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Title: The Production
Pairing: K/I + other CC. No Tess. AU.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The kids of West Roswell High are doing a production on safe sex. But behind the scenes is a different story.
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West Roswell Highs Production

Part 1

Isabel laid on her bed imagining what her friends would think about what she had just done. She could hardly imagine it herself how could she have done that with one of her best friends? Max would have a cow Michael would soon follow suit. Liz would probably never look at her again, you just don’t go for your friends X’s. Maria... she didn’t want to think of what she would have to say. Then there was Alex, poor Alex he would never talk to her again. Sure they weren’t going out, and she really didn’t have those types of feelings for him, but there was no doubt that this would crush him. Now that she was thinking about it. She was disgusted with herself for having done what she did, it was the unthinkable. Then again...

She heard a quick rap on her door, in walked her brother and his best friend, Michael. She didn’t know why she said it or why she did it in the first place, maybe she was just consumed by the guilt, but at that moment she screamed out “I kissed him!”

“Kissed who?” Max asked urgently.

“It was an accident we were rehearsing for the play he was helping me. Not like he is actually in the play but he was helping me and it said to do it in the script and I leaned forward and kissed him and I don’t know if he kissed me back it didn’t last that long but it still happened and now I feel really bad about doing it!” Isabel rushed on, trying to get it all out there so that they would hear her side of the story before they started their yelling.

“Iz calm down who did you kiss accidentally?”

“Kyle.” she replied in a soft tone

“Who?” They echoed in disbelief.

“Kyle I kissed Kyle. Now I have a gigantic cloud of guilt surrounding me. I feel like I betrayed everyone.”

“That bastard kissed my sister!” Max hollered.

“Max calm down please don’t do anything that you will regret.” Isabel said trying to calm Max down. Max was usually so controlled, but after what happened between him and Kyle... well Kyle just wasn’t a name that you mentioned around him.

“Damn him he is taking all the women in my life first Liz now you who next Maria!” He said hitting his fist down on Isabel’s side table and breaking a piece of the fake wood off, sending it crashing to the floor.

“Hey! I am standing right here.” Michael threw in trying to defend himself. He’f be dammed if Kyle got his hands on his Maria.

“Maxwell, calm down she said it was an accident before you, I mean we go hurting Kyle we should let him tell us his side of the story.”

“Oh yeah Michael I can’t wait to hear what provoked him to kiss my sister.” With that, Max and Michael were gone. Out of her room and before she even made a move to try to stop them she heard the jeeps engine revved and then pull away from the house.


Isabel lept to her night stand and grabbed the phone. Quickly dialing Kyle’s number from memory.

“Come on answer the phone please answer the -- Kyle is that you?”

“Yeah Isabel, whats wrong?” Kyle answered.

“Max and Michael know! You have to get out of there quick.”

“What why?”

“Kyle, you don’t understand. They will kill you if you don’t feed them the right story.” Isabel said working herself up over the thoughts of what her brother and near brother would do to him.

“So basically you are telling me I can either run, or get my ass kicked?” Kyle asked with amused sarcasm in his voice.

“Yeah basically.” She took a deep breath trying to think of how she could put this in a way that Kyle would understand. “Kyle, put yourself in my brothers place. You were with Liz before he was and tried to make a play for her after they were together, now here you are kissing his sister. That just doesn’t go over to well.”

Kyle thought about what she was saying. She was right. Sure he was a totally different guy now then when he was with Liz, but he knew he’d never change threw Max’s eyes. All that rage and anger that Max kept locked up inside would be unleashed, he wouldn’t be that controlled guy he was when he showed up here.

“Oh shit.” Kyle muttered.

“Get the point now?” Isabel asked.

“Yes. How long do I have?”

“They left about five minutes ago, and I’m sure are driving faster then usual so I’d say maybe ten minutes if your lucky.”

“Ok then, I’m outta here. I’ll see you later... if I can see.” Kyle said jokingly, but the tension was still evident in his voice.

Before Isabel had a chance to reply Kyle hung up the phone.

“Bye Kyle.” She whispered as she did the same.


