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Title: A (True) Love Story
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own the Roswell characters, etc... I just own my life.
Summary: Liz's life gets turned upside down dozens of times on the rollercoaster that can only be love. But she finds it in the last place she would think to look, her tormentor.
Couple Pairing: M/L



I don't think my life really began until last year. That's when things started to get faster, more real. Before that, I was merely existing. I really didn't care about much. I didn't trust much. But things changed last year. I fell in love, for the first time, with a friend that I had had since seventh grade. His name was Adam. The feelings were returned for a very short period of time before he no longer felt the same. He told me then that I was like his 'little sister'. I agreed with him, if only to save face. It took me seven months to get over him. By the time that I was completely over him, school was starting up again, which leads us to my tenth grade year's events.

But before I go on to what happened in tenth grade, let me back up a bit into the last 3 months of ninth grade to explain tenth grade a little better. Ok, good. On with the story.

Three months before school ended in 9th grade Mr. Nealy ( my English and Spanish teacher ) switched seats around so that I was beside two (then) tenth grade boys, Max and Nathan. I had never talked to these guys before then, and to put it simply, I was very uncomfortable around them. But this was the time right after Adam had told me that I was his 'little sister' so that was on my mind a lot.

Max had always been a mischievous person. He and another guy in his class (Jared) decided to mess with me a bit. Max wrote me a note during the middle of class, folded the paper over once, then slid it in front of me. Now, this wasn't exactly the smartest thing he ever did because we were in the front row and DIRECTLY in front of the teacher. Mr. Nealy saw the note, saw how I didn't even touch it or look at it, and then pretended that he didn't notice. The only way you could tell he noticed was because you could see that he was trying not to laugh.

Evidently, Max got irritated that I didn't take the bait so he slid it back, wrote more, then slid it to me again. I still wouldn't touch it. (I am an all A student with, I assume, a perfect record. There was no way that I was touching that and then getting demerits.) Well when the bell finally rang signaling the end of the day, we both got up to leave, and I finally opened the stupid note.

"Who do you like better, me or Jared? Circle one and then give it back to me."

I was kind of shocked for a second there. I figured immediately that these two imbeciles were trying to puff up their egos by seeing who I (a quiet, shrinking violet type) would choose between the two. I ripped up the note. I have seen TOO many movies about popular upperclassmen messing with the unpopular kids' heads to trust these two idiots!

But that one event sort of started everything that has happened to me since then. He continued sending me similar notes that said stuff like:

-"Is it a blonde thing? Do you prefer blondes?..." (I can't remember the rest of that one. But the blonde thing was referring to Adam, a blonde guy. Jared was also blonde. Max is a brunette)

-"Is there something going on between you and Adam? Because I have been hearing some really weird stuff about you two." (btw, him teasing me about Adam was like salt to an open wound, b/c Adam had just hurt me)

-"I feel like our relationship is falling apart. And this saddens me." ::rolls eyes::


Almost everyday, those two would pull something. If it wasn't a note, then it was verbal stuff. "Do you like Adam?" "Is the stuff I have been hearing true?" "Are you two dating?" blah blah blah blah blah Sometimes I would get fed up with it and yell at them during the middle of class, but I never got in trouble about it because Mr. Nealy was one of those cool teachers that actually understood. In fact, I even hissed at Max once. To this day, I don't understand why I did it, but it got the desired effect, and he left me alone (for a few days) It was comical really, probably because it was so completely unexpected.

But school eventually let out, and I was left with all of this stored up resentment, frustration, and anger. All of which remained brewing inside of me during the summer, even though I totally forgot about Max over the break. But that leads us to my tenth grade year.


I know. I know. I really shouldn't be starting this. But this one is different. It is taken DIRECTLY from real life, my life. Well, it will follow the events of my life exactly as they happened up until around the present, when I will just fudge it and make it turn out how I would have liked it to have ended. This is taken straight from my opendiary so some of it might not make sense. (The only thing that I change is that I change the guy's name to Max) Please tell me what you think. I would really appreciate the opinions since this topic is one that is so close to my heart. Thanks.


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Part 1

"The Beginning"

Ok, I last left off with summer break. Well, sadly, summer always ends, and the dreaded school year always has to begin.

