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Hey there! This fic which I *hopefully* will finish, is dedicated to all my Cherishing buddies. *happy*

Written by: Jess aka stargazing dreamer
Disclamier: I don't own anything. Sadly...*sigh*
Rating: PG to NC-17...yea baby! *big*
Notes: This takes place after Independance Day, and before Sexual Healing. I guess you could say it's my take on SH. *happy*

I’m With You

Liz broke out of her daydream and sighed. She let a smile play across her face as she remembered the way Max looked all wet in the rain waiting for her.

“Nice dream?” Maria teased, filling up a cup of coke.

“If you must know, yes.” Liz said with a wink.

“Hmm…Well here’s your chance to act it out. Lover boy just walked in.”

Liz turned her head to the direction Maria pointed to, and she felt as if everything was in slow motion as her and Max’s eyes locked. She gave him the best smile she could without her knees giving out. His hair was spiked tonight, she noticed. And he was wearing that shirt…You know, the black one that makes any girl within a 10 mile radius drool.

“Hey.” Max said trying not to let on how incredibly hot he was for her at that moment.

“Hi, Max.” Liz said her voice slightly cracking as she drank in the site of him standing so close to her.

Max took a deep breath and tried to think of something to say besides ‘I want you now,’ but as he took that breath he got a sniff of Liz’s light perfume…It smells like spring. He thought.

“Um, how are you?” Liz asked lamely.

“Good.” Max said stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“Oh, well, that’s…good.”

“Yea…How about you?”

“A little tired…I haven’t been sleeping well.” Liz said flashing back to her dream last night.

She stood before in her ruby red dress and her dark hair cascading below her shoulders.

“I’ve been waiting for this my whole life, Max.”

“Me too, Liz. And I promise you will never forget this night. Ever.”

He walked slowly towards her, and cupped her face. They stood for a moment, their breath on one another’s faces.

“I love you.” He whispered before capturing her lips.

She moaned as his tongue worked his way into her mouth, and ran her hands through his hair.

He eased his hand under her dress and up her thigh. He marvelled at how creamy and soft her skin was.

She groaned in protest as he broke the kiss and removed his hand.

He picked her up and laid her down on the silk covered bed. He resumed kissing her as he eased her dress off. He left a trail of butterfly kisses from the valley between her breasts down to her belly button before stopping.

“Please, Max.” She begged. “Please…”

He smiled at her request and moved father down finally reaching her…

“Nightmares?” Max asked.

“Huh?” Liz asked startled.

“You said you weren’t sleeping well. Are you having nightmares?” He asked again.

Liz laughed at herself. “Oh, no, definitely not nightmares.” She moved to go pick up an order waiting for her and noticed she wet. Oh my god, my panties are soaked. What if he notices? What if he already noticed?

Max cleared his throat. Why did he come here? Just seeing her made him…’Ready.’

“Liz, the new milkshake machine just arrived. It’s in the back. Max, do you think you could help Liz unpack it and set it up?” Maria asked, winking at them.

“Yea, no problem.” Max said, looking down at his feet.

“Thanks, Max.” Liz started as they walked into the backroom. “You don’t have to help me if you don’t-”

“It’s really no problem, Liz.”

They smiled at each other and Liz began to cut open the box. Max bent down to help, and locked eyes with her.

“I miss you.” He said softly.

Liz stopped opening the box and looked down at her hands. “I miss you too. A lot.” She sighed.

Max took her hand and helped her up. “I wanna be with you, Liz.” He bent down and kissed her, releasing all the tension that had accumulated between them the past couple of months.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him as close to her as possible.

“Oh God…” She moaned as his began to suck and nibble at her neck and ear.

“Liz! What are you doing?!?” Nancy Parker shouted, shocked to find her daughter and the Evans boy in a heated position.

“Mom!” Liz said surprised, pulling away from Max. “I’m sorry, we were just…”

“Sucking face. Go Lizzie!” Maria said, coming up from behind Nancy.

“Maria.” Nancy said with a half-scowl, half-laugh. “Your just lucky your father didn’t catch you. Maybe you better go now Max.”

Max nodded sheepishly. “I’ll come by later alright?” He asked kissing her softly one last time.

Liz nodded with a dreamy smile.

“Well, well, well…I had no idea my best friend was such a freak.” Maria teased.

Liz rolled her eyes at Maria and continued unpacking the forgotten milkshake machine.


It’s February 20th. I’m Liz Parker, and I feel incredible. I feel alive, and grateful for every moment of life I’ve been granted since Max Evans entered my life. I feel such awe that a man like Max could want to be with me. Me, Elizabeth Claudia Parker, the science geek with the mousy brown hair. I don’t feel like I can give him much, except my undying love. As cheesy at that may sound, it’s the truth. I can’t even remotely imagine being with anyone else for the rest of my life. When I say ‘being’ I mean it in both senses; emotionally and physically. It used to feel weird to say it, but doesn’t anymore. It feels natural, and I don’t wanna wait anymore. I love him, and I want to share every single part of me with him.

“Liz,” Max whispered from below Liz’s balcony.

Liz smiled to herself in anticipation. She put down her journal and walked over to the ledge. “Hey.” She whispered back. “Come on up.”

Max climbed up quickly, and hoisted himself over the ledge. He gently brushed a strand of Liz’s hair out of her face, taking a moment savour the touch of her luscious hair.

Liz blushed as he focused her gaze so intently on her.

