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Ok it's Kat.. starting a new fic already. Just thought I'd throw this out there.. I've been ambitious today, just read and see what you think, I'm not asking for anymore than that.

Title: Drive You Mild
Author: SweetCherryKat
Rating: Yeah that hasn't been decided.. I guess PG-13+
Disclaimer: I own nothing sadly.. but Colin Hanks is my love slave! (In my dreams of course heh)
Summary: Liz POV.. um.. stuff..I guess, happens.. um.. there.. now READ.

Part 1:

Life, I've learned, is like climbing into the seat of a roller coaster, you've got your ups and you've got your downs, but all in all… it just makes you sick.

Life makes me sick.

Now I'm not going to lie to you, I am indeed cynical and horribly sarcastic like this all the time, but you'll get use to it… or maybe you wont, I don't make guarantee's.

In life there really are no guarantee's, there's no guarantee's that you will indeed, live to see tomorrow. No guarantee that there is an afterlife, no guarantee that you wont just end up six feet under the ground fertilizing the soil like I believe we were put on this earth to do… Kyle told me that my way of thinking isn't the way to think and tried to tell me about what Buddha would say... I told him to shove it up his ass, take it out of his mouth, and still see if I would give a fuck (of course I wouldn't).

If you haven't guessed I have trouble grasping the meaning of life… the meaning of my seemingly meaningless life upon this here land of the utterly doomed. I guess I don't feel like I'll ever change the world in anyway, that I'll ever impact anyone, that I'll ever make something of myself.

I guess that this would all explain my relationship with Mr. Max-I-don't-give-a-flying-fuck Evans. It's not so much that he actually doesn't give a fuck, he just portrays that character and makes everyone believe it, but not me. I see that under all of those layers of denial, self-hatred… well, more like world-hatred, and fuck off attitude, he cares. I guess that's the difference between him and I… he cares somewhere inside of him and I just don't.

Max and I have been friends since we were in diapers. Now of course, if I had my choice, I wouldn't be anywhere near the asshole, but of course, when I was just born a month apart from him, I'm sure my mother didn't bother to ask me if I wanted to go and play with him. If she would have I could have guaranteed you that I would have taken my little baby middle finger and somehow found the words to tell her exactly where to stick it. But then again, I don't make guarantee's, but I'm also a hypocrite.

It's true.

I don't lie.

Ok, so that's a lie. I do in fact lie, all of the time. I think the term pathological liar is strong, but I'm borderline on it, I can tell you that much.

I guess after years and years of being forced to hang out with Max Evans, and him being the only person I could run to, to escape my parents yelling (we'll get to that later) he grew on me, or I grew on him. One way or another we ended up best friends, as well as next door neighbors.

Now believe it or not, we eventually expanded our group of friends outside of just us two.

Maria DeLuca.

She kinda snuck up on us in 9th grade. It only took her and I a majorally verbal bitch fight and a complete throw down to realize that we did, indeed, have a lot in common. She's like the one I go to when Max's testosterone level is making me want to just knee him and show him whose boss… of course she thought this was a great idea, but still…

Michael Guerin.

He's a loner, and I guess that's how Max became friends with him. Personally I don't blame him, after all, he did begin a vast search in 7th grade for some male friendships after I started to tell him about my period. Needless to say, Michael and Max have been close ever since.

Isabel Evans.

Max's sister. It was sort of a given that we would become friends. I mean, while Max was off with Michael, I needed someone outside of my mom (because, lets face it, talking to your mom…well… just no, ok? Just say no.) she was there for me… plus, she's almost as big of a bitch as I am (who woulda thunk it!)

Alex Whitman.

He kinda came with the Maria deal… that, and he was the one that broke Maria and I up after the first few punches were thrown. We like to thank him for bringing Maria and I together. After all, as soon as he broke us up, Maria and I formed a special bond… and kicked the living shit out of Alex for interrupting us. I think he's scarred for life, to this day he still wont talk about it…

Kyle Valenti.

Dear dear Kyle… In 10th grade (last year) Kyle decided that it would be a wonderful idea to date me. Being the Mr. Jock Womanizer (as I affectionately call him) that he was (key word WAS) he decided to hit on me in the worst way. Me, with my feministic nature, doesn't take that shit so I kneed him… hard. He almost lost one of his "little friends" so he picked up Buddhism. Of course he apologized to me and I was left without an ounce of guilt. Now I call him Mr. Religious Jock Womanizer… there's a nice right to it right?

Tess and Ava Harding.

I'm just going to keep the two together, they are twins after all. They're blonde bimbo, too big of boobs for their own good… but that why we love them. Ok scratch, that's why the GUYS love them. Ava's a mad cool chick (ok she insists on being called that, who am I to judge right? *Told you I was a hypocrite, I judge everyone if you've failed to notice*) and Tess is the down to earth one… with a tendency to be ditzy. Every blonde joke we say they seem to take well… or retaliate with a brunette joke (after all I am the only one of the group… odd how that works out isn't it). I'm not really sure how our friendship started… wait, why yes I am. Tess dated Max at one time, and Ava and I teamed up to break them up. Luckily for Ava and I our services weren't needed… they broke up all on their own. Something about "kissing your brother/sister" feelings… hmm…

So there you have it, my slightly deranged and more than a little scary group of friends.

I love them, they say they love me… we're just a big ball of love in a non-orgy-porn-video-that-you-sell-on-ebay sort of way.

And this is our story.

TBC?! Yeah I dunno, I sat here for around 10 minutes and just typed and this is what popped out… amazing isn't it (ok not really just humor me slightly alright?)

And what goes along with humoring me?! FEEEEEEEDBACK! So feed me some, tell me what you think, good, bad, not so bad, terrific (ok so I'm leaning away from bad, but that ok, leave it too!)

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Ok I just wanted to thank you all for the feedback! I thought this was a complete flop lol... and Kari.. you MAJORALLY DITZY (lol couldn't help it dont send your land gnomes to get me.. er.. sorry lol dont ask) flying grasshopper! You read it?! *tear* I think I'm crazy for starting it.. I dunno.. argh.. forever the pessimist right?

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Part 2:

Ah, summer.

What more could a person ask for. Alex would probably say a lifetime supply of Sunkist, Kyle… a lifetime supply of condoms. Me? I'd ask for a moment of peace and quiet in my own home, but it's not like I actually want to talk about that.

And because we're not talking about that, I'm obviously not at home. I'm in Max's room currently taking control of his bed like it's the world. Seriously, the boy has the most comfortable bed imaginable… makes you wonder how it got that way right? Well I can tell you, and it's not dirty, it's actually because of all of the times we jumped on it as kids.

That's the thing you have to love about Max, behind those big ears and the fuck off attitude he's actually sort of sweet, not that it's a good thing or anything, but with him, I find myself being… nice. Gag me with a spoon.

So right now, I'm in the room of Mr. Max-I-don't-give-a-flying-fuck Evans and he's trying to get me to move over on his bed so he can lay down. Not going to happen…

"Move." He says.

Ha, he's gonna have to do a lot better than that to move my ass.


Well, I never said I was good at sharing. I don't know what's sadder… the fact that Max and I are fighting like we're in kindergarten, or the fact that it's two in the afternoon in the summer, and all we want to do is lay in his bed.

"Liz I swear to god, I will make Kyle list off random car parts and sexual positions the next time you see him."

"Oh well that's alright Max I'm sure that I could handle that… as long as you're sure you can handle memorizing all of the brands and sizes of tampons and pads a-la-Maria." I respond turning over so I'm on my back and sending him a sweet smile that I probably picked up from Tess.

"Ok first off, add stop talking to Tess on your list of things to do today," Max begins…

I knew it.

"And second, you're cruel."

"Yes, well, tell me something I don't know."

"You're beautiful." Max states like it's actual fact.

I pause for a second. You see, Max is always saying random things like that… you need examples right? Stuff like… "I want to kiss you." Or "You have gorgeous eyes".

"Bitch I want you in whipped crème and naked on my Buddha covered couch now…" Wait.. that was Kyle.

You do get the point though? Sometimes I don't get Max, but most of the time I just don't care, but every time I always pause.

"You said it that time without even breaking a smile, I don't know if I should be proud or disappointed," I reply.

He sighs.

I sigh.

He picks me up and I lay lifeless in his arms my head thrown back. I'm waiting for him to throw me to the other side but he just holds me for a second too long for my liking, so I glance up at him. He's looking at my… neck or chin? I cant really decide.

"Tampax ultra thin maxi with wings…" and then he throws me to the other side and I melt into his bed as he slides in next to me.

"Do you think it's wrong to be in love with inanimate objects?" I ask him staring up at him.

"I prefer to be in love with you."

There he goes again. And I pause…again.

"Tampax gentle glide-" And then I find my ass coming in contact with the floor… what a bastard.

"You break it you buy it," I say standing up and rubbing my bum. Ok, so his bed might be comfy but his floor is another story.

"Just tell me how much," Max responds.

"As witty and clever as this meaningless conversation has been… and I do mean meaningless in the worst way, I've got other guys to service…" I say heading for his window.

"Add stop talking to Kyle to that list of yours also…" he says standing up and walking over to the window ledge where I'm sitting. Here I am having faith in the male population thinking that he might actually help me over… yeah he helped me alright… helped me right out to fall on my ass with a good push.

"Dammit Maxwell. Fucking ouch!" I scream up at him.

"Stop talking to Michael while you're at it." Max replies.

"By the time you're done telling me who not to talk to I'll only be left talking to you."

"Who knows," Max beings looking wistful (since when do I know that as an expression?), "Maybe I an get you to stop talking all together…"

"The only way you'll get me to stop talking it to-"

"Kiss you?" Max says smiling.

And I pause.

