Title: Trying to forget K/I M/M M/L
Author: Meagan
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Summary: It’s a moral lesson, Kind of. It talks about a tragedy and over coming it and knowing that you can trust people. It will make since I promise! (I don’t know if I want to do aliens in it or not.)
Dedication: Thanks Jenna!!! You’re really a great author and I just wanted to say thanks for helping me with my site and everything. Your great!!!
Rating: R. For content and the issue of rape.

Two men. Their faces hidden by the dark of night. You could barely make out the features of their faces. Their arms locked around the girl. Pushing her against the building to do something awful. The girl fighting, fighting to save herself from these lowlifes. It made them hit her, but she stayed strong. Then she saw it, the gun. She couldn’t get free. She watched as her innocents got taken, she felt the pain of being beaten, Her thoughts flew to Michael and she wondered if Hank ever beat him like she was then. They’re where tears coming out of her eyes as the men’s sick laugh ripped through the air. Her body was shaking. She was supposed to be the one this could never happen to. She was suppose to be safe from everything. Her face looked upon the men before everything went blank.

Isabel woke up screaming. Her body was shaking when she realized what she dreamed about, she realized that the horrible crime that happened in her dream had happened to her less than three hours ago. She realized that no matter how much she tried to scrub her skin to take the scent of the men off her she couldn’t. She felt nasty. Her skin crawled. It was red from where she spent over two hour scrubbing her skin. Her body was a nasty black and blue. It looked like shed been run over by a car. She did her best to hide it.

“How could this have happened?” She asked out loud. She threw on a pair of pants and a long sleeve shirt. She didn’t care that it was 101 degrees outside. She picked up her bag and walked to her brother’s car.

“Where am I going to go? No one will understand.” She drove to the only place that she felt safe. The Valenti’s. She spent more time there than she did at her own house. Why not, Her best friend and her boyfriend lived in the same house. She smiled thinking about Maria. She was going to go nuts when she sees what happened to me. The she got panicked when she thought about Kyle.

“He wont want me anymore. He’ll kill them.” Her face scrunched up as she tried to keep herself from bursting out crying. “I can do this.” She said pulling her car into the driveway. She breathed slowly. Knowing that in the next few minutes she was going to loose her cool and go crazy thinking about it. She slowly walked up to the door. Knocking Lightly she could see the figure of her friend.

“Isabel what happened?”
Her throat tightened. She tried to say something but couldn’t find the words. Everything she planned to do and say she forgot. She just stood there tears falling down the side of her face as Maria pulled her into the house. No words where spoken as Maria took her friends hand and lead her to her room. As soon as the door was shut all hell broke loose.

“What happened Isabel? If someone hurt you I’ll kill them.” Maria said. Her face cold but clouded with concern.

“I was…” Isabel started but her voice broke as she was trying to talk. Maria pulled her in for a hug. After Isabel’s cry’s subsided she continued, “I was rapped. Ria it was horrible. They held me against a building…. They hurt me….” She started crying again.

“I’m calling the police.” Maria said heading over to her portable.

“You can’t. No one must ever find out. Please Maria, please.” Isabel said pulling on Maria’s arm.

“I can’t keep this a secret. What they did to you, they need to be punished. You need help.”

“I can’t and I wont!” Isabel said throwing her hands on her hips. “There is more people that would get hurt if they found out. How could I tell my mom? Or Max? Michael? Kyle? It would kill them. Please don’t tell anyone.” Her eyes burned holes in Maria’s.

“I really should. Isabel you need help. But if you don’t want me to I will. You’re my best friend I can’t lose you.” Isabel pulled Maria in for a hug.

“Friends Forever?” Isabel asked.
“Always.” Maria said

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