“Do you even realize how beautiful you are, Liz?” He said keeping his eyes transfixed on her.

The comment surprised Liz.

“I know you don’t, but your so incredibly beautiful. I never really got to tell you this so honestly. But it’s all true, and it comes from my heart.”

“Max, I-” Liz started.

He put a finger to her lips. “No more talking Liz. We do that too much, don’t you think?” He smiled.

Liz laughed and nodded her head in agreement. She lifted her head up to find his lips an inch from hers.

They melted into each other, their souls becoming one. Liz grabbed onto Max’s shirt as she started to feel dizzy. She broke away from him, and laid her head on his shoulder.


“She’s so beautiful.” A different looking Max said. A young girl with curly blonde tendrils and deep blue eyes sat on a ocean ledge across from Max and his friend.

“Just go talk to her, Zan.”

“I can’t Larek! Just look at her. I think I love her.”


“Who is she Max?” Liz asked perplexed.

“What?” Max asked just as confused.

“I had this…I don’t know…Flash or something…And I saw you, staring at this girl. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. You said you were in love with her.” Liz stepped away from him. She didn’t understand any of it.

“Liz, I have no idea what your talking about. You’re the only girl I have ever loved I-”

“You love me?”

Max blushed and looked down. “Yea, I do, Liz. I always have and I always will.” He took her hand in his and stroked it.

“I love you too.” She said softly.

They kissed again, and Liz got the same dizzying feeling.


“Attention honoured guests!” A royally looking man began to announce. “I would like to announce the marriage of my son, Zan, and the beautiful daughter of the Sero family, Ava.”

Zan and Ava stood and kissed as applause sounded throughout the hall.


“Your name was Zan, and you were married to her! To Ava!” Liz said hurt escaping through her voice.

“What? Who’s Ava? Liz, I don’t understand…”

“Max, I think I’m seeing flashes of your past life. Of your life on your home planet.” Liz said her eyes beginning to water.

Max stared at her, a confused and shocked look plastered on her face.


Should I post more? I'm not sure if this plot idea is any good. *look*

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“Liz, honey, please stop crying…I know this hard for you, but Max doesn’t remember this chick at all!” Maria said stroking her best friend’s back.

“I know…I know! It’s just they were married Maria.”

“Zan and Ava were married. Not Max and Ava.” Maria pointed out.

“Your right…Oh god Maria, Max probably thinks I hate him or something!’ Liz spat.

“Chill Chica. Here swallow some of this.” She said handing her a vial.

Liz swallowed it and made a face.

“Listen, Max has been head over heels in love with you since the third grade. I’m sure he understands that your upset. Don’t worry about it.” She said with a wave of her hand.

“I guess your right…” Liz mumbled, throwing herself onto her bed.

“Of course I am. I’m never wrong. So wipe off your tears and be happy! You and Max are FINALLY back together and from the way you described that kiss, you saw right into his soul. Rejoice you didn’t get a stonewall like moi.”

Liz cracked a smile for the first time since Maria arrived. “How are things with Michael going?”

Maria sighed exasperated. “There not. Were like a train heading to some hick town; your all excited during the ride there, but once you get there it’s like…blah. There’s nothing to do, and it’s completely empty and boring.”

Liz laughed. “Maria, I think your relationship with Michael is anything but boring.”

“Granted, we do have our…interesting moments, but there’s no true love, Liz. You said it yourself. You can’t see us together.” Maria frowned for a moment.

“No Maria, I didn’t mean that. I was feeling all alien-human relations were total impossible then.”

“Maybe they are Liz…Look, I know it may be a little late to say this but, don’t make Max the basis of your life. I know you love him, and he loves you, but deep down he’s human. And humans make mistakes, and they break hearts. I had to learn that the hard way.”

“Maria…” Liz started sympathetically.

“Well, I better get home. Night babe.” Maria kissed Liz’s cheek, grabbed her jacket and left Liz’s room.

“You’re an idiot, Liz.” Liz said to herself. She shook her head and laughed. A minute later, her phone rang.


“Why are you still up? Go to bed now, Liz!” Maria said, then hung up.

“Yes, mom…” Liz mumbled into the phone. She hung up and decided to take Maria’s advice.

Hmm, maybe I’ll have that dream again. She practically jumped into bed and turned off the lights.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. She tried her best to breathe deep, but she was too nervous. She hoped he would like the lingerie she had decided to wear. One last check, and she quietly stepped out into the room. The room was dark, and illuminated with scented candles scattered around the bed.

“My love, my wife.” He said. “Let this be the most magical night of our lives.”

She anxiously made her way to the bed, and let him guide her down to him. They began to kiss softly at first, then more passionately.

“We will be together forever. In every life we live, we will always find a way back to each other.” He whispered in her ear.

Those words almost sent her over the edge right there. “Forever.” She whispered back.

He gently flipped her over onto her back, and caressed her face with his large hands. He began to gently ease his way into her, knowing they were both more then ready.

First slowly, then faster he pumped into her. Their sweat mixed together, and their breathing grew heavier until they both came simultaneously.

“Oh god, Zan…”

Liz woke in a start. “Zan?” She said aloud.


“Ok, hold up, you dreamt you were Ava and you Zan did the nasty?” Maria asked again.

“Yes, that’s exactly what happened.” Liz said.

“Ok, that’s way freaky. Even for you.” She said sucking on her lollipop.

“Thanks Maria…” Liz said sarcastically.

“Well, are you going to tell Max?”