I had selected Spanish II as my afternoon elective course. I soon found out that I shared it with Max again. (ooh, lucky me! ::heavy sarcasm:: ) Fortunately for me, I didn't have to sit by him this time around. I got to sit by one of my closest friends, Maria. We sat front and center, much to Maria's dismay. (lol) Two rows behind our table, sat Max and Josh. I found that supremely funny that those two were sitting together and Maria and I were sitting together. You'll understand that when I get to it.

But anyway, that year started off with a jolt. Maria convinced me to run for the presidency of my class. (Well, more like forced lol She filled out my paper and everything lol) The person I had to run against was Michael Guerin, a.k.a. the comedian of my class. But I won (Yay, me! lol)
, probably because of the speech I gave. What can I say? I was good at public speaking now that my backbone was firmly back in place.

But the exact event in my life that started the chain reaction of events of that year didn't happen until a couple of weeks later. I said before that the note thing started it, but the note thing was like putting the key in the ignition. This thing that I am about to tell you was like turning the key and starting the ignition.

Let me explain something real quick. My grades mean everything to me. I am an all A student that usually gets really high A's on papers and assignments. One of my nicknames was 'Miss Perfect 110.' I loved that. I know that I am not perfect, but I liked other people thinking that I was. So I tried really hard to maintain that image to my peers.

Anyway, moving on. In Spanish class one day, we took a quiz. It wasn't a big surprise b/c we had them like every other day. I, myself, got a perfect score. But I messed up on a minor little detail while grading someone else's paper. (I accidentally gave the person 2 more points than they were supposed to have) And Max caught it. The mistake would have taken my grade down by 2 points, if it hadn't of been for the bonus points that I had.

After school that day, I was standing outside in the dismissal line just waiting to be picked up. (My school doesn't do the bus thing) Max and his stupid friends (some of the other popular guys from my school) were also there. Max happened to see me and decided, yet again, to mess with me. (Again, lucky me)

He brought that quiz up and my mistake, which I was already beating myself up for by the way. I had had a monumentally bad day, and he was making it worse. But suddenly all of the pent in anger, frustration, bitterness, resentment, EVERYTHING just exploded! I cut off what he was saying and said, "You know what? I don't like you. I find you arrogant, cocky, and irritating.......Go away." He was shocked beyond words and more than a little embarrassed. Because I had, afterall, just publicly dissed him in front of his little entourage of moronic friends (or cohorts, as I call them) and a large group of people from our school.

I could visibly see his tremendously large ego deflate in front of my eyes. There is no sweeter candy than that, folks. (lol) But he didn't leave as he was instructed, so I walked away from him.

The news that I, unpopular brain extraordinaire, had dissed Max, the most popular guy in school, spread like wildfire.

Tune in to the next episode of "A (True) Love Story" to find out what happens next. lol So what do you guys think? What do YOU think is going to happen? Please tell me your thoughts. I want to see how close to reality you guys come with your guesses. But also, tell me what you thought of it.


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You asked; I delivered. lol

Part 2

"My Shadow"

I told you that I shocked everyone by dissing Max. Well, let me tell you how much.

Everyone suddenly had their own opinion on my opinion. ::rolls eyes:: All of his friends would come up to me and ask, "Why do you hate Max so much?" and other such inane questions. They had no idea what a jerk he was to me the year before. They probably didn't care either.

But that wasn't near as bad as Max being in my space for the next two weeks or so. Every time I turned around, he was there. He would rush to hold doors for me and then say with the infuriating smug smirk that I hate so much, "Your welcome, Liz." And in such cases as these, isn't the typical advice to 'ignore them'? Well, I did that. It only spurned him on more.

This one time, he somehow managed to be walking beside me down the hall. He was humming, rather loudly, so I looked over at him. He turns to me with that same stupid, annoying smug smirk and said, "Is this why you find me annoying?"

And then one day during Spanish class, Mr. Nealy was reviewing some Spanish verbs for the test, and he came across a verb that Max didn't know. He asked Mr. Nealy what it meant, to which he replied that it meant 'to lose.' Max then smiled that infuriating smirk yet again and said in a voice that was obviously meant for me to hear him. "I don't know what that means, b/c I am COCKY." ::rolls eyes:: Moron.

