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Title: A Child's Dream
Author: ~Amy~ AngelicDreamer57⊕
Disclaimer: As most everyone on this board, I own nothing. Kaput. Well, I do own the idea to the story, and that’s about it. Sorry, if I did though....
Category: M/L
Summery: Max and Liz meet as kids, read to find out more. Read the prologue first! (Sucky summary, sorry!)


“Lizzie!” A slender, brunette woman yelled at her running daughter. The same little girl that was dragging her mother through the park with plentiful of giggles along the way. “Slow down Lizzie!” But her pleas fell on deaf ears. Liz was too anxious to listen to her mother tell her to slow down, she was going to the park! ‘Almost there!’ she thought, dropped her mother’s hand and ran off to the sand box.

Midway there, she bumped into a boy a year older than she. Looking up she gasped and shivered at the intense emotions playing in his eyes. It was as if he knew more than his six years lead on. “S-sorry.” she stuttered. “I’m Liz.” she said softly and pointed to her chest, “What’s your name?”

No reply. Liz shrugged, thinking he was probably too shy.

Then a woman, probably his mother, came over. “I’m Diane.” She introduced herself, kindly. “And this.” She put her hands on his head, “This is Max.” And smiled toward Liz. “Where’s your mother?”
Liz laughed “She over there,” and pointed behind her toward her mother who was sitting on the bench. Nancy, Liz’s mom, waved. When they looked away, Nancy snapped a couple shots of Max, Liz, and Diane together. Diane looked up and both mom’s shared a knowing smile.

Liz took his hand and lead him to the sand box. Once there, she whispered “Max?” as to not frighten him. He smiled when he heard his name on her lips.

“Wanna play?” She asked.

Max nodded slightly and she smiled.

They stayed there for hours. Not really saying much but connecting on a different level. When their hands touched, they got flashes of each other. Liz knew she should be scared but couldn’t. He put a force on her and she liked it. It made her feel safe, as if someone cared. Someone other than family.

They would sneak glances at the other and whenever once was caught, they’d both blush. It was the most adorable sight. And Nancy didn’t want to miss a moment. Taking pictures here and there as mementos. Diane and she were talking and she knew they wouldn’t see each other again.

When they had to leave, Liz started tearing up. Not wanting to leave the safe haven Max created by just being near. Max could feel his heart breaking. He had caused those tears and wanted to make her feel better. Instictively he wrapped his arms around her body loosely, so if she didn’t want it she could easily got out of his reach. But she leaned into him more and buried her face in the crook of his neck. Breathing in his scent. He never felt this way about anyone. He knew he loved Isabel, but this was different, he could feel it. And he knew there wouldn’t be another like her.

It was the first and last time they ever saw each other. Even with the few words said, both knew they fell in love at such a tender age. Call it puppy love if you wish, but only they know what they felt. Neither forgetting. Both never finding the other again....

Part 1

20 Years Later

“Lizzie!” Maria yells bouncing into Liz’s room. “I can’t believe you’re getting married!” She giggles, “This is so exciting! Just imagine, in a couple months you’ll be walking down the isle to the man you love!”

Liz looks up from the picture in her hands and gives her best friend a small smile.

“Aw. Chica, what’s wrong? Aren’t you happy?”

Liz traces the face of the little boy in the picture with her finger, “I don’t know...” Her voice trails on. “It’s just... I think I love Kyle. I mean I’m marrying him. But, it doesn’t feel right. I should be thinking of Kyle, but I’m not. I’m thinking about this boy.” She lifts the framed picture in her hand so Maria could see, “And I’m wondering what he’d think.” Liz falls back on her bed. Burying her head in her pillow.

“What’s wrong with me?” She asks, her voice muffled by the pillow, “Why do I feel like this and what am I going to do?” She rolls over on her back and gives a big sigh. “It’s been twenty years, Ria. TWENTY YEARS! And I still can’t get in out of my head!” Her voice rising and her hands on her head, as if she is going to pull her hair out. “What am I supposed to do?”

Maria was at a loss. She knew about Liz’s long time love affair with the mysterious, dark haired boy, but never thought much of it. She wanted Liz to be happy, even if that meant that Kyle, her stepbrother, would be heartbroken. As rough as that sounds, Liz was like her sister in so many ways, and much longer than she even knew Kyle, family or not.

She jumped on the bed. “Go find him, Liz. See if what you feel is true. That’s the only way you’ll know.” Maria says softly. “You need to be happy. Even if that means hurting Kyle.”

“I’m sorry, Ria! I know this is hard for you, I mean he’s your brother!”

“But you’ve been my sister for longer.” Maria cuts her off.

Liz smiles, “Thanks.” And pulls her into a hug.

Looking at the framed picture once more, she placed it on her nightstand and took the phone. Dialing her parents number, she waited for someone to pick up.

“Hello?” The man on the phone questioned.

“Dad? Hey, it’s Liz. Is Mom around?”

“Yea, she’s here, hold on a sec.” He places the phone down and Liz could hear muffled shuffling and mumbling from her line.

“Liz? Aer you calling because of the wedding?” Nancy’s voice rings.

“Hey Mom, and not really.” She pauses a second before continuing, “Remember the boy from the sand box? When I was 5.”

Nancy thinks for a little and takes a box from the closet down, “Um... I think so Liz. Why do you ask?” Nancy takes a shoebox out of the larger box and sees what she’s looking for, smiling at the sight of her daughter when she still needed her mother.

“Well, do you know where I could contact him?” Liz asks shyly. She didn’t know how her mom would react. It was a rather strange request, she knew.

Nancy was bewildered, “Why would you want that?” Nancy asks bluntly.

“It’s complicated Mom.” ’Not the best reaction but not too bad’ Liz thought. “Do you have any information?”

“I guess Lizzie. His mother’s name is Diane and her husband is Philip Evans.” She paused before continuing, “A lot can happen in twenty years. Tell me you know what you’re doing.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Yes I know Mother, and I do know what I am doing. I love you. Thanks!”

Nancy heard a click and sighed. Left with the thoughts of what Liz could do with that information.


After hanging upo, Liz went straight to the computer. Searchingfor a Philip Evans in California. She found 9 hits (I searched it and found 9 *shrugs*) And there was a Philip and Diane! Liz felt so giddy, she was about to squeal in delight. She almost forgot about Maria still being in the room.

Maria cleared her throat to get Liz’s attention. Liz jumped up from her seat in response.

“So, whatcha doin?” Maria asked like a little kid.

“How does a road trip sound?” She asked with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“A pretty bad idea with that look in your eyes but why not?” Maria says with a shrug.

“Good.” Liz smiles, “Then get packing because we’re leaving in the morning.”

To be continued? All depends on you people out there.


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Authors Note:

Thanks to; DragonFire, Pixie, NATEVANS, JaneLane, and Lana for the feedback... Now for the questions.

MariaG: Road trip! LOL, I forgot about that, but maybe when I wrote it, my subconsious took over. Whatever the matter, it's dedicated to you.

Angelic: Your name creeps me out (Everything else for me is AngelicDreamer then some number) But I didn't know if I was going to continue and wanted it to be a stand alone. And this next part is the end of this because if you want to think of it as the end, then I can start something, um.. I'm not making sense. I wrote A Child's Dream, thinking it would be a stand alone, but then I got bored and thought, why not write something else. They're different and I wanted to put them in different stories, I want to do another story after the next... Sorry.

Tamira: I don't plan on having her in the fic. But maybe... well, not this story but if there's a next, maybe. And yes, aliens do exist, at least in this fic.

Okie dokie, the next part is going to be a tad, unexpected. I'm a Dreamer so bear with me. Have a little faith. And don't hate me. Nothing is as it seems.


Edited to add: Love ya too Jeremiah! Sorry, I can't read my own handwriting...

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Title: Life As Adults
Author: ~Amy~ AngelicDreamer57⊕
Disclaimer: As most everyone on this board, I own nothing. Kaput. Well, I do own the idea to the story, and that’s about it. Sorry, if I did though....
Category: M/L

Part 2

When Liz finished packing, she picked up the phone and called a familiar number. After the second ring, someone picked up.

“Hello?” The voice on the phone said.

“Hey!” Liz said in response.

“Liz, what’s up?” Kyle said, relaxing.

‘Real romantic, Kyle.’ Liz thought and inwardly rolled her eyes. “Nothing much,” She answered. “I just wanted to tell you Maria and I are going on a road trip for a couple days.”

Kyle smiled, “Can I come?” He said, sounding like a little boy.

Liz laughed, “It’s a girls only trip, Kyle. No boys allowed.” ‘Well until we get there.’ She adds silently.

Kyle pouted, “Fine, have fun, babe!”

Surpressing a groan, she hated that pet name, “You too. And you can reach us at either’s cell. We’re bringing both. Bye!”

“Love you, bye!” Kyle hung up.


In the car:

The music was blaring (this is for you Denise);

Maria and Liz were singing along...