Liz thought for a moment. “No. I can’t, cause then he would know I have those dreams about him.”

“God Liz, there just normal teenage, hormonal dreams!” Maria yelled.

A group of students started laughing and Liz ducked her head in embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry, Liz! I kinda forgot we were in school…You know what girl talk does to me.”

“Yeah…Maria I’m not feeling too well. I think I’m gonna go home.” Liz said.

“What’s wrong? Want me to drive you?”

“No, I’ll be fine. Probably just a bug. I’ll call you later.” Liz said taking off towards the doors.


Liz closed her bedroom door behind her and laid her head on the door. She sighed and dropped her backpack.

I need to relax… She thought running her hand through her hair. She took her bathrobe off it’s hanger and headed into the bathroom. She undressed and began to run a bath. Liz got into the hot water and instantly felt her muscles loosen up. She reached for her walkman and put her earphones on. Soothing alternative music filled her ears, and Liz felt much better. She laid there and envisioned Max’s face…His eyes, his smile and his kiss. She didn’t care about his past, she knew she was his future.

“You’re his nothing, Liz. He promised me we’d be together forever.” Said a voice.

Liz opened her eyes alarmed and saw a smirking face staring done at her.

“You’re nothing.” She said once more, her blue eyes piercing Liz with fear.

Liz shut her eyes tightly trying to make the girl go away, and when she opened them again, she was gone. And there was no trace the girl was ever there.

“It was Ava,” Liz said. “What’s happening to me?”

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Morrigan Undomiel originally wrote:

great part!

Hee hee, thanks, and are you sure it's Ava? *wink* Remember this is before Tess came to town so...hmm....*wink* LOL

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Hey all!*happy* Sorry this part took so long to get out. Here we go!


Liz walked down the halls of West Roswell High in a daze. What was happening to her? Was she started to imagine things? She didn’t even notice Maria wave to her and say hi.

She continued walking down the corridors till she spotted Isabel talking to a petite girl with short, blonde, curly hair. “Ava.” Liz whispered. She was sure it was her.

She walked swiftly to Isabel and Ava. She placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder and spun her around. It wasn’t Ava.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.” Liz apologized embarrassed. She couldn’t believe how paranoid she had gotten since the bathtub incident.

“What was that about, Liz?” Isabel questioned when the girl left.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just thought I knew her from somewhere.”

“From where?” Isabel furthered.

“Um, from the Crashdown. That’s all.” Liz lied.

“Oh.” Isabel said clearly not convinced.

Liz suddenly felt dizzy and flushed. She put a hand on a nearby locker, and took a few deep breaths. She felt a tightness in her chest, and felt as though she was about to pass out.

“Are you ok?” Isabel asked putting a hand on Liz’s arm.

“I…” Liz’s voice drifted off and she saw everything go black.

Isabel caught Liz as she passed out, and called for Alex as she saw him down the hall. “Alex, hurry!”

Alex jogged over to the girl’s and picked Liz up from Isabel. They brought her to the nurse’s station, where Liz was laid on a bed. Alex sat beside her stroking her forehead.

“She’ll be fine. Seems like she has the flu.” The nurse said laying a cold cloth on Liz’s head.

“Where am I? Alex?” Liz said finally waking.

“Hey there Parker. You gave me and Isabel quite a scare there. You alright?” Alex said with a smile.

“Yeah, I feel fine.” Liz said shaking her head.

“Are you sure?” The nurse asked.

“Yeah, I’m positive. Can I go to class now please?”

“I guess so. But if you feel sick again, sign out and go home alright?”

Liz nodded and Alex helped her off the bed and back into the hall.

“What happened, Liz? Isabel said you passed out.”

“Um, yeah, I just have this flu. But I feel fine now.” Liz bite her bottom lip. She didn’t feel fine. Her head felt like it was about to explode.

“Well, alright. I’ll see you at lunch ok?” He said giving her a small hug.

“Alright, later Alex.” Liz said slowly making her way to her science class.

She took another deep breath before preparing to go inside. She knocked first, then opened the door. Max automatically looked at her, locked eyes, and gave her a concerned look. She tried to smile, but it faded when she saw who was sitting beside him. In her spot sat Ava.


“It was her, Maria. It was Ava. I’d know that face anywhere.”

“Ok, wait. You took a bath and she was there? Like threatening you? Then today you see her in science class taking your seat beside Max?” Maria tried to understand.

“And you should saw the smirk she gave me, Maria. When Mrs. Hardy told me to go sit in the back she turned to me and just…I don’t know…She scares me.”

“If your this worried Liz, you have to tell Max. This Ava-”

“Tess. Her name is Tess Harding. I guess her alien name is Ava.”

“Ok, well this Tess is an alien, and Max, Michael and Isabel need to know about it. What if she’s some evil alien? I mean she attacked you already. What if she goes after them next? They need to know Liz.”

“Your right. Tonight. We’ll have a meeting in the Crash after closing and I’ll tell them everything.” Liz said with a nod.

“Alright. And I’ll be there with you if you need support ok?” Maria said offering a smile.

“Thanks. Well, we better go feed the hungry tourists.” Liz joked adjusting her alien antennas.

They walked out of the back room. “Have you go to talk to Max yet?” Maria asked.

“Not really. I was gonna talk to him in science class, but you know.”

“There he is. I think he’s waiting for you.” Maria said giving Liz a little shove.

Liz walked over to Max’s booth and sat opposite him. “Hey.”

