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Disclaimer: I don't own anything of this so don't sue me if you don't like it okay. This is a Roswell/Buffy crossover kinda thing.

I just wanted to say thanxs to Michaela aka M14 for the idea and to Lana Lana for the daily bumps. You two rock my world.... *WINK*

Well here it goes okay and this is just the first part PLS. leave feed back to let me know whatcha think....


In every generation one girl will stand alone to protect the world from all that is unknown. She was destined at birth and chosen by the council to fulfill her destiny till the next is called. She will be known as the slayer.

My name is Elizabeth Summer’s but everyone that I know just calls me Liz. I’m on my way to make a new life in Sunnydale, CA with my watcher Rupert Giles. Once upon a time there was a man on the street and he came up to me and looked in my eye and said that destiny is what you make of it. Well that may be true for other people but for me it seemed to be chosen for me from the day of I was born. Somebody out there knew what I was and I think they just forgot to tell me. I remember just a week ago before all this my life was simple. The only problems I ever had was trying to figure out what to where.. I lived with my father in Roswell, New Mexico, yeah that’s the city dealing with aliens and stuff but that’s not the point. My mother Nancy Summer died while giving me birth and I think even till this day my father despises me for the lost of a wife and friend. My father ran the local restaurant here called the crashdown cafe. And believe it or not since this was the only hot spot for all the teenagers to go, he was respected by the community. To them they saw a wonderful father and a good and honest man but what they didn’t see close doors was that he hated me because of my mother’s death. I think more or less that it was the fact that when he looked at me he saw my mother or the way she was. He didn’t want to have children because of my mother’s health but my mom wanted a child more than anything in this world. I was a freshman attending Roswell high. My circle of friends included Willow Deluca and Kyle Harris. They’ve been my friends since preschool. I’ll never forget the day my life changed. I was sitting at the steps of my school waiting for my friends to meet up with me before heading home. This is the day I will never forget. That’s when they found me and that’s where my story begins….

Okay Feed Back would be so nice!!!!!

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okay since I got three fans I will post one part later today.....

Thanks for the feed back...
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I'm such a bad friend Michaela you wrote your new story an dI just found it today shame on me but I'm going to read it everyday......
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Thanks everyone for all the feed back and I do hear you so I have posted two parts for ya...

PT 1

A man approaches with steady feet “ You must come with me now there is no time to waste!”

“Okay Mr.! I ‘m not going anywhere with you!” I said to him with harden eyes.

“ I will explain everything to you later Liz but you must come with me now!! I was sent for you by the council!”

“Okay sent by who to take me where! I don’t know who you are an I suggest you leave before I cream bloody RAPE”

“You can not stay here you are destined to come with me and fight the evil.”

“ What in the world are you saying!”

“You must leave now before all is destroyed.”

“Okay I warned you!!! HELP……….”

“You will know soon what you are and what you were born to do!”

I guess Mr. Pierce heard my scream cause was turning around to make a run for it when I looked back he was gone.. I was totally freaked as you can imaging. He said the weirdest shit to me but for someone reason deep down inside I know now that I was waiting for him, waiting to be called. Everything he said made sense or maybe my life sucked so bad that I wanted it to.

“Are you okay Elizabeth?”

“Yes Mr. Pierce, some strange man said some strange things and it just frighten me that’s all.”

“Well I don’t see anyone now but I heard you yelling form inside my class, do you want me to call your father?”

“No… Willow and Kyle should be on they’re way to get me.”

“Okay well then I’ll be leaving but I am in my classroom if you need anything.”

“Thank you Mr. Pierce.”

“Well speaking of the devil I think they’re on there way right now.”

“Hey Mr. Pierce” Kyle and willow said that at the same time to there teacher.

“Well I’m glad you’re here it seems that your friend had quite a good scare.”

“Chica honey are you okay?”

Yeah I’m fine some weirdo came at me and said some weird stuff.”

“Do you know the guy?”

“No Kyle, I was waiting for you two and he just started talking.”

“Well we better get going than!” Kyle said to the two girls.

“Thanks Mr. Pierce.” The group said to him as they looked back once before walking Liz home.