"Welcome to the real world", she said to me
Take a seat
Take your life
Plot it out in black and white
Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings
And the drama queens
I'd like to think the best of me
Is still hiding
Up my sleeve

‘I wonder if he’ll remember me’ Liz thinks.

“I love John Mayer!” Maria yells over the music, and Liz laughs, “He’s alright.”

“Alright? He’s a major hottie!” Maria yells again.

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something's better
On the other side

“Sing louder!” Maria says as the chorus starts.

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you've got to rise above

After the chorus was over, Liz told Maria to hand over the cell and to turn the music down. Maria reaches in her purse and tosses the phone to Liz, all the while still singing to the music.

So the good boys and girls take the so called right track
Faded white hats
Grabbing credits
Maybe transfers
They read all the books but they can't find the answers
And all of our parents
They're getting older
I wonder if they've wished for anything better
While in their memories
Tiny tragedies

“Thanks.” Liz said as the music started lowering. She started dialing a number.


They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something's better
On the other side

“Hey!” She says excitedly.

Alex smiles, “Miss me already?” The music was loud enough so that Alex could hear it but soft enough so it didn’t ruin the conversation.

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you got to rise above

Liz laughs, “Actually, I didn’t know if Maria told you or not.”

“Yep.” he nods, “She did amongo. So where are you now? The day’s almost over.”

“We’re almost there.” Liz says.

I am invincible
As long as I'm alive

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you've got to rise above

“And the day isn’t almost over! It’s only 6.”

I just can't wait til my 10 year reunion
I'm gonna bust down the double doors
And when I stand on these tables before you
You will know what all this time was for

“You need your sleep Liz.” Alex mockingly lectures.

“Uh huh, sure, wanna talk to Maria?”

“Why not? I bet she’s missing me like crazy, just like you.” She rolls her eyes. Then tosses the phone to Maria who was listening to the last chords of the song play, “Here, it’s Alex.”

“Hey girlfriend!” Maria yells in the phone.

“Hello Maria!” Alex yells right back, telling her to quiet down.

“Yea, yea.” She swings her hands around, dismissing his point. They make small talk for the next 5 minutes. “And take care of her Maria.”

She smiles. “Course.” She answers simply, “We’ll check in with you tomorrow. Bye!”


When Maria hung up, Liz whined, “It’s your turn to drive!”

After 4hours and 26 minutes, they finally made it to their hotel room and checked in.


“I’m gonna take a shower!” Liz yells from the bathroom.

“Sure thing chica!” Maria yelled back, falling back on the bed, totally exhausted.

Liz emerged from the bathroom half an hour later, drying her hair with a towel. “Your turn.” She called to Maria, but she was already asleep. Shrugging, Liz climbed in her bed and fell fast asleep.


The next morning, when Liz woke up, the sunlight blinded her eyes. She shrieked.

Maria was already awake and singing in the shower. A rare occurrence to find Maria waking up before anyone.

Liz stayed in bed for another 12 minutes before getting her butt out of bed.

After taking 15 more minutes deciding on an outfit, she opted to wear a gold tank top, a jean mini skirt and strappy tan heels.

By then, Maria was out of the bathroom and whistled lightheartedly.

It scared Liz to death and she jumped out of her skin. Maria laughed, “Sorry, just trying to compliment.” Holding her stomach as she falls to the ground, laughing.

“Hardy har.” Liz says sarcastically, and steps over Maria to the bathroom. She put on a little makeup and curled her hair. Taking one more look in the mirror at herself, she smoothed out her clothes and walked out.

Walking out, she spinned around so Maria could see her outfit. Maria applauded, then laughed. Liz grabbed her purse, “C’mon Ria.” She said in an aggravated voice.

“Wait!” Maria yells to Liz that was running out the door. Maria ran round the house collecting what she needed before running out the door, to Liz’s car.


The car ride was uneventful. When they were in front of the house, Liz starts talking, “So... um... ready?” She asks, nervously, “Cause... um... I... I am.”

Maria giggles, “Calm down chica. “ She says teasingly. “Do you need some cypress oil?”

“Yea.” Liz never really used aromatherapy but she needed to calm down and would do anything at that moment. Besides, Maria swears by it.

Maria hands over a vial and Liz starts sniffing, “Okay.” She pauses. “Okay, I can do this.” Then stops and thinks, “Right?”

Maria smirks, her cool, calm, collected friend was nervous. “Of course. Now c’mon. You already technically have a guy waiting for you at home, you’re just trying to find a long lost friend.” She then eyes Liz, “Want me to go with you?”

“Yea, thanks!” Liz forces a smile.

Liz walks out with Maria following close behind. When they get to the door, Liz freezes, so Maria knocks.

An older woman opens it with a friendly smile.” Hello young ladies.”

“Um... hi. I’m Liz Parker and this is Maria Deluca.” Liz squeaks out.

“Is your son around?” Maria cuts in.

The grief on the woman’s face was unmistakable. “Oh, come in.

She moved aside to let the two in. She lead them into the living room. “Do you want something to drink.”

Both girls shook their heads, “No thanks.” Liz openly spoke.

“I’ll be right back girls, make yourself at home.”

When she left, Maria started talking, “Why do you think she invited us in?”

“Maria ! Quiet down! Maybe mom called her or something.”

Diane came back with a box. “Your mother said something about you coming. I’m Diane.”

“Oh! I don’t know how to say this.” She pauses to collect her thoughts. “Max... died. Abut a month ago.”

Both girls gasped, “I’m so sorry!” They both said in unison.

Diane gives a sad smile, “He said you’d be back. No one belived him. Well, he left a box for stuff. There’s a note insdie. And you can visit his grave if you want. It’s on Washington street. Just follow it, you’ll see it.” She hands Liz the box.

Liz gives a small smile, “I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but, how did he die?” Liz asks softly.

“Him and his friends were on a drive, coming back from the movies. Somone ran into him and his car rolled down a hill. They haven’t found the bodies, but the police said no once could’ve survived that wreck.”

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bring any bad memories back.” Liz says sinserely. “We should leave now.”

“It’s really alright dear,” Diane tells her. “I hope you’ll visit some other time.”

“Bye,” Maria and Liz stood up, and walked out.

“Dead?” Maria cries in mass histeria once they were in the car.

Liz starts breaking down.

“It’s alright, hon.” Maria tries to comfort.

“Ria, I don’t know him. We met once, 20 years ago. But I feel as if I do. He’s haunted my dearms since I can remember and he still does. Only, it feels like more than a drea,. It’s like he’s really there.” She says the last part so softly.

“We’ll get some flowers and visit him okay?”

Liz nods slightly.


At the grave:

“I’ll let you do this alone.” Maria tells Liz in a whisper.

Liz slowly finds his grave, she walked directly to it, as if someone was leading her way, or she was connected to him somehow.

Once there, she stared at it for a few minutes and saw the engraving.

”To the girl from the sandbox, I never forgot you.” By then, Liz was a blubblering mess. She just laid her head on the tomb and wept.

Um... heh. Nothing is as it seems? Sorry if anyone is mad at me. I have a good explaination, either in the next part or a new story. You have no clue how long it took to write this part! I hope you like it, kinda? Well, leave feedback and tell me whether I should continue on this thread or not.

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Authors Note:

JaneLane: Were you expecting it? Cause you said you were but the rest of what you said doesn't click.

Jeremiah: Thanks for the feedback! And of course he can, didn't I just say he was? *looks innocent*

MariaG: Thanks for the feedback!

Dreamy: Thanks, again... Jeeze, I'm so original.

Lana: Well I guess you have to wait to have your answers revealed. I'll try my best, but I'm not all that great with plots, because I always write it way too fast! But I'm working on it.

Angelic: About your name; I was joking. *big*

E.T. I'm honored you like this fic! *bounce*

I probably won't get a part out till tomorrow or so. Sorry, but, um... I'm busy? Okay, so I just can't think straight today. I'll try to write something! And if you want, I will post it, although knowing me, it'll be a paragraph at the most. I surprise myself sometimes, maybe you'll be lucky.



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Authors Note:

I am being soo lazy right now! I don't wanna write! *whines* sorry people, I'll most likely get it out late today, pacific time. At the latest tomorrow at noon. I have to go somewhere at noon so I'll get something out before then.


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Title: Life As Adults
Author: ~Amy~ AngelicDreamer57⊕
Disclaimer: As most everyone on this board, I own nothing. Kaput. Well, I do own the idea to the story, and that’s about it. Sorry, if I did though....
Category: M/L
Summery: Max and Liz meet as kids, read to find out more. Read the prologue first!

Author’s Note: I changed my mind, this will be A Child's Dream. Don't you just love my mind? So, the prologue will just be on another thread.

Onto the story, hope you like it!

Part 3

After a couple days, Liz finally calmed down.

Now, it was 2 am and Maria was in a deep sleep; and was snoring. Liz sat on the balcony of the hotel room , the box from Diane sitting in front of her. Taunting her and staring right back.

