This first part is short..............Live your Dreams
Author Meagan meagan2005⊕
Rating: PG-13/

A/u. Kind of save the last dance style. Mainly M/M with A/I. Maria’s mom dies witch means she had to move to Cinncitate to live with her Uncle Jim and cousin Kyle.

I was always popular, I had girls coming up to me and saying they hated me because my looks. I was born into money and that’s why I had so many friends. But I didn’t care. My mother loved me and I had dancing to look forward to. That was until my mom died…

Flash Back.
“Maria Deluca!” The dance instructor screamed. I stood up and looked at the girls who sat around me. They all had their mothers there cheering them on. My mother had said she had a meeting to go to and would try to make it. I had been angry. I quickly followed the instructor into the small room. I took the stage and glanced around for my mother. He not being there made me nervous. She had been to everyone. I started getting mad, and bombed my addition. I kept falling instead of landing. They said they’d call me. Yeah right. I got my bag when my cell phone rang. “Maria you need to come to the county hospital, your mothers been in an accident.”

End Flash Back
I knew she had died after I hung up. Her presence wasn’t with me anymore. She died trying to make it to my performance. My dream killed her.