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Author: AuroraAngel101 (Cait)
Title: Return to Where You Were
Category: Crossover, FF
Summary: Liz is leaving- by way of the Granolith
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or Dark Angel. If I did, Roswell wouldn’t suck this season and Dark Angel wouldn’t be on the night I have gymnastics.
Author’s Notes: Post Busted, post Boo. Need I say it? FEEDBACK!!!
New note: //blah blah blah// or italics mean a character's thoughts. sorry, but I kept on switching by mistake. you're all smart, you'll figure it out.

Tess is back. Haha. Funny. I’m laughing so hard. Excuse me- Tess isn’t back, Tess never left. She just did a sucky job at the whole mind warp thing. Michael went back two weeks ago to the cave to inspect the damage, and the Granolith was still there. Ha friggin’ ha. ‘Scuze my language. So it turns out that Max never even needed to get back home. Which means I never needed to get arrested by those Utah cops for armed robbery. That, by the way, has me really pissed. Right, language. Sorry, I’m trying to work on that.

Anyways, Max started scouting out run down motels and that sort of stuff in hopes that he’d find Tess. The women who, might I add, killed my one of my best friends and planned on turning over the remaining Royal Four to Khivar. I’m still trying to figure out what he sees in her. I suppose I’m being too harsh. He does owe it to his son to save him from a life with a mother who, by my diagnoses, is mentally unstable. Or else really, really smart. Probably the latter.

But to get to the point, Max did find her. And then, because due to my own stupidity I had snuck away from my parents to help Max, Michael, and Maria, who was probably only there to give me emotional support, found Max. With Tess. As in, with Tess. And all of a sudden, I’m getting these feelings that are telling me to run away crying. But I couldn’t. So there I was, standing in the doorway of a motel room with Michael and Maria behind me, listening to a baby crying, and staring right into the eyes of the man under the covers next to the blond who was actually, for some reason unknown to me, looking somewhat regretful that I had to see this.

As I mentioned earlier, there were all the feelings rushing through my head- run, flee, get away from here. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. In the past nine years, I have become so weak, that those who knew me when I was only eight would not be able to recognize my nature. And so I brought all of that up. Everything that I had known before I came to Roswell, I put into effect. Only by using those memories was I able to respond to the situation at all.

I heard the baby crying. I looked and it was waving its little arms around, with its- his scrunched up little face. He was crying. Babies shouldn’t cry. Crying babies need their mothers. So I went and got the baby out of its cheap little Wall Mart crib and carried him over to his mother, gently placing him in her arms. He needed her. He needed his father, too. I told her her son needed her. I left. They all must have been watching me as I picked up the child, expecting me to drop it on the floor out of anger, seeking revenge. But it was only a child. Children shouldn’t suffer for their parents’ mistakes.

I realize now that Max lead me on. Maybe on the surface he wanted to be with me, to have a perfect little life with a girl friend, and no suicidal reincarnated pregnant wife to worry about. I guess it must have been the same with me. But deep down, I’m sure that we both knew that it wasn’t what we wanted. We were in love with the idea of Max & Liz. The Max and Liz before Tess came, before the Destiny crap, when everything was perfect. But after what happened this year, I don’t know how I let myself fall into that again. I should’ve known that I was going to get hurt. But even after Max had that vision in the lake, I still refused to back out. I blame Max for hurting me, but I blame myself for letting myself get hurt. I should have seen it coming.

Liz Parker looked up from her diary, sighing and running her fingers through her hair. Turning her attention to the manuscript on her balcony table next to her, she flipped through a few pages until she found the one she wanted. Turing back to the journal in her, she continued her writing.

I’ve found away out of it all. It’s the easy way out, but I’ve been through so much lately, I don’t even care anymore. I don’t think anyone will mind anyway. Sure, they’ll feel remorse, and a few people will miss me, but they’ll get over it. Max has Tess. As far as the town knows, she ran away during the last few months of her pregnancy to avoid as much public humiliation as possible. Max has accepted the role of father quite nicely, and although his parents are disappointed in him, their trying to support him emotionally as much as possible. I think it must help that he and Tess got their own apartment.

Maria has Michael. I know she still tries to be there for me, especially after my parents’ death, but she’s got a boyfriend, and Michael seems to take up most of her time these days.

Isabel and Kyle are getting along nicely now, and although I never really expected much from Isabel, I do miss Kyle’s friendship.

My parents are gone. They died in a car accident. Not to sound morbid, and I do love my parents, but it seems ironic that just as my parents die and I can quit sneaking around to be with Max, we find Tess. They passed away a week and a half ago. I miss them.

But I mentioned that I found a way out of it all. I’m not going to kill myself, it that’s what you think. No, that would be a stupid way out. I have different plans. I borrowed Michael’s copy of the Destiny Book translation. It talks a lot about Granolith. Seems there was a way to deactivate it while it was in count down to departure. I figure that must have been what Tess did when we revealed her secrets. She probably mindwarped Max into arguing with an image of her while she deactivated it and fled. My guess is that without Max and the others, Khivar wouldn’t have been so pleased with her. She must have decided she’d be safer on earth. Funny, considering she was dying here. Probably all an act to persuade the others to leave earth with her. Problem is, once the Granolith was deactivated, it can’t be used as a space ship anymore. At least that’s what the text says.

I’ve been trying to remember everything they taught us about machines. It’s hard, but I think I may have found a way to modify the Granolith into a time machine. Hopefully it will be able to take me into the future, not the past. For awhile I thought it would be impossible. Then I thought I was getting ahead of myself. Then I realized I was just as smart as that Serena girl out there. I can get myself out of here, and I will.

The main problem is getting into the pod chamber. I’m no alien. That’s why I’m going tonight. Michael was telling me how he was taking Maria to the pod chamber for a romantic picnic. Bad karma in that place if you ask me, but hey, to each his own. I figure I’ll just wait outside the cave until they come back out. Maria’s got a curfew, so it’ll still be dark. With the distraction I’m setting up before I leave, no one’s going to think to look for me there. But I should go. It’s only an hour until they’ll be leaving the pod chamber, and I still have to drop off my goodbye note at Maria’s.

Liz flipped through her diary for a while, remembering all the good times she’d had. Her eyes caught the inside cover, and she held it closer to see. It was something she’d written a long time ago, to remind her of where she was from. Scrawled in handwriting so small it was almost invisible was written:

Rex. X5-485. DOB 2000.

She closed her diary and looked over the edge of the balcony. The last waitresses had just locked up and were walking down the street. They waved at her and she smiled in response. Crawling into her room, she dropped the diary on the floor and went over to her desk. Grabbing a candle, she lowered the blazing wick down to the book and waited until it caught fire with a hiss. Pretty soon the flame had spread to her rug, and with one last look over her shoulder, Liz crawled out the window.

Liz looked wearily down the road. She couldn’t take the car, or the fire would just go to waste. It was going to be a long walk.

At the Granolith Chamber

Liz stood in front of the glowing mystery in front of her. It was spinning now, and she knew she had to concentrate if she wanted to end up in the right spot. She felt her self swept into the Granolith, but she ignored that. There was only one thought on her mind. Roswell, 2017...