It’s been her ritual all the nights since she got it. But not once did she open it. Too afraid to see what was inside, mostly. ‘Another restless night.’ she thought. She laughed, “How pathetic can you get?” She said softly to herself.

She slowly slid the box closer to her, took a deep breath, and lifted the lid.

She took out a rose first. It was a white rose; her favorite. And it was frozen so as to keep it ‘alive.’ She smiled.

Next, was a pendant on a leather cord. She placed the necklace over her head, and lifted the pendant as to get a better look. It was unlike anything she’s ever seen.

Placing back against her chest, she took a large, leather bound journal out. There was a picture of herself and Max in the sandbox on the cover. She smiled. Opening it up and flipping through the pages, she noticed all the entries were labeled “Dear Liz,”

She opened it to first page and started reading.

October 6th, 1999 (anyone know why I chose that date?)

Dear Liz,
I don’t really know if you’ll read this, or if you do when. I don’t know if you even remember me but this is just a chance for me to let it out, and to someone I care about. I guess I should start, I’m Max Philip Evans, born in a pod chamber in Roswell, New Mexico. I’m not exactly human, not exactly alien. I’m a hybrid with a mix of human and alien DNA. We have “powers” that aren’t human, at least we don’t think so. Not much is known about us. I’m just starting to figure everything out. Then I think of you, and know you must want to know too. At least I hope you want to know.
I also want to tell you, about the dreams. I get them too. I think it’s a shared link type thing, because I’m alien. So as long as it’s around, so am I. Trust your heart. I don’t want to tell you stop life because I tell you to, or that you shouldn’t move on. But I do want to say I will come back, someday.
-Max Evans

Flipping a handful of pages, she stopped and glanced over a page.

“Destiny..... Tess..... Still love you.”

‘Love?’ Liz thinks, she sighs and turns to the last entry.

March 8th, 2009

Dear Liz,
I’m leaving. We are. Isabel, Michael, Tess and I. We’re going back to Antar. I’ll come back someday. I hope. But live your life. I wouldn’t want you from doing anything. Even being with another. So this is good bye.
-Max Evans.

“Did he make it?” Liz asks herself in a whisper. Hugging the book to her chest, she lies back and looks at the stars overhead, wondering which one Max would’ve been on.


The next morning, Liz woke up by the sight of sunlight under her eyelids. She shrieked and rolled over on her stomach, she noticed someone put a blanket over her body.

Groaning, she crawled through the door, closed it with her leg, and fell asleep.

A few hours later, she woke up again. Looking over at Maria, she noticed she was still fast asleep, and snoring again. She got up, grabbed an outfit, and walked in the bathroom to take a shower.

She emerged half and hour later from the shower. Maria was still asleep. Liz sighed, wondering how a person could sleep through half the day.

She wrote a note, took her coat and left. She needed to get some fresh air and decided to take a walk around town. It was a small town southeast of Los Angeles.


Sorry it’s short, but I have to leave in a few and decided something was better than nothing. Maybe I‘ll be back later, I‘m getting home in 8 hours. And thanks for the feedback and bumps!

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I'm pathetic, bumping my own thread *sigh*

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Can I just end it here? Discontinue this fic? I just want Max to be dead! *sad**tongue* Sorry, but I do! I'm iching to write anyway. Maybe I'll be back with a *new* part tonight; Maybe.

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Author: ~Amy~ AngelicDreamer57⊕
Disclaimer: As most everyone on this board, I own nothing. Kaput. Well, I do own the idea to the story, and that’s about it. Sorry, if I did though....
Category: M/L Kinda K/L

Part 4

3 Days later...

“Ria, what do you think?” Liz asked her friend about her current situation.

“I think you need to get over it. I think you should be happy, he wants you to be. I think there’s a man in Roswell that is head over heels in love with you. That, is what I think chica.”

Liz and Maria were getting ready to go home. Both running around the room getting their things and yelling across the room to have a conversation. The television was also on in the background, adding the noise they needed to talk over.

“Breaking News” decided to flash across the screen which stopped Liz in her tracks. She reached down for the remote to turn the volume up.

“One female body was reported to be found just outside Los Angeles.” The woman on the screen announced.
“Police aren’t sure if this case has anything ties to any recent cases but are looking for anything that could help solve this case. The body is in horrible condition. It seemed to have been burned and police think the woman crashed from either overhead or was burned and moved to this location. There’s no plane in sight which makes the possibility of foul play larger.”

Liz turned off the TV. “Woah.” she heard Maria breathe out.

“Poor girl.” Maria said.

“Yea.” Liz felt a connection to that story. She shook that feeling off.

The rest of their packing sessi9n went off without a hitch.

They checked out and went to the car.

Liz handed Maria the keys, “I drove most of the way here, you get to drive back home.” She grinned. Maria made a face of mock anger and Liz laughed at it. “Just drive!” Liz said, climbing into the passenger seat.


“Finally!” Maria yelled as she got out of the car, “I would’ve died if I had to stay in that stuffy car any longer.”

Walking into their apartment, Maria breathed in deep then flopped herself into the sofa, dropping her suitcase in the process.

Liz on the other hand went straight to her room to unpack.

Maria picked up the phone and called Alex.

“Hey! We’re home!”


Liz took her cell out; Staring at the keys, she was decided whether or not to call Kyle. She sighed and dialed his number.

“Hello?” Todd, Kyle’s roommate answered.

“Hi, it’s Liz, is Kyle around?” Liz replied.

“Um... yea, hold on a second.” Todd told her. Liz could hear the shuffling and then someone took the phone.

“Hey! You’re back?” Kyle said enthusiastically.

“Yea, I just wanted to call and let you know.” She said with a smile.

“Cool! I missed you. How about I come over?” Kyle asked.

“Sure.” Liz responded.

“Okay, I’ll be there in half an hour! Bye! Love you!” With that, he hung up.

“Kyle’s coming over!” Liz yelled to Maria.

“Kay! Alex is too!” Maria yelled back.


The doorbell sounded. “I’ll get it!” Alex called.

When Alex opened the door, Kyle was standing here. “Hey Kyle! Here to join the fun?” Alex said with a grin.

Kyle laughed, “Something like that.” They were friends, kind of. Since Alex was one of Liz’s best friends, they saw each other on more than one occasion and were comfortable by now.

He walked into the living room with Alex trailing behind. He greeted Maria then walked straight to Liz. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her lightly on the lips before moving so he had one arm draped over her shoulders.

“Hey babe.” Kyle said to Liz.

“Hi Kyle.” She leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Did you guys have fun?” He asked both Liz and Maria.

“Yea,” Both girls replied.

“What did you do?”

“Visited an old friend, shopped. The good stuff.” Maria answered.

“Cool, cool,” Kyle said casually nodding.

The next half hour was filled with idle chit chat.

“So, do you guys wanna do something? We could go eat now.” Alex suggested. Everyone nodded.
“Good. Let’s go to Senor Chow!” Alex yelled.

Authors Note:
I know it's kind of short. Sorry. Hope you guys liked it. And thanks for all the feedback!

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*cries* Selfish bump

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Disclaimer: As most everyone on this board, I own nothing. Kaput. Well, I do own the idea to the story, and that’s about it. Sorry, if I did though....

Authors Note: This is REALLY short. I am very sorry, but it answers (sort of) where Max is. And everyone wants to know that. It's kinda sucky, sorry again!


PS: Thanks for all the feedback! You won't know how much it means to me!

Part 5

“Liz, when did you want to have the wedding?” Kyle’s voice snaps Liz out of her daze.

“Huh? Oh, um... how about next month? I just want a small wedding, and if it’s too much work we could hire a wedding planner.” She said off the top of her head.

Kyle smiled, “Can’t wait to get married either? I think a May wedding would be great.” He kissed her on the temple. “If it’s that soon, we better get started.” He said kissing her neck. “Tomorrow.” He mumbled. Kyle moved lower and Liz tensed.

He froze, “That’s okay babe. I’d be happy just to hold you.”

Liz smiled graciously. “I’m really sor-”

Kyle cut her off, “No need.” He smiled down at her. “I understand.”

Liz pulled him closer to her side, buried her face in his chest and entangled their legs. “Thank you.” She barely whispered. “Thank you.”


The next morning Liz woke up in the same position as when they fell asleep. Her alarm was the radio, and that’s what woke her up.

You’re falling back to me
The star that I can see
I know you’re out there somewhere out there
You’re falling out of reach
Defying gravity
I know you’re out there
Somewhere out there

Liz sighed, that song reminded her of Max. ‘What am I going to do?’ she thought .

Kyle opened his eyes, “Morning.” he said groggily.


He groaned. The pain was too much. If he opened his eyes, he’d be blinded, so he kept his eyes closed. His face facing the soft floor of the forest.

