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Cover by Angelic.

Title: Unhealthy Obsession
Author: Justine
Disclaimer: Own nothing
Rated: PG-13
Category: M/L
Summary: Liz is obsessed with someone and so is Max. Just not the way you think it is.
Author's Note: Feedback Please

Part 1

Liz Point of View

I have this obsession. Alex and Maria said it's an 'Unhealthy Obsession'. To me I'm in love. This has been going on since 8th grade. The first time I feel this fluttering feeling in me. Sigh. He is everything I want.

"Liz!" Maria screamed at me. She hates it when I do this thing. You know thinking about him. I don't know why but she hates him. I don't get it. But them I'm in love. She disagree with me.

"Liz!" Alex said snapping his fingers. "Huh?"

"Liz this is 'Unhealthy'" she said. "Can it." I really don't need a lecture right now.

"I am going to class see you at lunch" I hollered at them. Finally alone. Did I mention that today is the first day of my junior year? Anyway this is the year I'll get him, to notice him. Yes. I think I have enough confident. I didn't tell them yet. They will definitely flip-out.

I walk past this corner and wham! I think I hit a wall but what the hell the wall's doing there for? It feels warm and there is an arm trying to steady me. Huh? Finally, I look and it's a guy not a wall. "Sorry, are you ok?" he asked me. I'm starting to feel this fluttering feeling. At this point I figure out why. Sean Harding and his jock friends just walk pass me and I'm starring at the back of his head. Sigh.

"Liz?" some called. And I get pulled back to reality. "Huh?" What happen? Oh yeah the wall and him. "Are you ok?" he asked. I looked up at him and the fluttering feeling is still there. Sigh. "I'm fine, um...sorry" I said to the wall uh guy. "Oh um...I'm gonna go" I said. Time to go to class and day dream about him.

"Right, bye" he said walking to the direction before this whole thing happened. I turn around to look back at him for some reason and the fluttering feeling...Sean. I think my love life just grew higher.

Max Point of View

I have this 'unhealthy obsession'. Michael and Isabel said it's a very 'unhealthy obsession'. So now it's called 'Max unhealthy obsession'. But I'm in love. This has been going on since 3rd grade. The first day of school, when I got off the bus. The first time I got this fluttering feeling. I bet most guy wouldn't admit the fluttering part. Sigh. She's everything.

"Max!" Isabel whined. She whines when I think about her. Because when I do I ignore her which she hates. She said something about nobody ignores her or something. Maybe it's a girl thing. Maybe it's that time of the month. She doesn't like her probably because I ignore her. Stupid.

"Max" Michael grunt. He grunts when he's annoyed. "Huh?"

"Max this is 'unhealthy'" She told me matter-of-factly. "I have to get to class" I said walking away from them. Their stupid lecture.

Today is the first day of my junior year. This is another year of the year before and before. The same thing. I'm not gonna be all macho and do anything about this obsession. One big thing about it is that she's in love with Sean Harding. Yeah that son of bitch who try to beat me but I kick his ass. I mean why him? She could do so much better. Like Yeah right. Keep dreaming.

I walk past this corner and whoosh! I think I hit a pillow...cushion? It's breathing. A breathing cushion...pillow? Finally I look down and it's her. I try to steady her with my arm. Holy crap it's her. Say something. "Um..sorry, are you ok?" I said. That was the best thing I came up with. Grand. Then I see her stare at something. I took a look and it's him. She's like starring at him like he's the only thing in the world. I'm getting jealous. But I'm not supposed to. She's not mine. But...

"Liz?" I called out. She's probably daydreaming about him. "Huh?" She said confused. See told you she was daydreaming. "I'm" she said to me. "Oh um..I'm gonna go" she said making her way. She doesn't like me. "Right, bye" I said. What the hell am I supposed to do?

I had Liz Parker in my arm. And then reality came and slap me in the face.

Part 2 below.

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Author's Note. New part is after it.

it was a GOOD story! and post more soon!
This is all you can write? Come up with something next time. And you wanted to be number 1 feedbacker for my new story. But you were to slow. Loser. Ha. Write a page next time. I'll be happy.*tongue*

Pixie- Eventually she'll fine out that she loves Max.

tyranese- Yep it's Sean. I didn't want to use Kyle.

Loralee0607- She will forget him soon.

Lana Lane- You know Sean isn't all that bad. I just use him instead of Kyle. But in this story you're suppose to not like him. Yada yada. I'm ranting. Max will figure something out soon. He should.

jeremiah- Thanks.

miss dreamergal- You thought wrong. Nope not Max. Anyway it will be.

MariaG- Relate to him? So your like in love with someone? Since this story is happy ending hope yours is too. I don't think Tess gonna be in this story I just wanted to use her last name. I didn't want Maria to be related to Sean.

wild_child_uk- She will definitely get over her obsession.

FreeFall- She probably never thought that the fluttering feeling isn't from Sean. But from Max. She realize later on. It's only the beginning.

Calinia- Most likely everyone would think that Liz is in love with Max but nope not yet.
I looked up at him and the fluttering feeling is still there.
That's definitely a meaning. She just doesn't realize that she's attracted to Max yet. Sean is to blame for cause he's making her have mixed feeling.*big*

JaneLane- Thanks.

goddessgurl5000- Yeah I know ew. But she'll notice him later on.

Thanks for all the feedbacks! Hope you enjoy this part!


Part 2

Liz Point of View

Lunchtime are great. I can stare at him and dream. He has those nice blue eyes. Dreamy. "Hey, there's other people in line here, you don't have all day" the guy in back of me said. "Sorry" I said. The things the guy makes me do. I got my sandwich, 7Up, and chocolate pudding. Yummy. I paid that lunch lady and walked towards my table and boom!

Some idiot just bump into my back and now my lunch is on the floor. Stupid. Before I got to say anything the bumper yelled, "Hey watch where you're going" I turn around and it's him. His voice. " Sorry" I mumbled.

Oh my god! Sean Harding bumped into me. Which mean there is body contact right? Whoa. There's that fluttering feeling. Maria gonna make me sniff some weird stuff if I told her. Something about it's was a bump not contact. I bend down and about to put my lunch back on the tray when the wall...uh guy came. "Can I help you?" He asked. I nodded my head. "" He started.

"Liz!" Maria yelled. "Yeah?" I turn my head around. I wonder if Maria saw the whole thing? I guess I did some progress so far in getting Sean to notice me. Just not the way I want to. The feeling. "Alex is going to spill his secret!" She said excited. What secret? Can't miss this. "Coming" I told her. I turn back around and that guy is gone. Weird. And the fluttering feeling is gone.

I walk to out table and plop down next to Maria. "What was that?" she asked. Huh? "What?" I said confused. What the hell is going on that I don't know. "You know what. Sean. What just happen?" Alex said. Flutter and contact. " We had body contact." I gushed. I look at them no pleasing faces. Maria just slap her own face. Alex look like his eyes are gonna pop out. "What?" I asked. "Nothing" they mumbled. "What's the secret?" I asked. Maria did mention Alex secret. They just groaned. I just don't get them.

"You know that guy that was helping you?" Maria asked. What guy? Oh yeah. That wall guy. I can't help it. He's hard like wall. "Him? I bump into him today" I said like it was nothing which it is. What are we talking about him and not Sean? "He's cute, I can't believe he never dated" She said. Is he that interesting? The fluttering feeling is appearing again. Oh yeah Sean is just a couple tables away. "Why don't you ask him out?" I asked. If she thinks he's cute then ask him out. Right? Wait. This is like my situation. I should just ask Sean out. But he's popular jock and he can have anyone but me. Sigh.

"He's friend is cuter and hotter" She said licking her lips. She definitely likes him better." I like his sister" Alex said dreamily. We looked at him with wide eye. "Isabel?" Maria said. Sister? "He has a sister?" I asked. They looked at me and rolled their eyes. "Are they new?" I asked. What's with the rolling eye thing? "Since 3rd grade" Maria said frustrated. "Unhealthy" Alex said making quotation mark with his finger. "3rd grade?" I said disbelievingly. They let out a big huff. " I'm in love with him" I said with a goofy grin. He is the one. " Oh how I wanna kill him" I heard Maria mumbled. What's so bad about him?

Max Point of View

We eat lunch outside so I can't stare at her. I love her hair it look like silk. If only I can touch it. Man. Those lips are so kissable. Those eyes- "Max what the hell are you standing there for? Our table is over there" Isabel whined. "It's probably one of those PG-13 dream" Michael said smirking. Hey I'm a teenage boy so it can go further. " need to know that." Isabel said making a disgusted face. They're both pain in the ass. "Whatever" I said to them. I point my finger to the direction of the cafeteria. I need a soda.

Let's see. 7Up. Coke. Pepsi. Sprite. Cherry Coke. Vanilla Coke? Since when did they have Vanilla coke? I should try it. New and all. I put in my dollar and press the button for Vanilla coke and you hear the sound and there it is. My Vanilla Coke. Yum.

Just when I was gonna leave with my Vanilla coke I saw Sean bump into Liz and yelled, "Hey watch where you're going." That bastard should be the one who should watch where he's walking. I can feel my fist clenching the soda. Clenching? It must be really bad. And plus you don't want your Vanilla coke to spill right. Then I hear her mumbled something. Sorry?

