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Title: Cinderella
Genre: AU, Liz, M/L
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Dark hair pouring out behind her, Liz Parker ran as fast as she could towards her house. She had stayed after school with her teacher again, completely forgetting that she had promised her father that she would be home early to have dinner with Maddie Troy, her father’s girlfriend and Maddie’s two daughters, Maria and Pam. Her Dad was going to kill her.

She moaned as she saw Maddie’s car in front of her house and stopped before opening the front door. Liz wiped the sweat off her face and tried to straighten her clothes, her father’s girlfriend and daughters always had a way of making Liz feel inferior no matter what she did. Giving up on her hair, she opened the door and heard voices coming from the kitchen. Walking into the room, Liz’s apology was stopped short when she saw the looks on everyone’s faces in the room.

Surely she hadn’t been missed that much.

Maria and Pam were glaring at their mother, and Maddie was glaring right back at them. Liz’s father, she saw, was at the end of his rope.

“Liz. Sit down.” Liz sat.

“Dad, I’m really sorry-”

Her dad shook his head, “I don’t want to hear it. I wanted you here early for a reason. Maddie and I-”

Pam suddenly jumped up and slammed her napkin down on her plate that was still full of food. “Dammit Mom, Dad’s only been dead for 5 months! And here you are, screwing the first rich guy you find! And what’s more, you’ve gone off and married him!”

Liz’s eyes widened in shock, “Wha-” She managed before Maddie stood up in the same fashion as her daughter.

“That’s enough Pam! I know this is a shock, but Jeff and I didn’t do this to hurt you. My god-”

Pam stormed off and slammed the front door before Maddie could finish. Maria took one look at her mother’s red face and ran after her sister. Liz stood in her kitchen, no one taking notice to her presence besides her father.

“Sweetie, Maddie and I got married. She’s your new step-mother.”


After Maddie had taken off after her daughters, Liz turned to her dad. “What’s going on? You...her...Married?” She sputtered, grabbing an apple from the bowl of fruit and shaking it towards the man still sitting in his chair.

“Put that down Liz. Yes, we got married. It was childish, but when we were in Atlanta this weekend on vacation, we just-”

“And what? Decided, what the hell, lets get married. And, hey, here’s a great idea, lets not tell our kids! Jesus Dad!” Liz slammed the apple on the counter, some juice coming out of the part of the apple that was now flattened.

“God Liz, I know! We know. But we don’t regret getting married. Maria and Pam are in boarding school, and Maddie’s agreed to move in with you and I. It won’t be that bad, I promise. You’ve always said you liked Maddie.”

I’ve always lied Liz thought, tightening her grip on the apple. She shut her eyes and thought of her mom’s face, who had died 13 years ago, when Liz was only a baby. Since then, it had just been Liz and her dad, no other family had ever been around. Everyone had seemed to already die or disappear.

“Yeah, I guess. I mean...Yeah, it’ll be ok.”


17 year old Liz sat next to her step-mother, waiting for the doctor to tell them how Jeff’s surgery had gone. The three of them had gone out for dinner, but on the way back from the restaurant, had been hit in the side of the car by a drunk driver. Her dad had been rushed to the hospital with “severe head trauma” while Maddie had a broken wrist and Liz only had a bruise.

The Doctor came towards them and began to speak to Maddie, but Liz stopped listening after “I’m sorry, we tried everything we could but...”

The sounds of the hospital faded away, and everything began to blur. Her boyfriend, Max, who was on the other side of her, tightened his arm around her shoulders. She squeezed her eyes shut tight, picturing her mom.

Her father was dead. And all that Liz had left now was a step-mother she hated and 2 step-sisters she didn’t know.

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Nope, this is M/L, but I wanted to switch it up a little...*angel*

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Oh my god! Thank you all SO much for the feedback! I'm so nervous posting the next part...hope you guys like it! I know its short, but I needed to set things up...

Part One

Liz panted, scrubbing at the floor through her tears. The fumes. It’s just the fumes. She shoved the image of her father’s coffin lowering into the ground out of her mind. Max’s shocked face as she screamed at him to get away from her. Her step-sisters and mother’s uncaring stares.