The boy was incorrigible. In fact, at one particular soccer game, he and his fellow teammates (he was on the team) came up to me half an hour before the game. That day, I had to be there to sell candy for the Student Council. They walked up to my little booth and started pestering me. They said various things like: "Why do you hate him so much?" "Do you think that I am cocky, arrogant, and annoying?" (Btw, I wanted to correct them and say that it was actually 'irritating' that I said, but oh well lol) "What do you think of me?" etc.... But Max asked me why I hated him, and then told me that if he had been in my class, he would not have voted for me as President. For some reason, that bothered me, but I didn't know why. It made me wonder what he thought of me. But nevertheless, I got fed up with the idiot boys so I stood up and calmly said, "Ok, I am going to walk away now. And when I come back, you will all be gone. Is that clear?" I didn't wait for an answer. I just walked away.

I know what you are wondering. Were they gone when I got back? What do you think? (I'll tell you next entry.)


Ok, first of all. Thank you all SOOOOOO much for the feedbacks and the bumps!!!!!! *big* It is really appreciated. It's heartwarming and therapeutic. It helps to have your opinions on the events of my life b/c it gives me perspective. Thanks

Next, let me tell you about the real people that you are reading about.
Max - Dustin
Maria - Melanie
Michael - Tim

Tim is actually more like an Alex-type, but I think that Tim and Mel belong together (they are best friends) so I made him Michael.

Dustin is amazing. He is tall and built with dark hair and eyes (like Max). He has a smile that can just melt you. (no that the infuriating smirk lol) He is on every sports team that my school has and even the captain of a few. He has a 94 average. He is basically "Mr. All-American"

Melanie is just like Maria. Blonde, light eyes, and all. She is so wacky! lol Not to mention, that she likes Tim. lol

Thanks again, everyone.

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Part 3

"The Look"

In answer to the question in the last entry, yes they were gone. ::beams with pride::

Going on, let me tell you about something that I forgot to mention before. Max has a girlfriend. Her name is Tess. (Author's note: Yes, I hate the Tess from Roswell, but I don't hate the girl in this story) She is in my class and is very sweet and nice. She is blonde with (I think) green eyes, very skinny, and very athletic. I just couldn't hate her, no matter how much I wanted to. She was such a sweet person, that I just couldn't.

Ok, back to the story. One day in bad while we were playing, I just looked up and my eyes went across the room. And they connected with Max's, who had just so happened to be looking up at the same time. And I felt my stomach drop for like a milisecond. It freaked me out!!! It had never happened before. I didn't know what it was. But I looked back down real quick.

That night I was talking on IM. I was asking like all of my friends about if they had ever experienced something like it. And Maria told me that she had experienced it many times with Josh. She said they were butterflies. I was like, "Butterflies, huh?" She said, "Yeah, butterflies. You get them with the guy that you like when both of your eyes who did you get them with?" It seems as if I had trapped myself a bit. lol She knew that I had to have experienced it otherwise I wouldn't have asked. Now she wanted to know whom had made me experience it. I ended up telling her. She was one of my closest friends, second only to Ashley (my best friend since age two) who doesn't live in the same state as me. lol

That was the day that I officially started liking Max. Or atleast ACKNOWLEDGING it and not denying it like before (to myself, that is. I still fiercely denied it with almost everyone else). But I still didn't make it an open thing. I didn't want the rest of the kids from my school to know. I told a few select friends about it, the ones I knew that I could trust with it.

From then on, everytime that I thought about him, talked about him, talked with him, saw him, etc....I would get the butterflies. After a couple of weeks, it was a comforting feeling. It brought a smile to my face each time. (Btw, I just got one b/c I am talking about him! lol) My friend Lauren nicknamed them 'leaps' so that we could talk about them without people figuring it out. She nicknamed them that at one of the home basketball games at the school, b/c I kept getting them everytime that Max scored a point (which was a LOT b/c he was the main scorer on the team).

Next episode is "The Game" and I assure you, you will not want to miss it. lol


Ok, so what do you guys think about that one. I thought that it wasn't too good, myself. But I just had to write about that. The reason that I haven't updated in a while is b/c on of my friends died recently. I have written like 3 pages of the next part of The Granolith Crystal and about 2 1/2 on Charming the People. I will get them out soon. I promise.

But please tell me what you thought of this part. I really must know! lol Please?