I walk towards her and asked, "Can I help you?" I wonder if she remember me from this morning? She nodded her head. Maybe I should like talk to her maybe we can be friends you know. "So...uh..." I started. But then I got cut off since Maria is calling her. Thank you. I think I would of made myself a fool. Whew. That was close. They're talking. I think I should leave or we'll have this awkwardness. What am I gonna say anyway. Way to chicken. I'm such a wuss. So I put everything back on her tray and left.

"What the hell took you so long?" Michael asked. "Nothing" I told him. This whole thing is so complicated. Why can't it be different? If I told Michael this he would definitely call me a wuss. "Look" I said showing them my Vanilla coke. "Nice" Michael said. "Fattening" Isabel said eating her salad. She is such a diet freak.

"Hey do you know her friend? That pixie?" He asked. Who's her? Pixie? Wait. Maria? Her as in Liz? "Maria" I said weirdly. He named her? What does Maria got to do with Michael? No way. No way. Maybe he likes her. Holy shit. "You name her already?" I asked smiling. " Whatever" He grunted flicking a carrot at me. "Hey!" I said about getting ready to chug my Vanilla coke at Michael. "Hello are you guys like what? 12?" Isabel said annoyed and of coarse rolling her eyes. She's the party pooper.

"We're going to the CrashDown after school right?" I asked perking up. Perking up? guys don't perk up. This is bad. But you know Liz works there. So perking up is ok right? Yeah perky. "Aren't we always?" Isabel said annoyed. " Max needs his daily needs of starring at Liz, of coarse we can't miss it right Maxie boy?" Michael said. "Maria is there you know" I said trying to convince Michael and trying to ignore what he said. There's no need to convince them cause we are going. He narrowed his eyes at me and grunt, "Shut up." Score 1 point for Max.


Part 3 on Page 2

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Author's Note. Part 3 is after this.

azndruggie- You will post a reply cause I'm gonna make you. Ha. Thanks for the whole story part of what you think.

Shama- Yeah she likes him more like inlove. And everyone else thing it's digusting. Thanks for the bump.


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Lana Lane- Soon? Maybe not soon but you know later.

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Calinia- Alex's secret was something Maria and him said so they can get Liz to talk to them. I don't know. Maybe Alex secret can be him and Isabel are dating. Who knows.

Frenchkiss70- Hilarious? I didn't know it was hilarious. Wow.

cybrwench- Glad you like it.

Pixie- Love it? Wow. Didn't know this was lovable.*big*

Thanks for all the feedbacks and bumps. Makes me *big*. Here's the new part.

Part 3

Liz Point of View

The great thing about being a waitress in the CrashDown is my parents own it and that Sean comes here. Well it's not exactly just him it's his whole group. His jock friends and sometimes with those snotty cheerleaders. But at least he comes here. He always orders Space fries and Mountain Dew. Yeah I remember what he orders. Maria went ballistic when I told her.

"Liz" Maria said. Before I said anything she continue, "Losers here." That stands for Sean and his friends. "Maria" I said. "I don't get it why do they always sit in my section. I hate him and I hate them" Maria said huffing. I of coarse have to take their order well I want to. I waited till all of them sat down and walked over to their table. "Welcome to the CrashDown, I'm Liz, Can I take your order?" I asked plastering a real smile. Where are those butterflies? I hear the door open and look up to see who is was. It's the wall guy and his group. Nothing. Then I felt the fluttering feeling. "You can get us 12 Space fries and 12 Mountain Dew, sweetie" Sean said slapping my ass as a get going.

I have a shock face right now. Oh my god. Thank god my dad isn't here or he'll go more ballistic then Maria. He touched my ass. Whoa. I walk towards the counter and place my order before looking Maria. She's shooting death rays at him. I think she wants to beat the living crap out of him. Maria grab her order book and walk pass me muttering, " Dog." I think I'm embarrassed and fluttering.

I went to the back room and sat down on the couch. Thinking. Just maybe Sean likes me. He did hit my ass. That is something right? If it meant anything to Maria it would mean that that guy is a perverted, disgusting pig or dog. Yeah that's what Maria will think. Alex? He would say that he those that all the time. Yeah. " Liz, order up" Jose yelled from the kitchen.

I walked out and saw Maria sitting with the wall guy and his friends chatting. Since when is Maria friends with them. I walk over to Sean's table and hand them their fries and their drinks. They're laughing at something. Who knows? Maybe it's football thing. His laugh is great.

Max Point of View

"There's other girls out there who is dying to go out with you" Isabel said. She's trying to convince me o stop stalking her. Which is not working. And of coarse I say this, "What girls?" This is normal. Before we go to the CrashDown Isabel does her convincing and Michael just tune us out and wish he can blare out Metallica but he can't. "Hello Max half the population at school wants to go out with you" She said, " and you too Michael." Oh yeah she also tries to convince Michael to go out. " I don't go out on dates" Michael grunted. " You guys are impossible" She huffed. Don't we know it. "We're here" I said parking the car.

We always sit in the same booth. It's a habit. And plus it's in Liz's section. I sat down and look around for here. There she is walking toward Sean's table in Maria section. "Look at her, Max she likes him not you" Isabel said matter-of-factly. " I know" I said sadly. She just shakes her head. I look up in time to see Sean's hand slapping her ass. What the hell? That pervert. How can he do that to my Liz? My Liz? God I have it bad. Wait I always did.

"Welcome to CrashDown, I'm Maria, can I take your order?" I heard someone asked. At this point I'm still starring at him. "Sean? Yeah I know. I wanna kill him too" the girl said. I growled. This time I look up to see who it is. It's Maria. I did not do that in front of her. I just growled. I can feel the warmness now. This is really embarrassing.

"That is so cute" she gushed. I blush even more. Isabel and Michael looked at her strangely. " Your ears are red too. Too cute" She said. God my ears are red too. Since when can ears change color? "So why do you want to kill him?" she asked. What am I gonna tell her? "She likes Liz" Isabel said. I slump my shoulders. So much for help. It is some secret "Really?" she said looking all giddy. I blush even more. Now Liz best friend knows. What if she tells her. Oh god.

She plops next to me and said, " This is perfect." Perfect for what? "Huh?" I said confused. " You" She said pointing at me, " Are going to be the person to snap out of poor Lizzie." Ok. I don't get it. I look at her all-weird. "This is not happening" I heard Isabel murmured. Am I the only one not getting this? I look over at Michael, he looks weird. I think he's starring at the girl next to me. I knew it. Michael has a crush on Maria. Ha. Get to make fun of him later.

"Never mind. I need to talk to Alex. I'll come up with something all of us can do." She said. It seems like she's jumping up and down but she isn't. I think she's quirky. " What about our order?" Michael grunted. I knew it. " Be right back" she said walking towards the back room.

This is strangest experience in the CrashDown.


Part 4 on Page 4

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Author's Note. Part 4 is after this.

azndruggie- Thanks for letting me know about the she and he. Hope you like this part. Thanks for the feedback.

DragonFire- Thanks for the feedback.

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Calinia- Liz gets butterfly feeling around Max she just doesn't realize it cause Sean also happens to be there. Michael likes her just won't admit it. I think they'll get together themself in their own way. Enjoy this part! Thanks for the feedback and bumps.

mermaidgirl- Thanks for the feedback and bumps. Hope ya like this part.

Lana Lane- Thanks for the hug. Enjoy this part! Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you! again.*happy* Enjoy!

Here's Part 4

Part 4

Sean Point of View

Last night with Valerie was lame. She sucks at it. I need someone new. Someone who would do anything for me. Wait. The whole school loves me. I got them wrap around my finger. They'll do anything I want. But who?

"Sup? Man" Eddie said. "Nothing, Just thinking for a new target" I said to him. Jill, Lilly, Tally, Lana, Anna, Fontana, no no cheerleaders. Maybe someone smart. Someone who can help me in bio. "Now anyone that's new and good in bio" I asked him. "What? What kind of question is that? Dude, Liz Parker has her eyes on you since 8th grade, man." He told me.

Liz Parker? How does she look like? "Blonde?" I asked. "No, brown man, she's an easy laid" he said with a smile. I like blonde more fun. "Nah, brown heads or too hard" I said. I definitely know that for a fact. Uh. Jen gives me the creeps. " Yeah Jen. She's freaky. How 'bout a bet?" he said. Bet? There's no way Sean Harding will back down. " You're on" I said. I'm gonna win. "My party. That night. $50 bucks." Tommy said with his hand out. I shook on it. A new prey to catch. "Know what she looks like?" I asked. "Right there man" he said pointing to a girl who's carrying tons of books. AP Biology. Maybe this time I'll past with an A.

I walk towards her and took the books out of her hands. "Hey, need some help?" I asked giving her my trademark smile. She looks shock. I wonder if she's gonna faint like Jamie. "Um..yeah" she said uneasily. "Liz..right?" I asked her. "Yeah" she replied. This is going easier than I thought. Should I first get to know her or cut to the chase? Since when do I get to know girls? They're just toys. "So which class are you going to?" I asked. I look around and all the girls are definitely checking me out. Maybe I'll play with her after Lizzie here.