“Are you done yet?” Pam’s voice was shrill agianst the tile floor. When Liz didn’t answer, Pam leaned against the door and crossed her arms. “Hello? Anyone home in there?” She giggled at her own joke.

Liz turned, “Just finished.” She got up and grabbed the bucket of murky water too fast. “Dammit.”

“Oh Liz, calm down. It’s the night after of your father’s funeral you know. You should really be more composed.” Liz’s only answer was the sound of the rag moping up the spilled water.

Two other sets of footsteps entered the room. Maria, Pam, and Maddie talked amongst themselves before Maddie stepped forward. “Liz, you can finish cleaning up your temper tantrum later, we all need to talk.”

Liz stood up and followed the 3 girls out of the room. She really had made a mess of the place. After all the guests had left, she had just thrown a fit that had included trashing the buffet table that had held the food. Maddie had rushed in when she had heard Liz screaming and had watched the scene with an odd look in her eye. Once Liz had calmed down Maddie had simply told Liz to clean up.

The four sat down and looked at each other, slightly clueless on how to start. Maddie cleared her throat and turned to Liz. “Elizabeth...I’ve already discussed this with the other girls, so I’m going to address this to you. Money will be tight now that your father isn’t contributing to the income. Certain expenses will have to be cut.

Before you object, I assure you that we can keep the house. But the staff that we keep to take care of the house will be let go. I’m pulling Pam and Maria out of their boarding school and enrolling them into the public school with you. That will take care of a great deal of expensises, as long as we don’t keep up our habit of expensive shopping trips-” Maddie looked at her daughters as she said this, “And vacationing.”

Liz looked at her step-mother blankly. Well, that didn’t sound so bad. Wait...”But what about the house? We’re going to need someone to take care of it.”

Maddie smiled. “I’m glad we agree on that. And, I had an idea as I watched you destroy the foyer. Who better to take care of the house but you? I mean, all of your mother’s things...her cherished paintings, sculptures that your father’s kept. I’m sure she’d want her own daughter looking after them.”

Liz squeezed her eyes shut and pictured her mother’s face. And then imagined her Dad’s smile, “Right.”

Maddie’s face transformed as a genuine smile replaced the usual half-frown. “Good. You can start tomorrow.” Pam grinned along with her mother and they both got up and walked out. Maria stared at Liz before standing up as well. She paused next to Liz’s chair and ducked her head.

“I’m sorry about your dad.”

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Part 2

Liz scrambled to grab the right books out of her locker for her first period class. She had been up all night trying to get the gardens put together, working by flashlight till early in the morning. She looked down at her hands and shuddered. Every nail was torn, with dirt under them. She had several blisters and callouses.

Just two months ago, her nails had been neat and manicured. She always used to devote some time each week to keeping them up, her own little beauty ritual. She missed that, among other things. For example, having time to do anything that wasn't work or school related. Liz had slept in again, exhausted from the past days work. She was already 5 minutes late to class.

Throwing the door open, Liz avoided her teachers raised eyebrows and slouched over to her chair. She felt Max’s eyes on the back of her neck as usual but ignored him and got out her notebook to take notes.

By the end of the day Liz was ready to pass out. She had a paper due tomorrow that she hadn’t even started and besides all her normal chores she still had to finish up her damn gardens.

“Liz!” At the sound of her name she looked over and saw Alex and Max crossing the quad over to her. Momentarily she considered running away from them, but she was simply too tired.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Liz couldn’t help but smile at Alex, her best friend since childhood’s face. Alex slung his arm over her shoulders and walked her towards his car.

“Lizzie, we have got to get you out to a party! I mean, don’t get me wrong...the exhausted and slightly grimy look is working for you but-”

Liz shrugged out of his arm, “Alex, I’m sorry...I gotta work.”

Max spoke for the first time, “Chores?” he said snidely.

Their eyes met for the first time and after what seemed like forever, “Yeah. Chores.”


“And so then he said that he didn’t know what she was talking about but she was sure he did so we all know now that she knows he was lying all along!” Maria collapsed into the chair Liz had just finished polishing and smiled at the petite brunette who had slowly become a friend.

Liz looked up at her, stunned. “How on earth does anyone ever understand you?”

