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Title: Naughty N' Nice

Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or anything from it or anything by Melinda Metz.


Chapter One

Liz Parker sat on her bed in her new room and started to right in her journal.

Dear Journal,
I can’t believe we’ve moved. At least Michael
and I still have each other. But it’s still weird.
This place is weird. I mean aliens? Like they
are even real!

“Knock, Knock”

Liz quickly hid away her journal she had gotten last Christmas under her mattress.

“Who is it?” Liz asked

“It’s your Big brother making sure his little sister didn’t break anything carrying those boxes into her room.” Michael Parker replied.

Liz rolled her eyes and said sarcastically “ Come right in Big brother.”

Liz picked up a bag of rolled socks that were lying beside her bed. Right when Michael entered she threw them directly into his face.

“Ow!” Michael shrieked like a girl.

Liz was killed over in laughter.

“Has anyone ever told you that you scream like a girl?” Liz asked with a grin still laughing.

“No but I know one girl who will be screaming!” Michael said as he chased Liz out of her room.

Michael chased Liz out of their new house their parents had just purchased in Roswell, New Mexico. Liz knew only one person who lived here and that was her best friend Maria DeLuca who she hadn’t seen in almost a year. Maria had told her that her mother had gotten remarried and now she has a stepbrother Alex but his last name was Whittman. Things were sure more different here than they were back in Santa Fe, Liz’s previous residence.
Michael was still chasing Liz and she tried not to scream but that was before Michael got the hose out.

“NO MICHAEL, DON’T YOU DARE!” Liz screamed then started to laugh.

But like most older brothers he didn’t listen, though he wasn’t that much older. Only about a year or so but they still were in the same grade. In Kindergarten Michael had bit the teacher’s arm and poke a kid in the eye so he had to stay back since he didn’t play nice with others. And then he spray the hose and got her soaking wet.

“See, I’m not the only one who screams like a girl.” Michael said with a smile.

“Yeah but I’m not the guy who screams like a girl!” Liz retorted.

“ Do you want another spray of the ol’ hose?” Michael asked.

“No thank you!”

“Liz honey, Maria’s here, oh and can you go to the super market and pick up a few things?” Nancy Parker asked.

Even though she had two of the most important people in her life right here in the same town there was still something missing. It just didn’t seem like Michael and Maria were enough anymore for her. Maybe she wanted something more. Who knew, but she’d have to figure it out fast.

“Sure, but I have to change first, Michael sprayed me with the hose!”

As Liz walked in she saw a strawberry colored longhaired girl in her living room.

“Maria?” Liz asked.

Maria DeLuca turned around with a smile on her face.

“Liz!” Maria exclaimed.

“Maria!” Liz exclaimed right back at her.

“ I can’t believe this is you! No more shorthaired Maria?” Liz said as she touched Maria’s new shoulder lengthen hair.

“ Yeah I know, it just wasn’t in style anymore!”

Just as Maria and Liz continued their conversation on Maria’s hair, Maria interrupted Liz when Michael walked in.

In the Adam’s Family theme Maria started to sing, “ He’s shrieky and he’s bawly…”

Michael interrupted her “ Don’t you think about finishing that DeLuca, isn’t getting old?”

“No.” Maria said happily

“I don’t understand the bawly part anyway.” Michael said as he started to unpack a box.

Liz moved over and sat on the couch to help.

“ Come on Michael. Remember when we were babysitting Dani and you were watching the Lion King with her?”

“Yeah so.”

“Yeah well when Mufasah died you started crying hysterically!” Liz said as she picked up and cleaned off a lamp.

“ Liz, anyone would cry at that.” Michael said in defense.

“ Yes Michael, but most people don’t go up to the T.V. , hug it, and cry ‘Don’t go Mufasah Simba needs you!’. You scared Dani and it disturbed me”

“Yeah well it happened a long time ago.” Michael said.

“ Michael, it happened last year. I was there that week. Remember?” Maria said as she put China in the China cabinet.

“ Man do you have a book or something on these things?” Michael asked.

“Actually yes we do as a matter of fact.” Maria said smiling.

“Liz, honey please go to the store!” Mrs. Parker begged.

“ Sure Mom!” Liz said, “ Come on Maria.”

“ I guess you don’t need to change, your clothes are already dry. See what the sun does in Roswell. Who needs a dryer, right?” Maria said giggling.

“ Yeah.” Liz said as she opened the door and stood in the hot bright sun.

Max Evans was hanging on his hammock reading a book when he heard a girl screaming as water hit her. Max got up out of the hammock and looked over his fence and saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. She had long brown hair that looked like it would feel like silk. And her laugh was like music to his ears. Her brother though didn’t look as nice as she must be. He looked tough, real tough. All of a sudden Max felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw his best friend Kyle Valenti.

“What are you looking at Max?” Kyle asked with curiosity.

“ Just the…the trees.” Max lied.

He picked up a leaf and gave it to Kyle.


“ That’s nice Max, what are you doing today? Ready for some football?”
Kyle said as he threw the leaf back at Max.

“ No, I think I’ll stay here and read.”

Max started to walk back to the hammock.

“ Come on Maxwell, reading is bad for the eyes. Let’s go pick up chicks or something.” Kyle pleaded with Max.

“But I’m tired Kyle.” Max said as he faked a yawn.

Then Max saw his dream girl walk out of her house.

“ What do you need from the supermarket Mom?” Liz yelled.

Liz’s mother came out.

“ Here’s a list sweetie!”

Liz’s mother gave her the list them went back in the house.

Kyle had started to leave but Max stopped him.

“ Actually Kyle, I changed my mind I’m kinda up to going to the Supermarket. You up to it?” Max asked as he headed to his Jeep.

“ You bet!” Kyle exclaimed as he hopped into the Jeep.

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Hey thanks you guys! Chap 2 is coming very soon. My friend and I have to put some last minute touches on it but it should be ready by this afternoon!

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See like I promised!

Chapter 2

As Maria backed out of the driveway in her Jetta Liz noticed a cute guy getting into a Jeep.

“ Whose that guy?” Liz wondered pointing in the direction the boy was.

Maria looked over and saw Kyle jumping into the Jeep.

“Oh that’s Kyle Valenti ‘Star Quarterback’.” Maria said as she rolled her eyes.
“ No not him, the other one.” Liz said.

“ Which other one?” Maria asked looking through the mirror.

“ Never mind. Guess what there’s only one thing on this list. And it’s Aspirin! Can you believe that? Aspirin. She couldn’t just say it, she had to give me a list.”

Liz and Maria had started to giggle. Maria parked the Jetta in the closest spot to the market. They both got out and made their way to the entrance doors.

Max had followed the Jetta all the way to the market but parked far away from the car so they wouldn’t get suspicious.

“ So why are we here again?” Kyle asked as he got out of the Jeep.

“To get stuff.” Max replied as he walked towards the entrance.

“ Stuff?” Kyle asked himself.

When Maria and Liz walked into the supermarket “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World was playing.

“I Love This Song!” They both exclaimed at the same time.

They started down each isle looking for aspirin.

After Liz and Maria walked in Max and Kyle were right behind them.
Even when they went down… well you know the “girl” isle. Kyle picked up the box closest to him and started to sing into it.

