Liz’s house

We’re sitting on her bed, watching Mansfield Park. I picked it out. I’ve seen it like a hundred times. Liz has never seen it. It’s my favorite Jane Austen adaptation. What? I said I’m a super-wuss. Besides, I can totally relate to the love-story between Edmund and Fanny. Here’s a guy who’s been in love with this woman all his life, granted she was his cousin, but incest was normal back in those days. It’s not like I’m in love with my sister, so on that note, I can’t relate. But I can be repulsed just by the thought of it. Ew. Anyhow, Edmund never tells Fanny how he really feels, Fanny never tells Edmund how she really feels, so throughout the entire movie there’s this deep sexual tension between them. It’s so obvious to they’re in love, but both of them are too afraid to tell the other. It’s so heart wrenching, yet so amusing at the same time.

The movie is almost over and Liz is curled up against my chest. Just like the chaste kisses on the cheek she gives me sometimes, being snuggled up to me isn’t anything new. We do this all the time. We’re really good friends. We’re comfortable enough to snuggle without having to worry that one of us is going to cross the boundaries. If she only knew. I jostle around a bit to make sure she’s still awake.

“I’m awake. There’s no way I’d miss the end by falling asleep. It better have a happy ending,” she says.

Thankfully, it does. The end to this movie is my favorite part, because I want to be Edmund. I want to have his courage to finally do the right thing. I want to have his dialogue damn it. It’s the best dialogue ever.

‘I have a confession Fanny.’


‘I’ve loved you all my life.’

‘I know Edmund.’

‘No Fanny. As a man loves a woman. As a hero loves a heroine. As I have never loved anyone else my entire life. I’m so anxious to do what’s right, that I forgot to do what IS right. But if you choose me, after all my blundering, and blindness, I would be a happiness to which no description could reach.’

I hear Liz’s breath hitch in her throat.

Edmund and Fanny are kissing passionately on the screen in front of us, and I’ve never wanted to be in Edmund’s position so badly in my entire life. Why can’t that be me? Why can’t that happen for me?

Liz is sobbing and wiping her wet eyes on my shirt. I don’t mind. She’s got her head resting on my chest and I wonder if she can hear how rapidly my heart is beating. She stays still for a moment, collecting herself. Finally she lifts her head up and scoots away from me, but not too far away. If I just reach my hand out I could easily run my fingers through her hair.

“That was the best movie ever Max. I can’t believe you haven’t brought that over before now. The end was just…moving. Through the entire movie my heart-strings were being pulled so hard, but the end made it all worthwhile, because they were together. They end up together. And the way Edmund confesses his love for Fanny. Oh my god, that was so dreamy….so romantic.

Then she keeps on quietly weeping and looking at me, almost expectantly. Maybe this it. Maybe this is my moment. Maybe this is my moment to confess to her everything I’ve wanted to. That she drives me crazy, but in the way that you want to go crazy. That she’s the first person I want to see in the morning. That she’s the only person I want to see in my dreams at night. That I’ve been in love with for as long as I can remember. That I can’t live another day being just her friend.

I turn to face her on the bed and she looks up at me with her weepy eyes. I smile sheepishly at her. Our gazes lock and I realize that yes, this is my moment. Her eyes are so deep and brown in this moment that I think I could fall into them and drown. I’ve fixed my adoring gaze on her.

“Liz, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Yes?” She leans forward a little.

“Um, I don’t…I don’t really know where to begin.” Then I lean forward a little. “It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a really long time.” I look down for moment, embarrassed then I pick my head back up. “I think that….I think that….”

Her phone rings once.

Neither of us pays any attention. We’re staring at each other, our lips only a breath apart.


“Let the answering machine get it okay? Okay?” she says, signaling for me to continue what I was about to say.

Third ring.

“Yeah…okay,” I say while dropping my gaze to her lips. They’re slightly pouting and there’s a pink glossy tint to them. I wonder what flavor lip gloss she’s wearing?My mind is shouting at me, “Just kiss her stupid and find out!”

Fourth ring.

I raise my gaze so that I can look directly into her eyes when I tell her this.

“I was going to say…” Oh god, this is it. The moment of truth….

“Hi, you’ve reached Liz,” her machine interrupts, “and I can’t take your call right now. So leave me a message and I’ll call you back. Bye. Beeep.”

“Hey Liz, this is Joe. I just wanted to say thanks for last night. I hope we can do it again sometime. {giggle giggle} Call me so we can talk about next weekend okay?”

Apparently, this wasn’t my moment.

My adoring gaze turns into one of confusion, hurt then anger. “You went out last night? I thought you were sick? No wonder you didn’t answer your phone. I can’t believe you lied to me! You lied to my face!” I’m yelling at her. Something I never do….to anyone. But you already knew that.

Her face turns red and she starts shaking her head. “Max, I…I…”

I jump off the bed as fast I can and make my way toward the door.

“I heard you yesterday talking to Maria, and I didn’t get the conversation at the time, but boy do I get it now. You know, I think this porn shop thing has gone to your head. Suddenly all these guys are throwing themselves at you, which isn’t unusual in itself, but it’s like you’re dying for the attention. And all the dates? Who’s approval are you looking for Liz? Exactly who are you trying to impress? If you had a date, fine, whatever. But you could have just told me. You didn’t have to lie to me. I thought we knew each other better than that.”

Tears are raining down her cheeks and splashing on her bedspread.

I deliver the last low blow with the cheesy classic “I don’t even know who you are anymore!”

I slam the door behind me.


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I was going to wait until tomorrow to post the next part, y'know, let you guys sit & be pissed at me for at least a day, but because I got an e-mail reminding me that I made some promises and I'm not meeting up to them, I'm going to post the next part. I don't want to lose a reader. {wink wink}

Besides, I've been good about updating everyday, why break that flow now?

Part 7

Sunday afternoon and I’m working in the UFO center. I’m supposed to be manning the Information Booth for some tour group that should be showing up any time now. Yeah, like I have any answers about aliens. Just because I live in Roswell doesn’t mean that I know anything about alien abductions or spaceships. Please. I have better things to occupy my mind with. Like say, Liz. Liz, and her lying ways. The way she lies…on her bed…alone…at night…totally naked. I’ve got it so bad. I’m still incredibly hurt over last night’s events, yet I still can’t stop thinking about her. I am so weak.

Before I get a chance to launch into another daydream, the tour group is ushered through the front doors and down the stairs, heading in my direction. Some little punk walks up, and starts giving me the third degree.

“So, why’d they kill the aliens?” He asks.

“What aliens?” I ask in turn.

“From the ’47 Crash. Why’d they kill them?” Can’t this kid see I just want to be left alone?

I try not to sound like a complete asshole, “Well, maybe you should visit our ‘Theories on ‘47’ exhibit.”

“But I thought this was the information booth,” he replies snidely. I knew he was a little punk. Where are his parents?

I try to keep the irritation out of my voice, “Well, yeah, it is, but….”

Suddenly I lose my train of thought, because in walks Michael and he’s heading straight for me, lollypop in his mouth, hair all greasy as usual. We’re back to being best friends ever since he washed his sheets. Translation: Michael’s getting some again, so therefore he’s much more agreeable in general.

“So Maxwell…heard you threw a little temper-tantrum last night.”

I don’t throw temper-tantrums. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t!

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Michael,” I state matter-of-factly.

He rolls his eyes, “Yeah, whatever. I thought Maria told you not to play dumb because you suck at it. Besides, Maria already told me the whole sordid affair.”

“What sordid affair is that?”

“That you went all psycho on Liz last night. Something about yelling at her in a jealous rage,” he replies.

Oh god. Liz thinks I went into a jealous rage? I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. I was mostly just hurt and angry that she lied to me. But that’s kind of hypocritical of me to be mad at her for lying seems how I lie to her every single day. Well, it’s not really lying, just concealing. But that’s not important right now, what’s important is damage control.

“For your information, I wasn’t jealous Michael. I was just upset that she lied to me. She obviously went out with Joe on Friday night and instead of telling me that, she played sick. Then she got caught in her own lie. That’s what I’m mad about. The lying. Not the date.” I sigh in frustration, “I can’t believe Liz thinks I was jealous.”

Michael knows I’m bullshitting him. Of course I was jealous. I’m about to admit to him though, and I can’t tell Liz that either even though it appears she already knows.

“Actually Liz doesn’t know you were jealous. That was just Maria’s interruption of the situation. Liz told Maria the whole thing and how you’re mad at her for lying. Maria deduced from their conversation that you were insanely jealous, which I might add, she was totally correct. But don’t worry Maxwell, only Maria shared this particular bit of information with me. Liz is still none the wiser to your green-eyed monster ways.”

I’m so elated right now that I actually pat Michael on the shoulder in thanks. And I’m glad Liz knows I’m mad at her for lying to me. I have every right to be mad. That was a shitty thing to do regardless of my concealment of my real feelings for her or not.

Michael sucks on his lollipop real hard, then pulls it out of his mouth. There’s actually a little spittle of drool on his face. Ew. “She is however, extremely hurt.She’s hurt? I’m not the one who had my heart crushed last night. “Something about you not giving her a chance to explain. Something about you leaving her crying on her bed while you stormed out like a little kid,” Michael finishes.

Why is he telling me this? I already felt like a complete bastard walking out on her, and I’ve been on a shame spiral ever since, and this is making me think not only am I a bastard, but I really am an asshole.

“Why are you telling me this Michael?” I ask.

“Simple Maxwell,” he says, “Maria told me to. I wasn’t about to disobey her wishes, especially after the last time I didn’t do what she wanted.”

With that he leaves without so much as a goodbye.

I spend the rest of my afternoon replaying last night’s events in my head. I should have done and said things a lot differently. I shouldn’t have been such a jerk. She shouldn’t have lied. But I care too much about her, too much about our friendship, to let this drive a wedge between us. Besides, I was so close to finally telling her the truth.

I call Liz at 7:00 that night. I just got home from work. It rings for a minute, her answering machine comes on, and I’m just about to hang up when Liz picks up the phone.

“Hello? Hello?” she says out of breath.

“Hey Liz. You willing to spare a few minutes so some asshole you know can apologize for storming out on you last night in a fit of rage?”

“Yeah, but only a few.” I hope she’s joking.

“I’m sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. I was just thrown off guard by your lying to me.”

“I didn’t lie to you Max.”

Uh, come again?

“Excuse me? How does telling me you were sick Friday so you could get out of our plans to go out with Joe Miller instead, not qualify as lying?”

She gives a heavy sigh. “I didn’t go out with Joe Miller on Friday night. I would NEVER go out with Joe Miller.” She would never go out with Joe Miller? Then what was all that business about him thinking he’s the guy who’s first in line to get a chance to get into Liz’s pants? God, I hate myself for saying that last bit, but I’m totally confused right now. Liz is still explaining, “The Joe you heard on my machine was my boss, Joe, from work. He was being sarcastic Max. The part about having a good time couldn’t be further from the truth. We had an awful time. I had to stay at work until 10:30 Friday night, despite feeling like the walking dead, because we got a shipment of leather lingerie in and all of it was missing it’s price tags. I was up to my elbows in leather underwear for three hours straight.”

Leather underwear. Leather underwear. Leather underwear.

Liz continues, “And he wanted me to call him about next weekend because I think he wants me to work late again. Apparently we’re getting a big shipment of new videos in and he needs me to check them in and catalog them.”

Here’s what I’m still hearing, “I was up to my elbows in leather underwear.

“Hello Max, you still with me?”

I somehow wake up out of my leather underwear induced fog. “Yeah. I just feel like such a jerk. I’m so sorry. I don’t even know how to make this up to you. I didn’t mean what I said about not knowing who you are anymore. I know who you are. You’re Liz Parker. Smart, witty, caring, beautiful, small town Liz Parker…who happens to have a porn fetish.”

She laughs. It’s a throaty laugh. “I don’t have a porn fetish…yet.” I gulp on the other end. “I’m still in training.” I groan this time. Thank God I covered the mouthpiece before doing so. “Anyhow, what about the thing you said about me and my increased dating habits?” she asks.

I’m fucked. I’m totally fucked. There’s nothing I can say that won’t come across as anything other than jealousy. Think think think. Then it hits me.

“I’m just worried. I know that a lot of the guys at school have the entirely wrong idea about you, y’know, now that you work at the porn shop. I just don’t want to see you get hurt. It’s like a protective friend thing y’know.”

She breathes heavily into the phone. No, not in a phone-sex kind of way…unfortunately. “I won’t get hurt Max. Trust me. None of those guys at school could ever get close enough to me, the real me, to actually do any emotional damage.”

“It’s not just the emotional damage I’m talking about Liz,” I reply in my most serious tone.

I hear her laughing on the other end. “Please Max. I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself. Don’t worry so much. You act like I’m off sexing it up with every guy I go out with; putting myself in compromising positions.”

“You mean to tell me you’re not?” I joke. I’m not really joking. Just poking around for information.

“No!! God No!”