"Actually I was going to say only if you finally took the step you've been dying to take and kill me so that I can-"

"End up six feet under ground fertilizing the soil like you were put on earth to do." Max says.

"Well at least you pay attention… by the way, you broke it, that's $20" I say rubbing my sore ass.

Next thing I know a $20 dollar bill floats down to me from his room and I hear his window slam shut.

Sweet, I just made $20.

Life still makes me sick, but at least life gave me $20.

Now to go and by some drugs.

Ok, ok, so I'm buying aroma-therapy, but it might as well be drugs the way Maria is addicted to it.

I skip down the street dressed in black glaring at all of the happy pastel covered freaks out in their front lawns washing their too expensive cars paid for by mommy and daddy dearest. Too much pink… must… cover… eyes…


Ah yes, what more could someone ask for? I just thought of something else to ask for, a paintball gun.

The paintballs go good with cars right?


Ok guys I'm just trying to set everything up ok? LoL.. two parts in one day *tear* aren't you proud?

::looks at clock:: Damn.. it's 12:20… that means it's tomorrow.. can it count anyway?

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bWOW! You guys are seriously great with the feedback..

JaneLane: Thanks for the feedback! *Of course I'll be posting more!*

Pixie: *Tear!* Soon I'll be living out on my own in that big bad world amoung people freakier than I am! hehe! Thanks!

ApathyGirl666: I'll give you MOOOOOOOOOORE!! hehe!

Miss Dreamergal: Aww thanks! You have faith in me... thats good! I can always use that!

Marteloise: I'm glad you liked it!

B4echstarrynite: Paintball! Evil, evil game... well, when you're the one getting pelted it is... otherwise it's a dream come true! YAY! I'm glad you're addicted like Maria on aromatherapy! Thanks!

Cath!: Ok you have no idea what it means to me that you are even READING my poor attempt at a fic (lol). And you love me! I LOVE YOU TOO!! *big* And here.. I thought you should have this *hands Cath a baseball bat* Liz might get denser, and Max... could he even possibly BE more obvious! hehe, THANK YOU FOR READING!

DMatahari: Thanks for the compliment! I was hoping for it to come out like that!

Angelic: Thank you! Everything will be explained eventually, I SWEAR! *tongue*

Robyn: I love a cynical Liz too! Thank you for your feedback!

Kari!: What color sparkly sticker? hehe, Max and Liz are very very dilly (lol sorry couldn't resist). Actually, you're wrong *waits for your gasped shock* Liz isn't denying it... it's kinda odd.. but you'll get it I'm sure, you're smart like that hehe. THANK YOU FOR READING!

Alexandra!: Thankies! I hope to post more later today!

Ner: I was hoping my M/L interaction turned out alright.. lol! It's coming! Believe me!


Thanks everyone for the feedback! Part 3 will be out later today!

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Hey guys! Sorry I couldn't post this yesterday... it's longer than the other parts lol.. but just as pointless! *big*

Part 3:

And I'm walking.

Surprisingly enough everything in Roswell is walking distance, and, hold in your shock kiddies, that's what I'm doing.

Wow this isn't really isn't that interesting at all. Up ahead I can see the greatest store in the world, and by now I'm sure my face is lighting up like I've just entered the gates of Disney Land, or maybe it's Disney World.. I've never been to clear on that.

Maria's mom is known for two things.

1) Owing the Crashdown.

A lovely alien-theme restaurant that almost everyone hangs out in. And by everyone I mean the socially challenged (me) and then all of the just plain challenged people (everyone else). I wouldn't really say that I hate everyone, just the moral majority.

2) Owning a aroma therapy/alien gift shop.

You see, of course since this is Roswell, Maria's mom (Amy) felt that the only way to get into the spirit was to make little alien necklaces and glow in the dark alien condoms. Ok… so I'm not suppose to know about those but Kyle told me they keep them in the back and he seems to always have one in his wallet. Now, because Amy is big on aroma-therapy she wanted to incorporate that into her shop, so she did. And the master-piece she came up with is…

::drum roll::


Ok, so it sounds like a cheesy porn video (to me at least) but it's a great place. So that's where I'm headed to blow Max's $20 on useless things that I will never use. Plus I have a plan to score some glow in the dark alien condoms for my best friend Mr. Max-I-don't-give-a-flying-fuck Evans.

But of course, on the way there I pass by the Crashdown and due to my very short attention span I glance in and notice the gang around a table looking just as bored as I feel so of course I head in.

On the way I'm stopped by a very loud, annoying high pitched voice, complete with pastel clad body.

"Liz Parker… aren't your pants a little… hmmm, short?"

Ah, ladies and gentleman if you look to your left you will see a lovely view of everything that is wrong with society today.

Two Words.

Pam Troy.

A few words to describe her.

Should be road kill.

I don't think it's healthy to be that blonde and wear all that make-up. She looks like a clown.. and clowns scare me. Death to the clowns!

I look down at my black shorts that go past my knees. Hmm.. I didn't think that they were PANTS. I guess the peroxide seeped into the head of not only Pam but her cronies that seem to be giggling like she actually just said something clever.

"Pam Troy… isn't your shirt a few sizes to small?"

Well the giggling has ended… Buddha I love you.

Maybe I should take Max's advice and stop talking to Kyle.

And just to put them in their place I feel that I need to speak once again, "And Pam, if you're going to shop at K-Mart you need to realize that you cant shop in the little kids section. Their clothes will not, I repeat, will not fit over your implants."

And then I'm gone, trudging slowly to the booth containing Maria, Kyle, Ava, Michael, and Tess.

I slump down into a seat next to Kyle.

"Liz just the person I've been dying to see, tell me, why do you think Buddha allowed there to be Tess and Ava as twins."

"Well Kyle, I believe it had something to do with having them put together so that combined, they have one whole brain."

"Hey! We're still here!" Ava and Tess say together.

"Oh I'm sorry," I say turning to them, "I guess I missed all that blonde curly hair and big boobs."

Ava smirks while Tess says, "Well, we know Liz, that deep down you're just jealous that we have boobs and you… well…"

I fall out of the booth and get on my knees on the Crashdown floor and cry out, "God why could you have blessed me with a nice rack?!?"

"Hey I like your rack!" I turn to see Alex and Isabel have walked in and I roll my eyes before getting up and brushing off my knees.

"Alex… you might want to be careful of what you say to me or I'll give you flashbacks of 9th grade." I raise my fist at him.

"Oh yeah like, I-I'm really scared!" He says… yeah nice job cowering behind Isabel, Alex. Little bitch (tee-hee).

I think Maria's had enough… that and I've counted at least three customers that have come up to her and must be complaining about me, well I'm guessing that it was about me considering the surplus of glares I've been getting. "Kids, that's enough," Maria starts and then points to me, "And you, I'm kicking you out right on your-"

"Maria!" We hear from the back room. Ah, good old Amy… always eavesdropping when you need her.

"Ok! God-"

"It's GOSH honey, don't take the lords name in vain!" I hear Amy call back.

"Since when are we religious?!" Maria says starting towards the backroom where I'm guessing Amy is.

So of course I'm trying to sneak out of the Crashdown but Maria somehow got smart over the last 5 minutes because she calls out, "Liz, Kyle is going with you!" Then she turns to Kyle, "You baby sit her, please for the love of my" Maria glances behind her, "new found God, keep her out of trouble!"

Now it's Kyle and I walking towards the door of the Crashdown and of course Peroxide-Boob-Job (heh, I like that) has to say something. I've guessed that it probably took her all of this time to finally come up with something to say.

"Yes Little Lizzie Parker needs a baby sitter… how precious," I grit my teeth, but cant help but turn around on our way out.

"Oh and Little Pammy Troy needs a plastic surgeon… one boob seems to be smaller than the other."

Ha! Once again Pam's plots to embarrass me are foiled! "To the bat-mobile Robin!" I say to Kyle only to realize that once outside, that of course we have no bat-mobile because everything in Roswell is walking distance.

"So lovely Liz, what is the plan for today?" Kyle asks with his patented you-KNOW-you-want-to-sleep-with-me smile.

"Well Kyle, I'm glad you asked. We are going to buy condoms!" I reply not even smiling because I know that Kyle wants to sleep with me. I grab his hand and pull him inside Alien Aroma. "Now Kyle, I want some of those glow in the dark alien head condoms ok?"

I seem him grin at me and shake his head. Good boy… you might get a treat later on! WHAT?! Don't look at me like that, I'm a tease, it's in my job description! Do you want to see my resume?

"So why do you need condoms anyway?" he asks.

"Evans." I say.

"Oh you guys are finally… you know" Kyle winks at me.

"Why would you say that, I mean it's Max!"

"You've got to be crazy if you don't-" he pauses, "Well, what will I get if I do this?" Of course only Kyle would ask, I mean, GOSH forbid that he may actually do something for his dear friend.

"Who knows Kyle, I might let you use one," I wink at him.

Well obviously that was enough motivation for him because 5 minutes later we are walking out with about 10 condoms all thanks to me distracting the lovely sales woman… all I did was act like I'm insane (too hard to believe? I think not…) Kyle grabbed them and we're out.

And we're walking.

Yes I know it really is amazing the second time you hear it.

We stop in front of the Crashdown to bid farewell to Kyle. I give him a big hug and feel his hands on my ass, "Do you want your 'little friend' to take an emergency visit back to the hospital Kyle?" and the hands move up. Success.

I start to walk away, "Liz where are you going I thought you said that we could use one of these?" Kyle calls out waving the condom I slipped him in his hand.

"No no Kyle, I said that YOU could use one of them…I never said that it was going to be with me!"

"But Parker! You're killing me here, come on, you, me, right now, against the wall!" Kyle calls back.

I start to laugh and then I run into something. Now this is why you don't walk backwards… apparently you cant see where you're going.