“Hey. Look Liz, I’m really sorry about last night, I-”

“Max it wasn’t your fault at all. I was just shocked, that’s all.” She smiled at him.

He smiled back, relief flooding his face. He reached over the table and kissed her softly. “I love you,” He whispered.

“I love you.” She whispered back. Thank god it’s resolved, she thought. She felt so stupid for letting something like that almost ruin their entire relationship.

“Max, I need to talk to you tonight. To all of you. There’s something I need to tell you.” She said turning serious.

“Is something wrong?” Max asked, taking her hand.

“I can’t explain now. Just please come here with Michael and Isabel after closing.” She said giving him one last kiss before going to work.


“A forth alien? Tess?” Max asked confused.

Liz had explained the story the best she could, even giving details about the dreams she had which caused Maria to break into fits of giggles at certain points.

“Yes. And I don’t think she’s friendly. I think she may be messing with my mind. Literally.”

“What like with some power?” Isabel asked.

“I don’t know…Maybe.” Liz said with a sigh. It was difficult to explain.

“Well figure it out, Liz. This may not be important to you, but it is to us.” Michael said harshly.

“Michael.” Isabel said turning to give him a look. She had been there when Liz collapsed, and now knowing it had to do with Tess, she didn’t want to upset Liz.

“Look, let’s all just calm down and try to figure this out. Liz got flashes of a past version of Max and Tess. They were married. Now Ava is back as Tess and she wants Max. So she wants Liz out of the way. That’s why she’s messing with Liz’s mind and scaring her. She’s probably even controlling those flashes as well.” Alex summed up.

“That makes sense…Tess is probably controlling those flashes somehow. Feeding her memories to Liz to hurt her.” Maria said with anger. “Stupid bitch.”

“Ok, so what do we do Max?” Isabel asked. Everyone turned to him.

“We keep Liz out of harm’s way. It’s obvious Tess wants to hurt her, but I won’t let that happen. And we watch her, surveillance. We need to figure everything about her out before we make a move.” Max answered.

“Or how about I go to her place right now and alien blast her?” Michael said.

“I’m up for that.” Maria agreed raising her hand.

“No. We have to find out more about Tess first. Then we’ll all decide how to take of this.” Max said sternly. He didn’t want Michael running off and doing something stupid.

“Ay, ay captain.” Michael said sarcastically.

“I’m gonna go home and take a sedative.” Alex announced getting out of the booth. “Night everybody.”

“We’ll give you a ride, Alex.” Isabel said following Alex out.

Michael let out with a gruff sound and stomped out. Maria followed him after saying goodbye to Liz.

“I’m really sorry bout all this Liz…God, I wish you never got dragged into all this. I’ve ruined your life.” Max said regretfully.

“Max, you’re an idiot.”

Max looked up at her surprised.

“You never ruined my life. You saved my life, and now you’ve made it complete. Please don’t ever think you’ve ruined it.” She kissed his lips passionately, trying to prove her point.

They continued kissing, each second heating their bodies up. Liz let herself bask in the feeling of Max around her until the honk of the jeep interrupted them.

“I guess I have to go.” Max said with a frown.

“Yeah…I’ll see you tomorrow.” Liz said with one more kiss.

“Call me if anything happens with Tess alright?”

Liz nodded and his kissed her cheek.

“You’re his nothing.” A cold voice played over in Liz’s head.

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Well here's part 4. *happy* I'm pretty sure it sucks, so sorry. *sad* The sex scene is dedicated to Kik, Heidi, and Danie for hounding me all night on the cherishing thread. *wink*


Isabel cringed at the cafeteria food selections. Something that looks like roast beef, something could possibly be fish, and cold chicken nuggets.

“I’ll have the chicken nuggets.” She said and accepted the plate from the cafeteria worker.

Isabel flipped her hair as she walked past a group of boys and went to sit at her usual table. “Gross,” She commented at the food. She waved her hand over the nuggets to heat them up.

“Is this seat taken?”

Isabel looked up and saw Tess Harding. “Oh, um, no, go ahead.” She stuttered.

Tess sat down and gave Isabel a wide smile. “Hi, I’m Tess Harding.”

“Isabel Evans.”

“Oh your Max’s sister! Were in science class together.” Tess said perkily.

“Great…” Isabel said.

“Is it just me, or is Roswell the most boring city in the world?” Tess giggled.

“Yeah, it is. So, where are you from?”

“Everywhere. My dad is in the army.” Tess answered.

“The army? Really? So, why come to Roswell?” Isabel pressed.

“I’m not sure. My dad really doesn’t tell me much about it.” She said with a shrug.

“I see… What about the rest of your family? Mom? Brother? Sister?” Isabel leaned in closer.

“My mother isn’t in the uh…area. And I have one sister, Isabel.” She reached out and touched Isabel’s hand.


“Congratulations, Ava.”

“Thank you, Vilandra. I promise I will honour your brother for the rest of my life.”

“I’m sure you will. Welcome to the family.”


Isabel’s eyes widened and she stared back at Tess.

Tess gave her a nod. “You know it’s true, Vilandra.”

Isabel quickly got up from the table and ran out of the cafeteria.


“She did it to me too, Max! She’s scared Liz, now she’s doing it to me.” Isabel said pacing Max’s bedroom.

“Iz, just calm down…” Max said reaching out to her.

“No, I will not calm down, Max! I think it’s time to take care of her.”