"Bio" she said. I walk to her class and gave her, her books. "So I was wondering if you would like to go to Eddie's party with me?" I asked her plastering the trademark grin. She just drops her book. "Wh-What?" she said looking all surprise. "Would you like to be my date for Eddie's Party, Friday night?" I asked again. "Yeah-definitely" she said smiling. Score for Sean.

"Meet you there" I said. $50 bucks richer. She just nodded her. I walk out and gave her one last smile, which will definitely make her melt. Oh yeah and the books. I guess she isn't hard like Jen. I shiver at that thought. She kneed me in the crotch and sprayed me with pepper spray. That was the worst day ever. Brown heads. Thank god Liz isn't like that? Or is she? Nah. She's in love with me. I know I'll do something sweet and she'll definitely be mine. There's that slut Pam. "Hey Pam, wanna go check out the eraser room?" I asked her.

Liz Point of View

I have the fluttering feeling right now which I don't know why. It's like something good is going to happen. I got out my books for bio. "Liz" Ms. Brastal called out. She's my bio teacher. "Yeah?" I asked. "Here take this book to my class, thanks sweetie" she said dumping the books on top of my book. "I can't carry these. It's heavy" I complained. "What? Oh yeah I gotta run" she said. She is mean. This is like 5 textbooks. Heavy stuff. And I need to talk to Maria.

I walk to Maria's locker and she's there talking to that Max guy. What? Since when did Maria talk to Max? Are they friends or what? This is weird. I need help. I look towards my right and there's Sean and his friend. I just smile. Before I know it someone took my book and said," Hey, need some help?" The voice sounds familiar. I look at the person and it's Sean. Sean is talking to me. He has that smile of his.

Wait. Sean is talking to me. Whoa. "Um..yeah" I said uneasily. This is not normal. "Liz..right?" he asked. So he knows part of my name. That's better than not knowing. "Yeah" I replied. There's got to be a reason he's talking to me right? Maybe he likes me. Oh my god. "So what class are you going?" he asked. He's going to walk me to class. Sean is walking next to Liz Parker. This is unbelievable. Can't wait till I tell Maria. She's gonna freak.

"Bio" I answered. Couldn't the class be further so he can walk with me longer? We're here. "So I was wondering if you would like to go to Eddie's party with me?" he asked plastering that grin of his. Wait. What? Huh? "Wh-What?" I said surprised. I am so stupid. I'm stuttering. It's yes. Hell yes. "Would you like to be my date for Eddie's party, Friday night?" he asked again. Yes. Yes. "Yeah-definitely" I said smiling. This is too good.

"Meet you there" he said. I have a date to Eddie's party. I nodded my head. Not just any date. I have a date with Sean Harding. He gave me one last smile and hand me those heavy books. I can just melt. Wait. I don't feel the melting. This is unusual. Oh well. I have a date with Sean on Friday. Oh my god. I walk into class and set the books down on her desk. I have a date-what am I gonna where?

Max Point of View

Michael said that I shouldn't listen to Maria or talk to her. If I did then I'll turn into her. Like all chirpy and all. I think he's just jealous that Maria would talk to me instead of him. I'm supposed to meet her by locker 3 minutes ago and she's late.

"Oh my god. I'm sooo sorry. I'm late. I ran all the way here." Maria said panting. "It's ok" I said. She should breathe in and out. In and out. "Ok. My plan is that we all go to Eddie's party together. Including Isabel and that idiot that's always with you" she said. I look out her and there's Liz and Sean. Talking. I'm jealous. What's so good about him?

"Max. Max are you listening to me?" Maria said snapping her fingers. "Look" I said. Sean is walking Liz to Bio when it's supposed to be me. That asshole. "No way that is not happening. No way Mr. Slut will want Liz in a relationship. I can't believe him." She said in anger. She's angry and I'm jealous.

"I'll tell you what I know tomorrow. And we can work this out" She said, "I gotta go. Bye." This whole me and Liz thing is not gonna happen. She wants Sean and he wants her. Sean and Liz. Liz and Sean. Max and Liz. That sounds way better. I really have it bad.

I walk into Bio. And there she is. Sitting there with a happy look. I wish it was me who did that not Sean. I can just feel myself. Heart broken? We're not even together. I guess I have to wait till Maria breaks the news.


Part 5 on Page 5

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Author's Note. Part 5 is after this. And an important note is after it.

mermaidgirl-Yeah I know poor Max. And I can't wait till Liz see the truth too. Thanks for the feedback and bumps.

Shama- Go ahead and slap Liz it's not gonna work. You definitely can hug Max. He would feel so much better. He is definitely irresistable. Every girl should want him. He has the whole package. There are some girls who are stalking him he just doesn't notice since he has his eyes for the one and only Liz parker.- I read 'I Won't Do That'. And I love it. I can't believe Max doesn't realize that his dream girl is LIz. It's frustrating. -I'm writing a lovable story*big* and an amazing writer*tongue*. Wow. Thanks. It means a lot. I think I'm a bad writer since writing is not my thing, I hate it. Thanks again. I'm gonna stop or I'm never gonna get to the next person. Thanks for the feedback and bumps. *happy*

Eccentric One- Damn. Sean is gonna do something to Liz. How do you know? Max to the rescue? Who knows. Thanks for the feedback.

roswellluver-Thanks for the feedback.

Dream Seeker- I'm honered that you're reading my story. Thanks. This is what I think. Since Liz is in love with Sean for so long she doesn't realize anything bad about him. She thinks he's some good guy or something. But later on she'll realize what a loser Sean is. Thanks for the feedback and bumps.*big*

MariaG- I'll let you know something. Liz is gonna do what the girl did to Sean. Permanet damage? Got any ideas? Maybe Liz will get to do more than she plan to. I'll add some M/M in the party for you. Maybe even their point of view. Thanks for the feedback and bumps.

frenchkiss70- Blind Liz. Thanks for the feedback.

Calinia- Liz getting ask out from the love of her life. I don't think she'll listen to Maria on this one. Liz an easy lay? Who knows. She might be more than what Sean thinks of her. I will add some M/M in the story. Maybe get their point of view. Thanks for the feedback.

buzzin' babe- Thanks for the feedback.

Lana Lane- Sorry, but when I wrote Lana it didn't really mean you. Sorry. I watch A Princess Diaries and in there there's 3 girls name Lana, Anna and Fontana. Did you watch it? Mandy Moore was Lana. I just wanted to use it. Sean is going to do something stupid at the party and Max to the rescue? Who knows. Glad you love this story. Hope you enjoy this part. Thanks for the feedback.

Coley- Soon they'll be together. But you have to wait. Thanks for the feedback.

azndruggie- Thanks for the feedback and bump.


Before you read Part 5. I want you to know that it's not about the party. The next part will be. I have an important note about the next part which is after part 5. So read it dont skip it. Sorry for taking so long. I was going to post on Monday but I was lazy and you know. On with the show.

Now here's Part 5

Part 5

Max Point of View

She was happy. She had a smile. What the hell did she and Sean talk about that makes her all happy? In 15 minutes I'll know. Maria said she found out and that she doesn't want to say it over the phone. She doesn't sound too happy. I wonder what is it that it has to wait. I'm nervous in a way right now. I mean I really really want to know. I'm desperate.

"What are we doing today?" Michael asked. I looked at him. He's lying on the floor starring up at the ceiling. "Do you like her?" I asked. Oh crap. I just didn't say that. "Maria?" he grunted. He does. See I didn't even say her name. He likes her. "I didn't say who her is." I said proudly. He looked at me wide eye then he narrows his eyes. "You like her." I stated. Then he does that wide eye and narrow eyes again. "No I don't" he said. Nothing is gonna work. He likes her.

"I'm telling Izzy" I told him grinning. "No" he said with anger. I walk into her room and she's doing her nails. Didn't she just do them like an hour ago? Anyway, need to get to business. "Hey Izzy, Michael likes Maria" I said with a grin. She looks up at me and then at Michael having me in a headlock. She smiles. Then she start teasing him, "Michael and Maria sitting in a tree, k-I-s-s-I-n-g, first comes love, second comes marriage, third comes a baby in a carriage." We always wanted to do that since he's always doing that to us. So now we finally can get back at him.

You should see his face. It's mix with anger, shock, embarrassment, and all the look he has all mixed. At this time I do the move I always do. I flip him over so he's on his back. "Aw" he said in pain. And Isabel is still singing that song or something. He gets up and goes over to Isabel and tickles her in the spot that we know best. "Stop…." She screamed. "Not until you stop singing that." He said. "Michael and Maria, sitting in a tree…." She said loudly and laughing like crazy. I just stand here and watch them. This is just like old time.

I look at my watch. We're 10 minutes late. "Michael, let's go, we're late." I said pulling off of her. "I'll get back at both of you." He said eyeing us. "Iz, you wanna go?" I asked her. For some reason she's barely hanging out with us. Wonder what she is up to? "No, I'm busy" she said the she yelled, "Michael look at what you did. You ruin my nails." We both look at her and go, "So?"

She gives us the evil eye. We just rolled our eyes. Girls. "Let's go." I said. In 5 minutes I'll know what Sean and Liz talked about. I mean what if he asks her out? Do you know how horrible that's gonna be? It be the end of the world for me. My dream. My everything. Oh god. "Max stop shitting in your pants. We're just going to the CrashDown." Michael said. I hit him in the arm. "Aw." He said faking it. We got in the car and Michael decides to blast his music.

