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Title: Love on the catwalk !
Rating: Pg-13, but not for long !!!!
Category: M/L , sorry I can't write anything else !
Summary: Liz is a famous designer, she's presenting a show and she needs the perfect model !!!! Now who could that be ? Michael is one of her models and Maria is a famous singer !
Disclaimer: Don't own a thing !!!!

Note: This fic is dedicated to one of my readers, a great friend : Lana !!!!!!! Thanks for everything girl !
And thanks to all my other readers !!!

*Pat 1*

“Grrrrr, wherever am I going to find an extra model for my show ?” Liz wondered.
“Liz, I’ve got the perfect solution for your problem !!” Michael proudly stated.
For once, he could help out his boss, he would be a fool if he didn’t help !!!
“Michael, I appreciate the effort, but I’ve seen some of your friends before. And let me say, they aren’t the modelling type, ya know ?” Liz replied, she laughed a little. Come on, a guy who hasn’t washed or combed his hair in weeks and looks like a member of the prodigy, we all know that isn’t what I’m looking for !!!!!
“But this guy is different !!!! You haven’t met him yet. Please, Liz. Trust me on this one !” Michael said. He knew he was right for once, even Maria said that Liz would like him.
And Maria could know, after all she was Liz’ best friend !!!!!!
“Fine, I trust you because you’re one of my best friends and you’re about to get married to my best- best friend ! So give description of this perfect guy ?” Liz asked, deep down she knew she could trust Michael. But this show was way to important to just have a normal model, she needed THE MODEL !!!!
“Ok, he’s got dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and he has the normal height for a model !” Michael described his best friend, it was kinda hard. It was the first time he had to describe a guy ! It wasn’t something he did every day.
“It looks like you’re really describing the perfect guy, loll !” Liz grinned, by his description, she would think that his friend was prince charming.
“Well, who knows? He might be?” Michael laughed, he could see Liz’ face when she met him. This was going to be great !!! Hahaha
“I’ll take a look at him someday !” Liz answered.
“Uhm, how about today ?” Michael asked. He wasn’t sure if she would have time later on, so he had brought his friend with him.
“Michael, don’t tell me he’s right outside.” Liz wandered. She had seen Michael’s face and knew he was up to something.
“Yes, Liz he is. But just calm down. You have nothing to worry about ! I’ll go look for him.” Michael said to a hysterical Liz. He had seen a glimpse of a smile on her face when he had told her about his friend.
Liz started pacing around in her office. Could she do this?
After all, he is just a normal guy. But there was something special. She could feel it.
There was something in the way Michael had described him, she had this feeling that told her he could be the one she had been looking for all her life. And she just got that from a description, she must be a lunatic. But she couldn’t get that feeling away !
It was there to stay !!!!!!!!
Suddenly her door was opened and she saw Michael standing in front of his friend.
“Boss, may I present you, Max Evans, my best friend !” Michael introduced Max and moved away so Liz could look at him.
Liz ‘ mouth had fallen open from the shock. This guy really was Prince Charming !!!
Max was surprised as well, he had seen in Liz in magazines, but the real thing was unbelievable. She was a babe, who could easily be the model and not the designer.
It was funny seeing the interaction between the two.
Michael cleared his throat to break the thoughts of his two best friends.
Max stopped his staring and walked towards Liz.
He shook her hand. “It’s a pleasure meeting you ma’am, I’ve heard many things about you !”
“Oh, don’t believe a thing they say about me and it’s Miss !” Liz explained.
Max nodded and looked at the ground. It was suddenly very interesting.
“So, Liz does he have the job ?” Michael asked, he had seen the look Liz had given Max.
Liz looked at Max again from head to toe. He was one hot guy, she had to confess that !!!
“Yeah, sure. Welcome to the business, Max. Michael could you give him the info for the show ?” Liz had just given him a job. They both couldn’t believe it.
Michael just nodded. Liz grabbed some papers together and stepped around her desk.
She came to a stop in front of Max.
“It was nice meeting you Max. But you’ll have to excuse me now. I have a meeting to go to !” she shook Max’ hand and walked to the door. Max gave her a full inspection and he had to say, the girl had great legs !!! She waved at the two men again and left her office.
Michael looked at Max for a second and knew he was a goner !!