“Okay good. For a moment I thought you weren’t going to save your most cherished virtue for me.” Damn, I’m getting good at this flirting thing.

She teases back, husky tone and everything, “Oh I am saving it for you Max. But I just don’t know how much longer I can wait.” She’s practically cooing into the phone. “It’s been such a long…hard….throbbing…wait.” I think I’m about to lose it, right here, right now. Then Liz giggles into the phone and I never hit my peak. She’s joking. For a moment I thought she was serious. Well, more like hoping, praying, dreaming, that she was serious.

“Well, since I am the guy you’re saving yourself for, does that mean I’m forgiven?” I’m trying to tease her again to see if she’ll take the bait. Hell, even if she isn’t being serious, then I’ll just get my kicks out of her teasing me back in that sexy, husky tone.

“Of course you’re forgiven silly,” she says. “But you still have to make it up to me.”

I’d do anything for her. Any.thing.

“Sure. Just name it.”

“I want you to find me a ‘Mansfield Park’ poster. I’ve decided it’s my newest love. Fanny is my new heroine. I want to be her. She was just so damn cool with her stories and wittiness. Although, if I had been her, I would have done something drastic to get Edmund to confess sooner.”

“Oh yeah,” I reply, “what would you have done?”

She thinks for a moment before answering. “I don’t know. Maybe just done something he wasn’t expecting; something to elicit some kind of a reaction.”

I know she’s not telling me what she’s really thinking about.

“Come on Liz, you’re holding back. I can tell. I’m not a complete idiot.”


Isabel’s standing in my door, with what looks like a bunch of pink clothing in her hands. She’s sending me her patented Queen Bitch stare. Not that she has any other expression. Whatever this is, it can’t be good.

“Uh Liz, I gotta go. Isabel is standing in my doorway about to have a cow, which is a good thing because she needs another pair of leather pants.” Liz giggles on the other end. “ I’ll pick you up for school in the morning, usual time okay?”

“Wait Max!,” Liz shouts into the phone, “What were you going to tell me last night? It seemed kind of important.”

I can’t tell her now. Not like this; not over the phone; not when I haven’t set the mood for my moment.

“It’s nothing really,” I say. Liar liar pants on fire. “It can wait.”

“Okay Max. But don’t make me wait too long. See you in the morning.”

“Night Liz.”

What was that all about? Not making her wait too long? Does she know? Could she…actually… to tell her? No, no that can’t be it.

“You are so dead Max. Look at what you did!” Isabel screams, instantly jerking me from my thoughts.

Take a Prozac Isabel, and calm down.

I look at the clothes she’s shoving in my face.

“What?” I ask.

She pulls out my red Spider-Man boxers from behind her back and starts shouting again. “You somehow managed to get your fucking ugly, totally gay, red boxers in with my whites! You put them in the hamper in the bathroom. The hamper you know is reserved for me. And now thanks to your lazy, forgetful, rude ass, all of my white clothes are pink!

I stand up and start shoving her out of my bedroom door. I have more important things to mull over right now than Isabel's inability to do laundry properly.

“Gee Isabel. That sucks. Guess you should have checked your laundry before putting it in the wash.”

Then I slam the door in her face.

Damn that felt good.


FYI - Next part guaranteed to be angst-free.

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Smoochies to everyone for all the feedback.

Like I said in the beginning, I'm sure Liz has an agenda of her own. Maybe she's just as scared as Max.

Angst-free part coming up....

Part 8

Something strange is happening to me. I’m actually beginning to believe that there just might be more to Liz’s new persona than I originally thought. I’m starting to think that maybe there’s more to Liz’s constant teasing of me. I’m starting to think that maybe I’M the person who’s attention she’s trying to get. For the first time, I’m beginning to believe that maybe Liz just might have feelings for me too.


I’m sitting in my Jeep trying not to sweat because it’s so incredibly hot out. It’s 7:30 in the morning, why is it already sweltering out? Anyhow, same story, different day. I’m staring at Liz’s door, waiting for her to come down so we can head to school together. I’m about ready to honk my horn, when I see the front door slowly swing open. Liz emerges from behind the door and steps onto the front porch, and OH...MY…FUCKING…GOD, straight out of Britney Spears’ ‘Baby One More Time’ video. I’m not joking; not even a little.

She’s got on the short, and I mean very short, pleated schoolgirl skirt. Her white knee-highs are hugging every velvety inch of her calves. She’s wearing a tight, white button down shirt, the top three buttons not fastened, and she’s paired it with the tightest black cardigan I’ve ever seen. Did she order that outfit off of Britney’s official fan site or what? She’s even got the pigtails. I have to admit that while Britney never did it for me in that video, Liz is doing it for me now in a very serious, very hormonal way.

She nods to me then turns around to lock the front door. I hear her keys jingling in the lock or maybe that’s just my brain rattling in my head. Nope, it’s her keys cause I just heard them hit the concrete porch.

“Oops,” Liz says.

She bends over slowly, almost deliberately, and goes to retrieve her keys. She doesn’t bend over the way most girls bend over when they’re wearing a skirt. Y’know, bend from the knees; crouch down so to speak. Liz opts to bend straight over at the hips, knees locked straight out, thus sending her skirt to ride up towards heaven. I say heaven because I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m in right now.

Time slows down as her tanned thighs are exposed inch…by…excruciating…inch. My eyes are feasting on this unexpected show of Liz’s skin. A nuclear explosion could go off right now and I still wouldn’t be able to tear my gaze away from her. I notice the familiar tightening in my groin, and I’m openly sweating now. Neither of which I can control. I’m about to be a gentleman and tell her that her skirt is riding up, when it happens. The keys are too far out of her reach and she bends even farther over to get them. Black lace underwear! Very skimpy, black, lace underwear to be precise. I think they might classify as ‘thong’ underwear actually. I know this bit of information about ladies undergarments from stealing Isabel’s Victoria’s Secret catalog every month. But that’s not the point. Liz’s lacy, black underwear is the point!

Please don’t grab the keys yet. Please don’t grab the keys yet, is the only coherent thought I have right now. Well, that and wishing I had a camera with me. I’m taking a mental picture of Liz’s fine ass all the while totally drooling all over myself. My mouth is hanging open and my gaze has yet to falter.

Spoke too soon.

My gaze falters just then when I see Liz, still bent over, look over her shoulder at me and smile in a way that would turn a gay man straight.

I’m totally busted. I know it. She knows it. But the weird thing is, she doesn’t seem to mind.

Liz finally is able to grab those pesky keys. Slippery little buggers aren’t they? She gets the door locked and turns fully around and starts walking towards the Jeep…towards me and the tent I’ve pitched right here in the front seat. Damn, why didn’t I wear a longer t-shirt? I chance a glance down at my crotch, to assess the damage. It’s pretty bad. There’s no way she’s not going to notice. I turn back toward the back seat to get my backpack so I can use it as a shield, when I see that Liz is still heading for the Jeep.

She’s gone into slow motion. Everything has gone into slow motion. I swear to God I hear ‘Foxy Lady’ playing. Her pigtails are blowing behind her and there’s a fine sheen of perspiration on her face. I can see her thigh muscles flex as she continues to glide toward me. Her perky breasts bounce slightly with every step she takes. The smile that’s playing on her lips is mischievous and utterly sexy. Okay enough already, somebody turn off the ‘Foxy Lady’ soundtrack!

Apparently I’m not the only one affected by the hot weather, because Liz stops, sets her backpack down and begins to slowly peel off her cardigan. Black lace bra. I can see it, plain as day, through her white shirt. Because I have Isabel for a sister, I know that the black bra and white shirt combo are fashion faux pas #3. But for the life of me, I don’t care. On Liz it doesn’t look tacky; it looks completely erotic. It’s intoxicating. It’s now going to become part of one of my daily reoccurring daydreams. The one where I’m watering the lawn and Liz walks up; startles me, and I accidentally hose her down. Yeah, that one. Or maybe the daydream where we’re out camping and…


Oh my God. The tent in the front seat. I’ve got to get rid of it.

Liz is almost to the Jeep, but I somehow manage to grab my backpack and throw it into my lap before she gets the passenger door open.

“Hey Max.” She’s still got that smile on her face.

“Hi” My voice breaks on the “I” part.

She giggles like a little girl and says, “Going through puberty again Max?”

I can’t even come up with a good lie. “Yeah, something like that.”

Her smile gets even brighter.

She knows.

Without a doubt, she knows exactly what she’s done. And if I’m not mistaken, she’s pleased with herself.

Oh, I get it. She’s decided to take her teasing to a whole new level. Y’know what? Fuck this noise. I’m not just gonna sit here and take this anymore. Turnabout is only fair play right? So I’m obviously very unsure of how Liz is going to react seems how I can’t just jump head first into the pool by telling her how I really feel…but that doesn’t mean I can’t test the waters first. It’s time for me to dip my toe in.

I’m formulating a plan at this exact moment when Liz asks, “What’s up with the backpack?”

I say, “Well, as you may have already gauged, it’s pretty hot out here and not to be gross or anything, but I need to change my t-shirt. I just happen to have another one in my pack.” This is the truth. My lame W.Roswell gym t-shirt is in there.

I’m careful to keep my backpack in place over my raging erection that won’t seem to go away. I think it’s the smell of Liz, the scent of vanilla and strawberries, that’s making my libido go into overtime. That and the fact that all I’m thinking about is what the material of Liz’s panties and bra would feel like under the touch of my fingers.

I manage to stop thinking about Liz’s underwear long enough to realize I have a plan to execute.

I pull my fresh t-shirt out of my pack.

“Oh, you want to go use the bathroom inside to change?” she asks while pointing at her house.

I square my shoulders so I’m directly facing her. I let the right side of my mouth turn up into a grin, and sounding as cocky as possible I say, “I don’t think that’ll be necessary.”

I look down at my torso then place both hands at the hem of my shirt. I bunch the fabric in my hands and get ready to pull it up. But before I do, I glance up at Liz to make sure she’s watching.

She’s watching. And she looks…anxious.

“You want to help?” I ask, trying to make my voice as husky as possible.

The look on her face is fucking priceless.

“Uh..uh, no…no, you go ahead,” she stutters out.

“You sure?” my tone is still serious.

“No. I mean YES, yes, I’m sure,” she replies.

I’m about to bust out of my skin at her reaction to my teasing. She’s falling all over herself. I think she must just be in shock that I finally decided to fight back so to speak. She’s probably even more shocked that I decided to use the same kind of ammunition she did earlier with her little flash-of-skin stunt.

I say, “Okay, well, since you’re sure.” Then I slowly start to take off my shirt. I’ve got it up around my head when I hear her gasp. She’s gasping? I know I have a decent torso, but is it really that great? I pull my shirt the rest of the way off to find that it must be that great, because Liz is openly gawking at me. Her mouth is ajar and her eyes are wide as saucers.

Well, this is going better than I expected.

Liz just keeps staring, not saying a word, and not blinking her eyes. She’s looking at my bare chest and stomach as if she’s never seen anything like it before. I notice she tends to keep her eyes focused mainly on my pecs. Hey Liz, stare at them too long and you’ll go blind. It’s just like staring directly into the sun. You’ll burn out your corneas.

I start to grab my fresh t-shirt.

“No, don’t,” Liz whispers, “not yet.” I just stare at her. She hesitantly raises her hand and places her fingers against my hot skin. It feels good. It feels really good. I inhale sharply and look down to watch her fingers begin lightly caressing my chest. I close my eyes and revel in the feeling of our skin to skin contact; as little as it may be. All of the fantasies I’ve ever had of Liz touching me intimately suddenly pale in comparison to the way she’s touching me right now. She rests her palm flat against the middle of my chest and then begins dragging it lightly downward. I keep my eyes closed for fear if I open them, I’ll realize this is all just another daydream. Her hand slides over the taut ridges of my stomach and keeps going lower. She lets her hand hover over my navel for a moment before she continues on her southward journey. I feel my backpack shift a little in my lap then I feel the bottom of her palm come in contact with the waistband of my jeans.

I’m just about to ask her whether we’re still playing a game or not when I hear the sirens.

She jerks her hand away and my eyes fly open.

We both turn around to look behind us.

Sheriff Valenti’s cruiser is parked right behind my Jeep, his lights flashing.

The Sheriff steps out of his car.

“Okay you two, what exactly do you think you’re doing?”


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The Sheriff steps out of his car.

"Okay you two, what exactly do you think you're doing?"

Part 9

Good question Sheriff. I was just asking myself the same thing.

I'd be shitting my pants right now, but since they're already at full capacity with the major wood I'm sportin, there just isn't enough room left. I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with an answer that's anything but the truth. But I realize I don't even know what the truth is...yet.

"Max thought a bee flew down his shirt and stung him," Liz says springing into action, "and I was just checking to see if he really did get stung."

Yet another reason why I love Liz; she's a quick thinker.

"Uh huh," the Sheriff responds, totally unconvinced. "Well, from where I was sitting it looked like you were both well on your way to an indecent exposure and lude conduct charge."