“ Hey, don’t write yourself off yet it’s only…, Come on Max sing with me!”

“Okay.” Max said.

Max picked up the box closest to him and started to sing into it.

“Just try your best, do everything you can, even if it’s not good enough, for someone else…”

Then an elderly woman walks up to Max.

“ You should be ashamed of yourself. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your tampons?”

Liz and Maria heard this at the end of the isle and turned around.

“Feel sorry for that kid.” Maria said.

“Yeah me to.” Liz said as she followed Maria into the next isle.

Max immediately dropped the box of tampons and he and Kyle got out of there as fast as they could.

In the next isle Maria and Liz were still hunting for the aspirin.

“Where is it? Maria don’t you know?” Liz asked checking the shelf.

“Nope!” Maria said.

As Liz turned around to check the other shelf her handbag hit it before she knew it. All the products fell onto the floor making a big BANG!” Maria picked up the nearest product.

“Guess you found the aspirin.”

Kyle was in front of Max when they entered the next isle and heard a big bang. Kyle looked over at the mess.

“Feel sorry for that kid.”

“Yeah, me--” but Max stopped himself when he saw who the girl was.

“Hey Kyle let’s get out of here, it’s boring!” Max said in a hurry.

“Yeah I was thinking the same thing. This bites!”

Liz and Maria got the aspirin and left the store with a few glares. But Liz and Maria only laughed at it.

Kyle and Max were outside the market doing nothing, then Kyle got up.

“ Max watch this.”

Kyle started to hop into the cart on the ramp.

“ Kyle do you really think this is a good idea?”

“ Max relax, I saw it on Jackass!”

“ But don’t they say don’t do this at home?”

“ Are we at home Max?”

And with that Kyle went down the ramp.


Kyle put his feet down and stopped.

“ Max, now you try!”

“ Hell if you can do it!”

Max hopped into the closest cart.

“ Here I come!”

Max’s feet hung outside the cart and hit one of the wheels. The cart swerved and hit the curb and tipped over into a bush. When Max looked up that same elderly woman he had saw in the market looked over at him.

“ Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.” The woman said as she went to her car.

Maria and Liz were already in the car when they saw a guy have a major wipe out into a bush.

“ Guys these days, think they can do anything.” Maria said as she turned the key.

The car started up and they were gone.

Kyle helped Max out of the bush and they headed towards the Jeep.

“ Man Max, that was one major wipe out!” Kyle said laughing.

Max didn’t say anything he just started the Jeep and drove home.

Liz’s mother was outside.

“ Liz! Did you get the aspirin?” Mrs. Parker yelled.

“ Yes!” Liz yelled back.

‘Liz…’ Max thought ‘ Tomorrow morning before the first day of school begins I’m gonna talk to her.’

Max and Kyle exited the Jeep and went into Max’s house.

“Max,” Isabel, Max’s sister cried “Have you met the new neighbors yet?”

“ No.” Max yelled. Back.

‘ But I will, I’ll meet that girl no matter what!’ Max thought as he walked into his room.

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Okay I figured since you guys really liked this story I'd give you a portion I just wrote 10 min. ago of chapter 3.

Chapter 3a

Max walked outside. It was 6am but he saw Liz outside in her backyard. He went over to her house and into the backyard.
He knocked on her fence and she turned around.

“ Hi.”

“ Hi, I’m Max I live next door.”

“ Oh, I’m Liz. I guess I’m your new neighbor.”

Liz put out her hand and Max shook it.

“ So you ready for school today?”

“ Yeah, I’m a little scared but I know some people.”

“And now you know me. Oh and I have a sister. She’s in our grade. Maybe if I see you at school I’ll introduce you.”

“I’d like that a lot Max, thanks.”

Max smiled.

“ No problem. Ever since I saw you I wanted to come over here and meet you.”

Liz blushed and looked down then back at him.

“ Really? Me?”

“ Yeah---”

All of a sudden there was this horrible ringing noise.

“What’s that noise?” Liz asked looking around.

“ No not now!” Max whispered.

Max woke up in bed and looked at his alarm clock. 7 o’clock. Max picked the clock up and threw it out his window. Then he heard this lady shriek.
Max got up and went to his window where he saw a girl with what looked like a mullet.

“Sorry lady!” max screamed from his window.

The lady turned around only to not be a lady but Liz’s tough looking brother.

“I’m not a lady. My name’s Michael!” He yelled.

“Sorry Michael. My mistake!”

“ Why are you throwing your alarm clock out the window anyway?” Michael said as he threw it back up.

“Was in the middle of a good dream, got pissed off at it. Sorry for hitting you.” When the alarm clock made it to Max it hit him chest and knocked the breath out of him.
When Max regained control over his breathing he asked Michael a question.

“Where did you learn to throw like that?”

“ Throw like what?”

“ God Michael, when you threw the clock to me it knocked the breath out of me, you should try out for the football team. Try outs are this week.”

“Really? I don’t know.”

“ Come on. Trust me you’d make it. If you want we could go to the school right now and meet the coach before school starts.”


“ Just let me get dressed and shower. I’ll be down in five.”

Max took a shower and dressed as quick as he could. He met Michael outside. They got into his Jeep and drove off to the school.
The roar of the Jeep woke Liz. She looked at her clock.

“Damn” she whispered.

She got out the outfit she had picked last night for school and put it on. She ran down the stairs to get a breakfast bar. She told Maria to be at her house by 7: 15. Liz found a strawberry breakfast bar and put it in her bag.
Liz opened the back door and ran out into the backyard.

Isabel Evans walked out onto he patio so her hair would air dry. She didn’t like hair dryers. She claimed they knotted her hair. She saw a girl about her age run out of the house that the new neighbors moved into.

‘Good, now I can introduce myself since someone didn’t do it who was supposed too!’

Isabel walked over and knocked on the side of the fence.

Liz turned and saw a girl standing there with long flowing blonde hair that looked like gold.

‘Must be a popular girl from school’ Liz thought to herself.

“ Hi, I’m Isabel Evans. I live next door. I’m sorry I didn’t meet you sooner. My brother was gonna come over here and meet you and your family but he’s so lazy.”

“ Hi I’m Liz Parker. It’s okay I know how that goes. I have a brother myself.”

Isabel and Liz shook hands.

A book with a weird symbol on it

‘Whoa, what was that?’ The two girls both thought.

Maria drove up and beeped her horn.

“Beep, Beep, Beep”

Liz torn away from the handshake and shook off what she just felt and saw.

‘Must be my imagination’

“ It was nice meeting you Isabel. My ride’s here for school. Do you need a ride?” Liz asked.

“ Are you sure it’d be alright?”

“ Positive!”

“ Okay let me get my bag!”

Isabel ran in and got her book bag. She had forgotten the thing that had just happened. Isabel ran back out and walked down the drive side-by-side with Liz.
Liz opened the car door and got in.

Isabel saw the driver and her jaw dropped.

“Maria? You know Liz?”

“Isabel? You live over here now?”

“ Yeah, last year I moved here.”

Liz saw the two girls knew and turned to Maria.

“ I hope you don’t mind but I told Isabel you’d drive her to school with me. Is that okay?”

“ Sure. But where’s your brother?”

Isabel looked at Maria with a perplexed look. “Actually I don’t know. I think he met Liz’s brother and took off.”