The pain was surrounding him. Engulfed in the ache. But in the back of his mind, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was getting back to her. All that mattered was getting home.

Snapping out of his weak state he rolled over on his side and slowly opened his eyes. Thee sun was barely over the horizon. ‘It’s still early,’ he thought.

Looking around to see if anyone was there, he saw no one. He sighed, running his hand through his dark hair. What kind of mess did he get himself into? Falling back onto the earth, he heard the ‘snap’ of a twig. ‘Shit!’ He thought to himself.

The loud footsteps of a human in heavy boots flooded his ears. He suddenly relaxed.

“You’re awake.” The ‘intruder’ announced.

“Yea.” He answered. His voice coming out rough and husky, as if he hasn’t talked in a while. He scratched the side of his head. “Where are we?”

The other guy shrugged, “Who knows?”

“How long have you been conscious?”

“About a day, I think,” he scratched his eyebrow.

“Where’s everyone else?”

He shrugged again, “Face it Maxwell, we don’t know much of anything right now. We’re on Earth. And that’s all we know.”


Was that okay? *sigh* Never mind, I’ll see you guys later.

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Hey people! I'm writing the next part right now. Well, see, I'm an old fashioned kind of girl, so I write it on paper then type it up. Helps me get the kinks out because I don't like reading my stuff. But it'll be out in a couple hours. Hopefully before dinner, and Happy Fourth everyone!!

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Disclaimer: As most everyone on this board, I own nothing. Kaput. Well, I do own the idea to the story, and that’s about it. Sorry, if I did though....

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Part 6

A week later....

The flowers and decorations were chosen, the place was already booked, food tasted, and invitations sent.

Liz was out with her brides’ maids, Rebecca and Kevyn, and her maid of honor, Maria, to get their dresses.

“Miss?” Liz asked the saleslady. “Do you have the dresses I asked for?”

The lady smiled, “Of course,” she replied and walked to the back to get the dresses.

“You guys are going to love you dresses!” Liz told them.

The lady came back bringing out some very puffy, very bright dresses.

The sleeves were poofy and they came with matching umbrellas, the dresses came right out of “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”

The three stood with their mouths to the floor and their eyes wide, staring at the, the... things, they were going to have to wear.

Liz watched the looks on their faces. It was priceless! And started laughing her ass off. Falling on the floor with tears in her eyes and all.

“Funny,” Kevyn stated sarcastically, “Reeeal funny.”

Liz grinned, “I thought so.”

“Where are the real dresses chica?” Maria asked.

“Oh.... well they’re right over there.” Liz said pointing to a rack on her left.

On the rack were three dresses. “Ria, the gold one’s yours. Becca, you get blue. So that means, Kev, you get the oh so pretty purple one!” Liz told them.

It was the over shoulder and had an angled bottom. It was made out of a silky material. (Here’s the design, the material is different though

“They’re beautiful!” Kevyn exclaimed.

“Go try ‘em on and get them fitted,” Liz told them.

“Where’s your dress Liz?” Becca asked her from her dressing room.

“Oh, my mom and Amy are going to pick me up to go to a store and get it later today.”

“Why not buy it here?”

“My mom bought hers there and wants me to too.”


“Did you want to come along? Maria is, since her mom is coming, Amy thought Maria would want to.”

“Oh, me and Kev can’t make it, sorry.”

“That’s okay.”

After they were all done, they went to their respective homes (Rebecca and Kevyn live together.)

An hour after they were back, Nancy and Amy were at the apartments. They beeped, actually Amy beeped, not really caring if she disturbed anyone. When Maria and Liz heard, they grabbed their jackets and left.

Climbing in the car, they exchanged salutations.

When they reached their destination, all four women made their way around the store. When Maria, Nancy, or Amy found one they liked, they showed Liz. But none so far was perfect.

Two hours and 597 dresses later, she was fingering through another rack when she saw a dress that made her breath catch in her throat; the perfect dress.

It was a strapless ivory dress with a tight bostier/corset (As you can tell, I have no clue what I am talking about, well I know but um... I’ll stop) but not too tight. The skirt flowed out and was a double layer. The bottom had mirrors adorning it while most of the dress was embroidered.

When the others heard her gasp, they ran over to see the dress. They all knew that it would look perfect on Liz. It was the perfect dress.


That night while she slept...

”Liz?” a voice called out to her,

Liz’s heart raced and butterflies were fluttering in her stomach.

When he came into view, she breathed out “Max.” His head snapped at the sound of her voice and he was by her side in three quick strides.

When he got there he kissed her breathless. When he broke he placed his forehead on hers. “I missed you.” he whispered and smiled. “So much.”

Liz smiles. “Where are you?” she reaches out and touches his check before moving her hand to his forehead, moving some of his bangs from out of his eyes. She got lost in his soulful amber pools. So warm.... so inviting. She finally broke the staring contest, dropping her head to his chest.

Playing with the top button of his shirt in a nervous habit while he stroked her hair lovingly and place a gentle kiss on the top of her head.

“Where were you? You haven’t been around for a while.” she said softly.

“Unconscious and not dreaming.” he told her. Then added “But I’m fine now.” When he heard her gasp.

“Um... Max?” She felt guilty. She had a nice, loyal guy, and here she was, dreaming of another man. She just wanted to cry. Out of frustration. Of knowing she would hurt more than one person in either choice. Her own heart was on the lines. “I’m getting married.” She finally said. “In less than a month, I’m sorry..” tears started falling down her cheeks, landing on his shirt. “So sorry.”

And he just held her. Too scared to say anything. Scared he would scare her by yelling. That he would cry. So he just held her.


When he woke, Michael was awake.

“She’s married,” He told Michael.

“Sorry buddy. Guess you’ll have to stop trying to find her, huh?”

“Get packing.”


“We’re going to Roswell.”


“Because I love her.” He answered simply.


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Disclaimer: As most everyone on this board, I own nothing. Kaput. Well, I do own the idea to the story, and that’s about it. Sorry, if I did though....

AN: Thanks for all the feedback, and hey to Bite Me!

Part 7

“I’m staying here. I’ll look for Iz and Tess. You can go chasing around after a human girl that probably is scared and hates you because you aren’t exactly the same species. Oh, and did I mention, she’s already with someone.” Michael said. The venom in his voice was unmistakable.

“Don’t even start that BS Michael. I know her, and I have to find her. I’ll be back. It’s not like I’m throwing you to the lions. You’re a grown man! You know where to find me. I’ll have my cell.” With that Max walked out the door, his processions in hand. He didn’t have much, a couple outfits he bought after “landing.”

Sighing, he walked (since Bob died) to the nearest bus station.
‘See you in Roswell’ he thought as he boarded.


‘2 weeks ‘til the wedding’


After a couple days, he finally made it to Roswell, New Mexico.

Max was starving as he jumped off the bus. Being stuck in a bus for days on end really did you in. But as tired as he was, he was more hungry.

Walking through the small town, he turned many heads. Some because he was quite the looker, others out of curiosity. It’s not everyday someone visited Roswell who wasn’t a UFO or alien fanatic or had some family living here. But as far as they knew, Max didn’t. He wasn’t with anyone.

Stopping at a restaurant called the CrashDown, he walked in, remembering Liz saying something about her parents owning this place.

Jeff watched a man walk in. He looked familiar. But Jeff dismissed the feeling and turned back around , entering the backroom.


Max just slid into a booth. A couple minutes later, a woman of medium height, shoulder length hair and green eyes approached.

“Hi!” she said in an unusually cheery voice. “I’m Rebecca, I’ll be your waitress today. Do you know what you want?” She asked, smiling.

“Oh, um...” Max said eyeing the menu. “How about a galaxy sub, saturn rings and a cherry coke.”

“Sure, coming right up.” Rebecca walked way. Going under the counter, Pam Troy started asking her about the mysterious stranger she was serving. Rebecca just rolled her eyes, saying that she just served him.

“If you don’t have any answers, I’ll get ‘em.”

Sashaying her way to Max’s table, she rided her already short uniform up farther and unbuttoned the first few buttons to show off more cleavage. Planting a flirty smile, she reached his table.

“Hey.” She said seductively.

He looked up somewhat uncomfortably. “Um.... hi.”

“So, what’s your name?”

“Um... it’s Max.”

“Max...” Pam said testing it out, she smirked. “I like it.” Then slid next to Max. Putting her hand high on his thigh.

“What are you doing in Roswell?” She continued on with her questions.

“I’m actually looking for someone. Do you know Elizabeth Parker?” he asked trying to get the slut away from him.

When she heard Elizabeth Parker’s name, she smile faded, “No. Never heard of her.” She said coldly before walking to the back.

Rebecca smirked in the background, getting ready to bring Max his food. Putting it down on his table, she apologized for Pam’s behavior.

“That’s okay, you didn’t do anything wrong.” he told her with a sweet smile.

“You’re probably used to it, ya know, since you... um.. .look.” they both started to blushing profusely. “Just holler if you need anything else.” and she hastily left.