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*Part 2*

In the week of the show, Max had only seen glimpses of Liz.
Sometimes he just wanted to go to her, but he held back. Who said she felt the same way about him? He tried to concentrate on his modelling and not on Liz, but it didn’t really work !

The big day, Max’ first time on the catwalk and Liz’ biggest show ever !
They were all behind the stages getting ready, when Max saw Liz somewhere in a corner.
He slowly approached her, when he was behind her. He could see she was very nervous.
He laid his hands on her shoulders and began his magic. He started giving her a massage !
Liz was surprised at first, but quickly let herself go !
When Max stopped, Liz turned around and had a little smile on her face. It was Max !
She had tried to avoid him all week, but she knew she had to see him tonight and she was glad she did. He looked great in her designs ! She wondered how it would feel to wake up in his arms. That girl can call her the luckiest girl in the world !
“Oh, hi Max ! Thanks for the massage ! I needed that for a sec !” Liz said.
Max smiled, how can somebody create such a beautiful women ? She was a goddess.
Her boyfriend must be a god ! Max tried to clear his head. It would be very normal that she would have a gorgeous boyfriend !
“Yeah, I thought you might need one. Looks like I was right !” Max replied.
Liz looked at him once more. She would have to introduce him to the press, they weren’t gone let her get away without presenting her new model !
“So, you look great ! Ready to walk on stage ?” Liz asked. She knew that every girl in the room will melt when she saw him and he isn’t even in his underwear. What a sight would that be ? Mmmmmmmm, Liz’ mind was drifting of again.
“I’m a little nervous, otherwise I’m ok.” Max confessed, he didn’t feel sure. Michael had give him all the instructions, but still he wasn’t confident in himself.
“Don’t worry about a thing, Max. You’ll do great. I’m sure of it !” Liz smiled, it wasn’t possible him failing this job.
“How come you are so sure ?” Max wandered, could she be interested in him ?
“Max, don’t feel so insecure. You’ve got the perfect body and your eyes make every girl’s heart melt ! I’ve seen it !” Liz blushed a little, she had just confessed that he had melt her heart. What was wrong with her, when it came to Max ? Normally she wouldn’t do this with any of her models. She had to talk to someone about this !!!!
“I’ll take your word on this one. I’ve got to go on stage !” Max stated, he wanted to say here, talking and looking at Liz for the rest of his live.
Liz walked around him and gave him another inspection from head to toe.
“Max, you look fabulous ! Now go melt those hearts !!!” Liz practically ordered him.
Deep down inside, she just wanted to keep him to herself. Letting nobody see his body or his eyes. But she knew he wasn’t hers ! She had to share him everybody else. No fair !!!!
“What about those hearts backstage ?” Max asked, it had come out without him realizing it.
Did he just ask her if he melt her heart ? He wanted to hide, what if she answered something negative ! He couldn’t handle that.
“Ohhh, you’ve melted those hearts a long time ago. Now get your gorgeous butt on stage !!” Liz laughed, it was all she could do, she had just confessed that he had taken her heart. Was she going crazy? She knew when it came to Max, she would do anything for him.
Max smiled at her, he was happy with her answer. There was hope after all !
He got on stage and from the moment the people saw him, pictures were taken and all the girls had gotten weak in the knees. When Max turned around one last time, he got a great applause ! It wasn’t normal that people would clap their hands now.
At the end of the show, Max approached Liz and took her hand without saying anything.
When they were on the stairs, Max gave Liz’ hand a little squeeze. He looked her straight in the eyes. “Your audience awaits, Liz Parker !” he simply stated. He gave her a little wink and led her on the stage.
All the spots were on them ! The slowly stepped forward, hand in hand.
They came to a stop at the end of the stage. Everybody bowed their heads to the press.
They turned around and Liz got felicitations of all her models, while she kept holding Max’ hand. They both didn’t want to let go. When all the felicitations were given, Liz turned to Max. “Congrats Max, you’ve done an amazing job !” Liz had to tell the truth, everybody had loved him and so did she !
“Well, it was a great show and I was honoured that I could participate in it.” Max replied.
They both looked around and saw that everybody had already left the stage.
They walked towards the back again and once they were of the stairs they reluctantly led go of each others’ hand. They felt the loss immediately, but they had to go on !