"Ouf…" I say blowing out my breath and I notice familiar arms steadying me. "Max!" I smile at him when I turn around, "I bought you a present, well, stole you a present…"

"Does it involve you naked?" Max looks hopeful.

I pause.

"Well when you use it, it'll involve you naked," I tell him before turning around and walking away, "Hey!" I call back (and once again I'm walking backwards, I never learn), "I'm going to be in your room ok?"

"You can only go in my room if you end up naked in my bed before I get home!" He calls back.

"Will do!" I call back.

Did he just skip?

Ah, well, time to have some fun.



Ok so I hate this part completely, but I'm just showin/introducing Liz's friends to you and just setting up the story so if it was boring and sucked I'm sorry!

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Hey guys... want Part 4? Well you're gonna get so.. um.. HA!

mpls muse: I believe you asked for nakedness?

Ok, wish granted.... sort of lol.

THANKIES ALL FOR THE FEEDBACK! I LOOOOOVE YOU! Like... um *hold out arms* this much!

Now on to the part right?

Part 4:


And I'm laying (are you starting to see a pattern here?)

Yeah I am in Max's room, which shouldn't be too big of a surprise to you… and here's the kicker:

I'm naked.

*Hears collective gasps*

Yeah well I'll just give you a moment to catch your breath ok?

You good?


So I was just messing with you anyway… well sort of. I am in Max's room in Max's bed but only in my under garments… man I thought you knew me better than that! No? Yeah well it looks like I have to become more self-absorbed and talk about myself more and more so I end up a conceited cynical bitch! Oh yeah, check me out being all cool with a master plan.

Ok so back to me being naked.

*Hears someone put on kinky porn music*

Yeah ok you know what? STOP TALKING TO KYLE.

Alright so here I am in my black lacy THING (and by thing I mean strapless bra thing) and black lacy underwear. Now, I know what you're thinking, what in the fuck is Liz doing in something like that? Why the fuck would Liz have that, like she gives a shit about how she looks! Well ok, let me answer your question, I'm in this because of Maria.

Now I know, you're saying back that train up, hold the phone, rewind and stop. Maria, oh yes, lovely Maria. She took the liberty of telling me that if I was going to be a freak and dress unattractively (I don't find tank tops and baggy pants/shorts are unattractive, I'm just not Ms. Sixties flower child like she is) but since I dress like I do, that I at least have to look hot under my clothes.

Now of course, I didn't really understand the logic in that, but when talking to Maria, it is best just to let her think she's making sense. So Maria, being Maria, went and bought me what she considers "sexy" under garments and stocked my drawers ridding me of all of my boxers and sports bra's… I knew I should have put a lock on that drawer.

So now I'm actually stuck wearing this stuff. I mean, when I first found out and opened my underwear drawer and found hot pink thongs I started stealing Max's boxers. But of course, beyond popular belief, Max actually does have a brain, figured out my plan, and made me give them all back (although he did say it was sexy… weird) *insert sad face here*

So like I said, I wanted to have some fun today and I have done just that. I have hid all of the remaining 9 condoms (thanks to horn dogger Kyle) around Max's room. But, being the tease that I am, I took on and tacked it to the door with a note reading:

Come and get me big boy!

Ok so it's not that original, but what was I suppose to say? Come and land your space ship in my magic portal and make me see stars?

Ok, so that was my second choice, but I decided to be classical.

So I'm waiting and waiting and… oh yes, you have guessed it, waiting.

Come on Max, you don't have a life, get your ass in here so I can see your shocked expression and make my day a whole lot better.

And then it happens, the door is thrown open and in rushes none other than Max himself. So, I'm laying there smiling appearing to be naked and Max is sitting there with his jaw on the floor… is that drool? Uh…?

Next thing I know Max is taking off his shirt and is jumping on the bed.

"THANK YOU GOD FOR MAKING ALL OF MY DREAMS COME TRUE!" he shouts. What a dork, now if I wasn't his best friend I would tell him that he is one… oh fuck it.

"You are such a dork." I say as I get out from under the covers and sit there in my bra and undies.

"Will you marry me Liz?" Max asks.

I pause.

And then I realize how truly stupid that question was and hit him upside the head.

"Come out and play with me Max!" I smile at him probably sounding like a five year old. He's leaning up against the headboard with his eyes closed so to get his attention I sit in his lap so I'm straddling him. "Come on Max, come play!"

"I thought that's what we were gonna do," he mumbles.

"I wanna get wet!" I say to him

"I could help you with that…" he smiles mischievously finally opening his eyes and looking at me.

"Max," I whine working my five year old inside, "I wanna go swimming in your pool, it's hot like a-"

But Max cuts me off, "It's pretty hot in here too…" he says wrapping his arms around me and pulling me closer to him. Hmm… his chest is hard… six pac. Ooooh, pretty… wait, WHAT?!?!

I squirm against him and finally break free. "Please Max?" I pout sticking out my lower lip and I hear a noise come from him… not exactly sure what it is but suddenly he's in front of me.

"Now Liz what did I tell you that you had to be in order to be in my room?" he asks me.

Oh shit.

"Um… well you said naked but I thought-"

And once again I'm cut off, "Yeah and you're not so guess what?"

Yeah well I don't even have time to guess because the next thing I know I'm once again outside of his window on my ass with my clothes being thrown at me instead of money. No money… well that seriously blows.

"Can I get my swim suit and then can we go swimming?" I ask him looking up at him sweetly.

"Didn't I tell you to stop talking to Tess?"

Then he sighs.

And I sigh.

"Can't we just go naked?" He asks looking… hopeful?

I pause.

"Ok, ok, I'm giving you five minutes to change and get back here you got that young lady?"

"Yes daddy!" I smile up at him.

"That's right I am your daddy," he mumbles before shutting his window.

I grab my clothes and am now running towards my bedroom window but I pause. There in the backyard my mother is standing there eyes wide. Surprisingly she isn't drinking… it looks like she's actually… gardening? Well I'll be damned…


"Blame the underpants gnomes mom!" I shout back hopping throw my bedroom window.

Ok, so I know that the underpants gnomes from South Park only take underwear but in my twisted world they've moved up a notch and have started to strip people into lingerie, just go with it ok?

Besides, Maria is my own personal underpant gnome, so I blame her for everything.

And now I am hunting for my bathing suit.

Yeah of course I'm not finding it, god… excuse me… gosh forbid that I find the one thing I'm looking for. Man, I might as well just take Max's idea and go naked…

And then I find it! Oh yeah, SUCCESS!

Then the smile slips off of my face.

Did I fail to mention that Maria also bought my swimsuit? (Like it can even be called that…)

Oh shit.


So… it sucked right? LOL! Ok so I don't hate this part as much as the others, and you'll love me for the next part I swear ok? YOU WILL! I didn't even plan to write a part today but it just came out so this is what you get after 20 minutes.. so… deal with it!

You want a hint to the next part?

Ok… hint: KISSY KISSY!

EDITED CAUSE: Yeah I didnt read it through and when I glanced at it I realized that yes, indeed, with the mistakes it didn't make sense.. so... better? Maybe? No? Yeah I didn't think so.. hehe *big*

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Hey all this is indeed Kat! Yeah the great Dissapearing-Act-Kat (Nice ring to it right?) Yes well I am back with an UPDATE!


Believe me I know..

Well let me tell you my excuse at least.. ok ok REASON (yeah Kat that sounds better!) I was camping for a weekend, came home for 2 days and then I've been camping up until Monday (2 days ago).

But now I'm home, and I'm trying to catch up on everything, but I did start another new fic:

SAFE HAVEN! READ OR DIE (shameless self promotion on my behalf) You see, it's kind of dark for now so I dont think people want to read/leave fb, but I would really appreciate it for my ego lol!

Thanks for all your feedback and support guys!

Ok now for a new update!


And I'm standing. (And if you're failing to see the pattern now, then I take pity on you.)

Ok, now because you seemed to like the kicker last time I have another one for you…

Here's the kicker:

I'm in a string.


Who would spend money on this… this… STRINGY THINGY! (I realize I'm just full of originality right? Right…)

I could probably construct this thing from a few pieces of yarn if I wanted to, which I don't, because I have to say that one of these is definitely enough.

Am I freaking out? Does it sound like I'm freaking out? I mean this isn't a big deal right? Am I rambling? Am I asking too many questions? Do you think Max with like it-

Ok, enough of that.

So I'm sitting her contemplating what in the hell I'm going to do. Hell I'd be better off wearing some of the "undies" (ha, they cant be called that..) that my own personal underpants gnome picked out…

Or just using Max's suggestion and go naked… not like he will have much left for his imagination if I wear this thing.. not that he would be thinking about me. And no, I'm not thinking of him thinking about me… at all. No.

Decisions, decisions.

Go naked, wear string, go naked… wear string.




"Liz get your ass out here!" I hear Max call.


"Sorry Mrs. P.. um.. didn't see you uh… there?"

Go mom!

Ok so string it is. Now I might as well tell you what it looks like so you don't go around thinking that I'm actually wearing just a string right? Ok, so the top is like a bra… yeah, but with these little triangular things (yeah THINGS, I can feel the originality rolling off me in waves) that barely cover my would-be-boobs. Then the top ties around the neck and back. But wait folks, there's MORE! *Insert cheesy smile* (Ha! I've come up with someone Max forgot to tell me not to talk to! STOP TALKING TO ALEX!) The bottoms are a monstrosity in themselves. Ok, so you've got a thong-


Oh shut-up, like you've never seen them on Baywatch or something (huh, when did I watch Baywatch… oh yeah at Kyle's!) So it's this thong, and it gets worse, it like ties on both sides, and those little itty-bitty teeni-weeni ties, are the only things holding the bottoms together.