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A (True) Love Story

"The Game"

One day during Spanish, Mr. Nealy put the class in pairs of boys and girls for a game, which we presumed would be Spanish-oriented (like a review game or something). He made me and Josh Whiting switch seats so that I was paired with Max (ugh!) and Maria was paired with Josh! I know that Mr. Nealy had to have done that on purpose because he was kinda' laughing at me when he did it. (Isn't it terrible when even the teachers have a conspiracy against you?) He told us that we needed to move our chairs around so that we were back to back. Then he asked us 18 questions. Stuff like: what is your favorite color?, what is the first thing that you do in the morning?, how many kids do you want?, etc... After he started asking the questions, he told us that the number that we got the same was our compatibility. At about this point Caroline and Melody were laughing at me. They thought that it was absolutely hilarious. Funny. I didn't.

At the end of the game, Max and I had 5 that were the same. Whitney and Devon got 10!!!! Caroline and Josh Walton got 8. AND Maria and Josh got 6!!!

Max, then, decides that it would be fun to tease me alittle. How nice of him! He said that since we had 5 right, we are 50% compatible. (By the way, 5 out of 18 isn't 50%) Well, he either said that b/c I am going to live another 65 years or that I would live until I am 65. I don't remember, but he said that we are going to have 34 years of marriage. Oh joy! (note the heavy sarcasm)

Three of the questions were about our future spouses. Will they be fat, medium, or skinny? Will they be a blonde, a brunette, a red-head, or have black hair? What color will their eyes be? Hmph! You know what he put?!?!?!? Fat, blonde, and green eyes! He said, "Well, you will have to put on some pounds before I marry you." I was kinda' shocked. "Was that a compliment in disguise?" But then he ruined it. "Well, if I had called you fat, would you have been mad?" ::glares fiercely::

From then on, everytime that Caroline and Melody see me, they were like, "Where's Max?" Ugh!


Yes, that really happened. It did. I promise. lol But, again, what did you guys think of that one? I know it took a while for this one, but was it worth it? Please let me know. Thanks again for reading. Bye now. (Btw, I totalled my family's car recently!!!! *sad* )

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A (True) Love Story

"Resurrected Nicknames"

A few weeks later,

Ok, I was in a fantastic mood on this one particular Monday as I stepped into homeroom. As I am sitting down, Colin says, "We were talking about you on Saturday." Imagine my surprise. "Ok, first off, who is 'we'? And what were you saying about me?" His typical male response was 'some people.' Very informative, wasn't it? So my mind was working quickly to try to determine who he might have been talking to on Saturday. Think, think think! Ooh, I know! The baskbetball team had a game on Saturday! So, obviously, that was my guess. He then called me Rover! (And I knew instantly that it was Sgarlata. He has hated me ever since I came to this school and has done everything in his power to belittle me, embarrass me, and put me down.)

Now let me explain the whole 'Rover' thing. When I was in eight grade, one afternoon, I was sitting in the school lobby waiting for my mom. John Sgarlata and Josh Hovey were there as well for some reason. But we were on opposite ends of the room. I was doing homework, when all of a sudden, I heard my name. So I looked up and towards where I had heard it. John, of course. He was so shocked that I heard him when Josh (who was sitting beside him) didn't, that he decided that I must have dog's ears. So he and Josh called me 'Rover' everytime that they saw me for atleast 2 months. But that was a long time ago though!

Well anyway, I was interrogating Colin trying to figure out who else was part of this 'we'. But he wouldn't tell me! Later on that morning, someone found one of my sister's papers on the floor. So Colin, not realizing that I could hear him, said to AnneMarie, "Oh me and John were saying the funniest things about Brandy!" I was like, "YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT MY SISTER AS WELL?!?!?!" (No body messes with my family. True, Brandy and I don't exactly get along, but I am not about to let people talk about her that way). Colin's response was.......can you guess?....."Oops." What a classic response!

So before math I saw Ryan Van Hoven. A perfect candidate to find out what I wanted. So I asked him what John had said about Brandy on Saturday. "I don't remember." he replied. So he went and asked John! lol He came back and said "John said that he didn't say anything about Brandy, just about you." Huh! Oh, I feel so much better! I then asked Jared Bueng if he was part of the conversation about me. He said that he hadn't because he was sleeping the whole way. Smart boy.