Michael raised his eyebrow to Max.

“No. Not yet.” Max said. Everyone gave him questioning looks. “Soon, I promise. We just have to be sure.”

“Sure of what Maxwell?!?”

“Michael you of all people should understand this! Tess may be able to provide us the key to our home. To discover where we come from, and who we are.”

Michael sighed. “Fine, whatever.” He said climbing out of the window and taking off.

Isabel let out an angry sigh and slammed Max’s door on the way out.


“No, Maria, we are not having a party!” Liz said with a shake of her head.

“Come on, Lizzie! Your parents are out of town for the week! Pleeeeeeease??” Maria gave her a puppy dog face.


“Ok, fine. Can we have a sleepover tomorrow night at least?” Maria said with a wide smile.

“Of course.” Liz said in a fake French accent.

Maria laughed and gave Liz a hug. “Ok, I’m gonna go home now, so I’ll call you later alright?”

“Okay, bye Maria.”

Liz got off her bed, and headed over to her desk. She opened his history textbook and binder, and tried to finish her homework.

“This is hopeless.” She said after an hour of reading the same paragraph over.

She looked over at her bed, and although she was scared to have another one of those dreams, she was too tired to even try to stay awake.

“I’m ready to wake up.” Max said.

Tess leaned into him, and they melted into a kiss. They laid down on a blanket. Their hands entwined. Long, loving kisses being shared. In the light of the stars, they made love.

Liz sat up straight, tears running down her cheeks. Sobs racked her body violently. That was the worst dream she ever had. It was Max and Tess this time, not Zan and Ava. She cried loudly and let her head fall into her hands.


Max woke suddenly, and heard Liz cry. “Liz,” He whispered, frightened. He felt a tightening in his heart, a pain so unbearable he felt he was going to pass out. He threw on a pair of pants, not bothering to find a shirt, and grabbed his keys. He climbed out of his window, and hoped into his jeep. He sped to Liz’s house, and could hear her cries from outside. He climbed up the latter, and hoped into her room.

He saw her on her bed, crying, and whispering his name. He went straight to her and wrapped his arms around her.

Liz automatically knew it was him, and leaned her head on his shoulder. She wrapped her arms around his neck, glad to be safe with him.

“Max…” She sputtered. “I saw you…with her…with Tess.”

“With?” Max asked stroking her hair.

“Making love, Max.” Saying that brought on another fit of sobs.

“Oh god, Liz…I’m so sorry you saw that…But we never…I would never…You’re the only woman I want to make love to.”

Liz felt her heart melt. He wanted to make love to her. And Lord knows she wanted to make love to him.

“Max,” She whispered. “There’s one thing we can do that will guarantee we’ll never be apart.”

Max had a feeling about what she was going to say.

“Make love to me, Max.” She asked. Tears welled up in her eyes, she wanted to be one with him so badly it hurt.

“Are you sure, Liz?”

Liz answered with a scorching kiss.

“I guess that’s a yes.” Max said with a half smile.

Liz smiled and nodded. She ran her hands down his chest, drinking in the site of him. She placed her hands on either sides of his head, and brought his face to her. She kissed him softly, wanting to savour everything.

As they kissed, Max realized she was ready. She was sure, and there wasn’t a doubt in her mind. This made him smile.

“I love you.” He said before leaning in to kiss her neck.

Liz moaned in complete ecstasy. She never knew anything could feel so good. But she wanted more. She moved her hands down to Max’s pants, and undid them.

Max helped her get his pants off, never letting his lips leave hers. He reached down to the hem of her tank top, and pulled it over her head. He let his hands travel from her shoulders down her bare arms.

“Max, touch me.” She said looking deep into his eyes.

Max let his hands caress Liz’s breasts, taking in every moan Liz let out. Her groans helped Max gain more confidence. He then let his mouth replace his hands, and Liz almost screamed.

“Oh god…oh god…” She repeated over and over. She pulled off her pyjama bottoms and bucked her hips against Max.

“Max, now, please.” She begged, sweat glistening on her skin. “I’m on the pill.” She added. She made a mental note to thank Maria for that suggestion.

Max tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, and began to ease into her.

Liz closed her eyes, preparing for the pain but felt none. She looked down and saw a glow coming from Max’s hand.

She smiled. “Thank you.”

He smiled back at her and started to pump in and out of her. Liz’s mind spun as she felt everything she only dreamt of.

Closer and closer they both reached the edge. With one final kiss they came simultaneously.

They collapsed, both breathing heavily.

“We’ll be together forever now, Max.” Liz said with a content smile.

Max entwined their hands. “Forever.”

I'm so sorry people! I know the sex scene sucked!*sad*

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Hey everyone. *happy* Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm trying to write part 5 now, but I've got some writer's block. *sad* Bah humbug.

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An update is coming shortly. *happy* Thanks for putting up with me. *wink*
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I wrote this part as a releif part I guess you could call Tess/Ava to bring Max and Liz down. Just romance and cementing. *wink*


“Your glowing. Why are you glowing, Liz?” Maria asked, suspicious.

“Nothing!” Liz said with a smile.

“Yeah, sure, nothing.” Maria said unconvinced. Michael hit the bell, signalling an order up. “We’ll talk about this later.” As she went to collect the food.

Liz shook her head. Maria was her best friend, but she wasn’t sure if she should tell her about it. It seemed too special.

She felt a pair of arms snake around her waist. “Hey.” Max whispered in her ear.