“ No wonder I couldn’t find Michael.” Liz said finally understanding where he was.

“OKay well, school here we come!” Maria said as she zoomed down the street.

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As you wish I just finished!

Chapter 3b

~At School~

Michael and Max walked down the hall of West Roswell High.

“ Wow! I can’t believe the coach put me on the team so quickly!” Michael said as he looked at his new jersey.

“ Told you you would get on the team.” Max said as he went to his locker.

“ Hey can you go with me to the principal’s office I need to get my schedule?” Michael asked.

“ Sure man, and oh you meet the rest of the team today at lunch!”

“ Cool!”

Maria parked her Jetta and she, Liz and Isabel got out.

“ Okay so, now do we have to go to the principal’s office for Liz?” Isabel asked.

“ Yeah I think so.” Maria replied getting her backpack out of the trunk.

“ Umm which way would that be?” Liz asked while walking into the hallway.

“ I’ll show you.” Isabel said.

“ Wait for me! Wait for me!” Maria said running into the hall.

So the three girls walked down to the principal’s office.

“ I wonder if we’ll have any classes together?” Liz said.

“ I hope so.” Isabel said while putting lip-gloss on.

“ So what classes do you have?” Max asked.

“ Here take a look for yourself.”

Michael handed the piece of paper to Max.

“Wow! You have every class I have except for Biology, Geometry, and History.”

“ Cool. I least I have someone to make fun of the teachers with.”

“ Yeah Mr---”

Max was interrupted when he heard his sister scream his name.

“ Max! Max!”

Michael looked over and saw his sister, Maria, and a girl he had never seen before.

Max and Michael walked up to the girls.

“ Max, you remember Maria right?”

Max nodded his head.

“ And this is Michael’s sister Liz.”

“ Hi” they said at the same time.

Maria rolled her eyes.

‘Please don’t go ga-ga on me!’

“ Liz was just on her way to get her schedule.” Isabel said.

“ I just got back from getting mine.” Michael said.

“ Oh, I’m sorry I’m Isabel Max’s sister.”

“ Michael.”

Liz walked in, gave her name, and the secretary gave her the sheet of paper. The bell rang and school finally began.

Max and Liz walked off in the same direction. Maria and Michael did the same. Isabel walked alone to her homeroom class.

As Max was walking down the hall Kyle came and jumped on his back as did the rest of his friends.

“ Hey Max.” Kyle said, “ Where you headed?”

“ Homeroom Kyle, homeroom.”

“ Oh yeah I have that too.”

“ So shouldn’t you be going to it?”

“ Oh yeah, don’t want to be late!”

Max sighed and walked into his homeroom class. He had forgotten that Liz was behind him the whole time.

‘Maybe she’s in my homeroom! That would be great!’

Just to Max’s wishes she walked into the same homeroom and gave the teacher a slip. And Just to Max’s luck he was the only one who had an empty seat next to him.
Liz sat right down. She looked at him and smiled.

“ I’m glad I’m sitting next to you. I don’t what I’d do if I had to sit next to a complete stranger.”

“ Yeah well let’s hope you have more classes with me so you won’t be alone.”

Max smiled and Liz blushed a little.

The bell rang again and still Liz followed Max to his next class. Oh yeah and sat with him there too.

So far Liz and Max have had the same classes. It was 4th period and time for lunch.

Liz looked for Maria and Isabel.
Kyle caught up with Max and Max waited for Michael.
Maria saw her stepbrother Alex and told him to sit with them.

“ Liz, This is Alex, Alex this is Liz.”

“ Hi”

“ Hi”

“ Alex you know Isabel, right?” Maria asked.

Alex nodded his head.

“ Hi Isabel”

‘ Man she’s even more beautiful up close’

“ Hi Alex.”

“ Congratulations to Michael, the newest player on the team!”

All the guys cheered.

Michael laughed and drank his Coke.

“ Hear you have a good arm Parker, I think we’ll start to win games!” Kyle said.

“ I hope so. Last season I think we all agree that we sucked. Let’s hope it’s different this year with Michael.” Max said as he slapped Michael on the back.

“ Looks like the football team really likes your brother Liz.” Maria said.

Liz turned around and saw them all laughing and playing around with her brother.

“Yeah. Well he was always Mr. Popularity at our old school. Figures.” Liz turned to Alex, “So Alex what’s your favorite class here?”

“ Oh I like all the computer classes I have. Maria’s convinced I can hack anything.”

“ Well you can!” Maria said throwing a cracker at him.

Alex turned his attention back to Liz.

“ So Liz what’s your favorite class so far?”

“ Well I already know what it’s gonna be. I love Science and it will always be my favorite class.”


“ Yeah Liz has always been a fan of science.” Maria said finishing her water.

“ Well all I know is that English is my best subject and I’ve pretty much hated all the other ones from day one.” Isabel said.

They all started to laugh.

The bell for 5th period rang and everyone made their way out.

Max and his buddies crowded the halls and ganged up on a little sophomore named Sean Deluca.

“ Well if it isn’t Seanny D.” Kyle said, “Remember what we said the last day of school Sean?”

Sean nodded.

“ Well we’re here to do that to you.” Max said as he widened Sean’s locker door.

Maria, Liz, Isabel, and Alex all stopped when they saw a big crowd over the football team and a little kid.

“ Hey Maria isn’t that…”

“Sean” Maria finished for Alex.

They moved up towards the crowd. Maria and Liz inched their way in since they we’re shorter.

Max and Kyle shoved Sean into the locker and closed it on him.

Liz gasped. She had never seen anyone do that to someone before. And Max was the one helping too. That made her furious.

“ Maria aren’t you gonna do something?”

“ Yeah, but he deserved it, little pain in my ass.”

Maria and Liz moved in front of Kyle and Max.

“ How dare you!” Maria said.

“ What?” Kyle said.

“ What?” Liz mimicked, “ You put that kid into a locker that’s what!”

“ We were just having some fun.” Max said laughing.

“ And you, I thought you were different.” Liz said getting angrier.

Max stopped laughing but Kyle was just about to say something that would shatter the window of Max and Liz’s relationship of anything.

“ Wait I remember you guys. You ‘re the ones who knocked down the aspirin bottles in the super market yesterday.”

“ Yeah wait I remember you too. Yeah you guys were the ones singing in the Tampon Boxes!”

All the students started to laugh.
This made Max madder then anything. Right when he was about to say something one of the teachers cleared the crowd and made everyone go to their classes.
Liz and Max both gave each other mean glares and the rest of the day was horrible but in 8th period the worst happened for Liz.

Mr. Seligman the science teacher who had and uneven class last year assigned her with the only guy in the class who didn’t have a partner: Max!

‘Damn no not him again, every single class is with him!’

‘Yes! I mean NO! Wait I can’t be mad at her. But she’s still mad at me. I guess I’ll just have to fake it.’

Liz put her books on the table.

“ Tampon Boy.”

“ Pain Increaser.”

Liz scoffed and Max just ignored it.

Finally the day ended and Liz found Maria as fast as she could. Isabel was with her so she was relieved to have another friend to talk to.

“ Oh Liz I was thinking, how about you, me, and Maria have a sleep over! I mean it’s Friday so I know it will be cool with my parents!”