Liz and I sneak a glance at each other. We're both embarrassed beyond belief; it's evident by the expressions on both our faces. But it's hilarious, because even as embarrassed as we both are, Liz still takes another peek at my chest before turning back to the Sheriff.

"Really Sheriff, we were just trying to see if Max got stung. He's allergic," she says, Total lie. I'm not allergic and she damn well knows it. "I just didn't want to risk it. I had to look. He might have needed immediate medical attention."

Now the Sheriff looks almost amused. He knows there was no bee. "Alright Miss Parker, that's fine. But how about you kids do yourselves a favor, and the next time Mr.Evans has a 'bee sting', you go indoors to apply first aide okay?"

"Absolutely Sheriff," we reply in unison.

"Good. Now how about you put a shirt on son," Valenti says,"and get your little nurse here to school. You kids better hustle if you don't want to be late, but don't speed. Arrive alive."

"Yes sir," I reply and two seconds later I have my shirt on.

My totally lame, dorky W.Roswell High gym t-shirt that is. The ridicule I'm sure to get from other students and my friends for wearing it all day, will be well worth it.


Both of us are too chickenshit to say anything on the ride in. I keep looking at Liz out of the corner of my eye and every time I do, I catch her looking at me too. But every time I do catch her, she averts her gaze and goes to staring out the window.

I think something monumental just happened between us earlier. But what exactly was it?


My tires squeal as I slam on my brakes while pulling into my parking spot. Before I've even killed the engine, Liz has hopped out of the Jeep, backpack on her shoulder and cardigan over her arm.

"See ya later Max." Then she's off and running towards class.

Did I miss something?


Lunch time.

I'm sitting outside in the quad with Alex.

"Have you seen Liz today Alex? I haven't seen her since this morning."

"Sorry dude, haven't seen her. I did however, see your sister today. And may I say she was looking particularly fine in that leather outfit."

"No, you may not say, Alex. Do you know how many cows died to supply her outfit today? Besides, we're in the middle of the desert; she has no business wearing leather out here. I can't believe you like it."

"It's not the leather outfits I like Max. It's what's in them that I dig."


"Enough Alex. If you're so hot after my sister why don't you just ask her out?"

Alex chuckles. "Hey Max, why don't you take your own advice?" He lets the question hang in the air for a minute. "By the way, I'm not hot after your sister. Hot after her huge breasts, but other than that, there isn't anything there worth pursuing. No offense."

"None taken." Why would I be offended? I agree with him 100%. Aside from her bust, Isabel doesn't have one worthwhile quality about her. But I still love her. I kind of have to. What? Don't give me that 'Ew, you're her brother, you shouldn't notice her breasts' speech. I live in the same house as the beast. I've seen her bras lying around more times than I'd like to recall. Give me a break. Her having large breasts is merely an "observation" on my part, kind of like how you'd notice one of your sibling's big, fat stomach. It doesn't mean I check them out. That would be so wrong for so many reasons. Incest is NOT best.

Alex and I finish our lunches and walk over to the trashcans when Joe Miller walks up. I've talked to Joe like five times in my entire life. Alex has probably never exchanged so much as a "hey" with the guy, so I have no idea why he's approaching us now.

"So, Max Evans. The mysterious and elusive Max Evans that every girl in this school is dying to get a piece of. One girl in particular. What the hell is he talking about. "What's your secret Evans? How do you drive all the girls wild? Help out the rest of us non-pussy-gettin fellas will ya? I still have no clue what he's talking about. And I'm not particularly fond of his vulgar reference either.

"I have no clue what you're talking about Joe."

"Yeah right. Well, if you're not going to tell me your secret Evans, then answer me one question. Since you're first in line, how long before you tax that ass of Parker's huh?"

I don't know what happened first. Me punching Joe in the face or me realizing that I was the guy Joe was referring to the other day as being 'first in line for Liz' so to speak.

"You dick!" Joe screams while clutching his nose.

"Go Max!" Alex is cheering.

Joe doesn't get a chance to even attempt to hit me back because Mr.Segliman walks up just then and grabs me by the arm.

"Detention Mr.Evans," he says, "my classroom right after sixth period today." Then he turns to Alex, "Mr.Whitman, could you please escort Mr.Miller to the nurse's office?"

"Sure thing," Alex says laughing his ass off.


"Mr Evans, I should have reported that earlier incident to the principal, but because you're an honor student and you've never done anything like this before, I'm only going to give you detention for two weeks," Mr.Segliman rambles.

I'm standing with my hands in my pockets in the front of his empty classroom.

"Thanks Mr.Segliman. I appreciate it. And I promise nothing like that will ever happen again," I say. Unless some other pecker-head dares to open his mouth to me to say shit about Liz.

"I should hope not. I'm sure Mr.Miller probably provoked you, but that's still no excuse. Now I want you to scrub down all the lab equipment and tables. Once you're done you can leave. I have a call to make in the office. I'll be back in twenty minutes. You better be scrubbing when I get back."

Ugh. This sucks.

Five minutes later and I'm leaned over my first lab table. This is disgusting. Do people not clean up after their experiments or what? I swear this table has never seen a washcloth before.

"I heard what you did today," a voice says from behind me. I don't need to turn around to know whom the voice belongs.

I turn around to face her anyway.


"Yeah," Liz says, "Alex told me."

"What did he say?"

"He didn't go into detail; only said that you punched Joe Miller defending my honor."

I shrug modestly.

"Thanks," she says and then walks up to me, as close to me as she can possibly get without standing on my feet. She gets up on her tip-toes and places a light, closed-mouthed kiss on my lips. She lets it linger for a moment then takes a couple of steps back.

"I gotta go. Maria's giving me a ride home," she says quietly.

She turns to leave.

I've already let too many moments pass me by. I'm not letting this one get past me too.

I grab her by the arm and spin her back around abruptly. I gather her up against the full length of my body. She's caught off guard at first, but then recovers quickly. I put both arms around her waist and bunch the fabric of her shirt into both my hands. She throws her arms around my neck when she feels me pull her tighter against my body by her shirt. I lean down and with my lips hovering millimeters above hers, I say, "Maria can wait."



Just messin with ya guys. I'm evil, but I'm not that evil. I won't leave ya hanging like that. I'll be back shortly to post the next part. But you have to give me some time 'cuz I have to hand type it up due to my puter issues.

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Part 10

I don't kiss her right then.

I let my lips remain motionless just above hers. I slowly, deliberately tilt my head to the right, angling myself to kiss her.

But I don't.

Our lips are so close, I swear I can already taste her lip gloss; it's strawberry. My tone is husky, my words drawling out thick as honey, "Do you want me to kiss you Liz?"

She lets out a deep sigh. "I've never wanted anything so badly in my entire life." As she's exhaling with each syllable, I'm breathing her in.

I part my lips slightly, then I slowly tilt my head to the left now, angling myself again to kiss her.

I still don't.

"Where?" I ask her breathlessy.

She doesn't reply in words but instead tilts her head to the left, exposing the right side of her neck. Her skin looks so delectable.

I exert every bit of self control I possess in order to not just attack her. Cause I'm having way too much fun teasing her right now. Paybacks are a bitch huh?

I lean forward and nuzzle her ear with my nose before continuing down to her neck. I place my lips on the pulse in her throat, still not kissing her. Letting my lips rest tentatively against her skin I ask, "Here?"

She whimpers.

I fully press my mouth to her skin and get my first taste of her. It's the most wonderful taste in the world. I place open mouth kisses over her pulse point; light, feathery, wet kisses.

She's sighing. Her hands playing with the hair at the nape of my neck.

I open my mouth wider and gently caress her flesh with my tongue.

She moans in the back of her throat.

I do it again, but this time as I'm closing my mouth, I actually suck hard on her skin.

She moans out loud.

I smile against her neck. Then I pull back away from her and look her in the eyes. They're shining so brightly, full of desire and beauty. It almost hurts to look at them.

We don't say anything. We just stare deeply into each other's eyes. A silent war suddenly wages between us. Who's going to make the first tactical move? What weapons are we going to use? How long will this battle last? In this war it's not about who wins or loses, because ultimately, in the end I know we're both going to win. In our war, it's all about who's going to be the one to surrender.

Liz gets back up on her tip-toes and barely sweeps her lips over my lips and cheeks before stopping to nuzzle my left ear with her nose. She lightly nudges the left side of my neck. I tilt my head right, knowing that's what she wants.

Liz places her hands on my hips. I haven't dropped the fabric of her shirt from hands. In fact, I've gathered more of it into them. I can feel her just breathing against my neck. Goosebumps are covering every inch of my body right now. She still hasn't pressed her lips to my skin yet.

I'm trying to stay somewhat composed as she still remains motionless. I refuse to surrender! The only sound in the empty room is our ragged breathing. She's breathing so heavily against my neck right now, I can actually feel moisture gathering on my skin from the warmth of it.

I can't stand this much longer. I release a handful of fabric and place that hand on the back of her head, grasping silky strands of her hair as I do so. My actions finally cause her to move.

She doesn't kiss my neck though. Instead she takes my left earlobe into her mouth and lightly sucks.

I stifle a groan.

She releases my earlobe for a moment and then runs the tip of her tongue just behind my ear.

I quiver.

She goes back to my earlobe, lightly sucking again. Then I feel her tenderly drag her teeth across it and bite down gently.

Just above a whisper, her name slips past my lips.

With that, she surrenders.

She crashes her lips to mine. She's kissing me. I'm kissing her back. This is really happening.


I hope all that practing-on-my-hand bullshit pays off.

The kiss is tentative at first; gentle. I place both hands on either side of her face in order to deepen it. I pour the past six years of yearning and love for into this kiss; our first kiss. I'm telling her everything I've been wanting to tell her without saying a word. She's moaning into my mouth in understanding. She begins kissing me more urgently. She's telling me without words everything she's ever wanted to tell me but didn't. And the amazing thing is, she's mirroring my exact feelings and desires. We're having one of the most important conversation of our lives without so much as one spoken word.

There aren't any right words that could capture what's happening in this moment. No one word could do it justice. But there's a quote in my mind right now that I can't help thinking comes pretty damn close. "Surely you and I are beyond speaking when words are clearly not enough."

We both open our mouths wider and I feel her tonuge slide across mine. This is incredible.

I'm so enthralled with the kiss that it takes me a moment to register that she's pinned me against the lab table; her hips lightly grinding into mine. Her arms are now around my shoulders and her fingers are curling roughly into my back. The friction of her body rubbing rhythmically against mine just isn't enough.

I know I shouldn't do it for so many reasons, but I cant' help myself any longer. I take a step forward, forcing Liz to take a step back. But before her foot even hits the ground to steady herself, I pick her up in my arms, and with no coaxing, she wraps her legs around my waist easily.

I spin us around and I lay her down on the lab table. Thank God I just cleaned it. I follow her down without breaking our kiss and settle my weight on top of her. The table squeaks in protest. Liz wraps her legs back around my waist and puts both her hands in my hair. I place both my hands back on her face then I raise my hips and bring them back down in a slow, tedious grinding motion. Liz tenderly bites my lower lip in response. I raise my hips again, but this time when I bring them back down, the distance to contact is shorter as Liz has already met me halfway.

We're dancing...horizontally. You can hear the soft moans in the back of our throats and the swishing of fabric rubbing against fabric. You can hear our lips smacking hungrily together. You can also hear the table squeaking each time our hips gently crash together.

I thougth this morning's interlude was monumental, but compared to what's happening now, it seems almost trivial.

We keep grinding against one another. Our kisses stop momentarily while we look into each other's eyes. Mouths gaping open, we keep moving against one another, just watching each other's expressions. I can feel the pressure building inside me. It's a familiar pressure and I know what's soon to come. Yeah, I know. Another unintended pun. But if I don't seize some semblance of control right now that pun is going to be all over in my jeans.

I lean down and resume with our passionate kisses. I lift my right hand off her face and slide it down her body. I lightly graze her breast on the way. Liz tears her mouth away from mine, tilts her head back, arches her back, and harshly breathes out, "Oh god." In my wildest fantasies, Liz never looked as erotic or as beautiful as she does right now.

I continue sliding my hand lower, over her tight stomach, down past her hip, lower still to her thigh. At the first touch of silken skin, I almost come undone. By some miracle, I manage to keep the building pressure in my groin at bay even though we have yet to stop our lower bodies from moving. Liz is placing hot, wet kisses on any part of my exposed flesh she can reach. Her skirt has ridden up dangerously high. But let's face it folks. It was already dangerously short to begin with. I place my hand behind her knee and I grab her leg and pull it up higher on my waist. Once it's positioned to my liking, I slide my hand from her knee all the way down her thigh until I come in contact with her ass. Her bare ass. Thank you Victoria's Secret thong underwear!

Somewhere in the back of my mind my conscience is nagging me that we're probably letting things progress to a level that they shouldn't be progressing to just yet.

I ignore it.