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hey yall! I just want 2 thank everybody who left me fb, it really encourages me. now I wrote out this really long header, but it got deleted, so I'll skip all the fluff I had here and just cut to the chase. if this part doesn't help explain things, part two defiantly I have to go re-edit/format my whole part...b4 I can post this. anyways, enjoy, and please leave those little notes of encouragement/criticism! luv yall!


Disclaimer on prologue.

Part One

Seconds later, to her at least, she was standing in the middle of the town park- or where the town park should be. Had it been what she had anticipated, Liz would have been at least mildly concerned as to whether or not anyone had seen a woman suddenly appear out of thin air, but she had other things on her mind. Nothing looked the way she had expected it to. All around her was destruction. Chaos is usually a word that is used with destruction, but the scene before her was anything but that. There was hardly anyone about. A few people milling about here and there, but that was it. Still, Liz had the feeling that the town was not at all deserted.

She had left the information in Maria’s note that she planned to ‘arrive,’ so to speak, sometime during the day of October 16, 2017. Although she realized now that it was slightly foolish to expect Maria to be standing there waiting for her, Liz still found herself feeling disappointed. Waving away her sadness, she set off to roam the town.

The first thing she passed was the former site of the Crashdown. That had been where Liz Parker had died. Or, at least, where everybody thought she had died, if everything had gone according to plan. Now in place of the old restaurant stood what looked like a tenant building, and a run down one at that. If it hadn’t been for the street signs, she wouldn’t have ever guessed that it was even in the same town that she had lived in only hours ago.

All around her the town seemed as though it were falling apart. Everything was gray, and the sky itself showed signs of turning anything but its current slate color. All the buildings looked as though they were about to fall apart, and cars were not to be seen at all. Every now and then someone would ride past on a bicycle or motorcycle and give her a strange look, but other than that, Liz saw nobody else. Turning to look at her town from another angle, Liz saw a blond woman hastily walking towards her. She seemed nervous, and kept on looking over her shoulder as she neared the brunette watching her.

Glancing up, the woman seemed to recognize her, but it took Liz a few more seconds. It was Isabel, graying hair and all. She had bags under her eyes, and they reflected the hard times she must have been through. Liz immediately felt remorse for leaving the others just to escape her own problems, but her thoughts were interrupted as Isabel spoke up. “Good. I thought I’d find you here.” Both women looked at each other as the minutes ticked away. One still in her teens, the other nearing her forties, both staring at the other as though she hadn’t seen her teenhood friend in years. For one it was true, for the other, it had only been a matter of hours. The women seemed to come to a truce of sorts as each stepped forward to envelope the other in a loving hug. Then Isabel broke the silence by telling her old friend that it wasn’t safe out on the streets. “You can come to my house.”

Her home as it turned out, was still the one she had grown up in. Now, however, it was subdivided into four tiny apartments. Motioning for Liz to follow her, she led the way into one of the apartments. Before her lay a humble little home, that although reflecting the poor financial situation of the owners’, was also warm and inviting. Isabel had always had a knack at those things, Liz reminded herself. At that moment, Isabel called out to whoever must have been in the only other room in the apartment. “Sweetie, I brought her back. She’s out here with me.” Liz heard the footsteps approaching, sure that she would recognize the owner, but worried as to what might be her relationship towards the person. Noticing the wedding band on Isabel’s finger, she was relieved to be able to narrow down the list.

As the footsteps drew closer and stopped, Liz looked up to see who it was that had married her old friend. Kyle. A Kyle who looked almost exactly like his father, in fact. She was hesitant at first, but when Isabel gave her a slight nudge, she made her way towards her old buddy. Suddenly he rushed forward and swooped her up into a giant bear hug which would have crushed the life out of any human. She wasn’t any human though. He cradled her in his arms as though she were about to disappear, until Isabel finally cleared her throat. Only then did he relinquish his hold on her.

They both took a step back, and Kyle gazed down on the younger girl- once believed to be slightly older than him. “Liz,” he breathed. He said it reverently, as though he were gazing upon Buddha himself. Liz gave a slight smile. “Hi Kyle,” she returned. She supposed she should be as excited as he seemed to be, but Kyle it had been almost twenty years since he had last seen her; for her it had only been about a day.

Turning to include Isabel, she nervously began with a long list of questions. “How are the others?”

Isabel studied her for a moment, then answered hesitantly. “Kyle and I are married now.” Liz smiled and nodded to show she could tell. “Max- Max and Tess are in New York with Ben now. Benjamin’s my nephew, remember.” Isabel started pacing around the room. “Maria had wanted to meet you, but she went into labor last night. She and Michael are at the hospital now.” Stopping in front of Kyle, she leaned back into his chest and looked Liz straight in the eyes. “I know Maria was your best friend, Liz, but if you really want to help her out, Liz, you’ll just stay away from her. It’s been nearly twenty years that you’ve been gone now. A lot has happened, and none of us are who we were when you left. If you go see her it’ll entirely mess up the balance we have here. She was so upset when you left, and it took forever and Michael to get her over you. Kyle and I will help you relocat, Liz, but just stay away.” Finishing her speech, she ran back into he room from which Kyle had come. Kyle gave Liz a pained look, but followed his wife.

In a few moments, they both came out, Kyle’s arm around his wife, supporting her. “Liz, money’s tight around here, but we can help you out. We’ve got some savings, and that should get you started. Do you have any idea where you’re going to go?”

Liz paused for a moment. “Well, I had originally planned to head off to Seattle, but I had no idea everything was going to be like this,” she said, motioning to a window. “It looks like an atomic bomb hit.”

Isabel coughed, causing Liz to turn her attention from the view outside. Kyle explained. “Actually, it was an electromagnetic pulse.” Liz nodded to show she understood what that was. “The pulse hit June 1, 2009. Caught us all by surprise. Isabel and I were safely inside our house, but Maria and Michael were supposed to be going somewhere on the subways with their youngest at the time. Had us all worried to death.”

“Oh,” Liz gasped, looking rightfully shocked. “Who set it off?”

“We never found out,” Isabel spoke up. “For awhile all foreigners were being prejudiced against, especially Mid Easterners. I don’t think we ever found out who the terrorists were though.”

“Not that it really matters,” Kyle added. “Even if we did know, we’re in no shape to seek revenge. The country’s falling apart.”

“It’s a relief to know that I didn’t cause the end of the world this time,” Liz murmured under her breath.

Isabel, catching what the girl before her had said, reassured her. “No, sweetie, it’s not your fault. None of it is.”

Liz cleared her throat and changed the subject. “How many kids do Maria and Michael have?”

Kyle smiled, put his arm around his wife once more, and informed her, “This will be their ninth.” Smirking, he added, “And every time, Maria announces it will be the last.” Isabel giggled, an action that to Liz had always thought seemed unnatural on her, even more so in the world she was living in now. A life with Kyle must have had done wonders for her.

