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Title: A Child's Dream
Author: ~Amy~ AngelicDreamer57⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own anything so pease don't sue!!!
Category: M/L (is there any other couple worth writing?)
Rating: G
Distribution: Ask me first! You'll most likely get it.
Summary: Just a cute, short story. I was bored and this is what came of it

“Lizzie!” A slender, brunette woman yelled at her running daughter. The same little girl that was dragging her mother through the park with plentiful of giggles along the way. “Slow down Lizzie!” But her pleas fell on deaf ears. Liz was too anxious to listen to her mother tell her to slow down, she was going to the park! ‘Almost there!’ she thought, dropped her mother’s hand and ran off to the sand box.

Midway there, she bumped into a boy a year older than she. Looking up she gasped and shivered at the intense emotions playing in his eyes. It was as if he knew more than his six years lead on. “S-sorry.” she stuttered. “I’m Liz.” she said softly and pointed to her chest, “What’s your name?”

No reply. Liz shrugged, thinking he was probably too shy.

Then a woman, probably his mother, came over. “I’m Diane.” She introduced herself, kindly. “And this.” She put her hands on his head, “This is Max.” And smiled toward Liz. “Where’s your mother?”
Liz laughed “She over there,” and pointed behind her toward her mother who was sitting on the bench. Nancy, Liz’s mom, waved. When they looked away, Nancy snapped a couple shots of Max, Liz, and Diane together. Diane looked up and both mom’s shared a knowing smile.

Liz took his hand and lead him to the sand box. Once there, she whispered “Max?” as to not frighten him. He smiled when he heard his name on her lips.

“Wanna play?” She asked.

Max nodded slightly and she smiled.

They stayed there for hours. Not really saying much but connecting on a different level. When their hands touched, they got flashes of each other. Liz knew she should be scared but couldn’t. He put a force on her and she liked it. It made her feel safe, as if someone cared. Someone other than family.

They would sneak glances at the other and whenever once was caught, they’d both blush. It was the most adorable sight. And Nancy didn’t want to miss a moment. Taking pictures here and there as mementos. Diane and she were talking and she knew they wouldn’t see each other again.

When they had to leave, Liz started tearing up. Not wanting to leave the safe haven Max created by just being near. Max could feel his heart breaking. He had caused those tears and wanted to make her feel better. Instictively he wrapped his arms around her body loosely, so if she didn’t want it she could easily got out of his reach. But she leaned into him more and buried her face in the crook of his neck. Breathing in his scent. He never felt this way about anyone. He knew he loved Isabel, but this was different, he could feel it. And he knew there wouldn’t be another like her.

It was the first and last time they ever saw each other. Even with the few words said, both knew they fell in love at such a tender age. Call it puppy love if you wish, but only they know what they felt. Neither forgetting. Both never finding the other again....

I know, it sucks. I just wanted to write something. I have a sequel in my head. Want to hear it? Feedback please!

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Authors Note:

Hey thanks for the feedback! I'll try to get the sequel out tomorrow sometime. I didn't write it yet but then again, I just wrote that part earlier today. So, until then.