Title: Undercover agent
Disclaimer: none of them are mine. So what? I can still use them!
Summary: Max Evans is the most popular actor who has a girl he loves for 5 years ( Liz) but then problems indure. And later on the story u find out that Max isn’t a actor but an undercover agent and his client was Liz. But instead, he falls I love with her.
Rating: pg-13,-R
Authors note. This is an AU fic. It is in Liz’s POV for most of the time. Ill tell u if it’s someone else’s. and if anyone has read any of my other fics, im sorry I haven’t updated in a while……

Part one

I stare at him from across the shadowed walls. The club was rocking, the music pounding, and I was crying.

My tears made mascara marks down my cheeks, and my face was all red from crying.

I cried softly, hoping no one will hear me. I hear a tap on my shoulder and when I look up I see his face.

His cheating face.

I want to scream at him, throw things at him, yell at him, and dump him.

But I couldn’t reach him.

His bodyguards came and were staring at me menacely, but all I could see was the picture in my mind of him and his fellow female actor.

I then realized that everything was quiet. They were staring at me, and was whispering with one another, others looked at me and was like “ I can’t believe she knows Max Evans”.

“ Liz. Wait. It really isn’t what it looks like,”

I can’t believe he had said that.

All this time I knew he was cheating on me. He always had other women’s perfumes on his shirts, and smudged lipstick on his cheek, but he had always said that it was from his acting,

Like hell.

That’s why I followed him.

Wearing black, I had followed him to a local bar and saw him meet a gorgeous blond, and kiss her.

I had felt sick to my stomach.

Now I felt angry.

How dare he?

“ Now wait a minute Mr. Evans. This is exactly what I thought it would be! You’re not faithful at all!! And u have a child on the way!! “ I cried out.

He looked guilty, then is eyes went to mine, his beautiful eyes that I thought I knew were brimming with crystal tears.

“ Please Liz listen to me. It is not what it seems. Please don’t leave me. Liz, look at me. I want this child. Please stay with me. I never wanted to hurt u. “

“ I’m sorry Max u already did. And u would be lucky if u got to see your child once a year,”

I then turned and walked away, with my head up high.

“ Liz!!! Come back!!!”

All the listeners were shocked.

Max Evans, the most popular actor known, had gotten dumped by his girlfriend that he had known forever in his time.


This should go to Jerry Springer…