Isabel lowered herself into one of the chairs in the room. The other two followed suit and waited to hear what she had to say. “If you’re going to leave tonight, we really need to get things together. You’ll need some food, some clothes, some money-”

“I’m fine Isabel, but thank you.” Liz interrupted. “I appreciate it and all, but I the only thing I need you to do for me is open the pod chamber. I stored all the money I had withdrawn from my bank account there.”

“That was another thing I wanted to talk to you about.” Kyle mentioned. “The fire was a good idea to make everybody think you had died, but when people found out that your parents bank account had been emptied, there was a lot of talk. A lot of people think you buckled under the deaths of Alex and your parents, set fire to the Crashdown, and just ran away.” He didn't add the fact that not all of that was a lie. Kyle paused, stood up and started pacing. “If anybody who knew you in high school sees you, you’re going to need an alibi.”

“That’s easy,” Liz said. “If anybody asks who I am, I’ll just tell them I’m Liz Parker’s daughter. Liz ran away from Roswell when she found out she was pregnant. She passed away recently, and I came back to find out what I could about her past,” Liz supplied. Isabel and Kyle nodded, and she could tell that they both approved of the idea. Liz took a deep breath and continued. “Isabel, I thought about what you said and I agree with you. it would mess up everybody’s lives for me to be around. I want you to tell Maira that I never showed up. Suggest that I must have made a mistake, or the Granolith broke, but just tell her I didn’t show up.” Isabel, trying not to cry, just nodded.

“Kyle can go with you to the pod chamber. I’ve got to stay here and wait for Michael to call.” She and Liz both stood up and walked towards each other. Pulling the younger girl into an embrace, Isabel whispered into her ear, “I missed you so much Liz. I know we were never close, but you were a really great friend to have.” Giving one more squeeze, she pulled away. “Kyle can take you now,” she said.

“Don’t we need an alien to open the pod chamber?” Liz asked.

Kyle answered her question after giving his wife a peck on the cheek and ushering his friend out the door. “A few months after you left we discovered that when Evans healed me, he changed me, as Isabel says Ava told you.” He smiled. “I’ve got powers now. Another year and I was just as powerful as the rest of them. It comes in handy, you know. Among other things, I can open the cave now.”

“Ever try using your powers on the bills?” Liz asked jokingly. Did this mean that she had been changed too? Another year and she would have powers like the rest of them? This was unbelievable. Damn Max Evans! She had enough problems as it was.

“Me, Isabel, and Michael have never used them that way,” Kyle responded. “But the way Max and Tess are living in New York, it seems highly unlikely that they haven’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“Big house, car for every person in the family, lots of property- you get the picture. You have to be rolling in dough to afford that these days. Usually only people working on the black market and stuff like that have that much money.”


“Yeah, well, Max and Tess never were the virtuous types. They deserve each other.” Kyle stopped abruptly, fearful that what he had said would upset Liz. He looked over at her, but she was nodding in agreement.

“Let’s just get to the cave so that I can get out of here,” she said as they climbed into the car.

The trip was quiet one, both passengers thinking to themselves. Kyle must have owned one of the few vehicles in Roswell, because they had only passed one other car during the entire trip.

At one point Liz interrupted the silence. “Did you ever consider joining the force?”

Kyle paused, figuring out how to phrase his answer. “I was a police officer for a while, but after the pulse everything changed. The police weren’t trying to help people anymore. They were using their position as an opportunity to take advantage of others. After that I quit. I own a garage in Albuquerque now, and I’m making about what I use to. The people who can afford cars can afford high prices.”

“Good for you, Kyle.”

A half hour later, they arrived at the cave. Liz watched in wonder as Kyle placed his hand on the wall of the rock formation and the door to the chamber opened, just as it had for Max and the others. Once inside, Liz reached into one of the top corners of an upper pod and pulled out an envelope stuffed with bills. Kyle looked impressed. “I can’t believe we never noticed that,” he remarked.

“Maybe you just didn’t want to,” Liz said. Taking one last look around the chamber, she added, “Here’s one place that hasn’t changed,” before following Kyle outside. They got in the truck and sat there for awhile, saying nothing.

After a few minutes Kyle started the car. “There’s something I want you to see before you go.”

On the way to the mystery destination, Liz turned to her old friend. “Did your dad and Amy ever get hitched?”

“Yeah,” Kyle chuckled. “Eloped, actually. Then they called from Vegas and told all of us to come down- Maria, Isabel, Max, me, and Tess. I could have expected it from Amy, but it was so unlike my dad. Amy was good for him though.” He sobered. “Passed away three months ago from a heart attack. Amy’s living with Maria right now.” Liz squeezed his hand, offering a warm smile.

Trying to change the subject out of respect for Kyle, she asked, “What’s been going on with the aliens?”

Kyle rolled his eyes good naturdly and replied. “We had some trouble the year after you left, but the ‘Mighty Four,’ with the help of yours truly, managed to save the day. We haven't had any trouble since then with either the Skins or the FBI. Guess after the SU was disembled they just forgot about us, and the others managed to eventually lose contact with their planet." Kyle seemed happy to report thjat information; he had probably been worried that he would lose Isabel at any second.

“ Max and Tess formed some kind of bond after Benjamin was born, and they were able to kill Khivar. It was all over so fast,” he recollected. “I don’t think they even knew what was happening, Khivar ambushed them when they were walking down the street one night with the baby, and then he was just gone. Like ‘poof.’ Isabel and I had been waiting for them at a restaurant nearby with Maria and Michael, and we saw the whole thing. The three of us ran up and saw the skins attacking. I’d never been so scared before in my life,” he confessed. “The whole thing was so surreal, it must sound like some cheesy sci-fi plot to you.” Kyle smirked when Liz said nothing.

“Khivar had been killed by Max and Tess, but his little lackeys were waiting for us. Isabel took out Nicholas herself,” he told her proudly. “I even got a few in the back with the power blasts Michael had been teaching me to control.” Kyle started chuckling and Liz asked him what was so funny. “I was just remembering how Maria was complaining that she was the only one without powers. Michael was terrified she was going to throw herself in front of a car to get Max to heal her.”

Liz laughed. “That does sound like Maria.” More thoughtfully she added, “I miss her.”

Fifteen minutes later they were standing in the parking lot of the hospital that Liz recognized as the one her grandmother had passed away in. “What are we doing here?”

“You’ll see.”

He led her into the building, and stopping at the front desk, he asked, “Guerin?”

“Maternity, third floor. Room 208,” she responded after a moment.

“Thanks,” Kyle said before motioning for Liz to follow him. Walking up the stairs to the third floor, Kyle started to talk. “Look, I know that you’re trying to play a hard front, kinda like Guerin used to, but I can see through you. I know you care about Maria and everybody else, and I think that you should at least see how she’s doing. I agree with Isabel that walking into everybody’s lives now would completely screw things up, but you should at least be able to get a glanced at their lives. Maria told us what you did for us all, and I think after all the shit you’ve been through with Tess and everything else that you deserve this.” He took a deep breath; what he had just said had been said in Maria-style, with no pauses for air. Smiling, he gently pushed her towards the end of the hall.

“Go on, okay? I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.” Liz nodded wordlessly, and started walking away from Kyle. It seemed as though hours had passed before she found herself in front of room 208.

