New Destiny
summary:something happens to this after destiny
author notes:Instead of going to Flordia for the summer after destiny she stay with a cousin in Dallas, and Liz's parents bought Liz a car before she left.Think black convertible.

Liz drove and drove fast she had to go to Max. She was scared and in pain but most of all she needed him his warm amber eyes, those strong arm that held her and protected her so well. Liz was crying tears streaming down her face hands mared with third degree burns and saying one thing as a mantra to stop the pain "Max"

Liz stop by the side of the road by the "Welcome To Roswell" sign in too much pain and to tierd to drive, she picked up the phone painfully dialing the number she knew by heart.
(Liz smiled at his voice.)
MAX:Hello is anyone there.
LIZ:Max(her voice was below a whisper)it's Liz
MAX:Honey whats wrong are you alright
(she had to smile even though all the pain he called her honey)
LIZ:(cough)Max I need your help
Max:(totally freaking out now)Liz are you still in Dallas whats wrong?
LIZ:Max I'm by the sign outside of Roswell please come it hurts really bad(crying)
MAX:I'll be right there I promise do you need me to bring anybody else(talking while getting dressed )
LIZ:(still crying)no just you,I love you Max
MAX:(tears in his eyes)I love you too, I'll be right there.

Max drove 9o mph only thinking of his one destination Liz. His mind going a mile a minute then his mind went back to the phone conversation did she say she was in pain? The car jerked from the pressure he put on the gas,when liz left a month ago he felt like a lost little boy and with Tess spouting off about destiny it didn't help much and the only thing that got him through the day was Liz and the hope she would come back to him and say I love you.

Now he could start living again because not only did liz love him but needed him, and only him. He saw her black convertiable with the top up in the distance he park up behind it and leap out of the car and knock on the window she didn't answer he knock again but only harder then called her name but still no answer he unlocked the door and took in the a sharp intake of air at the sight before him. The love of his life passed out head hanging over the steering wheel hands placed in her lap the silky smooth skin from her wrist to her finger tips was replace with third degree burns.

Max didnt know how long he had been stand ther before he went into acting.He lifted her out of the car and placed her body across his lap as he sat on the ground.
MAX:Liz honey wake up so I can heal you hands.......Liz come on now love, wake up so I can help you (tears streaming down his faceand light taping on her face)LIZ CLAUDIA PARKER YOU WAKE UP RIGHT NOW!!!
MAX:(smiling through his tears)shh honey just look into my eye and I'll take care off you

*Liz sitting on her car in a abandoned car lot crying*
*Liz ranting about how Tess screwed up her life*
*Liz drinking a bottle of vodka*
*Liz throwing the empty bottle at the sky and pointing her hands at the pretending her hands are guns*
*A bright steam of fire coming out of her hands*
*Liz sreaming in pain as the fire over comes her hands*
*Liz passing out*
MAX:Oh my god
LIZ:Max whats wrong with me(crying )
MAX:I think you have powers