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*Part 3*

The press conference :
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference. Miss Parker will be here soon, she will be accompanied by two of her models. This time they are, Michael Guerin and Max Evans. They will answer most of your questions and they’ll pose for some photos afterwards ! So if you’re all ready, can I have a great applause for these 3 wonderful people !!!!” Liz’ manager explained to the press.
Michael was the first one to step into the room, he was followed by Liz and Max ended the row. The sat down with Liz in the middle.
Liz’ manager pointed out a journalist.
“Miss Parker, first of all congratulations on the awesome show. It was gorgeous. But my question involves the new model, where did you meet Max Evans ? Because if I’m correct this was his first modelling job !” the journalist asked Liz. There was one thing that journalist always wanted and that was gossip !!! It looked like there would be many more questions involving Max Evans and Liz Parker and their connection.
“Thank you for the compliments on my show, I’m glad you liked it.
I met Max through Michael, I needed an extra model and Michael knew the perfect guy for the job. Max Evans was the result.” Liz politely answered the journalist his question. She was focusing herself to the press, that way she couldn’t let her mind drift off to the man who was sitting next to her. The man who had captured her heart in a week !
“Mister Guerin, when will your wedding with pop singer, Maria Deluca take place ?” another journalist asked.
“Next weekend, I’m sorry to say this to you fellows but you’re not invited. There will be pictures taken and afterwards they will be sold to the press. We just want to spend to most important day in our life with our friends and not with the press and photographers.” Michael explained, he had talked about it with Maria and they had both decided to have a marriage without the press. It was their day, not the day of the photographers.
The next journalist had a question for Max.
“Mister Evans, congrats on your debut on the catwalk. How was your first experience and your experience with the other models and Miss Parker ?”
“Well, I must admit that I was scared at first but some people believed in me and gave me courage” Max looked at Liz for a while and then continued, “otherwise everything went well with the other models, the were all friendly and Michael gave me some very useful tips.” Max finished, he hadn’t mentioned anything about Liz, because he was afraid he might say some things that the press didn’t need to know.
A journalist had picked up on this and asked Max about his experience with Miss Parker.
“Eum, I didn’t see Miss Parker that often, when we did meet everything went well and I noticed that she really cares about her models and gives them confidence when they’re doubting. It was a great experience !” Max simply stated, he hoped he hadn’t crossed the line and that Liz didn’t see his feelings.
As Liz listened to Max’ answer, she couldn’t help but turning around so she could face him.
Her heart warmed up hearing his loving words. She quickly changed her attention back to the press once she saw that everybody had quieted down and was staring at her and Max.
“Will you be asking for Mister Evans his services again, Miss Parker ?” another journalist wondered.
“From the looks of it tonight, I might give him a full time job ?” Liz stated, she was surprised that she had just confessed this to the press, without informing anybody else first.
Max looked at Liz when he heard her proposition, she would want him to work for her full time. That meant he could spent more time with her, this day turned out well after all.
There were another couple of questions asked, before they posed for some photos.
When they were walking of stage, a photographer asked if Liz and Max could pose for some photographs together. They looked at each other and just nodded.
Photographs were taken and flashes snapped in front of their eyes. They were enjoying of being so close to each other, they could just stay there forever, even in front of the press. As long as they were together.