When we were walking I didn’t know what was worse strange man saying weird stuff or best friends making out! I mean we all grew up together. First it was punching each other in the arm and then all of a sudden it’s passing around love notes. How does these things ever happen. Well it’s good for them to know love. Well I don’t know any of it not love, or the tingles your suppose to get when you see a guy or any of that stuff. Well I know what it It's like to feel someone near you and them not to be there at all. It’s in my dreams I feel him. It’s his voice that comforts me when I am alone. I thank god that we finally got to my house and they decided to take a break and breathe!

“Okay girls I love to stay but dad’s on my case again, but call me when you get home baby.”

“I will Kyle.”

“Well if you two see that man around just give me a call and I’ll have dad come over and check the place out.”

“Thanks Kyle but there is no need for that!”

“Yes there is okay Liz you’re my best friend and my girl is with you so two reason why I should give a shit.”

“Okay if I need you I’ll call okay.”

“Now that’s the Liz I know and love, Okay so don’t forget Willow to call me when you get home okay.”

“I will okay and I love you, you know he always pretend that he doesn’t hear me when I say that to him.”

“That’s just how the male species work. They are never good at expressing it.”

“Speaking of feelings, do you know who was asking school about you the other day?”

“No… but your going to tell me aren’t you!”

“Okay you twisted my arm but…. It’ s Michael Guerrin.”


“ Yeah he was asking Kyle about you and everything and I think he is going to ask you out tonight.”

“Will you stop lying!”

“I’m serious Liz, your gonna get a boyfriend.”

“Will you just shut up!”

“Hey you had a major crush on him since the 4th grade and were freshman now so can you please just seize the moment.”

“Yeah and that’s all it’s ever been is just a crush.”

“Speaking of Michael I didn’t even she him at school today.”

“Well maybe he just changed his mind!”

“I don’t think so!”

“Okay whatever you say willow!”

When we got into my house, Willow ran straight up my room almost knocking down the flight of stairs. I know she’s happy that a boy finds me interesting but I can’t go out on a date if I’m dead. Some of the outfits were so ugly I almost gagged at knowing that I even own something as hideous as that! Well about two hours into it we finally agreed on a decent outfit nothing to slutty and nothing that says I’m a geek and I love it! My outfit consisted of a pair of dark blue low riding jeans and red tank top to match my red boots.. It was a cute outfit I most admit and I look good in red for some strange reason. When we looked at the clock it was 15 till 7 and Maria wanted to rush home as soon as possible to talk to her man before it got late. I will never understand these things! I was on my balcony looking out at the sunset just thinking of him and it wasn’t Michael for some strange reason but that voice. I hear him at times when I feel lost or insecure and he gives me the strength to move forward in my life… I had to get a man! This feeling comfortable to a voice is some weird shit! I decided a good hot shower would do me some good. If I do have a date at least I’m clean and if not hey nothing wrong like smelling like strawberries at night. It was when I had finish washing the shampoo out of my hair and just put conditioner into it when the phone rang. I didn’t want to get out dripping wet and I thought it was probably a teller marketing person. The phone was still ringing and I couldn’t take it anymore so I hopped out of my shower with conditioner in my hair, water dripping all over the rug.

PT 2


“So did he call yet?”

“No…. Willow but I was in the shower!”

“For someone who doesn’t care you sure just hopped out of that nice shower to get the phone.”

“Willow, I don’t have time for this right now!

“Hey no need for the attitude okay!”

“Willow, I’ll talk to you some other time!”

“Yeah sure call me when your in a better mood!”

When I hung up the phone, I felt so bad the way I talk to my best friend just gave me the chills. I wanted to call her back but at this moment emotions were running high. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice the puddle of water that had formed in my room. I was just kinda upset that it wasn’t Michael. I had a crush on him for the longest time. I think it’s the whole bad boy look he’s got going on for himself. I like that in a man! That I’m dangerous on the outside but if you let me love you I’m mush…I headed back to the shower with these thoughts of him and right when I turned on the water the phone rang again. I thought that I should answer it and apologize.

“I’m so sorry Willow”

“What did you do to willow? I was going to ask for you but I guess I don’t have to now.”

“Um……. Hi Michael”

“Hey Liz, is it okay that I call.”

“Sure Michael, What’s up?”

“Well I’m hoping at this moment your not busy.”

“Well I was about to shower but I guess that can wait!”

“Well than luck is on my side isn’t it Liz!”

“Okay Michael”

“Well if your not busy I wanted to know if you’ll like to go out?”