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West Roswell Highs Production

Part 2

Kyle ran out the door just as he heard the all to familiar sound of the big army jeep pull into his driveway. A door slammed and he heard the quickened pace on the pavement. He quickly backed in his house again. Not more then a second later there was three hard pounds on his front door. ‘Play it cool Valenti. No point in running now. Since when the hell do you run anyways, besides she said the right story. This was the chance to put those horrible acting skills to the test.’

Kyle took some deep calming breaths before he opened the door. Pretending to act totally surprised to see them standing on the other side.

“Michael, Max. Can I help you?” Kyle greeted.

“You sure took a helping to my sister didn’t you!” Max hollered the rage apparent in his voice and body language.

‘Bad opening Valenti’ Kyle scolded himself. Time to try the truth. Kyle relaxed his features before he started to speak.

“Max look I know what you’re thinking. However, I swear its not what you’re thinking. I was just helping her get her lines down, and boom there we were kissing. I swear to you that neither of us planned it.” Kyle tried to reason.

“Isabel is not like other girls.” Max explained. “She’s special, you can’t treat her like you do one of the members of your little fan club, it doesn’t work that way. You understand me!”

He was right there. Isabel was not like other girls; she was different, special. There was something to her that brought out the best in him. Somehow just being around her made him want to be better.

“I know she’s special. I won’t hurt her.”

Max wanted to believe him right now, standing here he wanted to he really did. He could see that there was some sort of affection reflecting back in Kyle’s deep blue eyes for his sister. He couldn’t trust him though not after everything that had happened last year. He had seen a drastic change in Kyle since then, the change was beyond drastic, he was like a new man. Nevertheless, his sister was not going to be this new guys first conquest and he would make sure of that.

“Stay away from her Kyle.” Max warned and turned to walk away. Michael who had been silent through the whole conversation followed Max to the Jeep, and they were gone.

Kyle shut the front door. Turned and walked down the hallway, opened his bedrooms door and crashed down on his bed. Max’s warning ringing through out his mind like a broken record. He didn’t want to cause Max more grief. But he wasn’t about to stay away from Isabel. He couldn’t, he was an addict and she was his drug, he wasn’t going to give her up.


“NO!” Mr. Katims yelled from his director’s chair. “You can’t be playing the goody two shoes, virgin who believes in abstinence until marriage and won’t sleep with her boyfriend ig your acting like a slut. Learn to control your body language!” He instructed Stacey. “You’re not the tease you are just the virgin. Understand?” He waited for her to reply.

“Yes Mr. K. won’t happen again.” Stacey mumbled. She hated being hollered at in front of all of the other students. They all snickered and laughed at her whenever he yelled at her.

Stacey went behind the curtain, came back out with a new walk. One that made it seem like she had a stick up her ass the size of the Grand Canyon, that ought to please him she thought. No way I’d be swaying my hips then.

She fed Billy his line again. “Being intimate is something that I want to share with the person I love.” She said dramatically. Waiting for him to pick up his Que.

“But I do love you Susie, I do.”


“Every dam time! Have you people not learned the use of a HANGER!!!” Maria yelled. One more day she came back to find the wardrobe closet a total mess, no one ever bothered to hang up their costumes when they were done. It was driving her mad.

“Need some help?” A familiar voice asked her.

“Hey.” She greeted. “Yes desprately.” Maria called not even turning around to meet Isabel.

“So how was your day?” Maria asked hanging up ‘the virgins’ costume. Why they had cast the school slut to play the ‘virgin’ in the play was beyond her.

“Horrible. Max still won’t let up on the Kyle thing. I mean it was an accident pure and simple... it meant nothing.”

Maria knew that tone. She’d heard it twice before, in herself and from her best friend Liz. “Are you trying to convince me, or you?” Maria asked gently, turning around to see Isabel for the first time. Maria couldn’t help but to gasp at her appearance. Isabel was usually so perfect with flawless make-up and hair. The girl she was looking at now had red poofy eyes, obviously from crying, tear tracks running down both of her cheeks, her hair was a mess.

“Isabel are you okay?” Stupid question Deluca. Of course shes not okay. Look at her!

