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“Well now that you mention it, Michael is behind on his electric bill, he wants to know if he can crash here for a few days?”

Max had a look of sheer worry on his face.

“That’s not all, what else?” His parents stared loomingly at him.

“And... Liz and I were planning a little getaway trip this weekend?” “Is that ok?”

“We’ll think about it,” they said as they walked into the living room.

Isabel sat back in her seat and laughed. “You think they’ll actually let you go.”

“Why not?”

“You and Liz alone?, Ha!”

“I already thought of that,” he said dejectedly.

Right at that moment his parents walked back in the door to the kitchen.

“Son, we’ve thought about it and we just don’t think it’s a good idea right now,” his father stated.

“With the Alien Heritage Festival Parade this afternoon,” interjected his mother.

That new first annual Alien Heritage Festival, sure to draw a major crowd. Which is exactly why Max and Liz wanted to get away this weekend. He sighed as he thought of what to tell Liz.
Then Isabel spoke up, knowing there would be too many people in town for even her liking, and figuring that would be a good way for she and Alex to spend some time together anyway, “Don’t worry about them, I’ll go along to supervise.”
“ISABEL, Liz and I are old enough we don’t need a babysitter!!,” Max shouted.
“Max, honey, I think she’s right, you can go if Isabel goes along,” his mother said.

Their parents left the room, their father getting ready to go to work for the morning, their mother getting ready to go to the market to pick up some groceries. After they left Isabel just looked at her brother. He was still mad at her and she knew it. She picked up her dishes, placed them in the sink, and started to walk toward her room to call Alex. Then she paused to turn around and say,
“I guess all the aliens might as well go, why don’t you call Michael?”
“I was really planning on time alone for the two of us.”
“You’ll have plenty of time alone, we’ll each go our separate ways when we drive out of town.” “Besides, do you think I really want to stay with you and Liz? I was going to call Alex!”
“Well pack your tent and sleeping bag because that’s what we planned to do anyway.”

End Part 1-- TBC

Authors note: Hope you enjoy
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