Yeah see? It's just not to be worn in public... Now, not that I have a bad bum or anything, in fact, as Kyle grabbed it he thought it was "Grade-A prime meat" I shoved him into the milk-shake machine at the Crashdown (tee-hee). Even though it's not bad, it's not like I want to advertise it to the whole neighborhood. And I definitely don't want to advertise it to the old guy down the street who does indeed wear some women clothing, a boa in his hat, and platform shoes… I swear he's a pimp and personally, I don't want to be his new whore (no matter how good the rates are!)


I could use the money…

No! No, I will not be a part of the whore house… although-

No, Liz, think of something else.

Bunnies and unicorns? No that doesn't help either, that just makes me want to run in the bathroom and sit next to more own personal ceramic Buddha and lose my food-a-la-The Crashdown Café.

Now as fun as that sounds, I'm gonna have to go with no.

Think of Max.

Whoa, rewind.


Think. Of. Max.

Yeah that's what I thought I thought (heh, weird).

I already promised myself not to do this, just look at what happened to my-

"LIZ!" I can hear Max whine.

Oh my holy freakin Buddha is someone patience level dropping by the second or what? Oh, time for fun.

I sit on my bed.

Yeah, beyond some belief, I am a girl, and can take as long as I damn well please to get ready. That and the fact that I really don't want to put this thing on at all…fine… I'll do it.

I throw off my clothes in whatever direction I damn well please and somehow manage to not only shimmy into this thing, but also, figure out exactly where the right parts go.


What the fuck is this part? What is this, the magical appearing string? I cant tie anymore…


OK a good five minutes later and I'm all set, successfully managing to hop out of my window in this thing.

Ha! That's right! Oh shit, when did this come untied…?

Hurry…. Must…. Tie…. Before…. Flashing…. Whole…. Neighborhood-

And I'm good.

Ok now I'm not gonna gloat, because I just nearly avoided having to sign up for whore-camp all thanks to my would-have-been flashing.

And I'm walking. (Does it get any better after the third time you hear it?)

I'm about to waltz into Max's backyard when I hear it.

"CHICA!!!" Now… imagine a bat like screech. Got that? Good, now I want you to think of mixing that screech with the sounds of a wounded pregnant goose? Got it? Yeah times that by 10 and you have: MARIA DELUCA.

"Hey Maria…"

"Now girl I just knew that would look good on you! Lemme see, turn around. Damn it Liz show some enthusiasm! Straighten your shoulders, arch your back a little, see now Max is going to have a heart attack! Oooh! This should be good!"

"Max? What are you talking about.. he's going to make fun of me for years after he sees me in this this… thing!"

"Oh Max is gonna drool so bad!" She's starting her babbling again… need… to … escape! "Oh I need a second opinion. KYLE! Come over here and tell me what you think!"

Wait… WHAT?!


And then I'm running into Max's back yard looking for some sort of bush or something to hide behind.

But of course, in my time of need there are no trees, no damn bushes… damn it!

Then I see Max who is just sorta staring at me funny.

"Max! Thank god! Come here!" He just stands there.


"ELIZABETH CLAUDIA PARKER! WATCH YOUR MOUTH!!!" I hear from the other side of the fence.

No time for apologies mom, I think to myself, I'm trying to get outta being checked out in next to nothing by Kyle Valenti.

"Max, get over here right now, Kyle is trying to get a look at me in this thing!" And then he's standing in front of me blocking Kyle's view of me over the fence.

"Run along, nothing to see here.." I hear Max say but I'm a little busy cowering behind his back and clutching on to him praying to god that one of these straps doesn't decide to come unhooked at any second.

And then POOF! They're gone.

"Max, My HERO!" I say dramatically throwing myself into his arms when he turns around. I try to pull back but that doesn't seem to be happening… he's got his arms around me a little too tight and he's playing with the strings of my top… uh… no!

I try to pull back again and the next thing I know I'm over his shoulder and I think he just smacked my ass…

"MAX!" I shout at him.. well ok his back.

And then I'm in the pool.

I resurface and shake my head sending my hair and water everywhere before looking up at Max who is still on the deck.

"You suck" I tell him.

"Actually I lick and bite… want a demonstration?" He replies.

I pause.

Oh fuck it.

"Yes actually but you have to get your ass in here first," I smile up at him. Oh yes his ass is getting dunked.

Amazingly enough he's in there in lightening speed.

"I have never seen you move so fast," I tell him.

He just sort of blushes which is actually really cute….

Wait, dear god what am I thinking?!

"Max I was just kidding you know that right?" I tell him with my eyes wide at the look in his eyes… so… dark…

"I wasn't," He tells me before pulling me to him, I struggle against him and I feel the same thing that I felt earlier when I was on his lap… little Mighty Max.

Shit shit shit.

What did I get myself into?

But for some reason all of my thoughts leave my head as I glance back up into his eyes, and then at his lips.

And then I just do it…

I kiss him.

And then I'm lost…

What do you guys think??? You want more or no..? lol! I hope the answer is YES but leave me some FB and we'll see! Love you guys!


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Hey guys, Kat here! TADA! A new part.. a-la-ka-zam! OK I'm done.. I'm just reliving all of those dreams I had about being a magician...


Ok here's part 6! ENJOY AND LIMME FB!


And I'm still kissing him (about time I added a new one right?)

I don't even understand how exactly I got myself into this mess… I guess that after I just said 'screw it' instead of just paused and got myself together as usual really did me in.

Well shit.

He's so gentle though, and then there's all this passion. And I feel hot all over its like he's sending waves of heat through my veins. I guess I can blame that on the fact that he's pulled me as close to him as possible.

God… I can hardly think straight all I can feel is his passion, his tongue, his strong embrace, his love-

I have to stop this.

Ding ding ding!

Yes folks, that would be realization of what I just did ringing in.

I try to move back, really I do, (forget the fact that I'm not putting in much effort, I mean, really now, why would I?)

Ooooh yeah.

The LOVE that's practically radiating off of him like BO on that guy that likes to travel our fair city with a trash bag over his shoulder and a bottle of whiskey, well ok any kind of alcohol, in his hand.

And all of this adds up to one good SHOVE from me, finally breaking free from him.

"So, I'm all cooled off now!" I tell him while backing up towards the ladder to get outta the pool, "Thanks for swimming with me Max".

And then I bolt.

Yeah I'm about as courageous as Courage The Cowardly Dog… and well… if you've seen it you know that basically I'm complete chicken shit (yeah and not the kind of evil chicken that had red eyes that one time that Courage… ok sorry got into a Cartoon Network reverie there…)

I'm cool now.

And I'm also lying through my teeth.

I'm such a puddle of… of… of something hot (wax? Eh?) right now that I'm lucky to even be standing.

I need to get away from here.

I need to burn this… string thing right now. Don't want any reminders…

After about 10 minutes of trying to figure how in the hell I even got this bathing suit (ha, yeah I think we've covered how it cant even be called that) on, I'm back in regular clothes. A black mid-riff top and baggy red pants that look like there should be another person in them with me. And of course, my black boots.

I've wadded up the "bathing suit" and it does actually look like a bundle of yarn.

Now, because the burning fabric would smell horribly, and would take to long (and I'm sorta trying to make a quick exit before Max finally gets it together and realizes I'm gone) so I rush down to the pimp guy down the street.

Now, the guy truly freaks me out. I mean, today his attire includes bright pink stretch pants, a tight black tank-top topped off with platforms and a feather jacket. And the pink sunglasses… well I'm scared.

I donate my "swim suit" to him and bolt (almost as fast as I did away from Max).

I know where I'm headed (and don't act all too shocked or anything) but I'm going to the Crashdown.

I could use some quality time drowning my 'Max moment' with a smoothie.

I head in and right off the bat catch eyes with Amy, and you just know that look in her eyes… the one that screams 'I need help and you're going to be the one to volunteer to do it'.

"Hey Amy… Maria here?"

"She's on break," she tells me and then looks away before turning back to me trying to pull that whole 'oh I just thought of something' look, "Hey Liz, be a doll and get us some Ketsup from the back… we're running low at these tables…"

Yeah yeah I'm going.

You don't say no to Amy… plus I don't feel like being banned from Alien Aroma (what? I need those condoms ok!)

So I'm walking through the 'employee's only' door and of course I feel super special because well, I'm not an employee, it's like I have privileges or something.

So I walk through and I was not expected for what happened next.

I hear voices, and for once I'm not talking about the ones in my head for once… unless the voices in my head amazingly started to sound like Maria and Max… in a very deep discussion.

Hmmm… I will not eavesdrop. I will not eavesdrop…


Yeah I'm eavesdropping.

But that's ok, because I'm also doing what Amy asked. I quietly make my way into the little room that holds supplies and look for the Ketchup.

I pause as I look before me.

I look the the left.

I look to the right.

Ketchup… or catsup.

Well shit, now why do they have both?

What's the difference? I mean, I've always wondered that. I asked the sales clerk at the grocery story and she told me that there wasn't a difference, but if that is true, WHY do they have different names?!

Answer me that!

Now, riddle me this, and riddle me that (shut up, you know you've seen that Batman movie!) which one does Amy want?



I frown.

And decide to just grab a bottle of both and ask her about the difference, and then I catch more of the conversation as I'm heading out.

"I love her Ria… I love her so much… I just don't get why she'd pull away, I mean, she kissed me and-"

Well that's enough of that… no wonder people say that it's bad to eavesdrop.

I'm walking out with the bottles and a voice stops me.

"So you can kiss Evans but not me?!" I turn to see Kyle who is doing a really really good job of looking heartbroken.

I guess I kinda got freaked out over the fact that people actually know that I kissed Max, and hearing it from someone like Kyle… was enough for me to drop both the Ketchup and the Catsup bottles.

I glance down…

Hey they're even the same color!


