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title: I wanna Disapear
Rating: NC-17
Catogory: AU... Zan And Liz
Summary: Liz and Maria Latin Crypt who owns West LA
High. But what happens when Newcomer Comes And Lifts
the stone off of Lizs heart?
Authors note: This Fic is one of the many I am working on
at this tyme. As you can tell I like the Crypts (many even
am one?) so if you are a red I am sorry if this offends
you...PS: If you are a Blood, Dont read My other Fic:
“Thug Love”...PS...the first part is pretty clan cos I wrote it
n Summer School.
I Wanna Disapear By Marilyn Manson
Look at me now I have got no religion
Look at me now im so vacant
Look at me now I was a virgin
Look at me now grew up to be a whore
And I want it
I believe it
Im a million different things
And not one you know

Hey! and our mommies are lost now
Hey! Daddys someone else
Hey! We love the abuse
Because it makes us feel like we are needed now
But I know I wanna dissapear

I wanna die young and sell my soul
Use up all your drugs and make me come
yesterday man I was a nihlist
and now today
Im too f*cking bored by the tyme im old Enough
I wont know anything at all
~~~~~~PART ONE********************************
“Bytch! you wanna start some shyte? Bring it!” Liz
Rodriguez yelled at her enemy Pam Try.

Pam scoffed. “I could so kill your whyte ass!”

“Death” Liz replied as she pounced on Pam, Sending
both of them to the ground. Liz started to punch and
couldnt stop.

When someone finally pulled her off, She looked at
her with a sinister smile.

“Im mexican you dumb whyte bytch! Get it right.”
The Bell rang.

No teacher was gonna get on to Liz. They were afraid
of her ass too.

She was juss a Lil’ different fromeveryone else. She
wasnt a Freak or a Goth....Not entirely. She was more of a

she was in the Crypts so they would have her back if
she needed help. Not that she ever really needed it.

She filed in AP Bio with evryone else. She sat next to
her best friend, Maria De Luca. She was a bytch ya didnt
wanna f*ck with. Shed knock you ass out, then steal your

“Hey gyrle! I heard you got in a fight with Pam Troy.
Nice! Yo’z I cant complain. that poser was raking my
nerves!” Maria said as she spat her peice of bubble gum in
Isabel Mathews hair. Isabel turned around and glared.

Maria lowered her head and said “Boo”

Isabel’s eyes widened and she quickly turned
around.”Thats what I thought you prep ass punk” Maria
saids satisfactory.

Theyre were supposed to be 3 ppl to a group, but
everyone kept theyre distance. “I wonder why” Maria once

“Class! Class! Thank you. We have a new student
from the Bronx NY. His name is Alexander DaMan.” Mr.
Seligman announced as he pointed to a rugged HOT!!!!
thug with peircings in all the right places.

“Its Zan Da Man” He mused as he sat down in the seat
next to Liz.

“Oh great! Another one!” Tess Harding Cooed. That
was the last thing she did that day. Besides BLEED of

“You F*cking Cunt!” Liz Muttered as she got up and
reached for her knife.

Zan saw in an instant what was about to go down. He
picked Liz upand sat her down in is lap.

Liz want about to admit that she liked being on Zan,
so she started to struggle.

“Cant get both of us.”Maria said as she put on her
brass knuckles and walked over to Tess.

Maria instantly put on her whole prep act as she got
close to actually touch Tess.

“Hey Tess!! Could I ask you a question about your

“Sure,” Tess said cheerfuly.

“is that it on the floor?”

“I dont see any.” Tess said looking down.

She showed the scissors to her friends. Then got a
bundle of curls and Snip! Snip! Snip!

“Now there is”

tess’ face was horrified. She slapped her. Maria
whipped back and retalliated by punching her in the face.
Blood dripped out of her nose satisfactory. She ran off

“is it always this exciting?” Zan asked.

“only on the Slow days” she replied dryly.