“Hey.” She said back with a wide smile.

“So, how was your night?” Max asked casually.

“Mmm,” She kissed him. “Very,” Another kiss. “very good.”

“I’m glad,” He said in a way that made Liz feel dizzy.

“Yeah, and I was thinking of inviting Brad back to my place tonight. Another romp between the sheets.” Liz said with a wink, and walked back to the counter.

“Oh, Brad, I see. Well,” He walked up behind her, his growing erection prominent on her lower back. “Can he make you scream like I can?”

She gasped. It really was a good thing her parents weren’t in the remotely near vicinity last night that was for sure. She turned around and kissed him hard.

“I guess that’s a ‘no Max, no can make me scream and moan like you.’ Right?” He teased.

Liz laughed. “You really better go or…I might have to jump you. Like right now.” She said with all seriousness.

“That can be arranged.” He said with a smirk.

“Go. Now.” They moved closer together for one last kiss. He turned and left with a smile.

“My, my, my. Is it getting hot in here, or is just you two?” Maria asked.

Liz turned to her with an innocent look.

“Oh please. I heard you two talking. Hell, the entire restaurant heard. You guys should really practice being nonchalant.”

Liz blushed. When she was with Max, she kinda forgot about other things. Or people.

“God I never knew doing the deed would bring you two out of your shells. Of course I guess you have nothing to hide now so, it makes sense…” Maria began to ramble to herself.

“And how do you know we ‘did the deed’?”

“Oh of course you didn’t. Because Max would always come up to you with his soldier at full attention.” She answered sarcastically.

Liz sighed. She had a point. Max certainly was more…outgoing, since they made love.

“Ha! I’m right. You did do it! I want details. Come on, let’s take a break.” Maria grabbed Liz’s wrist and pulled her into the backroom.

They sat down facing each other.

“So, spill!”

“Maria, there’s not much to say. We made love. End of story.” Liz said.

“Yeah, ok there buddy. Just last night you and your soulmate became one and you say ‘end of story’? Nuh uh.”

“Maria! Ok, look, it was beautiful. It was the most wonderful, exciting, fulfilling night of my entire life.”

“That’s a start…” Maria said with a nod.

Liz huffed and went back into the restaurant.

Maria followed. “I don’t get it, Liz. Why don’t you wanna talk about this with me?” She asked hurt.

Liz stopped. She pretended to be in Maria’s shoes and realized how much that must hurt. “Listen, Maria, you’re my best friend, and I do wanna talk to you about this, but to an extent. It’s just a very personal thing between me and Max. It feels…special, I guess.”

Maria gave her a smile. “It’s alright. I guess I was being a little pushy about it. I’m just excited!” Maria gave a wide smile and embraced Liz.

Liz hugged her back, relieved Maria understood. “Oh and thanks for convincing me to go the Pill.”

“No prob. I knew it was only a matter of time.”

They laughed together and continued their gruelling day of waitressing.


“Max, where you last night?” Isabel questioned.

Max turned to her and looked down.

“Oh my god, you were at Liz’s.” She stated.

“Don’t worry, Iz, it’s gonna be ok.”

“Alright? You had sex with her Max! Did you even think about the consequences? We know nothing about ourselves. What if she gets pregnant, Max?!? What then? She gives birth to an alien baby? Great way to not draw attention to ourselves.”

Max sighed. A part of him knew she was right. “Isabel, I know your concerned, but just trust me on this one. It’s going to be alright. I can feel it.”

“Feel this.” Michael said. He was at the window listening to the conversation before entering and punching Max.

“Max!” Isabel shouted and bent down to his side. “Michael, calm down!” She insisted.

“What the hell were you thinking Maxwell? Since when do you let your dick do all the decision making?!?”

“That’s enough!” Isabel yelled.

“I know your both upset with me, but I love her. I love her more then anything in this world. Or any other. And that will not change no matter what.” Max said heading to the door.

“Max, you leave this house and go to Liz, you leave us.” Michael stated.

“Michael,” Isabel said with shock.

Max gave them both one last look and walked out the door.

“Shoulda known he’d pick Liz over us.” Michael said angrily.


Liz ran a check list over in her mind. Candles, music, and no Maria. Got it. She thought.

Max looked into Liz’s window and saw her examining herself in the mirror. She picked up her comb, and starting on her hair again. He smiled faintly and gently tapped at the window.

Liz looked up, and smiled when she saw it was Max. But she knew something wasn’t right. She walked over and opened the window for him.

“Hi,” He said reaching in the open window to caress her cheek.

“Hey, Max. What’s wrong?” She said taking the hand that was on her cheek and leading him into her room.

“Just Michael and Isabel. They know.” He frowned.

“I guess it didn’t go too well then.” Liz said noticing he hadn’t looked up at her. She placed a hand under his chin and brought his face up so she could look at him. Liz gasped when she saw bruise Michael had left on Max’s eye.

“Oh god Max, does it hurt?” She wished she could heal it for him, like he had done for her.

“Not really.” He sensed her hesitation, and waved his hand over the offending bruise, healing it.

She relaxed slightly, knowing he wasn’t in anymore pain. At least not physically. “What did they say?” She asked softly, leading him over to her bed so they could sit down together.

“Well,” Max began pulling Liz onto his lap. “Isabel was pissed. She was just worried about the consequences though.”

“Like an alien baby?” Liz said trying to lighten the mood.

Max laughed a little. “Yeah, exactly. And Michael…Well, he said if I left the house, I would be leaving them.”