A couple days passed and Max was looking for a place to stay. He already found a job at the UFO center. He didn’t think he’d stay there forever, just to get his feet on the ground.

He found the perfect place, now he just needed to set an appointment to meet the guy. After calling, the appointment was set for noon at the apartment.

It was 10 o’clock right now. He still had 2 hours so he decided to head out and get some food.


It was noon and he was on his way to the apartment. ‘I really need to get a car,’ he tought to himself.

Finally reaching his destination, he took his hand out of his pocket and knocked.

The door opened, “Hey! I’m Kyle. You must be here for the apartment.”

“Yea, I’m Max.”

The guy was kind of short with brown hair and blue eyes.

“Todd! Get your ass out of your room!” Kyle called. W

Todd slowly got out of his room. “Oh, hey.” he said once he saw Max. “I’m Todd.” Bringing out his hand for a shake. “You must be Max.” After Max nodded, he continued, “So you wanna look around?”


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Disclaimer: As most everyone on this board, I own nothing. Kaput. Well, I do own the idea to the story, and that’s about it. Sorry, if I did though....

A/N: I wouldn've gotten it out sooner if the board was working right, but better late then never, right?
Oh, and this is the Dreamer part.

Part 8A

The next week...

Max was all moved in. He had a job, a car, now all he needed was to find his dream girl.

It was Saturday and he had a day to kill. He didn’t know where to start. If he just asked around town about a soon-to-be-married woman, that just didn’t sound too good. Tons of things could happen, he could stumble on her fiance! Not the best idea.

He opted to going back to where they first met. It wasn’t too far way so he walked. As he walked, he couldn’t help but think what a great place for a wedding it would be, especially since he and Liz met there.

He suddenly stopped; the sand box. Instinctively, he walked over and sat down on the said of it. No one was there, probably because it looked like it was about to rain. The dark clouds hanging over your heads. (I know it doesn’t rain too much in New Mexico in May, in the show maybe, but not in real life, and here it does too!)

His head in his hands, he silently asked to find his dream girl. He didn’t know who he was asking, or if anyone would listen at all. Being half alien, it was sort of tough to believe in God. But he needed t find his dream girl. It was eating him alive and he knew it.

It seemed someone did listen because he heard soft footsteps coming closer. As he lifted his head, he mentally knocked on wood, knowing he shouldn’t set his hopes too high, but in the back of his mind, he knew it was Liz.

When he caught sight of her perfect petite form, he couldn’t believe it. She was more beautiful then in his dreams, if that was possible. Why would she want him? A mutant, when she already had a normal, human. “Liz?” he whispered softly.

That voice, she knew that voice. It haunted her every time she closed her eyes. It was always waiting for her when she went to sleep. It was the only thing that calmed her when she really needed it. That and being in his arms. Him. Holy crap, he was here. She was supposed to be having her wedding rehearsal but fear of a little water dampened that idea, so she decided to go on a walk. Not knowing she would meet up with her dream guy.

Lifting her head, she stood staring into his deep amber eyes. Feeling as if he was looking into her soul and visa versa. She never felt anything as intense in her life. And it was only a look. She shivered, and wondered in anticipation of what was to come.

After what seemed like hours, she finally moved. When she was standing in front of him, she spoke for the first time.

“Max?” she felt lightheaded. “Is this a dream?”

“Liz,” he looked at her with concern and worry evident in his eyes, “Sit down.” He told her gently. “You don’t look too good.” He mentally slapped himself. ‘Can you be more of a jerk?’ “I mean, you’re absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking, really, but...” his voice faded as he guided her down, “You look a little sick.” he finished when she was by his side. Their arms touching and she leaned her head so it was resting on his shoulder.

“Why are you here? You’re supposed to have died.” she told him softly.

“Did you get my things?” he asked frantically.

“Yea, I did,. I couldn’t believe it,” she told him with a nervous chuckle. “Are you really an.. a... an alien?

“Yea, I am,” he said softly. “Are you scared?”

“I don’t know.” she answered honestly. “Just confused, I guess. I don’t know what to do.” She told him.

“You don’t have to do anything, and something.” he told her in code. “Listen to your heart,” he smiles shyly.

After that, silence rung though the air. A comfortable silence. It was something they needed right now, to get away from the whole situation they were in. By now, Liz moved closer to Max and was sitting practically on his lap. His head covering her from some of the rain that was falling. Neither were effected by the rain. It was another beautiful thing around them.

Slowly and suddenly, Liz lifted her head which made Max look down. Their eyes alternating from each others lips to their eyes until they both moved closer, closer.... Neither knew initiated the act, nor did they care. All they knew was that this was one of those perfect moments you live for. When you want to freeze in time and watch and live over and over again. When you could die happy. And their lips brushed fro a short time but it changed the course of many lives.

“Uh... Max?” (Remember Vegas?) Closing her eyes again to collect her rampant thoughts, but before she could, Max’s lips were on hers. Sweet, innocence, love, and reassurance of everything to come washing through that kiss. It didn’t last long until her plunged his tongue into her inviting mouth.

As the two shared a passionate kiss a storm raged on behind them. When they broke off because of breathing issues, both wearing grins. “You’re soaked,” he said softly, running his hands through her hair and over her soaked clothes and smiling face.

She just shrugged, “I like the rain.” The smile still firm on her lips. “So, alien, huh?”

He smiled, “’Fraid so.” He looked down, then back at her glowing face, “Do you want to see?”

She nodded.

“I'm going to have to touch you.”

“Sure,” she replied easily.

Placing his hands on both sides of her head, cradling it, he focused on forming a connection. To his surprise, it happened easily.

Both living though the other’s eyes. Both seeing how the other felt in their life

When he let go, Max had to ask, “Do you love him?”

She looked into his eyes, “I thought I did, then I look into your eyes and know I don’t.” Answering honestly before dropping her eyes. “What about Tess?”

“What about her?” He asked, confused.

“Do you love her?” She’s your destiny and you lived on that information.”

“I don’t love her like I love you. And I lived on the knowledge that I’d find you someday too. So it was fair play. It didn’t matter what she or anyone else said, you’re it for me.”



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Maria G: Hey Buuuuddy! LOL... About the dress, the bottom layer has small shaped mirrors, I had some on my pants and thought they were cute. Lost the pants though... And just for your Candy heart, Michael will come in due time. It's almost done so soon, he'll come soon.

Bite Me: You're too sweet! Glad you like this!

not_of_this_earth: Thank you for the bump!! Truthfully, I have no clue as of this point how their gonna split up. I feel so bad doing it now! LOL, anyone can bmail me with some help. IM and e-mail is always an option too.

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marteloise: Thank you for the feedback. I'm writing as fast as I can! Or as fast as my brain will go.

Roswellluver Thanks for the feedback!! I'm glad they met too! It's my favorite part to write!

DragonFire: Yours made me confused... Thank you for what and what did you change? I probably know and it's hidden deep within my brain, but could you please tell me what's up?

*big* It's intense? Really? *stops and thinks* COOL!! LOL. Glad you like the way I write. I'll say this again, the Max/Liz meeting was my favorite part to write (And then type again) I'm glad you guys liked it! Next part will most likely be Michael/Isabel interaction.... Finding her and all. But Michael will be with Maria, kind of... and Isabel, I don't like her so she'll be alone... LOL


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Disclaimer: As most everyone on this board, I own nothing. Well, I do own the idea to the story, and that’s about it. Sorry, but if I did though....

A/N: A little short, sorry, but... Fun's ahead!


Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he slowly walked toward the door.

Why was he here? What did he think he’d find?

When the door opened, the smiling face suddenly frowned, “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I should be asking you the same thing,” the owner of the gruff voice answered. “Do you think it’s smart to get the door? With you being dead and all.”

“Funny.... Just get in,” she took his arm and pulled him in.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked again, hoping for an answer.

“Well. it is my parent’s house, “ she replied sarcastically.

“And did you tell them?”

She looked away and started playing with her hands.

“Isabel! How could you?” He fumed, “We said to keep it a secret, no one else was supposed to know.”

“And where’s my brother?” Isabel said, anger rising in her voice.

“Where do you think he went?” Michael said, sitting down on the sofa and turning on the TV.

“God! Why?!” She said, flinging her arms around. “He should have left it alone. He did it for twenty years! How hard could it be?”

He shrugged.

“Michael, why didn’t you stop him?”

“I tried. Jeeze, give me a break.

“This will ruin us! We don’t even know her! What does he think he’s doing?” Isabel yelled at Michael, who was sitting on his ass watching TV.

He shrugged again, “He just said he loved her.”

“Where is he?”


“New Mexico?”

“No, Georgia. His “dream girl” lives in Georgia.” Michael said sarcastically.

“Get up, we’re going.”

“Why? Can’t you just call him or something?”

“Michael, we need to take this into our own hands. Who knows how much he screwed us. He could’ve slept with her!" Isabel told him. He arms still ailing in the air as she spoke.