“ Yeah sure!”

Then Liz realized one thing; Isabel was Max’s sister!

Max made his way to the Jeep and Isabel caught up with him.

“ Man whatever you did to Liz really pissed her off.”

Isabel said as she got into the Jeep.

“ Okay come on, admit it you like her don’t you?”

Max didn’t say anything only kept driving.

“ Knew it, oh and I’m having a sleepover over and Maria and Liz are coming!”

Max stepped on the brakes in front of their house coming to a screeching halt.

“ Knew you would be siked!” Isabel said happily as she got out of the Jeep.

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I just wanted to say thanks to

shorty828,Becca1974, clueless, NATEVANS, JaneLane, Melissa_, LizParkerEvans4evax, SweetLilDreamer,marteloise, Pixie, the better twin, believer_evans, and ItsLikeChemical

Thanks you guys your great. writing the 4th chapter right now! ;)

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Hey Sixela, I'm gonna ask our question.

We were wondering you guys. We have only a part of chapter 4 done. Do you want that or the whole chapter?

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Okay I thought about it and I guess we'll post

Chapter 4a

Liz walked up to her room and got out her duffle bag. She packed her pajama’s, favorite cds , toothbrush, and her favorite movies. Liz zipped her bag and made her way to Isabel’s front door. Liz pressed the doorbell.

“ Ding Dong”

Max heard the doorbell and answered the door.
Liz stood right in front of him.

“ Motrin”

“ Tampax”

Isabel came running down the stairs.

“ Liz!”

Liz pushed her way past Max.

“ Isabel.”

Liz made her way to the stairs where Isabel stood.

“ Come on up to my room. Oh and Max when Maria comes tell her to come up also!”

Max just mumbled and went into the kitchen.

When Isabel saw Max was gone she stopped Liz.

“ So you like Max don’t you?”

“ No.”

“ Oh come on. We’re friends, just between you and me. Tell me how you really feel.”

“ I hate his guts.”

“ Okay….”

Isabel and Liz continued up the stairs to Isabel’s room.
Liz walked in and put her bag down on the bed.
Isabel’s walls were painted lavender and she had her bed in the corner. Supermodel pictures were all over the walls. Medals and trophies were on shelves. And skates hung from a hook over her desk.

“ I love your room.”

“ Thanks, want to take a tour of the house?”

Isabel pulled Liz into the hallway.

“ Down there is my parent’s room.”

She pulled Liz down farther.

“ This is the bathroom.”

Music came from the next room. The song was “Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World was on the radio.

“ And this is Max’s room.”

Isabel and Liz peeked in and saw Max’s head face first into the pillow. They could hear muffled ‘whoas’.

“ Max are you mooing again?” Isabel asked.

Max flung up his head.

“ As a matter of fact I am. So please leave so I could continue the cow mating call. Wait I guess it worked you came.”

“You asshole.”

Isabel took the door and slammed it shut.

“ See why I hate him?”

“ Yeah but he’s pissed at something. He’s not usually like this.”

“ Yeah.”

An hour passed and Maria had come. They had gossiped about what they had already heard at school and were now going to play truth or dare.

“ Okay who first?” Maria asked.

“ I’ll go.” Isabel said.

“ Okay. Truth or Dare?”


“ Sissy. Okay, is it true that you have a secret crush on my stepbrother Alex?”

“ What? I only really met him today!”

“ Answer the question.”

“ Fine. I mean he’s cute in a dorky sort of way. And he’s funny.”

“ And???” Liz pressed.

“ And fine yes I do KINDA SORTA have a crush on him.”

“ KNEW IT!” Maria screamed.

“ Okay Maria calm down.” Isabel said.

“ Oh sorry. Okay who now?”

“ I say Liz.”

“ Fine. I’ll go.”

“ Okay Truth or Dare?” Isabel asked.

‘Truth or Dare? Truth. Or Dare?’ Liz wondered.


“ Dare.” Liz said.

Maria went up to Isabel and whispered in her ear. Isabel smiled and nodded.
‘Oh god’ Liz thought.

“ Okay Liz, I dare you to go into my brother’s room and Kiss Him!”

“ No!”

Maria went up to Liz.

“ You picked Dare. You end up with the consequences.”

Isabel and Maria dragged her to Max’s door and opened it slowly.
Max was sleeping; well they thought he was anyway. When Max heard the girls outside his door he decided to play a little trick on them.

“ Come on Liz.” Isabel said as she pushed in.


All three girls sneaked into Max’s room.

Max saw them come in and decided to pretend talking in his sleep.

Liz and Isabel came closer to Max and Maria looked out to make sure no one was coming.

When Max saw Liz get closer he decided to start the trick.

“ No mommy don’t flush me down the toilet!”

Isabel and Liz looked at each other.

“What?” Isabel said.

“ Stop mooing at me Isabel! NOOOO stop squirting milk at me!”

Isabel gasped.

“ He’s awake! That little S.O.B!”

“ Huh? He’s awake?” Liz asked.

“ Where is that aspirin. Where is it? Whoops! When I turned around I accidentally knocked down the whole store with my purse!”

Liz looked at him and slapped him in the head.
Max eyes opened up.

“ What was that for?”

“For what you were saying in your so called dream!”

“ But I can’t control what I’m dreaming Liz it just happens. And what are you guys doing in here anyway?”

“ Not your buisness.” Isabel said.

Liz and Isabel left in a huff and Maria left with them giggling under her breath.

~Mg_Ros & Sixela~
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Why the long faces you guys? Me and Six are almost done!!!!!! Yay! Give us at least 2hrs and it will be up!

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Okay here's the next part. It's short but it's sweet.

Chapter 4b

Liz and Isabel turned around when they heard Maria snort in the hallway.

“ What? It was funny!”

Liz looked over at Isabel.

“ You have to admit it was a bit funny.”

Isabel angry face lightened up. Then all three girls were laughing.

A few hours later the girls’ sleepover was still roaring. But there was one problem.

“ Liz can you go down stairs and get some more chips?” Isabel asked putting a cd Liz has brought into the cd player.

“ Sure.”

Liz got up and opened the door. She looked in the direction of Max’s room. She shook her head . She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

She gasped when she saw Max in there.

“ God you scared me.”

Max was at the counter eating cereal and watching T.V.

“Sorry” He said his eyes glued on the T.V.

“ Ummm Isabel sent me down here for some chips, where might they be?”

Max pointed to the cabinet next to the sink.

“ Thanks.”

Liz went and opened the cabinet and took out the Ruffles and Pretzels.
Liz sighed and she turned to Max.

“ Max listen, if you could just apologize for what happened today then we don’t have to be uncomfortable when we are around each other. We don’t have to fight anymore.”

Max looked up at her.

“ But I’m not sorry. Sean deserved what he got and that’s that.”

“ Fine. Don’t solve our problem.”

Liz walked right behind and turned around. Max turned around to face.

“ Fine, then we won’t solve our problem.

Isabel pressed play. The song started and it was “When Haven’t Turned Around “ by Gomez.

They looked at each other for the longest time. Liz dropped the bags of chips put her arms around Max’s neck. He lowered his head and brushed his mouth against hers. Liz’s lips parted, welcoming him, deepening their kiss. Max began to see things.