Maria wasted no time at taking Isabel into a friendly hug. Isabel collapsed on the ground bringing Maria down with her. There they sat in the middle of the chaotic wardrobe closet, with Maria’s arms around Isabel as she cried, and cried, and cried until she thought she could cry no more.

After about fifteen minutes, Isabel pulled back from Maria’s embrace to look her eye to eye. Maria was such a good friend to her, someone that she could trust with anything and everything. “I just don’t know what to do Maria!” Isabel choked out through strangled tears. “I like him I really do. But after everything I know he doesn’t like me. With my brother and with the whole thing with Liz. Why would he ever want to get involved with me?”

“Oh Iz. Who wouldn’t want you.” Maria said in the best-friend tone. Pushing some of Isabel’s perfect blonde hair from out of her face to its place behind her ear.

“He’s changed Maria. Why can’t Max see that?”

“I know he has honey, but you just need to give Max some time I’m sure he will come around.” Maria paused looking at Isabel for a long second.

“Have you told him?” Maria asked her in a soothing voice.

“No. Are you crazy!” Isabel shrieked back.

“What if he feels the same way? But he’s to scared to tell you for all the same reasons you are to scared to tell him.”

“Maria! Your the first person I’ve told. Hell I just said it out loud for the first time. I’m not going to tell him. Not until things get better, or at least until I have some sort of indication that he has the same feelings.” Isabel said more to herself then to Maria. That was it though she had made up her mind. Not until then would she tell him how she felt.

“Ok then. You just know I’m here for you ok.” Maria said standing up. And looking at the mess at hand. There were shirts, skirts, pants, and shoes everywhere in the small room. You couldn’t even see the floor.

“Your offer still stand to help me?” Maria asked hoping that she wouldn’t have to sort through the mess alone.

“Of course it does!” Isabel said getting up and wiping the tears from her eyes. She took a few hangers and started to sort things out with Maria. Thanking herself that she had decided not to apply for the costumer job.

Wanting to get her mind off of the Kyle situation, Isabel decided to dish in the newest gossip at West Roswell High.

“So did you hear that Bill quit the show?” Isabel asked.

“What are you serious! He was the lead male role, how are they going to replace him. The play is in two weeks!”

“I don’t know. Nevertheless, they are holding auditions at lunch tomorrow. I guess he couldn’t handle Stacey anymore.” Isabel said with a laugh.

“Yeah.” Maria replied. Suddenly off in her own world. She knew just the person that could replace Billy’s spot.


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West Roswell High's Production

Part 3

Class had just let out for lunch at West Roswell High, Maria was wondering through the quad then she spotted Michael. Sitting over at their usual table waiting for her. It had become a daily thing for them, she’d get out of 4th period go out to the quad and see him waiting at the table to have lunch with her. They’d eat, make some chit chat, kiss some and then the bell would ring and they’d part their separate ways for their next class. It made her happy knowing that know matter how horrible the first half of the day went he’d always be there waiting for her at ‘their table’.

“Michael I have big news!” Maria said sitting down next to him.

“Should I be worried, last time you had ‘big news’ you told me all about getting the costumer job in the production... now all you do is bitch about having it.” Michael said in a knowing tone. Taking a swig from his Snapple bottle.

“I don’t ‘bitch’.” Maria said rolling her eyes. “I critique.”

“You bitch.”


“Whatever. What did you want to tell me?”

“Well, you know Billy right?” Maria asked.

He nodded a yes.

“Well he quit the production, so they are holding auditions for his part.... I think you should try for it.” Maria finished in an enthusiastic voice.
“Are you ill?” Michael asked making a move to feel her forehead. Maria caught his hand and brought it down to her mouth to kiss it lightly. “Michael, I really think you’d be good at this part.” She said bringing his hand up for another kiss and letting her tongue linger over his uniquely flavored skin for a few seconds. His intake of breath indicated that her actions were getting the responses that she wanted.

“Mar.. I don’t do plays.” He said quietly hoping that his confession wouldn’t cause her to hault her actions.