Suddenly our make-out session grows more heated, more urgent. We're desperately sucking, biting, grabbing, pushing, and pulling at each other. Neither one of us caring to keep track of time.

We're still going at it frantically when Mr.Segliman walks back into his classroom.

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Horn dogs. All of you! LOL!!!!!

This part is basically transitional. But the parts hereafter are going to be mostly soft core porn. So, you've been warned.

Suddenly our make-out session grows more urgent. We’re desperately sucking, biting, grabbing, pushing, and pulling at each other. Neither one of us caring to keep track of time.

We’re still going at it frantically when Mr.Segliman walks back into his classroom.

Part 11

“Oh sweet Jesus!”

We don’t hear him, or maybe we do, but we just pretend we don’t.

“Stop that! Stop that this instant!” Mr.Segliman yells.

We finally stop what we’re doing, but neither one of us makes any indication that we’re about to abandon our current position. I look over my shoulder while Liz tilts her head sideways, we both look at him; more annoyed than embarrassed that he caught us. Whatever. Wouldn’t be surprised if the old man stood there watching us for awhile, getting his rocks off, before he finally spoke up.

He’s not happy in the very least. His face is flushed in anger or maybe he really is embarrassed about catching us. “So, it looks like Miss Parker is obviously also wanting two weeks of detention,” he says, “and you must be looking to add another two weeks on top of the sentence you already have Mr.Evans.”

Liz and I glance back at each other, then simultaneously we both says, “Yeah, okay.”

Then we go back to attacking each other.

“I think that’s quite enough!” Mr.Seglimen yells as he walks over to physically remove us from each other. He literally pulls me off of Liz and steps in front of me. He places a hand on my chest and I’m not stupid enough to fight against the barrier he’s trying to put between me and Liz. Liz hops off the table and smoothes her skirt down. She looks at Mr.Segliman, then at me. She just stands there.

“I think it’s time for Miss Parker to be leaving,” he says.

She’s totally dazed. We’re just staring intently at each other, our chests heaving. She doesn’t answer him.

He grabs her and starts pushing her towards the door. “Goodbye Miss Parker.”

Before he’s got her out the door, she turns and smiles at me in a way I’ve never seen her smile before. Her hair is disheveled, her cheeks flushed; she looks utterly ravished. Instantly I know that I will NEVER forget the way she looks at this very moment.

“Bye Max.”

Then she’s gone.

I’m still reeling when Mr.Seglimen turns on his heel to face me.

Shit, I’m in so much fucking trouble. But just like with the ridicule over my lame gym t-shirt, it’s well worth it.


Friday afternoon and I’m miserable. I was banned from giving Liz rides to or from school the rest of the week after my Mom ran into Sheriff Valenti at the store Monday night. Needless to say, she wasn’t pleased to hear his take on the situation that took place that morning.Good thing she didn’t hear about the situation that took place later that same day in Mr.Segliman’s classroom. If she had, I probably would have been banned from seeing Liz for the rest of my life. She also banned me from calling Liz until tonight. And on top of that crap, I hardly saw Liz at all the rest of the week. She’s been serving her detention during her lunch periods, and I’ve been serving mine after school. We don’t have any classes together, so aside from passing each other in the halls between classes, I haven’t really seen her.

It’s kind of hard to have a conversation with her in between classes because those breaks are only four minutes long; enough time to get your books and go on to your next class. So on that note, we haven’t exchanged more than secret smiles and ‘hi’s and bye’s’.

This quasi-isolation from Liz has sucked harder than Isabel does when giving her flavor-of-the-week a blow job. Translation: it sucks pretty fucking hard considering Isabel could suck start a leaf blower. Basically, the suckage factor in all of this is off the charts especially considering what has finally transgressed between Liz and I in recent days.

Because of the recent events that have unfolded, I can no longer deny the fact that Liz has feelings for me. I felt it when we kissed. I can feel it when she smiles coyly at me in the hallways. Suddenly, things start to add up and become more clear. This whole thing with Liz, the porn shop, the teasing; it was all for me the entire time. With that bit of knowledge, I’m starting to question whether she really went out on any dates at all or if it was all just some part of a scheme to drive me jealousy insane forcing me to tell her the truth. I recall her conversation with Maria last week, and suddenly I realize that the suspicions I have are probably right.

So Liz has feelings for me.Duh. Like she’d be sticking her tongue down my throat if she didn’t have feeling for me. I think her feelings may run as deep as mine, but there’s only one way to be sure. The next time we’re together, we’re going to have to use words instead of actions. Although I’d prefer if we could use both.

I’ve finally bought a clue ladies and gentleman. Now it’s just a matter of where we go from here.


I’m serving my after school detention today by filing Mr.Segliman’s lecture notes.. I’m intentionally filing them wrong. That’ll teach you to interrupt my make out sessions Mr.S!
Of course I’m not alone. Mr.Segliman is supervising me. Gee, I wonder why?

Maria walks in while I’m sitting in one of the desks “organizing” files. She asks Mr.Segliman if she can have a brief word with me and he says as long as it’s very brief.

“Hey Max. Having fun?”

“Blow me Maria.” Holy shit! Where did that come from?

Maria laughs. “Well, well, well. Looks like Liz isn’t the only one that’s a little “different” since she got her job at the porn shop. Snaps to Liz. Our little plan worked. I had my doubts, but it turns out Liz was right.”

I knew it. I fucking knew Maria was in on this grand scheme of Liz’s that I’ve just become somewhat privy to.

“Oh and as far as your “blow me” comment,” Maria says, “that’s not my job. But I do know a girl who would be more than willing to apply for the position.” Then she laughs.

I really don’t want to have this conversation with her with Mr.Segliman eavesdropping on us. “Did you want something Maria?”

“Yeah,” she says handing me a piece of paper. “Liz wanted me to give this to you. She insisted I hand deliver it.”

I take the note and turn it over in my fingers. Before I can say thanks, Maria’s out the door.

I open the letter. It reads:

Dear Max,
I’ve missed you terribly this week
But the memory of our first kiss has kept me company in your absence.
I can still feel your lips on mine, your hands on my body.
I get wet just thinking about it.
Meet me tonight at my work around 9:00…if you’re so inclined.
We have much to discuss.
With Love,

Oh dear Lord. ‘I get wet just thinking about it.’ Yeah well, I get hard just reading those particular words from her.

Nine o’clock can’t get here soon enough.


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Is it 9pm yet? Why by golly, I think it just might be.

Part 12

I step foot into Pete’s Porno Palace for the first time ever at 8:45pm. The carpet is red and the walls are gold. Cheesy. There’s a blow-up doll positioned inside the entrance. Its mouth is crammed open with a dildo. A sign behind the doll reads: Welcome to Pete’s. Thanks for coming. Ha ha ha…but not. There are all kinds of whips and other gadgets suspended from the ceiling. The lighting is low with red stranded lights spread randomly throughout the store. How the hell did Roswell, alien-central, end up having a porn shop? I guess even aliens need porn.

I walk down the isles of shelves that are crammed full of X-rated videos. I pass some guy in one of the isles. He’s got his back to me because he’s thoroughly engrossed in reading the jacket of one of the tapes. I don’t want to think about what he’s doing while facing those shelves. What did I say? I said this place was a pervert’s paradise. Aside from myself and Mr.Video Perv, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else in the store.

I approach the lingerie and lotion section, looking around for Liz or at least the register. It’s got to be around here somewhere. Sure enough, a few more steps to the right and there’s Liz and the register. There’s all kinds of sex toys in display cases that surround the counter. I make my way up there…to Liz, not the sex toys.

Liz is standing behind the counter rubbing something on her hands. A small bottle sits on the countertop in front of her. She senses someone approaching and she looks up. She smiles widely when she sees that it’s me.

“Hi Max.”

“Hi Liz.” I don’t even know how or where to begin. Should I just blurt out all the things that are in my mind right now? I love you. I want you. I’ve been going crazy all week not being able to taste you again. Let’s go back to my house and make wild, passionate love all night long. Um, no, I don’t think I should say that. Besides, we’re in a porn shop. Who confesses their love in a porn shop?

I’m a total coward. I opt to let my curiosity get the best of me instead of saying what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling. “What are you rubbing on your hands?”

She picks up the bottle from the counter and turns it so I can see the label.

Motion Lotion.

“What is Motion Lotion?” I dare to ask.

She motions with her finger for me to come over there while saying, “Come here and I’ll show you.”

I walk around the counter, so I’m standing beside her behind it. She reaches out and starts undoing the buttons on my shirt.

“Liz, what are you doing?” I say in surprise, “There’s someone in the store.”

“Really? I didn’t see anyone come in.” Then she keeps unbuttoning my shirt seemingly not caring that we aren’t alone. Once she’s got my shirt open in the front, she pushes me up against the counter, and steps in front of me, pinning me there. She takes the bottle and squirts some lotion into her hands and then begins rubbing it on my chest. I watch her as she does this. I admit it feels good, but I don’t see what the big deal is; it feels like regular lotion to me.

She only rubs it on for a few strokes and then stops. I look at her and she’s got that devious smile on her face again. She drops her gaze, puckers her lips and then blows on my chest.

A sudden rush of heat explodes on my skin. It’s like the flesh on my chest has suddenly sparked to life. That isn’t the only piece of my flesh that has suddenly sparked to life.

She stops blowing and looks back up at me with an amused expression on her face.

“Oh, I get it,” I say, “you blow on it and it gets hot.” I’m trying to distract her from noticing the rather large bulge that has suddenly appeared in the front of my jeans.

“That’s the general idea, yes.” Liz replies.

“Then why do they call it Motion Lotion if you blow on it? Why not call it Blow-tion Lotion?”

Liz laughs at this. “Well, for one, blow-tion isn’t even a word and two, that’s not its intended use.”

I’m lost.

“Okay, then what is?”

She smiles again, steps into me, and places her hand on the middle of my upper chest. She nuzzles her face into the base of my throat. Then she starts rubbing her hand up and down; slowly at first and then she starts rubbing faster.

The fire lights back up on my chest. It’s hot. But it’s a tingling kind of hot that doesn’t burn; it’s exquisite.

“Do you feel that Max?” She’s talking with her mouth against my throat.

“Yesss,” I say raggedly.

“Now let’s say I were to put that lotion on my hand and put it here.” She trails her hand down my stomach, over my jeans, and leaves it to rest directly over my erection. I don’t protest. “Now imagine if my hand were actually inside your jeans… inside your boxers, and I started rubbing again like I was a moment ago.” Oh I’m imagining it all right.

“You getting the picture Max?”

“I’m starting to,” I say into her hair.

Yeah I realize things are moving kind of fast, but cut me some slack. I’ve been in love with the girl for like six years now. And now that I’ve finally decided to jump headfirst into the pool, does it really matter if I dive in at the shallow end or the deep end? Okay, so yeah, it does matter. But give me a break. Six years people. Six years. I think I deserve to make up for lost time.

“Oh are you now?” Liz asks in reply. “Do you maybe need a little over-the-clothes demonstration to help you get a better picture?”

Rational thought returns before I’m able to give her a ‘hell yes!’.

“I thought we were going to talk,” I say.

“We will…later. We have all night to… talk Max. I promise. But right now I’m worried that one of my customers can’t fully appreciate one of our products because he doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of it.”

“I’m not a customer Liz.”

“You are as long as you’re in this store.”

I ponder that over for a moment.

“Well, in that case….,” I finally say with a cocky grin on my face.

She starts kissing the base of my throat. I place my hands in her hair and begin planting kisses on the crown of her head. Once I start kissing her hair, she begins to move her hand tentatively up and down over the length of my erection. She leaves her palm flat at first, but then slightly curls her fingers in attempts to take me into her hand. My jeans get in the way so she can’t really get a “hold” of me so to speak. It doesn’t matter; this still feels amazing.

Her kisses move from my throat, up the side of my neck, and then she’s sucking on my earlobe, all the while keeping up with her ministrations on my lower body. She’s driving me crazy. I moan into her hair. She adds more pressure and rubs a little a faster. I think my knees are going to give out. I place my hands on the counter and curl my fingers around the edge in order to support myself. Liz doesn’t stop what she’s doing even after I’ve released her from my grasp. She actually seems more turned on that I can’t touch her right now because I have to use all my strength to support myself….all because of her…all because of what she’s doing to me.

My breath is coming out in quick, short pants with groans mingling in every few seconds. Liz covers my mouth with hers in order to quiet me. She darts her tongue in and out of my mouth, coaxing me to do the same. I thrust my tongue in out and of her mouth, now causing her to moan in kind. Her hand keeps moving faster and harder while her other hand cradles my cheek.

Ohgodohgodohgod. I’m so close…so close.

Up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

Liz tears her lips away from mine then places them right over my ear. “You’re so incredible Max,” she says, her tone husky. “Just listening to the way you’re breathing right now is making me so moist.”

That’s all it takes. I cum. Standing right there, in the porn shop, in front of her, with my pants on. I can’t believe she was able to bring me to that point with my pants on, and especially so quickly. Note to self, work on the control and stamina issues.