“Okay I’ll be at your house in about an hour.”

“See you soon then.”

“Okay, I’m looking forward to that.”

“Me too!!”

When I hung up the phone I ran straight into the shower to finish what I started. I was so happy me, Elizabeth Summer’s finally caught the attention of my first crush. Thank god willow helped me with my outfit cause I was such a mess I don’t even think I could of put on my underwear on… I finished my shower and dried off and I did my hair into two pigtails. 25 minutes to go was running in my mind. Tick Tock Tick Tock…. I cleaned up my room a bit just in case. Hey I’m a virgin okay and you know things do happen to teenage girls… I just want my room to be clean okay! Damm and before I knew it the stupid door bell rang. So I bolted down the stairs took one last look at myself and opened the door.

“ Hi Michael”

“Hey Liz you look good enough to eat!”

“ If I didn’t know better, I think your flirting with me!”

“Pretty smart Miss Summer’s”

“Well why don’t you come in and flirt with me some more!”

“I thought you would never ask!”

Feed BAck Please

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Okay to clear up everyone's confusion this is a dreamer fic but I needed to change the pace a bit make it more interesting with different characters at different times in her life so her it goes a break down of characters.

From Roswell, New Mexico
Willow Deluca
Kyle Harrison
yes and they are together
Michael Guerrin as Liz's first crush and yes he is the vamp she slayed...

Rupert Giles as watcher

ELizabeth Summer as slayer
Jeff Summer as Liz's father

okay and when she gets to sunnydale more characters will be dicussed.

Michaela I swear you always catch my boo boo but I fixed it Maria won't be introduce till she gets to sunnydale..

SO everyone just keep your mind opens okay cause things are about to change....

The themes are the same but the story is way out of this world...

Okay and again this will be a dreamer fic...

I couldn't leave out a love story with my favorite man...

Post more soon today...

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bump for a job well done I must say....
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Okay so here are two new parts for ya okay...

Thank u so much fo rthe feed back and once again this will be a dreamer fic.. Could be an Angel and Liz or a Max and Liz hmm........ I don't know yet whatcha think...

Okay now with the characters so far

Roswell, New Mexico

Willow Deluca
Kyle Harris
They are together as boyfriend and girlfriend

Michael Guerrin as Liz first crush not soul mate just crush..

Jeff Summers Liz's dad

Liz summer as Slayer

Rupert Giles as watcher.....

Now in Sunnydale, California

Maria Rosenberg
Xander Whitman

Max and Isabel Evans as brither n sister
Alex Valenti as Isabel boyfriend and they are all ALIENS

Angel as himself..

So now that I made things clear.....

Enjoy the next part......


PT 3

When he walked into the house there was this dead air that seemed to follow him. He looked ill a lot pale than usual and I thought maybe this wasn’t a good time for him to be out and about. I didn’t want to look into it too much but something was off. I could feel the goose bumps rising behind my neck and maybe it’s just the fact that I have never been with a guy before. Who knows but I can’t let it kill my night.

“So I heard you weren’t at school today!”

“ Yeah … I’m beginning to feel somewhat tired all of a sudden and it’s probably cause I haven’t fed yet.”

“ Well would you like to make something for you?”

“No need for you to go through all the trouble for me! I think I’m just a little dehydrated.”

“ Well I can get you something to drink!”

“No need for you to leave my side yet! Let’s just sit and talk for a little.”

“Okay Michael what would you like to talk about.”

“Where’s your dad?”

“Wow you really just get to it don’t you!”

“Well life’s too short to be wasted on small talk.”

“ I think I’m going to start taking your advice.”

So we were sitting on the couch and every minute seemed to make our bodies go closer and closer. I turned on the T.V and played Sex in the city. It something Willow got me last year for my birthday okay. She thought I learn a few tips from it and maybe I have and maybe I haven’t. I had placed my head on his shoulders and I love the way that felt. I have never been this close to a guy before except for Kyle but that’s different. His hand ran up my back and caressing my neck. He nibbled on my neck and moved his lips to my mouth and he kissed me.

“Ouch… You bit me Michael!!”

“ Sorry I was just into the moment.”

“Okay I think we both should cool down right now.”

“I thought you were going to take my advice and just go for it!”

“Hey I’m not that kind of girl okay!”