She intended to make him suffer till he caved. She usually wasn’t this domineering, but this was an important occasion. She knew he’d be great in the play, and that once he got into the swing of things and cut the macho act that he’d enjoy what he was doing. “Please Michael.” She pleaded with her eyes. Letting his hand drop and moving to his neck, to lightly pepper it with kisses.

He knew exactly what she was doing. She was using those full pouty lips, and that perfectly soft tongue to her advantage. But it wasn’t going to work, not this time. “I can’t act.” He offered.

“Mmm Yes you can.” She whispered in his ear, and lightly sucked on his earlobe. Anytime now... she knew it. Call it women’s intuition or the bulge in his pants... either way he’d cave soon... that was for sure.

Michael took in a deep breath before he did what was probably going to wreck the rest of his life. But what the hell it was over half way through senior year, and if he did this it would surely put Maria in his debt... which was something that he could always use in his favor. “Fine I’ll do it. But only under one condition.” He waited for her agreence.

“Whatever you say SpikeyG.” She responded moving up the column of his neck with her delicate kisses.
“You will forever be in my debt.” He replied pulling her head up and her lips to his.

“Deal.” She breathed before his lips crashed to hers, only to be followed by the bell ringing to indicate that the lunch period was over, emitting a groan of disappointment from both parties.


Maria rushed through the halls of West Roswell High. Trying to spot the man she was looking for. After going past every other teacher possible she spotted him at the soda machine.

“Mr. K!” she hollered.

“Oh great.” He muttered under his breath upon seeing one Miss Maria Deluca approaching him.

She finally reached him. “Mr. K, did you find anyone to take Billy’s place in the play? I know auditions were at lunch today but I have the perfect person for you.” She gushed, being so proud that she had actually talked Michael into it.

“No, unfortunately we didn’t. Who do you have in mind?” He asked starting to make his way down the hall, continuing the conversation as they walked.

“Michael Guerin.” She answered enthusiastically.

“Are you serious?” He asked stopping in his tracks. “You want me to cast Mr. Never come to class on time, the cat ate my homework – Guerin as the lead in my production?” He asked frantically.

“What’s wrong with Michael?” She retorted harshly. Who was he to put down her boyfriend! Michael was perfect for the part why was she the only one that saw that!

“Look Mr. K either you cast Michael as your lead. Or you lose your costumer.” She threatened as she walked off to her next class. Knowing that he’d never even consider losing her as his costumer. Her work was valued to much at this point, not to mention NO ONE else would deal with the shit she was being dealt with the job of costumer.

“Michael Guerin it is.” He muttered as he kept on his way that he was before his hull shows future went down in flames.


Kyle walked into the big auditorium after his classes let out. all day he had been trying to think of a way to be around Isabel for more then just the two classes he had with her. Then in his Spanish class it finally hit him while Michael was whining about having to be in the production... lighting crew. He could join the lighting crew and be around her everyday after school and on weekends for rehearsal. It was perfect, he could get the gig real easy since all the other light techs. were stoners, he wouldn’t have to act but he could still be there.

Now all he had to do was ask.

“Hey guys.” Kyle said walking up to the lighting booth. To find as he had called two stoners trying to operate the equipment.

“Val-en-ti.” The one said, that seemed to be the most coherent of the two.

“Yeah. I was wondering if you needed any help with the lighting?”

“Woah dude, is this like the alternate universe!” Stoner one said to stoner two, hitting him on the shoulder.
“Dude I know. Like. The Jocks are doing an out reach program or something.” Stoner two replied.

“No guys. I just wanted to get involved with the production with out having to actually act.” Kyle tried to reason with them.

“Dude. Do what you want, we usually fuck up the ques anyways.”

“All right I’ll start now then.” Kyle replied sitting down in the empty chair. Just in time to see Isabel come on stage.

She was like a goddess. Her long golden hair laid perfectly over her shoulders, her light brown eyes filled with such emotion as she acted her perfect lips reciting her lines without fault.

“Dude I know why he joined light tech now.” Stoner one said pointing to Isabel. Kyle was all ready in his own world, to distracted to even notice that the stoners knew his game plan.


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