Tremors are still quaking through my body as she kisses me softly on the lips. I’m finally capable of supporting myself, so I take my hands off the counter and wrap them around Liz.

We’re just holding each other. Both of us breathing heavily.

Not that that wasn’t just the most exhilarating experience of my life, because it was, but I’m feeling a little embarrassed right now. I can’t look her in the eye yet, so I keep her hugged against me, the side of her face resting against my chest, my chin resting on the top of her head.

I joke to ease my discomfort a little, “Do you do that for all your customers?”

“Only the ones I’ve been in love with for a really, really long time,” she says in all seriousness.

I don’t breathe for a full minute. She absolutely took my breath away.

I pull away from her, she turns her face, but still leaves her head down so her gaze is fixed on my chest. I put my finger under her chin and tilt it upward. At this moment, I can’t not look her in the eyes.

Our eyes meet and we stare at each other. There’s a hint of apprehension…fear, in her eyes. I’m hoping that when she’s looking in my eyes, she sees everything she needs to see. Everything to calm her fears and erase her apprehension. I’m hoping that when she’s looking in my eyes, she’s seeing herself.

“Liz, I don’t think I need to tell you that I’m so in love with you. That I’ve been so in love with you for so long.” I hesitate for a beat. “I think you already know.”

She smiles, so I smile too.

I kiss her. I kiss her in the only way I know how. With everything that I am, with everything that I have.

I don’t know how long we stand there kissing for, but it doesn’t seem long enough, when a male voice behind us interrupts.

“Excuse me, but I’d like to check out these videos before the end of this year please.” Then he mutters to himself, “this is suppose to be a porn shop, not porn ‘show’. Get a room like everybody else.”

I turn around while Liz steps out from behind me at the same time.

“Oh my god! Mr.Evans! Miss Parker! Again!”

It’s Mr.Segliman.

He’s staring in shock and humiliation at us. Me and Liz look at each other and smile, then look back at Mr.Segliman.

He’s so busted.

“You both work here?” he asks. Then mutters to himself again, “well, that would explain a lot.”

“Nope,” Liz says, “Just me. I’ve been working here for about a month now. But I have to say Mr.Segliman, I’ve never seen you in here before. What’ve you got there? ‘Naughty teachers caught on tape?’ That’s a good one. Maybe I could get you to endorse it, y’know since you’re a teacher and everything. That way, when everyone comes into the store, they can see that that tape is highly recommended by Mr.Segliman.” Liz is fucking with him in a serious way. It’s adorable.

He’s turning extremely red. I’m wondering if he’s getting ready to have a heart attack. He’s opening & closing his mouth, but nothing is coming out. He’s probably worrying about how long it’s going to take for Liz and I to tell the entire student body that Mr.Segliman was in the porn shop Friday night. I knew he was a dirty, old man.

I know Liz and I are both thinking the same thing. We’re not going to give up his dirty, little secret, on one condition…

“So, Mr.S,” I say, “about our detention….”


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Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. I really appreciate it and I'm just glad you guys are all still enjoying this story.

Part 13

We’re laughing hysterically. We’re laughing so hard that the Jeep is rocking back and forth slightly.

Liz got off work at 9:30 when her boss, Joe, came back from his break. He saw me standing behind the counter with Liz; we were just getting started on our laughing hysterics. He also happened to notice that I had Liz’s cardigan tied around my waist.

’So you must be Max. I’ve heard a lot about you from Liz. She said you’re a great guy. But I have to say you don’t really have great fashion sense. What gives with the cardigan? Have a little accident?’

’It was no accident.’ Liz giggled.

I would have been embarrassed, but I was too busy crying laughing over the fact that Liz and I got out of our detentions because Mr.Segliman is a big old horndog and he didn’t want anybody to find out about it. It’s called blackmail and while I would never resort to such an extreme, there was no way I wasn’t going to take the chance to get out of detention and spend more time with Liz. I’m not stupid; slow maybe, but not stupid.

Anyhow, Joe let Liz leave for the rest of the night. He said something about her probably having better things to do on a Friday night than spend it working. Then he winked at me. We promptly left thereafter.

Our laughing fit dies out abruptly. We look at each other. I wonder if my eyes are smoldering in the same way that Liz’s are right now? She launches herself at me, hopping over the gearshift and right into my lap. Before I can even gasp, her mouth is on mine.

I manage to rip my lips away from hers. A harder feat than you might think. “Liz, we really should go somewhere more…private. I think we’ve reached our quota for being busted in public places this week.”

She hops back into her seat, a pout on her lips. “Yeah, you’re probably right.” She thinks for a minute. “Let’s go back to my house. My parents are out until tomorrow on a star-gazing campout.”

Me, Liz, and an empty house. I’m pretty sure that’s a recipe for mass chaos…or mass destruction. I don’t even want to think about the damage we could do to each other in an empty house. So instead, I won’t think about it. I’ll just go with the flow. “Okay. But first let me go home and change,” I reply.

She gives me a knowing smile.

Fresh boxers: check. Fresh pants: check. Fresh breath: check.

I’m heading out my bedroom door, but then I turn back to grab a book off my shelf.

Fresh idea for driving Liz absolutely insane with lust: check.

She’s waiting for me in the car. I told her it would only take me five minutes to “freshen” up. It took me two and half. I tell my mom as I’m running out the door that I’m taking Liz to a late movie and then I’m staying at Michael’s. I know she knows I’m lying. But too bad cause I’m too busy being blinded by loveand lust right now to care to tell the truth. Besides, like my mom really wants to hear me tell her the truth, ‘I’m going over to Liz’s house. Her parents are out of town until tomorrow. If I’m not back by then, call the police or the paramedics because I’ll have probably sexed my way into a coma.’ I’m going to categorize the lie I just told my mom as one of those “good” lies. You know, the kind of lies that you tell to keep from hurting someone’s feelings or to ‘protect’ them from worrying.


We’re in Liz’s room. She’s standing in front of her dresser looking at herself in the mirror while taking her earrings out. I’m standing directly behind her. She’s looking at me in the mirror.

“Why didn’t you tell me Max?”

“Probably for the same reasons you didn’t tell me.”

She just keeps staring at me in the mirror, not turning around. “Yeah,” she says. She has a wistful look in her eyes. Like she’s reliving the past six years and all our moments together. I hope that’s what she’s doing, because that’s what I’m doing right now.

“I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to confess,” she says.

I keep staring back at her in the mirror. “I thought about telling you a thousand times.” I take a deep breath. “I just…could never find the right words or the right moment to tell you.”

Liz smiles again. She’s been doing that a lot more lately.

It’s funny. I never imagined this conversation being so easy. It’s easy now that the words ‘I love you’ have already been said. Now that I’m not keeping any secrets from her, well, there’s still some secrets, but I’m sure in time, I’ll tell her. I don’t think she wants to hear about my sexual fantasies right now. I feel free. It’s freeing. There’s other things running through my mind, but there’s one thought in the forefront that I’m not going to keep to myself.

“You know Liz, now that we’re finally in this place, now that it’s all out in the open, I’m wondering where we go from here.”

“Wherever you want Max.”

How did she get to be so coy, so brave? Oh right, I guess working in a porn shop will do that to you. I don’t know what to say. Her words have so many meanings. But right now I don’t want to contemplate it because right now, I know exactly where I want to go.

Liz begins brushing her hair. She still hasn’t left her position in front of the dresser. I walk up and lightly press my body into hers. She sets the brush down and looks back up at me in the mirror.

“Do you want something Max?” She’s toying with me.

I just smile, an evil, devious smile. A smile that lets her know there is something I want.

“Okay Max, what is it?”

“Actually, I got what I wanted. It’s standing right in front of me. I’m just wondering if there’s something you want.”

“No. No. I’m great, thanks,” she replies. She’s trying to act like she doesn’t want me to kiss her. Like she doesn’t want me to touch her. Like she doesn’t want me to drive her crazy. Like she doesn’t want me. I see right through her.

“Well, I have a surprise for you Liz.”

“What is it?”

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it?” At this I place my arms around her waist and start planting kisses on her neck.

She places her arms over mine, closes her eyes, and leans back. I keep planting kisses all over her neck, but every few seconds I glance up to look at her face in the mirror. God, she’s gorgeous.

I start moving my hands, letting them roam over her stomach, then up and over her chest. She reaches her hands back and grabs the sides of my thighs. Her grip is telling me that she likes my hands on her breasts. Who am I to deny her? I gently knead her tender flesh. She fits
perfectly in the palms of my hands. I see her biting her bottom lip. I don’t know why, but watching her in the mirror is extremely erotic. I think I might be getting off on this more than she is.

With her head tilted back she asks, “Is this my surprise?”

“No.” I plant another kiss on her throat and then remove my hands from her. I take the book I grabbed earlier and place it on the dresser in front of her.

Liz looks down at it. “E.E. Cummings?” she asks.

“Yeah. He wrote poetry.”

“You’re going to read me poetry Max?”


“Well, let me go sit down, so you can read it to me.” She starts to make for her bed. I grab her by the hips and stop her.

I whisper in her ear, “Stay right here Liz.” She sends a questioning glance at me in the mirror. I smirk. I place my hands on her shoulders then run them down her arms. Then I run them under her arms and bring her hands to rest on top of her dresser. I open the book to the desired page.

I place my left hand over her left hand. I intertwine our fingers lightly. She realizes that my gesture means that I want her to leave her hands where they are. Then I go back to placing kisses on her neck, in her hair, on her ear. I place my other hand back on her waist and start rubbing gently in circles. I put my lips right up to her ear and whisper, “Trust me.”

“I do,” she sighs while closing her eyes and leaning her head back on my shoulder.

“Good.” I say in a low, husky tone. “Because I would never do anything to hurt you.” I pull my body right up against hers again and position myself so she’s standing between my legs. Her perfect rear is snuggled right up against my groin. I try to ignore how good it feels just to feel the warmth of her body against mine. I need to focus my attention elsewhere at the moment.

I keep rubbing my hand on her stomach. Then I slowly point my fingers southward. I begin to slide my hand tentatively downward, making sure Liz is comfortable. I don’t want to take this somewhere she’s not ready to go. My fingers slide under her skirt and I can feel her satin underwear. She doesn’t stop me. I let my fingers roam lower, over her apex, and then I leave them to rest on her warm, moist center. She gasps. I can feel the moisture through her panties. I use every fiber of my being to remain in control. I also mentally cross my fingers, because honestly, I have no idea what is right or wrong.

I lean over and look at the book. I place my lips back against her ear. In the most sensual tone I can manage, I begin reciting the poem to her.

“She being brand new. And you know, consequently a little stiff. I was careful of her.” I begin slowly rubbing my fingers against her soft center. She leans her head back further and breathes out harshly. ” And having thoroughly oiled the universal joint, tested my gas, felt of her radiator.” I lift my hand and slide it quickly, but smoothly into her panties. The warm wetness on my fingers is killing me. I don’t know what I expected, but this wasn’t it. It’s intoxicating. I start moving my fingers in small, tiny circles. ”Made sure her springs were O.K. I went right to it.” I insert a finger inside her moist passage. She moans my name. And curls her fingers hard around mine. ”Flooded-the-carburetor cranked her up, slipped the clutch, and somehow got into reverse.” She starts swaying her hips against mine, gyrating them hypnotically.”She kicked. What the hell. Next minute I was back in neutral tried and again slo-wly; bare-ly my lever right.” I begin moving my finger inside her. I ease it slowly in and out.”Oh and her gears being in A1 shape passed from low through second-into-high like greased lightning. Just as we turned the corner of Divinity Avenue, I touched the accelerator and give her the juice.” My movements become faster, harder. I quicken the pace and plunge deeper inside her. All I can hear is my name being repeated over and over in a throaty cry. The mirror on her dresser is shaking.”It was the first ride and believe I, we, was happy to see how nice she acted right up to the last minute coming back down by the Public Gardens, I slammed on the internal-expanding and external-contracting brakes, both-at-once.” I plunge my finger into her one last time…hard, and rub my thumb over her most sensitive spot. Both of our left hands are clutched tight into a first. My knuckles are turning white from Liz’s grip. I look up at her in the mirror. Her mouth is wide open, her eyes shut tightly and suddenly her whole body spasms. She throws her head back violently and screams, “Oh Max!!! Yes!!! God yes!!!” I almost fall over the edge with her…almost. As she’s coming back down from her orgasmic high, I whisper in her ear the last stanza, ”And brought all of her trembling to a dead stand still.”

Liz sways, then her knees buckle and give out. I grab her quickly with both my arms and lower us to the floor. I rest her gently in my lap. Neither one of us can catch a full breath. I sit there, stroking her hair away from her damp face.

She spins in my lap and straddles me, her breathing still labored. I’m watching her chest rise and fall methodically. It’s almost like watching the tides. She places both of her hands on my cheeks and gives me a tender, sweet kiss. She smiles against my mouth. “How did you know I love metaphors?”