Liz as a little girl
Liz trying on her mother’s make-up
Liz seeing him for the first time

When she kissed him it was a long slow kiss that spread warmth through her entire body. When their kiss deepened she also began to see things.

A cluster a stars shooting through space
Max seeing her for the first time
Them kissing right now and the feelings they were both feeling right at that moment

When Max kissed her back it was much harder. He put his hands around her waist. One hand slid up her back and into her hair. He began skimming it with his fingers.

Isabel was starting to wonder where Liz was. She crept down the stairs.

“ Liz?” she whispered.

She peeked her head into the kitchen and saw Max and Liz kissing! Her jaw dropped and a smile went across her face.

‘I knew it all along’ she thought

She ran back upstairs to tell Maria what she was seeing.

Liz parted away from Max a fraction of an inch.

“ Why did you kiss me?” He breathed.

“ It was a dare.” She said as she pulled back farther and picked up the bags she had dropped.
She turned back to him.

“ And it was worth it.”

She walked out of the kitchen and back up the stairs to Isabel’s room.

~Mg_Ros and Sixela~
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Thanks you guys on the feedback I just wanted to tell you that I will not be posting the next part Sixela will and she's working on as we speak. So I think she either be done by tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Keep posting I LLLLOOOOVVVVEEE FeedBack!!!!


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Pixie originally wrote:
Must kill Max for stupidity.

LOL!!! ROTFL!!! Man you guys say this oR I think JaneLane said Max is a moron, it really makes me laugh! Thanks I had real down day but that made feel a lot better!

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Hey carolina_moon ! Glad you came to read my story oh and guess what I finished the part that Six was gonna. She said she couldn't write because of the Tetris.

Chapter 6

It was Sunday afternoon. Liz hadn’t really slept since the incident that happened the previous morning. Michael had again went to football practice with Kyle and Max so she was all alone. Liz had finally started to fall asleep and take a nap when the phone rang.
Liz reached her hand over and picked up the receiver.

“Hello.” She asked groggily.

“Hey chica it’s me.” Maria said.

“Oh hi.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine.”

“ Well you know what you make you even better?”


“Cartons and cartons of chocolate chip mint, which I happen the have. Oh and I have this comedy video that would make anyone laugh. You interested?”

Liz started to laugh.

“ I love you Maria you know that!”

“ Yeah I know. But you see I’m at the Crashdown so you’ll have to come down here. Its on Main Street you can’t miss it, big neon sign and a U.F.O.”

“ I’ll be right there!”

Liz got up brushed her hair and ran down the stairs.

“ Mom I’m going to the Crashdown to meet Maria!” Liz yelled to her mother in the kitchen.

“ Okay, but don’t be home late.” Her mother yelled back.

Right after Liz closed the door the phone rang again.
Mrs. Parker picked it up.

“ Hello?” She asked.

“ Is Liz there?”

“ No I’m sorry you just missed her. May I ask whose calling?”

“ Max.”

“ Okay Max, when she gets back I’ll tell her you called.”

“ Thank you.”

Max hung up the pay phone and sighed. He picked up his gear and returned to practice.

Liz drove up to the Crashdown.

“ Boy she wasn’t kidding.” Liz said to herself, “Big neon sign and U.F.O.”

Liz opened the door and got out. Maria stood outside waiting for her.

“ Hey!”

Liz walked up to her and Maria immediately grabbed her into a hug.

“ Thanks I needed that.” Liz said.

“ I know. Don’t you know that I know everything?”

Maria took Liz’s arm and led her into the Crashdown.
Pictures and paintings of Aliens were everywhere. The waitresses had on green dresses with a silver alien apron. They wore headbands that were alien antennas.
Maria led her to the back room where three cartons of ice cream were and at least five videos of comedy were stacked.

Liz smiled.

“ Man I think you went all out this time!”

Maria went over a picked up a video.

“ Remember that time you want to see this really, really, really, comedy routine.”

“ You mean the Kevin James one.”

“ Yup, well I. Have. It. Right. Here.”

Maria started to dance from side to side with it.

Liz smiled.

“ Maria you’re the best. I don’t know what I’d do with out you.”

“ Oh and I have another surprise. The only thing is it isn’t here yet.”

“ Yes she is.” Isabel stated holding a plastic bag with junk food.

Liz went over and hugged Isabel.

“ You’re the best too.”

Isabel smiled.

“ Well we’re going to have fun, laugh, and forget all our problems. So let’s start.”

“ Okay, what first?” Maria asked, “On these tapes I have the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and numerous Friends episodes. Should we watch these?”

Liz and Isabel both nodded.

Practice had ended and Kyle was worried about Max’s behavior.

“ Max what gives? You’ve been out of it all day.”

“ I have a lot on my mind.”

Michael caught up to them.

“ Hey Max, who did you call before?”

“ Just this girl, that’s all.”

“Oh…” Kyle said, “ You’re having girl troubles. No wonder.”

“ So what’s the problem?” Michael asked.

Max wasn’t sure if he should say anything on the account that Liz was Michael’s sister. But maybe if he didn’t use her name it would be all right and maybe if he stretched the truth.

“ Well a couple of nights ago me and this girl kissed. And you see I thought she did because a couple of her friends told her too but it turns out she did it because she wanted to and I made a complete ass out of myself because I told her it was a mistake and it meant nothing when it really wasn’t and it did mean something.”

Max couldn’t believe he had said that in one breath.

“ Ouch. Well I say talk to her. But obviously you did that and she didn’t accept.”

“No actually she wasn’t home.”

Kyle came back into the conversation.

“ I say forget her. Plenty of more fish in the sea Maxwell.”

“ That’s the problem I can’t. She’s just always on my mind. Man I even dream about her. I don’t know what it is.”

Michael smiled.

“ Sounds like you’re in love man.”

Max thought about that.

‘Am I in love with Liz Parker?’

Isabel, Maria, and Liz had spent already 4 hours watching comedy and eating junk. But no one was complaining. Everyone was having a good time. Liz even at one point forgot about what happened, but that was only at one point.
It was getting late so Liz said she had to leave. She thanked Isabel and gave her a big hug and Maria walked out with her.
Liz and Maria went to Liz’s car.

“ So…” Maria said.

“ So…” Liz said.

“ Well Liz, did I make you feel better?”

“ Yes you did. I just wish everyday we could be together and hang out.”

“ Actually we can. That is if you want to work here.”

“ Me? Work here? Okay.”

“ Really? That fast you’ll say okay?”

“ Yeah. It can’t be that bad. Anyway I want to save up to buy this really nice dress that I saw in the mall.”

Maria hugged Liz and Liz turned the key and drove home.
Liz walked in the door and headed straight for her room. She was exhausted. Liz closed her door and collapsed face first on her bed. There was a knock on her door.

A muffled “yes” came from her.

“ Honey,” Mrs. Parker said, “ a person called while you were out.”

“ I’ll call them tomorrow.”

“ But--”

“ Tell me tomorrow mom, I’m exhausted.”

“ Alright dear, get some sleep.”

Liz fell fast asleep.

~Liz’s Dream~

Liz didn’t know where she was but she had to be dreaming. She saw Kyle’s car and a bunch of football players. Max was there. But that’s all she could make out so far.