I hope you liked it


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*Part 4*

The next week, passed by rather quickly with all the preparations for Maria’s wedding.
Liz was busy adjusting Maria’s wedding dress at the last moment and then she also had to put together a dress for herself. The tuxes for the guys were as good as ready.
Meanwhile, Michael and Max took care of other arrangements since Maria was still in South-America !
The big day had arrived and everybody was getting nervous. Thank God, there wasn’t any press !
Maria was putting her dress on, she was so nervous that she had pulled a little too hard at the dress and it ripped. She was panicking, but Liz was there to calm her down.
“Maria, sniff some cedar oil. Relax, everything’s going great. Your dress will be fixed in no time.” Liz always knew what to say with Maria. They had been best friends their whole life !
“Liz, I’m so nervous. What if he says no ?” Maria asked. She couldn’t handle that ! She loved Michael so much. He meant everything to her.
“Maria, he isn’t going to say no. You’re starting to hallucinate ! You’re his life !
Besides if he was going to say no, he wouldn’t even asked you to marry him.
Just calm down ! Stop thinking like that, think happy thoughts, think of your wedding night !”
Liz winked at Maria. She knew Maria got all giddy when they mentioned her wedding night !
It was funny, Maria would start to blush and look at the ground.
“Ok, you’ve got me ! Thanks Liz, I wouldn’t know what to do without you, girl.” Maria knew Liz was going to be there forever. They were friends for life.
There was a knock on the door signalling that it was time to go down the aisle.
Liz looked at Maria, this was it ! Maria just nodded.
They opened the door and walked down the hallway. They were welcomed by Jim waiting for Maria to take her down the aisle.
“You look gorgeous, Maria !” Jim stated.
“Thank you ! Liz made it of course.” Maria answered, she had huge smile on her face. And something inside her told her that it wouldn’t go away anytime soon.
“Wouldn’t expect anything else? You look beautiful too, Liz.” Jim said. He was wearing a Liz Parker tux and he was proud of it. They all lined up and the doors of the church opened.
Liz would go first and would be followed by Maria with Jim.
Everybody started looking at Liz and then moved forward to Maria, but there was one pair of eyes that stayed glued to Liz. Guess whose ? Max of course.
He was practically drooling, he looked her over, from her toes to her face. He was speechless and he hadn’t seen any more beautiful woman ever before.
(Here’s the link for you to see Liz’ dress : )
Now we were just talking about the maid of honour, you should have seen all the looks at our braid. Everybody had a smile on their faces once they saw Maria. She was one of the most beautiful braids they had ever seen. Naturally, Max wasn’t the only one drooling, you should have seen Michael. His eyes would almost pop out, his mouth was hanging open and his palms were sweaty. When Maria looked up and saw into Michael’s eyes, she knew that this was definitely going to be the best day of her life. She had the biggest smile ever on her face.
(Maria’s dress : )
Maria finally reached Michael. She blew him a little kiss.
Which Michael answered by mouthing “I Love you”.
The ceremony began and tears started rolling. When they reached the most important part of the ceremony, Liz finally looked up and was immediately welcomed by a pair of dark brown eyes that belonged to none other then Max Evans. He had been staring at her from the moment she had walked in. She had felt his eyes on her.
“Do you Maria De Luca take Michael Guerin as your husband ?” the priest asked.
Maria looked at Michael and smiled.
“I do !” she replied.
“And do you Michael Guerin take Maria De Luca to be your wife ?” the repeated.
“I do!” Michael quickly answered.
“Then I now pronounce you Husband and wife. You may kiss the bride !” the priest ended the ceremony. The newlyweds looked at each other and smiled. They slowly came together and shared a passionate kiss.
Once they had broken off their kiss, they had been congratulated by everybody there.
Starting with the maid of honour and the man of honour.
“Oh I’m so happy for you two.” Liz congratulated the newlyweds. She didn’t get any further then that because tears came running down her cheeks.
She hugged Maria and Michael and then quickly excused herself.
This didn’t get unnoticed by Max or both the newlyweds. But they would let it rest, for now !