He turns down the volume and asked me, "Liz doesn't work today. Why are we going?" "I need to talk to Maria" I replied. He starts shaking his head. "No not that weird girl, remember what I told you?" he said. "Hey you're the one that's going to marry her" I said grinning. That will definitely get him. "I am not marring that…that girl" he said. And I say this, "Michael and Maria sitting in a tree, k-I-s-s-I-n-g, first comes love, second comes marriage-" I never got to finish because he blast out that music of his. I just shake my head. We're here.

I walk in through the door and I see her sitting in our booth with her arms cross. I think this is a bad sign. I slide in the seat in front of her. "Hi" I said. "You're late" she said narrowing her eyes. "Weird" Michael whisper to me. "I pronounce you husband and wife" I replied back wait a smug. I look at Maria and she's looking at us strangely. "What?" we asked. She just shook her head. "Now on with the news" She said. Please let it be some homework help. Tutoring no date. "He asks her out. Friday. The party" she said with frustration.

My heart. Oh god. My broken, beaten heart. Ok. So it's not that bad. It's horrible when the girl of your dream goes out with the guy of her dream. Sigh. "I'm sorry" She said, " But we're going to change it." I look over at Michael and he's looking anywhere else but her. I think it's kinda awkward for him. "How?" I said desperately. "We're all going to the party together and I'm picking all of us." She said smiling. What the hell is that going to change anything? "I don't want to go the party" Michael said matter-of-factly. "You have to" she said. "No" "Yes" "No" "Yes". That goes on for a while till Michael finally said yes with anger. He wants to go but he won't admit it.

"I'll call you and be ready." Maria said. We nodded our head. I definitely don't want anymore yes's and no's. "Gotta go up and pick out an outfit for our Maxie here" she said pinching my cheek. "Aw" I said in pain. That hurts. She just smiles and goes upstairs. "Told you she's weird." He said to me. "Can it Michael, you like her." I said back to him.

Liz Point of View

I called Maria and Alex for an emergency meeting. And you know what? Alex said he's busy. My best friend can't be here for my good news. Sigh. At least Maria said she'll come a.s.a.p. I can't wait till I tell her about my date with Sean Harding. Oh and she can help me pick out my outfit.

"Hey Lizzie." Maria said walking in to my room. I smile at her. "What's with the smile?" she asked. I smile again, " I have a date on Friday for the party." Her eyes go wide, "Who?" She won't believe who's my date is. "Sean" I told her. She gave me a face with disgust. "Maria I know you don't like him, but he makes me happy, you know" I said to her. I still don't get it. What is so bad about Sean?

"I just don't want you to get hurt, you know, Sean is like…like.." Maria said. "A stud" I finished for her. She just let out a huff. I gave her a small smiled, " Help me pick an outfit, please?" She walks to my closet and started taking clothes out of it.
"Maria what are you doing?" I said to her. I work hard on making my clothes organize and here's Maria taking everything out and dumping it. "Sean is important, right?" she questioned. I nodded my head. Ok. Just this once

I still can't believe that I have a date with Sean Harding. He is the hottest guy ever. Right? Yeah. Oh my god. "Maria, I have a date with Sean" I said jumping up and down. "I know, I know" She said. It'll be perfect. I sat on my bed and watch Maria walk around and muttering to herself.

For some reason she keeps on checking the time. What's the hurry? "Let's see skirt? No… never know what that bastard might do" she muttered. I look over at her and said, "He's not a bastard." She just rolled her eyes.

"Oh…it's time, Liz. I'll be right back. 10 minutes" She said walking out of my room. I just nod my head. I look around my room the carpet. All scatter with clothes. At least it'll be worth it. I think I need a shake now.

I walk down to the CrashDown and went into the kitchen. There's Jose working the griller. And there's my dad taking order. And what there's Maria sitting in a booth. Looks like she's waiting for someone. I wonder who. I mean Maria tells me everything and she's not telling me this.

I front door open and there's Max and that guy walking towards Maria. And I got that fluttering feeling. That's weird. Maybe Sean is around or something. I look around and nope not here. Must be the date. Oh god. Anyway, I saw him talking to Maria in the morning and they're talking now. I shouldn't right? I mean I'm her best friend. I trust her. No need to spy on her. Right? If she doesn't want to tell she doesn't have to. Right.

O.k. I walk back upstairs totally forgetting my shake. I walk down again and there's Maria walking up. "Hey" I said. "I'm going up and wreck your room some more" she said to me with a grin. "Oh sure. Go on ahead. You know I'll get back at you for it" I told her. "In your dreams" she said back to me. I ignore her. Let's see my shake and I have a date with Sean. This can't get any better.


NOTE about the next part
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Part 6a on Page 7

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Here's the new part.

Part 6a

Maria Point of View

8:03 am

I'm late again. She would be so mad at me. Today is the big day. The day of the party. Which mean is the day of the date. Day, date what the hell? I can't believe this. Sean Harding male whore just asked Liz out a couple of days ago. I mean all these years he doesn't even she existed. And she doesn't even notice it.

I ran down the hall towards her locker. "Hi." I said breathing deeply. She doesn't look at me. She doesn't move. She's starring inside her locker. "Liz?" I said. Maybe she's not feeling good which mean she get to cancel her date. Maybe? "Liz" I said again. I peer inside the locker and there's a red rose there.

Red rose? Liz doesn't like red roses. And she's not talking to me because there's a red rose in her locker. Wait. Where did it come from? More like who did it come from? "Who is it from?" I asked her. She finally looks at me and said, "Sean." Oh that bastard. That male whore. That- "There's a note. I didn't read it yet." She said to me. What if she didn't read it yet how does she know its Sean? "You didn't read it yet?" I asked her. She shook her head.

Couple second past by. She didn't even move yet. What's taking so long? Oh right that's it. It's either male whore or some one else. I grab the note, open it and read it.

See you at the party tonight, sweet thing.


He wrote sweet thing. What kind of bastard would right sweet thing. This is killing me. "Here read it it's nothing." I said handing it to her. "Oh my god." She said. What? "What?" I asked. "I have a date with Sean Harding tonight." She said to me. She's happy. What can I do? She's my best friend. I want her happy. But it's…I can't do it.

"Li-" I didn't get to finish the damn bell rang. "Gotta go." She said. Sigh. I hate this.

10:25 am

Where's that stupid jock? Come on. There he is. Walking towards his locker. Thank god he's by himself. If his stupid jock friend were there it would have been harder. "Hey buddy." I said with disgust. He turns around and looks me up and down. Dog. "Face is up here." I said to this dumb jock. I think I'm going to explode. Or I'll blast off his head. This is getting me angry.

"Hey, sweet thing, what can I do for you?" he said. With that voice that's suppose to make girls melt. I said suppose right? It ain't working buddy. "Wanna go to the eraser room?" He asked touching my arm. Sick freakin' pervert. I backed away from him. "I rather kiss Michael Guerin than go anywhere with a bastard like you, especially in the eraser room." I said to him. Did I say Michael Guerin? Why did I say it? Oh my god. I said kiss. Stupid. Stupid. This is stupid. "So you wanna threesome?" He said. Those he thinks he's smart or something? I don't like him. " A friendly chit-chat." I said to him. "Fine your loss" He said resting his back against the locker.

"You have a date tonight. And if you do anything to her, Liz, I mean anything. I will hunt you down like a mangy dog you are." I said nicely. "Like you can do shit to me." He said. And with that I kneed him where most girls want a piece of and what he proudly loves. "Ow." He said falling to the ground. That showed him. Sucker.

12:15 pm

"So Alex got a date?" I asked him. We decide to sit outside today. We're under this tree. It's a nice tree. Yeah, weird, I know. "Uh…no, why would I?" he said stuffing his sandwich in his mouth. I nod my head. The only one here that has a date is Liz. Yeah Liz. I didn't tell her about the little friendly chitchat I had with Seanie. I need to tell Alex later. He'll be laughing his ass off.

"I have a date with Sean." She said. I just rolled my eyes. I heard enough. "What?!" Alex said. Poor, poor Alex. He really needs to get up to date with his best pals. But he's been busy these days. I wonder what the heck he does. "That was the important meeting you missed that day." Liz said pretending to be angry. "Sorry, I was busy." He said. "Busy with what?" I asked him. I should make him squirm. He's supposed to tell us about everything. Like how we tell him. "Um…nothing" he said uncomfortably. "Alex Whitman. Tell me now. Or I'll tell the world your deepest, darkest secret." I said narrowing my eyes. I don't think he has any deepest, darkest secret. Just making him squirm "Tonight, just wait." He said with a smile and half squirming. Well, I guess tonight is going to be full of guesses.

"Oh and one more thing. I invited some friends to come with us to the party. And I'm the driver." I said to them. Yes, my plan. "Who?" Liz asked. "You'll just have to wait." I told them. "Be at the Crash at 9:30."

2:52 pm

I don't get it. I'm always late. Everywhere I go I'm late. Why can't the timing be my timing? She's going to kill me. Tonight is going to be the big night and I'm late. I'm late. Damn it. I ran all the way upstairs and ran inside her room. I look around and she's not there. She's supposed to be in here and panic. I walk towards her balcony and she's writing in her journal. Ok. Breathe Maria. In and out. In and out.