Yeah I realize how intelligent that thought was… just let it slide, I'm freaking out.

I guess Max and Maria heard the commotion because they're at my side. Eh… not good.

So of course, me finally regaining somewhat of my dwindling composure decide that I need to nip this thing with Max in the butt right now.

"Well Valenti," I say seductively to him, leaning closer to him, "if you want to be kissed… all you have to so is ask.." I finish with a breathy tone.

"Kiss me." He says gulping.

And I do just that.

I kiss him.

But I don't get lost… I just feel like I've lost Max.

And as I pull away from a dazed Kyle, I see that it's true. Max is gone, Maria is staring at me disapprovingly, and Amy… well Amy is glaring at me and then at the broken bottles on the ground.

I sigh.

I shouldn't feel this bad.

I mean… I don't believe in love… look at my parents…

Love is meaningless, the sooner Max realizes that they better… right?

Well if I'm so right, then why do I feel so bad?

I sigh again, and glance down at my shoes.

I have Ketchup/Catsup (hmmm Ketsup!) all over my boots.

Could this day get any worse?

If you answered 'No' already, then you are terribly mistaken, because in the next instant, a very enraged looking Max is storming back into the Crashdown, latching his hand onto my wrist, and dragging me along like some rag-doll.

I think the day just got worse.

TBC!? Gimme some feedback (pweety pwease?!)

Love you guys!

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*Steps outta cave and into the bright light.. blinks a few times*

Uh.. hello?


Ok so I'm not dead.. I wasn't run over by any trucks.. I AM continuing this fic!

Infact, soon there will be a new part, and also another part on 9/11 because I am participating in the idea of everyone updating on 9/11 *if you havent heard about it, go ask about it!*

So thank you ALL for you wonderful BUMPS, FEEDBACK, BMAILS, FRIENDLY PUSHES *Selena, Jen, LORA!*

I am continuing, so expect a new part in the next few days and another one on 9/11! And if you read Safe Haven, there will be another part of that out soon as well!



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Ok now before everyone thinks Im such a huge horrible person.. I'm not..

And I'm not going to sit here and make excuses for not updating, I'm just going to tell the truth *ha! Yeah! I'm cool like that.. heh..* Anyway... This is what happened.. My laptop.. no longer exists to me.

Problem right?

You bet!

The floppy with Drive You Mild.. POOF.. gone

*Are you beginning to see the bad signs of this?*

Alright, so comp gone.. floppy gone.. hmm...

So I'm on my new Desktop and everythings cool right? HA! This again! Bad luck strikes again.. the cd with all of the word things and what not like that.. yeah it wont load on my comp for some reason.. so I dont even have word to try and get my floppy to open here to get the part I have done for this fic..

*Glares at the nearest object*

As you can tell.. I have NOT been a happy camper.. but soon! SOON! SOOOOOON!

I promise ok?! OK!

Believe me, I've gotten your b-mails, your IM's, your continuous bumps.. of course I'm going to continue!

HOPEFULLY this week!

And in answer to the comments about my Sig.. I LOVE ALEX TOO hehe.. If I had a- *cough* best I not finish that.. but yeah, LoraStar.. the wonderful Lora who is so talented made it and I loved it so she let me put it in my sig!

And the Sunkist.. *hehe* well.. if you know me and talk to me you will know about my obsession with Sunkist.. I always mention it somehow in a fic, in an RPG, or I'm always drinking it.. I worship it like the god it is and you should too! Heh.. but yeah.. I'm in love with it.. so um.. yeah.. freaking you guys out yet? I could try harder..?

Alright well guess what.. change of mind over on this end.. I think I'm going to try writing a new part right now alright?! I know.. it's going to basically be me talking for an entire chapter being Liz and yeah.. it wont be like the part from the floppy but I say 'who needs it'! I'm off to write so y'all better read..

And did I just say y'all.. eh.. getting hyper.. better write..

Love you all and thanks for the FB!

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You guys have truly been great with the feedback and everything.. the IM's the bumps.. the bmails.. you guys rock my socks!

And Assilem_1 Melissa! > I CAN SEE YOU! < hehe kidding.. and I'm not backing out.. *obviously* heres the part I promised!!!



And my arm is being ripped out of it's socket.. (what? I like to keep you guys on your toes).

Now, I'd like to take a moment to think of what would have happened if Max hadnt suddenly grown some male reproductive organs...

*doot doot doot doot doot.. er.. you're not getting this are you? Well ok, think Waynes World...*

I'd be looking at the ground with my Catsup/Ketchup covered boots feeling everyones eyes on me.

I'd be avoiding Kyle's dazed eyes *which are so undressing me right then* I'd look up.. catch Amy's eyes.. she'd toss a mop at me, glaring from me to the Ketsup (ha, compact word.. I deserve a gold star!) I'd look at Maria.. she'd give me the look that says 'dont you dare leave this for me to clean up' but I'd toss her the mop anyway and begin to.. why, you guessed it, BOLT.

What can I say.. it's what I'm good at.

I'd glance back at Maria and she'd be about to send Kyle as my babysitter.. but then think it to be a bad idea, and begin to mop.. and me.. well..

I'd be FREE.

But now.. Max had to grow some balls.

So now my arm.. is threatening just to snap and be gone.. never to be heard from again.

But is Max noticing this?

Of course not.

"You know, Raggidy-Anne always looked better with both arms.." I yell to him.. he doesn't seem to be paying much attention.


True, when I was younger I did unimaginable things to the arms/legs/any limb I could get my hand on of my dolls/barbies/anything stuffed..but I'd rather my payback not be losing a limb of my own.

Finally Max releases the death grip he had going on with my arm and I rub my sore wrist.

Oh yeah, thats bound to leave a mark.

The silence seems to go on forever.. which in reality, I bet it was onlya round 10-20 seconds.. time is evil like that.

In that 10-20 seconds I have taken a look around and noticed that we are at the park... infront of the swingset where we use to play as little kids..

As I'm reliving memory after happy memory in my head, Max beings to talk.

"Why would you do that to me?!" He's shouting at me.

Now that's a very good question.. that I'd like to answer with a song!!!


I was kidding.. ok.. not helping the tension right?

I'm having trouble telling if he's angry, hurt, or mostly a bit of both.

He looks so broken.. as broken as I feel for doing this to him.

Now before you start throwing marshmellows at me, hear me out.

I dont want your pity. I'm not going to sit here and pull a woe-is-me my life was so horrible act on you now.. because in retrospect my life is a lot better than most people out there.

My parents dont beat me.

My parents dont harass me.

My parents let me do whatever the hell I want.

But I've been ignored.

I've been taught the wrong things in life.. a-la-my "parents". They can barely handle themselves, let alone a teenager...

And to quote the basket case from The Breakfast Club:

My home life.. is unsatisfying.

But you have to believe me when I tell you that he may be broken now.. and I might be broken too.. but in the long run it's what needs to be done.. it's the right thing to do whether any of you see that now or not.

"Max-" I begin only to be cut off (no shock there right?)

"No. Dont even talk." He silences me with his words.

Yeah, sorry Max for trying to answer the question that you just asked.. wont happen again!

Damn, those cut slightly deep.. just the tone enough was enough to make me hang my head in shame.

"I LOVE YOU!" He shouts at me.. he's about right infront of me now and his hands are gentle as they grasp.

Heh.. heh.. I'm starting to think that Max is missing the entire point of what I'm trying to do for him.

I really wish that the boy would just face reality and be struck with the brilliant thought that I was struck with at a young age.. there is no such thing as love.. that's right, there's no love and yet there are still underwear gnomes.. bahh, dont shatter my delusions!

"Liz, please.. I love you... please, just.." Max stutters out before hanging his head and swallowing hard.

His eyes which have yet to meet mine finally come to land on mine, "Can you honestly say that you don't love me?" He asks softly.

Wrong question to ask.

Doesn't he realize that he is just making this more difficult for me?

I hold back a sigh as I break my eyes away from him.. he has really beautiful eyes you know-

I've got to stop this.

I need a Sunkist *yeah yeah stop talking to Alex.. I'll be sure to add that to the list of things to do today.. right up there with nuking the underwear gnomes and breaking Max's heart*

"I don't... l-love.. you Max.." I whisper out all the while my eyes are locked on my Ketsup stained boots.

"You're just going to sit there and lie to me?.. Since when do you lie to me Liz.. I thought we were best friends..first and foremost and forever and all that shit that you made me promise we would always be.." he says sadly.

Yeah.. I guess that I did make him promise all of those things.


What was I thinking then?! Eh.. that must have been right after the time I tried drugs and decided to become addicted only to open my own whore house naming it the Sheep And I and selling my non-existent body.. Oh sorry.. I went of on a compulsive lying tangent there.. happens when I freak out.

I want to tell him that it's because I have to.. it's because I really dont have a choice in the matter. I dont want us to end up both destroyed just like my parents did.. they were always waiting to self-destruct.

But I dont tell him any of this.

Instead I respond with, "Why are you so sure that this is lie?"

"I'd like to think that I know you well enough to know when you're lying and not Liz..."

"Well obviously you dont know me as well as you'd like to think you do!" I shout at him.

I'm beginning to get sick of this conversation and fast.

"How can you say that Liz.. God-"

I glare at him.

"GOSH," he corrects himself... ha.. check out my power, "Liz.. what is wrong with you?"

I frown... what does he me? I mean, does he really want me to list off everything that's wrong with me, cuz that could take a while and I really dont think that we had all the time in the world-

My thoughts are cut short as he begins talking again, "I know what you're thinking Liz.. and no, I dont want a list.. I just.. talk to me Liz.. do you know that you havent really talked to me in weeks?"

Heh.. I guess I forgot to mention that to you folks right?