There was a window in the door. Hesitantly, Liz leaned forward, bringing her face to the glass. She gasped with delight. Inside there was a woman playing with a chubby little baby boy in her lap, with other children gathered around her in hospital gowns. Every few seconds someone would start giggling, and the rest would join in.

All of the children were beautiful, some drawing more from Maria’s looks than Michael’s, some resembling their father more than their mother. A few had golden halos, the others had rich brown locks. All of the children appeared as though they could have had a career in modeling, had they been born a decade earlier. Liz had the feeling that modeling wasn’t quite as achievable a goal as it had been before the pulse. Taking one more gaze at the family minus the father, Liz turned to leave. She was disappointed that she had missed Michael, but Kyle was waiting downstairs and she didn’t want to get caught.

Walking through the hallway, Liz started to panic as she saw the man heading the opposite way down the hall. Michael hadn’t changed a bit, she noticed. Sure, there were a few extra lines on his forehead, and his hair had some gray whisps in places, but she would have recognized him anywhere. And she knew that he would recognize her if he saw her. Ducking her head and hurrying on, she past him without incident. She was only a few yards from the door to the stairwell when she heard Michael’s voice call out. “Liz?” Ignoring it, she opened the door and hurried down the stairs. Once she reached the front desk on the first floor, Kyle rushed over to her.

“Did Guerin see you? He came in, but I couldn’t stall him for very long. He just wanted to get to Maria.”

“I’m fine, Kyle,” she answered. “He thought he saw me, but I didn’t turn around.” Kyle nodded and they walked out into the parking lot. “I’m guessing there’s nothing different about a half alien pregnancy from a human pregnancy?” she asked. If Maria had given birth in a hospital, she was pretty certain it meant no green slime.

“Yeah. It’s fine.” He paused for a second, then continued walking towards the car. “Same with Isabel. No complications if the mother’s the alien either.”

Liz smiled at her friend. “You have kids?”

“We had a kid. He was playing with some friends when one of the post-pulse riots started. They were trampled to death.” Kyle said no more and climbed into the truck, leaving Liz standing in the parking lot. A few moments later she got in as well. “I’m taking you to the bus stop. It costs a fair amount, but it’s not even possible to walk to Seattle from here. It’s the only way you’ll be able to get there.” Liz nodded silently.

“You know,” she began after awhile, interrupting the silence that had fallen over the cab, “I never would have thought anything like this would have happened. Especially after the Glember-Martin transactions. That and with the stock market constantly rising, the economy was doing so well.”

“Yeah,” her friend remarked, “But you know what they say- it can only go so far. And as for the Glember-Mar-” Kyle froze midsentence. Pulling the car over to the side of the road, he turned to look her straight in the eyes. “What are you talking about Liz? The Glember-Martin thing didn’t even happen until 2007. You were still gone.” Liz looked out the window and he continued. “What’s going on Liz? We’re not going anywhere until you tell me.”

“Kyle,” Liz started, “I wasn’t born in 1983. The Parkers adopted me.”

“What do you mean? What does that have to do with this?”

“I- I was born in the year 2000, Kyle.”


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Hey yall! I just watched radar love (dark angel) and have decided it and proof of purchase fit for my fic. My fic is now post- radar love. I still hate the season 3 rozwell epis, so its still only post busted. luv yall, and look 4 a new part this week!

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1/2/01 note: hi! ive revised this part because I felt that having alex be a manticore was too relavent and confusing...for me at least. so please read b4 going on! ahppy new year and all!


Okay everybody! I want to thank u all so much for all the lovely feedback! I love you guys! Okay, here's the deal: this part is the exact opposite of fluff. In fact, it's so unlike fluff that all the information is kind of hard to take in, especially if you're not a dark angel veiwer as well. During the past week I have decided that Rozwell is no where near as good as it used to be, so I'm not really interested in watching it anymore. Plus, for some reason, UPN is the only channel on my tv not transmitting sound. I swear it's someone plotting a way to wean me of rozwell. Not that I mind nemore. Now my addiction's DA, and Fox even transmits sound. But enough about me. This fic is going to become a mainly DA-centered fic beginning after this chapter. I'm not saying you won't see anymore characters of Rozwell (aside from Lizzy), just that it'll be a while.

Also, like I said, this part is really confusing, but it should tell you all you need to know. If I get enough people telling me they're lost, I'll revise the part. Of course, I can only know whether you're confused or not if you send me fb. (hint hint) luv yall and please tell me what you think.

I'm not sure when you're going 2 get the next part, cuz right now I'm supposed to be studying 4 the school entrance test I have to take 2morrow, and in a few days I'm heading to Louisiana for a week. Now I must go study...Ughh!!! I really hope I get a good enough score to get in!

-luv yall! Cait

Also- I have changed 3 things in this fic (so far): Liz is seventeen right now, and this is also a post-boo fic 4 da. still only post-busted. You'll notice I revised the previous parts to change Liz's age. Third, ive switched from italics to //blah blah//. its easier to write and easier, I think, to understand. boy, I feel sorry 4 u guys. im testing my story out on u and ur having 2 deal w/ me working out all the kinks in the middle of the fic. Sorry! thanks 4 your cooperation yall!

Part Two

“What?” Kyle repeated, staring at the girl he thought he had known so well. “What are you talking about, Liz? You were 17 in 2000.”

“Kyle....If I tell you something really crazy sounding, do you promise not to do a Maria on me?” Liz asked hesitantly.

“Liz, A) I’m 35. B) I have been shot, found out that aliens really do exist, been healed by one, married one, and found that I now have the same amount of powers as the next alien, and I have never done a Maria. Please give me some credit here.”

Liz forced a laugh, but sobered immediately. “Kyle, I was genetically engineered in a lab to be part of a super race.” She nervously waited for his reaction, but instead of acting scared, Kyle just started laughing. //That’s what they always do in the movies, too// she thought wryly. When the man next to her had finally calmed down, she continued. “Kyle. I’m serious.”

Kyle stopped laughing when he saw her face, but he still thought she was joking. “Right Liz. You- You were ‘genetically engineered’ to- to do what?”

“The people that created us, the people at Manticore, were designing us to be part of a super race. We can do things that normal humans can’t do. They wanted the perfect human. They even combined animal DNA with human DNA to create the faultless ‘human’ being. I’m smarter, I can run faster, lift more, and fight longer than any regular human being.”

“And you were born in 2000 and were 17 in ‘01 because?”

Liz sighed. This was complicated to explain, and if the person wasn’t listening carefully they could easily get lost. “Manticore wasn’t the only secret government agency out there. There was another- I don’t know the name of it- that was researching the possibility of sending someone into the past- time travel.” Kyle raised his eyebrow, but said nothing. “Don’t give me that look. Obviously the alien race that Isabel, Max, and Michael are from could do it. Anyway, the man who ran the unit I was in, the X5, offered me as their test subject. I think I was his favorite, strange as that sounds. Well, me and another female X5.”