“Lucky guess,” I say against her swollen lips.

We sit, breathing against each other’s mouths, into each other’s mouths. This woman absolutely amazes me, in every sense of the word. I’m still trying to comprehend that she’s in my arms. That she’s really here…with me…like this. And that I just pulled that off. Beginners luck I guess.

“Liz, I….”

Before I can even push anymore words out, I feel the snap on my pants being opened. Liz is looking down intently at the fly of my pants. Then she looks back up at me.

“I have a surprise for you too Max.”


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Sorry for the delay in updating. I've been experiencing the 5th depth of hell for the past few days. Not so fun.

But your guys' feedback puts a smile on my face. And don't worry, this fic is guaranteed to end on a good note.

Before I can even push anymore words out, I feel the snap on my pants being opened. Liz is looking down intently at the fly of my pants. Then she looks back up at me.

“I have a surprise for you too Max.”

Part 14

I don’t say anything. I just stare back at her with wonderment in my eyes.

She looks back down and reaches for my zipper. As she does this she scoots off my lap a little and starts lowering her head closer to the opening in my pants.

I place my hands behind me and lean my weight back on them. If she’s going to do what I think she’s going to do, I’m glad we’re home alone…because I’m sure to moan…really loudly.

I close my eyes, waiting for her to get my zipper down. I’m just waiting…and waiting.

Then I feel her slump forward and her head lands in my lap.

What the? I look down at her. She’s sound asleep with her head nestled into my crotch.

I hope this isn’t her idea of a surprise. Cause it basically sucks. Well, not really sucks unfortunately for me, but you get my drift. Actually, I should take her sudden need to doze off as a really big compliment. Apparently I did a better job than I originally anticipated. Just call me Mr.Magic Fingers. Wait a second. Isn’t it the guy who’s suppose to fall asleep after orgasm and the girl who’s suppose to stay awake frustrated because she wasn’t properly fulfilled?

I ponder the whole sleeping-after-orgasm theory for about ten minutes, when Liz actually begins snoring. And I don’t mean to be a pervert, but it feels good having her breathe against my groin. Her head vibrates slightly when she snores, so I’m also getting a little tingly sensation too. Hope I don’t wake her up by poking in the forehead with my massive hard-on.

I don’t have the heart to wake her, so I gently pick her up and place her on the bed. I tuck her under the covers in her clothes and then I kick off my shoes, take my shirt off, and crawl into bed with her. I spoon up against her, and wrap my arm around her waist. I concentrate on slowing my heartbeat and breathing to match the same pattern as Liz’s. Five minutes later and I’ve also fallen into a deep, contented slumber.


I wake a few hours later. I think it’s a few hours later, but I’m not sure because I can’t turn my body to look at Liz’s bedside clock. There’s something resting on my lap preventing me from moving any part of my lower body. I sit up abruptly and when I do I see Liz sitting on my lap. Actually, she’s impaled on my lap. We’re both naked; the hot and sweaty kind of naked. I can feel my erection surrounded by moist warmth that I’ve never felt before. It’s a feeling beyond comparison. I look into Liz’s face and I can see the sweat running down her forehead. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s causing her to sweat.

I don’t react right away. I take in the feeling of everything around me; the humid air, the soft glow of twilight into Liz’s bedroom, and Liz. Liz is around me…she’s around me in every possible way that she could literally be around me.

I throw my arms around her. Her back is damp with perspiration. I trail my hands down the curve of her spine and leave them to rest on the small of her back. I can feel her muscles working in her back and suddenly I realize that I’m not moving. I begin slowly thrusting my hips up to meet her downward thrusts. It’s kind of hard to do with both of us sitting up in bed, her straddling my lap and giving me the most intense pleasure I have ever felt. But somehow I still manage.

We’re just looking into each other’s eyes. We’re not saying a word; we don’t need to. We’re just softly moaning and letting our labored breathing fill the quiet in her room. I mouth the words ‘I love you’ to her and she smiles and mouths it in kind. We just keep moving. Our bodies working together toward one common goal. Lips tasting lips, skin touching skin, our sweat mingling together.

This is amazing. I never imagined our first time would be like this. With her being so bold, and with both of us moving together in a way that you would think we’ve been doing this for years. I figured it would be clumsy. I figured it wouldn’t last this long. I figured I’d hurt her in some way. Whatever I figured, this just wasn’t it. This is far too perfect. It’s intense. It’s breath-taking. It’s almost too good to be true.

I feel myself getting closer and closer to my peak. I smash my mouth against Liz’s and start kissing her urgently. Suddenly she begins raising and lowering herself down on my engorged erection faster and faster. She knows what I want without even asking. I close my eyes, bury my hands in her hair and clamp my mouth down on her shoulder. The pressure builds to a blinding fervor and then suddenly I reach my peak. I can’t be quiet any longer.

“Lizzz!!!!!” I scream as my seed escapes from me and into her.

I open my eyes quickly and can’t focus them right away. Finally when my vision clears I realize I’m still lying in Liz’ bed. I’m not naked, and Liz isn’t sitting in my lap. But I can still feel that moist warmth surrounding my member. I can still feel Liz’s soft hair between my fingers. I look down to see Liz’s silky, brown tresses fanned out around my crotch. The fly of my pants is open and Liz is kneeling between my spread legs. She lifts her head up slowly to look at me. I immediately feel the loss of warmth around my penis. Her face is flushed, fine beads of sweat covering her forehead and her eyes are so dark I think they might be black.

Realization as to what just happened finally gets through my thick, lust-filled, post-orgasmic clouded mind. Liz smiles at me and crawls up my body. As she’s crawling upward, I’m noticing two things: her ample cleavage and the fact that she’s now only wearing her bra and panties. I can’t decide if what just happened was as good as my dream or better.

I can’t find the right words to tell her what I’m feeling right now. Thankfully, I don’t have to because she starts talking to me with her head resting on my bare chest. “I hope you liked your surprise Max.”

I laugh. “Like isn’t the right word to describe it.”

She giggles. I think we do this laughing and joking bit after our little sexcapades in order to ease some of the tension. For a brief moment I wonder what it would be like if we didn’t joke just once. This is pretty intimate territory we’ve ventured into. At some point we’re going to have to have a serious discussion. But for now, I’m just too happy to get all deep and misty-eyed on her.

She doesn’t say anything for a few minutes and I’m left wondering what she’s thinking about. Then she speaks. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been practicing.”


“You’ve been practicing?”

“Yeah, you know, Maria’s been showing me how.”

Again with the WHAT?!?!!!

She must sense I’m even more confused because she keeps talking. “No silly. I brought home some stuff from work. A ‘training tool’ so to speak.” She giggles again. “Maria’s been giving me pointers. Showing me the ups and downs.” Then she breaks out laughing hysterically; her petite body shaking against mine.

“Very funny,” I say while she’s still laughing. She actually snorts a couple of times while laughing. It’s pretty cute. I catalog it with all the other idiosyncrasies about her that I love.

Her body calms and she stops laughing. “I have to tell you Max, the real thing is so much better than the training tool.” I can’t tell if she’s blushing or not because her face was already flushed to begin with.

“You don’t say.” I sputter out.

“You’re incredible Max. Absolutely, unbelievably and utterly incredible."

I smile. Probably the biggest fucking smile I’ve ever had in my entire life. There’s nothing like a good old boost for the ego. Especially when it’s in reference to a certain body part that I possess. This is the kind of compliment you want your girlfriend to give you when other men are within earshot. I know, shallow and vain of me, but if you were a guy, you’d be thinking the same thing too.

“Actually Liz, it’s you that’s breath-taking. You’re exquisite. Everything about you. And I’m not even referring to what you just did for me.” I laugh this time.

We lay there snuggled together just laughing and being. I couldn’t be more content.

We fall back asleep with Liz resting on my chest and my arms wrapped around her possessively.

Thank you God for this wonderful woman. And for ‘training tools.’ Amen.


Later, the silence of the quiet night is broken by a loud moan.

This time it’s my name that is piercing the silence of the room. This time it’s my dark hair that’s being held by strained fingers. This time it’s me who’s nestled between delicate thighs. This time it’s Liz who wakes to a pleasure that I’m sure she’s never known…until now.

Liz’s back is arched up off the sheets. Her hands tightly woven through my hair. Her thighs gently squeezing the sides of my head. The taste of her in my mouth is intoxicating. I’m drunk on her. I don’t ever want to leave this position. It feels right in a way that nothing else has felt right in my life before.

As I continue lapping at her gently, languidly, I can’t stop thinking that we’ve shared something so much more intimate than sex. I don’t mean to be Mr.Sensitive Pony-tail guy, but I really believe that oral sex can be so much more intimate than the actual act of sex.Not that I've had the chance to actually make that comparison...yet. Think about it. Physically, you’re giving pleasure to your partner without actually receiving physical pleasure in return. That’s sacrifice. That’s what love is about. Sacrifice. I mean, yeah, I’m actually really getting off on knowing I’m pleasing her, but it’s not the same as being physically gratified. Now I’m just going off on a tangent. The point to this whole line of thought is: Liz trusts me enough to fully open herself to me; and I love her enough to give her physical pleasure without expecting anything in return.

Before I can continue on with my deep thoughts, Liz finally comes back down to earth and wraps her arms around me. She kisses me. I know she’s tasting herself on my lips, but she doesn’t mind, she keeps kissing me.

Our kisses turn deep, passionate. We slowly make our way into a hot and heavy make out session. The kind of make out session where you kiss each other to the point where lips feels bruised. You grind against each other until your thighs feel bruised. You touch and rub and feel until your entire body feels bruised. Bruised but satiated. Bruised but loved.


I wake to the early morning sun shining through the window and onto my face. I turn on my side to find the pillow next to me empty. I swing my legs over the bed and grab my jeans. I told you it was a hot and heavy makeout session. But we were somewhat behaved and instilled an over-the-underwear-only rule for the night. I put my pants on and head for the bathroom. I notice the door is closed. Liz must be freshening up. I decide to go downstairs and surprise her with breakfast.


I walk into the kitchen to the smell of bacon and eggs. There’s two full plates and a decanter full of orange juice sitting on the table. I see Liz standing at the sink, her back to me. She’s wearing my button down shirt. She keeps amazing me. Looking at her, I immediately get hard. I wish she would wear my shirts all the time. She’s swimming in it, but it’s still incredibly sexy on her. It’s the most sexy thing I’ve ever seen.

She must hear me breathing, because she says without turning around, “Sit down. Have some breakfast. Tell me what a bad cook I am.”

I pull a chair out and sit down. “It looks delicious. Come over here and join me. I’m not eating without you. I was raised to have some manners you know.”

I hear her bare feet patter on the linoleum and then she’s in my lap. She picks up a piece of bacon and begins hand feeding me. While she’s feeding me she’s also rubbing her hips gently against mine.

“Did you sleep well last night?” she asks.

“I’ve never slept better,” I reply.

She leans in to kiss me, but then stops.

“What?” I ask.

“Did you hear that? I think my parents are home early. I think I just heard their car pull up.”

She gets up and looks out the front window. She turns quickly and starts pulling my shirt over her head. She’s running toward me and I’m entranced by watching her bra-clad breasts bounce gently with her movements. She tosses my shirt at me.

“Oh my God! They are home. Put your shirt on. Act normal. They won’t suspect a thing if you just act normal.”

Act normal? I’m thinking that they might suspect something if they notice the Eiffel Tower size erection I have going on right now.

“I’ve got to put some clothes on!” she’s yelling as she runs up the stairs. “I’ll be right back. Remember, act normal.”

I hear her bedroom door close just as the front door swings open.

“Max. Hi,” Mr.Parker says a little surprised. “You and Liz having an early breakfast?”

I smile and say, “Uh huh.” We were just getting ready to have sausage.

“Where’s Liz?” Nancy asks.

“Um, she’s upstairs changing I think.” I’m so bad at this stuff. I need to stall. “How was the campout?”

“Total letdown,” Jeff says. “It rained the entire night. We couldn’t see a single star in the sky. That’s why we came home early. Rained out.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” I say. Too bad for Liz and I. Now our plans for the rest of the day are rained out.

Just then Liz comes down the stairs, dressed in khakis and a t-shirt. “Hey Mom. Hey Dad. Why you guys home so early?”

“Rained out,” Nancy replies.

Liz sits down at the table across from me. She starts dishing herself up some breakfast. She looks totally at ease. I guess because me having an early breakfast with her isn’t so unbelievable. We do it all the time. Usually though Liz doesn’t hand feed me. Her parents don’t look like they suspect anything. I try to act normal so I pour myself a glass of orange juice.

“So,” Jeff says, “what did you kids do last night? Order in and watch movies?”

“No,” Liz says, “we ate out last night.”

At this, I choke on my juice and spit it out all over the table. Liz’s parents stare at me in shock. I think orange juice is coming out my nose. Liz sits there biting her lower lip, trying not to laugh.