"Liz, I am so sorry." I said to her. "You're finally here." She said closing her journal. I pick out two outfits for her. "Have you decide yet?" I asked. She shook her head. "Get in." I said. I grab the outfits and lay it on the bed. "Liz sits down. Put on some music." I said to her. Let's see. Should she wear a black skirt with a blue tank top? Or black hip hugger and a red 3-quarter sleeve shirt with some cleavage. Not enough for Sean taste. Which one would Max likes. Skirt. No. No. Sean you'll never know what that bastard is going to do. Ok. The pants and shirt. Perfect. Max would definitely go awed.

"Alright Liz, this one." I said pointing to it. "Ok." She replied. We need to do hair. We need to do make up. Hell, we need to do everything. Ok. Time to work. "Let's give you a make over." I said. Max would definitely be speechless.

4:30 pm

I think Liz's hair should be in curls. Just a little, not too much to make her look overdone. And I mean overdone. "Liz's I know what to do with your hair." I told her. "You're not going to dye it blue right?" She asked me with wide eyes. Ok. It was back in 8th grade. I heard some guy tell me about using Kool-Aid to dye your hair. So of coarse I used Liz's hair. And I had to use blueberry. And you know what? It worked. Yep. After she looks at herself she freaked. So did her parents. I was grounded for 1 week. I shook my head at her. "Ok than." She said. She sat down on the bed and I went to her bathroom and look for those curlers.

"Do you think something is up with Alex?" I asked her. There's definitely something he's hiding. And I can't wait till tonight to find out. "No. Not really." She said to me. That stupid bastard Sean has taking over her mind. I let out a sigh. I forgot something. "Liz, I'll be right back." I said to her. I walk out to her kitchen. Grab the phone and punch in those numbers.

"Hello." The person on the over line said. "Hi. Can I speak to Max?" I asked. "Hold on." He replied to me. "Hello." Max said. Ah. Finally. "Hey, Isabel is coming with us. Got it? She has to. Or this plan isn't going to work. Well, it's not really a plan but it's just something that should happen or force to happen. Ok. Yeah. Gotta go. Bye. Oh be at the CrashDown by 9:30. Right. Bye." I said and then I hung up.

That went perfectly. Wait. Damn it. I forgot to tell him who I am. How stupid am I? Oh well. He should know who it is. I walk back to Liz room. And grab a magazine, sat down, and relax.

9:29 pm

Everything is ready. It's perfect so far. Liz is ready. She looks nice and pretty. Breathtaking I tell you. Me. Yeah I'm ready. Just a tank top and hip hugger. Nothing special. I don't plan on talking to anyone tonight. I need to keep a good watch at Liz, Max and Sean. Alex is here. He's down in the back room. Liz is looking at herself in the mirror saying nothing. But I think she's saying oh my god over and over. And probably mentioning Sean's name. This is sick.

"Liz, let's go." I said to her. "I'm ok right?" She asked. We went over this so many times I'm getting a headache. "Yes." I said. I walk down the stairs with her following me. There's Alex pacing. Alex doesn't pace. Only I do. Something must be up. "Alex, you're pacing." I said to him. "So?" He said. "You don't pace, only Maria does." Liz said. He looked at us with his mouth open. I swear something is up. "Tell us, what's going on." I told her. He shook his head, "Later." I muttered, "Fine." "Go outside and check if Max, Michael and Isabel is here yet." I said. And you know what he does? He coughs and says, "Yeah." I'm thinking it has to do with probably Isabel. That must be something.

"They're coming with us?" She asked. "Yeah. Ok. I have something to give you." I said slowly. Take a breath Maria. She won't kill you for this one. I think. "I got something because I care for you, I don't want you to get hurt. This is a party and people get drunk and they sometime end up doing something bad." I stop. Take a breath. "Well, since you have a date with that bastard I got you this." I finished handing her the bottle. She read the label and look up at me, "Pepper spray?" I'm doing something for her. A good thing. "Yeah" I manage out. "Why don't you keep it?" She said to me. " I have one, and since I'm letting you go out with that maniac, just you know keep it for me, let you know that I care for you. You're my best friend." I said. "Fine, whatever." She said shoving it in her purse.

"They're here." Alex said sticking his head through the door. "Let's go." I said happily. This is going to be one hella party. We walk outside and they're there sitting in that same booth they sit in. Ok. Now time for the plan. Well, not really plan. But something. Better than nothing. I just hope everyone would cooperate. I sigh. "Hey guys." I greeted them. "Hey." They muttered out. Max is looking at I assume Liz with his mouth open. It must be the cleavage. Horny boy. Michael is looking down. Looks like he doesn't wanna be here. Well, I gotta change that. Isabel is avoiding what I think my best friend Alex here. Hm. Interesting. I turn around and look at Liz she's not looking at him. Poor Max. "What are you guys waiting for? Time to party." I said.

9:45 pm

I did my plan. Everyone looks fine except Liz and Max. I mean how bad can it be? When you have a chance to sit on a guys lap. It's not bad at all. If I had a chance I'll take it. But then it's Max and nah I don't like him that way. Still I wouldn't look terrible. I turn around and look at them. Liz is uncomfortable and so is Max. They look stiff. Gee what the hell is their problem? I got Michael to drive which mean I'm sitting in the front with him. I know it's really bad. Alex and Isabel are sitting next to each other. They look comfortable. They keep on looking at each other. And then there's Max with Liz on his lap. We all cram into my car. They said why? And I told them that you'll never know what's gonna happen so 1 car is better than 2 cars. Of coarse they started arguing and all. Then they all gave up. I win. In their face.

Michael parked the car and we all got out. I looked over at Liz and Max they look relieve. Hell is over for them. We're walking to the door. And the next we know. There's Alex and Isabel holding hand. As in hand in hand. So this was the big secret. They were together this hold time. How long? How long had he been keeping this? Some best friend he is. They're looking at me right now. I think they're waiting for me. I just glared at them. And so did Liz. We can talk later. "Time to party." I said.

I open the door and there are people everywhere. "Hello ladies." David slurred walking by. He's drunk. These junkies. "I'm gonna go fine him." Liz said with a smile. "Wait." I pulled her elbow, "Remember use it if anything happens." She nodded her head. I guess tonight I'm alone. No Alex and no Liz. I sigh. I look around. There's Michael and Max standing by the all. Wallflowers. What can I say? I walk over to them.

"Hey, hot stuff." I said playfully to them. They look at me all weird. "Tense, come on it's a party not glaring at people." I said to them. "I hate this." Michael said. What the hell is his problem? "What the hell is your problem?" I asked him with narrowed eyes, "It just started." We just got here like 5 minutes ago. "Nothing you would understand." How dare he? "And how would you know, Mr. Smartass." I said to him. "I'm leaving." He said walking away from us.

"Why did you do that?" Max asked. What did I do? "What?" I said dumbfounded. He just shakes his head. "You guys definitely don't know how to party." I said to him. If they want to be like that. Then let them be. I walk into another room. There's Hailey. Let's see what's the news here. Gossip "Hey Hailey." I greeted her. "Have you heard?" She said. "Heard what?" I asked her. "Sean asked Liz Parker to the party." She said. "What?" I heard some girl said. I look around there's a group of people forming around us. Oh great. Liz is in the gossip. "What? That smartass." Some girl said. "What is he doing with her?", "I am totally hotter than her and he asked her?" and there goes more and more. Damn it. I need to get out of her. I push past these girls.

This is jack shit. This is boring. I don't have my best friends, I don't have anyone. By the way where are they? I look in the living room where the jocks are. I think Sean is there. He should be. Which mean Liz is there. I walk in greeted by cheering and tons of beer breath. Ew. How can Liz stand this? There she is. Standing right in back of Sean. "Hey, Liz." I said to her. "Oh hey." She said back to me. "Having fun?" I asked with a boring tone. "Yeah I am." She said cheerfully. How can she have fun with him and these airheads? "Wanna go some where else?" I asked her. "No. I wanna stay here." She said to me. I gave her a small smile. I walk away from her and them.

10:27 pm

I been dancing since who knows when. This is so boring. Who knows how many guys I dance with? "Hey, can I cut in?" Some guy asked. I nodded my head. Who cares. I have my arms up dancing to the beat. And whoever that guy is, is putting his hand on my waist. And then he goes lower and lower. "Hey buddy." I said slapping his hand away. "Pervert." I screamed. I push past these sweating people that's going up and down and walk near the food area. I need something to drink. It's hot in here.

There's punch. I grab a cup and pour myself some. And I chug it down. I can feel the cool liquid down my throat. Feels good. "Looking hot out there." Some one said next to me. "Screw you." I said to that person. "Why don't you look hot for me upstairs?" he said smirking. Bastard. I pour myself another cup of punch and I turn around to face that guy and pour all over him. "Bastard." I said to him. Hope it stain his clothes. "My clothes." The guy screamed. What a loser.

I look up and there's Liz and Sean dancing. It's not really dancing. It's more like Sean touching her and Liz not noticing. What is wrong with here? I see Alex and Isabel dancing. They look happy. I don't see Max anywhere. And Michael, screw him too. Since this is one hell of a party I'm going to find Michael and annoy him like he does to me.