Maria laughed. She was determined to keep Liz up-to-date on all the gossip at their high school. “Oh, by the way, Pam’s still after Max.” She noted Liz’s stiffening back with satisfaction. Ah, a reaction. Finally. “He’s not biting though. You know, you should really just talk to him. I mean, I know you two had a huge fight but...”

Liz turned around. “But nothing. Soon after our fight, I was made into the family slave. What are Max and I going to do on Saturday nights anyway? Clean the toilets, or clean the floors? Exciting.”

Maria looked at her friend, unsure what to say.

Liz shook her head. “No...he doesn’t deserve that. He deserves a Princess, not a servant.”

Liz saw Maria’s eyes widen before she stormed outside. They had been through this before, besides, she had a garden to finish.
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Part 3

Liz stood up slowly, putting her hands on her lower back. She had been bent over all day outside in the garden, inside cleaning the floors. It was Saturday, and for once had gotten everything done before dark. Almost against her will, a grin started to form on her tired face. She walked backwards and collapsed into her favorite chair without even looking to see if she had the right spot.

Liz shut her eyes and let the sounds of the house invade her. Maria was talking to someone who had just rung the doorbell, Maddie got home from work about an hour ago and was still in her heels, walking around on the phone. Pam was at a party. Liz’s grin got wider at the last thought.

Whoever Maria was talk to was running upstairs now. His big, heavy footsteps were familiar. Whose...Oh crap.

“Liz. Hey!” Alex stood in the doorframe, his eyes going back and forth from Liz to all the cleaning supplies, to Liz’s filthy work clothes, and back to the cleaning supplies.

Liz sighed, “Hey Alex...what’s up?”


Alex looked at Liz once Maria had left. He sat down in the chair next to her.

“What’s going on Lizzie?”

Liz shrugged, trying to look casual, “Nothing, I told you I had to do chores this weekend.” She stood up, hoping Alex didn’t notice her wince.

“Yeah, but...ok, don’t get mad.”

Dammit “Why would I get mad?”

“Well, uh...” Alex stood up with her, putting one hand in his pocket and the other scratched his head, “I’ve kinda been, um, spying on you for awhile.”

Liz dropped the window washer.

Alex’s eyes widened when he saw how angry she was getting. “I didn’t mean to at first! It’s just that you were always saying you had chores and I figured you just didn’t want to go out because of your dad and all.” Alex’s voice trailed off as Liz looked at the ground but he cleared his throat and started again.

“So I stopped by to see you one Saturday and Maddie answered the door and told me you were cleaning. So I stopped by later that same day and Pam answered the door and told me you were cleaning. I would have tried again later that day, but I was getting tired driving to your house.

So I came back Sunday and got the same answer from Maddie. Which led to me sneaking around...and saw you cleaning. And gardening. So I’d show up every once in awhile and...Why do you clean so much?”

Liz looked at Alex, panicked. He knew.

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Part 4

Alex glared at Liz after she finished explaining what she had been doing since her father’s death. Liz squirmed under his gaze and opened her mouth to ask him what his problem was, but Alex beat her to it.

“What the fuck Parker!?” Alex stood and ran his hands roughly through his hair, “Are you crazy? We’ve gotta get you out of here!”

Liz jumped up at the last moment, “I’m not letting the horrible woman take over my home.”

Alex laughed bitterly at her, hurting Liz. “And she doesn’t have control now? Christ Liz, this is abuse.”

Liz sighed and suddenly looked aged, “No, its not. Not really. This...” Her eyes shut briefly before opening again to look up at Alex, “This is all I have left Alex. My mom died, my dad died, and I don’t have any other real family.”

Alex interrupted her then, “You have me. And...Liz, you know Max loves you, if you’d let-”

Liz silenced him with a gentle hand on his arm, “I know I have you, but you know its different. I grew up in this house, my mom decorated it...this house has all my memories in it. I’m not letting Maddie touch those.”

Alex’s eyes softened as Liz’s voice took on a pleading note, “Please Alex, don’t tell anyone.”


Liz collapsed next to Alex on the tiled bathroom floor. Alex quickly glanced over worried, but his attention was pulled back to the horrible image in front of him.