I've been avoiding having any real conversations with Max for a while.. but I'm sure that you really dont want to know the reason behind that right?


Wrong? I'm wrong arent I?

"Max.. I do talk to you.. I talk to you everyday of my life, I have since day 1.. literally.."

"No Liz.. you shelter things from me.. I'm so straight forward with you that sometimes I make myself sick. Sometimes I think that me sitting here telling you how I really feel and what I really want to do with you is just a waste.. sometimes I think it just proves what Ava-"

Whoa whoa whoa.. wait a second now.. AVA?! What does she have to do with any of this!?

"... has been saying all along.. you're not interested in me. And then something like that kiss in my pool just makes my hopes of being more than friends with you even higher," Max gulps and he looks as though the next thing he's about to say will physically hurt him, "I dont think I can do this anymore.. I cant keep putting myself through this cycle Liz.. it's killing me.."

I push the thoughts of Ava and Max... ack.. together out of my head and fully take in what he has just told me.

God, I want to tell him so bad not to give up on me.. but it's so conflicting.. I'm not suppose to believe in love.. I cant believe in it.

One part of me wants to tell him "Good, you need to move on Max" and another part wants me to beg him to never let me go.

The silence that follows is almost unbearable.

It's in one of these moments that you really need a Maria... to fill it all up.

But I dont think she's going to pop out of the bushes over there and begin talking.. although I wouldn't put it past her... she's a sneaky little buzzard.. er.. buzzard? Dont ask.. I dont even know..


He's waiting for me to talk (but that was pretty obvious right people?)

I open my mouth but no words seem to be coming out.. damn Little Mermaid Syndrome (you know.. where the Ursela steals her voice- oh forget it, if you dont get it, you dont get it).

Max nods resigned.. and then walks away.

And now I'm standing (oh yes, new pattern.. it's at the end now!)

I'm watching him walk away..

As soon as he's barely visible one word is uttered from me... too late of course.



Feedback PLEASE!?!

I know sad.. and horribly boring and unfunny but I needed to transitionalize (ooh big word..) it to the next few parts to come!


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Hi.. I'm Kat, you might remember me from such fics as: Mr. Destiny, Safe Haven, and oh yeah the one you're currently bumping for that is failing to get updated and I'm sure you're all ready to throw chocolate covered candy corn (that you cant knock until you try) at me.. so this is how goes it..

1) YOU GUYS ROCK! I think if I was a guy and we didnt have all of those rules about not marrying tons of people I would SO marry ALL of you!

Wow.. I never.. ever... thought I'd.. say.. *that*

But anyways..

2) To explain my absence..

Did you notice my away time.. I think.. you might have..

So I guess you're like 'you suck you better have a good explination'.. so I have been having some problems.. ok I *have* problems and I needed to get some help and I needed some time.. so I took a month off of just about everything.. including talking to people. I'm trying my darndest (good word) to get back into the swing of everything without falling back down to the bottomless pit I was in so bear with me ok folks!?

I am working on an update.. as soon as Microsoft Word stops taunting me and looking at me funny.. but I swear to you it's getting done.

And I seriously dig you all who have been bumping and who have kept this fic from dying amoung the ruins.. you guys rock my socks!!

So I hope this author note helps explain-ith my lack-ith of update.. um.. iths!

*Yours- Kat*
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*Glares at stupid computer* I hate you.. I despise you.. I absolutely loathe you in every sense of the word.


I'm so upset.. I had all of these thank you for the fb and bump messages written out and I hit one wrong key and *poof* all that work.. gone.. so here is what I'm going to do:


And a special thanks to:

Allie0131: THANKS FOR BEING ADDICTED! I love it lol! You rock with your bumping abilities you bump queen you! *throws ya a Sunkist* <~ a great honor has been bestowed upon you, drink up!

Elena!: Thank you for the compliments I'm glad you like it! It means a lot coming from you E cuz well.. you rock lol! I love that you love it, and I love the FB and bumps!

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Ok here it is! Read on!
*Part um.. hang on (tries to find last part amoung the many bumps and fb of her awesome readers!).. Part 8.. I think*

Ok so my ‘wait’ was a little pathetic… and something even more pathetic is the fact that I’m not going to go after him…

Yeah I know.

Right now I should be turning my feet (which are currently stuck in one place mind you), taking off after Max, grabbing his arm (he’s got great arms), turning him around and laying a big wet one on him.

And I’d tell him that I was wrong, and that I do love him… and that I was only lying to protect him.

And because he loves me so much he wouldn’t tell me how badly my kiss is leaving drool all over him.


It would be just perfect.

But see, that right there? Total fantasy world, because nothing is ever perfect.

And the truth of the matter is, if I had went to him and told him I loved him and kissed him senseless like I’ve been dying to do lately… tomorrow I would feel guilty.

Guilty that I’m putting him in a position to have to be with me. Guilty that I’m convincing him that I love him and helping him believe ‘love’ is real, even though I know it’s not.

Maria is going to be so pissed when she finds out about this. But that’s ok, I can deal with an angry underpants gnome… or at least I can find someway to get her mad at Michael and have her march over to his place so she’ll leave me alone.

I shuffle my feet in the dirt kicking a few rocks.

Maybe I should go after him… I mean I’m fast I could so catch up to him right now… and if not I could always take a few rocks to throw at him so he’ll stop and turn around… but then he might be unconscious and I can only do so much with an unconscious Max…

Oooooh *dirty*…

I shake my head to get rid of my thoughts.

I’m getting so weak.

Since when did I need a guy? Since when did I need and believe in love? Since when I’m I such a dumbass and not going after him?

No Liz, you’re doing the right thing. <~ Yeah that right there was devil Liz… why am I listening to that thing?


So I need to go after him.

I kick a few more rocks… maybe after I’m done kicking the rocks-

No Liz, no stalling.

Get your ass in gear cowgirl and go find your cowboy and hog tie him… this is your moment.

I nod my head decisively and actually say to myself ‘go get him tiger’ before I’m taking off in the direction he took off in… because well, that was the logical direction to go.

And I’m running… (hey it was bound to show up sometime).

So here I am thinking that I’m going to have to go to a few places to find Max. You know, like the Crashdown, his house (because he sometimes just likes to be alone)… man, I’m going to have to steal Maria’s car to go up to the old quarry to look for him…

All this work…

Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this…

I shake my head again… and I can’t help but wonder if me shaking my head is actually helping me get rid of thoughts.

So I’m still running.

I can do this.

And then I see him.

I give a little sigh of relief.

This is a good thing because 1) I’m so out of shape that if I had to run to the Crashdown and then to Maxs house I’d die… or at least need something amputated, and 2) there is no way in hell Maria would ever let me take her car… she has some messed up theory that I’m ‘irresponsible and psychotic’ yeah she’s one to talk…

He’s sitting on a bench in Roswell Park which is close to the playground.

So I’m about to make my way over to Max and confess my undying love for him when I notice something else.

He’s not alone.

I duck behind the nearest tree to not be seen.


This kind of hurts.

Really bad.

I look at the blonde sitting next to him and it’s a dead give away that it’s Ava.

Ava… the stupid carbon copy of Tess… or the other way around, I dunno, you get my point (like I was really trying to make one…) The truth is my heart has stopped… there I think that’s the point.

Because they’re holding hands.

And I know what you’re thinking, ‘they’re friends, it’s a friendly gesture’.

Yeah well Ava is looking at Max ‘adoringly’ I guess you could say, and believe me, I can recognize this look because it’s the same one Max gives… or gave me… whatever.

I turn to glance at Max.

He looks broken.

And I know I did that to him… and I hoped that my confession would be enough to make that look go away… but then Ava seems to be doing a pretty good job making it all go away.

I watch them stand and I slink farther behind the shadow of the tree.

Ava gives him a kiss on the cheek (but from the looks of it she was trying to get it somewhere else…) and they hug.

Maxs back is to me, and I see Ava with her chin resting on his shoulder… and she’s smiling.

And I’m crying.

And I’m running… away from him this time.


Ok now I know you're sitting there going 'Kat you loser you update and you give us this shit!' yes.. well yes I do.

But hear me out! I needed some sort of 'thing' to go on to get me where I want this story to go... and hey, look at it this way this is just a short transitional kinda piece (although I'm not so sure I can call it that because it was more than just a filler) but yeah... I'm writing a new part either later today or maybe tomorrow once I write the Tampon Song lyrics!

It feels good to update... hope I wasn't too lame *big*!


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Ok first off.. you guys rock with the feedback! I want to give you all feedback awards (which are probably cans of Sunkist because that's all my tunnel vision allows me to see...) but it would be GOOD Sunkist (like there's ever a bad Sunkist...)

Alright.. So.. I guess you want the part now right? RIGHT!? Well ok.. I guess you can have it.. and Jess my slut of a twin *tongue* thanks for being there for me.. ROCK ON GIRL!

Oh!!! And much love to MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lovies you!
Part 9: (Ha! Didnt even have to look this time!)

Somehow I ended up in the company of Maria and her merry band of man whores…er… Michael, Alex, and Kyle.

It’s all very confusing as to why exactly they were all together… although I suspect it was for some kinky “group activities”… The world may never know.

But anyhow, here we are, in the back of the Crashdown café.

Yeah… through the employees only door… I told you I got connections and some mad skills.

Maria is currently working… haha… I use that term loosely.

You see… Maria is what I like to call a ‘selective worker’. You know, someone who takes more breaks than usually allowed… and considering her breaks are anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour I’d have to say she is definitely a ‘selective worker’. AKA Slacker.

Somehow Maria bribed Tess into working… another question of ‘how’ is left unanswered… although I suspect that Maria made a deal to let Tess in on the kinky “group activities”.


I mean…



I feel kind of bad for Tess.