11:05 pm

It took me awhile to look for him. I check the whole damn house. I heard someone screaming a free Sean. Which I don't get it. But I'll get the news later. And you know where that idiot is? He's leaning his back against my car. My jetta. It's like he's waiting till we can go. Why don't he just walk home. I'm standing here. And he's standing there. He's looking down so I guess he doesn't know I'm here. I'll give him a surprise.

I walk silently towards him. When he's in front of me, I put my arms around his neck and said, "Hey hot stuff." I have no idea why I'm doing this. Fun I guess, since this party sucks. "Shit. What the hell are you doing? Get off of me. Damn it." He said shocked. I pulled my arm off of him. "It's a party have fun." I told him. "Then go in and find some other guy and have fun with him." He yelled at me. Anger management. "I wanna have fun with you." I said to him. He just shakes his head. "You annoy me you know that?" He asked me. I just nod my head with a smile. I walk to the hood of my car and sat on it.

"Let's do something fun." I said with confidence. I think we should do something out of the ordinary. I need a change. And for some reason I feel like it. Something wild.

"Like what?" He said.

"Wild." I replied.

"What would be wild?" He asked.

That's easy. "Like being here with you." I said to him.

"So you think I'm wild?" He asked smirking.

There is no way I'm going to let him think that. "Nope." I replied.
"Doing something with me would be wild?" He said.

I feel kinda weird. Like I really wanna do something to him. Not like what I did to Sean. But opposite of it. I got off the hood walk towards him, put my arms around his neck and I said, " Dance with me." I look at his face. It has a look of horror. "No way. I'm not going to dance with you." He said disgusted. A smile light up on my face. I know his secret. "I know your secret." I said. "What secret?" He asked. Playing dumb. All right. "That. You. Can't. Dance." I said slowly. "I can dance." He said. Liar. "Liar." I said to him.

He got off the car and pulls my hand towards somewhere. The front lawn. There's some people past out there. Junkies. He put my hand on my waist. Which is weird because it's playing a fast song right now. He looks down at me and I look up at him. He lowers his head. And I can feel my eyes close. Next thing I know his lips is on mine. What the hell am I doing? I'm kissing Michael here. Oh my god. I open my lips a little. He's sucking my bottom lips. This feels go. Wild. After a couple of seconds. He pulls away with a smirk.

"Jackass." I said to him. I use my hand and wipe my lips. "Shorty." He said back to me. "You still can't dance." I said to him with my hand on my hips. He tricked me. "I made you forget. Plus you wanted to do something wild." He said. "Whatever." I hate him. I feel kinda woozy; I think it's making me do these stuff. Weird.

12:21 am

It seems like everyone had fun. Alex and Isabel look relieve. Max and Liz. What can I say? Max has a goofy grin. Liz has a smile. A smile that's way better than the one for Sean. Yeah what happen to Sean anyway? Guess I'll find it later on. Me and Michael have been sitting here since you know. He still has a smirk on his face. I still can't get the fact that I like that kiss and I hate it that he's wrong. He did make me forget.

They all got in the car. I turn around and look at them all. Comfortable. That's good. "Have fun?" I asked them with a boring voice. "Yeah." They said. Lucky. They had fun. "Did any of you drink the punch?" Isabel asked. "I did." I said. "You know that it was spike." Alex said. What? What? I had alcohol in it. Oh crap. I sight and said, "That sucks."

"I wanna go home. Get driving." I said to him with a glared. "Pms…" He muttered. Oh he even got the nerve to use that. "Prick." I said to him. This is really some got damn party. While everyone else has fun, I'm stuck here with me and him. Sigh.

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---Damn an Author's Note---

Who the hell wants to read author's note anyway? I mean it's like we don't give a damn what the hell the author's want. We just want a god damn update. A freakin' new part. And what the hell is taking so long? That's how it is right? I mean I don't like reading Author's Note. They're just blabbering and shit. Like me right now. What's the point of posting this anyway? I mean nobody reads this stuff anyway. Everybody is too busy to give a damn. But they have time for a new part. Yep that's it.

[Here comes the flying tomato.]

Ah. I'm bleeding.

Right to thee 'Note'

Hey all.

I am weird.

Ok so let's see. I haven't posted for awhile. Yep.

Have you started? Yes.

Half way? No. Uh. More like a paragraph.

What's taking so long? I am the author I can post whenever I want. You just a damn reader. Wink wink. Just kidding. Here goes. I don't have anything for Michael's POV. But I need it. I plan out everything for M/L parts. Well not everything. I know what's going to happen.

Damn it. Then get your ass moving. I'm trying shit break.

Told you I was weird. I'm talking to myself. Ok. Sorry for not posting for so long. I just have nothing for Michael.

What the hell should Michael do at the party?

How the hell does he think?

That's what I need to thing about and how I'm going to write it. Lots of shit right? Back to I'm SORRY.


Dream Seeker, Shama and azndruggie. These crazy bumper. All they do is bump the story and make the author feel guilty. I feel guilty. Really I do. I mean you guys are waiting and demanding and I'm just sitting here right now and typing this when I should devote all my blank time writing my story.

I wanna thank you 3 even if you guys are crazy bumper. Non stop. So THANK YOU!!! Thank you for sticking with the weirdo author.

If you have any ideas for Michael's part let me know. It'll help me. B-mail me or just post it.

This must be one hell of an Author's note. But then who the hell is reading it anyway? I'm a sucker.


I think you heard enough of me. Going back to the whole who the hell reads Author's note.


-Werido Justine.

PS. Check out Black Widow.

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First thing first. Today is my Birthday!!!! Yeah for me. Ok. Second thing. Nothing new has happen. I haven't continue writing the rest of the part. I know, I know, I'm sorry. I have about 4 pages done. I got about couple more pages to go and then I'm done. It's been months!!!

Dream Seeker-

I take great offense to this. Stop bumping?! That's how we get the story to the front so more people can find it and read it. It makes me sad that people find our show of support for our favorite stories is dumb. And no I will not stop bumping my favorite fics!

Bump! Bump! Bump!

Joanna. I feel so honor that you take your time each day and bump my fics.*happy* My winter vacation starts on the 19th and I swear for you I'll try to finish a.s.a.p. You're great!*happy*

abarfeld- Welcome to the bumpin' crews.

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Roswell_Freak- Let Joanna deal with ya!

Here's a note to my other fics....

All Because of That Girl- Half way done. I'm kinda stuck right now cause I don't know what should happen.

Black Widow- Heck, I didn't even start yet. My friend told me to quit this story. I don't know.

Oh and I have a new it is. It's not much.

Coke and Aresenic- Liz is Alex's cousin who introduce her to the world of endless fun...drugs. She becomes a dealer. Maria is her best friend and she knows everything about Liz and her buddies. She try to help her but she can't. Max is just Maria's older brother who is quiet. Liz does whatever she can to make Maria and Max safe. Safe from the world she got suck into. Where feeling can be mixed.

I think that's how it suppose to be. I don't know. Well, tell me if you like it.


Oh and if you click on my name in my signature it'll take you to Justine's Fic with all the fics that I ever wrote. So check it out.


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Quick update about the new part. My computer crashed. Not really but kinda (that's what it said), it's just keeps freezing on me everytime I start my computer. I hate it and it hates me. Thank god that I saved my fics on a disk. So I'll be using my brother's computer. But it'll be hard to finish the rest cause my brother and my dad are always in the room. They went crazy over this new PS2 game. Anyway, I haven't worked on the new part yet. Sorry. But I promise by the end of this week you'll get a new part. Yes that's a promise. And it also depends on my beta. Thanks to all the people still bumping ths fic.


Happy New Year.
Down in Flames

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Hello Folks. wavey

I have finally manage to cough up a new part after all these months. So here are some things you shall expect:

-It sucks.
-It's lame
-It's confusing
-Spelling and Gammar error

(didn't proofread it.)

Now, let's recap from the last part.

-Liz and Sean
-Alex and Isabel
-Bickering with the prick

Oh righty...the thanking time. I wanna thank everybody who has been waiting and still waiting. For the bumps and the nice feedbacks. And remember everybody Dream Seeker is the best. I shall worship her.

Here's the new part. fruit

Part 6b

Michael Point of View

12:07 pm

Uh. So early. What the hell is that smell? My stomach rumble. God I'm hungry. What the hell is that smell? Damn it. It's chicken. Fried chicken. I walk out of my room and there he is sitting there munching on his chicken. "What the hell are you doing here?" I grab a chicken. "It's lunch." He said. Oh yeah. No wonder I was hungry. What day is today? "What day is it?" I asked him. He looks at me all weird, "Friday." He replied to me. A school day. At least I'll make it to art class.

"So?" I said with my mouth full. "What?" He said to me. I shook my head. Sometimes I just don't get him. It's just so weird. We're eating quietly. What's with the silence? "What the hell?" I said. "What what hell?" He said confused. "The silence man, it's killing me." I told him. Max is never silence. He would go on and on about Liz. And right now he's eating his chicken quietly. "Why don't you talk?" He said glaring at me. Hey, I was just striking conversation. "Is it the Liz thing?" I questioned. Maybe it's the whole Liz thing. You know the Liz thing? Right.