“ So, do you think we had enough to drink at the party tonight boys?” Kyle asked while he was driving.

All the guys cheered except for Max. He looked depressed. Like something really bad had happened to him.
Kyle took his off the road and looked at Max.

“ What’s the matter Max?”

Max looked up and saw Kyle was about to crash.

“ Kyle watch out!” He yelled.

Kyle looked back to the road and swerved to the side and hit a large trunk tree. The whole right side of the car was crushed.
Liz could smell blood and could hear the screams from the guys so clearly. It was like she was there. It was like this was real. Then her eyes went to Max.

Kyle picked his head up from the wheel.

“ Max?” he asked.

He turned around and saw Max all bloody on the back seat of his car.

“ Max!” he yelled.

Still no response.

“ NOOOOO!” Liz screamed but no one could here her.

She ran up to the car and saw Max’s body. She collapsed by the side of the car and she rocked herself back and forth and sobbed her eyes out. All of a sudden she started looking for Michael. She really couldn’t see but it’s like she knew he wasn’t there. But Max, he was. She cupped her hands around her face and wished this all would be over. She rocked herself back and forth, back and forth.


Liz woke up and began to rock herself back and forth again and again. She began sob as much as she did in her weird dream. The dream seemed so real. Was it? Was she reliving something that happened and she didn’t want to remember. She ran down the stairs quietly and slipped out the back door in her robe. She ran right to the bench swing and collapsed on it still sobbing.

It was 2am and Kyle was dropping Max off at his house. Max saw that Liz’s backlight was still on and saw Liz on the bench swing. He walked over but he still couldn’t see her face.

“ Liz?” He asked in a whispered tone.

She sniffled.

“ Leave me alone Michael.”

“ Liz it’s me, Max.”

When she heard his name her head snapped up. She jumped off the swing and hugged him as tight as she could; she never wanted to let go him. She placed her head on his chest and started to sob again. But she wasn’t a sad sob it was a happy one. She was glad that Max was okay.

Max moved over to the bench and sat down with Liz still clinging to him. He cupped her face and made her look at him.

“ What happened Liz?”

She sniffled again and wiped away new tears.
Her voice was raspy but she tried to clear the best she could.

“ I had this really bad dream. And you were in it and something bad happened. Something really bad.”

“ What?”

“ You died Max. I saw you die. It seemed so real. I thought maybe it was and I was in shock but you’re here so it must have just been a scary dream. It just seemed so real. I could hear everything so clearly and the smell… god the smell…and you… god Max I don’t know what I do if I woke up tomorrow and you weren’t here.” Her voice was starting to crack.

‘ I should tell her what I’ve been waiting to tell her all day.’

“ Liz”

She looked up at him.

“ You know that kiss we shared the other night?”

She nodded and looked to the ground.

“ I lied. It wasn’t a mistake and it did mean something. I only said that because I thought you were. I assumed this and that wasn’t right. I’m a total jackass.”

Liz smiled and laughed a little. She looked at him straight in the eye.

“ Really?”

“ Really.”


“ Shhhh…”

The space between them got less and less until there was no more. Max’s mouth was on hers desperate and fierce. He put all of his emotions and passion he had inside of him into that kiss. A connection was made he saw everything she had told. Everything. He felt everything, saw everything, smelt everything she had. This had happened before, him seeing things from kissing Liz.

‘ Maybe this was real. I know what she meant. I felt like it had already happened. And I saw myself…dead.’

Max pulled back just enough to speak.

“ Liz, I saw it.”

“ Saw what?” she breathed.

“ I saw the dream.”

“ How’s that possible?”

“ Liz it’s happened before. When we first kissed it happened. I saw you as you saw me. I saw you as a little girl trying on your mother’s make-up. I saw YOU.”

A tear slid down her face but Max pushed it away with his thumb.

“ I’ve seen things too. I’ve seen YOU too. They way you felt when we kissed I felt that, that’s why I couldn’t believe you said that it didn’t mean anything. What do you think this means?”

“ I don’t know.”

Max looked at his watch.

“ It’s late, I should get home.”

Max started to get up and Liz caught the hem of his shirt and pulled him back.

“ Don’t go.” She pleaded, “ Just stay until I fall asleep. As long as I know you’re here I can fall asleep peacefully.”

“ Okay.”

Liz placed her head on Max’s shoulder and folded her hand into his. She sighed happily and fell asleep.

Max watched as she fell asleep. He said he was going to leave when she finally slept but he was exhausted. He pulled his head back and looked at the moon. He closed his eyes thinking he would open them back up but he didn’t open them back up because he had fallen fast asleep.

~Mg_Ros and Sixela~

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I just wanna say thanks for the feedback. I hope you enjoyed reading that part I reall enjoyed writing it with Six. Soooo umm we're gonna started the 7th chapter today so I don't know it'll be done. When I start to write I usually can't stop myself I just keep going and going and going. Have fun and keep the Feedback comin. Tell a friend to come read this! LOL I'm just kiddin. Talk to you guys later!

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Chapter 7 should be up by tomorrow. I've had a real down day so sorry I couldn't write it before. I started it now and hopefully Sixela will finish. Sorry for the wait but you have to that much longer!

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you guys!!!! It's to hot to write, im sorry. I promise me and six will try to write more. I'm moving in two weeks zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz whoops! sorry, fell asleep. Anywayz like I was saying I'm moving and might not want to write cuase it's toooooooo hot! DAMN HEATWAVE!!!!!! :(


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Okay, so you see the upstairs of my house is not air conditioned and that's where my computer is. You guys know how heat is. It makes you tired and you don't want to do stuff but for you I finshed a little part that I think will satisfy you guys.

Chapter 7a

Isabel woke up. She looked at her clock. 4:30. Every night she woken up at 4:30 in the morning. The weird thing these dreams take place a long time ago. She’s a princess and Max is a prince but that’s all she can ever remember except that Liz and Michael are there too. But they were always there, even before they moved here.

‘ Hmmmmm…. Maybe I should go wake Max and piss him off.’ Isabel thought.

She got out of bed and opened her door slowly. She crept down hallway quietly so she wouldn’t wake her parents. They had been out working late again at the law firm and she didn’t need to get yelled at when she knew they were overtired. She opened Max’s door only to find he wasn’t there. She looked around.

‘ Nothing’s missing.’

She looked at his bed.

‘ Doesn’t look like he slept here, but he never does that on a school night.’

Isabel went over to the window to see the backlight on at the Parker’s house. Her eyes shifted to the backyard where she caught Max and Liz sleeping in the bench swing.

‘ Man I should wake them up. If any one catches them like… Michael he’ll kick Max’s ass!’

Isabel ran down the stairs quietly and slipped out the sliding doors.
She ran into Liz’s backyard and made it to the bench swing.
She looked at both of them and smiled.

‘ I knew it.’

Her hand started to move towards Max when his eyes snapped opened.
She gasped and covered her mouth.

“What are you doing out here Is?” Max whispered.

“ Max what’s wrong, you’re sweating?”

“ Just a bad dream. You still haven’t answered my question.”

“ I was looking for you and saw you out here. Did you want me to let Michael find you instead?”

“ No.”

Liz started move head, which was on Max’s chest. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at Max then at Isabel.