“What about Tess?” Michael inquired.

“What about her?” Isabel asked confused and full of attitude.

“Do you know if she’s around?” Michael asked calmly.

“Oh... no. But she’s an adult who thinks with her brain, unlike my brother who thinks with his groin!”


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Authors Note:

MariaG: Isabel doesn't want Max to get close to Liz what-so-ever. So if they cemented, it would be kind of a major step.

not_of_this_earth: If I truely killed anyone it would be Trash and then Isabel. Max isn't going to die... again.

Okie dokie, I wrote the part (on paper people) and will get it out tomorrow. Hopefully. I'm going to be in Seattle for a couple hours. So... until then.

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Disclaimer: As most everyone on this board, I own nothing. Kaput. Well, I do own the idea to the story, and that’s about it. Sorry, if I did though....

Hey Lana! Glad you're back!

Part 9

When Isabel and Michael land in New Mexico they went to rent a car and drive to Roswell.

They were hungry so decided to stop someplace to eat. Walking to an alien themed restaurant. they couldn’t help but glare at the “aliens” in disgust.

A cute blonde comes up, “Hi, I’m Maria and I’ll be your waitress today, would you like to have a drink to start?” She says while handing them menus.

“A cherry coke for me,” Isabel told her, then looked at Michael, “the same for my drooling friend other here.” then proceeded to point at Michael who was openly gawking at Maria.

Both Maria and Isabel started laughing as Maria walked away. When she was out of earshot Isabel started talking, “What happened there?”

When Michael gave her a blank look, she pointed toward the backdoor.

“What about her?” He asked in an angry voice.

Isabel gave an exasperated sigh, “Never mind.”

They ordered and ate. When Maria came back with their check, Isabel decided just to ask, “Do you know Elizabeth Parker?”

“Yea I do,” Maria says cheerfully. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, we were looking for her. Not exactly her, but my brother. It’s a long story. Do you know where I could find her?”

“Who’s your brother?”

Isabel looked at Michael, he just shrugged. She gave him an irritated look, ‘Thanks for the help,’ she thought sarcastically.

“Um... Max Evans.”

“Max... Evans... Is your brother?”

After Isabel nodded, she started talking, “That’s weird, but I have no clue where Liz went. Today was supposed to be her wedding rehearsal but it got rained out so she went on a walk. Didn’t see her since. But maybe she bumped into Max. I wouldn’t be surprised, I mean Roswell is a small town and...”

“You can shut up now,” Michael butts in, “We got our answer.”

“Rude much?”

“Yea, he is,” Isabel supplies.

Maria cracked a smile. “You can try out apartment if you’re looking for them,” and proceeded to give them the address and directions from the Crash. “It’ll be good to get rid of Mr. Rude, Crude, and Hair.”

Before Michael could say anything, Isabel already dragged him out.


The doorbell rung, “I’ll get it!”


When he opened the door, the sight before him was a shock to say the least, “Michael, Isabel, hi!”

“Max.” Isabel says icily as Michael nods his greeting, “Aren’t you going to invite us in?”

“Um...” Max moved to the side so they could get in.

“Who’s at the door?” Liz yells before she sees them. She came out smiling, “Oh, hi!”

“Liz, this is Michael and Isabel.” He said pointing to the appropriate person.

“Hey, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“You have?” Isabel said coldly as she rises an eyebrow.

Liz smiled warmly, “Yea,” she nods. “Max was just talking about his family.” She cocks her head to the side, “So why did you guys decide to visit good ole’ Roswell, New Mexico?”

‘To get him away from you.’ Isabel thinks to herself.

The doorbell saved her from an answer. Liz excused herself to get the door.

“God! Why are you guys here?” Max loudly whispered in anger when Liz was out of earshot.

“Why do you think we’re here dear brother? To save your ass... and ours!” Isabel told him with as much venom in her voice.

“So you don’t trust me?”

“We don’t trust you with her,” Isabel told him. “And you told her, didn’t you? You broke the pact. She’ll turn us in where they’ll poke us, prod us, and oh yea, exterminate us!”



“Hey! Thought you’d be a little happier to see me,” he teases. “Sorry about the rehearsal.”

“Oh, sorry. I just didn’t expect you that’s all,” she told him.

“So,” Kyle says peeking over her shoulder. “Can I come in?”

“Oh, um...” Liz stumbles. “Sure.”

When he stepped in, he could hear some voices coming from the living room. He turns toward Liz, “Is anyone else here?”

“Oh, just some old friends,” she says with a wave of her arm.

When the pod squad heard footsteps they stopped talking. Kyle and Liz walked in side by side. Max couldn’t help the flare of jealously rise within him. Even with the knowledge that she loved him, but seeing her on the arms of another man. A human man. Showed him what he could never give her; a normal life. A life she deserved. The reason he never came to her before. He needed to protect her. But seeing her now, being able to touch her, it was addicting and not being by her wasn’t an option anymore.”

“Max?” Kyle said in surprise. “What are you doing here?” Max was so busy thinking and looking at Liz he didn’t notice the guy that stole her away.

“He’s an old friend,” Liz answered and winked in Max’s direction. He in return gave her a grateful smile. Their eyes met and they got lost. The look didn’t go unnoticed by Michael, Isabel... or Kyle.

“Liz?” Kyle questioned. “Liz?”

“Huh?” Liz snapped out of her trance.

“I asked you how you know Max.”

“Oh! We met a when we were kids in the park and our moms kept in touch.”

“Is he the guy you said you loved?”

Liz blushed, “Um... yea.”

Kyle tensed at her response and wondered why he was so jealous. Liz had lots of male friends. why was Max so special? Was it those looks? It was probably just innocent.

“So how do you two know each other?” Liz inquires, directing her question toward Kyle.

Kyle forces a laugh, “He took my room.” He jokes, “Max is Todd’s new roommate,” he explained.


“So, who are you two?” Kyle said to Isabel and Michael.

“I’m Isabel and he’s Michael,” Isabel answered curtly.

“We better go,” Max says hastily. “Leave you two alone.”

Liz was disappointed but tried to hide it. “I’ll walk you guys out.”

“See ya Kyle” Max says with a small wave while Isabel and Michael were walking out without saying a word.

“I’ll be right back.” Liz tells Kyle and puts up her index figure to symbolize a minute.

They walk out with Max’s hand on the small of her back. Isabel and Michael were already outside.


“Don’t tell me you’re getting soft.” Michael scolds Isabel.

“I’m not. But I think it’s nice that he found her. If only he can stay with her for a couple days,” when Michael scoffs, she continues, “Oh, c’mon, you can’t tell me you’ve never wanted to be accepted and loved.”

Michael’s thought drifted to Maria, then shook the thought. “The difference is I never did anything about it because I know it’s waiting where we belong! On our planet, Iz.”

“Maybe not.” Isabel says so softly that Michael didn’t hear it.


“I’m really sorry about...” Liz says pointing to the living room with her thumb.

Max forces a smile. “It’s okay, “ he tells her softly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear,. “I’ll see you later,” he promised. She nodded. They were mere inches apart. His breath tickled her skin whenever he spoke. She placed her arms around his neck and buried her head in the crook of his neck standing on her tippy-toes. “Kyle’s here,” she whispered. “We wouldn’t want to get caught.” She kissed his cheek before pulling away.

She patted his butt to shoo him out the door. “Bye!” He look back at her and she gave him a wide smile, waved and closed to door.

With a smile on her face, she went back to Kyle. “So,” she said as she flopped down next to Kyle on the sofa.

“Kyle, you know I love you...”

He nodded, “Of course.”

“But you deserve so much better than me. I know now I only love you as a friend could.” Kyle looked down. “I’m sorry. I am. But I couldn’t marry you. It wouldn’t be fair, for either of us.”

“You love him, don’t you?” Kyle asks quietly.

Liz barely nods.

“I need you to understand.” Liz says desperately. “I couldn’t lose you as a friend.”

“You’re one of my best friends too, I just need a little time, okay? I’ll talk to you later.” He couldn’t hide the sadness in his voice, and he didn’t want to. He wanted to hurt Liz for breaking his heart, but he knew he loved her. Maybe it was only friendly, maybe.

TBC.... One last part

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MariaG: Heather!! Don't cry!! I'll cry if you do! *big* Thanks for the feedback, I hope Max and Liz have a life full of happiness too. And do you think I should add some M+M's???

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Lana don't be sad! There are other stories that are ten times better, gald you like it though! And I'll probably be out with my baby. It's a story I've worked on since January I think. Almost done, I'll have two versions. One with aliens and one without since my bestest friend thinks it'll be published, I'm doing it for her. But I'll have to type it out... Look out for it. Oh, never mind. It'll be a while until I'll get it on the board. After I come back from my trip then I'll post it, kay?

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Ria/Heather!! I don't even have it written, how can I post it? I'd like to know the answer to that. But it'll be out later on this week. Okay? Be happy!