Yeah… it’s kinda busy out front and Maria McSlackerdontwork is back here with us losers just hanging out.

But still… I kind of feel bad for Tess…

Oh who the hell am I kidding; she’s the spawn of Satan’s twin!


If Ava is the spawn of Satan that means that Pam Troy birthed her!

That must have hurt…

No wait, Pam was already pretty loose… Ava probably fell out and Pam didn’t even notice. Pam’s all ‘Wasn’t I pregnant?!’ And I’m all ‘Hello child services?’ and then her ass gets sent to jail where she becomes some bitches bitch… because let’s face it, claiming ‘I didn’t know it fell out of *there*’ in court really isn’t a good defense.

Ok now that I got pretty sidetracked and started talking like a really bad lifetime movie… what was I talking about again?

Oooooh yeah, Ava, the spawn of Satan.


Attack of the killer platinum head.



Ok who am I kidding?

I don’t really hate Ava… as she would say ‘we’re tight yo!’

I don’t know… I just can’t be mad at her ya know? I mean she didn’t do anything wrong when you think about it.

She was just comforting a friend… comforting HA! That little bitch-



I’m not mad… I’m just… I don’t know what I am anymore or what I feel… I feel so much that it’s hard to put a label on any of it.

But I guess if I had to label anything… I’d have to say that the truth is that I’m just mad at myself.

I had my chance… hell, a freaking golden opportunity and I blew it harder than Pam Troy after 5 minutes of meeting a guy.

Max always told me that we’d always be friends no matter what, and that is what I plan to do.

Feelings aside… my feelings that is.

I’ve hurt him enough already.

Maybe this just goes to show that we really shouldn’t be more than friends…

I need to stop thinking about this.

So I turn to Kyle.

“Listen Kyle… I’m sorry about earlier-“ I begin speaking about the kiss we shared earlier but am rudely cut off.


Who does he think he is cutting off the amazing me?!

“I’m not.”

Wait a second…

“I may be sorry about your reasons behind kissing me… but I’m not sorry that it happened.”

Let me just say that serious Kyle is seriously one scary thing.

“So when are we going to sleep together?” Kyle asks with a teasing grin and accompanying with an eyebrow wiggle (ok wiggle sounds gross... but oh well).

Ahh… and he returns.

I pat Kyle on the head, “As soon as you get me some more alien condoms.” I smile sweetly at him.

He starts cracking up, “You looked just like Tess just then,” he shudders like he’s disturbed, “But hey, what did you do with the rest of those condoms?”

I try to look innocent like I actually did the dirty, “Um… nothing?” I widen my eyes for good measure.

“She used them with me!” I hear Alex say next to me.

I punch Alex in the arm and he screams like a little girl.


And then literally, he rolls off the couch and scrambles into the corner of the backroom. He starts to rock back and forth and whine softly like a puppy that’s been kicked.

Alex can be such a pansy sometimes.

Michael drops down to sit next to me and turns to Kyle.

“Actually Alex wasn’t man enough for Liz and she used them with me,” he states in all seriousness.

I’m so going to remember this moment for future need to get Maria to be pissed at Michael.

“I AM SO MAN ENOUGH!” Alex screams to us from his corner… but it sounds amazingly like Maria when she’s pissed.

So we all just ignore him.

I then turn to Kyle and sigh dramatically, “The truth is Kyle, I’m like the town bicycle, everyone gets a ride… and your turn just hasn’t come yet,” I wink at him, “Get me some more condoms from Alien Aroma and we’ll see if it’s your turn to get a ride yet.”

This is the time that Maria enters catching the last of my sentence.

She throws a glare at me and then notices Alex on the floor. She nudges him with her foot.

“Don’t kick a man while he’s down Maria…” He whines.

“I wasn’t kicking a man… was I?!?!” Maria looks all shocked and Alex stands up.

“That’s it… I’m going to go to Isabels… she loves me.”

And Alex has left the building.

“Well he needs someone to lick his wounds… literally…” I say and smile over at Maria… only to find that she is not smiling.

In fact she’s got quite the glare going on right now.

I glare back… yeah I have no idea what’s going on, but when it doubt fixing someone with a glare always seems to work.

Now she’s looking all shocked that I’m using my ‘death glare’ on her.

Shyeah, well that’s what you get!

Yeah… and why am I mad?

Oh yes, this would be me taking my anger out on people so I don’t have to think of Ma- … er… what happened.

Now I just feel really bad for that whole Alex thing.

I think I’m going to buy him a 12 pack of Sunkist and have Isabel deliver it to him in the ‘string’ that I know she has…stupid bathing suits…

Well at least Alex will enjoy it.

So now back to Maria who has currently just stomped her foot.

What did I do?!

“What did I do?!” I question.

Yeah… I was thinking before speaking. It’s my new goal in life.




“So Max is here…” She says crossing her arms in front of her chest.

I didn’t know that.

“I didn’t-” Wait a damn second…

Max… here…



Maria glares so hard that her eyes are literally these slits and her mouth is all scrunched up funny. It’s very attractive… oh yeah, Michael is barely containing the drool over here.

I inwardly roll my eyes.

I think I should tell her that Max comes here often and by now it shouldn’t be such a surprise.

“Maria, Max comes here all the time… it shouldn’t be such a shock.”

Maria actually huffs.

“Oh well then, I guess what should be a shock is that he’s not alone.”

Is that actually her point? I mean, he’s usually not alone when he comes here.

I open my eyes wider like ‘duh’, “Yeah Maria he comes in here all the time with other people… again not a shock.”

Right now you’re probably thinking I must be really dense to not figure out who is with him.

But I’m not dammit!

I can be smart.

And right now I’m just being selectively smart.

Meaning… that I know it’s Ava out there, but thanks to my denial and selective thinking I’m choosing to not let the thought of them together cross my mind.

“Well then I guess something that might be a shock is that Ava is hanging all over him!” Maria says looking triumphant that she finally made a valid point, and then looks sad and more concerned for me, “Oh chica… are you ok?”


“Yes.” I reply… hopefully in a somewhat normal tone.

Then I get up and leave out the back door of the Crashdown quietly.

The truth is if I was feeling more like my normal self… and Max hadn’t professed his love for me… and I hadn’t done that whole running away thing… I probably would have went and joined them… and got to be near Max.

But alas, all of the above mentioned happened.

And I screwed myself… not literally… I mean I wouldn’t have to… I’ve got Kyle, Michael, hell even Alex waiting in line to- um… ok stopping talking right now.

So somehow I ended up at home (I’m going to have to say that the line ‘And I’m Walking’ is how I got here).

I notice that it's getting dark out.

I crawl through my window since I was never one for doors and fall back on my bed.

It’s not the same as Maxs bed.


I hope that isn't too long... I had to cut it kinda down...

But anyways this part was super duper oober boring right? Yeah it was.. dont lie. But I needed to patch up the whole Kyle thing and somehow get Liz home and.. yeah.. so um... there it is.



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Hey! Kat again... *tongue* don't be alarmed... it's just me posting again! Hold in your shock! lol!

I want to thank you all for your fb! And ELENA! I LOVE YOU!!!! You made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Part 10:
Eventually I ended up in a sitting position.

Yeah, a more proper thinking position, even though I told myself I wasn’t going to think about… it…

You know, my situation?

Self-induced situation,


I was really hoping that my land of denial and self-forced delusions would last…

But alas, all good things must come to an end… so um… the end.

I look around the room… so many remnants of Max's and my friendship.

Now I know it’s not really ‘remnants’ of our friendship because we’re still friends (I hope) but it is remnants of our friendship before our mutual confessions of love.

Well, ok, before his confession of love (considering that mine has been kept to myself and my other personalities… but I doubt they’re going to tell anyone… I trust them like that.)

I run my hand through my hair in frustration.

I should have just told him…

Ava or not, I should have just went up to him and laid one on him (drool still mandatory).

At least that would have showed Ava exactly who Max belonged to and it would have showed Max that I was in love with him too…


I’m really beginning to hate that word…

I mean, what *is* love?

Hmmm… reminds me of a song.

I begin to not my head to the left while the techno-like song begins to play through my head.

Oh yeah, you know what I’m talking about…

*What is love? Baby don’t hurt me… don’t hurt me… no more!*

Ahh yes, the perfect Saturday Night Live moment.

Think Chris Kataan and Will Ferrell as those two club dudes and the bobbing heads…

Come on!

Night At The Roxbury!

I continue to bob my head along…

*What is love? Baby don’t hurt me… don’t hurt me… no more! What is-*


Holy freaking flying condom!

I rush to the window thinking Santa came early but instead I am greeted by the Buddha freak himself… Kyle Valenti.


I’m about to go tell him he’s at the wrong window and that the orgy is at Maria’s… that is, until I see the little foil packages that are practically over flowing from his hands.


Kyle robbed the glow in the dark alien head condom superstore!

I think Amy is gonna notice that all of her condoms are gone.

I’m about to tell him this when I realize, hey… the boy got me condoms… a lot of condoms…

So I guess I can cut him some slack.

“Kyle my hero! Come on in!”

He just stands there for a few seconds pleasantly shocked (ewww).

I’m getting annoyed that he’s not coming.

Chop chop little Buddha, I haven’t got all day. I have a big night of head bobbing and techno-like music!

I am about to tell him to hurry his ass up but he’s already practically diving through my window.

Guess he doesn’t have to be told twice.

I like that in a Buddha loving jock-womanizer.

I mean, jock-womanizer aside…


“Hey! I’m standing here!” I should as Kyle jumps in and I just out of the way.


I crack a smile at the loud noise he made falling to the floor… and the position is so priceless.

He’s got his ass straight in the air and I am oh so tempted to grab the stapler that’s on my desk and put it in “position” on Kyle’s back end and scream “TAKE IT ALL BITCH!”