I hope you liked it


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*Part 5*

Liz came back a couple of minutes later and quickly mingled with the guests. She knew Max was watching her, she had a hard time trying not to give in and in the end she was glad she succeeded. Everybody went to sit down and started eating, it was a seven dish course, so after the third course, everybody took a little break and Maria & Michael danced the opening dance! They held each other closely and started swinging to the tunes of Shania Twain’s “From this moment on !”.Some people had gotten tears in their eyes from seeing the beautiful couple dancing together. Liz had started crying tremendously and didn’t know how to stop. She quickly exited the room to fix herself up a little. When she came back, everybody was seated again and starting the next course. When she sat down on her chair, she looked up and stared into the deep brown eyes of Max Evans. He mouthed ‘Are you ok?’, of course Max had seen Liz leave again and was full of concern. Liz just gave him a little smile and a nod.
All the courses had passed and it was time for the speeches !

“We want to thank you all for coming, it meant a lot to both of us that you all wanted to share this day with us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts !” Maria quickly ended her little speech, afraid that she was going to cry. She was so happy, Michael really made her the most happiest woman in this universe. She just wished she had a happy best friend to go with it.
And from the looks of it, Liz was anything but happy. She’ll have a talk with her later.
Liz slowly rose from her seat and cleared her throat !
“A couple months ago, I almost had a heart attack. All because I was so shocked that Mickey here had finally asked Maria to marry him. I’ve known them both a very long time. And I think I can say, they truly make each other happy. They totally deserve each other and I wish them the best of luck ! Now I know this speech sucks but I hope my wedding present will make up for it. Maria and Michael, from good sources I’ve heard that you don’t have a honeymoon planned yet. So….. what do you guys think of spending all your time (till Maria’s next tour) at my house in France ?” Liz hoped they would say yes, otherwise she’d have to come up with another honeymoon !
“OMG, Liz are you serious ?” Maria was starting to hyperventilate.
“Yes, of course I’m serious !” Liz quickly replied. What did she say that made them think that this was one big joke.
“Yes, yes , yes !” Maria screamed for the whole room. She jumped of her chair and embraced her best friend. “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you !” she gave Liz a last squeeze and went back to her chair. Michael gave Liz a big smile, he would talk to her later !
So when everything calmed down again, Max rose from his seat and started his speech.
“ First of all CONGRATULATIONS! Second of all, I have to agree with Liz. You two deserve each other. I’ve seen you both when you were just “friends” but we all saw the tension hanging between the two of you. You might have bickered a lot, but we all knew there was more behind it. You’ve both brought the best out of each other.
You’re an example for me ! I wish that someday I’ll experience the same relationship you too share. You’ve both supported each other through thick and thin. I look up to you guys, you are perfect together and you’ve the rest of you lives together to show it to the world. I love you guys !” Max had just given a very emotional speech, but seeing his two best friends in each other arms, touched him very deeply. When he looked back up, he just saw Liz parting the table. He quickly stood up again but was held back by Michael. “I’ll go, thanks for the speech !” Michael quickly said and with that he left the room, running after Liz. While Maria staid behind with water in her eyes from Max’ speech. She quickly sat up and went to hug Max. Michael found Liz sitting in the garden, surrounded by white roses.
“Hey little runner !” Michael gave Liz a little smile.
“Michael, what are you doing here? You have to go back, you can’t leave Maria by herself.” Liz quickly replied. She turned towards him with her red eyes. Michael quickly sat beside her and gave her a big hug.
“Liz, you mean to tell me that you thought you could make that exit, without anybody coming after you? I had to stop Max from coming here and Maria was still touched by Max’ speech. So she wasn’t in any condition to have a serious talk with you, besides she would have killed me if I didn’t go after you. So wanna tell me what’s going on boss?” Michael asked Liz.
He knew this was hard on Liz, but he hated seeing her this way.
Liz just stared at the garden in front of her. They sat there for awhile, just looking in front of them when finally Liz spoke.
“What am I going to do, Michael ?” Liz softly said.
“Liz why are you so afraid, not everybody will end up like you parents ! You can’t keep doing this to your self, you deserve to be loved. You can’t let them take that away from you !” Michael answered, he knew Liz had always had a hard time after her parent’s divorce.