“ What’s going on?” she asked.

Max looked down at her.

“ Nothing, but we should all go home. We don’t want to get caught.”

Max got up and helped Liz up.
Liz looked at him.

“ Thank you.”

“ Your welcome.”

Liz turned and went into her house.

Isabel turned and looked at Max.

“ What was that about?”

“ I’ll tell you later.”

“ Are you alright Max?”

“ No.”

“ What happened?”

“ It was just this dream I had. It really scared me Is.”

Isabel carefully opened the sliding door and she and Max slipped in.
Max looked at the clock. 5:05.

“ We should just eat and get dressed for school.”

“ Max, tell me what happened in the dream.”

“ I really don’t want to talk about it.”

Max went up the stairs and walked into his room closing the door.

“ I’m gonna figure out sooner or later Max,” she whispered, “sooner or later.”

Liz walked into her room and smiled. She got out her clothes and took a shower. When she got back into her room she still had the same thing on her mind from when she had woken up. Max. He was all she could think about. But she couldn’t help feeling like something was bothering him. He was scared about something. She got dressed in her hip hugger jeans and a red scoop neck shirt. She let her hair fall down past her shoulders. She looked at the clock. 6:55. Maria would be coming in like 20 minutes so she ran down stairs to have breakfast. When she entered the kitchen she saw Michael.

“ Hey Michael.”

He looked up and smiled.

“ Hey Lizard.”

“ Don’t call me that! I told you it’s stupid.”

“ Well then tell Maria to stop singing that song around me.”

“ She only does that because she li---, I mean I’ll tell her to stop.”

Liz hurried the last part. She wasn’t gonna forget what Maria had said to her.


“ Liz if you tell Michael that I like him I swear I will tie you down and make you watch The Shipping News!”

“ Maria, you wouldn’t.”

“ Oh yes I would. And I would make you watch all the parts with that Dennis guy, whom you really hate.

“ He’s ugly Maria, he scares me, and I think he’s…he’s… gay. And I know you do too.”

“ Well at least I didn’t scream out of the room every time he came on the screen or start moaning and groaning. Just remember no telling Michael, no Shipping News.”

Liz sighed. She didn’t want that to happen to her. Maria beeped the horn.

“ Bye Michael. Do you need a ride?” Liz said as picked up her backpack.

“ No I’ll one from Max.”


“ Okay.”

Liz ran out the door and got into the Jetta.
Isabel soon followed. She got into the back and started to whisper in Liz’s ear.

“ Liz, I think something’s wrong with Max. He said he had this really bad dream but I don’t know. Could you talk to him at school?”

Liz nodded her head.
Maria started to car and drove down the street to school.

Michael ran out of the house and out his stuff in Max’s Jeep. Max came out and he looked like a ton of bricks had hit him.

“ You okay Max?” Michael asked.

“ Yeah, just a bad night sleep.”

“ You want me to drive?”

“ Could you?”

Max handed Michael the keys and Michael hopped into the driver’s seat.
He turned the key and the Jeep started up. Max put his head against the seat as Michael drove down the street.

School had started and Liz was worried about Max. In each of her classes he had sat next to her but they hardly talked, he only did if the assignment required you to. There was something else that was worrying her. This new guy Nicholas is in her class. He just doesn’t seem right to her. He was even staring at her and Max, which made her feel uncomfortable. 6th period ended and she tried to catch up with Max in the hall but he was too fast. She ended up bumping into someone. They dropped their stuff.
Liz bent down to get it. She picked up the stuff and when she looked at the person it was that guy Nicholas.

“ Sorry.” She said getting up.

“ It’s okay. Actually I’m glad you bumped into me. I wanted to meet you.”

“ Oh.”

“ Yeah, I’m Nicholas Bradford.”

“ Liz Parker.”

“ Oh so Michael’s your brother?”

“ Yeah.”

They walked to there next class together and Nicholas stopped Liz.

“ Liz, there’s this party tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?”

“ I don’t know. I’ll get back to you on it though.”

Liz pushed passed him and walked to her seat next to Max.

Max kept glancing at Liz then at that guy Nicholas. Something didn’t seem right about him. He was about to start punching the guy when he started talking to Liz. But it was better this way. Jealousy shouldn’t get in the way of protecting Liz.

Nicholas noticed that Max was looking at him. And he was glad. His plan was working after all.

~Mg_Ros and Sixela *tongue* *happy* Enjoy more is on the way!
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Okay so I kinda got grounded for a month but I can sneak on the computer every once and a while! *happy* So since I'm cooped up in my room I've been writing the next chapter. I promise that one of these day this week I'll post. Next Sunday (21st) I'm leaving for Cape Cod but I'll be writing whatever part I let off! So let this be a promo bump!

P.S since I got in trouble doing something with Sixela I don't know if I can contact here and make her post if I can YAY! If not then you know...

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sweetygurl originally wrote:
you musta done something pretty damn bad to get grounded for a month!!! wait a minute I did something bad and got grounded for two month's but you wouldn't do something like that would you????*wink*

LMAO! Me and Six went for a walk late at night when I was at her house. My mom had called and her brother told her that we went walking, big mistake. My mom and Dad picked me up and I played dumb and lied about not walking. Then I just couldn't lie anymore and was making myself sick and I confessed in the morning. My mom was pissed that I had lied so I'm grounded for a month with no phone, computer, and friends. And until I can be trusted no more late nights at friends homes. So that sucks and that's the story. My mom and Dad are okay now , my mom still lets me do stuff like right now I'm on the computer. Oh yeah I'm still writing promise by tomorrow!

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Okay I have to do this fast. the part is short but I'll have more soon!

Chapter 7b

School had finally ended and Liz couldn’t help thinking about the question Nicholas had asked her.

‘Should I?’ Liz wondered.

Liz saw Isabel exiting the school and knew she would give her great advice about this. She ran to Isabel.

“ I need advice.”

“ About what?”

“ Well you see this new guy Nicholas asked me to go with him to a party tonight. But he kinda creeps me out, and then I think about the whole Max thing and say to myself maybe I should go. He’s been avoiding me and I don’t know. Please help me.”

Isabel smiled. She finally found a friend that really need help with something not on stupid things like what lip gloss is more tasty or what color halter top would go with there new hair color.

“ Well I say don’t go with this guy if he creeps you out. Maybe just say ‘I’ll you there if I decide to go’. And with the Max thing, decide to go and make him jealous. I think then he’ll come around.”

Liz smiled and nodded.

“ Thanks Is. I don’t know what I would do with out you or Maria here!”

Isabel smiled and felt really good after hearing what Liz had just said.

“ No problem.”

Isabel saw Max wave to her to come and she ran to the Jeep.

Liz stood around and waited for Nicholas to see her. She knew once he did he would come by her like a moth to a flame.

“ Hey Liz.” Nicholas said running up to her.

‘ Knew it’

“ Hey.”

“ So have you thought about tonight?”

“ Yeah maybe I’ll see you there if I decide to go.”

“ Oh well I really hope you do go.”

“Yeah it just depends.”

‘ Yeah it depends if max goes’

“ Well maybe I’ll see you there. I’ll look for you.”

“ Okay.”


Nicholas left and Liz breathed a sigh of relief.