“Then why did you leave?”

“Because Liz, it was you. Them or you, and I will always choose you.” Max said absently letting his hands run through her hair.

“Max…” She said overwhelmed.

“I love you, Liz. I always have. Michael and Isabel will always be my brother and sister, but you’re my everything. I can’t live without you.”

Liz placed both her hands on Max’s face, and locked eyes with him. “I love you, and I’ll never leave you.” She leaned in closer, and kissed him, showing him how much she meant those words.

The simple kiss soon turned from love to lust, and their mutual need to be with each other grew by the second.

Liz, who was sitting on Max lap, straddled him. She unbuttoned his shirt, and found herself unable to control the erg to bring her lips down to his golden tanned chest and kiss, suck, and savour.

“Oh god Liz, you really have no idea what you do to me…” Max said.

Liz smiled up at him. “Then brace yourself.” She moved her small hands down to Max’s pants, and unzipped them. Liz pulled them, along with Max’s boxers, off.

“Liz, you know you don’t have to anything like that. I-”

Liz silenced him by bringing her mouth down onto his shaft. “Believe me, I really want to.” Liz said before lowering herself back down. I hope I’m doing this right… Liz thought as she licked the head.

Max let out a deep moan, and Liz took that as a sign she was doing something properly. He came harder, then he ever thought possible.

He manoeuvred himself from under Liz, and kissed her lips deeply. He moved to her throat and neck, leaving butterfly kisses. He slowly removed each piece of Liz’s clothing, letting Liz yearn for his touch.

“Max, I need you now. Please.” Liz begged.

Max positioned himself on top of her, and began to thrust in and out of her.

Liz thrust her hips to meet him pattern of pumping, and screamed as she came, and felt him come a few seconds later.

“I was right,” Max started, kissing her hand. “No one can make you scream like me.” He grinned.

Liz laughed and grabbed a pillow beside her to gently slap his head with.

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“This is not acceptable, Ava.” He said shaking his head at her.

“I know, Nasedo. I am trying my best but-”

“But nothing! You are a queen, you possess great power. Now use it.”

“I fill the human girl’s mind with dreams of Zan and I every night, but nothing has torn them apart!” She yelled, frustrated.

“Do what ever it takes, Ava. They are already cemented.” Nasedo said coolly.

Tess’s eyes filled with tears. “Cemented?”

“They made love, Tess.”

“So what? I can handle this. Just give me some time.”

“You have no time, Ava. Khivar is expecting you, the Royals, and Zan’s heir. And we both know Khivar will not wait for anything.” Nasedo said, leaving the room.

“I’m going to get you, bitch.”


Max watched Liz happily. The blanket was wrapped around her body, and she looked truly content. His mouth curved into a smile as he eyes began to flutter open.

“Morning.” He said with a smile.

“Morning.” She said back, shyly.

“Did you sleep ok?” Max asked tucking some hair behind her ear.

Liz nodded. “Yea, no Tess induced dreams.” She joked.

He smiled back weakly, the thought of Tess still making his skin crawl. He brightened with an idea. “How about some breakfast?”

Liz nodded, sensing he was up to something…

Max jumped out of bed and headed towards the kitchen down the hall. He began to raid the fridge.

Liz listened from her bedroom, and couldn’t help but chuckle as she heard the groans of frustration coming from him. She hadn’t gone food shopping since her parent’s left, so there really wasn’t much in the house.

Max did eventually make his way back to the bedroom with a tray of strawberries.

“Mmm, yummy.” Liz said, sitting up.

Max sat down beside her and proceeded to feed them to her. Each time a bit of juice would dribble down her chin, Max would kiss it off.

“We should do this every morning.” Liz said with a sigh.

“We should also do that every night.” Max countered.

“Hey, no complaints about that from me!” Liz said with a grin.

Max bent down to kiss her, and just as the kiss got more intense the phone rang.

“Damn you, Benjamin Franklin.” Liz said, leaning over to answer it. “Hello?”

“Liz? It’s Isabel. Is Max there?” She sounded frantic.

“Um, yeah, he is.” Liz handed the phone to him.


“Max, I’m worried about Michael. After you went to Liz’s last night he was really angry and he was saying something about taking matters into his own hands since you weren’t going to and…God Max, can you please come home? I’ve got a really bad feeling about this.”

“Iz, don’t worry. He’s gonna be fine. Me and Liz are on our way over.” Max hung up and gave Liz a apologetic look.

“Don’t worry about it. You can make it up to me somehow…” Liz said with a smirk.

“I plan to.” Max leaned over and kissed her again, when yet again, the phone rang.

Liz picked it up again, and before she even got a chance to say hello, she heard Isabel’s voice. “Stop making out and come over here now.” Then a dial tone.

“We better go.” She said getting up to get changed.

“Shouldn’t we take a shower?” Max asked innocently.

Liz gave him a look. “Yeah, like taking a shower wouldn’t slow us down by like a hour.”

Max gave in. “Ok, I see your point.”


Isabel paced her bedroom floor, biting her red painted nails. She heard her window begin to open and prayed it was Michael.

“Hey,” Max said. Him and Liz climbed through the window and it was obvious that they had used the jeep for more then just transportation on the way over there.

“God Max, Michael was right. Your dick is making all the decisions now.”

Max and Liz blushed at their obviousness.

“Look, I think Michael went to Tess’s house.” Isabel said jumping to the point.