“ I just wanna taste you Liz…..”

“Okay I said I can make you something to eat. I mean you bit my lip!”

“Come on just a taste Liz, You feel so much better when I’m done.”

“ Okay I think you better leave!”

“Okay we could of made this romantic but hey I can play rough too!”

“ Get off me!!!! What the Fuck….”

“ Liz, I like you a lot and I wanted you to be my first so stop fighting me.”

“”I said get the hell off me.”

I couldn’t believe my strength I just pushed Michael off me as if he was a feather. My dreams of happy in love relationship went straight to hell when I saw his face. He had fangs for god sake! I was at Disney Land just a while ago and now I’m some demon hunter chick in I don’t know you name a horror movie and I lived it!! I was shocked not at him but at my fighting skills. I mean for a moment I thought I was related to Bruce Lee or something there were styles I didn’t think I knew. I never ever took any self defense class in my life but punches were thrown and blocked. Kicks were mad and than I got him and pinned him to the floor.”

“ We could have been so good together!”

“What as the undead homecoming king and queen, I don’t think so!”

“I really do like yooooooooooouuu…”

Before he finished the sentence I plunged the letter opener into his heart and watched as hi body turn to dust. I wasn’t scared like I should be and I knew what I was doing and I knew what he was. I stood up wiping the dust of my clothes and thinking to myself how in the world and I going to explain this to dad.


PT 4

“What in the world are you?”

“Daddy, I can explain.. Well I invited him over and he tried to drink my blood!”

“What in the god’s name has been living in my house!”

“What are you saying daddy! It’s me Lizzie!”

“I saw what you did to that poor boy!”

“Daddy he was a vampire…”
“There are no such things! Your crazy!!!!!”

“I know it sounds crazy but you have to believe me daddy!”

“What kind of devil spawn are you!”

“”Daddy… Please look at me!!”

“What ever you are! Your not my daughter!”

“Daddy what are you saying! I am Daddy it’s me Lizzie”

“Get out of my house you monster!”

“Daddy just calm down okay! You don’t mean it!”

“Don’t you dear use my daughter’s voice to call my name!”

“Daddy….. Please……. Daddy……”

“Get out of my house or I’ll kill you!”


“GET OUT NOW !!!!!!

I ran to my room and grab as much as I can carry and went out to my balcony where I climbed the drain pipe to the street and ran as fast as I could. I didn’t understand what was going on! Where am I going? I couldn’t think I just had to feel the air whip against my face. I knew my dad hated me for being the cause of my mother’s death but I never heard him speak to me like that! He looked at me as if I were a ghost. I don’t where I was going but I had to run and I couldn’t think of anything else but those words. I wasn’t hi daughter. How can he not look me in the eyes. I finally stopped at the park across town.
I didn’t realize how far and sat I was running until I took a moment took take in the scene around me. Everything caught up with my pain the tears all of it. I just wanted it to stop! I wanna die her in the city I love all by myself. I was alone and no one could tell me different!

“You see what you must face.”


“They will not understand!”

“What am I?”

“You come from a long line of saviors. You were born to be the slayer.”

“What in the world is a slayer.”

“The one who will rid this world of evil.”

“You mean vampires!”

“My child there are more things than vampires that go bump in the night.”

“I don’t understand!”

“You don’t know but you will embrace your destiny as I have mine.”

“SO what’s your deal in all this.”

“I am your watcher, I will guide you in this world to help you learn all that you must know for what is about to come.”

“Which is what?”

“This land was formed by monsters for them to feed that was until we came along, they believe that this world should be there’s! They do not value life only death.”

“You seem to know so much about me and I have no idea who you are!”

“My name is Rupert Giles.”

“Who sent you here?”

“The watchers Council a very secretive society who deals in the super natural.”

“SO what am I to do now.”

“For now time is running out and we must leave this place.”

“Where are we going?”

“To Sunnydale, California.”

“Oh… What about my friends?”

“I have no time to explain how crucial you are needed there.”

“I have this feeling that I was waiting for you for a very long time now!”

“I shall fill you in on our journey there.”


Feed Back please it helps keep writers block away!!!!
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Okay I know it can be confusing me cuz trust me I confused my self... Two shows and they have such great characters in them but you don't wanna leave people out...

So if there are any questions pls feel free to ask and I will answear them as best as I can...