‘ That was sort of easy’

Liz saw Maria waiting in the Jetta and she got in.

“ What was that about?” Maria asked.

“ Just business.”

“ Oh, well so do you know if Michael going to the party tonight?” Maria asked as she drove out of the parking lot.

“ Yeah probably.” Liz said as she looked straight ahead wondering what tonight would bring.

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Okay here's the story I am almost finished with part 7c. So give me either till 1:30 (since that's how long I can stay on till) or tomorrow!

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Chapter 7c

Liz threw clothes all over her room. She was so frustrated on tonight she couldn’t figure out what to wear.

“ Liz, chica, calm down. It’ll be okay tonight. I promise!”

Maria had stayed over to help Liz with her “plan”. Liz dove into her closet. She found a pair of white platform sandals that were so cute. She held them up.

“ You should definitely wear those!”

Liz nodded and found a jean skort. She held it up for Maria to see. Maria gave her an approval nod. Liz turned back to her drawers and searched for the perfect top. It had to be something sexy, cool, and not slutty. Okay well maybe a little. Maria opened the top drawer and pulled out a black bra.

“ This should get his attention. Why don’t you wear this as your top?”

Liz took the bra and threw it across the room.

“ Very funny Maria. Ha Ha Ha.”

Maria giggled and fell back on the bed. She reached for the remote and turned the TV and VCR on.

“ Let’s see what you have in here.”

Maria pressed play and the middle of the movie started up where it had left off. Maria smiled because she knew exactly what movie it was.

“ Won’t you ever stop watching Speed?”

Liz looked over at the TV and sighed when the camera panned to Keanu Reeves.

“ Never. It’s like the drug. I just can’t stop.”

“ Well then girl I’m sending you to rehab. Too much Keanu and you start drooling all over the floor. Well at least it’s not as much as you do with Max. Wait, oh my god. Please tell me that when you watch this you don’t go into fantasy land and think Max is Keanu and you’re Sandra Bullock.”

Liz refused to look at Maria.

“ Damn. You’ve been sucked into the weird paranormal psychiatric abyss.”

Liz went up the VCR and turned it off.

“ Can we please return to finding a top for me?”

Maria sat up and looked at the top Liz was already wearing.

“ I found it.”

“ Where?”

“ You’re wearing it.”

Liz looked down at her top and smiled.

“ Thanks Maria.”

“ No problem. Just glad I could help.”

Liz walked out of her room and into the bathroom to get ready.

Isabel looked at her phone.

‘ Should I?’

Isabel put her hand out to touch the phone then snatched it away like it was on fire. Isabel finally got up the courage and picked up the phone. She dialed the number and it started to ring.

‘ Man I hope I can do this.’

“ Hello”

“ Hi. May I please speak to Alex?”

“ This is he.”

“ Oh hi Alex it’s Isabel. I was wondering if you were going to the party tonight.”

“ I don’t know. Why?”

“ Cause I was kinda hoping you’d be my date.”

Alex fell off his chair and fell to the floor making a big bang.

“ Alex? Alex? You still there?”

Alex reached his hand toward his bed and pulled himself up.

“ Yeah I’m here. Could you just repeat what you said before because I think I heard you wrong.”

Isabel started to giggle.

“ Uh, I said I was kinda hoping you’d be my date to the party tonight. So would you?”

Alex was speechless. Could this really be true?

“ Yeah sure.”

Isabel smiled to herself.


“ Great. Pick me up at 8. See you.”

Isabel hung up and Alex called Liz’s house.

Liz had walked back into her room with her new outfit on and the phone rang.


“ Liz, I know Maria is there put me on speaker phone. I need to talk to both of you.”

Liz obeyed and put speaker phone on.

“ Okay Alex what’s this all about?” Maria asked.

“ Isabel just called me and she wanted to go with me to the party tonight with her. AS HER DATE!”

“ That’s great!” Maria exclaimed.

“ The things is it’s Isabel Evans and Alex Whitman on a date. This like miraculous. It’s the biggest moment of my life. It’s amazing. It’s totally amazing. And then I come to the conclusion that it’s a joke and you two are in on it. You bastards!”

Liz started to laugh like she had never laughed before. She fell down to floor rolling in laughter. Maria joined.

“ Hey it’s not funny! This serious!”

Maria controlled her laughter only the slightest bit.

“ Alex maybe she actually really wants to go with you! She told us. We had nothing to do with it.”

Liz controlled herself too. She pushed herself on the bed.

“ It’s true Alex.”


“ Really” Maria and Liz said at the same time.

“ Okay, but if she tells me--”

“ She won’t.” Maria said cutting him off.

“ See you there Alex.”

Liz reached over and turned the speaker phone off.

“ Well that was fun.”

Maria gave her a look and started to laugh.

Max lied on his bed debating whether to go to the party or not.
He picked up the phone calling the one person that could make the decision for him.

“ Okay Maria remember 8ish pick me up.”

“ Got ya. And make sure Michael goes. Okay?”

Liz smiled.

“ Okay.”

Maria closed the door and Liz’s phone rang.
Liz picked it up.

“ Hello?”

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Chapter 8

“Hello?” Liz asked.

“ Hey Liz, it’s Izzy.”

“ Hey.”

“ So I have BIG news to tell you!”

“Oh I already know. You and Alex are going to the party tonight. Together…

“ Man news does travel fast in this little town.”

Liz laughed.

“ He called and claimed Maria and I were playing a joke on him.”

Isabel blushed but Liz couldn’t see it since they were on the phone. She was grateful for that.

‘ Does he like me that much?’ Isabel wondered.

Liz interrupted Isabel’s thoughts.

“ I have to go. Someone’s at the door.”

“ Okay I’ll see you at 8 o’clock, right?”

“Right. So that’s like in 20 minutes.”

“ Can’t wait! Bye Liz.”

“ Bye Is.”

Liz hung up the phone and went to the door.

Max dialed the number and got a busy signal.

‘ Guess I’ll have to try Kyle.’

Max dialed Kyle’s number.
No one picked up so Max decided to leave a message.

“ It’s Kyle leave a message at the beeparoonie!”

Max snickered.

“ Kyle it’s Max I decided I’m gonna go to the party so I’ll see you there man.”

Max hung up and he decided that he was gonna have to work up his courage and ask Liz to go with him. Max hopped out of bed and walked outside. He just stood there not being able to move.

‘ Okay legs this is from me to you. Go! GO! Come on. Please just start moving!’

Max started to move once again.

‘Thank you’

He walked up to the Parker’s front door. He rang the doorbell and waited.

‘Can I really do this?’

Max was starting to have second thoughts about this…

‘ Wait why? I like her and she cares about me. Of course she’ll go. Wait but what about Nicholas? Who cares you’ll never know until you try. Right Max?’

Liz opened the door and she saw Max standing there.

“ Max, what are you doing here?”

Max jaw locked up when he saw her.

‘ She look’s so beautiful and sexy. What am I doing? Obviously she has a date if she getting all dressed up like this. Damn what should I say now?’

“ Is Michael here?”

‘Good save.’

Liz just looked at him feeling disappointed inside.

‘ Great he wants Michael. And here I thought for the slightest moment that he was here to see me.’

“ Yeah let me go find him.”

Liz ran up the stairs. When max saw her leave the room complete