She got out of the car and stepped out along the road, motioning for Kyle to follow. So far he hadn’t laughed again, so Liz hoped that maybe he was starting to believe her. “At any rate, the man, Lydecker, offered me as their guinea pig. Lydecker pulled me out of my unit and sent my off to the company or wherever. It was 2008, so I was only eight years old. They were going to send me back to 1991. I was scared, but good soldiers never show their fear,” Liz continued, more talking to herself now than explaining her life to the man beside her.

“I was supposed to report to Manticore headquarters just south of Seattle when I reached my destination. I don’t know why I ended up in Albuquerque. I think they never even thought about where they were sending me. I’m just lucky I didn’t end up in Japan or somewhere. As soon as I was picked up by the Parkers on the side of the road, much like Max and Isabel were, I knew I wasn’t going back to Manticore. They had put a monitor on my wrist to show them where I was, but since the monitoring device wasn’t even invented until ‘08, I had at least another seventeen years. But when the Parkers started talking about adopting me, I tore the wrist band off. It was metal, too. I think I cut my wrist trying to get it off, but I finally did. Manticore had only made that wrist band so that they could find me,” Liz stated. “They never thought that one of their soldiers would go against her orders,” she said bitterly.

“But I did, and I’m better for it. If Manticore had been smart, they would have sent me only an hour into the past. But seventeen years? I’m sure Lydecker must have influenced that decision in some way. Either he wanted to see if one of his ‘projects’ could survive on its own, or he felt sorry for me. I don’t know, but he must have figured out that an eight year old would choose a warm, loving family over the barracks. So they dressed me in clothing that an eight year old would wear in the nineties, and sent me off. I remember hearing people talking about how they were spacing my atoms out so thin....but I have no idea how it worked. All I remember is feeling this pinching sensation, and then being along side a road with headlights coming towards me.”

Liz started pacing now, up and down the road, with Kyle following her to catch everything she was saying. “It was the Parkers’ car. They living in Albuquerque then, but they were going to move to Roswell in a month or so. They adopted me, and I remember how everything seemed so strange. I had never had anyone hug me before, or give me a kiss on the cheek, or read me a story before I went to sleep. It was all so weird.”

As though suddenly remembering that there was someone else there, she swung head back towards Kyle, looking in disbelief as she saw him wipe away a tear. “So you believe me?” she asked him.

“Why not? I mean, aliens exist. Why not a super human?” Kyle grinned, and stepped forward to give her a hug. When he released her, she smiled up at him. “I think I’m actually more in shock right now, but Isabel will be there for me when I come out of it. God, it’s just, how? You know?

“Yeah Kyle,” she grinned, “I know.” She hesitated for a second before persisting. “You’re not afraid of me? I was designed to kill people.”

Kyle paled a little at that bit of information, but he recovered quickly. “Liz, as far as I’m concerned, you’ll always be Miss Goody-Two-Shoes Parker who couldn’t hurt a fly, no matter what your past- or future- was like. God, you’re just Liz! I don’t care about any of the other stuff.” Pausing a moment, he asked with a smirk on his face, “So do I get a demonstration of what you can do?” The girl before him just rolled her eyes, the smile on her face barely reaching them.

Getting back in the car, Liz continued the rest of her story while Kyle drove to the bus station. “Anyways, I met Maria that summer, so I had a friend for second grade. Then I met you in third. That’s also the year Michael, Isabel, and Max started school. I didn’t actually meet them until the shooting, though,” she added needlessly.

“So what are your plans for Seattle?” Kyle asked.

“Basically just chill. I chose Seattle cause it’s close to Manticore and there’s a chance that if anyone ever escaped from Manticore that they might be living there. It’s a start at least.”

“Well, good luck,” Kyle told her as they pulled up at the bus station. “Here’s my number, in case you ever need to contact me,” he said, handing her a piece of paper with a 14-digit number on it. “You sure you’re going to be okay?”

“Kyle, I’ll be fine,” Liz smiled. “But there is one thing I need to ask you.”


“I don’t mind if you tell Isabel what I just told you, because I don’t want to come between your marriage, but you need to tell that she can’t tell anybody else. It’s like her secret. If people find out who and where I am, they’ll come take me and do experiments on me, or even worse, try to brainwash me against my friends. If she tells Maria or Michael, then they’ll know that I did come back and that I skipped town without saying hi to them. I don’t think it’s any of Max or Tess’s business either. So tell Iz that she can’t tell anyone, okay Kyle? I kept her secret, and now it’s her turn to keep mine.”

“I gotcha Liz. I know Iz won’t say anything.”

“I hope so, Kyle. And by the way,” she smiled, “It’s gonna be Rex now. Rex Quella.”

“Rex Quella? What’s that from?”

“Rex was the name I gave myself,” she sighed. “At Manticore, some of the kids had names. No one in our unit, really, but in the other X5 unit most of them had names. I remember some of them vaguely- Tinga, Zane, Brin- original stuff. One night I decided I needed a name, and Rex was the one I decided on."

"Original," Kyle smirked.

"Yeah, well, they seemed a lot more personal than our designations," Liz remarked bitterly. Aware that Kyle was watching her intently, she abruptly informed him, “Quella means to kill. It seemed fitting. That all?” Kyle blinked.

“Um, yeah, Liz." He fiddled with his hands before looking up to meet her eyes. "You know I’m going to miss you a lot. Isabel too. If you have any problems with the “Czechoslovakian” problems,” he said with a hint of a smile at their old code word for the aliens, “Just give me a call. You think Max healing you will create any problems with your..ah..genetic make-up?”

“Who knows?” Liz sighed. “Maybe it’ll actually help me out. Could be he healed the seizures, I haven’t had one of those since that September.”

Kyle remembered all to well the seizures Liz had had while they were going out. She had begged him not to tell anyone, saying that all she had to do was take some pills to get rid of them. He still hadn’t told anybody, even after all these years. The main reason for that was that he had completely forgotten. “You have some Tryptophan just in case, though, right?”

“Yeah, Kyle. I always keep a bottle with me.”

“Good,” Kyle smiled sadly. He was about to add something else, but was interrupted by Liz.

“Alex knew,” she said quietly.

“What?” her friend asked. Alex had known about Liz’s past and had never mentioned anything? And Isabel had said they were worried about Alex being able to keep their secret!

“I told him. It was a year after we met,” Liz started slowly, closing her eyes to remember. “We were crossing the street together on the way home from school and this car came roaring around the corner. I ran to the other side of the street, but Alex just stood there, petrified. The car didn’t slow down and I knew Alex wasn’t going so move in time, so I- I ran across the street as fast as I could and dragged him to the sidewalk.” Liz smiled at the memory.

“The thing was, the car had been only about a yard or so away when went back after him, and I had been going really fast. I was so scared for Alex that I used my‘Manticore qualities’, and I must have been a blur or something. The car never stopped, so they must not have noticed anything at all, but Alex was all questions.” Liz turned to face Kyle, grinning at the memory of her friend from long ago. “I told him everything, and it just felt so good. I didn’t have to hide from everybody anymore; I could at be myself with Alex.”

Kyle nodded, digesting the knowledge. “How come you never told Maria?” he asked after a moment.