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Oh! Those magical powers, I lost those. So until I find it, I'll have a partly written part. I'm trying my best here!! Out at the latest is Saturday! *big*

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Woo hoo!! Guess what? I'm almost done with the part (on paper) So I might get it out LATE tonight (early in the morning for lots of you) But I'm happy about it! It took me forever!

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Crap! This is a LONG part to type up! I'm trying to go as fast as I can. Maybe a couple more hours. I am a fast-ish typer!


BTW, my hands hurt!
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I guessed I lied. I have an ultra short Part 11 to end this. This is so freakin long! I'm sorry if anyone doesn't want to finish this! But thanks to everyone to read this! Lurkers and posters alike!

Now without furter ado, Part 10....

Part 10

“Honey, I’m hooooooome!” Maria calls as she walks in.

“Hi Maria, how was your day?” Liz yells back from her room.

Maria starts walking toward the sound of Liz’s voice, “Fine. Met a couple of new people.” Maria tells her. “Isabel and Mikey.”

“Oh, Mikey?” Liz asked curiously.

“Michael.” She says in mock frustration. “Do you have anything to tell me?”

“What ever do you mean?” Liz says in mock innocence.

Maria gives her a stern look, “Okay.” Liz puts her hands up in surrender. “Max is alive.”

“Hold that thought. We need some ice cream. I’ll be right back!” Maria says running to get to the freezer.

She ran back, and Liz could have sworn she saw a glimmer of sweat on Maria’s forehead! “Okay, so, Max is alive.... And...?” Maria said handing Liz her bucket and a spoon as she scoops up a huge scoop up for herself.

“Well, you know when I went for the walk?” Maria nodded furiously, “I went to the park and Max was there. He was sitting by the sandbox.”

“Awww!” Maria says clutching her heart.

Liz laughed as she put another spoon of ice cream in her mouth. “We kissed, Ria. And Kyle found out.” Liz’s voice was now a whisper. “I feel bad. I just....” Liz started leaning on Maria

“I know sweetie, but you’d feel worse if you married him. Even I know that and I’m his sister. He’ll get better and so will you.”

They proceeded to talk until they both fell asleep.


“Max. We have to go. We have to leave now.” Michael tells Max. They were at Max’s place, Todd was out for a couple weeks on business, as least that‘s what he told Max.

“I thought I was king?” Max retorts. “Look, you can leave but I’m staying.”

“You’re a blinded king that can’t think straight so as second in command, I get full say.”

“That’s a bunch of shit!” Max bursts. “If it were all true you’d be with Isabel! But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.”

“That’s totally different!”

“How? Because you like one and not the other? Face it, both were our ‘destiny.’ Supposedly our past life, but it if it were, don’t you think we would feel something now? It’s all bull!”

“Do you think Nasedo lied to us then?”

“I don’t know, I know this is my destiny.” Putting his arms out. “Liz is my destiny.”

“She’s nothing but a petty human!” Michael counters.

“I love her! If you and Isabel can’t understand that you guys should leave, but I’m staying here.”

Michael sighed frustratedly and walks out. Making sure to slam the door. Max falls back on his bed with a sigh of his own, rubbing his face with his hands.


Once Max woke, he took a shower and headed out.

His legs carried him to the park. A group of kids were already there and Max decided to introduce himself.

“Hey.” He said easily in a gentle voice. “Whatcha doin‘?”

A little boy looked at him curiously, deciding the guy was nice enough, “Pwayin’ tag, mister. Wanna pway?” He knew most grown ups didn’t want to play with kids like him but asking never hurt anyone.

“My name is Max.” He told the little boy, “And I would love to play.”

“I’m Adam.” The little boy said pointing to his chest. “An’ I’m free years old!” He said putting up three fingers.

“Wow.” Max said impressed, “You’re a big boy, huh?”

After Adam nodded, he called some kids over, “Guys, dis is Max.” Adam introduced Max to his friends, “He wansta pway wit us.”

A couple of them walked over to Max and started climbing on him.


“Ria! I’m going out!” Liz yelled as she walked out the door.

“Okie dokie!” Maria called back just before the door slammed.

Liz walked through the park, stopping when she saw Max with six kids on him.

The sight made her heart melt and fall in love with him even more. She started thinking about what her and Max’s kids would look like. She hoped they would have Max’s golden eyes instead of her dull brown ones and his adorable ears. (A/N: I have brown eyes, *sigh*, boring *hits head on desk* boring *hits head on desk* boring *hits head on desk* boring *hits head on desk*....)

Max felt a pair of eyes staring at him. He looked up hoping to prove if his thought was true. His smile widened when he saw he was right.

Liz smiled back and gave him a little wave. She started walking toward Max and the kids and the kids. When she got there, Max introduced her, “Guys, this is Liz, my friend.”

Liz knew the kids didn’t have to know that she was his girlfriend and didn’t mind Max introducing her as a friend, because she was one. Also, she knew he wasn’t sure what they were at that point as well. “Hey!” She said with a warm smile “Whatcha guys doin’?”

A couple girls giggled.

“Argh!” Max pretended to strain as he took each kid off of him and stood up, dusting himself off before reaching for Liz.

“Hey beautiful,” he whispered to Liz before leaning in for a sweet kiss on the lips.

When he broke the kiss, they heard a chorus of “Ewww”s and “Yuck”s.

“Are you married?” a little girl named Heather asked. Max blushed. “Uh, no. We aren’t sweetie.” Liz answered.

“I wouldn’t kiss a girl unless I were married!” A boy hollered.


When Michael went back, Max wasn’t there so he tried the next best thing; Liz place.

When the door opened instead of a petite brunette of dark haired male he was expecting, the feisty blonde from the restaurant opened the door.

“Where’s Max?” Michael asked, getting straight to the point because he couldn’t control himself around her.

“Hi! I’m fine, thank you for asking. How are you?” Maria mocked.

“No time for pleasantries.” Michael started before Maria cut him off.

“What do you have against Max and Liz being together? That’s why you’re looking for Max. Why don’t you want your friend to be happy? Liz broke her friend’s heart along with a piece of her own for him! But of course you don’t care. Why is that Spaceboy?”

“Michael nearly choked when Maria said ‘spaceboy’ ‘Does she know?’
“Space boy?”

“Well you’re always staring into space...” Maria’s voice faded.

“Yea, well, it’s a long story.” he said, answering her former question.

“Well, come in.” Maria said moving aside.


“I have time, come in.” she moved aside and Michael walked in. “Do you want something to drink?” Maria asked.

Michael was looking around the apartment. Last time, emotions were running high, he didn’t notice it. It was... cute.


“You were adorable with the kids. Do you like them?”

Max and Liz played with the kids a little more before going off on their own, just walking around content just hold hands and being near each other.

A huge grin formed on Max’s mouth.
“Uh, yea. I was a pediatrician.”

“Really? That must’ve been so rewarding. Working with kids.” Liz said in awe.

Max laughed, “Yea, I miss it.”

“Did you tell anyone about you being alive? Like the authorities.”

“Um... no.” Max ducked in embarrassment.

“Why not?” Liz asked curiously.

“I don’t know. Never got the time, I guess.” He said cocking his head to the side and scratching it with his index finger. “I think Isabel did though.”

“Oh.” Liz looked thoughtful.
“Well, we’ll get your life back.” she said patting his arm.

He laughed, picked her up and pinned her down on the grass.

Liz opened her says and saw the mischievous glimmer in his eyes. “Max?” she questioned, “What are you-” she was cut short when Max’s fingers found her ticklish spots.

“Max! *laugh* Please! *bigger laugh* Stop! *scream*”

But Max didn’t stop his agony on her but laughed along. Every few seconds Liz would squeal and tell him to stop though her laughs. Max thought it was adorable how she squirmed beneath his merciful torture.

The couple turned a few heads. The older couples remembered how it was like in the beginning with their significant other, smiling fondly.

After he finally stopped, they got lost in each other’s eyes, Max still on top. It was like their souls were talking through both of their dark orbs.

Liz reached up and touched her fingertips to his left cheek. When they made contact, an electric current shot through their bodies, but neither of them moved away. Liz cupped his cheek, bringing his head down until it was a breath away from hers. They were breathing heavy into each other’s mouth until Max took charge and brought his lips down, claiming Liz as his own. Tongues dueling and hearts raced. Max placed his hands on the both sides o her waist as she draped her arms over his neck, bringing him closer in the process. Max’s hands slowly moved up, when it brushed against the sides of her breasts, she gasped but he continued up until his fingers entangled themselves into her silky hair.

When oxygen was too much was too much they broke and Max started sucking and mibbleing down to her neck. “Maxxxxx...” Liz moaned. “We-we have to stop.” she panted.

“I know,” Max told her between kisses.

“Maxxxxx..” she half scolded, half moaned

He hesitated before resting his head above her breasts, catching his breath.