See that's how u know people pay attention when they ask questions...

So somethings will be qouted from both shows an dsome characters are with who I put them with but just leave an open mind. I will make sense when u don't think of the show too much just the basic about it...

Okay talking too much now!!!

So remember I just like to make things different...

Also I love twisters but I'm still a hopeless romantic...
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trust me there will be biting involved and yeah a little of this a alot of that!!!!

Well if you like twister u will love this story....

I'm glad that everyone is enjoying it cause I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve...

so all we have left is aliens, vamp and the scooby gand and of course giles and Liz....

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I am so bored at work and I just wanted to know where is everyone....
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Okay I'm pretty sad this story must be way too confusing cause I found it on pg. 10 and the readers who first started to read it isn't here...

I should of known crossovers were going to be confusing !!!! * Hit myself on the head *

Since I'm not getting any FB I'll just post one PT a day...

That ways it still gives me something to do!!



PT 5

That is how I ended up leaving one home that I have known all my life to make another. I was a normal girl and now I’m here to save the world! It’s a bit much to take for someone like me. Last week I was worried about what I was going to wear to home coming now I have the lives of every living creature on my hands. Were about an hour away form our destination and some how I can feel this force pulling me to it the closer I get there! If I ever told this story to anyone they might lock me up and throw away the key. Why is it that life is filled with lies! During our drive I faced demons and witches and all kinds of stuff you would never believe me! People live a simple life not believing in anything that they can’t see and if they knew would they hide under they’re beds and pretend that ghost and goblins don’t exists.

“Are we there yet Giles?”

“Yes I will be taking you to our new home!”


“I know this is difficult for you but you must realize what is at stake!”

“ I do Giles, it’s just I miss my friends and I’m not scared of the ghost and goblins but I am scared to be alone!”

“You will never be alone, I will be here for you always!”

“We must rest tonight for tomorrow is your first day as a sophomore at Sunnydale High.”

“Must I go to school so soon!”

“Yes Elizabeth the sooner we get a hold of your new life, the better you feel, Well we are here!”

“Oh my god the house is beautiful!”

The house was beautiful form the front you can see the garden and it look like it should belong to the enchanted forest. When we mad our way through the house it was small by so intimate the lights the furniture, I was even excited to see my new room. Who could sleep!

“Well my dear I think it’s best for you to be getting to bed.”

“Yes father.”

“I will see you tomorrow in the morning and remember I will always be with you.”

“I know that especially when you will be working at the school.”

if you like to leave feed back the would be nice, thank you!!!
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what kind of hints do you guys want huh?

Well let me tell you I'm enjoying this story I have up to like PT 15 and I keep reading it over and over I can't believe that my stories has so much twisters it making me all hot...

Well okay now gotta go!
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this part is dedicated to Michaela girl I hope you'll love it caus eI enjoyed writine you in it...

Well here is another part if it matters to anybody...

Lana, Michaela you are my angels...

PT 6

“Have you heard Max!”

“What now Iz!”

“Well the news is that there is a new slayer in town. I think they say she came all the way from Roswell.”

“Can you believe all that time we where there a slayer in our city.”

“ Max, it was only yesterday when all the creatures were running the town and now….”

“As the legend has it once a slayer is dead another is called. I wonder what this one is like?”

“ If you like to know she is starting school with us tomorrow.”

“Well then make sure you tell your boyfriend no power using for a while please.”

“Speaking of my boyfriend! Where is he? The last time I saw him was at school!”

“Well Alex told me he had to be home his dad was holding a conference at city hall that he had to attend!”

“Do you know what time he’ll be home?”

“I really don’t care or give a shit Iz!”

“What is up with Max? I know that you miss her and a part of us does too but don’t take it out on us.”

“It’s just that I feel so alone at times and I still feel her presence around me Isabel, even more now than ever.”

“If your feeling alone than I can have Alex spend more time with you.”

“No thank you okay, I got you as a sister and I think that’s enough aliens around me.”

“I think Max, you just need to live your life now for the moment and stop thinking about the past.”

“It’s hard she was my everything and no matter how much powers I had it couldn’t save her. She died loving me.”

“I know I miss Michaela too…”

“Okay well we better get going before mom and dad have a heart attack.”

“Now your acting like a king!”