Josh Whiting wasn't either. Derek isn't on the team. I asked every basketball person that I came in contact with. Guess who else was in on the conversation? Go ahead, guess!......That's right...Max. I flipped out on him. I just went off! Yelling, screaming, the whole nine yards! I had already smacked Colin for his involvement and for calling me 'Rover'. Max got offended, I think, because he went after Sgarlata. Who badgered me about it at lunch! (he said that someone had brought me up in conversation so he decided to tell them how to annoy me. Stupid boys! Hate him!!! erg) Interesting little circle, huh?

By 6th period, I had calmed down considerably. Colin swore that he would never call me that again. Which, I am glad for. I found out after school though that Max hadn't been participating (so I felt a little bit guilty for going off on him). He was just kinda' there, not to mention laughing. It makes me feel a little better that he wasn't an active participant, but he was still laughing at the jokes. And he had the gaul to try to convince me that maybe John wasn't really calling me a dog. Oh, puh-lease!!!! I am so not that stupid!

I thoroughly hate Sgarlata. He is like my nemesis. He was one the throughout the year that pestered me about Max all the time, every morning before school. He was the one that started rumors about me and Max. He was responsible for over half of the things I had to deal with this year! He is the devil incarnate!


Any thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? Anything?!?!?! lol Is it good? Is it boring? Is it bland? Is it unbelievable (even though, it's true lol) ? Please, tell me! lol


P.s. if you don't think you read part 4, it's on page 8.

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A (True) Love Story

"Big Ears"

Today was relatively all right until Spanish. Mr. Nealy decided to totally disregard my suggestion about how to do the study groups. He messed all of my plans up and then just threw us all together in large groups of chaos. I was still okay then. But then Colin and Caroline started talking about Colin's relationship problems with AnneMarie. Colin looks at me and said something along the lines of me not having to deal with this kind of stuff yet. Then he re-emphasized the 'yet' part. And I am laughing at him because (although he isn't aware) I know all-too-much about love. More then I would like! But Colin misinterpreted my laughter for me thinking that I would never find someone. Then he was like, "Oh, you will find someone. I know it." Then he pulled Mr. Nealy into it! (Here is the conversation as follows. The parts that I said aren't in quotation marks.)

Colin: "Don't you think that Liz will find someone?"

Mr. Nealy: "Oh, yeah! He is just sleeping." (Mr. Nealy's indirect reference to Max who was sleeping in the chair behind Colin)

No, Colin, that is not why I was laughing! Lauren, you know what I am talking about!

(Colin's eyes got big)

Colin: "You mean that Liz has a.....? (He let the question drop off though I still got his meaning) I have an announcement. (He spoke louder so the class could hear him) Liz has a......."

(that is where I broke him off)

Colin! Stop!

(Mr. Nealy said something about it being Spanish class so Colin tried to say it in Spanish while I am trying to get him to shut up!)

Caroline: Who has a big ears?

{hold up, I'll explain that big ears thing before you guys get lost. Ok, Max is the star player on our school's varsity basketball team. So, one day while I was at one of the games and just so happened to be watching him ::blush::, it occurred to me just how big his ears are! I started cracking up right in the middle of the game. Lauren, beside me, asked what I was laughing at so I told her. She was laughing too and was like, "Where have you been?!? They've alwasy been that big!" Well, apparently, Caroline must have overheard me retelling the story to Maria during assembly earlier that day.}

(I turned to Caroline shocked)

How did you find out about that?

(That got Colin's attention and the conversation continued on about my personal life. A topic that I REALLY didn't want to be a class discussion.)

Somehow, Colin decided that whoever it was that had the 'big ears' was someone that I liked. So he and Caroline went through this long list of people with big ears! ::anguished sigh:: Sometime during the conversation, Jared comes in the room. They both decide that it is Jared because he has big ears too. (In case you are wondering, no, I don't like Jared!) After the bell rang, I looked down at my hand as I was getting my stuff. It was shaking so bad! Those two are seriously not helping my stress level!!!!!!!!!