I start mopping up the table with paper towels while profusely apologizing when Nancy comes over to help me. She leans over my shoulder to grab my now ruined breakfast. She stops mid lean and places her hand on my shoulder. Then she pulls at something in my neck area.

“Max, your shirt is on inside out. How did that happen?”

Ugh. Why does this keep happening to me?

And why do I think she doesn’t really want to hear the answer to that question?


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Well, only one more part after this. I wonder what's going to happen? LOL!!!!


“Max, your shirt is on inside out. How did that happen?”

Ugh. Why does this keep happening to me?

And why do I think she doesn’t really want to hear the answer to that question?

Part 15

“Well…I….uh….uh…” I can’t even come up with a good lie like ‘I must not have noticed I put it on wrong this morning.’ I keep darting my eyes from Liz to her mother.

“Okay Mom, you caught us,” Liz jumps in. “We were just getting ready to make wild, passionate love on the kitchen table when you guys pulled up. We had to get dressed in a hurry.”

Nice tactic Liz. I can do the tell-the-truth-but-tell-it-with-thick-sarcasm-so-nobody-believes-you plan.

“Very funny Liz,” Nancy says. “I didn’t realize you had such a perverse sense of humor.”

I see Liz getting ready to open her mouth again, so I jump in this time. I make sure my tone is serious.

“You see Mrs.Parker, she’s sort of telling the truth. We were actually getting ready to do it on the kitchen floor, not the kitchen table.”

Nancy looks at me, mouth gaping open. Nobody breathes for a full minute. Then she starts laughing hysterically. Then we’re all laughing hysterically.

“You two are so funny,” Nancy says between laughs. “If I didn’t know the two of you better, I would think you were telling the truth.”

Jeff stands in the background chuckling to himself.

As everyone’s laughing, I take this moment to wipe the beads of sweat off my forehead.

“Seriously Mrs.Parker,” I say, “I must have put my shirt on this way this morning and I obviously didn’t notice it. I was in kind of a hurry to get over here. I promised Liz we’d have an early breakfast and then I was going to take her for a ride.” Oh yeah I was going to take her for a ride. Just not the kind of ride Mrs.Parker is thinking about.

“Oh that’s nice,” Jeff cuts in, “where were you thinking of going?”

I don’t get a chance to answer.

“Actually,” Nancy says, “Liz’s grandma Claudia is going to be in later this afternoon for a surprise visit. She called me on my cell when we were heading home this morning. So, I was thinking it might be nice if Liz stayed home today and tomorrow.”

Liz gives a heavy sigh. “Sure mom. How long is grandma going to be here?”

“Until Tuesday night.”

Well, there goes our weekend together. I’m not too bummed out about it though because I know Liz loves spending time with her grandma. I’ve waited this long for Liz. I don’t think putting our plans on hold for another weekend is going to kill me.

“Oh yeah. Sorry about that Max. I totally forgot,” Jeff says. “I’m sure you and Lizzie can go for a ride next weekend.”

“Yeah Max,” Liz says. “We can go for that ride next weekend.” She flashes me a wink and a smile and then I feel her foot running up the inside of my leg under the table.

Oh god. Maybe putting our plans on hold will kill me.

Aside from the kinky phone sex Liz and I had late Saturday night, I spent my weekend sulking.

Tuesday afternoon

I’m standing at my locker, still in sulk-mode, when Michael walks up to me. It seems like it’s been months since I last talked with him. I know he knows about the thing with me and Liz, but just how much he knows, I’m not sure.

“So Maxwell, you and Liz huh?”

A huge grin breaks out across my face. “Yep.”

“Yeah, Maria told me. That’s great. That’s really great. Nice to see that the six years you spent pining for her finally paid off.”

Why does he still have to be such a jerk? Why can’t he leave the jabs at home?

“So, how are things going? Is it everything you ever expected and more?” Michael asks even though I know he doesn’t really care.

“It’s great. It’s fabulous. It’s a dream come true.” I know my voice sounds wistful, but I can’t help but get that dreamy far-off tone. Then I think about the Saturday morning conversation with Liz’s parents. “Oh my god Michael. You’ll never believe what happened.”

“Let me guess,” he says, “This is my favorite game. Uh..let’s see. It was Miss Parker, with the hand, in the porn shop.” Then he starts chuckling. Liz told Maria about that?!

My face turns red. “Oh my god. I can’t believe Liz told Maria that. And I can’t believe Maria told you!”

Michael stops chuckling. His expression goes from blank to realization to amusement.

“Maria didn’t tell me anything. I was kidding. Obviously you weren’t. Oh Maxwell, you dirty dog you.” Then he puts his arm around my shoulder and gives me a good shake; a manly kind of shake; a welcome-to-the-world-of-getting-some-action kind of shake.

“Way to go Max. I always took you for the sensitive guy who would take thing slow. I’m happily shocked.”

I’m so embarrassed right now. “Michael, really. Let’s not talk about it okay.”

“Okay, I’ll talk, you listen. You don’t have to answer in words, just give a nod or something,” he says removing his arm from my shoulder. “So, is it safe to say that the pure and virginal Liz Parker no longer exists? You got all ohhh…..ohhhh….ohhhh!” he’s breathing heavy and making what I assume are his sex noises, “this weekend didn’t you?”

I’m just about ready to punch him for real this time when Isabel comes storming down the hallway and heads directly for us.

She stops when she reaches us and huffs out, “I can not believe the nerve of him!”

I put my anger on temporary hold. “What’s up Isabel? The nerve of who?”

She’s fuming. “Alex Whitman. I totally took the chance of risking my social status to ask the jerk out on a date and he turned me down…in front of all my girlfriends. Where does that dork get off refusing a date with me? Me!?! And the worst part is that he told me that when I actually grow a brain and stop using my breasts to get me through life, then maybe he would consider going on a date with me.”

Michael and I can’t hold it in any longer. We both bust up laughing in her face.

She shoves me, then shoves Michael and takes off down the hallway. We’re still peeing in our pants laughing when Maria and Liz walk up.

“What’s so funny?” Maria asks while throwing a questioning glance at Michael.

I say, “Isabel getting totally shut down…by Alex. Not only shut down but totally insulted too. I wish we could have been there to see it.”

Liz and Maria share a knowing look and then they both start laughing too.

“Finally,” Maria says, “the Ice Princess got the cold shoulder. She so deserved it.”

Liz stops laughing and then steps into me. She gives me a quick peck on the lips. Michael gives me a way-to-go look.

“Hey. I’ve missed you.”

“Me too,” I say. “So when I am going to get you alone Miss Parker?”

Maria giggles as Michael says, “Oh listen to Rico Suave over there.”

Liz smiles. “Sorry we haven’t been able to see each other. I’m having dinner with my parents and grandma tonight and then I’m available the rest of the week. Maybe we can do something after I get off work tomorrow night.”

“That would be great,” I say.

“Great. What are we going to do?” she asks.

“Oh…I’ll think of something,” I say in a devious tone. With that I kiss her goodbye as we head off in different directions for class.

I spend the rest of my day thinking of something.


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Sorry it took so long for the final part guys. Hopefully this last installment will leave you all feeling satisfied. Because I'm obviously still a sentimental fool, I felt it necessary to end it on Part 16. Because let's face it folks, this show and the couple we came to adore should have ended on episode 16, Sexual Healing.

Anyhoo, I'm stop blathering. As some of you may have noticed, I tried to put in little snippets of dialogue & situations from actual episodes. And I actually tried to do that a lot with this final part. Yeah, I'm guilty of "borrowing", but there were just some things I had a strong need to steal. LOL!!!!

I'm posting the last part in two posts because it's pretty long.



Liz smiles. “Sorry we haven’t been able to see each other. I’m having dinner with my parents and grandma tonight and then I’m available the rest of the week. Maybe we can do something after I get off work tomorrow night.”

“That would be great,” I say.

“Great. What are we going to do?” she asks.

“Oh…I’ll think of something,” I say in a devious tone. With that I kiss her goodbye.

Then I spend the rest of my day thinking of something.

Part 16 (Climax/Conclusion)

Still Tuesday
Max’s Bedroom

Have you ever been so horny that even a masturbation marathon won’t curb your sexual cravings?

Sorry to say folks, but I took matters into my own hands about an hour ago and I think I’m just making matters worse. And I think I might be chaffing myself too.

I keep reliving the amazing phone sex Liz and I had a few nights back. I’m lying under my cool sheets, hands in my boxers, sweat pooling on my bare chest. I’m pumping my hands hard and fast all the while I keep hearing Liz’s sexy, sultry voice in my head. Oh God Max, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!! Even reliving that exquisite moment isn’t enough to give me release right now. I need…more.

Finally I hop out of bed more frustrated than when I started. I can’t get the image of Liz’s flushed face and disheveled hair out of my head. I can’t stop thinking about how soft and warm her body feels against mine. I can’t stop pacing my room. I do some chin-ups hoping to distract myself…it’s not working. My erection is literally throbbing. This is unbearable. I try going over my plans for tomorrow night, but that’s just making my entire body throb. I can’t stop thinking about something.

I throw on some jeans, a shirt and grab my jacket. I grab some necessities out of my closet and nightstand. Then I’m climbing out my window, already knowing where my destination is.

I pull up at Liz’s place at about 10:30. I sit in the Jeep for a good ten minutes trying to calm my body down and gather my wits.

I stand in the alley looking at the ladder that leads to Liz’s balcony. I think about calling her name before climbing the ladder, but then don’t because I don’t want to wake her parents. I begin climbing the ladder; the rungs cool in my hands. I welcome the relief it gives to my chapped palms. I reach the top and peek my head over the brick ledge. I’m surprised to see Liz sitting in her lounge chair just staring up at the stars.

“Hey,” I quietly whisper, trying not to startle her.

She isn’t startled. She doesn’t even look toward me. She keeps her gaze heavenward while she talks to me.

“I knew you were here. It’s weird, but I could feel you. Like I sensed you were coming or something.”

I hop over the ledge and sit down next to her.

“It’s not weird,” I say. “I know exactly what you’re talking about.” She takes my hand in hers and gives it a gentle squeeze.

“How was dinner?” I ask.

“It was fine. I already miss my grandma though.” Then she turns and puts her arms around me. I hug her close and breathe in her scent. I hear her take a deep breath, and I know she’s doing the same.

“You smell good,” she says. “Really good.” She hesitates for a moment and then asks, “You couldn’t sleep either huh?”

I smile at her. I love that she knows me so well. “Yeah. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I couldn’t stop thinking about us.”

Her eyes light up and she stands from the lounge chair, grabs my hands, and pulls me up with her.

“Are you like reading my mind or something?” she jokes.

I joke in kind. “Yes, I am reading your mind. For instance, I know that at this exact moment you’re thinking about how much you want to rip all my clothes off and ravage me with your unbridled passion and love. And that you want to videotape every second of it because you plan on making some extra money on the side at Pete’s by selling a hundred copies. Well, more like two hundred copies since every girl at W.Roswell High will want to buy a copy just to get a chance to see the mysterious and handsome Max Evans’ nekkid butt. Y’know, since they can’t actually have a real piece of me, they’ll have to settle for a Dolby digital surround sound piece of me.”

She giggles. “You’re right. Accept you forgot the part where the copies would have to be wide-screen edition. Y’know, because I’m sure the one piece of you they really want to see is the one piece that just wouldn’t fit on the formatted-to-fit-your-screen version.”

I blush, then I laugh. Have I mentioned that I love it when she gives my male ego a huge boost?

“Why didn’t we think of this sooner?” I ask still in a joking manner. “We could be rich by now if we had started making our own soft core porn videos months ago.”

“Oh, I thought about it months ago. Well, the part about making our own soft core porn tapes, not the part about selling them. I’d prefer to have my own library collection for my own viewing pleasure.” Then she looks down in embarrassment. She changes the subject to ease her discomfort. “So Max, I know you couldn’t sleep, but that doesn’t explain why you’re here.”
I’m here because I want to be your own personal porn star Liz.

“I’m here because I want to take you someplace you’ve never been.”

Without hesitation she replies, “Okay, let’s go.”

We’re heading down the highway, wind blowing through our hair. It’s a full moon, so the need for headlights is almost unnecessary.

Liz and I keep glancing nervously at each other. We don’t say anything, we just keep giving each other goo-goo eyes and sly smirks. I know we’re both thinking about the same thing. I know we’re both feeling the same thing. Without a doubt, I know we both know we’re never going to forget this night.


I pull the Jeep to a stop, kill the engine and switch off the headlights. We’re in the middle of the desert. Well, not really the middle, but let’s just say we’re far enough into the desert that there isn’t anything around us for a few miles in every direction except the coyotes, the sand, and the stars.

We both hop out of the Jeep and Liz makes her way around to the front of the hood. I grab a blanket and a flashlight from the backseat. Then I grab Liz’s hand and we walk a few yards in front of the Jeep. I find a level spot in the sand and then stop.

“This is the desert Max. I’ve been to the desert. We live in the desert. I thought you were going to take me someplace I’d never been before?”