The drive home was spent in silence. Her thoughts were on Alex and mine was on her. We are from the planet Antar. Isabel as you must have figured out is my sister and her boyfriend is my best friend here and my second in command on my planet. My planet was dying and my father had the scientist figure a way to rebuild our bodies in order to live in Earth’s atmosphere. They succeeded but I couldn’t bare to leave my planet! It was more I couldn’t leave my wife Michaela. She was all I ever wanted. Even through time my love for her stays strong in my heart. When we landed here in 1957 it was until 16 years ago did our pods hatched. Isabel and I were found wondering the desert and were placed with the Evans. Alex was lost and was found a day later and given to Mayor Valenti. I think that is why he gets away with so much stuff. It wasn’t so we crashed in Roswell and when we were 6 moved to California. My father runs a top law firm while Alex’s dad is mayor. It’s hard to be happy when you live a life full of lies. Never ever being able to be yourself without feeling that you will be punished or torture for it! When we finally reached the house we both got out of the car and headed into the house. When we got to the top of our stairs we just walked to our rooms.

“Good night Maxwell”

“Good night Izzie”

When I got into my room, I placed my head on my pillow as I often do time and time again. My first thoughts were of my wife as it will always be the last. How can I ever move on when on this planet there is no one like her. We were betrothed when we were children and I did not receive the news until my 18th birthday. That was the year we were to wed. When my father had told me I was furious, I had always wanted to marry for love and for no other reason not because her dowry could afford it. The next week we were to meet and acted like a young school boy. I threw my tantrums and refused to meet her. How stupid I was when I saw her it was there that I knew my soul belonged to her and she felt the same way. After the meeting I was glad to be her husband and her my wife. I was happy until our planet was attacked and a terrible diseased was spread all over our world killing everything. Even though I was king I could not save my wife, but I know no matter how long it takes I will find her again. When I look out my window and stare into the night sky, I often think of how much I miss her..

“Good Night Michaela”

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Okey Michaela I'll explain mor eof who Liz is to Max and everything else but Let's just say your reborn...

Max an dIz are Bro and sis and yep prince and princess of Antar..

Alex is second in command and is Max's best friend and Iz boyfriend...

Michael is dust..

Willow and Kyle are stuck in Roswell...

Jeff Summer is in Roswell

Liz and Giles are in sunnydale...

Everything okay....

Lana don't think I forgot you my friend.....

You will always remain my dark sister...

posted on 28-Jun-2002 12:29:57 PM by behritall4me
Okay the three meaning Max and IZ and ALex never dies on Antar but sent here in the pods like Roswell but they remember alot about there old life. Max made sure of that when he was sent away from his planet..

Other characters in the story will be form Antar as well but you will have to wait and see..

Yes Liz is attracted to both but you'll understand why in the later chapters...

Any other questions I can answer. Pleas efeel free to ask!

I don't want to give too much away
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I really want to know if this story is that confusing. When I read it over it looked good to me but maybe my eyes were deceiving. SO if it it' sonfusing let me knwo and I'll try to write one part of just explanation or I can stop this fic....

I didn't think crossover could be so confusing but I guess it is or maybe my writing sucks...

Not looking for sympathy just talking out loud

Okay well let me know what you think and I'll see if I should post a new part cause if it's mind boggling now wait till you get more into the chapters...

People aren't always who you think they are...
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bump for you and a bump for me
posted on 28-Jun-2002 6:04:14 PM by behritall4me
I'm sad something is wrong with my animations...

I'll post soon okay....
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okay my friends here are two new parts to keep you busy cause I think I'm going to take some time off from writing...

Well my mind is kinda block and I figure if it's sounded strange to you than maybe I'm confusing myself..

Sorry I didn'tthink it was that confusing!!!!

Well I don't knwo give me soem advice on why it's con fusing so I can make the next part better..


PT 7

“Good morning, I hope you slept well last night.”

“Good morning, and yes I did! Well it’s better than sleeping in some cheesy motel or the car. I wanted to say thank you!”

“For what?”

“The room and everything in it is beautiful and the clothes is just all the right fit.”

“Well you are an important person!”

“I would of never thought my life can change so quickly in such a short amount of time.”

“Well just remember you have training today after school.”

“So should I meet you at home.”

“ You will meet me after school in the library.”