"No it isn't." He said quickly. Quick means nervous. I smiled, "Got your panty in a bunch, man?" I said. He glared at me. "No panties. I'm fine." He replied back to me. Max can be so so really...stupid. Not stupid, he just doesn’t get it. "The party." He mentioned. Party? What party? The last party I been to was...never. "Huh?" I said with a blank face. He looks at me, “What do you mean what party? Remember Maria?" Maria Deluca. Yeah her. The blabbermouth. The one who do whack things to get what she wants. The one with those lips. Those lips that won't stop moving. Those lips that goes on and on. Those lips that I want to ----" Hey." Max said snapping his finger.

I shook my head. It must be the chicken. "Huh?" I said again. What were we taking about again? I forgot. Something about her. Something about Maria. Something about that blabbermouth. "The party." He said again. Oh yeah. "Yeah?" I questioned. What party? "It's tonight." He said pointly. "Oh." I said. Ok. There's a party today? Tonight? "You know what? Nevermind. I have to get back to this place call school." He said with that voice. Damn him. "Shut up."

8:07 pm

"What should I wear? This or this?" Max asked showing me those 2 shirts. Come on. Come on. No. No. You son of- What the hell? Since when did he care how he looked? Those shirts look alike too. What a wuss. "Wuss." I said to him, “I was so close to winning." I press the start button again. "Shut up Michael, you been playing that all day. Which one is better?" He asked again. Doesn't he get it? Guys don’t tell guys what to wear. Who cares what shirt he's wearing. Just put some god damn clothes on. "I don't give a damn." I told him. He’s pacing around now. Sometimes I think he’s becoming a girl like his sister. But then he might be too rough for it. Wait. Sometimes he’s too soft. God. Max is a wimp. Sheesh.

“Come on Michael.” He begged. It sucks when a guy ruins you in a game and it’s about clothes. “Just wear the one you’re holding.” That better shut him up. “But I’m holding both of them.” He told me. Ah gee. I should of use her in the beginning. “ISABEL!” I yelled out. “What? What? What is it?” She asked panting. I turn around to look at her. Shit. Holy shit. She has some green stuff on her face. Some toe shit between her toes. She looks like a monster. Green face monster. “Damn Isabel. It’s not Halloween yet.” I told her. She narrows her eyes as much as she can without cracking that green stuff. This is funny. I turn around and look at Max. He’s trying not to laugh. “Oh you- Michael. Is this what we get to look pretty for you guys? Oh I’ll get back at you.” She said with her nose kinda flaring maybe half way, her mouth barley moving.

I think she’s glaring at me somehow. Ha. “He really needs help.” I told her. And I think Max just remember his problem. “Izzy. What should I wear?” He pleaded. He’s like some pathetic fool here. Man I swear there will never be a girl that will make me as pathetic as he is right now. Never. And I’ll even bet on that. “Hey Maxie, we got about 2 hour and 20 minutes till we go.” Isabel teased. He’s going to be more pathetic now. I mean 2 hours. All guys need is 5 minutes. Such a wimp.


9:22 pm

He’s fidgeting. Isabel is checking on her makeup. And I’m driving his car incase he crash it from all that fidgeting. “Quit it, Max.” I said. “What?” He asked. Don’t tell me he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. “The fidgeting, the nervousness.” I told him calmly. If he would only calm down. It’s nothing. All he gotta do is go to that party even if that chick he’s in love with won’t notice him. “I am not.” He replied to me. “Yes you are.” Isabel said not even looking away from her little mirror. She looks fine already.

“Stop looking in that damn mirror.” I yelled at her. She’s probably glaring at me now. Girls. I parked the car. I walk into the CrashDown first. The sooner it starts the sooner it’s over. What are we suppose to do now? None of them are here waiting.. Should I go to the back room? Or something. Max and Isabel sat down in his regular booth. Great. Now it’s the sit and waits stuff. I sat down next to Max. “You’ll be fine.” I told him. He just nods his head.

Couple seconds past with Max acting calmly on the outside and probably shitting in his pants in the inside. That’s what I have to say. And I’m willing to bet on it too. The waiting thing is kinda killing me here. I look at Isabel and she looks fine. She’s always fine. Where are they? What the hell is taking so long? Damn. Damn. Damn. I open my mouth ready to snap but Isabel beat me to it. “Michael it’s been what? 45 seconds. So shut up and quit complaining.” She said nicely. Oh. She. She knows me too well for her own good. “She got you man.” Max said with a semi-grin. Pretty soon that grin wouldn’t be there. He ain’t as cool as he thinks he is. I decided to glare at Isabel. She just smiles like she’s all that.


The door opens from the back room. Finally. Things can start moving. I turn around to see who it is and it’s Alex. Oh bother. It’s just him. “Where the hell are they?” I snapped at him. He took a step back from me. “Chill. They’ll be out soon.” He told me. Right now something nice can go down my throat. “Whitman, get me a coke.” I orderd him. He has 2 choices. Take it like I ask him or he got something more brilliant. “Courtney, we need some service here.” He yelled out. He is brilliant. Didn’t he past that math test last week that I failed?

“Michael who do you think you are? Huh? Ordering Alex around here. He doesn’t work here. Ok? You lazy ass.” She screamed at me. It wasn’t that loud of a scream but loud enough to get some people to glance at us. Sheesh. What’s got her panty in a bunch? It’s not like Alex is anything special to her or anything. She should mind her own business. “For your information I don’t work here either.” I told her. I think this whole party thing is a disacter.

Alex goes back to the back room. My coke isn’t here. Where’s that Courtney girl? We need some service. The three of them comes out of the room. Finally we can get the show on the road. I don’t even want to look at them. Max’s eyes are probably sticking out right now. Liz probably gonna go who’s that guy? While Maria get all jumpy and says, “Hey guys.” Wonderful. “Hey.” They muttered back. I’m sitting here waiting for someone to make a move. “What are you guys waiting for? Time to party.” She said. I’m waiting for it to end.

“Hey you, here.” She said handing me the keys. “What?” I asked her confused. “You’re driving.” She told me with a smile. I’m playing Designated Dave? I will not play the designated driver. “No.” I glared at her. I think about right now everyone is watching us. We are standing in the middle of a diner. “What do you mean no? I didn’t ask you did I?” She said putting her hands on her hip. Damn. “You can’t order me around.” Nobody will ever order me around. Never. She starts tapping her feet a little. Ha. I got her. She looks kinda. No. Never.

“Why don’t you drive your car and we can drive our guy so we won’t be all cram together.” I reasoned with her. “Yeah, why not?” Alex asked. She gotta have a good reason. The hell I’m driving. “Because you never know what’s going to happen at a party? I mean we might all....” She said. Finally she got nothing to yap about. “She’s right.” Isabel agreed. She must be still pissed at me. “Just drive Michael. It’s not that hard.” Max said. Of coarse they all agree with her.

“Fine.” I said narrowing my eyes.

9:55 pm

I can’t believe I’m here. It’s a nightmare and it’s not even midnight yet. Can you believe it Alex and Isabel? Why is she with that wimp? Maria and Liz was glaring at him. And Max was shock and me it’s like a what-the-hell look. This whole thing is a disaster. And there’s more to it. Just when we walk in everybody is all over the place. There are way too many people around here. It hurts.

Everybody headed off their way, which leads me and Max here leaning in a nice wall we found. “Michael, we’re wallflowers.” He said to me. I shrug my shoulders, “I’m not complaining.” He nodded his head. Everybody around here is having a good time. How the hell can you have a good time here? This is like some stupid teen movie crap they always have. What is wrong with entertainment these day?

Maria even decided to call us “hot stuff”. Seriously what got into her? Maybe she had been sniffing that stuff again. I remember back in 8th grade she always carry this little bottle stuff and sniff it whenever she thinks she’s going to go crazy. She shoved it my face once and said that it helps me to calm down before I explode. I snuff that thing up and started to gag. It stinks. I swear that girl is going to end up in some metal hospital. They better watch her.

“Having fun?” I asked him. That girl over there just puke all over her friend. They’re shrieking right now. “Tons of fun.” Max replied. Is this normal? Is this how a party suppose to be? If it is. Then damn, it sucks. I wonder what time it is. “What time is it?” I asked him looking at those girls who where just puking at each other. Damn that’s disgusting, they’re throwing it at each other. “Ten O 3.” He said. It’s not even time to leave it. “I’m gonna get something to drink.” I told him. He nods his head.

10:13 pm

This house is so big. I don’t even know where the hell the kitchen is. I’m been searching and searching. I think I’m upstairs now. Shit. Man you should see how many room there is in this house. And those people that are in there and those things they are doing. For god sake if you’re standing outside you can hear sounds. You would not want to know who they are. Wait till I see them at school. Shit. I walk down the stairs. You know what? Why would a kitchen be upstairs and what the hell am I doing upstairs.

I need to wiz. Restroom. I walk past some people and they wave at me. I don’t even know them. Isn’t a party supposed to have some unfriendly people? So where the hell are they?