I step in close to her and wrap my free arm around her waist. I pull her body into mine and place my mouth next to her ear.

“I am going to take you someplace you’ve never been before. I’m going to take us both someplace we’ve never been before….if you want me to.”

She pulls back from me and looks me directly in the eyes. Fire dances in the midnight pools of her doe eyes. A slight breeze blows her hair behind her and it quivers in the wind like a dark, flowing cape. I keep having these moments when I look at her and I know that I’ll never forget the way she looks. I pray my brain has enough capacity to store all of these mental images as I keep taking more and more pictures.

She presses a kiss to my lips then says, “I’ll go anyplace with you Max. Anyplace you want to take me….take us. You never have to ask if I want to go. The answer will always be yes if it means being with you.”

My heart swells. along with another one of my major organs.

I say the only thing that’s in my mind right now. “I love you Liz. I love you like I’ve never loved anyone else my entire life.”

She smiles. “Do you love me as a man loves a woman? As a hero loves a heroine?”

I chuckle realizing she’s making reference to Mansfield Park, OUR favorite movie. “Yes,” I say. “I’ll love you any way you want me to.”

Her smiles fades and a serious look adorns her face. She doesn’t speak right away. She just gazes at me in a way she’s never gazed at me. The swelling is growing worse; the swelling in my lower organ that is.

“Then love me in the way I want to love you right now Max.”

Continued in next post....
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I immediately drop the blanket and flashlight and throw myself at her. I literally throw myself at her. She stumbles back a little and I grab her and steady us both. I’m running my hands through her hair while pressing kisses to her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, and her eyebrows. She’s doing the same to me.

I run my hands down her back and up under her shirt. I feel her skin growing hot under my caressing touch. I can feel her hands on my back as I ravage her mouth. Our tongues are sweeping across each other’s and we’re pressing our bodies as tightly together as physically possible. We’re both breathing hard and the cadence of cricket chatter is broken by the soft growls in the back of our throats.

Suddenly Liz breaks away from me. “Max, the blanket. Maybe you should lay it out now.”

“Yeah..yeah, you’re right.”

I shake out the blanket and then lay it down in what looks like a soft spot. An inkling of doubt enters my mind and I wonder briefly if Liz is as nervous as I am right now.

“Are you scared?” I ask.

Liz grabs the lapels of my jacket and pulls me into her. “I know I’m suppose to be, but I’m just gonna put myself in your hands.” Then she giggles and starts tracing my lips with her tongue.

This immediately puts me at ease.

We keep kissing and caressing each other. Slowly we both start to crouch down and then we’re on our knees facing one another. I cup her face and run my thumbs as close to her mouth as I can get without actually touching it. She’s moaning softly into my mouth as she starts to pull my jacket off. She gets the shoulders pulled off and I easily shrug the rest of the way out of it. The heavy weight of it hits the blanket behind me with a very soft thud.

I start pulling her jacket off, but I’m so nervous right now, my hands are shaking. I’m having a hard time getting it past her shoulders, so she pulls away from me and takes it off herself. She smiles the entire time as her coat slides down her arms and then lands in a pool behind her. I will never tire of that smile. “A little nervous Max?”

I am. But I joke anyway. “Maybe putting yourself in my hands isn’t such a great idea seems how they won’t stop trembling.”

She levels a gaze at me that could melt Antartica. “Your hands only tremble when you touch me Max because they’re absorbing the trembling in my body.”

Then she reaches for the buttons on my shirt. She starts to undo them but is having difficulty because her hands are trembling also. “See,” she says. “It’s not you.”

I grab her hands and steady them. “Liz, we don’t have to do this.”

She doesn’t say anything. She just smiles again and grabs my hands and places them at the top of her shirt and then she starts undoing my buttons again. I remain motionless. She gets one button undone and then looks up at my face, then back down at my shirt. She undoes another button. Then she looks at me again, then down at her own shirt where my hands are still resting. When she gazes back up at me, her expression is expectant. She’s waiting for me to do something.

God I’m so dense sometimes. Finally I realize what she’s waiting for. I begin undoing her buttons. We’re kneeling in front of each other, both of us taking an agonizingly long time to get each others’ shirts completely unfastened. It’s a difficult task when our arms are tangled together like this. Finally we both peel our shirts off and then stand up together. We embrace, skin touching skin. The cool night air doesn’t phase either of us. We hold each other and kiss passionately.

I feel Liz’s hands slide down my chest and land on the waistband of my jeans. She unfastens the button and the familiar sound of my fly unzipping cries faintly and briefly into the night. I kick off my shoes and tug off my socks. Then my jeans pool around my ankles and I kick them aside. I’m standing before her in nothing but my boxers and a smile. I begin reaching for her pants, but she beats me to it. Before my hands even reach her body, she’s already flung them aside. I didn’t even notice she’d already taken off her shoes and socks.

The moonlight is shimmering across Liz’s soft skin. Her hair continues to blow in the light breeze and I can see her hardened nipples poking out from her red bra. She looks amazing. Absolutely amazing. She’s gorgeous, she’s pure, and she’s mine. I stare at her for far too long and I see her growing self conscious under my intense gaze.

I sweep her up in my arms and then lower both of us down onto the blanket. I tentatively rest my body on top of hers. “You’re breath-taking Liz. I’m finding it hard to keep my heart from beating out of my chest right now.”

“Me too,” she replies in a whisper.

We don’t kiss. We just gaze at each other. She starts moving her hips up and down gently, coaxing me to move with her. We grind slowly together, finding our pace. I can feel her hands running up and down my back. Every few seconds she stops and digs her nails in. I don’t mind it. It feels good. As we keep pressing against one another, I run my hands over any and every part of her body that I can reach. I unhook her bra and it falls away from her easily. I can feel her supple breasts pressing into my chest. I start moaning. I can’t help myself. I close my eyes and revel in the feel of her beneath me. Her body fits perfectly under mine. She’s filling up every one of my senses.

My eyes shoot open when I feel Liz slide her hands inside my boxers. I just watch her. She lifts her head up and starts planting kisses on my neck. All the while her hands are moving over my bare ass and down my thighs and over my hips. I moan louder. She starts tugging on my boxers.
“Are you sure?” I ask her.

She replies, “I wouldn’t be here right now if I weren’t.”

A few moments later and we’re both completely naked. It’s a strange feeling to be so vulnerably exposed like this with nothing to protect our nakedness but each other.

We spend the next several minutes letting the reality of the situation soak in. We also spend those several minutes carefully caressing each other’s bodies with our eyes and hands. I know we’re trying to memorize every minute detail about each other, but it’s really not necessary. We have the rest of our lives to do that.

I press my weight fully back down on to Liz and I can feel heat radiating from between her thighs. My erection presses into her belly and I feel kind of silly about it. It seems as absurd as me poking her in the stomach with a sausage right now. I wonder if she’s thinking the same thing.

I realize she must be thinking something else, because she starts kissing me and moving her hips again. “Make love to me Max,” she rasps into my ear.

I’m too excited and overwhelmed with love at this precise moment to worry about the fact that I have no clue what I’m doing. I just do what I think is right…what feels right. I slide my knee between her legs and gently nudge her legs further apart. Then I settle back down between her thighs. I feel the tip of my manhood graze lightly against Liz’s soft, warm, moist center. I bite my lip and pray for control.

Liz begins writhing in anticipation beneath me. I position myself over her core and use every ounce of strength I have to slowly start pushing myself toward her. Before I’m able to make contact with her body, Liz puts her hands on my chest, pushes me back a little and says, “Wait Max. I don’t have any protection.”

Oh my God. I’m an idiot. Protection. Duh! I scramble for my pants in the dark, find them and then reach into the back pocket. “I do,” I say. Proud of myself, I pull out a packet of condoms. They dangle from between my fingers in a six-inch strip. There must be four or five of them.

Liz props herself up on her elbows and shoots me a crooked grin. “A little over-confident in your libido aren’t you Max?”

“No,” I say, “just hopeful.”

We both laugh for a few seconds, then the air around us turns serious and passionate again.

I fumble with the condom at first, but then Liz helps me to get it on. She probably practiced this on her ‘training tool’ too. But I’m not complaining. I’m grateful. We lie back down, kissing each other tenderly. It doesn’t take long for our kisses to grow more heated. As I slide my tongue into her mouth, I also gently begin sliding my erection into her awaiting depths. I feel the warmth of her body surround me as I come in contact with her slick walls.

Her body shudders a little and I stop myself from pushing any further into her. “Am I hurting you?” I ask her while placing tender kisses on her cheeks.

“It hurts a little,” she answers. “But it’s a good kind of hurt.” Then she smiles and plants her lips against mine. “Please don’t stop,” she says against my mouth.

I kiss her back and then remove her hands from my back. I lace my fingers through hers and place her arms down by her sides. I continue sliding deeper into her body. She tightens her grip on both my hands and I do the same in reflex. I just slowly keep inching deeper into her tight passage.

I’m struggling to keep myself from just plunging all the way into her in one fast and hard stroke. I don’t want to cause her anymore pain than what she’s already experiencing. The pain she’s experiencing; it’s for me. She’s doing this for me and for her. The thought that Liz wants to share this with me, share something so deep, so poignant with me, stirs me to my very soul.

Suddenly I can feel that Liz isn’t gripping my hands as tightly. Her entire body has relaxed and the expression on her face doesn’t indicate that she’s feeling any discomfort. In fact, she looks mesmerized, even contented.

We stare deeply into each other’s eyes. “I love you,” I say to her. “I love you,” she replies. Then she does the most amazing thing. She tightens her grips on my hands again, arches her back, and begins thrusting her hips towards mine. It’s like a shock goes running through my penis and then spreads throughout the rest of my body. I can feel it in my fingertips and my toes. It’s a sensation like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I gasp then let a ragged growl escape my lips.

I couldn’t stop myself right now even if I wanted to. I raise my hips and pull myself back, almost sliding all the way out of her…almost. I thrust back in to her with a little more force this time. This time Liz gasps and moans out my name huskily. I keep sliding in and out of her, her upward thrusts meeting my downward ones. We’re moving with more urgency and we’re both starting to sweat.

“Oh god Max! Yes….yes….you feel so good inside me.”

I’m not just inside her body; I’m inside her mind. With every thrust into her sweet body, I’m not just pushing both of us closer to the edge of ecstasy, but I’m pushing us closer to each other’s souls. This is so much deeper than just physical pleasure.

I can feel every muscle in my body growing tighter, more tense. I can feel it in her too. “You feel so amazing Liz. Ohhh…ohhh….so…..incredible.”

Our bodies keep working together toward one common goal: release. Our sweat is mingling together and we’re completely losing ourselves in each other. I can’t tell our bodies apart in this moment. With each stroke, I’m getting closer and closer to completion. I don’t know how long we’ve been moving like this, but it feels like forever.

Suddenly Liz arches her back, her breasts pushing hard into my chest. She throws her head back, her mouth gaping open she cries out, “Harder Max, harder! I’m so close.”

I obey her command. I don’t even try to be gentle. I start crashing my hips harder and faster against hers. You can actually hear the sound of our bodies slapping together. Liz doesn’t back down. She wraps her legs around my waist and takes every hard inch of me into her body.

I can’t keep up this pace much longer. I’m going to lose it. I’m amazed that I’ve managed to last this long. But I’m going to hate myself if I go over the edge alone.

“Liz…Liz…..oh god….I can’t…I can’t…..”

“OH MY GOD MAX!!!!!!!! OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!” she screams out. Almost her entire body lifts off the blanket.

I realize I don’t have to wait. I let it all go and with one final thrust my climax hits.

I can’t even say Liz’s name. I just moan with my mouth wide open. Liz sucks on my neck as my body shudders inside her. My breath is coming out in short, panting gasps. I find that I’m at a loss for words. This moment is utterly indescribable. No description could reach what I’m feeling right now.

I gently roll off of Liz and lay on my back. I gather her up and she rests her head on my chest. I try to slow down my breathing and my heart, but I can’t. It’s not just the physical strain that’s causing my heart to pump so hard. It’s the emotions that are running through my mind, the significance of what’s just happened. In this moment, I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that this really happened. That we’re really here, like this, loving each other completely, both of us surrendering to each other. I never really believed that Liz and I would be together like this. I never believed that Liz could possibly love me as much as I love her. It’s like a dream.

I hold her tightly and with a ragged breath I say, “This can’t be real.”

She takes a deep breath then says, “It’s the only real thing I’ve ever felt.”

I kiss the top of her head and whisper words of love to her until both of our heartbeats return to normal. She tells me in kind that I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to her. That she can’t live without me. That she wants to make love all night long.

So we do.

Well we do until we run out of condoms.


As Liz lies contently spent in my arms, I look up at the stars. A shooting star races across the night sky. I realize in this moment that this is how it was meant to be. That this is how we really end up. For it to happen any other way would just have been someone else’s misguided and twisted idea of what Liz and I are really are to each other.

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