I walk downstairs to look for my mom and, instead, I find THE ENTIRE BASKETBALL TEAM (plus Caroline and Lauren) talking about the ears thing, still trying to figure it out. So now the entire team thinks that I like one of them. They, too, are trying to figure out who by seeing who has the biggest ears! I am never going to hear the end of this. This is just a disaster. Colin is an irritation when is teasing me and pestering me, but I can handle him by himself. But not this too! I am really trying to not be mad at Caroline, but I can't help it. She and Colin have managed to make me the topic of conversation, again. I don't find this funny.

I don't enjoy this at all. I don't like people discussing my personal life.

Let's recap, shall we? ok.

1). Colin thinks that I have a boyfriend. (which I don't. I would be the one to know)

2). Colin and Caroline think that I like some guy with big ears.

3). The basketball team plus my Spanish class are all trying to figure out who the guy with the 'big ears' is.

4). Lauren (who is one of my really good friends and KNOWS about the 'big ears' joke and what it was about) wasn't defending me, supporting me, or backing me up. She just sat there, not saying anything. I am a little hurt from that. Maria couldn't defend me because she had left for her away game already!

5). And I am sure that a couple of the guys on the team are presumptious enough to think that THE guy is them. Jared, Max, and whoever else included!

I am about to blow up at someone right now, I am SO mad!!!!!!!!!!!! My brain is so muddled up that I can't see a possible solution for this, or out to get myself out of this situation when I didn't put myself in it! People talk about me and tease me enough as it is, now I have all of this added on top of it! I had FINALLY gotten people to stop talking about me, Max, and/or that terrible compatiblity game (well, with the exception of Colin and STUPID John), and now it is back with a vengence!

Yeah, that really happened too. Except with Dustin, it was the 'big nose' thing instead of a big ears thing. But everything else was exactly the same. The next part is when it will really start getting interesting. Let's just say that I'm not called the "Lucy of the new millennium" for nothing. LOL It's going to be FUN! lol


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A (True) Love Story

"The Month of the Decoy"

I wracked my brain all weekend. And I came up with a plan, on monday night. ::mischievous laugh::

That monday during school, I was having some trouble carrying all of my books to class because I had a lot of them. So I quickly called over Cory (a senior friend of mine) to help me before one of the books fell. He helped me carry them to my next class, which just so happened to be Spanish. *wink*

Cory walked in ahead of me and was looking around for my seat so he could my stuff down. So I called out to him, "Cory, it's right here." I looked up and got caught in Max's eyes. They were angry and, dare I say, jealous/possessive. *big* I wasn't the only one to see it either. Both Maria and Caroline saw it too. He wasn't happy.

(Cory is a friend that I got to know only because he was dating Sarah, a friend of mine. He's really sweet and nice. And at the time, he had just broken up with Sarah like 3 days before.)

Max's little display got the wheels in my head turning. I decided I liked seeing Max do that. And I wanted to get rid of the teasing and rumors. So......I asked Cory the next morning during a study hall if he'd help me out. He thought it was kinda' funny, so he agreed. The plan was for him to hang around me....a lot. The more people saw us together, the more they'd doubt the rumors about Max and me. And not to mention, it would tick Max off!

Everyday that week, Cory carried my books for me to Spanish class. Max tried hard not to notice. But every once in a while, I'd catch him looking over. lol But he wasn't the only one to get jealous. Sarah got really jealous. And she even knew it wasn't real. She was one of the first people in on my plan! And yet she was still jealous of me. The green-eyed monster was always strong with her.

But anyway, she told me that she was going to try to get Cory back. Although, when I told Cory this, he said that he'd never get back with her because she'd broken up with him for another guy. He didn't want to go through that again. ::rolls eyes:: He didn't last long with that decision.

That friday night, it was agreed that Cory would go with me to a home basketball game. It was a special night because it also just so happened to be "Senior Recognition Night." Every year, my school honors and recognizes the seniors at the basketball game that we're against Heritage High School.

That was the best! Heads turned when Cory walked through the gym with me. It was so funny. Max was looking of course. *big* And later on that night, Cory and I were chatting away at the entrance to the gym doors. I wasn't even thinking about Max at the moment. I was just enjoying talking to Cory. (we were talking about Sarah and how he, being the wuss that he is, got back together with her .....idiot lol) But I would keep looking back at the game to 'check the scores' lol, and Max was ALWAYS watching us. It didn't matter what side of the court the game was playing on. He was always watching us unwaveringly. I loved it!

That was my favorite part!!!!! lol