Liz’s hands were stroking Max’s hair.

“I need to get back to Ria soon.” Liz said softly.

“Okay, I’ll go with you, just a little longer.” Max responded.


“Anyone home?” Liz hollered as she walked through the door followed quickly by Max who had a hand protectively on the small of her back.

They were met by a moan. “Oh god.” Max muttered/

Her curiosity getting the best of her, Liz followed the sounds, Max not wanting to lose contact followed uncomfortably.

Max and Liz found the couple pinned against the refrigerator.

Liz coughed loudly, she’s seen situations like this before but never expecting the man.

“Michael?!?” Max almost yelled out in an outrage.

“Ria. My room. Now.” Liz said sternly.

Michael and Maria stepped apart, both breathing heavily with flushed faces and unruly hair.


“What happened there?” Liz asked once she got into her room.

“I don’t know.” Maria shrugged, “One minute we were at each others throats the next we were in a heated make-out session.

Liz suppressed a laugh.


“Thought you said no human relationships.” Max told Michael.

“It’s nothing, we were just kissing, I’m not falling in love, I’m not getting close. She’s a good kisser, that’s it.”


Isabel was walking through town - alone. Every time she turned her head, a new couple would be seen. Max has Liz, as much as Michael doesn’t want to admit it, he was Maria, the waitress. She wasn’t blind, she could see the looks they gave each other. Behind all the conflict was something else. Something deeper.
But who did she have? No one. In all truth, she didn’t want Max to be with Liz after she met her was because she knew Liz could keep a secret and would take her brother from her. But she cant be mad at the girl. She wanted her brother happy.

Isabel wasn’t looking where she was going and ran into someone. “Oh, sorry,” she mumbled looking at the ground.

“No harm done,” the guys aid cheerfully. She looked up to the hugest smile on the man’s face.

“I’m Alex. Alex Whitman. At your service.” He bowed and kissed her hand.

“Isabel Evans.” she replied, enchanted by the glowing stranger.

“Are you new? I know everyone in this town and surely would remember someone was gorgeous as you.”

Isabel blushed, “Visiting from California. I’m not staying.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Buy you a drink?” he asked pointed his arm to the Crash behind them.

“I’d love to.” she said brightly and smiled.


“Hey Kev.”

“Hey Kyle. What can I getcha?”

“Just a Mountain Dew, thanks.”

“Sure thing, hun.”

When she came back with his drink she noticed he seemed upset.
“What’s with the long face?”

“Liz cancelled the wedding.” He said bitterly.

“Oh, sorry Kyle.” she said, tenderly rubbing his arm. They knew each other since they were in baby class together. Kevyn had a secret crush on Kyle since fifth grade. She walked around and sat on the stool next to him. “Things’ll get better,” Kyle lifted his head and their tips touched.

Kevyn took that chance and deepened the kiss.

Kyle pulled back, a dazed look in his eye. Kevyn opened her eyes. She never meant for anything to happen, she knew she took advanced of his vulnerable state, “I’m so sorry!” she blurted out.

Kyle smiled. “Don’t be. I kinda get what Liz meant now.”

“What did she say?” Kevyn asked curiously.

“That she now knew she wasn’t in love with me because she loved someone else.” Kevyn blushed. “I felt something in that kiss that I never felt with Liz.”

Kevyn smiled graciously, bringing their hands together.

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Authors Note

Thank you sooo sooo much! I'm not sure about the sequel. I know there's a lot more that could be addressed. Here is why I've gone AWOL. My home connection died on me! Grr! I'm in the library right now and I only have a couple minutes left. I'll get another computer and post later. When I got on Friday after I woke up, it wouldn't work!!! I'm really depressed that I didn't have the chance to update sooner, but here it is. Also, the ATT guys are supposed to fix it on the 30th.
But I'm leaving for a trip on the 29th and will be gone for three weeks (getting on the plane back on the 19th of August).

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Author's Note:

New news! Okay, ATT called earlier today (I'm at the library yet again) and they're coming on Friday (between noon and 2 pacific) SO, that means you'll get an update once it starts working! I am far more excited that I get to check on new parts and stuff because three weeks without this is torture, but A MONTH?!?!? I think this is someone's version of a cruel, sick joke. But, I'll be back on Friday, if the stupid guy that comes knows what he's doing that is.


Closing note; if anyone wanted to know where I'm going, I'll be in Vietnam. Mostly to visit family but my family is actually going to travel around a lot too. Good news for me because I hate being cooped up in the house. It's just.... hm... BORING! Different but it wears off really quickly.

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A/N: Guess who's back!! Yay! Here I am!! I'll here through the weekend and in the morning on Monday, here's the conclusion. I hope it's okay... Sorry if it sucks!
Thanks to the lurkers and posters a like again, for actually enjoying this story.

Part 11 - Conclusion

It’s been six months...

::Knock, knock::

“Liz!“ Maria yelled from her bedroom. “Could you get it?”

Liz lazily got out from the sofa and crossed the room, “Here for Maria?”

“Yep, family dinner.”

Liz smiled brightly, “I know, Ria told me. So how are you and Kevyn doing? I haven’t seen her in ages,“ she told him. “A week.” Clarifying how long ‘ages’ was.

Kyle grin, “It’s just, great.” he had a dreamy look in his eyes.

“I’m glad.” She then turned her head toward Maria’s door, “Maria! Kyle’s here!”


Late that week Maria and Michael had a date. So I guess that concludes that the three aliens did stay in Roswell, New Mexico. None of them wanted to leave their significant other, they never found Tess either.

Michael and Maria’s “fling” turned into an on-again, off-again relationship. It was rocky but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You’re late,” Maria said, stating the obvious as she looked at her wrist.

“I know that Maria,” Michael said bluntly, “Max was all riled up, asking me what he should wear. That man is the most annoying thing.”

The dinner went by with a couple more spat words ultil most was forgiven. Or seemingly so.

When dessert came Michael started talking. “Maria, I have to tell you something.” Maria looked at him, a hopeful look in her eyes.

“Um... okay.” Michael stumbled, “Well, um... how do I say this?”

“Just spit it out.” Maria erged him on.

“Okay, um... I’m, well, I’m an, a, an, alien.”

“WHAT?!?” Maria scremed getting the attention of most of the restaurant.

“Please Maria, don’t make a scene,” he whispered loudly.

“Don’t make a scene? You tell me that and tell me to not make-”

She was cut short by his words, “Do you want me DEAD?”

“No.” Maria said immediatly quieting.


::knock, knock::

“Max?” Liz questioned as she opened the door, “What are you doing here?” she smiled widely.

“I just, um... can I come in?” he said nerviously, figiting with his hands and placing his weight on his left foor, then his right, then his left...

“Oh! Yea.” she moved aside to let him in.

‘God she’s beautiful, how am I ever going to go through with this? How did I ever manage to have her in my life?’ Max thought to himself.

“Alex and Isabel seem quite cozy lately.” Liz said, making conversation. She knew Max was nervious. Let’s face it, if you were a mile away you could tell, Max was pacing back and forth, Liz thought he was going to make a hole in her carpet.

“Uh... Yea!”

“Is anything wrong, Max?” She looked at him with concern etched on her features.

Max shook his head. “No, no. Everything’s great! Perfect!”

“Are you sure?” She asked him. She wouldn’t believe it for a second.

“Well, I need to ask you something.

“Okay.” she lightly touched his arm. “Go ahead. You don’t have to be nervous. I don’t bite, much.” They both smiled. “I love you.”

Max nodded and hesitantly got on one knee. Liz covered her mouth with her hands as tears started forming in her eyes.

“Liz, you’re perfect in every way. I dreamed of you since the night we met. But my dreams don't hold a candle to the real you. You’re kind and honest. When I’m with you, you make me a better person. You make me feel whole. I always thought I was a monster, that no one could love me because of what I am. But you showed me how it is to feel loved everyday. When your eyes look into mine, the whole world disappears. I don’t know how I ever got to be with you but now I can’t be without you. When I look in your eyes I don't feel angry or deprived that I‘m not from earth, or that I don‘t belong. I feel like the luckiest half human on the planet. You're pure, you're true and you're real and right now that seems like the only thing that's important. I want to be with you Liz, forever. Elizabeth Parker, will you marry me?

Liz nodded slightly with tears now freely falling from her eyes. Max grin was so huge, he picked her up and spun her around until finally kissing her passionately, like he has never kissed her before....


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Author's Rambling:

Hey! Glad you liked the end... Well, I shall write an epilouge whilst I'm away. So in about three weeks. Look for it! Should it be on this thread? Well, it will be, I'm too lazy to do it on another. LOL...

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HEY!!! Holy crap, I miss you guys so freakin much! I miss this whole bored. Well, I'm abroad and finally got a computer so I decided to drop in.

How's everything doing? How is everyone? I didn't start to write anything yet, hopefully I'll get something down later.

Luv ya lots!