“What?” Max said shocked.

“We need to go there now. If theirs one thing these dreams have taught me, it’s that Tess Harding will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Including hurting Michael.” Liz said, looking up to Max.

“Liz is right. We should call Alex and Maria and get over there.”

“I’ll call them,” Liz volunteered, taking out her cell phone.

Isabel went to Max. “Max what if she killed him?”

“She hasn’t. She wants something from the three of us. I know it.” Max answered.


“Drive faster!” Maria demanded from the back of the jeep.

“I’m driving as fast as I can!” Isabel yelled back.

Maria sank back into her seat, worry written across her face.

They pulled up into the Harding house driveway, and immediately everyone jumped out, preparing to just bust the door open.

Isabel took the lead by unlocking the door with her powers, and everyone followed her inside. “Oh god.” She said, covering her mouth to her hand.

“Welcome.” Said a cold voice.

The group turned to see him. To see Nasedo.

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Everyone stood frozen in their places. The Harding house was completely empty and cold. Just like Nasedo. On the walls were surveillance pictures of the six friends, and several charts drawn up regarding the aliens.

“What brings you all here?” Nasedo asked.

“Where’s Michael?” Max asked firmly.

“Rath, Michael as you call him, is not here.” He answered, his eyes never leaving the group.

“I don’t believe you,” Isabel started taking a step up. “He’s here.”

“He’s not here, Isabel. He never was.” The group turned to see Tess behind them. They were surrounded. Nasedo on one side, Tess on the other.

Tess joined Nasedo on the other side, and folder her arms across her chest.

“What do you want from us?” Max asked.

“Nothing at all, your Majesty. I am here to serve you, and Ava is your queen.”

“She is not my Queen.” Max said incredulously.

“I am, Max. It’s our destiny.”

“No. I don’t believe I could EVER be with someone like you.” Max retorted remembering all the horrible visions Tess had fed to Liz.

“Fine, don’t believe me. It’s fate. We belong together. Nothing or no one,” she paused to look at Liz. “Can come between it.”

Max protectively put his arm around Liz, and Maria step forward.

“Wanna bet?” She said, her eyes drilling holes into Tess’ head.

“Enough!” Nasedo cried out. “You all thought Rath was here. He is not. Where is he?”

“If we knew, would we be here?” Alex asked, sarcastically.

“Why do you even care?” Isabel chimed in.

“I am your protector. I was sent here to protect the Royal Four.” Nasedo answered in a mono-tone.

“What do you mean you were ‘sent here’?” Max asked.

“I was in the ship during the 1947 crash. I am a shape shifter. Purely Antarian.”

“Antarian?” Maria repeated.

“We come from the planet Antar.” Nasedo explained.

Isabel and Max looked at one another. They knew the name of their home planet.

“I have no time for questions. I must find Rath. He might be in danger.” Nasedo grabbed his coat and headed for the door.

“What sort of danger?” Maria asked frantic.

“I will reveal no information to one of your species.”

“Excuse me?” Maria said annoyed.

Alex stepped in front of her. “Is Michael going to be alright?”

Nasedo ignored the question and continued out the door. The group followed.

“Were coming.” Isabel stated.

“No, Princess, I cannot allow that.” He said. He raised his hand and an odd, green, glowing force field surrounded the Harding property.

“What did you do?” Max asked.

“What I have to do to protect you.” Nasedo got in his car and sped off.

Everyone, except Tess, tried to penetrate the invisible force field to no avail.

“Great so were like stuck here?” Liz asked.

“Seems that way…” Max replied.

“Why don’t you all just come back inside?” Tess asked.

“Because we don’t trust you.” Isabel answered coolly.

“I’m one of you. I would never to do anything to hurt you!” She pleaded.

“But you hurt the people who mean most to us.” Max said, anger evident in his voice.

“I’m sorry….All my life I’ve been raised by Nasedo. I’ve never known anything but what he’s told me.”

“I don’t buy it.” Maria said brushing past Tess, into the house.

Everyone else followed suit.

“Make yourself at home.” Tess said flatly, as she went upstairs to her bedroom.

“I hate being here…” Liz said her voice cracking slightly. She knew no one wanted to be there, but they never knew how cruel Tess could be. But she knew.

“We’ll get out, I promise.” Max whispered, wrapping his arms around her.

Liz lay her head on his chest, taking a moment to relax and forget about everything.

Alex took Isabel in his arms as well, leaving Maria to sit down on a kitchen stool.

Liz looked at her best friend, who was obviously worried about Michael. She went over to her and gave her hug. “Don’t worry. Michael is going to fine.”

“I wish I could believe that…” Maria mumbled, her head buried into Liz’s shoulder.

“Come on, Maria. Do you honestly think Michael would go out without putting up a hell of a good fight?” Alex said arching an eyebrow.

Maria chuckled a bit. “Maybe he’ll pull a Tyson.” She joked.

Liz smiled. There was her Maria. Always positive. She linked arms with her and walked back over to wear Max was sitting. Liz climbed into his lap, and Maria sat beside them.

“Hello there.” Max said with a teasing smile.

Liz returned her own smile.

“What are we gonna do, Max?” Isabel asked.

“Wait. There’s nothing more we can do. Besides, Nasedo said Michael might be in danger. Chances are he’s somewhere getting his frustrations out. He was pretty mad at me before.”

“I hope so…I really hope so.” Isabel whispered quietly to herself, looking pensively out the window.

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