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Lix, go suck a hairy cunt . dont be nocking crypts
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Queen Of All Youve Been Brought Up To Shun
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Part 2

“Heres what you need to know...” Liz
started as her and Maria showed Zan the

“Brittany Eason. Pam Troy. Tess
Harding. Biggest Fucking whores youll
meet” Maria supplied as she smiled sweetly
to Briitany, followed by flipping her off
behind her back.

“Maria acts like a prep sometimes so
we can get dyrt or so we can violently
abuse them. As you juss saw.”Liz smiled.

“We’re both up in the Crypts so dont go
associating with Bloodz if ya wanna stay
in good with us. Plus, if ya wanna be a
blue, juss tell me. I used to F*ck the
leader.” Maria retorted bluntly.

“Very nice,” Zan commented. But he
wasnt talking about what they were. He
was tlkin bout the amazing ass Liz has on
her! He remembered the feel of her on his
lap, instantly making his member rock
hard of excitment. He was glad he was
wearing baggy jeans so she couldnt tell.
And the fact that she sat on hi leg and
not directly in the center. Cos if she
did....he was sure he woulda exploded.

Why did this gyrle have so much effect
on him? He was always the one in
whichppl would pine over. This was gettin

“Zan! Yo Zan!!! Get yo’ head outta yo’
ass!!” Maria’s voice called him back to

“huh” Zan said dazed as if he had juss
been tooken outta a coma.

Maria Smiled. She could tell this dude
had a thing for her best friend. And from
what she gathered, the feeling was
mutual. So soon after....Max.

“Max is a ho! Youz got-sta know this!
Hes like a fuking manslut!”Maria ranted
on to her friend watched Max “talk” to the
head cheerleader, Pam Troy. Even though
Maria looked like a Abacrombie and
Ficth model, she stayed true to her
Brooklyn origins.

Liz wasnt hearing it. She was too busy
staring at Max. She was in love. And he
felt the same way. she thought.

She watched as he led Pam inside. Liz
frowned. She would get to the bottom of
this. Pam was prolly trying to get all up in
her man.

She followed them quietly into the
varsity boys locker room. She takes a peek
around the corner and couldnt help but
shriek. There was Pam, riding a very
naked Max like there was no tommorow,
making more steam then a very hot sona.

Liz ran and told Maria what she juss
saw in tears. Maria’s eyes clouded in
anger. She hated to be right bout this.

She ran off to look for this slutty man
only to find him in the parking lot,
listening to some jams in his Jeep. She put
on a sugary smile and walked towards

“Hey Pai. Care to swing my way?”
Maria said seductivly as she jumped on
top of him.

Max smirked. “ Hey yourself. Anything
I could do for you today?”
She smiled even bigger.
“Take off your pant and ill show

“foward arent we? Well ill be happy to
oblige. Whatever makes you happy.”he
said as he unzipped his pants, then

Maria got her knife outta her pocket

“anything else?” he cood.

“yah. there is.”

“Name it.”

“Dont scream.” he was about to ask
why when he found out quickly enough.

Maria got the knife and cut off his
D*ick. He yelled painfully. Maria tsked

“nuh uhuh, there Maxie. I told you
not to scream. Now you have to pay.” she
got the dislocated Member and shoved it
in his mouth.

“Choke bytch! Choke! you fuked with
my friend now you have to pay!!!” Maria
chanted hysterically.

When he fainted of blood loss, she got
up and went to the bathroom to wash the
blood off her hands.

She then went to tell Liz she took care
of it.


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ok, well Lix I guess I owe you an explanatin for that rude post

well my fren was in town and shes 17 and older than me. well, she is a Crypt. She wanted To see my new fic so signed her on my name....then I had to leave fcouple o minutes to go nexx door, she saw your post an got pissed..she rote that, not me. although I thought it was amusing...hee

buh im sorry if it hurt ya felings.....

ad lass night I went and saw MR wasgood, especially the part where I got to snuggle withthis boy...hee

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Kurt Cobain 1967-1994

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