But I restrain myself.

Finally Kyle gets up (and I do mean finally, cuz he was like that for quite a while) and I see a look of slight disappointment.

Hmmm… it’s almost as if Kyle was expecting the stapler and really wanted to “take it all bitch”.


Poor stapler!

I reach my hand out and start petting it.

I saved you from being scarred for the rest of your little stapler life!

I love you little staple giver!

Run away with me and-

“Liz what in the hell are you doing?!”


Is that you Mr. Stapler?!?

“He can talk! He *does* love me back!” I scream while picked up the stapler and fixing it with an adoring look.

And oh my STARS!

Mr. Stapler sounds a hell of a whole like Kyle…


Twilight zone like.


“Hello?! Liz?” Kyle waves a hand in front of my face and I quickly set down Mr. Stapler realizing my mistake.

“Er… Yes?”

“What were you thinking about?” Kyle asks trying not to laugh.

“Oh nothing!” I reply sitting on my bed.

I take a quick glance at the stapler and telepathically sent him ‘I still love you!’

And then Kyle is standing in front of me… and then everything is in slow motion… as little foil packages that are black with metallic green alien head on them begin coming down around me.

The colors of the packages catch the light of my bedroom overhead light and they sparkle.

Soooo beautiful.

And then I’m hit with another song.

*It’s raining condoms! HALLELUJAH! It’s raining condoms!*

Ya gotta love that song… although as a kid when I heard ‘it’s raining men’ radio… I thought it was…

But I’ve added my own twist ‘it’s raining condoms!’ and…well… it is…

And it’s almost better than ‘it’s raining men’… although you do need a man to operate this latex…unless they’re flavored condoms and you just eat them as snacks…


That was weird even for me.

If you haven’t noticed tonight is just one of those nights when everything seems to remind me of a song… and really bad songs at that…

I shake my head to get the ‘bad songs’ out of my head only to discover that the rain of condoms has stopped.

And that my overhead light wasn’t the only reason why the condoms were sparkling and seemingly magic.

It was also because of the tears in my eyes.

You’re probably wondering why exactly I have tears waiting to spill out into water works right?

It’s going to sound really really girly… and embarrassing…

I never thought I’d be this girl.

So out of character for me.

The condoms remind me of Max ok? (no matter how bad that sounds). I left them all over his room… and he had that cute moment where he was hitting on me… and I got to touch him…

And I completely ignored it.

Only now I really want to have him land his space ship in my magic portal and make me see stars!

A single tear rolls down my cheek.
“What’s wrong Liz?” Kyle asks wearing a frown of concern.

As I glance up my eyes catch a light going on in the house next door.

Max’s house.

I stand up and watch over Kyle’s shoulder as Max paces his room.

I begin pushing Kyle for the window shoving him out roughly.

I crack another smile because the sound he made as he hit my lawn was the same sound that he made when he hit my floor.

I lean over the edge of my window and sure enough, he’s in the same position.

I am oh so tempted to throw Mr. Stapler at him.

Kyle’s the kind of guy who would “take it all”.

But I have other things on my mind now.


“Liz?! WHAT THE HELL!?” Kyle glares at me after getting up.

“Um…It’s not your turn for a ride yet from the towns bicycle but thanks for the condoms!” I say before slamming my window shut and pulling the blinds.

Now I need a plan.

I begin pacing my room.

I’m getting frustrated that a plan isn’t coming to me so I stomp my foot.

But… I have a little accident.

I slip on some discarded clothes and fall on the floor below me.

I groan as I stretch out fully on it.

Even the floor isn’t the same as Max’s.

Ok... more.. soon... this actually isn't what I had in mine for the next part but I kinda like it.. lol *big*! Hey... it was a way for Liz to get the condoms she needs in the next part *wink*!

*Love always*


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Selfish bump... because.. well.. I want more fb.. lol!

I think I scared some of you guys away with the crazyness of that part.. lol.. I need to stop writing down my thoughts like that *tongue*!

posted on 9-Feb-2003 2:50:19 PM by SweetCherryKat

Hey all... I'm sort of parading this around posting it everywhere just to get my opinion heard and what not.. I seem to be the only one posting who actually disagrees with how things are being handled regarding plagiarism...

I do agree with the rules.. I dont agree with some of the things said.

So.. I'm posting what I have posted on other threads reagarding the issues..

I'm not asking you to agree with me.. I just felt the need to put this out there.

When I first caught wind of another act of plagiarism, I was pretty upset... I just couldn't seem to grasp the concept that after all of the threads about plagiarism and the fact that the board itself could get in serious trouble because of it, people would still do it.

Now I want to state just for the record, that I realize that this was the mods/admins decision and me being just a lowly board member really can't do anything to change your minds. I do realize that.

And I know that because I'm not a mod/admin or anything of 'power' on the board I also realize that the response I get probably is going to be that 'I dont know all the facts and that it was a decision made where a lot of people disagreed'.. but I couldn't *not* say anything.

I thought I had a good understanding that before this the rule was 'you plagiarise, you get banned'.. there were no second chances. And as I read this I thought for sure this was going to be a thread saying that 'so and so was banned' because I thought for sure, the board wasn't going to go back on their original decision to ban anyone who plagiarised because of the serious trouble they could endure.

But as I read on, I got more and more upset.

We feel at this point that banning latahart and Linda would be pointless.

When I read that, yeah I was a little bit surprised. The bottom line is, they plagiarised. I really couldn't grasp any excuse that could stop the board from banning them.

And then I read the reasons for not banning them.

And I laughed.

Both have openly admitted their mistake, as well as their lack of knowledge that it might be a problem, prior to this issue arising. Both did credit the sources from which they had lifted material. Both have demonstrated real remorse. Both of their threads will be deleted but their other stories will remain open and they may continue to post here.

I really dont understand how they couldn't realize that it was a problem... there were posts about plagiarism. Crediting the sources doesn't make the plagiarism anything less than what it is. Sure, they're going to feel bad about it and I'm sure that they did show remorse, but it doesn't change what they did.

And so, both are being given a second chance.

Once again I was under the impression that there were *no* second chances. That was the rule. The fact that it appears the board is going back on it's original rule to make an exception... seems really unjustified and hypocritical.

To me it seems like the decision was 'they didnt know, they apologized, the plagiarised fics were deleted, they get a second chance'.

I was a mod for a short period of time and I know that when the plagiarism really became an issue, the people that were getting in trouble for it weren't really given second chances. Whether they didn't know (and I know that was a claim) and whether they were sorry, it didn't seem to me that the other mods were so willing to say 'this is ok, we'll give them a second chance'... no, it was 'they plagiarised, the board could get in trouble, they're gone.'

So what I dont understand is why exactly aren't Linda and Latahart banned?

The people getting in trouble first didnt know, and were remorseful... and there was no second chance. Your reasons for letting Linda and Latahart still post are 'they didnt know, and they're remorseful'... It seems hypocritical to me.

We take full responsibility that there has not been a post stating exactly what plagiarism is and we understand that perhaps it is not the easiest of concepts. However, this does not mean that we will condone it.

It seems to me like you guys are condoning it though. The fact that both Linda and Latahart have fics that they wrote themselves, that were not plagiarism, seem to me that they understand the concept fine.

If you plagiarize, you will be banned. End of story.

Then why is the board making an exception?

Just because the fics that were plagiarised were taken out, doesn't mean that the problem is solved.

Both commited a crime... it's *illegal* and I think that had been made clear.

I feel that your reasons for not banning them, like they should have been, aren't reasons. I feel that the board is making excuses for what they did by saying they didnt understand and then saying it's the boards fault for not making it clear.

This will remain posted here and on every board at Fanatics. If you choose not to have read it, that will not be an excuse.

The plagiarism threads were posted before about the rules and exactly what would happen if someone plagiarised. But the board appears to be taking the excuse from Linda and Latahart that they 'didnt know'.

Every single user is now held accountable for their actions regarding this very important issue.

Then why is the board not holding Latahart and Linda responsible for their actions?

I remember being a mod that it was talked about 'making an example' of people that were plagiarising by actually following through with the new instated rules. But Linda and Latahart aren't being made examples and I'm wondering exactly why that is?

To me that seems like the board is saying that some people who, even though they made a mistake, are getting off with the punishment while others arent... and that makes me uncomfortable.

I guess I would have liked, while reading this thread, to actually read better reasons of why exactly Linda and Latahart weren't being banned outside of 'they didnt know, and they're sorry'... Because those aren't reasons, those are excuses.

And finding out that plagiarising is seemingly ok for some people to do, and get away with it.. and finding out that even one of the admins was a plagiariser makes me wonder how exactly the mods/admins are coming to the decisions they're coming to.

To put it quite bluntly, I feel uncomfortable.

I had first started coming to this site because it was great for good quality fanfiction of a show I liked.

Where people put their "blood, sweat, and tears" into their fanfiction.

You're right, it a betrayal of readers... but this sort of feels like a betrayal too.

I know that the response I might get to posting this is that 'if I dont feel comofortable I dont have to post here or come here'. And I'm questioning whether or not I will be posting here again... because I do feel uncomfortable with the way the board is being run and decisions are being made.

I was already upset that Roswell Fanatics might be closing, but then to find out that exceptions are being made for some for a SERIOUS crime was just something that made me more upset.

The board is moving, but I have a feeling that with the move, there will be no changes in how the decisions of running the board are being made.

Like I said before I'm just a lowly board member and it probably isn't such a heartbreak to see me go, but the heartbreak is that I know I'm not the only one who disagrees with your decision, and I know that a lot of people are feeling uncomfortable and upset because of this.

I really dont know what else I can say... except that in closing, your decisions to those two writers feels unfair, unjustified, and makes me wonder if they're not just still here because they're liked.

Thanks for your time...