“I loved- and still do- Maria, but she was just so unpredictable. I knew she wouldn’t be scared of me or anything, but she had a tendency to not think about what was coming out of her mouth when she was that age, and I just couldn’t risk being exposed,” Liz explained, a slight frown on her face. “I wish I had, though. But Alex was hard enough to deal with, you know. He’d always make sure I was wearing concealer over my barcode or wearing my hair down” Seeing the older man’s confused expression, she explained. “At Manticore they tattooed barcodes on our necks to tell us apart.” Turning around, she held up her hair so that Kyle could see hers.

“He was way over protective,” she continued. “Did Isabel tell you about the hospital incident when Max and I were in the car accident?” Kyle nodded. “Well then you know that Alex came and replaced Max’s blood with his own.” Again, Kyle nodded. “Anyway, the only reason he came was because he was so worried about me. He thought I might be in trouble because of my strange DNA, and he wanted to make sure that nothing happened. Although he was genuinely pissed at Iz, Michael, and Max,” she admitted with a grin. “Even after he learned their secret he kept on telling me how dangerous it was to ‘associate’ with them- that I’d expose myself.”

Kyle had listened throughout the tale, his repsect for Alex growing by the minute. How had he never noticed anything about Liz, though? How could Alex never have slipped? As much as Kyle loved his step-sister, he had to admit that Liz was right; if she had told Maria, the whole world probably would have known. How either Alex or Liz could have kept all of those secrets for so long was beyond him. “He was a great guy,” Kyle remarked softly.

“Yeah,” Liz agreed. They both stood there for a moment or two, reflecting on their old friend. Alex had done so much for everyone in their little group of long ago, helping out the aliens, supporting Liz as a confidant, taking two secrets to the grave.

After a while, Kyle decided to make an attempt at cheering the teenage girl up. “And here I thought that I was at least tied with you Liz. We were even, you know? The only two people in the world healed by an alien...that we knew of, at least. But no, you have to go and tell me that your also a super human person! Thanks a lot!” Kyle grinned when Liz laughed. A seventeen year-old girl should be able to do that once in a while. Kids need to be able to laugh. We’ve all been through so much, Liz even more so, it seems. I just hope she’ll be able to laugh more in the future.

Kyle sighed unhappily. “You should get going Liz. I just wish that Maria and Michael could’ve had a chance to see you. It’s not really fair.” He sighed, just as the bus driver honked her horn as a sign for everyone to climb on board. “Take care of yourself, okay?”

“You too Kyle.”

“And Liz?”

“-Liz?” Liz snapped her head back to look at the man beside her in the car. “What are you talking about?” Kyle asked, confused. “You were 17 in the year 2000.”

Damn reality. “Yeah Kyle. Sorry, I’m just...preoccupied.” The man nodded in understanding and sympathy.

“When did you find out you were adopted?” he asked.

“I’ve always known. I don’t know why I brought it up. Sorry,” she apologized for the second time in the last minute.

“Don’t worry about it. So you don’t know what your real birthday is?”

“Yeah,” Liz sighed in relief. She had almost blown her cover. “I don’t know why I said 2000...Sometime in the 1980’s is all we know.” Liz felt like crying. But she didn’t. Good soldiers don’t cry.

“Then how did you know about the Glember-Martin transactions?” Kyle asked suspiciously.

“I read something about it on a newspaper this morning,” Liz stated, hoping that would end the conversation. She was lucky; it did. But there is no such thing as luck.

The car was silent the whole ride to the bus station, and once they got there there was hardly a soul around. Liz got her ticket and sat down on a bench with Kyle. Nothing was said. Pretty soon the bus had pulled up and Liz and Kyle were saying good bye. “Here’s my number, in case you need it,” Kyle said, handing her a piece of paper with numbers on it. “Take care of yourself, okay?”

“I will Kyle.”

“Give me a hug before you go.” Liz came over and wrapped her arms around her life-long friend, then gave another squeeze, a kiss on the cheek, and stepped back. “Bye Liz,” Kyle said wistfully. “I wish you could stay longer.”

“Me too Kyle.” Swinging the bag of clothing Isabel had given her over her shoulder, she smiled. “Gotta blaze.”

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It has given me a lot of time 2 write tons of new material, including a fake fluff part (ok, so it was a part I rejected 4 the storyline) and over 35 (font size 10) new pages!

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Part Three A

Two years later

Seattle, Washington, 2020

Rex rolled her motorcycle to a halt outside the building, then confirmed the address with the one on the help wanted flyer she held. Parking her bike, she got up and made her way to the entrance, noticing the sign on the way in. //Jam Pony. So cornball.//

Walking inside, she asked a guy where the manager’s office was. Pointing towards an open office, he said, “Normal’s in there.” She followed the directions and knocked once or twice on the counter. Having got the man’s attention, she thrust the flyer in the man’s face.

“I’m here for the position as a delivery girl,” she stated, looking around the room. Drab. Everything was drab. “I’ve lived here awhile and I know Seattle pretty well. I’ll drive anywhere in the city,” she stated, referring to the not-so-classy realms of Seattle. The man looked at her for a second, then turned his attention back to the paper work on his desk while he addressed her.

“I have plenty of people who’d like a job here. Any particular reason why I should hire you?”

“Well, sir,” she began, resisting the urge to roll her eyes at how much she was sucking up to him just to get the job, “I’m not afraid of hard work and I don’t slack off.”

The man- Regular? Ordinary? She couldn’t remember his name- seemed impressed. He stood up and offered her his hand, which she shook. “The last person I hired who called me ‘sir’ turned out to be a dud, but I’ll give you a shot. My name’s Normal. What did you say yours was?”

“Rex. Rex Quella.” The man nodded, then leaned over the counter.

“Cindy! Hey! Where’s Cindy?” Normal yelled into the main area.

“I’m on break!” came the feminine reply.

“You’ve been on break for the past hour, I need you to show my new employee around!”

“New employee?” asked the girl who had suddenly appeared in front of them. “This Herbal Thought’s replacement?”

“Yeah. Show her around and let her get a locker.” Addressing the rest of his employees he cried, “Bip bip bip people, let’s go!” With that Normal returned his attention to his paper work.

“Nice guy,” Rex said as the other woman directed her away from the counter.

“Yeah, but you’ll get used to it. Normal’s annoying, but you can get around him. It’s an easy job, you get used to it fast.” As Rex turned her attention back to the other girl, Cindy inhaled sharply. “Girl, you look just like someone Original Cindy know. Crazy.” She turned around and motioned for Rex to follow her. “My name’s Original Cindy. One of our peeps had to move to New York with his woman, so you’s his replacement. There might be some resentment ‘bout you being here, but don’t you let them give you no shit, cuz Herbal quit; he wasn’t fired.” In front of the lockers now, Cindy found an empty one. “This one’s yours. What’d you say your name was?”


“Aiight. Come with me and I’ll show you the guys.” Passing a door, she mentioned, “Out there’s where you can leave your motorcycle, aiight?” Rex nodded. “That over there’s Sketchy,” Cindy informed her, passing a tall guy with unkempt hair and sideburns. Rex gave a slight smile and Sketchy nodded at her. Original Cindy introduced other Jam Pony riders as they passed them, then halted when her pager beeped. She brought it up to look at it, then pulled out her cell.