“I...have to, clean....a toilet?”

Liz was still rolling on the floor laughing.

Alex’s face was still frozen with a horrified look on it, “Ew”

Liz finally straightened up and looked at Alex, still grinning. “Thanks for being my cleaning buddy Whitman.”

Alex smiled for a second before Liz handed him some gloves and a brush. He stared at the brush in his hand and looked at the toilet. “Um....what does this do again?”

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Chapter 5

Liz and Alex’s feet pounded on the cement sidewalk as they ran towards the school building. It was pouring ran, which only added to Liz’s frustration. Alex on the other hand, seemed to think the entire thing was hilarious.

They had met at Liz’s house in the morning, as always. Quickly, they finished their morning chores and took off in Alex’s car for school. Unfortunately, the rain and Alex’s beat up car didn’t mix well. Which left them 3 miles away from school, running in the rain.

Liz stopped in mid-stride, Alex halting with her. “This...this is stupid!” Liz said as she turned to look up at her friend.

“What?” Alex asked, trying to hear Liz over the rain.

Liz giggled and grabbed Alex’s hand. “C’mon.” She yelled, pulling Alex into the restaurant they had stopped in front of.


Three hours later the two were still sitting in “Emma’s Coffee” watching the rain fall. They had mostly dried by this point and were quite happy to be sipping coffee and just hang out.

Alex leaned back, “I would never believe it. Liz Parker skipping school for rain.”

Liz laughed and took a sip of her drink. “Hey, it was pouring out and we didn’t have a car.”

Alex narrowed his eyes, “You went to school in third grade when you had phenomia.” His smiled as he remembered the day when Jeff Parker had come storming into the classroom to retrieve his daughter, who had snuck out of the house to attend classes.

“Well...” Liz’s voice faded off as she saw the figure in the doorway. “Maria?”

Alex turned around to look at the girl. “Uh, Hi.”


Maria cracked up as she ordered another frappachino. Alex’s impression of Liz was dead-on.

Liz crossed her arms and faked anger, glaring at Maria. “Hey, I clean your sheets little girl.”

Both Maria and Alex fell silent.

Liz smirked, “Oooh, awkward moment.”

Alex snorted, but Maria kept her face turned down as she spoke. “ know I didn’t have anything to do with this whole fucked up plan right? But she...she's my mom, and her and Pam are the only family I have left. And...well, Mom threatened me that if I helped-”

Alex cut her off, “Bull. I’m spending my time helping Liz out and I’m doing it with a smile. The least you could do is pick up your room.” Alex’s mouth was open, ready to destroy Maria a little more.

Liz stepped in before Alex could say anything else. “Alex, relax. Eat scones and drink Emma’s fine coffee.” Alex rolled his eyes but moved on. Maria shot Liz and confused look, but Liz just ignored her and pretended to listen to Alex’s next story. She wasn’t going to listen to Maria’s excuses or question her. She was having fun today with Alex and Maria, and nothing would wreck that.

Maria went up to get her drink and sat down again, and looked almost afraid when Alex turned to ask her a question, “How’d you find us?”

“Oh!” Maria looked embarrassed. “Well, I was at school, and you both are in my Spanish class, and didn’t see you. And I got a little worried, so I asked around and Kyle said he saw you both run in here so I left at lunch to make sure you were ok...and here I am.”

Liz grinned, “How is Kyle. Haven’t had a chance to talk to him lately.”

Maria smiled, “Good! Asks about you a lot. There's this theory going around you’ve been grounded until graduation because you had a miscarriage.”

Liz stared. “Well...that's...not right.”

Alex fell off his chair laughing. “I heard that one!”

Maria grinned at Liz, “I’m doing my best to make sure that one gets killed, don’t worry about it. Oh! Speaking of, are you guys going to Prom?”

Alex looked confused, “How do those two connect?”

Maria smiled at Liz, both ignoring Alex. “Pam got shot down by Max.”

Alex smirked, “Don’t try it Ria. Trust me, its like talking to a wall.”

Liz wasn’t listening to them however. She was focused on the person who had just walked through the door. Max.

But then, quite unexpectedly, Max punched Alex.