“ In the library! I thought we are suppose to be discreet about it!”

“Well today we will do a lot of researching and the council has placed all the books there.”

“Okay I thought we just throw up and sign and say slayer in training and get all the kids involved!”

“Elizabeth, we have made very sure that your secret remains confidential. All your records have been change.”

“Please don’t call me that okay, I feel like I’m in trouble!”

“Agreed but you must remember not to tell a soul.”

“I wouldn’t want to they might just lock me up and what would the council do with me then?”

“Now run along upstairs and get dressed for school.”

“Okay meet you down her in 20 minutes then.”

When I went to my room to get dressed. While I was getting ready it seemed to me that I was getting use to my new life and that with Giles around I seemed to be doing much better when it comes to the physical training. He still gets upset that I choose to leave the reading part up to him. I’m not all really down for demonology 101. It’s really boring but I do love the pictures. My mind was wondering off in so many directions I didn’t even realized the time. I really wish I could just stay home, I miss my friends and today I’m going to have to meet new ones. Even though I know I should feel alone, I can’t it seems like this place or something in it is drawing me closer to it and making me feel something I’ve never experienced before. I promised myself not to draw attention to myself but I knew being the new girl that is going to be hard. I ran down the stairs and had to stop right in my tracks.”

“”Oh my….”

“What’s wrong Liz?”


“Do I have a stain on my tie.”

“It’s a satin on your entire outfit.”

“What’s wrong with it, I thought it makes me look very dashing.”

“ You look like your suppose to be in a Sherlock Holmes’s movie!”

“Do you know that this is the latest fashion in London.”

“Well your suppose to me my father not Mary Poppins.”

“ Let’s get you to school and worry about my clothes another time.”

“I’m just saying , I thought we weren’t suppose to draw attention to ourselves.”

I wanted to laugh through out the ride to school. It was just so funny that I was going to be acting as this man child when he seems to be out of a classic movie. This was going to be good trying to pull this off when he has a totally British accent as I call it but you be surprised with the story they came up with! We finally arrived at Sunnydale high and I wasn’t so excited anymore. We made our way to the office and I checked in with my counselor and was given my class schedules and told that I was going to have to see my father later to retrieve my books for class after homeroom. When we parted I didn’t want him to go anymore. I didn’t want to have to face this day all by myself. When I got there it was pretty empty and my teacher had placed me by my last name and there in the corner were two other people. I always knew that if you go to class this early you’re a nerd and I guess today that makes me one!”

“Hey your new aren’t ya? This buy with a grin for ear to ear asked me

“Yeah my name is Elizabeth Summers but you can call me Liz.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you, my name is Maria Rosenberg an that’s Xander Whitman.”

“So where ya from?”

“Um… Roswell, New Mexico.”

“Cool but be weird having all those people come to find aliens and stuff.”

“Yeah I guess.”

“Hey so can I see what classes you have!”

“Sure why not!”

“Ohhh… Ohhhh…. You have like 5 classes with us cool!”

“Don’t mind him he gets excited very easily.”

“Hey I heard that Maria!”

“Well I see Liz that your very smart girl just as smart as me but with better grades… Wow advanced biology… I’m impressed!”

“Well it’s something I want to learn about ever since I was little.”

“Well we can show you around if ya like!”

“That be nice Maria and thanks.”

“Okay I wanna go too..”

Sitting there and watching them reminded me so much of Willow and Kyle and how much I really missed them. These two were something else! I t was just pure comedy watching them at work on each others nerve but I guess that what they get for growing up with each other when the bell rang, I made my way to the library with my two new friends.

“Here we are!” Xander used his hand to wave over the sign that said Library enter all who wants to learn.

“I think we she can read that Xander.”

“Hello…… anybody here!”

“What can I help you with today?”

“Well she’s new and we needed to get her books for her.” Xander said to the man as he approach them.

“Your new here! Aren’t ya?” Maria said shaking his hand

“Yes and you may call me Giles.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you.” They all said as he went to go and retrieve the books as needed.

“Hi dad!”

“That’s your dad!” The two just looked at each other as if it was the first time they heard Santa didn’t exists.

“Yes you guys I do have a father.”

“Oh… we didn’t mean it like that it’s just you guys look nothing alike!” Maria said to Liz looking at him than at her than at him again.

“Well I take after my mother.”