“Girl? It’s Original Cindy. What’s the 411?” There was a long pause in which Cindy kept on nodding. “Fine, I’ll cover for you. When you gonna be in?” Apparently getting the information she needed, she hung up and looked at Rex. “That was my friend who works here; you’ll meet her sometime tomorrow. Any questions?” Rex shook her head. “Good. Normal will probably have a package for you in a few minutes, so until then you can just hang, k?”

“Gotcha.” Cindy nodded and hung up. She gestured for Rex to stay behind. A few moments after she had been gone, Normal could be heard.

“What’s her excuse this time?” A long pause in which Original Cindy was no doubt explaining the reason behind her friend’s absence. “Fine. Just tell her if she’s not in the by then she’ll be looking for a new job.”

Cindy came back and went over to a desk with some papers lying on top. Pulling out a piece of paper that Rex could see was labeled “Excuses,” she wrote a name that Rex couldn’t make out, the date, and “Grandmother died.” Sensing that Rex was watching her, Cindy looked up and explained. “See, we all work with each other ‘round here. If someone’s not here, we cover for them. It works better if we keep track of who’s used what excuse when.”

Rex smiled and was about to say something when she heard her name being called. Turning around, she saw Normal step out of the office with a package in his arms. “85 Round Hill Road. Move it,” he ordered, thrusting it into her hands.

“This job’s gonna be a bitch,” Rex muttered as she grabbed the bike her new boss had pointed her to.

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Part Three B

“I’m telling you, Boo, she looked like she could be your sister,” Cindy told her friend at the Crash. She took a sip from her drink and turned her attention towards a waitress at the bar. “Mmm, she’s fine. Look at those
legs...” She watched as the young woman waved to a man approaching the bar, then leaned over the counter and kissed him. “Damn. Straight.”

Max looked humored for a moment before trying to return Original Cindy to the previous topic. “And you've said that what, 50 times this month? If you're suggesting she's a Manticore grad, remember the others all looked more like Normal than me, and that hurts.”

“I’m just saying that she did, aiight? No biggie. I ain't even suggesting she's a kickass soldier chick like my boo.” Cindy paused to take another sip of her beer. "She seemed nice, anyways."

“How old was she?”

“Our age.” Max nodded, losing interest in the subject.

"Where were you today, Boo? Normal went all bitchy on me.”

“Sorry. I had to get something to fence for the money Alec lost. I had to tell Logan he skipped town,” Max said sadly. “I owe you,” she added.

“True that. I ain’t even gonna ask where you got something to pay off that much.” Max rolled eyes and Original Cindy let out a snort of amusement. “When you coming in tomorrow?”

Max thought for a moment, taking a gulp of her drink. “I dunno, some time in the afternoon, I guess. I gotta try and sort out those papers the doc gave me; they’re confusing as hell, but I want to get this bitch over with.” She sighed and looked off into the distance. “Don’t suppose you have a cure for something like this lying around the kitchen?” she asked her friend.

“Suga, I hardly got an apple lying around, and you know it. In case you’ve forgotten, you live with me- not Logan.”

Max blushed before changing the subject. Again. “About the new girl...”

“I swear,” Original Cindy muttered. “Anytime I bring up Logan you always manage to change the subject. I mean, you’re with him. What’s the big dealio?” Not getting a reply, she answered her friend’s question. “I dunno, kinda quiet. Nothing unusual 'bout her.”

“Barcode?” Max asked, half joking, half serious.

“Well, I asked her,” Cindy said sarcastically, “But she said no, so obviously not.”

“I meant did you see one,” Max sighed, exasperated.

“Nope, she wore her hair down. I said she looked a lil bit like you, not like your dupe, Boo.”

“What’s her name?” Max asked. She would recognize any of her siblings names, if this girl was one of them.

“Rex. Ring any bells?”

“Nada.” Max swallowed the rest of her drink. “I gotta bounce. I’m supposed to meet Joshua tonight.”

“Wolfboy?” Max rolled her eyes and put down some money for her drink.

“He’s sweet. You met him. So his manners need some work,” Max admitted as Original Cindy raised an eyebrow. “Besides, he helped me escape from Manticore.”

“Whateva. All Original Cindy knows is that he’s got way too much facial hair. Nice thing ‘bout playing the all-girl’s field- No annoying hair on the face.” Cindy looked thoughtful for a moment before adding, “Least not on most chicks.”

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Part Four

Rex looked down at her reflection in the mirror before her. Who would’ve thought she’d be a late bloomer? Now here she was, with a cup size C chest, and no plastic surgery required. She stood 5’6’’, fit as ever, and she had cut her hair to her shoulders, giving her a more mature look.

She stepped back a moment to examine her outfit. Her closet consisted mainly of denim for the day and black leather for the evenings. At the moment she simply wore black bike pants, a blue tank top with a simple black leather jacket over it, and sneakers. Leather pants didn’t really go with a job as a bike messenger.

Turning around, she bumped into her roommate Adia. Adia was seventeen, and her and Rex had been roomies for the past year and a half. The girl had run away from home when her mother had remarried. Her stepfather had repeatedly raped her, threatening to kill her mother if she ever told anyone. Now she lived with Rex, and over time, the girls had become best friends, despite the three year age difference. They were squatters in an abandoned building where Adia had an in with one of the security guards, her cousin, who made sure there were ‘no trespassers.’

“You get that job yesterday?” she asked the older girl.

“Yeah, but it’s really pathetic,” Rex replied, making her way over to the refrigerator to get some milk. “I mean, Jam Pony? Come on, how lame is that? And the boss- get this, his name’s Normal- all he does all day is go “Bip bip, come on people, back to work,” or “Where the fire truck have you been?” It’s really getting on my nerves.”

“Maybe this isn’t the right job for you,” Adia suggested, leaning against the counter. “You’ve only been working there what, one day? And already you’re going off about it. Maybe you should look for a new job.”

“Nah. I like this job and it’s got a regular pay. No more fencing for Rexxy. The people there are cool anyways.” Looking up at the clock on the wall she said, “I’m gonna be late, gotta blaze.” With that she was out the door.

Adia sighed. There was something off about her roommate. Adia had never questioned Rex directly, but she knew that her best friend was hiding something from her. She didn’t care though, she knew that Rex only had the best intentions. Her friend wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Jam Pony

“Where the firetruck have you been?” Normal called out to her as soon as she walked through the door. “If this happens again you’ll be looking for another job!” Rex rolled her eyes and continued to her locker. Passing Original Cindy on the way, she waved.

“You've officially become a Jam Pony rider,” the other woman informed her. “Once you been 'firetruck-ed' by Normal you's officially one of us. We was wonderin’ if you wanted to hang tonight at the Crash.”

“The Crash? Sounds like the cheesy restaurant my ‘rents used to own.”

“Nah- One of the clubs ‘round here. Not too much, but it’s a hot spot for pickin’ someone up.”

“Got it,” Rex answered, reaching into her locker to get her gloves for biking. “I’ll be there.”