Her parents had drilled it in her, that she was the cause of their divorce. That she was a mistake ! She should have never existed. Liz had gone through years of therapy to get it out of head. But it would never totally go away.
“But I’m just so afraid.” Liz simply answered. Michael just kept holding her.
She needed to feel cherished right now and he knew the perfect person for that !
“Liz, why don’t you just give him a chance ? I can truly understand that you’re terrified, but since he is my best friend, I know some things about him. Wouldn’t you say ?” Michael asked Liz, a little smile crept up her face.
“So if I know one thing for sure about my best friend then it would be that he’s totally, completely and utterly in love with you. Just give him a chance ! You owe that to yourself and to him !” Michael finished his little speech. He had expected that he would need one and he was very happy with the result.
Liz now give him one of her special smiles and grabbed him more tightly.
After a while she let go of him and they decided to head back inside.
When they entered the room, the saw a couple of people on the dance floor. Two of them were Max and Maria. Michael lead Liz to the dance floor and started dancing with her.
When a slow song came on, Maria interrupted them. She gave Liz a hug and then lead Michael away from her. Max into Michael’s place.
“Are you alright ?” he softly whispered in Liz’ ear.
“I’m fine now ! But we really should talk.” She softly replied. Honestly, she didn’t want to talk right now, she just wanted to stay in his arms forever. But she knew she couldn’t postpone the talk.
“No problem, after the song !” Max demanded. He wanted to enjoy this feeling a little longer.
Because he knew this talk would be a very serious one.
They clung to each other until the end of the song. Neither wanted to let go, but they knew they had to. Max couldn’t handle not feeling Liz, so he quickly grabbed her hand.
He led her slowly outside, they came across a bench looking at a little lake. They sat down closely against each other. Max didn’t let go of Liz’ hand.
So Liz decided she’s better get this show on the road.
“This is going to be very hard, so would you please let me finish before you answer to anything ?” Liz asked, she looked him in the eyes. She already found it tough and she hadn’t even started yet ! Max gave her a nod and let her continue.
“It’s hard for me to talk about this. Not many know this and I’m glad the press hasn’t discovered it yet. When I was 15 years old, my parents gotten divorced. They blamed me, that I was the problem that made them fall apart. They repeated to me everyday that I was a mistake, that should have never happened. If I hadn’t been there, they would still be happy together. They made me believe that I didn’t deserve to be loved. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went to live with my grandmother for a couple of years. I still thank God everyday for my grandma. She means everything to me. Anyway I never got over the fact that my parents hated me. I’ve been going into therapy for the last 5 years. Anyway, seeing Maria and Michael together makes my heart break sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly and I wish them all the happiness in the world. But a wedding has been always difficult for me, you see although I go into therapy, it’s still stuck in my head. So when I look at all those newlyweds, I break down, thinking I could never deserve such a happiness. So that’s why I’ve left the wedding a couple of times.” Liz said what she had to say. Now she was looking in Max’ eyes, waiting for a response. When she didn’t get immediately, she turned away and sat up. She was about to leave when she noticed that Max was still holding her hand. She tried to get away from his grip but he wouldn’t let go. She looked him back in the eyes.
Max quickly came to stand next to here. He finally let go of her, but quickly had his fingers running threw her hair. “Max…” Liz softly answered. She never got any farther, because Max softly kissed her on the lips. Their first kiss was soft but contained the love they felt towards one another. When Max broke of the kiss, he laid his forehead against hers. He looked her in the eyes and began to speak.
“Liz, trust me when I say that you totally deserve to be loved. You need to stop believing those stupid things, because what would I do if you didn’t exist? I’d die Liz. Please don’t believe that nonsense. Those people are not worth of you.” Max finally responded. It had been a shock to hear all these things about Liz’ parents. His first thought was to track those bastards down and kill them. Those creatures were horrible. When his mind had calmed down a little, he had thought about all the suffering Liz had gone through. She hadn’t deserved any of that. And he was damn sure that he would help her get through this for good.
“Max, this won’t be easy. Are you willing to take that risk? This will be very difficult and very hard.” Liz hoped he would take the chance, but she still had some doubts.
“I’d die for you Liz.” Max quickly answered and captured Liz’ lips again.

I hope you liked it