There’s Liz coming my way. I wonder where she’s going. And I wonder if Max is stalking her? “Hey Liz.” I said to her. “Hi.” She replied. So now we’re standing in this hall, which lead to somewhere. Since we stop I should start up a conversation. I can get an insider on Seanie here. “How’s Sean?” I asked casually. She frowns a little and says, “Good.” Looks like Seanie ain’t keeping her entertain. This is where Max should step in. Good sign. “Doesn’t look like he’s keeping up with you.” I said. Hopefully that sounded smart. It did right? Some Mr. Future husband he is. She looks up, sighs and said, “You’re on Maria side aren’t you? You guys think that Sean isn’t good enough for me right? Can’t you see that this is what I want and it's finally going somewhere.” I coughed. Maria side? Hell no. I would never be on her side. Not in a million years. “Liz, I would never, never, NEVER, be on Maria’s side.” I stated clearly. That wacky chick. “Whatever, I’m gonna go find my date.” Liz said clearly not understanding me. “HEY! I’m not on her side!” I screamed after her. I’m on Max’s side.

Now what was I doing before I was interrupted. Beer. Some guy over there is drinking beer. Piss. I need to go piss. Where’s the restroom. Damn. I continue the way I was heading. Restroom. There’s a line over there. Shit people line up at a party? I stood behind the guy in line and tap him on the shoulder. “What the fuck, man? I need to piss, man.” He said looking of discomfort. Ok. That’s the restroom and there’s a line. Ok. I need a plan B.

Outside. Grass. Wall. People. I got the perfect plan. Go outside. Piss on a wall and nobody will no. Perfect. I scratch my head. Now I need to find a way out of here before I blow my load.

10:43 pm

I move my eyes from one side to the other side. Nobody is around. I don’t hear any sound. And the coast is clear. I unzip my pants. Do what I have to do and big sigh comes from me. Whew. Finally. I took me so long to find a wall. Every other wall I found when occupy by stoners and people um…going at it. Really really a good sight. So what to do now?

I could go find Max and we can….jump for joy or get drunk. I chuckled. Like Max will ever get a taste of alcohol. I walk around the little waterfall thing. Whatever that stuff is. There’s some people passed out on the grass and barf sitting right next to them. They deserve it anyway. I look at my wrist. And it’s not there. Where the hell is my watch? Let me think. Wait. I think it’s coming to me now. Oh right. I don’t have a watch. Stupid me. Ah hell. I’ll just get in the car and listen to some soothing music to drain out the pop happy shitness. I walk and I walk. The music gets louder and louder. I walk out from the backyard to the front lawn with people sprawl out all over the place. Just a couple. It’s so early and the party haven’t even started yet.

I spot Maria’s junk. I can believe we all piled into that junk it could of killed us all. Sheesh, nobody thinks around here. Before I was able to get to the car somebody thrust a beer in front of me. What the hell? “Hey, baby, wanna drink and go my crib?” The person said with half of his eyelid close. And it was only one eye. Hell, I think I met some weirdo one-eye half lid freaks. He takes a step back and looks at me up and down. I think it’s “I met some weirdo one-eye half lid gay freaks.” My eyes suddenly go wide. Holy shit this guy is gay and he wants to have sex with me. Fuck. “What the fuck?” I yelled at him. I am a straight high school party hater kid. Damn, him. He thinks I’m gay.

“It’s all right, baby, just come with me and I’ll make you feel aaallll better.” He starts wobbling. “I am not gay.” I had to emphasis on gay. “Ssssurrre.” He slurred, took another drink of beer and fell. He sure can have a party with these other passed out people. Can’t believe this is happening to me. No way.

I’m outta here.

10:47 pm


“You pick of junk!” I screamed at the car.

This isn’t my car, this isn’t my bike, and this isn’t Max’s jeep. But it’s Maria’s car. Maria’s junky car. And I can’t even break into it. She even locked the door. Who wants to steal a dead junky Jetta? No one. So why did she locked it. Stupid car. I kicked the tired. You crap.

I calm down. Slowly. I lean my back against the car. And I’m facing in the front of the house. The lights are on, music are blaring and people can be seen all over the place. I shook my head. This is what everyone wants. What every one wants to be at. And you know what? They’re crazy. I looked down at the ground. Little rocks all over the place. I stared at my shoes….That’s interesting.

I feel a presence in front of me. It better not be that gay guy. An arm circle around my neck. What the- “Hey, hot stuff.” The person said. “Shit. What the hell are you doing? Get off of me. Damn it.” I yelled at her. What is wrong with her? Since when did we get all touchy? She lifts her arm off of me. I think I feel better now…or is it worst? “It’s a party have fun.” She stated. I snorted. “Then go find some other guy to have fun with.” I told her plainly. If she wants to party then let her be. An image of her hanging around another guy came to me. No. She might end up with a serial killer. Hey…wait. That sounded like I was jealous. No way. Against her. Remember what you told Liz.

“I wanna have fun with you.” She said breaking me away from my thoughts. What? I shook my head. She is one hell of a girl. “You annoy me you know.” I said truthfully. She strangely nods her head and smile. Something’s up. “Let’s do something fun.” She said blinking her eyes. Fun? With me? I thought she hated me. Girls. They never make up their mind. “Like what?” I asked. What is there to do that is consider fun? “Wild.” She replied back. Wild. “What would be wild?” I asked her like a smart ass I am. She takes awhile to think. “Like being here with you.” She said tilting her head. It’s either I’m hearing things or there’s something she’s up to. But hey, she thinks I’m wild. That’s a good point. I mean what kind of guy doesn’t want a girl to tell them that they’re wild. “So you think I’m wild?” I asked her with a smirk. “Nope.” She said. I can see a sparkle in her eyes. She’s totally lying. I’m still leaning against her guy and she’s still standing in front of me. This is weird. Beyond weird. It’s like we’re in another dimension where she’s not yelling her head off at me and I’m not grunting back.

She moves in closer to me. What is she thinking? She hooks her arm around my neck again. “Dance with me.” She said with a straight face. A look of horror took over my face. Dancing? I don’t dance. “No way, I’m not going to dance with you.” I told her. And if I was thinking that it’ll work than I’m wrong. Cause a smile lit up her face. Told you she was up to something. She says, “I know your secret.” And I’m thinking, what secret? So I ask her that. “That. You. Can’t. Dance.” She said slowly and making sure I understand what she’s saying. “I can dance.” I lied. Just because somebody said you can’t dance doesn’t mean that you have to admit it. “Liar” Maria said with her arm still around me.

I’ll prove it, I think confidently. I pull her arms off of me and grab her hand and led her to the font lawn. Screw the people lying around there they won’t witness my dance. I put my hand on her waist and her arm goes around my neck again. I think I’m doing the right thing. Is this the position of a slow dance because they’re blaring a fast song? Damn I should have paid more attention when Iz watch those chick flicks. I look down at her and she looks up at me. I think she’s consider pretty…at this moment. I look lower at her lips. Dancing. Shit. I lower my head, inches away from her face and I capture her lips. She opens her lips a part. And before anything can get complicated I pulled away. Whoa. That was definitely a change of plan.

Then I realize that I kissed Maria Deluca. I kissed Miss Blabbermouth. And for that I smirked. Man. “Jackass.” She said to me. She puts her hands on her hips. “Shorty.” I replied back. I think she actually look kinda cute like that. “I made you forget, and you wanted to do something wild?” I asked. “Whatever.”

12:15 am

“Start the car.” Maria said looking out the window. I’m currently still the designated driver. I started the car. She turned the radio on. Change the station a couple times and now it’s playing some song. She bobs her head to the beat and started mouthing the lyrics. I watch her lips move and yeah a kiss would be good right now. Listening to the music is getting to me. I tried to block it out. It’s one of those chick songs. What I would do to listen to something quiet. I turned off the radio.

“I was listening to that.” She stated. “It was killing me.” I replied back. I bet she’s fuming right now. She turns it on again. And I turn it off. It comes on a couple times until I realize I could something that’ll make it completely stop. “Stop turning it off.” She yelled. I’m trying to remember once of evil laughs. I took the keys out. I couldn’t help myself. “I have the keys.” Oh yeah it feels good when you’re the man. She huffed. “It’s my car.” Gee, who wants your piece of junk? “I’m the designated driver.” And I hear the evil laugh in my head. I am good. “It’s my car. Get out!” She yelled reaching for the keys. I shove the keys in my pocket. Safe, safe place. She lean her body to my side and I think she was about to search the keys in my pocket.

“Look they’re here.” I said quickly. That was a lie but then I can hear talking getting louder and closer. I look out the window and they’re all making their way to the junk. “You….” She got back to her seat. The rest of them got to their seat. “Have fun?” Maria asked. “Yeah.” They all said at the same time. Good for them. Bad for me. “Did any of you drink the punch?” Isabel asked. I bet she’s getting all cozy with him. “I did.” Maria admitted. Somebody probably took a dump in it. That would be so funny. No wait. I kissed her. So if she drank punch with dump…that’s just sick. I take that back. “You know that it was spike, right?” Alex questioned.

Maybe that’s why she didn’t bite my head of tonight. “That sucks.” She said. The designated driver. Where’s my key? “I wanna go home. Get driving.” She said and probably glared at me. Women… “Pms…” I trailed off. And she couldn’t reply better with a “Prick.” God tonight sucked and it was good. Michael Score: 3 Maria: 0


Next part Max POV. Comments, questions, confusion?

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