“Where your hair up,” Original Cindy suggested. "It'd look good in a ponytail"

“What?” Rex was confused as to how they had gotten to this subject. Quickly regaining her cool, she replied "I like to leave it down- easier to deal with, you know?

“Yeah, I gotcha. See you tonight, aiight?”

“Aiight.” Rex walked back out into the main area, where Normal immediately handed her a package and rushed her off. She was so lost in her thoughts she barely heard him reminding her that she didn’t get paid without
a signature.


Rex walked through the door and parker her bike against the wall. Handing Normal the signed receipt, she noticed her hand starting to twitch. //Shit.// Normal was thoroughly annoyed when his newest employee ran away as he was about to give her another package to deliver. “I’m on break!” she shouted. She was already taking after her coworkers.

Original Cindy watched as the new girl ran to the woman’s restroom and slammed the door shut. Worried, she knocked on the door. “You okay in there, Boo?”

“Peachy,” came the response.

Inside the restroom Rex was standing over the sink, looking at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Her whole body was beginning to shake; she needed her pills. Reaching into the pocket of her denim jacket Rex pulled out the small bottle she always carried on her. She hastily flipped off the lid and shook some pills into her palm. The seizure was so strong, however, that she drooped them. “Shit,” she hissed as they slid down the drain. Rex tried again, but this time she dropped the whole bottle into the sink. “Fuck!” she screamed as she watched all of her pills disappear.

Cindy, who had been standing outside the door, rushed inside, afraid that something terrible had happened. As soon as she opened the door Rex dashed out. She had to get to her dealer! Original Cindy watched as the other woman rushed off around the corner, despite her shouts of “Girl! What’s the dealio?” She looked around the room for whatever had caused the girl’s breakdown before her eyes landed on an object on the floor. Picking up the bottle Rex had dropped, she gasped when she saw what the label read. Tryptrophen.

Rex made a beeline for the door, not paying any attention to the people around her. Pushing open the door, she bumped into someone on her way out. Mumbling a quick “Sorry,” she didn’t even spare a glance at the person before heading for her motorcycle.

Max was puzzled for a moment when a girl she didn’t even recognize had run out the door like the devil was on her heals and jumped on a bike before blaring out of the lot, but she quickly erased the thought from her mind when she saw her best friend coming towards her. Original Cindy seemed worried about something though, and the smile that Max had previously been wearing dropped from her face.

“That girl you bumped into,” Cindy started.

“The new girl?” Max guessed.

Original Cindy nodded grimly before handing Max the bottle she had been holding. The color drained from the woman’s face. “Shit,” was all she said before dashing outside.

Max tore out of the lot with a ferociousness not seen often. There were dozens of questions running running through her head. “Who is she? Does she know who I am? How did she find me? Is this a trap?” Max couldn’t think about that now; she had to concentrate if she was going to find the girl.

Max didn’t have to search far. She had only driven about a mile when she saw a figure lying on the side of the street next to a fallen motorcycle. Max pulled over to see if it was the same woman as earlier.

As she got closer, Max could tell it was. The girl looked no older than she, and her whole body was shaking on the ground. Taking out the pill bottle she always carried with her, Max shook out a few pills and pulled the other girl into a sitting position.

Rex’s eyes were filled with fear. She had been terrified that some guy might pick her up once she was unconscious, but even seeing another young female coming up to her worried her. Her eyes softened slightly when she saw the pills the other girl held before her. Instead, her features now showed puzzlement, confusion, and hope. The seizure too bad for her to say anything, she allowed the woman to feed her the medicine.

In a few minutes the Tryptophen had begun to kick in and the shaking had subsided. but Rex still didn’t say anything. She barely heard the other girl gently chide her, “You really shouldn’t drive during one of those.”

All of a sudden Rex snapped into action. How could she know whether or not it was a trap? In a flash she was on her bike and tearing off, leaving Max staring off at her.

“Did you find her?” Original Cindy asked as her friend walked back into the building. Taking in the despondent expression, Cindy guessed the answer was negative. “It’s okay, Boo. You’ll run into her again. She’s got to be as curious about you as you are about her. She’ll turn up.” As an after thought she added, “I guess she won’t becoming to the Crash tonight, though.” Suddenly having an idea, she turned towards the direction of their boss. “Yo! Normal! You got an address on the Rex chic?”

Normal looked up irritated. “No,” he grumbled, not able to hold out against the combined effect of both Original Cindy’s and Max’s piercing glares. “She said she wasn’t sure where she’d be living depending on
whether or not she got the job.” Turning his attention towards the rest of the room he called out, “C’mon people! Bip bip! Let’s get to work!”

Impatiently Original Cindy shouted again. “You got anything on her? How ‘bout a cell or page?”

“You should have asked Rex before she left,” Normal snapped. Again, he broke under the pressure of the two womens’ stares. “She didn’t give any. Ask her tomorrow, but deliver this now,” he said dismissively, holding up a package. “Hot run- 895 Euclid Av-”

“No can do,” Cindy interrupted. “Original Cindy’s on break.” Normal looked expectantly towards Max, but she just shrugged and followed Cindy, leaving Normal holding the package.

“So what you gonna do, Boo?” Original Cindy asked Max.

“No clue. I’ve got nothing on her.” She sighed. “I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow and tail her after work.”

“Just don’t get yourself killed, aiight? You still need to be around when Roller Boy finds a way to bring down this virus bitch.” Cindy paused. “We still on for tonight, the Crash?”

Max nodded in affirmation. “Yeah. I’ll be there.”

“Good Suga, you need some time to cut loose.”

“What’s her last name?” Max suddenly asked.

“Quail...Quin...Quella- that’s it. Quella.”

“Quella- to kill. Great,” Max muttered. This is gonna be fun, she thought sarcastically.

Crash, that night

Rex watched the group of people she recognized from Jam Pony across the room. Using one of her “gifts” from Manticore, she focused on one member at the table in particular. The girl who had helped her out earlier that day had arrived at the club about ten minutes ago, and Rex could still not place her face, though it seemed very familiar. Even if the other woman did hail from Manticore, it had been over ten years since Rex had left that place, and she knew that all of her siblings appearances would have changed since then. Would she even be able to recognize any of them now?

And what was the chance that this could be someone from her childhood? Childhood- yeah right. More like slavery. And could the others have ever escaped? She knew they had talked about it- even gone so far as to plan it, but it was always something far in the distance. She had prepared to go with the others, but they had never had the chance. Had the others succeeded? But even if they had, what were the chances that Rex had not only moved to the same city as one of her siblings, but that she had also taken a job at the same place as one of them?

Suddenly Rex realized where she’d seen the girl’s face before! Earlier that year it had been all over the city on Wanted flyers- apparently she had been cleared of any charges.

Rex watched the group for a few more moments before turning away. Tomorrow she would have to trail that girl after work to find out as much as she could about her. Until then she would simply have to lay low and avoid her and Cindy.

Rex started to get up to leave, but a man sitting down across from her at the table made her stop. “Hey,” he said smoothly, sticking out his hand. “Alec.”

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