“I can see that!” Xander said as he wink in Liz’s direction

“Well it was very nice to meet you guys but don’t you have a class to get too….”

“Oh yeah, bye dad.”

“Bye Mr. Giles it was nice to meet you.” They said as they were leaving out the door

“It was nice to meet you guys as well.”

Right when we left I was being attacked. Well not physically but they had a million of questions and I can tell this wasn’t going to end. They asked questions in class they asked when we sat down to have lunch. I answered everything I could to the best of my ability. I just told them that my mother gave me her last name and when she died my father came back form London to take care of me. I mean they shouldn’t be surprise you know! This was California and the people here are known for having affairs and getting divorces. Homeroom through six period went real smooth. Then when my class around which was biology something was strange that feeling I get when I sleep well, I got it walking through the door. I wasn’t a sleep well not that I know of but I felt it hit my heart. I couldn’t put my finger on it but whatever it was had the strongest pull on me that I have ever felt. When I left to go to the library this was the class that left me mind boggle.

PT 8

“Hey Maxwell!” Alex said hitting his friend on the back…

“What’s going with you two?”

“ Nothing Isabel thought it best that we should all hang out tonight at the bronze.”

“Yeah we haven’t been hanging around lately but I don’t know if I’m in the mood!”

They all stopped talking when a group of friends passed by them. Then all three had this feeling as though they must have known her form another life. The souls that each had were old, souls that have been around before there time.

“Hey Max… is that her? The new slayer?” Isabel said trying not to be obvious that she was staring at Liz

“I don’t know but her name is Elizabeth Summers.”

“Max she looks just like!” Isabel hands raised to her mouth

“Yeah I know okay!”

“So is she?” Alex asked wanting to know the truth

“She does look exactly like her you know that right!”

”Yes I do Isabel, I was staring at her for the last hour in our bio class.”

“SO did you get any info?” Alex asked with hope in his eyes not for him but for his friend.

“Oh yeah, I went up to her and said I’m an alien and I just wanted to know if you’re the slayer!”

“Well I’m not going to stick around here with you giving me attitude!” Alex just walked off leaving a Isabel Evans stunned and a Max Evans feeling like shit

“You know hat he deserves an apology form you max!”

“I’m sorry Iz, it’s just looking at her brings back memories!”

“It must be hard on you but it’s hard for us to see you like this too..”

“I know!”

“So your going to come with us tonight! Plus your going to apologize to Alex okay!”

“I’ll think about it on our way home okay.”

“Okay, whatever you say your highness!”

The drive home was spent mostly in silence except for the words on the radio that traveled through my mind. I don’t listen to music too much but this songs and the words touch my heart like no other. It was I shall believe by Sheryl Crow. The words meant something it was a sign and I knew it! I wonder if it was her or if it could even be true that a love like ours found a way to back to each other. It was the same face, the face I saw at our first meeting on Antar. Everything was the same, the way she smiled and walked and even when I heard her speak the gentleness in the tone. I knew that physically her body was long gone like our planet but what if her soul was the same and old soul in a new body. My thoughts were destroy when I realized that Isabel was calling for me.

“Earth to Max!”

“Yes Iz… what is it now!”

“You know when I first saw her, she…. Um….for a moment I thought she was…”

“Yeah …. You should of seen my face when she walked into bio class.

“Do you think…”

“I want to believe it is …..”

“I know how much you loved her but she’s gone everything about our planet is gone Max. You have to understand that and get it through your head. You can’t keep on living like this.”

“I know it seems like it’s impossible but what if…..”

“I want you to be happy but father had enough time to send the three of us!”

“ What if her soul found it’s way back to me like reincarnation.”

“Max if that was a possibility than I would be happy to live in your fairytale world but this is reality not Disney land!”

“I know Isabel but what if Alex had died on our planet and the only memories you had were in your dreams!! Would that be enough for you?”

“No… but max I would at least try to live a normal life.”

“What’s so great about being normal?”

“Max, I can’t bear to see you like this… So just come out with us okay!! Please… for me.”

“It’s just that I’m thankful for having the two of you in my life but I feel so empty!”

“Well maybe you should try to live and maybe than will your destiny change!”

“Okay I’ll go !!!”

“That’s my brother that I know and love.”

“Well just wake me up in about two hours okay.”

“No problem…”

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